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  1. winnawinna17

    Suggestions for Private Charter

    Check out hooks landing oxnard area. :jig:
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    Fishing Charters - Happening Yet?

    Yes! Many many boats go out every day currently, they fill up fast so advance planning is usually necessary. Depending on how much you wanna spend. Check out sportfishingreport dot com and click landings. Have fun, but tuna is a homerun or strike out type of fishing...
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    Spinning setup with rubber band torpedo?

    Does anyone have any advice for using a spinning rod setup with these torpedo weight sinkers rubber band attatched? Mainly wondering if you should fish it with the bail open? Or drop down to an estimated fathom and close the bail? I see most reports of guys with 2 speeds and wonder if anyone...
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    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    I dont think they like glass bottles on board...
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    WTB SoCal deckhand

    Hey there young man Did you see this??? Im not associated with them but cheers and good luck.
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    SOLD Love to fish

    bump for a good guy and awesome boat
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    WTB Looking for Talica 12

    You interested in a tac 10ii?
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    Congratz man sounds like a great outing.
  9. winnawinna17

    Catalina 6/13

    Nachos is right outside long beach / davies launch ramp. As you pull up YELL out if you want sardines or squid. He will tell you where to pull up and what side to use via some hand signals. Hold one of his grungy ropes and he will fill you up to your desired amount. I think if you give him...
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    Sponsored by U.C 3 DAY

    Cross your fingers during the raffle.... :jig:
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    Ventura County opens up!

    That includes hooks landing and ventura sportfishing! :devil:
  12. winnawinna17

    Fished the Coronado Islands 5-9-2020 without a mexican fishing license.

    "You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em"- the gambler. Kenny Rogers
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    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    bring your own pillows i heard
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    SOLD Tady jigs 50$

    Would you sell the right 3 in your pic for 25$??
  15. winnawinna17

    12' Skiff Fish Finder Recc's

    Hey brotein shake Check these marine electronics classifieds... Good luck brotatoe chip :720icon:
  16. winnawinna17

    Izors, 150

    Did nachos have live squid? Enjoy that fish fry! :jig:
  17. winnawinna17

    Trailer Boat Rally, Shelter Island Launch Ramp

    This guy tried it in Los Angeles too... :deadhorse
  18. winnawinna17

    WTB Looking for either REEL ARMOR OR SKIN HUGGERS

    Hi there Check out this guys stuff he was at fred hall LBC. At 11:40 of this video. That is Not me and not affiliated but i saw your quest and remembered seeing this product. Its brief and i dont think he has a website but his contact info was on a banner for a sec.
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    WTB Looking for Rod holders for the garage

    I think you mean him... Cheers :hali_olutta:
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    Casting Conventional help

    Coffee grinder?
  21. winnawinna17

    any fines for fishing mdr jetty

    Go smoke some weed...:Smoke_Emoticon: Remember to puff puff pass :smoking33:
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    Watch for our biggest sale ever to start tonight.

    What you talkin bout Willis????
  23. winnawinna17

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    Yes Thank you But, do you think the "market" will be open under these circumstances? I think farmers markets are not going to assemble.
  24. winnawinna17

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    Hmm I wonder if ventura is doing something similar? SD too far for LA :food-smiley-014:
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    $80 spinning reel recommendations

    Daiwa BG Okuma avengers Cheap spinners
  26. winnawinna17

    Does anyone actually know? Launch Ramps, etc.

    Imagine if you launch and they close the docks after / while you are out... things are changing by the hour.. just a thought
  27. winnawinna17

    Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    Nice work stevo How much was the fish processing?
  28. winnawinna17

    Help a brotha out please!

    Hi Welcome to saltwater First, I would suggest you look at line capacity and drag of those reels. Usually tattooed on the side of the reel. If not you can search that model online easy... Find out the reel size also the SLX should have a number in the name, that is the full model name...
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    Shimano reel repair/greasing

    Oil and grease are different
  30. winnawinna17

    Shimano reel repair/greasing

    You tube Its 2020
  31. winnawinna17

    Shimano reel repair/greasing

    Oil them mofos first
  32. winnawinna17

    So Cal Private Fishing Chapter - Parker

    This guy does
  33. winnawinna17

    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    i think turners will give you max cuatro if you buy a tranx or twinpower
  34. winnawinna17

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

  35. winnawinna17


    mr chaser try to hover over a icon, button or word before you click on it it explains what the button will do 👆 means it is clickable. I think the former site was updated because of limitations of advertising... one major difference i have noticed. and probably memory / space ... 1 million +...
  36. winnawinna17

    End of March Start of April 2 day trip

    Momma always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get..." Calico, bonito, yellowtail around that time. good luck out there :jig:
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    Circle hooks on charter

    My advice would be to listen to the captain and crews morning meeting. They will tell you what gear worked the days before and recommend what kind of hooks to use. Hook size will depend on the bait. You can use a size 7 circle hook if you like to and nobody would complain until you cross...
  38. winnawinna17

    U.S. Limits (southern california)

    2020 Updated According to Ca Department of fish and wildlife, code 27.60 Limit is defined as ; a) general. no more than 20 finfish in any combination of all species with not more than 10 of any one species, may be taken or possessed by any one person... b) there is no limit on the following...
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    How many scoops for a day of tuna fishing

    🚨Where you going tuna fishing in the middle of January in Cali?🚨 2 scoops seems to be enough for a 4 man voyage to San Clemente Island. maybe an extra scoop of live squid in the other bait tank One mans theory goes... you only need 8 bait for 8 fish if you are lucky...:frehya2:
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    WTB Phenix trout rods spinner

    thought it was UL.. my fault:smoking33:
  41. winnawinna17

    WTB Phenix trout rods spinner Did you look at this one? Not affiliated...
  42. winnawinna17


    OP also said it. they are available at tackle direct currently...
  43. winnawinna17

    Bluefin His report on BD
  44. winnawinna17


    I hear that the tomahawk was chartered by Dan Hernandez... heres his promo video on youtube.
  45. winnawinna17

    WTB WTB Grady White 228G

    PM'd for a friend selling his 22 ft grady white seafarer with 200 etech evinrude.
  46. winnawinna17

    WTB Shimano Borona Tackle Bag Not associated with this person GL Merry xmas
  47. winnawinna17

    Failed at Tuna today on Liberty

    hey rookie you need to pay attention to the capt during his meeting. he will actually give you all the techniques that worked the day before. its hella loud sometimes but if you listen up and stand close to him when hes talking you will see what i am talking about. dont be afraid to ask the...
  48. winnawinna17

    WTB WTB Lexa 400 HD LEFTY

    Hey buddy wait for Turners black friday sale if you can. they have had lexa on tap for the past 2 yrs on sale. GL
  49. winnawinna17

    Any landings running hooping trips?

    Hey Bud Did you know that you can go lobster with Dan Hendo.. ...not affiliated...
  50. winnawinna17

    Fishing jobs for a teen? Good Luck!!!
  51. winnawinna17

    WTB Talavera or Tallus Medium 20-50lb spinning

    Hey If you are still looking for decent gear on a budget look at this fishermans landing sale... maybe you win a raffle. Good luck
  52. winnawinna17

    yellowfin and skipjack hooks

    floro flouro flourocarbon...
  53. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    whats a # pound sign? oh hashtag well anyways thanks for your opinions and getting the story wrongs... First he contacts my by text... then he doesnt respond... why even contact by text in the first place was my point... if this is how he runs the business... #its2020 get a text from...
  54. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    so does Donald Sterling... Go Lakers! #its2020
  55. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I own a mansion and a yacht. So does Donald Sterling... go clippers...
  56. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    you are correct, the only thing worse than getting old, is not getting old...
  57. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I guess weed maps is all propaganda too...
  58. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Yelp provides info to the community.
  59. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    old people are funny
  60. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Welcome to the information super highway, its 2020...? Wait what’s a rant? What is ghosted? I just wanted to get the word out. Yes you are entitled to your opinions. Thanks I just bought a house so i cant buy a boat (yet) sorry. I see alot of people trying to sell these crimeshares in...
  61. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    You are entitled to your opinions. Thats why i brought it here.
  62. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Obviously the answers were not on the website... 2020 i already checked
  63. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I guess you are not a customer until you pay... Great business motto
  64. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I was even kind enough to inform the person i was doing a write on bd.
  65. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    This is rant about the crimeshare boat club. Huntington Beach chapter. They have horrible customer service. I was just inquiring about the fees and i get a random text. Hey check out these pics of our fleet... nothing sent only a text... ok. Hey i cant see your pics and a few questions...
  66. winnawinna17

    WTB T-Shirts (cheap) to take to Cedros Try this man.
  67. winnawinna17

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    I believe the population of San Diego is alone larger than the population of NZ. Still not overfished...
  68. winnawinna17

    WTB Looking for Trinidad 12A

    you interested in a talica 10ii 2 speed with 65 lb braid? Im in sfv.
  69. winnawinna17

    Recommended Fishing Trip

    Hello there Im not sure what part of california you are from but, there is an awesome family lake great for kids and adults. I dont even think you need a fishing license. SANTA ANA FISHING LAKES. Near anaheim Ca. It is basically a pay to fish lake. They stock the lakes full of catfish and...
  70. winnawinna17

    So I was recommended to get a spinning outfit...

    I have a Penn spinfisher v 10500 with 80 lb braid that would go good with your rod. I am in SFV too. let me know if you are interested.
  71. winnawinna17

    WTB Saltwater Spinning rod.

    FYI those are mono line ratings... so braid line is almost double equivalent.
  72. winnawinna17

    WTB Saltwater Spinning rod.

    Hi I have a lightly used Shimano teramar spinning rod Model TMS-80M . Let me know if you are interested. I am in SFV. Thanks Tim
  73. winnawinna17

    WTB Shimano Twinpower 14000

    I have a penn spinfisher 10500 v loaded with 80 lb braid
  74. winnawinna17

    Thunderbird of Newport Harbor.

    Hey pops check this site out... landings tab or boat tab they will give you counts and a link to the landings website. you can see up to date angler counts on some of the trip schedules and also prices. looks like some SD boats even had to resort to going...
  75. winnawinna17

    WTB cheap running car/ truck i just passed smog... :mad:
  76. winnawinna17

    Pacific Edge Bait Tank

    9 yrs old ad buddy My friend has a gift certificate from west coast bait tanks if you are interested
  77. winnawinna17

    TRADE / wtb jig stick

    combo for 240$? Ill take it
  78. winnawinna17

    Chark Bait store SD closing sale

    Hi BD I went last week and will be out of town for the goods, so I thought I would pass along the deals to the people who started this thing... Chark Bait store in San Diego, California is closing. I think they are selling all of their wall mounts... But mainly, the whole store is ON SALE...
  79. winnawinna17

    For Sale 1998 Nissan Sentra SE Auto Transmission

    Smog test passed for the next 2 years. Also registered for another 12 months. OBO
  80. winnawinna17

    SOLD Stella SW 10k PG

    Ill complete the combo with teramar 8 ft Pm me if interested im in LA / sfv
  81. winnawinna17

    SOLD Stella SW 10k PG

    Interested in straight trade for talica10ii 2 speed with 65lb braid?
  82. winnawinna17

    For Sale Calstar 6470 S P I N N I N G Like new, PRICE DROP

    What is the ratings? Cannot see pic is kinda blurry. Thx
  83. winnawinna17

    FREE Power Pro sale on Cabelas

    I donno But that line is hella expensive every where else. (V2)
  84. winnawinna17

    New Hustler 6/30

    Look at my size 12 foot
  85. winnawinna17

    New Hustler 6/30

    Reporting on an overnight trip from Hooks Landing 6/30. Departed 6/29 10pm full boat, but enough room that i did not get one bad tangle all day. (not to say that others did not). Plenty of room on the Bow to chuck jigs on this boat while most fish live bait at the stern. Bunks are free with...
  86. winnawinna17

    Albino Tuna!

    Do not eat ... your children may be at risk...
  87. winnawinna17

    SOLD Calstar 9ft rods SOLD

    Which ones are spinning rods?
  88. winnawinna17

    WTB Lexa 400hd (Looking to Buy)

    Yo chatsworth Look at tackle direct sale 4th of july ... lexas have a sweet deal. No affiliation
  89. winnawinna17

    For Sale Boston whaler outrage-12,900

    Dang just a little big for my garage... does the trailer have a swinging arm by chance?
  90. winnawinna17

    SOLD Vanstaal vr50 , shimano baitrunner, avet sx raptor

    I have a penn spinfisher v 10500 spooled with 80 lb braid. Trade?
  91. winnawinna17

    For Sale 1989 17ft invader CC

    What is the total length of the trailer tip to motor?
  92. winnawinna17

    For Sale Boston whaler outrage-12,900

    What is the total length including trailer? And trailer from tire to tire? Please for storage measurements. Thx.
  93. winnawinna17

    6/16/19 Catalina, no YT :(

    fish dope if $ isnt an issue.
  94. winnawinna17

    WTB small car for new dirve Ill give you a good deal
  95. winnawinna17

    Yellowtail/Small Grade Tuna Gear

    Try mega baits or colt snipers. Great little jigs that come in various weights.
  96. winnawinna17

    For Sale 1998 Nissan Sentra SE Auto Transmission

    Hello BD I am posting my car here first before I bring it to Craigslist. May 18, 2019. For sale I have a 1998 4 Door White Sentra SE 2.0L engine Automatic transmission. It has some minor dents and scratches but she is running fine. This model has a larger engine than any other model Nissan...
  97. winnawinna17

    WTB Boat Trader 2019 or What

    sir I think they just reorganized they forums. they are older posts if you look at dates of last post... BD suggests to click on Thread Display Options, then Thread Creation time... sorry if too much I often look at these for sale boats classifieds and I honestly do not see many of those...
  98. winnawinna17

    WTB Tady 4/0 & Salas 6x (heavy)

    Fred Hall 2020 GOOD LUCK...
  99. winnawinna17

    WTB A device to keep bait alive

    Looks like one for sale in classified ads No affiliation
  100. winnawinna17

    WTB A device to keep bait alive

    Transom mounted bait bag... I am not selling one but isnt this what you need? It hangs outside in the water so the bait stays alive in the water.
  101. winnawinna17

    For Sale Bomber polarized Ahi Bombs

    What size is the face? Can you measure the ear to ear...
  102. winnawinna17

    WTB VMC Treble Hooks 4x

    Fred hall show has deals galore i hear
  103. winnawinna17

    SOLD Box Of Rapalas.

    How much to ship to 91311?
  104. winnawinna17

    SOLD Combo (2013 model)

    New season a comin’ bump
  105. winnawinna17

    Fred Hall Show - Long Beach

    yes it says renewals Questions from a noob gonna buy this thing. When do they do they raffle? Do you need to be present to win? and lastly , do they ship the prize?
  106. winnawinna17

    Shimano Reel class Fred Hall

    Do they charge anything? Do you have to minimum purchase? Or is it free with enrty paid? Is a saragosa or trinidad 12 considered hi end? Sorry for mass questions... thx
  107. winnawinna17

    WTB Spinning rod 25-40 lb

    this is an older model. i was told that the rating is for mono. braid would hold atleast 20lb.
  108. winnawinna17

    SOLD Withdrawn- Reel

    will you do the reel only? 50$
  109. winnawinna17

    For Sale Daiwa proteus spinning rod

    can you hold it for me until August?
  110. winnawinna17

    TRADE or For sale...Redbox charcoal smoker

    I got a sahara FI 5000 spinning combo to offer. where is ramona close to?
  111. winnawinna17

    WTB Spinning rod 25-40 lb

    Shimano teramar TMS-80M
  112. winnawinna17

    SOLD Blue Fin Tuna Mount 38 inch long

    My bad typo. 350$ i will hold it for you. P.S. i may have a buyer this weekend. But i will hold if you say to.
  113. winnawinna17

    SOLD Blue Fin Tuna Mount 38 inch long

    You make it 450$ ill save it right now Pic posted
  114. winnawinna17

    SOLD Blue Fin Tuna Mount 38 inch long

    Newest pic edit out not for sale misc
  115. winnawinna17

    SOLD Blue Fin Tuna Mount 38 inch long

    Bump Up for grabs Prefer local pick up
  116. winnawinna17

    SOLD Blue Fin Tuna Mount 38 inch long

    HI BD I am just gauging interest in this gorgeous Blue fin tuna mount / trophy. My cousin gave me this after he had to clear misc stuff out of his parents garage. please see image of mounted on wall. The hole trophy / mount is about 38 inch x 15 inches. asking obo Thanks SOLD Thanks BD
  117. winnawinna17

    WTB Bloody decks patches Happy 2019
  118. winnawinna17

    WTB Livingston 12 happy holidays
  119. winnawinna17

    WTB Looking for Electric reel look here...GL
  120. winnawinna17

    TRADE New Aqua Terez 70H (spinning) for 70H Casting

    How much would you sell that rod for?
  121. winnawinna17

    WTB Shimano trevala spinning rod

    Hi I have a Shimano trevela TFS-58xxh 5'8" rod
  122. winnawinna17

    SOLD Combo (2013 model)

    Big Blue fin are still around...
  123. winnawinna17

    For Sale FS/FT Talica 16ii, 20ii, 50ii, Stella

    can you show a pic of the specs on the side of the box plz? thanks
  124. winnawinna17

    For Sale Large Rapala Lures

    How much to ship to 91311?
  125. winnawinna17

    SOLD Withdrawn- Reel

    100$ for the combo. I will pick up today.
  126. winnawinna17

    For Sale WTS/WTT Phenix black diamond 700XH spinning

    200$ i will pick up friday in the valley
  127. winnawinna17

    SCI Bluefin on the flatfall

    How deep where the bites sir? Where they on the way down or during crank up? good work out there man
  128. winnawinna17

    For Sale Shimano, sustain 10000fg, Phoenix 809h, progear cs 625, calstar

    Can you send me pics of the phenix 809H please Thanks
  129. winnawinna17

    SOLD 1999 14ft Dauntless (the little boat that can)

    can you find out the width of the boat for storage please? thanks, looks awesome
  130. winnawinna17

    SOLD Combo (2013 model)

    Last tuna are biting
  131. winnawinna17

    SOLD Penn Spinfisher 8500LL for smaller

    Hi i have a shimano sahara 5000 that is really light weight.
  132. winnawinna17

    For Sale Classic Daiwa J16 reels

    Hello I was recently passed on these 2 beautiful classic Daiwa Jupiter 16 reels (J16). Good beginners reel and fun reels to use. 40$ for both obo. Thanks
  133. winnawinna17

    WTB LB seeker blanks - super seekers or special edition series good seller
  134. winnawinna17

    WTB big blue fin combo

    Great spinning combo of Shimano Stella 10000 and a Trevella Rod rated for 65-200lbs
  135. winnawinna17

    SOLD Combo (2013 model)

    Price drop 1100$ obo
  136. winnawinna17

    TRADE Penn Battle II 8000

    I have a shimano sahara 5000 Where are you located? Im in sfv.
  137. winnawinna17

    For Sale TRADED & GONE - Spinning Reel 5000

    Next I have a Shimano Clarus CSS70MH cork handle rod.
  138. winnawinna17

    SOLD BG 8000 power knob

    Found online Gotta drill a little tho. Ill be ok
  139. winnawinna17

    For Sale TRADED & GONE - Spinning Reel 5000

    that teramar is super light sir
  140. winnawinna17

    For Sale TRADED & GONE - Spinning Reel 5000

    Longer is better for casting...
  141. winnawinna17

    For Sale TRADED & GONE - Spinning Reel 5000

    Hi I have a teramar inshore i will trade you. Spinning 8 ft
  142. winnawinna17

    SOLD BG 8000 power knob

    Hi Does anybody have a Daiwa BG8000 power knob/handle for sale. Thanks
  143. winnawinna17

    Rpt-Liberty 08-01-18 Tuna and Tails.

    The Liberty crew is amazing. I was wondering if they ask you what the anglers want to do now that I see them chasing down the Tunas. Or is it the Captains choice what is best for the anglers? I may go this weekend.
  144. winnawinna17

    For Sale SOLD on ebay now

    I will buy the lot for 50$ if you ever have time to meet up...
  145. winnawinna17

    For Sale Misc. Rods and Reels for sale

    can you pm me pics of the Shimano Terez TZS- 80MH blk—$160 please?
  146. winnawinna17

    TRADE wrong forum mmmm

    Hi do you have any spinning rods?
  147. winnawinna17

    SOLD Sold. Makaira Popping rod

    Cool man im interested
  148. winnawinna17

    For Sale Tuna hook lot

    Whats your location?
  149. winnawinna17

    SOLD Dols4

    Any spinning rods?
  150. winnawinna17

    SOLD Sold. Makaira Popping rod

    Hey man You ever around LA area??
  151. winnawinna17

    For Sale SOLD on ebay now

    Ill buy and pick up those 2 conch for 15 bucks? I can check out your spinning rods too...
  152. winnawinna17

    SOLD xxx delete

    Any spinning rods?
  153. winnawinna17

    SOLD Stella 20000PG (2008)

    rod + reel for 600$?
  154. winnawinna17

    SCI bass, yellows and bluefin chances / Tuesday 6/26 Report

    I am going this weekend, the 30th/1st. SCI on a 24ft grady white Did you have squid or sardines as live bait?
  155. winnawinna17


    can you take a picture of the bag(s) open. I wanna see how the compartments look. can they hold (large) poppers? thanks
  156. winnawinna17

    For Sale Rods to go

    I will buy that spinning rod if you deliver to los angeles or ship
  157. winnawinna17

    For Sale Shimano Baitrunner 400D

    what is your location in socal?
  158. winnawinna17

    SOLD Rods - UC / Seeker

    are either of the ones left a spinning rod?
  159. winnawinna17

    Spinning Reel and Rod (Catalina and San Clemente Islands use)

    I am looking for spinning rods do you have anything for offshore for 40lb line? I will pm you too
  160. winnawinna17

    For Sale Shimano & Okuma RODS (pics added)

    dang do you have any spinning rods?
  161. winnawinna17

    TRADE My Shimano 12000d for your 8000d

    Hi sir I have a okuma avenger abf80 baitrunner i will swap with you if interested. let me know if interested plz pm for more details thanks
  162. winnawinna17

    WTB Saltwater offshore MH-H spinning rod

    still looking for spinning tuna rods or popper rods.
  163. winnawinna17

    WTB Saltwater offshore MH-H spinning rod

    ok i will think about those any pics? thx
  164. winnawinna17

    WTB Saltwater offshore MH-H spinning rod

    Hey BD I am in need of a offshore spinning rod. I just got a shimano stella and now i need to pair it with a great rod. I was thinking terez? Around 60-100 lb? MH or H? But im no expert, so im open to suggestions too. I am gonna use it with poppers and flat fall 250g to try n catch those BFT.
  165. winnawinna17


    sfv im working near universal studios today so i could pick up after 10pm if you game
  166. winnawinna17

    WTB Stella or Twin power

    How much drag on that 20000pg model ?
  167. winnawinna17

    For Sale WTS//Torium 20hg

    it that lefty or right?
  168. winnawinna17

    SOLD Shimano BFLFS325 Butterfly jigs

    what size? how many grams? any 250g or 200? what colors? any pics?
  169. winnawinna17

    WTB Stella or Twin power

    Hi BD I am fairly new to this forum. I am looking for a Larger spinning reel to go tuna fishing and tuna popping. Going out next weekend on a 1.5 day in SD and I need a backup or primary setup to catch them tuna. I prefer spinning reels so I am looking for stella 14k or twin power 14k. I...
  170. winnawinna17

    SOLD Torium 20 4 sale 100$

    how much to ship to LA area?
  171. winnawinna17

    For Sale New Shimano TwinPower TP14000SWBXG

    Let it go for 450$ and i will bring cash today and pick up
  172. winnawinna17

    SOLD 15' Calibogie (Hobie Powerskiff) with 4 stroke

    Hello Do you have any idea of the total weight including trailer? I want to know if my small truck will be able to tow this thing. Looks awesome !