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  1. BigfishDM

    Bitchen shirt and shorts for BIG GUYS!

    If you are like me and wish many of the local brands out here would make cool stuff in our sizes, then wait no more!! (Well actually you still have to wait a little longer) After seeing yet another local brand not offer sizes for guys built like myself, I decided to have them made myself! The...
  2. BigfishDM

    Roll Call: Intrepid 6 day July 17-23

    Anyone on this trip coming up this Sunday? Super excited to get out on the water!
  3. BigfishDM

    Line Color

    Do you guys think line color matters when fishing? Do you think the fish can notice?
  4. BigfishDM

    Sea Lion Pulls Man and Yellowtail Overboard!

    I wonder if this will help for our side at all.
  5. BigfishDM


    Wow I stopped on the wrong channel the other night and caught a few minutes of the newest episode of Amish Mafia and I honestly cannot believe HOW AWSEOME it was!! Lol it made me feel so good about myself it was amazing! Its a whole new level of stupidiness that I thought was not possible for...
  6. BigfishDM

    Shogun 2.5 Day Feb.6th BaitWraps!

    Anyone else going out on the Baitwraps Shogun Trip next weekend?
  7. BigfishDM

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    I wanted to show off my newest collection and thank the guys at BAITWRAPS for hooking it up! The c-bass are going to go nuts on the glow in the dark squid patterns, the only problem is they look so dam good I don't wanna use them lol.
  8. BigfishDM

    Kayak Graphics!

    Just got done wrapping a buddies kayak and it came out sweet, if anyone is interested in getting on done just let me know. The possibilities are endless!
  9. BigfishDM

    Re-wrapping rod butt

    Is it ok to remove the foam padding on a rod and replace it with cord or is that gonna be a problem? A lot of the padding on some of my dads old rods are pretty bad and wanted to get the deckhand style cord wrap done on them but wasn't sure how that works, any help is much appreciated.
  10. BigfishDM

    PB calico

    Got this pig last week at nados, took a mackerel. I'm guessing it was a solid 7-8lb lol I swear it felt over 10 but I don't wanna hear everyone question it so I will stick with 7-8
  11. BigfishDM

    Anyone fishing the Prowler tonight?

    Just booked 4 for tonights 1.5 day anyone else getting on it?
  12. BigfishDM

    Fishing the 150

    I know this will probably sound stupid but oh well I gotta find out some how, my dad gave me his old GPS and it has alot of spots already loaded on it from when he used to fish and I want to go to the 150 spot but when I get there am I looking for deep structure or is a flat bottom area Im...
  13. BigfishDM

    Hallow Braid vs Solid Braid

    I have a questions about Braided line for you experts out there, I want to go get some big sppols of Braided line for my buddies Xmas gift and wanted to see which brand people prefer. Im leaning towards the Jerry Brown line as I have heard lots of great things about it but why would I want...