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  1. Rocket Dog

    In search of Tiburon SST 16/20/30 1:1.2 low gears

    let me know what you have. also interested in drag up grade. I have checked with Tiburon and Ken's neither have them any longer.
  2. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a Tiburon SST 30/80 1:1 gear USA model

    Already checked with Tiburon and Ken's and they are out.
  3. Rocket Dog

    WTB Long shot - Looking for a Tiburon SST 30/80 1:1 gear USA model

    I know this is a long shot, but please dig through your parts bins and let me know.. I've called Skip at Tiburon and Ken's Custom reels, both have been out for a while.. USA model only since Okuma had a different cut gear set. Thanks!!!
  4. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Penn Baja Speical 113hn

    So I have been cleaning the garage and I have some spare reels I'll be cleaning, lubing and greasing the drags on. First one up is a Penn Baja Special 113hn. Spooled with 80lbs of spectra. This was one of the first Baja 4/0 reels ever got. Itls an oldie but Penn's 4/0 Baja's have killed...
  5. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    Just put together my new Tiburon Xtra Narrow 200 series kit and Bryan's 5-Stack drag. Gonna spool some 40lbs braid 50/50 and 30lbs Top Shot! Just check it on my cut down 10J and it fit nicely. The rod clamp is trick!
  6. Rocket Dog

    WTB Tiburon SST 7530 or 40

    Seeing what's out there since I'll be home for a while. will consider other SST models TIA
  7. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet Pro Ex4/02

    Yes, it's a beast of a reel. BUT YOU NEED IT!!! I move the drag plate down to the lower notches ala for more drag, spoiled w 80lbs white power pro. It was also serviced by Ken's 2yrs ago and put away $sold but cash is KING, will take venmo, PayPal F&F or add in the 3.5% Will ship on...
  8. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Black Tiburon Yellow Tail Kit

    Black Tiburon Yellow Tail (narrow) frame and spool kit only for 113h Penn $125 . Will ship on your dime and cash is King, but will take pp add 3.5% if you don't want to do F&F.
  9. Rocket Dog

    help with long rod id

    Hey, guys I just picked this rod up at a yard sale. The wife wasn't too sure of the maker, but thought it was hawaaian. So may be an old ulua? The card was off but no stickeror anything. 9' 4" long 1.29" butt Tip is 0.22 Any help is appreciated.
  10. Rocket Dog

    Anything new for Fred hall 2020 ?

    Looking forward to the show and wanted to know if there are any new products or? Looking to pick up a VISX16 there.
  11. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Black Avet JX 6/3

    Extra reel just taking up space. 65# Spectra and 100yrd if mono. Reel was serviced before being put a way.$225 will ship on your dime, PayPal +3%, Venmo or Cash located near Pasadena. Text for quicker response 626-274-9001
  12. Rocket Dog

    WTB small car for new dirve

    Hey BD foks, I'm looking for a good small car for my daughter who just got her divers license. Nothing too crazy or any F350 trucks. She just need to get around without breaking my bank. please PM. willing to travel to check a good car out. Thank,
  13. Rocket Dog

    For Sale full flotation swim step outboard bracket

    I had this built for my boat 4yrs ago. Still have the bracket, but not the boat. Will fit a 19-27ft grady type boat. This thing is a beast and ready to mount on your boat... I can help load it. Asking $1900 for it. In the city of Glendora. Thats by the 210 and 605 days. 76 3/4 " wide with a...
  14. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a to get an outboard Bracket build in LA

    I need to get a new outboard bracket built for my 23c Sea OX. Right now it has a 225hp with not enough set back. it's about 26" and I need at least 30". Any recomendations near LA. Thanks,
  15. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a 2.5 trip June 20/21

    Just checking if there are any open spots since I just got some time off approved.
  16. Rocket Dog

    Concrete-Wall perosn needed in LA (SGV)

    Looking to get the some concrete work done on the drive way and perhas a retaining wall as well. I'm near the 605 and 210 in LA. PM's perfered. thanks Jose
  17. Rocket Dog

    bass pro kayak

    Hey guys I am looking to pick a new yak and Bass Pro has a deal on them. You guys have any opioin on them? ThE cost seems resenable ?
  18. Rocket Dog

    Evinrude Ficht 225hp

    Hey guys, I am looking for the software and connection hookup for a old evinrude fitch series motors... Anyone have a old copy or set? Nothing is wrong with the motor at the moment. thanks
  19. Rocket Dog

    2006 Chrysler Pacifica 86k miles

    Selling my 2006 Pacifica since we are not using it any longer for the kids since I bought a Suburban. Has 86k mikes v6 4 door with Capt seat in the middle and can seat 6 altogether. check out the link to the CL for Pics. Located Near Pasadena. $7500...
  20. Rocket Dog

    Need a full float bracket made in LA area

    Hi I need to change out the bracket on the Sea Ox 23c and want to find someone in the LA/Pasadena Area who can do the work. I am looking for a 30" set back and full float. I have a 225hp outboard at the moment, but want to change over to a 4stroke Thanks Guys
  21. Rocket Dog

    FS: Newell S229-5

    Selling some reels that I don't used for an up and coming trip $125 ship in your dime paypal please add 3.5
  22. Rocket Dog

    FS: Newell S 338-5

    Cleaning out and raising some $$$ for my up a d comming fishing trip. $130 Will ship on your dime. Paypal please add 3.5
  23. Rocket Dog

    Penn 114h Red Side plate w/Accuframe

    Had this reel for a while now and never fished it after I get the Accuframe for it. Good condition and Drags were changed when I changed out the frame. Asking $115 + the ride updated price Rocket
  24. Rocket Dog

    Newell's S-229 S-338 S-533

    Selling my Newell reels since don't used them because I got a few Avet's now. Will ship on your dime, paypal please add 3% unless your gifting. I'll make you a deal if you take all three!! S-229 5 ($130) S-338 5 ($140) S-533 5.5 No Line on reel ($OLD) Tib SOLD I also have a Tiboron 553...
  25. Rocket Dog

    Raptor HXJ and JX

    Just seeing if anyone as one that they willing to sell.... Seems that I keep getting beat when they come up on the board. Thx
  26. Rocket Dog

    New Lowrance HST DSBL 50/200 X-ducer

    Selling myHST DSBL 50/200 X-ducer new in the box never mounted or used. I was going to use this with my HDS, but I am going a diffrent route. $130 obo. shipped... Paypal. please add the 3.5%
  27. Rocket Dog

    1995 Silverado Extra Cab

    We it's time to sell the old girl because my brother got a newer duramax and since he's my fishing bub, it's what we are going to use. 1995 Silverado Extra Cab 5.7 vortec auto trans 2wd miles 265k, most of it was highway, don't let it scare you. Newer MaxAir Air Shocks In the last year I...
  28. Rocket Dog

    Slips in LA

    I have been thinking that I much would rather pay for a slip next year over getting a new truck and the cost of gas from San Gabriel Vally to landings. I am looking at the anying off the 110 or 605 since they are the ones travel down the most. I would perfer not to be in Santa Monica since I...
  29. Rocket Dog

    double axels, two sets of disc brakes 10,000 htich

    This was an old trailer that held a 24 sea rey cuddy. I would perfer to sell it all as one unit. Asking $450 for everything 10,000 hitch Flex break line, should be more then enough to reto your trailer 4 disc brakes (one set per axel) and fenders. This is a screaminmg buy! I just paid $1300...
  30. Rocket Dog

    looking for a 410 for my kid

    willing to look at all of them, but I perfer an O/U or DB. thanks.
  31. Rocket Dog

    Where in LA to buy trailer tires

    Looking to get a new set, of trailer tires near lax
  32. Rocket Dog

    Humminbird 957c

    I am selling my 957c finder becuase I just picked up an hds10. this is a chart plotter and fish finder that comes with the gps puck, 83/200 transducer and a manual printed. you can add two sd cards or navionics card and a sd card to record your trips and honey holes (NO CRADS COME ALONG)...
  33. Rocket Dog

    Humminbird 957c Navionics card, worth buying?

    I have an older pre side imaging 957 chart plotter/Finder and I wanted to know if anyone here has the same unit and runs the Navionics card. it seems that the card is the same that is getting used for Lowrance's HDS units, so I am not sure if I want to spend the bucks on it.
  34. Rocket Dog

    85 Sea OX

    Well her she is, my new fish killer. these are some pics from when I picked it up from the old owner. I'll be shopping for a hard top and maybe a tower that I can take down when I,' just fishing local. I need to plug in some electionics and some minor stuff, hoping to get her out for the...
  35. Rocket Dog

    1986 Invader Center Console 21'

    SOLD*** SOLD***** SOLD**** Just picked up another boat and the wife wants this one gone!!!!! I have a 28 gallon moller above gas tank I have been using for a while now. The gas tank needs to be removed and replaced, but the floor needs to be cut in order to do the work. It's a project a little...
  36. Rocket Dog

    Lobster opener report Redando

    This was my frist trip lobster trip and deciede to go with a guide becuase I didn't want to get skunked or buy a lot of gear that I would not end up using.... and selling here later:Dynamite: We launched at 11pm and set at 12:01 am, after a short soak, we started pulling all 10 pots.... it...
  37. Rocket Dog


    looking for a finder/plotter..... what do you guys got......funds are tight as well.
  38. Rocket Dog

    1976 Wagoneer 4x4 4" lift $2800 obo

    selling my jeep becuse it just isn't cutting it to tow my boat, so I bought a yukon XL. Looking for $2800 OBO. 1976 jeep wagoneer with an AMC 401 and TH400. Has 4" lift, Springs in the front and block in the back. 33" tires. Dana 44's front and back stock gears. Quadra track converted to...
  39. Rocket Dog

    anyone with a Lorance HDS in LA/LB?

    Ok, I am looking into spending the last of my tax refund on a good ff and chart ploter. I was wondering if anyone in the LA/LB area had a Lowrance 5 or 7 hds that I can come and check out? I was at FH and seen a lot, but it was all demo data and eveyone was tellin me that real metering will look...
  40. Rocket Dog

    new 92 qt cooler seat cushion $45.

    just selling some stuff never used. Fits 92 qt coolers, is white . this is is new and the plasitic. hit me....