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  1. nicodemus

    Royal Star Bluefin

    Now we see why bluefin are so hard to catch. Serious kudos to the Royal Star angler that somehow hooked and landed this one.
  2. nicodemus

    Say what?!?

    From Fisherman's Landing website: 6/17/2020 The Shogun called with 48 Bluefin (25 to 35 pounds) 13 Yellowfin Tuna (10 to 15 pounds) 2 dorado and 1 Yellowtail. I was going to say how much I appreciate truth in advertising with the weights shown, and awesome numbers. Then I saw...
  3. nicodemus

    Outrider with Fisherman's Landing

    The 11-person limit looks pretty nice. Anybody fished this boat before? Any info to offer about boat/captain? I'm wondering how big the boat is, hard to tell from their picture. If things open up, I'd like to hop on something in June. 2.5 days on the water sounds pretty good right now...
  4. nicodemus

    Targetting opah Anyone know if there's a commercial fishery for opah, as the photo in this story indicates...
  5. nicodemus

    Initial Long Range Setups

    So I’m looking at picking up my first couple of setups for LR fishing. I’ve got three 7-day trips under my belt, used boat gear each time. While it’s functional and I’ve caught some fish, it’s…well, boat gear. My main trips will be 7-10 day, hopefully at least one per year. After some...
  6. nicodemus

    Polaris Supreme 7-Day Nov. 30-Dec. 7

    We got a nice early start on Saturday, allowing us to be fishing by 8ish on Monday. Fishing day 1 – The Day of the Striped Marlin Captain Alec decided we'd hit Alijos due to minimal pressure there lately. Trolled around the rocks for a couple hours for nada, 1 or 2 small tuna released. We...
  7. nicodemus

    Pre-rigged flat falls

    My buddy and I are on a 3-day in July, hopefully targeting bluefin. We are both using (mostly) boat gear. I'd like to pick up a couple pre-rigged flat falls with the heavy duty leader as well as a stinger hook up top. Someone posted on here a pic of one he purchased just like this, I think at...
  8. nicodemus

    Multi-part question: Gricelda's, shorefishing, how much fish can fly home...CABO

    Actually, I guess it's just multiple questions, and I know some have been addressed in part elsewhere. First, has anyone used Gricelda's in the Cabo marina? I'm heading down end of the month for my first trip to Cabo, have a couple charters booked and would like to have some fish frozen and/or...
  9. nicodemus

    Time to change fish processor

    My buddy Shaun and I had reservations with a processor for our catch coming off the Vagabond on Monday. We were both flying out of SD Tuesday morning, and made arrangements to pick up our airline-weight boxes (just shy of 50 lbs) Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. I had one box of fresh fish, the rest frozen...
  10. nicodemus

    Christmas time fishing

    Looks like I'll be visiting my brother in SD for Christmas. I hate to come to SD and not fish! The only charter I see still going out is the Grande on a full-day to the Coronados. What are they targeting that time of year out there? Is it worth the $155? Anybody know of any other day or 1/5 day...
  11. nicodemus

    Squid for bluefin?

    Two years ago, when the BF were in the 60-90 range on average, I went out on a 3.5 day. Wasn't expecting to target BF, but off to SCI we went. Before grey light each morning, they hung lights off the boat and a few of us jigged up some of the 6" squid that were all around. Long story short, I...
  12. nicodemus

    January - Loreto or Cabo panga fishing

    I'm looking at an inexpensive winter getaway at the end of January. I can fly down to Loreto or Cabo using miles. Wondering which might offer the more inexpensive options both for lodging and getting out a couple, three times on a panga. It'll just be me. Not sure if I want to try to take fish...
  13. nicodemus

    Not to be outdone by those bluefin, 'Lupe produces a cow

    At least I'm assuming RP is at the island... "Today we spent our day fishing and catching Yellowfin tuna and Yellowtail. The tuna range from 40-203 pounds and the yellowtail went from 12-25 pounds."
  14. nicodemus

    Spectra-mono-fluoro or Spectra right to fluoro?

    I did my second long range trip this past October. Got to experience Guadalupe. The first trip 6 years ago, I used boat gear, which had Spectra to a long mono topshot, then the fluoro leader. This trip I started out with a boat rod, then got a loaner from the Accurate rep on the trip. The boat...
  15. nicodemus

    Searcher 7-day Oct 21 - anyone going? Tips for a newbie?

    So I’ve done only one “real” long-range trip – a 7-day in 2012 on the Royal Star. Guadalupe had just shut down and we fished offshore for Bluefin and hit Cedros. It was mostly a SoCal firefighters trip with a handful of other anglers. I used boat gear that was functional, but certainly not top...
  16. nicodemus

    What does a "Sponsored by..." trip mean?

    I'm about to make a reservation on the Top Gun 80 for a 4.5 day trip in October. It notes in bold red lettering that this trip is Sponsored by Seeker Rods! What exactly does this mean? I ask in particular because I'm pretty new at long range fishing and don't have any gear of my own. Last...
  17. nicodemus

    Best bet for bluefin bellies

    I have a shit-ton of bluefin left in my freezer from last fall's trip. I can't seem to find a way to cook it that doesn't taste horribly fishy. My usual smoking method is probably too long, as the fish comes out mushy or pasty. I also have a bunch of bellies, some with up to an inch of fat...
  18. nicodemus

    Top Gun 3.5 day report

    First, a huge thanks to captains and crew, especially Scott you and Robert. And equally to my fellow fisherman and new friends David (Shimano Penn on this site), Bobby (the Scot), Ken, Martin, and others. They taught me, shared topshots, hooks, weights, etc. and even let me use their rods. I...
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  20. nicodemus

    3.5 Day, early Sept or early October?

    I have two openings to do a 3.5 day trip on the Top Gun 80, either second week of September or second week of October. Wondering if anyone has an opionion on which might be better timing? I've been looking at the historical fish counts (at least for last year), and both months were pretty...
  21. nicodemus

    Eating your catch! How do you prepare these fish?

    With my first long-range trip just over three weeks away, and the jones setting in pretty good, I thought I'd get some input on the likely species we'll be catching and how folks like to eat them. How you would you personally rank BFT, YFT, and yellowtail? What are some of your favorite...
  22. nicodemus

    Suggestions/Advice for a newbie on his first long-range trip

    Okay, so I've gotten some real good feedback to my few posts here. I'm doing my first long-range trip, a 7-day'er on the Royal Star mid-September. I'm happy to see it as a "learning" trip, but on the other hand, want to maximize my shot at plenty of catching. Nothing like being well-prepared...
  23. nicodemus

    Bag Limits

    I'm doing a 7-day trip in September and I'm wondering what the limits are for Mexican waters? I've found a few Google hits that say 10 fish per day, 5 of any one species. But on the Royal Star website is says 30 total fish on a trip over 3 days with no more than 15 of any species. I suppose...
  24. nicodemus

    5-day trip to Guadalupe Island

    Hi - I'm new here. Usually fish Alaska, but have a hankering to catch some tuna. I'm looking at a shorter long range trip out of San Diego, maybe to Guadalupe Island. I'm wondering what might be the best time for these (early November is open with my current schedule). I really want tuna...