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  1. Larmo

    Andrew Viola

    I’ll pay $100 to the first person who sends me a photo of Andrew Viola at the Long Beach Show this weekend. Use DM.
  2. Larmo

    Grande, Friday 11/6

    Had a great time on the Grande yesterday. Crew worked hard. Fish are still around and close. Counts don’t do it justice.
  3. Larmo

    Endless Summer for Trout Bum - NZ Style

    My wife wanted to learn to fly fish so we’ve been on it for 3 years in Montana and now we’re ready for what has been the ultimate goal - South Island New Zealand. We’re deep into the planning stage now. Looks like we will be there in early February and plan to split our trip between the south...
  4. Larmo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    In light of events over the past two years it might be worthwhile to start a discussion of what criminal liability exists for captains and crews of sport boats for criminally negligent homicide. Sleeping while on watch resulting in death of passengers exposes the captain and crew to being...
  5. Larmo

    How To Fish Bluefin Foamer

    After yet another trip getting stepped on by a private boater who doesn’t know how to fish a bluefin school let’s start a thread about how to do it right. First, slow the fuck down. These fish are the survivors of generations of bluefin that have been decimated by seiners. They do not like the...
  6. Larmo

    Bluefin Hunt Sunday 6/9

    Just a quick report for the guys going out tomorrow. There are some fish along the ridge 6-7 miles outside the 302/226 and up to the Corner. Not many fish and nothing for us but there were some signs there. We saw puddlers in the am and some breezers for about 5 mins at about 1:00 and that was...
  7. Larmo

    Uber for Boat Hos

    Uber just announced ScUber as a ride share app for submarines. Obviously that’s a gimmick, but why not an Uber for boats? Isn’t that what the Ride-sharing Board is all about? Blah, blah safety and CG inspections... Aren’t Sportboats responsible for more accidents, deaths and injuries lately...
  8. Larmo

    Nados 4/27

    Tough day on the pond for us. Started at the Rockpile where there were a few yellows around but the majority of fish we saw were bones and barries. Didn’t see a yellow boated by anyone but heard there was at least one radio fish. Worked south to start because we saw bird schools down the beach...
  9. Larmo

    Crowley Lake DFW Proposed Reg Changes

    Hello everyone. As you may be aware, the DFW has proposed regulations changes that would negatively effect this world class fishery. The proposed changes would increase the bag limit to 5 during the Cutty spawn in the spring and would keep Crowley open to bait and full limits fishing through...
  10. Larmo

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    For the guys who lost gear in the Prowler accident you should have received a call from the landing that the insurance company is in the process of paying these property claims right now. If you need any help with your property claim, DM me and I will walk you through it at no cost. Make sure...
  11. Larmo

    Major Surf Event - Be Careful

    Hey all you guys who may be planning on lobster fishing tomorrow night and Monday, be very careful around jetties and while diving. This is no ordinary surf event. Long period swells of 9’ are not what we normally experience in So Cal. There will be double overhead waves ++. Every year someone...
  12. Larmo

    425/371 Sunday 8/5

    Epic fishing today with Nick on Mi Panga. First paddy about 5 miles south of the 425 was plugged with dorado. Every Mack was a fish. Limits for four guys by 8:30. C&at bunch more. Play with poppers for ge more. Drove away with them still full speed. Headed down on a 180 heading, 20 mins later...
  13. Larmo

    SCI Bluefin 7/25 and 7/26

    EDIT: dates were 7/25 and 26 Long story short, they’re about 9 miles west of China Point and eating the Yummies. We left at 1 from San Diego and made a tank of small macks in short order st the bait barge before heading to the zone off the east end. Launched the Yummie south of China Point...
  14. Larmo

    SOLD Diawa Saltiga 40 Star Drag Reel

    i am offering this Diawa Saltiga 40 Star drag reel. This is in good working order but sorry no returns or warranty. Sold as is. These are bullet proof reels perfect for Baja. I am only selling because I sold my boat years ago and have too much gear just sitting that should be in the hands of...
  15. Larmo

    SOLD Avet Two Speed Light Tackle Reels

    I am offering the following Avet Reels for sale. These are all in good working order but sold as is with no warranty or returns. (2) Avet MXJ 6/4 two speed lever drag reel silver. 50# Izorline braid. ($150 each) (1) Avet MXL6/4 two speed lever drag reel silver color. 50# Izorline braid...
  16. Larmo

    SOLD CalStar Custom Wrapped Bait Rods

    i am selling the following CalStar grafighter Rods custom wrapped by Monte at M&M. Condition as noted. All rods are located in San Doego. (1) 970 20-40# 7’0” grafighter blank with SIC guides, aluminum Aftco reel seat and gimbal. Some rust on some guides. Few scratches. Grip in good condition...
  17. Larmo

    SOLD 5 Trolling Rods - Best Offer

    I’m selling 5 boat rods for trolling. Asking $200/OBO for the lot. The Seekers are custom wrapped by Monte at M&M. The black and gold was a rod I won at MAW and was wrapped by Rick Cardenas. All rods are located in San Diego. (2) Seeker 6460 XH #40-100, 6’0” (2) Seeker 6455 XH #40-100, 5’6”...
  18. Larmo

    Crowley 5/18/18

    Really slow but one solid bite on a fish that took me 1/2 way into my backing before coming unbuttoned. Fish never stopped or slowed. Plenty of fish on the meter and great conditions just no biters.
  19. Larmo

    Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Hey, I’m out of town and while on the road I had an interesting experience. My good buddy Monte from M&M received a call from San Diego Tackle Traders who said a suspicious set of characters were trying to sell some rods that were wrapped by Monte and wondered if he knew the owner. Turns out...
  20. Larmo

    First Crowley Trip 2018

    The hatching/catching was better than expected. Had 8 of these nice browns over two days and a bunch of rainbows to 20”. All on the broke back midges in McGee. As soon as the weather turned around Crowley turned on.
  21. Larmo

    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    Just booked our trip. Can’t wait. 8/11-25. 4 nights in YNP almost all of it in the Lamar Valley. 5 nights in a cabin 1/2 way up Rock Creek (likely to be the best part of the trip). And 4 nights in Missoula for a couple float trips on the Blackfoot. Already jacked and it’s 6 mos away!
  22. Larmo

    Montana 7/27-8/11

    Some Montana love for my fly fishing fanatics. Started with a bachelor party in Livingston, then three days in Silver Gate to access the Lamar Valley, three days in West Yellowstone and four days in Missoula. Even got a bull trout... Floated the Yellowstone for two days, fished Soda Butte...
  23. Larmo

    Crowley Report 9/6-8

    Crowley is as good as it gets for large fish right now. Wednesday I struggled a bit to find the pattern as seems to always be the case for day one. Started in about 12' off McGee which was really slow. (Turned out I was in no mans land, too far out to get the fish in the mouth and too shallow...
  24. Larmo

    Same Story - No fish 230/302

    I'm young enough to remember a time when we NEVER got skunked. Now it seems we get skunked more often than not! Started at the 230 where there was clear sign of fish around, marks birds and 6 sporties. Everyone was flying kites and heading S-SW. We joined them and worked the area until early...
  25. Larmo

    Mammoth Lakes Basin Road Now Open

    This is truly amazing that the lakes road is only just now opening and the lakes are still partially frozen. What an incredible year.
  26. Larmo

    Crowley Report 5/13-14

    We made the run to fish Crowley Last weekend and had a great time. We stayed in Bishop at the Creekside Inn which was amazing. It's right next to the bowling alley which has excellent steak and prime rib dinners for cheap, Schats is next door and across the street is Holy Smokes BBQ which is...
  27. Larmo

    Let's Post More Fly Fishing Reports

    Like most people here, I've been mainly a salt water guy but last year I restarted my fly fishing and I know there are a bunch of good fly fisherman here who like both. I'm set to do a lot of fly fishing this year and I will post reports from all over and especially Crowley. If more people do...
  28. Larmo

    Sierras Opener

    Did anyone make it up to Crowley?
  29. Larmo

    Recent Tres Marias Report

    We're thinking of making the run again from Maz. What's the latest dope? Heard the Mexican Navy has been active...
  30. Larmo

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Two plead guilty to attempted insurance fraud in San Diego. SMH
  31. Larmo

    Heading to El Banco/Marias 12/2-8

    We'll be out there on Wahoo, 35 Cabo, with a mid stop in PV for fuel. Hit us up. Chasing Marlin. Any recent reports? Larmo
  32. Larmo

    Williamson Chain Gangs - $20 Lot

    Basically free plus shipping. Cleaning house. SOLD - Thanks BD!
  33. Larmo

    Lure Candy

    Rigged for El Banco.
  34. Larmo

    Mazatlan 11/5-6 Blue Marlin

    Had an epic trip on my old boat with my new best friend Bart who has taken her to a new level and rigged her for big game fishing. Saturday we struggled in rough conditions for no knockdowns but we saw plenty of life and no fisherman. Next day we saw flat calm conditions and got a #392 (tape...
  35. Larmo

    Marlin Report Thurs. 10/6

    Excellent weather today. Started at the N9 in blue water and 69. Headed NW to the 178 which was bluer but no birds or sign. Continued up to the warmer water and bent out to the 182 on a report of a knockdown on the MJG. Found tuna looking sign mid way on a large school or porpoise with terns...
  36. Larmo

    Heading out of SD for Marlin Thurs

    Anyone else going? Any reports last couple of days? Thanks!
  37. Larmo

    Marlin Dope Saturday 10/1

    K maybe this will help some guys out tomorrow. We started at the Lower 9. Water was blue and 69. We trolled off the S9 and across toward the 302. No sign in this area for us. Picked them up about 5 miles west of the Lower 9 so we could be on the 302/226 high spots for the slack tide. Water on...
  38. Larmo

    Marlin 43/182

    Good Marlin fishing today in the zone from the 43-289-182. We spent our day At the corner and saw multiple bird schools of the smaller YF and porpoise. We were solely focused on Marlin today so we trolled by looking for those and continued out to the 43. By the time we got there probably 6...
  39. Larmo

    Let's Chase Marlin This Year

    Anyone looking for a hand or a captain targeting Marlin, I'm your Huckleberry. Weekdays, esp. Will travel for a good gig. Larry (San Diego)
  40. Larmo

    Oceanside Harbor - Major South Swell This Weekend

    Be really aware this weekend. Major south swell is forecast. Waves to 8'. That kind of swell will close the harbor. Check
  41. Larmo

    Bluefin Details Friday

    Just a quickie for the guys putting trips together for the weekend. Bait was lame 3" chovies so we made macks at the receiver but it was a slow pick. Radio said wide open at green tanks in 100'. Headed out and started seeing sign outside the 9. Large area of fish it seems with people...
  42. Larmo

    Bluefin Islands Tuesday 5/10

    K here's the straight dope. We fished long to see if we could find some fish all alone. Covered the 226/302 thoroughly in bluer water and found some nice marks but no visible signs ao we kept looking. Went west to the 28 lime and found the bluest water but no bait and no marks, no signs...
  43. Larmo

    Happy Thanksgiving All You Crazy BD Mos

    I for one appreciate all the laughs. This site is one of the best things going and it's all of you who make it real. Love it. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  44. Larmo

    Went The Wrong Way

    We had two choices based on the charts - north to the warm blue water outside the 182/181 to the 43 or south to the bubble around the Hidden. We went north. Found blue warm water with puddling bait along the ridge and flying fish all around the 43. Water temps at the 43 were 75.1 today. Epic...
  45. Larmo

    The DFG Has Spoken, It's Time For A Change

    This week this community was outraged by the actions of the Pacific Voyager crew in free gaffing a blue marlin in California waters. Killing a free swimming blue marlin by free gaff is inconsistent with the basic principles of sportsmanship. It was plastered on social media and it incited...
  46. Larmo

    You Avet Critics Crack Me Up#

    I don't know where the criticism of these reels comes from but here's my experience. When I bought my Cabo I went out and rigged it with Avets to the 9s because I had been fishing in PV and they all had Avets in daily duty and said they were indestructible. I bought 4 SDS 50s as trollers, 2...
  47. Larmo

    Blue Marlin/Wahoo Tournament Saturday??

    Historic season. Close to all the SoCal harbors. Perfect weather forecast for Saturday. Testing interest in a blue marlin and wahoo tournament this weekend out of SD Marlin Club, Dana Landing and Balboa. $100 per angler in a pot per species, 60% to 1st Place, 30% to 2d, 10% to 3rd. No...
  48. Larmo

    Saturday San Diego

    We'll be on 65. Mi Panga.
  49. Larmo

    Who Wants To Chase Blues?

    Sold my boat last year but I Have all the gear we need to seriously chase blue marlin: 2 speed Avet 50s with up to 1000 yards 80#, 60# drop backs on Avet 40 2 speeds, blue marlin jigs, etc. if you have a boat and want to chase giants in your own backyard during the season of a lifetime let's do...
  50. Larmo

    Blue Marlin Reports Here

    Lets start another thread to report all blue marlin again like last season. Please put useful information here if you have it but also all credible reports of blues 2nd hand so we can all see what is working this historic season. Where? What lure? What position? Gear/Tackle? Boat? Story!?!
  51. Larmo

    Blue Marlin Report

    We hooked a brute today inside the 312 on a custom black over pink and purple 14" lure on the long corner. Blind strike and then ripped 750 yards of 80# and spectra in a minute pr two. We were short handed and couldn't clear the rods in time. The fish switched sides and ended up under the boat...
  52. Larmo

    Williamson P/B Blue Marlin Lure

    Big fat Williamson corner bait. Teaser with 12/0 hooks when rigged $35
  53. Larmo

    Straight Outta Kona Slant Marlin Lure

    Deadly long rigger bait. Kona head. 10" $25
  54. Larmo

    Black Bart Tuna XXX

    9" classic ready for Cabo. Abalone insert. Baby yellowfin. Marlin and tuna magnet. $25
  55. Larmo

    Ahi Pussy Tuna Lure Red/Black

    Straight Outta Kona 8" Ahi Pussy the one and only. $25
  56. Larmo

    Ahi Pussy Tuna Lure Red/Black

    Straight Outta Kona 8" Ahi Pussy the one and only. $25
  57. Larmo

    Hi5 Marlin Lures

    Straight Outta Cabo - A nice set of Hi5 lures including my big angry 14" corner bait. Slap 12/0 hooks on her and get ready. The thing about Hi5s is they run great in all kinds of seas with no fuss. Nice weight and great smoke trails. $100
  58. Larmo

    Marlin Fishing Channel Island Harbor

    Someone with a boat up there interested in getting in on an epic marlin bite? I have everything we need. Larry
  59. Larmo

    Metal Head Trolling Lures

    $20 for both + shipping.
  60. Larmo

    Marlin Lure - Braid

    And the last one. Braid Marlin Lure $25
  61. Larmo

    Marlin Lure - Rainbow Lures, Newport

    Here's another cool one. Someone needs to put it to work. Rainbow Lures, Newport Beach. Slant face. $25 Larry
  62. Larmo

    Marlin Lures - Sevenstrand Lot

    For anyone looking for a Sevenstrand Baja spread selection, this is it. All lures in good condition, barely used, no chips. $100 for the lot. Larry
  63. Larmo

    Steve Elkins Custom Marlin Lure

    I'll give this a try. This is a Custom Steve Elkins marlin lure, Drumstick Flyer. Price $100. Cleaning out my collection. Hope someone can put it to better use. Larry
  64. Larmo

    Who Wants To Target Marlin?

    2 blues confirmed at the 302/226 last weekend. Plenty of stripers now. I'll bring everything, just need a sled with riggers. Let's go!
  65. Larmo

    Commander - Any Reviews?

    Thinking about an overnight. Anyone willing to share a review of this boat and crew? Thanks.
  66. Larmo

    Condor 1.5 Day Report 8/20

    Tough trip turned very positive and some interesting info about our fleet to all those who love these guys... We started out in trouble because the bait was being rationed at 100 scoops and it was uncured. Captain then had to call an audible because we lacked the bait we needed to fish the...
  67. Larmo

    Condor 1.5 8/19-20

    Heading out tonight. Over-anxious as usual. Wondering what gear is best and where those Maximus YF are. Condor has been chasing the BF but that seems to be down. Maybe we will get after the YF down south. Anyone from the recent trips got any dope?
  68. Larmo

    Tuesday 9 Mile and 182

    Had a rough morning in a small boat. Chop from two directions. Started on the 9 and looked hard along with the fleet for nothing showing. Continued beating our way West at 9 kts for nothing until we saw a single jumper at the 182. Soaked for nothing and no birds. Continued to the Corner with...
  69. Larmo

    New Compact Waterproof Drones

    Check out this new drone in development. Could work for fishing videos.
  70. Larmo

    Cartel Violence In Puerto Vallarta

    The battle is on for control in PV. Idiots shot down a military helicopter and killed 15 cops. Government declard war on the local cartel last weekend. Heads up to lay low until it settles down.
  71. Larmo

    Rockpile/Descanso Report Saturday 3/21

    What an awesome day. Weather laid down with just enough wind to get it going and not too many boats. We left Shelter Isl at 6 in my friend Shanoe's 18 Whaler and picked up a 1/2 scoop of well cured dines. We didn't lose one bait all day. Perfect size and green, long range quality. We went...
  72. Larmo

    If Tomorrow Is Like Today This Party's Over

    We worked the 9 Mile area all day for very few signs and no strikes. Water is still 72-3 and perfect blue. Weather was 10/10. Radio had one guy who went to the Butterfly for one dodo on the troll. Reports of great conditions but no fish for the...
  73. Larmo

    Another Dodo Report - 371 Friday

    Right to the point. Bait's good. Weather is warning Fall is here. Windy with swell from the NW now. Water temps are 70-72 which is a degree cooler than last week. The dodos are massing up in big hungry schools, maybe to begin a migration south? Long stretches of empty water but when you...
  74. Larmo

    Historic Bite: Blue Marlin Reports

    Same as with wahoo. This is another historic bite. I've heard a dozen stories of epic blue marlin battles in Southern California ending in heartbreak. Let's start a thread to collect these reports in one place. Please include as much info as possible about area, tackle, jigs, time of day...
  75. Larmo

    Historic Bite - Wahoo Reports Only

    We are in the midst of an historic season and i wanted to start a thread for first hand wahoo reports. My sense is that this is developing into as good a wahoo bite as is normal for the peak of the Cabo season. Please post reports, techniques, lures, times of day, tides, areas and anything...
  76. Larmo

    Just Another Marlin Report

    My new best friend at Precision Marine Hardware, John, came through big time with new 20' riggers in just two weeks despite all of Cabo calling him off the hook to prioritize theirs for the tournaments. He made me a sweet set of Hawaiian extra stiff poles. They are much better than the old...
  77. Larmo

    Epic Marlin Fishing - Tues

    This was our day. Used FD charts to identify a likely zone where the chloro line crossed the north end of the 226. This was one of the most pronounced chloro lines I can remember and it was right over the top of a bank that has been holding marlin for two weeks. We made a plan to fish it...
  78. Larmo

    226/302/230/371 Tues

    Tough day for all today in this zone. Pretty stiff breeze by noon but it was slow before that so can't blame the weather. Laid down nicely in the evening. Green water west of these high spots and on the green side of that line to the west of the 226 to below the 230 were paddy after paddy on...
  79. Larmo

    I need a crew

    That understands what it takes to fish a nice boat and can afford to split costs. It takes 100 gals a day to run a boat this size, 80 for two scoops, 60 for a wash down, plus 100 plus for bait, food, ice and beer. Three guys total is ideal. Four is max and then only if they know how to fish...
  80. Larmo

    Reward Offered - EZ $$$$$

    I am looking for information leading to the identification and beating of the Bait Tweaker who stole my macks last night. If someone will give him up I will take them fishing for a day and fill their freezer. I have the bitch's lemon yellow bait net and Solo cup he left on the dock box for...
  81. Larmo

    312, 209, 181, 182 Saturday

    Made the run from PL where it was WFO last week only to find much different conditions up North. Weather was a bit snotty from the start but that wasn't the entire problem. We later learned the fish that were at the 312/209 last weekend seem to have moved up to the slide. We worked the...
  82. Larmo

    312 Sunday

    Made a B Line to the 312 on JD Dope that a big blue was seen there yesterday. Got a 1/2 scoop of cured deans from EB mixed with my macks. Nothing otw up or down from SD to the 312. Water is green from the N9 to the LJ Canyon. Might have seen some bones or very small YF around the 178. Once...
  83. Larmo

    371/425/9 Thurs

    Good fishing today in these zones. Usual drill - plenty of chum plenty of fish all decent size 20+. Had two fish on marlin jigs today one on the 11" MJG on the inside corner amd one on a smaller blue/white/pink on the rigger. Had one slap on the stinger of the right kind near the 425 but we...
  84. Larmo

    Go Fishing Right Now -302

    Fished today and was amazed at the volume of fish on these banks. Catch reports aren't telling the whole story because it is difficult to get bites unless you skip the dines and patiently soak and chum chovies. We tried the traditional methods trolling and looking for paddies. There are so...
  85. Larmo

    SD Bait Report

    Went to the barge this afternoon to check it out and make macks. For guys going out tomorrow, they have three boxes of dines offloaded today. If you want straight dines, better get there early. Plenty of 8-10" macks around the barge. We made a scoop in 2 hours with 5# of squid for chum...
  86. Larmo

    Coronados, S9, etc. 7/6

    Took my dad out today for the first time in 4 years. Made nice macks last night so we'd have the best possible chance. We had our shots on the slow troll but only ended up with one to show for it. Seemed like the bite slowed down by 8 (we arrived around 7) but there were fish being picked up...
  87. Larmo

    Flats Sunday

    Looked around the flats Sunday evening for nothing. Dock was very quiet today. 3/4 boats were blanked today. Thinking of going again Wed afternoon. Anyone have luck at the Islands/ Flats this weekend?
  88. Larmo

    Using Sonar to Find Rockfish

    Ok, all the top sonar guys, can anyone provide a primer on how to separate reds from bocaccio on sonar? Do they hang at different depths, different structure, etc? Thanks for the time.
  89. Larmo

    American Apparel Comes Thru

    One of these should be given away to That Guy on every trip.
  90. Larmo

    YF Are Here Big Time

    Paddies inside the 390 were all holding smallish dodos by the hundreds and YF. In the general area of 05/48 paddies were all holding eager YF. We found two where they stayed with us for an hour and boiled instantly on anything that wiggled. Many boats in that zone reporting limits. Trolling...
  91. Larmo

    9/178/LJ canyon

    Stayed close to avoid the crowds. Found a paddy on top of the 178 that was holding a slug YT and tonnage of bait. Yellow wasn't biting so made a tank of mini macks amd continued North. Found another one 9 miles off LJ that held a few. C&Rd a few and broke a nicer one off. Mini macks were...
  92. Larmo

    Tuesday 7/23 - Hidden and 238

    Hit up the pens today arriving at 7. Conditions were good and only 3-4 other private boats, no sporties. Guys there said a foamer came up at 6:30 and a couple of fish were hooked. We tried a few of the pens on a long soak with macks we made in PL. nothing for us. About 9 we put out the...
  93. Larmo

    Sunday 178/226/302/371

    Followed the temp break from the 7/15 SST dragging marline lures and glassing. Figured any exotics on the move would be in this water. Water was 69.5 on the warm side and 66.5 on the cold side. Blue water on both sides. Saw a couple of paddies inside the 226 with a few rat yellows. Most...
  94. Larmo

    For Sale: Shimano Gold TN16

    Good condition. Just serviced last week at Angler's Choise, PL. Very clean. 50# spectra. $275 plus shipping. Located at M&M Custom Rods, Point Loma.
  95. Larmo

    FS Accurate Boss 270 Single Speed

    50 lb Spectra. Good condition. $250 OBO.
  96. Larmo

    WTB - Penn TRQ25

    Looking for a good price on one of these. Located in SD. Thanks
  97. Larmo

    For Sale: Avet EX 40/2 Silver (2)

    These reels have never seen much use but there is some boat rash on them and the spool on one has some corrosion. They have been in storage for 4 years. No boxes. I know they have never been used on a serious fish. Asking $600 for both. Located in SD. Thanks, Larry 619-813-9501
  98. Larmo

    (2) Silver Avet Pro SDS EX 50/02 For Sale

    I have 2 in silver for sale each with 350 yards of 130 spectra. Located in SD. Make me an offer for one or both. I have 6 and these two were never used. They've been sitting in storage for literally five years and I have finally concluded they need a new owner who will wear them out.
  99. Larmo

    How did it go?

    Any good stories from the tournament?
  100. Larmo

    Caterpillar Mechanic Wanted - San Diego

    Looking for recommendations/references. My friend and mechanic just retired. Thanks in advance. Larry
  101. Larmo

    N9, 178, LJ Canyon, 312, 181, 182 Sunday

    Started middle of the 9 at dawn. Lot of life there and boats. Terns working. Fleet on a long drift. I would say BF but didn't see them and didn't hear reports. Continued north across the 178. Bent it in at the LJ canyon where we found some nice paddies along a current break but all dry...
  102. Larmo

    9 Mile Bank Sat

    Great weather and water conditions but no fish for us. Paddy Hopper called us in on a tailer at the North end but he sunk out before we could get there. Thanks anyway! He reported a jumper in the same area and there was a radio fish on the south end. Sounded slow on the radio on the...
  103. Larmo

    Saturday - Marlin

    Focused on one thing today. Expected just a cruise soaking jigs since its still about a month early. Made macks and hit the 9 for the slack tide with a full spread of marlin jigs. Water was blue and 69.5. Lumpy but fishable with a steady wind. Started at the top of the 9. Blue whales...
  104. Larmo

    Saturday Hidden Bank, etc

    Went outside the numbers and started in the 39 and 09 area where we found 63.5, porpoise, and small jumpers. Trolled every variety imaginable of PB, Marauders, deep plugs, slanted lead heads, spreader bars, etc. Could not get them to go. Worked a few miles south. Heard from another boat coming...
  105. Larmo

    Middle Grounds 7/1

    Fished the middle grounds all day today on the hook hoping for a repeat of the reports from yesterday. Conditions just wouldn't set up right today. Current was to the south so, down and at times straight out. Flipped around briefly (like 20 mins) from the west and then we hooked one on 30...
  106. Larmo

    LJ 4/21

    Did the afternoon run again. Fish showed well from 2-4 at the NW corner. Had four good shots, but couldn't connect on the light iron. Water is cleaning up from that red tide. Not too many boats and everyone was cool. Sporties were all there. EB had the right size deans and well cured...
  107. Larmo

    PL & LJ 4/20

    After all the strong reports we snuck out this afternoon about 3:30. We started the search off Green Tanks and worked up the line to the 32 Spot. Water from PL to south of Birdrock is ugly brown green. Just past the So. LJ MPA it cleans up a little bit and what is left of the fish was in only...
  108. Larmo

    Ensenada Bait

    Heading to the Coral for a few days starting Friday. Anyone been to the Ensenada bait dock recently or made macks near the Coral who can give me the latest dope? Thanks
  109. Larmo

    Saturday - Pens and U500

    Fished the MAW yesterday. Started on paddies 10 mi North of Hidden for 1 of 2 hookups on 18 lb yt on the scale. Nice fish. Hit the pens, did the tour and saw not a single tuna landed. Started looking around at noon and made our way south then west to 5 miles west of the U500. Water blue there...
  110. Larmo

    9, 178, 302, 371 Saturday

    Started with a plan to fish the 302 and went out to lumpy conditions and wind. Fished the 9 up to the 178 with the marlin jigs. Only life was at the N9. Water was dirty blue and 69.5 in the am. Wind seemed to be backing off so we picked up and hit the 226 by the slack tide. Trolled across to...
  111. Larmo

    Kona 7/27, 29

    Fished two days on the Legend up on the grounds. Day one raised 3, one of which was over 800 is all we'll say but she was definitely all that and more. Hit the long rigger once and then came up on the stinger PB and swatted it for a good two minutes but never ate it. Fish was so wide the wake...
  112. Larmo

    La Jolla Sunday

    Fished with my brother in the kelp. Good times in the summer sun. Clean green 65.8 to 66.5' warmer NW. Even a strip of blue off north bird. Bit deeper mostly on the fall smaller FT brown and silver best. Made some quick greens and slow trolled for T along the canyon wall during the slack for...
  113. Larmo


    No fish for us. Started at the lower numbers. Nothing happening for the fleet. By 9 everyone was already on the move. Trolled west to the 26 line and then south to the 40 line, then east back to the 13 which basically boxes the 500 and lower hidden. Then back to 13 and 50 for more chunks...
  114. Larmo

    YF on the 9?

    I was pretty sure I saw a spot at about 7 pm in the Coronado canyon Saturday. We trolled up to them and chased the porpoise out of there to the SW until dark for nothing. There was a big spot of terns on the forward edge but they were moving fast and it was basically dark and I had my doubts...
  115. Larmo

    MAW - Granted

    Guys, not much to add to the MAW fishing reports but was there was one very special catch on my boat. My 15 yo daughter, Meagan survived Stage 4 Hodgkins this year and fished the tournament for the first time ever. The entire team was focused on getting her on a winner and late in the day we...
  116. Larmo


    Heading out
  117. Larmo

    Sat Fish Report Slide to N9

    Took my daughter for an end of Summer boat ride from Point Loma to Catalina overnight. We planned to spend the weekend but no moorings and wind made for a long night so we headed back today and fished hard dragging the lures and glassing. Water rolled overnight at Cat and temps dropped 2...
  118. Larmo

    East Cape Fishing Report 8/6-8

    My brother and I hit the Buena Vista Hotel in East Cape last Fri, Sat and Sun to escape the cold weather and frustrating summer in San Diego. We had a great time and the fishing down there is outstanding. The hotel was excellent and the food is awesome. We fish Mexico twice a year and the...
  119. Larmo

    Thursday 213, 1010

    Not our day... Started high at 32.00, 117.40 concerned that the fish moved up with the warm water. Then trolled along the break along the east side of the 213 and down the east side of the 1010 to 31.40 when we see the armada moving north and no fish reports south. Radio fish early one stop...
  120. Larmo

    295 7/8

    117.20/31.29 5am - 5 pm trip. Good stops on albacore and one that turned to bluefin. All fish 20#s or so. Ate the 20# fluoro best. Hot jigs mex flag lead head and petrolero lead head. Got 15, 6 blues. Also check the area on the 20 line at 31.50, bait, birds, whales. Work the blue water...
  121. Larmo

    N9 Thresher

    250# Bleeding mackerel BOM. Cut off all the hooks and left one 3/0 to pin a mackie as teaser but this one ended up tail hooked so we took him. Some wind in the afternoon but not bad at all. Seemed slower than yesterday.
  122. Larmo

    1010 - 213

    Fished out of the Coral - Sun/Mon. Sunday went south for one 15# BFT and countless skippies from the 450 southwest. Monday went to the top of the 1010 to the 213 for limits on peanut albies and one 15# YFT. Skippies everywhere. All on the troll. MJG was the ticket but the albies ate...
  123. Larmo

    8/16-17 Marlin Report 277 - 499

    We fished the Cabo/Hatteras tournament out of Catalina this weekend targeting Marlin all the way. Most of the fleet went SW to the tuna grounds off the E fly. Usual catch of small albie and BFT - largest was a 57# YFT on a certified scale to win the tournament. Our plan was to target the...
  124. Larmo

    Wed 8/6

    Left late - after making macks at the Whistler headed outside at 8. Started in the Canyon and worked marlin jigs along the 6oo fath curve outside the islands. Outside Pukey we spotted a tailer but it sank out before we could get there. Boxed the area and got picked up by a dodo on the MJG...
  125. Larmo

    Late Report 7/5

    Albacore SW of the 238/295 areas. Good numbers, plenty of bait stops. Seemed to bite at dawn and again in the afternoon. Slow from 10 - 2. Very rough weather yesterday, but fishable (forecast was dead on). Water temp 65 and clear blue. Saw a spot of BFT pop up along the 10 line on the way...
  126. Larmo

    Going Long 7/5

    We're going long down to the 295 and SW looking along the temp edge. Plan is to round the point by 12 depending... Anyone else going to be in the area hail us on 72. Ehukai - out
  127. Larmo

    390/213/1010 on Monday 10/8

    Sorry for the late report but with these steady weather conditions, should still be helpful to anyone going out tomorrow. Hit the edge on the SSTs and Chlorophyl charts from the outside 390 across the 378 to the inside 213. Saw large porpoise pod between the 371 and 390 heading east...
  128. Larmo

    7/3 Albies, BFT

    Started at the NW 390. 1 albie after an hour in slightly off color 65 water. No followers. Radio had one area of biters on the 10 line south of the 371, 10 miles short of the 390, along the break with decent scores by noon and seemed like slightly smaller grade. Another score on the E...
  129. Larmo

    Friday Albie Report 6/29

    Sorry for the late post but for you guys heading out tomorrow, we found good fishing in the cooler water south of the 390 in the area of the knuckle between the 213 and 450. Fish were up before the clouds burned off with plenty of meter marks at 50', water in the mid 65s and slightly milky...
  130. Larmo

    Excel 3 day 6/1-4

    Any good dope at 3 day range? Predictions???