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    I too use to fish the MH as a 30# rod. I’ll still take my H out once in a while with 40#. Better rods out there now that fish braid better. IMO.
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    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

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    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    I got mine on a PCH 7’6” H for 30 and 35# leaders.
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    Braided line to mono then to fluorocarbon why?

    All personal preference. I did braid to 30-100’ of mono, to 4’ flouro leader last year after pulling hooks on a couple fish two years ago. It’s worked out well for me.
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    Braided line to mono then to fluorocarbon why?

    Braid for capacity Mono for stretch Flouro for abrasion and stealth
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    Ya, nail bad.
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    Has anyone tied a blood knot at certain depths on their line to mark depth instead of a sharpie like I do. Would it hurt the main line at all to tie in like 30# spectra on top to Mark depth on main line?
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    1st choice for yo-yo reel

    MXJ Raptor Nados and North.
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    Floro other than seaguar?

    The fish have told me different. I’ve got more bites on my milky Hi Seas on two diff blue fin trips then anyone else. One trip on NLA, was only one to get a bite and land a 60#. Is it bait selection? Confidence in it now.
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    Floro other than seaguar?

    Hi Seas 100% flouro. Got some in 40/50# when sports authority went BK. Stuff has treated me really good on blue fin. Stiffer than seaguar premier, and milky in color.
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    80 Tilefish jr and MXJ raptor

    Go for it..then up grade the MXJ with a JX Raptor handle.
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    80 Tilefish jr and MXJ raptor

    My favorite size Avet, have two. Great cast ability. Down fall is 25” per turn in low, absolutely no power/torque in my opinion. Works great for me yoyoing yellow tail. Don’t ever wanna catch a big blue fin on it again.
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    Grafighter 800m or Phenix M1 82 H

    Never again on that rod.
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    To Cal Sheets or not to Cal Sheets? Penn Torque 30LD2

    Is it the IPT you don’t like, or you feel Fathom doesn’t have enough power/torque?
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    Shimano Talica vs Accurate Valiant

    Honestly I’ve never have used a Talica. I like Avets myself cause they are easy for me to maintain. I did pick up a torque 15xnld2 at end of last season, after I gave my brother in law my fathoms. I’ll let you know how I like it in a couple seasons. One of my biggest did come on a fathom 30ld2...
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    Shimano Talica vs Accurate Valiant

    Nope, never fished a day in my life.
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    Shimano Talica vs Accurate Valiant

    Use your new Tac for a couple seasons than give a real world review how you like it!
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    Opinions before I pull the trigger

    My first trip with my 7’6” H PCH matched with MXJ Raptor. Wide open rat bite on yellows. Limited out and grabbed this set up and a Tady C and caught a bunch more on the surface. Second trip was a blue fin trip Rod matched with JXG2 10# drag, small hook and only 15min work on a 60# blue fin. Rod...
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    Rod suggestion for a Shimano Speedmaster 16ii?

    I think everyone fishes the PCH rods different it seams. Maybe it would be better if we talked drag #’s. With 40# leader and 10# of drag on a 7’6”H and small hook, a 60# blue fin was easy. My opinion is bend in rod puts pressure on the fish.
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    Shimano TranX 500 vs Trini 20a

    Give the tranx time...I didn’t like mine at first either, now I really like it. The tranx had a break in period for me for some reason. Now it’s set up just like my curado’s. Casts really good.
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    Watch for our biggest sale ever to start tonight.

    Thank You BPT! Shipping conformation this morning.
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    HXW Raptor Drag Results at Strike

    Because your younger and stronger?
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    Avet HXW vs. Penn Torque 60

    The rare earth magnets go on the inside of the reel, no adjustment once adjusted to how much resistance you want. I’ve done, Avets, fathoms and a torque. Personally I like Avets MC with TSI oil in spool bearings. Gives the MC a big adjustment in resistance from 1-5. JMO
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    PCH rod report

    I landed a 60# on the 7’6”H in about 15 min on #40 mono to flouro. I liked the way the rod loaded using 10lb drag straight pulled,and small hook. Probably more like 11/12lb fighting the fish tho.
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    Trans 500 HG gear swap

    Yes, I did it a few weeks ago. Need main/pinion gear + 2 metal washers(1 eard) and carbon washers. The top metal washer Works on both. I would order carbontext washers from smooth drag, cheaper.
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    Is the bullet train on hold now? I wish they would hurry up with that federal money before they use it on respirators and Masks. 🙄
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    It appears, I too got the bigger knob on my 15. I’ll keep it!!
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    Thoughts on the UC Reeper?

    Wasn’t it Okuma last week? Geez!
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    A few observations on wahoo...

    Can someone cover drag settings fishing wahoo? Seams there’s such a variety of leaders from, wire -120# flouro. Is it same 30% rule?
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    HX > JX Handle Swap?

    Yes, but HX raptor and JX Raptor are same length, exception being HXW Raptor has a better grip.
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    Blue jb hollow braid

    Huh? I fish both lines mentioned, how was I offended by your results?
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    Blue jb hollow braid

    I could be wrong, but I think Berkley pro spec solid and spider wire stealth solid are the same line. Both are rated same diameter to rated strength. Both act the same how the braid comes unraveled at the end. Heck, if Ali fishes it, it must be good stuff.
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    Calcutta bag sale

    I picked one up on Amazon at that price a few weeks ago. It’s way too big for the overnight-5.5 day trips I do. More like a 8 day bag minimum IMO.
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    Okuma Komodo

    I’m just ranting a bit. I always use a scale when setting my drag. Started at #10. I’m still gonna use my komodo’s for yellows and yellow fin. When blue fin are around I’ll switch to a two speed. Yes, I had the rod almost straight up as I was cranking down the drag. Broke it off before it took...
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    Okuma Komodo

    Handle means nothing when your out of line! I changed both my Komodo’s to longer handles also.
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    Okuma Komodo

    I’m just sharing my experience with low profile reels. In July I was throwing a wax wing at foamers with the 471 on a gg6480 #50braid and #50 short leader.Hooked into a good one right next to boat, couldn’t even slow him down as i’m buttoning down the drag. My SX raptor and the new Penn15xln...
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    Okuma Komodo

    I was using an inshore rod which is appropriate for yellowtail, just takes longer to get that size tuna in. I was doing it for fun like all of us but, can understand how it takes time away from deckhands helping others. Captain even jokingly commented at end of trip, “you and bass gear.” Komodo...
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    Okuma Komodo

    After catching a couple #35 blue fin with my Komodo (mixed in with smaller yellow fin). I was politely asked to rack it for a two speed by a deck hand on a reputable boat. Lol
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    a shout out for the pch rod.......

    How much drag?
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    Komodo SS fear engage problem

    If you have spring tension on thumb bar, then disregard my suggestion. Did you take drag stack apart? Maybe you put the first metal washer upside down. The one with like 10/12 grooves on the sides of it.
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    News: Pegasus picks up SEALs off capsized boat

    Jason,Randy and squeak...gotta love em!
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    Berkley Prospec Metered vs White

    I also think spider wire stealth is the same line just cheaper. Acts exactly the same.
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    How long before your 100# BF

    Second to fireman...thanks to you!
  44. Goosed10

    How long before your 100# BF

    Was on that trip with you Peggy! Got one on FF that went 91#. Still hunting for a 100 pounds!
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    Duran Fishing Products - Reel Clamp for Lexa 400 and others

    Great service! Got mine sent to me in a day USPS. Fits perfect .
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    So, I went fishing again...

    I’m running out to buy a 800ml. Doesn’t straighten hooks with 10#
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    Best Avet for 30-50 lbs Work

    This! JXg2 will fish that range and have torque for 50# also.
  48. Goosed10

    New Shimano Speedmaster II LD 2-Speed

    Hagane frame, not aluminum.
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    PCH 801h 20-50

    Thank you for the info. The 7’6” XH is what I use for 50#. Just haven’t got bit on 50 YET this year.
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    PCH 801h 20-50

    How much drag did the rod handle?
  51. Goosed10

    PCH 801h 20-50

    I have caught a 60# BF on the 7’6” H model. Really liked the rod with 40# leader and 10# drag as of today. Need more BF to test. 8 footer might fish different.
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    Oceanside Ninety Five

    Fished it last month for Blue Fin. He had us on fish all day with only two drifts. Caught an early season 60#. I’m happy. Cheaper, free parking, and the boat rides good. It’s a no frills fishing trip.
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    Ordered another Okuma rod

    Got confirmation from Amazon that the PCH XXXH is gonna be here by Friday. Way sooner than previous date.
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    Phenix Braid

    Got a leftover spool of 65# from a friend for tying his knots. Did not like the way it cinched down on the RP knot personally. I chucked it.
  55. Goosed10

    SX Raptor bearing upgrade

    Did you thoroughly flush the spool bearings and use a thin oil. Reel X, TSI, etc...?
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    What Okuma PCH Rod for Saltiga 30 Star drag live bait

    Agree, middle rating and 25% drag is where I like the 7’6” H.
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    Ordered another Okuma rod

    I typed “okuma pch c”, then a little link showed up that said show all 13 results. Clicked on that and it showed up.
  58. Goosed10

    Ordered another Okuma rod

    Just ordered one myself at $205.hope it gets here before end of August for 5.5 day.
  59. Goosed10

    Need Help With Pairing Rods Reels 1.5- 2 day trip

    Your gonna need a two speed reel to start. A Penn fathom 30LD2 will fit good on one of the proteus rods.You can fish 40 or 50# with that reel.
  60. Goosed10

    40# Bait/Jig

    All I can say is one 60# blue fin and 10# of drag, the 7’6” H felt as if it did all the work for me. Maybe I need a meaner fish..I don’t know..
  61. Goosed10

    40# Bait/Jig

    If your a 25% drag guy the H is a good choice. If your a 30%, XH. I’m a 25 percent myself.
  62. Goosed10

    Okuma PCH rods vs phenix ?

    I just caught one of the 60# grade Blue Fin yesterday on the 7’6” H with 10# of drag on 40. Nice bend in the rod. Took 15 min, from hook to gaff. Paired with a JXG2.
  63. Goosed10

    CHIEF 04.17-04.19.2019 BLUFLU OUTBREAK!

    When “slow trolling” back to boat, you guys put reel at strike or below strike light drag?
  64. Goosed10

    New star drag

    Was someone drunk last night and lost their cool? Turns me off to Accurate.
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    471 Komodo pre-purchase

    What’s the biggest top shot/leader lbs test you guys using on Komodo 400’s? I used 30# on the wide open skip jack, yellow fin bite last year and did good. Thinking of maybe 40# and surface iron this year?
  66. Goosed10

    If you had 3 Avets...

    SX Raptor Skip the MX-series JX Raptor or JX g2 HX Raptor
  67. Goosed10

    471 Komodo pre-purchase

    I disagree, next to Tesoro and is actually longer.
  68. Goosed10

    471 Komodo pre-purchase

    The Gomuex (spelling) 90mm handle and 44mm knob is the best one I’ve found for my two Komodo’s. Better and cheaper than tiburon handle. Just make sure it fits 5/8 mm post in description.i got mine on Amazon for 24bucks.
  69. Goosed10

    Komodo 471p loud casting

    Probably a bearing or brake race. Brake race you can do easily yourself. Take side plate off and clean the brake race with a q-tip of all grease and dirt. Take a clean q-tip, put a couple drops of thin oil on q-tip and then apply to brake race evenly. That’s where I’d start before bearings.
  70. Goosed10

    PCH model for Fathom 25NLD2

    I use my PCH 7’6”H as a 40lb rod myself. Couple years ago I even used it to throw Tady “C” in a pinch on a wide open yellow tail drift. Caught a nice Dodo that pulled 10lbs of drag, Rod felt fine! IMO I have the 7’6” Xh as my 50lb. Both using braid to short leaders and 25% drag.
  71. Goosed10

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Yes, interchangeable!
  72. Goosed10

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Tesoro 10, need nut and retaining screw.
  73. Goosed10

    Most Durable Low Profile Reel for Shallow Water Rockfishing?

    I Checked yesterday the Tesoro 10 handle fits Komodo 400,but the screws are different sizes on the nut keeper’s. No dremel work tho...
  74. Goosed10

    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    I caught one yellowfin on a coltsniper...As soon as it hit the water. Couldn't get them to go any other way.???
  75. Goosed10

    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    It was 5/1 Skippies to YF on Wed-Thursday. Fished 16hrs on Thursday to get one short for boat limits on YF. I'm still wore out. Skippies fight a clean fight. I fished mono, Jack pot and most fish guy used flouro...
  76. Goosed10

    Favorite way to attach leader

    FG at home, RP on the boat.
  77. Goosed10

    HX Raptor power handle install

    Put the gear in low and loosen screws in little increments till the button pops back in high gear. My MXJ R, has this problem after installing an aftermarket handle.
  78. Goosed10

    My first ever 1.5 day Oct. 3 out of SD ( Ocean Odyssey )

    I'm going on the Ocean Odyssey for the first time on the 14th for 2.5 day...I'll try and report details.
  79. Goosed10

    Kastking brand

    Kast King actually has a factory in U.S. that is winding together Spectra braid (Honeywell), It's a 4 strand spectra.It's called Kast Pro. There's a video on YouTube with a factory tour. I bought some 65 but gonna strickly use it for freshwater. It's thicker than 8 strand Pro Spec in 65.
  80. Goosed10

    Mxl raptor for iron

    MXJ Raptor would be a better choice. But the MXJ Rap, doesn't have great torque. Fine for Yellows not big Tuna...Learned the hard way. JMO
  81. Goosed10

    PCH 801h 20-50

    I have the 7'6" version. I think that's a lot of rod for 25#. It would work if your a high drag guy. 30# is the lowest leader I would use with this rod, unless its a pick bite on a long soak for tuna. I think it's a great lite 40# rod with 25% drag. JMO
  82. Goosed10

    SX and JX raptor top shot

    My SX is filled with 50# braid and 4' leader of 30-40#. My Jx has 65# braid and 4' leader of 40-50#. Right now for a 2.5 day leaving Saturday, my SX has 30# leader and JX has 50# leader. Both can change easily if conditions change.
  83. Goosed10

    Tackle ho's check in

    For this year.. HX Raptor (Didn't think it will be enough) HXW Raptor 3-speed PCH 76XH Torque 25 ( Cabela's deal LOL) A used Calstar 770XH Braid and Flouro… Colt Snipers...
  84. Goosed10

    Spider Wire Camo Braid reviews

    I bought some in 80# and 65# to use this year. The 65# says on the label .015in and .38mm. That's the same diameter as Berkley Pro Spec 65#. Just handling the two lines, they feel alike.
  85. Goosed10

    flat fall/ yoyo elbow is a real thing

    Go on an Ibuprofen diet for a while, but be careful of your stomach. I’ve been dealing with it off and on for a while myself. You’d be surprised how much strength loss it causes.
  86. Goosed10

    Avet SX Raptor/Penn Fathom 25n

    On the cheaper end of rods, look at Okuma PCH. My SX Raptor is on a 761H. Can fish 30,35, and 40. Great rod for all braid and short leaders.
  87. Goosed10

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Thanks for the heads up, ordered one.
  88. Goosed10

    Spoiling HXW

    I went 300yrds of Max 80# and, 380-400yrds of 100# Pro Spec on top.
  89. Goosed10

    Spoiling HXW

    Thank You...Gonna be a long Friday night!
  90. Goosed10

    Spoiling HXW

    Exactly how I put my line on, but with an old 9/0, with carbontext and greased. I can do solid to solid, so do two bimini twist loops, and loop to loop connection?
  91. Goosed10

    Spoiling HXW

    PS=Pro Spec solid
  92. Goosed10

    Spoiling HXW

    I have an HXW Raptor coming today and need help spooling it. I Also have 500yrds of 100# PS. That’s not gonna fill the spool. Should I go hollow on bottom? If so how much and what pound?
  93. Goosed10

    Avet jx raptor or penn torque 30nLD2

    Primarily bait.. torque 30, over JX Raptor. MO
  94. Goosed10

    Rod to pair with Penn Fathom 25NLD2

    PCH 761H. Perfect 40# bait rod for the $
  95. Goosed10

    Reel for UC80 Predator- Avet JX G2??

    JX Raptor has a lower low gear than the JX G2. I have the G2 and use it for 40-50#. Wish I had bought the Raptor.
  96. Goosed10

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    How long will the FG knot hold? Example: If I tied the FG a day or two before a trip will it still hold its strength?
  97. Goosed10

    Need to get a Phenix rod replaced

    I broke a Phenix freshwater rod, they had me cut it up in five pieces (with model number intact). Send it to them with replacement check. They sent me a replacement. Was 100% my fault on breakage.
  98. Goosed10

    100lb plus tuna on a Terez tzc70H with Torium 20hg?

    Check into Timmy the rod Builder in Temecula. He can build you a nice rod for your Fth30. Great Prices!
  99. Goosed10

    Sxj spooling

  100. Goosed10

    Favorite H&M Landing boat?

    I'm gonna try the Ocean Odyssey for a 2.5 day in August 14th-17th.
  101. Goosed10

    JB Hollow on SX-Raptor?

    I've had to break out my SX Raptor with 40# on a 3/4 day trip out of Dana Point.Caught 2-25# yellows and a 26# in the Kelp. Captain had Charter Master text us all to bring 40# line.
  102. Goosed10

    Fathom 40NLD2 Drag/Freespool Issue

    Same problem has occured for me since day one in my FTH40. My 25 and 30 were fine. Taking mine in to Ken's when i find time.
  103. Goosed10

    JX G2

    The JXg2 has power even with 3.8 gears. I did upgrade to a Raptor handle . Good 50# reel.
  104. Goosed10

    JX G2

    I own one and it's a nice 50# reel. If your thinking 50/60, i would go raptor for the lower low gear.
  105. Goosed10

    Your biggest fish on a Fathom 25?

    Same on 30, Fishing 50# with 25% drag.
  106. Goosed10

    Honest, realistic, pricing feedback for a new.....

    MXJ Raptor with a lower low gear!!
  107. Goosed10

    VISX12 VS. VISX16

    Mine did same thing right out of box. Anything over 4# of drag, no freespool. Taking it to Kens soon.
  108. Goosed10

    Penn fathom 30ld2 for 60#?

    I’ve fished Fth30 with 50# and 25% drag. Easily handled a 80-90 BF. I think 60 is pushing it. The 700xh is not a true 60# rod IMO.
  109. Goosed10

    Avet G2

    I'm Happy I picked the JX g2 instead of JX Raptor for 50#. Didn't need the MC, or that much drag for 50#.
  110. Goosed10

    Tackle shop needed in Orange County

    Since when is Long Fin closed on a Saturday? Must be Winter Schedule?
  111. Goosed10

    How many of you are fishing your SX Raptors as a 40# setup?

    Yes, just reuse stock knob. I've used an aftermarket on one handle,But really don't like it.
  112. Goosed10

    How many of you are fishing your SX Raptors as a 40# setup?

    With a $14 dollar JX Raptor handle. Best upgrade.
  113. Goosed10

    Reel Dilemma - Avet SX Raptor.. or move up to JX?

    The difference between the SXR and MXJR is 4 inches. Yes, I can feel the difference in tourqe between the two. I wanted to love the MXJR cause of its size, just didn’t like the feel having a 65-70 pound blue fin straight up and down. I’ll take my Fth30 or 25 for 50#, plenty of torque then some.
  114. Goosed10

    Reel Dilemma - Avet SX Raptor.. or move up to JX?

    It's all personal preference, but I like the SX Raptor with an upgraded longer handle for 30-40#. The MXJ Raptor has become my least favorite Raptor, even with a longer handle- no torque. YMMV
  115. Goosed10

    Modified Avet Raptor line at Cal's

    He responds to e-mail pretty fast. Had a conversation about a MXJR yesterday. I'm sure he can work on JXR's too.
  116. Goosed10

    Best 1.5 - 3 Day "Starter" Trip?

    Try and find a Charter with spots open, on a boat of your choice. If it's a regular charter, guy's on the boat will most likely know how to fish and teach. I was lucky enough to find a charter group every year for the last 10 years on the Pegasus. All regulars on the boat were willing to teach...
  117. Goosed10

    HX Raptor

    What Rainshadow rod?
  118. Goosed10

    ROD recommendations for BFT (Trinidad 20a + Talica 16ii)

    Robert, The 84xxh couldn't hang, or was it the 40n? I'm taking my 84xxh out on friday with an HX raptor or Ex 30..
  119. Goosed10

    HX Raptor

    Going out friday on a day and a half for the blue fin. Will an HX Raptor suffice for my second spot with 100 braid and 80# Leader?
  120. Goosed10

    OC Tackle Shop with Berkley Pro Spec?

    Long Fin , I've got a reel spooled once with 65 PS, at Long Fin.
  121. Goosed10


    How long was it dunked? Still needs tear down and lubed. If dunked for just a second or two, doubt you'll have to replace bearings.Take to a pro to check out.
  122. Goosed10

    Power handle on Avet sx raptor?

    I don't think it will work. By accident Avet sent me a handle that the post was thicker than an SX,JX Raptor handle post (I think it was an HXW raptor Handle with a thicker post). Your going to have to call Avet to find out what handle will fit. My guess is your gonna need the bigger post handle.
  123. Goosed10

    Power handle on Avet sx raptor?

    Yes, JX Raptor handle arm will fit and is 3 3/8 inches long. I have done this to my SX raptor, MXJ Raptor and JXG2. As far as the grip, I had to drill out the rivet on one, to add an aftermarket grip. Maybe someone knows one that will direct fit.
  124. Goosed10

    Avet question

    The SX will handle 25#. 300yrds of 40# braid, and a top shot of 20, 25.
  125. Goosed10

    Any Okuma PCH reviews?

    I used my 7'6"H in a pinch on an MXJ raptor. Throwing just a Tady C.Did the job, but not the best setup. Got tired of using bait in a wide open bite.
  126. Goosed10

    Okuma PCH rods vs phenix ?

    I used the PCH 7'6" H 20-50 on a 2.5 day as a 40# stick paired with an MXJ Raptor. I've tested that rod with 10#-12# of drag and it seams perfect. JMO
  127. Goosed10

    Star drag vs. lever drag casting distance

    Properly cleaned spool bearings and TSI, has really improved my small two speed reels casting ability.
  128. Goosed10

    Star drag vs. lever drag casting distance

    Properly cleaned spool bearings and TSI, has really improved my small two speed reels casting ability.
  129. Goosed10

    Rod for MXJ 6 Raptor Read this first. I now use my MXJ Raptor as a 40# outfit. Only change I've made is put a JX Raptor handle on the MXJ Raptor. The reel is on an Okuma PCH 761H rated 20-50
  130. Goosed10

    How do you guys fish Shimano Flat Fall?

    I got bit out there on Monday around midnight on a Glow 250g. Was bit on a slow retrieve around 250ft. I ended up losing the fish.
  131. Goosed10

    2 days trip on Tribute

    I just got off a Charter on the Pegasus.We all shared 15 ways (all were a team). 2-at 220# and 2-at 130\150 (kite fish). So glad we all get along.
  132. Goosed10

    How long before they get back to me?

    Go on Avets website and order one. Might be a $10 shipping fee tho? I'll bet smoothdrag has them and will ship out in an envelope.
  133. Goosed10

    Rod recommendation for Lexa 300

    Yes, I used my curado 300 on it yesterday for bass. Today it's going with me paired with Komodo 350, on a 2.5 day. My teramar's are staying home. Not as fast as teramar's in my opinion.Good for braid and short leaders.7'6" 15-30 is the one i have.
  134. Goosed10

    Simple Green

    Cut 3/1 its milder than Dawn and I can spray it for me!
  135. Goosed10

    Simple Green

    Dawn,but not a degreaser? lol
  136. Goosed10

    Simple Green

    I wouldn't use it at full strength. I personally use LA Awesome cut 3parts water,1 part degreaser, after every trip. I've been using it for years.No i'll effects. Buck a bottle at big lots.
  137. Goosed10


    Bearings are clean.Drag plate and washer are hitting at 4#. Freespools a long time backed off all the way.
  138. Goosed10


    I have a 40FTH2LD that out of the box doesn't get freespool past 4# at strike. I've taken the reel apart and matched everything up to My 25n2LD. Everything is matched up (all washers,bearings,bevelle washers,etc...) My educated guess is maybe the spool spring, (on end of spool shaft) could be...
  139. Goosed10

    Okuma PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) Rod PRE-ORDER?

    I have the 7'6" H, In my opinion it's a 40# Rod. To me 10-12 pounds of drag feels good on this rod. JMO! In the video, I think his H is labeled 40#
  140. Goosed10

    Jx 6/3

    #65 Pro Spec Braid
  141. Goosed10

    Avet sxj or fathom 12

    Both great reels. Avet will be easier to tear down, clean and lube yourself.
  142. Goosed10

    Which Avet should I purchase?

    MXJ single speed or SX G2 with 50# Pro Spec braid. You can fish 20-30 leaders.
  143. Goosed10

    Your favorite 20,25 & 30lb setups

    20# Avet SXJ on Shimano teramar M 25# Avet SX on Okuma Shadow stalker H or Teramar MH 30# Avet MXJ or SX Raptor on Shimano Terez MH
  144. Goosed10

    MXL freespool with TSI 301

    Same here Huck! Even brings life to Avets with MC.
  145. Goosed10

    Avet JX Raptor or Makaira MK-10II SEa

    You can flush the spool bearings in your Avets and use TSI. Not saying my Raptors spin as good as Makaira's, but they spin 80% better than they did stock.
  146. Goosed10

    Avet mxj raptor question

    I'm starting to think the 3 inches in low between the MXJ/MXL (25) Raptor, and the SX (22) Raptors makes a difference? Both are 3.8:1 in low. Too bad Avet doesn't, or Can't make a lower the feel of the MXJ Raptor.
  147. Goosed10

    Avet mxj raptor question

    Wish I had this knowledge before I hooked a 70# bluefin with my MXJ Raptor last summer....Killed me!
  148. Goosed10

    Can't decide which reel

    Spooled my 40n yesterday and got 400 yards of 80# J-braid on it.
  149. Goosed10

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    Yes,Got a 70# on my MXJ Raptor.
  150. Goosed10

    How many turns on RP knot

    I use 5/5 and figured out if you snap lock it (instead of straight pull), this knot gave better results.
  151. Goosed10

    New Lo Ann?

    Bring at least 50# for your big setup. Markus put us on a good school Saturday. I got a 65# BF, only one landed.
  152. Goosed10

    Setting Up/Maintenance Out Of The Box

    I'll grease the drag, and clean spool bearings pre fishing. Only for peace of mind.
  153. Goosed10

    Matching a Rod to an SX Raptor

    Shimano Terez H
  154. Goosed10

    Incomplete Penn reel. Which screws do I need?

    I just measured mine. The reel foot screws are same thread type as the other ones you have. Need to be 10mm long. They are shorter than the other ones.
  155. Goosed10

    SXJ 40lb. Braid Capacity

    The SXJ is the only reel I've put 50# Max cuatro on. The diameter is like 30# PP.
  156. Goosed10

    mxl 5.8 issue

    I think you need to flip over the Dog. You put it back in, upside down. Did it myself once, learned my lesson. Same symptoms as yours. No such thing as an AR bearing on an Avet.
  157. Goosed10

    You Avet Critics Crack Me Up#

    I had the same question after servicing my Avets. My conclusion is it happens at low, unrealistic drag settings for a raptor. Once you get past 5 or 6lbs of drag, they smooth out. At least my three do.
  158. Goosed10

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet This Saturday in Long Beach

    Guess i'm missing something here??????
  159. Goosed10

    Just purchased an Avet MXL Raptor Pros & Cons?

    Yes, it improved the free spool as opposed to stock lubed bearings. Still keep MC on setting 1.
  160. Goosed10

    Just purchased an Avet MXL Raptor Pros & Cons?

    No cons in the raptor's in my opinion. After you use it a while, you can improve the reel by using a thinner oil in the spool bearings. I switched all my Avet MC reels with TSI 321. Really made a great reel, better in my opinion.
  161. Goosed10

    Overnight/ One Day - What To Bring ?

    Thursday night on the Prowler, it was 20\25 (chovies) for the small yellow fin, and 30 (deans) for the Dodo's.
  162. Goosed10

    JX pitted drag plate

    Can't tell how deep the pits are in the pic, I would try sanding the pits down first and see how it goes. Just remember to keep the sand paper\Emery cloth flat as possible.
  163. Goosed10


    MXJ single speed is usually the first reel I fish on 3/4 to 2.5 days.
  164. Goosed10

    Pegasus Overnight 9/23/15

    Ya,don't let Randy corner you in a I'm really gonna miss Otis as the cook, Man that guy could fish...
  165. Goosed10

    Spool Bearing Lubricant

  166. Goosed10

    FS Avet SX Raptor (Silver)

    SOLD...I got It!
  167. Goosed10

    "Wobbly" drag after service.

    After servicing both my SX Raptors, i get a wobbly drag at low settings, but smooths out at higher drag settings. Any reason why it does this?
  168. Goosed10

    What rods for mxj's?

    One on a 7' Terez MHF, and one on a new 8' Teramar MMF.
  169. Goosed10

    Penn 68 and 500s overhaul pics

  170. Goosed10

    MXJ Raptor vs SX Raptor

    I own both SX 30-40# MXJ 40-50# With 50# braid I'd go SX Raptor...
  171. Goosed10

    Oceanside 95 overnight 5/30

    My Buddy and I were fishing with you guys that trip. Was actually surprised they had a good crew on that boat. My first trip on the 95.
  172. Goosed10

    Avet MXJ rod match up help

    Paired mine up with a Terez 7ft MH. My first choice live bait on overnighters to 2.5 day. 50lb izor to short leader.
  173. Goosed10

    Shimano fishing boots the low cut ones

    I think the Shimano boots are comfy myself, no blisters or redness. Add insoles.
  174. Goosed10

    Poll: Low Profile Baitcaster Shoot Out: Who's got the nuts? has the Komodo for 169.00. but no power handle for right hand, just lefties.
  175. Goosed10

    Terez Casting Rod VS Terez Waxwing???

    I used my wax wing 8MHX paired with an Avet SXJ for live bait on a 3\4 day and went 4 for 4 on tuna up to 22#. Was a lot of fun.
  176. Goosed10

    Need advice on new 30lb setup

    X2 on Terez 7MH. love it for 30#
  177. Goosed10

    SXj killed them

    Three of mine were caught on a Shimano Terez Waxwing MHXF 30-65. 40*braid, 25* leader The other one was caught on an Okuma Catalina Inshore MH 12-20. 40*braid, 20* leader
  178. Goosed10

    SXj killed them

    Having a lot of fun with my SXJ's. 3\4 day boat out of Dana, the little reel did me good.. (not my rod\reel in background)
  179. Goosed10

    Ballast Point Victory at Sea at the SWBA COC

    Good Job! Great Read!
  180. Goosed10

    flourocarbon Question

  181. Goosed10

    BF Question

    Going next week on 2.5 day. Are the BF's chewin rope right now?
  182. Goosed10

    2spd Question

    I bought my first two speed for a 2.5 day, (I know overkill). Is a two speed a learn as you go reel? Can someone help with the basics of a two speed when fighting a tuna?
  183. Goosed10

    Do you have the SXJ yet?

  184. Goosed10

    Okuma Catalina

    I too bought three of these when Big 5 had them on sale. I cut the butt section off a little bit on the 801ml and 801L, just felt more comfy for me on 3/4 day outings. I left the 801MH intact. Nice rods for the price.
  185. Goosed10

    What washer/shim is this on 200e7?

    I did my E7 yesterday too. The only stainless washer i saw, went on top of the pinion bearing 3926.? The copper washer went on top of the bevelle washers, before drag nut.
  186. Goosed10

    Headed to dvl on the bass taxi for graduation present with dad

    Drop shot 4 1\2 roboworms in MM111 and Morning Dawn. 4 or 6#test, 8-12 inch leaders. Senko's as mentioned before with 6# test. Carolina rig 10# main line, 8# leader, 2 1\2 foot leader, Zoom mini lizard in Watermelon Red, and Baby Brush hogs in same color. Work the Carolina rig real slow...Good Luck
  187. Goosed10

    Curado 300ej question

    I get 260 of 30#... 205 x .014 (50# spectra)= 2.87 2.87 / .011 (30# spectra)=260.9 yrds
  188. Goosed10

    Curado 300 or revo inshore.

    Great info..Thank you!
  189. Goosed10

    Curado 300 or revo inshore.

    I just bought a 300e used for a good deal. What pound test are you guy's using on them? 25 flouro too much?
  190. Goosed10

    Let the shit talking begin

    HalfBreed? Half human, half Jack Lelanne? Glad your ok!
  191. Goosed10

    Flouro make up?

    I was just asking a question on a another fishing site about the difference in a leader of flouro and main line flouro?One answer was different resin, and one was different crystals make up the materials.Which one is the right answer? What are crystals?
  192. Goosed10

    Fancher Charter on the Star

    Nice Job Brother..
  193. Goosed10

    San Felipe......Tips Please

    My Family and friends are going the 17th-29th. They get the far south end motor home spots. All are from Escondido and Valley Center. Stop by and get a beer or two from them. I opted out this year but i might have to go the 20th - the 24th due to a kid having to drive back by himself.I would...
  194. Goosed10

    I need a reel run down for 3 day trips or less.

    I went on my first 2 day this year.I dont have that much money, and took Alan Tani's advice and just got a 320gt2 and took the levelwind off the reel.Greased the drags, and loaded it with 80lb spectra and a 40lb top shot. It worked for me on the tuna caught three no problem...
  195. Goosed10

    W.O.N. not pressing charges against Mike Hart????

    From Another Forum... Guys We do not have the option of pressing charges, etc. It is up to the state of federal goverment to prosecute a criminal case and it is the state versus whover is charged in a criminal case. All we can do is cooperate or not, but we have no say in whether a case is...
  196. Goosed10

    Lake Mead Striper fishing

    I use to live in Kingman Az. for a year or so. I went out of south shore on the Az. side. I would use cut up Chovies and drop shot them on 10lbs test in 20-25fow, fishing from shore. I was fishing march-June, so the stripers might be up this time of year.use cut up chovies and chum the fish to...
  197. Goosed10

    Favorite Conventional Reel Under $200

    My SX...on sale at big five for 159.00 and the 10% off..Thanks Cory
  198. Goosed10

    three yellow tail virgins sacrificed!

    Really Jr, an Orco shirt? Hit me up if your on here it's Goossens. Nice fish Dog!
  199. Goosed10

    TD153 HSTA

    I fish the patty's around four times a year...use to use a penn 500. I took my 153 out and caught bass on it, hooked up to a bone and i purposelly broke it off, thinking i didn't have a strong enough reel.was i a wimp, or will this reel handle the bones and small yellows. Stock drags are at 8.8...