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  1. svue

    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    Sci, lots of jumbos still for the taking. Was hoping to get on the board with the super club this year. We have caught so many BFT this year but the gods haven’t smiled on me this year. Our last effort to deck a super cow came way short again. taped at 202. It’s seemed if you didn’t get a super...
  2. svue

    Season is shaping very well, BFT report

    I hate towing all the way to SD. We waited patiently and made our move to SCI for yellowtails in the morning, WFO on firecrackers, release most of it, hates these BFT, a few years ago, it was super awesome just catching yellowtails, now I won't even gaff them, just bounce on the deck, and who...
  3. svue

    For Sale Suzuki stainless pair R and L prop 3x16 23

    I have a set of Suzuki stainless prop 3x16 23 Right and left. I had them rehubbed last year and they sat in the cabinets, until last week when I tried to use them, we noticed the LEFT Rotation prop was still spinning, the shop that did the rehub probably messed up and probably need a new hub...
  4. svue

    Mission bay guest slip, where should I go

    My trailer bearing failed while towing down to SD, where is the best place to slip my boat for a few days till I fix the trailer?
  5. svue

    For Sale Furuno nav net vx2, Radar dome, network sounder

    Updated my electronics, these came off the boats. Nav net vx2 displays Furuno network sounder GPS antenna Radar done Cables, uncut No transducer, thru Hull did not survive removal $700 for the whole lot. Located in Hb Txt or email at 714 514 3160
  6. svue

    For Sale Furuno NAVnet VX2, sounder module, Radar combo, and thru hull transducer

    Updating our electronic on KNOT REEL. These came with the boat, and were new in 2007. FOR SALE ARE: FURUNO Nav Net VX 2, sounder module, Radar and thru hull transducer. Will not separate the lot. Everything works perfectly except for the water temp, maybe faulty transducer, the temperature is...
  7. svue

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    Last minute trip to sci. Took my 8 year old son and my old business partner. Fished sci for a big ol halibut then around 1:30 went dragging the plastic. Right before we were gonna pull out and leave cause my son was barfing for the last 3 hours. We hooked a nice model. Came to hang with us on...
  8. svue

    2008 pair of Suzuki Outboard 25 inch DF250S

    I have a pair of 2008 Suzuki outboard DF250S 25 inch shaft that were taken of my boat after new repower. Starboard engine: 3390 hours Port engine: 1867 Hours They were in very good working condition when they were taken off. The starboard needs a valve adjustment, as it started ticking, which...
  9. svue

    Despacito reef jumbo BFT

    Hit desperation reef with 2 scoops of lively dines for no love on the yellowtails and small size BFT. But we were rewarded later with a another jumbo for my boat this year. Surge, our designated anglers kills it in 50 minutes. Not bad for his first time wrangling a cow bft Ride back was brutal...
  10. svue

    Propeller rehubbing shop recommendation

    Can any one recommend a good shop to rehab some suzuki stainless prop
  11. svue

    Another notch in the old

    Launched out of Oceanside with Billy k, and barnes Cooper on old faithful KNOT REEL. Within 10 minutes of putting out kite we get a huge, huge bite which turned out to be a 40 YFT. On any other day it would been an awesome day. Trolled the rest of the morning for nada until the tuna god smiled...
  12. svue

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Trolled the yummy all day today for a cow with team shake and bake. Lucky boggii killed it in 45 minutes on talica 50. Taped 245
  13. svue

    Last tuna trip for "knot reel", tanner carnage

    well after debating for a whole week on weather window, and a couple of fail launch. We pushed off the dock Friday night at 9pm heading toward tanner bank. Picked up some live squid from the ultra at Catalina. Weather was nice we were doing 30knt toward tanner. Greylight came and we went to...
  14. svue

    Did a little of local Rockfishing

    Decided to take it easy today instead of chasing the tunas. Picked up some live squid from mike at San Pedro and was almost tempted to point the boat toward Sci. Hit up a couple of local rocks for for taco meats. To my surprise we did pretty well. Few white fish for one of my killer fish and...
  15. svue

    Dana point Fish report with spear divers 8/20

    had the pleasure to drive my friend and some of his buddy for a spear diving tourney. Launched out of Dana point and headed toward the 14 miles bank to see if they can shoot a few dorados. Lots of kelp holding micro yellowtails, only to get a 5 pounder on a huge kelp. One of the diver did spot a...
  16. svue

    Catalina front side yellowtails 8/13

    took a group of friend to Catalina for the day. Fished the front side all day for all the 5-10lb yellowtails. It was steady pick on the sardines. My groups had a blast and kept a few for dinner and sashimi. All fish were located on sonar between 50-120 feet, chummed to get them going. Calico...
  17. svue

    Got one 8/3

    persistence pays off. Fished with a awesome team today, billy k and Barnes cooper. We stuck to our game plan and was rewarded with my boat first cow bft. Stuck this one on a tiagra 50, fight time around 1hr. Taped at 240 ish. Maybe more.
  18. svue

    Caught bft today

    Fished south of Dana point today for 3 very small bft compared to all the monster lately.
  19. svue

    A little bft tuna popping video to keep you fired up

    This fish was caught on Tuesday and weighted in at 170 and boated in 15 min. East coast style.
  20. svue

    Any suggestion boat storage and launch in SD

    Trailering every week from OC is taking a toll, where is the best place to store and launch my boat for the summer?
  21. svue

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Fished the 302 with most of the fleet, change these big boys. Ended up with a few fishes and an mentionable fish which taped at 150. Maybe more, no scale at home. Came on a talica 25, 65 spectra with 60 fluoro.
  22. svue

    Manic BFT Monday

    Finally got some time and weather window to put in my first tuna trip. Me and Fishinguy got out on his sweet 23 parker. Went all the way down chasing internet Yellows at the upper finger and ended up below the 425. Hooked our first fish at 1pm after almost giving up with go home with the stripe...
  23. svue

    Last Rockfishing session of the year

    Took advantage of the weather window. Picked up 10lb of fresh dead at the Asian stores and we were off to our usual spots at the island. They were chewing the everything that fell on them. Flat falls were doing as much damages as the squid. Manage to get limit for 3 and 3 yellows, and a big goat.
  24. svue

    Last hoorah for yft

    decided last minute to join the party at the 9. Went to get trailer and pull boat out slip, towed all the way from long beach to mission. Lots of jig strike on skippies, yft came on chum. And live chovies that we were lucky to get 2 scoops since we were there at 4am. Heard that they ran out at...
  25. svue

    Tuna at 277

    Ran to farnsworth for tiny yellowtail that would not stick. Pulled the hook and ran toward 277 with the little bait we had left. Found a puddling school, chummed chunk and they stayed with us for 1 hr. Left them biting cause bait was depleating fast.
  26. svue

    need hub replace on suzuki 250 prop, Where in OC

    I need to replace the hub on my DF250 prop, where is a good reliable shop in OC?
  27. svue

    Another 150 report

    Took my son and friend out after doctor appt. didn't get out till 1:30. Still managed 6 yellows for 3 hours of fishing. Got into a frenzy when we had a tripe hook up and my 6 years Old was left to fend for himself against a 30lbs yellows while we were all fighting our own. He fought hard and...
  28. svue

    277 area report

    decided that yellowtail fishing is getting boring and we bypass the 150 toward the 277 area. Trolled around for nada until we see diving terns. Pulled up the to the fish, hooked 1 on the flyline, as I go up the front to get the gaff, he spits the hook. chased the school again but they sank out...
  29. svue

    150 area afternoon yellowtail run and gun

    Had the afternoon off so decided to make a short run to the 150 area for the boat shy yellows. Nothing for the first 2 hours and then they decided to come out and play. Chased the birds around till you see them diving. Slide in with bait or surface iron worked well. Fish are very boat shy and...
  30. svue

    who's got the best deal on outboard for repower

    who has the best deals right now, looking to repower our center console.
  31. svue

    San diego boat slip or dry dock for the summer suggestion

    Looking into either slipping or dry docking our center console for the tuna season in SD. What are my best options.
  32. svue

    Puerto vallarta fishing with my son

    Rolled into PV on wednesday with my wife and 5 years old son. He has never caught a YFT before. We board Marla IV with Alonso, only to find 10 hours later than it is blowing 20Kt wind at the bank. My son started puking a 3am and I started puking , first time in 4 years, at 5am trying to help him...
  33. svue

    Cortes bank Black Friday fishing

    After missing many window to fish the tanner bank, we finally got the opportunity to head to Cortez right after thanksgiving dinner. Ocean was like a lake and crossing the 100 mile trek was a breeze. Found the yellowtails chewing really well, BFT were mixed in with The bonitos. Unfortunately we...
  34. svue

    Tanner bank last minute trip

    looking for a crew for a last minute tanner bank trip. Leaving friday at 2am on a 29' everglade center console. The weather has opened up and now is the time to get those last minute tunas. Plan is to leave Wilmington at 2am and back at the dock around 5-7pm You must know what you are doing, we...
  35. svue

    San jose del cabo

    Took my son for his first tuna and dorado. Mission Accomplished, except fishing was a little slow. Water was really warm in the high 80's and low 90's pushing all the fish out of the area. Most days are hit and miss with football tunas, and small dorado lingering around. Bait are very hard to...
  36. svue

    Tuna time on the Dhamar

    After Talking to Danny G. about a crazy 120 miles run, we finally got it together and were in town on monday. Everything was great except the boat was still getting painted. After Danny stayed 24 hours straight the boat showed up the dock with the painter still buffing the new paint. Left dock...
  37. svue

    what to fish for in Marathon in 3 weeks

    Going to look at a boat in marathon. What should we expect for inshore fishing? Looking to go after grouper, and amberjack.
  38. svue

    best time of years for amberjack and snapper in Cabo

    Planning a trip to cabo for amberjack and inshore species groupers. When is the best time and where to fish. We will be fishing from our own boat and local captain too.
  39. svue

    Casa jemi in la cruz is fricken awesome

    For those of you heading to PV, bypass all hotel and stay at casa jemi, this place rocks.
  40. svue

    PV dhamar style oct 24/25

    Rolled into town on tuesday, met up with danny at the dock for 1 pacifico, then another, then another, then another, and many more. :hali_olutta: Fishing was phenomenal with tunas in the 80s ranges all day long. We only manage a 150 during the trip, but it was still a personal best for my...
  41. svue

    cedros 8/6-8/10

    Great trip. Killed the yellowtail from 30-46 lbs. Personal best for me for this side of the pacific. Calico bass was off the hook, if you are chasing that double digit calico, this is the place, they are crawling all over the place. Can't say it was hard since we must caught at least 5...
  42. svue

    Puerto Vallarta Dhamar Style

    Rolled into town on friday and the weather was pretty gloomy with dark cloud. Call Danny and he said it was laying down Met him up at 630am, and got going a little slow since there was logs and huge tree all over the bay and offshore, definitely don't wanna hit those thing at speed. Fished...
  43. svue

    US Airways Oversize baggage fees????

    About to book a flight to PV with US Airways, and check their Oversize baggage policy to be $175 each way for bagagge over 62". It also state: Fishing equipment will be accepted in the normal baggage allowance in lieu of a piece of baggage Anyone has any idea if this is true, because this...
  44. svue

    WSB Limit for 3 at West Cove 6/21/11

    Posting the report first, my friend will add the pics, he has them on his camera and he is past out since we were up since 1am. Decided to do my annual pilgrimage to Catalina Island for another Guarantee Skunk of seabass for this year. We Left Alamitos at 3am, arrived on the bait ground...
  45. svue

    Yellowtail going off

    in down under New Zealand, sorry for the teaser.
  46. svue

    Jigging in new zealand

    Got a chance to go down under to jig for those famous Kingfish AKA yellowtail. Brought a bunch of Phenix custom prototype jigging rod with me. The fishing was phenomenal for my standard, but the local it seems a little slow, when you are only boating about 25 fish in the 20k per day. A good day...
  47. svue

    kingfish farm in australia, we need one

    when is the next planting date for catalina.
  48. svue

    Where to go fishing in NZ and Sydney

    Going to be in Australia for 1 week, and 1 week in New zealand around mid april. Where and who should I book thru for kingfish, snapper, and jigging trip. It's just me, my wife and 2 year old son. Probably fishing 4 days: 1-2 days with family, and possible sharing the other 2 if possible.
  49. svue

    Fiji popping and jigging

    Thinking of doing a Fiji trip In the near future. Anyone knows any good place to go to. Went online and there seem to be hundred of website telling they are the all the best in Fiji. I only want to target inshore stuff, I can always get that black marlin here locally on this continent.
  50. svue

    Taxi rate from Puerto Vallarta to La Cruz

    Wondering if we should rent a van instead. How much is the taxi (Van) ride from airport to La cruz, and from La cruz to Puerto Vallarta main town. How easy is it to get a taxi in la cruz, we are renting a condo there. If we rent a Van, it is going to be around $400 for 5 days, but then...
  51. svue

    shore fishing from la cruz

    Can't wait to be in PV next week. We are staying in la cruz, any good place we can cast popper from shore for any kind of bitters?
  52. svue

    Palisades Gay fishing

    So, we decide out of the blue to make midnight run on a buddy 24ft CC, since I wouldn't be able to jump on the spectra Friday night due to babysitter on saturday. Set up at around 2am, perfect spot, drift, current. 20 minutes into the waiting game, first rod goes off and it's a bat...
  53. svue

    BOLA/San Quitin first timer 6/19-6/20

    Last tuesday we decided to make a run to San Quintin. it was the first time for me. We decided to break every rule in the Baja driving guide. Cross the border at around 8pm we motored to SQ, road was beautiful and no traffic. Pulled into SQ at midnight to find the wind blowing. Then we made the...
  54. svue

    24 skipjack pilot house with 5.7 penta question

    I am looking at a 84 skipjack pilothouse with a 5.7gl penta. What kind of fuel consumption can I expect out of that engine, and reliablity? I think it has a 270 outdrive. Broker said it will cruise at 20kt and top out at 28kt.
  55. svue

    Grande Overnight report

    So, my bro from Fresno calls me on tuesday and ask me what is biting. I told him to show up on Sunday mid afternoon and we will see what is going when he gets here. We decided to go on a overnight trip on the Grande, since I was trying to avoid Memorial 3/4 crowd. It was odd to go on a...
  56. svue

    Which 3/4day boat

    Bro came down topullon something a little bigger than largemouth. Thinking of taking him to 3/4 day out of SD. If we don't get the yellow, at leasthe willgetto pullon barries? Now which boat whoud I take him on tomorrow. Never fished the 3/4 day boat down there before. If any of you with...
  57. svue

    NPH Spotties

    Since my float tube magically reappearred in my garage, I decided to take it out to NPH for some of those spawning spotties. Called up Winnie and we were off at 6pm. The bite was so good, we were practically pulling a fish on every other cast. Haven't tubed in 3 years, my legs are sored now...
  58. svue

    PV inshore fishing with Danny Gomez 4/28

    After a tiring day pulling on tuna, we opted to chase the inshore species. Left the dock at around 7am, and after a short ride we pulled to the island for some of the best inshore fishing I have ever seen. Total count was 12 rooster fish in the 40-60s, 2 AJ from 30-50. I manage to hook a...
  59. svue

    PV TUNA with Danny Gomez 4/27

    Flew into PV with John on Monday to fish with Danny Gomez from Dhamar Sportfishing. Long story SHORT, it was WFO on the yellowfins. We went 14 fish from 60-100lbs. Lost a 150 at the boat. Tested a Phenix Black Diamond 700H rod, and it was a blast pulling those tuna on light gear. Jigging was...
  60. svue

    WTB Shimano Trevala Spinning rod

    If you have one, and wanna sell it, pm me model number and price.
  61. svue

    Looking for one more on 4/27 and 4/28

    Will be in PV fishing with Danny Gomez on 4/27 and 4/28. If you are looking for a ride let us know, it is only me and John. We could use one more, since it is only a panga. We will be fishing with Danny Gomez. One day offshore and one day inshore. I will have a rental car, so I can pick you...
  62. svue

    Which size boat

    I have been in the market for a boat for PV for about a year now. Looked and sea trialed a few boats in the 35ft range. I am mostly gear toward a Bertram or a Cabo right now. But I just can't justify pulling the trigger on a boat that over 100k i am probably only going to use on average of 10...
  63. svue

    Punta Mita Lodging

    Where is the cheapest place to stay in Punta Mita, not really going to spend much time at hotel, this is a fishing outing, not relaxing, just need a place to wash up after fishing.
  64. svue

    Puerto Vallarta report 10/15-10/16

    Fished on the Pacifico with Manny's father. He is a great captain and great fisherman. Now I see where Manny's got all of his fishing skill from. On any other day you could call it a good fishing day, but for PV standard it was a little slow. We had a steady pick on Dorado, marlin, and...
  65. svue

    looking for a ride

    Have the need to fish who is going on monday and need a ho, know all the drills, and rules. PM or call me.
  66. svue

    sold my boat, and became a ho, need a ride

    Sold my boat on wednesday in preparation for a bigger boat, and it was not a happy day. I need a ride to the banks, whoever has a spot, pm me. I am good for gas, food, beer, or decking, and i can fish too. Not your average guy that needs to be told what to do on a boat. available 24/7 during...
  67. svue

    San Clemente Island schedule question

    Thinking of going to SCI tomorrow, but schedule says Pyramid cove will be closed form 11:15 to 15:00. Does that mean I can fish there till about 11:00 then leave the area before they start
  68. svue

    Costa Rica fresh water fishing

    Will be in Costa Rica from the 6-11. Heard about great fishing of peacock bass inland? who do I contact for such a excursion and infod?
  69. svue


    Looking for a reliable HONDA Certified shop to service my 225 around Orange County, who do you guys trust around here. Don't feel like towing my boat all the way to Ventura.
  70. svue

    who wanna go to PV, looking to share expense on a couple offshore trip

    looking for a couple of person going to PV in the very near future like 1-2 weeks to share expense on a couple of offshore and inshore trip.
  71. svue

    Christmas Tunas on the Pacifico

    I don't know whether it is me or Manny but whenever I go fishing with manny we always kills them tuna. Rolled up in town on the 24th, was only suppose to fish 1 day with Manny, his brother Mitchell and Mario on the 27th. But Manny convince me to go on the 26th as well. :urno1: We roll up to...
  72. svue

    Fishing with Manny on 12/27, anyone wanna buddy up

    Me and the wife are going to be fishing with Manny on the Pacifico on 12/27. There are only 2 of us, if anyone wanna to buddy up with us let me know. We will be fishing the 12 hour trip, for all species at Corbetena or El Banco.
  73. svue

    San diego to Puerto vallarta on a boat

    Has anyone done this trip. Thinking of bringing a boat by sea down to Puerto Vallarta and leave it there. it's a 35ft sport fisher with 300 gallon of fuel. Mileage: ????? Itinerary:????
  74. svue

    friday long trip for 10 YFT

    Have been fishing but not posting for a while as they are pretty much the same story. Launched at 430am at Dana point, and head toward the 209, from there we motored south all the way to the 43 hitting every single giant paddy for nothing. With the skunk still on my back at 1pm, I decided to...
  75. svue

    PV report Monday 6/30 with Pacifico

    Fished with Manny today, first day of 3 days. We pulled so many YFT to 40 lbs, it got boring. Do they make YFT sabiki rigs????? El banco is infested with YFT, you would think they are mackerels. Ended up trolling skippies to get away from them.
  76. svue

    $400 for gas, $60 for crappy bait, Trolling all day 4 2 BFT PRICELESS

    Went out on Monday trying to avoid the Bloodydeck Shootout and weekend crowd. Picked up some of the crappiest bait I have seen from e-bros. From now on I will only buy cured bait. Went to the 302 for nada till 10am, 4-5 ft roller made it very uncomfortable for trolling upwind, but downwind...
  77. svue

    Laguna T-sharking 6/5

    Went out on my friend 55ft SIDNEY. Left NP at 5:30am, 7:30am we only have 2 pieces of macs in the tank. They were very hard to come by today. Trolled for 3 hours for nothing, then we get knockdown by a mako which we manage to loose at the boat after a 5 min fight. It cut me off at the...
  78. svue

    where to fish this weekend

    My brother is coming down from FRESNO. I am still undecided wheter Catalina parking lot or Coronados and 302. I know Yellowtail are breezing at catalina. Yet, weekend fishing sucks ball there. How is the bonito fishing at Coronados...
  79. svue

    Catalina WSB 5/25 turned Yellowish

    Well, was going to go to Coronados on Monday, but after seeing the REPORT of WFO WSB at catalina, I decided to go to catalina and join the fleet. Pulled up to the fleet at 5am and setup in the vicinity of the BIG GAME 90 away from the 75-100 boats. 25 minutes later double hook up, but one...
  80. svue

    to fish or not to fish on friday

    Was planning on launching tomorrow and go for the yellow at NADOS, but looks like the weather is not cooperating, who else is going to brave the weather. Who think it is goign to lay down and NOAA is just full of BS.
  81. svue

    Albie fever

    Went to the butterfly to investigate, and pulled these bonito on the troll. Just kidding guys Just adding more excitment to the upcoming bite.
  82. svue

    La Jolla thresher sharking

    After wanting to go sharkin for 3 weeks, I finally get my butt off out bed to go sharkin. Me and Billy (fishingguy) went out of oceanside, made bait in short order and boated all the way to La jolla in 3-5 foot swell, so much for NOAAA 2ft or less prediction. We started trolling the Canyon...
  83. svue

    San diego boat storage

    It's almost that time of the year again, and we are going to be in SD at least once a week. But with the price of gas, I was thinking of storing my boat in SD instead of towing the boat everytime from the OC and tow it back when we are done. Anyone know where I can store it after fishing...
  84. svue

    Boat time share in Mexico

    I am very interested in a buying a boat in Puerto Vallarta. The dilenma is that I will only be there 3-4 times a year. Now, would it be a good idea to get a few experience boaters to time share this boat. Anyone interested?
  85. svue

    Seachoice Outriggers

    thinking of installing outriggers on my 26ft striper. Don't want to spend a lot of money as I will be only using during the Tuna season. What do you people think of the SEACHOICE. They are failry cheap. Any suggestion
  86. svue

    LB Harbor Patrol at their finest.

    'Lobstergate' Officers Say They Were Ostracized By Peers - News Story - KNBC | Los Angeles LOS ANGELES -- Three Long Beach police officers who reported that colleagues were hunting lobsters rather than terrorists in the port were retaliated against by their superiors and shunned by other...
  87. svue

    Going to PV from 2/1-2/5, any suggestion

    Planning to be there from Feb 1 to feb 5. what are your Veterans charter recomendation and hotels. This is a fishing expedition, so not going to spend a lot of time at the hotels, nor gives a shit about health spa, shopping, etc....
  88. svue

    Dorado 425/371

    Haven't fish in a long time, so after calling bunch of usually reliable guys, and noone wanted to go play. I called up my business partner and we were off to Shelter Island. Got to the launch at 5:45 and there was chaos, we manage to launch the boat and got some 3-4 inch sardines. Got to the...
  89. svue

    Monday secret spot albies

    Well no so secret afterall Launch at 3:00 am at SI. Plan was to hit the Hidden bank, arrived at the hidden bank at 6 am to find a zillion seiner we were stoked to be in the right place, but water temp was no higher than 64.9. Trolled 3 hour for nada, finally could not resist the the radio...
  90. svue

    storing my boats is San Diego for a few days

    I am looking for a place to park my boats safely for a 3 days this weekend. Anyone knows a place where I can leave it there and pick it up early in the morning like 3 am. This beats towing the boats back and forth from Anaheim.
  91. svue

    1010 tomorrow monday

    We will be out at the 1010 tomorrow, anyoneheading that way can call us: Dinner Time is the name of the boat.
  92. svue

    SCI restriction

    Does anyone know what the restriction are for San Clemente island,and if there what are the rules?
  93. svue

    Sea Star hydraulic pump steering problem

    I have a sea star hydraulic steering system on my 26 striper and it has become very loose lately. When I had my boat repower, the mechanic told me that the wheel was not suppose to tunr when you push the outboard from side to side. I have also noticed that the autopilot is not able to keep the...
  94. svue

    where to get eisenglass replacements

    I am located in Orange county. Lost one side of my eisenglass. Is there any shop near my location that specialized in strata or eisenglass.
  95. svue

    WSB DON'T EXIT myth is Busted

    Tried to bust WSB Existence myth today. Headed out to the west end to find 3 squid boats with little squids to sell. 1 of them sold us a scoop for $60. Now how many squid are you suppose to get in 1 scoop, we were able to count all the squids in the tank, came at almost $2/squid. That is what I...
  96. svue

    Defiance Boats

    I am currently throwing the idea of trading my 26 striper for a defiance 220EX. Has anyone has had any experience with these boats, they are made by Palmer marine who makes shamrocks pilot house. The defiance website does not give too much info nor picture of the boats.
  97. svue

    Motorcycle tune up, parts and Dyno-tuning

    ApexMoto is proudly offering FULL motorcycle, moto, bikes, suzuki, honda, yamaha, ducati, and other bike tuning, upgrades, accessories, apparel for all bike riders! Years of experience and top notch service has allowed us to expand our services for our clients! We have an IN HOUSE Dyno for ALL...
  98. svue

    leaving for catalina tomorrow, is there any squids???

    I am going to brave the weather tomorrow and sunday. Has any heard of squid boat at the island or near LB. How about In Seine, do they have squids, I might even consider launching from there.
  99. svue

    Catalina saturday Yellows

    My wife, Lucy, is always bitchin that I never take her out fishing. I told her that I took her all the time and what the hell was she bitching about. But then she said that I always go with all the guys and I always ignore her. So from there, we decided to take a last minute outing to Catalina...
  100. svue

    live squid anyone

    Ok seems like I am always asking the same question. Anyone know if there will be a squid boat out on monday morning, planning to head to Catalina.
  101. svue

    going to catalina tonite where are the squirt boat

    How can I reach the squirt boat, if I fail to make bait
  102. svue

    Anyone selling live squids

    Is there boat selling live squids at avalon? does anyone know?
  103. svue

    Horseshoe lings and assorted rock fish

    Got out today before the the closure on lingcod. Started picking out a lot of short lings with some legals in between, assorted rock fish and whitefish. Around 11:30am the current started to pick up and the santa ana winds finally laid in, the bites shut off and we were getting rocked left and...
  104. svue

    Does Rockfish season close Dec. 1 or Dec 31

    Was reading the DFG regulation trying to figure out when the Rock fish season will close. Is it on dec. 1 or Dec 31st. On the DFG website, It is only noted as open Mar-Dec. Closed Jan-Feb. Also does that includes halibut as well????
  105. svue

    raymarine autopilot keeps jumping heading

    My raymarine autopilot keeps jumping heading. It would display the correct heading for about 30 seconds then jump to another heading causing it to change direction when auto is engage. it then comes back to the correct heading after about being on the incorrect heading for about 20 seconds...
  106. svue

    nitetime LB harbor bassin

    Almost that time of the year when I start hitting the bass in the LB harbor. Had a little friendly bass off with some friends. Best five legal fish win. Well, only if we were able to land legals, we must pulled like 50 fish all dinks, within them a toad sandie and a couple of legal calicos...
  107. svue

    horseshoe 11/05

    Made a quick run in the morning for lings. Found none, but if you are into white fish they are all over. Picked up a few sculpin. Bagged a bunch of mackerel for hooping and sharking. Nothing great to take picture.
  108. svue

    local YFT 209/14 report

    Tried to go out and put YFT on the boat. I guess we were 1 day late, got out of newport harbor and water was really choppy. Got tot he 209 and condition didn't really change. Trolled for 3 hours while stopping on many paddies that were the size of house for nada either. Everyone on 72 were...
  109. svue

    9/27 43 report

    Launched at 3:30 at mission bay. Got bait, and headed out. Plan was to run to the East butterfly and work our way back. It was dark and bumpy, when daylight came around we saw all the white cap. Decides to cut the plan short and settle right at the border, and go toward the 43 instead. Stopped...
  110. svue

    eisenglass replacement

    I lost the left side of my eisenglass on my 26ft striper boat. does anyone know where I can get a replacement.
  111. svue

    Catalina 9/21

    Going to visit my in-laws and wanted to bring them some fresh yellowtails and rockfish, so I went to catalina with a friend. Fished the front side for BONITO GALORE, went the back side and proceeded to boat 4 yellows in the 9-12 lbs range, farming a few as well. Bonitos started to show up so we...
  112. svue

    Friday 43/butterfly marlin and dodos

    launched at mission bay at 4:00Am, headed toward the 182 for a very cold water then proceed to put out the troller toward the 43. stopped on a paddy and threw a couple live dine to get picked by a marlin. We fought the fish for 1 hr and my crew decides we should boat this fish since it was a...
  113. svue

    182/43 dodos and marlin

    Anyway with all of the YFT showing up around San Diego Offshore, I decided to give them a try since we could not find anyone to go with us on Friday. I try calling Robert but he lost his phone and was not able to reach him, so I ended up going with my wife and an old fishing buddy, he is going...
  114. svue

    catalina 9/01 report

    Left davies at 5:00 am, got bait at nachos just to find out that mackerel were everywhere you could walk on hem. Made macks and off to the west end, got there and could not get away from the seagull, they kept raping my bait, got pissed off and injured a few seagull and left for farnsworth...
  115. svue

    Furuno radar not working

    I just got a new boat with a furuno radar. When I turn it on it keeps giving me a : "HD missing and BP missing" message. Manual tells me that it is a bad connection in the signal cable, check the cable reconnected it, still no good. Anyone know a furuno servicing location? everything else...
  116. svue

    DINNER TIME maiden voyage Sunday 20th

    So we decide to name the boat "Dinner Time". Maiden voyage was schedule for Sunday departure and off we launched out of newport harbor. $20 launching fee later, we are off making mackerels, the plan was to run and bloody the decks with Dorado and yellow at the 209 area. No later than 10 minutes...
  117. svue

    14 mi dorado

    Been fishing for dorado off and on for the last 3 weeks but nothing to impressive to show for, until today we decide to try a new spot in between the 277 and 14. All fish came within 3 hours, literally wide open had to leave because I was running low on fuel.
  118. svue

    thru hull bait pump keeps shutting off

    I have a thru hull pick up for my bait tank. I installed a new bait pump and it keeps shutting down after I stop the boat. I thought the pump I bought was not strong enough so I bought a another one, this one burned out when I got to the fishing ground, all of bait rolled soon after. Does...
  119. svue

    3 days tuna trip on the pacific star

    Awesome trip we had flat ocean, good crew, awesome cook, and to top it off awesome fishing. caught YFT, DODO, Alabacore, huge yellerz, couldn't ask for more. I did 16 fish for 3 days, only broke off on 2.
  120. svue

    New Lo-ann overnight trip friday

    Jumped on the new lo-ann with my wife for some tuna action. It was not to be but hey that's fishing. I picked up a lone albacore that won JP, around 40 lbs. Lost a couple to newbies, they need to run a seminar before fishing so they know about sliding up the rails. We had a slow pick int he...
  121. svue

    Long beach harbor bassin

    Made a last minute run yesterday eventhough knew the swells were going to be bad, but hey Current=fish. Anyway, it was wide opne sandies and calicos in the 3 pound range until this came up and everything else became dinks. This sucker was caught and release before from the look of his jaws...
  122. svue

    where exactly is the 302, 373????

    I see all these report from San Diego. I live in the OC, where exactly are these grounds. I don't fish very often down there. Would definetely do the drive down there with the boat... Any GPS would be nice.
  123. svue

    La Jolla report

    Well, made the drive down from the OC after debating whether going to catalina or not. Launched at 7:00 AM, picked up bait and headed toward Torey Pine, there were a whole armada of yaks, set up a few rigs for no love. At around 11:00, headed to get some rocks, but all we could hook up was...
  124. svue

    Long beach harbor night bassin

    With a last minute, I hitched up the boat and met up with my friend, we head to davies to meet with two other guys. Head out to the island and we start hookingup left and right, huh I mean I start hooking up left and right leaving the other to cuss me out. Anyway, after that we started hitting...
  125. svue

    Dana Point 4/9

    Well it's about that time of the year, so I start fishing the ocean regularly, anyway, launched out of dana and we head to the domes for nada, fishing at 45 ft for no love. we head back to another GPS point and still nada. For some reason the lady at the bait tackle shop on PCH told us that it...
  126. svue

    1996 Johnson 225HP no oil alarm sounds, but oil is being consumed?

    While on our way to catalina this weekend, my check engine light came on, it went off once we were doing about 4000 RPM. I stopped the boats and check my fuel/water seperator and it was really dirty, we didn't have one on hand, so I deducted the problem to that. We decided to head out cataline...
  127. svue

    where is a good boat service shop

    Bought a used boat with 150HP VRO Johnson outboard. Previous owner told me that he had put fuel stabilizer before storing the boat for about 1 year. Had a bit of difficulty starting it but started, we let it idle for about 20 minutes and off we were to water test the boat. As soon as we...
  128. svue

    Ensenada fishing trip

    Me and my buddy plan to make a trip to ensenada for a 2 days fishing excursion. I have neer fished with any boats south of the border. Who should I contact, or where should I stay. Should I rent a car, or risk driving my own down there. Which boats are good to go on. We plan a 3/4 day and a...
  129. svue

    where to get shifting cable in the OC

    I need a gear shifting cable, where can I get one locally. Don't want to deal with mail order. I live in Orange County.