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    Sacramento Roll Call

    Another Lodi guy Here.......
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    Advice on Long Range Trip

    Thanks guys for all the advice. I did end up booking the Sept 18th 7 day trip on the SOA. If anyone has any other advice feel free to chime in...I'm all ears! Thanks again and I look forward to meeting all the guys on the trip....Dan
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    Advice on Long Range Trip

    Thank you for the advise, Bob and Fishrock. I look for something that fits my schedule. Abaco, I live in Lodi. Do you guys get most of your tackle in advance or on the boat? Do you have a favorite tackle shop? When the trip is over and you get your fish to the processor how long does it take...
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    Advice on Long Range Trip

    I am looking for some advice for a Long Range trip. I was thinking about something in the 7-10 day range in late September, October, or early November. This will be my first long range trip. I have wanted to do this for a long time and this year my schedule is looking good. I usually have a busy...