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  1. Timmo

    Passport required

    Hi all, When a boat asked for passport to fish Mexico and you forget to bring it, would they accept if you ask your family to take the picture and text it to you? Are there any options? Thanks.
  2. Timmo

    Fish Finder - Additional Transducer to use on a rental lake boat

    Hi all, If I have a FF already setup on my boat, can I get an additional transducer and bring the FF unit to use on a rental lake boat, kind of like making this a portable unit? Thanks.
  3. Timmo

    Overnight Charter boat for 10-12 people

    Please advise of any charter boat for 10-12 guys fishing overnight in San Diego, besides the Pride. Thanks in advance.
  4. Timmo

    Boat Ho - 07/02, 07/3

    Looking to fish this Sat or Sunday. Anyone need a ho, please let me know. Will pay/do the usual duties. Thanks!
  5. Timmo

    Talica 16II

    I have a Tac 16 2-speed that I bought new about 2 years ago and not used very often. I took it out from storage prior to my trip on 01/01/16 only to find that the reel also spins backward even in gear. I remember rinsing off the reel after my last use (no issue then) and gave the reel a quick...
  6. Timmo

    Elite-7 CHIRP with 50/200 455/800 Navionics Gold Card

    Hi, I am helping a friend to buy a FF, and looking at the above unit. I saw a couple of threads here that mentioned briefly about it. If anyone is using this, please provide feedback as to whether you like or dislike, ease of use or too complicated, etc. Thank you in advance for any help.
  7. Timmo

    Best Reel for Black Hole CCS 150g

    Hi, Just grabbed myself the Cape Cod Special conventional 150g rod at the FHS. I would like to try speed jigging. Besides the JM reels, what other reels (non-jigging dedicated) do you guys think I could match with the rod? Thanks.
  8. Timmo

    Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Prescription Lenses

    Today, I decided to purchase a pair of the Tuna Alley sunglasses by Costa. I thought it's not too expensive since they advertised for a little under $200. Then I called in to ask about prescription lenses, and boy, was I surprised. The same pair with Rx lenses costs an extra $450 or so. I...
  9. Timmo

    Story Telling

    Ladies and gentlemen, hobos and tramps, Bug-eyed mosquitoes and bowlegged ants! I'm about to tell you a story I've never heard before, So pull up a chair and sit on the floor. Admission is free, so pay at the door. One fine day, in the middle of the night, Two dead boys got up to fight. Back to...
  10. Timmo

    Fathom 25N - Gear Lever Needs Force

    Hi All - I just picked up the FTH25N and noticed that the lever going from Gear to Free Spool sometimes would slide right over, but sometimes I have to apply force for it to move to Free Spool. It almost feels like it is stuck or something. This is a brand new reel. Is this normal? Thanks!
  11. Timmo

    Saltiga SALD30-2SPD - Reel handle reverse wind even when in gear

    Hi - I have the above reel for about a little over a year. Then it was serviced for free by the Daiwa guys that came to Longfin Tackle in Orange, in the parking lot area, some times last year. Today I was trying to break off a snag from the bottom by tightening the drag and shake my rod...
  12. Timmo

    Homemade Stinger Assist Hooks

    Hi - I've read that these are made with Kevlar cords. Is there a reason we can't just use our braid fishing lines? Is it because of chew off? And what size shrink tubing should I order? Thanks.
  13. Timmo

    Line Setup for Bluefin Tunas (or Island Yellowtails)

    Hi - I have seen this topic covered before but now that I need it, I couldn't find it. Do you guys recommend to go all spectra with a short 5-8' fluorocarbon leader, or should I put a 50-100' topshot of mono to the spectra, then a short fluoro leader to the mono? :-) Thanks in advance!
  14. Timmo

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod - Protective Butt Cap

    Hi - I have two of the above rods (inshore and offshore spinning models) that I started out fishing with and their protective butt cap is gone. Probably stuck from some rod's holders, lol. Does anyone one knows where I can buy the replacement? Without it, the anodized aluminum gimbal is...
  15. Timmo

    Talica 16ii for Trolling

    Hi - has anyone used this reel for trolling on cattle boats? I want to try using it on San Diego short trips (1.5 to 3.5 days) but not sure if it can handle it. I read that there exist (or used to anyway) an add-on to act as a harness lug since this reel does not have one built-in, probably...
  16. Timmo

    Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 2

    Hi - My brother bought an HDS-7 Gen 2 on eBay that came with a transducer, but he threw away the box and now doesn't even know what type of transducer came with it. When setting up the unit, it asks to select a transducer from a long list of available transducers. We looked closely at the...
  17. Timmo

    Rockfish this Sat? Another "My Boat Your Spots"

    Actually it is not even my boat. My brother's 16.5' dual console Wahoo boat. Probably have 1 spot (or 2 at the most.) Please PM me. Hoping to find some Reds for my Dad's bbq birthday lunch on Sunday. Probably cheaper at the market, but not as fresh. :waglleybooty: A nice gentleman on this forum...
  18. Timmo

    1.5 Day Rock Cod Fishing This Sat 11/16/13

    Any recommendation for a fishy boat leaving this Fri and back on Sun morning for bottom fish? It will be perfect to bring home some Reds for my Dad's birthday BBQ on Sunday with family get together. Thanks.
  19. Timmo

    Rod's Tip Ceramic inside Top Guide is gone

    Does anyone knows if the ceramic inside the top guide of a fishing rod can be added? Although I have been very careful with covering my rods with rod tip cover, I just found out 2 of my rods have this ceramic came off. One was when my nephew had a fish on and it cut the braided line. Yikes! The...
  20. Timmo

    Shimano Talica Drags

    Hi - I read from one of the old posts on here by a gentleman regarding the Talica drags, and I quote here "...The Talica's also have an option to change the drag curves! - yep if you're fishing IGFA light tackle and want to flatten out the curve, you can order different cams depending on the...
  21. Timmo

    Lobster License

    Hi - does anyone knows if a license (fishing and/or lobster card) is required for each person on the boat even if he/she is only tagging along and not involved in anyway with catching lobster? Thanks.
  22. Timmo

    10/18 1.5 Day Trip - Gear Setup

    Hi - Can anyone recommend the necessary gear setup for a 1.5 day trip this weekend, please? What's still biting out there (San Diego - SA80)? Lines, hooks, etc. Much appreciated!
  23. Timmo

    Mexican Fishing License

    Hi - Does anyone knows or have any updates on the online Mexican fishing license purchase? Or are we stuck with buying in person (in San Diego) and no re-print if lost? Thanks.
  24. Timmo

    Fillet Knife (Bubba Blade)

    Hi - does anyone owns and uses a Bubba blade fillet knife for, maybe, more than 6 months? How is it holding out? Or can anyone recommends a good fish fillet knife for the approximate same price range? Thanks.
  25. Timmo

    40# to 60# Fluorocarbon Line, Spool (Not Leaders) - Where To Buy

    I can only find the 200 yards fluorocarbon line for lighter lines (to 20# or 25#.) Does anyone know where to buy FC lines for heavier lines, like 40lbs-60lbs class, by the spool? My 25 yards FC leader runs out so fast so I want to use the spool FC line instead of the leaders, to cut down cost...
  26. Timmo

    Common Cause of Lost Hooked Yellowtails

    Hi - what is the most common cause of lost hooked YTs? On my last trip I got 6 hook ups but landed only 1. :imdumb: When I pulled up the lines the hook was still there, just no bait and no fish. After the 1st two misses, I did wait about 5 seconds before I started setting the hook and reeling...
  27. Timmo

    171 Mako Center Console

    Hi All, I am considering buying a 2006 171 Mako boat (90HP Mercury 4-strokes outboard - same year), and I hope I can get some feedbacks from those that own or have owned the boat. In general, how is the reliability of the engine? How is the ride? Could this boat make it pass Catalina, maybe...
  28. Timmo

    1.5 Day Gear Setup

    Hi All, I will be going on a 1 1/2 day trip early Jun, fishing for YTs, WSB, and Rock fish. Could you guys help suggest how I should rig my rods and reels, in terms of matching rods/reels, # test lines, braids/mono, straight/topshots, etc. Rods: Terez Waxwing (TZCWX80MH) Phenix Black Diamond...
  29. Timmo

    Lost Fishing License

    Hi - I just found out I lost my 2 fishing licenses (CA & Mexico.) For CA, I can just ask to reprint and pay $12, I believe. Does anyone know if the Mexican license can be reprinted the same way? If yes, where? Thanks for any info.
  30. Timmo

    Lucanus Jigs

    Hey guys, Tackle Direct has the 80g/3oz Brown/Chartreuse Lucanus jig buy 1 get 1 free. No, I am not working for them. I just ordered some. Hope it can help someone. Sorry Mod, if this violates forum rules.
  31. Timmo

    Curado 300E and Power Handle

    Hi, sorry if this has been answered in this forum, but I heard that swapping the power handle on the 300E would void the warranty. Is this true? Btw, is the handle from the 300EJ the best, in terms of fit and usage, for the 300E? Thanks for any advice.
  32. Timmo

    The Elusive Big Reds

    I am not sure why, but I have hard times catching these Vermillion rockfish. I have gone out to many different party boats, fishing down in Mexican waters, most recently at the Coronado Islands on the San Diego 3/4 day trip yesterday, 02/17/13. While it seems like everyone was catching at...