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  1. tresher_one

    Sabre strokers for sale

    Sabre strokes for sale price are firm pick up only I'm in Culver city, 9' sabre sc1229c 10-30lb- 130$ 9' sabre sc229jc 10-30lb 130$ 9' sabre 690 10-30 130$ 10' sabre 540 20-50 ( full ten footer never been cut is a sin too cut ten footers) 250$ 8' sabre sc196-8hc 12-30lb 100$
  2. tresher_one

    Old school sabre's and a newell

    times are tough right know need to pay some bills.I have 1 newell and 8 Old school Sabre's for sale. Pick up only. Im in culver if you have any questions i can be reach at 310-927-2377 robert 1. Newell P533-5.5F with box 130$ SOLD 2. Sabre 690-9' 15-30Lb x-tube grip 120$ 3. Sabre Stroker...
  3. tresher_one


    I have 3 reels for sale Pick only, I will not ship. you can reach me at 310-927-2377 robert. thanks Shimano TLD Star drag 20/40S no clamp or screwa 50$ Shimano TLD 10 Level Drag no clamp or screws 50$ Daiwa Sealine SL50SH with clamp and screws inluded 50$ 100 for all 3
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    NFL player arrested for kicking his BF ass :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    school shooting
  6. tresher_one


    SOLD SOLD SOLD 6 Salas Jr 6x 2 Salas 1x100 1 Cristy by Salas 1 Salas Dx 1 Salas yo-yo 3 1 Salas baby 5x 2 Salas 6x 2 Salas OKY 5 Tady 45 2 Tady 4/0 1 Tady 6/0 1 Tady 1 Tady C 1 Tady 9/0 1 Tady A1 3 Roddy Buit 2 Candy Bar 2 Hacker 5 2 Jax Jig 2 CP 105 2 Straggler 1 Sea Strike 82 1...
  7. tresher_one

    Old Sabre's for sale................

    I have 3 Old sabre's for sale one of them being a spinner. Im asking 100 dollars a piece. Pick up Only! if you have any questions you can reach me at 310-930-3570 robert. 9 foot sabre SC229-JC 10-30 LB test with cork tape. 9 foot sabre SC1229C 10-30 LB test with a reel seat
  8. tresher_one

    shimano TLD Star and a Daiwa SL50SH

    I have a shimano TLD Star-Drag 20/40S dont have the screws or clamp for it. asking 60$ I also have a Daiwa SL50Sh comes with screws and clamp also asking 60$ or take both of them for 75$. NO shipping pick up only! you can reach me at 310-930-3570
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    What would you do????

    I know what i would....:drool:
  10. tresher_one

    Bronco fan gets ink on his back.
  11. tresher_one

    ATC BT2080

    I have an ATC BT8020 rated 12-25lb only used once. asking 130 dollars pick up only. give me a call at 310-930-3570 ask for robert.
  12. tresher_one

    Newell and Daiwa

    Newell G447-F 100$ OBO mechanically 10/10 cosmetically 7/10 Daiwa SL50SH 60$ Mechanically 10/10 cosmetically 9/10 give me a call at 310-425-8193 ask for Robert or 310-930-3570-cell Pick up only
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    Mods please fix thi this is for that one bloodydecker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl: saw this billboard on the way home....
  14. tresher_one

    Found this on craiglist-2.5 for 150$

    foun this on craiglist dont think is a scam but u can give him a call, the trip is on the Big Game90. June 17th 2.5 days fishing Cant go now
  15. tresher_one

    squidder 140 conversion

    I have a squider that i no longer use its 140 converted to a 146 but with the 140 sideplates, newell base,newell crosbars and a progear handle with HT100 asking 60 dollars for it pick only!!!!!!!!!!! Hit me up at 310-425-8193 robert SOLD
  16. tresher_one

    newell S332-5

    I have a newell for sale for 50$ cosmetacally 6/10 mecanachally 9/10 Pick up only!!!!!!!!! hit me up at 310-425-8193 robert
  17. tresher_one

    Newell 344-FJ Blackie

    I have 344-FJ Blackie for sale asking 150 OBO. It has all the original parts and clamp sorry can't seem to upload pictures. My numbers is 310-880-6244 or 310-751-8715 Pick up only!!! or can drop of if you are in the area...
  18. tresher_one

    Newell Reels

    I have two reels for sale one is a G447-F no clamp mechanically is a 10/10 cosmetically is an 7/10 asking 100 dollars. Second reel is a P533-5.5F with clamp meachanically a 10/10 costmetically a 9/10. asking 130 dollars. Sorry no pix broke my camera. if you are interedted in the reels, please...