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    Kelps between HB and Catalina, 14 mile bank?

    Heading out from HB tomorrow to take a peek at any kelps where the water looks right, curious if anyone has had any luck in the channel?
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    Fishing with Bongos outside of Newport - 8/4

    Short report. Got some friends together and ran offshore with Ben and Cody from Bongos. Started off slow with a few dry kelps, and then somewhere between Cat and Clemente we spotted some birds and breaking fish. Slow trolled for a few , then got our first hookup shortly thereafter. That...
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    1/2 day yellows 150

    Headed out on a quick half-day charter 5/23 with the guys from Bongos, Ben and Marty to try and get a few of the yellows out in local waters. Got to the area around 8. Spent the first couple hours slow trolling and drifting...fleet was building around us but we hadn't seen a rod bend as of yet...
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    Offshore out of OC? Fishing Saturday Sept 1?

    Any OP trips going out for dodo, etc? Smaller boat would be awesome! Thx
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    Tattoo artist - fish

    hi folks i am looking to finally get my other half sleeve, dorado, marlin, YFT, salmon, etc. I remember seeing a damn good tat artist posting on BD...can anyone point me in his direction? thanks
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    Sitka. How's the fishing?

    Headed up on friday, any reports? Thanks
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    Shared charters - Maui - the company not to be named

    if you are going to run charters at least act like you give a shit. Deckie standing there playing with his iphone the whole time, same unproductive lures being trolled for 4+ hours and didn't even bother checking the lure after we got bit and fish got at the end of the trip as he was...
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    Striper charter March 10 or 11? Delta/Martinez

    Hi folks Looking for an open load trip next weekend for stripers. Please let me know, if no open load let me know how much a charter would be Thanks! Han
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    Nor Cal Trout lakes - Near San Mateo/SF

    Hey Folks moved up recently, looking for a place to go catch some bows. any advice on stocked lakes near San Mateo/Redwood City? thanks!
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    Mahi in Maui

    Went out today on a full day private charter with Exact of Finest Kind. Day started off typical Maui style, troll troll troll get the picture. We hit one fad for nada, then made it out to MC buoy. We were the only boat there and within 2 or 3 mins of swapping out the lures with dead...
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    Someone else caught em but I saw em! FYI

    Walking Lahaina harbor today saw the Die Hard after it came least 6+ on the real nice size Maui mahi. Nice big healthy fish, can't wait to go out tomorrow!
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    Moving to the Bay Area - Where are the landings?

    Hey Folks I may be moving to the Foster City/Redwood/San Mateo area in the near future. Could use any advice on the local fishing, especially saltwater....locations of local landings with open party trips, etc. Please let me know! Appreciate the help
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    WSB on the Outrider

    Tough fishing yesterday at Cat. Hookups came in the gray, with several bats and a few WSB...however, our luck was not good with the exotics. I was the first to hook up around 6am I would guess, the light tap tap then line started running, let it go for about 4 seconds this time. Threw my...
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    Why oh why??

    My wife is in Tampa and was on a corporate sponsored fishing "tournament" in Tampa Bay today. So they are all fishing 10lb test and they hook something guy is fighting it don't forget, on 10lb. About 30 mins later fish is almost at gaff and the fucking captain comes over and...
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    2 day Apr 29

    Looking at a 2 day next weekend, where do you think we would fish current reports considered?
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    LNL 4/9

    Short report no pics. Fished LNL today , got there about noon. Had limits from shore by 2pm. Bought 2nd limit permit and got 2 more then fish went silent, with a short bite here and there. All fish were about 2 to 4 lbs no dinks. Ended up with 7 fish and 2 lost Power mouse, straight power...
  17. fishkillers

    dodo/YFT @ Nados today

    Wife and I hit the Coronados this morning. Slow trolled hot sardines were the ticket. Fish were hooked and gaffed within about 30 minutes of each other. Not sure what this signals but hopefully something good!!! Scroll to the bottom of the report for ALL the details<!-- google_ad_section_end -->...
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    LNL 3/5/11 Few fish LOTS of short biters

    Hit lnl laaaaaate start yesterday about 1130 going for the PM bite. Staked out my spot on the shoreline, surprisingly light crowds. Rigged up one rod white power worm wacky hooked on a drop shot and other rid power mouse chart pb/white worm. Settled into the lawn chair for only about 10 minutes...
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    Mission Viejo get there today if you can

    Hit the coves, limits of 3 to 5lb fish pics later. 2 of us Limited out in a couple hours after finding the school and got a LMB!
  20. fishkillers

    LNL Monday 2/21

    Hit LNL about 1030 on Monday morning. Beautiful weather. Surprisingly, shoreline was relatively dry and water clarity close to shore was pretty decent taking the rain into consideration. Fished zone 1 this time due to some advice from inside the office. Tried a ton of things but it just was...
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    WSB at Cat/local?

    Been thinking, with the warm weather recently and the abundance of market squid in the water.....question is, has anyone been catching sea bass and keeping it hush hush???
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    Mission Viejo Sat 1/29

    Fished Mission Viejo today with my friend from MV. Got the boat around 1030 and headed out to check the coves first thing. Stopped in a couple for nada, then found the spot. Good school 30 or 40sh fish just swimming around the area. Friend and I both fishing white mini jigs with a little piece...
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    Hit Laguna Niguel today about 11am.... should have held out till tomorrow was insanely packed. Looked like very good fishing especially on the boats/tubes. Saw several 8+ pound fish being brought in at the launch ramp. Seems was more of a morning bite on the shoreline today but like I said the...
  24. fishkillers

    LNL Saturday 1/8

    Got a gentlemen's start and hit the lake about 11am Saturday. First thing I noticed was that the shoreline was packed as far as I could see from the office. Grabbed my permit and headed down to the launch ramp area and grabbed a piece of pretty dry shore between a couple cool people. First of...
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    Lake Mission Viejo 1/2

    Happy New Year all! Got to hit LMV with my buddy Rich yesterday for about 3 hours. We went from end to end of the lake and finally found a cove where we saw 2 guys net a nice size trout. So, we "anchored" up and started throwing the mini jigs and buddy hooks a small bass...
  26. fishkillers

    LMV 12/18

    Had the chance to fish LMV yesterday with a buddy. Rented a boat and caught a few hour break in the rain. Ended up 1 fish short of limits (total 7 between us my buddy lost what would have been the limit fish right before it started pouring rain :Dynamite:). Minimum fish size was 16" with a...
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    Lake fishing after rain

    Hey guys, how long do I have to wait after the rain before fishing LNL again? I wanna get out this weekend but it's not looking promising Thx
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    Current yellowtail bite

    How big (or how small) are the yellowtail that everyone is catching limits of right now out of SD? Hopefully not babies. want to go out asap but have no interest in 4 pound YT like they were sacking up on a trip I was on last year. Thanks
  29. fishkillers

    Puerto Aventuras, MX fishing charter recs?

    Hi all I'm gonnan be in Tulum for a wedding in October wondering if anyone has any charter recommendations for Puerto Aventuras? Thanks H
  30. fishkillers

    Success Sportfishing??

    Wanted to see if anyone had some reviews/feedback/etc on Success out of Point Loma...thinking of a charter. Bunks, head locations, any info appreciated! thanks!
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    Mumbai, India and Taipei, Taiwan

    Hello I will be in Taiwan and Mumbai in a few weeks on a business trip......any possibilities of fishing while im there? Would need to be a charter I can't travel with gear Thx for any advice H
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    Any OP trips fishing wsb Monday?

    Looking for a spot on a 6 pack to fish cat this coming monday or possibly Tuesday Let me know if you have any openings! Thanks H
  33. fishkillers

    Any 6 packs running trips LJ/PL for Yellows this weekend?

    Looking to get out Sat or Sun, half day should even be alright if they are biting local....Thanks.
  34. fishkillers

    Laguna Niguel or Irvine?

    I want to go out tomorrow, not sure of the condition of either of these lakes since the rain...can anyone who has been out or knows give me some advice? thanks!
  35. fishkillers

    After the rain??

    So, how are the lakes after a rain like we have had this week? Irvine, Laguna Niguel specifically thanks!
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    Finally caught some trout

    Headed down to Laguna yesterday, armed with power worms and every color of powerbait known to man. Set up two rods, one chartreuse power worm on a drop shot and one with garlic powerbait on a carolina rig with an 1/8 of an ounce slider. Within 5 minutes got nailed on the old powerbait, brought...
  37. fishkillers

    Trout elude me

    This is kinda embarassing, but I ain't gonna fix it until I admit I have a problem :idiot: I have been fishing for a long time, 99% ocean fishing. I cannot seem to catch a trout from shore if my life depended on it. Recently fished Laguna Niguel, Irvine Lake, Mile Square for nada. Only trout I...
  38. fishkillers

    East Cape in Mid-February??

    Any advice on the fishing in February? Thinking of running down there the weekend of Feb 12th, but not sure of the fishing at that time?? thanks
  39. fishkillers

    East Cape - Palmas De Cortez 11/19,11/20,11/22

    Headed down to Palmas last week to try to find some of those dorado and YFT that have been swimming around. Well, we found some. Fished on the Kahlua out of the hotels fleet with Captain Jose and Julio on deck. These guys worked hard to keep us on fish, whether tuna, marlin or dorado. One of...
  40. fishkillers

    East Cape reports/conditions?

    Hi Folks Heading down to Palmas De Cortez this week, wondering what the reports have been down there? Hopefully not too windy to fish :1041677399: Any help appreciated thanks H
  41. fishkillers

    Expected closure map ??

    Can anyone post a link to the map of the closures that have been approved? I need to start figuring out whether to just start focusing on freshwater in the US and go to Mex, Hawaii, etc for the saltwater.
  42. fishkillers

    East Cape - Nov 18th-23rd

    Hello BD'ers Headed down to Palmas De Cortez in November. Never been. Anyone know whats biting down there about that time? Fishing 2 days on a cruiser. Is it worth shore fishing in November also? thanks for any tips
  43. fishkillers

    Sheephead from shore in Laguna??

    Hi Folks Just saw some pics a co-worker shared with me...his friend has found a spot in Laguna Beach that is kicking out 5-10lb Sheeps from shore. The guy had a full limit in less than 2 hours. Anyone willing to share the info via PM? :loverz:
  44. fishkillers

    Red Rooster 3 - 1.5 Day August 8th

    Anyone else on this trip?
  45. fishkillers

    Nautilus Newport Landing - 1/2 days WSB

    Nautilus apparently ran over a big school of sea bass this morning while searching for barracuda and pulled limits for 20 people to 50lbs. NICE! Why oh why can't this happen when I go on a half day!! :1041677399: That means those fish were right off of Huntington/Newport Beach I need to go...
  46. fishkillers


    While on open party 3/4 day and 1/2 day boats, I often see everyone keeping a limit of barracuda for the sole purpose of trying to win the jackpot. Killing shitloads of greasy junkfish to try to win a jackpot, wtf. More times than I can count people just leave their cuda's in their gunny sack...
  47. fishkillers

    Bluefin Tuna today

    Just heard the Grande was trolling while on a bird watching trip today and picked up a BFT on the troll. A hell of a sign, wish they had some bait on board 976-TUNA The Internet Leader in Fish Reports
  48. fishkillers

    Ho'okela Sportfishing - Lahaina, Maui

    Short report: Chartered an 8 hour day with Capt Denny on the Ho'okela out of Lahaina. On the way out to try and jig up some live bait we had one line out trolling and bam hook up. 20-25lb Ono hits the deck...but, it was missing about 12-16 inches of tail. Apparently a decent size shark took a...
  49. fishkillers

    Big Bonito this year ??

    Remember last year, about Mothers Day, the huge bonito showed up in Dana Point...any indications of that happening again this year ya think??
  50. fishkillers

    Maui vs. Kona fishing prices

  51. fishkillers

    Fiesta De 976-Tuna

    Hi Folks Any other BD'ers on this trip to East Cape in May??
  52. fishkillers

    Lepika Sportfishing Kona - 2/14 - First Marlin!

    So, my new fiance and I headed out of Kona with Capt Russ Nitta , and DH Keith on his boat Lepika Valentines Day. I'm glad I am marrying a girl who thinks going Marlin fishing on Valentines Day is one of the greatest. So we launched out of Honokohau Harbor at about 630AM, still dark out...
  53. fishkillers

    Kona Charters

    Hi Folks Cannot book without checking here first...Will be in Kona 2/12-2/15...looking for a good charter for a full day trip for Mahi, Marlin, whatever else is around. Any suggestions from experience?? Thanks
  54. fishkillers

    Sea Adventure 80 1.5 day - Jan 16th

    Any BD'ers on this trip?
  55. fishkillers

    Black Pearl reviews?

    hi folks any reviews/opinions on the Black Pearl? thanks
  56. fishkillers

    Colonett - This Friday 12/19 Constitution

    Hello Folks Headed down to Colonett to chase some of these yellows this weekend on a 1.5 day. Spots are still open if anyone wants to join on the Constitution out of H&M!
  57. fishkillers

    Pacific Voyager - Seaforth

    Hi Folks Wanted to see what your opinions are on the Pacific Voyager...thinking about going 1.5 day down to Colonett next weekend with them. How are the bunks/heads/crew/etc? thanks
  58. fishkillers

    Scumsucking THIEF WARNING

    Just a warning to you folks trying to sell/give away a boat, etc. DO NOT post personal info online.
  59. fishkillers

    Donating boat to charity

    Hi everyone Need some help. I think I am going to donate my boat and take the tax writeoff, but I need a reputable charity to donate it to. I have checked out but I can find NOTHING on them when I do a national charity search. The boat will need to be towed from Newport...
  60. fishkillers

    Fishing Big Bear Lake from shore

    hi looking for any advice on fishing the lake from shore...rigs, bait, shore spots, etc. headed up this weekend..will be fishing for anything that wants to bite thanks
  61. fishkillers

    Ensenada - Charter and hotel recs

    Planning a weekend trip to Ensenada early November, fishing one day...Looking at staying at the Hotel Coral but not sure who we (2 people) should fish with ...any advice/reviews?? thx
  62. fishkillers

    Oct 4th - Panga?

    Hi I am headed to PV next Thursday..pretty stoked on the timing seeing all the cows popping up. Fishing with Kurt at Esperanza on 3rd, but looking for a reputable Panguero for the 4th (need to save some money). Can anyone help with a rec? thanks
  63. fishkillers

    Need VHF radio installed

    Hello Need some recs on reliable and reasonable marine electronics installers in the Alamitos/LB area. Simply need a new VHF radio installed. If this person also works on Raymarine, that would be a bonus as I need someone to check the current system on board out and repair something. thanks!
  64. fishkillers

    Drag sticking on SX

    I have had serious issues with 2 Avet SX reels in the past 2 months...I dont know wtf is going on with their QA. Still waiting for them to ship me back one reel they are repairing (been 2 weeks, how long does it take?) so I can send this one in. The problem is, randomly, when I put it in gear...
  65. fishkillers

    Seahorse Dana Point

    Fishing the Seahorse on an overnight out of Dana Point this weekend. Any ideas on where you all think we may be fishing? Never done an ON out of Dana. thanks
  66. fishkillers

    Coming to PV October - 10/2 - 10/5 - Charters available?

    Hi Everyone My girl and I will be in PV and want to book a 10 hour (approx) charter for either 10/3 or 10/4...please let me know rates and if you have availability. Feel free to post or send PM. Head, gear, bait would be nice Thanks!
  67. fishkillers

    Fish in PV Sportfishing - Anyone?

    Hi All Any reviews on this charter company out of PV? Puerto Vallarta sportfishing charters Need to make a good decision. H
  68. fishkillers

    Marine Surveyor - LB or OC

    Hi Can anyone recommend an honest marine surveyor in this area, who won't make me wait weeks? I need to get my 30' Sea Ray surveyed ASAP!! thanks!
  69. fishkillers

    Point Loma boat info

    hi all Can anyone provide any info on the boat Point Loma, outta guess where..Point Loma..heading out on an offshore 3/4 day probably dodo and yt hunting and just curious about the boat, captain, crew, etc thanks! h
  70. fishkillers

    repost - Amigo overnight leaves tomorrow (Thurs night) fishing Friday

    Overnight leaving Newport Landing this Thursday night (tomorrow night), 7/31, fishing Friday 8/1. Cost is $170, we need a few more to get off the dock. Most likely fishing SCI for WSB and YT. Should be a fun trip, got my first WSB with them a few weeks ago. Call the landing at 949-675-0551 to...
  71. fishkillers

    Amigo - Newport Landing overnight

    Overnight leaving Newport Landing this Thursday night (tomorrow night), 7/31, fishing Friday 8/1. Cost is $170, we need a few more to get off the dock. Most likely fishing SCI for WSB and YT. Should be a fun trip, got my first WSB with them a few weeks ago. Call the landing at 949-675-0551 to...
  72. fishkillers

    Looking for 1-2 day around weekend of 8/8

    Boats getting worked on, need to jump on another...Looking for a 1-2 day trip for my girl and I the weekend of 8/8 - Long Beach, Newport (Cat or SCI) or San Diego - hopefully...on one of the better boats. Any help appreciated thanks
  73. fishkillers

    Ultra - Newport Landing

    Just got an email from NL saying the Ultra picked up 45 Yellowtail today for 9 anglers, and some WSB...anyone know where the hell they are fishing?? Thats an awesome day
  74. fishkillers

    Terrible customer service

  75. fishkillers

    Private boater lessons

    Hi folks just bought a new boat, don't wanna be a kook. i want to be taught by someone who knows what they are doing and is very experienced, just standard instruction (nav, troubleshooting, using boat features, anchoring up, etc) on the water. also docking, etc. any recommendations? Boat is...
  76. fishkillers

    Revenge on WSB - 7/5-6 SCI

    Well, went out on the Amigo out of Newport Landing on Saturday night for an overnight..ran with a light load of 13 anglers. Most of the ride was smooth, stopped by Cat to pick up some squid then shot over to the island. Started fishing about 430am (best guess)...started fishing the dropper loop...
  77. fishkillers

    Overnight TONIGHT - Amigo - Newport Landing

    Guys, we need 1 more person to make the run tonight at 9PM out of Newport Landing on the Amigo...plans I heard are that we will be fishing Clemente tomorrow if we can get out. If you wanna fish, call 949-675-0551 and book! 18 person load, we got 13...need 14 $170 per angler
  78. fishkillers

    Avet SX clicker issues

    So, I own a lot of different Avet reels but my most used one is my little SX for local fishing. Last night, the clicker started to drop into click mode without warning while I was fishing. It also happened when I was casting, which can really piss you off :Dynamite:Anyone else have this problem...
  79. fishkillers

    Amigo - Newport Landing overnight

    has anyone fished this boat on an overnight? how are the bunks, galley, crew, etc? never fished this boat. thanks for any info!
  80. fishkillers

    Old No. 7 WSB Trip - Saturday June 28th - 4 Spots Available -

    Hello Folks Chartering the Old No 7 for an overnight (Catalina) on June 28th, leaving Pierpoint on Fri June 27th at 9PM. Cost is $260 per angler, food and fuel surcharge included. 4 spots available, so far its my girl and I. Please contact Jerry ( 310-373-6516 ) at the office to book, this...
  81. fishkillers

    Pacific Quest - Fisherman's Landing fishing Coronado Islands - 12 person load $100

    hello BD my girl and i are booked on this 3/4 day on Sunday out of Fisherman's Landing...Load is ONLY 12 people, we need min of 6 to get out. I am not affiliated with the landing, I just wanna fish dammit!!! :) Call them if you are in
  82. fishkillers

    Any reviews on the Pacific Quest out of Fisherman's Landing?

    12 person ultra LL 3/4 day this Sunday for $100 pp. Fishing Coronados...sounds like a great deal, any reports/reviews on this boat?? Thanks!
  83. fishkillers

    8 WSB - Cat or San Clemente??

    Read that Davey's Locker Bongos 6 pack charter boat pulled 8 WSB said they fished both islands...anyone know where the WSB were? Headed out to Cat Thurs night fishing Friday...sitting waiting wishing
  84. fishkillers

    Bonito - How long will this last?

    Quick question, how long do you think the current run of large bonito will last here in the DP/OC/SD area??
  85. fishkillers

    Large Bonito everywhere

    The Bonito were insane today! Fish jumping all over the place, birds diving on bait, looked like mini-tuna season. These guys we caught were between 5 and 17lbs today....Right outside of Dana Point Harbor, no need for trolls just followed the birds today And if you happen to catch a big ass...
  86. fishkillers

    Switzerland bans catch and release in favor of "multiple blows to the head" :imdumb:
  87. fishkillers

    Mako on the Phantom

    Went out on the Phantom last night/fished for WSB today..unfortunately, the elusive wsb proved to be just that...We metered them all day and could not get them to bite, very frustrating Anyhow, on the way home from Catalina, I was laying in my bunk when all of a sudden the boat stopped...I'm...
  88. fishkillers

    Phantom questions

    Hi All I have an upcoming overnight to Cat on the Phantom...needless to say, I'm really excited about it. Have a few questions for you folks who have fished this boat: 1. Is there an opportunity to fish the night we get to Catalina, or is it a wait until morning thing? 2. What rigs would you...
  89. fishkillers

    Weather in Colonett? Conditions?

    Hello Has anyone been recently or know how the weather is?? thanks!