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  1. riverplayer

    For Sale 2002 Osprey 30' Long Cabin

    Okay guys "Into The Mystic" is going on the market. A lot of you know the boat and know how its commissioned for our west coast type fishing. If you are a potential serious buyer, you know the boat or happen to know my boat, PM me and I will answer all your questions and send you "current"...
  2. riverplayer

    Fishing was good

    Had the fish crashing around the boat and managed to bring home just enough to make a few dinners...The color says it all...
  3. riverplayer

    Yamaha 3HP Outboard

    I will have a 1997 3HP short shaft Yamaha outboard for sale in about a week. I am replacing this with a 4 stroke zuki on our zodiac only because we take it to the lake on occasion and they don't like 2 strokes. The motor is spotless, looks and runs like a new motor. Very low hours.....I have...
  4. riverplayer


    This is our future???? Scare's the hell out of me.....
  5. riverplayer

    SS Ulua for sale

    Used only a couple trips last year...SS C-ULUA93H-10' CT Factory deckhand rod with X-Wrap and turks head. Gotta get pickup in riverside.....don't low ball this rod its puuuuuurfect. PM me if you want it......
  6. riverplayer

    84' Jeep CJ7 For Sale

    For sale is my 84' CJ7. Uncut, no rust, classic stock jeep. I have a few upgrades to the front end with the addition of a Warn combo unit with built in compressor and warn front bumper. Other then that all stock. Newer best top, newer interior, new black powdercoated alum rims with General...
  7. riverplayer

    Gonna Need A Bigger Kill Bag

    Same shit different weekend. Last two trips, Limits on the BFT, YFT and better grade dodo's......This past weekend we fished from the lower zone up to the 425 on the way home and caught fish EVERYWHERE!!!!! God what would this fishing be like with good bait......
  8. riverplayer


    One of the highlights of our extended weekend at the island
  9. riverplayer

    Machinist Needed

    Class A conventional machinist needed for full time position. I dont need to train or babysit anybody so if you have experience on engine lathes and vertical mills as well as all around shop experience contact me ASAP. CNC experience is a plus but you MUST be strong in using conventional...
  10. riverplayer

    Snowing In Ontario

    Wife just called on her way home from work...Snowing on the 15 freeway at bass proshops.
  11. riverplayer

    Need A Table

    I am looking for a Dining room table that will seat 12-14 people. Plank Style one piece top with trestle style base. Amish or farmhouse style with (4) 4' benches to match. This will be a custom made table and I need it by the holidays. Anyone on here know of a reputable facility that...
  12. riverplayer

    Mystic Slam

    Short and sweet! Left in the afternnon on friday for a 2 day run down south. Made 110 miles and set up for the night at Catchers . Alot of colder green water outside on the way down. Stopped on a nice paddy and WFO yellows in the 15-25 range so we had some laughter before getting some shuteye...
  13. riverplayer

    F4 Stainless Props

    I have two sets of Hill Signature Props for DPS drives. Purchased new and used for two tests. Retails for around 1400.00 per set. Visit their site and see um. Great props, pitch is off, thats it.... As new.. Make me a reasonable offer, both sets available.
  14. riverplayer

    Happy Mothers Day!

    Father's Day is to thank your dad for not pulling out. Mother's Day is to thank your mom for not swallowing you.... love you mom...
  15. riverplayer

    Which Droid

    Ok guys I need some help on selecting new phones. Motorola Droid X is where I am at now but need some feedback...And no, iPhone is not the answer so keep your suggestions directed towards Droids please... Thanks Ed
  16. riverplayer

    Offshore Video

    Last weeks trip. The Mako had a grip on the YFT and would not let go so we got a 2 for 1..... YouTube - First Tuna Offshore 2010.wmv
  17. riverplayer

    Need Some Answers

    With the new to us boat home and working on numerous stuff, I removed the starboard motor port exhaust manifold to replace the gasket. Being that our last boat was diesel we didnt have the manifold/riser issues we have on the 5.7GXi-CF gassers. I am going to replace all four manifolds and...
  18. riverplayer

    New Boat Pics

    Santa Cruz from Riverside and back two weekends in a row. Last weekend to seatrial and yesterday back up there to tow her back. Today we cleaned her up to get her ready for baseline service on the twin 5.7's and drives then back home for Navnet electronics, Flowscan and A/P install. Way more...
  19. riverplayer

    Joke For Today

    man and a woman who had never met before, but who were both married to other people, found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on a trans-continental train. Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly, he in the...
  20. riverplayer

    262 Skipjack

    Heres the deal...Switching to a 28' Farallon so the 262 is going up for sale on BD only. Those of you who have seen or fished her know it needs nothing but fuel and the desire to run offshore. No expense spared on her. Best equipped 262 in socal, KAD44 diesel, all Furuno electronics...
  21. riverplayer

    Mystic Slay

    Last three trips we slayed everything from unreal paddie yellows to tuna carnage. Last saturdays run below the 220 was simply the best bite we have had this year with all three flavors in the bag by 10:30 for the 3 of us. Gotta say this has been the best year for us on the water with freezers...
  22. riverplayer

    More Butts

    4 days on the water the first of which we jammed to the 425 down to the 390 for good looking conditions but nadda on the many paddies we worked. Wasn't worth the fuel to run any further ssw. Not even bait home on the 15 or so we fished so I chose to run back to the nado's and try a few more non...
  23. riverplayer

    Search & Destroy Mission

    Ok, tired of catalina, gonna make a run for the money...Going to loop the banks and see what the hells going on for myself...371-390-Upper 500-Todos Santos-Finger-Pile then home......on the usuall 72 for those running a little deep this friday and saturday.....If some good shots come in today we...
  24. riverplayer

    Older Women

  25. riverplayer

    X Wrap Install

    Looking for one of you rod building geniuses to install some X wrap on 2-3 corked sticks I have. I live in riverside and have no problem delivering and picking up. I have the tubing just need your services. Also would like to redo a couple older sticks that I just cant part with to update the...
  26. riverplayer

    Which Varminter?

    Ok all you experts!!! Wife said she was getting me a guitar for xmas...Dont need one but I do need another caliber! So i've talked her into a new gun. My choice is either a Remington VLSS or a Savage BTCSS in .22-250...Going to mount a Leupold 8.5 x 25 x 30 LR to the one I choose. Cant...
  27. riverplayer

    The Family Kids

    Had the kids in the garage last night as it was 38 degrees outside here in riverside. Needless to say they found the heater and would not leave the area. The head tilt was just to freaking much not to share!
  28. riverplayer

    Our Tourney "Butts" Kicked

    Our third year in this tourney and still enjoying the tee shirts....LOL Kudo's to Mike for running the best program and also congrats to the guys who found the pigs of the day. We did catch fish with the biggest coming at 3:35 of a 4:00 deadline some 8 miles from MB so we called in and...
  29. riverplayer

    Backhoe/Bobcat service needed!

    I am going to start a project to widen my sideyard for keeping my boat at home. I have a small slope that needs to be pulled out and some additional grass and dirt removal to allow backing up the boat to park it. I have to have a retaining wall built once the slope is pulled out along with...
  30. riverplayer

    Excellent Fishing Saturday

    Took off from MB saturday tanked up with decent deans and headed to the 213. As we passed over the 390 is was game on with double and triple jig stops on the zukers. Loaded the coolers with better then peanut size albies and headed home with smiles for the wife and I. There is a shit load...
  31. riverplayer

    Colnett Report

    Fished deep with the fleet on saturday for all the 35-40 pounders you wanted....Seriously all you wanted! Was worth every bit of the travel time and cost for a quick one day of fishing...Weather was up south of the lower 500 down to the Colnett point but flattened out nicely as we traveled...
  32. riverplayer

    Lower 500 to Colnett

    Were heading down south tonight looking for other boats to work area's south of the lower 500 to colnett. If your down there give us a call on 72 and I will be happy to share the intel! Ed/Mystic :finger:
  33. riverplayer

    Pigs are out to play!

    Marcus and the boys on the NLA just decked a 65+ BFT.....Way to go guys!:hali_olutta:
  34. riverplayer

    Outfished Again

    Spent the weekend on the water again. Best bait from EB all year with 2 scoops lasting both days....Actually dumped 20-30 pieces in the harbor on the way in and lost 5 pieces all weekend....Killed the tuna again with the wife topping off the catch with these brutes. Wide open paddy until some...
  35. riverplayer

    More Slug Albies

    Nothin really different for us except for the grade of fish we managed to bait up. Heard all day of the peanuts being caught but for us the size came a bit better fishing away from the rest of the fleet out at the fly. Just wanted to get my wife on the bite I have always told her about and she...
  36. riverplayer

    See Ya!

    After last weekends tuna or bust move south for nada we were going to head to catalina this weekend for a little R&R. Screw that, were outta here tonight for another run! Its worse then a drug addiction I tell you! Heading out from MB midnightish to the SW maybe have a peek at the FLY and...
  37. riverplayer

    Old Girl, New Family

    After only 3 great years with our wonderful black lab FEBE', we lost her to what we think was some kind of poisening. Within one hour of noticing her twitching and acting very strange, we rushed her to not one but two different hospitals and she died in my arms waiting for the doctor to get back...
  38. riverplayer

    Joke Of The Day

    In 1986, Peter Davies was on holiday in Kenyaafter graduating fromNorthwesternUniversity. On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air. The elephant seemed distressed, so Peter approached it very carefully. He got down on one knee and...
  39. riverplayer

    Colnett, Yada Yada Yada

    Ross gave you the novel, just wanted to post our catch. Great trip well worth the 360 nautical miles. Enjoy!:finger:
  40. riverplayer

    New Toys

    Just another reminder to everyone of Sergio's install talents. Forgot to post anything about the Flowscan he installed last year, so here is a two-fer on the latest addition on the Mystic. Prompt, professional and just flat out serious business when he gets his hands on your boat! He added the...
  41. riverplayer

    Out Thurday

    Running from the 43, W Fly/E Fly down the break to the airplane. I scream, you scream......
  42. riverplayer

    Fridays In Hell

    One day a guy dies and finds himself in hell. As he is wallowing in despair, he has his first meeting with the devil... Satan: "Why so glum?" Guy: "What do you think? I'm in hell!" Satan: "Hell's not so bad. We actually have a lot of fun down here. You a drinking man?" Guy: "Sure...
  43. riverplayer

    Thresher Report/Pictures

    Sorry guys the video store transfered the video in DVD format and all I can upload is a few snap shots here and there from our day. The full DVD is 750MB in size and I cant seem to upload it. Enjoy!
  44. riverplayer

    Thresher Report

    Just got back, the MYSTIC is cleaned and I am beat! Some of you may have heard we hung a big fish yesterday so here is some details about our day. I have video to post but I have to have it pulled off the camera before I can post it. We headed out from Dana saturday morning with the intention...
  45. riverplayer

    Need Info Please

    Looking for commercial type brail net like the sporties use and looked EVERYWHERE on the net to find one.....NO DICE! Anybody know a contact for these? Also, the gaffman's website is all jacked and I cannot get in an order to him. Anybody have his tele? Thanks Ed
  46. riverplayer

    Marines day out

    Day started out gathering together and meeting new poeple from BD. The licenses and T Shirts along with some kind of military food packs (K Rations?) were handed out and were off in short order. I figured most of the guys were going to fish the kelp so we ran up a little further north to drag...
  47. riverplayer

    Overnighter to Catalina

    Started out late AM from newport sat morning for a few baits and a few bugs. Nothing really happening with the macks and boneheads just enough for the cages. Made one set up at the west end honey hole for one quick limit along with 4 other boats in the same area. Although we all kept our...
  48. riverplayer

    And who'd a thought!

    ASR.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  49. riverplayer

    Home Depot Shoppers BEWARE!!!!

    A "heads up" for those of you who may be regular Home > Depot customers. > > Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam > while out > shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned > out to be quite > traumatic. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't > happen to you. > >...
  50. riverplayer

    West End Madness

    Just a couple of the larger specimens saturday night. What a weekend at the island....Is it spring already?
  51. riverplayer

    Funny Shit Right Here!!!

  52. riverplayer

    Tourney Thanks

    Mike you do an awesome job on the halibut tournament. We will be back again next year, hopefully with something bigger then 24" and 4 turd rollers. Great day on the water none the less, thank you again, TEAM Into The Mystic
  53. riverplayer

    Final Tweeking On NavNet & Simrad AP16

    Anybody know a technician that does seatrail or dockside electronics tweeking for optimum performance on a NavNet & Simrad AP16 Interface...Please Advise..Can meet at newport dunes most any weekend
  54. riverplayer

    Skipjack 262 autopilot

    I am looking for information on a decent AP for my 26 skippy. It has power assisted cable steering. Many heads to choose from but dosent appear anybody knows anything on actuators or anything else about whats available including the sales people over at simrad! HELP! Looking for any information...