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  1. Dan Salazar

    Nick I went through a change of boats in the last 6 months I had a trophy and now have a 25...

    Nick I went through a change of boats in the last 6 months I had a trophy and now have a 25 Proline walkaround which boat are you interested in getting specific Best way to contact me by phone or text 714-423-4666
  2. Dan Salazar

    An old friend and neighbor Charlie Massengale is in the same club and asked me if I wanted to be...

    An old friend and neighbor Charlie Massengale is in the same club and asked me if I wanted to be on that trip I'm talking to Charlie first part of the week don't make a decision I spy concern is that so full moon On That September trip
  3. Dan Salazar

    O95 day and a half 7-9

    Loaded 22 passengers on the O 95 at 8 Wednesday evening The boat as you know is old but clean and mechanically sound. Actually it's a very comfortable ride being double plank mahogany Got to the fishing grounds before Daybreak I made a point to sleep in not hearing any hollering or yelling...
  4. Dan Salazar

    O-95 1 1/2 day depart Wed 7-8 pm

    The trips are go for sure with 12 people
  5. Dan Salazar

    O-95 1 1/2 day depart Wed 7-8 pm

    8 people confirmed Need a couple more to get the boat off the dock $295 good value
  6. Dan Salazar

    Lost and found SCI

    I noticed that we were just slightly due east of desperation reef is where those big fish came up
  7. Dan Salazar

    Lost and found SCI

    Headed over to San Clemente Island frontside late morning Saturday with squid left over from the day before Conditions were nice but the yellowtail weren't ready to go at that time of day The Navy showed pyramid Anchorage to be open and we settled in somewhat early Tried to make mackerel and...
  8. Dan Salazar

    Buying a boat in Florida

    Last November bought a 25 foot Proline walkaround in St Petersburg Florida and had to shipped to Newport Beach. Shipping cost via a carrier little over three grand As mentioned in previous post the weather in Florida really takes its toll. The interior liner in the cuddy cabin was contaminated...
  9. Dan Salazar

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Don't be afraid to drop in after the sun goes down my girlfriend hooked this one about 9 at night
  10. Dan Salazar

    Need Help “White Star Board”

    This is a cabinet sink combo after I picked up from Jon shop just last week His shop is in the same group of buildings down the alley on the end left hand side
  11. Dan Salazar

    Need Help “White Star Board”

    Correction Jon Anders still in business Drew and Jon ended their partnership Jon is simply down the alley from the original shop Both do excellent work I just found Jon Anders a little more mellow to work with
  12. Dan Salazar

    Bloodydecks Condor 6-11

    There's a huge difference between that 50 + pound fish and 80 + pound fish the smaller ones took 30-40 minutes but big guy was two hours plus with substantial help from the crew
  13. Dan Salazar

    What’s going on? Any news/info/conditions/what’s biting. New Lo Ann 6/14

    I just got off a day and a half on the Condor see my post My recommendation is three or four ott high quality Reel with braid backing 40 lb mono and 40 lb fluorocarbon with a number 2 circle hook. Yes a 80-120 fish is going to take several hours and hurt your back. Hand off to another Angler...
  14. Dan Salazar

    Bloodydecks Condor 6-11

    Boarded the Condor and left the dock around 8 spent significant time at the bait barge loading up with high quality 6 in sardines Made it to the fishing grounds at about 4 in the morning west of Ensenada Found one patty holding small yellowtail and put 5 on the boat Found a sonar School of...
  15. Dan Salazar

    Newport Beach Pipe

    Years ago I had a 13-foot whaler with a 40 horse Yamaha ran it to Avalon numerous times Only made morning runs. The big advantage anything under 14 foot can be tied directly to the dinghy dock for overnight. Rented a nice room had a good breakfast. Topped off fuel in Avalon at 7.50 a gallon and...
  16. Dan Salazar

    Cat 6/3/2020

    Regarding the late afternoon return from Catalina I've been using a different technique last few years and it's worked out well Instead of trying to make it back at 15 or 18 knots of getting beat up I do the 8-9 knots with autopilot. I put a single troller way back small jet head and once in...
  17. Dan Salazar

    Catalina 5-29 to 5-31

    Nice to see the people of Catalina finally getting back on their feet
  18. Dan Salazar

    Catalina bottom of the ninth

    Two days I Catalina Island Thursday and Friday went 1 for 3 on the Yellowtail lost 1 sea lion 2 clicker on unattended rod and thirds in the boat Picked up a nice load of squid Thursday morning from Long Beach Carnage We were lucky it turned out he ran out somewhat early Friday morning We fished...
  19. Dan Salazar

    How to ball park a rebuild budget?

    Take your best guesstimate in cost and time and X both by 3
  20. Dan Salazar

    SOLD 1996 20' Trophy

    2002 Mercury 150 optimax 1300 hrs Lowrance hook 7 Raymarine autopilot with hydraulic steering Icom VHF Fusion stereo 12 volt TV/ DVD Dual battery Raw and fresh water wash-down Precision Marine rod holders Single axle escort trailer with SS brakes Boat is located Newport Dunes dry storage 10K...
  21. Dan Salazar

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    The citation I got was on land (ie Shelter Island launch ramp) the judge unloaded on the District Attorney's office for giving me the citation. What they should have done is inform me about the law hand me the Declaration and tell me I had 24 hours submit it. They didn't do that. I had albacore...
  22. Dan Salazar

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    That actually makes sense how do they verify that you were in Mexican Waters
  23. Dan Salazar

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    And what's the percentage of time this actually happens?
  24. Dan Salazar

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    I was issued a citation from a game warden for illegal importation of fowl and fish when I wouldn't produce a Mexican fishing license Fought it in San Diego Court and the judge threw it out. There is a requirement that you are actually supposed to within 24 hour. File some kind of paper but they...
  25. Dan Salazar

    Need Help “White Star Board”

    Try Jon Anders Marine carpentry Costa Mesa
  26. Dan Salazar

    425 Water Report

    You stole my best idea The 10 gallon Rubbermaid trash can works perfect for bleed out up various fish. I've only found them at two places commercial lawn mower maintenance facility and Ganahl Lumber in Costa Mesa Great job with kids memories will last forever
  27. Dan Salazar

    Carpet glue removal *help*

    Start with a razor scraper first before you go with the adhesive removers
  28. Dan Salazar

    Early Report 5-10-2020 Out of Newport

    I have the older version of your Simrad evo2 yours evo3 I happen to be on the 14 yesterday and had some challenges with my Sounder The high spot on the 14 is about 325 feet I would preset the Sounder at 500 feet and you're able to use the zoom capacity to look at whatever you want in that column...
  29. Dan Salazar

    For Sale 1999 Pursuit 2800 offshore - Twin Diesel!! - reduced price

    It came out to about $20 a foot they filled the slips in about a week I believe the deals over but you could try to check with the dunes directly or look on their website
  30. Dan Salazar


    Just finished smoking are Bonita up and it turned out really good
  31. Dan Salazar

    Backside Catalina 4-30

    Topped Off fuel and Ice at Hills fuel dock at 7 am headed to nachos for full scoop of bait A little bit of fog and a little bit of bump otherwise very smooth Crossing Worked off the slide with a small jet head and got bumped by a couple baby Bonita Made our way to Salta Verde rock cod grounds...
  32. Dan Salazar

    4-25 209 and vicinity

    patches of fog pretty much everywhere
  33. Dan Salazar

    4-25 209 and vicinity

    Overnight in Dana Point and picked up a very healthy skoop of smaller sardines. Unfortunately I had failed to fuel up the day before and found out the fuel dock didn't open till 9 a.m. made use of the waiting time by having Denny's deliver a full breakfast. Dense fog made it dangerous getting...
  34. Dan Salazar

    For Sale 1999 Pursuit 2800 offshore - Twin Diesel!! - reduced price

    A friend of mine recently purchased a 31 Tiara open here in Newport. The up boat is now moored in Long Beach area. Boat name is water buffalo 31 Tiara really is a nice all-around boat
  35. Dan Salazar

    For Sale 1999 Pursuit 2800 offshore - Twin Diesel!! - reduced price

    Hindsight's 20/20 I wish I had known this was available Motors New are worth the asking price for the boat I had a 29 Tiara open (sister bost) with the exact same Motors I took it to La Paz for better part of a Year wish I still had it 4 months ago I purchased a 25-foot walk around with a fresh...
  36. Dan Salazar

    Skipjack 24" Open

    Mahogany or teak
  37. Dan Salazar

    Salta verde 4 - 17

    Overnighted at cat Harbor on the back side Thursday night. 8am the Harbormaster came by and told us we were not allowed to be on a mooring but we could anchor up and we were welcome to use the trash facility and the portable heads. We had picked up a half a scoop of small sardines out of Dana...
  38. Dan Salazar

    4 - 15 San Clemente Island offshore run

    Postpone the San Clemente Island run till tomorrow just a little local fishing south of Dana Point couple legal Calico Bass my buddy hooked a rather large black sea bass and drag him around for better part of an hour came unbuttoned
  39. Dan Salazar

    4 - 15 San Clemente Island offshore run

    We're hoping to pick up be at Dana Point Tuesday afternoon Regarding A word second hand information from my buddy boater friend
  40. Dan Salazar

    WTB Walk Around 20-23 foot

    Give me a call or text for info Dan Salazar 714 423 4666
  41. Dan Salazar

    4 - 15 San Clemente Island offshore run

    We have a report from a tackle rep that is unverified but in addition to the mid-size blue fan there's a report about some 12lb class Albacore I personally thought they were all at cans
  42. Dan Salazar

    4 - 15 San Clemente Island offshore run

    Plan to overnight in free Anchorage at turning Basin in Dana Point Tuesday night Pre-dawn departure should take about 2 hours for 45 mile run. Pyramid Anchorage is closed by the Navy. Will be working the area about 5 to 8 miles Southeast of pyramid. Plan in the evening is to head back to...
  43. Dan Salazar

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    I have two 7 in evo2 with this radar dome and I'm able to do the overlay I haven't set up the AIS which I think is a nice safety feature and I like to have
  44. Dan Salazar

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    Does the go9 Simrad allow for radar overlay on the chart?
  45. Dan Salazar

    28 Bertram Work in Progress

    I'm retired and spend the afternoons cruising around the harbor weather permitting let me know if I can come by and take a look at your project sometime good luck
  46. Dan Salazar

    28 Bertram Work in Progress

    Impressive project A buddy of mine had a 28 Bertram and they're just great boats they ride through bad water like a little tank I recently completed a hundred watt solar system on my Proline and was surprised to find that it kept everything up battery wise and also I'm able to run the 12 volt...
  47. Dan Salazar

    WTB WTB - 28-32' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    A note about 4 cylinder yanmars I had a 29 Tiara open with 240 4-banger yanmars They run well they're very fuel-efficient great replacement in size and weight for gas powered V8 At 1200 RPM or less they're notorious for rattling the whole boat Your choice in the harbor is go over the speed limit...
  48. Dan Salazar

    Invader V197 Rebuild to Fishing Dream Boat

    Congratulation on your success of being mentally tough. Good luck with the refurbished boat should be a lot of fun actually it's a good-looking design Having said that as you know older boats have the ability to keep you on your toes
  49. Dan Salazar

    For Sale 1996 trophy 2 0 0 2

    Optimax are always two strokes
  50. Dan Salazar

    For Sale 1996 trophy 2 0 0 2

    Arvin I don't have any readily available pictures I'm having trouble retrieving old photos from the cloud Call or text me and be happy to brief you on what I can over the phone 714 423 4666
  51. Dan Salazar

    24 year old Proline walkaround refurbish

    Wanted to show update with the electrical system including group 27 starting batteries in the transom and group 31 Odyssey AGM house batteries 100 watt solar panel with controller. 2200 watt pure sine wave inverter. 40 quart high-efficiency fridge freeze refrigerator freezer. Single-cup Keurig...
  52. Dan Salazar

    24 year old Proline walkaround refurbish

    We actually figured out where the water intrusion was coming from. Aluminum structure holding the hardtop had started to come unbuttoned. On the back of the structure the main upper cross support had completely cracked all the way through. This caused the other securing points to wiggle back and...
  53. Dan Salazar

    24 year old Proline walkaround refurbish

    Forgive me I'm struggling a little bit with the photo file attachment process As you can see the entire interior was demoed and rebuilt. The upgrades include enlarging the sleeping area the original was only 60 inches deep the port side is now about 80 in Added a pair of group 31 Odyssey sealed...
  54. Dan Salazar

    24 year old Proline walkaround refurbish

    Original interior notice the mold on the ceiling turned out there's been a massive amount of mold in the 24 year old Florida boat
  55. Dan Salazar

    WTB Walk Around 20-23 foot

    1996 trophy 2002 2002 Mercury optimax 1300 hours Escort trailer with upgraded SS brakes 7 inch Lowrance autopilot with hydraulic steering VHF and fusion stereo Single scoop 25 gallon bait tank 10K
  56. Dan Salazar

    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    Baystar hydraulic up 150 horsepower Seastar north of that Raymarine is the simplest easiest and most cost-effective autopilot my opinion
  57. Dan Salazar

    Boat Storage Orange County

    Newport Dunes dry storage about 275 a month
  58. Dan Salazar

    Thru-hull install referrals?

    Probably should have a green bonding wire on that thing
  59. Dan Salazar

    24 year old Proline walkaround refurbish

    After looking for about 6 months I found a 251 Proline walkaround 1996 in St Petersburg Florida The good news the boat had a fresh motor 250 Yamaha VMAX SHO with 230 hours Additionally it had relatively young Simrad integrated Electronics including chartplotter fish finder radar autopilot VHF...
  60. Dan Salazar

    Range needed for San Clemente Tuna?

    Carry a Verizon Wireless cell phone ( Pyramid Head has strong 4G with Verizon) Get the u.s. boat gold plan and have them figure it out Set up a manual dipstick into the fuel tank if possible
  61. Dan Salazar

    2012 36 foot yellowfin-high speed pickups.

    Regarding high speed through hole pickups As low and as far back in the V of boat as possible Have a starboard backing plate on the inside of the thru hull Keep the thru hull away from the front of the props Plumb with quarter turn ball valve Be sure to use green bonding wire to sacrificial zinc...
  62. Dan Salazar

    For Sale 1996 trophy 2 0 0 2

    150 optimax with a about 1300 hours still has good compression runs great Fresh wiring plumbing Raw and fresh water wash-down Escort trailer with SS brakes Autopilot 7 in Lawrence Fusion stereo and 13 inch 12 volt TV Boats located in Costa Mesa I've moved up to a larger trailerable need to sell 10K
  63. Dan Salazar

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    A couple comments on the optimax repower The optimax can be a fuel efficient strong running Dependable engines. I put over a thousand hours on my optimax and offer the following suggestions. Optimax like to be run hard and often if they sit for a long time problems with the fuel system can...
  64. Dan Salazar

    Autopilot thoughts/recommendations

    If I had to choose between an autopilot in a motor I take the autopilot. I really love having an autopilot.
  65. Dan Salazar

    WTB Looking for Walk Around 21-23 foot

    1996 trophy 2002 with a 150 optimax about 1300 hours. Fresh Electronics including autopilot Updated trailer with SS brakes Custom 6in foam sleeping cushions with Sunbrella covering Upgraded Hardware rod holders through holes and completely rewired electrical. 10K
  66. Dan Salazar

    Bertram 20 Bahia Mar - Rebuild

    Alex My name is Dan Salazar. Native here in Costa Mesa at 68 years old. I'm currently approaching the Finish Line on rebuild of a 1996 251 Proline walkaround. Most of the work is been executed at Tony Greyshock facility (Fishing Boats Unlimited) After 3-month and Mucho Dinero, I'm pretty happy...
  67. Dan Salazar

    For Sale 1996 trophy 2002

    Yeah, I was thinking I'd be a better off giving the boat away than go through this process.
  68. Dan Salazar

    Deep drop skunk report + a couple question

    Friend of mine caught this about six miles off Newport in about 1100 feet of water. Fish was caught mid December Bait was a rigged large squid It took about an hour plus to get to the fish to the boat. One of the tricks was putting the boat into slow forward when dropping the bait to help...
  69. Dan Salazar

    Dana Point to the Slide 10/25

    The Bluefin are in front of the dolphin The dolphin are all fired up jumping way out of the water and moving quickly. The key to getting bit just get way out in front stop the boat fly line only small macro on 30 lb and it's a good chance you'll get bit getting them fish to the boat is a whole...
  70. Dan Salazar

    Missed our chance Bluefin west of the 277

    Left Newport for Avalon Wednesday afternoon. Massive amount of microbait about eight miles off Newport did meter so fish but no luck with all that bait. Beautiful night on The Mooring at Avalon excellent dinner at the lobster trap if available try thepir lobster bisque probably a quarter pound...
  71. Dan Salazar

    Missed our chance Bluefin west of the 277

    Left Newport for Avalon Wednesday afternoon. Massive amount of microbait about eight miles off Newport did meter so fish but no luck with all that bait. Beautiful night on The Mooring at Avalon excellent dinner at the lobster trap if available try thepir lobster bisque probably a quarter pound...
  72. Dan Salazar

    Oceanside 95 9-12 report

    I keep struggling trying to upload photo images any suggestions
  73. Dan Salazar

    Oceanside 95 9-12 report

    I keep struggling trying to upload photo images any suggestions
  74. Dan Salazar

    Oceanside 95 9-12 report

    Just got off the boat Friday morning from a day-and-a-half trip The Departed Wednesday at 8pm Light load 20 Anglers all proficient Fisher persons. Rick the skipper decided to run farther south get away from the boat traffic and Target a spot of Yellowfin off Ensenada A number of guys limited out...
  75. Dan Salazar

    Freight train Bluefin on the Thunderbird

    For some reason I'm having trouble uploading images
  76. Dan Salazar

    Freight train Bluefin on the Thunderbird

    We had scheduled to go on the Oceanside 95 on a day-and-a-half leaving Wednesday night got a call at 1pm in the afternoon saying the trip was canceled due to not having enough passengers San Diego book boats we're heavily booked and decided it pass. Found out the Thunderbird out of Newport...
  77. Dan Salazar

    8-27 YFT 17nm off Mission Bay

    Got eight yft for two people 3231 11731 Arrived at the fishing grounds about 9:30. Small but good quality bait at the receiver in Mission Bay Mostly a Punker bite a few times it went wide open All fly line fish 15-20 lb with fluorocarbon in number 4 Circle Hook I'm having trouble uploading...
  78. Dan Salazar

    209 8/21/19

    Just the facts just the facts
  79. Dan Salazar

    Late Report Saturday 8:17

    Picked up large healthy beans at Dana Point around 5 a.m. headed to the tune of grounds i e parking lot west of the 226 Arrived around 10 trolled for a little bit saw some puddlers stop drop in my new (usedTrinidad 14) and immediately got bit I assumed it was going to be wide open all day and I...
  80. Dan Salazar

    Tuna grounds 8-17

    Departing Dana Point early a.m. coming through the 182 Southbound 230 371 area Overnight offshore or Mission Bay back to Dana Point on Sunday Monitoring 72 Dan Salazar 714-423-4666
  81. Dan Salazar

    O95 Day &1/2 leaving Wed 8pm

    11 people signed up Forsure go Call or text for details if interested Dan Salazar 714 423 4666
  82. Dan Salazar

    7/13 7/14 DP 289 Pyramid Head 43 and home to Newport Beach

    Impressive chain is the real trick I had a 29' Tiara and used about 400 ft of quarter inch all chain obviously we had a good Windlass really worked well The Rope is a pain in the ass as it gets starched after being in the saltwater into ends up in Tangles I'm going to try some fabric softener...
  83. Dan Salazar

    7/13 7/14 DP 289 Pyramid Head 43 and home to Newport Beach

    When you say you spent the night on the 43 do you actually anchor up ( 240 feet at the high spot) or do you use a sea anchor
  84. Dan Salazar

    Better Late than Never

    One of the best post ever great job
  85. Dan Salazar

    7/13 7/14 DP 289 Pyramid Head 43 and home to Newport Beach

    Went to reserve a transient slip in Dana Point and found out their program has changed prices have gone to $28 to 45 for the same slip. Oh well. New system has keypad so you don't have to worry about keys or cards or anyting actually works pretty well. Coffee Saturday morning and spent about an...
  86. Dan Salazar

    Pyramid Head San Clemente Island this weekend

    Plan to head to South End of San Clemente Island arrival around early afternoon fish the evening bite overnight.Fish in the morning and head back any other bloody Decker's be happy to touch base Channel 72 Dan Salazar 21 trophy Hammer Time 714 423 4666
  87. Dan Salazar


    Tyson give me a call or text I have the exact trailer for that boat Dan Salazar 714 423 4666
  88. Dan Salazar

    Alcohol and autopilot

    My recommendation on how to get across the channel late the day in a small skiff
  89. Dan Salazar

    Alcohol and autopilot

    Decided to make an afternoon run from Newport to West End of Catalina Had heard nachos may still have squid decided to run to their bait barge only to find they had sold out of squid got it a scoop of sardines Made the run across is channel starting at 4 got there at 7:30 rather rough Picked up...
  90. Dan Salazar

    6/22/19 at the 425 and 371

    I purchased a hook 7 last year when my original unit went out I have the same experience just doesn't have the Firepower to penetrate for deep water Setting aside all the Gizmo Razzmatazz I think it only has like 200 or 250 Watts
  91. Dan Salazar

    Vagabond 1.5 Day

    It's called fishing it's not called catching On any given day a boat will hit a home run or strike out. I do recommend a and a half because of many times the blue pen go on The Chew in the evening I want personal recommendation is to make your trip prior to a Full Moon condition
  92. Dan Salazar

    Any reel suggestions?

    Trinidad 40 expensive but worth every penny
  93. Dan Salazar

    Oceanside Ninety Five

    O95 is a great ride when they get off the dock unfortunately and number of times they don't get enough people to make the Run
  94. Dan Salazar

    Hit or miss 6-8

    Thanks for the report this was very similar to our trip on the Condor on Thursday ran on a lot of fish only to find a few
  95. Dan Salazar

    Condor 11/2 Day 6-6

    Approximately 20 Anglers on a day-and-a-half only one fish on the boat by 5:30 p.m. After 5:30 Skipper spotted a School and we sat on it for 30 or 40 minutes before it went on The Chew ended up with 13 bigger grade Bluefin 60-140 lbs Skipper and crew strongly recommended against anything less...
  96. Dan Salazar

    O95 11/2 day leaving Wed 6-5 8pm

    Good weather no-wind alot of bait capacity could be a very good trip if this boat can get off the dock
  97. Dan Salazar

    O95 11/2 day leaving Wed 6-5 8pm

    4 people signed up Needs 12 to get off the dock. $250 Weather looks great. Dan Salazar 714 423 4666
  98. Dan Salazar

    Native Sun 5/8 Yellowfins?

    The fish are on the front side of Catalina Island east of twin harbors I spoke with Pacific Carnage they have a whole tub of squid for sale right out in front of Avalon I plan to head over tomorrow and spend a couple days let me know if any other Bloodydecks going to be in the area Dan Salazar...
  99. Dan Salazar

    Lobster Catalina 1-30-19 Pretty solid limits

    We hopped Tuesday evening the 29th got one legal several shorts. We were just east of long point. Also lost a hoop net. I realized one needs additional weight, longer rope and more buoyancy. Be on the lookout for deadheads. We picked up one in our prop luckily no damage.
  100. Dan Salazar

    Thanksgiving Yellowfin 11/19

    11 hour night run going out how did you guys crew that every 2 hours?
  101. Dan Salazar

    11-15 Catalina bugs

    Hoop netting on the front side of Catalin a on Thursday evening. Went over with two boats we use one as a mother ship and the other to drop and retrieve hoops Mothership cooked dinner and served cocktails and changed out crew for fresh Hands-On pulling Four nets were used in deeper water 120-160...
  102. Dan Salazar

    Skipjack inside the 14

    Homebase is Newport Dunes dry storage
  103. Dan Salazar

    Skipjack inside the 14

    Pretty good skipjack action coming back from Catalina between the 14 and about 7 miles off the beach. We had no bait troll fish only 3 hookups 2 on the boat Mexican flag and a blue yellow cedar plug water temp Clearblue 68 69 degrees
  104. Dan Salazar

    Halloween dinner nice bug

    4 shorts (released) and one nice bug for tonight's dinner. Lobster trap in Avalon will cook your whole lobster for 12 bucks Where in the legal side of Long Point lost one trap in the rocks On another note Eric's on the pier sells salmon heads and Frozen Bonita Chucks for a fairly reasonable...
  105. Dan Salazar

    What happened to the Prowler?

    The San Diego sport boats run under 10 knots particularly at night
  106. Dan Salazar

    Small yellowtail and skipjack 9-11

    I got interrupted should mention that we were fishing in the vicinity of 302
  107. Dan Salazar

    Small yellowtail and skipjack 9-11

    Once again great conditions offshore beautiful weather Small yellow tail on the patties unlimited skipjack all you wanted couldn't find ttheYFT today
  108. Dan Salazar

    Unlimited skipjack solo YFT 9-10

    Skipjack everywhere found this one YFT on a Patty 3217 11728 Water conditions were pretty much flat calm. beautiful all day
  109. Dan Salazar

    N9 to 302 10/7 Good Fishing

    Forecast for the weather looks really good
  110. Dan Salazar

    N9 to 302 10/7 Good Fishing

    Will be fishing the same area Tuesday and Wednesday. Boat name hammertime monitoring 72
  111. Dan Salazar

    Bait issue, but not fish issues 9/23

    If you run your boat it's inevitable at some point in time something will break. Great job of being a MacGyver and bringing home the fish.
  112. Dan Salazar

    Dana Point Bonita and 14 Mile 9-24

    The fillets in the photo are headed to the smoker. They were padded dry with paper towel and if you look closely have skin to skin Skin on and dark meat seem to work best for me in the smoker. I am open to any additional thoughts comments or suggestions.
  113. Dan Salazar

    Dana Point Bonita and 14 Mile 9-24

    Picked up a half scoop of small Lively sardines at Newport and headed down to Dana Point for a couple hours of Bonita fishing Pretty much however many you wanted you to take. We chose to properly care for 11 fish.Bleed them out immediately gut/gill and on Ice within 10 minutes. Big difference on...
  114. Dan Salazar

    Larger grade Bonita off Newport

    Returning to Newport from Dana Point after several overnights. Decided to go outside and work the color break showing on the chloros hoping for one of th e Exotics About 4 miles off Dana Point dropped in the trolling gear in immediately got bit on one of the trolling rods. Unfortunately it...
  115. Dan Salazar

    O-95 Tuesdays fishing report

    They weren't worried about the gear at all they wanted to try to use stuff but have the highest potential for YFT I had a purple Cedar plug they were more than happy to use it it got bit twice
  116. Dan Salazar

    O-95 Tuesdays fishing report

    I stand corrected bad math. The boat was built in 1973 it's 45 years old
  117. Dan Salazar

    O-95 Tuesdays fishing report

    No reliability issues on the O-95 Fresh Motors state-of-the-art Electronics. Keep in mind this boat was designed and use as a long-range boat. I'm just saying it's got a lot of use in 65 years
  118. Dan Salazar

    O-95 Tuesdays fishing report

    Made a last-minute decision to jump on a day and a half on the Oceanside 95 Ended up with a light 20 person load for the 90 foot boat. Left from the dock at 8 P. M. Went to the bait receiver and loaded up with above-average large sardines and a handful of mini Macs we fished Mexican Waters with...
  119. Dan Salazar

    Big Eye Tuna on the Tomahawk

    I have a mount of a 88 pound caught with Eddie McEwen when he was running Pacific Queen. Everyone thinks it's a yellowfin. Few people understand the subtle differences thanks for the great explanation. Final note: I've noticed the bigger Yellowfin do you have longer pectoral fins. Liver is for...
  120. Dan Salazar

    One the loneliest number

    your video tells me you know exactly what happens when he green troll caught dorado comes on board Absolute chaos Yes empty beer cans and a 4 gallon bucket went overboard
  121. Dan Salazar

    One the loneliest number

    Troll Dorado came in very green knocked our bucket holding beer cans in the moter well We did pick them up
  122. Dan Salazar

    One the loneliest number

    Long day one nice fish makes it work caught this blind strike Cedar plug purple between the 181 182 about 3: 30 in the afternoon
  123. Dan Salazar

    Heading out of Dana Point. Need any info!!!

    Also headed out a Dana Point early A.M. Six o'clock headed south action looks like 181 182 we're on channel 72 boat name Hammer Time Will be making mac at the outline buoys first thing in the morning.
  124. Dan Salazar

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    The skipper maybe a great fisherman but definitely not a good businessman. Brand new operation it takes a long time to gain a good reputation it's a short period of time to lose it.
  125. Dan Salazar

    Catalina afternoon yellowtail

    Arrived at Avalon about 5 p. M. Picked picked up the last batch of Squid from Pacific Carnage. Set up and about a hundred and forty feet of water just east of Long Point. Went 1 for 2 on the yellowtail. Ended up on our dinner table at Lobster Trap. Great little place
  126. Dan Salazar

    I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    Your post was very informative and I've learned a lot. I knew about the idea of playing in the fish it's a typical technique that used in Mexico on the big blue and black marlins which go dead Via heart attack. I personally prefer catching big fish on Skiffs as opposed to sport boats. Great post.
  127. Dan Salazar

    7-14 Horseshoe with interesting twist

    Where do you buy your gas? May be worth a few extra dollars to buy it at a fuel dock that has additives which helped clean the injectors the fuel system and also aids with long-term storage. Final note: Run it the more you use a boat the better it usually runs.
  128. Dan Salazar

    6/29/18 at Cat

    Have the exact same thing happening with a massive fight on the live squid on the backside a week ago after almost getting spool filing turn the fish 20 minutes in broke off the leader 40 lb floro? shortly after hooked up again fish ran under the boat and got cut off in the running gear. third...
  129. Dan Salazar

    Friday backside of Catalina with full-size squid conditions look great

    Headed to the back side early a.m. and possibly overnight at cat Harbor for Saturday morning any bloody deck numbers members contact Hammertime Channel 72 Full size squid available from Pacific Carnage at the front of Avalon
  130. Dan Salazar

    San Clamente Island Tips Upcoming (6/16)

    Weathers up this weekend wouldn't do it in a trailerable wait till the middle of week if possible BTW I was at the fuel dock at Dana Point mid-morning and the Chaser battlewagon sportfisher out of Dana Point came in with a 73 pound Bluefin he caught it at the inside South end of San Clemente Island
  131. Dan Salazar

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    Excellent report. You appear to be that top 20% that catches 80% of the fish. Trinidad 16 narrow my absolute favorite reel I own one let me know if you ever want to sell it
  132. Dan Salazar

    First offshore trip on my new boat 5/12/18

    What's the old saying no replacement for displacement Great looking boat
  133. Dan Salazar

    Weather window this will give you the Navy's openings and closures at San Clemente Island As far as the other dues and don'ts of fishing I recommend hiring an attorney it's gotten too complicated
  134. Dan Salazar

    Weather window

    So I saw a weather window and look forward to possibly yellowtail fishing on the backside of Catalina. After completing installation of a new autopilot headed midday to the backside to overnight at Cat Harbor. No squid for sale in Avalon. Tried to make squid in the evening on the backside...
  135. Dan Salazar

    40 LB reel opions

    Trinidad 40 narrow if you can find one would be the ideal reel for Big Yellow Tail
  136. Dan Salazar

    your go to trolling lures

    Pink and white second Mexican flag Dorado will go after Marlin lures
  137. Dan Salazar

    4/2. The San Diego

    The Trinidad is about 15 + years old and the Toram is only 3 years old noticed the finish on the Toram is starting to go down hill. Love the 16 narrow
  138. Dan Salazar

    4/2. The San Diego

    I see you have a Trinidad 16 narrow my absolute favorite reel. Let me know if you have any interest in selling it
  139. Dan Salazar

    Backside of Catalina great conditions

    Two responses Blue Water Grill Newport and Avalon will cook customers fish. I was also told Lobster Trap in Avalon will cook customers fish. Regarding using the MOB button Using the MOB button I'm able to fine tune the Spot once I Circle back and it erases the first MOB and establishes the...
  140. Dan Salazar

    Backside of Catalina great conditions

    We sleep on the trophy all the time Made some changes including removing the Shelf in the front of the cabinet and removing the carpet see photo Added 2 inches of memory foam to the cushions and reupholstered with Sunbrella Marine canvas
  141. Dan Salazar

    Backside of Catalina great conditions

    We caught a variety of small to medium-sized Rockfish and a couple white fish I already filleted the stuff from Saturday but plan on filleting tomorrow and post a few pictures. No luck on any sheep head or lings
  142. Dan Salazar

    Backside of Catalina great conditions

    Fished two days Saturday and Sunday on the backside. Salta Verde area and out of Isthmus. Very flat hardly any boats. Best way to locate the fish was a zigzag pattern in 280 to about 330 feet of water and they hit the MOB button on the GPS when I saw something on the bottom. Overnighted first...
  143. Dan Salazar

    BSB off The Domes

    Last summer Newport Reef
  144. Dan Salazar

    12/29 Dana pt to San O

    We've caught and released 5 of these in the last couple years. Good to see their come back
  145. Dan Salazar

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    ICOM 504 Backup handheld plugged into boats 12v cigarette charger new small portable combo cell phone charger flashlight emergency jump starter. Consider upgrading to a pointless distributor system
  146. Dan Salazar

    Bluefin monkey is off my back

    I have the exact same boat you have. G ot this 85 pounder off pyramid cove last year
  147. Dan Salazar

    O95 11/16

    I was on the same trip and have some disagreements with the original post. They did use ice and salt in the fish hold. Crew did a reasonable above-average job considering the crew to passenger ratio. Three crew members and 35 passengers. A few times there was limitation of bait in the hand Wells...
  148. Dan Salazar

    9-4 Thunderbird back side of San Clemente Island

    I remember that it was a Albacore trip out of Morro Bay
  149. Dan Salazar

    9-4 Thunderbird back side of San Clemente Island

    Thunderbird announced last minute Charter cancellation went open Party late morning. I booked the first two spaces hoping to get 10 people to get off the dock Showed up at 8:30 to find 30 other people had the same idea. So much for a light load. Experienced crew and experienced anglers made it...
  150. Dan Salazar

    10-01-2017 Dana Point making Memories

    The sport boats and a lot of other guys chain to the head of the anchor and use a breaker way wire system where you normally attach the anchor.
  151. Dan Salazar

    10-01-2017 Dana Point making Memories

    Keep a close eye on your voltmeter Before starting the engine it should be at or little below 12 Outboards usually don't charge well under 1500 RPM but at Harbor speed usually 1500 RPM it should be reading 13 If it's still at or below 12 with the engine running you're having some type of...
  152. Dan Salazar

    North west of SCI purse Chase

    Best time of the year for serious drinking in Avalon with the locals
  153. Dan Salazar

    SCI 9/24

    We've got five of these 40 to 60 pound class in the last year. It takes a better part of an hour to get them on lite 20 to 30 lb tackle
  154. Dan Salazar

    9-19 got one better than a poke in the eye

    Got out to the fishing grounds at the crack of noon. Got one Yellowfin using chunk bait for Chum.
  155. Dan Salazar

    9-18 5 YFT 7 miles Northeast of the 302

    Ran early in the morning about 18 miles out of Mission Bay. Came across several stopped boats including the Tribute. Birds working used light gear 15 to 20 small Hooks and picked up 5 mid-teen YFT. Great weather everyone work together good sportsmanship.
  156. Dan Salazar

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    I used to have a center console inboard and a 4-wheel drive van I kept in Cabo prior to the harbor being built (permanent slips) Weather and fishing can really be quite good just prior of a storm
  157. Dan Salazar

    Eldorado from Berth 55

    I was scheduled on a trip for Sunday the 10th on an overnight on the Eldorado. Called The Landing to confirm we had a green light prior to driving from Orange County. Checked in at the desk got two bunk assignments went had something to eat came back found out that they cancelled the trip at the...
  158. Dan Salazar

    Dorado, yellowtail and yellowfin

    Great job nice to see you properly taking care of the fish. I'm seen a lot of guys with no or little ice.
  159. Dan Salazar

    Mommas first DODO!!!

    Quick and simple well done Nice to have the fish finally show up I think it's going to be a late season
  160. Dan Salazar

    8-2 Mustang overnight offshore trip

    Decided at the last minute to go on an overnight party boat for the yellowtail and dorado down south. It was 7pm when I confirm my reservation for 2 showing that there was only 12 people signed up. Unfortunately I'm not the only guy that plays that last minute jump on the boat. 21 people ended...
  161. Dan Salazar

    Yellowfin - 7/29

    Great job one of the best fish photos I've seen
  162. Dan Salazar

    Big bull dorado

    Beautiful fish great picture I went through the same thing at Oceanside they only sell premium it's like 4:39/gallon crazy Do you use a small swivel on that slow troll method.
  163. Dan Salazar

    Rpt.Tues.-07-25-17 Big Bluefin at SCI-Desperation Reef!

    Excellent report as always Cory. Great job I may give it a try ln my little skiff this weekend. I've caught the larger Tuna on both sport boats and skiffs and I think the skiff is easier to fish provided you have calm water.
  164. Dan Salazar

    267 14 mile bank

    I started this post talking about getting a single firecracker yellowtail it's interesting how the post is evolved. I also remember a number years ago where some seiners from San Pedro were able to wrap some very large Bluefin up to 700 lb in the north Channel Islands. These were obviously...
  165. Dan Salazar

    which boat?

    New Loann
  166. Dan Salazar

    Cut Loose Crew got One (Video)

    Great video great job video not too long enjoy that part.
  167. Dan Salazar

    267 14 mile bank

    Fished the 267 for one small firecracker yellowtail lots of fish but they didn't want to go. Used chunk bait on the one we got. Up to the 14. 75 degree purple blue water with three purse seiners and a spotter plane making wraps on smaller grade YFT
  168. Dan Salazar

    Tuna off Mission Beach.

    YFT in a 30 year old 13 ft Whaler. Four miles off Dana Point. Two summers ago.
  169. Dan Salazar


    A number years ago and came across a guy and his boat mid channel. He was solo in the boat and both him and the boat were disabled. The guy was 100% drunk. I raised Newport Harbor Harbor Patrol and volunteered his position and situation. I felt I had done what I could do and was on my way. Not...
  170. Dan Salazar


    More important how is the fishing?
  171. Dan Salazar

    Dana Pt. to 209, 277, 279 (267) Thurs/22nd

    Made the same run last Friday except we went farther south got to the 181. Same results Saw the same wacky looking jellyfish things.
  172. Dan Salazar

    Gonzaga Bay Buddy Boat/

    Spend $35 become a Vagabundos Del Mar Mar member Vagabundos of Rio Vista California. They'll set you up with all your licenses and permits and insurance need be at a discount.
  173. Dan Salazar

    Fishing offshore Dana Point 209 area Friday 6-16

    Will be fishing afternoon slack high tide around 4 pm. Boat name Hammertime monitoring VHF 72
  174. Dan Salazar

    Heart Break 6-10-17

    The planed up idea with light line on a big tuna that's alive is not going to work. That technique is usually used for large Marlin and have died from a heart attack and either have to be hand lined up or planed like you folks are suggesting.
  175. Dan Salazar

    Heart Break 6-10-17

    I think you were close to getting the fish. I caught an 85 pounder last summer on 30. I was stalemate for over two hours and all of a sudden the fish finally gave up and came up to gaff. Was the fish caught on the flatfall or did you catch it on bait? Circle hook?
  176. Dan Salazar

    Chris a high-pressure system is going to be moving in the middle and later part of next week...

    Chris a high-pressure system is going to be moving in the middle and later part of next week. I'm going to head offshore let me know if you're interested
  177. Dan Salazar

    New Private Boat Fisher, Advice Welcome

    I've had really good luck with bouy weather You can get a two-day free of charge or 7 Days premium what you pay a subscription
  178. Dan Salazar

    La Jolla Coasties

    We had the coasties board as recently same thing you better have everything in place
  179. Dan Salazar

    New Private Boat Fisher, Advice Welcome

    All inboards except Crusader have raw water cooled exhaust manifolds. You can clean them yourself using pool acid and the trash can it's a real pain in the ass. Try to rinse for three to five minutes after each use Use the boat believe it or not the less problems you'll have with exhaust...
  180. Dan Salazar

    New Private Boat Fisher, Advice Welcome

    Number one rule enjoy the process. Roll the dice enough times and sometimes you catch fish many times you don't. Just have a great time understaffed the boat the first few times out too many people on a small boat is uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Go to fuel dock either one and pick up...
  181. Dan Salazar

    Thunderbird - Late Report

    Dennis Rodman is a principal (owner) at class of 47. He was a regular at Pier Street Annex in Costa Mesa before it shut down recently. We couldn't get it through Dennis's head that my girlfriend was a customer and not a server and he continued to order drinks from her. Never did get it straight...
  182. Dan Salazar

    Catalina 5/2-5/3 - WSB & Calico

    We had overnighted Monday at Cat Harbor and picked up 9 firecracker yellowtail at Little Harbor earlier in the day. Making our way to Avalon we noticed numerous boats setting up for WSB West of Church Rock. Having live squid on board we decided to give it a try. Caught a few Sargo and decided I...
  183. Dan Salazar

    Tuesday a.m. firecracker yellowtail

    9 by about 1 oclock in the afternoon give 2 away
  184. Dan Salazar

    Tuesday a.m. firecracker yellowtail

    Fly line live squid small guy. Were in the Little Harbor area hoping for the WSB
  185. Dan Salazar

    Catalina Exacta

    Nice job great report Headed out tomorrow morning for 3 Days on the backside. Any information on squid availability?
  186. Dan Salazar

    New Private Boat Fisher, Advice Welcome

    Were do you launch out of Newport? If so I'm in dry storage 404 at the dunes check out the boat if you have a chance. Send me your direct contact info when you have a chance. E-mail [email protected] pH/Text 714 423 4666
  187. Dan Salazar

    New Private Boat Fisher, Advice Welcome

    Chris we're headed over to the back side to Catalina for 3 Days starting Monday targeting WSB. I love you ride let me know if you're interested in joining
  188. Dan Salazar

    New Private Boat Fisher, Advice Welcome

    I completely refurbish a 1996 trophy 2002. See attached picture of gelcoat getting rid of the stupid carpet. I'd heard a lot of trash talk about bayliners and was rather skeptical. Two full seasons and over 400 hours later I'm surprisely pleased with the overall boat. I've been operating my own...
  189. Dan Salazar

    15 Foot Zodiac to Catalina

    Monday and Tuesday of next week look good I've made it to Avalon numerous times and I 13-foot Whaler picking the right time no problem
  190. Dan Salazar

    Long hard fight, no reward

    Easily could have been a black sea bass caught and released 5 last summer
  191. Dan Salazar

    Thinking about fishing Wednesday afternoon Thursday morning backside Catalina small skiff

    Bouy Weather shows a window at this time. I have no problem canceling the trip if it looks iffy
  192. Dan Salazar

    Thinking about fishing Wednesday afternoon Thursday morning backside Catalina small skiff

    I'm out of Newport. Thinking about a late morning run to the back side pick up some squid and overnight at cat Harbor Fish early morning and shoot back. Boats a 20-foot trophy Merc outboard.
  193. Dan Salazar

    Thinking about fishing Wednesday afternoon Thursday morning backside Catalina small skiff

    Weather window looks like available to fish in a small boat Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning pick up some squid and fish Sunset and morning bite. May have a chance white seabass or yellowtail. Any other boats interested. Dan Salazar 714 423 4666
  194. Dan Salazar

    Fishdope down?

    Just discovered the same issue
  195. Dan Salazar

    Newport Beach local fishing 3/9

    Left Newport Harbor at the crack of 9 a.m. Headed to the river jetty pipe picked up 2 larger class sand bass. Got a visit by the Coast Guard and they did a safety check. Fortunately I had everything on board. Headed south of the harbor entrance picked some Rockfish got a good batch headed in...
  196. Dan Salazar

    10/27 Afternoon Delight. Tuna Grounds with Dad and Personal Bests

    Congratulations you're both skilled and a little lucky on getting that size of fish on the boat with that reel. I have the same reel with the exact same problem. My preference of course is to use my Trinidad 16 narrow. The fish unfortunately are not always on the same page. One trick I use with...
  197. Dan Salazar

    209 area Sunday 10/23

    Leisurely start got to the fishing grounds around 1 o'clock and fished till about 5:30. Failed to get exact numbers but we were about six miles north of the 209. Early morning had apparently been good. Slower midday but improved towards the evening. I have limited bait capacity but it ended up...
  198. Dan Salazar

    Fog and yft

    Fished out of Dana Point in fog conditions in a picky bite on the YFT Numbers 33 11.8 117 48. 5 Got one 20-pounder couldn't turn her head on a larger fish. Will post pictures and info going back to the same area tomorrow
  199. Dan Salazar

    Shake down and eviction notice...

    If they're that close next time order a hamburger from the galley. Freelance is notoriously bad news on that issue
  200. Dan Salazar

    Dana Point tips, 9/21 to 9/24

    While I'm based in Newport Beach I fish out of Dana Point all the time. likely we will be down there this weekend the transient slips are some of the best. Restrooms spotless. Bring some single dollar bills is ice readily available at a vending machine adjacent a building close to the dock gate...
  201. Dan Salazar

    302 Monday 9/19

    Great paddy right on top off the 302. Unfortunately no love. Worked the high spot and Northwest. Many sportboats in the area. I didn't see any stopped. Had one real shot using live chum and Chuck no luck. Oh almost ran over a striped Marlin sleeper. A few fish were reported on the upper nine. I...
  202. Dan Salazar

    Need 1 for offshore tuna fishing next Monday 9-19-16

    I'll be on the tuna grounds Monday boat name is Hammertime Monitor seven two good luck
  203. Dan Salazar

    Skiff fishing for offshore tuna Monday 9:19

    Plan to pick up a transient slip for about 3 days in the Mission Bay Area Going offshore on Monday should be good weather hopefully the crowds have settled down Boat name: Hammertime VHF 72 phone number 714-423-4666
  204. Dan Salazar

    Liberty 3/4 Day (10SEP16) Offshore + Sunday Old Glory Report

    Algae in a bait tank is a really good thing it adds to the overall health of the fish
  205. Dan Salazar

    Today 9/7 early AM bft

    Picture of poor man's fighting gimbal/slash chair
  206. Dan Salazar

    Today 9/7 early AM bft

    I simply took the rod butt holder off a rod belt added aa one-inch piece of oak and through bolted it into the cabin I'll get a picture and shoot it to you in the next day or so
  207. Dan Salazar

    Today 9/7 early AM bft

    I had not thought of that idea in a long while. I've been on Alaska Charter operations when they used that technique successfully and easily. Unfortunately the technique at 350 feet of water would require making a rather large high-speed circles to dislodge the anchor. The close proximity of...
  208. Dan Salazar

    Today 9/7 early AM bft

    I put the photo in the mobile paint app and post it from there.
  209. Dan Salazar

    Today 9/7 early AM bft

    Here's one photo and put it through software paint
  210. Dan Salazar

    Today 9/7 early AM bft

    The sinker started about 6 feet above the hook somehow someway it came up the main line as we were fighting the fish and proved to be a little bit of a challenge because it came up about the time the fish charged the boat. The rubber band Sinker combo was that the tip of the rod and we just had...
  211. Dan Salazar

    Today 9/7 early AM bft

    We did not anchor a 20-foot skiff without an windless no thanks
  212. Dan Salazar

    Today 9/7 early AM bft

    The Poducer was next to us anchored in about 350 feet of water we didn't really meter anything we just dropped down. Certain amount of luck in this game.
  213. Dan Salazar

    Today 9/7 early AM bft

    Overnighted at Pyramid Cove and fished early AM. About 5 miles west of the Anchorage. Got bit at 7 a.m. 30 pound gear 40 pound fluoro 2/0 ringed circle hook with 4 oz rubber band sinker. 2 hours and 15 minutes to sink the gaffs Bait was a small mackerel made in Dana Point the day before. Have...
  214. Dan Salazar

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    The number of the long-range boats have an alarm system that has to be reset every 15 minutes when running the helm at night. Why is this type of system not mandatory on every overnight boat?
  215. Dan Salazar

    Skiff fishing SCI Tuesday-Wednesday

    You're partially right I found out this site is not mobile-friendly went to my laptop Tuesday September 6th. D is closed from 1 o'clock (1300 hrs) till 9 at night (2100hrs). I'm now thinking of fishing the 43 in the early afternoon and motoring into the pyramid Anchorage after 9pm o'clock...
  216. Dan Salazar

    Skiff fishing SCI Tuesday-Wednesday

    Thank you I think you've enlightened me I was looking at the information incorrectly not the easiest to use I'll research and get back to you
  217. Dan Salazar

    Skiff fishing SCI Tuesday-Wednesday Area D is what you're concerned with includes Anchorage and fishing grounds I don't see anything scheduled. They can change at the last minute A funny story a few years back we were anchored. The Navy comes in with a large zodiac in a very formal professional straight face manor...
  218. Dan Salazar

    Skiff fishing SCI Tuesday-Wednesday

    You can anchor tight to the island. As I recall it was a sand bottom so a Danford single anchor should work just fine I'm hoping for a limited crowd based on the chaos that is going to happen this weekend Tuesday shouldn't be a problem. Final note how are you going to gaff a larger fish by...
  219. Dan Salazar

    Skiff fishing SCI Tuesday-Wednesday

    Anchorage is not a problem at Pyramid Head it's a beautiful natural Harbor you can easily anchor in 30 or 40 feet of water plenty of room. I have made mackerel in the Anchorage and reportedly they're making squid late at night. You might want to take a hard look at the weather via bouy weather...
  220. Dan Salazar

    Skiff fishing SCI Tuesday-Wednesday

    I'm planning on running out of Newport Tuesday a.m. for a overnight at Pyramid. Return to Newport or Avalon Wednesday afternoon. Forecast is for high pressure with very little wind. Any other small craft interested in buddy boating please contact me via phone or text. Dan Salazar Boat...
  221. Dan Salazar

    7/24-7:25 leaving tonight out of oside. Need one hoe

    John I'm Dan I'm out of Newport headed to Dana Point in a couple hours for overnight and off to the tuna grounds in the AM. Boat name is Hammertime. Will be monitoring 72 good luck tomorrow 714 423 4666
  222. Dan Salazar

    Consolation prize

    Took the boat to Dana Point for an overnight and headed out on the long run to the 289-181 area for a bluefin. Swing-and-a-miss got back spent the night Dana. Headed back to Newport after a leisurely breakfast stop at Turks and picked up this nice consolation prize. The butt was caught off the...
  223. Dan Salazar

    Dana Wharf bluefin

    I chartered the Helena in the past it cruises at about 8 knots ( single screw) and I suspect the farthest he would go on a 12-hour day would be about the 181 final note the 400-plus Marlin was caught about 12 miles from the harbor entrance
  224. Dan Salazar

    Things are shaping up

    Went out this last Sunday and looked at the area between the 209 and 181 found a good temp/color break just below the 209 water was fairly clear meters and fish couldn't get anything to go. Good luck
  225. Dan Salazar

    Conditions look good at and below the 209 going to give it a try tomorrow any suggestions

    Headed out of Dana in the AM. Hope to post something worthwhile
  226. Dan Salazar

    Yellowfin tuna 181 Wednesday 10:28

    Somehow I got two posts one with pictures one without look for the other post has the pictures are just a little north of 20 pounds
  227. Dan Salazar

    Yellowfin tuna 181 Wednesday 10:28

    Got lucky made it back to Dana Point in an hour and a half
  228. Dan Salazar

    Yellowfin tuna 181 Wednesday 10:28

    Made a longer than normal run out of Dana Point with anchovies to the 181 another boat invited us to a patty ended up picking four yellowfin and one very small yellowtail. Water temp 74.
  229. Dan Salazar

    Yellowfin tuna 181 Wednesday 10:28

    Made a longer than normal run out of Dana Point with anchovies to the 181 another boat invited us to a patty ended up picking four yellowfin and one very small yellowtail. Water temp 74.
  230. Dan Salazar

    Neckties join mini yellowtail 10-20

    Late start out of Newport only to find three inch anchovies at the receiver. Headed to Dana picked up half school of excellence sardines. Food fuel and bait we headed out of Dana Point at the crack of 11 a.m. Water was purple blue temps 74-75.We ran about 5 miles outside and south of the 267...
  231. Dan Salazar

    What would you do?

    Nice fish try 18 to 20 pounds
  232. Dan Salazar

    Still some fish around locally

    Good job thanks for the report we were out in the same the area the day before and caught see attached:
  233. Dan Salazar

    Small Dorado 10-7 afternoon outside the 14

    Trolling a marauder for the wahoo didn't get hit 2 zucchinis Mexican flag and pink/ white
  234. Dan Salazar

    Small Dorado 10-7 afternoon outside the 14

    Left Newport Harbor at noon went to the 14 and proceeded outside got a troll bite on small Dorado hooked a total of 5 fish put 3 on the boat just enough for dinner I personally don't care for dorido that has been frozen
  235. Dan Salazar

    Small Dorado 10-7 afternoon outside the 14

    Left Newport Harbor at noon went to the 14 and proceeded outside got a troll bite on small Dorado hooked a total of 5 fish put 3 on the boat just enough for dinner I personally don't care for dorido that has been frozen
  236. Dan Salazar

    Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    Great job I'm headed out today and tomorrow to fish that area and out to the 277 will advise
  237. Dan Salazar

    Dana Point 9-27 football yellowfin

    Left Dana Point Harbor about day brake after picking up a half a scoop of good size anchovies. Worked inside for a few hours with no signs of fish or life. Picked up the troolers in ran outside came across a fleet of boats soaking baits. (3309-11754) My girlfriend and her 10 year old son Joshua...
  238. Dan Salazar

    9/23/15 Dana Point Heartbreak!

    I think you may have had a defective barrel swivel. Possibly the drag pressure on your trolling gear was set to high. Drag pressure should not be north of 30 pounds. Some reels like the Penn internationals have a strike setting and then forward setting for full drag. Rapallas usually swim better...
  239. Dan Salazar

    9/20 14 mile bank area - YT, Dorado, Turtle

    We were at the fuel dock and noticed the Marlin asked if it was a blue and they reported it being a black weight in at the Balboa Angling Club
  240. Dan Salazar

    Ocean Odyssey 9 10

    Fished a 11/2 day trip on Thursday. Boat ran north for a full day of better grade yellowfin a pesky skipjack. I don't have exact #'s but we were close to the shipping lanes triagulated between Newport Dana and Avalon. We had limited sardines and abundance of small anchovies. Sleeping in till...
  241. Dan Salazar

    Oceanside 95 Thursday 9 - 3

    Once again by my old trick of booking at the last minute on a light load. 4 p.m. Wednesday the boat had 15 people signed up myself and 2 buddys signed up for what appeared to be a light load. Got to the landing at 8:30 to find a over booked boat with 36 people. We were advised we would be...
  242. Dan Salazar

    Western pride Newport Beach extended three quarter day 8-31

    I make a point to try to jump on underfill boats at the last minute Sunday evening was that opportunity 730 at night the landing reported 15 booked customers on the three quarter day Western pride fishing Monday. Boat left at 5:30 and headed to the bait barge for plenty of anchovies and...
  243. Dan Salazar

    Wahoo reportedly caught north of Santa Barbara island

    JD big game reports of a 40 pound class wahoo caught today my father and son team. The skinny was caught while fishing for marlin.The fish is headed back to Newport Beach to be weighed in at the Balboa angling club
  244. Dan Salazar


    Ditto the kids go back to school.Football season starts its all good. Personally I'm waiting for the wahoo to show up at Dana Point and the Dorado to be stacked up along coastal patties from San Onofre to San Diego the best part of the season is just getting started.
  245. Dan Salazar

    8-24 Oceanside 95

    Yes we picked up about 6 to 8 yellowfin at 6 o'clock on the numbers that I posted
  246. Dan Salazar

    8-24 Oceanside 95

    Make a last minute decision for three of us to jump on the Oceanside 95 leaving Sunday night fishing Monday. 22 people had signed in by 10 o'clock departure. Plenty of elbow room on a 90' class boat. Fishing US waters the skipper headed in the general vicinity Mackeral bank between San Clemente...
  247. Dan Salazar

    Oceanside Friday 8-21

    Launched at 530 and had 15 minute wait for bait. The guys at the barge did a particularly good job of moving the boat through quickly. $30 for half scoop of good mix of sardines and small mackerel. Additionally I picked up a four-gallon bucket of fresh dead sardines for $20. The top part of that...
  248. Dan Salazar

    Dana Wharf Landing

    I chartered the Helena earlier this summer with Calvin and crew. Excellent group
  249. Dan Salazar

    Oceanside 8-5 Dorado yellowfin

    Didn't see a patty all day other than the same stuff way inside. I had just noticed this area inside look better to me for life better overall conditions. We saw a boat (skipjack) stoped no patty and asked if we could join indicated he picked up a dodo on troll he'd left shortly after and we...
  250. Dan Salazar

    Oceanside 8-5 Dorado yellowfin

    The receiver had both sardines and mackerel both worked Used chunk to bring up the tuna
  251. Dan Salazar

    Oceanside 8-5 Dorado yellowfin

    Launched about 630 picked up bait by 7 no hassle when about 10 miles off the beach and came back about to the 8-9 mile mark picked up 2 Dorado and 26 pound yellowfin 3305.10 11730.32 Was asked by fishing game to measure and weigh all three fish not an issue didn't bother to check for fishing...
  252. Dan Salazar

    Oside a small pair 8-1-15

    Soft Scrub in the cleaning supply works great. The chlorine makes things to smell better.
  253. Dan Salazar

    Monday afternoon Boat right out of Newports

    Newport Harbor entrance about 1 o'clock pm with a half scoop of lousy pinhead anchovies. Headed to the 14 about 10 miles out a large quantity of diving birds fish were breaking work the area no luck shortly after came upon a large patty with bait fish underneath but no takers. Several other...
  254. Dan Salazar

    Dana Point 7-24-15

    1986 13' Whaler with original 40 Yamaha
  255. Dan Salazar

    Dana Point 7-24-15

    Six and a half miles out 235 heading 4 yellowfin back in by 10am
  256. Dan Salazar

    Dana Point Charter Helena 7/20

    I had chartered the Helena for a group of 12 as part of my sons graduation from U of O. Originally scheduled for offshore fishing the skipper (Calvin) suggested we might try for yellowtail below the domes and then go offshore. All by ourselves we had a great morning putting 24 larger grade...
  257. Dan Salazar

    Thursday Dana Point Dorado

    After extended wait at the bait receiver we headed out in the my 13 Whaler course to the 267. Approximately 10 miles out long soak on a sardine produced 15 pound Dorado My partner hooked a 25 pound class bluefin double hook up unfortunately the bluefin was lost at gaff