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  1. BigfishDM

    Bitchen shirt and shorts for BIG GUYS!

    If you are like me and wish many of the local brands out here would make cool stuff in our sizes, then wait no more!! (Well actually you still have to wait a little longer) After seeing yet another local brand not offer sizes for guys built like myself, I decided to have them made myself! The...
  2. BigfishDM

    My first tuna for the year!

    Your cats will love you!
  3. BigfishDM

    Kids and Cuda

    You made her eat barracuda??
  4. BigfishDM

    Flat Fall jigs

    This is what you need
  5. BigfishDM

    Catalina Exacta

    Any shots of the 32#?
  6. BigfishDM

    Looking for an ulua

    You still have this one? How much?
  7. BigfishDM

    FS: Seeker Ulua with FUJI SIC

    is this still available???
  8. BigfishDM

    Roll Call: Intrepid 6 day July 17-23

    Anyone on this trip coming up this Sunday? Super excited to get out on the water!
  9. BigfishDM

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    The part I can't get over is that you made barracuda ceviche, blahhhhh!
  10. BigfishDM

    Seeking a deck hand with good knownledge

    I can dial it in for the mola bite no problem!
  11. BigfishDM

    YT Irons

  12. BigfishDM

    Line Color

    What about line thickness?
  13. BigfishDM

    Line Color

    Do you guys think line color matters when fishing? Do you think the fish can notice?
  14. BigfishDM

    Part II of Just to see what you think? Catching fish or fisherman??

    Holy shit I want one of all of them! Hell ya they catch fisherman but who gives a shit they look bitchen!
  15. BigfishDM

    New Point Break

    I think its an age thing, pretty much if you didnt love point break you were born in the wrong generation lol.
  16. BigfishDM

    New Point Break

    Point Break is a fucking GREAT movie!!! I quote from that movie just about everyday lol, the new one actually looks sweet I think. Looks way different then the first
  17. BigfishDM

    Paddle board Calico bass Fishing - Baja

    Thats pretty sweet but I was curious if you ever get worried a seal or shark might come buy and bite your feet off lol.
  18. BigfishDM

    WTB Salas 6X ****PLEASE CLOSE***

    The Baitwraps guys have thousands of the 6X version called the Cedros available from Phoenix but they are the wrapped ones and the price is double or close to it.
  19. BigfishDM

    Who is headed out for a week in mid June?

    The Shogun is a killer boat with great guys running it, I have fished on alot of the boats through out the years and the Shogun is one of the best.
  20. BigfishDM


    Castro's has always had excellent fishing when I went, my good buddy used to own the home right next to the camp and there is excellent shore fishing all around there. Halibut, WSB, Calico, The craziest stingrays you will ever see also lol.
  21. BigfishDM


    John Collins knot is great for connecting braid to flouro and its fairly easy to lear.
  22. BigfishDM

    Releasing Fish, Shellfish and Wildlife into the Wild

    Well all I know is that there is a 5lb+ Peacock bass inside Carr Park in HB lol
  23. BigfishDM

    Fishing Chick - Alysha Aratari

    Holy Chit this lady is going to get 100 marriage propasal easy!!! I will be first, will you marry me?
  24. BigfishDM

    Big blue fin real close to home!!!

    More than likely that one hitched a ride on one of the tankers, they often take in massive amounts of water and also release that water when the get into port and very possible that tuna got sucked up and spit back out and thats how that fish ended up in the harbor.
  25. BigfishDM

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    Final cost is close to $20, I know Baitwraps will GUARANTEE the jig swims great. I have had 2 that didnt swim good and he replaced them no questions asked. If I buy a Salas or Tady for $10-$11 and the paint is gonna come off after a few toothy critters than Im fine with spending 2x as much on a...
  26. BigfishDM

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    Yes had them ringed and hooked
  27. BigfishDM


    Sardine, Purple Squid, Angry Squid (Red)
  28. BigfishDM

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    In a wide open bite or even a good bite I dont think its a big difference but I know without a shadow of a doubt that in a picky bite this iron will do better just because I have personally seen it happen multiple times. I personally think that the action of the iron is the number one factor and...
  29. BigfishDM


    Squidco and Phenix carry them
  30. BigfishDM

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    Lol I know I had a bid on the glow back squid at $90 and thought for sure I was gonna win.
  31. BigfishDM

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    At the show I got them for $15 for buying 6 and also got a couple freebies for sending in good pictures and the finish lasts way longer than a normal one.
  32. BigfishDM

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    These colors work pretty great
  33. BigfishDM

    Sea Lion Pulls Man and Yellowtail Overboard!

    I wonder if this will help for our side at all.
  34. BigfishDM

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    I remember catching all the Opah I wanted one year.
  35. BigfishDM

    Sheephead Recipe?

    Like this but minus out the bread crumbs and the dill!
  36. BigfishDM

    When good bait is hard to come by

    These sardines never die!! Lol these are those new Cedros Jigs from Rich at BaitWraps
  37. BigfishDM

    Tribute 1.5 day Tanner Yellowtail (March27-29) Blame it on the BAIT WRAPS!

    Yeah but they last at least 5x longer and if you send in a good picture you get a free one.
  38. BigfishDM


    Wow I stopped on the wrong channel the other night and caught a few minutes of the newest episode of Amish Mafia and I honestly cannot believe HOW AWSEOME it was!! Lol it made me feel so good about myself it was amazing! Its a whole new level of stupidiness that I thought was not possible for...
  39. BigfishDM

    Who can Hydro dip rods?

    email me [email protected] I can help you out.
  40. BigfishDM

    41 Vintage Jigs Mostly Wahoo - Tady Salas Sea Strike

    Lol these are sweet irons and dude is selling them for $3.65 a piece so at that price they dont last long. Im bummed I just saw it myself!
  41. BigfishDM

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    Seal Lions are cool and super friendly when you give them your extra bait you havent used for the day. I always let the newborn sit on the back of the tank and toss mackeral to the biggest sea lion we can find on the way back in.
  42. BigfishDM

    Looking for a californian calico special rod

    I bought the 9' version a few years ago and broke it 3 times in a row, each time it broke below the reel seat. Would never trust one again, Turners did a great job replacing it but after the third time I said forget it and picked up a seeker. The price on the Cali rod is sweet but I just had...
  43. BigfishDM

    Salas 6X completely out of stock up and down the coast

    Rich from Baitwraps has a bunch of 6x models in his sick patterns, yeah they cost more but are much more durable. Ask for the Cedros 6X, its his own brand that is a knock off of the Salas 6X
  44. BigfishDM

    Surf fishing? How will these lures work?

    They wont work but if you take the plastic of the hooks they will do just fine lol
  45. BigfishDM

    shimano tranx 500pg

    Did you drop in the garbage disposal???
  46. BigfishDM

    Japanese to English translation needed.

    go to and get it translated for $5
  47. BigfishDM

    Looking for a little talent

    Why is it frowned upon to use Spectra?
  48. BigfishDM

    Big tuna caught off of or around H.B pier.

    It is true I witnessed the weigh in at the Docks, it was 164.7 and was caught 200 yards off the Pier fishing for Halibut.
  49. BigfishDM

    Rods and Reels FOR SALE

    You can buy them Avets brand new for these prices??
  50. BigfishDM

    Red Crabs?

    What about this?
  51. BigfishDM

    shogun 2/6-7v e

    BAITWRAPS hooked it up! I had a blast on the trip here some pics enjoy! Oh yeah met Olddog8 and this guy is a really great dude and a heck of an angler! Very nice family and your wife landed one of the bigger models of the trip that was killer! Also met Moe who happens to be a super talented rod...
  52. BigfishDM

    Shogun 2.5 Day Feb.6th BaitWraps!

    I spoke with Rich and he gave me some scoop that we should whackem pretty good!
  53. BigfishDM

    Shogun 2.5 Day Feb.6th BaitWraps!

    Anyone else going out on the Baitwraps Shogun Trip next weekend?
  54. BigfishDM

    Is Fish Dope worth it????

    Rule number one about Fish Dope, you dont talk about Fish Dope!
  55. BigfishDM

    Fisherman Exhausted After Fight with Record 39 lb Bluefin

    Thats what they call them in Washington lol it was a joke.
  56. BigfishDM

    Best Offshore SoCal Fishing Guide

    Dave Hansen!
  57. BigfishDM

    hooping zooport

    Just look for other peoples pots and put yours right next to them. Then pull up their pots when they arent around and just say you thought they were yours, works everytime! #dontreallydothis #sarcasm
  58. BigfishDM

    Rapala Collection

    Lol I think he meant $50 worth of tackle in the pic
  59. BigfishDM

    Let see you best yellowtail

    I dont think the fish in the original picture is a yellowtail, maybe but kinda looks like a close relative.
  60. BigfishDM

    Rapala Collection

    You want $300 for whats in the picture?
  61. BigfishDM

    Fisherman Exhausted After Fight with Record 39 lb Bluefin

    This was a dude from Washington with his record setting Opah back in the day
  62. BigfishDM

    Seal Beach Naval Station Fishing

    Just sneak down at night in all black and wear a back pack, its all good they wont even notice.
  63. BigfishDM

    oyster in LB

    You can eat them no problem, the mussels on the rocks are great eating to! #ifyouraseagul
  64. BigfishDM

    Crank it Up-This Guy is Everyone's Hero

  65. BigfishDM

    Bonito size or weight limit?

    Dont bother paying it, after so long it will just dissapear.
  66. BigfishDM


    What does 5lbs of filleted yellowtail look like?
  67. BigfishDM

    Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    Did you really need all those fish? :smoking33: :rofl:
  68. BigfishDM

    once in a lifetime catch! the story of bugzilla lol

    What a monster! Right on for a first time hoop experience, don't listen to all the weight haters that could be 20 for sure
  69. BigfishDM

    Marlin Marlin Marlin!

    I just cut the bills off then release them.
  70. BigfishDM


    I would have ripped off the tail then released it!
  71. BigfishDM

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    Thats the only rerason I use spectra so I can saw people off when their is a big tangle or if I think someone is on the jackpot fish I will just get my line next to theirs and off they go.
  72. BigfishDM

    O'side 9/24/14

    The fish are gone now dont expect to be good again for about another 15 years
  73. BigfishDM

    9/22 inside the 209

    Did that Dorado have aids or something?
  74. BigfishDM

    Not a bad morning-Local Wahoo

    They got it off the Huntington Flats
  75. BigfishDM

    Limit on little YT

    If I spend a bunch of time and cash to go fishing and all I get are rat yellows Im killing them all! I dont care if its only one fish taco Im killing it!
  76. BigfishDM

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    I have no problem paying $7 per fish you guys are cheap skates, those guys bust ass all day long with hardly any sleep between trips. I could easily take them home and do it myself but I would much rather have someone else do it and save my time.
  77. BigfishDM

    Holy Crap Check out my PB Butt

    That butt might be 25# but not much more
  78. BigfishDM

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Loosen everyone's drags while their rods are in the racks Put all rods in the racks into free spool and bird nest them all up while people are sleeping Order beers n candy bars and mark them onto random numbers Have your kids play with the bait while it's a wide open bite Pee on the toilet...
  79. BigfishDM

    Where to find Sheepshead.

    The heads are normally attached to their bodies!
  80. BigfishDM

    Great White Hounding Diver

    I would have no problem what so ever sending my spear right through the head of that shark!
  81. BigfishDM

    Dana point 15 mile out. YFT 8-4

    Nice Tuna!! The fish is pretty cool too!
  82. BigfishDM

    another day on the Dryfish 7/31

    Great day out there for sure! You should have kept more fish though
  83. BigfishDM

    Spineless Cousinstackle2

    Sucks about the rod but that's a nice sandy you got!
  84. BigfishDM

    7/29 yellowtail(s)

    Thats killer! Love the cigar!
  85. BigfishDM

    Pinhead in JP

    Yes its a unwritten rule that JP goes back to the boat, good karma!
  86. BigfishDM

    Pinhead in JP

    Shouldn't really matter if a pinhead won it, as long as they give it all back to the crew.
  87. BigfishDM

    Fishermens Processing Discounts???

    They do great work I have had nothing but great experiences with both places, it is pricey but to me well worth the time savings of having to do it myself.
  88. BigfishDM

    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    Nice catch dude way to go out there!
  89. BigfishDM

    Heard some chatter that a Wahoo was caught in local waters

    Probably just a big cuda that someone thought was a baby wahoo lol
  90. BigfishDM

    Where is the freedom and tbird fishing

    The only landing with any spots open that I found was out of Pierpoint, I luckily got on for sundays 3/4 hopefully they will be able to find some fish.
  91. BigfishDM

    Headed out on the Tribute tonight 7/24

    Why do you allow him to be on the computer so much? Your the parent you make thr rules right?
  92. BigfishDM

    Rubber Ducky finds the right kind !!

    How long of a ride was it from Davies?
  93. BigfishDM

    Repercussion for having a bluefin in Mex?

    Lol I was obviously being sarcastic.
  94. BigfishDM

    Repercussion for having a bluefin in Mex?

    These guys are over reacting, I highly doubt they are going to enforce a stupid rule like this one of no BFT takes in Mexican waters. If you see the Mexican Navy just turn your boat around and get back into US waters its pretty simple. Its not like they are going to shoot at you or anything crazy
  95. BigfishDM

    Re-conditioning Surface Iron

    Baitwraps by Rich! Just look up BAITWRAPS on Facebook he might be the coolest guy I have met.
  96. BigfishDM

    Which 3/4 Day Landing/Boat For Tuna?

    Don't even need to go to SD they are killing it out of newport on 3/4 day getting bft, yft, yellowtail and dorado!
  97. BigfishDM

    Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail 7-14 ( Video )

    Killer video, you guys are dialed in!
  98. BigfishDM

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    WoW this is crazy! What a mess this will be for all the guys going out these next few weeks, seems like the closure will be until next year im sure. I fucking hate Mexico even more now! I hope they get Aids!
  99. BigfishDM

    Large Halibut

    I wanna see the video of them fileting that beast!
  100. BigfishDM

    Sailboat - BFT, YFT ,Big Bones- Coronado Canyon 07/08

    Probably only got that one bluefin, BS without pics
  101. BigfishDM

    Surface Iron

    Shimano 400te
  102. BigfishDM

    Please keep eye out for stolen gear!

    I implant a small GPS chip in any reel I have over $300, it only cost $50 for the chip and it's well worth knowing if your stuff is ever jacked you can find out exactly where it's at.
  103. BigfishDM

    Please keep eye out for stolen gear!

    Couldn't you get the info from the boat of all the passengers, they have that info don't they?
  104. BigfishDM

    My PB w/ her first catch

    Lol my bad, i didn't think about her being your wife.
  105. BigfishDM

    Shark Fishing Etiquette

    Kill them all big or small if I catch a mako I'm killing it, if I catch 2 I'm killing 2!
  106. BigfishDM

    rp knot/ royal polaris knot

    That's fun to tie when it's WFO I'm sure
  107. BigfishDM

    Fisherman Blamed For Manhattan Beach Great White Attack

    They are blaming it on the fisherman because they can't sue the shark!
  108. BigfishDM

    My PB w/ her first catch

    Sounds like you guys should have sex already. If she didn't put out after the avet then I would find a new best friend lol
  109. BigfishDM

    Tanker Seabass 7/2/14

    Yeah that doesnt suck!! Killer job nice tanker man!
  110. BigfishDM

    Bottom fishing rig for less than $200?

    Go to walmart and get one of their $40 combo's it will do fine for bottom fishing and save you a ton
  111. BigfishDM

    Guadalupe Yellowtail (dropper loop) Go-To Set-up?

    80# dropper lupe (get it lol) with 16oz weight for the night bight!
  112. BigfishDM

    Interesting purchase I saw at Wal Mart the other day...

    Everybody around you is fighting some kind of battle you have no idea about
  113. BigfishDM

    spear fishing website gives away spear gun for killing biggest calico

    Lol wow these guys are slaying some really big girls, its too bad.
  114. BigfishDM

    Trinidad 16n(gold)

    Lol ok I wasnt serious obvioulsy
  115. BigfishDM


    BS without Pics! lol good job dude.
  116. BigfishDM

    What do you think of this Invention?

    It would be perfect for lake fishing in the sierras or local ponds
  117. BigfishDM

    WSB at the Barn Friday night

    Nice job great fish, maybe 32# on the weight.
  118. BigfishDM

    Kids Catches Her very first fish today at MacArthur Park

    Great work you do with the kids Dan keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing
  119. BigfishDM

    Bait wrap lures

    You can only get them from rich at BAITWRAPS he's the guy doing it all. He's a great dude, he's on Facebook under BAITWRAPS you can reach out to him.
  120. BigfishDM

    Avet Maketing

    I think he's trolling
  121. BigfishDM

    Bait wrap lures

    They are so killer looking, they catch both in my opinion.
  122. BigfishDM

    Bait wrap lures

  123. BigfishDM

    Splitting costs

    Wow your quite the douche pickle, just take him fuckin fishing for free holy chit mang.
  124. BigfishDM

    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Just call or text him Text/call 31o848349Three. He has squid
  125. BigfishDM

    FS Yoyo irons

    Actually, will you take $50
  126. BigfishDM

    FS Yoyo irons

    I will take them
  127. BigfishDM

    Makaira 50SEa... I am so shocked

    Too bad those reels suck, I can properly dispose of it for you
  128. BigfishDM

    upgraded penn senator 4/0

    Yeah what he said
  129. BigfishDM

    Will it go to Catalina?

    Only $600 that's well worth it I want one for trout fishing the lakes in mammoth, great idea.
  130. BigfishDM

    Los angeles Kings tickets game 2 of finals!

    Are these still available??
  131. BigfishDM

    finger / hand injuries when fighting fish

    Lip Gripping a mako shark
  132. BigfishDM

    Keeping and eating blue sharks

    Blue shark is excellent for sashimi I dont know what you guys have been told but Blue Shark is da bomb!!
  133. BigfishDM

    One tip

    Dont bother to follow your line, grab the first bait possible (red nose dines are special) if your bait hasnt been bit after 30 seconds just keep it out there until you cant feel it move anymore then let it sink down to the bottom. Always try to pitch your bait near a seal for good luck.
  134. BigfishDM

    san diego knot failing at 30lbs pressure

    I just save my jizz in a cup and bring it on the trip and just dip my knot right inside, it's pretty crazy how great it works. Glad someone out there did this too, I knew I wasn't the only one.
  135. BigfishDM

    Boat underwater off lopez

    That will buff out
  136. BigfishDM

    Making bait in LB

    At nachos bait barge
  137. BigfishDM

    "Dude, don't over think it, just go fish"

    4-40#s (instead of re-tying everytime) 1-50# 1-80#
  138. BigfishDM

    Anybody fish a calstar GF 100J?

    I will buy it!
  139. BigfishDM

    Condor stopped on biggest BFT school he's ever seen 5/24/14

    FYI they are gone now don't bother goin out ok
  140. BigfishDM

    Anchovy average weights

    If you can get a used tampon that's even better for practice!
  141. BigfishDM

    Long range knots

    Or the worlds fair knot is pretty great also
  142. BigfishDM

    Long range knots

    The SD Jam
  143. BigfishDM

    Thieves hit me where it counts

    Man that's too bad, sorry to hear that. I'm sure it will turn up somewhere, call around to the pawn shops for sure.
  144. BigfishDM

    What a day! Cab San Lucas 5 hour Panga trip! + video!

    So many haters on here it's incredible, I say great day of fishing and I'm sure all the meat was utilized by less privileged folks then all the tree huggin hippies on here.
  145. BigfishDM

    Long Range Tipping???

    I give $100 to each deck hand right when I walk on board my 6 day, I have found it wayyy better to tip upfront so you get excellent service. Bring a nice bottle for the chef and I say chef not cook because on the RS these guys are like 5 star chefs. Not everyone can afford to do that I...
  146. BigfishDM

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    I have won JP a handful of times and everytime I give it all back and everytime I haven gotten free passes to fish for free. I won once on a LR trip and that time I didn't get a free pass obviously but I did get 2 sweet embroidered hats and 2 sweet shirts, all you have to do is ask and they will...
  147. BigfishDM

    My Personal Best, getting her personal best.

    Really? I didn't know I wasn't entitled to an opinion, just a bugga boo I have I guess. Has your Michael Sam jersey come in yet?
  148. BigfishDM

    My Personal Best, getting her personal best.

    Had to stop watching when I saw she couldn't wind the line back on evenly.
  149. BigfishDM

    Need Help Getting Tackle Box Ready For Cedros

    These were some tady 45's and some candy bars that BAITWRAPS did for me, they have lots of variety and can do amazing things to your old jigs and also supply the new ones. You can find him on Facebook under BAITWRAPS his name is Rich and he's a way cool dude!
  150. BigfishDM

    Best Pizza in SD

    Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa Johns!
  151. BigfishDM

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    LB is so much better then newport
  152. BigfishDM

    I dun gaffed

    Man that's a killer gaff great work!
  153. BigfishDM

    Big Mako Catch!

    Well I won't be swimming in Florida anytime soon, that's a crazy catch from shore.
  154. BigfishDM

    Have You Ever Wonder How To Throw Iron?

    Practice, practice, practice
  155. BigfishDM

    HELP!! Winch Post Too far away from boat...Is this fixed the RIGHT way?

    I actually like it, a lot easier putting it in the water.
  156. BigfishDM

    M/V San Diego 4/16/14 Yellows

    Dude the video was great, music was perfect! Killer job man
  157. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a 9" Tapered Flex Bubba Blade $54 value!

    Bubba Blades, beauty is in the EYE of the beholder.
  158. BigfishDM


    Those guys are butt f$$king the turkeys? And the girls hand is a backwards man hand lol
  159. BigfishDM

    MISC YO YO JIGS - 18 for $50

    They are 20 but to resurface the used irons is $15 most of mine were done with my old ones
  160. BigfishDM

    MISC YO YO JIGS - 18 for $50

    You can send those to the BaitWraps guys and make them look like this:
  161. BigfishDM

    Gas Prices

    Lol that was funny
  162. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest - West Marine Opens their Destin, FL Large Format Store April 11-13

    I now pronounce you man and fish, you may now kiss your bride.
  163. BigfishDM

    Gas Prices

    Are you joking?? 8% is WAYYYY too high when dealing in the biggest market possible, even at 2% that would still make so much fricken money it's really almost unimaginable. Look up some oil sheiks and tell me 8% isn't incredibly high.
  164. BigfishDM

    Gas Prices

    Couldn't agree more!
  165. BigfishDM

    Some big ones today

    How do those taste?
  166. BigfishDM

    How best to spool braid.

    Have a shop put it on and watch
  167. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Costa Shades takes it to a whole new level
  168. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Costa Shades, sees ALL
  169. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Costa Shades, one is not enough
  170. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Get more tail with Costa Shades
  171. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    New meaning to snug as a bug! Yahtzee!
  172. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Costa Shades are Crazy good!
  173. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Costa Shades, they will put their NUT SACK on your DRUM SET!
  174. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    The view with Costa Shades is Amazing
  175. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Every pair of Costa Shades has a story!
  176. BigfishDM

    SOLD - 1987 Sea Ray Sundancer 250 - $8500 (Ventura)

    Are you willing to take payments monthly?
  177. BigfishDM

    Casting rods

    I have had HORRIBLE experience and got it 3 years ago at FHS, very first cast from the dock before I get on the boat and the rod snapped between the butt and reel seat. Almost lost the reel it fricken sucked because it's such a great looking rod and feels perfect. Anyways I return it to...
  178. BigfishDM

    Can anyone Identify this fish?

    It's a big Mackeral with guts coming out
  179. BigfishDM


    Lol I read it all before I posted. I posted that as sarcasm I would never buy from that guy.
  180. BigfishDM

    The Terminator Weave

    Wow that's pretty killer man, your a true artist!
  181. BigfishDM

    Rod Rack Idea

    Dude those are perfect, I need those for my room like NOW!
  182. BigfishDM

    Wow....serious skills! (hope its not a dupe)

    I wonder if that knife is sharp
  183. BigfishDM

    Quake 3-28-14

    I'm in la habra and it was lame
  184. BigfishDM

    gold rush

    Yeah those aren't fuking awesome!!
  185. BigfishDM

    What rap has done to Canadians lol!

    I know it's off topic but this video was reccomended under the video and it was pretty hilarious also.
  186. BigfishDM

    What rap has done to Canadians lol!

    I almost stop watching but when they started singing I was laughing pretty good, I'm gonna watch it again right now so I can get the song down better. HILARIOUS MUST WATCH
  187. BigfishDM

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    I will give you $200 for all of them.
  188. BigfishDM

    What does Mola taste like..

    This is an Opah, they taste a lot like girabaldi.
  189. BigfishDM

    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    Your work is incredible! Fricken killer work dude!
  190. BigfishDM

    So do private boaters need a permit to fish the Nados?

    What happens if you just go without the necessary requirements?
  191. BigfishDM

    Fishing the Anchovie

    I remember my dad taking me out in the 80's when I was just a young boy and that's all I knew was fly lining chovies on my jigmaster with 15#, learn to toss the chovies and you can really sling the deans.
  192. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    Look what I found in my vagina!
  193. BigfishDM

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    "My Wife said I can only bring home what I can fit in my cooler" WINNING!
  194. BigfishDM

    Attacked by a Seal or Should I say Sea LION!

    Lol remember this one?
  195. BigfishDM

    Hobie Pro Angler (Tons of Modifications)

    Guys I personally over saw this wrap project and this dudes kayak is probably the sweetest setup I have seen, its top notch! Sorry to see you have to get rid of this man
  196. BigfishDM

    Harbor Boat Rentals are legit!

    $475 with a couple buddies splitting it is not bad at all for 9 hours!
  197. BigfishDM

    Halibut are biting..

    What a killer trip, way to go!
  198. BigfishDM

    My first try

    I'd go back to the drawing board on those ones..I'm just sayin
  199. BigfishDM

    Whats up with Seeker

    It's all about the best savings, I'm not going to pay more for American made I'm gonna pay for whatever's best for my budget. If Uncle Sam didn't jack my ass so hard on taxes things might be different but I got kids to feed rent to pay and fish to catch so I'm always looking for the best bang...
  200. BigfishDM

    Show me your BASS...

    Figured out how to post it full size finally lol.
  201. BigfishDM

    9lb calico from the shore, new pb

    Right on, great catch!
  202. BigfishDM

    Sweet Lingcod/Nicer Grade Rockfish Lure?

    Lol yes exactly, I saw the deckies using them one trip and tried them on my own and they worked killer! The all white skirts are one of the best colors in my opinion
  203. BigfishDM

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    Yes sir every single one of them!
  204. BigfishDM

    Sweet Lingcod/Nicer Grade Rockfish Lure?

    I use these all the time for lings, just take a marlin skirt and rig it with the head weight (as heavy as you need) and I have to stinger hooks that hang down but in the water it looks real similar to an octopus and lings love octopus!! People might laugh but these work amazingly well for big...
  205. BigfishDM

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    Yeah I love that pattern, cant wait to try them out
  206. BigfishDM

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    To be honest I have no idea what they would charge but you can get in touch with Baitwraps Im sure for pricing. I know he is slammed right now getting ready for FHS
  207. BigfishDM

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    Those are tady's
  208. BigfishDM

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    I'm positive they will be at FHS but I know they are going to sell out so I wanted to be one of the first to get them so I stocked up. They will have a BAITWRAPS booth next to okuma I believe
  209. BigfishDM

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    They are my old salas 6x's and tady's remade to look better then new. Some candy bars also.
  210. BigfishDM

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    Looks kinda sweet against a dark background
  211. BigfishDM

    Lb test for ling cods?

    This was caught on #40 with an all white marlin skirt rigged backwards to look like an octopus.
  212. BigfishDM

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    I wanted to show off my newest collection and thank the guys at BAITWRAPS for hooking it up! The c-bass are going to go nuts on the glow in the dark squid patterns, the only problem is they look so dam good I don't wanna use them lol.
  213. BigfishDM

    Help me find a yoyo setup

    These are pretty sick yo-yo jigs in squid patterns. These are custom wrapped 6x's
  214. BigfishDM

    Newport Bay spotties

    Throw a white spinner bait around the docks you will find them, halibut too.
  215. BigfishDM

    For Sale Deps Slide Swimmer 250 butch brown natural trout

    $270 wow does it perform oral sex or something?? Its crazy how much these things sell for
  216. BigfishDM

    Shimano calcutta 400d or 400 te

    Go with the TE, I have a few of these models and love them
  217. BigfishDM

    Calico special

    Lol I have been returning mine since the fred hall show 2 years ago, first time with my 8' it snapped at the handle, second time rod tip snapped on a cast, third time same thing snapped handle. The rod looks and feels really nice but I will never ever buy this model again. Im still waiting for...
  218. BigfishDM

    The angler fish

    Lol that was great! Thanks for posting
  219. BigfishDM

    Kayak Graphics!

    Ok cool can you shoot me over some pics of it, email it to [email protected]
  220. BigfishDM

    Kayak Graphics!

    PM sent
  221. BigfishDM

    Kayak Graphics!

    Actually the vinyl is a 7 year cast vinyl with a cast laminate so its super durable, its made for car wraps but I had them make me a special adhesive for the plastics.
  222. BigfishDM

    Kayak Graphics!

    Just got done wrapping a buddies kayak and it came out sweet, if anyone is interested in getting on done just let me know. The possibilities are endless!
  223. BigfishDM

    looking to fish newport beach harbor.

    Use spinner baits all through the docks and you will do good on halibut if your in the right area, trolling small rapala fat raps are good for spotties. Find the eel grass and you will find the bass
  224. BigfishDM

    BEST SWIMMING SUB 5" IRON weighing MORE than 3 ounces.

    Check out the "holy mackeral" it's different and swims crazy good!
  225. BigfishDM

    Barrett Lake Tickets?

    I got a ticket for Sunday, any pointers for this place?
  226. BigfishDM


    Sweet I want one!
  227. BigfishDM


    He has a great point! Sorry, but again, you just helped me prove another point. Let me ask you a question......How old do you think this shark is, to get this big???? Would you agree with me that it's probably at the peak of it's life? Hard to disagree with that. So, if you are assuming a 3...
  228. BigfishDM

    Re-wrapping rod butt

    Heck yes, thanks guys! I will be sure to take my time.
  229. BigfishDM

    Re-wrapping rod butt

    Is it ok to remove the foam padding on a rod and replace it with cord or is that gonna be a problem? A lot of the padding on some of my dads old rods are pretty bad and wanted to get the deckhand style cord wrap done on them but wasn't sure how that works, any help is much appreciated.
  230. BigfishDM

    Wax Wing

    the holy mackeral is better then the waxwings for yellowtail
  231. BigfishDM


    Thats so goddam funny bro! Love it!
  232. BigfishDM

    bnib shimano tranx 500hg

    The reel is too bulky and doesn't feel natural at all, I sold mine a week after I got it.
  233. BigfishDM

    PB calico

    Yeah I didn't want to eat it at that size but I wasn't gonna let it go to waste that's for sure, it was a little tougher then usual but fed a family of 4 no problem taco style!
  234. BigfishDM

    PB calico

    Funny you say that because I felt the same way and I told the DH I wanna get a picture and release it but I don't know if he thought I was joking or what because he stuck his gaff right through it and dropped it on deck. I think since no yellows were being caught that this fish would have a good...
  235. BigfishDM

    PB calico

    Got this pig last week at nados, took a mackerel. I'm guessing it was a solid 7-8lb lol I swear it felt over 10 but I don't wanna hear everyone question it so I will stick with 7-8
  236. BigfishDM


    Any good recipes for cuda besides cat food?
  237. BigfishDM


    Jake is fine now it's all good
  238. BigfishDM

    Opah on the Beach

    That's a mola mola those are bad juju bro, I wouldn't bring that on board! The pic in my avatar is an opah..duh
  239. BigfishDM

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Only 180lb? How can you live with yourself!
  240. BigfishDM


    Looks like he might have an extra chromosome as well! :rofl:
  241. BigfishDM

    Hows the fishing at mammoth in the summer?

    I have a spot and I will personally pay anyone who fishes it $100 if they don't limit out. PM it's perfect spot especially if you got kids!
  242. BigfishDM


    You need a bigger spear gun
  243. BigfishDM

    Albacore Outlook for 2013

    I will take yellowtail anytime over albacore
  244. BigfishDM

    Local fun! Cbass-Lings-Calicos!

    PM me GPS coordinates or I call BS! Seriously send them over to me and I will hook you up with some home made alligator jerky!
  245. BigfishDM

    Hunting harbor spots

    I will also soak a whole mackerel at night and I just walk the rod back to my room with the clicker on. Have had contest with the roommates to see who can land the biggest fish from the deepest in the house. I love living there the fishing rocks. Gotten 5ft+ sand sharks and huuuuge bat rays it's...
  246. BigfishDM

    Hunting harbor spots

    I live 7 condos down from the simple green building and fishing off my dock on the outgoing and incoming tides you will do great about 10' off the docks. Baby wsb not uncommon (red and white rattle traps r great) but lots of good spoties I have taken over the years on small creature baits but...
  247. BigfishDM

    Seeker LM9 9'2" 20lb-40lb Jig Stick

    I will take it if you can wait one week for payment pm me.
  248. BigfishDM

    Line Winder

    Get the sato line winder they are sweet, got one a few years ago and man is it a time saver!
  249. BigfishDM

    MC or not MC that is the question

    Just learn to sling the normal versions they fly, not worth the extra $ for the MC version in my opinion but I'm probably above average at casting
  250. BigfishDM

    Gaffing Lings?

    The meat was all white and slimy when it finally split open, the fish in your pic looks nasty. I would bring that ugly ass thing on my boat! I'm sure my fish would have tasted better
  251. BigfishDM

    Gaffing Lings?

    My buddy told me it was a opah, I didn't know so I just gaffes the shit out of it then threw it back in the water and ran it over in the boat. The thing was tough as hell it kept coming back to the surface and we would keep running it over till it finally split in half then a seal came and ate it.
  252. BigfishDM

    Gaffing Lings?

    I will gaff it twice just because no one will know, if its too small feed it to a pelican.
  253. BigfishDM

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    I was having a bad day and just re-read all 20 pages. This is gotta be one of the funniest posts I have ever seen. I can't stop laughing at the comments what a great pick me up!
  254. BigfishDM

    Who DOESN"T use the long rod anymore to throw IRON???

    Anyone ever have problems shipping rods let me know, I sell industrial rolls of banner that I ship ups everyday and they come up to 16' long and each tube could hold 5 rods no problem. I can find a tube close to you for sure
  255. BigfishDM

    Lures for Rockfish?

    Lings love to eat octopus so I take a marlin skirt and put a 8 Oz round ball lead and rig it like a giant tube jig you would use on large mouth bass. Never seen anyone else do this which is crazy because they look just like an octopus in the water. I will try and snap a picture of what they look...
  256. BigfishDM

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    Seals are so cute don't you feel bad wanting to hurt them because they eat fish you release, if McDonald's was giving away free burgers what would you do?
  257. BigfishDM


    That chick in the middle is fucking hot!
  258. BigfishDM

    Running a transducer out of water

    Lol what happens when you point the transducer at someone? Might be a good prank
  259. BigfishDM

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    There fucking whales get over it, think of what they could have accomplished trying to save humans.
  260. BigfishDM

    What's in your drinking water?

    Lol FYI over 76% of all bottled water is just straight tap water with no filtration what so ever and that is because the bottle water regulations are the same as the tap water regulations making it perfectly legal for you to bottle and sell your own brand of water as a premium water even though...
  261. BigfishDM

    Broke guide on Seeker, repair or replace?

    This happened to all 7 seeker rods I got on a buyout somewhere all brand new with tags on but must have been a defective lot, thanks for posting now I know what to do with them.
  262. BigfishDM

    Made my own WaxWing

    Looks cool but for 8 hours it would have been cheaper to buy the real thing
  263. BigfishDM

    A list of common fish caught in southern california

    Lol the picture you have of the sandbass is my photo you got off the web somehow, that's funny.
  264. BigfishDM

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    Give each deck hand $100 bucks after your all situated and let them know this your first trip and any help is greatly appreciated. You will be hooked up all trip!! Also bring a nice bottle of alcohol for the galley. Tip big these guys deserve it
  265. BigfishDM

    Scampies for Sand Bass,Calico Bass, etc.???

    I was raised using the twin tail scampi and still use it every time I fish sandies
  266. BigfishDM

    20lb reel

    Penn jigmaster Nuff said
  267. BigfishDM


    How deep are they fishing these bad boys? I heard wayyy deep
  268. BigfishDM

    Shore Fishing in Kauai

    When da wave breaks here, don't be dare or yur gonna git drilled. No one messes with da hui barno. Always pickin bodies outta da reef
  269. BigfishDM

    Come on lurkers!!!

    I am new to hunting, where is a good spot local to Orange County where I can kill something big like hawg. What is a good gun for hawgs? Thanks and sorry for thread jacking
  270. BigfishDM

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    Marlin hands down
  271. BigfishDM

    Top US cities for saltwater fishing?

    Is your place for rent in SD?
  272. BigfishDM


    If you see Andy dufrain down there tell him Red says hello
  273. BigfishDM

    Halibut at night?

    The biggest Hali I have ever caught was at night in HH
  274. BigfishDM


    Its a no-no to have restricted fishing areas I think!
  275. BigfishDM


    Lol common dont be so serious, I only keep the the big calico's! I will keep a girabaldi every now and then but everything else I let go. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  276. BigfishDM

    knots for seabass?

    I have caught lots of fat guadalupe yellowtail on the dropper loop knot, I have never had a problem losing a big fish with the dropper loop.
  277. BigfishDM


    Since the closure I have still fished the restricted areas multiple times and have never seen anyone enforce it nor have I been ticketed.
  278. BigfishDM

    What would you do?

    I would give the ticket to me and I will bring you back the fish! Problem solved!
  279. BigfishDM

    Watch Dan Hernandez 24/7 on your iPad

    I just searched for it and it didn't show up??
  280. BigfishDM


    Wheres the big one?
  281. BigfishDM

    Fish Mounts Total Of 4

    I'll take the dorado is it a bull? 714 785 6422. Mike
  282. BigfishDM

    another lobster report

    FYI its illegal to supply alcohol to underage lobsters!
  283. BigfishDM

    Eastern Sierra's 9 / 15~21 Trip Report

    Can you try and get into more detail when writing your report please! Lol great read man thanks for posting, love the sierras.
  284. BigfishDM

    Bowfishing is So Cal

    Definitley not at Ralph P Clark!
  285. BigfishDM

    How many "dead-heads"....

    Just man up and tell the dead head whats up! That happened to me on a 3/4 day trip and I straight up called bullshit and made a big scene and told the captain to put this kid in check. The dead head was way cool after that, if you let someone walk all over you then why would they stop?
  286. BigfishDM

    New Boat, New to Bugs

    Thanks for serving man much respect! Now where did you get those bugs!! Killer boat also.
  287. BigfishDM

    Rice Bowl 8 dayer departure with Rice Bowl Girls

    I would eat the corn out of their shit! Im just sayin
  288. BigfishDM

    Lobster cards

    You dont need a card, DFG doesnt care about lobster poachers.
  289. BigfishDM

    Dana Lobster

    Dude those little ones were close enough to keep! DFG hardly checks anyways lol just kidding man, great trip though either way. You will get'em next time.
  290. BigfishDM

    Hoop Net In Dana Point Harbor

    You will have lots of fun with the seals if your doing hooping from a surfboard! Dont let your feet hang off is all I can tell ya!
  291. BigfishDM

    Video report

    Where was that at?? Lol killer job I have fish envy right now!
  292. BigfishDM

    Getting spoiled. Limits for 2 after pulling 11 nets

    :evilimu: What are the cordinates of where you put your nets???
  293. BigfishDM

    Body Solid Home Gym

    I would buy it but there isnt enough weight for me to get a good work out, sorry bro!
  294. BigfishDM

    pitbull puppies

    Pittbulls will bite your fucking dick off if your not the owner!! Lol
  295. BigfishDM

    A2Z Wahoo Jig Tribute

    Those look kick ass!!!! I want some, I would throw those at more then hoo's thats for sure!!
  296. BigfishDM

    Eating Tuna liver And stomach?

    Have you ever tried whale shit before?
  297. BigfishDM

    Flying Fish

    Its a way better video when the mute button is on lol. Nice fish though good job!
  298. BigfishDM

    going out for Lobster

    Just pull up other peoples traps and when you find one holding alot in it put your traps in the same spot. Lol seriously though, get that DVD they reccomend on here and start strengthening your back now or plan on taking some young kids to do the pulling. Structure is key and good bait will...
  299. BigfishDM

    Garabaldi Recipes?

    I cook them the same way I do Black Seabass and Bald Eagles, little salt n pepper with lawrys seasoning throw on the BBQ and enjoy! This is a great recipe for under sized white seabass and big spawing large mouth bass as well! (females only though)
  300. BigfishDM

    Can you get back across the Border with just a CA drivers license now?

    I just use one of the many tunnel systems they have built and dont have to deal with any lines at all
  301. BigfishDM

    Fly tying tools and supplies

    Bones what is up. Call me I will take it like I said in the first post.714 785-6422. Mike
  302. BigfishDM

    SLOBZILLA !!!! 68lbs White Seabass K&M

    68.1lbs I highly doubt that, looks closer to 67 if you ask me! Lol helluva catch great job!!
  303. BigfishDM

    Fly tying tools and supplies

    bones give me a call tomorrow morning at 714 785 6422. im interested in this stuff..My name is mike..thanks
  304. BigfishDM

    Bad bait

  305. BigfishDM

    Aporkalypse Now

    So whats up you cant eat these things or what?? I saw something about diseased pigs but WOW what a bunch of Bacon going on out there!
  306. BigfishDM

    el jefe lures

    Are these the rejects or something??
  307. BigfishDM

    Thank You All Very Much!

    We got your back D no worries!
  308. BigfishDM

    Talk about a catch of a lifetime!

    That fish ended up dying after the release unfortunatley, thats what clint eastwood told me at least.
  309. BigfishDM


    My bag with all my clothes in it, smelled pretty funky after 6 days in the same outfit. It was mainly my ball sack that suffered.
  310. BigfishDM

    2012 BD Survivor Pool

    The TacoHandshake is in!! Im in it for the money as well!
  311. BigfishDM

    Need Help Identifying fish caught in Seal Beach tonight....

    Thats a seabass for sure, they are all over Seal Beach they come from the HH pens. Dont get caught keeping those little guys though.
  312. BigfishDM

    Dan Hernandez 1.5 Day Tuna Trip, Eclipse Aug 28th

    DH is the shiznit!! This guy like goes out of his way to be nice to people, hes a great guy and a great fisherman. Keep up the great work Dan!!
  313. BigfishDM

    Hook ID Please..

    Thats the type of hook I use when the large mouth bass are on the beds spawning, gets those big females everytime!!
  314. BigfishDM

    Small Dog needs a good home ASAP

    Does he happen to like peanut butter???
  315. BigfishDM

    Coronado Isl & 425 - 8/15

    You ever snaggeg or had a dolphin take a trolling dine?
  316. BigfishDM

    The War on Drugs!!

    Thats great!
  317. BigfishDM

    Confession of a wanna be Bass enthusiast

    Big treble hooks and look for big spawing females on beds then try to snag one in the side. Only keep the females as they taste alot better then the little males!
  318. BigfishDM

    o-side 8-5

    Do you guys eat those things?
  319. BigfishDM

    New in box SKB 7200 Rod Holders $5.00

    if still available i will take them.. call me at 714-785-6422 (Mike) Thanks
  320. BigfishDM

    Turner's Californian Rods

    Dont do it man these rods suck hardcore monkey nuts! I got a 9' at the Fred hall show and the first trip the rod snapped in half at the reel seat and almost lost my 400te I was so pissed. Turners took it back no problem and exchanged it for the 8' since they were out of the original model I got...
  321. BigfishDM

    Remove sardine or anchovy scales

    Just tell your wife to do it!
  322. BigfishDM

    thought i had the big one

    Oh man those things are delicious!
  323. BigfishDM

    Newport Coast Fishing

    Fish where ever you want, they are not enforcing the MLPA right now.
  324. BigfishDM

    Where is a good place to sell AR's in SoCal?

    Downtown LA, try the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson!
  325. BigfishDM

    Lewmar 700 Pro-Series Freefall Windlass. SS. BRAND NEW

    anyone have one of these in socal....Hit me up and ill buy it NOW!!! 951-215-5725
  326. BigfishDM

    Mammoth Lakes with Midgets!

    Well those kids are set for life now, they will be awaiting this trip every year Im sure! Thanks for sharing!
  327. BigfishDM


    Camel Toe=is a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female's labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes Russian Enima=When multiple penises are in one anus Russian Firecracker=The act of pouring paprika on your penis, and then being on the reciving end of oral...
  328. BigfishDM

    Royal Star Tackle Storage

    +1 or just move someone else's stuff and put your gear their say that the captain said bitch and give them your mean face! Lol you will be fine bro
  329. BigfishDM

    Anyone fishing the Prowler tonight?

    Man what a rough trip landed a peanut on the second stop then nada for the rest of the trip. One of the rougher days I have had in a while and was so sick I couldn't take it sleep was difficult as you had to hold yourself in or else you would get pitched off. There were maybe 20 yellowtail off...
  330. BigfishDM

    wide open bass

    Lol I'm sure all those were not his probably just a picture of a bunch that were caught on that boat. Great job out there today man! You guys killed it, no barries?
  331. BigfishDM

    Anyone fishing the Prowler tonight?

    Just booked 4 for tonights 1.5 day anyone else getting on it?
  332. BigfishDM

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    Tubing the backside of Catalina at night with no lights and having to kick back to the front side at 2am and having seals follow me. Never tube the backside of catalina at night with out lights!!
  333. BigfishDM

    Newport Landing 3/4 Day?

    Dont waste your time fish a 3/4 outta SD you will have a much better time and better shots at yellowtail.
  334. BigfishDM

    Goodies for the LR Crew

    Bananas and fleshlights!
  335. BigfishDM


    Royal Star is the best that I have ever experienced as far as the crew, food, and captains go I don't think there is a finer boat in the fleet. All the boats are good but these guys are really something else in my opinion.
  336. BigfishDM

    Tell Us What You Want To See From PENN on BDO

    Free stuff and lots of semi naked chicks with noticeable cameltoes!
  337. BigfishDM


    Are those good eating species or something? What am I missing? :hali_olutta: :waglleybooty:
  338. BigfishDM

    Fisherman's Processing - Caption Contest - Ending June 18th, 2012

    At Fishermans Processing you will always smile when we handle your meat!
  339. BigfishDM

    Yellows Boiling in Ensenada 6/1

    Lol sorry but that was respectfull and she is flattered Im sure. :2gunsfiring_v1: :hali_olutta:
  340. BigfishDM

    Yellows Boiling in Ensenada 6/1

    Yes let me know about camping also as I can pitch a tent for ya no problem :rofl::rofl:
  341. BigfishDM

    How to cast a mile...

    :2gunsfiring_v1:That's my goto technique on the party boats.
  342. BigfishDM

    First yellowtail

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW FREEEEAAAASH!!! Way to go man, thats your first ever yellowtail? What did you think of the fight these guys put out? I think these are one of the hardest pulling fish in the water for their size.
  343. BigfishDM

    TranX 500Hg, Terez, 300E/EJ, GLoomis SWR, Revo Winch

    How much for the Tranx 951-215-5725
  344. BigfishDM

    Here is my tackle- how would you use it for a 8 day-07/10/07/18 EXCEL

    Well your going to need alot more gear then that! Lol just kidding man you will be solid with what you have going on there.
  345. BigfishDM

    No WSB or Yellows but a 22 lb Sheephead bit

    Great report but 22lbs is crazy, that fish is more like 7lbs at the most.
  346. BigfishDM

    BD yellowtail Shootout Raffle Rod#1

    Dude that rod is straight up stupid sick!!! Great work man!!
  347. BigfishDM

    Brand New Seeker greeny Ulua

    Is this still for sale?
  348. BigfishDM

    042212-Went searching for yellows and ended up in PL kelp

    I can get you girabaldi, black seabass, and baby great whites if your interested email me at [email protected]
  349. BigfishDM

    Shimano Curado 300EJ

    Please call me asap I will take it!!!!! Mike 714-785-6422
  350. BigfishDM

    I'm sorry to announce SeaHorse Sportfishing is no more

    Crazy!! Fished this boat a few times and always had killer trips, sorry to hear about it.
  351. BigfishDM

    JT Tackle gone

    Yeah sad to see these guys close up, tough times for alot of guys right now with no ending in sight.
  352. BigfishDM


    Man what great lookin tails, great report thanks for sharing.
  353. BigfishDM

    100# Class Broomtail Grouper in King Harbor

    I have heard of some giant grouper in NPH as well I wonder if its true.
  354. BigfishDM


    Boat wraps and car wraps are killer on older models that look like crap now. Its just another way for some to customize their stuff. I have an old 69 glastron that Im wrapping and when its done it will look like new.
  355. BigfishDM

    Bassin PL Kelp 4/12/12

    Nice checkers good job, are those the warbait heads in the pics?
  356. BigfishDM

    So Cal Scene | Spotted Bay Bass | Techniques To Catch More Fish

    I have fished newport and hb harbor for the past 15 years and I say the same thing you can catch spotties all year round no problem. Nothing better then fishing your fresh water bass techniques in the harbor for these guys. GREAT POST thanks for sharing
  357. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Lol I think Im gonna fit right in with you guys for sure. FYI have you guys seen my latest trip pics yet? :hali_olutta:
  358. BigfishDM


    Heres another top notch shop also:
  359. BigfishDM


    These guys are good also
  360. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Fyi South Bend I know how to use a straw better than JT!
  361. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Ok so obvioulsy you guys are just screwing with me at this point, thanks for the chuckles!
  362. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    WTF people! Now I know you really dont know that I am not JT, I would meet just about anyone anyday of the week with out any mouth piece or head gear.
  363. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Its hard to tell if your being sarcastic cause I have no idea what your talking about. Just for shiggles why dont you fill me in on the JT Spike situation.
  364. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Lol I have no idea but I PM'd spike to let him know who I really am just in case this JT guy did something bad.
  365. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    If this is JT then I guess Im guilty but whoever you think I am I am not.!/josh.cormany
  366. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Are there any admins on this thread that can clear my fricken name so these guys stop referring to me like Im this JT guy please. Im Josh from Huntington Beach CA and this JT guy sounds like everyone hates him and I dont want that trash on me.
  367. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Duude drop it already I am not JT your mistaken Im sorry for the confussion but why dont you just call me so we can get to the bottom of this. 714-369-3321. Yes I sell the vinyl and machines that print boat and car wraps and I have been doing the same job for 15 years.
  368. BigfishDM


    Hey whats up Im Josh and I actually sell the machines and vinyls to the guys that do the wraps. Where are you located? I can find a great guy to help you out just need to know what city your in.
  369. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    He can call me anytime 714-369-3321 Im Josh. Yes Canada should be epic for sure eh.
  370. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Oh yeah Spike knows Im back and its all good we are going to BBQ this weekend. Spike is a great guy cant wait to find out what the heck you guys are talking about
  371. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Yes feels good to be back. Hey everyone JT here thought I would join back up to talk about the BD tuna handoff situation and also about the Salty getting sold and riding someone new or something to that affect so any questions please ask away. Lol this will be fun :rofl:
  372. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Ok theres like over 80 pages of members on here for J's and Im not about to scroll through all that to figure this out but I am not hiding anything here as I have no reason to but Im Josh and have no affiliation with anyone on here and certainly not this JT person. Can you fill me in on who he...
  373. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    How do I find out who this JT person is or was? Lol now Im curious to see why you think Im this guy. PM Sent also
  374. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Guys Im Josh you can call me right now or anytime you care to 714-369-3321 I am not familar with this JT guy your thinking I am. Lol I do find it funny though.
  375. BigfishDM

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    Lol I am not JT Im Josh and I literally have no idea what your talking about.
  376. BigfishDM

    squid NP

    I would raise them to humbolt size and release them into the harbor lol.
  377. BigfishDM

    shovelnose shark

    Squid but its really hard to target that species as you will get just about every other bottom feeders like rays and sand sharks but I get good sized ones all the time when surf fishing seal beach.
  378. BigfishDM

    Bomb ass yellowtail

    Yellowtail is so god dam delicious this picture makes me so hungry!!! Nice recipe sure to try thanks for sharing!
  379. BigfishDM

    Hybrid sharks

    I wanna see a whale shark/mako hybrid.
  380. BigfishDM

    Killer deal on Q105 June 8-day trip, only $1695

    I could care less about the albacore, the big yellowtail is what I am after! Sounds great thanks for the info.
  381. BigfishDM

    Mustad's Giant Shark Hook Contest - Ending April 13, 2012

    You guys are fricken hilarious with your responses!!! If I win I would get a huge bucket of power bait and load it up to fish SARL for a the new state record trout!
  382. BigfishDM

    Killer deal on Q105 June 8-day trip, only $1695

    I have done a few 5 day trips in September on the Royal Star, what kind of fishing is expected at that time of year? Great price and thinking about booking it but curious what the catch might be like. Thanks
  383. BigfishDM

    "Oil-Jack" 770XH's

    Man those are SWEEEEEET!!!
  384. BigfishDM

    Bacon Wrapped "Heart Attack"

    Holy chit that looks amazingly delicious!!
  385. BigfishDM

    please vote for my son

    Done! Good luck
  386. BigfishDM

    Hubbs-Seaworld is looking for smaller WSB for Breeding stock!

    If anyone has some good spots off HB let me know and I will do my best to help them get some! Lol seriously though are there any good spots off HB I could try and target one of these guys? PM if you can
  387. BigfishDM

    Fishing the 150

    Gotcha, thanks for the info sir!
  388. BigfishDM

    Fishing the 150

    I know this will probably sound stupid but oh well I gotta find out some how, my dad gave me his old GPS and it has alot of spots already loaded on it from when he used to fish and I want to go to the 150 spot but when I get there am I looking for deep structure or is a flat bottom area Im...
  389. BigfishDM

    swim baits

    MC hands down and Pearl. MC plastics never bleed and is a better grade in my opinion.
  390. BigfishDM

    Hoop nets

    I wil take the 7 Promar hoops give me a call 714-785-6422 Mike
  391. BigfishDM

    Sunday 26th Short Trip

    Do you use a down rigger when bounce balling?
  392. BigfishDM

    Halibut spearing

    Lol why would you spear a 5lb Calico? Sweet Halibut!
  393. BigfishDM


    Do you still have the torwe? call me at 951-215-5725 and we can plans to pick it up.
  394. BigfishDM

    trade for diesel pusher

    I have a yr 2000 40' Monaco Diplomat diesel Pusher with 31K original miles on it. it has been valued at 39K by more than one RV dealer in the IE. It is immaculate and has 2 slideouts and is fully loaded..I just never have the need to use it since I have taken to fishing so much. i would like to...
  395. BigfishDM

    2007 Seaswirl Striper 2601

    How about a yr. 2000 40' diesel pusher valued at 39K. it is immaculate..2 slideouts and fully loaded monaco Diplomat.. i just never use it because i got into fishing..
  396. BigfishDM

    fresh h20 bass stuff and some salt too (LOT)

    How much for the bag of robo worms??
  397. BigfishDM

    tons of plastic

    Again I much for the robo worms (all of them) and the 2 plastic boxes of worms in plastic bags??
  398. BigfishDM

    tons of plastic

    how much for all of it??
  399. BigfishDM

    2007 Pro-Line 23 Sport, Honda Power

    Hey 2 hands, Would you be interested in an immaculate yr.2000 Monaco Diplomat Diesel Pusher motorhome 40 ft. It has 2 slide outs and only 37K miles on it.. I have been bitten by the salt water bug and I need a boat now vs, having my motorhome. It has been appraised at 39K by the two RV dealers...
  400. BigfishDM

    24 Skipjack Flybridge Pilot House 4- SALE

    What are you asking for this boat?
  401. BigfishDM

    Can Anyone Recommend A DVL Guide Service?

    Art Berry is the guy to look up for sure!! He will put you on huge stripers and LMB
  402. BigfishDM

    Braid Fishing Products Caption Contest - Ending February 6th, 2012

    She's a squirter, get the Gaff!
  403. BigfishDM

    Maximus 2.5 day Rail Trip

    Whenever I fish the rail all my friends call me a bitch, how can I get on a trip with you guys lol.
  404. BigfishDM

    Should I try calico bass fishing

    You can use that bass gear on the calicos so you dont need to go and spend more money. Just switch out for some heavier line and give it a shot.
  405. BigfishDM

    Castros - Erenderia Report?

    My buddies parents had a fat house right next door to Castros and the shore fishing was retaredly great everytime we went. I dont remember what the pangas costed us but we did go out a few times and always loaded up on decent sized yellows.
  406. BigfishDM


    How does it work? Do I just pay the guy when I get to the lake?
  407. BigfishDM

    Avet sx mc- birdnesting

    Practice practice practice
  408. BigfishDM

    Chicken shit MOTHERFUCKING Capt. of Italian Cruise Ship!!!!

    The guy tripped into the life boat thats understandable lol.
  409. BigfishDM

    "In The Gray" 2nd Edition Mark Wisch

    Just ordered mine right now! I wonder how many spots are on the MLPA no fish zones lol that will suck!
  410. BigfishDM

    Epic Hooping in Long Beach 1-18-2012

    UCLA SUCKS! Lol but your lobster report and pics kick butt!
  411. BigfishDM

    Impressive Lake Biwa Bass

    Looks closer to 17lb, thats the fattest 21" bass I have ever seen!
  412. BigfishDM

    Team Basstic TV - SCI Preview #2 - The Dark Side of San Clemente Island

    Pretty sweet man keep up the good work!
  413. BigfishDM

    Hallow Braid vs Solid Braid

    Thanks for your help!
  414. BigfishDM

    Hallow Braid vs Solid Braid

    I have a questions about Braided line for you experts out there, I want to go get some big sppols of Braided line for my buddies Xmas gift and wanted to see which brand people prefer. Im leaning towards the Jerry Brown line as I have heard lots of great things about it but why would I want...
  415. BigfishDM

    NIB Shimano Calcutta 400 TE

    Interested..Please call me at 714-785-6422 (Mike..)
  416. BigfishDM

    Lobster Fishing Report from Long Beach Last Night 11/28

    Killer! How much does it cost to go out with you? I see you have a spot open Sunday.
  417. BigfishDM

    LONG BEACH ON FIRE 11-15-11

    Those are some huge sandies, good job.
  418. BigfishDM

    Hot Liquid Lures - Caption Contest - Ending Nov 18th, 2011

    HOT LIQUID LURES "Works Great for Split Tail Land Tuna"
  419. BigfishDM

    fish taco sauce

    Sourcream Mayo Worshister Pepper Garlic Salt Lemon Tabasco
  420. BigfishDM

    Hot Liquid Lures - Caption Contest - Ending Nov 18th, 2011

    I got some HOT "MAN" LIQUID for her later!
  421. BigfishDM

    Evan was at it again video!

    Heck yes, I drop shot 4' robo worms all the time as well as throwing rattletraps. It works great!
  422. BigfishDM


  423. BigfishDM

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $150 Accurate Product Pack - Ending Nov 14th

    This is what you get for screwing up my back bisch!
  424. BigfishDM

    Shimano Calcutta 400 TE and Curado 300EJ

    I will take both.. please give me a call at 714-785-6422.../Mike
  425. BigfishDM

    Have you ever had a Cup of Cheese?

    Pretty fricken hilarious!!
  426. BigfishDM

    How I like to target lingcod

    The best way hands down for huge lings is pinning on a live octopus or fresh dead. I have rigged marlin skirts to look like baby octopus and they have worked killer.
  427. BigfishDM

    Gear setup for 5-6 day trips to Guadalupe

    Dont bother bringing a 20# setup, I would double up on your 40# though
  428. BigfishDM

    3/4 Day Fishing The Next 3 Days Only $50!!!

    Lol I could catch more fish from my bathtub then what you guys are putting up. Maybe $50 for a family of four pass
  429. BigfishDM


    Do you have any in a color thats not so gay?
  430. BigfishDM

    Catchin'Jiants in P.E.I

    Well that report was EPIC!!!!!!!!! Crazy crazy crazy!! Great job!
  431. BigfishDM

    More indian net bullshit

    I am full blooded Cherokee Indian and fully support the taking of those salmon. You dirty americans dont have a clue about preservation, all you do is bitch if you cant have everything for yourself! I wanna go set up nets now in every harbor because there is nothing you greedy americans can do...
  432. BigfishDM

    More indian net bullshit

    Im not sure how many of you are familar with what we have done to the Indians and their people but pretty much we slaughtered most of them and their families and we took all their land as well. If they wanna go harvest every salmon out there I am fine with that, its the least we can do.
  433. BigfishDM

    Mandatory Squid cleaning fees on Charters

    Lol I dont mind paying $2 for them to clean it, but if you think your not going to have to spend alot more time cleaning it again once you get it home your sadly mistaken. Lots of work preping squid for human consumption. If the deckhands did it the right way I would pay $10 no problem. Just...
  434. BigfishDM


    Lol $25lb sounds pretty high, I can get them for $8.99lb. Then you have to factor in gas for truck and boat, hoop nets, bait cages, bait and time. Dont get me wrong I love to go hoopin but it always seems cheaper to just buy the lobster.
  435. BigfishDM


    Wouldnt it be cheaper to just buy lobster from your local seafood market
  436. BigfishDM

    True story, i do, can you help?

    You should be killing at NPH, fish the bait barge area and the eel grass with a salt water spin bait.
  437. BigfishDM

    14lb 8oz

    FYI to qualify for the cool Million for a world record calico your line cannot be heavier then 20lb according to IGFA
  438. BigfishDM

    NEW Shimano Trevalla w/ Canyon HS15

    How much for the reel?
  439. BigfishDM

    Death Wish?

  440. BigfishDM

    Good Reason To Stay Away From Clemente When It's Closed

    Yeah could you imagine seeing that upclose!
  441. BigfishDM

    Tree Stand etiquette

    Heck yes you can use it! I do it all the time, even when the original owner comes back and tells me its his, I just laugh and tell them tough shit not anymore its mine now bitch face!!! Lol just joking, get another spot its simple.
  442. BigfishDM

    spearfishing from shore

    The seabass pens inside HB harbor! Lol just kidding, have you thought of like crystal cove area?
  443. BigfishDM

    Sunset Marina Closed

    There is a free launch by the firestation/yacht club off warner you can use.
  444. BigfishDM

    Caution Dealing with Leaning-Posts

    I have a feeling this guy's email and cell phone are gonna be blowing up with gay porn any minute now.
  445. BigfishDM

    Kayak Humbolts

    Man up and take out a tube instead of a yak!
  446. BigfishDM

    Humboldt Squid

    Is it just me or does anyone else think these hungry sob's are the reason the local sand bass bite has been so horrible the last few years? These squid eat anything in sight it seems like and ever since they have been more frequent in the local waters the last few years the bass bite has never...
  447. BigfishDM

    Huntington harbor

    Yes you will be fine with those on your list!
  448. BigfishDM

    Huntington harbor

    I used to live next to the simple green building in those condos and I would fish it everyday and night and rattle traps worked great along with any creature baits that you would use for fresh water bass work good also. I have taken just about every species from there including a humbolt squid...
  449. BigfishDM

    Huntington harbor

    The area by the simple green building is always good, are you fishing the harbor or sunset beach?
  450. BigfishDM

    NPH fullday on a skiff

    Spotties taste alot like garibaldi in my opinion, nothing beats fresh mackeral though.