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  1. The Bushman

    SOLD NIB Andros 5n& 5 2speeds. Price Drop

    Kenny... If you haven't sold these by Sept let me know. I'll buy them for our raffle.
  2. The Bushman

    SOLD Blue Marble United Composites CE1000's

    Beautiful rods Len! Someone will end up with a great set... Bump
  3. The Bushman

    SOLD Nothing to see here!

    Dick Kagarice was/is Ram Rods. He used to wrap for Stanley Andrews before they closed down. I learned to wrap from him back in the mid 80's. He used to have a workshop at his house in La Mesa. I don't think I still have any of his original rods... but maybe some components.
  4. The Bushman

    SOLD Home made Rod drier

    Wait... Steve... you NEED a dryer? lol...
  5. The Bushman

    WTB Okuma Makaira 130
  6. The Bushman

    Hi David... Hope you're staying safe and are well. I'm interested in about 20 of the sea...

    Hi David... Hope you're staying safe and are well. I'm interested in about 20 of the sea strike 33s, mostly gold, a few black. Prefer single hook. I don't plan on being up your way anytime soon, but maybe you can send them to me. Do you take paypal, or I can mail you a check. Let me...
  7. The Bushman

    WTB Beat Up Seeker 6463XXXH or 2X4

    Hi Brice... I have these available" 6463XXXH Black Steel with roller guides 6460XXXH Black Steel with roller guides Super Seeker 2x4 with titanium turbo guides rail rod foregrip pm me if interested... I'm in el cajon
  8. The Bushman

    $1000.00 discount on Excel/Gallagher 10 day

    that's a deal... I'd go but my charter leaves the 26th... :) see you on the water Jamie!
  9. The Bushman

    Soldering Split Rings???

    Min.... get some solid rings, before you have to send Fishy money!!:rolleyes:
  10. The Bushman

    For Sale BLACK MAKAIRA 10SEa, 16SEa, 20SEa, 30SEa, 30SEa

    Thank you James... I look forward to using the 10 soon!
  11. The Bushman

    First time with the 13 year old on the intrepid

    We'll have him smoking cigars in no time....its you we are worried about Justin.. See you soon...
  12. The Bushman

    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Keep on healing Jim... we all want to see you back on the water.
  13. The Bushman

    For Sale Okuma Makiara 15T New Gunmetal

    Steve... will they be making them in the new flat black color?
  14. The Bushman

    Props to the wrappers here.

    Mike... why don't you just come to the class.... we'd all be happy to share tricks and tips with you.
  15. The Bushman

    550 weave

    Good to see you back at the rod bench Ray! Nice work!
  16. The Bushman

    SIC guide input

    Hey Loren... Any of the above will work fine. You might also want to consider the new Alps titanium "heavy" guides. Relatively new on the market for Alps but any of the Alps guides are proven winners already. I'm going to be ordering myself some soon.
  17. The Bushman

    Bushman (Ken) does great work.

    Hi Gerry.... yes I am..... Sending you a PM.
  18. The Bushman

    For Sale 2 New Custom Rods $175 each

    Nice work as always Steve... Either of those are a bargain at that price.
  19. The Bushman

    Rainshadow RCJB84 XXH all Alps components with a JT-CTHD

  20. The Bushman

    wtb Need some help

    Rolando... I'll check and see how much I have left.....
  21. The Bushman

    Rainshadow 10’ tuna popper

    Ditto.... Looked even nicer in person. Well done Freddy!
  22. The Bushman

    Unbaweavable 540

    Nice work Ray... I see you haven't lost your touch!
  23. The Bushman

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Hmmmm.... Fishdog has the Intruders.... and I have his Tilefish..... Things that make you go Hmmmmm.....
  24. The Bushman

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    I'll post a pic of the actual Intruder Jim used when I have a chance...
  25. The Bushman

    Roll Call Silent Jims Baja Extravaganza! 1-12-19 (Intrepid)

    Jim and co... have a great trip. I'll miss you guys, but I'll be down in PV fishing with the Osuna's at the same time. I'll probably be back next year.
  26. The Bushman

    2019 FIRST SUPER COW!!

    Congrats!.... Looking forward to fishing with you in about two weeks!
  27. The Bushman

    SOLD Rainshadow SW1088 rasta

    Nice work Len... looking IRAE mon...
  28. The Bushman

    WTB Fuji turbos

    Ill check... pretty sure I have some.
  29. The Bushman

    Fuji HNSG

    I'll check my inventory...
  30. The Bushman

    Rainshadow ISWB Trio

    Very nice Len... Now go USE them!
  31. The Bushman

    SOLD New Rainshadow RCJB84H 30-60 lbs.

    ttt Bump Hell of a deal on an awesome rod.
  32. The Bushman

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    July 1977 7 day on the Royal Polaris. Yep... Frank had hair then. Caught my first wahoo trolling with a 6/0 Penn.
  33. The Bushman


    Nice work... he'll be happy!
  34. The Bushman

    GloJRI8 or PL68 squid conversion??

    Either way, don't forget to braze that bottom ring....
  35. The Bushman


    Now I"m tempted..very tempted PM sent
  36. The Bushman

    Sourcing Willow Leaf Blades for Bombs

    yep..Janns netcraft. Or we can visit anglers arsenal when you're in town next.
  37. The Bushman

    We Lost Jim Hernandez...

    RIP Jim... you'll be missed!
  38. The Bushman

    Rainshadow RCJB84H. Different

    looks great Steve... bring it to class next week.
  39. The Bushman

    SOLD Okuma Markaira 30IISEa-BLACK

    Thank you Mike... great to meet you Sat.!
  40. The Bushman

    SOLD Okuma Markaira 30IISEa-BLACK

    Mike..ill take it. Also looking for a black 16 mak. Call me and ill come get it.
  41. The Bushman

    Wahoo trollers

    My money is on the Intuder…. but we'll be testing the Intruder vs the DTX. in about 4 days..... What will probably happen is the first one in the water will get bit. (Probably my intruder) ;):D
  42. The Bushman

    A Few More Days To Go.

    crap...I'm still packing!!
  43. The Bushman

    SOLD Penn VISX12 and UC US80 Predator

    Nice combo....someone should snatch this up!
  44. The Bushman

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    Aaron... this thread is almost 3 years old... check the classifieds... there are lots of people selling pliers, spikes, and sheaths.
  45. The Bushman

    For Sale Saltwater Reels - All Kinds- Added

    Nice collection Jim... are you giving up fishing? Have any Makaira SEa's in black?
  46. The Bushman

    For Sale ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    Damn JC. ....are you giving up fishing or just thinning the arsenal down to your Accurates ?
  47. The Bushman

    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    Great write up Min...and awesome job on the videos. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time. Great job Jim on being CM. In already looking forward to fishing with the Osunas in Jan. Can't wait!
  48. The Bushman

    SOLD Shimano jig bag with 18 various jigs - $80

    I can't believe you're giving up on slinging iron.... If Thomas doesn't come thru bring them to rod class Romel.....
  49. The Bushman

    SOLD New Seaguar Premier 100 lbs 50 Yard X 2

    Min...let me know if no one else bites.... I can take them off your hands.
  50. The Bushman

    Varmac GC3 marbled

    Nice work Einer!
  51. The Bushman

    Which UC Rods?

    Hey... Nice Rods!!! (But then I'm a little biased).. ;)
  52. The Bushman

    SOLD sold SOLD S O L D

    Damn Len... That's way too cheap for those rods...You should be getting $150 apiece just for the gold leaf dragon scales and the handles.. Someone is going to get a great deal.. Bump!
  53. The Bushman

    SOLD Avet, Shimano, Daiwa

    I'm just trying to figure out why you have a lefty Avet...:confused:
  54. The Bushman

    American Angler 14 Day Calstar Trip - Hurricane Bank

    What Scott said.... thanks for the report!
  55. The Bushman

    WTB:Rod Wrapping Machine

    Einer... Jay ( Produce Man ) here on BD has one for sale as well. Just PM him
  56. The Bushman

    WTB: leather plier pouch

    Many of the dekhands also get them from the guy at Stonehedge leather in Ocean Beach...
  57. The Bushman

    Garcia/Mitchell Spinning reel parts...

    Get a hold of Carl Citeralli... He has literally tons of old parts for older tackle. ebay store citarelli67cu He is in spring valley
  58. The Bushman

    Bushman wrapped a chocolate Sabre

    Glad you like it Mike.....We used an "old" bottle of permagloss, and it was a challenge to get to the 1% of the liquid that hadn't already hardened. We opened up the original bottle and it was 99% solid.... so we eventually had to break the bottle just to get to what we needed. Jay, it was...
  59. The Bushman

    Intrepid Silent Jim's Baja Extravaganza 15 day .... Jan. 12-27

    I'll finally get to see the Soda Pop dance in person... see you all in 2 weeks!
  60. The Bushman

    Owner Pro Packs Ringed & Non Ringed

    Do you still have ringed 2/0 flyliners or did Chris buy them all?
  61. The Bushman

    Mak 50 sea and avets

    What color is the Mak 50Sea? I'm looking for a black one.
  62. The Bushman

    FS...Makaira 50wII SEa Black

    Thanks Bob... Looking forward to picking it up this weekend. Ken
  63. The Bushman

    Hi Bob... Im interested in the Makira 50w... Do you still have it?

    Hi Bob... Im interested in the Makira 50w... Do you still have it?
  64. The Bushman

    Mortgage Refi

    Thanks Ali... It was a pleasure working with you and Korine!
  65. The Bushman

    Rest in Peace BDer "Afry" Arnie Fry

    I'm truly saddened by this news. I was fortunate to work with him again a couple of months back as I did the loan for the buyers who bought one of his listings. He was great to work with, and really a great guy. He will be missed. RIP my friend.
  66. The Bushman

    Your own arsenal of rods

    I'm with Len... Multiple matching sets....
  67. The Bushman

    Public Service Announcement

    Wow Jim... Hope you're healing quickly, and can stay healthy!. Tough to give up something that has been such an integral part of your life. I think we'll all get there at some point. Let me know if you want to unload a bunch of surface iron. I suspect you have tons of it.. :rolleyes:
  68. The Bushman

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

  69. The Bushman

    Just when you thought you had it all.........

    I agree, bring back the black. But I'll probably pick up a couple in blue too... seeing as they will match my blue, black and gold rods.
  70. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    OK OK...Im going... bringing lots of cigars and some Apple Crown again. Looking forward to it!
  71. The Bushman


    That is awesome! I can't believe its been two years!
  72. The Bushman

    Wanted... Black Makaira's SEA

    Looking to add some Black Okuma Makaira SEa's to the long range arsenal. Since they don't make them anymore in black, I thought I'd check here. Looking for 16, 20, 30 or 50/50w. Can pay top $ or I can trade and build you a custom rod. Just send me a pm. thanks Ken
  73. The Bushman

    Custom build rods for sale! Phenix, Calstar, GUSA, United, Lamigals

    Hi Nacho... sorry to hear about your stroke. Tough to give up fishing. Let me know if you happen to have any blanks for sale. You shouldn't have any trouble selling the rods.. they were done by some really good builders.
  74. The Bushman

    UC Wahoo 50-80 Reviews

    I'm with Jim... Love my Wahoo(s)!
  75. The Bushman

    San Diego reel repair

    Tony is da man... for reel service! As long as his phone works! :)
  76. The Bushman

    Looking for a realtor.

    Another vote for Yusef.... he'll take care of you. And I can help if you need financing... Ken Bush imortgage 619-335-0450
  77. The Bushman

    United Composites GUSA 80 Tilefish in UO colors

    Nice build....on one of my favorite blanks too. Love that rear grip! The Turkshead work is awesome. 19 x 4?
  78. The Bushman

    White Tiger D8. Your thoughts on cord grip?

    I like the two tone cord grip. The white does look almost silver. If you do sell it, you could make some Raider fan very happy.
  79. The Bushman

    Rod wrapper question

    cork tape on the jaws of the chuck....
  80. The Bushman

    A couple for Tuna Tom's quiver

    Really nice Bill..... cool turkshead too! Will Bill be selling that thread soon? Awesome color...
  81. The Bushman

    GUSA 70L

    I like the way that turned out Eddie.... great job!
  82. The Bushman

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    I have seen more than one go out at once..... and they both got bit. Having said that, I always try to be the first one in the water anyway! ! ;) Looking forward to the first production run Jerry!! Coming soon!!
  83. The Bushman

    WTB Gudebrod 105-A NCP

    Got ya me your address and ill drop them in the mail Tues. am.
  84. The Bushman

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    I'll see you guys for dinner... just save some fish for the following trip!
  85. The Bushman

    Hooker Intruder Homage

    ooh.... aah.... getting closer!!!
  86. The Bushman

    Last PT on my distal biceps .... Soon I will fish again

    Glad you're healing nicely Dave. If you feel better by Feb, I think there is still room on the private charter we're doing on the Intrepid. We'd love to have you join us!
  87. The Bushman

    Lower Banks???

    Kevin Mattson has been posting on facebook.... . Looks like the excel is having a good trip....
  88. The Bushman

    Don't Look Now...

    We're glad to have you with us Jim!....
  89. The Bushman

    JRI Vagabond 8 day

    Mikey... only 14 wahoo? You slipping? Told you the green was working. Looked like a fun trip! Congrats to team Intruder and all things JRI!!
  90. The Bushman

    Some rods, Spikes and Sheaths

    Good to see your work again Dong.... It looks as awesome now as it did years ago when I met you. I'll have to come by for another "tutorial" on the leather work.
  91. The Bushman

    Whahoo jog or bomd

    Just got off my 8 day on the Intrepid. We had excellent wahoo fishing. THe predominate color that worked best was anything GREEN. Bombs, jigs, etc. second favorite was a catchy/sea strike 22 in gold, with Pink or Green prism tape. They also were biting the sardine as good as I've ever seen it.
  92. The Bushman

    Fishing is on fire!!!! Reports from some of the boats

    woo hoo... leaving Sunday on my 8 day on the Intrepid!
  93. The Bushman

    Intrepid trip Sept 9-17

    Thanks Floyd...congrats on a great trip. Just hope they keep biting for another week...
  94. The Bushman

    Arm and hand cramps

    a deckhand..... :) But fortunately, I've never had that problem.
  95. The Bushman

    Need Phenix guide help

    You brought up a two year old thread to ask how to replace a tip ring? Just take it to your local tackle shop and have a new tip put on. Or stop by Phenix and I'm sure they will take care of you.
  96. The Bushman


    Jims racks are incredible! I've seen many in person. I may have to get one soon.
  97. The Bushman

    Find what is missing in this picture

    Unless someone was there, no once knows for sure that they fished wahoo in their "sandals"... this could have been taken while traveling, could have pulled a couple of hoos from the rsw and posed with them at any time. They look kind of "clean" to have just caught them in a wide open bite...
  98. The Bushman

    The soda has popped

    Get well and heal quickly David...
  99. The Bushman

    Educate me on Jigs, Iron and Poppers...

    I'm with Bill on this one... My absolute favorite jig since I first got one from Jerry years ago. Kicks so good, the birds follow it!!
  100. The Bushman

    United Composites CP70HP

    Very Nice Jim.... I just finished building the same blank.... definitely leans toward the 60#.
  101. The Bushman

    2 Calstar 755XXH Trollers

    I THINK I'm HAVING FLASHBACKS! Awesome as usual Jim!!
  102. The Bushman

    Hooker Intruder Homage

    Actually, the Intruder went to the sportsman award winner... none other than Capt Kevin, so its staying with the boat.
  103. The Bushman

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Yep.... five star rocks!!
  104. The Bushman

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Nice write up Connor...It almost like I was there. Oh wait... I WAS there. Had a great time with everyone. I got to watch Sarah catch fish on the rod I built her, and caught four wahoo myself (all on JRI lures), and tons of YT on a Fishdog painted 6xjr and JRI 3's. Great fishing, friends...
  105. The Bushman

    An Unexpected Turn of Fate

    Welcome Jim..... (even though I know you're still on the plane) :rolleyes:
  106. The Bushman

    The Occasional Mystery Fish

    Several years ago I was on the Intrepid fishing at Benitos. I had dropped down a live mack on a doubled up dropper loop. Felt a little bump and tug, came tight and the 6460xxh rod doubled over to the water. Very heavy fish, which I managed to bring up about halfway up. My rod tip showed the...
  107. The Bushman


    Awesome job Kurt.... looking forward to fishing with you and Russ again!
  108. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    Damn Bill... you're not on either? At least your cigar lighter will make an appearance :) see you next year.
  109. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    only two more "sleeps".... got the clothes packed, doing all the gear tonight! See you all soon. and Justin, we'll miss ya man!!
  110. The Bushman

    Maze wrap SS Baby Ulua

    Very nice... good to see you on here again John!
  111. The Bushman

    An Unexpected Turn of Fate

    or maybe Jim will find a way to jump on the trip with us... ;) Welcome back to San Diego Jim!
  112. The Bushman

    Cool Underwear

    He did take that pretty well didn't he... I think he kept the spiderman undies....
  113. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    Cigars, check... Apple Crown Royal, check... Port,check,... fishing gear, check... OK, I'm all set. See you guys Sat, unless I come down Friday.
  114. The Bushman

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Yes you are.... !!! Should be fun!!
  115. The Bushman

    Crew treats?

    Jerky, Case of Monster or two, peanut butter filled pretzels, and on my charter, they always get the trip tshirts, sometimes sweatshirts, and any other 'goodies" we give away.
  116. The Bushman

    Shelf Time

    Try mixing it and see if it clears up..(it might surprise you). if it doesn't , then keep it for marbling and get some new finish.
  117. The Bushman

    Rod Blank ID - Help?

    I remember seeing and building those blanks... but I can't for the life of me remember what they are or who made them. My gut says they were some of the first composite seekers, but I really don't remember. Someone will recognize them and chime in here.
  118. The Bushman

    Wahoo weave

    Nice work... I've done that pattern of Jim's before... that turned out nice!
  119. The Bushman

    Swordfish standup rods

    Nice work Bill.... Hope Ali get to put em to use....
  120. The Bushman

    reel seat nuts

    Just get a flat wide screwdriver and cut/grind out a notch so you have two "posts". Usually works well. Other than that, on some models you can change out the posts to 1/4-20 thread posts and use the "team International" cap head nuts if you can still find them. I did this for a few of my...
  121. The Bushman


    makes sense to me...although I use a Mak 30 with 130 on my 76 Viper... could easily use a 50.
  122. The Bushman

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    Uh yes... Have fished them and built them since they were Hastings/Graphite USA, then thru the transition to the United Composites blanks/rods that Randy makes now. I've probably got 20 of the 'Old" GUSA rods and blanks, and just about as many that Randy has made. Building new ones all the...
  123. The Bushman

    Intrepid - Jarvis Memorial - 30 Days & Counting !!!

    Hey, I'm special too... fortunately, not "Fishdog" special. Looking forward to sharing a rail with all you guys and our special guest!
  124. The Bushman


    welcome to the addiction!
  125. The Bushman

    U C Viper 7' 6" build

    pm sent, Its all personal preference, but just going from memory, I usually end up with a rubber gimbal, 14" rear hypalon, (compresses to about 13.5"), Alps reel seat, then usually a 16' to 18" foregrip. (coldshrink or get a raildawg from Bill) With an 18" foregrip, the first guide is centered...
  126. The Bushman

    United Composite Viper and Invictus 7'6" Review

    Nice write up Jamie... I couldn't agree more. Oh, and Chris, your Viper is done!! :)
  127. The Bushman

    Getaway in Greater San Diego Area

    Hi Chris... I see you did post this here. Yusef would be a great choice to help you. If you need a loan, I can help there too. I'll call you tomorrow, and yes, your two rods are done.
  128. The Bushman

    Yellow Tiger, Rams colors.

    yes, the nail decals work just fine... but they are very small.
  129. The Bushman

    Lead ingots

    pm sent
  130. The Bushman

    CPW Dyer... thanks Don!

    Looks good Tony.... and I think I'm skipping lunch to save room for Dons enchiladas!
  131. The Bushman

    Fish Report - Intrepid - 15 Day - Okuma/Soft Steel - 3/19-4/3

    Nice write up Connor.... see you in July!
  132. The Bushman

    Excel Okuma trip openings

    Good luck David...
  133. The Bushman

    Hooker Intruder XL on eBay

    its over $200 now.... I might have to think about selling mine... :eek:
  134. The Bushman

    Bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

    Good luck Rick... catch a bunch!!
  135. The Bushman

    A long rod kinda week

    very nice Bill.... Pacifico rod is sweet! Nice turksheads too!
  136. The Bushman


    Very Nice Jim.... (as usual) That's a real "beast" of a rod.... especially now!
  137. The Bushman

    World Rod II

    Way to go John... congrats. I'm sure Bill Batson will be calling you. :)
  138. The Bushman

    Phenix Axis 720 4X Blowing Up?

    Min... sending you a PM.
  139. The Bushman

    Bill Batson at rod class Tue.

    Ill be there too....
  140. The Bushman

    Fred Hall Show

    Will be there either Thurs or Sat... or maybe both. Looking forward to seeing you all.
  141. The Bushman

    Seeker Hercules GTS70HS "OUTGUNNED"

    Does it come witht a warning label for "flashbacks".? Beautiful rod Jim!
  142. The Bushman

    Standing Rod Rack

    Nice work....I've made wall racks with the same basic design. (think yours split in half the long way). You can also add some thin weatherstripping (like felt or spongy foam) to the half circles if you want to soften the contact area where the rods rests.
  143. The Bushman

    Video Of Our Past

    Always good to see that..... thanks for posting Dave!
  144. The Bushman

    A couple SS jig tossers

    Good looking sticks... Nice turksheads too!
  145. The Bushman

    UC Rail Rods

    Very nice John... I hope I get to see you put them to good use. And FYI, the cold shrink is actually available in a 36" length as part of a "splice kit". I'll use it and cut it in half for two 18" grips when I need to. PM me if you need the part # for the cold shrink.
  146. The Bushman


    OOH... AAAh.... I see they arrived...Fishy better double wire that Intruder.
  147. The Bushman

    Looking For Some Gudebrod

    If you still need some, send me a pm with your address.... I"m sure I have quite a bit of it.
  148. The Bushman

    A different Predator

  149. The Bushman

    Cheating bleed through on a RCLB80M

    Not a bad idea at all...looks great!
  150. The Bushman

    We lost another good one......

    Wow... another good one off to Davy Jones locker. We'll miss ya Mike... RIP.
  151. The Bushman

    Pink&Purple aka Princess Rod

    Nice work Romel!
  152. The Bushman


    and those lures "do wiggle".......!! Thanks for sharing Jerry, and thanks Kevin for the great pics!
  153. The Bushman

    Roll Call Intrepid Dec. 8 ..... 14 day ...

    Have fun David.... Say HI to Larry for me.
  154. The Bushman

    Been a long time.. Black&Green

    Nice job Romel... I'd say you haven't lost anything either! I presume your next one will be purple? Come by rod class anytime!
  155. The Bushman

    IGFA 80

    I've never seen a purple cow, but now I've seen a purple Tiger..... nice work Bill!
  156. The Bushman

    Starting easy

    Nice work Bill!!
  157. The Bushman

    United Composites Factory Rail Rods Are Here!!! this might work, but I think its a little outdated, as Randy has since added more models. We need pics!!
  158. The Bushman

    Rod dryer

    Not sure if this helps... but its 220 volt anyway.
  159. The Bushman

    Hooker Intruder Homage

    I've been waiting for the same thing...
  160. The Bushman

    How many rigs do you bring?

    And one cigar per day is nowhere near enough.... as for the rods... 2.... read TOO many usually
  161. The Bushman

    Intrepid getting em....

    yep, sounds like a nice bite to me....
  162. The Bushman

    In Remembrance

    What they all said.... !
  163. The Bushman

    black thread question

    another vote for straight black nylon.... no CP ever....
  164. The Bushman

    NEED red/gold Trimar thread

    sent you a pm....
  165. The Bushman

    NEED red/gold Trimar thread

    Hey Chris... I'll check when i get home and PM you if I have it...
  166. The Bushman

    New Hotline

    I'm waiting for the "free cigar" offer with every call.....
  167. The Bushman

    pacbayrod need it gone 40 dollars right now

    Very nice.... who did the cord work on the rods?
  168. The Bushman

    Hypalon replaced with slick butt?

    You mean hypalon foregrips? then'd have to at min cut off the reel seat if you wanted to install them from the rear, or strip off all the guides and replace the foregrip then rewrap. Rear grips, then YES..... just replace the hypalon with the slickbutts (assuming you could get the...
  169. The Bushman

    New Wahoo lure

    I know that storage locker..... get em done Jerry!!
  170. The Bushman

    Shogun/Bob Sands Tackle 8 day report

    I was going to read all that, but I think I'll wait for the DVD version.... should be out ???
  171. The Bushman

    Hooks for fixed hook jigs! I have about 600! 8/0

    What took you so long Gary..... He had the post up almost a full hour! :)
  172. The Bushman

    JRI Vagabond 8 Day October

    knock em dead boys... have a great trip on both boats....!
  173. The Bushman

    Trying to get in touch with Steve Patterson

    Haven't seen hide nor hair of him in several years. Last I did speak with him, he had had two heart attacks while he was living in Oregon. This was three or four years ago or so, and unfortunately he burned too many bridges, and left too many unfulfilled orders (whether intentional or not) and...
  174. The Bushman

    Cow season getting close

    Good looking build Bill... cool colors! Looks like silver and blue electra to me...
  175. The Bushman

    GS 1st BoomStick

    nice work John.... that looks really cool. Love the "X" in the fish eye on the tuna logo.
  176. The Bushman

    26 day roll call Ken Bush custom rods/Intrepid 8day

    Thanks again for your generous donation Jerry.... I know we'll put the bombs and jigs to good use..... see some of you in a few hours for dinner, the rest of you in the AM!!
  177. The Bushman

    Intrepid report with Kevin Osborne

    looks like its full speed ahead tomorrow.... just hope we have bait.
  178. The Bushman

    Grape Soda

    great name for it too.... It seems there's a lot of "purple" builds going on lately. Nice work Bill!
  179. The Bushman

    Bill Batson Continues to Build!

    Nice job on the rods Bill..... I'll bet you're looking forward to putting them to good use next time you're down this way!
  180. The Bushman

    Lexa 400 and Phoenix rod

    Just picked up my new 400HD at squidco.... loaded with 65# spectra, and will put it to the test for Wahoo this coming week on my 8 day. With a 8.1:1 ratio, should prove effective if it has enough torque.
  181. The Bushman

    26 day roll call Ken Bush custom rods/Intrepid 8day

    thanks guys.... we're almost there... two more "sleeps"... hopefully the internet wi-fi box will be back (it was sent out to be fixed and is on its way back) and we'll have wi-fi...
  182. The Bushman

    Custom blue Super Seeker 6470H

    beautiful work Jon!!
  183. The Bushman

    What do you throw with your BTG 90J

    just about anything by JRI... it all gets bit!
  184. The Bushman

    Catchy Tackle 15 day .... Intrepid .... Oct. 17 roll call

    good Luck David..... we'll try an leave a few hoos at Alijos, just in case you stop on the way down! ;)
  185. The Bushman

    The day that huge Wahoo attacked Benitos-Indy 7 day report

    Awesome report... especially since I leave Sunday on my 8 day. Leave it to Romo to free gaff a Hoo!
  186. The Bushman

    Ken Bush 8-Day Pre Departure Dinner

    Jerry, would be great to see you Sat.... We'll wee the rest of you, Sat. at the Vagabond. Kenny, PM-ing you my cell.
  187. The Bushman

    Ken Bush 8-Day Pre Departure Dinner

    So, six pm at the Vag? Ill be there, i think Miles will be as well, and I will mention it to Don and Steve at rod class.
  188. The Bushman

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    Thank god I only have to deal with Redbeard and his underwear issues....because I'm too busy laughing to answer.
  189. The Bushman

    Cool Underwear

    good luck in your search John....if you don't find anything, we can always bring you a pink tu-tu. It shouldn't chafe, or get in the way. Or so I'm told...
  190. The Bushman

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    thank you Kurt... You are the only other person I know that puts full turkshead wraps on the pliers like I do. Those turned out great! I may have to make a sheath to go with them when I put them in the raffle.!!
  191. The Bushman

    26 day roll call Ken Bush custom rods/Intrepid 8day

    thanks Kurt...I'll throw them in the raffle! I appreciate it!
  192. The Bushman

    How do you cook your fish?

    Damn it.... now I'm hungry! My favorite way to eat wahoo (or any fish) is however Perry or Jeff cook it on the Intrepid! I do have a preference for panko encrusted wahoo with whatever incredible sauce is prepared.
  193. The Bushman

    26 day roll call Ken Bush custom rods/Intrepid 8day

    If you had a rod, you could go....
  194. The Bushman

    tuna cord

    Uh....This thread is from 2011... just a bit old.
  195. The Bushman

    26 day roll call Ken Bush custom rods/Intrepid 8day

    Looking forward to fishing with you again Kenny. (you too Chris). We have tons of swag, rods reels, and assorted other items ready for the raffle. Just counting the days now.... we're getting closer!
  196. The Bushman

    For Sale: Fighting Chair, Quad Rod holders, kodiak bait tank from boat just purchased

    you might want to move this to the classified section. You'd get a better response...
  197. The Bushman

    Beautiful set of 50-80lb abalone offshore rods!!

    You're right.... sexy!! Very cool veneer color. Nice job on the rods...
  198. The Bushman

    Varmacs and Rainshadows for me

    Those turned out awesome Len!. Solid work..... all the way around!
  199. The Bushman


    Good job Einar... turned out really nice.
  200. The Bushman

    Selling Rods - Super Seeker, Seekers, Pac Bay

    Those could be re-wrapped green you know....
  201. The Bushman


    check their website... I believe they do... although I don't know anyone who has used anything other that the Polyneon 40
  202. The Bushman

    looking for a nice 50/60lb rod

    You'll like the 70 Predator... its my go to rod for 60#. They just made the first run of 7'6" Predators as well, and I think they may still have some at Island Tackle.
  203. The Bushman

    Wild tiger

    Wonder what it looks like under a blacklight. Nice job on the whole rod.
  204. The Bushman

    Foot pedal question

    Hey Jason... been a while. Good to see you back at the wrapping bench. Let me know if you dont' get it figured out... I think I have a couple of "old" spare pedals if you can't get the new one working. .
  205. The Bushman

    Help finding Gold Perfection guides

    I may have some too Jim.... Let me know if you cant get a hold of some.
  206. The Bushman

    Giudes ttt bump
  207. The Bushman

    GF770XXXH "El Matador"

    wow... really nice Jim!
  208. The Bushman


    check their website.... they have a dealer list you can check out.
  209. The Bushman

    Roddy rod handle restoration and a painful turkshead Now you wont have to resurrect 6 year old threads just to find out what size cord.
  210. The Bushman

    Cord wrapping questions Now you wont have to resurrect 6 year old threads just to find out what size cord.
  211. The Bushman

    Grip Wraps Now you wont have to resurrect 6 year old threads just to find out what size cord.
  212. The Bushman

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Awesome catch Matt... and well deserved! Congrats!
  213. The Bushman


    I do have one, but I'm keeping it. You can get the same blank from United Composites... Call Randy 714-898-7500.
  214. The Bushman

    24 in 13

    whew.... bet you're sick of black and gold... :)
  215. The Bushman

    Wtb:replacement baitnet netting
  216. The Bushman

    1st 2 of 20

    Damn, that was quick Bill...looks nice. have fun with the other 18!
  217. The Bushman

    New U.C. 7'6'' Predator

    Damn.... another UC blank I need to add to my arsenal!! The 7' Predator is my favorite stick, and I imagine I'll like the 7'6' model just as well. Should be a perfect fit between the Predator and the Wahoo.
  218. The Bushman

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/11-7/18 - Official Report

    Wow, awesome write up Conner. Good to see you and the boys at the landing when you got back. I'm going to try and make it out with you all next year.
  219. The Bushman

    turks head for butt cap

    Tom, yes you are correct.... It was wrapped and closed over the end of a rubber butt cap.... which was on an insert (piece of scrap blank) glued into the end of the blank.
  220. The Bushman

    turks head for butt cap

    Thanks Jon...I had forgotten about that "tutorial" way back when. I did that Turkshead over a butt cap on an insert (old piece of blank) to keep the cord wrapping on the same diameter as the blank, and I believe it could still fit in the rod holder.. but it really depends on the blank. I would...
  221. The Bushman

    RCLB 80M Third Build

    Nice job on the rod Einer.......Congrats on your first catch.... I'm sure you'll have many more. Looking forward to seeing all those other blanks built too.
  222. The Bushman

    3 United Composites CP70H-F

    those are bad ass Jim.... the two tone Alps reel seats are very cool too!
  223. The Bushman

    Help Us Name Our Mascot!!

    Pinhead Stitch Vinnie Pug Freddie Louie Clevis Cletis any of the above...
  224. The Bushman

    United Composites Viper 76

    ooh... aaah... ooh... aaahh... :) Spectacular.... as always!
  225. The Bushman

    Jarvis part four

    At least the Pecans on the carrot cake will be safe.... You guys have a great trip.... I'll be down there to see you guys off.
  226. The Bushman


    Wait a minute... Is this Brad who likes the Walnuts on top of the carrot cake? Or was it Pecans?
  227. The Bushman

    wtb Penn international 30 parts

    I think Carl has some here: If he doesn't have it, you probably wont' find it.
  228. The Bushman

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    Hey... Is this Jackpot eligible? Don't be a heel.... use Power Pro Power Pro.... Strong enough to catch the big ones. Power Pro.... When regular line isn't enough. Power Pro...Stealthy enough for a fish, strong enough for a human. Power Pro... Strong enough for a human, but made for a...
  229. The Bushman

    Looking to learn, starting off small

    you could check these out too....
  230. The Bushman

    United Compsites 76 Viper rail rod

    Bling Bling.... Nice one Bill!!
  231. The Bushman

    Some Observations...

    Dont be hatin, and dont be an idiot....he returned the rental car to Enterprise just down the street from the landing. He didnt leave it In paid parking. And i did offer to take him from the car rental to the landing before going to work, but he declined my offer. And he still made it to the...
  232. The Bushman

    Hola from the Okuma/Wahoodad/Excel 15 day

    Sounds like fun so far....Good to know they are biting!! Get some boys..... (but save us a few!!)
  233. The Bushman

    Salty Dawg/Okuma Excel 15 day trip

    Way to go guys.... David and Jaime.... save a few fish for me... I'll be five days behind you on the Intrepid....see you on the bank. And Jerry.... sweet iron... as always!
  234. The Bushman

    First big tuna trip, first cow

    Awesome report...great read. I can only hope I'll be as fortunate when I head to the zone in about 10 days...
  235. The Bushman

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    I kinda like them too!
  236. The Bushman

    My first.....

    Nice of my favorite pastimes.... definitely harder to tighten them then to tie em.... try using a "latch hook tool" for rug making.... it makes it a lot easier to tighten them!
  237. The Bushman

    Can't Help It...

    yes... he caught it on the new Viper.... Nice going Jim!
  238. The Bushman


    You know thats going to go straight to his Still, very cool!
  239. The Bushman

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC would look awesome.
  240. The Bushman

    New Paint Work

    very cool Gary.... a few look very familiar! those A2Z's are awesome!
  241. The Bushman

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC

    Jesse... it will easily handle big fish. I'm in the process of wrapping seven more right now... one is out on the Excel now (Rodless Jims rod) and mine is done. I'll be taking it on my Intrepid trip in May. I pulled on the blanks side by side with Laurens' Calstar 776XXXH I wrapped him, and...
  242. The Bushman

    H.O.W. tournament top prize Rainshadow Revelation 72H

    very nice Len... someone is going to be really happy with that!
  243. The Bushman

    Guide help for a CX76 Viper?

    Just to added my $.02. I've finished two of the cx76 vipers, and I'm in the process of finishing 7 more at the moment. Rear grips are 13 to 14" (after rubber gimbal), an ALPS Reel seat, and 18' foregrips. Using FUJI HBNNG, HBSG or ALPS HXNG........and going with 25,20,16,16,12,12,10,10,10...
  244. The Bushman

    Intrepid 15 Day Report - Okuma Soft Steel USA - 03/20 thru 04/04

    Nice Doug..... sounds like it was an epic trip. Good to hear the details of Ethan's catch.... now I can give him crap (and kudos) when he shows up to rod class. Good to hear the new viper kicks ass... I'm looking forward to trying mine out in May. thanks for the report and the pics!
  245. The Bushman

    World's shortest acid wrapped jig stick.....

    someone keeps digging up old posts... this ones from 2009
  246. The Bushman

    Toy box

    yep... pretty classy!
  247. The Bushman

    Off we go on the West Coast Marketing Charter - 3/18/15 to 4/3/15

    Good Luck Min... I'll probably see you when you get back!
  248. The Bushman


    Beautiful work Jim....awesome. By far, my favorite comic book character!
  249. The Bushman

    Some Good News For A Change

  250. The Bushman

    Phenix PHDX4H with training wheels (acid wrapped)

    That's a cool stick Lupe.... great idea and execution on the extension.
  251. The Bushman

    Phenix Axis Heavy Blanks

    In my opinion, the HAX-720X3H would be a little bit overkill just for "local" trolling, although it would certainly work, and, you'd have it if you ever go long...
  252. The Bushman

    What can be used to prevent sliding egg sinker sliding down to the hook?

    LOL...I can't believe this thread even made three pages.... just "sayin".....
  253. The Bushman


    Are you selling these? Might want to put it in the classifieds...or you could always contact BD and become an advertiser?
  254. The Bushman

    OH MY GOD!!! I have a dimemma! What reel to use?

    Looks like you're off to a great start... I'd do what Fishy said... fish one with 100#, the other with #130. Seems perfectly logical, even for Fishy!
  255. The Bushman

    Fred Hall and Fishing Insights from a Seller and Consumer's point of view

    Couldn't resist could you? :-) Great read Jamie, its all true. Good to see you should have said something, I would have given you a cigar!
  256. The Bushman

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC

    Looks like Doug (and a few others evidently) will have the first set actually on the water. Thanks to Randy, and Gary for picking them up, I now have 9 of the new Vipers to wrap, and will be building the first one for Rodless Jim as he's going in April, and building mine for my May trip. Then...
  257. The Bushman

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC

    Im picking one up for myself this weekend. Now Im just trying to figure out how im going to have the time to wrap my own Viper for my May trip. Looking forward to building all those rods.
  258. The Bushman

    JRI "Intruder"

    The JRI intruder will be the go to jig for soon as Jerry gets them into production. His Intruder just flat out works..... just like all of his other jigs and the hooicide bombs.! I can't wait to put mine in the water in May....!!
  259. The Bushman

    Can't Help It...

    C'mon Jim...don't sell yourself short.... You're infamous in a lot of places...not just that charter! LOL )
  260. The Bushman

    Which 8' United Composites blank for 40lb surface?

    build one of each You can never have too many sticks! :)
  261. The Bushman

    We lost a good one

    Sorry to hear of your loss Willy, my thoughts And prayers are with you and the family.
  262. The Bushman

    Wahoo Bombs Vs. Raider Jigs

    real "oldie" but goodie... Jamie... have fun in Belize, and if you do get tired from all that sun, you can always troll your fly! ;)
  263. The Bushman

    Hercules Red Dragon

  264. The Bushman

    Basket weave grip questions

    Yep... What Chad said.....(and thanks Chad) Tony... are you in San Diego... I'm thinking YES if you saw Manny's rod. Come by the SD Rod Class any Tues and I'll get you on the right track for the turkshead butt wrap. Bring Manny with you!
  265. The Bushman


    Nice work Bill!
  266. The Bushman

    My first Rod back.

    Holy Crap.. that was seven years ago? Good to see you're back at it! Nice job on the rod, it turned out sweet! Come back and visit us at class sometime! Every Tues! and I think you still live close by!!
  267. The Bushman

    BP Brewing COC Report

    Looks like fun Matt.... nice write up!!
  268. The Bushman

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    Thoughts and prayers are with her....
  269. The Bushman

    Mad monster Marble for Kencor

    Nice work Larry!
  270. The Bushman

    Batson at FRED HALL L.B.

    sending you a response... count me in again.
  271. The Bushman

    Rainshadow for sale

    DOH!!! Well, you asked Bill....
  272. The Bushman

    Opinions: rail rod rear grip

    another vote for Hypalon
  273. The Bushman

    Rainshadow set of 3 RCLB's for Bill Batson

    Very Nice Brent... good to see you back at it. Hope you're feeling better these days.
  274. The Bushman

    Fugi USG SIC heavy boat guides?

    There's some on flea-bay right now that are just want you need ....but he wants an arm and a leg.... Send me a pm... I can probably help with the tips and any smaller guides (8,10,12,16 if needed)
  275. The Bushman

    My next couple weeks

    what... only 28 to do? Must be slowing down.. :)
  276. The Bushman

    real fish scales & a American flag wrap

    Nice work Capt....(as usual). Holland "astro" thread for the stars in the flag?
  277. The Bushman

    Just curious......

    I think Don meant the "classified" section.... or use the "search" function at tho top right of this page...
  278. The Bushman

    There are better things to do...

    Jim... that pup is too cute... I had a sheltie growing up. Brings back some memories....
  279. The Bushman

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Awesome John... glad you were able to get on a trip! You should be loaded for bear with the two new rail rods I built you! I'll be watching to see your cows!
  280. The Bushman

    Let see you best yellowtail

    no pic to post, but its in my avatar.. 43.5 #.
  281. The Bushman

    Report for the 14 day Bob Sands/Davis Boats/R.P. Moo time Daqaritas adventure

    Nice write up Jamie... tell us more about the Scotch and the Stogies... :)
  282. The Bushman

    Wahoo Chasers! Ken Bush Custom Rods/Tuna Chasers 8-Day on Intrepid

    Hell, It was my charter and I've already almost forgotten about it. Went fishing, caught fish. I think Min summed it up nicely above!!
  283. The Bushman

    New Wahoo lure

    looks like the JRI version is still going strong too.....
  284. The Bushman

    Wahoo Chasers! Ken Bush Custom Rods/Tuna Chasers 8-Day on Intrepid

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to it too.... what happened next? :rolleyes: Good luck in Mazatlan!
  285. The Bushman

    One spot left

    sounds like fun... but I'll have to wait until May..
  286. The Bushman

    Wahoo Chasers! Ken Bush Custom Rods/Tuna Chasers 8-Day on Intrepid

    I must admit....I even gave a brief moments thought about adding it to my raffle.......but I figured you couldnt handle "donating" another one. Besides....who but you likes green electra thread anyway :)
  287. The Bushman

    SoCal Rod Builders

    Bill, thanks for the email. Looking forward to seeing you on the 9th. Rick and Mike, come joins us at Don's house.
  288. The Bushman

    Wahoo Chasers! Ken Bush Custom Rods/Tuna Chasers 8-Day on Intrepid

    Damn, great story Jim... Its like I was there, only better! ;) I think the only one you forgot, was Scuba Steve.....!!!
  289. The Bushman


    Awesome Jerry... the packaging turned out as nice as the Hooicide bombs themselves! I know firsthand that they all work, but I'm a little partial to the gold and green, and the purple and black!! Congrats!!
  290. The Bushman

    Amazing Craftsman

    that is pretty amazing work!!
  291. The Bushman

    Excel May 15 day trip

    David, good to see you back at it!! Hey, save us some fish.... I'm on the Intrepid trip May 9!
  292. The Bushman

    Messing With Cord

    you can also close the end around a round object... like a butt cap.
  293. The Bushman

    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    Yes.... repeatedly... Fortunately, I leave Sat for my 8 day!!
  294. The Bushman


    A plethora of pelagic temptations! Nice work!!
  295. The Bushman

    Deckhand Grip Cord

    yep... what Chad said!! An alternative would be some spar urethane varnish in lieu of rod finish..... but test it first for discoloration, and make sure it has sun/spf inhibitors and made for "outdoor" use.
  296. The Bushman

    Another Variation on the JTOB

    Nice work Doc.... have you tried a simple three color "braid" yet? That could prove interesting...
  297. The Bushman

    JRI Jigs really are something Special

    Jim... I think you meant Anglers Choice....( not Anglers Center...) Get some today!!
  298. The Bushman

    Odile gone, What about Polo

    As long as its gone by the 27th, ill be happy. Looks like its headed out west before it affects trips this week.
  299. The Bushman

    goodie bags!

    Its certainly a good start...!
  300. The Bushman

    Well...wish me luck guys :)

    good luck Jon!
  301. The Bushman

    Excel/Gallagher 8 day... What worked

    nice write up Jamie.... I'm headed out in two weeks and hoping the weather window allows us to get to the Rocks..... but I'll have lots of small bait hooks along anyway! Thanks for the tips!!
  302. The Bushman

    JRI Jigs really are something Special

    I've been saying the same thing for the past five years......just not in so many words. I cant wait for my 8 day in three weeks. Jerry is hooking me up again this year, and we will be putting his jigs and bombs to good use once again, along with his intruder troller. Thanks again Jerry....see...
  303. The Bushman

    Rare 1 spot open Gallagher/Excel 8 day Rocks or bust

    Hell, I wish I could do both trips.... Good Luck Jamie... leave some hoo for us when you get to the rocks!
  304. The Bushman

    Help with Turkshead???

    yep... come see us at the rod class on Tues, and we'll show you the ropes.... or "cord" in this case! This might help too... sent you a pm too...
  305. The Bushman

    Reel bags???

    reel bag.... and don't forget your electric screwdriver.. :)
  306. The Bushman

    New Wahoo lure

    Sept. 3rd... And 27th??? There is a god....Amen.
  307. The Bushman

    New Wahoo lure

    The last time these jigs came up in a BD thread, we were still trying to determine if their jigs were "thru wired", and what they were made of. At one point they had a website, but I can't seem to find the link. (facebook page didn't show anything?). They also hadn't made the larger 11" model...
  308. The Bushman


    looking good Jerry! Save me a couple.... :)
  309. The Bushman

    Pretty Iron

    Thanks, but I'll stick with my JRI lures..... they not only look great, but I know they swim right, and are proven fish catchers! I've been using them exclusively for the past five years and they have never let me down. My last trip I went 15 straight casts, with 15 yellowtail in a row during a...
  310. The Bushman


    Leaving the day before you on my Intrepid charter. See you on the water.
  311. The Bushman

    Calstar GF700ML Dodo Theme

    That is Siiiiiiiiiiccckkkk!!!! John.... the "master" would be proud!
  312. The Bushman

    The Intrepid - Jesus Companioni Vs. Kevin Osborne

    You can't go wrong with either of them running the trip.... I'm hoping I have both there for my charter at the end of Sept.
  313. The Bushman

    HOOICIDE BOMB version 2.0

    Nice work Jerry....they turned out expected.
  314. The Bushman

    Fav top water lures

    Another vote for the JRI lures.....
  315. The Bushman

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/12-7/19

    Nice write up Connor.... looks like I missed a hell of a trip this time. I'm going to try and make it next year, and Jamie, I'll be pushing the stogies in Ray's honor. (Someone else may have to peddle the scotch). OH, and JC... I didn't "give" your Rod to Fishy... he simply confiscated it...
  316. The Bushman

    JRI Custom wahoo lures

    uh Mike....this post was from 2009..... but I'd be happy to verify that the jigs did in fact work well, as Jerry hooked me up for my charter that year, as he always has. The JRI jigs are all awesome, and they all work!!
  317. The Bushman


    That's true.... if you don't make it in rod wrapping, you can always be a writer. In the meantime, all it takes is practice and patience. Don't be afraid to cut it off and start over if its not up to your satisfaction. We've all been there.... many of us more than once! Keep at it, and just...
  318. The Bushman


    Rest easy for a while... the wrapping will still be there when you're all healed!
  319. The Bushman

    Passing the torch to Bill Havens

    Congrats to both of you! And Bill is a LOT closer to me... so I got that going when I need something!!
  320. The Bushman

    Its Getting close!!!!

    Sorry to hear about Lou...RIP my friend. Ill probably see you guys Fri for dinner, and definately Sat am. JC has to come early...hes picking up a rod I rewrapped for him, and i wont wait till 10am for him. :)
  321. The Bushman

    Doctor, Doctor

  322. The Bushman

    The GutStix Hats

    those are cool John!
  323. The Bushman

    Makaira 50SEa... I am so shocked

    Have a great trip David... !
  324. The Bushman

    Been a while...........

    very nice Kurt... Looking forward to seeing them bent and pulling in some big ones when we get south!
  325. The Bushman


    Yep, what they all said. Been riding her since she came on line.... the class of the fleet no doubt!!
  326. The Bushman

    Waiting on more guides, but....

    pretty damn Sweet!!!
  327. The Bushman

    Old Truline back from the abyss

    very nice.... I was just smoking one of those "Flor De Las Antilles" stogies the other day, thinking the band would look great on a rod! I was right! Nice touch!
  328. The Bushman

    Doc's here safe and sound

    Sounds like a fun time... enjoy yourself!
  329. The Bushman


    those look even nicer than the prototypes I saw... nice job Jerry!!
  330. The Bushman

    Here I go again, beginners special....

    Sending you a PM...
  331. The Bushman

    GUSA or united composite 80 wahoo

    I use mine with both..... awesome stick, good luck finding one if you don't have one already.
  332. The Bushman

    Still needs tweaking and packing!

    very nice John!!
  333. The Bushman


    My all time favorite lure.... I had one just like it that I lost after 4 jig stopps on skinnies in a row. Get on with them already Jerry!!
  334. The Bushman

    want to buy - Fuji #28 graphite reel seat

    I'll check.. might have one laying around somewhere...if I do I'll PM ya!
  335. The Bushman

    Rod Wrapping Room. Im progress!

    Very Nice John... when are you having the rod class over? :)
  336. The Bushman


    They look even nicer in person... !! Can't wait to throw one soon...
  337. The Bushman


    I stand corrected... now that I'm at my computer I can see it clearly....... of course its Rodless!!! Way to go Jim!!
  338. The Bushman


    I agree with the wahoo pic...not sure of the two tuna pics...but im trying to view them on my phone....hope it is Jim.
  339. The Bushman

    JL and Min

    Must be a lot of good mojo on that boat. Keep at em guys!
  340. The Bushman


    Nope...sorry, not Jim. Wish it was..
  341. The Bushman

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    Well, the arsenal is ready... and you should have had plenty of rest by now... Get Some!!!
  342. The Bushman

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    Well, the arsenal is ready... and you should have had plenty of rest by now... Get Some!!!
  343. The Bushman

    I'm going Long Big X style

    Im jealous.....and im looking forward to setting aside a half hour to read your daily posts. Glad you'll be getting your fix in!
  344. The Bushman

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    Nice reports so far guys...keep em coming. Good luck on the cow grounds...and Jim, post a pic of your cow with the new rod once you break it in! Now go Get Some!!!
  345. The Bushman

    Transforming a hotel room into a shop... Someone should stop me

    Best use of a hotel room yet....okay, maybe second best. :)
  346. The Bushman

    HUGE Thank you to Doc!

    Like Mark said... "Beautiful work Doc, and well deserved on your end Jim"
  347. The Bushman

    Clearing out my wrapping supplies

    Matt, bring it all by the rod class this Tues, and I'm sure you'll be able to sell most of it.
  348. The Bushman


    I was wondering when you'd post on this Jerry... LOL
  349. The Bushman

    Rollo rod 2014

    Nice work there Larry! Looking forward to seeing it!!
  350. The Bushman

    Fire Breathing Dragon

    Awesome job Bill!. Love the color faded blues!
  351. The Bushman

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    Damn... just saw this thread in time.... I forgot about it since Don mentioned it the other day... I'll pull some fish out, it should defrost in time. See you all manana!
  352. The Bushman

    Rod wrapper and wrapping supplies

    sending you a pm
  353. The Bushman

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    Nice write up Scott.... good to meet you at the docks the other day. Congrats on your catch. Glad you took the high road and decided to make a great trip out of it! Seems there's "that Guy" all too often...even on trips where you don't think there would be.
  354. The Bushman

    Being properly prepared for your First Long Range Trip

    So Jamie... Got a lot of newbies on your next trip? :) Nice write up!!
  355. The Bushman

    TruLine Rods

    Nice work there Jesse....gonna drag em with you in June?
  356. The Bushman

    Wife home from shopping soon!

    Damn John... First the mop, now her favorite tree... you live dangerously!!
  357. The Bushman


    Those are going to work..... AWESOME!!
  358. The Bushman


    those look awesome Jerry.... can't wait to hear how well they work!!
  359. The Bushman

    Happy Birthday Doc.

    Happy B Day Doc! Hope you enjoy it!!
  360. The Bushman

    Cord grip tutorial?

    lots of good info here, including the two "seminars" I did way back when (Turksheads and Cord Handles)
  361. The Bushman

    Finish Mixers

    Ed... give the mixer a little more vertical tilt... and check the mixing cup(s) to see if it has an embossed surface on the inside.... I found one of the brands had a slight embossed logo on the bottom of the cups which kept the metal rod from spinning.
  362. The Bushman

    A Little Christmas Holly

    Looks even better in person!!
  363. The Bushman


    You can say that again!!
  364. The Bushman

    Maximus 4.5 day report Nov 30-Dec 4

    Nice writeup Fishy!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!
  365. The Bushman

    Excel at the Bank

    Oh oh....just spoke to my friend Miles on the Intrepid...they left the Buffer zone and all the sharks behind and should be at the bank in the morning. Hope the weather settles down.
  366. The Bushman

    I'm new!!!

    Those look awesome.... maybe you'd consider doing a tutorial on how they are built!
  367. The Bushman


    "aerials".... should be cool if you can pull it off!!
  368. The Bushman

    Question about Calstar 775's

    Hey Jesse.... Last I checked, Calstar is out of them right now. Waiting on more glass to make the blanks. I just built two 775s for Laurens so you can try pulling on them in a few weeks. They seem to pull very similar as the 770's but just "longer"... ie slightly more parabolic. That's just...
  369. The Bushman

    rod building class cancelled for Tue 29 Oct 2013

    yeah..good luck with that...
  370. The Bushman

    The Salty Dawg is in the shop

    Better get better quick Bill... I don't think the nurses can take any more of you!!
  371. The Bushman

    HELP!...I've Run Out of Ideas!!!

    Just have Fishy come over and stay for a few weeks before the trip..... tell her he's your roommate on board and you're just getting to know one another better before the trip. After a couple weeks of Fishy and his chicken feet, she'll be begging you to go fishing... and take him with you! May...
  372. The Bushman


    He's asking about COLD shrink.... not xwrap. The best place you'll find a good price is Ebay.... you want the 3m 8428-12 or 8428-18 (depending on your grip length) if you're looking to put it on for rail rod use.
  373. The Bushman

    RCJKB 84XH

    Very Nice Bill... cool color combo!
  374. The Bushman

    Intrepid 15 day ... Oct 4 ... Roll call ...

    I'll see you guys when we get back..... we'll even save you a few fish. ;)
  375. The Bushman

    ONE WEEK TO GO....

    Donna, I will if Jamie saved any for my trip....see ya out there Jamie!!
  376. The Bushman

    ONE WEEK TO GO....

    Then our fifth annual Ken Bush Custom Rods 10 day Intrepid charter is off and running.... errr.... FISHING....! Due to some cancellations, there are still spots open on my upcoming trip. There is a ton of swag, and a great group of fisherman, and there's still time to jump on. 10 day leaving...
  377. The Bushman


    I think you should give it to your rodbuilder... ;)
  378. The Bushman

    Tres Rainshadows

    very nice BIll.... hope he makes time to put em to good use!
  379. The Bushman

    "In God We Trust"

    Sweet! Nice work Jim!!
  380. The Bushman


    Another vote for Alps
  381. The Bushman


    We still have a few spots open on my Intrepid Charter in two weeks...... 10 day leaving Sept 23. Fishing is wide open now...If you can't make Jamie's trips, come join us.
  382. The Bushman

    Root Beer Dragonscale

    sweet build there Jim!
  383. The Bushman

    Stupid Seeker Tuna

    looking pretty sweet to me!!
  384. The Bushman

    august 2013 - the second annual garcia-ouano charter

    Damn, that looks like fun. Great report Alan.
  385. The Bushman

    9-4 thru 9-12 Excel/Gallagher 8 day And Awayyyy We Go

    Way to go Jamie...catching on the Poppers... and you didn't even have to go to Panama for that! Get some more, but leave some for my charter in a couple of weeks!
  386. The Bushman

    80 - 130 pound rigs for shorter range... Roll Em if You Got Em

    Great info Jamie....and people wonder why I show up with 14 rods (and reels) for an 8 day +..... better to have it all with you and not need it, then to need it and not have it! Have a great trip!!
  387. The Bushman

    Favorite 8' jig stick

    If you can find one, a Kencore ngpos800mc...has the sprial wound graphite. For a low cost blank, you cant beat it.
  388. The Bushman

    1 of the 2013 GS Mex WSB Tournament

    Sweet.... awesome cord handle, and the crosswrap would make our "friend" proud! Nice work John!!
  389. The Bushman

    UC 15 TO 24 KG TROLLING .

    Sweet...nice work there!
  390. The Bushman

    Anglers Choice Intrepid 8 Dayer

    Yep... all the JRI lures work awesome! Luc will have a bunch of lucky anglers receiving those jigs.
  391. The Bushman

    Marlin Sunset Rod

    Sweet....any way ya look At it.
  392. The Bushman

    8 foot Varmac rods

    They look even nicer In person...thanks Don..I know they will get put to good use.
  393. The Bushman

    Shout Out To The "Bushman"

    Thank Matt... Glad I could "get er done" for you!. Now go catch something! :)
  394. The Bushman

    Local San Diego Rod Repair?

    If they truly are all loose, you should send it back to the factory...and they should fix it. No reason they should all get loose, although I've fixed one or two guides on a SS that did come loose but had no damage to the wraps. A little superglue, and recoating a couple coats of rod finish...
  395. The Bushman

    Good Taxidermist?

    I concur... Lyons and O'haver
  396. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis MemorialIntrepid Trip 2014; Who's On?

    still debating if I'm jumping on again for my summer trip, or if I'm going long in Dec...or Jan... or whenever? But I'll probably be there....
  397. The Bushman


    yep.... that tiger pops! Nice work!
  398. The Bushman

    looks like intrepid is on a grest trip

    I think they must have hooked up the old RDF and tracked the plane....or was it the RP ;-)
  399. The Bushman

    Building a cork handle from cork rings

    Uh Kenny....this thread is from 2007.
  400. The Bushman

    Ken Bush Custom Rods... Intrepid 10 day Sept 23, Spots Available..

    Its that time of year again, and we have some spots available on my upcoming 10 day on the Intrepid. We're looking for a few good anglers to join us as we travel south in pursuit of those fine finny fellows. . If you've been looking for a Fall trip, come join us for 10 days of fun filled...
  401. The Bushman

    Need Help!

    Mike.. go to Marshalls hardware in Mira Mesa... they carry all size o rings.... including the perfect match for the drive belt.
  402. The Bushman

    What's on your bench?

    lots of projects.... bass rod re wrap 2 new rail rods.. calstar 775xxxh/xxh 3 roller rod conversions E-GUSA for myself GUSA 665xh Phenix 700XXH Now if I just have time to get to them all before my charter in Sept
  403. The Bushman

    Custom Rod Builder in L.A. Area?

    Lots of them... post this question in the rod building forum...and you'll get lots of recommendations
  404. The Bushman

    Looking for some Gudebrod thread 1892 NCP size A

    John..what color is that... (I don't know 'ALL" the numbers by memory yet) ?... I probably have it.
  405. The Bushman


    Pm sent
  406. The Bushman

    Celebrating Independence...

    Hang in there Jim.... You'll find them!!
  407. The Bushman

    Split Grip Calstar BTG6480

    Steve, you're in luck... class is WED this week. no excuses... you can pick up Jay on the way!! See other post...
  408. The Bushman

    San Diego Rod Class... this week

    Hi to all the usual suspects..... Since Don is out this week.. Class will be at my house. I'm having it WED (not Tues) and we'll have a guest appearance by Poncherello who will be showing us all about ringing his jigs and hooks. Sort of a mini ringing party so bring your jigs as needed. Maybe...
  409. The Bushman

    Celebrating Independence...

    Looking more details of your ongoing adventure Jim. Although we.ll miss you in late Sept, im.glad you go to go fishing. .now catch a bunch!
  410. The Bushman

    Split Grip Calstar BTG6480

    Nice Jay....good to see you back at it.... now if Vilters would come out of retirement....we could have a reunion! Rod class may be at my house next week.... I'll post on Monday.
  411. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    Sweet!!! Stealth jigs! Scott, I'll take care of the smile when that stealth jig catches its first HOO!! thanks Jerry!!
  412. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    Nope... I tried, but he had some lame excuse..... like work. We'll just have to make him sorry he missed it! :)
  413. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    Damn... I was going to surprise you guys!! Gary you're right...I couldn't resist. Hey Cam... if you end up my roommate, I guess that means I get the top bunk huh? Looking forward to fishing with all of you again!!!! Its gonna be epic!!!
  414. The Bushman


    Those look awesome Jerry... and I know they work!
  415. The Bushman

    "Chester's RocK"

    This Chesters' Rock?
  416. The Bushman

    Urushi on an old s**t pile.....

    pretty sweet John!
  417. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    Gary... don't forget torch lighters for the cigars!! Good luck guys!!
  418. The Bushman

    Pac Bay carriage on Forecast bed

    They do use the same base.... It will fit.
  419. The Bushman

    A question for the old farts in the me......

    I've lost count so I won't even guess.... but the numbers you, Doc, and others do is staggering. Happy Birthday Jim...
  420. The Bushman

    Nuttin fancy

    very nice Bill!!
  421. The Bushman


    ooh, aah, ooh, aah.... NICE!!!
  422. The Bushman

    Rail Rod (1st attempt)

    Nice work John.... cross wrap is SWEET!!!
  423. The Bushman

    BTG90J with lots'a Bullard Inca Gold

    Nice Jim.... that "twist" looks cool!
  424. The Bushman

    Magazine article

    Congrats article. Just think.... we knew you "way back when" :)
  425. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    You can say that again.... wish I was going!! At least you know Fishy won't win the reel in the raffle...
  426. The Bushman


    Love that color Jerry!! Put me down for a few in Sept.
  427. The Bushman

    New Rod building table

    That will never work.... Way too clean... .ok, I'm jealous! That is awesome!
  428. The Bushman


    no, but I was a boy scout for two weeks.... waaaayyyy back when!
  429. The Bushman

    Gaff Rebuild! 36" Diemond Chevron

    pretty slick there John.... nice job!!
  430. The Bushman

    Oh Lord! (aka - RR3 June Heat)

    Nice report Laurens....let me know when youre ready for the new rods and ill put em on the schedule.
  431. The Bushman

    One for me!

    pretty "sick" there John...
  432. The Bushman

    Tuna Fishing

    go get em Jesse...
  433. The Bushman

    90J on the boat

    Looks like he's getting a hernia lifting that biscuit..... good to see the rod catching fish though!!
  434. The Bushman

    Guess What??

    or... A NEW CAMERA.... what did I win??
  435. The Bushman

    Guess What??

    ok... a Photo box to take pics... that or you just stucco over your drywall.
  436. The Bushman

    Help Needed-Out of Thread!

    Ill check too.... is it A or D?
  437. The Bushman

    Guess What??

    I'm guessing... hand cramps!!! or, a new house to use as a background!!!
  438. The Bushman


    Mike... call me, I'll hook ya up!
  439. The Bushman


    or me... or Chad, or C&M/Acidrod
  440. The Bushman

    Seeker Hercules Inshore Heavy Twisted and then some

    Damn...lots of time in that one...nice work.
  441. The Bushman

    'anyone know how the bait situation looks?

    why, going fishing soon??
  442. The Bushman

    Intrepid May 11 trip

    Kevin.... Proper??? Hmmm I'd have to think about that one.....Either way, he'll put you on fish! Have a great time!
  443. The Bushman

    Intrepid May 11 trip

    Damn.... I wish I was going.... Yaa'll have a great trip now! We'll be looking for reports!
  444. The Bushman

    Proud as pie!

    Guess the rod worked just fine.... congrats!
  445. The Bushman

    Barona Class

    thanks for having us Ed.... we'll definitely have to do it again soon!
  446. The Bushman

    Descendants Milo Goes to College Purple Super Seeker Ulua

    the rod might still be siiick...... but this thread is two years old
  447. The Bushman

    Stingray grips????

    Bill.... believe it or not, they have some at Tandy in La Mesa....
  448. The Bushman

    Basket weave grips - Sea Hawk theme

    Very nice John... you coming by Tues for rod class?
  449. The Bushman

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Way to go Jim.... great report... I''ll probably see you Tues am... if not I'll hear from you...
  450. The Bushman

    GF700ML - Have a Cigar

    Sweet is I know what to do with all the cigar bands id been saving...great idea!. Wonder if they need color preserver?
  451. The Bushman

    Intrepid May 11 trip

    "The Newbie was put in with me." Look Scott, you're a "newbie".... maybe you can show these guys how they catch fish in Switzerland.. LOL Tom... be good to've got a lot of time to spend together :) Enjoy the trip gang....
  452. The Bushman

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Hey... 175 is nothing to sneeze at! Congrats on a nice fish! Thanks for busting cherries on that rod too...! and on video to boot! At least all the rods I build get to catch fish... even if I"m not the one using them! Now go back out and get your cow!!
  453. The Bushman

    "GAME OVER" olive branch nightmare

  454. The Bushman

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Way to keep plugging away there Jim.... I knew it would pay off. Just a mattter of time. Glad to hear you broke in the Gladiator....that thing is a beast isnt it! Can't wait to hear about the next round. Have fun!!
  455. The Bushman

    A couple in the works

    I'm speechless too!! Amazing!
  456. The Bushman

    Thieving piece of rat dung

    Damn..that sucks! I'll keep an eye out around here...
  457. The Bushman


    I'd say you knocked it out tf the park with that one Jim!
  458. The Bushman

    Phenix Black diamond Hybird

  459. The Bushman

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Thanks Jim....Hope you wake up to a huge school of hungry tuna so you can really put those rods to a test!
  460. The Bushman

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Good Luck Jim.... looking forward to your post about breaking in the new rods! Even if the fishing is slow, you're having more fun that most os us right now! Enjoy!
  461. The Bushman

    Da da da da dat All Folks

    cool weave...looks like GT heaven.... but no wonder you're going crosseyed Doc... staring at Jimmy Houston in the background will do that to ya!
  462. The Bushman


    those are awesome.... do you have any tutorials or video on how they are made?
  463. The Bushman

    Lure-Making 101/102 Back to the beginning

    Thats beautiful work there Jim. Looking forward to seeing pics of what it catches!
  464. The Bushman

    Seeker Wicked giant tuna rod

    Awesome as always .... smooth as glass!
  465. The Bushman

    2 Batson's

    Nice Dave... I guess you got the shop back together!
  466. The Bushman

    "Lord of the Kraken"

    yep... what they all said! Awesome!
  467. The Bushman

    New Old HD Theme

    Pretty damn Sweet!!
  468. The Bushman


    50 shades of gray.....nice work Bill!
  469. The Bushman

    Helping a Friend and a tease to come

    Billis going to enjoy looking at that ulua every time he picks up that rod....cant wait to see it done!
  470. The Bushman

    A New, Unique Concept - the 420 Rod

    Hey..don't you have boxes to pack?? Happy April Fools day....
  471. The Bushman

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    Min and Jeff... Have a great trip. Leave some fish for Rodless!!
  472. The Bushman

    Jigs for Snaggie Springer Charter April 7

    Nice work as always Jerry.... I really like that blue metallic... haven't seen that color before. I hadn't heard about that charter.... but I might look into it and see if there's still room.
  473. The Bushman

    calstar rail rods!

    by the way... I have the cold shrink for them if you need it....
  474. The Bushman

    calstar rail rods!

    Nice job Kerry.... they look even better than on the phone pics you sent...looking forward to seeing them in person.
  475. The Bushman

    Bud Ettel

    Rest in Peace Bud.... you'll be missed.
  476. The Bushman

    Thank you to all SoCal Rodbuilers

    Thanks for taking the time to join us Bill... it was great having you at class. Glad you got reunited with your sample case in time for FH. Will be talking with you soon... Ken
  477. The Bushman

    Royal Polaris/Bob Sands Tackle 10 day

    Well Jamie... I'd join you, but I'll be 5 days ahead of you on my Intrepid 10 day charter....but don't worry... we'll leave you some fish!! See you on the water... Ken
  478. The Bushman

    Finally, I Have A...

    Very Nice Dave.... Was wondering when you were going to get around to finishing that.... I'f you want to cover your cabinets, let me know.. I've got about two hundred fishing "stickers"...
  479. The Bushman

    epoxy ramp

    you can also tint the epoxy black (or any othe color for that matter) in case you don't get a perfect transition.
  480. The Bushman

    SD Rod Class Tues. 3/5

    Definitely our best pot luck feast yet.... and our best guest ever too! Bill , thank you for your generous donations of your time, knowledge, and the cool gifts too. It was a real pleasure having you at class.
  481. The Bushman

    Dodgers fan spinner

    Larry, I had the exact same thing happen about five years ago..... got a call from my bank asking if I had made a $400 purchase at a Walmart in Florida.... Haven't had anthing to do with MH since...
  482. The Bushman

    SD Rod Class Tues. 3/5

    I'll be there... and bring a rod or two
  483. The Bushman

    Wicked Tuna Seeker for Capt Marciano

    Nice work Brent...very cool to see a rod you built catching those giants! I'm sure the second rod will be put to good use!
  484. The Bushman

    Intrepid gets WIFI

    Well said David!!.... Good thing he can type everything first, and then post...
  485. The Bushman

    SD Rod Class Tues. 3/5

    Bill... looking forward to having you visit the class. Somehow, I don't think we'll starve!
  486. The Bushman

    A2Bling Jig

    Damn.... those are SWEET!!!! Save me a couple!!!
  487. The Bushman

    ReWrap for Slater (Rob) Plus a tip....

    that IS cool......nice work John!
  488. The Bushman


    Nice work Bill.... I'm wrapping a UNited Composites Predator as a marlin caster in the same colors... may have to do the predator crosswrap as well....
  489. The Bushman

    Tuna frenzy

    We saw that in Panama last April when we were down there on the Intrepid..... Its even more impressive in person! Definitely gets your blood boiling!
  490. The Bushman

    Red Rooster III cow killa

    Nice work Brent... One of Larry's anglers is going to be real happy with that rod! Awesome job!
  491. The Bushman

    Cape Fear Hextek rods/blanks

    Thats all very interesting...but you do realize this thread is from 2008 dont you....?
  492. The Bushman

    Islas Secas, Panama

    Looks like you all had an epic trip. I was fortuanate enough to be in Panama for three weeks last April , fishing from the Intrepid. As you're all aware, it IS a special place. I can't wait to go back again, and I hope I have a chance to experience it from the resort at Isla Secas. Sure looks...
  493. The Bushman

    Yo Gaff!

    That is stunning many hours in that? Be sure and give it a few coats of urethane so it stays awesome!
  494. The Bushman

    Neon Guderod thread

    which color neon... like these?
  495. The Bushman

    This one....

    That is one sweet rod there Bill.... the fish really look like they're swimming!
  496. The Bushman

    Cork wrapping

    Thanks Randy... Gary, I'm still not sure of what you mean by "Octagon" cord grips. Are you refering to the woven cord handle like Phenix sells on some of their rods, or are you refering to a turkshead knot?
  497. The Bushman


    Damn....nice work usual. Wishin I was fishing with Fishy, Gary and the boys. The new brass monkey should get a great workout.
  498. The Bushman

    cord grip

    Kevin...its usually a nylon or poly woven cord. A lot of what is used is made by ATWOOD rope....but you can get the same type of cord from other manufacturers as well. gloves needed...not too rough at all.
  499. The Bushman

    cord grip

    Occasionally they have a good selection at Marshalls Hardware, or there is a seller at Koby's that has smaller rolls of the cord. You can also order direct from Atwood Rope Co (look online). Also check with they might still have some cord, but I think they discontinued carrying it.
  500. The Bushman

    Carbon/Kevlar weapons.

    Those will never they are waaaaaaayyyy to nice to actually use them!
  501. The Bushman

    Aging Gracefully in Long Range

    What, only seven paragraphs? You're slipping.... thanks for an enjoyable read, and I agree....its not just the catching, as there is so much more. I think Panama proved that to me. I'm guessing you didn't troll with your fly rod though on the last trip. :)
  502. The Bushman


    Sounds good Jerry..... that would be awesome! Sending you a pm as well....
  503. The Bushman

    Other half of the pair

    I love candy corn.... and the rods nice too!!
  504. The Bushman


    Nice work my friend!! I have a feeling those are going to be deadly on the hoos... can't wait to try em out! Bet you could hit em with a little jewlers rouge on the buffer and really make em shine!! Bling Bling!!
  505. The Bushman

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    Beware....Hell hath no FURY, like a penguin scorned.... One more penguin and I"m outta here! Duh... which way did they go, which way did they go??
  506. The Bushman

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    And now,for the latest in Penguin formal attire.... Damn, I didn't know it was going to be a black tie affair... See... I told you they could walk upright!! See....I told you they "waddle". Quick... hide me. The penguins are coming! Quick.. beam me up Scotty! I think they got...
  507. The Bushman

    Thread help

    I'll look, but I don't think I have any in silk.... might want to post on a fly fishing forum as well if you find one.
  508. The Bushman

    Kermit rod

    :appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl: Bravo!!!
  509. The Bushman

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    even further long range... these are from the Intrepid Panama adventure this year in April
  510. The Bushman

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    heres some from the last 5 or six years...
  511. The Bushman

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending November 13th, 2012

    On second thought, maybe the fresh water wash down wasn't such a great idea... Think I'll go inside and enjoy a nice Hot Can while we wait for the thaw.
  512. The Bushman

    Maximus Salty Dawg trip report

    Way to go David..... just one question...why isn't Bill ever smiling???
  513. The Bushman

    Pair of Calstars

    Ditto... thats a cool look. Nice job!
  514. The Bushman

    There is no way Randy can break this rod...

    Hey Randy... at least you're consistant!! :)
  515. The Bushman

    Fishybuzz super cow!

    Way to go Fishy.... Congrats!! Looks like a great time was had by all!
  516. The Bushman

    Hot wahoo bombs

    Nice bombs there did an awesome job! I recently acquired a bunch of skirts for them... I'll leave you some when I drop off your new rod.
  517. The Bushman

    Rod Class 10/31

    Nope....its back at Dons...come join us John.
  518. The Bushman

    Rod Class 10/31

    Hey guys... I forgot its Halloween. Class canceled.... we'll pick it up next week .
  519. The Bushman

    rod building class 7/11

    Hey guys.... I forgot its Halloween. Lets skip this week and resume next week. Alan and Martin... sending a pm.
  520. The Bushman

    rod building class 7/11

    Martin.... Don is back east this week (how ya holding out in the big storm Don?) but he has graciously allowed us to meet at his house anyway. I'll be there tomorrow, so come on out if you like, and we'll "show you the ropes" as they say. Ken
  521. The Bushman


    San Bernardino Sherriffs charter... just before my charter.
  522. The Bushman

    A2Z Wahoo Jig Tribute

    I got the chance to use some of these lures on my last 10 day. They worked awesome, and everyone who used them caught fish. I actualy had to slow down my retrieve just a little bit, but found the sweet spot where they kicked perfectly. They did work well at top retreive speed too, depending...
  523. The Bushman

    0019 Blue and Ti Diamond Fade wrap

    Pretty damn sweet rod there John... our friend would be proud of you!!!
  524. The Bushman

    New Rod

    NICE color combo
  525. The Bushman


  526. The Bushman

    Jigs for Steve K and INOXicated

    Those jigs do swim well... with an awesome kick. Caught many yellowtail with them, as well as some tuna, and dodos. Just haven't had a chance to post pics from my 10 day yet. Thanks again Jerry, your jigs kicked ass!!!
  527. The Bushman

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    John... hope you heal well, and quickly!!
  528. The Bushman


    Leaving in the AM on my ten day... looks like we might have to kill a couple of days in the Bluefin zone before we head to the rocks.... or maybe Miriam will turn and burn out over cooler water...either way.... the rocks won't have touched for few days and the storm shouold push up some warmer...
  529. The Bushman

    A2Z Wahoo Jig Tribute

    Sounds good... you can drop them at Dons if thats easier... talk to you soon
  530. The Bushman

    A2Z Wahoo Jig Tribute

    Jerry... they turned out sweet.... can't wait to try em!! Are you coming down today or in the morning?
  531. The Bushman

    Anyone want to play a game?

    Cow cod...or redfish... Hard to tell.
  532. The Bushman

    1st boat to the bank & buffer zone

    Sounds like fun.... but I dont think I'd have a job still if I did back to back trips .......again. See you at the dock when we get back from my 10 day before your trip.
  533. The Bushman

    fishin soon, reports tepid

    7 days for me.... chomping at the bit!
  534. The Bushman

    Can any one identify this lure

    No one knows....probably because its a Musky lure..... :)
  535. The Bushman

    Shimano Tranx Review

    Great write up Jamie....I'm looking forward to seeing Glenn bsttle a hoo with it in two weeks.
  536. The Bushman

    Old Dogs learn new tricks.

    Nice job Doc....
  537. The Bushman

    Gallagher/Excel News as it happens

    Keep slaying em boys.... (but leave us a few) :)
  538. The Bushman

    Looking for a few good fishermen

    Jameister...just call Carol at the Intrepid office....she'll take reservations I think two weeks after we return, but she can confirm that. She always waits two weeks for the past passengers to get their reservations/deposits in.
  539. The Bushman

    Batson Dream Reamer

    Ok....I admit it.....melted one myself. At least it was Dons... not mine. :)
  540. The Bushman

    Shop Stix....

    Nice work Jim......As busy as it is these days, I'll bet those fly iff the shelves. They should keep you busy for a while.
  541. The Bushman

    His & Hers 5S610MXF-B's

    Heres' another vote for stunning.... as nice as anything I've seen here...
  542. The Bushman

    Questions with crosswrap layouts

    Josh... if you still have my # give me a call tonight.... I think I can help.
  543. The Bushman

    Blue & Ti - Bow Tie closed wrap

    That turned out awesome John !
  544. The Bushman

    Looking for a few good fisherman...or rodbuilders

    We're still looking for a few good fisherman... see my other thread in "Long Range"
  545. The Bushman

    Looking for a few good fishermen

    Well, the trip is a month away...and we're still looking for a few good fisherman. Due to a few "regulars" not being able to make it this year, we have 5 spots left that we can fill. If you're looking for a fall trip, come join us on the luxurious Intrepid for 10 full days of fishing fun. My...
  546. The Bushman

    Been a while but completed a closed wrap this weekend

    Hi Josh... welcome back. Good to see you're wrapping again! Glad things are settling down for you.
  547. The Bushman

    good morning guys

    Have Fun Bill.... and send in a fish report!!
  548. The Bushman

    CHP Raffle Spinner

    Beautiful as always Randy!!
  549. The Bushman

    intrepid/ray-Ray find the wahoo

    Sweet..... about 4 weeks and counting.... Jamie, leave some hoos for us.
  550. The Bushman

    It's old, glass, painted brown.......

    Nice rebuild Jim....almost reminds me of an old fenwick. Can't go wrong with a seine cord handle either
  551. The Bushman

    Mexican Flag

    Mike, if you havent found your thread yet give me a call. You're welcome to come over and pick out a spool.
  552. The Bushman

    Make a Wish.....

    Sweet!!!!. Some of my favorite colors!
  553. The Bushman

    OMG Sharks beware

    Cool setup Bill... I like how you placed it above the spine you'll have less chance to step on it....again. :)
  554. The Bushman

    United Composite MAW rods

    Damn, you finished them quick! These rods look even nicer in person. Someone is going to have awesome nice set.
  555. The Bushman

    Wahoo Wonder Jig

    Those look awesome Jerry...especially that black and purple ...hope you have a few saved for me!
  556. The Bushman

    Old Lamiglas

    Sweet build Jesse....sending you a pm.
  557. The Bushman

    Intrepid - NorCal Tuna Club 7 Day Report

    Nice write up...I'll be doing the same on my Intrepid charter in about 6 weeks...
  558. The Bushman

    Phenix K2

  559. The Bushman

    Bluefin biting so good, we even get 'em in WA

    nice job Arvin.... and I'll bet you didn't even break our your fly rod!
  560. The Bushman

    Long Range Facebook sites

    ok Jamie... Are you posting on any of them as well? I've got a couple of hours to kill.
  561. The Bushman


    Damn Fishy... they might as well call you Rodney... as in Dangerfield. No respect I tell ya... btw.. I agree... odd, unique, and Eunuch.
  562. The Bushman

    Pretty In Pink & Death Spin

    Yep...thise are smokin hot..nice work!!
  563. The Bushman

    Inaugural Ray Jarvis Memorial on the Intrepid July 14, 2012

    Nice write up John.... wish I could have been there with you all again. Looks like it all turned out well.
  564. The Bushman

    Ray Jarvis Tribute Intrepid style

    Very fitting.... nice job Fishy, and Chad for the video work! RIP Ray...
  565. The Bushman

    Homemade rod+Homemade lure=

    Damn...5 flatties and a biscuit....thats a great day any way you look at it! Nice haul John. Btw..i received your package...thank you. Might have to see if tuna will bite those jigs...maybe on the slide?
  566. The Bushman

    Evil twins completed

    Ooh...aahhh...nick pair of sticks there!!
  567. The Bushman

    First String 3 day 7-13-15

    looks like fun... I'll be doing the next 3 day this weekend!
  568. The Bushman


    Here ya go Jeff... Only ones I've seen here
  569. The Bushman

    Halp on Some Guides!

    Vince... did you notice that spinning guide had your initials in it... looks like VW to me...
  570. The Bushman

    Looking for a Harrington/Harnell 530

    Ironically, theres' one on Flea Bay right now...
  571. The Bushman

    Ray Javis Memorial/Intrepid list of suspects

    Damn... and to think I went to Panama instead of going fishing with you boys again... hope ya slay em! I'll see ya all Sat before ya go...
  572. The Bushman

    rod building class 7/11

    Yeah...he missed us....thats it See ya wed
  573. The Bushman

    Vagabond RiceBowl Charter with new RiceBowl Girl!

    Nice job Jerry... someone had to do it!!
  574. The Bushman

    color wrap 2 about a kalidascope....nice job!!
  575. The Bushman

    Nice Old Rod

    Nice find Jesse....way to bring it back to life!
  576. The Bushman

    Jig stick handle

    I think I got the Team International caps at Fishermans Landing Tackle shop.... but squidco may carry them also.
  577. The Bushman

    SD Rod Class (AGAIN)

    John, great to have you at class... you're welcome anytime. Good luck in CABO....catch a bunch!
  578. The Bushman


    nice job Jim...
  579. The Bushman

    Kudos Baja Fish Gear

    very cool Fishy.... you guys are gonna have fun!!
  580. The Bushman

    Jerry Brown 40 pound hollow/spliceable Spectra Update

    Jamie... tell us how you really feel about it...... :)
  581. The Bushman

    Jig stick handle

    The cork puppy is about as versatile as you can get on a deckhand style grip.... if its the reel posts that hit you in the wrong spot, change out the reel post and the cap nuts on the cork puppy, and it shouldn't rub your arm. Team international caps will fit flush with the wings on the cork...
  582. The Bushman


    looks good to me... did you make the foregrip yourself or does someone sell them that way?
  583. The Bushman

    SD Rod Class (AGAIN)

    Class is at my house again Wed.... We'll have a special guest appearance by Gutstick, and he's bringing the Carne Asada....(I'll get everything else) I know Allan and Ethan will be there, who else is in?
  584. The Bushman

    Capt. Jim Putters Jig

    Very cool Jerry... Looking forward to testing them out for you. The A2Z's would be cool too if you get them rolling.
  585. The Bushman

    Intrepid heads for Alijos

    Actually, its Capt. Cavanaugh heading to the rocks.... Kevin is off this trip (finally got a break) but I'm sure they'll find fish anyway!!
  586. The Bushman

    Homemade rod+Homemade lure=

    sending you a pm
  587. The Bushman

    Chuck Byron Memorial Rod 2012 Edition

    Awesome work there Doc... looking forward to seeing it in person. Are you and Rocky actually going to make it down here for the tournament banquet this year??
  588. The Bushman

    Homemade rod+Homemade lure=

    Nice job looking jig... and evidently they work too. I might have to try a few of those one of these days...
  589. The Bushman

    Royal Star Tackle Storage

    JC... why even ask... you know you're bringing 8 rod setups, two tackle boxes, a ton of clothes and assorted assessories.... even if you do get there late. Have fun and catch a bunch.
  590. The Bushman

    Camo Rod

    Yep... too many hits of something.....nice work as usual Randy!
  591. The Bushman

    MSTS 2X4

    Mark S(last name)'s Tuna Slayer...oh, nice job on the rod too Jim!
  592. The Bushman

    SD Rod Class

    John, sent you a pm.... texted Bryan and Cao... Anyone else??
  593. The Bushman

    Installing a reel seat on deckhand rod

    cork tape if you remove the cord grip and install a reel seat. Why don't you like the cord grip? If its an issue with the reel not sitting well, try a cork puppy and it should sit on there nicely.
  594. The Bushman

    SD Rod Class

    Wed. Rod Class is at my house this week while Don is recovering from his knee surgury... call me for directions at 619-335-0450 or send me a pm if you've never been to my house. Its a little hard to find.... I've got brots, salad and sides for dinner. All the usual suspects...
  595. The Bushman

    Ray Javis Memorial/Intrepid list of suspects

    I"m so jealous!!! It won't be the same without you winning the raffle prizes...Have fun and say hi to the gang for me. Maybe I'll be able to join you guys again next year!
  596. The Bushman

    Couple of projects

    Doc's right... "Amazing" just about covers it!
  597. The Bushman

    king of the south and chick pics!!!

    What rods.... oh wait... there's one. Nice job, on both counts!
  598. The Bushman

    Some more new sticks

    Ha.... LOL... someone with "1" post resurrected this post from years ago... the rods are still sitting in my rack, two have been fished, and the other is still brand new, and Yes Bill... they still look this good. Thanks for the comments though. Guess I should post some new stuff.
  599. The Bushman

    Warlock Weave

    Yep.... pretty awesome!!
  600. The Bushman

    best Wahoo bombs

    He's right... real easy to make your own!
  601. The Bushman

    Thinking outside the box

    Did you all forget about the wading pool on the Intrepid... I think I'll bring my massage lounger on my Charter, then we will have it all.... I'm with Fishy... There are a lot of great boats out there, but I'll stick with the Intrepid.
  602. The Bushman

    Punishment .700ML Caliber.......

    looking forward to seeing it.... See you in the AM
  603. The Bushman

    First build results in failure!!!

    Good one G...The rod is still going to have the same "bend" as it did before....(ie still bend in the same place and manner for the most part) just a little less to hang on to. ERGO.... all we know for sure is its SHORTER, and thicker at the tip.. ... anyway... looks like Mark will take care of...
  604. The Bushman

    Wahoodad and Willy Ray Jarvis Memorial Charter

    Wishin I was going with you boys this year... have fun! Fishy.. all you have to do is gather lots of stuff to give away... and Gary's right, you must have tons of stuff sittin on your shelves. Don't forget the pecans for Brad, or the carrot cake just won't be the same.
  605. The Bushman

    Goodies for the LR Crew

    In addition to a good tip.... Case of red bull/monsters, cigars, trip T-shirts.
  606. The Bushman

    The Prodigal Son of the Orca Class has returned

    Good to see you're alive and well.... even if you are in Nor cal!!! Now get back to wrapping! Not sure of any suppliers in No cal.... but someone will chime in here. If not, you can still order from acidrod!
  607. The Bushman

    Some of my Work

    Yep... sweet work there.... looking forward to seeing more of it!
  608. The Bushman

    Addios Muchachos

    Good Luck Bill.... you should have great timing right about now. Catch a bunch!! It will be real quiet without you here.
  609. The Bushman

    Bad Religion 1X3

    and done right... awesome job on the whole stick Erika!!
  610. The Bushman

    Red Rooster 3 - June Heat trip

    Damn.... who knew you could write like that! Congrats on a great trip, and I'm glad the rod worked so well! I'll have the new one done soon...
  611. The Bushman

    Phenix Rod/Blackwater- Vagabond 5 day trip

    Catch a bunch Mel.... your timing should still be good if the bluefin and albies stick around!!
  612. The Bushman

    what happened here?

    Kona Mike has a video of the rescue from the deck perspective. They did an incredible job.
  613. The Bushman

    All good things must come to pass

    Congrats David.... there's that damn work thing getting in the way of your fishing.... but in your case, it turned out well. We'll see you at the landings...
  614. The Bushman

    Matching Set

    Nice work Randy... whoever bought the boat scored big time!!!
  615. The Bushman

    Tuna! Tuna! Tuna! at PSFL May 28-June 1, 2012 w/pics

    Epic report Tony...good to see the variety is still there too. I can't wait to get back down to Panama.
  616. The Bushman

    Phenix Black Diamond for Barry

    Nice work there Jimbo.... cool colors..reminds me a little of one of JK's wraps..(the astro thread trim you did with your ob twist)
  617. The Bushman

    Lots of techniques

    pretty sweet build there!
  618. The Bushman


    well done Bryan... thats too cool.... PM sent
  619. The Bushman

    Excel report

    Sounds like you're having fun David....keep it up!!
  620. The Bushman

    Rainshadow Jig Stick

    What..they make jigsticks? Who knew... jk...Nice work Randy... two of my favorite threads and colors! Clean as usual!!
  621. The Bushman

    Hooker Intruder Homage

    Just saw this post now...nice work on the jigs Jerry. Looking forward to seeing more of them. Give me a call when you have a moment...I have a rod I built for you and lots of other stuff for you. ( rings, hooks etc)
  622. The Bushman

    Clean finish room addition

    I was wondering when you were going to get around to building one.... Congrats.. I'm sure it will be used well... and often!!
  623. The Bushman

    BD yellowtail Shootout Raffle Rod#1

    You'll all be amazed at the new grip technique.....Steve came up with a great idea there. Nice wrap job too Bill!.
  624. The Bushman

    cord grip

    Tell your friend nice work Richie.... those do take a lot of time...but the end result always looks awesome. Heres one done in Blue and white/cream.
  625. The Bushman

    Panama Adventure via Intrepid

    Guess thats what I get for going out on deck before I'm awake.... LOL.... David, It was great spending a few weeks in Panama with you. It truly is an incredible place.... and I know I'll be back there again. What a great time we had with everyone....its truly an incredible fishery. Worth the...
  626. The Bushman

    Were is kona mike

    As of right now... hes on the Intrepid in Panama.... got there this am.
  627. The Bushman

    Intrepid Adventure

    Jamie, David.... are we stoked or what!!! I'm meeting Miles and Mike in front of the COPA ticket counter appx 11:20 Sun night to check in a bag... see you there or in the gate lounge.... I'll just look for the guys pacing the floor mumbling Panama... Panama.. Panama... and I might just pass...
  628. The Bushman

    paradise lodge, PANAMA REPORT

    Awesome.... one week to go and I'm there!!! I can't wait!!!
  629. The Bushman

    Change of venue

    Congrats Jan....enjoy your new life there.
  630. The Bushman

    Bumble Bee blanks

    Bill..I might be wrong, but I believe those are Snyit Venom blanks... I wrapped one for Corb a while back... and just borrowed it back to use in Panama in a couple of weeks!! Heres one done nicely by another builder...
  631. The Bushman

    No rod class 3/28

    Feel Better Don....see you next week
  632. The Bushman

    Proper Spinning reel techniques for Long Range

    I hope they didn't miss with the gaff...
  633. The Bushman

    Chef Javier

    Damn.... thoughts and prayers are with you my friend...Get well real soon...
  634. The Bushman


    Awesome David.....Miles and I will be there too.... glad you could make it!!!
  635. The Bushman

    Just to Get your juices flowing

    19 days Jamie...... just 19 to go...then our adventure starts!!
  636. The Bushman

    Roll Call

    I'll be there Don.... Need anything? Fred Hall on Sat for me...
  637. The Bushman

    I am going to Panama on the Intrepid

    Jamie....looking forward to fishing with you. Ill be on the same flight and same trip, along with my friends Miles and Mike. Then were going back to back on the last trip too. Should be quite an adventure. If you didnt get a chance to load all your gear, we did and have tons of it . Always...
  638. The Bushman

    NO SD rod building class 2/28

    Rest up and start healing...well see you next week.
  639. The Bushman

    Trophy Gaff

    Nice work there.... that hook is BLING!!
  640. The Bushman

    Sd Rod Class Tonight

    For the regulars... the SD Rod class is at my house tonight..... while Don is recovering from his knee surgury. PM me if you need directions. See you at 6 for Pad Thai and Egg Rolls. Ken
  641. The Bushman

    JT has got him a website

    Awesome Jim..... congrats!!
  642. The Bushman


    Both Batson/Alps and Fuji make a heavy duty rubber gimbal.... perfect for a rail rod, with no sharp edges, and still usable with a rod belt.Thats what I've been using on Intrepid Captain Kevin's rail rods. Heres what the Alps look like. The Fuji ones are more like a traditional mushroom shape.
  643. The Bushman

    Intrepid in Panama - Let the Adventure Begin

    John... I'm surprised they still had room for your stuff after all the gear Miles, Mike, and I brought down on Sat. Looking forward to fishing with you. Its going to be quite an adventure!
  644. The Bushman

    2012 1st Crazy Tuna Feeding Frenzy ( W'ere Back!!!!!)

    Damn... I can't wait till I'm there in April!!
  645. The Bushman

    Picked up my two new Hercules 60XHs this morning... awesome

    very nice... I'm wrapping the same blank right now... they are incredibly light!
  646. The Bushman


    Tighten the points and the thread will follow.... ie... on a diamond wrap, push in at the points of the diamond to tighten the pattern. Basically, wherever the threads cross each other. If you align the cross points, the thread will follow and lay down right.
  647. The Bushman

    Black Dragon

    pretty cool G...
  648. The Bushman

    OH Sheet!

    Sand down the butt end (1/32") until the reel seat fits. It will only be sanded where the gimbal is anyway, and that blank is plenty thick enough so you're not destroying the integrity of the blank. You'll have a harder time with the new hypalon on the butt end, but JTs method as shown by...
  649. The Bushman

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Heres a box I think was made by the same guy as the other one with the inlays. If I remember right, his name is Bob and he's from Phenix. I just wish I had bought one from him.... the detail is incredible!!
  650. The Bushman

    Fish Wrap

    nice work Capt!!!
  651. The Bushman

    A weeks worth of fun

    No wonder you needed all that garnet thread! Nice work!
  652. The Bushman

    Looking for Gudebrod Tremar Silver/Blue

    JUST THE TRIMAR...its not like he wants my Holland thread. :)
  653. The Bushman

    770XXH w/ Rail Dawg in the "House"

    He has himself some sweet sticks there... and he's obviously putting them to good use! Which blue... looks like a shade of Holland... but it could just be my monitor!
  654. The Bushman

    Texas Show RFS Rod "Don't mess with TX"

    Nice work Shawn...thats gonna bring a huge smile to some lucky soldier!
  655. The Bushman

    Looking for Gudebrod Tremar Silver/Blue

    Moon... PM me your address... I think I have many spools of it still... I'll check tonight. Ken
  656. The Bushman

    Lite Wire Wahoo

    I saw that too Lou.... was "wondering" the same thing. I'd hazard a guess its just using lite enough wire that the bait still swims like it was attached to mono. We'll see if others chime in...
  657. The Bushman

    Braid Fishing Products Caption Contest - Ending February 6th, 2012

    Go ahead and bump up the drag... Braid and I got ya covered! I promise I'll hold on to the handle when the fish starts to pull you in.!
  658. The Bushman

    "KLINE TIME" Gaff build

    Awesome work Kris...
  659. The Bushman

    gudebrod thread

    I'm pretty sure I can help you out Eric... I'm in El Cajon. PM me your cell # and I'll check tonight when I get home. Ken
  660. The Bushman

    New Phenix 760xh, thx Ken

    Glad you like it! It amazing how those decals actually line up right on spine... :) Now go catch something with it!
  661. The Bushman

    Intrepid question

    Ive been in most of the staterooms....they are all incredibly quiet. Bring an alarm clock or you might just sleep thru the morning bite. :)
  662. The Bushman

    Happy Birthday Jason

    Looks like I'm a day late but Happy Birthday anyway...hope you had a good one.
  663. The Bushman

    Double Diamond wrap

    Awesome Kris... Good to see you wrapping again. When did you move to Alaska??
  664. The Bushman

    Wrap for calstar 700L

    Very Nice... Do I detect a little Billy V influence??
  665. The Bushman

    Job Security......

    I think I"m bringing a large powerful magnet with me on my next trip to the rocks...imagine all the gear thats been lost there... oh... and Jim..congrats on the order.... I'll bet you do have them done soon!!!
  666. The Bushman

    Natural Wood Poppers/swimmers

    Wow... those are awesome. I presume they are thru wired? If you don't mind me asking, where do you get the wire and terminal tackle (swivel, metal cups etc)
  667. The Bushman


    Someone here must be on the trip with you Scott...should be awesome!
  668. The Bushman


    I use my hx narrow for throwing bombs, and the other two regular HX's for live bait and yo-yo . All with #50 topshots.
  669. The Bushman

    Cord handle weave tutorial

    Hi Brad... I think you were looking for Rooster's tutorial on his cord weave..
  670. The Bushman

    Happy birthday Doc Ski

    Happy Birthday Doc!!!
  671. The Bushman

    Help on Holland colors and numbers

    Thanks doc....I'll see if I can fill in the couple your missing.
  672. The Bushman

    Holland thread resurrected a thread from 2008, but since you asked......No idea on the 87...but the 95 is teal/turquoise color.
  673. The Bushman

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry x mas back at ya Jim.....and happy holidays to all.
  674. The Bushman

    Seeker SJ 90F Jigstick

    Uh.. take a look at the date.. this thread is from 2009
  675. The Bushman

    Red Rooster 3 photo contest

    Thats not begging.. its promoting! You got my vote Laurens!!
  676. The Bushman

    Phenix PSW808MH

    It really pops.... an the pics don't do it justice... it looks even nicer in person! Great job Tom!