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  1. kbray001

    2200 Thanks to Comrade Newsom

    Got my first order in from our day of freedom. Can’t wait for this absolutely worthless ammo law to be overturned. Guess I can’t go to the beach this weekend so plinking it is. Thank you Comrade Newsom!
  2. kbray001

    Alps tensioner question

    Hey, Well I decided to upgrade to the alps power wrapper. My first impression is this thing is awesome. I’m having trouble with the thread tensioner though. Seems like no matter what setting I have it on is still really lose. I watched some of the online tutorials but I don’t see anything I’m...
  3. kbray001

    Power wrapper question?

    Hey, Im looking to upgrade to my first power wrapper. After reading some reviews I’m looking at the alps power wrapper with the upgraded chuck from utmost. Is this what you guys would recommend or is there something else that I should be looking...
  4. kbray001

    Saltiga vs girlfriend

    Just saw this video of this guy battling his girlfriend with the new Saltiga. Daiwa needs to sign this guy a contract. Haha
  5. kbray001

    Last Quail hunt of the year

    Went out to the Mojave preserve for one last hunt before the season ended with a great family friend. We had great weather and great company. Chased one nice size covey but they were well educated and gave us the slip. Didn’t really hunt all that hard. It was more of site seeing trip than...
  6. kbray001

    Varmac Christmas rods

    Hey, I know my builds are nothing compared to all of yours but I wanted to show a pair of rods I built for Christmas presents this year. Plus thank you all for all the information you post. These are varmac 7’ 15-30 blanks. The tips are a little stiff but the have a lot of back bone and good...
  7. kbray001

    Custom decal question?

    I’m really new to rod building but I’m ordering some stickers to attach to some poles I’m making for Christmas. looking at what’s available online I was was wondering if any of you have ever used a scan n cut/cricket to cut out custom vinyl letters for your rods? Is there any reason not to...
  8. kbray001

    Casting guide help?

    Hey, I’m getting ready to build three 7’ 10-20 rods for bay and calico fishing that will fit in our boat locker. I have been trying to research what guides to buy for these and the more I read the more confused I get. I’m a fan of the alps/bastion stuff. Mostly I have been looking at the alps...
  9. kbray001

    F thieves!

    My brother was packing up to head out for the weekend in the desert for his birthday at my dads house in reche canyon today. Then this pos walked up in broad daylight and stole his gas can from the trailer while he was inside grabbing the rest of the gear. Fucker had no fear he could see the...
  10. kbray001

    Mustad hook question?

    I’m getting ready for a two day this weekend and realized I need to stock up on some cheap hooks for schoolies. I have plenty of the designer stuff if needed. I always grab for the cheap Mustads but I realized there are two different models: - 94151 - 9714 Do you guys have a preference on...
  11. kbray001

    First build

    Hey, I have been a long time lurker on the rod building forum. We finally moved into a place with enough room for me to give it a shot. Off of a recommendation I bought one of the mudhole Turnkey kits to get me started. This is a 15-40 Mhx rod. I know it’s not anything compared to most of your...
  12. kbray001

    WTB Talica 16 or 20

    I’m helping a friend look for a like new talica 16 or 20. Looking for something either mint or nib. Spooled with braid would be a plus. Send me a pm and let me know what you have available. He is motivated and has cash. Thanks!
  13. kbray001

    Drone fireworks

    I took some video of the fireworks show in Redlands. Let me know what you think. Make sure to turn the video quality up. Also don’t judge the song. It was all I had on my computer last night and it was way too late to find something else.
  14. kbray001

    Help getting started?

    Hey guys, Thanks to all of you pro builders for all the inspiration. I have been wanted to get into rod wrapping for the last couple of years. But having a baby and the size of our condo made that impossible. Well we are finally moving into a bigger place and I’ll have much more room for...
  15. kbray001

    Relentless drone pics

    Throwing up a couple of pics I took with my mavic 2 last weekend at sci on the Relentless. Here is the link to my fishing report: I have been a photographer for awhile but am relatively new to the drone world...
  16. kbray001

    Relentless 2 day - SCI

    Went on a two day charter on the relentless last weekend, 5/31-6/2. We had an awesome group of guys, awesome crew, awesome bait, awesome weather. The only thing that wasn’t awesome was the fishing. A serious lack of current kept the yt and bass from ever getting after it. We tried hard both...
  17. kbray001

    New drone

    Hey, The wifey surprised me with a drone a couple weeks back. I’m still learning how to use it but man is it fun. I want to have enough confidence by summer to take it out on the boat. This is the first real video I put together. Let me know what you think.
  18. kbray001

    Fred hall report - Wed

    Hit up opening day with my dad and brother as tradition. I was hoping the rain would keep the crowds down but man was I wrong. Haha. It was packed at 330. Crowds seemed to thin out later in he day. We did the normal loops hitting up every aisle for the normal assortment of new a new bd shirt...
  19. kbray001

    Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbaits?

    Hey, I have heard from a couple people about these megabass dark sleeper swimbaits. They look odd but people swear by them. Are any of you fishing them? If you are how do you fish them? Thanks
  20. kbray001

    Baby xtratufs

    Since having my daughter I can’t wait to take her fishing. She is already my little hiking buddy. So when I found these I had to get her a pair. I’m thinking she might get a pink sx for Christmas.
  21. kbray001

    Constitution questions?

    Hey, We are looking for a new boat to charter next year for our late August charter. All of our normal boats don’t have the weekend we want available so we are looking at the constitution out of h&m. Looks like a cool boat with a different layout then most of the sd boats. I have found read...
  22. kbray001

    Dana point bonito help?

    Heyy, So no shame in admitting we suck at fishing from our new boat. We have gone out of Dana a few times this summer and are having a hard time figuring out the private boat routine. We normally fish sporties. I completely get paying our dues figuring it out but this weekend we are taking...
  23. kbray001

    Prowler two day

    I’m going to try and make this one short as I know it’s late, but with a baby and work there hasn’t been time to write a true report. So this is what you get. We had an awesome two day charter on the Prowler. We left for the trip on my birthday last Friday (8/24). I have to admit it was a...
  24. kbray001

    shout out to turners

    On Sunday I was on a two day on the Prowler (report will be posted after the baby goes to sleep). We were in a stupid wide open bite of a mixed school of skippies and yft. After the bite slowed down, the fish wanted the light line. I grabbed my curado 300 on my turners Californian inshore...
  25. kbray001

    Mahilini is back

    Hey, I wanted to let everyone know the Mahilini is going to be back fishing this Saturday, June 16th running daily 3/4 day trips to the Nados. From now on you can book your trips directly from their website listed below. It sounds like the Coronado’s are...
  26. kbray001

    Relentless 2 day - San Clemente Island

    For the last month, I have been more excited for this trip than I care to admit. We go on this charter every year but for some reason I always get excited when I know we are going to San Clemente. On Friday, Jun 8th, my Dad, Brother, and I made the drive down to sd to get things started. We...
  27. kbray001

    Seaforth fleet as backdrop to wedding shoot

    My wife and I shot a wedding at the convention center next to seaforth on Saturday. We took some sunset pictures with the fleet in the background. The couple didn’t care but I like the background.
  28. kbray001

    WTB (Found) Penn fathom 40nld2 wanted

    Hey guys, I’m looking to buy a penn fathom 40nld2. It would be awesome if it had white 80lb braid on it but I’m open to one without line on it too. I know these are really popular reels but I have always had great look buying and selling on bd. Have cash in hand and am looking to make a deal...
  29. kbray001

    London outlaws knives! Is it bad that this story made my lunch? These good liberal Europeans are always used for the statistics the left cling to when it comes to gun control. Now we...
  30. kbray001

    Shore fishing Cancun?

    Headed down to Cancun for the first time next week for a bachelor party. We already have a inshore charter booked for one day but we’re wondering about shore fishing? We both get up early and thought maybe we could get in a few casts while the rest of the dudes sleep. We are staying just south...
  31. kbray001

    Fisherman shoot down sea Shepard’s drone

    Really funny article: I am all for the protection of endangered species and something really needs to be done to stop poaching but After watching their whaling show they normally look like idiots...
  32. kbray001

    Dove opener 2017 - tough day

    Woke up well before the butt crack of dawn this morning to get out to our little spot before anyone else for the dove opener. Picked up my dad and brother and headed out to the field in my new to me 2000 land cruiser. We got our normal spot and set up for the morning. With all the thunder...
  33. kbray001

    Prowler two day - Aug 25-27 - I hate bft

    The A.D.D. version of the trip: On Saturday we limited the boat on dorado and caught a few yt and yft. On Sunday we got our asses handed to us by giant bft. Great captain, crew and trip. Scroll down for pictures. The detailed version of the trip: On Friday 8/25 my Dad, Brother, and I got off...
  34. kbray001

    Mahilini - 3/4 day - July 25

    Fished the Mahilini yesterday on a 3/4 day charter with some close family friends and their extended family. After a 245 am wake up call my dad, brother and I made the drive down. Due to a few last minute cancelations we were rolling with 18 fisherman. Most were completely new to salt water...
  35. kbray001

    2002 Toyota Tundra

    Hey, It's time to sell my 2002 Toyota Tundra. This truck is in great shape. The only reason I am selling is we bought a larger SUV to accommodate our new baby. This truck runs perfectly. And has absolutely zero issues. It also has a brand new set of tires on it with a full Costco warranty...
  36. kbray001

    Shotgun price help

    Hey, One of my dad's buddies offered him this old Ithaca 12 gauge side by side. It has seen better days but my dad thought it would be cool to add to our shotgun collection. My dad told him he would pay him a fair price for it but we are having a hard time figuring out what that would be. I...
  37. kbray001

    Canon 50D DSLR camera package

    Hi, My wife and I run a professional photography business. We have recently upgraded all of our camera bodies to Canon 5D's and it's time to part with this body. Therefore, we are selling my Canon 50D as a kit with the following items: - Canon 50D camera body (with original box and manuals) -...
  38. kbray001

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    Two weeks ago I got my ass handed to me by these big mean blue fin using a pen fathom 25n star drag. I have decided it's time to upgrade to a two speed lever drag to hopefully give these bluefin another shot. After doing my research, I have narrowed it down to two reels. The penn fathom 25n...
  39. kbray001

    Tribute two day

    Tribute – Fish for a cure charter – August 27-28,2016 On Friday, August 26 we left on our annual, “Fish for a cure” two-day charter aboard the Tribute. Over those 15 years, thanks to the tireless efforts of John Rivers, my dad Brad Bray, along with the rest of the, “fishing committee” we have...
  40. kbray001

    Wtb Metaloid two speed 5 or 12

    Hey, So I thought I had a deal on a Metaloid from a guy on Craigslist and he ended up flaking. I have cash and am looking for a Metaloid 5 or 12 two speed for my trip this weekend. Let me know if you have one you want to sell. Thanks, Kirk 909.633.8651
  41. kbray001

    My awesome new shirt!

    A few weeks ago I saw this awesome bumper sticker. My wife didn't think it would be smart to put it on my truck. But she surprised me when I got home from work last week with this awesome shirt she made for me. I can't wait to wear it this weekend!
  42. kbray001

    Surgeons knot for spectra to fluoro?

    last year on a two day trip a captain told me he never uses any other knot to connect spectra to fluoro than a three turn surgeon knot. I tried it last year and never had a failure. It's somewhat bulky but I just kept it outside of the guides. What do you knot nerds think about this knot? Or...
  43. kbray001

    Dove opener 2015

    Dove opener 2015 - Short report: limited by 930 Long report: My brother and I hit up our normal spot close to home at o dark thirty (sorry no numbers for this spot). We were the first truck their and got our normal spot. Hung out until sun up. About ten trucks had shown up by shoot time. The...
  44. kbray001

    Looking for a place to live in San Diego

    Well I just made a huge life decision and accepted a new job in San Diego. My Wife and I and our 8 month old puppy are looking to move down in September. We have been doing the normal search and have found some nice places in our budget. While I was looking, I thought to ask to see if any of...
  45. kbray001

    Kids day at the farm!!

    first time posting a joke. This cracked me up.
  46. kbray001

    Bachelor party twilight - Aug 7th

    Well my little brother is getting married tomorrow! His fiancé and him planned their wedding very quickly after moving back home from Utah. With all of us working long hours it was hard to plan a bachelor party. With permission from his better half we jumped on the nautilus twilight out of...
  47. kbray001

    Prowler 2 day - FISH FOR A CURE - 7/17-7/19

    Fished on the annual "fish for a cure" two day on the prowler. These trips are put together by a family friend, John rivers, who has been running these trips for the last nine years. In this time john has raised 80k dollars for the American Cancer Society. Besides raising a lot of money these...
  48. kbray001

    TRULINE at the 150 boat show/madness

    TRULINE at the 150 6/13 – boat show madness Shorter report: I caught a rock and a boat. My brother caught the only two YT. I have never seen that many small boats circling party boats since spring break at Lake Havasu. Tuna crabs were everywhere unfortunately the YT were being ran over. Tough...
  49. kbray001

    My wife is awesome!

    Friday was my wife's birthday and after having a great day we were laying in bed talking. Just being a punk I started sending her links to the fishing gear I wanted for our anniversary next month. We are currently saving up to buy our first house so I was going to skip buying any new fishing...
  50. kbray001

    Glen Helen Trout fest!

    Last week my 86 year old grandpa told us that he would really like to go trout fishing this weekend. When ever he wants to go we drop everything and make it happen. As big bear has been a bust lately we decided to give Glen Helen a try on Saturday morning knowing that they planted on Thursday...
  51. kbray001

    Inflatable pontoon boat

    Hey, Last year I received this xl inflatable pontoon boat as a present from work. It is brand new and has not been taken out of the box. this thing would be a blast for lakes, rivers or bay fishing. Right now I just don't have enough time for all my hobbies. Here is a link to the companies...
  52. kbray001

    Sea lion strandings!!!

    As I was eating my lunch at work I stumbled along the following link. People sea lion pups are stranding themselves because of global warming and El Niño!!!!!! We must...
  53. kbray001

    Dana pride yellowtail!

    Well my step sister is tying the knot this weekend in San Clemente. My brother and I decided to use the opportunity to jump on a half day out of dana point for some bass fishing on sat morning before the wedding. We do these short trips on a regular basis and have a blast playing catch and...
  54. kbray001

    Dove opener plus typical idiots

    Well we went to our old secret spot for the dove opener and it's no longer a secret spot. Haha. Made the best of it didn't care about limits more spending time with my 85 year old grandfather. Got there early to find our normal corner completely over ran. No big deal we moved down the line a...
  55. kbray001

    3/4 on the new lo-an 8/3

    Short story: great captain, great crew, great fishing, but way too many "that guys" on the boat. Slightly longer version: a very close family friend just got some very bad news from his doctor. Something he always had hoped to do was to go deep sea fishing. So last Friday we decided it was time...
  56. kbray001

    Inflatable pontoon boat for bay fishing

    Hey, So I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I just received a really cool inflatable pontoon boat from my coworkers for getting married. Has anyone every fished one of these in the bays? Looks like it might be fun as I don't have a kayak. If anyone has ever done this let me know. Thanks.
  57. kbray001

    Lexa 400 and shadow stalker

    Over the last few weeks I have been watching the fish counts with envy. Due to work and family issues getting a whole day free has been out of the question. So when my grandpa asked me to drive the pontoon boat for him this weekend in big bear I jumped at the chance. To break up the boredom of...
  58. kbray001

    Rod question? Okuma Shadow Stalker

    Hi Everybody, My fiancé is awesome and gave me a new rod for valentines day. I'm thinking about getting the Okuma Shadow Stalker 8' XH 20-40. Has anybody used one of these rods? I pulled on one at a store but haven't tried one on the water. How do you think it would handle throwing big baits...
  59. kbray001

    Penn Fathom 25N reel clamp question?

    I am completely hooked on my new Penn Fathom 25n's. They are the best casting reels available in their price range. Having already bought two 25n's I am probably going to end up buying a fathom 30 to replace an aging avet in the Quiver. One problem though on a recent trip one of my family...
  60. kbray001

    Saltist 30TH

    Hey, I bought this reel as a backup off of another member two years ago. Since that time I have had it serviced and it has sat in my reel bag. It has some boat rash from its previous owner (7.5/10) but internally it is in great shape. Smooth drags and good free spool. I am asking $100 for...
  61. kbray001

    Saltist 30T

    Hey, I bought this reel as a backup off of another member two years ago. Since that time I have had it serviced and it has sat in my reel bag. It is not pretty, with some substantial boat rash from its previous owner (6/10) but internally it is in great shape. Smooth drags and good free...
  62. kbray001

    San Onofre

    Has anyone ever used a SUP to fish the Kelp beds around San Onofre state beach?? Was out surfing at Old Mans the other day and it seems like it could be a great place for Calico bass when the water starts to warm up. Any ideas or input?
  63. kbray001

    [B]Chino Hills Turners changed my thoughts on the company[/B]

    Let me start this off by saying I personally can't stand my local Turners which is not the Chino Hills location. They are arrogant, refuse to help, and don't care about the customer at all. Besides that the majority of them have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to fishing...
  64. kbray001

    Jig Stick

    I finally have the funds to put together a decent jig stick combo. Already have the Penn Fathom 25N and was thinking about either: the Shimano Teramar TMC80MH, or the seeker Stealth STL 8020 CT What do you think? Is there any other stick in that price range that I am missing.
  65. kbray001

    Daiwa Saltist two speed ld35

    This is an awesome little reel to haul in those tuna that are still hanging around out there. Selling this reel for my dad who wasn't able to make it out for any of the tuna this year. This reel is almost brand new. It caught a handful of bft last year on a two day and went on 3/4 day boat...
  66. kbray001

    Fish for a Cure *GoPro Video*

    Check out the video we made from our last trip. <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  67. kbray001

    Fish for a Cure 2012

    Late post. Not enough hours in the day with my new job and trying to get pictures/video together. Fish for a cure 2012 left fisherman's landing on august the 18th for our annual two day trip with 27 anglers. We made a quick stop at the bait barge and then we headed south. Buzz and the crew...