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    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 909H - SOLD

    Black Diamond PSW909h deckhand - SOLD
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    Phenix Black Diamond 909XH - SOLD

    Price - SOLD Location: San Diego Condition: 7.5/10 (x-wrap should be replaced). (619) 952-0137
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    Jigging World - 15% Off Fourth of July Sale

    Code: July Fourth. Have at it.
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    15% Off @ Monster Fishing Tackle

    Just passing along the deals. 15% off code: dad15
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    Mission Bay 06.13.15

    Launched from Dana at 7ish. Slow day over all. Landed a dozen crab-filled spotties on the umbrella rigs, 5" pearls, and SRG spinner baits. Motored all over looking for fish, but couldn't find a consistent bite. The highlight of the day and a new PB for me. Went 18lbs on the scale at Dana...
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    WTB Phenix Black Diamond PSW760H or 700H (San Diego)

    Looking for this rod. Text 619.952.0137.
  9. Juny

    WTB Calcutta 300D

    Shoot pics to 619-952-0137. Cash or trade for a toro 50 (plus cash on my end).
  10. Juny

    Fished on the Selena - 04.25.15

    Fished on the Selena on Saturday with a few buddies. We chased yellows all morning and tried for some bottom fish in the afternoon. I ended the day 2 for 4 on the yellows and my buddies all got to pull on some giant bonito and an assortment of bottom fish. First one of the day: Second...
  11. Juny

    Mission Bay - 03.08.15

    Fished on Sunday with my boy, Sandy. Slow day, but we managed two dinks and lost a mystery fish. Fought like a big halibut. We'll be back out there this weekend.
  12. Juny

    WTB: Phenix USB-711ML-C

    Shoot me a text if you have one (619) 952-zero-one-three-seven.
  13. Juny

    Phenix PSW760M and Trinidad 14

    Rod (9/10) - used 4x this season. Reel (8/10) - serviced and used twice since. Loaded with 65lb Daiwa braid. Located in San Diego. Text (619) 952-0137 or PM - SOLD
  14. Juny

    Phenix UMBX707MH / Calcutta 200D Combo

    Rod is 7/10 and has a bit of rust here and there. Reel is 9/10 and has half a spool of brand new 50lb PP. Combo Price - SOLD Located in San Diego. Text (619) 952-0137 or PM.
  15. Juny

    Phenix M1 SMX77ML and Calcutta 200D Combo - SOLD

    Calcutta 200D Phenix M1 Inshore SMX77ML SOLD...... Located in San Diego - (619) 952-0137
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    Black AVET JX 6/3 - Like new - SOLD

    Only fished once Avet JX 6/3 (black) - loaded with 65lb spectra w/ room for short topshot. Contact: SOLD
  17. Juny

    Gunmetal MXL & Blue SX

    Gunmetal MXL (Single Speed) - SOLD 300yds of 50lb Izorline Blue SX (Single Speed) - SOLD 200yds of 50lb Izorline Top shot of 25lb Izorline mono. *Clicker is super quiet/some times doesn't engage* Text only (619) 952-0137 or PM.
  18. Juny

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore (RVO3)

    Used once RVO3 with two spools. One is filled with 50lb PP and the other is empty. $175 picked up in San Diego or willing to ship. (619) 952-0137.
  19. Juny

    Bass Gear

    Rent's due and once again I blew all my money on car parts. Citica 201e loaded with 8lb P-line - SOLD Revo PRM loaded with 50lb Power Pro - SOLD Powell 714-CEF (Used about a dozen times) - $90 picked up. Text me for pics (619) 952-0137.
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    Teramar TMC-X80MH - $100 Text 619 - 952 - 0137..
  21. Juny

    Gregor Stern Handle

    Anyone have an extra or know of someone who does?
  22. Juny

    Dog has Lymphoma

    I got the word that my Girlfriend's 10 year-old chihuahua has it pretty bad. Our vet let us know that there isn't much he can do at this point. The girlfriend is a mess, and I really don't know how to cope with it. Anyone have any suggestions on how exactly to be there for both of them...
  23. Juny

    Powell Rod

    Powell Casting Rod 7' Med Hvy EF 703C - $100 (Used 2 times) Still looks new.
  24. Juny

    Shimano Cumara CUC-72MH

    I've got some stuff to trade. I have a brand new chronarch 200e5 w/ 30lb braid, powell max 703, shikari 704, or cash.
  25. Juny

    Blank Suggestion

    I am stuck between the RCLB80M and RCLB80L. This will be my dedicated surface iron rod. I prefer eight footers over the traditional nine and ten foot rods. Surface iron: Tady C, Tady 45, Salas, TLCs. Reel: Trinidad 16 Thanks in advance guys.
  26. Juny

    Seeker Inshore / Shikari Custom

    Seeker Inshore BCBW709 - $80 ( FAR LEFT) Shikari P704 (Built by WiseGuy) - $90 (Second to Last on the Right Side) (619) 952-0137.
  27. Juny

    Dolphin III - 8/9/12

    Anyone headed out? Would be nice to share the rail w/ some fellow BDrs.
  28. Juny

    Evinrude Mechanic

    I've got a '92 15HP Evinrude that is giving me problems. The recoil starter spring went out and the outboard wont stay on for long. Does anyone know of Mechanic in San Diego? Thanks in advance guys.
  29. Juny

    '86 Gregor

    Picked this guy up after looking around on Craigslist for a few weeks. Perfect little boat for my morning bay runs for the spotted creatures. Arrived at home safely Removed Wood & Foam Transom & '92 Evinrude 15hp Bow Bench Mid Bench Rear Bench Plans: I am...
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    I need to fund another bass build so this stuff has to go. I can ship the reels, but rods need to be picked up in SD. All prices are OBO. I'll take a chronarch 200e5 as a trade for anything... Revo SX filled w/ 50# Braid : $90 SOLD Shimano Torium 30 (The anti-reverse went out on a big...
  31. Juny

    Abu Garcia "Orra" Inshore

    Used once for a 3 hour session. Has one small little paint flake above "orra". Spooled with 10lb P-line. [Not pictured] I don't want to have to pay the restocking fee or shipping back to the online store. Pick up - $120 Shipped - $125 Text or PM - (619) 952-0137.
  32. Juny

    Heading to Ensenada 3/30 - 4/2

    How's the fishing been lately? I want to get the family out for a shot at some YT. Should we wait a bit longer? I've been looking around and seeing reports of scattered fish here and there, but nothing promising. Any info would be helpful. Also, captain recommendations would be great. There will...
  33. Juny

    Shimano Citica 200e5 / e7

    I can send the $ through pay pal in if you are not in the San Diego area and cover shipping.
  34. Juny

    Dog Bite

    So here's the story: I leave next to an apartment complex filled with druggies who think its funny to tease my dog by kicking the fence, shuffling trashcans and sometimes barking back at him (idiots). About a year ago my dog (dachshund/chihuahua mix) was in the front yard staring at the...
  35. Juny

    Be Careful on the Road Today.
  36. Juny

    Thinking about fishing MB.

    Anyone doing some shore fishing, hitting up some docks, or float tubing MB? I've fished it once before and only got one dink. I'll bring the monsters & swimmies!
  37. Juny

    Solo Tube Sesh 4.3.11

    Fished the spot today from 7 to 11:30 for 24 bass and 1 halibut. I have to say that most of the bass were in between 8 & 12 inches. Had a total of 3 that went 14, 16, & 17. Fish are definitely starting to become more active, but can't really find the big ones yet. I will remember to take more...
  38. Juny

    Creek Company ODC 420 LW

    Picked this up for 180 new and used it once about 2 weeks ago. I am getting a different one soon and need the money to buy it. 130 Obo guys. Located in San Diego.
  39. Juny

    SD Bay 3.27.11

    Purchased a float tube a few weeks and finally got around to using it for the first time today. Launched at 7am and was in the car by 10:30 in the drive way. Total count for the day 17 spotties; 4 legals out of the bunch. Thanks to warbaits for the swim jigs and the hints on what the...
  40. Juny

    Float tube seat & back rest inserts

    I am a complete noob when it comes to float tubes and wanted to know if i am suppose to remove the foam inserts which come in the float tube or not?
  41. Juny

    Float tube seat & back rest inserts

  42. Juny

    Tube Nube

    Just purchased my first tube and was wondering if the "only use in still water" crap has to be taken into thought here. I am planning on hitting up the docks in SD and Mission Bay. ODC 420 Lightweight.
  43. Juny

    SD Bay 2.27.2011

    Ignore the bad weather, that was the night before. Launched out of National City at 7:00, made our way our way through south bay towards the Coronado bridge and hit up the normal spots that always produce. Water was really murky due to the rain, lots of debris floating around. 30+ spots 2...
  44. Juny

    Float Tube

    Hey guys looking into buying a float tube and wanted to know a little more information on how everything works. Never done it before so excuse me if i sound completely ignorant. I have understood so far that some of the better brands are caddis and outcast. & i will be needing waders...
  45. Juny

    Guerrero Negro- Laguna Ojo De Liebre

    Decided to steal the girlfriend over the weekend and drove down to Guerrero Negro to see the whales. It was a beautiful drive down and we were stoked that she got to touch and see her first gray whale. Here's a little video of her & the whale ( She's the one in the pink sweater )...
  46. Juny

    01.16.11 San Diego Bay

    Decided to take out the sled for the first time fishing today.... Launched out of 24th ST ramp at 6:15 and began the journey ( Dad, Little bro, & me). Setup 2 drifts on an outgoing tide for Nada then decided to move up towards the coronado bridge. Great MOVE. Cast Let the line sink Turn the...
  47. Juny

    OMC Ignition Switch

    Broke the key on the ignition switch today while loading a cooler. Anyone know where i can find a new switch in San Diego? After opening it up i see its a 6 terminal switch. Thanks guys.
  48. Juny

    Bahia de LA

    What kind of fishing is expected this time of year down there? I am headed down on the weekend of the 28th of Jan. and want to know what to prepare for. Thanks.
  49. Juny

    San Diego Bay

    Hit up the bay today for an afternoon sesh.... Water was low and lots of grass/floating pieces of wood. Decided to throw the berkeley chigger craw- 1/4 gama led head for nada. NOT ONE FREAKING BASS THE WHOLE TIME. (Sorry i need to vent) I did catch plenty of these though ( caught about 13...
  50. Juny

    Chigger Craws

    I have been wanting to dry new baits for the spots and decided to give these a try. I want to know what way you guys rig these? Thanks
  51. Juny

    Golden Retriever

    After a visit to my girl friend's family, I was informed that their dog "Marley" needs a new home. He is currently living in a 4x10 foot enclosure (approximately). They were the kind of people that expected the dog to never grow as big as he is. I wish i could take him into my home but i don't...
  52. Juny

    Bass Slaying Machines

    Just bought my first boat and wanted to see if anyone can post pictures of what their setups look like on their bass boats. Mines 14' and i need some ideas on whats necessary.
  53. Juny

    Got a new toy.

    Came home today to find this little guy in my drive way. Dad decided to give me an early x-mas present and something to do after studying for my finals. 1980 14' Sears Hull 1983 Johnson 35hp 2 stroke I'm stoked as this is my first boat, and I am tired of renting one every weekend. It...
  54. Juny

    1980 Sea Squirt

    Theres an 18 foot CC for sale with a 45hp mariner that needs some carb work. Guys explained the motor starts but sometimes wont turn off & something about gas flooding the motor at times. What am I getting myself into guys? Boat looks clean and well taken care of.
  55. Juny

    Buying a boat

    I looking into buying a boat that has no pink slip and hasn't been registered in the last 5 years. What am i looking at here in regards to the DMV and paperwork?
  56. Juny

    San Diego Met

    If anyone keeps up with school information in San Diego, then you probably already heard about the San Diego Met, which is suppose to be one of the best schools around for students who are ready for the "real world." Check out this article and the nonsense that goes on there: Auditors find...
  57. Juny

    Uni Butter Container

    Did they stop making these? Or was this just a random container and someone slapped on a sticker? If anyone has one ill buy it off you. My big hands make it hard to use the little containers.
  58. Juny

    San Diego Bay (Behind the Convention Center)

    Went out today at 9:30 and didn't hook the first one until about 11:15. So far this year its been the worst day i have ever had. Which one of you San Diego guys gave the spotties a class on Big Hammers. Little brother caught the only fish of the day and after today im quitting the 10# mono. The...
  59. Juny

    Will this be enough to kill the spotties?

    Just wanted to show off my new pride & joy! Shikari Blank (Not sure which one) 10-17 6'6 Silver & Black .......... Citica 201E 10lb Pline Im a WARBAITS Fanboy so i had to throw the logo on there. I need to get her wet so BAD :rofl:
  60. Juny

    War Baits :)

    Just ordered my first batch of the slayer head. Super stoked. How do you guys recommend fishing them? I will be putting on BH Swimmies & my Favorite (UniButter).
  61. Juny


    Any feedback on this? Sorry i keep asking questions about this but im a noobie to the boat business. Need a boat that can handle about 3-4 people max. Thanks.
  62. Juny

    21 Ft 1978 Fiberform Cabin

    Does anyone know much about these boats? Found one on craigslist but want to do my some HW before contacting the guy. 21 ft. 1978 fiberform cabin
  63. Juny

    Will anyone take me on their boat?

    Im 17 1/2. Will make sure mom gets a notarized letter allowing me to go out and signing a waiver for the person allowing me to fish with them. Illl get both my california and mexican fishing license in case we hit mexican waters. I have my own gear and will pay for some gas and bait. I've never...
  64. Juny

    Spectra Problem

    Hi guys. I recently got my MXL spooled with 50lb JB Spectra (White) and a topshot of 30lb Pline. Went fishing off ocean beach pier at night for sharks with the buddys and about an hour into the night my reel went off. I let it take some line as i always do. After all my topshot was burnt off...
  65. Juny

    Seeker Black Steel G6480-8' CC 20 (30) 40

    Only used once. 200 OBO Or trade for an Avet MXL
  66. Juny

    Or Trade

    Shimano TLD 20; Spooled with Pline only used once off a pier- 100 OBO Seeker Black Steel G6480-8' CC 20 (30) 40; Only Used once - 200 OBO Pickup or can meet accordingly. Looking for a new 30-40lb reel. Make an Offer Pm for Pics. Located in San Diego
  67. Juny

    Biggest Fish Caught on Abu Garcia Revo S??

    Just got one and wondering just how much i can push this little reel matched up with a Fenwick Inshore 7'6?
  68. Juny

    Truline- GR65 6'6 15-60

    Dont really know how much its worth but make an offer. PM for pics.
  69. Juny

    Avet Sx- Ugly Stick

    Hey guys picked up an Ugly Stick Intercoastal Rod 7' 10-25 to pair with my sx for now. Do you guys think the rod will be up for some yellowtail/albacore action out of Ensenada on the Azteca? I had to resort to this for now until i save up enough for a Teramar.
  70. Juny

    Shimano Teramar 8' MH or Equivalent

    Need a rod to match my Avet sx. Im in San Diego and can meet somewhere. Plz
  71. Juny

    Throwing plastic behind the Convention Center San Diego

    Went yesterday after work and began working all the backside of Joes Crabshack. Kept getting the fish to rip half the Berkeley Gulp 3' shrimps off! :finger: Managed to horse in 11 total in 2 hours. Not bad for a noob. lol If anyone knows some other spots in the San Diego Bay let me know. Also...
  72. Juny

    Rod for Avet SX

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone has a rod that will become the soul mate of my avet sx (blue). Preferably looking for an 8' Teramar but am willing to view other options. I have about $150 at the moment.