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  1. hung380

    Electronic brakes

    Hi guys/gals Got a Karavan trailer with surge brakes for my 19ft. trophy and was wondering if I can add electronic brakes on my trailer? Do they even make them? Where can I get a set and cost. Thanks
  2. hung380

    2006 Mercury 4-stroke not running

    My engine cranks but wont turn over :mad: Checked the sparks and its strong. Previously had the fuel system cleaned out at Olympics Boat center 2 months ago due to contaminated fuel then stored away until now. I've drained the gas tank and refill with 4 gallons of fresh fuel before starting the...
  3. hung380

    fuel polishing/mopping gas tank needed

    Need someone to polish/clean the gas from inside my fuel tank about 50 gallons worth. Anybody you guys recommend thats mobil in orange county area? thanks
  4. hung380

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    I have a 2006 mercury 4-stroke that died on me saturday due to water in the fuel tank. I need some suggestions on what I should do. How to flush out the water from the fuel system and stuff. Any help I can help from you guys will greatly be appreciated. Thanks alot!
  5. hung380

    Man dies from fishing weight!

    This is some crazy stuff! Man dies from freak fishing accident --
  6. hung380

    feedbacks on frontload washer/dryer with steam

    Looking into buying a Kenmore elite HE3t front load washer/dryer with steam and was wonder if anyone have any experience on them or any other front loader brands. Is steam technology really worth the extra 300 bucks or is it just a gimmick? thanks for your opinions.
  7. hung380

    Need manintence/repair for mercury 9.8 in Van nuys/san fernanado area

    Just bought a mercury 9.8 outboard 1980s (I think) and found out that the fuel is leaking from the carb. Looking for anyone to fix and do some service for this motor. thanks you can call me at 714-478-9754 thanks LY
  8. hung380

    Looking for feedbacks on the Garmin 540

    Getting ready to make some electronic purchases and one of them is the Garmin 540 without transducer. How do you guys like that unit for GPS purposes? Are they users friendly? Are the Bluechart G2 VISION worth the extra 250.00? Anything bad about this device/model? Will also be purchasing the...
  9. hung380

    Lake Mead 12/7/07 WFO on STRIPERS!!!

    Wife and I decided to hit up Vegas for our 4th year anniversary to do a little bit of gambling and fishing. Friday 12/7 we met up with our guide John from a fellow bloodydecks member at 5:30am in the walmart parking lot and off we go to the launch ramps. Boat in at 6:00am and 30...
  10. hung380

    Micro stamping bill has been signed!!

    That S.O.B. actually signed the fuckin micro stamping bill! CA Legislative Info and Contact Tools :finger::finger::finger:
  11. hung380

    Can I use my Bumber to tow my rig?

  12. hung380

    Need info. for gas stations in catalina

    Anyone know what the business hours are and approx. price per gal? Phone#/chann? thanks
  13. hung380

    Check out my new MEAN GREEN fishing machine!!!

    Just picked it up this past weekend. Trophy pro 1902 with vhf and northstar color ff. I think I got a decent deal for this @ 25,000 brand new. I took it out this past tuesday and managed to put about 3 hours into it. Since this is my first outboard boat WHY does it take literally about 45...
  14. hung380

    How about this Boston Whaler 20 ft.? Deal Or NO Deal?

    what do you guys think about this? Its a 1978 boston outrage 20ft. with a 1998 johnson 175 with 191 hours. It also comes with a yamaha 4 stroke 17hp kicker almost new. The boat looks great inside and out. seller asking for 11,000 but i think i can make it go down to 10,000. Boat also comes with...
  15. hung380

    2000 Trophy 21 ft. for 15,900 good deal?

    hello bloody deckers, Need some input on this 21 ft. trophy W/A made in 2000 with a 4.3 v6 I/O. Motor has 238 hours on it. Comes with a dual axel trailer and Motor runs great. You guys think I should go for broke on this one or wait for a better deal? thanks
  16. hung380

    Help me plan my cabo trip please!!

    Hello bloodydeckers! Me and 4 other buddies are planning on flying down to cabo on june 15 and heading back june 18. We need some suggestions on where to stay (condo rentals/Hotel) we prefer A condo rental somewhere in cabo but will settle for a nice decent hotel. We also need some suggetsions...
  17. hung380

    Looking for lake mead guide

    Anyone know any good guide service for lake mead? Planning to go fishing on 5-27 with my son. Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  18. hung380

    88 reinell help

    Hi guys, this is first post and I need some info. from you guys. Anyone in this forum know any decent boat mechanics in the oc area? If you do, please pm me. thanks I got an 88 reinell omc sterndrive and when I rev my engine (In gear) it will take literally minutes just to get my boat to speed...