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  1. ryanm

    Local big bluefin reel & gear help

    May not be a bad idea to wait and see if "local big bluefin" even show again. The last couple seasons are an anomaly... You may end up waiting 20 years for another shot at them locally.
  2. ryanm

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    If you caint recognize the sarcasm here; you're the reason pop tarts have cooking instructions.
  3. ryanm

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    Hell, sometimes I just wait outside the break wall for the sporty of my choice to leave on their way to the fishin' grounds. I don't make it obvious cuz that would be embarrassing. Then, I just follow em nice and slow like a ninja till they lead me to the promise land.
  4. ryanm

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    Those in the know will typically use their radar and binoculars to locate a flotilla of sport boats. Once said flotilla is located, its game on and time to get to fishin'. That's what I do; and I'm a professional.
  5. ryanm


    Actually....I do; and if I get to melt a snowflake or two at the same time, I may just start telling more people to shut up more often!
  6. ryanm


    Shut up..... No one needs your judgement. Nice job guys, hell of a story.
  7. ryanm

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    For wolves, a loud voice and a rock....they don't look at people as food or a threat typically. If you would be comfortable protecting your life by shooting a 1000 pound forest monster, that does consider people as food, with a sub sonic 32 caliber pistol 8 times.....then by all means, get 00...
  8. ryanm

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    Lever action 45-70
  9. ryanm

    MeatEater is on Netflix

    He has a great pod cast as well. Dives even deeper in to detail of the animals, the ecosystems they live in, how they all interact....
  10. ryanm

    Where to catch Makos blue and threshers

    Out in front of Newport south to the San Clemente pier. Just a couple miles offshore. Look for bait/birds then slow troll some shark gear or set a chum line...or both.
  11. ryanm

    Dana to 181+dick move

    Drop the chum bucket.....
  12. ryanm


  13. ryanm

    19.5lb Calico?

    Hog wash. Not even a double digit fish.
  14. ryanm


  15. ryanm


    I have 5 Lobster type Hoop Nets for sale. 4 are 36 inch diameter and 1 is the 32" diameter. All 5 have both floats and 60ish feet of line. Nets are in good condition. I have done a couple repairs in the bottom where a couple pieces of net were torn on rocks. Also included is about 15 light...
  16. ryanm


    I have 5 Lobster type Hoop Nets for sale. 4 are 36 inch diameter and 1 is the 32" diameter. All 5 have both floats and 60ish feet of line. Nets are in good condition. I have done a couple repairs in the bottom where a couple pieces of net were torn on rocks. Also included is about 15 light...
  17. ryanm

    Thieves should be dealt with severely

    MUTHA F!
  18. ryanm

    N/W 209--08-01-2015

    They all have white hats....
  19. ryanm

    D.P. 7/16 Report

    Hey Mike, long time no see! Nice work.
  20. ryanm

    Out on Blast..This years Tactic to Thwart Dickmeisters..

    That's a sweet Blackman Billfisher.....
  21. ryanm

    Two Dana Point Reports

    Nice Job Mike! Great to see you're still getting out often.
  22. ryanm

    what is your choice of Lobster bait???

    Salmon noggin. Easy to put in a cage, stinky, stays together well.
  23. ryanm

    Baby Yellowfin

  24. ryanm

    Fishing southwest end of Catalina

    Jacques Cousteau has entered the building....and he's a :turkey.
  25. ryanm

    Report a Ho Right Here

    Is the Bravo Channel now? Trolling for drama?
  26. ryanm

    Short term boat storage in Dana

    Emarcadero Marina Dry Storage. May have a long wait list, but worth a shot. I kept my boat there for a few years. Pretty convenient locale.
  27. ryanm

    santa cruz island

    Well worth it! Launch from Oxnard. Easier ride than going to Catalina.....most of the time.
  28. ryanm

    Launching yak in NPH?

    Next to the Coast Guard Station on balboa Island, or from the fishing dock/ kid beach at the end of Balboa Peninsula.
  29. ryanm

    Squid Porn great photo

    You ouhgtta try usin'em fer bait one time.
  30. ryanm

    Meet The Enemy

    WTF...whats next, the Brontosaurus Coalition? Hurray for us. We saved an animal that doesn't exist. People are dumb.
  31. ryanm

    Big Calico

    Nice to see sports super stars like Mike Piazza slumming it on the Sum Fun.
  32. ryanm

    little black dots in yellowtail meat

    Why take a chance? Trash it, go fishing and catch another one!
  33. ryanm

    Arooroo @ the SBS Long Beach Inshore

    Those are some slobs! Nice work.
  34. ryanm

    This is cool but not to sure if I would want it behind my boat!

    Thats a once in a dozen lifetimes experience right there!
  35. ryanm

    ...schooling halibut

    Those guys must have shit when they watched the video. Crazy!
  36. ryanm

    The Six States of California

    Our state government is a fuckin disaster now.....imagine if we had try dilute the gene pool of people willing work in state government 6 fold!
  37. ryanm

    Pig Skull's back............

  38. ryanm

    A School of White Seabass, No Spear

  39. ryanm

    road trippin'

    Goleta Beach, just south of the pier. There is an estuary there that gets amazing water flow on the in coming and outgoing tides. Fish the outlet.
  40. ryanm

    [B]Chino Hills Turners changed my thoughts on the company[/B]

    "Turneritis" is a rampant, highly contagious disease.
  41. ryanm

    Zane Stoskbery killed

    Holy Crap. I didnt know them, but after seeing so many reports from them over the years it feels like I do. I remember seeing reports of Zane as a little kid landing marlin on light tackle from thier skip jack. Really sucks.
  42. ryanm

    SB surf Fishing

    Hey, sorry for the late reply. I was using a 7 foot light action spinning rod 6 lb mono. I would actually prefer an 8 foot light/medium with 8 lb braid and a flouro leader, but that was all I had that day. Still worked pretty well, I just felt like a missed some fish due to the overly parabolic rod.
  43. ryanm

    SB surf Fishing

    I was up there for the last two days. Fished Goleta Beach, east of the pier both days. Did pretty well on Surf Perch during the incoming tides. Carolina rigged Gulp shrimp. The incoming tide is the key.
  44. ryanm

    .22 LR Semi Auto Pistol

    I have the Ruger. Super accurate, very reliable and has been for 15 years. They are heavy duty....for a .22.
  45. ryanm

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    I think (pure conjecture actually) a large part of the problem is that most Game Wardens are no longer outdoorsman. They do not possess the woodcraft to locate the animal's trail, figure the direction an arrow may have traveled or think like a hunter. A game warden ought to be someone that...
  46. ryanm

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    :shithappens: HUH?
  47. ryanm

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    People are dumb and many dont like hunters....I would be nervous putting my fate in the hands of a jury.
  48. ryanm

    Wtf...The further gaying up of BD

    This is a community, and as such, we must support each other by acknowledging each others clever posts....ha!
  49. ryanm

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    A game warden's perception is his reality.....truth be damned. I know a hunter who was cited for "spotlighting deer" while driving on a dirt road with the off-road lights on on his vehicle. Was not swinging a light, he did not have a rifle unsheathed, and the lights were fixed on the roof...
  50. ryanm

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    "Pro Coyote Hunter" huh? bwah hahahaha. Don't be ridiculous.
  51. ryanm

    This guy just beat the Steelers.........

    Tim Tebow might be gay, but the Steelers are his bitch. Ha!
  52. ryanm

    Double skunk

    Fishing is hard
  53. ryanm

    Kuwait catches

    Thats some nice variety! Nice Job
  54. ryanm

    Ford F250 Super Douchebag Cummins Turbo Deisel FX4

  55. ryanm

    Anyone hunt with a 7mm rifle?

    Awsome caliber. Great range and penetration, super flat shooting.
  56. ryanm

    Accurate 270 $200.00

    Still Available
  57. ryanm

    Calstar Glass 6460XXH A/R

    Calstar West Coast Series 6460XXH 40 to 100 with all aluminum roller guides. Blank, wraps and guides are in great condition. Reel seat is a little rough, some scratches and dings. Thresher Killer! $120.00
  58. ryanm

    Accurate 270 $200.00

    This Accurate Boss 270 is in perfect working condition. Great Freespool, smooth drag and 65lb Izorline Braid. It has some cosmetic "blemishes", mostly on the side plate. Asking $175.00 REDUCED
  59. ryanm

    Squid Swimbait

    It will probably work as well as any other swim bait. They are chasing movement and vibration as much as anything else. What you need to do is catch the angler.....then you have a winner!
  60. ryanm

    Shotgun question

    Leave the slugs and the 00 buck and go with 4buck. If you are in a shotgun only zone in california you cant shoot slugs anyway. Projectile has to be smaller than like, half the diameter of the barrel or something to conform to DFG rules.
  61. ryanm

    Mt. Baldy

    Mt Baldy can be phenominal, but you have to have a good snow fall. They dont really blow any snow so what falls is what you get.
  62. ryanm

    Anyone been on OUTER LIMITS out of Seaforth?

    I have been on that boat a few times. The crew is great, works very hard and there is no "I'm a fishing God" attitude. Stable ride, nice deck space and storage and runs at a fairly decent 8 knots on the way home! Its an older boat, but the engines are pretty new and it is kept in...
  63. ryanm

    Pacific Quest Catalina Seabass 4-22

    Did that trip run from San Diego all the way up or is the boat in LA right now?
  64. ryanm

    Lowrance showing only half fish arches

    I have a Lowrance also. It is super rare to get the full arch especially in salt water. That is true on any manufacturer's sounder. The arches look good on the box and in demo mode but they are not real life and you will drive yourself crazy trying to adjust and re-adjust. Look for horizontal...
  65. ryanm

    FHS Parker 2820 vs Defiance Guadalupe 290 side-by-side shootout

    They added the bowrail after the second day of the LB show. I guess it wasnt ready in time.
  66. ryanm

    $15.00 For the Fred hall show? Damn! What do you guys think?

    .......lean economic times = loss of vendor revenue. I, for one will not be purchasing a booth at the Fred Hall Show this year after having one the last three years. I am sure many vendors are doing the same. The Long Beach Convention center is not going to reduce their rate because FredHall and...
  67. ryanm

    Wolf Ammo. Steel case?

    I have shot ton of it just for fun but I dont think its the greatest for real accuracy or hunting applications. If all you wanna do is blow up the hill side and burn a bunch of ammo its great.
  68. ryanm

    Questions about Coyote Hunting

    A 12 Gauge and some number 4 Buck Shot is a great load for the dogs and will open up a lot of hunting areas in so cal that are shotgun only. Get a Rabbit distress and work if for 20 mins then move and work it for 20 minutes again. Dont sit too long in one spot, if they are gonna come they will...
  69. ryanm

    BD Monthly Bass contest JANUARY 2009

    Sounds fun! Is the contest for big fish or best photo?
  70. ryanm

    Late pics for Cat

    Yeah, lets all just bury our heads in the sand and pretend that no matter what, because its legal, we can kill all the fish we can get our hands on.
  71. ryanm

    Coyote Hunting

    All the high desert is great from Lancaster to Lucerne Valley. Shot Guns are fun...
  72. ryanm

    This is the way to Yote hunt

    I dont like it. Gay.
  73. ryanm

    Lots a Albies 01/50

    Is that the Milf Hunter?
  74. ryanm

    This or That

    Cured.......... Fully Nude no alchohol or topless with alchohol?
  75. ryanm

    This or That

    Paraguay, Giselle or Adriana.
  76. ryanm

    This or That

    Picard Ana Capa or Santa Cruz
  77. ryanm

    This or That

    NY Turners or Bass Pro
  78. ryanm

    This or That

    blond with brunette roots big tits or nice ass
  79. ryanm

    This or That

    Shepards cool ranch or nacho
  80. ryanm

    This or That

    yellow tail Chilis or Applebees?
  81. ryanm

    Fishing 10-09 out of Newport (salt creek)

    ....dude, you are lucky, no one has even mentioned the upside down, super short seabass in the bottom on the cooler!
  82. ryanm

    Fishing 10-09 out of Newport (salt creek)

    Sanddab... Fine or Jail time? wait, wrong thread.
  83. ryanm

    This or That

    Bottom Salmon Heads or Bonito
  84. ryanm

    Caption Time #2

    Illegal use of fist!
  85. ryanm

    Caption time

    -August 2064.....olympic record holder, Michael Phelps sets out to prove that man really can circumnavigate a corolla without the aid of a motor. -Caution: Objects in Mirror are likely to ruin your upohlstry.
  86. ryanm

    yellowfin tuna intel.

    wow, you must know ronnie kovach AND Dan Hernandez to get all that expert info.
  87. ryanm

    We need a Sniper

    I get those stupid things all the time. I've won the London Lottery like 10 times, inherited at least a hundred mil from nigeria, and have been the beneficiery of dying cancer patients all over the world.
  88. ryanm

    Back from Africa

    Man, if it moved, you shot that MFer!
  89. ryanm


  90. ryanm

    What the fuck is wrong with California

    .....come on, do you really think that we can actually take care of ourselves? We need the government to kepp us from hurting ourselves.
  91. ryanm

    Tuna and Whale Feeding Frenzy.....

    Holy Spam!
  92. ryanm

    Most hardcore thing I have seen

    That guys needs mental observation.
  93. ryanm

    Seaswirl boats

    Had mine for 11 years now. Never had any major problems with the boat. A little clip will break, or a screw will come loose but it has been great and got me through some nasty trips home without worry.
  94. ryanm

    Accurate Boss 270 Magnum

    Bob, if you live in San Dimas, just go to Accurate. They are in Corona off the 15 fwy just north of the 91. You can just walk in and they will take the reel in the back and get it checked out. I have done that a couple time and they are always willing to help. One time they even gave me...
  95. ryanm

    View out the back of......

    WWWhat the fuck!
  96. ryanm

    Lots of Cock

    I heard they eat that raw too!
  97. ryanm

    Fuel delivery issue?

    What's a VRO pump?
  98. ryanm

    Fuel delivery issue?

    I've been dealing with this for a while now. I have a 1997 Evinrude 130 HP Outboard. It will be running fine for miles and then act as if it is starving for fuel. Does not stall but will run at 1500 to 2000 rpm at full throttle. Then, after a few minutes of that, the engine will return to...
  99. ryanm

    Awesome New toy:1982 Jeep CJ7

    Congrats, that is a fun toy!
  100. ryanm

    Awesome New toy:1982 Jeep CJ7

    Anthony, there's a trail in the Cajon Pass at the Cleghorn exit. It goes up and over the mountain and ends down by Silverwood Lake. Real fun trail and great to get your feet wet offroading. There are more difficult areas as well but they are off the main road.
  101. ryanm

    royal polaris, june 18-24, 2008

    Thanks for taking the time for such a post. Great Job.
  102. ryanm

    Tagger falls off freeway overpass.

    Should have painted "Douchebag was here" where he landed.
  103. ryanm


    Is it still acceptable to hang pirates? I feel sorry for those guys. That kinda karma has to be a real bitch out at sea.
  104. ryanm

    Heading to the 181 and 289 Area Sunday or Monday

    Hey Anthony, Kelp paddies may have some fish on them, but also watch for meter marks kinda deep around the drop offs. I have done well out there on albies by just shutting down and chunking on meter marks. Takes some patience but if you don't see fish up active on the surface give it a try...
  105. ryanm

    Barn kelp 6/21/08

    Nice report man. Thanks.
  106. ryanm

    Wednesday Oceanside to Domes

    Thanks for the local post
  107. ryanm

    Dana Point Bass and Barries

    My 1st fishing Day in 3 months!:boobies: Felt Great, but I was so excited I forgot the Camera:smoking33: We left Dana Point at about 6:30 AM and got some great anchovies at the receiver. They had a choice of dines or chovies. Headed down to San Mateo Kelp for a great bite on Calicos, with a...
  108. ryanm

    radar burning up gps antenna

    I have had it happen twice. It doesn't burn up the antennae it does something to the memory. You have to get a card from lowrance that will re load the unit and it will go back to normal. When you turn on the unit does it show a question mark over the directional arrow on the screen?
  109. ryanm

    GF100J in process

    Thats unreal, you must be about to go blind trying to focus on that detail.
  110. ryanm


    Thats nice man. Vintage looks are always cool.
  111. ryanm

    Gun nuts check this out

    That's classic. I love it.
  112. ryanm

    "Other" website fishing reports

    The wine festival aint supposed to start until June
  113. ryanm

    Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon

    ......or a tady 45!
  114. ryanm

    17 Year old Girl, and a whopper 60lb WSB.....

    Yeah the fish is pretty big too.....
  115. ryanm

    Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon

    They didn't find the last uncontacted natives, they found the secret hide out of freed Oompah Loompahs!
  116. ryanm

    TLD 20II sale at Sports Authority

    Not a plug, don't work there. Just good info. At the Sports Authority in Fontana off Summit and the 15 Freeway they have Shinamo TLD 20 2speeds on sale. 40% off. Its over $100 off normal price! Also some Abu Garcia bait casters and some shimano spinners.
  117. ryanm

    Sucked in.

    That thing's a mess, you should be ashamed of yerself!
  118. ryanm

    T's out of control bueno.
  119. ryanm

    wsb stones

    look between his legs!
  120. ryanm

    ??Name that Fish??

    Definitely a Tom Cod, aka Queen Fish. Were you around the bait barge?
  121. ryanm


    Can you eat a fish from Lake Elsinore?
  122. ryanm

    Bishop May 7-11 2008 In Memory of Grandpa

    Sounds fun Anthony. Have a good trip.
  123. ryanm

    Rpt Sat. 4-12 SCI Reds, Coppers & Lings

    I see you got put together on the Lucanus system. How did you like it?
  124. ryanm

    The S.S. Spottie Slayer, MB 4/6, and 4/7

    Sure looks like a bonefish to me. Are they even edible?
  125. ryanm

    Major White Seabass Action in Laguna Beach!

    I didn't know you could dive in the Aquarium of the Pacific.
  126. ryanm

    One set-up?

    Graphiter 800M, 65 lb spectra, Trini 16, multiple spools of flouro.
  127. ryanm

    Defiance pilothouse vs. parker pilothouse

    Yeah............what'er you stupid or sumpthin?
  128. ryanm

    Name my boat please

    Sea Pickle
  129. ryanm

    Islands 2/27/2008

    Its cool to see famous folks like Stephen Spielberg enjoy rock fishing too!
  130. ryanm

    My Grandfather,the one who got me hooked on fishing is no longer with us

    Im sorry to hear that Anthony. My prayers are with him and your family.
  131. ryanm

    Anyone ever win in Court vs the DFG?

    Several? Uhhh........that's wierd.
  132. ryanm

    Thanks AGAIN,to Bd'er Ryanm at Ontario dodge

    Your Welcome Anthony. Sorry for the hassles the first time. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.
  133. ryanm

    Does anyone know what this is

    A Fishing Reel.
  134. ryanm

    GF 850H

    Dont take any off. That is an awsome length for tossing Iron, butt if you have to take the lenght of the butt so you don't ruin the action.
  135. ryanm

    Lucky mo-fo

    no....I dont buy it.
  136. ryanm

    San Juan Blackmouth Opener

    Sounds like a nice day. Is the hatchery to natural fish ratio typically that lopsided?
  137. ryanm

    sqiding 1/2/08

    The jack pot is paid for and earned by the angler. If he feels the crew did a good job and wants to hand all or some over that's great, but should it be expected? What's up with the sense of entitlement? I would say the angler being intimidated into turning over the jackpot is the one getting...
  138. ryanm

    Skipper/Guide In Avalon

    Rent a Kayak!!! The area just outside and to the west of avalon is loaded with kelp beds.
  139. ryanm

    Possibly heading to Fred hall Show...Long Beach

    The Hyatt Regency right next to the convention center has a special rate of $149 if you mention the Fred Hall Show. You can roll out of the rack and walk into the show!
  140. ryanm

    Lakers get Kobe some help

    That would have been a good trade if it was Kwame for Air Tacos!
  141. ryanm

    Boston Whaler 25 Outrage Project

    Did the Engine come with a wheelie bar?
  142. ryanm

    Kudos for Bass Pro Shops!

    They have too many employees to have great knowledge in all departments. That's why the smaller tackle shops will always have a place. Plus, most guys that know what they are talking about won't work for 8-10 bucks an hour.
  143. ryanm

    Another shikari 806 marbled.

    What purpose does the split grip serve? Is it decorative, weight reduction? Nice job buy the way.
  144. ryanm

    Nice Red Snapper on the Iron

    Did they laugh at your Tady too? No one else uses that stuff but us, good job!
  145. ryanm

    Can you die from fishing withdrawls?

    Thanks!!! At least I am not the only one. You know how missery loves company. On the bright side, it will make the next trip that much sweeter.
  146. ryanm

    Can you die from fishing withdrawls?

    With the weather and work, mostly work lately, I have not been fishing in 2 months and I seriously am sick to my stomach.:fighting0061: I have cleaned every reel....twice, torn down and re-wrapped two rods, painted about 100 jig heads, cleaned my tackle box with soap and water, sharpened the...
  147. ryanm

    Whats your favorate food from Costco?

    Best cheap pizza ever. If you have a choice between Costco, Pizza Hut, Dominos etc., you have to eat the Costco. 10bucks for a large!
  148. ryanm

    Rainy Day Tackle Twist's

    I got one of those at the Bass Pro Shops in Vegas a couple years back. Made the wife drive and tied heywire twist leaders all the way home!
  149. ryanm

    Help with naming boat

    O.T.M.F. (Out the mutha fuck)
  150. ryanm

    Help with naming boat

    Little Tripper Give 'em hull
  151. ryanm

    Heath Ledger dead

    Who cares? What makes him any different that 20,000 other people that died today!
  152. ryanm

    Need Electronic Advice

    Hey anthony, I have that same unit. It works real well. I have a clear picture of the bottom upto 30MPH in 300 feet of water and much deeper when sitting still. With the Cartography chip you will get great detail with the GPS including sun and moom, tide phases and individual boat docs in all...
  153. ryanm

    New Year's Resolutions

    I dont get it.
  154. ryanm

    Shimano's New Rockfishing System

    I saw Michael Folk's wife on "Inside Sportfishing" catch a Ling in Alaska on that set-up today. I didn't realize it was a new jig until I saw this post. I just thought is was some kinda Creature bait with a stinger hook! But I saw it on TV so I KNOW it works.
  155. ryanm

    Orange 'Harley' rod for a friend

    Dude, what happened to your wall?
  156. ryanm

    oahu mahi

    Just watch Dog the Bounty Hunter. You'll learn all the local lingo!
  157. ryanm

    Plastic Debris field twice the size of Texas!

    I guess we should be careful when we clip our knots?
  158. ryanm

    Plastic Debris field twice the size of Texas!

    Its a long read, sort of, but eye opening. Plastic Ocean - Page1 -  MSN Lifestyle: Men
  159. ryanm

    UFC...Is Chuck gonna get his ass kicked tonite?

    Im afraid for Chuck. Silva is a monster. I think Hughes wants it too bad. He will win by shear determination....unless GSP kicks him in the Face!!!
  160. ryanm

    Would you shoot?

    That was gnarley! Should be on faces of death or something.
  161. ryanm

    Fishing In Cancun?

    I fished there a few years ago. The Charters are mostly dead bait fishing. Still alot of fun. Small Yellowfin, White Marlin, sailfish, rainbow runners, dorado and some real good grouper fishing. Bring your own gear or they will have you catching 12lb yellowfin on 60lb line with Penn 6/0s...
  162. ryanm

    Any one fish E-Glass rods?

    I think everyone has probably fished eglass at some point. It used to be "the" stuff before graphite came along. I still like it for heavier rods like 40lb and up. Lighter gear in graphite is much more sensative.
  163. ryanm

    always getting sea sick

    The wrist bands have worked wonders for poeple on my boat on multiple occasions.
  164. ryanm

    Intrepid at the Dock!
  165. ryanm

    BEWARE of the LIARS at Kearny Mesa Infinity!!!!!

    It was wrong for them not to honor their verbal promise, but if it is not in print, either in advertising or contract, it is not illegal. The only reprise you will really have is what you have already done by exposing their shortcomings and then buying elswhere.
  166. ryanm

    BEWARE of the LIARS at Kearny Mesa Infinity!!!!!

    Papa J. I know it is tough but try not to let this experience paint all car dealers with the same brush. If you really like the Infinity just go to a different dealer. They are not affiliated with each other. It is like buying a Trinidad at Turners or Sport Chalet; same product-different...
  167. ryanm

    Should I spring for the Trini 20 dc??

  168. ryanm

    Green is a MEAN! fishin machine

    Does it taste like lime?
  169. ryanm

    Boston Whaler 25 Outrage Project

    That could be a real diamond! Good Luck.
  170. ryanm


  171. ryanm

    Stop Yer Bitching

  172. ryanm

    Sports Authority: 25% Off Discount

    I got a TLD 30II on this special last year.
  173. ryanm

    Dana Point in December

    Rock fishing is not that good around there. Shallow stuff can be fun. The bass will bite all winter. Not wide open but they are there in 60-80 feet in the rocky bottom areas. Lots of Goats around there too.
  174. ryanm

    Favorite fish nicknames

    Sandoval-Sandbass Bassturd-short bass of any type Trouser Trout-....oh wait....
  175. ryanm

    Thanks to BD'er Ryan McCracken at Ontario Dodge

    Thanks for the kind words Anthony. I am glad you love your truck. I hope we can get out and pull on some fish soon! Ryan p.s. looks great next to the boat!!
  176. ryanm

    2008 F-250 PSD

    I think you mean Gallons per mile!!!!!
  177. ryanm

    The Mother of All Threshers

    I didn't even know they got that big! DAMN! Bait-0-Matic?
  178. ryanm

    2008 F-250 PSD

    At the risk of sounding biased, The Ford has many problems right now and a lot of loyal Ford owners are switching. Most to Dodge, some to Chevy. I have a test for you: Try to find a piece of commercial equipment, boat, bus, generator etc with a Duramax or Powerstroke engine. Then try to find...
  179. ryanm

    1st Thresher ever - NB!!!

    Great catch, nice to get the mouth hook!
  180. ryanm

    Local limits 11-13 / 11-14

    Lobster meat tastes great but there must be more to it than the quest for bugs. Did you fall asleep half way through or something?
  181. ryanm

    Surly Mermaid Catalina trip

    I heard the same thing. That the Nature Conservancy was trying to restore the island to its indiginous species only. I guess that was buffalo shit! Really cool pics though. Thank you. Ryan
  182. ryanm

    DP fishin' for sharks 11/12

    I got a 50 pound Black in there a couple weeks ago. They are making a come back in that area for sure. I think there will begin to be a lot more "mystery" break-offs in the kelp in OC! Ryan
  183. ryanm

    Avet vs Penn vs Okuma

    You get what you pay for.
  184. ryanm

    Dumb chick

    Laughed out loud sitting at my desk!
  185. ryanm

    ...POINT LOMA YAKIN 10/29...

    Long Paddle From Dana Point! Nice Job. At least it was down hill!:imdumb:
  186. ryanm

    Diamond Valley Lake info

    The fires weren't any where near the Lake. Should be fine.......its water.
  187. ryanm

    Hard Top Vs. Radar Arch

    An aluminum ring on top of a T-Top for a spotter to stand in so he doesn't break his ass.
  188. ryanm

    ever want to pop a zit?

    Almost hurled............
  189. ryanm

    Hard Top Vs. Radar Arch

    I would say on a 19 foot walk-around you may want to re-think the hard top. Hard Tops are great on a small C/C but on a walk around it will leave you very little room to cast and manuever. Also, unless you get a belly loop on top, it will be hard to stand up high to look for kelps. At least...
  190. ryanm

    My new tattoo!

  191. ryanm

    10-2-07) The Bugs were crawlin.........

    That is alot of work. I guess the commercial traps weed through the legals pretty fast. I think the key must be to find an isolated rock with no commercial gear around it.
  192. ryanm

    10-2-07) The Bugs were crawlin......... rampaging midgets! Left Dana Point at 6:30, first set pulled at 7:30pm with 7 Shorties. The small guys were on a tear last night. From 7:30pm to 11:30pm, my dad and I netted 43 Lobsters for only 6 Legals. Very fun but a little frustrating:imdumb: Probably half of them...
  193. ryanm

    Bassin' reel

    The Daiwas have unreal freespool, but if you want the best of performance and durability go with the Curado or a Calcutta 250. Although for a lot less money, the Abu Garcia 5600 will last you ten years+ and perform well the whole time.
  194. ryanm

    IDIOT hoopnetters at MDR.

    Dude, I love your post. Doushpickle has to be my favorite insult of all time.
  195. ryanm

    Charter Boat Hijacking in Florida....Wow!

    This is fucked up. Hopefully they are floating on an ice chest somewhere. Missing skipper’s cousin doubts survivor - TODAY: People -
  196. ryanm

    Catalina Bassin 9-26

    Had to have been something like that. The knot is his head was gnarley, but completely healed! Maybe a birth defect?
  197. ryanm

    Catalina Bassin 9-26

    Whats up yall. (Scroll to the bottom for pics. Half Retarded) Planned a day of bassin at the island and couldn't wait till morning so My buddies Tom and Joe and I left Long Beach at 9pm last night. The ramp in Queens Way Bay is closed due to debris so we drove over to Davies in Los Al for...
  198. ryanm


    Great value, chlorophyll charts too. Good for finding the T's!
  199. ryanm

    Uneven finish

    You can do it Pete! Just lick the blank lengthwise before you apply the finish. How is the new school year going dude?
  200. ryanm


    No Sharks in Oceanside
  201. ryanm

    Need some help here !!

  202. ryanm

    Gunpoint robbery on TJ road

    yeah, I don't think I will be conducting that experiment anytime soon.
  203. ryanm

    Gunpoint robbery on TJ road

    No doubt Mexico can be fucked up, and I don't mean to lessen the gravity of what happened. I ,for sure, would be anxious about going there on my own. I am just curious, does it seem like things like this are more prevalent in Mexico than here?
  204. ryanm

    Fisherman charged with stabbing sea lion

    Yeah, and next we can have Pelican season?
  205. ryanm

    seal control

    I like the hotsauce idea.
  206. ryanm

    Sealion killed, Man Charged

    Fuck'im. He knew better. Should have just moved spots.
  207. ryanm

    12.2 Calico Bass

    Once in a Lifetime catch there man Awsome. I hope the deckie stubs his toe on the way to the pisser tonight!
  208. ryanm

    Anybody know if the Clemente off Dana Point is a good boat?

    I used to ride that boat as a kid. Got my first calico there, first yellow, first barrie. Its a good boat and the ride to the area they are fishing right now is shorter than from the other landings.
  209. ryanm

    964lb. mako

    Why are you so defensive.......gawd? Great catch man!
  210. ryanm

    The barn find. boats?
  211. ryanm

    Looking for new truck

    I can get you a pretty awsome deal on a Dodge. $6000 rebate plus about $500 below our invoice, and a lifetime powertrain warranty at no charge. I am the fleet manager at Ontario Dodge so it is an easy one contact deal. Call me and let me know what features you need. (909)230-4129
  212. ryanm

    Solo Run Albies 182 7/24/07

    Just throw a cheesburger in the parking lot and the "fat fuck" will leave you alone.
  213. ryanm

    Tuesday at 181

    The deep baits were probably at about 100 feet. The meter marks were 50-100 feet down.
  214. ryanm

    Tuesday at 181

    Hey guys, Left O'side at 6am for a run to the 181. Put the jigs in 2 miles short on a temp break from 68 to 67.5. Trolled south along the ridge until we saw some good solid marks on the sonar. Boxed the area for a half hour for nothing so I decided to try plan B. Stopped on the...
  215. ryanm


    Thanks alot man
  216. ryanm

    Boat Wash

  217. ryanm

    Bimini knot on Spectra....quick ???

    Spectra is too slippery to just double it. You need something to hold it in place on the other end.....a bimini. Without it your spectra will slide right through your albright.
  218. ryanm

    South Fork Santa Ana

    My buddy has been doing well way down at the end past seven oaks. Mostly smaller browns with a few stocker rainbows. Water is real low.
  219. ryanm

    Rod Bilding Class in Iraq

    That is awsome. Are you guys able to get supplies out there or did you bring 'em all with you?
  220. ryanm

    Update on my son Brad in Iraq

    Wow man, thanks for the update. Thank your son for us.
  221. ryanm

    Timing is right--

  222. ryanm

    Catalina 6/23 and dumbass sport boat, GAIL FORCE

    I guess you didn't get the memo......"starting June 1st 2007, all pieces of fishable structure, kelp or open water are property of the sport fleet"
  223. ryanm

    quick Q about giant squid,..

    Yes, its the rules
  224. ryanm

    6-17 Night bassing and squid Dana Point

    Salt Creek is just on the uphill side of Dana Point towards Laguna. Look for the Ritz Carlton. Most of the plastic was greenish, to match the grunion, and the bigger one was on a lead colored tady 45(old jig with no paint left).
  225. ryanm

    6-17 Night bassing and squid Dana Point

    Got the urge to fish at about 3 Sunday afternoon so I picked up and jammed down to Dana Point to toss some plastics. Left Dana Point at about5 and headed up the line to fish the rocks in Laguna. Fishing was never wide open but a decent pick fishing real tight to boilers and the fish were...
  226. ryanm

    Winners Trip on the Big Drum!!!

    I like how you went CIA and blurred out the super secret back ground in the fourth pic!!!LOL. Nice report guys.
  227. ryanm

    Dogs vs. Paintballs

    Yes, you can use them to deter sea lions Yes, They are illegal in mexico
  228. ryanm

    Aftco light weight rollers

    I have two sets of ALWR's that have been on a couple calico sticks that are 10 years old. Never had an issue with breakage, or corrosion.
  229. ryanm

    first mr.T and post

    Great catch guys. One way to a try to limit the killing of T-Sharks is to troll with very light drag pressure so that when the bait is slapped by the sharks tail,hopefully, it won't stick. When you get hit, put the boat in nuetral so the lure starts to fall and sometimes the shark will turn...
  230. ryanm

    Tuna pen slideshow

    Thats friggin gnarly.
  231. ryanm

    I'd Like to Try Fishing This Way!

    What the FUCK??????????????? What are those fish and why are they freaking out? That is the craziest fish video ever!
  232. ryanm

    Help with out board, trouble starting

    Thanks again guys! I will be able to really get into it this week.
  233. ryanm

    Help with out board, trouble starting

    I have not had a chance to try it yet. I was always told that pushing the key in was a choke. But after all the advice I now realize it is not because when the engine is cold, I turn the key and upon pushing the key in it usually fires up. Just not the last time. I will lift the cowling to...
  234. ryanm

    5-28 Solid Squirts at Dana Pt

    We did keep the few that were gaffed.
  235. ryanm

    Help with out board, trouble starting

    I can use starting fluid. I have been advised by the local tech to use it.
  236. ryanm

    Help with out board, trouble starting

    That makes sense. The starter solenoid is fairly new, but I don't think I have ever replaced the Choke Solenoid. Didn't know it existed to be honest. Thanks alot man!
  237. ryanm

    Help with out board, trouble starting

    But the engine will turn over no problem. There is all kinda power getting to the starter. It jumps right up into the fly wheel and spins the hell out of it. It just dosn't want to light until likr the 20th attempt. Would that still be a solenoid?
  238. ryanm

    southbay squid

    I don't think there is a usually! These things come and go on a whim.
  239. ryanm

    Help with out board, trouble starting

    It has the choke where you push the key in from the ignition. So i guess that would be electrical. I always pump the priming bulb.
  240. ryanm

    Help with out board, trouble starting

    Any help would be appreciated guys. I have a 1997 130HP 2Stroke Evinrude. It is NOT a FICHT. Turns over fine, starter spins well, batteries are good, fuel is primed and I have to turn the engine over about ten time before the engine will fire up. New spark plugs, decarbing did not...
  241. ryanm

    Late- Another Thresher Attempt, Got a Mako 5/25

    Looks like the rings on his side are scars from a Squid.
  242. ryanm

    5-28 Solid Squirts at Dana Pt

    Left the Dana Pt Launch ramp at 6pm, construction is done by the way, and planned on fishing barries until the sun went down and then hitting the jumbo squid. Our first bird school is just a mile out side the harbor with pelicans and gulls full on crashing. Looks like the classic barracuda bite...
  243. ryanm

    Best knot for spectra to mono/flouro

    Larger line has to be the Bimini to Albright. That connection will not break if tied properly. Light line; back to back uni.
  244. ryanm

    So Much For Re-Rigging BOM's

    The BOMs have always had crappy rigging. I think they rig it so it will look cool but the wire is too light, the crimps are to small, and the hooks suck. Other than that, they are great lures. The problem is that the guy that manufactures them does not all! Maybe he will start...
  245. ryanm

    Team Applicator

    I would take that fish over a seabass any day. Awsome catch man!
  246. ryanm

    Update from Iraq re: my son

    Thanks man.
  247. ryanm

    White chicks and gang signs

    Gangsta Bitches is hot like a mutha.......
  248. ryanm

    bringing her back,82 Blackman

    Damn, what a classic!
  249. ryanm

    1st rod build in 4 years

    Holy shit man! You must have been like a bedouin rug maker in a previous life. That is awsome! Ryan
  250. ryanm

    Ana Capa 4-5-07

    Your right....I fish in the future most of the time.
  251. ryanm

    Ana Capa 4-5-07

    Hey Ollie, I thought you only went on Mondays. It would have been great to buddy boat. I had 2 other guys so the gas wasn't AS bad as it could have been. 8.5 is a toad red. Our biggest red was about 5lbs. We got some real nice Coppers on the swim baits also. Only one "endangered" Boccaccio so...
  252. ryanm

    Ana Capa 4-5-07

    That Avet is from the first year they were available at the Fred Hall Show.
  253. ryanm

    Ana Capa 4-5-07

    Whats up guys. Headed up to Ana Capa Island today out of Channel Islands Harbor. Hit the water at 7am and got some bait, small but healthy dines, and made it over to the island in about a half hour. Started in the gap and got lots of nice fish on various structure spots including 3 legal...
  254. ryanm

    CA. Gaoline Tax Refund

    Does the fuel have to be purchased in the water?
  255. ryanm

    shimano butterfly-hype or breakthrough

    I think you should go if for no other reason than the technique and rigging is good information. Even if you buy gear other than Shimano after word it will still add one new fishing style to your arsenal. That being said, B! Ryan
  256. ryanm


    I got on a "Share Boat" once out of Cancun. They fish 6/0 reels for trigger fish and barracuda. Luckily, I brought my own gear so I had some fun. Went up on the bow with yo-yo iron and git some nice black grouper and some rainbow runners. It is fun but beware, they keep every fish caught and if...
  257. ryanm

    Just Sayin Hi

    Nice to have you Doc.I just wrapped my first rod last week and started on my second this week so I am sure I will be talking with you. Thanks for joining.
  258. ryanm

    Santa Rosalillita Rpt. w-pics

    Awsome pics! Thanks. I have always wanted to do a trip like that but I am scared of the roads.
  259. ryanm

    Torium 30 vs. Trinidad 30

    I can feel a bit of a difference in the performance of the two. The Trini just feels a little more solid I guess.....but I have to say not $200 more solid. I have two Toriums and have been really pleased with them. Ryan
  260. ryanm

    Help removing old finish.

    Thanks man, that is great advice. I finished my first Rod from scratch last week and really enjoyed it so I thought I would redo some of my faves. I think the Allstar will come out awsome. I have all the old finish off and the bare graphite is gonna look real good under some perma gloss.
  261. ryanm

    Help removing old finish.

    Thanks for the help guys. I love this rod and now I will be able to salvage it for sure. The feet on the guides were starting to rust so I pulled'em and then noticed the blue finish was just that...a finish. I think the bare graphite look will be good with a nice coat on it. do I...
  262. ryanm

    Help removing old finish.

    .....also, should I refinish the blank or leave it bare?
  263. ryanm

    Help removing old finish.

    Hey Guys, I have a 10 year old Allstar Western Inshore Series Graphite Rod. It is one of my favorite Calico rods. The blank is in great shape so I want to re-wrap it but it has this blue finish on it. I guess it is some kind of paint, and it is scratched off in little places here and...
  264. ryanm

    Parker 2530 FHS - Your thoughts?

    Awsome boat. Less Deck space than the 2520 but if you want the comforts for the family it is awsome.
  265. ryanm

    how bout a hand lined marlin???

    Eh, no big deal. I hand T-Sharks all the time.....naked!
  266. ryanm

    my first boat

    Watch out for spiders!!!
  267. ryanm

    Did it. Parker 2320. FHS

    WTF? VAIT tank?
  268. ryanm

    Did it. Parker 2320. FHS

    Did it come with a smoking vait tank? Congratulations man.
  269. ryanm

    Very first on the west coast!!

    I saw those at the show. The most innovative thing I've seen for sure. Tons of storage too and some nice bait systems. Did any body see the table on the 35 Everglades that recesses into the floor with a power switch to increase the size of the casting platform?.....unbelievable!
  270. ryanm

    3 WSB over 50#'s and 5 over 35#'s (3/4)w/pics

    WTF????!!!!!! Seems to always happen at the start of the Fred Hall Show!
  271. ryanm

    2500 Dodge Ram...One more bit of Spam!

    No Problem, let me know if there is any thing else I can do.
  272. ryanm

    Whaler Project

    Bay Bass Killler in the making. Have fun!!!
  273. ryanm

    2500 Dodge Ram...One more bit of Spam!

    New add, Now it's 13,977 off MSRP Any 2500 in stock.
  274. ryanm

    2500 Dodge Ram...One more bit of Spam!

    Sorry Guys, I had to do it. To good not to! We have an add for Ontario Dodge coming out in the LA Times for this weekend. $12,977 off MSRP on all 2006 2500 Rams in stock. We only have one 4X4, but there are several 4x2 Diesel Mega Cabs. PM me or call 909-230-4129.....and I will...
  275. ryanm

    StupLarge discounts on Dodge Trucks, Diesel included.

    Hey Guys, Just got a new update. Now there is a $5000 rebate on 2007 Ram 1500's as well.
  276. ryanm

    Truck lift??/ LIFT KIT

    Hey Matt, I know someone that does all the lifts and rims and tires for 3 dealerships here in Ontario. Not Orange county but does good work and won't rip your head off. We can just squeeze yo in as a package deal with some of the other trucks he is doing for us right now. Ryan
  277. ryanm

    StupLarge discounts on Dodge Trucks, Diesel included.

    Fully loaded would be the Ram 2500 4x4 Mega Cab Laramie Package. MSRP is $48320 Bloodydecks Discount: $5000.00 Manufacturer Dealer Cash: $5000.00 Sale Price: $38320.00 Let me know.
  278. ryanm

    Important Dana Point Harbor/Ramp Information

    Hey Mike, When did you get on bloody decks?
  279. ryanm

    StupLarge discounts on Dodge Trucks, Diesel included.

    It is not that kind of rebate. It is called dealer cash and what it does is enable the dealer to sell the vehicle for a much lower price because we get reimbursed for part of the discount. On consumer rabates you have the option of keeping the rabate or applying it toward your purchase. Cool...
  280. ryanm

    StupLarge discounts on Dodge Trucks, Diesel included.

    What's up guys, I have been in the auto sales industry for 10 years doing Finance. I just started working in the fleet and internet dept at Ontario Dodge. I had to let you guys know about some knew incentives on Dodge trucks. Dodge is giving a crazy rebate on all 2006 Trucks. $7000...
  281. ryanm

    well, it floats...

    Im scared!
  282. ryanm

    Important Dana Point Harbor/Ramp Information

    Hey Mike, when did you get on BloodyDecks?
  283. ryanm

    A Business where 'customers' are a bad thing...

    Give your son a huge thanks from all of us!
  284. ryanm

    Santa Cruz Island On The Big Drum 2/3

    Nice post, but I am disappointed. I expected to see the double swimmy rig with some Channel Islands Calicos!!
  285. ryanm


    UNreal! I wanna be a DODO
  286. ryanm

    We are giving aid to the enemy

    Well, you know what all this means right? Time for a shopping spree.....go buy a Seeker Rod and stick an Avet on it. Go buy a Calstar with Aftco guides and put an Accurate on it. Then a Graphite USA and put a new Pro Gear on that one. Yes, this could be good!
  287. ryanm


    Protruding bungfish.
  288. ryanm

    Allcoast Sold!

    An east coast Co? Does that mean that Allcoast members will start fishing in button up shirts and loafers with no socks?
  289. ryanm

    Bottom fishing the 9

    I like the half day limits!
  290. ryanm

    Cost of Lobster License Transfer

    I saw one for sale in oxnard. 24 foot I/O commercial lobster boat with lobster license for $80,000 as a package. Boat was kinda beat up so I think most of that money was for the license. They won't be cheap.
  291. ryanm

    HOLY SHIT - "Diver goes head-first into great white's jaws and lives"

    Im calling PETA. How dare that guy punch a shark in the eye!!!
  292. ryanm

    Want to catch one of these????

    Did It !
  293. ryanm

    No tuna tower? No problem!

    that guys gonna die!
  294. ryanm

    Smorgasbord this morning

    Re - read the thread
  295. ryanm

    Amazing ice field.....

    Victorville? Its an ice field alright.............
  296. ryanm

    Intrepid Splashes!

    Fuck man, do you think the crew will yell at ya if you get fish blood on their tuxedos?
  297. ryanm

    question about albies

    Typically the cold air we get has nothong to do with the water temps. It comes from the north and the currents that bring albies come from the south. I am not a pro but I am pretty sure they are unrelated.
  298. ryanm

    DP on 1/10

    Damn, nice fish man. I can't believe it took 4 days to post. I would have shown that bitch off 1st day!
  299. ryanm

    Rock, paper, Saddam!

    That rules
  300. ryanm

    Great pics

    LOOK OUT!!
  301. ryanm

    Bird Watching in Oside 1/3/07

    Those fuckers are relentless. They're like sea lions with wings........except smaller!
  302. ryanm


    AAhhh! That thumb hookage made my asshole contract and pucker
  303. ryanm

    LBC Yakkin 1-1-07 pics

    Just tell your self it was a BiiiiG shovel nose!
  304. ryanm

    1995 19' Striper Cuddy Cabin

    I have a 1997 19' Striper walk around with the 130 hp evinrude. I have been everywhere in socal except Clemente, including the channel Islands. The 130 has plenty of power and I have never had a problem with rough weather. You may get a little wet from time to time but it handles the rough stuff...
  305. ryanm

    Bottom Fishing

    I would say DONT GO OUT for a couple days. The weather is real nasty. After that the rock fish season may be closed. Maybe try inside San Diego Bay.
  306. ryanm

    Bugs last night + ouch!

    Sometimes the best fishing is when your partner flakes on you....or when you forget your camera!!!
  307. ryanm

    Check out the Victory at Sea (webcam)

    This is the link to a webcam at San Clemente Pier. NAAAAASTY! Surfrider Foundation SoCal Beach Report Ryan
  308. ryanm

    My crazy kayak might be a redneck if............LOL
  309. ryanm

    Laguna 12-25-06

    I was there on thursday and it was 25 foot visibility. Ya never know I guess
  310. ryanm

    NorCal Chrome

    Those are unbelievable fish man. Congrats. What river is that?
  311. ryanm

    Dana Point Bass attempt 12-21-06

    (i fish dana point alot.glad to hear the kelp beds are coming back.was there alot by the pier???-----ras) Not much. A few stringers here and there. There was a nice kelp bed in 50 feet of water in front of Nixon's house. Probably a couple hundred yards long and 100 yards wide.
  312. ryanm

    Dana Point Bass attempt 12-21-06

    Just a short report. Thought info on conditions would help some one out. I left Dana at 10am and went up the line in to Laguna to fish the plastic. From Salt Creek to 3 arch bay the water was like looking through a window. Could see the bottom in 25 feet so I figured the bass would not go...
  313. ryanm

    speech on why PETA sucks

    Peta sucks because it is impossible to get a good deal on Birkenstocks when they are in town.
  314. ryanm

    1987 Cabo 216: Encloded Transom

    That is a beautiful piece of work. Good Job! I have a buddy who has the same rig. Those are cool boats.
  315. ryanm

    Costa Rica Nov '06

    Oh yea. Thanks for the effort on that report. Awsome.
  316. ryanm

    Costa Rica Nov '06

    Damn, that looks almost as good as throwin gulp in Long Beach harbor. I have to go there. What lodge was that? The boat looks a whole lot better than a panga!
  317. ryanm

    I know who made this website

    I don't get it.
  318. ryanm

    Brazillian Plane Crash Photos...Incredible

    Maybe he was the only guy with a parachute!
  319. ryanm

    Anacapa 12-7-06

    Sup y'all, Fish out of Channel Islands harbor at Anacapa today. Target was fat rockies. We left the harbor at 6 and got to Anacapa at 7am. Thick fog midchannel slowed us down a little. Started fishing in "the gap" for a bunch of small rockfish on the gulp and on dines. Weather was...
  320. ryanm

    This is fantastic!

    Yesss. Those fuckers completly delusional!
  321. ryanm

    One moreGlass and Gelcoats guys

    You READ porn?
  322. ryanm

    Found on the beach

    Maybe the remnants of a swordfish head. The stickboat guys dress the swordies at sea, they cut off the bill and discard the head. The front of that thing looks like a cleanly sawed off bill.
  323. ryanm

    Have you ever felt like this at work?

    Hell yea, especially after hoopnetting!
  324. ryanm

    This'll raise yer blood pressure...

  325. ryanm

    US Army

    The black beret is now the standard cover for the army. They all wear it.
  326. ryanm

    Royal Polaris 11/13-23 2006 10 Day

    Those are the best pics of the flyers ever. Thanks for the report
  327. ryanm


    YYYYES! That's awsome. I still remember that moment with my dad several thousand fish ago!!
  328. ryanm

    Big Bear 11/24

    I have not fishing there in a while but grew up fishing there as well. Fall was always the best time there. Nice pics.
  329. ryanm

    Staph Infections are bad..........

    What the fuck man? You should get a job as a mule for the drug cartels. You could stash a kilo in there for sure!
  330. ryanm

    bummer after thanks giving

    Dude, sorry to hear it. I lost my dog after 13 years last week. It was heart wrenching and harder that I could have imagined. I feel for you and your family.
  331. ryanm

    LB Breakwater

    NIce bass. Swim Baits or grubs?
  332. ryanm

    NOAH K SLAYS IT......!

    What the fuck is a Jimmywich?
  333. ryanm

    Going to Cancun in may

    The share boats are risky. You can still have fun, but if you hook a marlin they will hard sell you while fighting the fish to have it mounted. Take your own gear or you will be fishing rainbow runners with 6/O penns and 80 lb on broom sticks. Most of the hotels there have Kayaks and you can...
  334. ryanm

    Friggin corrupt cop.....

    Sometimes I like to offer them a handy!!!
  335. ryanm

    I don't trust car dealers

    Ken sumed it up really well. I can only add a couple points. Sometimes you will just get a bad part, or that portion of the car was assembled by a guy that was in a hurry to go fishing. Either way it is usually repaired pretty easily especially while under warranty. Now, if the issue persists we...
  336. ryanm


    Maybe they will accidentally "spill" a nuke on Iran next.
  337. ryanm

    Old fuck gets 5 years probation!

    Maybe they could just keep him on house arrest with The View and Rosie O'fat playing 24/7.
  338. ryanm

    Dana Point area 11-19

    Fished Dana Point area today. First off the ramp is under Re-construction for those who have not been there yet. There is one dock and two lanes open and that's it. Skipped live bait because we planned on fishing SWRF. Started at a spot down outside San Onofre in 250 feet for lots of little...
  339. ryanm

    OJ "The Worst Human Being Ever" Simpson.....

    I heard the profits from the book are going to help find "the real killers"!
  340. ryanm

    Shark report from last night as well as a ass kicking:)

    Nice job on the pummeling. Watch out for the surfer mafia!
  341. ryanm

    PAC BAY Wrapper for sale

    sent a PM
  342. ryanm

    Cool spider on my patio

    That's a hairy bitch!
  343. ryanm

    Another BD'er in Iraq...

    Unbelievable. The guy that pushed the buttom must have shit himself.
  344. ryanm

    Chronicles of a Blue Water Hunter

    WTF??? I can't believe those fish! I guess it is worth living in the Car Jack capital of the world when you have waters like that and Charlize Theron. Nice pics man.
  345. ryanm

    Gone to Baja Fishing Expeditions

    I like that you have a large supply of spare the dirt. And the engine block in the yellow, glad you have one of those.
  346. ryanm

    My Dream Girl

    Thems is some boobies!
  347. ryanm

    PV/Long Beach Marathon 10/28

    Nice, I love the all dayers. Get in the hours on the water when you can!!!
  348. ryanm

    One bad ass boat ride

    Holy shit, that has gotta be the third most fun thing to do in a boat!!!
  349. ryanm

    I seriously need some help with my neighboor.

    Video is the only way to do it without getting in trouble. Other wise that bitch will get the sympathy vote from the cops, judge, whoever, as a poor single mom.
  350. ryanm

    Job Wanted-Seasons Over

    Ever thought of selling cars? Good money, benefits, easy to learn. Tons of opportunity for advancement. Let me know
  351. ryanm

    1 stop shop

    I noticed the POETS sticker in the window. What is the boat owner's name. There are only 35 or so of us in the POETS group and I don't recognize the boat?
  352. ryanm


    Holy crap, I just laughed my ass off all by myself!!!
  353. ryanm

    rod stolen = heart broken

    That sucks ass! I know the feeling, that hole in your stomach. People suck!!!
  354. ryanm

    Yellow Fin Attempt on 10-3

    Left Dana Point at 530 for the 267/279. Found craching fish and birds 3 miles north west on the spot. Snuck up on the first spot of fish and landed a perfect shot with a chrome and blue tady9, right in the midst of a YFT foamer with bait flying out of the water and all. I'm thinking I will make...
  355. ryanm

    To spend or not, Accurate

    I think for smoothness and powet they are hard to beat. I fish mine along side some avets and if I was pulling on big fish I would much rather have the Accurate. I love my avets, don't get me wrong, but the Accurate is just tougher and smoother.
  356. ryanm

    Dodo's - Yellowfin - Skippies South of 43

    I didn't know Kid Rock was a Bloodydecker! How's Pam Doin?
  357. ryanm

    Avalon Bank Marlin Hunt 9-28

    Left Los Alamitos Bay in long beach at 5:15am. Set up next to Bill's bait to catch some macks got about 15 in 30 minutes using a sabiki and dog food for chum and headed out for the Avalon Bank area. Put the jigs in 2 miles past the bank toward Catalina cuz that's were the water got over 69 deg...
  358. ryanm

    My first boat

    Johnson is the same as evinrude. So you should be able to find parts that fit. I have a 97 130hp evinrude that has been great. Has 1500 hours after 9 years of use and only a starter and fuel pump having needed replacement. I like Vessel Assist. More boats, bigger boats = faster assistance and...
  359. ryanm

    Lowrance vs. Humminbird - Help Me Decide

    Can't speak much on the 'bird but I have had a couple Lowrances and they have been great, Easy menus, easy prompts and very user freindly. They also have great customer service. My gps module got fried by the navy out in front of Camp Pendleton and Lowrance sent me a new chip to reprogram my...
  360. ryanm

    WTF is this world coming to?

    That's sweet! You guys could get matching "Bloody Lunches" shirts.
  361. ryanm

    favorite offshore/saltwater magazine?

    You need the mags for reading material while takin a dump.
  362. ryanm

    favorite offshore/saltwater magazine?

    Ditto on the PCS. I like that one. Lots of typos and spelling errors but it is the best magazine for our type of fishing. You don't have to read about Nantucket Stripes or Louisiana Red fish.
  363. ryanm

    Another hoop netting question

    Some people say when the moon is out the bugs don't crawl as well because they feel more vulnerable. I dunno if that's true or not but I would go anyways. If you only get a few it is a few more than you would get if you stayed home. Plus you can report back to us so we can avoid going out on...
  364. ryanm

    10 hour fight on EXW4/02?

    33 lbs of drag would turn in to a lot more with all that line in the water. The extra drag on the line from the bow in the line pulling through the water creates alot of extra pressure. Thats why, typically, on big fish the drag is buttoned once the fish is close to the boat. Less line out means...
  365. ryanm

    Anyone at Big Bear this time a year???

    I usually do well later in the season there. The weather gets a little cooler but that doesn't bother the trout. Fish the points and flat areas all around the lake. The fish start to eat like mad around October, I assume to get ready for winter. Ryan
  366. ryanm

    small suv for the wife.?

    I have been in the auto sales industry for almost 10 years so I have connections with almost every manufacturer. Send me a pm if you want, and I'll give you some names. As for small SUV's: One of the top ranked, believe it or not, is the Hyundai Tucson. Also the Toyota Rav4 and Jeep Liberty...
  367. ryanm

    A BDer.....

  368. ryanm

    To all AMERICAN MEN.. keep next saturday for

    Don't forget about the BBQ pork ribs and pork chops required at every house to prevent blind terrorists from slipping through!!!!
  369. ryanm

    SM Bass & Ass

    You should hang that thing over the rail. You could make some squid!!
  370. ryanm

    8/31 - La Jolla yak tail

    I like the Ninja Slippers!!
  371. ryanm

    What rod blank would you buy?

    Kris, I used to use a 7footer to throw Iron but that was a long time ago before I really got into it. Now I use a couple of Graphiter 800m's. I have not fished anything I like better. They are great for distance with iron and great as a backup 30 or 40 lb bait rig too. I would like a 900m but...
  372. ryanm

    We lost a friend last night

    Fuck man....bullshit. So stupid that these things happen.
  373. ryanm

    Target: W.S.B.- Latitude 37

    Is this a building population of C-bass up there or was there just no one posting about them before? I have heard of incidental catches but not of anyone actually targeting them until the last couple months.
  374. ryanm

    Catalina Halibut

    Did you really fish Catalina from Ventura Harbor?
  375. ryanm

    Rebirth of a Whaler/Whaler sex change, the final stretch

    That is unreal! Thanks for taking all the extra time to post the project.
  376. ryanm

    I got it! New Paddy Spotting technique

    I can dig it. I think it would work!
  377. ryanm

    Fuck Cancer

    Wow a double. Congratulations!
  378. ryanm

    8/28 Yellowtail

    one shot one kill. I like it. Why not try for a second?
  379. ryanm

    8-26:No yellows at San O but.........

    Damn, your right. Mike Hawk a6969774 218 W 24th St Space # 28 Oceanside, CA 90048 5'4", 285 lbs 8-3/4" member
  380. ryanm

    Parasail paddy spotter

    What about one of those Predator drones they use in Iraq? They have high res cameras.
  381. ryanm

    8-26:No yellows at San O but.........

    Aw shit, I forgot! Don't rat me out man!
  382. ryanm

    8-26:No yellows at San O but.........

    I got two of these fat bastards. Left Dana Point at 430 to avoid the rush. Got down to San Mateo Point and put out 4 rapalas. Got one knock down in 2 hours on the green cd18 and dumped it. Then set up about 2 miles below the domes, on the hook, in 80 feet with a chunk line hoping to draw in...
  383. ryanm

    Fucking cancer

    I still have chills and goosebumps after reading your post and all the replies. I am so protective of my wife, as it sounds you are also, I can't imagine what the two of you are going through. Just makes the small shit seem even smaller. I hope everything turns out for the best, and anytime you...
  384. ryanm

    Striper 1851 WA

    Nice boat man! I have one that is a few years older. I go pretty much every I want except for some of the outer banks. How much was the radar arch. I have been wanting to get one for a while. Ryan
  385. ryanm

    Crackhead beat up my fist with his face

    yyyyyeeeessssss!!!!!! That fuckin rules. I hope he can't suck on his pipe for a few days because of his fat lip!:notworthy Ryan
  386. ryanm

    Gas saver trip to San Onofre 8-22

    Only a few miles. You could probably launch at san onofre beach and make the paddle, as long as the wind doesn't come up and push you to panama!
  387. ryanm

    Gas saver trip to San Onofre 8-22

    They were the typical firecrackers for the most part. I hooked one early on the yozuri that was a 20 lber but a sealion got him at color. We were just in fron tof the domes. We got fish as deep as 120 feet and as shallow as 75 feet. Good luck.
  388. ryanm

    Gas saver trip to San Onofre 8-22

    Decided to give the yellows at the domes a shot today rather than take a chance on running all over tracking down paddies. The decision paid off. Started trolling a spread of four diving plugs at 6am in about 90 feet right in front the power plant. Hooked up quickly to a yellow on a large...
  389. ryanm

    YT/Dodo/Carp/Calico on the Magellan

    Holy crap! That bass is a slob. Gotta be double digits!
  390. ryanm

    Our new sled...

    Fuhuhuhuck man, nice rig!
  391. ryanm

    help with first run sx's

    I've got two sx reels. The ones with the more square frame from when they first came out. Both reels have been well maintained but after about 4 years of weekly use the bearings that support the crank shaft have exploded and made it very difficult to turn the handle. Avet sent me replacement...
  392. ryanm

    Dana point harbor

    Fish off the rocks around the yacht club, especially on the north east corner where the current pushes around the rock and into the channel. There are usually spotties in there. Small grubs!
  393. ryanm

    anyone you know?

    Thats fuckin cool. Beats standing on a cooler holding onto your windshield! Ryan
  394. ryanm

    7/27 Evening Dodo session

    I plan on the same tonight. That eveing run home away from trhe sun is one of the best things in life! Especiall with a few in the box. Ryan
  395. ryanm

    Tails Dorado's and a Mako! Yeah Baby!

    Great report man! What time was it when you stopped getting bit?
  396. ryanm

    7-25 yellows and dodo.

    Fished out of Dana Point today with my buddy Pete. We left Dana at 5:30 after getting some nice dines from the receiver. Most lasted all day despite the 75 deg water. Set the GPS for the 209 and took off. At 8 Miles we found our first paddy and got bit right away on a dine which resulted in a...
  397. ryanm

    Clemente, Catalina, LB and SMB Rpt. 7/16

    Great report. I love those toad calicos.
  398. ryanm

    Cortez and SCI 7-10 and 7-11

    Same thing heppened to me with the electronics. I was down below san onofre and the navy and marines were running excercises. All of a sudden my gps is just blank. Called Lowrance and they said they have heard of it before and sent me a mem. card to reload all the factory info. Ryan
  399. ryanm


    Those Tile look exactly like our white fish on the west coast
  400. ryanm

    Big shark!

    Is that kid on the same shark. If so there goes the chance for the women's record! Awsome shark though. I think I woukld have just stared at it and shit myself! Ryan
  401. ryanm

    182'ish sat 7/15

    When I was a kid, my dad took me to Jenks lake all the time and people would paddle their canoes across our lines. After a few times we started cleaning our trout and throwing the guts at the canoes as they passed. Maybe a nice yellowtail belly across the lips would get the point across to...
  402. ryanm

    Sun 7/16 - 425 - Limits-O-Tails-Big Bull Dorado

    Sounds good. Damn, I'm still a week away from my next shot. Killin me! Ryan
  403. ryanm

    TANNER/CORTEZ food 4 thought

    Might a similar technique work off the farnsworth for the homie yellows? Spend the down time fishing the bottom for rockies!
  404. ryanm

    Fishing Catalina 7-11

    What's up guys. This is my first fish report posted after lurking for a while. Would have like my first post to a little more exciting but figured any post may help the next guy. Left los alamitos at 6am and flew across to avalon in flat seas. Bought squid from some squid boat I had...
  405. ryanm

    7/9 209/181 report

    try standing off a ways and casting heavy iron to them. The early yellowfin are allways kinda spooky
  406. ryanm

    7/4 YT, Marlin and other junk

    The flat forehead and large eye look swordish and it looks like there is a good size caudel fin on the tail!!!?
  407. ryanm

    SD Bay Coho 6-23 Team dinghy

    Giiiiit tha fuck outa here
  408. ryanm

    Boat Bottom Stickers

    I 'll bet it can't hurt other than costing a few bucks. Something else to try maybe for similar affect; I have heard stories of the old commercial tuna boats spraying water out around the boat to simulate bait splashing on the surface. Pretty cheep way to chum!
  409. ryanm

    Stung by a Sting ray (Infection)

    Try taping an aspirin to it!
  410. ryanm

    o'side YT distance...give a homie some hellp

    try south of the harbor a mile or two along the kelp lines, and under birds. Slow troll big macks and have Iron ready,
  411. ryanm

    It Doesn't get ANY better! Fishing with the kids!

    Dammit, what are you trying to do, turn us all into a bunch of teary eyed cry babies? Well you succeeded! Great report and I hope you have many more like it to come!
  412. ryanm

    " 8 YEAR OLDS DUDE."

    I think I see a tear in your eye in that picture. I don't blame you, spotties and calicos have more character than any other fish around here. That is usually how it works too. The guys that fish all their lives top out with a 5lb spottie or 8lb calico and then some guy with a frozen anchovie...
  413. ryanm

    fouled spark plugs?

    You can get a different set of spark plugs that burn hotter. Ask a local dealer. The hotter plugs ensure tht all the fuel in each cylinder is burned on each cycle which reduces the amount of carbon build up. If that doesn't work try reducing the oil flow. You may be running to rich.
  414. ryanm

    Went out in style

    He should give a knot tying clinic......I mean should have!
  415. ryanm

    Baghdad ER

    You really get a sense for the brutality of it all when even the doctors are cussing and pissed off!!! Good show.
  416. ryanm

    I wonder if there were any YT underneath............

    Damn, he must slipped out of his concrete slippers!
  417. ryanm

    looking for the hottest white seabass spot

    The big reef tank at the entrance to The Aquarium of the Pacific is pretty hot right now. Dont need much fuel and they bite real well on chunks of sardine!!!
  418. ryanm

    Shark fishin question

    If your looking for the t sharks trolling is for sure the best. Use any of the deep diving plugs like rapala, or yozuri, or some of the larger deep diving lures that you hang a mackeral behind like a top gun or bait o matic.
  419. ryanm

    370# Thresher La Jolla 5-13-06

    Holy shit, my back is sore just looking at that beast! Good job!!!
  420. ryanm

    Let's Talk Hook-up

    That is a crooked fuckin toe! You should cut it off and use it as a fish hook!
  421. ryanm

    Let's Talk Hook-up

    Oh my god, did your momma forget to breast feed you?
  422. ryanm

    5/12/06 LJ - No Ts, Calicos & WSB

    Just a note, not a put down, cause I used to do it too, but holding seabass like that has been shown to be fatal due to removing the protective slime on the skin. The fish often develope infection on the areas that are touched. Great pics and report, I just can't help touching on things to...
  423. ryanm

    Dana Pt. 5-12 T-shark hunt

    I was looking for some flatties in Laguna on Thursday and a guy was asking for help on the radio. He said we was solo and had been hooked up on a T for a while off the Hospital. They are moving in, sounds like.
  424. ryanm

    Let's Talk Hook-up

    Don't get so heated up. Pete did not say they should string some one up until it was mentioned that a boat came in with 3 t-sharks on board. Everyone will agree that taking three is a bit excessive and both hosts and Mark said there is nothing wrong with taking one!
  425. ryanm

    Opinions on the best boat for solo fishing kelp and still doing island runs

    I agree on the small cuddy cabin. I have the 1850 striper and it is much dryer in rough water than a similar size CC, plus you have lockable storage in the cabin. You give up a bit of fishing space but for solo or two man trips it is plenty. The new models come with the yamaha four strokes and...
  426. ryanm

    Fucking fuel pump!!

    At least it happened in the driveway!
  427. ryanm

    A little help on Catalina please

    Dude, Long Beach for sure. Dana Pt is 14 miles farther times 2. 28 miles extra in a 19 foot boat is substantial. I have the same boat as you and Long Beach s the way to go.
  428. ryanm

    Catalina 4-15-06

    With gas prices the way they are I would suggest using one of the ramps out of Long Beach. Dana Point is 36 Miles just to the east end so by the time you move around the island to fish the Farnsworth or the isthmus area you are over 50 miles from port. Long beach puts you 22-24 miles from the...
  429. ryanm

    a good time @ SCI

    Couldn't wait to get home before you took a bite outa that goat's tail huh? Nice fishes.
  430. ryanm

    Haditha Dam/Euphrates River Report

    Welcome back man, thanks for your hard work, may the fish gods smile upon you for your service!
  431. ryanm

    Local Largemouth Hot Action from the Shore

    How do you drop shot from shore? Were you in a tree?:rofl:
  432. ryanm

    Smashing Sunfish

    I hit one a couple years ago while he was laying flat on the surface getting some sun. The hull just slid up his back and then the skeg on the outboard cut him clean in half. I went back to look and it was a perfect cut like he was run through a table saw. Now damage done to any thing on the...