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  1. oniedab

    7/9/2020 Trip #8, Butterfly and West of 42, 4 BF, BF #27

    So, what are your GPS coordinates? LOL! You have it dialed in!!!!
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    San Diego day trip blue fin

    So, what question do you never, never , never and I mean never ask on this board?
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    Sports caught Albies in OR and WA reported

    With the wind, you are going to need big BALLS or a bigger boat! Looks like it is going to blow for another week.
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    Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Nothing like the chase and anticipation of the end game! So, close yet so far!!
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    So, other than the obvious of the boat filling with water and sinking. What happen to it to make...

    So, other than the obvious of the boat filling with water and sinking. What happen to it to make it fill up with water?
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    Coronado Islands Paperwork

    I have never been checked in all the years I have fished the Islands, but I also have all the paper work needed each time. This year there is another fee for some Sanctuary for the Islands.
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    Aztec 1.5. Fiancé first BFT.

    Keep the two Bluefin, the girlfriend and ax the guy! Just kidding sweet she enjoys your passion!
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    226 and the coronado islands 7-9-2019

    If you slow troll Macks, go to heavier line. If they hit you bait, 40lb plus will not matter. The whole thing with light line is so the fish keeps moving in a free motion. When you are slow trolling, your bait is moving, go heavy line.
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    7/7 Nice one on the popper

    Congrats on the fisherman, but more congrats on the hook not pulling! Better to be lucky than good! Nice fish.
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    Point Sal Insanity?

    We are all thinking Albacore, but Mother Nature is thinking something else. 25k plus winds for the next 10 days! We need a bigger boat!
  11. oniedab

    El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    I have a great idea? Buy your own boat, cook your own grub and get skunked like most of the private boaters on this site that chase Bluefin! But the day that the sun and moon come together, their is nothing like being there!
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    Liberty 249 and 223 lb BFT 6/11/2019

    I can not wait to go on my boat next week!
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    Baja Special for BFT

    God liked him better! LOL!
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    Monterey Albies

    It is kinda fun to read some of these old post and see what fish we all caught. I was in the middle of that bite!!!
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    Tuna grounds Saturday 4-27

    Well? It is Monday and we all want to know how you did?
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    SoCal Tuna Fishing Help

    Pussy is not Tuna, but we all call it that. We have no problem figuring how to catch it, no matter what we call it! LOL!
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    Apres-fish report

    All I can say is WAHOO!
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    Local YT 1/13/19

    nice, save some for me!
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    Local bluefin 1/4 & 1/6

    Nice! Been there done that, but it is still the coolest thing to see them.
  20. oniedab

    Shelter Island 9/27/18

    Well is it open?
  21. oniedab

    Shelter Island 9/27/18

    Heck, it will be done by Christmas!!!
  22. oniedab

    Santa Cruz Island 10/20-10/21

    Funny, you would think they would have put the new soft ware in it when you purchased it?
  23. oniedab

    How big is this fish

    What a problem to have? How do we get it this toad into our boat without tipping it over! Whish I had such a problem!!!! Nice fish.
  24. oniedab

    Cow baby- live report, SCI , 9-4-2018

    Sweet! I think you need a bigger bag of ice!
  25. oniedab

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Thanks for the update. I have 10 days planned for September in SD to fish and I guess I can plan on using a different ramp than.
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    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Thought I see how the launch ramp is going? Sink or swim?
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    Pursuit at Catalina today

    Funny, sounded like my trip from the first weekend of the month at Catalina. Came home with Squid and Sardines for chum! Beautiful weather though.
  28. oniedab

    Coronado 6/9 on The San Diego (late report)

    You are allowed to catch all you can, you can only keep 5. He kept the biggest ones.
  29. oniedab

    Tomahawk 2.5 day was Awesome!

    Screw the fishing, lets book the cook!!
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    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    Ok, this is page 5 on a subject of the greatest day on the water we all have had! This is why we all keep fishing, we have all been part of the greatest day at one point in our lifetimes. Their is nothing like a day when it all works! Keep what you can use and release the rest. I love looking...
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    The hits keep coming, San Clemente 5-18-2018

    Invest in a small floor freezer. Most can be purchased for around $200. Get plastic containers for the desire block size that fits your cooler and make your own ice. Then you do not feel so bad when you have to toss away the ice if you do not use it. Figure how much you may spend on ice during...
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    Trolling speeds for salmon

    I just watch my downriggers cables. I troll as fast or as slow as it takes to keep the line at about a 45 degree angle to the boat. I do change speeds at times when I run over bait and make a few paces on the bait ball.If their are no bites, then the last time I run over the bait ball, I...
  33. oniedab

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    I was there in late February and by the pictures they have completed a lot. There is at least a resemblance of a wall and concrete poured. Lets hope the hard and time consuming work is done. Pouring concrete is a lot quicker than pounding pylons into the ground. Maybe a few pictures of their...
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    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    ok, I guess maybe next May!!!
  35. oniedab

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Just checking to see if anyone has an update on the Shelter Island launch ramp progress? Like an idea on when it will be completed, etc. Latest update is months old.
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    Rickdiculous is coming home

    Love to make that trip some day when I retire and have the free time.
  37. oniedab

    Rickdiculous is coming home

    So, how was the fishing on the way back?
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    Monterey Salmon reports???

    Here, is my take on Salmon fishing. We went three days in a row, the first skunked, then 2 fish , then limits. Came back 5 days later, limits, 3 days later skunk! My friends limited the day before we skunked on both skunk days. If the fish are biting, then they could stop the next day. So, pick...
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    Shogun Report 4/6-4/9

    Rock fish and Bluefin, just seams weird. Nice catch.
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    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    Can I borrow your kid? Looks like his chum worked pretty darn good!
  41. oniedab

    Tuna on a dinghy

    Pick the right day and you can do it on a Kayak. Pick the wrong day and a bigger boat would not help. Learn how to read the weather, check the size of your balls and go for it! Beautiful day on the water! Good thing is you only use 12 gallons of gas. I get out of the harbor and use that!
  42. oniedab

    Lizardfish everywhere

    Funny story, Came in one day with a few Lizard fish left in my bait tank fishing out of Morro Bay. A new Game Warden checked our catch and saw the Lizard fish in the tank and tried to tell us it was a short Ling. His partner set him straight! Great bait.
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    Shady overnight trip

    5 pages of why I put up with all the expenses of owning my own boat! I steal the jackpot every time we go out! LOL!
  44. oniedab

    10/1 tough fishing but got some

    Just a suggestion on dead bait and Dodo's. Chum with the dead bait for a while and get them feeding, then toss a chunk out with a hook on it. If you get the greedy fish to start eating then it will not matter if the bait is dead.
  45. oniedab

    Pride Sportfishing 9/17

    Hope they stick around for a while. They are not the biggest fish, but a lot bigger than the Sardines I keep catching!
  46. oniedab

    Productive paddies anyone?

    I watched wicked Tuna the other night and this reminds me of TJ , Lots of love my friend. Best part of fishing is not catching, but planning a trip and it comes together. Go fish and find your paddy!
  47. oniedab

    Just short of the 277 - Sunday 9/2/2017

    Worst part of owning a boat. Not always having some one to gaff your monster!
  48. oniedab

    9-6-17 offshore victory at Sea!

    Post like yours make us all appreciate the days when it goes right! We do call it fishing and you have a sweet ride.
  49. oniedab

    Jigging with Shimano flat falls aboard the Pacific Star 2 day trip

    ok, thanks on the heads up on the ice. Have never fished a party boat out of SD. Just thought they just had tossed your nice catch in a box. What is the fish on the deck between the two brown rock fish?
  50. oniedab

    8/25/17 Coronados

    They eat all the same, just not as much! Do not feel bad on keeping what you catch. Yellows have a short live span!
  51. oniedab

    Catalina same day report 8/13

    Great day on the water and I love to get a few yellows that size. Baked they are perfect dinner size.
  52. oniedab

    TANNER 11-16

    What is it like to fish in 15ft swells and 30knts of wind, 100 miles from shore? Jump in a tub fulll of ice and water, then look at your balls. That will sum it up in a heart beat! Hats off to you for going in that slop!
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    Tanner Bank on Saturday

    Where did you get or make squid?
  54. oniedab

    Tanner Bank on Saturday

    Did you have squid?
  55. oniedab

    Limits of Tuna. Wfo. 10-23-16

  56. oniedab

    Toronado Wed 10/19 b

    Curious, any squid boats at Catalina to buy squid?
  57. oniedab

    Shake down and eviction notice...

    Just a suggestion for the next time. Get up hill on the patty/boat and use their chum. They could have been doing you a favor. I have found the Tuna want to stay off of the paddy anyhow. Move up hill from them, chunk bait and drift through their chum.
  58. oniedab

    Ali Saves The Year - YFT On The Tuna Jihad!!!

    Sweet, now a little Intel? Not looking for GPS, but a little idea of where?
  59. oniedab

    81# BFT Morro Bay Landing

    Lets face it , this is not a normal year!
  60. oniedab

    Tuna 10/9 Dana to 279 to 277.

    I had a 26ft for 13 years. Great boat and she is still going strong. My daughters father in law has it now and loves it.
  61. oniedab

    Caught my first tuna ! YFT 6/29

    Yeah, I got my first Tuna at 14. Nancy was her name!! I broke her heart instead of eating it!
  62. oniedab

    WFO Yellowfin on the Condor

    We all can justify what to keep. It is hard to beet up people who pay good money to catch something a few time a year. I am able to be more selective due to having my own rig, but a 10 lb anything eats a hell of a lot better than a 0 lb nothing. You can not grill it, unless you kill it! Nice job!
  63. oniedab

    More Anacapa Kingfish 9/29

    First pic was nice to see you had the water all to your self!
  64. oniedab

    9/24 9-182-181

    I have caught 2 of them fishing off of the 181. Go figure.
  65. oniedab

    Finally got them 9/24

    And that is why we keep going fishing! Nice job!!!
  66. oniedab

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    Why not share the information? Hell by the time you go again, it is old news anyhow and the fish have moved. We all spend a lot on gas and lets face it., we have all had some one give us a little information and have used it. I am ok on giving GPS coordinates to help a guy get the skunk off the...
  67. oniedab

    San Clemente Island 9-18 to 9-19

    Nice report. Even though you did not get anything, it helps us to know where not to go.
  68. oniedab

    Very lucky. Bluefin, MORE bluefin, and WFO yellowfin tuna twice.

    Keep posting good information. I learn a little each time we get good post about tackle, location, etc! Helps me make the best of each time I go.
  69. oniedab

    181 9/16 3YFT

    yep, I had a few light wire circle hooks straiten out on the bigger models last week. I stopped using them on the Tuna, no real need they hit the heavier circle hooks no problem.
  70. oniedab

    Why do we keep going fishing?

    Your correct on the distance. The plan was to look at the 209, then go to the 181 and last hit the 182. Our numbers were 54/47 just east of the 181. Just a crystal clear day and you could see for miles.
  71. oniedab

    Desperation BDay Present 9-13

    Were do they post the closures. How can you find out if it is going to be shut down on a particular day?
  72. oniedab

    Why do we keep going fishing?

    Looking to run again Sunday/ Monday. Any local Intel on Bluefin if they come up would be great. Really would like to get a few nice Bluefin before they go away.
  73. oniedab

    Why do we keep going fishing?

    I am sure you are right 8 to 15lbs and the 20 fish limit is also not in the picture, so they are a myth also. LOL!
  74. oniedab

    Why do we keep going fishing?

    9/13 We keep going because of the chance to get lucky! I Looked at recent fish reports and could not stand it any more and make a late call on Monday to head down south. I picked a beautiful weather day and off we went. We made a run to Dana and our goal was to try to get into the Yellowfin...
  75. oniedab

    At the 182 on Sat 9/10

    Tuesday and Wednesday you should be ok. Good luck.
  76. oniedab

    9/9 182 And Back In a 17' Skiff

    Funny you said that about your bait. That is always the question, do I use up my bait on the first school and then have none for the school that I think will bite? So, we all pull back in with half a tank of live bait and no fish. Go figure!!!! Nice job!
  77. oniedab


    It sounds like you are more disappointed in not catching fish, just like the rest of us when a trip goes bad. I have my own boat and I have fired myself many times, only to go again. I have figured out it is not that you did not catch fish, but you lost a limited chance at catching something...
  78. oniedab

    Squirters got the BFT biting on the Fortune 9/2

    What size hook and line did you use?
  79. oniedab

    Dana to San Clemente 8-20-16

    I am impressed, you fished the future and now I know it will be a shitty day to fish, so do not go out on 9/20/16. Save the gas. :)
  80. oniedab

    Bluefin Limits Friday!

    Nice catch. Last fish looks more like a Yellowfin?
  81. oniedab

    Good day out of Dana Point 7/19

    Nice Bluefin, Nice problem to have when they are both legal. Problem is getting lucky and catching three of them by yourself and thinking you have Yellowfin.
  82. oniedab

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Post like this keeps us all going one more time!!! Nice
  83. oniedab

    Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    Yes, they are rude and stupid, so I just pull in the lines and go on with having a great time on the water, I just refuse to let anything upset my one or two days a month I get on the water. Life is way to short to get irritated over stupid. Forrest Gump said it best! Stupid is what stupid be...
  84. oniedab

    Worked Hard, Didn't Get Paid

    Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing on the distance you went. 14 to the 43 and back to Catalina and still had time to catch fish. Sounded like our last trip and the bad part is there are not a lot of paddies out there.
  85. oniedab

    7•29•16 Dodo

    Now where the Hell was he when I was out there for 2 days and tried 15 paddies for nothing? Nice fish!
  86. oniedab

    Bluefin, yellowfin, dorado, yellowtail. (Pic heavy)

    Where do you live and what time is dinner!!!!
  87. oniedab

    My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    ah that's nothing, my fishing partner said he could had landed it on his 30lb spinning rig! He is an expert now!!! Now that story is why we all get up and go after being skunked time after time. I have to hand it to you to be that picky as it was getting dark to hang on to the hope of the cow...
  88. oniedab

    What are we doing wrong?

    We seem to do best in the dark with my spot light directed to one side of the boat. We cut up a lot of squid in small pieces and start chumming. Need to see bait on the meter first and then start chumming a little at a time. Good luck.
  89. oniedab

    Brought a knife to a gun fight... and won

    Heck, I thought we had a battle on 30lb test , you had bigger fish and lighter line. Sweet!!!
  90. oniedab

    Lucky is better than good!

    Went out Saturday to the 181,209 and back to 10 miles off Oceanside, saw nothing that looked like Tuna. Second trip so far with nothing in the way of Tuna down south. Did not even see a boil. So, we talked about going to Catalina for Yellowtail or Sea Bass. Then decide what the heck, we came for...
  91. oniedab


    I think your wife needs to get a better first mate! Sounds like you screwed her day up! LOL! Nice fish and report.
  92. oniedab

    6 1/2 Hour Heartbreak

    Oh, sure pour salt into the poor guys wounds, Showing that nice toad caught on the correct gear. Nice fish!
  93. oniedab

    Dorados of Oceanside/Carlsbad

    Nice Dodo, anything else caught for the day?
  94. oniedab

    Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    And I complained that I only caught rat yellows the last time I wen fishing.
  95. oniedab

    Catalina 6/11/16 - It didn't blow when it blew

    In 80ft of water, stiff south wind, you would be on the beach in minutes. So if you were there by yourself then you may want to drift, but if their is a fleet. PISSED of fellow fishermen would result. You would be drifting over them all day long.
  96. oniedab

    Boat Poor!

    Boat Poor!
  97. oniedab

    Trailer Woes

    One other thing to do every year before you put the boat away. Put grease on the lug nuts just like the post stated above, but I loosen all the lugs and add a little grease on them for the winter months. This will keep them from rusting up.
  98. oniedab

    go BIIIIGGGGG or stay home? - Monster Mako in April

    Nice job on first, fishing in nasty weather , second on the release of the big fish. Eating size are the smaller young ones that are not breeding stock. Who can eat 500lbs of anything before it goes bad!
  99. oniedab

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    Ok with all the line stuff, but how did your new transducer work? I am having all new electronics installed this week. Just curious on how you liked your system?
  100. oniedab

    morro bay 12/27/15

    You mean no hitch hitchhiker he grabbed the hook? I see you had a typo!
  101. oniedab

    Chirp vs downvu

    That is like looking at a TV great, what brand is this?
  102. oniedab

    Chirp vs downvu

    These look great, but what about deeper water? Like fishing for Tuna and looking at deep schools of fish? I am looking to upgrade my units and they all look great in Demo mode in less than 200ft of water. Does any one have the same pictures and examples on deep Tuna marks? Would be great if some...
  103. oniedab

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    Man. I saw your boat last time I was down their and thought what a sweet boat! I also thought that it was to nice of a boat to just be sitting their and wonder if anyone steals boats out of the parking lot.I guess they thief wanted it more. Glad you got it back!
  104. oniedab

    10/10/2015 - oh sh*t

    Ditto on the shot and do not wait until it gets infected. Their has been some nasty infections that get in stuff like this and people loose limbs.
  105. oniedab

    10/5 Mission Belle 3/4 and big props to PLSF

    I cooked up one of those baby YFT the other day and it ate just like his big daddy I caught earlier in the year!
  106. oniedab

    9/30/2015 It's A Desert Out There...

    All I can say is Ditto! Last trip was 2 YFt that I thought of putting in the live well to see if my Sardines would kick their butts!At least you are close, I have a 7 hr drive to fish!! Ah, until next time!
  107. oniedab

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Ok, just remind me why you would want to jump into the water and spear a fish under a kelp paddy?
  108. oniedab

    Rodeo time!

    I posted a while back on what happens when you get a green Mako on the boat. Your picks tell the story perfectly. DO NOT DO IT! They are pure mean mothers! Either cut the line or Tail rope them and cut their heads off before you bring them on board. They will jump off of a gaff in a second and...
  109. oniedab

    (Pic heavy, post 1 of 2) Boston Whaler rebuild and an epic shakedown trip 9/20/2015

    I think you did a great job, but you need a bigger boat! You put 25 fish on the boat? I know Boston Whalers are suppose to be unsinkable, but man you had to have been way overloaded?
  110. oniedab

    HammerTime @ O'side

    I am more amazed at the lake you where fishing on. Not even a ripple on it. Nice !
  111. oniedab

    Felt like an out of towner !

    I have come to the conclusion that the Real brothers are Jesus and his Angels out having a good time on earth! They can use bare hooks and catch fish! Scale one to ten , they are elevens:notworthy
  112. oniedab

    Bluefin vs Yellowfin ID

    Pretty simple. Look at your picture and pull the fin up just like it says. The only problem with this method is by the time you do all that, it is gaffed and dead! Now what Sherlock? Time to get the net out!!! LOL!
  113. oniedab

    Metered fish below, dropped down a camera to see them

    I just barfed, I thought I never got seasick. Looks like maybe you were sawed off by the Wahoo!
  114. oniedab

    2004-05 Yamaha 225 hp 4-stroke

    Yep, my 2002 engine took a shit on the corrosion issue. Elected to just up grade and get a new 0ne. 2012, 250 Yamaha still going strong. 1000 hours on it.
  115. oniedab

    trip of a lifetime on the Pacific Quest

    Fantastic trip, keep everything you can catch and F the rest of the haters. The dog food boats take a lot more than you ever will. If you take care of the fish and not waste them, I am good with it!
  116. oniedab

    Aug.1 Second hand Big Ass BFT report

    Well, should have made the fight really easy after it got sawed off. Bet it came in real fast :)
  117. oniedab

    Catalina going off

    Best part of owning your own boat. Your rules on your own time! I watch the guy on a Kayak post great pictures all of the time and he would say keeping 2 is over fishing based on what he lets go. We have all been on that epic bite and decide to stop plugging the boat because you believe the next...
  118. oniedab

    tug of war with a mako

    Would not recommend the free gaff on the Mako. If you have never landed one you will not know what I mean. My first ever Mako was 6ft long and we got it to the boat pretty quick gaffed him and brought him into the boat. Wrong thing to do, his tailed hit the deck and he launched himself off the...
  119. oniedab

    Three Miles West Of North Nine 7/03

    Tighten your drags on your reels if you are loosing hook- ups on the troll, That is if you are using heavier line. It will increase your stick to hook ratio. Fish sometimes grab the jig and run and the hook really never gets set in their mouths. If you get bit, give it some gas to really set the...
  120. oniedab

    chunking for blue fin.

    If they are on the bite, they will eat a shinny bare hook!The trick is to get them to be that aggressive. Best drop back bait on a jig strike is a whole squid! Nothing works better!
  121. oniedab

    Long soak nice tail.

    Your dressed way to nice to go fishing! Nice boat and fish.
  122. oniedab

    Underwater salmon video

    I am curious, did you catch any. Looks like they all popped off. How many did you loose? Probably the best underwater video on Salmon I have ever seen. Nice job!
  123. oniedab

    Santa Cruz 6/25

    I am not an expert on Sea Bass, but you may try using a mackerel instead of Squid when they are thick. See a lot of reports from guys here catching the bigger Sea Bass on mackerel. At least they do not get bit by other mackerel.
  124. oniedab

    New Boat, Lots of nothing to start

    Billy V , you are just not right! You just demoralized him with that picture. Actually you just probably did most of us the same way! Was that shot from this year? What a trip that must have been. Nice!
  125. oniedab

    Mexico bluefin limit?

    yep, you could always move to Mexico and go through their immigration and become a citizen, so you to can catch a Bluefin in their waters and also avoid getting a Visa. Really!!!! Difference is their a few people make all the rules and here a lot of people make all the rules. Same end results...
  126. oniedab

    Fun day

    Now that is a great response to not having all of your fish on ice. I ran out of F'k room. I love it! Great job. The report keeps rest of us thinking it is our turn next!
  127. oniedab

    Report from the corner

    Fish bit off of a paddy or boil?
  128. oniedab

    Fun day

    Ok, I have one big problem with your post of the prepared Bluefin! You did not send me your address and invite me for dinner. I can live with the other short comings in your post, but really no invite! :)
  129. oniedab

    Fun day

    Still 10 fish. Fish & Game is suppose to post something different in July I believe it changes. Could be wrong, but can not find anything that states it has officially changed. It could be 1 and I still have not been able to get my limit :(
  130. oniedab

    Catalina Black

    Yeah illegal, nice picture now delete it!
  131. oniedab

    Caught Weather and some fish.

    Yeah, we got caught once in the same stuff 80 miles out of Monterey. Blew up on us and 16ft swells and 40knts of wind. Went out on the front of a day that the next day was suppose to blow up. The front moved in quicker and we got caught in it. Never again, fish are not worth it. I am now a great...
  132. oniedab

    Chasing bluefin

    They better get hungry by Saturday! I am going and if I do not get bit , I < I < I guess I will come with nothing! :)
  133. oniedab

    Dana Point Found Gaff.

    Just want to say nice job on attempting to find the owner. I know we have all left something on the dock and wished some one made effort to return.
  134. oniedab

    6/1 Dana Point

    Now when you say Tuna, Blue Fin, Yellow fin or a Yellowtail?
  135. oniedab

    Acres of Tuna and the RTA gets them to bite...

    your mistaken, it was his twin!! LOL!
  136. oniedab

    WOOH HOOOH! 100lb + Local Dana Point Tuna

    So, the big question, heavy line no bites, lighter lines and tears when you get bit! What is a guy to do?
  137. oniedab

    May 31st...64lb Bluefin tuna in US Waters

    what size hooks did you use? Circle or J? Just curios on the light line.
  138. oniedab

    Ultra WSB

    Were did you find squid?
  139. oniedab


    Yeah can you imagine what the 181 will look like tomorrow and Friday with the god weather coming! Find another spot!
  140. oniedab

    Good ending

    Not sure on the weight other than it is no where near 15lbs, so nice fish and way to stick it out in sloppy conditions!
  141. oniedab

    Semi-Controlled Chaos

    I am curious on how many times you get seals to come and attempt to steal your catch? With the fish hanging over the side, does it happen much and yes, your videos are the best of the best!!!
  142. oniedab

    Redondo kelp patty yellowtail

    ok, lets edit his post and it should read like this, I tried to spear the followers with my crooked spear shaft and missed. Need stronger rubber bands!!! Thanks for the heads up. I did not know it was illegal. I never have gaffed a lingcod this way!!!
  143. oniedab

    Any Salmon in Morro Bay

    Moss has been sucking this last week as well! Some one will be the Hero, might as well be you!
  144. oniedab

    Scored a nice Halibut 4-4-15

    That picture really shows the teeth that the bigger models have on them. Nice job!
  145. oniedab

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    Congrats on the release! I know guys pick on guys who keep small sharks. My thought are if you are going to eat it, one small shark is better than killing generations in a breeding female. Plus, what would you do with 600lbs of any fish!
  146. oniedab


    Wow, I am just amazed at some comments on post. Can a guy just post he caught fish and had a heck of a time without getting ridiculed over something. This is a fish report site? Congrats on first catching fish anytime of the year and second being a few miles from some of the worlds greatest...
  147. oniedab

    10/29/14 dodo limits and YFT

    Just curious on how many gallons does your boat hold? Center console usually gets pretty good fuel economy. Nice first long trip!
  148. oniedab

    Saturday 10/25 non report...

    oh don't say it is so!!!
  149. oniedab

    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    I do not know, it is a toss up, your Avatar or his butt cheecks. I think I would have forgone the Lobster fishing and stayed home and done something else. Just saying! LOL!
  150. oniedab

    Dodomania 10/18

    Mexican limits are 5 of one species and 2 Dorado equals one limit. You would have been legal if, the other 5 fish were something other than Dorado or you went west, hit US waters and came about to the corner and home. LOL, but nice catch and report.
  151. oniedab

    New Lame-Anne

    Funny how big the ocean is until you find a paddy, hook up and then WTF, You got company To date, I have never fished a paddy some one else is on. Just will not do it, no matter how slow of a day.
  152. oniedab


    Who did the bait tank upgrade? Looks really nice.
  153. oniedab

    Playboy dorado!

    What no comments on the lack of ice? You guys are slipping at a chance!
  154. oniedab

    Late post for La Jolla YT

    Thank God you had some ice on the fish! Could not stand another popcorn thread on the virtue of icing or not icing fish! Nice catch.
  155. oniedab

    9/21 - We Were Due

    Funny how quickly we forget the bad days and are ready to go at it again! Fished two weeks ago out of Dana and SI for 1 YFT for two days. 130 gallons of gas on the boat and 6 hr tow to get to San Diego! Ready to go again!!!! I think :)
  156. oniedab

    Time to fess up about the tuna!!

    Fished Morro on the 18th for one 20lb Bluefin. Just North of the Donut. Caught on a Purple Cedar plug 300 plus feet behind the boat. Only fish caught that day for 6 boats trying. 65 degree, deep blue water. Birds, bait, kelp, etc. Just not much in the way of fish jumping our the lines. 52/25...
  157. oniedab

    La Jolla 15SEP14

    Captain! I think we need a bigger cooler! Nice fish.
  158. oniedab

    8/30 dana point wide open YFT bite

    I will be if you do not go!!!!
  159. oniedab

    8/24 yellow fin boils all around us

    You need more ice. Your fish will come out so much nicer, not a dig but a suggestion. If you can see your fish in a box, you need more ice.
  160. oniedab

    5 weeks of build up to yesterday

    The nice thing about owning your own boat. You can fish what ever you want. Just do not post your failures. No one else will know!!!
  161. oniedab

    YFT @ 43 8/24/14

    Nope, their is no TUNA worth it. South swell and North wind is for an ugly situation. Stay home and enjoy a different kind of TUNA!
  162. oniedab

    8/20 Lightning Dance at the 302

    We were in the exact same area. Hit 302 a daylight put 5 lines in to start trolling, took off and not more than two minutes all 5 lines go off. Two guys on board oh shit! Through dead and live chum and water explodes. Drop one live Sardine in while other fish are hanging and it gets bit. 6 fish...
  163. oniedab

    15' run to Parsons 8/16...snotty ass run!

    I thin I would pick a better day weather wise.
  164. oniedab

    Tuna Fishing on a SeaDoo- Video

    Cool and I like the idea of the tennis ball on the gaff. I had a green pea loose one of mine over the side.
  165. oniedab

    Wide Open Dodos - 8/9

    You have a perfect world. Nice boat, wife, child, mechanic and fish. Life is perfect, enjoy!!!
  166. oniedab

    8/8 frustration followed by pure joy

    Nice report, but what's up with the swimming pool in the boat?
  167. oniedab

    Out of Dana Point 08/08/14

    Just remember you have the option to make your own bait! Sabiki rigs and chum. Good luck!
  168. oniedab

    Need your help in finding this color fish trap!

    Try Big 5 . That color is my favorite for Albacore! Yes Albacore, you know that rare fish!!!
  169. oniedab

    Sliding up on the tuna 101

    Ditto on the above, chunk bait is better than no bait or using your last few pieces of live bait to chum a kelp paddy. I like tossing chunk bait on the way by a kelp paddy while trolling the first time by from a good distance from the paddy. Then swing back by and drift bait. Usually by this...
  170. oniedab

    Check out my butt

    Heck with all that work on cooking your butt. Just email me your address and I will pick all of it up for you and take care of it myself! Just kidding nice fish. Real simple recipe is mix mayonnaise with some dark mustard and a little horseradish to your liking .Place fish in glass pan, lay mix...
  171. oniedab

    7/27 - Say No to Combat Fishing

    Suggestion on your bait. Keep your lid open. I have a live well that looks like yours and years ago the bait guy told me to leave the lid open and your bait will do much better. The dark freaks them out and they roll on you. Try it , it makes a big difference. Nice pics and video.
  172. oniedab

    7/22 Birthday 1/2 Skunk.

    Hopefully your boss is not a Bloody Deck guy! Or you are really in for a BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBad B Day!
  173. oniedab

    We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    How far back did you run your lures and what speed did you troll at?
  174. oniedab

    baby mako

    it is pretty simple. Sharp teeth us wire. No teeth use mono. If his daddy would have shown up, you would of had a tug on the line and half a leader, no fish and no lure. I agree with kill the little ones and let the breeders go, that is if you plan eating them.
  175. oniedab

    Apollo Overnight, 7/9... lots of PICS

    Just curious, do you need another son or brother. Can I join your family!!!!
  176. oniedab

    Bluefin Tuna Cruising in Marina Pacifica Canal

    Now that picture is some funny shit!
  177. oniedab

    7/5 BFT and yellers on the Wild West

    I guess you ended this discussion . Nice catch and oh yeah pics!!!!
  178. oniedab

    2007 Robalo 305 Walkaround w/ Genset

    What are the hours on the engines and what is the weight of the boat?
  179. oniedab

    Headed to the Morro Bay Area. I need some dope!

    You have two places to launch. Morro Bay or Avila Beach/Port San Luis Bay launch. Morro Bay be careful of the inlet as posted above. If you really want to see what it could look like on a bad day, go to U tube and put in Morro bay Coast Guard. Now Port San Luis is a hoist that picks your boat...
  180. oniedab

    302/371 411 on Tues 7/1

  181. oniedab

    YFT near coronado islands

  182. oniedab

    Catalina Report - 6/21

    I am more impressed with the white shirt. My luck the fish would have spit blood all over it! Nice picture
  183. oniedab

    Makaira 50SEa... I am so shocked

    It takes so much less energy to be nice than it does to be an ass! Nice job. Now how can I get your job, 15 day fishing trip and now Europe? Nice!
  184. oniedab

    Makos, Yellows, and Seabass Fever

    Now that is a super fish report. Nice job!!!
  185. oniedab

    oside report

    Thanks for the picture. I have never seen one that small, His stripes really stand out, pretty hard not to figure out what the small ones are. Good luck on catching his mother!
  186. oniedab

    Overnight Boat Recommendations

    Sounds like you need to first see if you can handle being on the ocean for a day without getting sick. I can only tell you is that if you go on a 1.5 day trip and get sick, you will wish you where on the 3 hour whale watching boat. They will not turn around for you. Then later in the year...
  187. oniedab

    Ghosts on video

    You have obviously done this before, pretty smooth operation!
  188. oniedab

    Newport Beach Thresher Report

    Can't grills it, unless you kills it!
  189. oniedab


    Act like you belong and they will leave you alone. Never have had a problem with them and we have fished pretty close to their anchorage.
  190. oniedab

    Chief 2.5 Day 5/29-6/1

    Nice batch of fish. At least you are trying to please the bunch and are asking, most would not have even tried to ask for peoples suggestion! Nice touch.