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    Kelps between HB and Catalina, 14 mile bank?

    Heading out from HB tomorrow to take a peek at any kelps where the water looks right, curious if anyone has had any luck in the channel?
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    LB Sundiver Leaves Another Diver Behind

    Any update on this shitshow of a 'dive operation' and this person they killed?
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    And stfu with your snowflake bullshit. You're the snowflake on here whining and making threats mr keyboard warrior. Shut your fucking mouth
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    You are Exactly why I don't use BD anymore. This bullshit right here. And the typical drunk angry fisherman taking their personal problems out on random people. Fishermen in NorCal are far more civil than SoCal.
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    Fishing with Bongos outside of Newport - 8/4

    Ben is the man for sure. Always busts ass to get on fish
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    Fishing with Bongos outside of Newport - 8/4

    Every time I've fished with these guys we have killed it. Highly recommend.
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    Fishing with Bongos outside of Newport - 8/4

    Short report. Got some friends together and ran offshore with Ben and Cody from Bongos. Started off slow with a few dry kelps, and then somewhere between Cat and Clemente we spotted some birds and breaking fish. Slow trolled for a few , then got our first hookup shortly thereafter. That...
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    Newport report 7/5/15

    This is why I don't hang out here anymore. So much whining crying and bitching. Stop acting like whiny little girls and go fish. Goddamn
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    130 lb bluefin for the bongos gang

    blah blah blah, blah blah blah. look at the bigger boats like the enterprise running over foamers, people like you just love to bitch when they can't get bit
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    1/2 day yellows 150

    Headed out on a quick half-day charter 5/23 with the guys from Bongos, Ben and Marty to try and get a few of the yellows out in local waters. Got to the area around 8. Spent the first couple hours slow trolling and drifting...fleet was building around us but we hadn't seen a rod bend as of yet...
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    Offshore out of OC? Fishing Saturday Sept 1?

    Any OP trips going out for dodo, etc? Smaller boat would be awesome! Thx
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    Tattoo artist - fish

    hey charles, I will be in touch.
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    Tattoo artist - fish

    hi folks i am looking to finally get my other half sleeve, dorado, marlin, YFT, salmon, etc. I remember seeing a damn good tat artist posting on BD...can anyone point me in his direction? thanks
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    Sitka. How's the fishing?

    Headed up on friday, any reports? Thanks
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    Shared charters - Maui - the company not to be named

    if you are going to run charters at least act like you give a shit. Deckie standing there playing with his iphone the whole time, same unproductive lures being trolled for 4+ hours and didn't even bother checking the lure after we got bit and fish got at the end of the trip as he was...
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    monterey salmon report 4/13 -4/15

    I was lucky enough to be on this bite on the 15th. Left the dock at 620 on a 6pack (Ultimate), limited out for 6 by 8am and finished crew limits by about 820. back in the slip at 10am. 5/6 troll rods went down on on the first stop, all 5 fish landed. lots of acrobatics involved there. fun stuff...
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    Striper charter March 10 or 11? Delta/Martinez

    Hi folks Looking for an open load trip next weekend for stripers. Please let me know, if no open load let me know how much a charter would be Thanks! Han
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    jim day

    Then why are you here?? Some people are such selfish assholes it amazes me. Probably why I rarely come here anymore
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    Oversized Sturgeon on the Longfin

    Roman you're a grade A class 1 douchebag. Enjoy your miserable life
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    Nor Cal Trout lakes - Near San Mateo/SF

    Hey Folks moved up recently, looking for a place to go catch some bows. any advice on stocked lakes near San Mateo/Redwood City? thanks!
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    Mahi in Maui

    Went out today on a full day private charter with Exact of Finest Kind. Day started off typical Maui style, troll troll troll get the picture. We hit one fad for nada, then made it out to MC buoy. We were the only boat there and within 2 or 3 mins of swapping out the lures with dead...
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    Someone else caught em but I saw em! FYI

    Walking Lahaina harbor today saw the Die Hard after it came least 6+ on the real nice size Maui mahi. Nice big healthy fish, can't wait to go out tomorrow!
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    Moving to the Bay Area - Where are the landings?

    Hey Folks I may be moving to the Foster City/Redwood/San Mateo area in the near future. Could use any advice on the local fishing, especially saltwater....locations of local landings with open party trips, etc. Please let me know! Appreciate the help
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    Another Great Trip On Lepika in Kona

    Nice work. Russ is great. Caught a 350lb Blue and a Spearfish last time we fished with him. Headed to Maui tomorrow, will fish there but I damn well wish I was headed to Kona to fish with Russ again!!
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    Yellowfin being caught off Newport Beach!

    That being said, I did catch a dorado a few miles off of Newport on the Freelance..I think it was 2009
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    Yellowfin being caught off Newport Beach!

    "Boat wants to remain anonymous" That is shady as shit. All the local landings would be ALL over this to advertise their upcoming trips to get the "local YFT". Although I hope it is true, the info is way too vague. I hope I am wrong
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    Top Gun 80 2 Day 8/5 - 8/7

    Been on this boat many times, always had great times and crew busted ass to get us on fish. 2 day in October couple years ago limited out on YFT one stop, fleet counts were shit and I will never forget Bobby Taft with his jack pole heaving YFT on the deck. I will definitely get on the boat again...
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    Trinidad TN30

    PM sent. How is the drag and freespool?
  29. fishkillers

    What was the FIRST CattleBoat you Fished.

    Wouldn't call it a boat, it was a barge outside of Redondo or San Pedro..I don't remember the name
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    Available Weds. 9-01 to crew.

    Considering the post is from 2004 I bet he's already back :rofl:
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    Good clean fun:

    Nice, but "pics not authorized to share"??
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    Dude, does that freak trout have 2 mouths??
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    Trinidad TN30

    Will you ship?
  34. fishkillers

    No, We Don't Need limit Changes

  35. fishkillers


    Awesome. You clearly located the halibut kingdom
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    WTF!!! DFG ???

    Question about your overnight comment. If you do go o an overnight, and you catch 1 wsb at 10pm, is it not ok if you catch another the following morning ( during 1 fish limits)? Different days, and it happens on 1.5 day trips all the time
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    White Seabass setup

    We were fishing in no deeper than about 50 feet of water if I remember correctly, often much shallower. I was using 25lb test which worked (but I do not recommend that in case you hook a pig) and a 3/8oz slider with a 7/0 Aki twist hook. Keep your squid moving. good luck
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    Got a Ticket

    These laws suck but I understand them. Being a shitty fish cutter can and will cost you money if you filet on the water
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    WSB on the Outrider

    Tough fishing yesterday at Cat. Hookups came in the gray, with several bats and a few WSB...however, our luck was not good with the exotics. I was the first to hook up around 6am I would guess, the light tap tap then line started running, let it go for about 4 seconds this time. Threw my...
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    Not safe to eat

    It is pretty simple. The tested fish had high levels of contaminants in them, so the authorities did the right thing and publicized the data. This thread should not be pulled just because a sportboat captain thinks it may hurt his business. Bullshit.
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    The ROFL Icon

  42. fishkillers


    Which trinidads do you have still?
  43. fishkillers

    Why oh why??

    true, but need to remember the guy who was fishing was a total rookie...not a fisherman by any means. it was my wife who recognized what happened right away, the guy with the rod in his hand was thinking WTF just happened....
  44. fishkillers

    Why oh why??

    My wife is in Tampa and was on a corporate sponsored fishing "tournament" in Tampa Bay today. So they are all fishing 10lb test and they hook something guy is fighting it don't forget, on 10lb. About 30 mins later fish is almost at gaff and the fucking captain comes over and...
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    Radioactive Albacore?

    Not sure about thier migration path, but believe me, there will be testing done to answer questions like this.
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    Seeker Calstar Shimano and Custom Rods for sale

    hey man, I think I fished with your dad and Dave New at our wedding in Cabo last year.
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    We wrapped one around the anchor line on Saturday backside Cat and a yellow in the prop (TOUGH Friday the 13th haha). They are there, you need to find them. As stated above, when the squid does show they will be here in stronger numbers...and we did see some squid on the meter. Don't forget...
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    Cat. Batray invasion

    Yup and they are HUGE right now
  49. fishkillers

    How far are the gar?

    Dude why do people call them gar?? Only "gar" I know of are alligator gar not barracuda That being said I want to kill some Don't forget, some big WSB hang under the cuda schools sometimes so dont be afraid to let that jig sink
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    Loopin' 'em w/Friends on the Tradition

    How do you guys cook those things?
  51. fishkillers


    Great time, thanks again Jamie! Now lets get the islands biting.
  52. fishkillers

    HOOTER'S GIRLS 1/2 Day On Western Pride This Saturday May 7. Free Prizes & Treats.

    Dude if I was one of the Hooters girls and I read this thread or the Facebook thread, I'd call in sick
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    distance casting

    I like casting far out when surf fishing, baits in the water longer as your slowly reeling in your jig.... however have been having issues due to the wind.
  54. fishkillers

    Top Gun 80 Charter

    Couldn't have said it better myself...we had the same thing happen on a trip and ended up in the most WFO YFT bite I have ever been in. Scotty and Bob are the shit and its a nice boat, last I remember they were sponsored by Seeker and Avet so had TONS of demo rigs on the boat to use as well.
  55. fishkillers

    best tackle shops in the OC area!

    if you're near HB and in need try Mahi Tackle on Bushard/Garfield. Small shop but Billy (the owner) knows his shit and will take care of you.
  56. fishkillers

    Josie Lynn O/P overnight 4/30

    Hi capt mike I'm in. Will PM you
  57. fishkillers

    2 day Apr 29

    Looking at a 2 day next weekend, where do you think we would fish current reports considered?
  58. fishkillers

    Rancho Leonero

    I was there a few days ago, sardinas were plentiful as well as marlin candy-sized bonito you could jig up
  59. fishkillers

    LNL 4/9

    Short report no pics. Fished LNL today , got there about noon. Had limits from shore by 2pm. Bought 2nd limit permit and got 2 more then fish went silent, with a short bite here and there. All fish were about 2 to 4 lbs no dinks. Ended up with 7 fish and 2 lost Power mouse, straight power...
  60. fishkillers

    SJdC Inshore Fishing W/Heather 3/31/11

    Sounds like a good time. We're fishing with them next week. How did you guys fish for the yellowtail? What size? thanks
  61. fishkillers

    Japanese Ocean Irradiated

    Then you have some dumbasses in the online media world saying it is being blown out of proportion and overhyped. This is the real deal and I can only hope that it comes under control sooner rather than later.
  62. fishkillers

    PIER J 4-5-11

    Smaller bass are tastier
  63. fishkillers

    cabo fishing

    I'll be in SJD fishing the 15th then the East Cape fishing the 18th and 19th....good luck I hope it turns on for us all
  64. fishkillers

    This is no April fools! Yellowtail local.

    Nice. Hoping it turns on soon........
  65. fishkillers

    dodo/YFT @ Nados today

    Hey guys, sorry if I got people too fired up...when I looked at the board this morning I couldn't believe there weren't any bluefin from shore reports, yellows at the Horseshoe/HB pier, WFO seabass somewhere, etc....had to do it :)
  66. fishkillers

    dodo/YFT @ Nados today

    Scroll to the bottom of the report for details
  67. fishkillers

    dodo/YFT @ Nados today

    Wife and I hit the Coronados this morning. Slow trolled hot sardines were the ticket. Fish were hooked and gaffed within about 30 minutes of each other. Not sure what this signals but hopefully something good!!! Scroll to the bottom of the report for ALL the details<!-- google_ad_section_end -->...
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    Please Pray...

    Prayers and good vibes. Tell her to keep the faith and stay tough for the fight
  69. fishkillers

    The real reason why fishing has sucked lately...

    Yah I was bored too haha. I had always heard it was because of poisonous spiders that stowed away in the banana shipments.
  70. fishkillers

    The real reason why fishing has sucked lately...

    Really?? You really buy that? I caught a blue marlin and a short billed spearfish an hour apart, and there were plenty of bananas on that boat. I've caught WSB and Yellows and when I got home I notice there was a banana in my backpack. Its all in your head
  71. fishkillers

    Nuclear Albacore

    A scientist friend of mine here in OC has a geiger counter and as of this morning 8am she is reading normal background levels of radiation here in Huntington Beach, FYI
  72. fishkillers

    Nuclear Albacore

    Correct, I don't think the average person understands the extremely long term environmental and health impacts of radiation released into the atmosphere. Thats a big problem. Assuming things don't go full meltdown, what has already happened will take YEARS to clean up
  73. fishkillers

    What does your significant other think of fishing?

    Wife loves fishing yellowtail, tuna, marlin, dorado, seabass but hates fishing fresh water or anything "small" I.e sand bass, sculpin, rockfish, etc..... it makes me laugh
  74. fishkillers

    The Thunderbird Rolls On!!!

    you'd be dead and have no need to fish if you hit 113. sell me your gear
  75. fishkillers

    LNL 3/5/11 Few fish LOTS of short biters

    Mini jig but kept getting caught in the shallow water debris
  76. fishkillers

    LNL 3/5/11 Few fish LOTS of short biters

    Hit lnl laaaaaate start yesterday about 1130 going for the PM bite. Staked out my spot on the shoreline, surprisingly light crowds. Rigged up one rod white power worm wacky hooked on a drop shot and other rid power mouse chart pb/white worm. Settled into the lawn chair for only about 10 minutes...
  77. fishkillers

    how a jig swims

    I throw my swim baits/cranks etc in my pool. That's all I need to see before using em
  78. fishkillers

    Top Gun 80

    True, but you never know...we were on the TG80 a couple years ago mid October and hit the most WFO YFT bite I have ever seen
  79. fishkillers

    Top Gun 80

    Top Gun 80. Bob and Scotty are awesome to fish with, never been disappointed after a trip with those guys. Food all good (not sure if they have a new cook), nice staterooms, heads, etc. I don't even know why I bring my gear when I fish with them as they are sponsored by both Avet and Seeker and...
  80. fishkillers

    Mission Viejo get there today if you can

    Fished Mission Viejo for about 2-3 hours today. Found the cove in the school and it was game on. First fish for me was a LMB on the mini jig...I haven't fished freshwater much and it was my first one. Released the guy and kept casting for trout which found me about 10 minutes later, really nice...
  81. fishkillers

    Mission Viejo get there today if you can

    Hit the coves, limits of 3 to 5lb fish pics later. 2 of us Limited out in a couple hours after finding the school and got a LMB!
  82. fishkillers

    4+ Gas this summer

    The middle east turmoil will continue to cause more speculation on the futures and higher crude prices. This is not looking good until things settle down over there. This, combined with boat losses associated with the horrid fishing season of last year is not a good combo for the boats trying...
  83. fishkillers

    LNL Monday 2/21

    I hope it does man! Good luck and report back
  84. fishkillers

    LNL Monday 2/21

    Forgot to mention...I had one short bite...rod bent forward once slightly, then nada. I stared at that rod for about 10 minutes straight after that bite. :rofl:
  85. fishkillers

    Plenty of Room Left for Rockfish Openers!!!

    Whats the load on these?? thanks
  86. fishkillers

    LNL Monday 2/21

    Hit LNL about 1030 on Monday morning. Beautiful weather. Surprisingly, shoreline was relatively dry and water clarity close to shore was pretty decent taking the rain into consideration. Fished zone 1 this time due to some advice from inside the office. Tried a ton of things but it just was...
  87. fishkillers

    White Seabass Fever.. Back to where we started?

    If I catch 3 legal WSB that weigh 33.3 lbs each haha (or 2 that weigh 50, however you want to reach 100) you can bet I am keeping them. I don't get the opportunity to catch seabass very often so to me its a no brainer. I believe WSB are the most looked after local species in the sense that...
  88. fishkillers

    just 4 the lurkers ( LNL 2-8-2011 )

    Hey Mike, funny you ask. I have a message in to my buddy to see if he wants to get out Saturday morning...are you headed there?
  89. fishkillers

    WSB at Cat/local?

    Thanks! Not sure how I missed that
  90. fishkillers

    WSB at Cat/local?

    Because I don't have a boat.
  91. fishkillers

    WSB at Cat/local?

    Been thinking, with the warm weather recently and the abundance of market squid in the water.....question is, has anyone been catching sea bass and keeping it hush hush???
  92. fishkillers

    Rigging mini-jigs

    I drop shot them on a #8 mosquito hook, thread it on or just wacky rig it.
  93. fishkillers

    Rigging mini-jigs

    Don't use the Trout trapper/Hooked on Tackle brand if you buy them and dont make them. Had almost straightened hooks from 2-3 pound fish. Split shot or no weight at all depending on jig weight definitely prefer fishing them with no added weight
  94. fishkillers

    Opinions Please

    Both are good boats for short trips. The only thing about the Grande I don't like is that the heads are outside and up towards the bow, dangerous if seas are rough in the middle of the night
  95. fishkillers

    Mission Viejo Sat 1/29

    Yah, we cruised right by that mess, we were the only boat in the cove
  96. fishkillers

    LNL is on fire 1-28-11

    Nice. So that was you on the red float tube telling dudes to crank the handles last week :rofl:
  97. fishkillers

    Mission Viejo Sat 1/29

    Hey Miguel, how did you guys do??
  98. fishkillers

    Mission Viejo Sat 1/29

    Fished Mission Viejo today with my friend from MV. Got the boat around 1030 and headed out to check the coves first thing. Stopped in a couple for nada, then found the spot. Good school 30 or 40sh fish just swimming around the area. Friend and I both fishing white mini jigs with a little piece...
  99. fishkillers

    cougar country

    Strip club or lake? Lake is getting so crowded on weekends its almost impossible to find a shoreline spot unless you get there early AM. Unfortunate.
  100. fishkillers

    The Vine 1/26/2011 BIG DONKEY

    Wow. Nice fish. Had to back down on it eh :)
  101. fishkillers

    Sculpin rigging

    Sculpin will pretty much bite anything if you're on them. Double dropper loop spaced at least 18" apart with whatever torpedo weight you need for the particular conditions. Scampis on small heads , root beer, chartreuse, pink, etc. Strip o squid wait for the tap tap tap and set the hook and wind...
  102. fishkillers


    Hit Laguna Niguel today about 11am.... should have held out till tomorrow was insanely packed. Looked like very good fishing especially on the boats/tubes. Saw several 8+ pound fish being brought in at the launch ramp. Seems was more of a morning bite on the shoreline today but like I said the...
  103. fishkillers

    3 strike...IM OUT

    That sucks man. Sometimes the bite there doesn't even really pick up till mid to late afternoon.
  104. fishkillers

    Josie Lynn Rock Cod Specials

    Hi capt mike please let me know if you have any spots to fill on any trips Thanks
  105. fishkillers

    Lingcod jigs

    Jax jigs in orange/copper color. They work, but bring a few cause you will lose some to the rocks
  106. fishkillers

    LNL for the first time on 1/15/11

    shhhhhhhhhhhhh we don't need shoulder to shoulder shorelines!!! NFILNL
  107. fishkillers

    so cal piers

    Mackerel, sharks, BSP and other crap
  108. fishkillers

    Dana Report 1-15-2011

    Nice, you really took a nap in open seas? You're lucky man that could have had a nastier ending
  109. fishkillers

    Cayman Islands Part Deux 01/08/11

    How about let him enjoy his fish and dinner and stop fucking preaching. Christ man stfu
  110. fishkillers

    Calling All Sportie Captains

    Call Daveys Locker and ask if it is still available. It was when Norris ran the boat
  111. fishkillers

    green stick battle

    Dude I don't know what exactly you're saying but I was in Kona last year and we greensticked with no problems
  112. fishkillers

    LNL 1-9-2011

  113. fishkillers

    LNL Saturday 1/8

    Got a gentlemen's start and hit the lake about 11am Saturday. First thing I noticed was that the shoreline was packed as far as I could see from the office. Grabbed my permit and headed down to the launch ramp area and grabbed a piece of pretty dry shore between a couple cool people. First of...
  114. fishkillers

    Quality Rock Fish Trips on the Big Game

    Holy shit, --Cannot believe the shitty Photoshop job and what it represents, just wow. False advertising is a coffin nail for businesses
  115. fishkillers

    Swordfishing Report!!!

    Agreed. Lots of douche bags in this site who clearly have nothing better to do. Go catch some fish and shut your sniveling pie holes
  116. fishkillers

    Lake Mission Viejo 1/2

    One cool thing about MVL is hand feeding the bass in the boat dock area. Drop a worm on the surface and watch some fat bass fight over it and come right out of the water to grab it. The bass will actually watch you dangling the worm...Awesome, too bad fishing not allowed in the dock area haha
  117. fishkillers

    Lake Mission Viejo 1/2

    Happy New Year all! Got to hit LMV with my buddy Rich yesterday for about 3 hours. We went from end to end of the lake and finally found a cove where we saw 2 guys net a nice size trout. So, we "anchored" up and started throwing the mini jigs and buddy hooks a small bass...
  118. fishkillers

    Check this out

    Not even a gaff in sight but a ton of rods. Idiots. Surprised they didn't pull out a trout net
  119. fishkillers

    Swordfish Report

    Damn, lots of assholes on this board. He is clearly dead-set on catching a local swordy which is a lofty but attainable goal. I personally have no interest in that, but how can you guys trash a guy for chasing his dream? Really, all of you claim to be fishermen and you know that the thrill is in...
  120. fishkillers

    Wild Justice CA Wardens

    Happy Holidays to you Keith - I am no tree hugger but bear hunting is pretty f'd up no matter how you look at it. Do people eat bear, or are they hunted in the US purely for trophies?
  121. fishkillers

    Lake Irvine...12/28/2010

    This rain really sucks, affecting their revenue big time and screwing up my fishing time!
  122. fishkillers

    Wild Justice CA Wardens

    Seriously, wtf do people even hunt bear???
  123. fishkillers

    12-23-2010 LNL is open 4 business

    Lake is still very very muddy, I was out there today. Not a bite from shore, saw 2 fish being landed (1 boat, 1 shore) in about 2 or 3 hours...I think its going to take a few more days
  124. fishkillers

    Calling All Sportie Captains

    Not sure of la harbor but last time I was quoted for the Freelance pass it was almost $2k for a year and allowed you on any OP trip on the Freelance only. I didn't buy it.
  125. fishkillers

    Calling All Sportie Captains

    The Freelance does this. Not sure if any other boats do
  126. fishkillers

    12-23-2010 LNL is open 4 business

    Is the shoreline open yet???
  127. fishkillers

    LMV 12/18

    Yes, Mission Viejo
  128. fishkillers

    LMV 12/18

    Had the chance to fish LMV yesterday with a buddy. Rented a boat and caught a few hour break in the rain. Ended up 1 fish short of limits (total 7 between us my buddy lost what would have been the limit fish right before it started pouring rain :Dynamite:). Minimum fish size was 16" with a...
  129. fishkillers

    Lake fishing after rain

    Hey guys, how long do I have to wait after the rain before fishing LNL again? I wanna get out this weekend but it's not looking promising Thx
  130. fishkillers

    LNL 12-3-2010 full blown limits early

    Fished LNL today from shore for about 7 or 8 bites that didn't stick, 2 hookups and one landed in about 3 hours. Both power worm and garlic pb got bit. One landed was 19 inches and fat
  131. fishkillers

    Davey's Locker Newport... Terrible

    Are you SURE it wasn't a discount only applicable to a specific boat?
  132. fishkillers

    Cattleboats fishing the Bugs good or bad for PBers?

    I know some of the boats limit to only 10 anglers or 10 hoop rentals, whichever happens first. Just like regular fishing, not everyone has a boat, hoops, etc so I think this is perfectly fine.
  133. fishkillers

    Sword fishing Video 400 plus#

    Local fish market here in Newport has fresh local harpooned sword,so this makes sense
  134. fishkillers

    C-bass are chewing

    Nice. Hey behdad any open party trips on the books?
  135. fishkillers

    Freedom slaying Yellowtail at SBI

    That is awesome. If I didn't have to fly to Dallas tomorrow I would be there for mistake for not going last night!!!
  136. fishkillers

  137. fishkillers

    A Two-Part Day

    Hey Mark, let me know when you are going to run something local.
  138. fishkillers

    Thanksgiving week Loreto, East cape?

    I was in Los Barilles last November, YFT, Wahoo, Amberjack, Striped Marlin (2), and plenty of Dorado. Awesome time
  139. fishkillers

    Current yellowtail bite

    How big (or how small) are the yellowtail that everyone is catching limits of right now out of SD? Hopefully not babies. want to go out asap but have no interest in 4 pound YT like they were sacking up on a trip I was on last year. Thanks
  140. fishkillers

    Seasons Sportfishing Fall / Winter Specials on Cod Trips fishing Mexico.

    Let me know if you guys think you'll get out next weekend. Sunday would be great
  141. fishkillers

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    You must be referring to Daveys Locker. I was on a shark trip recently and he deckhand said at the start of the trip "if you catch one it's 1$ a pound to fillet" I literally laughed out loud and thought ok if I catch one I only need 20lbs of it,you can shove the rest up your ass. I know it's...
  142. fishkillers

    Swordie on Producer overnight 10/10

    Great catch, and from what I can gather, don't fish swords alone.
  143. fishkillers

    limits of Yellowtail and good YFT fishing

    Do you think you are going to run on Sunday? Depart time, etc? thanks
  144. fishkillers

    Puerto Aventuras, MX fishing charter recs?

    Hi all I'm gonnan be in Tulum for a wedding in October wondering if anyone has any charter recommendations for Puerto Aventuras? Thanks H
  145. fishkillers

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    Wow just wow. This is one of the reasons I fish, you never know what you're going to get. Alamitos????????? That Ono missed a left turn somewhere. Congrats on the local catch of a lifetime!
  146. fishkillers

    Success Sportfishing??

    Thanks guys, good stuff.
  147. fishkillers

    Success Sportfishing??

    Wanted to see if anyone had some reviews/feedback/etc on Success out of Point Loma...thinking of a charter. Bunks, head locations, any info appreciated! thanks!
  148. fishkillers

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Can somebody please post the direct contact info for Finest Kind??
  149. fishkillers

    Why there is no Ahi.

    THIS is the problem and cause of collapsing and reduced fish stocks, not the recreational fishery
  150. fishkillers

    Searcher found some tuna

    Keep your gear out till late October this year (I hope)
  151. fishkillers

    go or no go 1.5

    Same shit happened to me a couple years ago....counts sucked in he days leading up to my trip and was really hesitant but went for it, limits YFT on the TG80 and the most wfo bite I have ever seen in my life. You never know unless you go
  152. fishkillers


    LOL haha so do I, fishing is slow right now but let me know if you find the boat that's killing em Good luck!
  153. fishkillers

    then how about a boat owner test (no licence)

    Wow 2 threads about this?? Fishing must really really suck
  154. fishkillers

    So Whats Up at SCI?

    Was there yesterday, got booted from the white rock area by Navy. Caught a ton of calico and one yellowtail, go to Cat....and the wind kicked up randomly, tough fishing for sure
  155. fishkillers

    American Express in Los Barilles ???

    When I was there Nov 09 I remember they did not take Amex....I don't think he restaurant Solomons did either, you should contact them to confirm
  156. fishkillers

    Mumbai, India and Taipei, Taiwan

    Hello I will be in Taiwan and Mumbai in a few weeks on a business trip......any possibilities of fishing while im there? Would need to be a charter I can't travel with gear Thx for any advice H
  157. fishkillers

    Anyone still use Lucanis jigs?

    Jax Jigs are awesome, orange/copper....Lings love em
  158. fishkillers

    Aztec 1.5 day

    Nice boat, last time I rode it I got a bunk towards the entrance to the bunkroom...port side I think. The bunk was f'n huge and I slept like a baby. No complaints, good crew good boat free parking. Enjoy
  159. fishkillers

    When will it end? Cabo yachts to close so cal facilities

    I fished with one of the gentleman who founded Cabo, he is a family friend. This is very sad reflection on the state of affairs
  160. fishkillers

    Redondo Hali session

    Good for you Dude if its 22" it's getting cooked. Fucking holier than thou douche
  161. fishkillers

    White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, 20lb Sheepshead, and 10.4lb Calico on the Spectra

    Nex ttime I catch a big calico, I am going to find the guy releasing all his calicos and throw it into his bag. STFU to the whiners, if someone wants to keep a fish its not your place to judge
  162. fishkillers

    4 Spots left, Leaving Tonight (monday) Spectra Sportfishing.

    So nobody wants to go catch sea bass??? Need a couple more let's do this!
  163. fishkillers

    Any OP trips fishing wsb Monday?

    See you Monday Billy! 8pm right?
  164. fishkillers

    Any OP trips fishing wsb Monday?

    Looking for a spot on a 6 pack to fish cat this coming monday or possibly Tuesday Let me know if you have any openings! Thanks H
  165. fishkillers

    WFO 2 day Grey Ghost extravaganza @ Catalina

    The Sundrop is right down the street from my house in HB, see it every day.....nice work!!!
  166. fishkillers

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    If Chuck wasn't driving someones getting their ass handed to them. Glad everyone is OK! Fished with the Tafts multiple times
  167. fishkillers


    They are fucking fish, go get 'em everyone. Thats what they are there for, last time I caught some they didn't have someones name written on them.
  168. fishkillers

    Pacific Quest seabass over 50 lbs..

    Quit your fucking bitching and go fish you fuck
  169. fishkillers

    Launch ramp in newport or Huntington?

    Yup, Newport Dunes right by the Back Bay Bistro..lots o parking but he is right, long ride to harbor entrance...esp on a jet ski, when its cold, and cloudy
  170. fishkillers

    Pacific Quest seabass over 50 lbs..

    Thanks for the report! Going out Sat night and now I know to bring the heavy line
  171. fishkillers

    Central park: Huntington Beach

    What bait do you guys fish carp with?
  172. fishkillers

    Fathers Day came early this year "Sweet Teresa" YT 5/27/10

    Nice! How many hearts you eaten since we saw you? :)
  173. fishkillers

    3/4 day or overnighter for Catalina Islands

    So right, WSB being caught on 3/4 day boats are usually a fluke and if you look at counts it does not happen often...They typically don't spend much time hunting for them as the captains are usually trying to please the majority of the anglers by catching whatever will bite If you really want...
  174. fishkillers

    Open Charter Spots for 5/28-5/31 on the "Sweet Teresa"

    Hi Rod I would be there for sure but will be fishing 2lb trout in Big Bear this, I need to get my priorities straight!
  175. fishkillers


    Hi Mike I'm in the market for a jig stick, and live in HB..any pics of Seeker SSJ85-8.5' ?
  176. fishkillers

    Barracuda and more

  177. fishkillers


    Hey Lia, how long is the run to SCI on the Freelance?? I want to go but need to factor in that travel time....
  178. fishkillers

    Point Loma to La Jolla (3rd time is a charm!) 5/15/10

    Rod, thanks for yesterday. I was going to paste a report but damn, you covered it ALL. Guys, Rod and Evan are awesome to fish with. We chartered em for a half day and we fished until we caught fish, headed in right at dark. These guys busted their asses to put us on yellows, and about 5pm the...
  179. fishkillers

    Any 6 packs running trips LJ/PL for Yellows this weekend?

    Looking to get out Sat or Sun, half day should even be alright if they are biting local....Thanks.
  180. fishkillers

    Amigo Yellowtail or Bust Sunday/Monday Ultra Limited Load BD Special

    Caught my first WSB on that boat with Captain Dan. Good luck
  181. fishkillers

    6 PACK

    I've fished with Josie Lynn, nice boat good crew.
  182. fishkillers

    You Asked For It, You Got It!!!

    Chad with the giant goat! nice.
  183. fishkillers

    La Jolla Yellows fishing 6pack 15 hours $150 per person open party

    Hi Nathan Any trips planned?? I am definitely interested. 15 hours sure is the long run fishing so close
  184. fishkillers

    Headed to Big Bear fishing Saturday 5/8.

    I spoke to a couple charter guys up there this week and the fishing is supposed to be really good right now on nice grade trout, I can't wait to get up there end of month and I hope their info is good. Good luck!
  185. fishkillers

    Cat Island Weather for Mothers Day Weekend

    Yup, we got cancelled for this weekend...Gonna be snotty
  186. fishkillers

    Davey Locker Information

    I have been fishing Davey's Locker for years (Freelance mostly) and never have they assigned a spot on the rail, ever. Its first come, first served when it comes to rail space. Great boat, by the way, especially after the remodel. I have a charter with them in a few weeks. The only time they may...
  187. fishkillers

    Cat Island Weather for Mothers Day Weekend

    Supposed to head out Fri night, this does not make me confident we will run...time to call Tony
  188. fishkillers

    Catalina sea monster

    Yah, BSB will kick the shit out of you, then instead of getting to eat the bastard you spend 20 mins doing CPR.
  189. fishkillers


    How long is the run out to SCI on the Freelance?? If its decent I would be totally interested.
  190. fishkillers

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report April 4

    Hi Eric, this is Hanni. I have a couple cruisers chartered for Apr 9th...hope the fishing picks up a bit!! See you then H
  191. fishkillers

    130 + Yellowtail today 4/3...

    Its a Taft boat...Chuck and Bob find and kill fish, along with Scotty.
  192. fishkillers

    "Ready to Assemble" Scores another WSB

    Dues being paid early in the season, you'll get yours. Going to try and come fish with you after April (honeymoon/wedding time right now). good luck!
  193. fishkillers

    Sculpin Sting?

    Almost scalding water, soak in it. I've been stung a few times, always works, you have to do it quick
  194. fishkillers

    March 24, 2010-Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Oh, a clever variation on the "I know you are but what am I" from kindergarten. Dude, you're a complete douchebag. You don't come into the Hawaii forum and start talking shit on what is essentially a part of the culture.
  195. fishkillers

    March 24, 2010-Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    I love me some smoked marlin!
  196. fishkillers


    I do it almost every time I catch 'em, always been fine after! Use some lime if you're worried, it kills everything :)
  197. fishkillers


    NICE!!! We need a few more guys to get out on the six pack Josie Lynn to kill these bad boys Sat nite fishing Sunday!
  198. fishkillers

    Group Fishing

    Are you fucking insane? Nice 5th post dude.
  199. fishkillers

    "Nice Fish"

    nice comment, douchebag
  200. fishkillers

    Castaic Lake 3/18/10 Three hours of SLAY!!!

    Dude, you kill it up there. Nice work. I haven't caught stripers since fishing back in the midwest yeaaaaaaaars ago.
  201. fishkillers

    Amigo 3/4

    Caught my first WSB on that boat at SCI on an overnight. Go have fun, great crew (was it Capt Dan??). They bust ass.
  202. fishkillers

    Inside Sportfishing

    True, and there are also way better reels than Shimanos out there . Promoting a company that is financially supporting your show is one thing, but focusing on failures of other reels is a whole other ball of wax. Not classy to trash your competitors, if you are in business you know what I...
  203. fishkillers

    Whats going on with Alaska's ticket prices?

    Couple weeks ago booked LAX to SJD mid-April on Mexicana for $277 on Expedia
  204. fishkillers

    Travel rods

    Funny, I just ordered the 7' Okuma 15-40lb travel rod from Charkbait yesterday.
  205. fishkillers

    Does Anyone Watch Whale Wars?

    I can't fucking stand these shitbags (Watson and crew). Japanese should sink 'em all and end their show.
  206. fishkillers

    Chinese New Year

    Happy New Year
  207. fishkillers

    Laguna Niguel or Irvine?

    I want to go out tomorrow, not sure of the condition of either of these lakes since the rain...can anyone who has been out or knows give me some advice? thanks!
  208. fishkillers

    So, what about the boat captain and the BSB?

    People need to chill, go catch some trout
  209. fishkillers

    Bluefin Tuna in the surf!

    Unfuckingbelievable, how awesome. Anything down there today? hehe, doubt anyone wants to talk about it if there are.....I'm ready to take the 90 mile drive down!
  210. fishkillers

    After the rain??

    So, how are the lakes after a rain like we have had this week? Irvine, Laguna Niguel specifically thanks!
  211. fishkillers

    Finally caught some trout

    Headed down to Laguna yesterday, armed with power worms and every color of powerbait known to man. Set up two rods, one chartreuse power worm on a drop shot and one with garlic powerbait on a carolina rig with an 1/8 of an ounce slider. Within 5 minutes got nailed on the old powerbait, brought...
  212. fishkillers

    Trout elude me

    Hit the lake today, set up 2 rods, both using 2lb test. One rigged up with treble hook and garlic powerbait, other with the chartreuse power worm on the drop shot. There for about 3 hours, caught 2 nice about 4lbs the other about 3lbs. First one came 5 minutes after my first cast...
  213. fishkillers

    Trout elude me

    Thanks everyone for the tips! Plan on hitting Laguna this weekend to test out some power worms and different setups..will report back
  214. fishkillers


    Thats great cause the food was pretty fucking lunchroom cafeteria (except for the killer breakfast buffet)
  215. fishkillers

    Trout elude me

    This is kinda embarassing, but I ain't gonna fix it until I admit I have a problem :idiot: I have been fishing for a long time, 99% ocean fishing. I cannot seem to catch a trout from shore if my life depended on it. Recently fished Laguna Niguel, Irvine Lake, Mile Square for nada. Only trout I...
  216. fishkillers

    Laguna Niguel w/ the fam bam

    nice, 3 year old threads.
  217. fishkillers

    My report,Banco , Inshore

    nice work, now my buy finger is itching to buy that ticket for Jan/Feb
  218. fishkillers

    Cabo to PV on Karma 2

    Nice dude, sounds like a fun haul
  219. fishkillers

    East Cape - Palmas De Cortez 11/19,11/20,11/22

    Feel I need to say something here. Not sure what resort you were at, the crew/front desk (Claudia), reservations office (German) were all professional and friendly, the fish cleaning, smoking and packaging (vacuum sealed in 1-2lb packages) was stellar, just had some of the tuna actually. The...
  220. fishkillers

    East Cape Report 11/12-11/25

    Hey Jonathan we were there at the same time, I think we saw you and your wife (congrats!) coming off the pier after fishing, we had already got in and were sitting on the beach. nice work
  221. fishkillers

    East Cape in Mid-February??

    Any advice on the fishing in February? Thinking of running down there the weekend of Feb 12th, but not sure of the fishing at that time?? thanks
  222. fishkillers

    East Cape - Palmas De Cortez 11/19,11/20,11/22

    Headed down to Palmas last week to try to find some of those dorado and YFT that have been swimming around. Well, we found some. Fished on the Kahlua out of the hotels fleet with Captain Jose and Julio on deck. These guys worked hard to keep us on fish, whether tuna, marlin or dorado. One of...
  223. fishkillers

    San Jose Del Cabo

    50lb with 100lb floro leader (I believe 50lb) was the most used setup when troll, I did not haul my gear down there. Also, we lost a few wahoo on blind strikes without steel leaders...they are there and the fish are NOT line shy. When we were fishing sardines for tuna while drifting, it was 30lb...
  224. fishkillers

    San Jose Del Cabo

    Bigger YFT down that way, Dodo's were eating macks and all the tuna were on the sardinas as Bobby said
  225. fishkillers

    San Jose Del Cabo

    just got back today, fished the East Cape Los Barilles but I believe the fishing is similar throughout the entire area right now. 10-40lb Dorado, 20-40lb YFT, 100+ Striped Marlin and the occasional 30+ Wahoo. Dorado went WFO in the afternoon a couple days last week, and the YFT went WFO in the...
  226. fishkillers

    East Cape reports/conditions?

    Awesome! Thank you! We will be there tonight, fishing tomorrow and Thursday
  227. fishkillers

    East Cape reports/conditions?

    thanks!! looking forward to it
  228. fishkillers

    East Cape reports/conditions?

    Hi Folks Heading down to Palmas De Cortez this week, wondering what the reports have been down there? Hopefully not too windy to fish :1041677399: Any help appreciated thanks H
  229. fishkillers

    Expected closure map ??

    Thanks Kutty, appreciate it. Missed that thread
  230. fishkillers

    Expected closure map ??

    Can anyone post a link to the map of the closures that have been approved? I need to start figuring out whether to just start focusing on freshwater in the US and go to Mex, Hawaii, etc for the saltwater.
  231. fishkillers

    East Cape - Nov 18th-23rd

    Hello BD'ers Headed down to Palmas De Cortez in November. Never been. Anyone know whats biting down there about that time? Fishing 2 days on a cruiser. Is it worth shore fishing in November also? thanks for any tips
  232. fishkillers


    I remember watching the bowfishers shoot gar at the Arkansas River in Tulsa when I was a kid, wow that brings back memories
  233. fishkillers

    Lobster party boat

    That is interesting, the Cobra up out of Channel Islands (?) does open party hooping trips. I have never gone with them, but that piece of info you posted is interesting
  234. fishkillers

    ----Epic Local Night -----

    A lot of you guys are straight jealous hating assholes, let the guys enjoy their fn lobster, none of you know how many were out there with them.
  235. fishkillers

    Misleading Legend Fish Count

    Wow, very eye opening thread
  236. fishkillers

    TG 80 fish care ?

    Love that f'n boat, Scotty and Bob are the shit, and Squeak if he is still on. Fish care is stellar, and they have no prob letting you borrow a boat rod (these are nice too, first time I tried a 2 speed Avet) or anything else.
  237. fishkillers


    Crew was good (this was last year), but be careful going to the head at 2AM..they are up towards the bow and I almost ended up one of those stories when we were on the boat.
  238. fishkillers


    Mike The best way is to ask Wes or Dom to tie it for you :)
  239. fishkillers

    Blue Water Tackle final charter of the season...

    I'm going out on the Aztec Friday. Warm it up for us would ya??! :)
  240. fishkillers

    Josie Lynn open party overnight

    Do you guys have anything this Saturday ?
  241. fishkillers

    Catalina Frontside- Are there fish & where?

    Yellowtail on the front side
  242. fishkillers

    Hurricane Jimena

    I was supposed to fly down to Cabo (Palmas de Cortez) this Thursday, once again my I postponed the trip. Hopefully this thing does not cause much damage, but with winds and seas like that I can't imagine the fish will want to play for a few days.
  243. fishkillers

    Blue Marlin Blues

    Nice! I'm heading down to Palmas De Cortez in a couple weeks, thanks for the report
  244. fishkillers

    WARNING - Terrible Delta Charter Experience

    Sorry , that sucks, but your post was an entertaining turner
  245. fishkillers

    NOAA Questionnaire

    Got the same, waiting for the actual survey to show up
  246. fishkillers

    Whale wars

  247. fishkillers

    pacific Quest 2 Day trips every Friday night

    They went back down to Fishermans Landing in SD for the offshore season.
  248. fishkillers

    Peyton manning and seabass

    This thread is a complete load of shit, why did you even post if you dont have pics dude? You must have known this was going to happen.
  249. fishkillers

    newport pier

    Yup, some kids will fish the local party boats then go sell barracuda on the pier, I heard a kid on the boat once say "I will take as many as I can get, then sell em for $10 at the pier". Would love to see one of them get nailed for it
  250. fishkillers

    Steve Ross Baddog gets busted again!

    Find another site to hang out on. You are clearly disliked and an asshole. I hate attention whores, which you are. STFU and go fishing, you ain't gonna win this argument
  251. fishkillers

    Steve Ross Baddog gets busted again!

    you sir are a f'n tool.
  252. fishkillers

    Giant Squid in La Jolla

    In Huntington too,
  253. fishkillers

    Sheephead from shore in Laguna??

    Hahaha his buddy won't give up the spot, but thanks for the advice. That helps
  254. fishkillers

    Best 1.5 / 2 Day Boat out of SD

    My fiance and I are on that trip. Hope to see you then. That boat is a fishkiller dude
  255. fishkillers

    Sheephead from shore in Laguna??

    Hi Folks Just saw some pics a co-worker shared with me...his friend has found a spot in Laguna Beach that is kicking out 5-10lb Sheeps from shore. The guy had a full limit in less than 2 hours. Anyone willing to share the info via PM? :loverz:
  256. fishkillers

    Best 1.5 / 2 Day Boat out of SD

    Im going out on a rare 1.5 day on the Red Rooster 3 on 8/8...they have a few in August
  257. fishkillers

    Newbie Pier Fishing at Huntington Beach

    Dude, load up a long spinning rod/reel combo with 6lb and walk the beach about 5 lifeguard stands north of the HB pier, casting the entire way. Get some of those Gulp camo worms on size 7(?) hooks and thread them on there using a carolina rig with 1/2 to 1 oz of weight...keep it moving after you...
  258. fishkillers

    Red Rooster 3 - 1.5 Day August 8th

    Anyone else on this trip?
  259. fishkillers

    Halibut (

    Interesting question, I am sure the percentage is right there with people who release WSB and Yellowtail...very small.
  260. fishkillers


    I can't wait to get on some of these yellers, I'd rather catch Yellowtail over Albies any day of the week, they don't even compare
  261. fishkillers

    is 46 the new limited load ?

    If I showed up on a "Limited Load" trip and discovered they lied about the number of people, I would leave the landing and dispute the charge on my credit card. Teach them that we won't accept this bullshit. I have done this before on a boat to remain anonymous and will do it again if needed.
  262. fishkillers

    Mardiosa limits again (owp)

    Tony , Wes...I'm fishing with you again Fri/Sat. Fuck the haters, those are the guys that follow you around the backside of the island all day
  263. fishkillers

    First Mako of the year

    Were you driving in a truck today on Garfield in HB with the shark in the back??? If so I saw you
  264. fishkillers

    Best hot weather fishing shirt?

    Under Armour short sleeve shirts are the shit
  265. fishkillers

    Nautilus Newport Landing - 1/2 days WSB

    Nautilus apparently ran over a big school of sea bass this morning while searching for barracuda and pulled limits for 20 people to 50lbs. NICE! Why oh why can't this happen when I go on a half day!! :1041677399: That means those fish were right off of Huntington/Newport Beach I need to go...
  266. fishkillers


    While on open party 3/4 day and 1/2 day boats, I often see everyone keeping a limit of barracuda for the sole purpose of trying to win the jackpot. Killing shitloads of greasy junkfish to try to win a jackpot, wtf. More times than I can count people just leave their cuda's in their gunny sack...
  267. fishkillers

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    They just caught an approx 190lb Ahi the other day.....I saw it , that thing was fat
  268. fishkillers

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    Caught a 350lb Blue in Kona, Capt said "you want to release it right?"...took the words right out of my mouth. I release marlin, but thats just me.... to each his own. And marlin ceviche is bomb
  269. fishkillers

    Am I Reading This Correctly?

    no. limits would be 170. typo
  270. fishkillers

    Bluefin Tuna today

    Just heard the Grande was trolling while on a bird watching trip today and picked up a BFT on the troll. A hell of a sign, wish they had some bait on board 976-TUNA The Internet Leader in Fish Reports
  271. fishkillers

    Ho'okela Sportfishing - Lahaina, Maui

    Short report: Chartered an 8 hour day with Capt Denny on the Ho'okela out of Lahaina. On the way out to try and jig up some live bait we had one line out trolling and bam hook up. 20-25lb Ono hits the deck...but, it was missing about 12-16 inches of tail. Apparently a decent size shark took a...
  272. fishkillers

    Big Bonito this year ??

    Remember last year, about Mothers Day, the huge bonito showed up in Dana Point...any indications of that happening again this year ya think??
  273. fishkillers

    Kudos to the Lepika

    I tagged a 350lb Blue with him on Valentines Day. Congrats! He is the man. Any pics of that ahi???
  274. fishkillers

    Maui vs. Kona fishing prices

  275. fishkillers

    MarDiosa Limits of WSB 4/23 - up to 50lbs

    Dude, I am glad you called me to prep me before I read this!! Nice job guys, a couple of those fish are straight slobs
  276. fishkillers


    any really, it will get bit when they go wide open....i like throwing shiny silver krocs for those guys too
  277. fishkillers

    had ta leave 'em biting...

    gulp camo worm threaded on
  278. fishkillers

    had ta leave 'em biting...

    BSP all over Huntington Beach by the Hyatt. go get some
  279. fishkillers

    Is Turners Next?

    Wow, you sure you dialed the right number? You and I have had vastly different experiences with Turners then. If I had that happen as you described, I would have told the guy to fuckoff and taken my business elsewhere also after I contacted their district manager, which they surely have.
  280. fishkillers

    *HELP* need opinions on my Whaler capabilities

    Personally, I think Cat is out of the question. Hooping and very very local fishing are your options, imo
  281. fishkillers

    Is Turners Next?

    never paid that
  282. fishkillers

    Is Turners Next?

    Turners is one of my local tackle shops that I support and they tie all my spectra knots for me because I am a tool. Really no need to trash them unless they really screwed you, I have bought guns and fishing gear there. I will continue to support them as I do Charkbait, Mahi Tackle, etc
  283. fishkillers

    WEATHER, Nasty Wind

    Wind was blowing so hard across PCH in HB it looked like a sandstorm, would hate to be out right now
  284. fishkillers

    Dreamer 4/21

    Good luck filling it man, post a report
  285. fishkillers

    Norris Tapp Fundraiser

    Damn straight, well put. Saved me from typing it myself
  286. fishkillers

    Laguna Niguel Lake 4-11-09

    Awesome. I haven't fished that lake in years. Nice work
  287. fishkillers

    Sea Adventure 80 SOLD>>>>

    Is that right? TG80 for sale? At FHS in LB I was talking to Scotty and Bob and there was no mention of that at all, just talking about going tuna fishing.
  288. fishkillers

    Mardiosa April 7th Limits of WSB

    Yup, Tony and Wes are fish killers. Fishing with them in 2 weeks
  289. fishkillers

    One spot on tonights trip on MarDiosa...

    :appl:Damn Tony, from the Pierpoint count looks like you guys fucking killed it today! Excellent work
  290. fishkillers

    Good fishing today!

    Nice work! Iron or bait?
  291. fishkillers

    First WSB

    congrats! got my first on the Amigo at SCI last year
  292. fishkillers

    Fiesta De 976-Tuna

    Hi Folks Any other BD'ers on this trip to East Cape in May??
  293. fishkillers

    Cabo Saftey????

    I am headed to East Cape on the fiesta de 976 Tuna in May...East Cape pretty safe??
  294. fishkillers


    wtf dude, you ask for recipes then knock everyones ideas. lol killin me :) bake that shit!
  295. fishkillers

    Gross: stand back from the waters edge

    that is fucking sick, wow
  296. fishkillers

    Bone Fish in Back Bay

    I'm totally gonna go target these guys! Thanks for the info! Boat charter guy is a cock, his comments aren't gonna sit well with potential customers
  297. fishkillers


    Goddamnit Norris, get back on your feet and on the boat! Get well soon friend!! Hanni & Cristina
  298. fishkillers

    On My Way to KONA!!

    Call Capt Russ Nitta on the boat Lepika. Go hunt some Blue Marlin and Spearfish, have fun.
  299. fishkillers

    Meth kills again, and again

    Meth is an evil motherfucker. Saw it (and still seeing it) destroy many lives and families in the process. DEA should be focusing and concentrating all enforcement efforts on Heroin, Cocaine and Methamphetamine. These drugs (and alcohol) suck the life right out of you when abused, and they turn...
  300. fishkillers

    Wanna C bass???

    DAMNIT!! I have an engagement party Saturday or I would be there...considering its my engagement, I need to be there. Let me know if you have any other trips you need an extra on. Good luck!!
  301. fishkillers

    Anyone Read Brandon Hayward's New Book "The Southern California Angler"?

    Brandon's a cool guy, I saw him at FH..we have fished with him in the past. Look forward to checking out the book
  302. fishkillers

    WSB Fishing at Catalina

    Agree with fishkillerbill. lol. you ain't gonna get them if you don't know where they are...which changes all the time, for the most part. Fished several times for them late last season, few things i learned.. Dropper loop on one rod, sliding sinker on the other, weight varies. 6/0 hooks or...
  303. fishkillers

    Karma 3 Pictures from P.V. 3/10-3/12

    Is that first tuna smoking a joint?
  304. fishkillers

    WSB trips to catalina?

    Mardiosa, Dreamer are your best bets.
  305. fishkillers

    $125 Overnight to Clemente 3/13 - Who's coming with me?

    hahah you're right on the sense of adventure dude, but I've just gotten my ass kicked too many times in the past year cause of the wind!! Good luck bro, I hope you guys get out...I'm gonna do a 3/4 day tomorrow but will definitely be out on the Amigo this season...I caught my first WSB on that boat!
  306. fishkillers

    Pacific Quest Catalina 2 Day Friday Night!!!

    Greg, I have been on your boat before in SD at Fishermans, good time. ..I had to explain it to him. Anyhow, wanted to know how many spots still open. Please let me know..not sure I can do a 2 day but may be able to
  307. fishkillers

    Any new Avets at Fred Hall?

    Casted the MC outside on the pond...super easy, didn't even really have to think about it and that was at setting 1. I have 5 regular Avets, but I'm holding back from buying a MC now
  308. fishkillers

    A funny crew...

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but If thats the Chuck I think it is he is working on the Freelance at Daveys Locker
  309. fishkillers

    Best operation for Spearfish

    And Russ has no problem staying out a little late...damn, I am already itching to go back to Kona!!!!!
  310. fishkillers

    Best operation for Spearfish

    Had a great time with Capt Russ on Lepika Sportfishing if you want to look him up, got spearfish and marlin a few weeks ago
  311. fishkillers

    Fish Filets in Mexico

  312. fishkillers

    Lepika Sportfishing Kona - 2/14 - First Marlin!

    So, my new fiance and I headed out of Kona with Capt Russ Nitta , and DH Keith on his boat Lepika Valentines Day. I'm glad I am marrying a girl who thinks going Marlin fishing on Valentines Day is one of the greatest. So we launched out of Honokohau Harbor at about 630AM, still dark out...
  313. fishkillers

    Lepika 182lb Ahi

    Just landed a 350-400lb blue marlin on Lepika with Capt Russ this past girl landed a nice short nosed spearfish. Russ is the man. We had 6 strikes and only 2 stuck. We set out the greenstick, but we weren't really near any porpoise and there was no ahi around. HIGHLY recommended...
  314. fishkillers

    Lepika 182lb Ahi

    Nice, I am fishing with him Saturday
  315. fishkillers

    Need a Boat Name

    Aaron did you guys name the boat? I need some knots tied bro :) you fish lately?
  316. fishkillers

    Kona Charters

    Thanks Birdman...good luck to you and look forward to your report
  317. fishkillers

    Kona Charters

    Hi Folks Cannot book without checking here first...Will be in Kona 2/12-2/15...looking for a good charter for a full day trip for Mahi, Marlin, whatever else is around. Any suggestions from experience?? Thanks
  318. fishkillers

    Seal Bombs

    Seeal bombs are the only reason I was able to land 2 WSB at SCI last year. Those things are GREAT for when you are on a fish and the seals start to swarm
  319. fishkillers

    peta's sea kittens LOL

    I will kill as many sea kittens as posslble while fishing this weekend. "Sea-kittening" does not have the same ring to it as "fishing"
  320. fishkillers

    Sea Adventure 80 1.5 day - Jan 16th

    hey eddie, its sold out (I believe)...$200 , H&M site says call
  321. fishkillers

    Sea Adventure 80 1.5 day - Jan 16th

    Any BD'ers on this trip?
  322. fishkillers

    for WSB

    Its all been said, dropper loop, backside of Cat when squid are there. Cross fingers, etc. SCI is where I actually got my first, some good high spots
  323. fishkillers

    Offshore Venice LA 1-8/1-9

    Nice fish! How long does your wahoo season run?
  324. fishkillers

    Late Squid Report

    Only made it a few times, but soaked in buttermilk, breaded and fried ...good stuff every time
  325. fishkillers

    Black Pearl reviews?

    hi folks any reviews/opinions on the Black Pearl? thanks
  326. fishkillers

    Colonett - This Friday 12/19 Constitution

    Well, we only have 3 right now but Joe (Consitution) says he has a lot of interest..Weather should lay down as the weekend approaches...once people start to book it usuallly snowballs. I WANT SOME OF THESE YELLOWS!!!! Lets go! $195 meals included
  327. fishkillers

    Colonett - This Friday 12/19 Constitution

    Hello Folks Headed down to Colonett to chase some of these yellows this weekend on a 1.5 day. Spots are still open if anyone wants to join on the Constitution out of H&M!
  328. fishkillers

    Pacific Voyager - Seaforth

    thanks guys, you made this an easy call :)
  329. fishkillers

    Pacific Voyager - Seaforth

    Hi Folks Wanted to see what your opinions are on the Pacific Voyager...thinking about going 1.5 day down to Colonett next weekend with them. How are the bunks/heads/crew/etc? thanks
  330. fishkillers

    Scumsucking THIEF WARNING

    it doesnt matter if the boat was free, I own it and this guy tried to claim he was me. that would be theft, I still have the pink. and btw, the pecking order was sale, donation, give away.
  331. fishkillers

    Scumsucking THIEF WARNING

    I wasn't there, and the person who handled it knows us well and it was handled properly..I would have beat the guy had I been there. It was the owner of the shipyard who let him know he knew he was full of shit.
  332. fishkillers

    Scumsucking THIEF WARNING

    Just a warning to you folks trying to sell/give away a boat, etc. DO NOT post personal info online.
  333. fishkillers

    Giving away my boat

    I will know soon. My only criteria are first come first served , the person simply has to have the means to transport it. There is no slip available. Im trying to make a decision by tomorrow but Im going trout fishing in Big Bear tomorrow and waiting to hear back from mechanic today if there...
  334. fishkillers

    Giving away my boat

    I WOULD LOVE NOTHING MORE, then I could just get the insurance
  335. fishkillers

    Giving away my boat

    Vessel Assist shut me down on a tow when I told them it was at a shipyard. To all who PM'd me thank you, I am traveling today but will have more info this eve/tomorrow...I am glad to see some folks have the ability to tow it to a slip locally. that is the ideal solution. Mods, please lock...
  336. fishkillers

    Giving away my boat

    No trailer, boat is in excellent condition like I said, besides the engines but it is in the water. The ONLY reason I am giving it away is because I cannot afford the rebuilds now or in the near future. If you are serious and actually have the ability to take this boat, please PM me. Port engine...
  337. fishkillers

    Fishing Big Bear Lake from shore

    thanks folks, will report back
  338. fishkillers

    Donating boat to charity

    the boat runs but not well, thats why it needs rebuilds.
  339. fishkillers

    Donating boat to charity

    thanks folks, keep em coming. i am checking out how to get this done
  340. fishkillers

    Donating boat to charity

    Hi everyone Need some help. I think I am going to donate my boat and take the tax writeoff, but I need a reputable charity to donate it to. I have checked out but I can find NOTHING on them when I do a national charity search. The boat will need to be towed from Newport...
  341. fishkillers

    Fishing Big Bear Lake from shore

    hi looking for any advice on fishing the lake from shore...rigs, bait, shore spots, etc. headed up this weekend..will be fishing for anything that wants to bite thanks
  342. fishkillers

    Ensenada - Charter and hotel recs

    Planning a weekend trip to Ensenada early November, fishing one day...Looking at staying at the Hotel Coral but not sure who we (2 people) should fish with ...any advice/reviews?? thx
  343. fishkillers

    Big Deal

    whatcha catch?
  344. fishkillers

    PV Resturaunts

    :notworthy this place is really good.
  345. fishkillers

    Biggest Albie

    Why must you tempt me to come to NZ/Aus and go fishing for Kingfish????
  346. fishkillers

    Oct 4th - Panga?

    Yes sir! Sorry about that...but...we will do our best to warm the deck up for you :)
  347. fishkillers

    Oct 4th - Panga?

    Thanks guys. I only want the Panga for about 6 hours on the 4th...$650-800 is waaaaay too much for me to spend on Panga fishing, would book a boat for $850...will check on that timeframe though.
  348. fishkillers

    Oct 4th - Panga?

    Hi I am headed to PV next Thursday..pretty stoked on the timing seeing all the cows popping up. Fishing with Kurt at Esperanza on 3rd, but looking for a reputable Panguero for the 4th (need to save some money). Can anyone help with a rec? thanks
  349. fishkillers

    Need VHF radio installed

    Hello Need some recs on reliable and reasonable marine electronics installers in the Alamitos/LB area. Simply need a new VHF radio installed. If this person also works on Raymarine, that would be a bonus as I need someone to check the current system on board out and repair something. thanks!
  350. fishkillers

    Hand held gps

    Just bought a Garmin 76Csx last week, West Marine, along with the Bluechart software. Took about an hour or two to figure the thing out, it gets GREAT reception even indoors in my case and the mapping/charting software is pretty decent. I love it so far, this will be my primary GPS until winter...
  351. fishkillers

    Catalina 9/13

    nice fish!! there are some fat yellows at Cat right now. hooked one today, apparently my drag was too loose as the fish proceeded to take a mean run about 50 yards straight around another boats anchor rope. broke me off around the anchor :( but thanks to the boaters for trying to help out :)
  352. fishkillers

    yellowfin tuna intel.

    haha we had a freighter come right through a pod of porpoise, motherfuckers split the school in about 3 different ways
  353. fishkillers

    "Got Spooled on the 43"

    Shit I almost got spooled last week on a 35lb YFT on 25lb line on an Avet SX, I could see the spool through my spectra and luckily the bastard tired out
  354. fishkillers

    Drag sticking on SX

    thank you alan. it is odd for corrosion on a new reel but its going back to Avet for some service
  355. fishkillers


    first bait in the water
  356. fishkillers

    Drag sticking on SX

    thanks man, tried that, didn't work. The drag is set pretty loose right now and its still doing it. looks like its gonna need to be serviced....can't risk this while out trying to let a bait swim free
  357. fishkillers

    Drag sticking on SX

    I have had serious issues with 2 Avet SX reels in the past 2 months...I dont know wtf is going on with their QA. Still waiting for them to ship me back one reel they are repairing (been 2 weeks, how long does it take?) so I can send this one in. The problem is, randomly, when I put it in gear...
  358. fishkillers

    Turners Blowing out SPectra

    aaron are you gonna tie it for me, its hanni dude :)
  359. fishkillers

    Great Whites in Southern California

    We saw one down by the 425 last weekend, big bastard
  360. fishkillers

    Seahorse Dana Point

    I know we are going offshore, just not sure what area
  361. fishkillers

    Seahorse Dana Point

    Fishing the Seahorse on an overnight out of Dana Point this weekend. Any ideas on where you all think we may be fishing? Never done an ON out of Dana. thanks
  362. fishkillers

    Which fights harder?

    Could you imagine fighting a 200lb + bonito? Holy shit
  363. fishkillers

    2 Christian "Ho's" Able To Crew

    Christian "Ho's"...I love it :) good luck gettin out guys!! kill em!
  364. fishkillers

    Coming to PV October - 10/2 - 10/5 - Charters available?

    Hi Everyone My girl and I will be in PV and want to book a 10 hour (approx) charter for either 10/3 or 10/4...please let me know rates and if you have availability. Feel free to post or send PM. Head, gear, bait would be nice Thanks!
  365. fishkillers

    Fish in PV Sportfishing - Anyone?

    Hi All Any reviews on this charter company out of PV? Puerto Vallarta sportfishing charters Need to make a good decision. H
  366. fishkillers

    Marine Surveyor - LB or OC

    Hi Can anyone recommend an honest marine surveyor in this area, who won't make me wait weeks? I need to get my 30' Sea Ray surveyed ASAP!! thanks!
  367. fishkillers

    out of Dana Point

    Saw a huge swordie jumping right by the boat today (Mardiosa)...he wouldn't take a mac
  368. fishkillers

    Open Party Fishing for Dorado, Yellowtail & Yellowfin Tuna!

    Just talked to Tony, trip is full. When you guys get there go down to the boat and get a token from Wes or Dom for the fisherman's lot. See ya early!! uggh, but well worth it
  369. fishkillers

    Open Party Fishing for Dorado, Yellowtail & Yellowfin Tuna! and my semi-torn hamstring are in! :) Should be a good time.
  370. fishkillers

    8/12 Went fishing caught some

    absolutely. you post the same shit everywhere.
  371. fishkillers

    MarDiosa - 5 to 5 fishing for Dorado, Yellowtail and Yellofin Tuna!

    I talked to Tony, I am in if we can get just a couple more people..I just hope we know by tomorrow so I can get the day off
  372. fishkillers

    Avet Price increase???

    price increase + bad economy + many viable competitors = loss of marketshare. not good guys, not good.
  373. fishkillers

    Is it safe to park your car

    $5 a day charged by Ace (I think thats it) ain't that bad...I am not to familiar with cars being stolen/taken to mexico. never had a problem at the Point Loma lot
  374. fishkillers

    MarDiosa - 5 to 5 fishing for Dorado, Yellowtail and Yellofin Tuna!

    I fished with them on Saturday and we nailed the Yellows (Tony, don't mention my hook/land ratio....I made up for it later in the day :)), and I would love to join you all Thursday but work gets in the way..I hate that shit.
  375. fishkillers

    Our First Yellowtail

    I was on that trip, good job guys.
  376. fishkillers

    Mako Matt At It Again

    I understand what you are saying but you have absolutely no right to tell someone, anyone, they need to C&R. That is the fishermens decision and only his/her decision. Shit, he is withing his right to take as many sharks as he wants, although not advisable.
  377. fishkillers

    Man Dies From Fishing Accident

    This is always a fear of mine, that I will be bringing in a YT or something on an iron and the fish will become unbuttoned right by the boat while I am in full bendo...iron to the head....that scares the shit outta me
  378. fishkillers

    Point Loma boat info

    hi all Can anyone provide any info on the boat Point Loma, outta guess where..Point Loma..heading out on an offshore 3/4 day probably dodo and yt hunting and just curious about the boat, captain, crew, etc thanks! h
  379. fishkillers

    condor 7/28 1 1/2 day

    if you have a problem with the number of fish taken, take it up with the landing or the captain not in a public forum. or better yet, stfu and move on with your life. damn, some people always have to bitch about something
  380. fishkillers

    repost - Amigo overnight leaves tomorrow (Thurs night) fishing Friday

    Overnight leaving Newport Landing this Thursday night (tomorrow night), 7/31, fishing Friday 8/1. Cost is $170, we need a few more to get off the dock. Most likely fishing SCI for WSB and YT. Should be a fun trip, got my first WSB with them a few weeks ago. Call the landing at 949-675-0551 to...
  381. fishkillers

    Amigo - Newport Landing overnight

    Overnight leaving Newport Landing this Thursday night (tomorrow night), 7/31, fishing Friday 8/1. Cost is $170, we need a few more to get off the dock. Most likely fishing SCI for WSB and YT. Should be a fun trip, got my first WSB with them a few weeks ago. Call the landing at 949-675-0551 to...
  382. fishkillers

    This is not good...

    Good article, thank you
  383. fishkillers

    condor 7/28 1 1/2 day

    way to throw the boat under the bus for limits. asshole
  384. fishkillers

    Looking for 1-2 day around weekend of 8/8

    Boats getting worked on, need to jump on another...Looking for a 1-2 day trip for my girl and I the weekend of 8/8 - Long Beach, Newport (Cat or SCI) or San Diego - hopefully...on one of the better boats. Any help appreciated thanks
  385. fishkillers

    Terrible customer service

    called, they told me to send in the reel with $25 and it will be fixed.
  386. fishkillers

    San Clemente Island Reports?

    dude, you are stoked. I just posted about where the Ultra was fishing today....congrats!
  387. fishkillers

    Ultra - Newport Landing

    Just got an email from NL saying the Ultra picked up 45 Yellowtail today for 9 anglers, and some WSB...anyone know where the hell they are fishing?? Thats an awesome day
  388. fishkillers

    Terrible customer service

    thanks for the replies, will give em a ring
  389. fishkillers

    Senor Hefe

    Mexico needs us. We need them to utilize their fishing grounds. Win win situation if you ask me, don't know why we have to walk on egg shells
  390. fishkillers

    Terrible customer service

  391. fishkillers

    Avet SX clicker issues

    Emailed Avet twice asking for help on clicker issues on my SX, no
  392. fishkillers

    Skipjack 28... pimped and done!

    beautiful. nice work
  393. fishkillers

    Any Feeeeesh in Egypt?

    Been to Egypt several times, and there are the Nile is a good spot to find fish. I also did a Nile cruise, really nice. I would take a rod, etc and just check with crew before you cast out...and post a report! have fun
  394. fishkillers

    Private boater lessons

    Thank you all for the replies. I will be contacting you soon, I actually get the boat in my posession on Sunday afternoon. I'm really excited and just a little nervous, I have seen lots of dumbasses on the water
  395. fishkillers

    Private boater lessons

    thank you, and damn i wish i could take you up on that. she's in the water in Alamitos Bay (Long Beach)...
  396. fishkillers

    Private boater lessons

    Hi folks just bought a new boat, don't wanna be a kook. i want to be taught by someone who knows what they are doing and is very experienced, just standard instruction (nav, troubleshooting, using boat features, anchoring up, etc) on the water. also docking, etc. any recommendations? Boat is...
  397. fishkillers

    Decision time - What landing?

    Get on the Freelance out of Davey's or Patriot out of Newport. Both good boats with good captains.
  398. fishkillers

    jx or lx

    I have the LX, smooth drags and easy caster, good freespool...and drop it into low gear when pulling on anything big and you will be just shocked
  399. fishkillers

    2 day boat opinions

    Definitely Top Gun 80..fished it several times, great boat and great crew...Scott and Bob put you on the fish
  400. fishkillers

    Revenge on WSB - 7/5-6 SCI

    No, I believe it was Capt Dan running the boat during the day. Great time
  401. fishkillers

    Revenge on WSB - 7/5-6 SCI

    Frank was night captain on this trip if I remember correctly
  402. fishkillers

    Revenge on WSB - 7/5-6 SCI

    Back if I remember correctly
  403. fishkillers

    Outrider 7-5 & 6th

    I was on the Amigo, saw you guys at SCI Sunday right when your captain was calling it a day. nice yellows!
  404. fishkillers

    Revenge on WSB - 7/5-6 SCI

    Well, went out on the Amigo out of Newport Landing on Saturday night for an overnight..ran with a light load of 13 anglers. Most of the ride was smooth, stopped by Cat to pick up some squid then shot over to the island. Started fishing about 430am (best guess)...started fishing the dropper loop...
  405. fishkillers

    Overnight TONIGHT - Amigo - Newport Landing

    Guys, we need 1 more person to make the run tonight at 9PM out of Newport Landing on the Amigo...plans I heard are that we will be fishing Clemente tomorrow if we can get out. If you wanna fish, call 949-675-0551 and book! 18 person load, we got 13...need 14 $170 per angler
  406. fishkillers

    Avet SX clicker issues

    So, I own a lot of different Avet reels but my most used one is my little SX for local fishing. Last night, the clicker started to drop into click mode without warning while I was fishing. It also happened when I was casting, which can really piss you off :Dynamite:Anyone else have this problem...
  407. fishkillers

    Best Local Rod/reel setup...I mean BEST...

    The single speed MXJ is $219 at Charkbait, I think. Trying to resist getting one since I already have the 2 speed MXL
  408. fishkillers

    Best Local Rod/reel setup...I mean BEST...

    I use Seekers and Avets almost exclusively. My most used rig locally is my Avet SX with one of my lighter Seeker rods. Thats it, thats all you need.
  409. fishkillers

    Avet Magic Cast Reel

    I really, really want to test one of these out
  410. fishkillers

    Best Local Rod/reel setup...I mean BEST...

    Pocket Fisherman, $19.95 at Rite Aid!!
  411. fishkillers

    Amigo - Newport Landing overnight

    has anyone fished this boat on an overnight? how are the bunks, galley, crew, etc? never fished this boat. thanks for any info!
  412. fishkillers

    Any squid at Cat?

    we should be able to make it but unfortunately the bait boats completely scrape the ocean floor of squid and sell it to us at $60 per scoop Bullshit. But, it is what it is.
  413. fishkillers

    Finding a good open charter boat...

    Call Davey's Locker and try to get on the Freelance 3/4 day Friday
  414. fishkillers

    Seabass Limits for the Old #7 - 6/22

    I am on Saturday's open party, and it is full. You need to email the to find out the dates.
  415. fishkillers

    Bad Open Party Boat!

    I have been digging the six pack charters...very cool, a little pricey but worth it imo
  416. fishkillers

    horror in west cove

    I trust Tino. Just emailed these fucks.
  417. fishkillers

    Albacore at the Double 220

    Headed out tomorrow on a 2 day on the Top Gun 80. If they are there, Bob and Scott will find them
  418. fishkillers

    Albacore at the Double 220

    Fish have tails, they swim. Follow their anticipated path.
  419. fishkillers

    Albacore at the Double 220

    not vouching for the report, but i can guarantee those weren't caught on 1/1/01
  420. fishkillers

    Albacore at the Double 220

    nice fish! going out on a 2 day this weekend...not sure of these locations you mention, are the albies within 2 day range??
  421. fishkillers

    My Son's First Seabass And Halibut...WOW!

    the internet dic was talking about these fish being hook and handoffs, etc. who cares. nice fish!
  422. fishkillers

    3/4 day on the pacific quest.

    I have been on this boat, just a couple of weeks ago. Good captain, good crew and nice boat...12 people is great on that boat. You will prob hit the Coronados for YT...have fun!
  423. fishkillers

    FREELANCE-BassProShops Barracuda RIPPER Sun June 8th

    Marlyn <i> if PBers are following norris on the freelance around they really must not know what they are doing!</i> Thats a low blow man. Norris gets on the fish, can you find WSB in your 215cc along the coast? Didn't think so
  424. fishkillers

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Sorry man, too many breakfast burritos and galley burgers :shithappens:
  425. fishkillers

    2.5 Day Top Gun 80

    No kidding man, I hope he doesn't get the hook in the foot...shit, could never do that on a sportboat. scotty and bob are great to fish with. i remember bob nailing big ass yft with his jackpole in a wfo bite last year...nice
  426. fishkillers

    2.5 Day Top Gun 80

    $475 , should be a good time and I hope we find the albies and yellowtail
  427. fishkillers

    2.5 Day Top Gun 80

    When are you going??? My girl and I just booked the June 13-15 --2 day
  428. fishkillers

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    newport landing, nautilus sat PM 1/2 day....couldn't fish a 3/4 day sat...were you on that boat??
  429. fishkillers

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Troll a megabait while chasing barracuda and spool yourself when you lose control of the line. Be banned by the captain from overhead casting because you have hooked the gunny sacks 5 out of your last 6 cast attempts Watch a Marine try to buy a 17 year old girl on a 1/2 day a beer, then hear...
  430. fishkillers

    Old No. 7 WSB Trip - Saturday June 28th - 4 Spots Available -

    Hello Folks Chartering the Old No 7 for an overnight (Catalina) on June 28th, leaving Pierpoint on Fri June 27th at 9PM. Cost is $260 per angler, food and fuel surcharge included. 4 spots available, so far its my girl and I. Please contact Jerry ( 310-373-6516 ) at the office to book, this...
  431. fishkillers

    17 Year old Girl, and a whopper 60lb WSB.....

    nice fish, good job tino and jen. now get me and cris on the boat :)
  432. fishkillers

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    but seriously.... yell "WHERE ARE ALL THE MARLIN, I WANNA CATCH A MARLIN!?" every 5 minutes while fishing Catalina with your drunk frat boy friends during spring break. fish 20lb line on big YFT and have the captain personally cut the line before gunning the boat :) that was funny to watch...
  433. fishkillers

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    :rofl: :rofl:
  434. fishkillers

    fishing a-dam

    Fishing must be dead if everyone in here is talking shit :)
  435. fishkillers

    foggy bones

    they do that on the Freelance alllll the time, so tasty
  436. fishkillers

    2.5 Day Top Gun 80

    Great boat and crew, and the Albies might be here by then...definitely Yellowtail.
  437. fishkillers

    Pacific Quest - Fisherman's Landing fishing Coronado Islands - 12 person load $100

    hello BD my girl and i are booked on this 3/4 day on Sunday out of Fisherman's Landing...Load is ONLY 12 people, we need min of 6 to get out. I am not affiliated with the landing, I just wanna fish dammit!!! :) Call them if you are in
  438. fishkillers

    cattle boat this weekend or ho?

    My girl and I are jumping on the Pacific Quest to fish Coronado Islands on Sunday....3/4 day, 12 person load, $100 out of Fisherman;s Landing! Need 6 to go
  439. fishkillers

    Labor day weekend

    I believe the Top Gun 80 out of H&M still has 6 spots on their 2.5 day leaving Friday at 9pm...great boat, great crew, should be an awesome trip. $345
  440. fishkillers

    Any reviews on the Pacific Quest out of Fisherman's Landing?

    12 person ultra LL 3/4 day this Sunday for $100 pp. Fishing Coronados...sounds like a great deal, any reports/reviews on this boat?? Thanks!
  441. fishkillers

    big pappa

    good for you, ever heard of a limit??
  442. fishkillers

    CA State record Bonito

    I wanna watch!! :food-smiley-014:
  443. fishkillers

    OTWR Old #7 May 16th - WSB Limits Before 5:30am

    congrats! nice fish We were out today, WSB swimming right by the goddamn boat but WOULD NOT BITE!!! Huge bait balls everywhere today btw... The only thing that would have worked was dynamite..we threw live squid, fresh dead, surface iron, even Krocs at em, they were having nothing to do with it.
  444. fishkillers

    8 WSB - Cat or San Clemente??

    Yup, we are on the Phantom and the trip has changed to San Clemente now...good call.
  445. fishkillers

    8 WSB - Cat or San Clemente??

    Read that Davey's Locker Bongos 6 pack charter boat pulled 8 WSB said they fished both islands...anyone know where the WSB were? Headed out to Cat Thurs night fishing Friday...sitting waiting wishing
  446. fishkillers

    Bonito - How long will this last?

    thought so!! great boat
  447. fishkillers

    spearing halibut

    Dude, if you do have this gun and you don't return it you will be eaten by a Great White or a Mako while using that particular gun. You do not understand the bad karma you have brought upon yourself, IF in fact you have this gun. You have no idea.
  448. fishkillers

    Bonito - How long will this last?

    is that avatar pic from the Top Gun 80 deck??
  449. fishkillers

    Bonito - How long will this last?

    Quick question, how long do you think the current run of large bonito will last here in the DP/OC/SD area??
  450. fishkillers

    Bonito today?

    They're there. Yesterday we had to follow large schools north along the coast from DP , they didn't sit still for more than 20-30 mins. The counts are still good, look at Davey's and Newport Landing.
  451. fishkillers

    Thresher or Mako Steak Donation NEEDED

    you guys make me laugh and if anyone can spare about 40lbs of lobster , just PM me
  452. fishkillers

    what the f*** happenend to the guy and gal out of north county!

    scary and sad
  453. fishkillers

    Large Bonito everywhere

    it was funny watching one take a dude around the boat twice...and this was on the Dana Pride, not a small boat
  454. fishkillers

    Large Bonito everywhere

    The Bonito were insane today! Fish jumping all over the place, birds diving on bait, looked like mini-tuna season. These guys we caught were between 5 and 17lbs today....Right outside of Dana Point Harbor, no need for trolls just followed the birds today And if you happen to catch a big ass...
  455. fishkillers

    Switzerland bans catch and release in favor of "multiple blows to the head" :imdumb:
  456. fishkillers

    Why No Sport Boat WSB??

    my take is that they would rather do more of a sure thing, like catch rockfish, or calicos and bonito. you should suggest that to your local landing, see if they are up for it and there is interest. im going out on the phantom 5/16 to try and get those damn bass
  457. fishkillers

    Mako on the Phantom

    sorry guys, had to tell the tale when i got home last night :)
  458. fishkillers

    Mako on the Phantom

    That gaff ended up breaking..I think 2 gaffs were broken..not sure exactly who dropped it but lets say this was a total team effort.
  459. fishkillers

    Mako on the Phantom

    thanks Tues, at least we finally got one!!
  460. fishkillers

    Mako on the Phantom

    I didn't land it, Wes did but it was very very fast..the fish did not even put up a fight....until he felt that gaff
  461. fishkillers

    Mako on the Phantom

    I do have photos, will post them tomorrow. We shot video too.
  462. fishkillers

    Mako on the Phantom

    Went out on the Phantom last night/fished for WSB today..unfortunately, the elusive wsb proved to be just that...We metered them all day and could not get them to bite, very frustrating Anyhow, on the way home from Catalina, I was laying in my bunk when all of a sudden the boat stopped...I'm...
  463. fishkillers

    Phantom questions

    thanks all...will do Pam :)
  464. fishkillers

    Catalina reports

    Weather definitely a factor, trip I was going out on the Old #7 was cancelled Tuesday night...lets see what the weekend brings
  465. fishkillers

    Phantom questions

    Hi All I have an upcoming overnight to Cat on the Phantom...needless to say, I'm really excited about it. Have a few questions for you folks who have fished this boat: 1. Is there an opportunity to fish the night we get to Catalina, or is it a wait until morning thing? 2. What rigs would you...
  466. fishkillers

    Maui Charters

    hi there When I was in Maui in January, I booked the Ho'o'kela out of Lahaina for some bottom fishing. A lot of the charters out there seem to simply troll all day, and me and my girl wanted to catch we went jigging and had a great time, caught all kinds of fish.
  467. fishkillers

    Old #7 WEd April 30th

    Just booked those last 2 spots with Jerry..will be my girlfriend and I...look forward to meeting you Tuesday night
  468. fishkillers

    3/4 day on the Freelance Catalina

    Awesome! your teacher is here and he's calling you out! :)
  469. fishkillers

    3/4 day on the Freelance Catalina

    seanboi is correct with respect to boat limits. esp on the Freelance., we fish boat limits always. If we are on Sculpin, and there are 40 people on the boat, we will fish till we get 200. Doesn't matter how its done. Some people cannot fish as well as others, so I don't feel like an...
  470. fishkillers

    Top Gun 3-20 any one going? Over.

    justin's a cool guy, i was on the 3/6 trip on tg80...headed out on 4/4 too..have fun dude
  471. fishkillers

    Weather in Colonett? Conditions?

    Out of San Diego or private boat?
  472. fishkillers

    Weather in Colonett? Conditions?

    Hello Has anyone been recently or know how the weather is?? thanks!
  473. fishkillers

    "Boat limit" on undersized Bonito?

    I fished catalina out of davey's locker with a DFG agent/researcher on board. We caught a shitload of small bonito, he didnt care...he was just randomly measuring fish, interviewing people and smoking cigarettes. makes me think 5 is the bag limit, i always take at least 5, more if 24" or...