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    Catalina Cockroach Limits

    Looks like a lot of happy campers there
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    The Pile! A story of survival!

    Fun read thanks
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    New Boat Arrives!

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    where's your handheld vhf?

    make a ditch bag, epirb is huge security blanket for not that much money. handheld vhf is good after epirb is set off to communicate at close range with rescuers..oh yeah keep the ditch bag where you can get it.
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    Epic 8 day on Excel!!! Wahoo, Big YT + Monster Dorado

    awesome awesome awesome awesome great report thanks for sharing
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    First timers luck

    No reason to make excuses as long as you eat the fish IMHO. Congratulations
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    Well written report, good reading, congrats on your catch and welcome to BD. Keep those reports coming.
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    25' Farallon NorCal to SoCal

    that's a beauty...put a trash can with bait well pump and pack the stuffing box and go fishing before it's over. do all the other stuff later
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    seeker hercules vs phenix black diamond

    I have a 8ft Hercules 80H and also have a 8ft UC custom blank for popping that Capt Richie organized for me through the "old" UC company. The Hercules is a comparatively heavier blank and is definitely a medium taper...lots of really nice bend on larger fish. Correct me if I'm wrong but the...
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    9/7 YFT/YT near 277

    yeah 40lb and getting bit off doesn't sound like tuna maybe it was a wahoo...shhhhhhhh
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    Knot for popping, jigging?

    what Sami said. There are a couple of other knots used by popper and jig fisherman like the Japanese GT knot also called the FG knot. And then what John said about using a barrel swivel and split ring. Makes changing lures super easy and fast. go to and you can see lots of info...
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    That is the right answer...oh one up on time
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    Labor day weekend halibut - San Diego Bay

    Score for the two youngsters, congratulations
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    Local Marlin.

    ok need to speak my peace what's with all the negative shyte posts. what a bunch of dickhead racist bullshit. those brothers were having a great time and did a good job of getting the guy into the bow and chasing down the fish. how many of you jerks have hooked a marlin let alone bait...
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    Wahoo WERE at the 226 on 8/30

    The only reason to do that would be to let the fish swim under the boat and cut itself off on the prop.
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    Top water Abu Dhabi/Dubai

    Check out Ocean Active. They have a tackle shop in Dubai and run charters in Musandam which is very close to Dubai. Excellent operation and the fishing in Musandam can be awesome. It's just the start of the season now as the temp cools off.
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    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Interesting design. Never seen that kind of hull. The speed is increbile. Seems purpose built/designed. What is the intended fishery? A big center console is cool. As witht e coffin comment above, I'd like to see all the stuff in the bow taken off and just enough for the anchor locker and...
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    San Quintin Marlin fishing!

    Great experience..two hours hanging on to a fantastic fish. The pics are awesome you guys must've been totally stoked. No worries with a long release. I can hear the yells while the fish was jumping.
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    Westport KINGS/COHO/Albacore/ and one BIG shark!

    Get her a booster chair for the helm seat. Awesome catches and training the new crew...couldn't be better.
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    8-20 302 YFT Finally killing fish again

    You couldn't stand your boat sitting seeing great fishing you got it all together and scored heavily...must've felt good congrats.
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    Holy Crap Check out my PB Butt

    No weight guess just congratulations you look totally stoked and that's it.
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    Misson Bay Babys..

    Bump Somebody help out this young fisherman. Most important part is keep trying. You may also want to talk to the guys at your local tackle shop. Good luck
  23. OmanGT

    Misson Bay Babys..

    Bump Somebody help out this young fisherman. Most important part is keep trying. You may also want to talk to the guys at your local tackle shop. Good luck
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    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    You are sooooooooo grounded!
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    7-11 Our Lucky Day: First Trip of 2014 with just my boys

    Looks like you have a good well trained crew there. Congrats
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    Popping Yellowtail

    Hi John I think the halco roosta popper the original size would be perfect. That looks like a lot of fun. Boiling yellowtail taking poppers.
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    Don Eddies San Quintin June 8

    why don't you guys shut up and get back to the fishing
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    Early Birthday June 1.

    How'd it feel sticking the flying gaff in that beast? Get the blood flowing a bit?
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    Seeker Hercules reviews anyone ?

    I caught the 37kg GT in my avatar with an 8ft Hercules 80H. Great rod. A little on the heavy side, as in weight, for popping all day but otherwise a nice stick. Seems like a medium taper. There's a youtube video of the GT if you want to see how the rod bends. Search youtube Musandam GT
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    fishing partner showing up late

    Congratulations. I have two sons both avid fishermen. There is nothing more fun and rewarding than fishing with your sons.
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    Foghorn Leghorn Weave

    What a cool pictorial thanks for sharing. Seems like you could almost do flip cards and make a video.
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    Tuna, Mahi and Bigeye in Fujairah, UAE

    Hello from Oman neighbour. Nice fishing there. It's been kinda slow here in Oman. Is that a long tail tuna...awesome sashimi. Congrats on your catch.
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    PB WSB!

    That's a big fish. Congrats on keeping after it and bringing home your PB
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    New guy

    Hi Jake I have a son your age and he loves to fish. You can get a lot of good information and advice here on bloodydecks. Cool that you are going to build your own rod. Good luck.
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    Where to buy Teak wood in L.A. O.C. or Inland Empire

    I love woodworking my best creations are sawdust and wood chips...
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    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    Great candidates here for west coast fishin gals. So maybe the problem is the BD researchers who like to spend time on the wrong coast???
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    Where to buy Teak wood in L.A. O.C. or Inland Empire

    Remarkably I bought some excellent teak off ebay that is farmed in Costa Rica and sold off the east coast. Fair price a excellent quality.
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    The Captain and Kai’Nana is why… 5/25&26

    Living the Dream and with a fully capable Captain (Admiral) at that. Thanks for sharing.
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    Purple with Passion

    Off with the tape!!!
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    Kayak guys had an epic Halibut opener!

    Wow that just made my friggin awesome. Love the "flying gaff".
  41. OmanGT

    Thieves on long range boats?

    totally agree that no boat name is necessary. could happen on any boat. Cash is cash and no way to identify whose stack 20 dollar bills it is. Can't strip search every passenger and hold up the off loading. it's not the boat it's the f'ng thief that's the problem
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    PC Navigation on boat

    Almost all offshore cruisers (sailboats) use PC's for navigation. Check out a cruiser's site like and there is tons of information. Here's a link for comparison of software for androids etc. Opencpn is totally free...
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    Open Schools.

    We used to fish the Mahi in Guam with bait. Find the school trolling keep one on the hook 30ft behind the boat and idle forward down seas. The school follows the hooked fish...chunk baits off the stern on short leaders and start loading the boat. Somethimes one school would last an hour or...
  44. OmanGT

    Alii Kai 17 Rebuild

    Check out kiwigrip for a really easy to apply and great quality non-skid surface for your deck. Just google it. Not sure if it's available in Hawaii but you can get it off the west coast. Will go straight on the glass deck.
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    ROCKFISHING While everyone was at the Fred Hall show

    You raised your son right and he has a good buddy. Good job Dad
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    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Quote "Wow - those of us who fished in the 60's & 70's can remember when the Old Salts talked about a mythical baitfish called the sardine - they had all disappeared and anchovies were the only fin bait available." Yep I can remember the myth about sardines. Seems like today's youngsters have...
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    old tackle shops oc/la

    I'm old enough to remember the Tackle Box in Hermosa mid 60's down by the pier. Jerry taught me how to wrap rods. Calico bass sticks with the old bell guides.
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    stoked, first yt on the surface iron for the year

    Catching that one fish makes the day stay stoked and go gettem
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    awesome 4 pole tuna video

    Thanks for sharing. Talk about sashimi grade!
  50. OmanGT

    ZWing device

    I used one when I lived in Guam. I had it on 60ft of 300# mono with a huge barrel swivel wired with monel to the z wing. 18" above the swivel I crimped a loop and had a short tag line of cord tied to that. The topside of the mono was a crimped loop that we cleated off. #64 rubber band from...
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    First Build Questions

    I think people don't like mudhole because of the shipping cost. I live in the middle east and have had good service from them. I use color preserver even if it's NCP thread...pacbay thread changes color even though it's NCP. there are a lot of experts (not me) on this forum and you can use...
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    Women in Pangas

    Bucket in the stern and everyone else looks forward. Problem in the past has been when reels go off with hook-ups and everyone goes for the reel.
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    First Marlin after all these years

    X 3 or 4 on the smoked marlin...the very best way to eat that fish. 12" black and purple? wide range moldcraft?
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    Condor 10/8/13 1.5 Day Sun Down Show Down

    Great read thanks for sharing awesome catch
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    Danny Osuna ROCKS!!!!! Great day at the rock!!

    good on ya mate looks like the kids had a blast x2 on the neck
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    UC Predator 8ft GT Rod

    Thanks John Rod will be in the Hallaniyats from Feb 9th for 5 days of fishing so we should have a good report after that.
  57. OmanGT

    UC Predator 8ft GT Rod

    Hi Folks Haven't posted in a long while. Last year I made a bunch of noise about finding a good US made GT popping blank for the big GT's here in Oman. I was able to get together with Capt Richie and the guys at United Composites. After a lot of discussion about GT fishing and whatnot they...
  58. OmanGT

    Pac Bay Upgrade Chuck

    thanks guys I'm trying the rubber band technique CR mentioned. will report back soon
  59. OmanGT

    Pac Bay Upgrade Chuck

    Hi Capt Yep finally getting around to it. Doing the Predator right's going to be feather light. First time to use eva grips it's coming out nice. I'll post once done. Cheers Brian
  60. OmanGT

    Pac Bay Upgrade Chuck

    HEEELLLLLPPPP Finally building some more rods. I upgraded to a PACBAY aluminum chuck with plastic grips. The rod keeps jumping out out of the chuck darnit. Very level spin on the rod as compared to the standard chuck that comes with the wrapper and good for turning grips but afraid to put...
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    a quick video

    that was fun to watch
  62. OmanGT

    Rasta Tiger

    That's cool, really like the guide wrap colors too.
  63. OmanGT


    Tiger wraps are one of the easiest decorative wraps to do and they are a lot of fun when you take the top sacrificial wrap off it's psychodelic
  64. OmanGT

    Quick, someone talk me down from buying a shimano waxwing

    they work and work well
  65. OmanGT

    Calstar GF700L

    Totally aquatic...great color combination
  66. OmanGT

    Perfect day at Catalina with Capt Dave 12/11/12

    So smart to take an experienced Capt/Fisherman to show the way to success.
  67. OmanGT

    Jungle Camo

    The gold guides and the jungle green are very cool.
  68. OmanGT

    Popper recommendations for GTs and Bohar Snappers

    try there is a wealth of info there on popping also you are close to Oman which is the current monster GT destination check out Ocean Active based in Dubai they are planning some trips to the Red Sea
  69. OmanGT

    Popper recommendations for GTs and Bohar Snappers

    Halco Roosta Poppers, Heru and Adhek brands. All proven lures you can get for around USD30 to 35
  70. OmanGT

    My first weave...what a pile's got a nice smile
  71. OmanGT

    Marlin lure..

    Classic old Kona head design. If it's not to heavy should put up some huge rooster tails when trolled.
  72. OmanGT

    Built my first rod

    X2 on the Docski video. I've been building rods since I was a kid and recently got the video and learned a lot. Better to see visual than read in a book for the basics
  73. OmanGT

    Grandson's rod made from old junk

    Awesome, way to go Granpa
  74. OmanGT

    Excellent Shallow Water Lings & Reds!

    That looks like so much fun...I wanna go fishing
  75. OmanGT

    Shogun 7-Day - Boat Review

    What a good positive report. Thanks for sharing.
  76. OmanGT

    New to Santa Barbara, Quick Introduction

    Welcome to BD. Small boat in a big ocean = high risk especially in that channel...going with two boats = EXCELLENT ADVICE
  77. OmanGT

    Color Preserver Wrap Strength

    Ohio Capt G I have communicated the crew at UC. I'm looking at +180gr poppers. I'll probably trim the butt some. We considered the Wahoo and other blanks. We'll see how it works. I don't mind experimenting:hali_olutta:. Considering the lure weight this was thought to be a good...
  78. OmanGT

    Color Preserver Wrap Strength

    I don't normally use CP but the PACBAY NCP darkens without CP. The GT's in Oman are beasts +50kg and we fish with very heavy drag. Experienced Oman charter capts speak of guides popping off the rod and have told me to be sure to triple wrap. For each thread layer I put a layer of finish (goo...
  79. OmanGT

    Color Preserver Wrap Strength

    Hi Folks I will soon receive a custom made blank from UC a 8ft Predator for popping for GT's here in Oman. I triple wrap my guides with "goo" on each layer. I have on hand PacBay NCP size C but find the color is better/brighter if I use CP. My question is will use of CP result in less...
  80. OmanGT

    Favorite Marlin Lure?

    I think the most internationally recognized (and least expensive) marlin lure is the wide range senior black and purple...nicknamed the Rodney (King). The wide range is so easy to run at any speed and any spot in the pattern. Stiff rigged single hook just past the end of the lure.
  81. OmanGT

    2 day report

    Great catch for what sounds to be an extra effort trip.
  82. OmanGT

    Rpt-Wed-10-03-12 Big Lings fishing in the fog.

    Looks like a really fun trip. Quick blast down to Baja. Have some great fishing and a quick ride home....great lifestyle.
  83. OmanGT

    Great picture!

    Awesome photo really tells a story thanks for sharing
  84. OmanGT

    Adhek Bali Poppers

    I just ordered a bunch of lures directly from Adhek and the prices you are offering are very fair. Good luck to you.
  85. OmanGT


    Hmmmm getting back to the subject at hand smoked marlin is awesome. When i lived in Guam I had a standup warming oven from a restaurant. Put a sstl door on it and racks inside. I could do 30lbs at a time. Big water bowl in the bottom suspended about a foot over a 110v ring burner. Cut green...
  86. OmanGT

    Huge shoutout for ted!!

    There just ain't nothing better than catching fish with your family. Great memories that last a life time.
  87. OmanGT

    Constitution 1.5 day 9/28-9/30

    Take your wife with you.
  88. OmanGT

    3 day on "finaddic"

    Depends on what you are fishing for. I no longer live in the area but you may want to look at catch reports and correlate those to moon phase. I did that once for WSB and there was a definite connection. If you are fishing for marlin there are better moon phases.
  89. OmanGT

    1010/Hidden Bank

    A great family trip congratulations
  90. OmanGT

    New Seeker for Next Week

    That's cool. The finish looks very clear....good fotos.
  91. OmanGT

    Short video on refinishing a rod blank

    Many thanks for the videos
  92. OmanGT

    Family trip to Cordova

    Fantastic family trip...thanks for sharing
  93. OmanGT

    The Bachelor Party of a Lifetime!!

    Great report thanks for posting.
  94. OmanGT

    Recent trip and a question

    I agree with John. Recent trip I was taught that there is no need to level wind. Don't fill the reel to the brim.
  95. OmanGT

    US Made GT Popping Blank

    Thanks for the input Randy. I did not know that about the reverse taper in the butt section...30% weight savings seems a lot unless they make the walls in the butt a lot thinner. I have had a Carpenter MH in my hands and with it apart the butt section felt very light...but the grips are thin...
  96. OmanGT

    Doc , Salty And J.T.

    Many Many Thanks to all the Grand Masters on this site for sharing.
  97. OmanGT

    New Guy

    Welcome to Bloodydecks. My family lives in the Carp area. Good luck with your new boat and have fun with your boys.
  98. OmanGT

    Trip of a lifetime

    Awesome report thanks for sharing. fishing remote places is awesome
  99. OmanGT

    gaff a dodo

    Keep your boat in gear and moving a couple of knots so you can control him better. Keep your leader low to the water so he doesn't jump (as much). Have a long gaff. I see all these guys with 4 foot gaffs. Get a good calcutta gaff as long as you can handle 6 - 7 foot then you can stick him...
  100. OmanGT

    Suprise on the 14

    Awesome solo catch...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!
  101. OmanGT

    Trips are good if I get home.

    A great day of fishing: the beer was cold the boat ran good and we all got back safe
  102. OmanGT

    Ranger 85 ......... 8/29 Late Report

    Well written informative report, congrats on your fish.
  103. OmanGT

    first build - a 10 y/o's dream

    Way cool your son will be even more stoked when he catches some fish with it...go gettem
  104. OmanGT

    Hook up

    Shit happens. I once had the 9/0 trailer hook with the 20lb mahi still attached to the front hook go into the muscle of my forearm when I pulled fish into the boat. The boys dropped me at the dock and went back out fishing. Wife took me to the emergency room and they didn't have any bolt...
  105. OmanGT

    48hrs and the Epoxy is still tacky???

    One thing I do to avoid inaccurate mixing is to mix more than I need. I think if you mix too little the chances of proportions being off is greater. I do waste more that way but the results warrant the small expense imho.
  106. OmanGT

    US Made GT Popping Blank

    Wow this post really took off. For 2 weeks there were only two replies. 2 piece banks: the only reason I can see for them is travel. I have gone from Oman to Calif and back several times stopping off in Palau with my rod tube at over 8ft and have never had a problem or been charged extra...
  107. OmanGT

    Build Weight

    If you want to look at a another good USA blank check out the new SW popping series from United Composite USA, There is also Spinal, St Croix and OTI is US based. I've settled on a US Composites Wahoo 80 rated to 80lb line and 10oz lures moderate to fast taper. Blank weight is 7.74oz. We'll...
  108. OmanGT

    How to Sashimi?

    I agree with keeping the fish on ice for a couple of days before filleting. Seems to mellow the meat out like a curing process.
  109. OmanGT

    Build Weight

    Great info...thanks. Maybe I need to learn cork grips. I think I can also shave off a lot of the hypalon in the grips. Maybe cork tape for the rear grip. Thanks again.
  110. OmanGT

    Build Weight

    Need some help please. How much does the build add to the weight of a rod and how can I keep it down? I'm trying to convince my friends not to spend fortunes on Japanese GT rods. Here's pics of on the left Carpenter Monster Hunter 80 at 16 oz and $1,000 and at 24oz for each Hercules 80H (my...
  111. OmanGT

    US Made GT Popping Blank

    Hi Folks My friends here in Oman keep buying $1,000+++ Japanese built rods for GT popping. We have a great fishery here; the GT's are commonly over 100lbs and are real bruisers. My goal has been to build a good rod using a US built blank. So far I've built 3 that are good but end up being a...
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    Brought two on my recent trip to Palau and tied one my son's rod. He caught plenty snapper and emperor...plenty of hits and then whammo big strike and broke line. This was on the reef light tackle stuff.
  113. OmanGT

    Your reel handle is on the wrong side

    Why is it that guys from South Africa and Australia all fish with the handle on the spinners on the right side? I think it's cause they grew up south of the equator.
  114. OmanGT

    custom rod ??

    It is definitely an old school look and you and I are old school. Hard to get the guys here to criticize a fellow rod builder....bad karma. Did you show the builder what you wanted before he started??? The quality kinda sucks.
  115. OmanGT

    Batson TS66MH Halibut Stik

    That's a really cool cross wrap. Something different...looks great
  116. OmanGT

    Rpt-Wed.-08-01-12 Aztec Tuna and Tails!

    Thanks for providing us with a good read and congrats on your catch
  117. OmanGT

    A Short Afternoon in LJ

    What a score...awesome
  118. OmanGT proud Dad

    Just got back from 3 weeks in Palau, Western Pacific where we met my son Matt and daughter Kristle. We camped for 2 weeks at Ngemelis Island (paradise on earth). I built a rod for my son before we left Oman a Seeker a CLB 704. Fishing was good for snapper, emperor etc. Matt caught a nice...
  119. OmanGT

    Another Video Tutorial

    Thanks so much for sharing
  120. OmanGT

    Pounding the surf

    Great report. You are staying busy.
  121. OmanGT

    Best Fathers Day Gift Ever

    Well done Dad he'll cherish that picture for the rest of his life.
  122. OmanGT

    Happy Fathers Day To Me!

    wooooohooooooo good job Dad
  123. OmanGT

    Finish Help

    I had a similar problem with U40 recently. I ended up putting a coat of flexcoat high build over it and it got hard. There are so many posts of this happening it's hard to put a finger on any one issue.
  124. OmanGT

    First Rod. Simple Inshore Rod

    Nothing better than catching a fish on a rod you've built yourself
  125. OmanGT


    Great post Tom. The selfless sharing by the pros on this forum is just awesome. We need to give back our support.
  126. OmanGT

    SM - 6-11 PM - Some Action on the Squid + Video

    Good effort...better than sitting at home.
  127. OmanGT

    Pacman robbed!

    Just read some stuff on the net. Everybody thinks the decision was a total joke. Manny is the only reason I've watched boxing since the days of Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard etc etc. MMA is so popular now and growing all the time. Much more versatile and entertaining. The talent pool seems to just...
  128. OmanGT

    Twilight for a first timer Loking,..

    That's Primo Dad. Good job. Many more great trips to come.
  129. OmanGT

    the good the bad and ugly

    Hi Folks Hello from Oman. I haven’t posted in a long while but I’ve managed to build a few rods lately. Phenix PHDX2H760 (for Dave) and a X3H700 for me (I didn’t want this blank) for popping. Super Seeker CLB704 for my son for light popping in Palau...
  130. OmanGT

    La Push week 1 and 2 Long report pic heavy

    Dude:::: how many generations you got fishing there??? Awesome report and congrats on your great catch and cheers to your crew seeing the youngster hooked up and leaning back in the belt is what it is all about
  131. OmanGT

    Popper experts!

    the size of the hooks makes a difference how the lure works especially with stick baits. Bigger hooks will keep a difficult to work popper in the water better... a popper that is at rest will sit with nose/cup up at an angle...many GT fisherman will tell you that it's good to let the popper get...
  132. OmanGT

    WON White Seabass Championship Report

    those fish look in perfect condition...well done
  133. OmanGT


    I have two sons and they both love to fish...there's nothing better than fishing with your sons.
  134. OmanGT

    Musandam GT

  135. OmanGT

    Musandam GT

    Yep it's one piece and I can pull on it as hard as I want knowing it won't break. I built the rod so it's that much more gratifying to catch a good fish. Hard to explain but I can't stand the graphite blanks and I would never buy a two piece for GT Fishing although there are plenty on the...
  136. OmanGT

    Musandam GT

    The pics are out of order. Can't figure out how to mix text and pics...but here it is Dave and I scheduled another Musandam trip with Ocean Active. We left Tuesday afternoon for the 5 hour drive from Muscat to Dibba and fished Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday evening was spent rigging and...
  137. OmanGT

    Ready to fish!

    cold towels in the's always a special time being on the much to see..if the whole family enjoys it you have found true wealth
  138. OmanGT

    Reel Seat Backwards???

    Thanks for all the input. Good stuff and darn if Aftco isn't building them upside down too! We're building spinning rods with Fuji reel seats so no lock nuts. Glued them on last night so all I can say is "forward"...or frontward... Stripper guide backward...I'm doing it...supposed to keep...
  139. OmanGT

    Reel Seat Backwards???

    Howzit All Finally got some blanks so I can build some more rods. A Phenix PHD760X2H and PHD700X3H for GT popping here in Oman. Just got the blanks yesterday and they seem pretty darn bitchen. Fast taper and they really turn off...very light weight. Jim...jakuhead was saying how the carbon...
  140. OmanGT

    Paid some serious dough

  141. OmanGT

    Just some park Loking,..

    Dude You got it wired. Fishing with the Wife and Kids and loving it...there's nothin better
  142. OmanGT

    3D marbling

    Capt G's is the real stuff...
  143. OmanGT

    3D marbling

    just a brain fart...has anybody tried 3D marbling...was thinking several coats of finish in between layers of marbling like with a tiger wrap..get a deeper effect make it look stone like I've never done marbling just throwing an idea out. start with lighter colors and work up
  144. OmanGT

    Rainshadow Drop Shot

    the marbling looks cool don't cut if off. looks like it has depth has anyone ever done a layered marbling to give it depth like you do with a tiger wrap???
  145. OmanGT

    1973 Pacemaker Sportfisher

    Keep going dude
  146. OmanGT

    Thanks JT! You da man!

    Dear JT please rise above and ignore the assholes...and keep sharing....pleeeze
  147. OmanGT

    Guam fishing report

    that is a monster wahoo for Guam
  148. OmanGT

    Why OTI and Not Brand X

    And your lures are not priced sky high like some of the others
  149. OmanGT

    Super Seeker CJB80F with abalone G-urushi wrap for local BFT

    That is a classic looking stick. Colors are right on with the blank color.
  150. OmanGT

    Phenix Line Rating

    Howzit Jim just ordered 2 PHD760X2H for popping here in Oman. Eager to see what they are like.
  151. OmanGT

    Assist hooks, split rings, solid rings, treble hooks Try Kilsong's he's in New Jersey
  152. OmanGT

    Japanese Vertical Jigs from Japan

    360 tuna has some good tutorial type stuff...look up vertical jigging
  153. OmanGT

    Musandam Oman

    We use a high strength Sampo barrel swivel with a high strength split ring both at the lure. No snap swivels...they pull apart. The split ring is to change lures easily.
  154. OmanGT

    Musandam Oman

    I was finally able to share a charter to fish Musandam, Oman. I’ve lived in Oman in the Middle East for the past 4 years and have heard/read of the great GT popping there. My buddy Dave and his visiting brother Paul went a day before me to fish two days. I only had time to fish one day. We...
  155. OmanGT

    My new girlfriend

    two happiest days in a man's are experiencing the first... congratulations and enjoy your new ride
  156. OmanGT

    First build. Chevrons taught by the master himself

    really like the effect of the underwrap looks almost like a tiger wrap under there. one of my problems is having the forethought to have a good looking transition to the stripper guide
  157. OmanGT

    kidzfishing tv bass rods!!

    Any kid will be stoked to get those rods. Kids and fishing is the best.
  158. OmanGT

    Phenix Fluke Jiggers

    X2 on the purple thread and very inspiring as usual
  159. OmanGT

    Golden Dragon Feather inlay

    Totally bitchen
  160. OmanGT

    First snowflake wrap

    Cool color combination. Snow flakes are great. Capt Richie has posted some awesome ones that inspired me to try it. Good job.
  161. OmanGT

    From the Planet Skyron, in the Galaxy of Andromeda

    Definitely has a cosmos thing goin on there. Awesome.
  162. OmanGT

    My best work so far.

    Nice job I just love catching fish on a rod that you've built's special
  163. OmanGT

    500+ Blue Marlin Jumps in the Boat at Tropic Star Lodge

    close the adrenaline must have been flowing
  164. OmanGT

    Towing in the ocean

    An inner tube works well as a shock absorber. Tie it in the tow line with bowlins. I think for liability purposes the vessel to be towed should throw the line to the boat doing the towing. Always use a bridle.
  165. OmanGT


    Yep I've had good success with a 7ft Seeker Hercules 70H works really well with poppers around 125 grams. Lotsa guys using shorter sticks cuz casting with longer ones wears you out.
  166. OmanGT

    15 Day Royal Star Braid trip

    Thanks for an inspiring report. Awesome and kudos to the landing for meeting you at the airport and getting you on the boat...the feeling you must have had to get to the bait dock and get onboard...wooooohoooo. I want to go sooooooooooo bad
  167. OmanGT

    Current project - Wife's Rod

    She's gonna love it.
  168. OmanGT


    It is really bitchen to see all the comaraderie going on here and you can feel the excitement for the show building up just by reading the posts. Wonderful program good on you all...wish i was there.
  169. OmanGT

    RFS/Texas show Gusa w/awabi shell & photo wrap (major props to Capt. G & Salty Dawg)!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaay there a phone number for the pin up girl???
  170. OmanGT

    1X3 Spinner w/ ALPS reel seat

    I bet those blanks are heavy for casting any length of time...eagerly waiting for the Hercules 80XH to be available. I think its gonna be a great rod for this purpose...and also monster GTs.
  171. OmanGT

    1X3 Spinner w/ ALPS reel seat

    Mr JT are those fuji alconite guides??? I've been using them on my popping rods and they're nice and light...hope they are strong enough
  172. OmanGT

    Super seeker hurcules 70h

    I've built two of the 70H for popping and they are great. The 80H is even better. I've built two 80H also...I don't have any of these rods as "friends" got them off me at cost of to spread the cheer. I have a post on the 80H build in the Popping section. I'm waiting for the...
  173. OmanGT

    Warranties for custom rods

    I bought a Seeker Hercules blank from mudhole and the guy i built it for damaged it "somehow" but Seeker through mudhole replaced the are wrong dude.
  174. OmanGT

    Scurvy, Bloodies, And Joie De Vivre: The Team Hoo 2012 Cow Hunt

    and where's the rest of the story??? great reading
  175. OmanGT

    GT Time

    The lures look great. Where in Micronesia are you going? I spent 18 years in Guam and 8 years in Palau
  176. OmanGT

    Magpie Rod

  177. OmanGT

    small feathers

    Those are ruby eyes or another name kinda derogatory. They come in all kinds of sizes 1/4 oz to several oz and colors. You can put a skirt over them and they catch just about every fish in the ocean including marlin, tuna, wahoo and mahi. Fished them a lot in Guam and we always caught with them.
  178. OmanGT

    Doc Ski's email has been hacked...very important!

    Fishing. rod building...both wonderful creative, harmless ways to spend time in our short lives...that all this crap is going on is really a bummer...I hate to see you all having to go through this and hope there is peace in the rod building world soon so you can get back to spending your time...
  179. OmanGT

    I feel like a Donkey!1-10

    Good post buddy...we all feel your pain
  180. OmanGT

    Some Big Fish Poppers

    They look good my buddy and i are thinking how we can make our own poppers
  181. OmanGT

    Marlin Lures...How to rig?

    Take them down to Melton in Anaheim and look through all the colors and lengths that are there and match them up. Lotsa info on the net regarding hook setup. Single hook stiff rig with the hook right at the end of the skirts is a good way to go. Leader and hook size should match the size of...
  182. OmanGT

    Seeker Hercules 80XH Available????

    A friend runs GT charters at Musandam and Kuria Muria Islands here in Oman. He wants more of the 80H's but i really really want to get some of the 80XH cuz i just know they will be awesome. Probably faster taper...cut em off to 7'6" and hold on.
  183. OmanGT

    Seeker Hercules 80XH Available????

    I'll bump my own post to see if I can get an answer...plenty politics on the forum these days...Mexico permits and all should see all the nets off the beach here in Oman dead turtles on the beach long liners off shore. MLPA / Mexico permits all the stuff you guys put up with back in...
  184. OmanGT

    Seeker Hercules 80XH Available????

    There's 20lbs of dumb bells hanging on there..not to mention the dumb bell holding the rod.
  185. OmanGT


    Great forum great artists and mentors.
  186. OmanGT

    Seeker Hercules 80XH Available????

    Happy New Year I've wrapped 2 Herc 80H's for GT popping and they are great. I don't have them anymore left one in Palau and a friend just took my other one off me here in time to order some more blanks. I'm really eager to get my hands on the new 80XH. Are they on the market...
  187. OmanGT

    enough to worry

    That's the ticket right there...or how to avoid one. I live in Oman in the middle east great fisheries being totally raped by nets off the beach nets off the dows and small boats. I grew up in Manhattan Beach SoCal and left in 1982...seems the fishing is better now in SoCal than it was back...
  188. OmanGT

    Go Fuck Yourself Laguna...

    Don't give up Brother...keep taking your Girl fishing
  189. OmanGT

    carzy giant 40lb fish i cought on kayak 2day

    i said i said i said i said Son...awesome catch
  190. OmanGT

    Question/comment about forum etiquette

    Criticism is necessary to improve. I think also the original poster can be specific and say what do you think about...?
  191. OmanGT

    Cracks on guide feet ends

    I thought the only reason to taper the feet was so the wraps would go up the guide easy. Was bummed last year when had the cracking thread syndrome on a popping rod i had built. Will grind those suckers from now on.
  192. OmanGT

    15 Dec 11

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ a wonderful reminds of the time way back in 19 and 84 when we caught a 456pbm off of Guam. had em to the boat in an hour on a 12/0 with 125lb line. Me my friend and 11 year old...
  193. OmanGT

    Keeping diesel fuel tanks full?

    I lived in Guam which is very humid. I had built in fiberglass tanks. If water enters the diesel and stays for a length of time there is a chemical/biological reaction and there is a nasty green snot that grows in the fuel. It is not a myth. I had to pump my tanks out and treat them because...
  194. OmanGT

    Now Showing - Tiger Wrap Tricks by Cecil B. DocSki

    That was great....can we see some more techniques...very informative to actually watch the work being done.
  195. OmanGT

    Need some help/opinions

    It's starting to look a lot like Christmas all around the world...did this phenomenon just appear recently like in the past week???
  196. OmanGT

    Keep an eye out, STOLEN RODS

    Peace be with you Mr. Dawg. Enjoy your holidays. Our Christmas wish is that you get justice but more so peace of mind. Hope to see more of your posts of your awesome wraps soon. Don't let the jerks distract you more than necessary...
  197. OmanGT

    Keep an eye out, STOLEN RODS

    My wife just got back home after being away for two months waiting for her visa...and we went BUMP in the dark. Perseverance Mr. Dawg go gettem
  198. OmanGT


    If you have a Weber barbeque, the big dome type, you can buy an attachment called a Smokenator that works very well and you have double use with the Weber. Easy to control for a variety of temperatures
  199. OmanGT


    Christmas Cheers and Holiday Greetings to all the Professional Rod Builders on Bloodydecks (and the rest of the world too) On behalf of all us novice/home/build our own rod builders we express our gratitude to you Professionals for all your guidance and advice. This forum is a wealth of...
  200. OmanGT

    Help spooling my new 18000 stella

    If you want to keep it simple...follow the instructions from the manual. Spool as you would a conventional reel with plenty of tension. I use 80lb tuff line to get long distance casts versus 100lb. You can use a 150# or more ball bearing swivel to tie your not use a snap swivel it'll...
  201. OmanGT

    Wiring Tips

    You never know when you'll get stuck out after dark...keep the lights on board...use silicone overthe connections to waterproof.
  202. OmanGT


    Hi Folks <o:p> </o:p> Just finished my second Seeker Hercules 80H for GT Popping and I think I nailed the guide spacing. Used Fuji Alconites to keep weight down and bought extra guides to have options 40 through 12’s. The objective is to cast heavy poppers long distance and get good rip on...
  203. OmanGT

    How to Keep the Pizzazz?

    I'm using Pacbay NCP. I really like the "pazzazz" of the wraps but when I put the finish I lose the effect. Is it better to use color preserver with non-NCP thread or just start with lighter colors knowing its gonna get darker with the finish? I think I could have used more of a contrast in...
  204. OmanGT

    Impromptu Ocean Swim

    Maybe a wetsuit instead of all those clothes safer and warmer and helps you float
  205. OmanGT

    Factory or Custom Seeker and Calstar Heavy Rods

    Capt Richie's wraps are awesome from the photos posted may want to get a collaboration going with Saltydawg (to get the long range knowledge) and Capt Richie (to get your custom fit...go to his shop and size the grip lengths for your person)...there's plenty of good help on this...
  206. OmanGT


    Tough crew but glad to be a part of the forum...I tried to edit the title a few days back but couldn't...any help from a moderator out there. Revised title: Stella Bail Roller Problem...OKAY WENT ADVANCED AND GOT IT DONE...WELL I THINK I GOT IT DONE??? MODERATOR PLEASE LET'S CLOSE THIS ONE OUT!!!
  207. OmanGT

    Looking for Rod Finish Perfection

    My biggest problem is is full of it...also thread that frizzes...bummer gonna change brands
  208. OmanGT


    It's not Stevie, just Steve. And thanks for the colorful language, really spices it up. I don't have a dog in this fight, so I'll think a bit on it before I reply in depth about "my fucking problem." It's not a personal attack, more of a general comment about how these forums allow people to...
  209. OmanGT

    Do any of you buy from

    They've sent me stuff all the way out here in Oman and helped me have an express getaway outta SoCal this past summer...good crew
  210. OmanGT


    Dan Thanks for your quick response. I have had several of your reels over the years including several Sustains and a Twin Power. I have ordered the part through my daughter on the east coast and it's supposed to arrive via fedex tomorrow...I purchased the Stella several years ago through...
  211. OmanGT


    I spent $900 for a quality half way across the world to go fishing and find the roller is flaky...bitch and moan bullshit. And other guys have had the same problem as i see now...I contacted Shimano and they gave me a contact in Calif after i told them i was overseas in Oman...
  212. OmanGT


    quote: "Your fish is most likely a Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel. (Scomberomorus commerson) His range is included in your area. They are considered a better food fish than the kings and trophy fish for most indo-pacific spearfisherman. Here is a pic of a Narrow-barred Spanish Makerel." I...
  213. OmanGT


    Hi Bruce What type of materials do you use in your blanks and can i order a blank? What kind of taper do they have?
  214. OmanGT

    J. Trelikes & Salty Dawg

    Great forum and the Master Rod Builders here give us all inspiration and ready advice...happy to be a member due to these guys.
  215. OmanGT


    Howzit Fellow BD'ers My friend Dave and I headed out yesterday to try to snag a sailfish. There's been plenty around this year and we've released a few. We left the dock at 7:30 to fish a strong falling tide and the low tide at 1pm. Trolled for hours with the reels staying silent. We saw...
  216. OmanGT


    Hmmmm Stiffer tip but more parabolic seems a bit of contradiction between fast and medium taper. The graphite rods I've cast seem to fit that description but they seem to lack "character" in that the taper seems very uniform (making fighting a big fish more stain on the back) while the Seeker...
  217. OmanGT


    "quote" In case you didnt see it, a few days ago I posted a video of some GT popping in Oman a few weeks ago and in the video almost all the topwater action was with the Racepoint 250." Watched the video. You guys were probably at the Kuria Muria Islands also known as the Halaniyat's (SP?)...
  218. OmanGT


    My biggest GT to date is about 40lbs. I spent 8 years in Palau in the Western Pacific, popping heaven on awesome coral reefs, and now live in Oman, Middle East, and if weather and time permits there are good possibilities to hook and land a really big GT. I build my own rods and regularly...
  219. OmanGT

    Phenix & United Composite

    what does dual helix mean and why is it important????
  220. OmanGT

    Father of the year?

    i hope they don't save the family pics till he's older...although many of us don't set a better example in daily life
  221. OmanGT

    massive slot snook

    Congrats on our catch
  222. OmanGT

    One of the greatest things about this forum

    Just starting an 8ft Hercules for popping and looking for guide spacing info and found the following link: I can't get it to run but I'm not much a computer guy. And you're right Capt this is a great forum.
  223. OmanGT

    Indy 10-day Oct. 12-Oct.22

    Thanks for taking the time to provide us all with a great read
  224. OmanGT

    57 LB Halibut and more

    You guys are serious...awesome catch congrats
  225. OmanGT

    Little themed rod.

    That is really clean
  226. OmanGT

    Afternoon Ono Video 10/5/2011

    Wahoooooo thanks for sharing that was fun to watch
  227. OmanGT

    Upgrading Poppers for PV?

    Don't forget to buy the heaviest split rings you can find; this is often the weakest link. Also if you are not tying your leader to your main line and are using a not use snap swivels..the ones that are strong enough are too big and the smaller ones open up with heavy drag...use a...
  228. OmanGT

    First Tiger Fun Stuff

    Through screw ups may come good ideas. I'm wondering if the use of the rod builder's glue may be a viable option. From what I read the thickness of the buildup over the initial wrap is the key to the 3d effect. I was able to get a very thick buildup in just a few hours (while I wondered what...
  229. OmanGT

    First Tiger Fun Stuff

    Howzit Fellow BD'ers After my first snow flake I continued to practice on my lamiglas surf stick that I use on camping trips a couple times a year. The tiger wrap is a blast. Definitely cosmic and fun to do. An easy wrap for us apprentices. You may have used the flexcoat products and know...
  230. OmanGT

    Polewrappers Unite!

    Hey Capt G Here's some pole (w)rappers for ya. Maybe these girls can be the group mascots.
  231. OmanGT

    Snow Flake 1st Closed Wrap

    Thanks Lotsa good tips and suggestions. What I've taken away so far: 1. Measure more often as the wrap progresses. When I started to close the wrap I had not paid attention to the spacing of the crosses and just went for it. More interim measurements. 2. I did not carry out the repeat...
  232. OmanGT

    Snow Flake 1st Closed Wrap

    X2 first pic good 2nd pic understandable 3rd pic wakaranai
  233. OmanGT

    Snow Flake 1st Closed Wrap

    Hi Folks Plenty to critique here. I've only ever done diamond wraps. A year or so ago I saw a snow flake pattern done by Capt Richie and was way inspired and bought Billy Vivona's book. I used size C thread cuz that's all I have and I'd probably go cross eyed with A thread. I got the line...
  234. OmanGT

    Trawlers Waste 104 tons of Ak Halibut

    How does 104 tons wasted compare to the weight caught by sport fisherman???
  235. OmanGT

    Optimax 135hp 2005 Air Compressor

    Mark Muchisimas Gracias I'm in touch with a dealer on the east coast and have passed all your good info to them....many many thanks bruddah. Now just need to get the part shipped to Oman...
  236. OmanGT

    Optimax 135hp 2005 Air Compressor

    Hello Mark Thanks for the info. The tag stuck on the side of the body says: 831998A28 Assembled in Mexico. There is a cast number in the body 831998-C6. Is the 8M0057463 the part with the improvement with added bearing??? Thanks again Brian
  237. OmanGT

    Optimax 135hp 2005 Air Compressor

    Tried ebay already didn't have the right model
  238. OmanGT

    Optimax 135hp 2005 Air Compressor

    Hi Folks Just as the sailfish bite has totally gone off the compressor on one of our engines went to bits. Part # is 831998A28 assembled in Mexico. I've seen some posts on other sites that Mercury has improved the compressor design??? The local dealer is telling us about $1,000 and 20 day...
  239. OmanGT

    Open Water(the movie)....for reals

    My daughter and I got separated diving and she surfaced and got on the wrong boat. We thought she was still in the water and we looked for her for half an hour of terror in my heart before we found out she had already returned to the beach on the other boat....number the frigging tanks and log...
  240. OmanGT

    Sea of Cortez Roosters w-pics

    Great post thanks for sharing
  241. OmanGT

    Rpt-8 day on the Excel ending 09-23-11

    Thanks for taking the time to write a great post. Very much enjoyed the read and the descriptions of the meals got me very hungry.
  242. OmanGT


    Thanks for showing mercy I was gonna just be quiet but have too much respect and appreciation for you guys:hali_olutta:
  243. OmanGT


    I feel like a real dumbass. I first want to thank you all for your input...and now tell you what the real friggin problem was...shyte...the nut behind the chuck...looks like a big wing nut...had backed off and was soon as I tightened it the "problem" went away. This is after i...
  244. OmanGT


    Put a new belt already and it was slipping after one rod. I guess the best thing to do is shim the pulley/chuck assembly higher off the frame.
  245. OmanGT


    Hi Folks I've a PacBay combo wrapper dryer. My problem is the rubber o ring keeps slipping while wrapping. Seems the o ring fits the dryer nice and tight but is kinda loose on the wrapper motor. I've put rubber bands around the main pulley to tighten it up but it still slips some. I then...
  246. OmanGT


    I don't use the reel that often maybe 4 or 5 times a year. My problem is I live in the middle east so it's not easy to contact a Shimano dealer. Will try to find one on the east coast. It's such a great reel...I use it for popping...I was on a trip in the Western Pacific when it happened.
  247. OmanGT


    Hi Folks I put up the big bucks and bought a Stella 10000 SW about 3 years ago. On my last trip I noticed my bail roller's finish was flaking off. Bummer! I religiously rinse with fresh water and a squirt of WD40 every few trips. I leave it on the rod sometimes with the line through the...
  248. OmanGT


    Quote: "Thanks for the story, and pics....that looks like an awesome adventure! The grouper looks mouth watering...could you share with us the way you prepared it?" Sorry for late response...I took the fish to a Chinese restaurant cuz nobody else had a pot big enough. We had them scale, gut...
  249. OmanGT


    Philippine Airlines tried to charge me $150 from Manila to LA on the way out but i talked them out of it. from LA to Manila I put a label on my rod case saying "Survey Equipment" and they didn't charge me. No problem on Continental from Manila to Palau.
  250. OmanGT


    Yep sold one with the guides taped. There's a tackle shop in Palau that does guides for $3/guide so no big deal. The guides were spaced and ready to wrap.
  251. OmanGT


    Hello Friends I recently had an extended vacation between jobs and spent time in SoCal and the Republic of Palau, Western Pacific. While in SoCal i hooked up with Eric of Eric's Tackle Shop in Ventura. We contacted the Seeker factory in Long Beach and got a Hercules 80H and a 70H. Julie and...


    Camping Rod Building Palau
  253. OmanGT

    Bass Guys...All ROUND ROD & REEL FOR MY SON???

    Checked Cabelas Shimano Teramar TMC-66MH $109.99 Abu Garcia Revo SX Casting Reel $169.99 Awesome reviews on the Revo. Maybe the son and I will take turns LOL. Looks like the right kinda stuff. Any stores in Calif that will have these in stock to save on shipping...and to see it before...
  254. OmanGT

    trends in tackle

    I was waiting for someone to tell it like it is. All casting records are set by conventional reels. Way back when I was relief deck on the Redondo Special (mid 60"s @14yo) we would all raise our eye brows when someone would bring a spinning reel onboard...typically they would have 15# and cast...
  255. OmanGT

    SoCal Buying Seeker Blanks

    Hi Folks Coming to SoCal for my annual trip home. I work in Oman in the middle east and order my rod blanks etc through mudhole. I'm bringing a rod case on the plane and want to do some blank shopping while in SoCal. Looking for a tackle shop where I can go in and see a good selection of...
  256. OmanGT

    Bass Guys...All ROUND ROD & REEL FOR MY SON???

    My Son is now 12 and its time he learned to cast with a conventional rod and reel. He is very proficient with spinning gear. He lives in Austin Tx but we will be meeting in SoCal for the month of July...I live in the middle east but grew up in Manhattan Beach. Advice I'm looking for is a...
  257. OmanGT

    Another day in the bay With great fishing.

    Good job taking your Dad fishing that's what its all about...keep at it and thanks for posting.
  258. OmanGT

    Father Son July Fishing Advice

    Thanks for all the input. Getting excited to go fishing with my son.
  259. OmanGT

    Father Son July Fishing Advice

    Howzit BDer's This may be a little long cuz I'm feeling nostalgic and looking forward to spending quality time with my son. Born Whittier 19&53 grew up in Manhattan Beach but left Calif in 82'. Crewed relief deck on the Redondo Special when I was 13 and 14 and would deadhead on the Pursuit...
  260. OmanGT

    Are roller guides needed for trolling/dropper loop?

    When trolling from rod holders with or without outriggers (except with tag lines) the line does constantly move in and out of the tip as the lures work.
  261. OmanGT

    Sick way to lose a marlin "VIDEO"

    That was disgraceful. Suprised they posted the video
  262. OmanGT

    Awesome shark video

    Very cool thanks for sharing
  263. OmanGT

    New Ideas

    Well it's just damned frustrating is what it is...the threadwork is just so awesome and inspiring..I bought the books and stuff...and well I need more patience and hopefully will achieve or get close to what you guys do on a daily basis.
  264. OmanGT

    Killing billfish

    Smoked marlin is awesome and just about the only good way to eat it
  265. OmanGT

    8 foot Seeker Hercules

    Hello Rod Builders Seek(er)ing some of your good advice again. This is specifically about popping for big giant trevalley and casting lures over 5oz. Background is as follows: Years ago I built a Super Seeker SS-CJBF90M (line rating 25 - 50) that I cut 9 inches off the butt. It works great and...
  266. OmanGT

    Looking for a travel popping rod

    I built a Seeker Hrecules GTS70H for popping and it is a great stick. Light weight super easy to cast 4oz lures all day, good popping action and a total beef stick for big fish. At just 7 foot it is easy to travel with. Also casts lighter 2oz lures decently. I have a 10000 stella on the...
  267. OmanGT

    Sri Lanka Anyone???

    Thanks Dan I've been able to line up a skiff so will try some popping while I'm there. Lotsa pics of GTs on the net so we'll see.
  268. OmanGT

    Sri Lanka Anyone???

    I live in Oman these days a 4 hour flight to Sri Lanka. Web surfing shows GT's wahoo ect. there. Anybody have any info. I'm going to Hikkaduwa on Feb 24th. Interested in popping and jigging
  269. OmanGT

    Mexican tow boat

    I don't live in Calif anymore but after reading the posts I have to agree with the guys that are saying...the Federales are just doing their job. I like the comparison that if a bunch of Mexican boats were fishing off Catalina the DFG (and Coast Guard) would be all over them. One guy asked...
  270. OmanGT

    Best handheld VHF radio?

    I vote Icom. I've had one for years and never use it but after a year of never looking at it the battery is still fully charged.
  271. OmanGT

    stripe fish wrap across axis

    You may want to check out and see the thread art books there. The one by Billy Vivona has been really helpful for me and they have fast shipping service.
  272. OmanGT

    FURUNO FCV-585?

    A 1kw xducer should read bottom to +400 fathoms 2,400 feet, at trolling speed 8 knots. A whole lot depends on where you mount the ducer. Transom mount will not read as well as thru-hull mounted about 1/3 boat length from the transom (problem w/ trailer boats). A 2kw ducer is huge and a 3kw...
  273. OmanGT

    Optimax 135 Proper Engine Flushing

    Howzit Folks I have twin Optimax 135's. I have heard two different concepts on proper engine flushing for saltwater use. Our mechanic told us we should not use the muffs becuase the empeller needs more water than the hose can provide and therefore its bad for the impeller. He says to use...
  274. OmanGT


    [ I have the clamps to hold the line, but no bobbin type device. In heavy gear, what type of material should I use to act as the serve, and how should I do it?] I don't have a bobbin either but I use 50# solid spectra and wrap by hand just as you would a rod guide. Check the Blackwater site...
  275. OmanGT

    Snowflake Wrap Spacing

    I am embarking on my first journey into thread art (other than diamond wraps). Inspired by Capt Richie's snowflake wrap I bought Mr. Vivona's thread art book and have figured it out and did a test and have the basics down. The book has a spacing chart in the between points A and...
  276. OmanGT

    I messed my blank up Super Seeker

    Thanks for all the tips...looks like rubbing alcohol from now on when wiping the glue off. I put the first wraps on and first layer of finish and put a very light coat of flexcoat over the spot (last night before reading your posts) and the discoloration mostly went and learn...
  277. OmanGT

    I messed my blank up Super Seeker

    Darnit messed up my SS665XXH Completed the grips and reel seat and started laying out the guides when I noticed some blemishes that looked like tape residue. Nearest I can figure is that when I was gluing up the grips...rod builders glue...and then wiped off the glue is when it happened. I...
  278. OmanGT

    Wahoo Jigger & Seeker Inshore

    Awesome diamond or box or whatever whatever wrap it is so I went and bought the Clemens and Vivona books. Very inspiring.
  279. OmanGT


    X2 on that I use a 6 inch pipe and duck tape to make a handle at mid length to balance it for and easy. Also take the solid foam tubes used as floaties in swimming pools and cut them in pieces and tape to the rods to cushion against the inside of the tube.
  280. OmanGT

    Stand-up Trolling Rod Butt Cord

    Thanks for the advice, I guess I will build up the blank to fit the smooth butt much as I would a reel seat. I've got the figerglass drywall tape this seems to be the lightest weight solution???
  281. OmanGT

    Stand-up Trolling Rod Butt Cord

    Gonna wrap a stand-up rod that I will also use for trolling from rod holders as well as live bait fishing, so don't want to go with hypalon. I figure the best compromise for the butt grip is butt cord. What I am used to from years past is a heavy cord made of a cotton like material...we'd dye...
  282. OmanGT

    fishing the Maldives

    See below email from JJ who can organize fishing in Maldives his email address is: [email protected] -- On Tue, 3/3/09, Jean-Jacques Ohayon <[email protected]>wrote: From: Jean-Jacques Ohayon <[email protected]> Subject: Re: maldives To: [email protected] Date: Tuesday, March 3...
  283. OmanGT


    I have an old 9/0 I can use. Have read the Jerry Brown article also...thanks for the advice. I'll be doing a "splice-in" not loop to loop and am wanting to get 100lb mono into the 130 hollow.
  284. OmanGT


    Hello Folks Just received my new 50VSX and a spool of 130lb JB hollow braid. So now what do I do? First time to use braid. When I spool my 80W etc. with mono I have my girlfriend sit on a chair and put both feet on either side of a dowel through the spool and keep plenty of tension and I do...
  285. OmanGT

    Seeking Seeker Rod Advice

    I saw the Titan Turbos...they look awesome...and pricey...I saw some similar titanium guides on the Acidrod site but they didnt give the manufacturer and they were much less expensive...same type profile. Many thanks on the guide info.
  286. OmanGT

    Seeking Seeker Rod Advice

    Thanks Bobby Can you suggest some guides/sizes probably finish with 10 or 12's (???) but am wondering how large a stripper guide I should go with and what would you suggest for guide types SIC etc.
  287. OmanGT

    New Rod & Guides Advice

    Maybe better to go with a CTSF60XH stand-up rod??? The joig and bait sticks may have less lift or as they are longer more work for me??? Any ideas on what I could use for the butt grip instead of hypalon...worried that the hypalon will wwear out in the rod holder...butt cord is one solution...
  288. OmanGT

    Seeking Seeker Rod Advice

    Hi Folks I fish stand-up from a 30ft center console (Oman in the middle east), we catch YFT to 175lbs...maybe the occasional marlin. We slow troll live bait and also troll lures at 8 knots etc. Also cast sardines short distances. I will will build a Seeker jig and bait stick SS-CJBF65XH (or...
  289. OmanGT

    Penn 50 VSX Feedback

    Thanks for the input guys. There are some marlin here but few and far between and I do have 80TW 80 and 70VS already. I think I'll compromise and go with the 30VSX. Thanks again
  290. OmanGT

    Penn 50 VSX Feedback

    Fellow Fisherman Looking at a new reel... will be catching (I hope) YFT to 175lbs and smaller stuff...will be trolling lures...slow trolling bait etc. Plan on 100 or 130 lb braid with mono topshot. Any feed back on the Penn 50VSX??? Thanks
  291. OmanGT

    New Rod & Guides Advice

    Hello Folks Just sold my old 80TW and a 130lb Tuna Stick (used to live in the western Pacific...big fish) and am using the money to go lighter. I now live in Oman in the middle east main target is YFT they rarely go over 180lbs. Will buy a Penn 50VS and put 100lb hollow braid and 80lb mono...
  292. OmanGT

    HB 6/7 AM Session

    "My hands are sore from all the digging to find those bigger SCs." Many many years ago i grew up in Manhattan Beach and we surf fsihed a lot. Soft shell sand crabs were always the ticket and we caught plenty of corbina. The soft shells cant get down in the sand as fast as the hard shells...we...
  293. OmanGT

    Optimax 135 model year???

    Many thanks for the info...they are both running great...have them on a 30 foot cat and they are really powerful and fast. Is there a webiste I can get the same info you provided??
  294. OmanGT

    Optimax 135 model year???

    Hi Folks Just bought into a boat with twin Opti 135's. I'm trying to identify the model/program year from the serial numbers but can't find anything on the net. I live in Oman in the middle east. Engine serial nos are: 1B160142 and 1B150259. (Made in Belgium???) The engines sat for two years...
  295. OmanGT

    Coronado Islands 6-19-10

    Properly brined fish...sashimi time...I don't think enough people pay attention to properly brining their fish...always bring mnore ice then you's cheap
  296. OmanGT

    Palau..anyone been there?

    I was lucky enough to live in Palau 8 years 2000 to 2008...most beautiful place you'll ever see awesome reefs and sealife...incredible beaches rated top 5 dive spots in the world...good fishig popping on the reefs and good big game offshore...check out Sam Scott at Sam's tours...lucky me will be...
  297. OmanGT

    Rigging Ballyhoo

    Here's a good link:
  298. OmanGT

    Tailwalkers crystal ball future report

    26 years in the western pacific and well over 150 pbm captures...most seasons 3 to 4 days before the full moon and fish the change from low to high and the rising tide...odds were always best. seems the same all over the world...HIBT is scheduled on the new friends are booking a...
  299. OmanGT

    PR Knot for Solid Braid to Mono

    Here's another knot to add to the list. The Japanese GT knot. Provides the chinese finger latch effect and is low profile. YouTube - Gt knot
  300. OmanGT

    La Guaira, Venezuela report

    New Moon April 14...was it rising tide when the fish went bezerk???
  301. OmanGT

    jigging from shore

    If you will be in Hawaii check the local tackle shops for advice. There is also an excellent book called Fishing Hawaiian Style that also covers shore fishing. Good Luck
  302. OmanGT

    Hollow Braid to Fluoro Splice Line Diameters

    Thanks for the chart. Seems if I want to end up with 130# fluoro I need at least 130# hollow braid.
  303. OmanGT

    Hollow Braid to Fluoro Splice Line Diameters

    I've never used hollow but want to splice to fluorocarbon topshot.. Have searched but cannot find any table that gives acceptable match-ups of hollow braid and fluoro...can I splice 130# fluoro into 80# JB hollow braid??? Is there a rule of thumb such as matching line diameters for the braid...
  304. OmanGT

    Guide Spacing Lessons Learned (Hopefully)

    Great input my friends and many thanks. Haven't started the wraps yet...Im gonna take off one or two guides. One from the tip for sure which will result in the choker guide moving forward. With the short length of the rod and relative large spool diameter the greater distance to the choker...
  305. OmanGT

    Guide Spacing Lessons Learned (Hopefully)

    I'm building a 7 foot seeker Hercules 70H for popping. I've read as much as I can including articles by Tom Kirkman on the "New Guide Concept" and I have my own knowledge based on years of casting poppers. With a Shimano 8000 reel the placement of the choker guide using the 27 spool diameters...
  306. OmanGT

    Guide Spacing Jigging Rod

    My blanks from mudhole finally arrived after being delayed by the Iceland Volcano. Seeker Hercules there any difference in guide spacing (spinning reel) between normally space guides and how guides would be spaced for a jigging rod??? Have seen posts that lead me to think there may...
  307. OmanGT

    Weekend Warrior Waterproof Tackle Box???

    Every tackle box I've ever bought leaks. We fish outboard boats...plenty salt rigging tools/file always get soaked even inside the box. Who makes a waterproof tackle box??? I'm using a kind of tuperware container now.
  308. OmanGT

    Moving from SD to the Hermosa Beach Area

    I grew up in Manhattan Beach way back in the 60's. At that time, and I have heard still may be happening, the surf fishing for corbina was great. Soft shell sand crabs from the shore break and a sliding sinker rig... Seems there are plenty of posts saying the fishing at catalina is...
  309. OmanGT

    Old Sabre Blank Finish

    Thanks for the tips...prep meaning clean and very very lightly sanded???
  310. OmanGT

    Old Sabre Blank Finish

    I have an old Sabre 665XH that I built way back in 1984. I rewrapped it about 8 years ago and becuz the blank was showing some signs of aging I used epoxy appliance paint to paint the blank. I'm gonna rewrap the balnk again and am looking for tips on what finish to use on the blank. The epoxy...
  311. OmanGT


    I checked out the Acid Rod site seems their stock of blanks is not as extensive as mudhole...anyway Im sure they're great...mudhole is eastcoast...acidrod west coast...Oman is middle east shorter shipping from mudhole to Oman...thanks for all the replies
  312. OmanGT


    Originally from SoCal I now live in Oman in the Middle East. I have my second order of rod building materials now on the way from Mudhole. Mudhole is awesome, within a day or two my order is out their door and on the way. My first order arrived in Oman about a week after ordering Second...
  313. OmanGT

    Help me decide

    Is there a way you can set up to spin the existing rods and just shape the grips while they are on the rod???
  314. OmanGT

    Knife sharpeners on the boat, what's the best?

    Stones don't rust either...what I was taught for cutting fish you want a very sharp edge and the best way to get that is sharpen one side in one direction until the blade starts to curl a little then take the other side lay it flat on the stone and wipe the curl off...only way to do that is with...
  315. OmanGT

    Going back to Guam.

    Really great to hear John is still running the Lucky Strike. I lived in Guam 1982 to 2000. John is one of the most knowledgeable Captains on Guam AND he IS a blast to fish with.
  316. OmanGT

    Polishing resin heads?

    You can make a "lathe" by making a wood jig to hold an electric drill horizontally, hold the drill down with a metal strap (plumbers tape?)and with a board on the other side with a nail through it. This is assuming you are using brass tubing inside the lure head. The ends of the brass tubing...
  317. OmanGT

    Oversize Hypalon Grip Blank Build-UP/Epoxy

    Many thanks for all the feedback...will try the mesh tape..saw it in the store the other day...I live in Oman in the middle east my two Hercules blanks from mudhole are stuck in Tennessee because of the volcanic ash from Iceland grounding fedex flights...darn
  318. OmanGT

    Oversize Hypalon Grip Blank Build-UP/Epoxy

    Hi Folks Hoping you can tell me the best way to build up the blank for an oversize diameter hypalon grip??? Also I have read that it is good to score the blank with a file before setting grips and reel seat. I've never done this in the past and haven't had any slippage. Some adhesives...
  319. OmanGT

    Going back to Guam.

    Check out John Eads...I think he is still operating 31 Bertram he's one of the best Captains in Guam and he gives good rates to military...he's at the Agana Boat Basin...boat is Lucky Strike you may be able find him in the yellow pages or here: Lucky Strike Guam Sport Fishing...
  320. OmanGT

    Possible transfer to Guam

    Codfather has pretty well nailed it. I lived in Guam from 1982 to 2000 and fished the whole time...excellent small marlin bite plenty of fish 100 to 200lbs and the occassional 500+. If you are military keep your boat on the hard at Sumay and your'e in a good spot for south or north...plenty...
  321. OmanGT

    Hercules GTS70H for Popping

    Are the OTI and Phenix blanks all graphite/carbon? Really like the composite of graphite and S glass...has what seems to be a smoother tip action....maybe cuz I'm older LOL. I checked out the OTI catalogue but didn't see waht the blanks are made of...said "composite" but not sure of what?
  322. OmanGT

    Hercules GTS70H for Popping

    Just checked out the mudhole site...Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 8ft rated 30 - 80 may be the ticket
  323. OmanGT

    2010 spring Break Daddy's Girl Tigerlily

    second thread I've seen today aobut taking your kids fishing....there just aint nothing better...I've got two sons and the times we've been fishing have been the best
  324. OmanGT

    Urban Tactical Fishing

    There's nothing better than fishing with your kids...has to be one of the best ways to spend time together...and it doesnt matter the size of what your catching...gettin misty thinking of days fishing w my sons
  325. OmanGT

    Hercules GTS 70H Popping

    Thanks for the input guys...have ordered 60H and 70H blanks from mudhole should be able to try em out in a few weeks. Rumor was they were going to make an 8ft Hercules???
  326. OmanGT

    Hercules GTS70H for Popping

    Thanks for the response John...I put the same question on 360 and didn't get any responses. I went ahead and ordered a blank form mudhole...when I get it finished I'll give an update. Hope its not toooo slow taper.
  327. OmanGT

    Hey popping guys

    the guy fighting the BFT on the youtube vid must have cast iron belt and he's straddling the rod
  328. OmanGT

    Hercules GTS 70H Popping

    Hi folks also posted similar question in the popping/jigging section...thinking of building a Hercules 70H as a popping rod...length will work for me want to know what the aciton is like...I hear they are somewhat medium taper but shut off above the grips with good lifting power...are they...
  329. OmanGT

    Hercules GTS70H for Popping

    Hi Folks Anyone use a Super Seeker GTS70H Hercules for popping??? I live in Oman and we have huge GT's here. I built a great rod a few years ago with a Seeker SS-CJBF90M cut down from the butt to 8'3". Casts a 4 to 5 oz popper a country mile....but heavy and wearing...45 minutes and time to...
  330. OmanGT

    Hey popping guys

    It also all depends on where you will be fishing and for what species. Popping a 10' Ulua rod all day and your arm will fall off after 30 minutes...popping is cast after cast as fast as you can and then your working the lure also so the smaller lighter rods are the way to 4000 reel is...