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  1. BirdnestBill

    Merry Christmas Y'all

    Like many here, I consider my Long Range buddies (and budettes) my family...and quite often like being with you more than my real family LOL:720icon: I'm wishing you all have a great Christmas and am jealous of you who are leaving on trips tomorrow. Just keep your damn spectra away from...
  2. BirdnestBill

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    I just read an article about the recent video of a rare fin-back whale spotted (and filmed) by a drone off Dana Point. I read it on the internet-it must be true Got me thinking... How long will it be before somebody launches a drone off the deck to spot patties and offshore tuna? That...
  3. BirdnestBill

    HELP!...I've Run Out of Ideas!!!

    I need some help from my friends who understand the predicament I'm in. I've got the time. Have some coin saved-up. Signed-up for a bunch of trips for the upcoming year, with a January 14-day next on the list. My lovely wife is suffering from a sever case of "Long Range Fatigue Syndrome"...
  4. BirdnestBill

    Hurricane Erick

    ​Watching Hurricane Erick the last couple days. Surfboard in one hand and tackle in another...preparing for our 8 day leaving next Saturday. :picknose: Hurricane Erick : 5 Day Forecast Map | Weather Underground Looks like it's projected to head northward up the southern Baja coast...
  5. BirdnestBill

    Hooker Intruders

    Anyone out there making these? Poncherello? Anyone?
  6. BirdnestBill

    Excel to Clipperton

    The Excel just announced a trip to Clipperton next March and I'm a phone call away from jumping on this one. Limited load of 20, fly in/out...on the bucket lost-hard to pass up! Before I do this, it would be good to get some input from those who've been on these trips. I've taken the...
  7. BirdnestBill

    Custom Wrapped Calstar 90J

    Custom wrapped 90J deckhand. Tated 30-60#. New for $300. Perfect for tossing surface iron. Deckhand grip w/turkshead. Black guide wraps with single silver bands. Excellent condition. Located in Newport Beach. $150 OBO SOLD
  8. BirdnestBill

    Calstar Grafighter 765M & 800XH

    Factory 765M with AFTCO rollers and reel seat. Great for multiple uses, including trolling and dropper loop on 80# test. Perfect condition. $325 OBO SOLD. Custom wrapped 800 XH with titanium turbo guides. Great for tossing heavy iron to wahoos on 50# test. Perfect condition. $225 OBO...
  9. BirdnestBill

    Poll: How many days per year on a sport boat?

    I rediscovered long range about four years ago, after 25+ yrs playing husband, father, and contributor to society (very debatable). Overnighters quickly turned in 5 day'rs and now pretty much 8-15 dayr's now that our "kids" are growing up. It's still hard balancing everything but there's...
  10. BirdnestBill

    How will LR Industry Evolve In The Future?

    Given the business evolution out of PV and ongoing issues (costs, restrictions, exclusivities, etc) of the landings and boats out of Point Loma, I wonder how the Point Loma operations will evolve over the upcoming years? How is the customer base changing and how do providers need to change...
  11. BirdnestBill

    Indy's Back with Big Bluefin

    Did anyone else see the pics the Indy posted on Facebook this morning? Not just one or two big ones but a bunch. Looks like some more nice grade of YFT as well. Should be enough to keep your hopes up if you're going out soon.
  12. BirdnestBill

    Shimano TN 40N "Special" Gearing

    Were these made in only 4.9:1 or also 6.2:1? Looking at a used one for dropping bombs/raiders to Hoo's, Yoyo, etc. Thx
  13. BirdnestBill

    PV for XMAS

    a long ranger thinking of PV for XMAS and for sure want to do some serious fishing while there...hopefully for some cows. 11 day'r in Nov won't be enough. Looking for advise for best charters (6 star) for an overnighter out of PV plz. Thx
  14. BirdnestBill

    Info for Tampa/St Pete's

    Soooo, I'm a left coaster who is going to spend a bunch of weekends in Tampa while working on a project there. Since I'll be missing the summer season long range fishing out of San Diego, can some of you give me a clue of what to expect for fishing near Tampa this summer and some good...
  15. BirdnestBill

    Best Sandals for Long-range?

    I'm tired of marinating my feet in xtratuf boots every day and want to get some waterproof/resistant sandals for the next least something I can alternate with the boots every now and then. Some guys use Tevas, others Keens. I'm always leery of reviews found on their websites and ask...
  16. BirdnestBill

    Tips for Fishing "The Chunk"?

    Can I get some insight into fishing "the chunk" for the big ones this fall/winter? Terminal tackle? Techniques? Do's and dont's? Thx...
  17. BirdnestBill

    Which Raptor for Hoos??

    HXJ Raptor or JX Raptor? Why? Anybody know who has them in stock (SD or OC). I plan to put it on my 800XH for casting raiders and bombs.
  18. BirdnestBill

    Fishing bait with balloons

    I need some help with understanding fishing with baloons. When does it work? What types/sizes of baloons work best? How do you rig them? How do you fish them?
  19. BirdnestBill

    How important is an 80# bait rig?

    I've got great stuff up to 50/60# and a 2x4 and SS XXXH for the big boys this winter. Seems like a pretty big gap between 50/50 and 100+. How often would I use an 80# rig on 10+ day trips and what suggestions do you have for rods/reels. I'm thinking a SS XXH with an ATD 12. What do you think?
  20. BirdnestBill

    Blank choices for wahoo rig

    What blanks should I be considering and why? Primarily for tossing raiders, bombs, etc. I have a BX2 30N to stick on it.
  21. BirdnestBill

    Need Opinions-Right reel for Yoyo & Wahoo?

    I'm looking for opinions on a reel choice that can serve double-duty for both yoyo and wahoo fishing, probably between 50-60# rating. Thread search landed a bunch of info on one or the other but I'm hoping to find one solution to two gaps in my stuff. I figure since the weight class is...
  22. BirdnestBill

    Retrieval Speed Comparison

    I'm looking for reels for yoyo and wahoo, both requiring some serious retrieve speeds. Problem is that many manufacturers don't post this info, only gear ratios, line capacity, etc. I've done a search but can't find any useful comparisons across different reels for retrieve speeds.:imdumb...