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  1. fishinguy1031

    Best Surf Casting wieght 8oz or bigger ??

    My question to the Surf Casting Guru's, what might be a good Goto 8oz lead Surf wieght, for heavy current, I'm towing a 12 foot Penn Prevail Rod, 65lb braid, Shimano open face,small Cut bait rig, any good advice is Welcome, thanks FISHINGUY.
  2. fishinguy1031

    Lake Livingston Texas !!!

    Well I Don't Drink, but sure like to get that pole bending/drag squalling action !!!!
  3. fishinguy1031

    Lake Livingston Texas !!!

    White Bass fishing results, with friends, good day for all of us. Using lures and spoons !!!! 7/25/15
  4. fishinguy1031

    Delivery Delays on the Andros 12Sa

    Relating to my previous post, If and WHEN, the new reels make it to the USA fishing communities, then I will make a full assessment, heck I'll be fishing in the meanwhile, and look forward to all the GOSSIPING !!!!
  5. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Now Hiring Reel Repair Technicians

    Man if I was in my late teens, I would jump at this opportunity !!!!
  6. fishinguy1031

    Delivery Delays on the Andros 12Sa

    Well, hate to say it, I did cancel my Pre-order, I really don't need the reel that bad, I have a great arsenal as it is, just needed a "Fix" for my addiction, what I really really need, is a short-range Tuna trip !! So I will take the funds that have been tied up for a year, and forward them...
  7. fishinguy1031

    12 Hour Day Trip Chasing Shrimp Boats Freeport Tx

    Give us a good report, And pics
  8. fishinguy1031

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    I'm just going to pray to the fishing Gods, I was just thinking, yea it would be nice to have right know, but out of sight out of mind,I have other rigs that I have fun with and the NEW ANDROS in the back of my mind, assures future fun.
  9. fishinguy1031

    Newport report 7/5/15

    Are these pic's of something that's in the Fishin Cookbook ???? Com - On Mann !!!! Ever heard of Catch & Release ???
  10. fishinguy1031

    Surf rod/reel combo

    Penn Prevail XH 12' Mount with Penn V 6500 works great, many 40-50 inch fish no problems. It might be a little above budget but very much worth it.
  11. fishinguy1031

    News on the Andros 12s

    My 12lls, I'm just being very patient, I know it won't be long, just excited !!!!
  12. fishinguy1031

    Wyoming Trout 6/9

    Hey, I grew up south of Wyoming, I notice the Bronco logo, but I do remember all the trout, walleys, pike, and yes I also kastmaster are a great lure, Now days I even use the largest 4 oz. sizes for Saltwater. Thanks for the great report. FISHINGUY.
  13. fishinguy1031

    Day 3 report Venice, La

    Right on !!!!! Great report !!!!!
  14. fishinguy1031

    Ultimate Alligator Gar Compilation || Best Of SharkBaitTV

    WOW WOW !!! Nice freaking freshwater beast, what type of gear do you use for what is in the video ??? Thanks FISHINGUY.
  15. fishinguy1031

    Andros 12-II Update

    The reel posted looks like the 2 speed, ALRIGHT !!!!! ALRIGHT !!!!! CANT WAIT !!!! I've got a trip in the works and a pole already to mount. Mine should be in the mail box any day. The Fishing Gods gave grace.
  16. fishinguy1031

    Andros 12-II Update

    ANDROS 12IIS 2 SPEED on the shipments, someone take a picture of these post !!!!! The FISHING GOD'S, may have given grace.
  17. fishinguy1031

    Monster Alligator Gar From Kayak

    GREAT POST !!!!!
  18. fishinguy1031

    News on the Andros 12s

    WE'LL A WE'LL A WE'LL , Still praying.
  19. fishinguy1031

    Okuma 12ii info

    I'm still waiting for the ANDROS 12lls 2 speed, Hear my prayers
  20. fishinguy1031

    Was going to get another andros 5n...

    Any MIND READERS on 2015 Andros 12lls delivery ???
  21. fishinguy1031

    San Luis Pass, Blown out 5/9/15

    We gave it all we could, Blown Out !!! Very bad cross current, and the tide was a rising !! Did Land a 12 inch flounder, good eats for a Saturday night.
  22. fishinguy1031

    Rod for Metaloid/Andros 5

    I agree, with Normslanding, thanks.
  23. fishinguy1031

    Andros 12 S

    Huraaaaa !!!!! I'm waiting for FED-X !!!!!
  24. fishinguy1031

    2015 Red Snapper Texas Federal Regs Season

    The Houston Chronicle, reports the 2015 Texas Federal Regs Season, if you go out on Pilot boats with SNAPPER PERMITS you can get to the Deep Reefs, past 9 miles out, 44 days starting June 1st. But if you don't have a permit, and own your own boat, you get only 10 days to go out past the 9...
  25. fishinguy1031

    Fishing For Prehistoric Dinosaurs In Texas

    LOOKED like some freaky type GATOR GARR, Good job !!!!
  26. fishinguy1031

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    Another, satisfied Okuma Customer !!!!!! Great report !!!!!!
  27. fishinguy1031

    News on the Andros 12s

    What's the next crystal ball reading ???? Maybe I will run down to a Taro card reader and post the results,
  28. fishinguy1031

    OKUMA ANDROS 12S Special Edition

    All in favor of the OKUMA FOUNDATION FUND, maybe we could fly over ourselves and participate in packaging and HAND Delivery
  29. fishinguy1031

    OKUMA ANDROS 12S Special Edition

    Yea REALLY !!!! WTF, Is REALLY Going On !!!!! What is Really going on !!!!! Some one really needs to GET DOWN WITH THEMSELVES !!!!!
  30. fishinguy1031

    2015 Red Snapper Season Texas

    Any Word on 2015 Red Snapper federal waters ????
  31. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    You said it right, SMOKIN SCREEN !!!!!!
  32. fishinguy1031

    Andros 12sii delivery questions!!

    At this rate I will not be surprised, to watch 60 minutes Sunday evening, with a slot for THE MYSTERIOUS ANDROS DELIVERY !!! Hi I'm Scott Pelly with this story and more.
  33. fishinguy1031

    Andros 12sii delivery questions!!

    I was just thinking of a diffrent angle on the ANDROS thiasco, By the time we get our reels, they might qualify as a 20th century fishing Antiquitys at the Smithsonian in DC, or Apply at the Barnum and Bailey Circus, because now I have plentiful of experience listening to Clowns, my 2 cents...
  34. fishinguy1031

    Andros 12sii delivery questions!!

    WHAT THE F¤¤¤K !!!! This is like watching As Worlds Collides, or Days of our Lives !!! Which is it, Let's get REEL FACT !!!!! And find out what's the hell really going on !!! BY the way What The Hell is Really going on !!! Well think of it like this, all of the pre-order people will one day...
  35. fishinguy1031

    Avet fading from UV

    Is it possible to Chrome plate 6061, or just polish ?? A Chrome endoskeleton reel would look wild.
  36. fishinguy1031

    Avet fading from UV

    Is it possible to Chrome plate 6061 or just polished ??? A endoskeleton Chrome plate would be wild.
  37. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    What's next on delays of cargo ships, in the Long Beach port ?? Toilet Paper ????? Better buy now/ wipe later.
  38. fishinguy1031

    Shimano Terez TZCR74XXH Rail Rod - looking for feedback

    Big Cows need Big Rods, thinking Seeker, Calstar Rail Rods Shimano seems to stretch the truths on some of the products
  39. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Hey that's the problem with port unions, they Strike and nothing gets done while we set and wait for our reels, hey let's make a few $$$, tie up to there anchor chain and unload ourselves, it might be almost as cost effective to raise the price as a option to airfreight the reel to your nearest...
  40. fishinguy1031

    fun fishing aboard El Matador with Makaira reels..Puerto Vallarta,Mexico.

    He'll ya !!!!!!! That's what we are talking about, Great Post !!!!!
  41. fishinguy1031

    Andros 12IIa

    I'm still waiting for my High speed, going to use it like Halfprice posted.
  42. fishinguy1031

    New Andros Vs.Makaira SEA

    ANGLEWOOD, Great Post !!!! Thanks FISHINGUY, Blinded me with science !!!!
  43. fishinguy1031

    New Andros Vs.Makaira SEA

    Great Great !!!! Post Normslanding, really good reading !!!! Thanks FISHINGUY. There is a science to this madness !!!!
  44. fishinguy1031

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    Keep us all posted on the results of what the manufacturer say about this issue. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  45. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    I like what NEWBIE has posted !!!!! A Professional out look on the ANDROS 12'S-16 New Models, Let's follow the Yellow Brick Road !!!
  46. fishinguy1031

    yo-yo rig?

  47. fishinguy1031

    Okuma in Texas

    Hey fisherman, I was also at the Houston Fishing Show, And No OKUMA booths !!!but next door at the same time was the HOUSTEX Machine tool show, and there was the OKUMA MACHINE DISPLAY shredding some light on example parts of how parts could be made for the reels, very very fascinating, it sure...
  48. fishinguy1031

    OKUMA ANDROS 12S Special Edition

    How does Food and Drug Administration, relate to reel manufacturing ??? But I know at least you are in the higher education of looking at issues with compatible comparison due to operate error. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  49. fishinguy1031

    which cedros jigging rod?

    Hey Yessokk, that rod you are talking about is a BEST !! The recommendation sounds excellent the big and deep world. Wouldn't mind finding that type of rig for myself.
  50. fishinguy1031

    which cedros jigging rod?

    10oz. Jigs ?? deep deep bottom or reef fish the abyss. Maybe a good Rail Rod ???
  51. fishinguy1031

    Vertical Jigging Setup for Deepwater YT

    ANDROS 12a 2 speed, Ahi Assassin 50lb class. Works fine.
  52. fishinguy1031

    Vertical Jigging Setup for Deepwater YT

    ANDROS 12a 2 speed, Ahi ASSASSIN 50LB class rod.
  53. fishinguy1031

    Line stacking up on edges of spool

    COME ON MaaaaaN !!!!!!!!
  54. fishinguy1031

    Great White Off Cape Canaveral 11March!

    Throw out a cow rig with meat hook and bloody chicken fryer !!!!!!
  55. fishinguy1031

    which cedros jigging rod?

    With 10oz. Jigs,keep in mind get a rod with some beef.
  56. fishinguy1031

    Any snow in the local mountains today??

    AS long as there is open water, the fish will bite. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  57. fishinguy1031

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    Let's see KAT-VON - D do Carl's Jr. Add
  58. fishinguy1031

    OKUMA ANDROS 12S Special Edition

    OKUMA = confidence.
  59. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    I agree, thanks for the wisdom !!!!
  60. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    At least the train might be just starting to move in a positive direction, remember the little train that Could, chug-a-chug-chug.
  61. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    THINK POSITIVE !!!! I can't trash anything I don't feel or touch, when it comes to any truth, All Okuma products that I have and the hundreds of people that use and own them that I have fished with, They are very happy !!! With the purchase. Wanting to buy another. My 2 cents. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  62. fishinguy1031

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    Let's see KAT do a Carl's Jr.
  63. fishinguy1031

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    Let's see KAT do a Carl's Jr.
  64. fishinguy1031

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC

    RAIL BOSS !!!! Sounds like a good option from UC. thanks FISHINGUY.
  65. fishinguy1031

    Exciting news from Avet

    First of all, SUPER COW ??? He'll just a COW At all is fine, look at the reels we had to choose from in the vintage days of the 50s-60s, heck 2 speed 3 speed 6 speed Tremec transmission ??? He'll if I can catch a Cow with a star drag, let me have at it !!!!! The Bentley or exotica of fishing...
  66. fishinguy1031

    New Andros Vs.Makaira SEA

    Great comparison, ANOTHER Satisfied Okuma Customer, thanks for a detail response. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  67. fishinguy1031

    Which avet for yo yo

    6:1/ 5:1 or turn the page PENN 40LDHS GREAT DRAG 7:1 high speed
  68. fishinguy1031

    What do you use your fish finder for?

    I have been in boats for 30 years and have seen all the fish finder's availible and the only asset I have ever seen that helped was the bottom structures function, as far as the little beeps beeps that show your tracking fish never, never caught me a quality size fish, the transducer can be the...
  69. fishinguy1031

    okuma shadow stalker @ fredhall

    Great news !!!! Get the port people to work !!!!my ANDROS 12all has been pre-order for 3.5 months, let's go to work!!!!! Customers are waiting !!!!! Thanks FISHINGUY.
  70. fishinguy1031

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    The more sexy they look the more naughty they are.
  71. fishinguy1031

    Which rod for Mak 8 se and Mak 15 se

    SEEKER, UC, CALSTAR, AHI ASSASSIN, all good bets.
  72. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    I have the same opinion as the newbie best of both worlds with the 2 speed 6:4 yo yo also good wahoo, it does remind me of the Classic Newell, other than that Pray to the fishing Gods. To get our hands on one. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  73. fishinguy1031

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    KAT-VON D Gets down !!!!!
  74. fishinguy1031

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    I have seen her at AVALON tattoo shop on GARNETT S.D, she was hanging with KAT-VON D the tat goddess.
  75. fishinguy1031


  76. fishinguy1031


  77. fishinguy1031

    What's a good yo yo rod in San Diego

    No problem with SEEKER Black Steel 6470, caught many fish,medium tip with strong backbone. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  78. fishinguy1031

    Okay, who is going to make a longer handle for the Andros 5II??

    Some of the newer generation Cad/Cam softwares also includes, material torque and Stress values that can be viewed in a simulation of rotation of the whole handle from the center axis of rotation. See what you can come up with, the web-site CNC ZONE.COM has many many people that are willing to...
  79. fishinguy1031

    Okay, who is going to make a longer handle for the Andros 5II??

    Hey brice, what Cad/Cam software are you using ?? I can create similarities with SOLIDWORKS, MASTERCAM, DELL-CAM, EDGECAM, it's fun to do, I can use. this looks like a great Class Project. I may make a go of it myself only with recognition of actual dimensions. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  80. fishinguy1031


    The bimbos !!!!!!
  81. fishinguy1031


    The bimbos !!!!!! Smokum up friends !!!!
  82. fishinguy1031


    I had ordered the rod, months ago, had to leave town for business, and my bimbo room mate took the box and all to the storage locker, put it up on a few boxes, went to pay the monthly payment and take a look see as to what's still in there, and surprise for me a new Makaira rod of that class, I...
  83. fishinguy1031


    Hi fisherman, I happend to find a MAKAIRA ROD MK-801XH 8'0 50LB class, would like to rig up with a quality reel, but not sure what target of fish to use it for, any suggestions would be great. The rod is like new still has tags and wrapping. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  84. fishinguy1031

    I Smoke Marijuana

    Been to the BURNING MAN !!!! WHAT A JOKE !!!!
  85. fishinguy1031

    Houston in July

    I was out in late June- early July last year, the target fish was Snapper, but holy smokes it ended up as a top water Kingfish slaying. Patrick's count on the Kings was that we broke an all time record for the kings. For a 12 hour trip !!! I personally landed 10 kings myself. The problem was...
  86. fishinguy1031

    Threadlock 130lb on a MAK20SEa?

    I have 100# diamond mono on my Mak 20 and feel confident. For 100lb tuna, let's crank it on. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  87. fishinguy1031

    Makaira 20II Getting it done Alaska Style!!!!

    Now that is OKUMA !!! fishing gear, period !!!! Right on !!!! Thanks FISHINGUY.
  88. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Azores Spinning Reel

    Hi Michelle, I really do believe in the utmost Quality that is put into all there products, being in manufacturing engineering most my life, and understanding Quality process, OKUMA is leading the market in the products you produce. Great Job Okuma !!!! Thanks FISHINGUY.
  89. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Where is mine !!!!! Come on port authority !!!! Let's go to work !!!!
  90. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    ALRIGHT !!! The fishing God's have heard us !!!! Maybe the distribution will begin. Can't wait, Wahoooos !!!!!
  91. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Well, I'm just going to enjoy what I do have, and just stay positive on the outlook of the idea that I have a good reel on the way, it gives me something to look forward to, and to plan for on how I will get the ANDROS rigged up. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  92. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    I like what I have read, it really does take familiarity of manufacturing metal products and step into see things from an engineering look, to see what it may really take to overcome even the small set-backs. It could be many many things to much to list, to really see the light to get up to...
  93. fishinguy1031

    Houston, we have alligators...

    Bling, bling, bling , to many $$$$$$ could have 2-3 excellent rigs to catch quality fish. My 2 cents FISHINGUY.
  94. fishinguy1031

    New 2015 Shimano Aldebaran

    Looks good for the bait casting community's.
  95. fishinguy1031

    Any first hand review on fathom 25NLD2?

    No kidding, good job !!!!! Way to Go !!! Second Row !!!!
  96. fishinguy1031

    OKUMA ANDROS 12S Special Edition

    I believe when OKUMA is in the ISO 9001 and above their is very much to process to stay in the boundaries of Quality Compliance, to stay competitive in this market. Think of Areospace manufacuring.
  97. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    OKUMA, is not interested in" The Middle of the Road Products" they are out to Lead the market in higher end reels. With all the high technology-based processes, now used in manufacturing. The statistics will show that not every detail will fit the bell curve of in process quality. But will be...
  98. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Hey folks, the delivery of the new Andros 12's ll - 16 size reels have been delayed for around 2 more weeks, because of a small gear mesh problem with the Metaloid series, this is what top manufacturing engineering people do to create a top notch products. I have been in manufacturing...
  99. fishinguy1031

    Andros A 12 sizes coming soon.........

    My Pre-order has been active since late November, I'm starting to feel confident the ANDROS bigger sizes are in the mix for a huge shipment to the suppliers. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  100. fishinguy1031

    I Smoke Marijuana

    I did all that party stuff back in the day, if i didn't stop I was medical advised to seek a diffrent lifestyle or I will never see 62 a 401k or do the fishing of my dreams. I changed my life style and now I buy OKUMA Reels Shimano Spin V, SEEKER CALSTAR RODS, LONG RANGE TRIPS. All the things...
  101. fishinguy1031

    Why is lake fishing so hard?

    I have fished the mid- west lakes over 20 years NEVER OWNED A BOAT but did all the float tube thing waders, and still achieved 23 Master Angler Awards. All from shore line attempts, most large fish at lakes tend to hold near shore line drop offs, I notice the guys trolling, always throw to the...
  102. fishinguy1031

    My first 6 Wahoo Bullets (20oz)

    Looking good, maybe a little heavy for casting, go to the nearest Christmas shop for a little silver Tinsley to straggle along the outside of the mylar, my 2 cents. Thanks FISHINGUY. Other than that they will hook up !!
  103. fishinguy1031

    Recommend me a rod and reel combo for shark in SoCal please.

    Most 30W 2 speeds will work, used with any xxh roller rod, or a rail rod set-up. Big shark, big rig and good wire leaders. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  104. fishinguy1031


    Any light of the new Andros 12a-16 for the pre-order folks ???? My order has been in since November ???
  105. fishinguy1031

    Andros A-5ll Owners

    Any word on ANDROS 12a or 16 reels coming to town for pre - orders ????
  106. fishinguy1031

    Andros A 12 sizes coming soon.........

    Hey just wait, it will be the reel to have your hands on for that class, THINK POSITIVE !!!! And it doesn't hurt to pray.
  107. fishinguy1031


    GREAT REPORT, keep up the professional approach. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  108. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Makaira MK-C-701XH rod

    I have a MK-801XH, and I have not even taken the tags off, but I'm in the hunt for a "Good " reel for it. Any Idea's . But the way it feels in my hands right now, it sure feels like a good top water, light jigging. WAHOO DO - DO KILLER. thanks FISHINGUY.
  109. fishinguy1031


    Great replay, and all very truthful, I have noticed that when you pick up magazine about Texas Fishing, It's all BASS, REDFISH, FLOUNDER, SPECKS, but I do see something that holds my interest, Surf Big SHARK !!!! thanks FISHINGUY.
  110. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Makaira MK-C-701XH rod

    Great news I will be checking the web-sites. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  111. fishinguy1031


    I agree with anyone who know So. Cal. Fishing, in Texas you hear, what is a Seeker, Calstar rod ??? What is a Newell, Okuma, Tiagra, reel, what are fish traps, Wahoo bombs, Iron Man jigs, mexican flag, cedar plugs trolling lures ???? I have had great success with all the So. Cal. Tackle in the...
  112. fishinguy1031

    hi guys, any first hand reviews on

    Penn pep- talk, I just bought the Fathom 40LDHS 7:1 ratio, mount on Toro Tamer 50lb Ahi Assassin Top Shot, it will throw Wahoo Bombs, Kingfish Killers, 70 yards, to the north pole, and with that distance with high speed retrieve, the look of the lure flying back to the rail, gives a very REAL...
  113. fishinguy1031

    Anyone get the new Andros 12 a yet?

    I have seen these manufacturing set - backs over and over in the Areospace industry up close and in my face, we called them AOG ( aircraft on the ground ), because I was under goverment contract, this ment to all workers involved with the project, Like at this point OKUMA and the ANDROS line it...
  114. fishinguy1031

    Anyone get the new Andros 12 a yet?

    Well I hope for early spring !!!!, and pray to the fishing Gods, before summer and primetime. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  115. fishinguy1031

    Makaira Popping Rods

    I just ordered a MAKARIA, 8' 6" rod myself for just throwing wahoo bombs, and top water kingfish, buy what the forums say, it will do just fine. Plus I really like the price point. Can't wait to mount a reel and get going. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  116. fishinguy1031

    A care package arrived today.

    OKUMA has stepped up the game, in these type of reels, can't wait to see the 12-16 models, all other manufacturers are BEHIND in the market. Even though the competition is above average, but OKUMA has stepped up in the TOTAL engineering of the ANDROS / MAKIARA series and the QUALITY engineering...
  117. fishinguy1031

    Anyone get the new Andros 12 a yet?

    Mine is on pre-order, talk to rep. 2 days ago, said because of the fantastic sales of the Metaloid product, to fill all the orders, the ANDROS was delayed by 3 weeks, he was talking end of January to first 2 weeks of February. He said patients is our virtues, he also quotes, it's going to be a...
  118. fishinguy1031

    I tried eating Jack Crevalle....

    Only maybe, with some sprinkles of PECOS PICASCOS/ Lotta TABASCO !!!!!
  119. fishinguy1031

    okuma andros 5 2speed help !

    Can't wait to get my 12iia, to give it a test. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  120. fishinguy1031

    Best gear for throwing this jig

    I'm using the new Penn 40ldhs 7:1 high speed, but not really necessary, and the Ahi- Assassin top 50 rod, for throwing iron up to this size as far as the north pole. And with the hyper speed, and really cranking away, makes that type of iron really fly though the water. To give the true...
  121. fishinguy1031

    Gummy Squid Jigs

    I have seen these jigs on the web, also one called the jitterbug, both jigs are very hard to find. Seem to ONLY be located in the country's Australia and New Zealand. I have talked with this outfit called Ocean Anlger, and they have a great selection of colors and sizes. They told me that the...
  122. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Makaira MK-C-701XH rod

    THE Rod is a great rod for the money, and does have the beef to handle good size fish, my friend has one and no complaints, about the time I would like to try it, it's always a hot bite !!! And don't get the chance to see how it feels in my hands, but it is a very good rod. I'm in the hunt for...
  123. fishinguy1031

    Anyone fished the Okuma Metaloid 12 2speed yet?

    I Heard GREAT Things about the Metaloids and the price is right, but have not fished one yet, they do sound tempting. The new technology and engineering and zero defect Quality that goes into these little powerhouses, would make any customer very happy for years to go !!!! Thanks FISHINGUY. KEEP...
  124. fishinguy1031

    fishing line prices ??????

    Yea, CHARKBAIT.COM seems like a good deal.
  125. fishinguy1031

    fishing line prices ??????

    I never have had any problems with spooled line from a quality tackle shop. Maybe just lucky or like to take chances
  126. fishinguy1031

    fishing line prices ??????

    Well fisherman, I'm re-spooling my reels for a new season, WOW STICKER SHOCK !!!!! is it just me or is fishing line gone way up in prices, I did some shopping around but not alot of luck. I was lucky in a couple ways, with one outfit will give FREE spool with purchases of the reel, that was the...
  127. fishinguy1031

    My care package paid off today.

    Hey fisherman, ANOTHER !!! ANOTHER !!!! Proud very proud owner of OKUMA PRODUCTS !!!!!!.
  128. fishinguy1031

    Why do RAPTORS have such high drag ratings?

    Right on Plj46, good point.
  129. fishinguy1031

    Why do RAPTORS have such high drag ratings?

    In my opinion, it is a marketing thing, AVETS are good reels, but small, so they offer high drag ratings to equal larger reels that are being used for the targeted fish, plus the idea of smaller reels means less manufacturing cost, but throw the fancy anodized colors, high drag rating, and...
  130. fishinguy1031


    $ 220 PENN TRY 40NLDHS 7:1 ratio , ready to go !!!!!
  131. fishinguy1031


    Bought mine at Tackle Unlimited $220 dollars hard to beat. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  132. fishinguy1031

    rod for My talica 12 2speed

  133. fishinguy1031

    ISE Show Sacramento

    Hi PENN REPS, Just opened my new 40ldhs 7:1 ratio, can't wait throw wahoo bombs, crank away, WHAMM, Fish On !!!!
  134. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Andros 16 - Dedicated Mutton Reel

    Great information, Normslanding. I'm on the same track as your advice. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  135. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Andros 16 - Dedicated Mutton Reel

    I think it will be just fine, I have a OKUMA 12aII on pre-order for using as a go-to reel pretty much for light tuna 30 - 50lb to darado, kingfish, wahoo, but if you are near 100 pound tuna or bigger, I have my Makaria's and rail rod set-ups. I really think the the ANDROS 16 is a very capable...
  136. fishinguy1031

    Got my new target species!

    Great job, I lived in So. Cal, San diego, and went to the mid-west also, but still miss the tuna runs, but nice pike are fun also.
  137. fishinguy1031

    A care package arrived today.

    It sounds like the ANDROS shipments might be getting to the USA soon, my 12iia is probably in the mix !!!! Come on CHARKBAIT. COM
  138. fishinguy1031

    Venice Tuna fishing report

    Hey that's the Tuna , great example of hard core fisherman. We'll done. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  139. fishinguy1031

    Havasu SNOW and fishing with Shad

    HAVASU, JET -SKI scantily clad girls, hard to keep focus on fishing. My 2 cents FISHINGUY.
  140. fishinguy1031

    where can i buy the A-12IIa and Metaloid M-12II ??

  141. fishinguy1031


    And all my rigs for freshwater are spin casting set-ups. Thanks again FISHINGUY.
  142. fishinguy1031


    I did use 10 ft grafite rods, but needed to step down in iron size, true saltwater irons are to big for fresh water lakes, I used lures in the 1 oz to 2 oz sizes of flashy colors. And some of my own doctor - up concoctions. Remembering that pike are mostly a SIGHT-FEEDER, and very aggressive...
  143. fishinguy1031


    The rod is a AHI ASSASSIN Top Shot 50 8 ft Wahoo model by thanks FISHINGUY.
  144. fishinguy1031


    Well it worked out great, the colors of the reel does match the rod, the rod is a AAH I ASSASIN
  145. fishinguy1031


    I bought the Penn 40ldhs mainly for wahoo, kingfish the high gear works fantastic on the slide or when the boat stops, I can really crank away and with the 60 inches a turn my wahoo bomb Flys though the water so fast it really gives the presentation a very real look, it's the way to go for a...
  146. fishinguy1031


    I went with the 40NLDHS 7:1 high speed spool, thanks FISHINGUY.
  147. fishinguy1031

    Makaira 130 almost spooled

    Sounds like Monsters of the Deep !!!! Fish on brother, thanks FISHINGUY.
  148. fishinguy1031

    Still water nymphing on Spinney Reservoir

    Looks nice, but the WATER WOLF is lurking out there, and ready to take the bait. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  149. fishinguy1031

    okuma makaira 50!!!

    Hey, another GREAT GREAT Results with a WORLD CLASS REEL, OKUMA RULES !!!!!!! Quality Product with a STATEMENT !!!!! I'm sold on OKUMA. thanks FISHINGUY.
  150. fishinguy1031

    Last day of May in South Park

    Yes yes, thanks for the memories, the rainbows get big there do to fresh water shrimp. Watch out for the Big PIKE, alot of times a small bow works as a great attractive bait for them.
  151. fishinguy1031

    September in Colorado

    Hey great memories, I also fished at many places like that from the late 60s- 80s great pictures, I may go back to visit and remember the good old days. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  152. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    What about a OKUMA ANDROS 2 speed, Then you have best of both worlds, a good high gear to work with,and a low gear that's manageable, thanks FISHINGUY
  153. fishinguy1031


    No, the location is SANCHEZ Res. I had lived on Wild Horse Mesa for 8 years next to the lake, if any body's a Pike Guy, this lake is plentiful, with added nice Walleyes. Most of the time I would be the only person at the lake, any day of the week, this Pike was landed on the west shoreline, I...
  154. fishinguy1031

    Hey Santa! Here's the new PENN reel I want under the tree.

    I'm ready to throw the iron !!!!!!!! If i get to a situation like the picture above.
  155. fishinguy1031


    No need to go clear to CANADA, To find Trophy size Pike, they are in Colorado back yard !!! Thanks FISHINGUY.
  156. fishinguy1031

    Makaira 30II SEA

    I agree with BLUESASHIMI, it's just a small operator's error in the world of mass production processes, and I'm sure OKUMA will be happy with an exchange, so they can do there engineering detective work with the MATERIAL REVIEW BOARD, that's what they crave on, any minimal glitch is actually a...
  157. fishinguy1031

    Hey Santa! Here's the new PENN reel I want under the tree.

    SANTA'S ELVES , just layed a new PENN 40LDHS 7:1 freaking high speed spool reel, and a ASSASIN long rod for throwing the iron to the north pole and back, WAHOOO!!!!!! DO DODO !!!!!!! HERE WE GO !!!!!!!!
  158. fishinguy1031

    Christmas came early!!!!

    My Pre-order is in.
  159. fishinguy1031

    NEW PENN 40LDHS !!! ???

    Hey fisherman, just got my new Penn Fathom 40LDHS Wow wow wow !!!!!! This reel looks like it going to be the best choice for high speed cranking the iron on the drift. I'm really impressed on the build and fantastic line retrieve 60 inches a crank 7:1 ratio, the reel is not to big to use as a...
  160. fishinguy1031

    Kirinda, Sri Lanka November 2014

    Great report !!!!!!!
  161. fishinguy1031

    Great service at Okuma

    I'M in pre-order mode now, can't wait for the tackle shop to kick in and send the 12a two speed in LIGHT - SPEED. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  162. fishinguy1031

    makaira rod.

    I feel that OKUMA is not , in the highest tier of ROD BUILDING !!! Like all fishing equipment, take a look at names and truly find what they specialize in. think of it as, do you see SEEKER/CALSTAR in saltwater reel manufacturing ??. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  163. fishinguy1031

    First 40lb Set Up

    Don't forget about the Okuma andros series, single and two speed. the 2015 models show shipping to the USA, end of year. Should be a go-to reel for what your looking for at a good $$$$$. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  164. fishinguy1031

    Great service at Okuma

    THERE YOU GO FOLKS !!! Another satisfied OKUMA customer, OKUMA "always on my mind". Like I said in a previous post, OKUMA has all the best quality in engineering, quality assurance, ISO 9000 compliance, inspection processes, zero defect vision, all wrapped up in the most highly engineered...
  165. fishinguy1031

    Reel for jigging large tuna and amber jack

    I did the big leverage thing for 15 years being ignorant, with today's technology in jigging reels, it's only the grace of GOD I'm not in a wheel chair fighting the rail. Do some educational research, forums tackle shops, and the experience on this Tap - talk deal is how I learnd, it's a...
  166. fishinguy1031

    Updated Release Date for Andros A's ???????????

    I'm pre - ordering today, thanks for the tip.
  167. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Dual Force Drag???

    Yes, very good explanation, dispersing heat is very important for the longevity of the whole drag assembly, it keeps the washer from creating hard spots and keeping the washer surfaces consistent and even distribution of wear over the whole face area on each side of the washer, between the SS...
  168. fishinguy1031

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    Looks good, Graya pull man pull, Have - at - it brother !!!!!!!
  169. fishinguy1031

    Shimano TLD 30 II

    I read the opinions, and the most consistent is, With all the newer technology and newer options, it's time to make a decision, on what's the hear and now and forget the past, join the team and go in for the big win !!!! Move over Shimano!!! Okuma is movin in !!!!!!
  170. fishinguy1031

    Grab your rods, again!

    Moan the bone!!!!!
  171. fishinguy1031

    New Generation Makairas?

    Can't wait !!!!!!!
  172. fishinguy1031

    Church anyone??? splitfin

    I thought this was a fishing-site, I don't know how you got my EX - PACERS dancer's tug -a - long photo's but they did say they were availible, my be they can treat you like they work me over, aaaaahhhh !!!!!!! Stop the world so I can get off !!!!!!!!
  173. fishinguy1031

    New Generation Makairas?

    I have a 20-30 sea and I could do no wrong, COW SLAYERS. thanks FISHINGUY.
  174. fishinguy1031

    New Generation Makairas?

    Yes, they are the most advanced conventional reels on the market, being in manufacturing engineering for years, the whole process of building these reels, machine tools, which happen to be OKUMA machine tools, and the highest tech in Quality Assurance, if you can see the manufacturing, as I...
  175. fishinguy1031

    Sharkathon Trout Division Prizes

    Awsome looking !!!!!
  176. fishinguy1031

    JRI Custom wahoo lures

    What about teexas.
  177. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Cedros jig rod

    How about "E" for Excitement, when your pulling on a Big'un !!!!
  178. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    GO GO YESSOKK !!!!! PLEASE get in touch with OKUMA, I'm sure we all would give great back-up. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  179. fishinguy1031

    Question about custom rods

    Custom rods,, MUD-HOLE
  180. fishinguy1031

    Updated Release Date for Andros A's ???????????

    I'm sure it will be worth the wait, "PATIENTS" isn't that what most fisherman, have to be successful ??? Look how well the MAK sea reels worked out, or any new OKUMA products, I'm looking for a top 5 product with the new Andros 2. Get ready !!!!! Thanks FISHINGUY. Thanks Chris.
  181. fishinguy1031

    Got an mk12II

    Well look at it this way, statistic processing control ( SPC) only one reel out of the Thousands made, I'm not giving up on Okuma , just talk to the engineers, and I'm sure they will immediately look into the problem and find the kink in the process of manufacturing. But I'm just a retierd...
  182. fishinguy1031

    okay whats the difference between the..

    With what I have seen from all the forums, and Okuma reps, looks like Andros is going to take over the market on these series of reels. All others will need to STEP-UP.
  183. fishinguy1031

    okay whats the difference between the..

    WOW WOW thanks, think I will wait for the new Andros, patience patients.
  184. fishinguy1031

    WTB okuma metaloid

    Does anyone know which one of these reels would be a good WAHOOOO Slayer or should I look at something different all togather. Learning kingfish, wahoo. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  185. fishinguy1031

    First new Metaloid reel in SD!!

    You know at the price use both avet and the metaloid, the more in your arsenals the better.
  186. fishinguy1031

    Okuma's new Metaloid Reels catching local YFT

    Looks like a great jig set-up watch out WAHOOOO !!!!!!! How is the free spool ?????
  187. fishinguy1031


    All the color suggested sound good, what do they weight in OZ. ????? They look great, need to know where to buy.
  188. fishinguy1031

    Wahoo at night???

    Well the Sharks, Yes they are out there at night, I also was whoo fishing at night, ended up with good blackfin tuna, and KAA-BANG, My blackfin become a nice snack and my Iron man diamond jig became all tore up from teething the 5 foot black tip. But it was still a great fight. Thanks FISHINGUY...
  189. fishinguy1031

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    I have always noticed when your into 40lb palagics or bigger it's nice to have 2 speed reels, Tuna, AJs deep reef fish. It's nice to have the confidence, if and when it's needed. My choice Okuma mak 30sea Thanks FISHINGUY.
  190. fishinguy1031

    Galveston 9/10

    Go out as far around the jetty as you feel comfortable, depending on the surf report, just set-up with an old standby Carolina rig. 3-6 oz egg sinker 4 foot Flori leader, 30-40 test 5-6 size circle hook, 5-6 inch frozen Spanish sardine, then hang on for the battle!!!!!!! Thanks FISHINGUY.
  191. fishinguy1031


    Well folks, there you go !!!! Does that boat load of red snapper look like we have a LOW RED SNAPPER POPULATION in the Gulf, and READ his comments !!!!! And only a 2 fish bag limit when in season ???? thanks again FISHINGUY.
  192. fishinguy1031

    Checking in!

    I have been on DOLPHIN DOCKS (36 and 60 hour trips) not bad for the $$$$ the only thing you need to be aware of is if they get to the tuna grounds and big rigs, try to take 50-100 pound rigs and good size wire leaders for good size sharks, you can also troll out back with the white wash, bring a...
  193. fishinguy1031


    Hey I'm a native SANDEEAAGAN, and I loved the LONG RANGE TRIPS. TUNA CAPITOL !!!!!! Hard to beat the EXCEL or RED ROOSTER.thanks FISHINGUY.
  194. fishinguy1031


    The Gulf is nothing but a GIANT MUD POND / POOL !!!!!!
  195. fishinguy1031


    Boycott, Boycott The Gulf !!!!!! E-BAY hear I come !!!!!!
  196. fishinguy1031


    Sounds like a good point, I could sure up my bank accounts and buy new. To relocate to either east or west coast. This GULF fishing is OUT OF IT !!!!!. If I'm a hard core fisherman for the DEEP BLUE WATER, I AM LIVING IN THE WRONG PART OF THE COUNTRY. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  197. fishinguy1031


    That sounds like a good point.
  198. fishinguy1031


  199. fishinguy1031


    Man that's the truth, with the goverment involved, WATCH OUT !!!!! MORE WILL BE REVEALED !!!!!!
  200. fishinguy1031

    Makaira SE, avalible in BLACK

    I OWN A MAK 20 sea, and it is a fantastic top of the line reel, if you are looking for a great LONG RANGE REEL, THIS IS IT !!! HANDS DOWN, no matter what size or color they manufacture them. GO GO OKUMA !!!!!
  201. fishinguy1031


    I thought we had a RED SNAPPER DEPLETION in Texas waters, now a PENDING STATE RECORD ??????
  202. fishinguy1031


    Well now Texas has a new pending RED SNAPPER STATE RECORD, does TEXAS REALLY have A RED SNAPPER problem
  203. fishinguy1031


    Oh, come on, THINK POSITIVE, the 9 DAY SEASON was designed to keep the the dishonest ones at bay and to use the short time as a hard lesson to keep the counts down. Last year was three times this long and they still opened up a 1 week late season last year in OCTOBER, for us POOR MAN SNAPPER...
  204. fishinguy1031


    Has their been any word on a LATE SEASON RED SNAPPER, this year. Last year it was approved in October for 1 week in federal waters, please keep us posted for any news. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  205. fishinguy1031

    The MK 20 ,sea

    I feel this is one fantastic reel, I can fish with confidence anytime, great going OKUMA !!!!!!!!! WANT TO BUY BIGGER SIZES. OKUMA keep up the fantastic technology. Thanks FISHINGUY.,
  206. fishinguy1031


    thanks for the info, I will try
  207. fishinguy1031

    Seeker Hercules set for Wicked Tuna's F/V Hard Merchandise

    great rods !!!!! SEEKER RULES!!!!! i love my RAIL-BOSS !!!!!!!
  208. fishinguy1031

    hey HOOKER88, try CAPT.JOHNS party boats. i have had fun. and it can be a little crowded , in...

    hey HOOKER88, try CAPT.JOHNS party boats. i have had fun. and it can be a little crowded , in june but check out the pics on the site. it was worth it. thanks FISHINGUY
  209. fishinguy1031

    Galveston in June

    TRY CAPT JOHNS. out of GALVESTON, its a cattle boat. and i still have fun. thanks FISHINGUY
  210. fishinguy1031


    DOES anyone on the forum know where i can get a new 14 catalog as were shown at the sport shows.,thanks FISHINGUY
  211. fishinguy1031

    Another Wahoo Beat Down

    has anyone tried the good old "WAHOO BOMBS" manufactured by "BRAID" or "CATCHY TACKLE"?? they have been a go-to lure for LONG RANG BOATS on the WEST COAST for years, I was on a 60 hour trip out of PORT ARANSAS last year AUGUST, and landed a 40 pounder HOO, on a MEXICAN FLAG WAHOO BOMB, and most...
  212. fishinguy1031

    AJs in Texas

    looks like the GOOD SIZE SHARKS are back, bring on the WIRE LEADERS!!!!!!!
  213. fishinguy1031

    help !

    mak10 sea, all go!!!!!!
  214. fishinguy1031

    Texas Tuna Party Boats

    LAST I HEARD THE "big-E" RUNS from some GUMBO SWAMP out of SOME PLACE AROUND LAKE CHARLIE I think they have there own web-site about long-range trips. they only do the long stuff with that boat 36-60 hr trips but dont know for sure. i will look for the web-site and pass it on. thanks FISHINGUY
  215. fishinguy1031

    Texas Tuna Party Boats

  216. fishinguy1031

    Belts and Harnesses for Long Range Trips?

    I DECIDED to move up to a RAIL-BOSS ROD,130lb (SEEKER) and WORSHIP!!!! THE RAIL!!! and found that my old harness set-up was not needed
  217. fishinguy1031

    Info on Mac 20 at FHS

    dont forget CHARKBAIT.COM always good deals,free line with purchases,good deals on OKUMA REELS
  218. fishinguy1031

    El Nino is coming this year???!!!!!

  219. fishinguy1031

    Favorite 100lb reel?

  220. fishinguy1031

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

  221. fishinguy1031

    Whats up with Seeker

  222. fishinguy1031

    Wake Up Texas!!!!! WTF?

    nice fish !!!!! the pics are blurry as if i was drinking, sorry i have never drank on a fishing boat, i take the fishing more important, than to drink
  223. fishinguy1031


    GREAT REPORT !!!! could send me info about the charter, thanks fishinguy.
  224. fishinguy1031

    Texas Tuna Party Boats

    HI TUBBS93, I HAVE BEEN ON TWO 60 HR TRIPS from DOLPHIN DOCKS. the boats are not the same deal as the west coast long range trips, for i myself was once a SAN DIEGO LONG RANG NUT. the first thing i noticed is the LONG RANGE BOATS in TEXAS, DONT USE OR HAVE live bait tanks for SARDINES. they do...
  225. fishinguy1031

    Anyone have any experience with big boat charters in Galveston

    i have fished with galvestonpartyboats many times, good for the buck, but if you want tuna you need to book a 36hr trip,deeper water and better temps
  226. fishinguy1031

    rod and reel match

    what does the rest of the forum think, im going with a new seeker 100lb rail boss and Tiagra 30wlrs for a set-up for them 100 pounders tuna, think it is all go, please need opinions thanks FISHINGUY
  227. fishinguy1031

    Seeker Rail Boss 100

    Thanks TIMMY, now i know what im in the market for thanks FISHINGUY
  228. fishinguy1031

    Seeker Rail Boss 100

    Is this model of rod good fit with Shamano TLD50 or TIAGRA 30WLRS, good for 100 pounders??
  229. fishinguy1031


    Any SEEKER RAIL BOSS EXPERTS, whats the better fit, SHIMANO 50 TLD. or TIAGRA 30 wlsr 100 lb tuna need opinions, please thanks. FISHINGUY
  230. CAM00016


  231. fishinguy1031


  232. fishinguy1031


    Going out on 50 hour tuna gulf trip need opinion on what reel to go with SHIMANO TLD 50 or TIAGRA 30LRS need help. thanks. FISHINGUY