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  1. molokaipake

    New Trailer tips/hints?

    removing the carpet is a great idea, but don't forget to paint your bunks so they don't absorb water,or change bunks to trex lumber which is synthetic and won't soak water. Another good idea if you insist on keeping the carpet on, is take the time to replace all your nuts and bolts to stainless...
  2. molokaipake

    Kauai Charter

    Nemesis Sportfishing
  3. molokaipake

    130s verse 80s?

    I put Jerry Brown hollow core spectra 130# backing on my 80's, took a whole 1200 yard spool and had enough room for a couple hundred yard top shot of 100 # mono that inserts into the spectra, clean connection. Sure, takes some time on a big fish, but you don't get spooled easily. Unless you...
  4. molokaipake

    HOOk, LINE, and LEG!!!

    Sorry about your injury, but glad it turned out ok. Seems like that's the problem with trailer hooks, one for fish and other for angler. I personally run a single hook for all lures just for the safety factor, I'd rather miss a fish then run the risk of personal injury. Even with a trailer hook...
  5. molokaipake

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    If you mean cheap by saying "pake", you're right, it isn't. It's a one of a kind boat and the only one in the whole state of Hawaii. It's still a Pake's boat though,lol
  6. molokaipake

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    Boat is designed for flats use not offshore in heavy seas, never normally is there three foot seas on the flats.
  7. molokaipake

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    Awesome boat, came home in .2 on the gps tide, old boat needed at least .9 to come back on the inside. Saw a guy wading with water below his knee and passed him about about a hundred yards away and I was inside of him. Scary, running so skinny, but that's why I decided on this boat, changes the...
  8. molokaipake

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    All the way from Texas to Molokai. Boat is made by a woman boat builder from start to finish. Engine was mounted at Bayside marine in Kaneohe and front and rear platforms were custom made at Island Metalworks. Boat can run in very skinny water and is the perfect flats fishing machine for...
  9. molokaipake

    The last supper!

    One day years ago, saw something moving on the surface in the distance, as I got closer, it turned out to be a small 12lb Omilu, which I promptly sccoped up. It's mouth was wide open as it had swallowed a Manini and the sticky sharp dorsal fins were stuck in the roof of it's mouth so the small...
  10. molokaipake

    The last supper!

    On the way back in from a flyfishing charter today, saw something floating and veered over to see what it was, as it looked weirdly like a huge fish. When I got close enough to see what it was, turned out to be a huge 60-70 pound Ulua floating dead with about a five pound O'io stuck in it's...
  11. molokaipake

    Waianae 7/09/2013 Another great day on the water!

    I gave up on Mustad years ago because of failures
  12. molokaipake

    Beginners Luck, But Costly Mistake

    Try to always aim for the eyes on Mahi, if u feel intimidated, you can even tie a short, small rope to the gaff head and half hitch it to the handle, so if you lose your grip, it's still connected to the boat, kinda like a mini flygaff!
  13. molokaipake

    scary moment

    Oh well, maybe a good excuse to invest in some new engines, check out Honda, they are offering 2.99% for up to 48 months. Just repowered last October so wanted to share this with you, like having your cake and eating it too! Very affordable and five year warranty, unless you're a commercial...
  14. molokaipake

    Fly rods for sale

    I have assorted fly rods for sale, most of them are eight weight and all are near new. I have Ross, 5 ocean 7 Seas, Albright, TFO and Echo, call me and I can tell you the exact models etc. 808-336-1870, mahalo
  15. molokaipake

    Marlin lure..

    Yup, unbelievable, but yellow lures definitely will catch you some fish. Caught everything with big yellow lures before!
  16. molokaipake

    Fast and furious

    Received an impromptu call from a friend that he wanted me to come along with him on his 15 foot whaler to blast out to the closest fad to see if we could entice some Mahimahi into his fishbag, especially since the water and weather was so extraordinarily calm. I consented and within a half...
  17. molokaipake

    Short Trip 6/25/12

    With a girlfriend like that, you better not let her get away, hard to find that kinda combination, sounds like a keeper to me!
  18. molokaipake

    Line choice for Tiagra 80?

    If you want to make the commitment and do it once and last literally forever, go with 130 Jerry Brown hollow braid spectra, put a 1200 yard spool on my 80 Tiagra, then spliced to 100 lb Momoi Diamond topshot, almost 300 yards, which makes for almost a mile of line. It may sound expensive but...
  19. molokaipake

    Caught dinner

    Contemplating doing a flyfishing dvd. What do you think? Will that work?
  20. molokaipake

    Caught dinner

    here's the bar pix
  21. molokaipake

    Caught dinner

    Yup, meatballs!
  22. molokaipake

    Caught dinner

    Yay finally got my fishing fix! So wanted fresh fish to eat Left at 4am, first fish on at 5:25. Fished for a coupla hours, caught 25 pieces of 6-8 lb shibi and was back in the harbor at 9:04 am. Blackened Ahi, sashimi, poke, and fried ahi all on the tabke at the same time! Yummy dinner
  23. molokaipake

    Moldcraft squid daisy chains

    To make things simpler and not have to deal with all the clips and extra line, tangles etc, just run the line through the squids placed about a foot apart and put a crimp with a small egg sinker to keep the squid from sliding down. Put the bait with the hook three times the distance away so it...
  24. molokaipake

    Best of the Banks

    If for some reason, something unexpected happens, forgot to mention that having a small bolt cutter that you can work with one hand is also a smart tool to have aboard, if you not sure about the size, try cut a hook the size that you use first, so you know what will work. After getting...
  25. molokaipake

    Best of the Banks

    Nice fish, nice vid. Just a word of advice from an old guy that doesn't want to see you or your crew get impaled by a thrashing mahi with a trailer hook flailing about, everybody likes to use trailer hooks on their lures, except me, cause I've seen personally way too many guys get hooked and...
  26. molokaipake

    need some advice

    Regarding corrosion on your inboards, always open up the cover after washdown and before storing the boat to "vent" the heat and moisture until the engine cools down, usually a good idea for at least overnight. Spraying your engine with some kind of metal protectant will help tremendously in the...
  27. molokaipake


    Better rename your boat to "Ahi Maru". Love those perfect days just needed a longnose for the broom! Good going!
  28. molokaipake

    Do you support you local lure makers?

    Every single lure maker is an artist, plain and simple, and every lure maker is a fisherman as well, so I have nothing but high regard for every local lure maker, plus for some, it's a full time business, not just a hobby. Not to mention that for every maker a teeny bit of their mojo is put into...
  29. molokaipake

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/27/2012

    Yup, anytime you have a safe trip and catch fish, it's a success, the real blessing is just being able to be out in God's creation and being vertical. Plus when you go solo, everything you do matters too, glad you were blessed
  30. molokaipake

    You never know!

    Had a flyfishing charter a few days ago and my client asked if we could catch ahi or mahi. I'm thinking, right, you gotta go way out to catch that kind of fish, but I thought, one never knows, so brought along my little 30 Tiagra's and instead of jamming down to flyfish, set out my three rods...
  31. molokaipake


    Can the glasspro be made into wash decks too?
  32. molokaipake

    fish finder for sale?

    First of all, because you indicated fairly shallow water fish, you may not need a 3000 watt machine. I can only tell you what I personally use, although I could certainly steer you other ways. Garmin has the reliability that I need, as I use my electronics multiple times a week, more than the...
  33. molokaipake

    Molokai charter recommendation?

    If you want a boat with a potty, check out Capt Joe on the Alyce C, 808-6580116, sure it's a porta potti, which isn't any better than a bucket, but it does have a seat! Mahalo everyone for your referrals too, bless all you guys!
  34. molokaipake


    Fishing not slow, you just getting in the habit of loading up all the time das why you think it's slow. Good going on an awesome catch! Keep it up, and be safe!
  35. molokaipake

    Waianae 2/04/12 and more.

    Good on you for spending time with daddy, sure miss mine! Beatiiful pix posted for a memorable day!
  36. molokaipake


    He means "one" Ahi!
  37. molokaipake


    So was this on standup too? You are the Ahi whisperer, finding them when no one else can. 2012 is just starting and it's not even Ahi season. Good for you!
  38. molokaipake

    Molokai Wharf being closed down Saturday!

    Yup Molokai has only one launching ramp that is actually a "tempo" ramp to replace one that broke in half almost three years ago. With the money the state spent for this fiasco, when they always say" no mo money", for anything else crucial, they could probably have put in our permanent ramp...
  39. molokaipake

    Molokai Wharf being closed down Saturday!

    What a waste, the entire ordeal was very peaceable, hey this is the "Friendly Isle". Lots of confusion, tempers flairing, people venting about matters they didn't really understand, etc. Bottom line, Thousands of tax payers dollars wasted, for what? An overnighter for a cruise ship that spent...
  40. molokaipake

    Molokai Wharf being closed down Saturday!

    This is not a fishing report exactly but tjought my fellow BDers would be interested to see how the state and feds are responding to a situation. The ENTIRE wharf is being closed down even the road to the wharf so a minincruise ship with 35 people aboard can dock. I have a commercial ramp...
  41. molokaipake

    KANEOHE 12/14

    Maybe time to buy a Garmin? Nice load capt Don, ready for da Kalikimaka!
  42. molokaipake

    Penguin Banks 12-14

    Bet the new crib she wants will rock real nicely on the boat, just the right motion to put baby to sleep, then she can go with you more often. Of course you might have to interupt your fish pulling with an occasional diaper change too, you can do that while the electric reel is pulling up the...
  43. molokaipake

    Kaneohe Battle

    Wow, talk about the jackpot! That's fishing, when it's your day, nothing can go wrong except for losing your prized lure! What a banner day you guys had, can't wait to get out and see what is lurking on our side too. Good going Bonnie lu crew!
  44. molokaipake

    Kaneohe Battle

    Wow, talk about the jackpot! That's fishing, when it's your day, nothing can go wrong except for losing your prized lure! What a banner day you guys had, can't wait to get out and see what is lurking on our side too. Good going Bonnie Lu crew.
  45. molokaipake

    KANEOHE 12/03

    All you needed was an Ono to fly the broom. Wish I had just one of those aku. Good going on the awesome catch! Good way to end up the year. Gotta enjoy the nice water!
  46. molokaipake

    Wtb amsoil oil

    Call Mario at 808-456-2730 he's in Pearl City.
  47. molokaipake

    WTB hubs and leaf springs

    John, call Ian at Hawaii Springs, he can hook you up with the right stuff and has them in stock.
  48. molokaipake

    11-13-11 Couldn't close the deal...

    If all those fish stayed hooked you would've been a tired angler! Oh well! That's why we keep coming back to try again, if anything, revel in the thought that you had the right baits that the fish liked! Tight lines!
  49. molokaipake


    Good going Pat glad to see some else that likes their 50's too. Just switched to 100% Shimano on my boat. Those tuna sticks have just the right match/flex for what you're hooking. Mahalo for the red/white/blue contrast too, can't wait to see if there's any more of thoses guys around, gotta...
  50. molokaipake

    late marlin report!

    Nice when everything works in your favor. Nice eating size fish too. Can't wait to get back on the water and try my luck too. Shimano Tiagra's rock. Try using hollow braid spectra backing and you can almost double your line capacity. Caught four Marlin in that size all on my 50's, only one of...
  51. molokaipake

    tako time

    Got some serious pounding ahead, hope u have a cement mixer or washing machine to help soften it up! Lotsa good dried He'e coming up! Haven't caught a big one like that in a few years, good going!
  52. molokaipake

    Two Blue Day

    Whew, what an awesome fun filled day at sea! Took advantage of the respite in the wind, and went out with a friend, Ikaika Juario, to see what we could find. Actually we had Mahi on the brain, but as it turned out, that was a flop of an idea. We were checking out some lures and I told him to...
  53. molokaipake

    Fun day at the office!

    Had a chance to do a solo "dawn patrol" with my 15 foot flyfishing boat. Left at dawn to see what I could catch as I had the "drools" for some fresh fish. A friend had gone out the day prior with "nada" results, so the odds were against me, but all you fishermen know how it is, gotta try your...
  54. molokaipake

    Mahi Molokai 10-10

    Any Mahi over 40 is a big one especially a fat bull. They give a small Marlin a hard rub, size for size. Sure love seeing them in my fishbox, as I'm sure you were too, nice blessing for sure. Got one over 40 on my last trip out too, so guess this a big mahi year, Aurite! Go get um!
  55. molokaipake

    Last minute solo trip

    Nice job "old man", nah joking, know the feeling well myself, with the three marlin caught last week. Good job, some ono po'ke for you. Call me sometime.
  56. molokaipake

    Epic Molokai Marlin Day

    Whew, it's been ages since making a post but not many trolling trips as of late. Had a charter couple from South Carolina today that really wanted to catch a Marlin of any size. Awesome nice water today, especially for Molokai standards, which is usually rough, majority of the time. Long story...
  57. molokaipake


    Congrats Micah Man, nice Stripey! Next time ask Capt daddy to let you drive the boat too!
  58. molokaipake

    2 Penn 80 VSW 2 speed reels for sale

    I have two Penn 80VSW reels for sale. Can send you pix if desired. Asking $1200 for them. Paypal can be arranged to make it easy for the transaction. Call 808-3361870, serious buyers only please.
  59. molokaipake

    Got a new ride

    You know what they say, right time, right place, it all works out. Of course having the expert Capt Don along was no fluke either. Sometimes waiting for the right deal takes time, but in the long run, you end up being the winner, wishing you the best for the future.
  60. molokaipake

    Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS and TLD 2 50LRS

    Do u still have the Shimano 50wlrs? I 'm interested if u do, thanks, Capt Clay
  61. molokaipake

    What fish are eating/ Stomach contents

    Caught a mahi one day that had a very fresh Roi in it's stomach, go figah!
  62. molokaipake

    Banks/ Archer Bar 4/22

    Sale is offering 15% discount
  63. molokaipake

    Help! Lost my pushpole, fell off my boat

    Pole does float, no need foam, but good thought. Works too for gaffs if they fall overboard. Just couldn't find the pole, went looking for it, but like a needle in a haystack
  64. molokaipake

    Help! Lost my pushpole, fell off my boat

    Aloha BDers. Just in case anyone finds an eight foot black fiberglass Moonlighter pushpole floating somewhere off south of Molokai, would appreciate it being returned to me. I can be reached at 808-3361870. It fell off my boat on the way back to Kaunakakai a few days ago, mahalo, Capt Clay...
  65. molokaipake

    Another Boner Day!

    Although it was a very overcast day, we found a few cooperative fish that wanted to come and play with us. All released for another day of life, gosh, I love my job!
  66. molokaipake

    Good start 1/30/11

    Right on with the lure testing session you had. Lures look just like some that I have too! Glad you were able to stick a few, it's like a chinese fire drill when the Stripeys make their appearance, hope they make their way to Molokai soon, haven't eaten one of them in a long time. Congrats!
  67. molokaipake

    Blast from the past!

    Yup, reel was a Tiagra 30, not the wide, with 50 lb test line. Remember was trying to catch aku and shibi for a luau, didn't expect a big ahi to bite, kinda tricky handlining small line like that, but guess it proves that it can be done if you take your time. Guess it was just meant to be. A...
  68. molokaipake

    Blast from the past!

    Aloha everyone, just thought I'd share an older segment of fishing aboard the Hallelujah Hou with a few friends. We were out trying to catch fish for my grandson's first birthday luau. The girl (Tammy) in the pix was her first time out fishing, so she had a lot of firsts that morning. Matt...
  69. molokaipake

    Flyfishing for Bones

    When fishing with clients, 100% of fish are released, as I feel that for every fish that I let go, it's another one that I can catch again one day. Or if anything, at least it can reproduce, and make more babies. In spite of the generations of fishermen before me netting this prized fish, there...
  70. molokaipake

    1-2-11 Mixed Bag and good ones...

    Love to see the "tuna sticks" in action, on a good standup tug of war. Having a matched, balanced setup is "lovely", actually, really fun rather than doing the standard "gorilla" thing. If anything, it evens up the score and you really "earn" your fish, makes them taste better too? Awesome...
  71. molokaipake

    Flyfishing for Bones

    Since trolling has been really slow, decided to go to work on my charters. Had a client that said it was okay to fish with him, (don't usually fish when I have clients) so I brought out my new Hatch flyreel, which has been sitting on the shelf since July when I bought it. Got on some nice fish...
  72. molokaipake

    12 22 late post

    Cute little Nebeta's you got there, unless it's a fiftyfive gallon drum that they are in, I usually let those little guys go. Nah, just joking, nice catch and ono grinds. Not too many better eating fish than that. Have a great fish catching 2011.
  73. molokaipake

    kaneohe 12/22 early x-mas present

    Nice to come home before the sun sets, huh, Capt Don? Glad the "Ahi Maru", is still finding them yellow guys. Wish some would show up over here, even if they were half that size I would be rejoicing. Got blessed anyway, the other day, found a huge, really green, glass ball just outside the...
  74. molokaipake


    Well, one out of two is still batting 50%, good going on a nice fish, mahalo for sharing about your almost Christmas fish, what a beauty!
  75. molokaipake

    kaneohe 12/13

    Yup, there's no price for helping out another fisherman, as one day you may need the kokua yourelf, and it's a mighty BIG ocean out there. Good on you Capt Don, good mana, and the rewards are nice as you can sleep at night knowing you didn't let a friend down.:gaygroup:
  76. molokaipake

    Mahi action with the brother in laws

    Had an opportunity to take out my two brother in laws, Ron and Troy out for a quick trip on Monday. One just moved to Molokai and the other is visiting for a few days. Started to catch a few fish when my wife calls to say we gotta get back in by 2 pm so the BIL that just moved can get some...
  77. molokaipake

    Kaneohe 12/9

    Good going on the biggest fish for your boat, plus you got a shower or two. Main thing, came home safe.
  78. molokaipake


    Caught a small one years ago when trying to fish Ika shibi off Molokai. I haven't heard of anyone on this island catching one ever.
  79. molokaipake

    Solo fishing

    set things up within easy reach for yourself, since you're in Kona, nice water. Would suggest using hydraulic steering so the boat will steer where you point it otherwise gotta use the bungee cord. It's always a good idea for a partner but not often one is available. File a float plan, stay in...
  80. molokaipake


    Gotta have the power to do the job and the other often overlooked item, a good transducer to match whatever unit you buy. I would suggest something in the 3kw range. Minimum would be a 1 kw unit. Lotsa brands out there, you gotta choose according to what you can afford.
  81. molokaipake

    Finally got some fish!

    Whew, been a long winter with nothing fantastic to report or share with my fellow BD'ers. Had a couple of decent catches back to back on two consecutive trips out, so thought it was worth sharing, as they were the best in a looong time. Lat week Wednesday, had a great Mahi day in spite of...
  82. molokaipake

    Share your boats fuel economy

    24 foot custom power catamaran with nine foot beam twin Honda 50 EFI outboards averaging 3-4 miles per gallon total burn for both engines trolls at 7.5 knots at 1.5-2 gph total burn for both engines WOT is 22 knots. four blade Power tech polished stainless props total fuel capacity is twin 18...
  83. molokaipake

    1st Deer! Youth Mule Deer Hunt Success

    Way to go team. Can't redeem the time if you don't spend it with your son. He's gonna grow up so fast you'll wonder where the time went. It's not what you can buy for him either, it's what you DO with him that counts. Do as much as he'll allow, as time is so very short. Blessings on you and your...
  84. molokaipake

    Kaneohe 9OCT10

    Fish to eat and a safe trip home, nothing better than that, good going
  85. molokaipake

    KANEOHE 10/9

    Still think you should change your boat name to "Mahimahi Maru". You are the Mahi master! Nice rumble you had there for awhile, too bad you didn't find the "house". Musta been a subsurface thing that was holding the fish, waiting for the day I get to find one too, good going mahalo for the...
  86. molokaipake

    little boy, big fish

    Okay, gotta share this cool "little" story. My five year old grandson that lives with me seems to have the fishing bug lately, which is a good thing as I've been watching all my grandkids to see which one has a natural bent for fishing. Anyway, Thursday morning he gets up and tells me, "Papa...
  87. molokaipake

    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    Maybe you should name it "puka pocket". With them big gas engines, it'll be a fast ride to the gas station. Not being critical here, please don't be offended, just commenting, really nice boat, should handle the rough waters nicely, watch out fish!
  88. molokaipake

    P14 or similar small boats...

    The original P-14 had an insignia on the dash molded in, that actually said P-14. There are a lot of small boats that are called P-14, but in reality are not the original. They were from the 1960's and were made by Von Ham Young in Honolulu. My dad bought one of the original ones so I know them...
  89. molokaipake

    Looking to buy a bangstick

    Bangsticks can be very dangerous especially the kind with a pin safety, once here in Hawaii, a guy blew a hole through his hand when the boat lurched and he leaned on the end of the stick without the safety pin, definitely not funny stuff. To me, I agree with the pistol idea, get a stainless...
  90. molokaipake

    Recarpet trailer boat guides

    Just a thought for you considering putting carpet on your bunks. I would suggest not doing it as it really makes your trailer brackets and trailer itself rust out faster especially if you use thick deep pile carpet as it holds a lot of water and takes over two weeks to dry out. Consider using...
  91. molokaipake

    For those who have stainless props, did you notice any benefit for Hawaiian waters?

    Kaimikai shared some wisdom regarding the props. Having the correct everything is what will get you the best performance for your boat, pitch/diameter etc. Main thing is being able to get the recommended factory WOT rating for your engine with your load aboard, not empty. If not, then you're...
  92. molokaipake

    Custom Cap and Polycarbonate Enclosure

    Nothing like doing it yourself, that way no can blame anyone if come out junk. Now gotta buy one fan for cool you off, better that than being wet though, and the weather and conditions we fish here is more wet and wild than nice. I think money and time well invested in what you love to do, good...
  93. molokaipake

    Double Ahi

    Nice job on the double, how sweet it is when everything goes like clockwork. Glad you got them both in the boat, mahalo for sharing.
  94. molokaipake

    Bottom fishing reels for sale

    Henry Ching Reel with blood line for sale, $250. Call 808-3361870.
  95. molokaipake

    Waianae 6/30

    Nice fish guys, mo bettah, momoi more often....
  96. molokaipake

    Temperature Leveling Off...

    CP, good going on your nice fish. Only fish caught and using the bars too, what a testimony to their effectiveness. If you don't use um, you can't catch fish. SShhh, don't tell anybody, they may want to try one..........<><
  97. molokaipake

    Friend caught his fish, I got my son!

    Children are a gift from the Lord. Guard and guide him well, as he WILL be WATCHING your every move will reap what you sow in him, congrats.
  98. molokaipake

    Kai "Nana's" weekend and then some...

    Pat, guess you know now the reality of what happens when you have your boat blessed. glad you got it done, Good going on a couple of nice fish, I'm salivating.
  99. molokaipake

    Honesty is the Key to successful fishing

    I remember when I was younger, my kupuna would always tell me, "Boy, if you no can say something nice, then no say nothing at all". If you want someone to be a friend then you have to be a friend to them. Just remember that "pride" is the factor when "stretching" the truth regarding how big or...
  100. molokaipake

    kaneohe 6/17

    Wow, the two biggest Ahi for the boat yet, what a blessed trip, at least got the priorities right, work first, then play, boy, when you play, you play hard. Well deserved catch for the Kimi Ann crew, it's just starting too.... Boat is almost pau, engines are mounted, just waiting for one...
  101. molokaipake

    Fun morning chasing Bones

    Took an old timer out flyfishing yesterday. This guy has been flyfishing everywhere. Had a slow start as he had a few glitches and a lot of refusals, as the fish didn't like any of his fly offerings. As soon as he decided to try one of mine, the odds turned in his favor, as every fish he threw...
  102. molokaipake


    Had a great morning with my client Pete. He's an old timer as far as fishing goes, as he has fished literally everywhere. He had a slow start with a lot of glitches and fish refusing his offerings for the first several hours. Then he decided to try one of my flies, smart move, as then every fish...
  103. molokaipake

    Exceptional morning

  104. molokaipake

    Aftco gaffs SUCK

    Jeff, beautiful catch, hope some head this way soon. I like home made gaffs, buy the gaff head at POP and use an axe handle to mount it on, plus make some rope wraps for grip. Not hard to do, just takes some time to tie it all on and epoxy it all up. Never broke one yet. I actually lost an Aftco...
  105. molokaipake

    Fishing Report Double Ahi and an Ono

    It's always a good idea to bring bananas aboard so that when you have a strike, you can eat them to give you energy! It's only bad luck if you believe in luck.
  106. molokaipake

    What's going on hilo side?

    Only way to know is GO! If biting, nobody like tell....
  107. molokaipake

    Pilot Whales, Sharks and Rubba Hooks

    Maybe next time you should try dragging some dynamite? I heard blubber is ono? Just joking....
  108. molokaipake

    ahi kaneohe

    Main thing, fish in the boat. Also no fo'get, if you going fishing, bring ice. Like when you're praying for rain, carry an umbrella. If you want quality fish to eat, gotta chill em well. Sorry not trying to scold you, trying to encourage you. Rule of thumb, one pound ice for one pound fish...
  109. molokaipake

    Waianae - Memorial Day Ahi

    Gotta love them blind strikes. Hope you had enough ice.
  110. molokaipake


    Three of anything is nice, especially when they have yellow sickles. Bet your daddy was a happy man when you returned with the nice catch. Made him a proud daddy. Good going.
  111. molokaipake

    Dead Battery Help

    One thing not mentioned thus far, is to always use a battery switch and turn it to the off position when the boat is not is use. It will help if something else is not connected to the batteries in front of the switch, which may cause some discharge. On lead acid type batteries, the only true...
  112. molokaipake

    Recycled Lures

    Looks like Ono fodder, no foget to trim the skirts too....they all should work, kinda standard colors. Heavy metal always works for the "dawn patrol".
  113. molokaipake

    Ahi Fever - Needs help

    PRAY hard!
  114. molokaipake

    Handline question

    Chee, used to make this stuff over 20 years ago, it does take some time to do but comes out nicely when using the drill to spin each line. I do the surgical tubing route with the line inside, but I use the gray dacron 250/400 lb, used to be the Sunset brand but I think they went out of business...
  115. molokaipake

    Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish

    Almost anything in the ocean is edible, just maybe not palatable to everyone. Like Kala, some people like it some don't. Same with Hage, you can even make poke with them too. Panko is another option, or soaking in teriyaki sauce and either grilling them or frying them. If you lazy, just pulehu...
  116. molokaipake

    Archer Meatball

    Okay everybody hold on to your hats now. Back to the bars, stay focused now, we're not talking war stories or venacular, we're talking fishing here. The biggest fish to date for me hooked on a bar was an estimated 5-600 lb Donkey of a Marlin. It was hooked last year on my birthday and it was...
  117. molokaipake

    Kaneohe akule

    If you don't know, go try it out, might find a goldmine out there. Gotta be some out there somewhere, put in the time and find um, makes it all worthwhile when you do your own scouting and earn the rewards of eating what you catch. Some things take time to know.
  118. molokaipake

    Waianae - Late start!

    Russ, good going on your perserverance. Last quarter fishing is always a blessing to receive. The fish you caught is a nice size to eat too, Mmmm, waiting for my first Ono of the season, haven't been trolling much yet, but will be as soon as I get my repower done on the Cat in another coupla...
  119. molokaipake

    Got Tuna?

    Guess sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, not saying you're not good, just that it was your lucky day, good going, mahalo for sharing, musta put a big smile on your face, thinking wow, what a monster Ono.....
  120. molokaipake

    Archer Meatball

    Got to try out my brand new bars this afternoon and had three bites, landed two of them, a 14 and a 16 lb Aku. Regarding colors, the main thing is contrast between the chase and teaser baits. I've used the meatball in 4 1/2 inch in black/purple with a hot pink chase bait and also have run a...
  121. molokaipake

    Slowing down after you hookup

    Try running a minimum of at least a half minute, if, of course you can see its not a huge fish peeling line off the reel. Even with Ahi's, many times you get a second or third fish on. Other thing to consider is sharp hooks, and scale your drag to 20% of your line strength, helps a lot on your...
  122. molokaipake

    Offshore boat?

    Zodies are probably safer than most monohull boats because they have multi compartments, whereas most boats have a bilge and no sealed compartments for flotation as the Zodie has. Main thing is take the proper safety gear, pfd's, epirb, vhf, waterproof bag for cell phone etc. Make sure fish...
  123. molokaipake

    Nice water, hungry fish

    Finally, the wind slowed down, at least for a few days. A friend asked me yesterday if I ever go out for tunas. I told him yes I did but hadn't in a long time as I was busy with all my charters. My big boat is on standby as I've sold the engines on it and waiting for the new ones to be shipped...
  124. molokaipake

    Solo fishing

    Mario, I've been doing the "lone ranger" thing for a lot of years, both with small boats and larger ones. You have already had a lot of good advice sent to you regarding safety issues. Now the ball is in your court as you will have to determine how all that was said will apply to you. If I...
  125. molokaipake

    Question on trolling a live Aku?

    Sounds like you already answered your own question as you caught fish at the speed you were going. Remember, if it works then you're doing it right. It's actually a lot simpler than most fishemen make it out to be. Mahi at twenty pounds will inhale a 6 pound aku, I used to drag a "charlie"...
  126. molokaipake

    Bonefish setup for sale

    I have an Orvis Battenkill mid arbor IV reel in silver color mounted on a two piece nine foot Clearwater II rod. The rod and reel are eight weight and almost a year old. There is also floating Orvis flyline and backing on the reel. I want $250 for the entire setup whch is in excellent shape. I...
  127. molokaipake

    Anchor Rope

    30 fathoms is relatively shallow water to anchor in. I'd use at least a 3:1 if the current isn't too strong, if it is strong you may need to use more as you may end up dragging anchor. I use iceline or a poly as it doesn't lay on the bottom if the current slacks, it will always float. Nylon is...
  128. molokaipake

    Molokai trip Apr 17th/18th...???

    Just a FYI for those of you that have never paddled before, especially the women. They usually slather up with vaseline in all the heavy chafe areas, or channels as you call them. It helps tremendously with the rubbing and makes for a lot of comfort over the duration of the paddling session...
  129. molokaipake

    Boner morning!

    What an awesome morning of flyfishing. Well, actually not even a morning as it was really only about an hour duration. I went scouting for a new area, and saw some tailing Bones upon entering the area, so got as close as I could and dropped anchor so I could wade on the fish that I could see...
  130. molokaipake

    Gel spun backing to fly line

    Lots of fly lines have a loop built right on the line, you can tie right on to the loop.
  131. molokaipake

    Boner Day

    Took a senior citizen out flyfishing today, he's 75, which proves age is not a factor if the heart is willing. Covered lots of water and flats with no love, then the wind picked up strong, like 25+. Not fun, but persevered and kept looking all the while praying for the wind to subside. Finally a...
  132. molokaipake

    Boner Day

    What a day! Bones were everywhere we fished. Started off hooking a fish for a client early as he couldn't quite get his fly in front of the fish or they didn't like what he was offering them, whatever the case, handed him my rod so he could feel the awesome, sheer strength of the first fierce...
  133. molokaipake

    Anyone ever caught an uhu on hook and line?

    Yup, did catch one with a hook while bottomfishing, using cuttlefish for bait. Just happened that one time though, and yes, they are yummy and meaty....can also be eaten raw...
  134. molokaipake

    trolling with 4strokes

    No matter which four stroke engine that you purchase, they all have to be maintained properly to perform for you. I think all the four strokes are good, just how you care for them is the factor. Other factor is getting the correct prop for the engine to get the WOT rating that is factory...
  135. molokaipake

    best inexpensive 8/9 wt. reel for slatwater?

    Galvan makes some good solid reliable reels. Orvis has a mid arbor that is priced right and performs flawlessly too. One thing to consider is don't go by price alone. go with a company that will service and back up the reel that you buy. There are a lot of good reels on the market. It might help...
  136. molokaipake

    Got wind?

    Anyone know where the switch is to trun off the wind? Whew, its been a blowing like crazy. Gusts today to over 40+. Guess for once the weather guys are right. Still got out to fish even with the wind, and believe it or not, went flyfishing for two days in a row. Talk about make the most of...
  137. molokaipake

    Flyfishing Molokai

    Whew, the wind has been cranking the past week. Gusts to over 25-30 mph. Makes for some harsh conditions trying to get a fly on fish. In spite of it all, however, there were a few lulls in the wind and there were some nice fish to cooperate with us. Target is always Bonefish, but Trevally are a...
  138. molokaipake

    Looking for welder...trailer work

    Call Ian at Hawaii Springs 836-1696), they have all the parts etc, they may have someone that can weld or refer you to one.
  139. molokaipake


    Old school gaff I made my own using an axe handle. Buy the gaff hook, groove out the wooden handle, set the gaff in it and tie/wrap nylon or dacron cord around it and epoxy it over the wrapping. Crude but never broke one ever. Only limitation is the length. Good for the close up action. Can even...
  140. molokaipake

    Cut line...

    I agree with Capt Fred, everyone thinks that you have to have 18+ feet of leader. The fish don't go to school. All I can say is "try it, you might like it". Be teachable fellow fishermen, no be "hard headed", get the "chains off your brains", learn from the professional, aka Capt Fred. He has...
  141. molokaipake

    March 24, 2010-Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Keep it simple. My elders always told me "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything". Otherwise you got a fat lip..It all boils down to "respect". Especially if the other guy is bigger than you are.
  142. molokaipake

    HGF aku rig

    Start with a piece of mono about 12 feet long, fold it in half but with one side shorter by a couple of feet. The middle where it is folded you can tie either a figure eight knot or put a swage there to make a loop. Put your lures on the ends of the line. Simple. Use whatever size line you want...
  143. molokaipake


    What a bruiser, good going on bringing it in too, must have been a long tow back to port. Like the "Old man and the sea" except you had help. Congrats.....
  144. molokaipake


    Made a late afternoon, solo run down the ledge at 2:45 pm yesterday, water looked nice and air felt warm. Was praying, "Lord, I just want one Mahi", didn't want to be greedy, ya know. Went down about eight miles down the ledge and bingo, a nice mahi strike on my little 30 Tiagra. Nice aerials...
  145. molokaipake

    damashi knots

    Really looong damashis just need really loooong thread. My thoughts are that the shorter the better, so less tangling. If anything, longer dropper loops too, for me always caused more tangling then it was worth. I started twisting the loop before cinching it tight and it seems to have helped...
  146. molokaipake

    outboards difference

    No matter what you buy, buy what you can get serviced and from a dealer that you can trust and not get jerked around by idle promises or "there's nothing wrong". I think all the engines nowadays seem to be good performers, important thing is the routine, periodic maintenance. If you just look...
  147. molokaipake

    St. Patty's Day Marlin

    Formula for the weight measurement is length of fish from fork to bottom bill, times girth squared divided by 800, comes out within five pounds. Use a string or rope to make the measurement around the girth, makes it easier then bending a tape measure, then measure the string. Good going on a...
  148. molokaipake


    Use Amsoil in your four strokes, can get 300 hours per engine oil change. Good stuff, for real...
  149. molokaipake

    The search is over...

    Maybe can get one of those canopy type covers like a tent? Not sure of the space that you have available. Was thinking of that cause it looks like you may have to cover underneath of the arch. Makes things cooler and easier to work on if you need to work on the boat too. Of course, its only a...
  150. molokaipake

    kauai report

    Hauoli la Hanau
  151. molokaipake

    help repower

    50"s could push your boat fine, but if you want more speed, might be a good idea to bump up to the next higher size of engine, 60,75 -90 hp. No matter what brand you go with, they all will need periodic maintenance so I suggest going with the brand that you can get service for,
  152. molokaipake

    Trolling speed?

    One factor not covered in this thread is the kind of fish targeted. Seems Marlin are low frequency fish thus the diesel powered boats may have the edge simply because of the vibrations that they put out versus an outboard powered vessel which puts out more of a higher frequency. I think we as...
  153. molokaipake

    Waianae 3/7/10

    Nice work on being in the right place at the right time. Love dem fat boys, awesome sashimi.........<><
  154. molokaipake


    No wonder your phone nevah answer when I call, you're out where the wind is so strong you can't hear the phone ringing. Nice catch Capt Don and crew. Main thing come home safe.
  155. molokaipake

    Mahi for Ku'uanela

    Good thing the marlin never stuck or you woulda been in trouble being solo, nothing like fresh Mahi, mahalo for da report.
  156. molokaipake


    Waiting for dem Ahi to show so we can make da bars work hard....
  157. molokaipake

    Diesel Fuel Additive Preferences

    Amsoil diesel fuel treatment is what I would recommend Jeff. Also diesel engine oil as well. Whatever your oil change rate is, you can triple it when using Amsoil synthetic oil products. I've been using it since 1994 in everything that has an engine. Instead of the 100 hour oil changes you can...
  158. molokaipake

    Side moun shotguns

    Side mounts are as strong as your area of mounting is. If possible a backplate might help make things stronger as well.
  159. molokaipake

    Tsunami Double...

    Good things all come in pairs, nice going on the beautiful fish, hope you ate um.
  160. molokaipake

    Hand lining for akule

    If you want to do it the oldtimer way, then handline is the only way to go. Its also very effective but you have to do your homework as far as what kind, type and size of line to use. Rod and reel is okay and you may have less tangles, but its a lot slower than handlining. Ask some of the guys...
  161. molokaipake

    ez load trailer sliding tounge help

    Its usually an aftermarket thing, not oem. Most are custom made, maybe ask guys who have them on their trailer to see who made it for them.
  162. molokaipake


    Just spent the past several hours watching the ebb and flow at Kaunakakai Wharf. It was interesting to see the water flow inward toward shore and then stop, and then a rush flowing out over fifteen knots speed. It was about a twenty minute cycle. You could actually see the difference in water...
  163. molokaipake

    Chilean Earthquake

    Spent several hours watching the ebb and flow at Kaunakakai Wharf. It was mean. First, a gradual incoming flow and then it stopped, and then an outflow at over fifteen knots, it was just about a twenty minute cycle that I timed. Watched it all at four to six Pm this evening, no videos but...
  164. molokaipake

    Hi Kai - 02/24/10

    I just think you're catching fish because your priorities are in order, family first does make a difference when you're trying to fish and you still have a "honey do" list waiting at home for you, kinda works on the mind and you can't really enjoy what you're doing. Good eats on the...
  165. molokaipake

    Not a good day for this fish

    When a fish gets eaten, I never touch the rest of the mutilation as it seems like it was meant not to be mine in the first place, so I left it for the tax collector to finish. We went flyfishing again yesterday and landed another eight pounder, fought and lost another one after a three minute...
  166. molokaipake

    Another haole guy & gal? No way!

    Pass da brownies! Da Alice B kine.....remember those?
  167. molokaipake

    Not a good day for this fish

    I had a client today that wanted to fish for Bones. It was a picture perfect day with almost no wind. Saw a bunch of fish everywhere too. After missing on a lot of opportunities, it finally happened, right when the sandwiches came out. A fish was bearing down on the boat at forty feet away. My...
  168. molokaipake

    Not a good day for this poor fish!

    Took a doctor out flyfishing today along with his wife. It was a picture perfect day with almost no wind, perfect for flyfishing the flats. Tide was perfect, saw a lot of fish too. Then it happened, right when the sandwiches came out, a fish closing fast on the boat. My client put the fly...
  169. molokaipake

    Two guys on small boat + Experience + Luck = ~378 lb Blue Marlin (2/21/10)

    Must have been a real task to pull it on board your boat too, congratualtions on a job well done. Bet you slept well that night....
  170. molokaipake

    RIP Captain Mike Rand

    Just got the news today, too bad, he was an expert fisherman, I crewed for him back in 2005 for a couple of trips, definitely a professional fisherman, a real loss to the fishing community in Kona.
  171. molokaipake

    Another haole guy & gal? No way!

    Nice to see that aside from the Marlin in Kona at least you got lei'd when you arrived. Think clean now everyone, don't go there. Love the nostalgia, all that's changed is the color of the hair.......
  172. molokaipake

    Kaneohe 2/16 Kimi Ann action

    Nice catch Capt Don, hope you saved me some Aku belly for you know what...made me salivate seeing those nice aku, yum....mahalo for sharing your day...
  173. molokaipake

    Tell me what you think

    Follow your heart and your head as well. Your heart will have that sense of what will work and is right for you. Your head will tell you that everything is working as you want it to. From the pix, it is exactly as you say, a new boat at a used price. Even if you decide later that it isn't...
  174. molokaipake

    Blood on Deck on President

    Right on CP, I've been telling guys since last year, the bars work but it seems not many fishermen want to believe me, guess its gotta be a "believe it when you see it" kinda thing. For me, if you ain't tried it, you ain't seen nuthin yet. Fact is, if you're teacheable, you can learn...
  175. molokaipake

    Molokai Boner

    Wow, thought yesterday was an awesome day of flyfishing and then today dawns as another beautiful, picture perfect day. There were a few times we got clouded over, but it was all good. This time we got several nice Bones, both at eight to nine pounds each. Reel screamers, jeesh, you shoulda been...
  176. molokaipake

    Molokai flyfishing

    Had an awesome flyfishing day with clear skies and clean water. The big plus was the fish were cooperative to boot. Saw lots of nice Bones and also caught some too. All in all just a blessed day on the water doing what I love to do. My client was stoked to say the least. Gosh, I love my job...
  177. molokaipake

    Molokai flyfishing

    Had an awesome day flyfishing with a client today, weather was fantastic, not a single cloud in the sky to spoil the view. The fish were cooperative, plentiful and saw some huge Bones. All in all just a blessed day on the water, I love my job.
  178. molokaipake

    Caught some Ulua today!

    Had some repeat customers today from Canada. One was celebrating his 50th B-day fishing with me on the Hallelujah Hou. Haven't done a lot of whipping for a long time now, but was fortunate to get a birthday fish for the birthday boy. Also broke off another fish on a double hook up and the...
  179. molokaipake


    Most of the time people make comments like that because they don't know how to fish, or the fact of what it takes to bring in a load like that, anchoring, bait, where to fish etc. Its not all luck, believe me I know, it's hard work, and when it all lines up you reap the rewards, which means...
  180. molokaipake

    Kawakawa Caught in Spider Web

    I've been telling all you guys to try the meatball bars in whatever size you want to try, doesn't anyone believe me? Guess you just gotta find your own way through the maze.
  181. molokaipake


    Funny, I always thought chicken wire was round, not rectangular. Maybe it's "turkey wire"...
  182. molokaipake

    kauai afternoon

    Hank I stay "J" too, haven't caught one of those in a looong time, good going...
  183. molokaipake

    Do you trim your lure skirts?

    I trim skirts to get them even and also to keep from getting the hook tangled in the skirts. I like my hook even, right at the bottom of the skirts. I sometimes also extend the hook connection a little to get it even with the skirts too.
  184. molokaipake

    Crazy fishing? NOT!

    Good post Capt Fred, true dat, all that you said. There is NO magic lure made. Gotta have hungry fish to catch them. The bars do work, its just that sometimes a person may try one out and think its magic, and when nothing bites gives up on it and doesn't try it again. Like fishing in general...
  185. molokaipake

    Banks Run

    Looks like you're enjoying the fruit of your labor. If the trailer ain't working, neither will your boat. Ahh, the joys of owning a trailer boat....Nice fish
  186. molokaipake

    Got Her Wet

    Fresh Mahi, yummy..........just had some for lunch, with some garlic, fresh home made kim chee on the side, Mmmmm. Congratulations on the maiden voyage and getting her wet....
  187. molokaipake

    The banks...

    Going anywhere on a small boat is totally up to the individual. Safety of course, being paramount on the priority list. Weather many times is fairly predictable with the modern day satellite etc. Oft times you may get slammed with something not predicted but, its a gamble you have to decide to...
  188. molokaipake

    South Shore 1/30/2010

    Good going on your nice catch guys, watch out, you might want a bigger boat soon if this keeps up!
  189. molokaipake

    Low Tide (Photo)

    Well you mentioned looking for Tako, I went out and did it and never got wet over my knees too, don't you love it? Yummy......
  190. molokaipake

    Trailer Repairs

    Here's one good reson to go with an aluminum trailer, you end all the rust woes forever. I spent so much time touching up my steel trailer it was pathetic. Underneath painting and chipping forever it seemed, whew, not something I cherished doing at all. Definitely worth the money to invest in...
  191. molokaipake


    Research whatever name you choose as it can backfire on you if you name it wrong.
  192. molokaipake


    Nope, caught on plain fresh ika with my light tackle set up with 25 lb leader, so it was a good fight. The guy earned this fish.
  193. molokaipake

    whats up with Kems kewalo??

    All it takes is once guys, if a business wants you as a customer they will serve you in whatever way possible, NOT jerk you around. They should treat you as a person and respect you as such. I try to do business in Hawaii whenever possible but sometimes you just have to spend your money where...
  194. molokaipake


    What a beautiful day to celebrate a great man, mahalo Dr King for your sacrifices for humanity. Had a charter with some brothers and their wives from cold Minnesota. Right at the get-go, first drop to the bottom, bam, a solid screamer. After a ten minute battle, a fat 14 lb Uku makes its way...
  195. molokaipake

    Mark White lures

    In this case you DO get what you pay for. He's also probably the only maker that has a warranty on his lures. I've caught many fish with his trolling lures as well as lost a bunch of his whipping lures on big fish that I couldn't hold on my light tackle. Try them, you won't be sorry, as they...
  196. molokaipake

    Ta'ape Eradication

    What a great day, first tradewind weather in a long time. Took a bottomfishing charter out this morning to a spot that I haven't fished in a long time to see if anyone was home. It turned out that the fish were home and cooperative. Only thing frustrating was the wind and lack of current, as...
  197. molokaipake

    Caught fish!

    I took a young man that asked me for help in learning how to fish out this past weekend and finally did some trolling after a long hiatus. All the past three months have been spent working the bottomfishing and flyfishing on my charters We went to a buoy where there were fish being caught...
  198. molokaipake

    Fuel/Water separator issue

    When in doubt, throw it out. It's not worth trying to save a little fuel and end up getting stranded out on the high seas. Fuel should be clear. If you have a built in tank. might be time to clean it out. If its a portable tank just turn it over and empty it out, and flush it. You should replace...
  199. molokaipake

    Latest on Maui FADs

    Main thing is everyone that likes to fish a fad has to work together for the common good. After all it is our tax money so we actually own the fads. There are a lot of Maui fishermen that fish fads so I know if someone can wear the badge, something can at least be started. Maybe start with an...
  200. molokaipake

    ahi, moano and big island fun

    I always say, fishing is what counts, not how big a fish you bring in, of course big is good, but not if it's not edible. Thanks for the great posting job, nice to see someone really appreciate Hawaii for the little things as well as the big. Main thing is appreciate the Creator of it all too...
  201. molokaipake

    Jigging practice

    Old timers used to favor the Kahala because the meat is a little oilier than Papio. I used to catch a lot of them when I used to hook Paka commercially. My wife used to make fish chowder with the meat, was ono. My dad used to dehydrate them after soaking for a day in a marinade. Some trips I...
  202. molokaipake

    Wanted Hydraulic Steering System

    Depending on your horsepower, there are two options that are quite affordable. Under 150 hp go with a Bay Star. Over 150 hp, go with a Sea Star, both are made by Teleflex. I bought mine from Ebay, there are a lot of them available. I paid just under $500 including shipping and all the items...
  203. molokaipake


    Funny thing to me that more people won't take the time to try the bars. Guess it shows that a lot of fishermen aren't very teachable and would rather suffer through the meaning of "insanity." Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It so describes...
  204. molokaipake

    Latest on Maui FADs

    I would never want to personally accuse anyone of wrong doing. It's just that there were multiple cases of the fads found totally ripped apart and also some even found stuck in the bridle of the barge that ran them over, so its not just conjecture. I am not trying to insinuate anything here...
  205. molokaipake

    Latest on Maui FADs

    According to Warren Cortez, there's a captain on one of the tugs that is making it a personal thing to destroy all the fads within his path. If we can somehow figure out why or at least hold them accountable maybe we can get some fads replaced. Better yet find out who the captain is and make him...
  206. molokaipake

    How do Shamrocks ride?

    A friend had a 26 footer and I was able to fish with him when I was boatless for a number of trips. Very solid ride, nothing shakes. A good quality boat. I also rode the first ones that were being tried for sale on Maui, years ago. I agree with going with a diesel rather than a gas engine for...
  207. molokaipake

    Gray Triggerfish?

    Wow, this is almost a first for me. I caught a bigger one last year but released it. How many of you have seen or caught a triggerfish like this in Hawaii before. This one was caught bottomfishng and went eight pounds, second biggest trigger I've ever caught, gnarly teeth too. Maybe it can...
  208. molokaipake

    Hi Kai to Mokapu Pt.

    Getting home safe is always something to be thankful for no matter the size of the boat. Guess the NOAA guys have to change the coin that they flip to make up the weather report one of these days, or better yet find out who the guy or person is and invite them to go out with you so they can get...
  209. molokaipake

    1/1/10 Kauai

    Four akus are better than no akus. Main thing come home safe and get fish for eat. Good going on the first trip of the year.
  210. molokaipake

    Bonefish on a fly

    Been getting slammed with flyfishing charters lately, not that I'm complaining either, just being thankful. It's been one of those "fish every day" weeks for me. Just makes me tired as it's really labor intensive poling a boat around for 5-6 hours. Gee, makes me feel my age. My client caught a...
  211. molokaipake

    Bonefish on a fly

    Had a charter today and my client caught a nice eight pound Bonefish. His first saltwater fish and also first Bonefish. His dad also caught a Blue Finned Trevally.
  212. molokaipake

    New to BD, need to know what this is?

    Wow dat fish got nice eyeballs, bet they are yummy.........
  213. molokaipake

    hidden bank yft

    Nice Aku, yummm.............what size fly gear are you guys using? What kinda flies, are you casting them or trolling them?
  214. molokaipake

    Day After Christmas Perch'n

    What kinda flies do you use for Perch?
  215. molokaipake

    kauai channel

    Hank glad you got some "therapy" in on those nice fish. Just go easy man, take it slow and low gear too. Build up your muscles so when the yellow guys come in the summer, you'll be all ready for them. One of my "fishing sons" dropped off some small "mice" Shibi a few hours ago, so that was...
  216. molokaipake

    Happy New year!

    Russ, I amen your prayer! Going out fishing without inviting Him along could well be disastrous. After all He makes the fish for us to catch and eat and share with others. Gotta give Him the glory He deserves. After all that is what CHRISTmas is all about, not spending money to buy stuff for...
  217. molokaipake

    Opelu Rigs

    I think maybe he was trying to catch them in the daytime....
  218. molokaipake

    HH Marlin

    Nice fish guys, all the hard work paid off.
  219. molokaipake

    Proper leadering techinque

    As one of the older fishermen here, I have to agree with Capt Archer regarding wind ons. I used to fish a lot solo, and if you ever have had to leader a big fish with a long leader, it has to go somewhere. I hence discovered windons, they are the safest thing to use under all circumstances. Most...
  220. molokaipake

    Haleiwa 12/22/09

    Welcome Ryan, nice to see someone take such nice care of their fish. Yours look awesome and delicious. Merry Christmas and a fishy 2010.
  221. molokaipake

    Gettin Jiggy Wit It

    Al, sure wish a few strays would come down our way, would love to invite some aboard to share some wasabi with. I always wanted to see how many fish it would take to fill up my fishbox. I've never even had it half way full. I'm guessing about thirty of those size fish would probably fit. Just...
  222. molokaipake

    New to Hawaii

    Before you buy a boat, figure out what kind of fishing you will want to do, then go from there. It will also depend on your budget as well. A lot of the BD'ers will give you advice and there are a lot of very knowledgeable people. Take your time and save your money till you know exactly what you...
  223. molokaipake

    Gettin Jiggy Wit It

    What did it weigh?
  224. molokaipake

    Spreader Bar Recommendations

    Drew, I wouldn't suggest any other bars than Fred Archer superbars. IMO they are the best for the performance and the dollar, plus they catch fish too.
  225. molokaipake

    Kaneohe - 12/16/09

    Russ, What a great way to fish, realizing that you don't have make a small loan just to buy fuel for a day of fishing. I have two of the engines that you have on my boat and average four-five miles a gallon trolling, which is about 1.25-1.50 gph total for both engines. I love the economy of this...
  226. molokaipake

    Found some nice Hapu'u

    Pepe, nice save on a day that looked like it was gonna be slow. Hapuupuu is an ono fish. When I used to do a lot of bottomfishing, I caught a 53 pounder one time in the dark, couldn't what I had as it was pitch black, I had to use a flashlight to see it and it was a totally spooky fish in the...
  227. molokaipake

    South Side 12/16

    Looks like you were blessed with an early Christmas present, happy eating.....glad you enjoyed the nice water before the makani starts again.
  228. molokaipake

    Mahimahi Madness!

    Hi BD'ers, just a FYI, got a suggestion for a Christmas present to yourself. Just produced this dvd on catching Mahimahi. You can view it at: It can be purchased at: or at: Hope you like it...
  229. molokaipake

    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    Wow, fresh lobster, yummm. All the replies about pretty smiles etc, main thing is; "can she cook?" Beautiful pix, congrats on a great outing, thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas everyone....
  230. molokaipake

    Kaneohe, 13 akus for 12/13

    Ah yes the weather is sooo nice, but, the wind is coming back this weekend, so enjoy it all we can. Nice fish Bob, good going, yep, nothing like fresh Aku sashimi, gotta love it.
  231. molokaipake

    shallow bottom fishing fun

    Nice catch Hank. Weke Nono make's some excellent sashimi, . Went out last night too, solo, caught a hundred pounds of Akule. I love nice water, so nice to fish in, makes me spoiled...
  232. molokaipake

    Some red stuff

    A couple more weeks and the price should be sky high, maybe not, if the wind is like it is now... awesome water to fish in huh? Nice load Jeff, was thinking about going out for Paka for the Holidays, just as soon as the moon starts to come up. Right now the moon is good for Akule and the...
  233. molokaipake


    Yummm, fresh sashimi and poke. If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy...........
  234. molokaipake

    Late Start!

    Just a fyi regarding a late start. As Capt Fred stated, its all about the fish anyway. For the moon phase that we are in, I've found that late starts are the way to go. I went out about 130 pm on Wednesday on my small 15 foot boat and also caught a small Mahi and saw some teeny splashes off to...
  235. molokaipake

    Almost...In the Dark

    Yup, as Capt Fred Archer stated, "fish do bite in the dark". I have caught to date about a half dozen Mahi in pitch black dark. Since my boat isn't very fast, many times I just say, "what da heck?" and drag a few lures just to see what would happen. After the first time I connected, probably...
  236. molokaipake

    Island Rod Wrap

    Buying a custom rod is nice if you can afford one as you've already indicated. Also since you also said you wouldn't be using it that often, it might be wise to buy something cheaper that will still perform adequately for you. I've used some of the really cheaper rods that Daiwa has on the...
  237. molokaipake


    Channel 16 is what the coast guard monitors, use it to hail another boat and then change to a different channel to talk.
  238. molokaipake

    Windward 12/3

    Gotta agree with you regarding the name. So many guys name their boats for their wives, probably just to appease them while they're fishing so they don't feel guilty. Whatever you name your boat, be careful, as names do make a difference, I think. Happy birthday to sis and some nice gifts...
  239. molokaipake


    Good on you Jeff, sure wish we had the same kind of run over here. I'm happy for you. Our fads are like Waianae's, all dead....but still catching up on the bottom, so hey, gotta enjoy and be thankful for what you do have, in spite of the constant wishing for some Yellow guys. Some day, we'll...
  240. molokaipake

    glasspro rebuild?????

    Aloha, I don't have a GP but have fished one before so I know the stability of one. Just wanted to comment that if you do the flush deck thing and find that the sides are too low because of it, you could always have some aluminum side rails that are removable, built for it. Don't make it out of...
  241. molokaipake

    Caught some fish today!

    Aloha, whew the wind finally broke today and was able to enjoy a nice late morning outing with a few friends. I trolled down to an area that I haven't fished in a while with no bites. Saw some fish, made a drop, caught some fish, went back and anchored and voila, caught some nice fish until a...
  242. molokaipake

    opae lolo

    If you can find them nowadays, they will work for pretty much any inshore fish, when nothing else will. You have to remember they have a distinct smell and make sounds too, fish will tune in on them and gobble them up. Ok I know its old school, but I used to use them too a loooong time ago too.
  243. molokaipake

    Daisy Chain

    John, Meatballs are what I've been using for the Shibi, Aku and Ono. I like the 4 inch teasesrs in black/ purple with a hot pink chase bait, you can even use a regular trolling lure too as that works as well. Main thing is contrasting colors. The regular hollow squid that comes with the bar when...
  244. molokaipake


    So did the wrapping cost more than the poles?
  245. molokaipake

    Daisy Chain

    John, you could save yourself a lot of time trying to make your own daisy chains by going to the Archer super bar site. I used to use daisy chains a lot but went to the Fred Archer spreader bars because they WORK. In the short time that I've been using them, I've...
  246. molokaipake

    Givin' Thanks...

    See Pat, it proves you don't have to be superstitious, just in the right place at the right time, with the right lure to boot. Even though the fish aren't going off, you did all the right things and you were rewarded for your efforts and the efforts of the guys who showed some aloha and kokua...
  247. molokaipake

    Shimano 80W or 130?

    Brice, since you don't have a big boat, the 80's should be adequate for most of the fish that you will encounter. The advice of using braid for backing is also a good idea. Even dacron for backing is good. Using a topshot makes for less expense when you have to replace line. Because your boat...
  248. molokaipake

    Fishing Sucks?

    Okay fellow BD'ers, here's a way that I discovered to keep your gaff point from gaffing you instead of a fish. All you do is find the right size plastic tubing that will fit your gaff shaft diameter snugly, measure how much you'll need and push it on and through the tubing like you see in the...
  249. molokaipake

    Show me some pics!

    Okay, finally found this pix of what I call, the Viagra Fish, tried to find it when I did the other post but couldn't find it. Here it is.... don't get envious now guys, especially you, Mingo...
  250. molokaipake

    Mahimahi Madness!

    Okay all my friendly BDer's. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and before you know it, Christmas is soon to be upon us too. Now I'm not trying to sound like someone begging for mercy here, but, I think I may have a good gift suggestion for that person/relative, freezing away in the mainand...
  251. molokaipake

    Akule for dinner tonight!

    Okay it's a new moon, no, not the movie, I don't watch eerie stuff like that, creeps me out. As everyone knows the makani has been singing its song for several weeks now with over 20 knots daily. I noticed the past few days it seemed to die down later in the evening, so off I went, to give the...
  252. molokaipake


    You guys are so spoiled, gas is $4.04 at the station here on Molokai. I fill up at the plant because I fill up by the drum at about 35 cents less. 82 gallons was $286 yesterday, be thankful you're way under $4/gal.
  253. molokaipake

    5x6 Rosevelt Elk caught in Oregon

    Wow, I bowhunt too, so I know what it takes to arrow a good animal. It takes SKILL, and a little luck once in awhile too for just the right animal to come your way, bet you were shaking when that bad boy came into range. You deserve a pat on the back, congratulations to you....
  254. molokaipake

    Show me some pics!

    Okay, enough of all the Beeg fish, this thread was of the memorable catches of 2009. It is about memories right? So waddaya think? Catching two fish on one hook is pretty cool and catching a fish by the skin is cool too.
  255. molokaipake

    Sea anchors, Drones

    A sea anchor is one of the most valuable safety and fishing items to have aboard any boat. If you break down it keeps you from drifting too fast and also keeps your bow into the wind so you can work on your engine or lift up your engine cover and not get all wet from broadside waves. For...
  256. molokaipake

    best trolling reel?

    The best reel to buy is the one that you can afford. When it comes to the technical stuff, it seems that Accurate is way above all the rest. I personally use Shimano Tiagra's and also have a few Penns. I think that the main thing is having a two speed reel that you can gear down with, on a...
  257. molokaipake

    hand line spools

    Thanks everyone for the information. found a few at POP, Neil had to dig them out of the storage and Alan graciously transported them to me. Smaller five inch by about two inches wide, but, "made in Japan", Looks like they may work fine for what I have planned for them, only one way to know...
  258. molokaipake

    Fishing in the wind on Molokai

    Whew, just got back from one of the blusteriest days of fishing ever. Wind gusts of over 30 mph. It wasn't a real factor however, simply because of the kind of fishing that we were doing (bottomfishing) and the vessel (Hallelujah Hou) we were fishing on as a platform. Had a visit from...
  259. molokaipake

    Fat Island Jack

    Okay, just so we can all appreciate nice, flat water, at least before the storm hits. Took a guy out from the East Coast (Maryland) for a bottomfishing adventure yesterday. He caught the mother lode of Moano, like three at a time and of course the usual gamut of Hagi, three different kinds...
  260. molokaipake

    hand line spools

    Yep, used to like hunting when its stormy, gives you lots of cover, just gotta keep the scope dry so you can what you're shooting at.
  261. molokaipake

    hand line spools

    Anyone know where to buy those heavy plastic hand line spools? They came in different diameters, Never seen them sold here in Hawaii, but I know they are out there somewhere, anyone got a link or idea who has them? Mahalo in advance...
  262. molokaipake

    What is a good Palu Recipe?

    I believe using something that you will be using for bait as well is the ticket. Stay far away from dog food, stuff like that which is artificial, draws sharks bigtime too. Stay as fresh as possible, don't use stink stuff. Rule of thumb for me is if I won't eat it, then the fish won't either...
  263. molokaipake

    Kaneohe 11/11/09

    Main thing get kaukau and come back safely, I love 40 pounders, good sashimi....
  264. molokaipake

    Trolling For Papio/Ulua Etc.

    The good ole faithful is Ika strips, salt em first so they get a little firmer, like overnight and if the fish don't bite em, you can eat them yourself....
  265. molokaipake

    Fishing by the light of the moon

    Okay, the offshore fishing is dead, unless you are extremely lucky. The moon is full so I can't do the Akule thing. What's a guy to do, but make use of what there is. So that's what I did last night, went fishing by the light of the moon. I haven't been out fishng for Menpachi for years, so I...
  266. molokaipake

    Shake down Fishing

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, when diving and no one is left aboard the boat, good idea to use nylon rope and TWO anchors. I always try to make it a point to check the anchor when first diving in, to make sure the line isn't touching a rock or in danger of fraying somehow. I also put a small...
  267. molokaipake

    Shake down Fishing

    Nice to have a new power plant, sure gives you an edge of confidence that is needed when way out there in the briny blue and the weather is a crankin'. Nice to have good fuel consumption too, plus you got the "juice" behind you with all them ponies under you, bet you can get upwards of 30 knots...
  268. molokaipake

    Shake down Fishing

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, its a biblical priciple that still works, especially at sea where everyone becomes your friend when you need help. Good on you. If anything you know in your heart that it was the PONO thing to do, hey you might have saved a few lives too.
  269. molokaipake

    "Holo-Holo fishing"

    So how was the recital?
  270. molokaipake

    Here shibi shibi...

    Looks like a few Kawakawa or Dogtooth in the bunch too, nice catch and post.
  271. molokaipake

    Heeia Kea 10/25

    Yup, the bars have proven themselves aboard the "Hallelujah Hou". Still haven't caught on a couple of the bars, but if there's no fish around, no matter what you pull won't produce results. For me, I'm a "believer", it does take some tweaking of chase baits etc, but they do work. Lost a...
  272. molokaipake

    Mingo gets bloody with some Mexican mahi

    Mingo, good going with the fly gear, musta been a gas. Mahalo for sharing the awesome day you had, gnarly looking deckie too, probably scared the fish silly...nice pix, nice water, how much better could it have you had Corona too...
  273. molokaipake

    Banks sunday

    Jeff, reminds me of the old days when I used to hook Paka. I used to average 3-5000 lbs a year myself, and I had a full time day job too. Many a sleepless night for me back in the day. But the upside is I got debt free in 1994. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do what I do now and be retired...
  274. molokaipake

    Fun fishing day with lots of hungry fish

    Light tackle helps in getting a bite, I'd rather risk losing a fish but getting bit then not getting any bites at all. Leader is 60#. Only thing that normally would cut line is a shark or a barracuda, or a really big, bad fish. Either way, I like the odds of using lighter tackle, plus it gives...
  275. molokaipake

    Fun fishing day with lots of hungry fish

    Had a trip out with some repeat customers this morning. Took them to one of my Ta'ape spots and loaded up on them. Almost filled up my 95 quart cooler. Also have a friend that has a family function and needed fish, so it was perfect to share the catch with him too. At least whatever my clients...
  276. molokaipake

    Aloha from Hawaii Goes Fishing

    Wish you and the show the best, Capt Clay
  277. molokaipake

    Kaneohe Sat 10-17

    The worst day fishing is better than the best day at work, unless like in my case I work on the ocean, so I always have a good time. I love my "office". Main thing guys, always have an " Attitude of gratitude". Also don't compare what others are doing, just do your own thing and be happy with...
  278. molokaipake

    What Kid of Bait Tank do you use?

    Akule are always a lot more hardy than Opelu. I have kept Akule alive for 16 hours one time. If you really want good Opelu to stay alive, fresh circulating water like an Ikema with thru hulls or continual water coming from the ocean is the absolute best way to do it, even if it has to be pumped...
  279. molokaipake

    Banks 10/14-10/15

    Yum, steamed Paka, sashimi Paka, haven't caught any of them in a long while, guess I'll have to make a trip out one evening too. Good going Jeff.
  280. molokaipake

    Why waste fuel, go catch Akule tonight!!

    Akule fishing is not as simple as it may seem, or I should say its a matter of how accomplished you want to become, just like anything in life. The basic principle is very easy and low impact with oft times good or fair results. There are a lot of things to enhance upon, equipment, hooks, line...
  281. molokaipake

    Why waste fuel, go catch Akule tonight!!

    Went out last night with my son in law who is out of a job at present. I made a deal where we take out operating expenses, bait, ice, fuel from what we make fishing, and then half the rest. Just thought it may be a way to not only teach him how to fish but also help in his self esteem etc...
  282. molokaipake

    What Kid of Bait Tank do you use?

    More fish you want to keep alive, the more water needed, continual flowing fresh water is the best, you have to decide how many fish you want to keep alive. When running you can even use a pipe cut at an angle run down the transom to pick up water while moving, saves using a pump for the...
  283. molokaipake


    Whats the minimum power needed for a boat like this? What would be an average price for a stock boat ready to fish, engine, controls, trailer, dual steering, etc?
  284. molokaipake

    Recent Fishing

    Like the "start Me Up" ad says, "can't catch em sitting on the couch" unless of course the couch is on the boat.....hey, its always fun trying even if its a long boat ride. Better than sitting at home "wishin you were fishin" long as you have a hook in the water you got a chance, tight...
  285. molokaipake

    22' Yellowfin

    Don't ever buy a boat by its looks, buy it for the functionality of it, period. Of course what you can afford does help too. Buy for the future too, as the kids grow up and you'll be glad you did go for the bigger boat from the start, instead of having to buy again. Main thing be patient, save...
  286. molokaipake

    Fishing magazines???

    Check out Pacific Coast Sportfishing, its a very informative and well laid out mag, lotsa how to's and good information that can help you, even if its in California, a lot of the info is generic and will work here as well.
  287. molokaipake

    Maui Oct 8

    Rainbow runner has a definite taste sensation all its own. I wish I could catch one every trip I went out, delicious-o is my opinion. Every fish has its own distinct flavor, every tuna tastes different too. Kamanu is the bomb, I'll take one any day....
  288. molokaipake

    Kaiwi Channel/Penguin Banks/Molokai Hoe Canoe Ride

    One for the bucket list. Main thing you finished safely. If anything, the experience taught you some valuable lessons that nothing else can teach you. Sounds like you need to bring along some gatorade or something next time for the hydration process. Good going, congratulations, you made it.........
  289. molokaipake

    Epic fishing day, Big fish, small boat

    Okay, since everyone has been getting blanked out lately, gotta share this epic fishing day with the BD'ers. I took my little 15 foot Osprey out with my son in law, drove to the East side of the island and launched off the beach and was soon heading out to a fad 15 miles offshore with another...
  290. molokaipake

    Diver Down

    I think its heading toward attending a class for safe boating before being able to even operate a boat. Like getting a drivers license for driving a car. I think that its something that has been long overlooked. Like guys speeding in a no wake zone, which is one of my pet peeves. I gently tell...
  291. molokaipake

    Kaneohe today

    Went out today with a friend and a couple of his sons that had never been deepsea fishing before. Nice water, bird piles all over, went to three fads and finally at the farthest one out (30 miles) more birds working and a few cooperative fish, ended up with 24 pieces of nice shibi and aku, had...
  292. molokaipake

    Regarding the full moon

    On full moon days, fish the later part of the days tide changes rather than early in the morning. If anything use the Hawaiian calendar, da hawaiians smart U know....especially when fishing in Hawaii
  293. molokaipake

    Current Line

    Just gotta watch out as RJ says or you can get tangled up in some unseen submerged objects. The up side is it could be the source of that bonanza catch of Mahi or tunas. I try to watch very carefully when approaching flotsam to see what is in the water and try to not get too close if it looks...
  294. molokaipake

    I feel a little better now...

    Just got my small boat all ready for some serious flyfishing action. A few weeks ago, I decided to have some custom aluminum fabrication made to it, to insure the safety of my clients with the casting platform on the bow. I also had a removable sissy bar made to keep myself from falling off the...
  295. molokaipake

    How are Farallon and Seaswirls in Hawaii waters

    I've fished on a Farallon 25 with stern drive diesel, flybridge. Its a sturdy rough water boat, never felt anything tweaking in rough seas. They are a good strike boat too with a nice trolling wake. They are however a production type boat, not necessarily a "custom" boat where you can order all...
  296. molokaipake

    has anyone dragged a lure at night?

    Knowledge is the key to fishing success. Everything has its day or (night). Fishermen themselves put limits on what will or will not work, for me its always a matter of T R Y. Remember the adage, If at first you don't succeed, try. try, again. This folks, is a true statement for fishing. There...
  297. molokaipake

    10-14 days

    We support you and our country and PRAY for the future of America daily. May many hungry fish swarm around your boat when you go fishing, blessings to you.
  298. molokaipake

    Ika shibi

    The theory sounds simple enough, but the gear takes some learning, not that its that difficult however. There are basics to contend with. Years ago when I went to the Bis Island to learn how to do it, we used 1/4 inch nylon rope for a main line, tied to 400 lb dacron and then to a 400 lb mono...
  299. molokaipake


    Marine Specialties is another one, but they deal more with Kobelt, call and ask, maybe they fix other brands too. Main thing is gotta have the right tool for the O ring or you'll score the shaft on the ram and cause it to leak more.
  300. molokaipake

    has anyone dragged a lure at night?

    Moldcraft makes some lures just for night trolling. Lots of people have caught fish even on a moonless night, you gotta remember that fish have to eat and they can't be limited to daylight hours. I've personally aught Mahi in the dark and know guys that have caught Ahi at night trolling with...
  301. molokaipake

    Tow Vehicle: 4WD, or No Need?

    Lundie, only you will be able to make that determination as far as 4x4 or not. I'd say if you can afford it, get it, in case you really need it, you got it. Picture this, even though you only have a small boat, there will be days when you "load" up on fish, and it would suck to have to unload...
  302. molokaipake

    P bouy sharks

    Good practice for when the Ahi bite is on. Good way to build up the handline muscles, heh heh. Boat looks real clean, good fishing platform.....beautiful day too...all good..
  303. molokaipake

    Coryphaena equiselis

    I caught bunches of them before, seem like in the winter time. I called them square tongue mahis, small buggahs, good fun on spinning gear when you find rubbish. Never got any over 5 pounds, ono grinz.........
  304. molokaipake

    Mahi's everywhere

    I think maybe I should bring a bow with a fishing arrow, or better yet dynamite, yup, Crocodile Dundee style, dat oughta work....hmmm, wonder if Walmart has dynamite? Another thing, I was wondering if there's some kind of stag party or something, as all the fish I caught were bulls, coulda been...
  305. molokaipake

    Night Shibi

    Yee haw, awesome night you had even though the bite was slow, you still caught fish, nothing like fresh mahi on the table, don't knowif you sold the ahi or not but if not, then some ono Ahi sashimi or pok'e, be thankful, we hardly ever get Ahi like that over here. Big Island is Ahi...
  306. molokaipake

    Mahi's everywhere

    Went solo this morning as a friend cancelled out late yesterday and because its a weekday, not everyone can go out with me. It was an awesome day, nice water everywhere. I found my dream, small log like five feet long but, WOW, as I came up to it, I was surrounded by mahi from all directions...
  307. molokaipake

    looking to buy radon what do u guys think

    Radons were built for two things, carry a load and go fast. Any boat can be retrofitted to do what you want it to do, some aluminum railings would help keep you in the boat and yes, a pair of outboards would be nice. Its all about what you can afford and the bottom line, what you want, main...
  308. molokaipake

    BIG buggah

    Ha ha, saw it last week, looks like they had good fun.....
  309. molokaipake

    Kaneohe 9-19

    Wow, Don, wish we had current lines like you guys do, been a long time since I had that many mahi on my boat. Always wanted to see how many could fit in the box I have, I'm guessing over a thousand pounds, only one way to find out. It was nice to have a good crew too, makes the difference on a...
  310. molokaipake


    Nice fish, good memories, first marlin for your friend, what a way to spend the day, lotsa good eating too, what more can a guy ask for..........
  311. molokaipake

    report- W-N-E

    Good marlin pok'e heals sore arms, heh heh ....
  312. molokaipake

    rocket launchers fabrication

    Always a good idea to get it made locally if possible, that way you support the local economy and also if you have any problems, you won't have to deal long distance. If done locally, many times you can bring your boat to the place to have it made custom to your specific boat. That way you'll be...
  313. molokaipake

    here fishy fishy

    If you can't sell them, bless someone with some fresh fish, don't know anyone that would refuse some fresh Mahi for free......could also make some new friends too. Awesome catch, can't wait for my share, never did fill up my fish box yet, would be kinda cool to see how many it would take to fill...
  314. molokaipake

    Hawaii Uni

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...
  315. molokaipake

    Molokai lately

    Keith, check out my website: call or email me if you decide on fishing with me. Flyfishing is also available on the flats for Bones. Aloha
  316. molokaipake

    A new kind of lure rockin'

    I got mine at the ready, tunas are a little slow now, but they should work for Mahi too, guess I'll try use them for a "charlie" no reason why it wouldn't work. If you don't try you'll never learn. "Knowledge is the key to fishing success" is what someone told me once, heh heh ....let you know...
  317. molokaipake

    hh ahi

    Looks like 80-100 lbs, and a very nice, clean, job of caring for a precious resource, bet da sashimi was killah...wasabi anyone?
  318. molokaipake

    the Departed

    Nuthin better than a crowded fish box and "bloody decks"........what buoy?
  319. molokaipake

    9/13/09 West Side

    Lotsa good poke kine fish for kaukau, good going on da "no bite" day....
  320. molokaipake

    Hawaii Uni

    Das old school stuff, gotta talk to the kupuna to learn how to do it, need a wire cage with floats to suspend it in the water and a wire claw scoop to grab da Wana and put in da cage, den shake cage well to break off all da spines till smooth, den open cage, crack shell and spoon out all da...
  321. molokaipake

    Molokai Ono

    Went out to try to find some fish for a friend and ohana that just lost their mom, funerals are always tough as all the family comes together and it amounts to lots of food, you guys know how it is in Hawaii, so much love. Well, the fish weren't tatally cooperative as I really wanted a Marlin so...
  322. molokaipake

    Newbie: Reel/Line Requirements?

    Buy what you can afford, the fish don't care what you pay.
  323. molokaipake

    new to the island, 20ft boat WA

    Talking about the size of boat, way back in the day. I was a 14 year old kid fishing on my dad's P-14 out of Pokai Bay and caught a 260 lb Marlin after a three hour fight so shallow you could see bottom. Bruce Carter sure liked that report. Yes it was in the early 60's when all you young guys...
  324. molokaipake


    Adam, here's someting to try out. Go to and check out what they have. I know at first it may look like something that is only for the mainland but they do work, read the fish reports, I have several posts there. On some fishless days, I've managed to draw the fish up and...
  325. molokaipake

    21 Force

    Night and day over the 22 Force. For the size, the 21 has a deepvee which makes for a good solid ride and very seaworthy for the size, stick a small diesel in it and also very economical and reliable. If you want more room and speed, go with a pair of outboards, you will burn a bit more fuel...
  326. molokaipake

    Molokai Flyfishing

    Sorry guys, I know its like the wrong place to put this as it isn't a deepsea fishing thing, but I just wanted to share it with all my BD friends that really appreciate just being out fishing, no matter what is being caught, enjoy. YouTube - Fly Fishing - Hawaii Fishing Action
  327. molokaipake

    Molokai flyfishing

    Just wanted to share this clip shot a few weeks ago, enjoy. YouTube - Fly Fishing - Hawaii Fishing Action
  328. molokaipake

    Labor weekend run

    Atta boy, good to see someone really enjoying their boat and going places with it. I always like it when boats get used rather than just get looked at as an idol. That even gets better when you can enjoy the fruits of your labor on the table. Nice boat, bigger is not always better, mahalo for...
  329. molokaipake

    51lb Mahi

    Beauty, I like one like dat........congrats...........bragging rights........pix says a thousand words........
  330. molokaipake


    Every lure has its day. This one will work too, good job, always fun trying to get skirts to match up, caution, there's no end to it, look back in a few years and wonder how much you've spent for lures that never get used or are at the bottom of the basket. Remember, fish don't care what you pay...
  331. molokaipake

    marlin, mahi, ono

    Looks a lot like a Matsu head
  332. molokaipake

    Trolling Speed?

    Masho, all of the information received from the guys on BD is great stuff. Having fish around is also the main factor, can't catch what isn't there. Another thing to consider is where on the wake you run your lures too. Sometimes depending on your wake/speed, pulling lures closer so that they...
  333. molokaipake

    Current Line Goop

    Dunno either but was ovah hea off Molokai several weeks ago, is it organic or chemical crap?
  334. molokaipake

    Go Pro Camera

    Maybe next time mount the camera little bit higher so can see more. good going though mahalo for sharing, send us the link for the camera too.........
  335. molokaipake

    new guy introduction

    Welcome Bill, lotsa great guys to bounce things off here, so there's a lot of experience and wisdom to glean from and also a lot of different perspectives as well. Remember," knowledge is the key to fishing success".
  336. molokaipake

    Shimano Torsa

    Jeff I have an almost new Torium for sale too. I think for performance sake the Spheros is killer but Shimano has a new reel called the Saragosa that is awesome, it's like a cheap Stella. Smooth, precise and about half the price of a Stella. I've been using a 4000 for jigging but I would suggest...
  337. molokaipake

    EPIRB/bail bag

    Don't forget the signal mirrors, best thing to have, can see it for miles, da kine with da puka for aiming da can even wear it around your neck with a lanyard.....
  338. molokaipake

    KANEOHE 8/29

    Capt Don, let me know when you start giving lessons, hard work, I know but someone has to do it, right on, wish we had good current lines like you do, just got to keep praying for my day of yellow bellies. Main thing always carry bait for that one special day, awesome job for well deserving...
  339. molokaipake

    Maggie Joe Grander

    Gotta be good for business, hope it was on a charter....Good on them....
  340. molokaipake

    A Good Catch !

    Good going Grampa, lotsa sashimi or dollahs at least, nice set up, can't argue with success, stay safe when going solo.........
  341. molokaipake

    How many lines do you run?

    You gotta just run what you can handle, plus depends on your boat and how it rides and kind of wake etc. Not everyone can handle 7 lines solo. Run what you can safely handle. If you're getting tangles then something is wrong or lengths are inadequate. Also makes a difference in what kind of...
  342. molokaipake

    "rubba hooks"

    Russell, since you are fishig a small boat as Jeff said, speed is a definite factor regarding slowing down too much after the strike. You already have sharp hooks so that shouldn't be a factor. Also I agree with the roller trollers as they don't allow for a dropback and are more direct from line...
  343. molokaipake

    Henry Ching

    Ching reels are the best "bang for the buck" for the average bottomfisherman. For one they are extremely functional, just carry an extra belt or two and remember to always give the grease nipple a shot of grease b4 going out. Before all these bottom fishing bans. I used them exclusively, they...
  344. molokaipake

    Trolling Leaders

    For safety I recommend using wind on leaders so that when leadering a big fish you don't have to dump the leader back in the water to avoid letting it get around your foot or leg on the deck. That way all you need is one span leader to the lure. Its a money saver and the fish aren't spooked...
  345. molokaipake

    Need a tackle tip

    Jens, lots of good advice already given, especially the Fred Archer stuff, He is a tackle guru and personal friend as well. My advice is, forget the crimping and do swages. First, get the proper tool for the job and then get the right sized swages for the size of leader that you want to use and...
  346. molokaipake

    waianae 8/19 BIZARRE!

    Jason, here's da Mako feesh pix...........
  347. molokaipake

    waianae 8/19 BIZARRE!

    Jason, I caught a Mako off Molokai like 5 miles off the harbor one chilly morning. AS you said it was a nice strike, no splash and straight down like an Ahi, but not many big Ahi off Molokai as you may know. This one looked scary with its gnarly teeth and big black eyes. But it was pretty bluish...
  348. molokaipake

    meat cutter/broken shaft

    Yup, main thing home safe and back inthe water ready for something to munch your softheads. I did have a shark one day rush over to the back of my boat and chomp on my prop, yup, bloody water and all, loud thump, definite jerk on the wheel etc. Guess it was a hungry one that couldn't find real...
  349. molokaipake

    It's not the size of your boat.....or is it?

    Regarding bigger versus smaller, a lot depends on what you choose to use, some smaller boats are more versatile than larger boats and work better becasue of the inside setup and functionality of the boat. True smaller boats should have less and be easier to maintain but you can also get a larger...
  350. molokaipake

    kaneohe 8/15

    Good going, nice load of fish, send some to Molokai, everythings dead here trolling........nice pix
  351. molokaipake

    Need some wisdom from all you wise men.

    One of the main things to consider about swamping is get a boat that is self bailing and has a good reputation for seaworthiness. Ask guys that have one and if possible ask for a ride first, before buying and wasting money. Other thing is functionality, if the boat doesn't have what you want or...
  352. molokaipake

    Boat sold! any new leads?

    Was curious about the comment regarding my boat, not that it was a bad one, just asking what you really meant, Capt Clay