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  1. wtrbrdm

    WTB Looking to buy an SKB 7200

    FOUND ONE ...... ...but I need it shipped to CO. I don't care if it's used, as long as everything works and nothing is cracked / broken. Feel free to shoot me a PM or text me with pics of what you have. 540 six8six 2337.
  2. wtrbrdm

    02 Feb - 18 Feb Excel Ultra 16 Day

    I won't do any crazy in-depth report...just a quick write up on my first true LR trip. I'm open to pm's from anyone interested in a long trip for their first time...maybe give some advice on lessons learned...etc. Last year, I went on the Excel Tuna Wars trip to get my west coast feet wet...
  3. wtrbrdm

    SOLD HXJ Raptor - Silver

    Avet HXJ Raptor in fantastic shape. Looking to buy a silver MAK16 SEA or Penn VISXS 16 I'd be up for a trade + cash on my end. Bought this from a member, sent directly to Bob Sands for a fresh full spool of #80 Izor solid, then put into a reel bag.....that's it. I decided that it's...
  4. wtrbrdm

    WTB WFO large size reel bag

    Disregard...found a gargantuan Avet bag. ...anyone have one and willing to ship...? Can be beat up...I don't care. Text with what you have or pm 540 six8six 2337 Merry Xmas....Happy Kwanzaa....Happy Hanukkah or whatever.....
  5. wtrbrdm

    SOLD Avet JX 6/3

    JX 6/3 in silver. This reel was purchased and spooled at Squidco. It's new and never mounted on a rod. Loaded with approximately 300yds of #65 Izor solid and fresh #50 topshot. Comes in the box. Paid $380 after spooling. $215 shipped to the lower 48. Text with questions or PM. 540 six8six 2337
  6. wtrbrdm

    For Sale Avet Raptors - MXJ, MXL, and JX

    MXJ 6/4 MC Raptor - SOLD MXL 6/4 MC Raptor - SOLD JX 6/3 MC Raptor - SOLD JX 6/3 in silver. This reel was purchased and spooled at Squidco. It's new and never mounted on a rod. Loaded with approximately 300yds of #65 Izor solid and fresh #50 topshot. $299 shipped to the lower 48. Text with...
  7. wtrbrdm

    UC Rail Rod Grip Length Needed

    Anyone have one laying around along with a tape measure....maybe a Viper...Invictus...etc. Looking for 2 quick measurements. - rear grip from the back of the reel seat to the end of the rod (including buttcap) - front from the front of the reel seat to the end of the grip. Thanks
  8. wtrbrdm

    Reel decisions for a longer trip....

    Let's pretend there's a guy who went on an 8 day and ran his Avets...which he liked. He had the chance to fish some Okuma reels on the trip, which he may have liked more. Now let's pretend he's doing a 16 day trip....and he's the type that doesn't like to use all loaner gear. This guy has the...
  9. wtrbrdm

    Phenix for #30

    Just wanted to get some I'm looking for a Phenix to fish #30. I need to stick with 7' max due to travel. Rod would be my #30 for 8 day trips running an MXJ Raptor. So far I'm debating between the PSW and PHDs. PSW700H PSW700XH PHD700H PHD700XH I'm leaning toward the Hybrids...
  10. wtrbrdm

    Rate my rods....

    ....aaaaand that sounded utterly wrong. Just wanted some opinions of my decisions.... 8 day mixed bag trips in mind.... The final verdict is....... Phenix Black Diamond PSW700XH with an Avet MXJ Raptor....for #30 bait (#50 Spectra and #30 fluoro topshot) UC US70 Monster with an Avet MXL...
  11. wtrbrdm

    WTB Avet JX G2

    If anyone has one....either 2 speed or 6.1 single. Text 540 six8six 2337
  12. wtrbrdm

    WTB Avet SX or MXJ - G2 or Raptor - in silver

    Looking for reels in silver and someone who can ship to VA. SX 6/4 G2 SX Raptor MXJ 6/4 G2 MXJ Raptor Text with pics and price 540 six8six 2337
  13. wtrbrdm

    For Sale Jigs

    Some jigs I don't need Top to bottom Shimano 200 Shimano 250 Shimano 200 Shimano 200 Shimano 250 Twin Chip 200 Heart Weepy 150 Shimano 224 Shimano 224 Shimano 224 Shimanos are all new....I paid 15 a piece on eBay. $100 shipped PayPal gift or +3%
  14. wtrbrdm

    For Sale Avet SX 6/4 Gunmetal with #50 PP

    SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic condition with 2 small blems. Smooth drags. Includes clamp and screws. PayPal gift or +3% $199 shipped Text with questions 540 six8six 2337
  15. wtrbrdm

    For Sale Star PJS52XH 5'2" Jigging Rod - New

    Never fished....$160 shipped....$260 new PayPal gift or +3% 540 six8six 2337 for pics and questions.
  16. wtrbrdm

    SOLD Sato Crimps / pliers

    I'm away from home until mid this sale is on hold...sorry. Sato pliers with new crimps, and threading tool. $130 shipped Paypas FF or +3%
  17. wtrbrdm

    For Sale Accurate SR20

    SOLD ar or wide). Decided to go ahead and sell. As pictured...except for the the fact that there is no line. Does come with the soft bag. $449 shipped to the lower 48 Paypal FF or add 3% All packed up ready to ship.
  18. wtrbrdm

    WTB Stickbaits - Strategic, Jackfin, etc...

    Before I buy new in the next few weeks, I'm looking to see if anyone has anything they're looking to old stock or used is fine, price dependent. I'm interested in both floating and slow sinking. Especially interested in some SA Frantic, SA Cruisers, JF Pelagus and JF Argos. 6"...
  19. wtrbrdm

    Just Booked Excel Trip

    Coming from fishing offshore in FL and NC as well as doing a few NJ extended day trips...I finally bit the bullet and booked my first west coast trip....August 04 Tuna Wars 8 day. At 44, I love the fact that little $hit like this gets me stoked. Thanks to Jason for taking the time to answer...