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  1. wallis johnson

    WTB Curado 300 d or e paddle handle

    Looking for 300 paddle handle for an EJ. Want to switch out. PM if you have one 4 sale.
  2. wallis johnson


    NEW 6" Navy Blue SIZE M 12 $75 retail @ $89 PM if interested.
  3. wallis johnson

    ? Attaching Hypalon grips.

    Rebuilding butt section of rod. I am relocating the reel seat, I am holding off the attachment of the grips. Seems like using epoxy is a messey way of attachment. Golf club grips are set with double sided tape using a solvent. This type a attachment is permanent until you want it replaced, and...
  4. wallis johnson

    ? Shipping Rods

    Any tips on what carrier is the cheapest? Have them ready to go in a 7'6" rod tube, they are going to Oregon. Thx,OU
  5. wallis johnson

    SOLD Shimano Power Handle

    Power handle, lightly used. Fits ej, e or j models. May work on Calcuttas. $50.00 OBO Pic up in Dana Point.
  6. wallis johnson

    For Sale Curado e7 reduced price

    Just back from service: New gears & bearings. Classic calico reel, $160.00 lowered $$ PIC UP IN Dana Point.
  7. wallis johnson

    For Sale Teramar TMC 76H

    New with tags. SE issue TMC 76H Blue TC4 blank Feels like west coast Med. $100
  8. wallis johnson

    FREE Scammer? Snowflake for sure.

    Brian1972 Beware. he changes his Flakey mind after compling with his requests. Drove 30 miles to buy the rod, only to have him change his mind. Got an early start, didn't know how long it would take to drive, arrived 45 mins, early. Surprise text that Ms. Snowflake has changed his mind. Cost...
  9. wallis johnson

    WTB Paddle handle.

    Want paddle handle for Curado 300E. PM w/pics & price. Thx, OU
  10. wallis johnson

    For Sale Shimano Teramar- Inshore Rod

    Rods designed for inshore fishing. Cousins RSW 858T 8' 6" $175 obo excellent cond. Shimano Teramar TMC 76H Southeast model, with tags. Brand new! $100 BPS Graphite Series GRS76HT-T76 12-30# Bay or young mans rod. $50 obo See all pics.
  11. wallis johnson

    For Sale 12M ankle high deck BOOTS

    Size 12M navy blue. Used once, wrong size for me. Looking for $70.00, retail @ $89.00 949 293 7505
  12. wallis johnson

    WTB 1911-A1 GI WWII vintage

    Looking for vintage 1911-A1 WWll or newer, prefer US NAVY Will consider US ARMY. PM what ya got?
  13. wallis johnson

    San Clemente AR progress?

    It seems that the AR's in San Clemente were going to get some sort of extension. Work was scheduled to start last summer. I have not seen any progress. Does anyone know of the current situation? Updates will be appreciated.
  14. wallis johnson

    SOLD Open Water lg Backpak tackle bag

    OW tackle bag, used. Room for five 3600 boxes Lg storage area Side pockets, backpack style $60 pick up in Dana Point.
  15. wallis johnson


    What do you think? Your preferred; Size Color Manufacture And why
  16. wallis johnson

    Terez WW ?

    Did Shimano offer a Wax Wing rod with a black fore grip that came with X wrap? Looking at one in the classifieds, it appears to be 1st gen.
  17. wallis johnson

    CU 200 DHSV

    Pulling maintenance on this reel. Seems the handle is loose, wobbles east and west slightly. Not a big deal, but a distraction just the same. Any ideas on what parts need attention? Thz,
  18. wallis johnson

    For Sale Torium 14/Carnage Rod

    Torium 14, original issue. Carnage (Penn) 7'10" 15-30# brajid 20-50# Mono Both in great shape. Combination offered at: $190 Separately. Torium 14, $110 Carnage, $90 PM with interest, pictures included.
  19. wallis johnson

    F/S: RAZE-Seeker-Shimano rods

    Cousins RAZE: 8'6" RSW 858T 15-25# $160 Seeker Blk Stl G980 8'C 15(25)40# $180 Shimano Teramar 1st gen., TMCX76H 7'6" H FAST 15-30# $145 All rods are 9+/10. If you're looking for any one of these rods, its here. Pick-up in Dana Point. PM if interested.
  20. wallis johnson

    3/4 day yft?

    Looking to party/boat on Wed and fish out of SD. What size are the tuna on these trips. Any advise on what boat is having the best counts? Liberty, Mission Belle or what? Thx,
  21. wallis johnson

    Tranx 400 spool loading up,,,,

    Haven't used the Tranx 400 much, but when I retreive line the right side seems to load up with line. So much so that on the next cast the line/spool is restricted by the lower frame on that side. Anybody else had this issue, or am I just a klutz? Thx,
  22. wallis johnson

    Curado 200 DHSV

    Need advice on the handle assembly. Getting loose and wobbly. Is there any fix for this problem? Seems all nuts and washers are snug, but the entire assembly has gotten worse over the last year. Love the 7/1 ratio & the reel, thanks for any advise.
  23. wallis johnson

    f/t cardboard shipping tubes

    I have 7-8 cardboard shipping tubes. They are 8' in length 3&4" diameter.. Used for shipping rods from here to there.. Like to trade, what do u have? PM if interested. Thx
  24. wallis johnson

    F/S Lead pot & mold 4 jig heads

    F/S: Lee lead melting pot and Do It mold. Do It mold is a spearhead w/ weights from 1oz - 1/4. Mld #JSP-5-A $45 obo various hooks and some lead to start with... PM w/ interest,THX
  25. wallis johnson

    f/s NaCl Revo Toro 50HS

    Excellent condition used once for small tuna. 6.4:1 65# red pp 2 handles w/box. No mares or scratches. $200 firm, Pics @ 949 293 7505
  26. wallis johnson

    fs Shimano Combo

    CLC-76H with Curado 200DHSV Calcutta rod looks/and works like new, reel was reworked by Shimano recently. Some rash, yet works great. $210
  27. wallis johnson

    All Star WCS 7' 6"

    Blue graphite, All Star West Coast Series rod. WCS 76XH works better now than brand new. Cork w/trigger grip. Strong Calico rod 15-40# $80, OBO
  28. wallis johnson

    Fs Phenix MI 8'2" H

    Looking to sell M1 8'2" H $180. OBO very good condition. Only used to catch Calico. PM for pics
  29. wallis johnson

    wtb Curado spool

    looking to buy a Curado spool assembly bnt3539 for a 200dhsv Older reel but, it just feels good & fits the hand. Pm if you have one. Thx, Kj
  30. wallis johnson


    Anyone else curious about what might be coming at icast this year. What about Shimano, UC, Ave or Seeker. Looking for inside scoop.
  31. wallis johnson

    40-50# rod??

    Looking to get a rod for new Avet JX two speed. Using 40 & 50# top shot for both yo yo and/or fly lined baits. Thinking about a 7' rod, or what? Also, how do I make sense of Calstar & Seeker numbering system? Thx, for now?