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  1. 2strokepoke

    SOLD Baja Special, penn 113hn

    I hate to part with this but I just don't use it much anymore. I still have original box and spare handle. On the reel right now is an Alan Tani handle. It's spoiled with 65# braid and has roughly 75 yd topshot of 40# Ande. I'm asking $175. I can take more pictures if needed. Danny 562.292.3265
  2. 2strokepoke

    POP Stand UP Paddleboards

    I have a total of 4 SUP's that I am trying to sell. You could either take all 4 or buy individually.Board size is 11'6" long and 33" wide. They all come with an adjustable carbon fiber paddle and leash. I am asking $650 each, if you'd like more than one, I'll make you a deal.
  3. 2strokepoke

    Best way to sell a boat

    which is the best way to sell your boat? is it as easy as selling a car, with the added marine surveys and sea trial? or is it more practical to go to a dealer or use a broker? i just don't like the idea of how much they take in commission. any thoughts or advice? thanks
  4. 2strokepoke

    selling a boat

    which is the best way to sell your boat? is it as easy as selling a car, with the added surveys and sea trial? or is it more practical to go to a dealer or use a broker? i just don't like the idea of how much they take in commission. any thoughts or advice? thanks
  5. 2strokepoke

    No Wake Ticket.

    a few weeks ago i had the family out for the day on the boat. long story short is that while we were departing and leaving the harbor, in dana point, i was stopped by the sheriff for speeding. i told him he was wrong, because i don't accelerate beyond 5mph until the kids butts are firmly...
  6. 2strokepoke

    outdrive bellows

    i have a volvo dps-a outdrive, and the other day when i was flushing the engine my son notice water sputtering out of the lower bellows on the drive. it was only when the engine was running. is this normal? i thought both those bellows were supposed to be water tight....any help or insight will...
  7. 2strokepoke

    sunset aquatic marina

    i know this is in the wrong forum, but this seems to get the most traffic. this is for anyone who has a boat stored there, slipped or dry storage. now that the bridge has re-opened and everything is somewhat back to normal, meaning we are paying our space rent and getting to access it, has...
  8. 2strokepoke

    Farmhouse table........$750

    this one is 75"x38" but can be made to any size, all solid wood and stained to your liking. $750
  9. 2strokepoke

    sunset aquatic ramp closure

    i don't know where else to post this but i'd like to get everyones opinion and plans on what their plans are. with the end of the month creeping up, who plans on paying and who doesn't plan on sending the check? both myself and my wife have been diligently calling the city trying to get answers...
  10. 2strokepoke

    Flat fall jigs

    I was at the longfin today and picked up a few shimano flat falls, their selection/inventory was good. Picked up a colt sniper too, thought I'd give it a try
  11. 2strokepoke

    ceiling fan

    SOLD SOLD 2 year old ceiling fan. 3 speed, 52". no chains, comes with remote for light and fan. can be both installed indoors or out for a covered patio. $150
  12. 2strokepoke

    11/28 hooping in lb

    went out last night with my son trying to bring home a few lobster. started out by the sea launch around 35' for nada, but a bunch of small spider crabs. second set we moved towards the wall and pulled in a bunch of crab. all but 1 were full of eggs so we threw them back in, and 1 keeper crab...
  13. 2strokepoke

    1 1/2" fuel fill hose

    i have about 34" of 1 1/2" fuel fill hose, trident A2 with wire
  14. 2strokepoke

    jack cole's #

    does anyone have a current number for jack cole in costa mesa? everything i've come across is no longer in service.
  15. 2strokepoke

    skipjack macerator flow through

    i am having trouble finding the flow through on my skippy. i have an idea where it is, following the breather hose off my holding tank. but that requires removing the ladder and a couple other things. if thats where it is, then so be it. i was just hoping for a little help. thanks.
  16. 2strokepoke

    LB breakwall 7/4

    went out for the day with the family and decided to try to catch a few crabs. as i was retrieving one of my hoops, the rope got wrapped around the prop and killed the engine. i was about 40 feet and closing from the wall and decided to drop anchor and perform surgery on the drive. after it was...
  17. 2strokepoke

    san clemente island

    i'm planning on heading out to the island in a couple weeks. i've never been there before so i'm hoping to pick a few brains out there, as far as, possible mooring or anchoring, and what to expect, etc. thanks for the help.
  18. 2strokepoke

    volvo exhaust risers

    these risers are in very good shape, less than 80 hrs on them. volvo # 3863479, they came off my 8.1l (496), but I'm pretty sure they are compatible with most volvo small block and big block v8's. i don't know what to price these at, so i'm sure you will all make fair offers. right?
  19. 2strokepoke


    i'd just like to say thanks to the dooshbag that took my hoops last nite. to me its only money, which luckily I'm fortunate enough to replace. but for the 2 kids on board (8 and 5) who got to stay up late, and chase lobster, had their night cut short. so who ever it was enjoy it, and maybe some...
  20. 2strokepoke

    My boat, your spots

    i have the boat and you have your spots. i'm open to days or nights, lobster hooping as well. i can accommodate up to 4. let me know and we can work something out.
  21. 2strokepoke

    fuel senders

    i have a centroid sending unit now w/gauge, and i am thinking of replacing it with a wema unit. has anyone wired a wema unit up to a centroid gauge? will it work? pros/cons. thanks.
  22. 2strokepoke

    garmin gps

    Garmin handheld gps. GPSmap 60. a few years old but works like new. $150 obo
  23. 2strokepoke

    scuba tank racks (2)

    2 scuba tank racks. each rack holds 3 tanks, for a total of 6. fold down design. $40 each or $75 for both.
  24. 2strokepoke

    spinfisherV 8500

    recently i noticed my reel feeling tight or stubborn as I'm reeling in line. ive only had it out a few times, washed and cleaned after each trip. so i thought to open it up and check out where the problem might be occurring. my first thought was the main shaft rubbing as it is doing its thing...
  25. 2strokepoke

    skipjack outriggers

    I'm thinking about buy some outriggers for my skipjack. I've noticed both aluminum and fiberglass. Does the aluminum eventually flex. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  26. 2strokepoke

    9 mile san diego

    the water and conditions were killer today. visibility was nil till about noon. my fish finder was marking all over, no luck with any bites though. we decided to come back inside and try the paddies when the engine took a dump. vessel assist was there in 45 mins and i was back on my trailer in...
  27. 2strokepoke

    where to go by mission bay?

    next weekend i will be in mission bay. i don't know of any spots down that way, haven't fished anywhere in san diego yet, just local and catalina. (i'm from orange county) i'm not asking for anyones #'s, just a good starting point or points. thanks
  28. 2strokepoke

    Scuba tank rack

    2 scuba tank racks, roll control system. each rack holds 5 tanks for 10 total. can be mounted anywhere and modified to fit any size. have original s.s. hardware. $150 obo
  29. 2strokepoke

    Bait tanks

    I've read a few things here on bd about bait tanks. It seems like most people are leaning towards the fiberglass tanks. Are their issues with hdpe tanks. I will be installing a tank in the near future on my recently purchased 262 skipjack fly bridge. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  30. 2strokepoke

    Boat show next weekend?

    does anyone know the address/where-abouts of the boat show next weekend in marina del rey? the marinafest site is jacked up. thanks big buddies!
  31. 2strokepoke

    cleaning a baja special

    what are the pro's and con's of the little tube of grease that penn supplies with their reels? and it goes on everything but the drag washers, correct?
  32. 2strokepoke

    Catalina fishing

    Has anyone fished the island lately? I will be there Saturday on the liberty out of long beach. Anyone have any suggestions or tips? Thanks in advance.
  33. 2strokepoke

    PENN Model 49

    i just finished rebuilding my 49 the other day. the damn thing is exactly the same as before i cleaned and rebuilt it. it won't the spool to reel in unless the drag is cranked down, not all the way but engaged about 1/4 of the way. and it also has no freespool at all. i cleaned everything, using...
  34. 2strokepoke

    PENN Model 49

  35. 2strokepoke

    penn model 49

    i rebuilding a penn model 49. and am confused on where to grease and where to just use oil. this real has no bearings, so does that mean no oil? can anyone give some insight? thanks!
  36. 2strokepoke

    reel power handles

    yesterday i got to use my 113hn for the first time at catalina. caught calico all day and hooked in to a heavy sting ray. i had no complaints about my reel untill that happened. i realized that the handle is too small and awkward to turn. and i don't plan on catching calico only with this reel...
  37. 2strokepoke

    Fish report

    Trying to watch the reports, bit they are real sporadic. What is biting over at catalina right now? Some friends and I are headed over there next weekend. Anybody have any idea wha we'll be in for. Thanks
  38. 2strokepoke

    catalina fishing

    going to catalina next weekend out of long beach on a full day boat. anyone have any suggestions of what type of gear to bring? whats hittin? thanks for the help!
  39. 2strokepoke

    Penn 113h

    i just picked up a penn 113h and a model 49. the 49 is in great shape at face value, i will tear it down tomorrow to get a better picture. but my question is with the senator reel. it was corroded throughout, looked alot like green crusty toothpaste all over it. i tore it down and started...
  40. 2strokepoke

    knot tying

    in a couple weeks i will be fishing catalina. this is my first time with a conventional reel. i will be using 40# mono and 40# flouro. which is the best knot to splice the two together? and, in the past i've snelled my hooks, should i do the same or is there a better knot to tie? thanks for the...
  41. 2strokepoke

    Bolsa Chica Jetty

    last saturday i caught a decent sized corbina, about 5 lbs. when i got home and started cleaning it i noticed 2 large sand crabs, and a ton of baby ones. looked like a bunch of rice grains. the question is, are sand crabs a good bait? i caught the corbina using mussels, which are a pain to keep...
  42. 2strokepoke

    Knot Needed

    which is the best knot for tying 40# mono to fluoro leader? i was thinking a bloodknot, mainly because its the only splicing knot i know. but from what i've been reading it doesn't seem to be the best option. any suggestions? thanks in advance!
  43. 2strokepoke

    fishing catalina island

    i'm new to the conventional rod and reel. i have a 113hn on an offshore angler rod w/40# mono. i will be going over to catalina in a few weeks to do a lil camping with the family in two harbors. where is the best place to fish? should i rent a boat? and finally how should i set up my rod? thanks...
  44. 2strokepoke

    Which Rod to Buy

    i have a 113hn with 40# mono and am looking for a rod. i'm not trying to break the bank if possible. anyone have any suggestions? thanks
  45. 2strokepoke


    does anyone have any experience or thoughts on these rods? all i hear from tackle shops is seeker and cal star rods. i don't know if i want to spend 3 bills on a rod yet. any one have any suggestions or help?
  46. 2strokepoke

    Rod Question

    Has anyone had any experience or have any idea about bass pro shops "offshore angler" rods. i've been looking at a penn mariner stand up and the guy at bps turned me on to the offshore angler extreme. they look totally identical. any help? i will be using a penn baja special w,40# mono, mainly...
  47. 2strokepoke

    Penn 133hn Baja Special?

    hey whats up, i'm somewhat new to fishing (saltwater) and have been looking for a good boat rod and reel. i've been talking to a couple of guys at my local tackle shop and they've both steered me in the direction of the penn 113hn baja special and a calstar rod. i can't remember the specific rod...
  48. 2strokepoke

    what to buy?

    hey whats up, i'm somewhat new to fishing (saltwater) and have been looking for a good boat rod and reel. i've been talking to a couple of guys at my local tackle shop and they've both steered me in the direction of the penn 113hn baja special and a calstar rod. i can't remember the specific rod...