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  1. clubhunter

    For Sale Seeker CJB70H and Phenix Megalodon 800H

    Selling a few of my sticks. They will be shipped and insured for price of sell. Details below; Discount on multiple rods for shipping. PM for pics if interested Seeker CJB 70H custom rail rod. Blank was spined correctly before wrapping. Guides are double wrapped. Rod has longer grip but not...
  2. clubhunter

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad 20A (never used)

    I have a Trinidad 20A I bought and took it on one trip to Guadalupe which as you know it sat in the rack the whole time. I think I have 30lb spectra backing and 30lb mono top shot. Not sure of yardages. It comes with case, paperwork and I have a brand new still in package Shimano reel cover that...
  3. clubhunter

    SOLD Accurate Boss Extreme BX2 600 w power handle

    Reel has new #80 spectra. Only fished one trip. Works great and just needs to find a home that will use her. $400 shipped Priority Mail and insured
  4. clubhunter

    SOLD Accurate Boss Extreme BX400

    been on a couple of trips and caught it’s fair share of fish. Great reel with new #50 spectra and works flawless. $300 shipped Priority Mail and insured
  5. clubhunter

    SOLD PRICE Drop Talica 16ii and Lexa Reel for sale

    Shimano Talica 16ii filled with #80 spectra. Comes with box and only used one 6 day trip. PRICE DROP $415 shipped Daiwa Lexa-HD 400xs-p. This reel is brand new and has a cork puppy added. It can be easily taken off if not needed. Comes with box and paperwork. No line and never used. PRICE...
  6. clubhunter

    SOLD Zeebaas ZX27

    Black and silver ZX27 spinning reel with 500yds of Super slick power pro. Reel is in great condition but hasn’t been used in 4 years. It’s just sat in the box. Zeebaas is a great company to work with regarding any service to be done on the reel. It comes with reel bag as well as original box...
  7. clubhunter

    SOLD Van Staal VS200S

    I have a Van Staal VS200S in silver. I don’t get to use it anymore but it’s a great Spinning reel with a stout drag. Comes with reel bag, box and paperwork. $500 shipped to lower 48 and you take care of PayPal fees
  8. clubhunter

    SOLD Makaira 30 Sea Silver

    Reel was taken on one trip a year and a half ago. I used it for three drops and it was stored away. Reel comes with 130 hollow plus it has an additional rod clamp with the ring. Was going to use it as a finger insert. Comes with original box, warranty, paperwork, tools and oil. $555 shipped
  9. clubhunter

    Hard to find Black Makaira

    Anyone on here that is trying to collect a set of Black Makaira’s or specifically looking for some Black Makaira’s give me a shout. I remember when I was looking I started a little late in the game and stopped making them.
  10. clubhunter

    Longer reel clamp nuts for trinidad

    i was wondering if there is a place you can purchase longer the reel clamp screw nuts that will fit larger diameter grips for the Trinidad 20a.
  11. clubhunter

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Is this the replacement reel for Cedros Star Drag??? Okuma posted pic on their Instagram account today.
  12. clubhunter

    Andros 12SNii a

    i have read on some posts about a problem with the high gear. Just got mine the other day and I noticed a lot of tension when reeling it in high gear. I have not taken it apart but now after reeling it while watching tv, it seems to be loosening up. The only problem is when I let it sit for a...
  13. clubhunter

    Spectra hollow to hollow connections

    I would like to get some advice from some of the experts regarding how you connect two different line sizes of hollow spectra to another hollow spectra. I was thinking if I had 100 lb hollow filled on my reel and I wanted to top it with 50-75 yds of 130 hollow how would you do the connection?
  14. clubhunter

    Sato crimps or whip finish

    my question is will a sato crimp do any damage to the rod guides as they go in and out of the rod under pressure?
  15. clubhunter

    Thoughts on line color

    When fishing on the big boats and sharing the rail with 30 guys or gals, it's nice to be able to see your line and the line of others around you. My question is when you are bait fishing with a short floro leader of 4-5ft, do you think a yellow spectra colored line is a detractor to a tuna bite...
  16. clubhunter

    Talica 16 maxcuatro

    Anyone have any idea how much of the #80 max Cuatro you can pack on a Talica 16ii using only a 4-5' fluorocarbon leader? Just got one and I was getting it loaded for a trip to Guadalupe next week.
  17. clubhunter

    Ideal length to cast your bait from the boat

    For fishing Guadalupe, I hear people making the comment to be successful you need to get your bait away from the boat. Making cast with heavier gear, what's the minimum that puts you into the best area?
  18. clubhunter

    Turks head

    anyone on here willing to do a Turks head that I could get and slip over the end of my grip?
  19. clubhunter

    Rod clamp issue on my BX2 600

    dont know if anyone has had this problem before but I noticed the female screw nut that tightens the clamp to the male post screws on the reel are digging into the sides of my reel seat. The reel seat is a size 24 which is about standard. Is there a remedy to this issue. I have not screwed it...
  20. clubhunter

    Double plier and tuna spike sheath

    i am looking for a sheath and I thought I was on Needle Crook's list to make me one but communications have fallen into the automated response system. It's been about a couple of months when I originally reached out to him and I sent back what I was looking for. I followed up a few weeks ago and...
  21. clubhunter

    Trinidad TN20a

    Trying to get my new TN20a set up. What are most of you guys for line set up and capacity? Also planning on taking it to Guadalupe in November and use it for throwing surface irons and poppers for YT and YFT if conditions are right.
  22. clubhunter

    I am beyond pissed!!!!!

    i don't normally use color preserver but had to with this particular build. First let me say that I wrapped the base in a tiger in which when I applied the color preserver it moistened the threads so much the brush stroke moved the threads. I cut it off and decided to wrap it more...
  23. clubhunter

    47 days and counting

    i am absolutely jumping out of my skin and anxious to get on the RP 11/9 for a trip to Guadalupe. It will be my first trip to the island. I am doing some last minute rod builds so that helps keep me busy. Hopefully the fishing will stay hot through that trip. How is the weather that time of...
  24. clubhunter

    Dropper loop rigs at Guadalupe

    I have a few questions regarding getting my rigs set up for a trip in November. 1) should you use florocarbon or mono for the leader material? 2) what's the consensus on using J hooks or circle hooks? 3) what size of hooks and type are you using? Thanks
  25. clubhunter

    Jig stick

    who makes a decent 2 piece rod or blank of at least 9ft that can be used for throwing surface irons or poppers. Preference would be 10ft.
  26. clubhunter

    For all you Rail Rodders

    i came across this by accident. When I was ordering some things for a couple of rod builds I needed. It was from Mudhole and they called it grip replacement. When I got it the material was much thicker than normal shrink tube. It was also the largest diameter offered. So I decided to see how it...
  27. clubhunter

    Black Makaira

    does anyone know where I can pick up a black Makaira 20ii SEa?
  28. clubhunter

    Wrapped cutters, duck bills and tuna spike

    Who sells these with the handles wrapped? I sent Chad gee a message a few days ago and no response. Looks like it's been a while since he posted anything. Anyway if any of you have contact info for someone else let me know. Thanks
  29. clubhunter

    Gearing up for Guadalupe!!

    Last week I booked a trip on the RP in November. The plan is to go to Guadalupe. Right now I am trying to figure out what reels to bring and which rods to match them up with. This is what I have now and what I have ordered. Mak 16ii SEa- no line on it Accurate Boss 600 2 speed- filled with 80...
  30. clubhunter

    Phenix Abyss PSX 809

    Does anyone have any feedback on using this blank or rod? I was looking for a surface iron rod that I could easily ship from Texas when I go on LR trips.
  31. clubhunter

    Deckhand style

    i have a couple of blanks that I would like to build deckhand style. My question is how long do you make the grip whether you use cork tape or twine?
  32. clubhunter

    Diawa Lexa HD reel clamp

    Does anyone know if there is a reel clamp that would work for attaching a 400 to a west coast style rod? Also if there is one has anyone used it for some feedback.
  33. clubhunter

    okuma makaira 20ii converted by Okuma to Mak 20Sea specs

    Used on one trip. 600yds of 100lb Jerr Brown Hollow. Excellent condition. $450 plus $14 shipping.
  34. clubhunter

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    i thought that I would give you a quick review on my first hand experience dealing with the company. First off, I am very anal when it comes to my equipment. I take great care of it at home as well as maintenance of it during and after my fishing trips. This was also my first long range trip...
  35. clubhunter

    Where is my damn Passport!!!

    i fly out on the 13th for my first Long Range trip on the Excel 8/14-8-21. Back in Early June, I realized my passport expired so I sent in the App with the check. The check cleared my bank late June. About 3 1/2 weeks ago I went to the web site to check my status and I could not find it so I...
  36. clubhunter

    Need some up to date advice on Tackle Storage.

    I have looked through some of the previous threads regarding this subject and I didn't come away with any conclusive direction. My trip Is booked for next month (7 day 8/14-8/21 Excel) and I am starting to buy my necessary tackle. I went with the recommended tackle for the 7-10 day trip. I need...
  37. clubhunter

    Mak 10 Sea on a Super Seeker

    The blank number for the SS is CJBF70H which is the same as a SS6470H. I am using a Pacbay reel seat in a 26 size. Being that the reel seat is large, I am having a little trouble getting the reel clamp secured on the reel seat. Just wanted to see if this is a common problem or what solutions you...
  38. clubhunter

    Installing Cold Shrink

    For those that have worked with Cold Shrink, I was wondering if you turndown the hypalon where the cold shrink will be applied or does the shrinking process squeeze it to a level with the hypalon? Also does it shrink lengthwise? Thanks
  39. clubhunter

    Shipping cost for your catch

    Can anyone who has had their fish shipped to them give me an idea of what the cost would be? I am looking for general ideas. I know processing the fish is roughly .85 to .95 a pound. I live in Texas.
  40. clubhunter

    Guide size for the stripper

    Might be a dumb question but here goes. Is it the size of the reel that you plan on using for a particular rod that dictates whether you use a 25, 20 or 16? I have a couple of Super Seekers that I will be building. One is CJLB70H and the other is CJLB70XH. The reels are a Mak10 Sea and the other...
  41. clubhunter

    What is the recommendations for a 50lb class reel

    This reel will be mostly used for live bait. Pretty sure I want 2 speed. I am going to use it on a SS 6470H rod rated 40-60. I have a few Makaira's and I like those. I was also thinking about the new Andros 12 if they ever come in. Just wanted to get some feedback to see what you thought.
  42. clubhunter

    Any Issues with the Makaira 16Sea silver

    i was checking on my Backorder of the Andros 5lls with the Tackle dealer and he had mentioned a problem that Okuma was correcting on the Andros that was similar to what was corrected withe the Makaira 16Sea. He said Okuma had a recall all of those reels. My question is I never put line on the...
  43. clubhunter

    Shipping rods and reels

    For those of you that have to fly in to San Diego, I was wondering what the best way to make sure your equipment gets there to get on the boat. I think I would get some PVC from Home Depot to contain my rods. As far as the reels, I am not sure whether you would pack them into your luggage or...
  44. clubhunter

    Favorite time of the year and length of trip

    What is your favorite time of the year to go on one of the Long Range boats? Also how long would the trip last?
  45. clubhunter

    What's are the differences between a Calstar 770XH and a Seeker SS 1x3

    I am getting ready to purchase a blank to to finish and put on my Makaira 16Sea. I will mostly use this rod for fishing 80. After reading the recent thread on "which rod for Makaira 16Sea" I have narrowed my choice to these two. What I was hoping for is a little information on the pros and cons...
  46. clubhunter


    Maybe someone could clear up something for me. Most everyone uses spectra as backing but some use a mono topshot and some use a florou topshot. Is the reasoning behind the Mono topshot financial or am I missing something? I was going to rig my outfits with Spectra backing connected directly to...
  47. clubhunter

    Mak 16 SEa advice

    Just purchased this reel and was looking for some advice on which rod do you think I should match this up to and what line 80 or 100 JB Hollow to spool it with. Thanks
  48. clubhunter

    Question on White Thread

    You know how when you use black thread and you place the epoxy on it that the threads basically disappear. You could do a crappy job of wrapping and no one would be able to see it. Does white thread do the same. I am using NCP White on a white blank. Thanks
  49. clubhunter

    Another Cobia jig

  50. clubhunter

    Andros 5II brand new $335 shipped

    Brand new never used. Purchased from Charkbait. All box content complete. I think it has 40 JB one solid line filled with no top shot. Will ship express with tracking and insurance. Thanks, Rick
  51. clubhunter

    Photo from a long Range Tuna trip off the Louisiana coast

    It's cold as crap down south today and lots of snow!
  52. clubhunter

    JB or Power Pro slick 8???

    I was trying to solicit some info from you guys since a lot of you use JB on what you thought of its casting capabilities vs Power Pro Slick 8. I would be using 40 or 50 lb and it would be used to cast large 4oz buck tail jigs on a Shimano Tranx casting reel. I have used the PP but not the JB...
  53. clubhunter

    Allstar 1088 Guide set up for conventional

    I have built plenty of spinning rods but I recently bought a Shimano Tranx 500, which is a low profile baitcaster,that I will be loading 50# braid on. The use of this rod will be primarily throwing 3-4 ounce lead jigs at cobia off the piers along the panhandle of Florida. The rod is an Allstar...
  54. clubhunter

    SKB tackle boxes

    Could someone give the dimensions of the side to side measurement across on the large and small boxes? I have looked everywhere including their web site and cannot find it. Thank you in advance.
  55. clubhunter

    Ideas for LR Tackle

    I have saltwater fished my whole life but have not had the opportunity to go on one of the long range fishing trips out of San Diego. I will be planning on making annual trips starting next year. Right now I am at the stage of getting rods and reels together to make trip with. I have the Mak...
  56. clubhunter

    World Record Fish

    I am fishing a Billfish tournament labor day weekend and i was reading some of the rules that apply. It is suppose to have strict adherance to IGFA RULES. One of the things i noticed was you cannot rest the rod on the gunnel while fighting a fish. On the long rangers, would fighting a fish on...
  57. clubhunter

    How many guides

    I've decided to go with fuji ring guides on the GF770XXXH. I bought 8 total....25,20,16 and five 12's plus the 12tip (14 tube). My question is should i use the 8 guides or use only 7 guides?
  58. clubhunter


    I have some CHBNG Guides that i was thinking of putting on my GF770XXXH FOR 130. Igot the 25, 20, 16, 12, and 4 10's with a 10 tip. Should i build it this way or change the 10's for 12's?
  59. clubhunter

    Sato crimps

    Do the Sato crimps damage the SIC guides on rods that are line classed as 80-130? I know they are small but I would think that with high drag pressure and continually running over the guides, that it would damage it. Maybe the roller guides would not because there is no friction.
  60. clubhunter

    Butt of rod

    When you guys are fishing the rail and fighting fish on the rail do you go back between the harness and rail? The reason I ask is because when I make Long Range rods, I am wondering which way to go. I know they make rubber butts to go over the gimbal but i would think that in the heat of the...
  61. clubhunter

    Making a rail rod

    You guys who use and make rail rods, do you have gimbles on your butts? Also, how far out from the end of your reel seat does your first guide(non-roller) go on a 7ft rod? Thanks for the advice...
  62. clubhunter

    Selling your catch

    Did not know if anyone has done this but could you sell your catch to people or fish markets on the dock area?
  63. clubhunter

    Difference in the action of these blanks

    I thought i had made my mind up on my long range rods but i thought it would be wise to get some opinions. My thoughts were to stay with all Calstar Graphiter series in the 7ft length for my 30, 40, 50, 80, 100 and 130. I was also considering the Super Seekers. what are the differences between...
  64. clubhunter

    Just picked up my first Accurate reel

    Just picked up a BX2 600 off Ebay. I am trying to accumulate some gear to go on one of the long range trips. My next step is to figure out what kind of blank to build my rod to match up with this reel. My thoughts are to use 50-60lb Spectra with a top shot and use this outfit for live bait. Any...
  65. clubhunter

    Time of year for best tuna/wahoo bite

    Since i have never fished along the Southern Cal and Baja area Iwas wondering what time of the year was best to go on one of the Long Range fishing trips for wahoo and 100 pound plus YFT. First i have never been on a long range trip and i live in Florida which is a long way to get there so I...
  66. clubhunter

    Rail rod

    Got a question regarding the guides for a Rail rod used in #130 lb class.....would you use the HBSG's or the roller guides? It would be used for long range boats fishing for cows. thx for the input!
  67. clubhunter

    foregrip rail rod

    i have been watching some of the videos on the long range fishing for the cow tunas. i was wondering when building a 130 class rod that will be used on the rail to fight the fish, what kind of grips do you use for the foregrip. it looks like eva or hypalon but i would think it would get eaten up...
  68. clubhunter

    Re-doing a Roddy Rod

    I bought a 10 ft Roddy rod and I am going to strip it down, take off the ALUMINUM BUTT EXTENSION (which is 21" long), strip off the guides. I want to rewrap it as a spinner with close to original look of the Roddy rods. Does anyone have any old photos or thread suggestions to wrap the rod with...
  69. clubhunter


    I want one of these blanks bad! I am talking about the brown mottled finish. The rod can be already built or a blank. Looking for 9ft range that would make med to heavy spinner. Let me know what you got!!!