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  1. Chasntuna

    2015 Tundra Leveling Kit

    Anyone install their own front end leveling kit on a Tundra? Just got a '15 and want to get the front end up a little. Looking for input on the best kit and if it's a PITA or not.
  2. Chasntuna

    North Carolina Trip Question(s)

    Looking at a late spring trip to NC and chartering a boat for a day; any recommendations?
  3. Chasntuna

    Gettin' a new toy

    I put my name on a new Ruger American Ranch in .223 / 5.56 NATO. If you haven't seen 'em, it's a compact version of the Ruger American and hosts a 16.12" heavy contour threaded barrel. I should get it after the first of the year (I hope). Plans for it are just shootin' and maybe elimate a few...
  4. Chasntuna

    Toyota Tacoma

    There's got to be a few folks on here with gen 2 Tacos. I'm kicking around the idea of buying a new one; double cab long bed 4WD. i've heard all sorts of good things about them so my question is WHAT DON'T YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR TACOMA?
  5. Chasntuna

    Ruger's new .22

    All I can say is I'm an owner once they hit a store here. The American is now available in .22 and .22WMR. Adjustable modular stock, 18" or 22" barrel and best of all - uses the 10/22 mag and bolt action. FINALLY an affordable .22 bolt gun from Ruger.
  6. Chasntuna

    South Carolina pro-gun

    I guess I'm glad I live in South Carolina now; the Palmetto State is very much pro 2nd ammendment. I hate hearing all the news from NY, CT, CA, CO and the many other states squashing our rights; It appears we've got some law makers here that ARE fighting the good fight. The following bills are...
  7. Chasntuna

    Sig SP2022 - anyone got one?

    I bit on a 2022 9mm this weekend. I've been looking for a 9 for a while, just as a shooter and occasional carry (1911 is the everyday carry for me). I fondled alot of polymers - this one felt the best in my mitts. Read some good reviews, a few that knocked the trigger, but overall - I think...
  8. Chasntuna

    Gloucester in April

    Wifey, kids and I will be taking a trip to Gloucester over Spring Break - I hope to get a day on the water - can anyone chime in on what's bitin' then? What to see, where to eat, where to stay and all the other necessities are much appreciated too.
  9. Chasntuna

    The "one" pistol?

    Lobbing softballs for everyone out there - there's no sense in even putting a poll up because there's so many options: Here it goes: If you had a choice of one pistol, one caliber - what would it be? (carry, self defense, whatever - just one)
  10. Chasntuna

    stripper guide sizes

    Got back froma trip a few weeks back and refinishing some rods and adding a few more. refinishing: 670, GFR765ML, CJB65H and 665H adding a 700H and 775H. I've historically gone with size 20 to start (BHNLG, BNLG stock chrome ring guides). Would you go 25 as a strip guide?
  11. Chasntuna


    I'm tired of waiting and want to go NOW. Indy reports 10 BFT from 90 - 130#. Royal Star has picked up some kind of alien ET fish with long pectoral fins, not sure what they are, but they look kinda fat! Kind of funny this year, there's been more escolar and oil fish caught than...
  12. Chasntuna

    Hurricane Kristy

    It doesn't look like it will go directly over the fishing grounds, but it should make for some interesting seas over the next 10 days - 2 weeks. Hopefully it'll really turn 'em on. 6 days and counting....
  13. Chasntuna

    Fresh or Froze

    OK - no drama with this question, not even going to mention who I'm using in two weeks to process what I hope to catch: I fly back to South Carolina the Saturday the boat gets back. 1 - do I wait for the processor to cut, bag & chill the fish then have it checked as baggage or.......... 2 -...
  14. Chasntuna

    .22 Bolt Gun

    Looking at buying a .22 bolt action, just because. There's alot out there, primarily looking at Savage, Marlin or a CZ. I have a Ruger M77/22 but I want something that is more of a knock-around gun. What do you guys think?
  15. Chasntuna

    Rough Seas

    This has nothing to do with LR, but thought ya'll might get a kick out of seeing this. This ship is bad-as an the seas are BRUTAL. Note the size of the chopper compared to the ship. I'm not savvy enough to psot the video, here's...
  16. Chasntuna

    60 or 80

    OK - I posted a week ago whether I bring a 50 or not on a 7 day end of Sept. I put the 50 away and have the 30 ready. Now - it's loaded with 100# solid spectra and 60# mono. Should I leave the 60 on it or bump it to 80? Than you..
  17. Chasntuna

    50 or no 50 late September

    I've never been on a trip and left rods / reels at home - I've stuffed the Bazooka Pro and my reel bag to the max. This year I think I'm outta room and need to leave SOMETHING home, but coming from SC, I can only fit 42 lbs of crap in a 35 lb bag. On my past 6-7 day trips, I've brought the 50...
  18. Chasntuna

    Quote of the day.

    I'm not saying lets go kill all the stupid people, I'm saying lets get rid of all warning signs and let the problem sort itself out.
  19. Chasntuna

    Seeker 6463xxxh

    I built one a few years back with Big Foot Wind ons and I hate it. What guides would you replace them with?
  20. Chasntuna

    Jig painting

    I've got several Salas, Tady and other jigs that I'd like to repaint and rehook . I've never painted, but can't imagine its too hard. I assume an air brush and some paint is all a guy needs, but I'd like to ask the experts. Air Brush? Paint (where to get and what kind) anything else needed...
  21. Chasntuna

    Sabre Stroker

    I've got one of my dads old Sabre Stroker 5.5 Footers, assuming its probably a 655XH. I've re-wrapped it and want to put it back into service in September. I kinda want to keep it simple/ old school, possibly a dropper loop or yo-yo. What reel are you guys thinking?
  22. Chasntuna

    Spectra Capacities

    Is there a chart that spells out spectra capacities for different models of Avets? I'm reloading everything. SX MX JX LX
  23. Chasntuna

    JX 6/3 Clicker Button

    Sent an inquiry to Avet but haven't gotten a response; I have a JX 6/3 and the clicker button falls about 1/16" (loose), which effects casting. Any ideas or fixes?
  24. Chasntuna

    September 7/8 day

    Finally getting back out to SD this summer; looking at a 7 or 8 day trip, possibly the Baja Fish Gear trip on Royal Star. Appreciate feedback on this trip or others in that time.
  25. Chasntuna

    Remington 597

    Even after the horror stories from Y & C, I couldn't pass up a deal on a 597. I've got a 10/22 I've had for 25 years and love it, but held the 597 and made the purchase. After $150 in gift cards, a few boxes of CCI MM's, left wally world spending 40 bucks and get a $25 rebate from Rem. I...
  26. Chasntuna

    .22 mag

    What's the word on late model 22 mag's here on the deck? It's not a real popular caliber here but growing up in AZ, it was a great small critter gittr. I've read alot about the Marlins being the sheet for OTB accuracy and reliability. What do you guys think?
  27. Chasntuna

    Mossberg AT100 .308

    Has anyone out there bought one? THey keep catchin' my eye at under $300; I've read good things thus far and have had good luck with an old Mossy 500 scattergun.
  28. Chasntuna

    Favorite thread

    I've been using Gudebroad for several years now but am running low - need to restock. I see alot of you using Mediera - I assume you like it better, but my question is why?
  29. Chasntuna

    Cork Lathes

    I'm building up some cork grip rods using rings - I've only done one before and used my drill as the lathe motor and a drier support to support the rod - any other ideas / methods out there in place of buying a lathe?
  30. Chasntuna

    FN .45

    Not really related to huntin' but do any of you shoot an FNP .45? If so - whatya think? I've got a couple 1911s abd want a double stack HiCap gun now and Glock ain't gonna happen.
  31. Chasntuna

    Customer Service

    There's been alot of posts about customer service, good and bad. We all have experienced both and alot of us live it daily as we're in the "customer service" business - In my 10 yrs of building rods as a hobby, I've had some good dealings and some shitty ones - particularly with a company who...
  32. Chasntuna

    Chevy Transfer Case

    Anyone got an '03 - '07 1500 Chev 4X4 with a noisy transfer case? In hi and lo, there's a nasty growl when turning. Took it to the local deaer and they say it's "normal" - I've had 4x4's all my life and never heard of this being "normal".. ANyone else?
  33. Chasntuna

    Rainshadow Fresh Water

    Any input good or bad on the Rainshadow Freshwater e-glass blanks? Light / heavy - durable / weak - recommend / not. I've got 4 rods to build on a tight budget (2-7' inshore and 2-6 footers). All will be spinning rods. Thanks in advance.
  34. Chasntuna


    I'm suspecting a few of you legends of the rod building world will be at the ICRBE next month in NC. I'm gonna shoot up there Sunday, hopfully get to meet a few of you..
  35. Chasntuna

    Leveling Kits

    I got a '05 Chev crew cab 1500LT , anyone have experience with the torsion leveling kits? I want a little lift, for a little bigger tire, but don't want a 6" lift and body lifts are gay! Thanks
  36. Chasntuna


    Has anyone ever had an AFTCO HD roller break at the back foot? Almost like the guide buckled under pressure and snapped the foot off at the base of the guide. Anyway....I wrapped a few rods for a friend of mine a little over a year ago, using AFTCO HD rollers. He goes out this weekend...
  37. Chasntuna

    Guts vs. Balls

    Guts: You're out all night with the guys and you come stumblin in the house at in the middle of the night. Yer wife meets you and the door with a broom and you ask her if she's cleaning, or riding out for the night.... Balls: You're out all night with the guys, you come home smelling of...
  38. Chasntuna

    Who HASN'T had this happen.....

    I went to the Home Depot recently while not being altogether sure that course of action was a wise one. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and consumed a massive quantity of my patented 'you're definitely going to shit yourself' road kill chili. Tasty stuff, albeit hot to the point...
  39. Chasntuna

    Early Retirement

    Dear Employees, Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown in the economy, Management has decided to implement a scheme to put workers of 40 years of age and above on early retirement. This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early). Persons selected to...
  40. Chasntuna


    DID YOU KNOW............ 98% of the population yells "oh shit" before they drive into a ditch...... The other 2% (or Rednecks) say......."hold my beer, watch this shit"
  41. Chasntuna


    I've got two old LX's - both are pre-clicker models, I've got an old JX and an old SX - all bought the first year AVET came out. Other than handles, are there any upgrades out there - or ideas / tricks to quiet them up - mainly the click while reeling?
  42. Chasntuna


    For you pros, do you use labels or hand-write the model, name and other stuff? I've been using Avery clear labels, even some white and inking them black with white lettering - I know there's some custom label makers but I don't sell enough to get off my wallet and buy them. Any ideas? Thanks