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  1. Otto

    Coronado Yellows 15-20 pounds each

    Caught 2 south of the pens and 2 at the middle grounds.
  2. Otto

    Yellows at the Coronados 6/19

    4 15 pound yellows on bird schools. All just south of the pens.
  3. Otto

    Fished the Coronado Islands 5-9-2020 without a mexican fishing license.

    I had my visa and the biosphere bracelet but no fishing license. I tried to purchase the license, but, Squidco and Dana landing both told me that Mexico isn't selling them until they implement something new. I went anyways ready to leave at first sign of license checking. I was hoping that since...
  4. Otto

    Coronado Islands 5/9

    Got to the light house just after dawn and caught a yellow and two bonita. Then went to bird shit rock for a small yellow and a nice calico. Didn't see much action on other boats. Fished North Island later for nothing. Left the Islands around 11 am.
  5. Otto

    Wide Open Yellows at the Islands 4/15/2020

    Probably so. Open shelter island launch ramp and let me find out !
  6. Otto

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond PSW760H Rated 25-60 $220 - SOLD

    Still in great shape. Floyd 858 472-1248
  7. Otto

    Mackerel Report - San Diego Harbor

    Catching mackerel near the bait barge at 4:30 am was good earlier this summer. Since, I don't see or catch anything. Does anyone know why ?
  8. Otto

    For Sale Seeker SHS 60H-6' Lightweight Jigging Rod

    Hercules Series - Lightweight Composite Jig Rod 40-80 - 6 Foot Has some boat rash - All the guides are good - $200 Perfect with a small talica for jigging yellows Phenix PSW 760H 25-60 in XLNT condition $250 Floyd 858 472-1248 text or call
  9. Otto

    Calstar 6455XXH 50-120

    I have this rod in a custom wrap that is just over 6 foot. I like it a lot. I have purchased sight unseen the same rod blank in a factory wrapped Calstar rod that is 5 foot 1 inch. It's probably over 7 years old. Any thoughts as to which rod would put more pressure on the fish ?
  10. Otto

    Calstar 6455XXH 50-120

    I have one of these just over 6 foot that is a custom wrap I like a lot. I'm purchasing the same blank in a 5'1" factory Calstar rod with all rollers that is about 7 years old. Both rods use the same blank and same ratings. Which one will have more back bone ?
  11. Otto

    7-13-2019 Coronado Islands Early

    5 yellows before 8 am. South of the Pens. About 12 pounds each.
  12. Otto

    226 and the coronado islands 7-9-2019

    Made about 20 mackerel in San Diego Harbor in the dark and made it to the 226 45 minutes after dawn. Foamer yellowfin her and then there. Didn't see or hear of any catching. Just a show. I got hooked up twice slow trolling mackerel on 15 pound flourocarbon. Broke the line on one and the hook...
  13. Otto

    Has Anyone Fished the Coronado Islands without a Bracelet and been checked ?

    Curious if the bracelet is being enforced. Seems such a hassle to get the day before, if I go.
  14. Otto

    For Sale Shimano TLD 30 2 speed - $150

    Works fine - Loaded with heavy braid - $150 Floyd 858 472-1248 Call or Text
  15. Otto

    Best spinning rod to catch big tuna

    Reel I'm considering is a Shimano Stella STL18000swbhg. So I'm also considering a Phenix Titan TPX-860H spinning rod which is 8 foot 6 inches rated 40-130. I bet there are better choices everyone likes better. Would like to hear your opinions.
  16. Otto

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    Guy asks if I need a receipt for a half scoop at 3:30 am. Always say I don't need. He never writes the receipt. Twice now two weeks apart.
  17. Otto

    Islands 6-19

    Got south of south island at 5:10 am for slow conditions. Trolled all around south island for one nice calico. Later, found lots of busting bait near the lighthouse for another calico. Joined the fleet in the south kelp ridge area for a yellow on a live sardine, #2 circle hook, and 15 pound...
  18. Otto

    HDS 8 Gen 1 + Structure Scan Gen 1 with LSS 1 transducer

    Bought all this new several years ago. HDS 8 works well and so does the structure scan. The 50/200 transducer didn't fair the removal process well. This transducer was on the way out too. New transducer is $125. Structure scan transducer works perfect and is included. Sell everything for $300...
  19. Otto

    Whistler Yellows 12-28

    Made it back at noon with 2 10 pound yellows. Caught at 10 am at 170 feet with the birdshit salas 6x. Two cranks off the bottom. Both within 5 minutes.
  20. Otto

    The San Diego Caught 112 Yellows Today

    Sure would like to know a lot more.
  21. Otto

    More Patience

    I'm running out. Made it out today and found a paddy. Very few boats out 30 miles in Mexican waters. Of course, 5 minutes later, here's a boat 30 feet off my paddy waiting for me to finish fishing. I rip up the paddy and let him have it. He actually stays. One dorado for the trip. Last time I...
  22. Otto

    Light Green Plastic Cedar Plug Swerves

    7/25 I trolled three cedar plugs about 7 to 8 mph, 10 to 15 miles off Oceanside for nothing. Caught a dorado off a kelp. Did see one yellowfin jumper. I noticed that my green plastic cedar plug swerves side to side. The others track straight. Wasn't a problem by this cedar plugs actions so I...
  23. Otto

    For Casting Big Poppers For Big Tuna - Talica 20 or Avet HXJ ?

    Will pair this reel for my Phenix PSW909XHJ 9 foot 30 80. For Casting Poppers. Talica 20 or the Avet HXJ ?
  24. Otto

    Anyone think of shooting one of these huge blue fin at gaff ?

    Figured there could be a chance of a ricochet ?
  25. Otto

    Slow Trolling Bait

    I usually use a circle hook, pin my sardine/mackerel through the nose and troll bait way back. All the while I'm leaving the reel in free spool and keeping my thumb on the spool. When the fish strikes, I lift my thumb and wait for the reel to go very fast. Then engage with drag. I'm finding...
  26. Otto

    My boat towing insurance with Boat US just expired

    My towing insurance expired April 30, 2016. I called to renew my insurance and put the bill on a credit card. The girl on the phone said that even though my insurance has expired, I'm still covered for an additional 30 days. Why should I renew ? If I wait till June first to renew, my new policy...
  27. Otto

    Trinidad 30A and Phenix Rod for Sale

    Reel currently getting serviced at Squidco. Reel has lots of scratches. Looking for $380 cash after service. Meet at Squidco when the reel is finished. Also have a Phenix PSW909H 9 foot casting rod for sale for $230.
  28. Otto

    Trail Camera with 16 GB SD card

    $70 Cash in San Diego
  29. Otto

    Phenix PSW909H - $230

    Deckhand version - A little bit of boat rash Available in San Diego
  30. Otto

    Need an Outboard Mechanic

    I have a Verado outboard. Time for the water pump to be replaced. Hoping to get some good recommendations. A mobile mechanic would be preferred.
  31. Otto

    Phenix PSW909H nine foot 20 50 casting rod

    Deckhand version 250 cash in San Diego. (858) 278-1247
  32. Otto

    Dog lost at Sea Found Alive on San Clemente Island
  33. Otto

    Need a sprayer to wash trailer in parking lot after launching boat.

    Curious which sprayer works best. Sunset marine just rebuilt trailer and did a good job.
  34. Otto

    Heard the Mexican Navy now needs a TIP permit (Temporary Import Permit)

    Does the Mexican Navy now need a TIP permit ? Looks like the permit is good for 10 years. Any information would be helpful.
  35. Otto

    Trailer Repair

    I've got a single axle boat trailer that needs lots of work. Who should I hire to fix ?
  36. Otto

    Fishing Knife for Mexican Waters

    I need to purchase another fishing knife used for filleting fish and all purpose needs on the boat. I know the style of knife I want. I'm only concerned about the Mexican Navy busting me for having too long of a knife blade. The knife I want has a 9 inch blade. Has anyone been hassled by the...
  37. Otto

    How to deal with divers

    Left in the darkness for the north 9 today. I guess it was about 20 miles off Encinitas. Found a paddy and fished with two other boats. It was non-stop 30 pound yellowfin. After pulling 4 30 plus pound yfts off this paddy, I realized another boat was fishing the paddy with us and one boat had...
  38. Otto

    Fishdope doesn't work

    It 1:26 pm 7/24 and my fishdope doesn't work. Agh !
  39. Otto

    How's fishing at the Coronado Islands ?

    Today is 7/22 and I'm curious to get a Coronados report in the last couple days. Curious if anyone was out there 7/21/2015 ?
  40. Otto

    Anyone been to the Coronados in the last two days ?

    Looks like the water is cleaning up and I want to try the islands for a couple hours. Sure would like to hear a very recent Coronado islands report.
  41. Otto

    Battery Selector Switch - How Long Before Replacing

    Bloodydeckers I'm running a 150 horse Verado outboard. I few years ago I bought new custom battery cables, a battery selector switch, and new regular marine batteries. I ran one battery for about 5 years without problems. The other battery barely got used and was replaced a couple years ago...
  42. Otto

    Catching Mackeral at Night

    Gonna do the cat food thing with a sabiki jig at night. Thought maybe I should use a squid light also. Anyone use a squid light to catch mackerel ? Any great places to catch mackerel in San Diego harbor at night ?
  43. Otto

    What happened today (6/14) Coronado islands or San Diego off Shore

    Want to get out and catch. Want to go where the fish have been. Any one fish the Coronados, 9 mile bank, 182, or the 43 today ? Sure would like to hear what happened today.
  44. Otto

    The San Diego - 92 Yellows for 24 Anglers 5/13/2015 - Where were you ?

    Might get out in the morning and would sure like to know where todays action happened. Maybe the action happened near the rock pile. Would like to hear from one of these 24 anglers on the San Diego today and anyone else that was catching yellows.
  45. Otto

    San Diego got 64 Yellows for 24 people - Today 5/10/2015

    I wasn't there, but, I'd sure like to know where, how, when, and size. Where was todays action and how big were the yellows ?
  46. Otto

    Someone did something wrong

    These sea lions will be released soon.
  47. Otto

    Time for the Sea Lions to DIE

    Too many Sea Lions and not enough natural food for them. What can the common man do to help this situation ? I think we all know the answer.
  48. Otto

    Was a boat impounded yesterday at the Islands by the Mexican Navy ?

    Curious if there is proof to the rumor.
  49. Otto

    BFT Jigging setup

    I suspect the Salas 6x jr or the new flat fall jigs. I always use heavy braid and a short mono leader for jigging.
  50. Otto

    Super Seeker ss 6490-9' CT $200

    Great for casting irons $200. Lists for over $400. A little bit of boat rash. All guides are in excellent condition. Pick up in Serra Mesa only. 858 278-1247
  51. Otto

    Torium 16

    Great shape filled with 25 pound mono 858 278-1247
  52. Otto

    Talica 8 2 speed

    Talica 8 2 speed with 50 pound power pro and 40 pound p-line $375. Pickup only in Serra Mesa, San Diego
  53. Otto

    Super Seeker SS 6490-9" CT 25-50 $300

    Small Nick in handle, otherwise great shape. Pick Up only in Serra Mesa of San Diego. Cash Only. Call Floyd at 858 278-1247
  54. Otto

    Mirage plus 17 pitch propeller w/hub - Revolution 4 17 pitch prop no hub

    $400 each - Both in excellent condition Both right rotation - standard Floyd 858 278-1247
  55. Otto

    Fish Report Bait Report Lajolla 6/3/2013

    Got to the Mission Bay Bait Barge at 5 am. Got about 50 pieces for a half scoop. About a dozen died naturally. Cost $25 and a tip. Had I not paid and given him the money and a couple dollars first, I would have suggested I wouldn't pay. Since I paid before they scooped, I was fucked. Couldn't...
  56. Otto

    Mexican Navy and New Visa Requirements

    How many boats has the mexican navy impounded due to the new visa requirements ? How many boats were impounded during 2011 by the mexican navy north of ensenada because someone didn't have their fishing license ? I keep remembering this nice yacht last year at the Hidden Bank. They were all...
  57. Otto

    Tuna prices lower because of Japan

    Does this mean less Mexican Seiners this tuna season ?:hali_olutta:
  58. Otto

    Electric Reels in Mexico ?

    Anyone have anything to say ? I hear it's illegal. :Dynamite:
  59. Otto

    Mexican Navy 10/01

    Last night as I was heading in passing north coronado island from dusk to dark, I noticed this boat moving slow towards point loma. This boat stopped on the inside of North Coronado island. I passed this boat at about 25 mph maybe 100 yards away and couldn't really see much. As I passed the...
  60. Otto

    Upper Hidden Bank 10/01

    Slow pickens Started e of the 390 and cruised into the fleet e of upper hidden bank 2 hours after dawn. Picked one 16 lb bft on 17 lb halo w #2 mutu circle hook. Lost another one 3 hours later same spot. Near dusk I picked up a 26 lb mako. All e of upper hidden bank. Looks like the tuna are...
  61. Otto

    Any Reports for Today at Hidden Bank ? Thinking of going 9/30

    Could use some current information of where the tuna are. Read the report earlier from Grant that said WO YFT at the hidden bank. Maybe since the report was removed the report turned out to be BS. Any latest info ? What's happening at the Hidden Bank ? Might leave in the morning. Thanks
  62. Otto

    Going Out In The Morning

    I taking off for maybe the Hidden Bank for 9/16 Thursday. Hoping to get a fish report. Is it still a mix of YFT, BFT, and Albacore ? Any reports west of the 230 ? Thanks in Advance.
  63. Otto

    Could use One for Chasing Tuna on a 19.5 Center Console

    Looking for one person to buy bait ($40) and go in half on gas. I troll 5 lines and have 24 gallon bait tank. Boats ready to go. I supply a lot of ice and launch boat. I like getting out mid week, fish and weather provided. Let me know. Floyd
  64. Otto

    Need Cement Contractor for Home Repair

    Email me
  65. Otto

    Need a 2nd Person for Offshore This Summer

    Last summer I would leave Shelter Island around 3 am to fish anyplace within 60 miles alone. Have 19 1/2 foot center console. Looking for hardcore fisherman to tough it out and catrch fish with. Share expenses. Call Mission Valley Towing.