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  1. Jan from Humbol

    This is BULLSHIT!!

    I'm 71 and depend on Amazon a lot here lately as the wife and I are trying to stay healthy. and I see this crap??
  2. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    The above pictures are taken under UV light, Normal light and in the dark so you can see how the flies glow. I started tying flies again, these are tied on a 9/0 Mustad EZ baiter circle hook, the flies also glow in the dark so they work great in the deep. They're well put together and don't...
  3. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    New thread posted
  4. Jan from Humbol

    Here's one you don't see every day...

    a S&W .40 that got fired in a .45, yeah I didn't think it was possible either, found this casing in a bucket of range brass I was given. It's obvious it was fired in a .45 and probably didn't work all that well. left is a real .45 ACP right is the blooper
  5. Jan from Humbol

    $5.00 fuel in January 2015

    No BS here
  6. Jan from Humbol

    Gas over $5.00 a gallon in January 2015 Not a joke!!!

    Effective January, 2015 California will impose new taxes on gasoline that could raise prices by a dollar or more. California already collects about 68 cents a gallon making the gas tax in California one of the highest. This new tax will push gas prices above $5.00 a gallon which will be a real...
  7. Jan from Humbol

    44 mag 50 rounds

    at 25 yards, 210 cast w/gas check 11.5 of 4756... Still able to get a few through the same holes now and then. Not too bad for a blind old fart.
  8. Jan from Humbol

    Why chicks need guys

  9. Jan from Humbol

    Ammo is starting to come down

    Slowly, but I'm seeing some .22 at .06 a round now I hope these ammo flippers choke on all the stuff they bought and tried to make a killing on Gun Broker with. I'll also remember places like Cheaper than chit and others that jacked their prices:finger:, I vote with my feet and money. I...
  10. Jan from Humbol

    45 vs 44

    No contest in power, even the 210 gn target loads in the 44 pack more punch than standard 45 loads. Looks like the 45ACP lost out big time to the 44 mag:waglleybooty: I was not so gently chided on here when I chose a 9mm once, was told when you want a real gun you'll get a 45, well I have 3...
  11. Jan from Humbol

    Playing in the man cave

    Spent the last two days upgrading the loading area, rough life but someone's gotta do it. LOL
  12. Jan from Humbol

    If you use black Madeira

    Madeira Black Polyneon Embroidery Thread | eBay 10 5000 meter spools, $35
  13. Jan from Humbol

    Plastic 308's

    I kid you not, and they run out at 4000+ fps only weighs 11 grains but looks like fun under a hundred yards. Yes I ordered a case so I'll let you know, I have a serious tree rat and bunny problem here. 250 Rds. .308 Short Range Ammo - 502766, .308 Ammo at Sportsman's Guide PS you...
  14. Jan from Humbol

    Well I bit the bullet...

    :rofl: I've practically worn out my Lee starter kit (Breech lock) so now the Dillon XL650 is ordered. Six to eight weeks waiting , oh yeah forget about talking to them on the phone too. They need to add some staff to help customers Now I can really crank out the 9mm and 40 stuff
  15. Jan from Humbol

    If you have life insurance BEWARE!!!

    Beware! no shit guys this really sucks…I had a small incentive life insurance policy for $150k with AXA Equitable I faithfully paid my $225 dollar premiums since 1992, foolishly thinking all was OK. A few days ago I get a notice of policy lapse from AXA and I’m thinking what the heck is...
  16. Jan from Humbol

    Ought to be "How not to"

    File under "Dumb shit of the year" :rofl...
  17. Jan from Humbol

    Help fight the Army of darkness

    There's a political board I frequent that is full of anti-gun Liberals who are as nice as a ten gallon Stetson full of A holes with all the good ones picked out. If you feel like helping combat the army of darkness as I call them come join the fight. I'm in need of some back up...
  18. Jan from Humbol

    Adventures on E dating sites...

    You just never know what's out there:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  19. Jan from Humbol

    Penny swim baits?

    Anyone ever reach that goal of pouring swimbaits for a penny a pop? LOL
  20. Jan from Humbol

    My new rod building digs

    With the house in Missouri comes a fully tricked out shop, it has an office (Used by an investment broker) as well as a bedroom, 3/4 bath, and a kitchen. Shop has a second story storage area, fully climate controlled and a pellet stove. Oh yeah I almost forgot it's also 1500 square...
  21. Jan from Humbol

    Change of venue

    Looks like I'm leaving California soon and moving to Missouri, going to have to start wrapping fly rods, crappy stix, catfish poles and brim busters rather than saltwater stuff :rofl: Why you ask? Well I hooked up with a gal and am going to marry her and settle down in a little burg called...
  22. Jan from Humbol

    new mental discipline

    This new mental discipline techneque is darned effective, my S&W .40 sure seems to like it. Fifty rounds at fifty feet with a lot of them going through the same holes... Inner peace is a wonderful thing.
  23. Jan from Humbol

    Fishing report, sort of

    Rather than sit around all winter in front of the TV going glassy eyed and drooling one of the fun fishing things we can do when Neptune smiles on us is to partake of the monster herring runs that hit Crescent City early in the year. Herring make great bait for just about everything, sort of...
  24. Jan from Humbol

    Thanks Jim T

    I finally got around to doing a dragon, neat trick and easy to apply, this was gold Madeira metallic over C nylon with black and gold over wrap. This is waiting for the CP to dry before first finish coat. Thanks.
  25. Jan from Humbol

    The rewards of wrapping

    CalStar 270-H-8 about $30, cork tape, tuna cord, guides $25 (This was quite a while back) old school Newell 229-5 $30 50# spectra/ with a 30# top shot and a jig I made myself... 55 pound Pacific halibut, priceless. Oh yes one other thing, grease...
  26. Jan from Humbol

    War on gophers

    The little fuckers have invaded my yard this year so I bought a Sig Mosquito and keep it in my back pocket when I'm out in the yard (I load it with 22 CB longs which are pretty quiet) this one is #6 :rofl:
  27. Jan from Humbol

    Fishing report

    Fished the False Cape area Monday the 27 th, got a 30 pound Pacific butt, two smalish lings and one big fat Copper got home around 2:30 great day on the water and a good day catching...Better have been it was my birthday, friggin 63 years old now, Damn!
  28. Jan from Humbol

    Safeway supports the MLPA, Bboycott them!

    Stay Away From Safeway! « on: Today at 01:40:29 pm » Quote Modify Remove Split Topic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RFA CALLS FOR A NATIONAL BOYCOTT OF SAFEWAY...
  29. Jan from Humbol

    Safeway supports MLPA > boycott them!!

    Stay Away From Safeway! « on: Today at 01:40:29 pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RFA CALLS FOR A NATIONAL BOYCOTT OF SAFEWAY SUPERMARKET CHAIN Campaign To Educate Corporate...
  30. Jan from Humbol

    After the Sig P232...

    I decided I like stainless so I just bought a Beretta 96 (40 S&W) Inox At this rate I'm gonna need a bigger safe:rofl:
  31. Jan from Humbol

    'Ere now the lad got himself a 'Quigley

    I frigggin love this 1430 meters is a bit over 1500 yards, great shooting lads.
  32. Jan from Humbol

    Picked up the new Sig P232 today

    Took it to the range and stuffed a couple of boxes of ammo threw it, no major malfunctions and the darn thing shoots pretty well for a pocket gun, this shot at 25 feet
  33. Jan from Humbol

    So I was looking at pistols...

    And came across a Sig P232 .380 in stainless, it fit my paw real well and pointed right where I wanted it too. The price wasn't bad but being the ever thrifty Dutchman I am I bugged my eyes at the price tag and said "Can you get a little wiggle room on that price?" Guy comes back and said...
  34. Jan from Humbol

    Practice, practice, practice

    Done yesterday with the Beretta 92Fs at 35 feet at the rate of 1.5 sec per shot with 4 clips.
  35. Jan from Humbol

    Old dogs bite

    67 year old Vietnam Vet gets harrassed by a punk on the bus - YoujoTube Old dogs can still bite, I love the last part where this badass dude turns into a whiny blubbering little bitch as he bleeds.:rofl: Note the old fart after he's off, he ready to get back on the bus and...
  36. Jan from Humbol

    Ruger customer service

    We see a lot of "Aw shits" about companies on the web so I thought I'd post an atta boy for a change for some positivity outstanding customer service The little Ruger Mklll 22/45 Hunter recently I got for cheap developed some issues and became inoperative. I downloaded the instructions...
  37. Jan from Humbol

    I'll never see Garlic the same

    Gawd! My friggin eyes! I'm going to get even with the shit head that zapped me with this if it's the last thing I ever do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  38. Jan from Humbol

    So while I'm recovering from the knee surgery

    I'm spending money like a drunken sailor LOL I ended up finding a super deal on a NIB stainless Ruger #1 in 308 $769.00 and then of course I needed a nice scope to go with it. So then I got to where I could drive and went to...
  39. Jan from Humbol

    How I spent last weekend...

    I hit the OR at 0530 last Friday and now have a new knee, hurts like hell off and on but I'm home and stumping around the house pretty well. I was going to start some wrapping projects but I can't sit all that long and the damn pain meds make me kinda woozy so I'll have to wait a little...
  40. Jan from Humbol

    New long range toy

    Sure pokes great holes in targets a long way out... Remington 700 26" bbl .308 caliber with a Choate sniper style stock. Oh yeah stay away from Federal American Eagle brand ammo, its accuracy sucks rocks.
  41. Jan from Humbol

    So after shooting a while...

    And policing my brass (It's a Marine thing LOL ) I had a few pounds of the stuff so the natural direction was to get back into reloading. So first I need a bench, the last picture shows what was a hardwood Futon frame and I morphed it into a nifty little loading bench the first two two...
  42. Jan from Humbol

    The new Beretta

    I picked up my brand new 92FS today, and fired it at the indoor range the shop has. Quite frankly I was more than a little impressed with the accuracy of the pistol at 25 and 50 feet. Here's some pictures of what I did, I fired the bulls eye target first to see where it was shooting and then...
  43. Jan from Humbol

    Back yard bear bait

    Neighbors saw a 300# black bear peeking over my six foot fence looking at the chickens, he's been a bad Yogi as he's developed a taste for neighborhood trash cans. I called DFG and told them he's around and if they'd like to save his mangy carcass they'd better come get him, they refused to...
  44. Jan from Humbol

    Heads up! the ecconazis are at it again

    For Immediate Release, August 3, 2010 Contact: Robert Johns, American Bird Conservancy, (202) 234-7181 x 210 Jeff Miller, Center for Biological Diversity, (510) 499-9185 National Ban on Lead-based Ammunition, Fishing Tackle Sought to End Wildlife Poisoning Lead Still a Potent Killer of...
  45. Jan from Humbol

    North Coast MLPA Protest

    Fuccum, we're gonna fight! YouTube - MLPA Rally in Fort Bragg - Tribes, Fishermen & local conservationists speak out :2gunsfiring_v1: :2gunsfiring_v1: :2gunsfiring_v1: :2gunsfiring_v1: :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::rofl::rofl...
  46. Jan from Humbol

    In the market for a .45

    Looking for a standard service issue M1911 45, any ideas and what are they going for these days
  47. Jan from Humbol

    I need a favor

    Local TV station is having a poll about MLPA Please take a few seconds to vote in it if you would. it's in the upper left corner of the page News Stories | News Channel 3
  48. Jan from Humbol

    While I was looking at the Chark Bait

    Weekly specials I noticed that Mark had S440-5's for $129.00 so I bought one, then I realized I need to wrap a stick to sort of match it. So I looked in the pole pile and found an AST60XH (AMTAC) that I'd started as a deckhand style with all black tuna cord and a 5x8 turk so... I decided...
  49. Jan from Humbol

    Not wrapping now

    I'm catching!:rofl: Pacific butt, weighd 45 after gutting.
  50. Jan from Humbol

    Gale is visiting for a while

    so I got bored and spun one up just so I don't forget how. Oh yeah, see anything wrong with this Newell 229?
  51. Jan from Humbol

    Electric reels...

    I've been looking at them and the prices are shall we say significant, I found this thing called a "Fish winch" anyone ever see them or know about them. I'm thinking of putting one on a Daiwa 910 for some serious deep pacific halibut fishing.
  52. Jan from Humbol

    But, but I thought weed was OK in Weed!

    SAN FRANCISCO – A popular California outdoors writer was free on bail after authorities said Friday they found a large marijuana growing operation in his barn in the town of Weed. Deputies served a search warrant on 55-year-old Tom Stienstra's home last week and seized 60 plants and more...
  53. Jan from Humbol

    Great looking fish art

    went tuna fishing yesterday nailed a 34" albie on a platinum Visa at about half a knot... this guy makes these out of steel sheet and they are fantastic, he can and does do most sport fish like salmon tuna,bas snook red fish and he's damn good. check his web site posted in this thread...
  54. Jan from Humbol

    First albacore of the year out of Eureka...

    That got your heart pumping didn't it. :o :o ;D ;D I did get a 34" Albacore today, weighs in at about 6 pounds and caught it trolling a platinum visa at 3/4 of a knot in Englunds today, thought it would inspire me mounted over the rod wrapping bench. Some guy makes these and they sell...
  55. Jan from Humbol

    Charlie Nguyen

    What ever happened with Charlie? He used to post a lot of beautiful weaves.
  56. Jan from Humbol


    For a while I put off buying Madeira metallic due to the cost but I got tired of most of the metallics I tried looking "Gappy" when wrapped or having the metallic part separate. I decided to go ahead and pay the $38 for the 5500 yard spool as that's all they sell and I'm sold! The stuff wraps...
  57. Jan from Humbol

    Peaches and cream colors

    Decided to wrap a chevron/scale wrap using an orangish red center start and fade out to a pale cream/peach tint and darned if it turned out pretty nice colorwise. this is on a two piece 12-20# salmon downrigger casting rod blank (Rainshadow) from C&M.
  58. Jan from Humbol

    Do you vote your sport(s)???

    Better start and also start telling the politicos you do I just fired off an email to Meg Whitman since she's running for Governor asking her what her position was on MLPA's and the ongoing destruction of the saltwater sport fishing industry (Worth an estimated 2.3 BILLION dollars a year to...
  59. Jan from Humbol

    Not a rod wrap but...

    still fishing stuff. LOL Decided to cobble up a new fish bat as the wooden one I made a few years ago is getting kinda rough around the edges and I get splinters in my paws. So an old aluminum bat caught my eye I cut it off at 18", plugged the end leaving an inch and a quarter cavity added...
  60. Jan from Humbol

    Some work in progress

    Been sitting around wrapping as the mood strikes me and decided to build up a couple of 7' spinners using Rainshadows RCLB70XL 12-25 & RCLB70L 15-30# and then a 2 piece 8.5 12-17# caster for steelhead.
  61. Jan from Humbol

    Brain picking time...

    A guy wants a cow stick so I'm going to build him a GFT7455XXH, it's been many, many moons since I built an "Elephant gun", what's the consensus on double wrapping vs triple wraps on these heavy duty sticks these days? Way back when it was triple D, E or even EE sometimes. My initial...
  62. Jan from Humbol

    Acid Rod

    Mark, Colleen and Julie you are awesom, that had to be the fastest shipped order I've ever had. Now if I could just get to the wrapping gear... I'm having some flooring done.:idiot::idiot: So there's three rooms of furniture and assorted crap (And the parrot) all stuffed into one...
  63. Jan from Humbol

    Off topic

    Hey a man has to eat don't he? I got up at 0400 here as the knee was hurting me as it's rainy, blustery stormy outside and decided to put on an old fashioned pot of white northern beans. So with the ham bone I'd saved from Thanksgiving I dug out the crock pot and diced an onion, 3 cloves of...
  64. Jan from Humbol

    A man died here yesterday

    My condolances to the Ford family and may he rest in peace. > 74-year-old McKinleyville man drowned Tuesday after his boat capsized off the North Spit of Humboldt Bay. Buster Ford was reportedly tending his sport crab traps in his 18-foot fiberglass boat around noon. A man walking his...
  65. Jan from Humbol

    Marine Protected Areas in Oregon

    I saw this in a CDFG bullitin I just had emailed to me. Sounds like the MLPA people are putting a move on Oregon, good luck. ************** Although the north coast study region is bounded on the north by the political border between California and Oregon, neighboring MPAs in southern Oregon...
  66. Jan from Humbol

    I'm back

    Finally got off my lazy ass and started finishing a couple I had sitting around, this one is the red and the blue is on the way.
  67. Jan from Humbol

    Crab season on the North Coast

    It never fails xxxxxxxxxxxx Thursday: S wind 20 to 25 kt. Rain likely, mainly after 10am. WNW swell 6 feet at 13 seconds. Wind waves 7 to 8 ft. Thursday Night: S wind 20 to 25 kt becoming SW 9 to 14 kt after midnight. Rain. WNW swell 7 feet becoming 10 feet. Wind waves 9 ft subsiding to...
  68. Jan from Humbol

    I haven't been wrapping

    but I haven't been sitting around suffering PMS (Read as Poor Me Syndrome) and while I was surfing Craig list I saw something I wanted. Soooo the next thing you know.... I now have 2 boats the old one was a 15 footer and I got the same type in a seventeen foot size...Anyone want to buy...
  69. Jan from Humbol

    Penn 113 MTL

    Ok here it is. This reel is a tank, side plates are solid metal, all parts are heavy duty and in my opinion this reel ought to last a person 25-50 years with reasonable care. This thing is simple easy to get into and totally bullet proof. There was a lot of grease in the reel out of the...
  70. Jan from Humbol

    First meeting in Eureka

    We had a lot of folks turn out MLPA Meeting Site Protesters line Hwy 101
  71. Jan from Humbol

    Capt G

    Are these for real and where can we get them? Suckers look sharp YouTube - Selling japanese knives 2 Or is this Japans verson of Billy Mays. LOL
  72. Jan from Humbol

    Going to have to quit wrapping for a while

    I got one guide wrapped on that last red/gray Rainshadow I'd started, then the wife's health (Cancer) took a serious turn for the worse and she passed away on the second. Haven't had the time or the heart to sit down and finish it, possibly later this winter but right now fuck it.
  73. Jan from Humbol

    Layout tools

    I've been using a small machinists layout compass to help layout some of these butt wrap patterns. Being old and tired (THe compass not me. LOL ) I thought I'd replace the old compass so I went on Ebay... $13 rasbucknics for the entire set.
  74. Jan from Humbol

    red one

    I was playing around with the reversing chevron, decided to do a transverse one and tone it down by using a little more gray/white and a tad less red. Didn't come out too bad, not spectacular mind you but not bad. Finished it off with "D" Garnet and silver trim
  75. Jan from Humbol

    Not all nuts wrap rods....

    We get a little carried away with our thread work sometimes so it's nice to know we are not alone out here on the "Lunatic fringe" these folks are just as dedicated to Turks, Pineapples and other knotty art stuff as we are about the thread art. Really worth checking it out The Pineapple...
  76. Jan from Humbol

    Any questions about MLPA now?

    Still think the little guy is going to be given a fair shake after seeing the crap that was just pulled by the MLPA folks and the lap dog (Some of them) members of the F&G Commission? Time to take off the gloves and start fighting otherwise Julie Packard will get her wish...No more nasty old...
  77. Jan from Humbol


    I combined some cobalt based blues with turquoise blues and ended up with this, camera doesn't do justice to it. I think there were about thirty total colors. When you take it out in the sun it just jumps at you.
  78. Jan from Humbol

    Why I won't vote for legal pot

    Picture worth 10,000 words :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  79. Jan from Humbol

    Tool time

    We spend a lot of time posting pics of our wraps but rarely do we post our tools. I'm not talking about the wrappers, benches and the big stuff, I'm talking about the little hand tools we use that we've picked up along the way or made. Thought I'd share some of what I've cobbled together...
  80. Jan from Humbol

    Another blue one

    I got a few more shades of blue and started playing around and this was the result, but now I'm starting to channel purple pink and gold. (This ought to be interesting LOL )
  81. Jan from Humbol

    Shadow boxes or optical chevrons

    I tried something a little different on this wrap, I did a fade of 7 shades of green for the color side of the box, not too bad in the end result, I see some potential with this application.
  82. Jan from Humbol

    CP test

    A little over a year ago I posted about using Duraclear gloss “Varnish” (Actually Water based Polyurethane) as a CP since it was UV protected and was used by artists to protect paintings from fading. I slapped a test wrap together and stuck it out on the back fence with a southern...
  83. Jan from Humbol

    Layout tool for Madeira

    This is a cheat sheet you might be able to use for layout and estimation on a butt wrap. I have it on an Excel spread sheet but I can't post it so if you want it I'll have to email it. # of passes thread run width Madeira .05 dia = two threads per pass. one pass = .010 " 3 threads is 1/64"...
  84. Jan from Humbol

    Happy Birthday America

    Long may you live and prosper.
  85. Jan from Humbol

    Pulled a late one last nite

    I stayed up late last night as the thread was flowing like magic off the fingers and this was how it ended up, this is a Rainshadow being built for someone. I had to come out and look twice this morning as I wasn't sure what it had come out likeLOLLOLLOL
  86. Jan from Humbol

    So you think you're good...

    Try this one on for sizeLOLLOL ***Disclaimer*** No I did not wrap this one, It was over on but it impressed me no end thinking about what it took to spin up a whole stick like this. Nice looking wrap none the less.
  87. Jan from Humbol

    faded diamonds

    These colors suck in the photo, sure look nice in person, starts off with a dark red in the center darkens out to a run of black then goes to dark gray all the way out to off white, used about 18 colors, all Madeira. Wrapped on a Rainshadow RX6 RCJB84H 30-60#
  88. Jan from Humbol

    Anti-Hunting Agenda!

    California Fish and Game Commission Continues to Push its Anti-Hunting Agenda! Please Contact the Fish and Game Commission Today! On June 24 at 10 a.m. and June 25 at 8:30a.m., the California Fish and Game Commission will consider a continued expansion of the lead ammunition ban in...
  89. Jan from Humbol

    Odd ball stuff

    Probably ought to be titled "How I do it" but on BD you can get a lot of flack from a top post like that. LOL We always post pics of the wraps but hardly ever about how we do it and what we do it with These first two show that you should never toss anything out LOL I use a 6-7" piece of EVA...
  90. Jan from Humbol


    Thought I'd play around with some blue escalas (Scales) started off with the deep dark blue and 24 threads later ended the run with a silver gray. Secret code word here is "Tapered offset" as it won't work without it.LOL:1041677399:
  91. Jan from Humbol

    85 # Opah, Eureka

    Chris, aka Stonecrab nailed a beauty, 85 pounds. Lucky fuckerLOLLOLLOL
  92. Jan from Humbol

    I like fading chevrons

    quick and easy to wrap, look nice and don't take frigging forever to do (Like that last one I did LOL ) This one obviously isn't quite complete but it's all Madeira Polyneon #40 and 28 colors and I have about 4-5 hours on it, being a non union ROF I take lots of coffee breaks LOL
  93. Jan from Humbol

    bait stick

    I decided to build a few bait sticks as the weather is gale force winds, here's a Seeker E glass 270-7 that I started, obviously a work in progress but turning out rather nice, all Madeira Polyneon 40
  94. Jan from Humbol

    Get organized or quit fishing.

    Here's the type of stuff you can do when you get organized and decide to fight back rather than meekly taking it in the shorts. xxxxx SACRAMENTO, Calif. - (Business Wire) The following is a statement from the CCFCC: On Tuesday, May 19, 2009, the California Fair Political Practices...
  95. Jan from Humbol

    Old rod makers don't fade away...

    They just loose their grip(s) :idiot: Sigh... I attempted to set the lower grip on a Rain shadow saltwater stick and I thought I'd try some of the new harder supposedly dent proof EVA. I place my grips hot, warmed in the microwave in a damp towel using U40 Rod bond and a squirt of...
  96. Jan from Humbol

    Calif Economy, layoffs and MLPA

    With the smack down vote on Arnold yesterday there appears to be a serious layoff threat and major budgetary cutbacks coming soon for the entire State organization. DFG has always been treated as the proverbial "Redheaded step child" within the State budget process. Keep a real close...
  97. Jan from Humbol

    Turks head needle (Fid)

    this was made using 1/4" aluminum a Dremmel tool, file and a couple of drill bits, took about 20 minutes, should have taken ten but I was coffee drinking. LOL
  98. Jan from Humbol

    Kudos to Acid Rod

    Mark I'd just like to give you, Colleen and Julie an very large "Attaboy" for first rate service and super pricing. :urno1: Those two ladies are first rate and went out of their way to make sure that the order was perfect for me so give them a big raise LOL For those of you that have not...
  99. Jan from Humbol

    Power wrapper deal from Mike Batson

    Aka Utmost Enterprises Utmost MAY SPECIAL If you are in the market to get a power wrapper this isn't a bad price @ $275.00 for a name brand wrapper and they toss in a reamer kit too. Yes I boiled on this one and ordered it LOL Now I can retire the home made noisy rig I was having to...
  100. Jan from Humbol

    Golden retriever

    For those of you that like the Goldens I got this from the sister in law in San Diego. She got to godmother 11 puppies. They are for sale @ $500 as they are AKC papered. If interested PM me and I'll put you in touch
  101. Jan from Humbol

    Wave energy buoy farms in Oregon

    Posting this link to the current PFMC page that outlines the wave energy buoy farms the FERC plans to allow to be built. areas These farms (If built) will impact the areas you are allowed to fish along with yet to be established...
  102. Jan from Humbol

    Tuning jigs...

    Nothing worse than a jig that won't "Swim" and catch fish lots of them around and they can be bought fo cheap but they aren't much good for anything but rockfish right? What you can do is bend them slightly and "Tune" them but it can be rough on the jig and some will snap. What I do is put...
  103. Jan from Humbol


    How the hell can I shop at Squidco when all I get is this... We're sorry. is temporarily down due to regular maintenance. Please check back later. Been like this for months WTF?
  104. Jan from Humbol

    There will be a sport salmon season

    A short one but better than nothing. From The PFMC adopted the 2009 salmon seasons at 3:25 pm today (4/8). The CA KMZ will be able to fish from 8/29 until 9/7, two fish a day, seven days a week for Chinook only with a 24" min. length. The OR KMZ will be able to fish for...
  105. Jan from Humbol

    Polyurethane CP, a follow up

    Some time ago I did a test using Duraclear "Varnish" which is actually water base UV protected Polyurethane used to final finish paintings DecoArt - Product Information as a CP , it's now been six months on the outdoor weather test with no ill effects in the test wraps. these have been out...
  106. Jan from Humbol

    STOLEN REELS FOUND<<<<<!!!!!!

    These reels may have been from the San Diego area. Gold high dollar stuff Reels found - Chico Enterprise Record
  107. Jan from Humbol

    STOLEN REELS FOUND<<<<<!!!!!!

    These reels may have been from the San Diego area. Gold high dollar stuff Reels found - Chico Enterprise Record
  108. Jan from Humbol

    Rod pricing question

    Just for the sake of argument you are asked to put together a 7' 30 pound salt water stick, so you cost out the parts and come up with $85, no fancy wraps or other "Labor" has yet to be factored in. How do you price your sticks and your decorative wrapping so you come up with a decent profit...
  109. Jan from Humbol

    Wave energy buoys

    There are a bunch of these planned all over the west coast, we fishermen are going to loose a lot of fishing area especially in the near shore farms. Be worried, as once they go on line they will be "Power stations" and fall under the protective net of Homeland security and you will not be...
  110. Jan from Humbol

    A trip He'll never forget

    Ski trip to Vail Co. Air fare $1200 Hotel $600 Lift tickes $150 Hanging upside down from the lift with your bare butt exposed and smeared all over the internet priceless. Skier Suffers Exposure - January 6, 2009
  111. Jan from Humbol

    Have a happy and safe new year

    You're a great bunch and we don't need to loose any one, if you are partying hang up those keys and stay off the road. Remember this is amateur night LOL
  112. Jan from Humbol


    The thread you locked was about fuel taxes which affect fishing, people have to drive to get the boat to the water don't they? It was being discussed in a civil manner by the denizens of this board so you got your panties in a bunch and locked the thread. Take a harder look at what's...
  113. Jan from Humbol

    Gps and gas tax?

    Albany Democrat Herald: Mid-Valley News Sounds like you guys are turning in to California.
  114. Jan from Humbol

    You test your rods???

    I do, I usually let my poles I wrap rest a while so the epoxy can cure all the way through and then I test them. What you see here in this picture is the test, I'm lifting a 16 pound bowling ball off the floor with the rod. I used to tie the line to a door knob and try to pull it off the...
  115. Jan from Humbol


  116. Jan from Humbol

    Gold is good

    Finished up this one a day or so ago, the gold Madeira darkened a little when the CP hit it but the overall effect is nice as it toned the gold more toward a bronze color rather than bright gold. All in all not too bad for an old rookie:rofl:
  117. Jan from Humbol

    Got more money than brains?

    Here's a dinner deal for you from Costco... Japanese Wagyu Beef Ribeye Roast 15 lb. Average Boneless Grade A-5 Item # 369614 $2,299.99 Shipping & Handling included This works out to a bit over 153 bucks a pound file this one under "You've got to be shitting me".
  118. Jan from Humbol

    The dog is relaxed - Golden Retriever

    This dog is into total relaxation.
  119. Jan from Humbol

    More bling

    All ATS60XH
  120. Jan from Humbol

    Gold chevron wrap

    obviously a work in progress with the first coat of CP on it, Madeira polyneon 40 for the thread. Kinda looks like tiger eye stone.
  121. Jan from Humbol

    Christmas lights

    She's been after me to put up the lights...I did and now she's not speaking to me.
  122. Jan from Humbol

    Public opinion about wall street

    Picture worth about 100 trillion words
  123. Jan from Humbol

    GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!!!

    Get off your butt and vote and get everyone you know to vote, it's important. I don't give a rats frosty ass how you vote but I do care if you vote so get after it. :)
  124. Jan from Humbol

    Tacky Flex Coat lite

    Having some problems with tackiness in FC lite, using syringes for accurate measurement, pouring out on foil after mixing and not over heating with the hair dryer. Only thing I can figure is it's too cool in here for finishing at 65 degrees.
  125. Jan from Humbol

    Take 2

    Came out a little better this time, I changed the layout to diamonds in 4 quadrants rather than all eight as the other one was way too busy and more labor intensive than I wanted to tackle today. This is just coated with CP
  126. Jan from Humbol

    Big squid jigs

    I just bought a batch of these, nice jigs and you can't beat the price. 8" Super Glow Giant Luminous Humboldt Squid Jig 4 Jigs - eBay (item 360097637150 end time Nov-12-08 09:04:03 PST)
  127. Jan from Humbol

    Aw shit!

    Everybody always posts the good ones, I had about 25 hours in this one and was finished execpt for the final thread packing and burnish and my hand slipped and well the rest is hstory, fading diamonds in 8 quadrants 7.5 inches long, 112 diamonds :hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli...
  128. Jan from Humbol


  129. Jan from Humbol

    Puppy poem

    The Puppy Doggerel You are a true and loyal friend As true as I have had Companion ever at my side Ever there through good and bad. I found you wandering as a pup Along a busy thoroughfare Frightened, wet and all alone I could not leave you there. So I took you home and cleaned...
  130. Jan from Humbol

    Water based Polyurethane for CP?

    I found some DuraClear DS19 "Varnish" as they call it but the MSDS reads waterbase non-yellowing UV protected flexible exterior Polyurethane. It's original intent is to overcoat paintings (Artsy fartsy stuff LOL )to keep the colors from fading out when exposed to strong lighting & sunlight...
  131. Jan from Humbol

    Price decrease?

    Is Avet rolling back prices to the September 1 level?
  132. Jan from Humbol

    Humboldt squid in Humboldt

    We got them here by the gazillions they were out on the 400-600 foot line and were willing to bite so if you could get out there was something biting. Nice grade from 10 to 30#, I went out poorly equipped with a home made squid jig which they bit but just wouldn't stay stuck on and only got...
  133. Jan from Humbol

    More tinkering

    I started playing around with just three basic colors last nite, green, black and silver grey, not real brite but still shows well. I continued the base wrap into the first guide wrap without a break as there isn't a lot of bare blank space on a six foot stick.
  134. Jan from Humbol

    color ideas...

    I sometimes sit there staring blankly at a blank and boxes of thread thinking WTF do I do now Ollie? One thing that has helped me is one of these... Of course having inspiration and artistic talent also is a great help. (Neither one I have. LOL )
  135. Jan from Humbol

    Hey Kris

    Look what I did :) I used your color scheme but went linear on the chevrons and although I was shooting for the reversed chevron it sort of also is a box wrap when you stare at it long enough. The pictures don't do the colors justice, just got it tied off and a coat of CP on it...
  136. Jan from Humbol

    Some work in progress

    This is an AXST56XH 50-80# stand up tuna stick that I started this week its all Madeira thread and I just started wrapping and this is how it turned out. Not too bad for just piddling around while I'm waiting for the rest of my thread shipment to arrive Yes that's masking tape...
  137. Jan from Humbol

    9/15 40# butt

    They are still here... 44" 40#
  138. Jan from Humbol

    Not all nuts grow on trees

    Keep in mind these are the same people who are against fishing. Hippies Wail for Dead TreesVideo I'm surprised that we don't find them mourning in the vegetable section of Safeway.
  139. Jan from Humbol

    Stand up Tuna blanks- Good deal

    AXST60XH 50-80# blank... 12 bucks. Closeout Items AXST60XH 6' 1 pc. EX-HVY FAST 50-80 lb tip 14 butt .937 Here's the american site... American Tackle Company - Matrix Woven Graphite Twill Rod Blanks I just got my shipment, fist class blanks not seconds, they said they have about...
  140. Jan from Humbol


    50-80# blank, anyone ever wrap one of this series?
  141. Jan from Humbol

    If you like Madeira thread...

    You can get it here for $1.65 an 1100 yard spool EMS Hooptech #40 Poly Neon Assorted 5500 Yd Cone $6.00 #40 Poly Neon Assorted 1100 Yd Spool $1.65 Not affiliated just a happy customer
  142. Jan from Humbol

    Rock fishing in the North RCA to close

    On 9/2, the DFG bean counters:gayfight: strike again.
  143. Jan from Humbol

    Fresh water fishing also has dangers...

    This picture was taken by a KTBS helicopter flying over Lake Wiess about 90 miles north of Birmingham , Alabama ! The helicopter pilot and the game warden were in communication via radio's here is a transcript of their conversation. 'Air1 have you a visual on the gator, over' 'Approaching...
  144. Jan from Humbol

    Man uses Barbie fishing rod to make record catch

    David Hayes' granddaughter just asked him to hold her Barbie rod and reel while she went to the bathroom. He did. And seconds later he landed the state record channel catfish at 21 pounds, 1 ounce. Alyssa's father had bought the pink Barbie fishing rod for Christmas and she had caught a few...
  145. Jan from Humbol

    Important GPS info

    Recently my GPS started having problems and I called Garmin support and they told me that the FAA has changed something with the GPS satalite signal and it causes "Lock up" where the unit freezes. The temp fix is to disable the WAAS function and the perminate fix is to upgrade the software.
  146. Jan from Humbol

    Fat chicken

    Damn fish box isn't big enough, got a nice fat 30 pound Pacific halibut today just out side Eureka. Used a 10" sand dab stuck on a big jig head for bait. Sure was great for dinner. :)
  147. Jan from Humbol

    PFMC update

    from Dan Wolford Coastside. Friday - the Council concluded today with the final adoption of the 2009-2010 groundfish ABC's, OY's and Management measures. For the recreational guys the Blue Rockfish constrained our season - but Yelloweye and Canary remain as constraining species. In fact, the...
  148. Jan from Humbol

    Bluefin tuna fishing banned

    The European Commission said Friday it would close the industrial tuna fishing season early, provoking a wave of protest from Europe's leading fishing nations. With quotas nearly full, the EU executive said that bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic needed to be halted...
  149. Jan from Humbol

    Do you fish out beyond 3 miles???

    Well now you are going to need a blasted Federal fishing license. I suggest a new sport, take up hunting bureaucrats, they are starting to be varmints. Politics | Register to fish in federal waters | Seattle Times Newspaper ?syndication=rss Register to fish in federal waters The...
  150. Jan from Humbol

    Thresher sharks and the PFMC>Limitations

    Agenda Item D.1.b Supplemental HMSAS Report June 2008 HIGHLY MIGRATORY SPECIES ADVISORY SUBPANEL REPORT ON CHANGES TO ROUTINE MANAGEMENT MEASURES FOR 2009-2010 SEASONS Recreational Thresher Shark Management The Highly Migratory Species Advisory Subpanel (HMSAS) recognizes and supports the...
  151. Jan from Humbol

    Fuel surcharges...

    Have they gone up a little this year?:indabutt:
  152. Jan from Humbol

    See what happens when you share

    halibut info...A 137 pound pacific
  153. Jan from Humbol

    Lady angler kicks butt in Eureka

    Got it on a 4 oz scampi on 30 pound. 137 pounds.
  154. Jan from Humbol

    How stupid can it get?

    SWISS GOVERNMENT TO BAN ‘CATCH AND RELEASE’ FISHING Catch and Release fishing will be banned in Switzerland from next year, it was revealed this week. And anglers in the country will have to demonstrate their expertise by taking a course on humane methods of catching fish, under new...
  155. Jan from Humbol

    About these stolen boats...

    LoJack Car Security System for Stolen Vehicle Recovery Anybody ever think of putting a Lojack on them?
  156. Jan from Humbol

    Protect your boat fuel

    I got one of these for my boat as it sits out in front during the season. Cheap insurance
  157. Jan from Humbol

    Coast Guard rescues three

    Coast Guard rescues three, one dies in boat accident The Times-Standard Article Launched: 05/19/2008 11:50:53 AM PDT The U.S. Coast Guard is stressing the need for boating safety after one man died and three others nearly drowned this weekend when their boat flipped in the mouth of the...
  158. Jan from Humbol

    Golden Retriever

    Our mutt had a hard day, she managed to get and play with every toy she has today, now she's done in. I keep trying to train her to put the toys back in the basket but she only knows how to get them out.
  159. Jan from Humbol

    Another satisfied

    ifish customer??? YouTube - TheSource Gets Banned from AT :1041677399:
  160. Jan from Humbol

    Yakin Northern Cal style

    One of our guys is an avid Yaker and hit Cape Mendocino for rockfish and Lings. Cape Mendocino - 5/10
  161. Jan from Humbol

    SNEEKEE this one you have got to get,

    the .577 T Rex. YouTube - One awesome gun!
  162. Jan from Humbol


    With fuel getting real expensive your boat will become a prime target if you have built in tanks. I found this little item made by Perko... FUEL SYSTEM LOCKING INSERT FOR 1-1/2”VENTED FILLS item # 0525DP0BLK Here's the link to Perko...
  163. Jan from Humbol

    Great jugs!

    Hey it got you to open the post didn't it? :rofl: Actually this post is about JUNK MAIL! And how to stop it, I've gotten sick and tired over the years with the amount of crap the postman leaves in our mail box. And now days with identity theft being as rampant as it is you're paranoid...
  164. Jan from Humbol

    Salmon season closed Oregon & Calif

    The Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) at its meeting in Seattle today voted to close recreational and commercial salmon fishing off the coast of California and most of Oregon in 2008. The only exception to the closure will be a selective recreational fishery for coho in Oregon...
  165. Jan from Humbol

    Salmon season closed Oregon & Calif

    The Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) at its meeting in Seattle today voted to close recreational and commercial salmon fishing off the coast of California and most of Oregon in 2008. The only exception to the closure will be a selective recreational fishery for coho in Oregon...
  166. Jan from Humbol

    Cost of salmon closure in Calif.

    From the OAL, Re Salmon posted today I highlited some of the $$$ parts Impact of Regulatory Action: The potential for significant statewide adverse economic impacts that might result from the proposed regulatory action has been assessed, and the following initial determinations relative to...
  167. Jan from Humbol

    My dogs don't get along...

    Yeah, like ham and eggs they don't, here these two lazy bitches are for their afternoon siesta, please note they each have their own quilts and as far as they are concerned they also own the couch. And no, we do not believe in spoiling pets.
  168. Jan from Humbol

    Home made knife jigs

    Eric G on our Nor Cal board has been making these and I decided to give it a shot... All they are is old thrift shop stainless knife handles from table ware, they are solid and weigh from 3.5 to 5 oz and cost a whopping .25 ea. I think I have a total of .75 ea in them and it only...
  169. Jan from Humbol

    21 Harnells for sale

    Coastside Classifieds - 21 Used Harnell Rods For Sale - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds Not mine, not afilliated, just FYI
  170. Jan from Humbol

    Better wake up down there

    You might wish to send an email and register your thoughts on the things that DFG is thinking of doing for 2009-2010 you are already loosing ground. Agenda Item H.5.a Attachment 2 April 2008 California Department of Fish and Game Practical Range of Management Specifications for...
  171. Jan from Humbol

    Salmon season closure notice CDFG

    DFG Closure notice
  172. Jan from Humbol

    Ocean Salmon Fishery Closure Notice

    California Department of Fish and Game Informational Notice Ocean Salmon Fishery Closure Notice Recreational Ocean Salmon Fishing From Horse Mountain to Point Arena (Fort Bragg Area) will close in federal waters (3-200 miles from shore) on April 1, 2008*. Inseason action was taken...
  173. Jan from Humbol


    State and federal officials Wednesday morning took the pre-emptive step to close seven salmon fishing zones on the California and Oregon coasts earlier than usual to protect chinook that remain alive in the ocean. The action came during a conference of state and federal wildlife officials...
  174. Jan from Humbol

    K-9 unit kicks ass

    Brevard Co K9 Pursuit Airborne FLIR Dog got lots of chew time on these 2 dirt bags:rofl::rofl:
  175. Jan from Humbol

    Heads up for Bloody Deckers...

    Keep an eye on what's going on in the north with the salmon and rockfish, there's about to be some major decisions on our fishery. Now you are asking yourself why should I care, I fish the south...Well sports fans you all are just a pencil check on a paper away from having your fishing...
  176. Jan from Humbol

    Eat your hearts out...

    More eye candy from the guys at And no I didn't (And probably can't) do these but it sure does raise the bar.:hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha: Now that you are all depressed get back to practicing.:rofl:
  177. Jan from Humbol

    Scott Throop

    I just wanted to say a personal thank you for sharing such a truly beautiful application. I'm in the process of finishing off my first ever Tiger Wrap and I was frankly as eager as a kid at Christmas to get the wrap to the point of pulling out the top spacer thread. It was amazing to watch...
  178. Jan from Humbol

    Something to test wrap on...

    You can get a 3' x 3/8" fiberglass rod from a feed store (Used for electrical fences) that come in white for real cheap like two or three bucks. They will take paint so you can match blank colors and what I've done is to use them for test wraps, color matching, and various other tests like...
  179. Jan from Humbol

    Fooking Germans are very angry

    I kid you not Austrians Not Amused
  180. Jan from Humbol

    How much do you pay for Madeira thread?

    I was letting my fingers do the shopping and found this site, the 1100 yard spools are $2.49 and the shipping isn't out of line. I've been paying around three fourtynine a spool. Madeira Polyneon - 349 Colors to choose from
  181. Jan from Humbol

    Border Patrol agent killed, Imperial Sand Dunes

    This is another reason to use armed drones. PHOENIX - A Border Patrol agent killed by a suspected smuggler's vehicle he was trying to stop near the border was identified today as a 32-year-old father of two. Senior Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar was struck on Interstate 8 in the Imperial Sand...
  182. Jan from Humbol

    New Humboldt board

    The Old Batsford's BATC board has died and we got tired of being homeless so the Humboldt Area Tuna Club was created, Humboldt Area Tuna Club - Index So in case you are wondering what's going in in or around Eureka please feel free to stop in and say hi. We just got the board started...
  183. Jan from Humbol

    Cuda/Whoo_Killer (Ron)

    YouTube - Why Dogs Bite Humans You will like this one.LOL
  184. Jan from Humbol

    How do you say Lave sus Manos...

    In Canadian??? Video Player
  185. Jan from Humbol

    You goose hunters might want to

    take a good hard look at this as it authorizes destroying nests and eggs. page 2127 INFORMATIVE DIGEST/POLICY STATEMENT OVERVIEW This proposed regulation change would add the control of nuisance Canada geese to the provisions addressing...
  186. Jan from Humbol

    DFG money problems loom

    DFG is not specifically mentioned here but they are treated as one of the State's "Step children" when it comes to funding. Looks like they will be patrolling the MLPA areas off surf boards or row boats. ********** Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Friday he will declare a "fiscal emergency" in...
  187. Jan from Humbol

    How can the north help the south?

    and how can we help the central folks? Face it fellow anglers we are all in this together and if we don't help each other the MLPA process will steam roll us collectively into the dirt. What do WE need to do? Or you can plan on fishing sand dabs, sharks and mud marlin, you can also get...
  188. Jan from Humbol

    Internet scammers

    In the spirit of the Ebola Monkey man, Ebola Monkey Man: Nigerian 419 Scam I have taken it upon myself to confuse and confound these internet pests. When I receive an offer of riches from one of these pinheads I send a reply email consisting of the email addys of other scammers and of...
  189. Jan from Humbol

    What do real men do when the weather is

  190. Jan from Humbol

    Crab season Northern Calif.

    Just gotta love the weather. .SUN...S WIND 15 TO 25 KT...RISING TO 30 TO 40 KT. WIND WAVES 4 TO 6 FT...BUILDING TO 8 TO 10 FT. NW SWELL 6 FT...BUILDING TO W 15 FT. CHANCE OF SHOWERS. .MON...S WIND 30 TO 40 KT. WIND WAVES 10 FT. W SWELL 20 TO 22 FT. CHANCE OF RAIN. Just a little lumpy.
  191. Jan from Humbol

    New regs in the making

    Not sure if you hunters have seen this but I picked it off the OAL site and thought you might be interested. Page 1360 - Establish that it is unlawful to possess any projectile containing lead in excess of the amount permitted and a...
  192. Jan from Humbol

    Damnit!!! Pay attention

    They are saving you people in the south for last but trust me, they are going to bend you over and have thier way with you. I've been spending a little time reviewing some of the recent BRTF MLPA meetings on cal span there is a theme here that will catch your attention. These people are...
  193. Jan from Humbol

    Tankless water heaters

    Anybody have one and do you like it? Any brands to avoid? We have the conventional type for now but its giving me the signs it's tired and I thought to get a tankless. Tanks in advance. :)
  194. Jan from Humbol

    Never judge a book by its cover

    Phone Salesman Amazes Crowd - Paul Potts - Video I think we just found Luciano's replacement.
  195. Jan from Humbol

    Lobster punch cards $7.50

    The Department proposes a 2008 fee of $7.50 for the new Spiny Lobster Report Card to cover projected monitoring and analysis costs. Presently there is no funding for monitoring and analysis costs for the lobster recreational fishery. The proposed fee will fund processing of the card data...
  196. Jan from Humbol

    Shark attack

    Or a more apt title...Enter the water, enter the food chain. Ruined a good board (And a wetsuit.LOL ) Fortuna woman letting brush with shark sink in Chris Durant/The Times-Standard Eureka Times Standard Article Launched: It's been five days since Sue Snyder was knocked off...
  197. Jan from Humbol

    Regal vise $139.00

    I don't fly fish any more but I do tie shrimp flys on large hooks, I found this deal on the Regal C clamp vises at $139.00 and thought I'd pass it on as locally the prices are $225-$250 for one. Jan JS Fly Fishing: Rod Building, Fly Tying: Regal Eng. Medallion Rotary Vise w/ C-Clamp
  198. Jan from Humbol

    "Air Coryell"

    They may not have always won the games but you knew for damn sure you'd better not miss the last 8-10 minutes of a Charger game. That damn Fouts would gimp back 5 steps and uncork one of those friggin hail Mary long bombs of his and the whole stadium would go dead silent for a second and...
  199. Jan from Humbol

    With all the boats being stolen...

    Why not put a simple alarm on the damn things, hell I could cobble something together in an hour that would set off a car horn as soon as the boat was messed with.
  200. Jan from Humbol

    19 miles of spectra...

    and no topshot. Experiment to get cargo from space fails By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV, Associated Press Writer Tue Sep 25, 4:28 PM ET Forget e-mail. How about space mail? In an experiment combining elements of a package delivery service, the sport of kite surfing and a REALLY big fishing...
  201. Jan from Humbol

    Does San Diego still have a...

    Football team?:frehya2:
  202. Jan from Humbol


    Not that this closure will affect you guys in the south as the closure is from Pidgeon Pt. North to the Oregon border. HOWEVER you do need to know how it came about, it seems as there are people out there who still don't have a friggin clue and are continuing to kill Yellow eye rockfish...
  203. Jan from Humbol

    finadict? You are noticeably absent

    Hope everything is ok, you havent been around much. Plus I miss the eye candy you postLOL
  204. Jan from Humbol

    Albacore heaven in the North.

    Yep, it's heaven here in Eureka if you're a fisherman these last few days. Acres of fish, tons of bait, smooth seas and plugged fishboxes, guys were catching them on everything from boat lines, bait, lures of all kinds, salmon gear and even one guy was whacking them on a flyrod for kicks...
  205. Jan from Humbol

    B,S, without pictures

    25" butt came to dinner yesterdayLOL
  206. Jan from Humbol

    Hook sharpener

    I use one of those diamond/saphire nail files you can get for a couple of bucks at Kmart or RiteAid, they have a fine side that is super for touching up hooks and you can't beat the price. We Dutchmen prefer the term "Thrifty" over "Tightwad"
  207. Jan from Humbol

    Life is good in Eureka

    The fish are on the chew and the weather is perfect, lots of big salmon (Some reported to 50#) with 30's and 40's quite common, some halibut are there if you work at it as well as lings and rockfish. I hit the Cape Mendocino area the last two days running and yesterday took a couple of nice...
  208. Jan from Humbol

    Penn Baja special $149.00

    at weekly specials.
  209. Jan from Humbol

    The greatest satisfaction of rod building is

    I'm still able to get out there and find and catch fish, and I got both fish on a CalStar 270H I'd custom wrapped last winter and on a trolling jig I'd also made. The reel was a Newell C344-5 spooled with 40# with greased HT-100 drags, all "Old school west coast" gear. The icing on the...
  210. Jan from Humbol

    We found them in close

    9 to 12 miles out of Humboldt bay, bloodied the hell out of the boat, nailed them on a Cal Star 270H I built this last winter and a trolling feather I also made. Nice fat fish.
  211. Jan from Humbol

    Drift sock (Aka sea anchor)

    I got tired of the super fast drift we've had this spring while trying to fish Pacific halibut so I decided to get a sea anchor. They are a little pricy from marine shops so instead I found a heavt duty 72' chute for $30.00 (It comes to $41.00 with the govenators cut andshipping) Here's the...
  212. Jan from Humbol

    Eureka 6/2 & 3

    Lots of salmon, lots of bait, butts are biting, rockfish and lings are to be had if you fish the Cape or Trinidad. Pretty much a fishermans smorgassboard, as usual though the weather is still a big factor, cold, wind (North and South)and a good sized lump and now a little rain to wash away...
  213. Jan from Humbol

    Licence fee increases 3%
  214. Jan from Humbol

    Hunters and fishermen...Bend over

    and grab your ankles as here it comes again. You get to fish and hunt less and are going to pay more. Pissed off yet?:1041677399::1041677399::1041677399: Page 909 Pursuant to Section 1050 of the California Fish and Game Code...
  215. Jan from Humbol

    Eureka report

    There are some salmon and halibut being caught here, this type of fishing is being at the right place at the right time some of the salmon are in the mid 20's but a lot are running mid teens. Rockfish are always hungry to if you can get out to them. Water is still a bit cold (47.9) and the...
  216. Jan from Humbol

    Fishing with an RPG-7

    YouTube - fishing in afghanistan with a bazooka ! Sure would be great for dog controlLOL
  217. Jan from Humbol

    Aftco light weight rollers

    I rebuilt a stick this last winter and put a set of the Aftco lites on it, I took the rod fishing on the 18th and one of the guides is already broken. The rod never even got out of the holder, just the bouncing around on the trip out did it. Just fyi these guides are tender, I think I'm...
  218. Jan from Humbol

    Jesus!... A fish report from Jan

    Ran out of the jaws (Humboldt Bay) to 250' due west, made a drop with a B-2 squid and a Dollar Tree glow stick drifted for about 100 yards and bam! 16# (Gutted) pacific butt. Looked around and decided the day and great conditions were to nice to waste and made the run to the false cape...
  219. Jan from Humbol

    Nylon reel clamps

    Any of you old farts remember the Reel Thing clamps? Do they still make them or something like them?
  220. Jan from Humbol

    Dumb as a box of rocks...

    Teen hurt whacking bullets with hammer Mon May 14, 4:41 PM ET:imdumb: :imdumb: :imdumb: :imdumb: :imdumb: :imdumb: A teenager who put bullets in a vise and whacked them with a hammer to empty the brass shell casings was wounded in the abdomen by approximately the 100th bullet he hit...
  221. Jan from Humbol

    30 RPM motor for mixer or dryer

    Surplus Center Item Detail continous duty and $3.49 not too bad.
  222. Jan from Humbol

    Carl Newell...

    I called the Newell company today for some parts and found out that Carl is very sick and not well off. For those of you that have ever killed a fish with one of his reels or tossed a jig into another time zone with one take some time today and send some prayers and good vibes his way...
  223. Jan from Humbol

    Eureka salmon season started

    However, the early season bite is a little slow from the reports trickling in. The wind kicked up by mid day and pretty much ran the few hardy souls off the water by mid afternoon with 3-5 foot wind chop. There are fish out there and there were biters and some limits taken, the fish were...
  224. Jan from Humbol

    Crazy ass power linemen

    Watch the sparks. YouTube - Like A Bird On A Wire Not me, I'll fess up to being chicken on that shit. Way too friggin high and way, way too much electrical shit for me.:rofl: :rofl:
  225. Jan from Humbol

    Think you have a big set?

    Try this action on for size... YouTube - Coast Guard This is our Coast Guard lads out playing around off the Cloumbia river in the boat driving school if I'm not mistaken. Looks to me like them kids is pretty damn good at it to...Rates a salute from me for sure. If I'm not...
  226. Jan from Humbol

    Here's a freebee for you...

    I've already made my millions with a Nigerian lad so take this one off my hands will you:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: From: Barrister Williams Ibekwe. IBEKWE & ASSOCIATE CHAMBERS Dear Friend, I crave your indulgence as I contact you in such a surprising manner and I want you to bear in...
  227. Jan from Humbol

    A waterproof cell phone!!!!

    Verizon Wireless - G'zOne I just got one, this isn't your dainty little city dweller designer phone, waterproof and built to take a fishing trip or two. Finally a phone I won't kill on a fishing trip.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  228. Jan from Humbol

    Here's a game to try

    Flash Circle TD - Play Online Flash Games Now at!
  229. Jan from Humbol

    Got gophers???

    Something for the gophers&#8230; The professional version&#8230; video And the home made one&#8230; Rich Crackers - rich crackers.wmv @ - Free Video Webhosting
  230. Jan from Humbol


    This old bone jig went for a reputed nine hundred bucks to a collecter on ebay. What makes me sick is I used to see boxes of these tossed in the dumster years ago beacuse the hooks were rusty or broken.
  231. Jan from Humbol

    Cork soakers in Portland...

    Burning out troops in effigy??? :104167739 :104167739 I'm glad I wasn't there. No good chickenshit mother [email protected]###rs.
  232. Jan from Humbol

    Diving alone at Cape Mendocino

    Bad idea... March 19, 2007 4:48 pm US/Pacific Coast Guard Searches For Missing Bay Area Diver (BCN) The U.S. Coast Guard Monday expanded its search for a Bay Area diver and underwater photographer who has been missing for two days. Kawika Chetron, 35, set out alone on his 17-foot...
  233. Jan from Humbol

    Finishing off the last few sticks

    Well I decided that wraping 15-16 sticks this winter was enough, ten were rebuilds and the rest were new so the wrapper is stowed away for a while. The finishing touches of a tuna cord turkshead knot to the corktape rods was applied and I did something a little different to finish them. I...
  234. Jan from Humbol

    Here's a source for project boats...

    Everybody needs a project:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Military Surplus Small Craft for sale by auction There are some great deals here.
  235. Jan from Humbol

    Do you test your rods?

    I let my stuff cure for a couple of weeks and then put a reel on the rod and load it up to the working load I built it for to see how things hold together. For instance today I tested a pair of the 50-80 rigs I built by putting a 12 pound anchor on the lawn and lifting it off the ground. Once...
  236. Jan from Humbol

    Bob Hattoy F&G Commission dies.

    March 06, 2007 Bob Hattoy, gay activist and friend of Clintons, dies Bob Hattoy, a prominent Democratic activist who also fought hard for LGBT and HIV causes, died Saturday in Sacramento. Hattoy arrived on the national scene in 1992 when he spoke at the Democratic national...
  237. Jan from Humbol

    Should BD have a sponsered Darwin Award?

    After viewing a Sculpin sting thread we might have a contender or two:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  238. Jan from Humbol

    Latest wrap

    I built a solid glass 50-80# stick with a removable butt. Rather than use a high dollar Unibutt I opted for a heavy duty Varmac two piece seat and a 3/4"125,000 psi chunk of fiberglass rod with some Hypalon. (I figured I can double duty it as a fish billyLOL ) I also tried something different...
  239. Jan from Humbol

    The Halibut Zapper!

    Kids, don’t try this at home…We’re professionals! The Halibut Zapper! - Alaska Outdoors Forums Knowing the crazy shit that gets tried on boats and all the "Interesting" things that can happen out there with big angry fish comming aboard reading this thread sure drummed up some mental...
  240. Jan from Humbol

    Dear Al...About that warming stuff

    It was a little chilly last nite and we got up to this today That's an inch and a half of slushy snow/ice pellets and I'm not going out untill it melts off.LOL LOL Execcpt to grab more fire wood for the stove and that's only 6 feet from the door.
  241. Jan from Humbol

    Big jolt!

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Rock and fucking roll! Magnitude 5.4 - regional moment magnitude (Mw) Time Monday, February 26, 2007 at 4:19:54 AM (PST) Monday, February 26, 2007 at 12:19:54 (UTC) Distance from Ferndale, CA - 51 km (32 miles) W (279 degrees) Humboldt...
  242. Jan from Humbol

    I wonder how high the surf will be...

  243. Jan from Humbol

    Suicide Bomber's Failed Mission.

    High fives guys, this warms the heart of this old Marine big time. Nice shootin guys and thanks for being there. - Suicide Bomber's Failed Mission. Scratch One Smithereen Commando LOL LOL LOL And some dinner music... I'm kinda partial to the second one. :)...
  244. Jan from Humbol

    SOme of the latest wraps

    Just the last five sticks I spun up this winter. Well I'm trying to post more... It was done using #524 blue nylon and #524 NCP with an ice blue YLI metalic and a touch of black. Came out nice and isn't too gaudy. It's funny how the flash makes the metalic show through the...
  245. Jan from Humbol

    The dangers of dihydrogen monoxide

    The dangers of dihydrogen monoxide include: Also called "hydroxyl acid", the substance is the major component of acid rain; Contributes to the greenhouse effect; Contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape; Accelerates corrosion and breakdown of electrical equipment; Excessive...
  246. Jan from Humbol

    Squid stuff...

    I'm thinking of some possible uses for squid besides eating it. The trimmings could be used for crab bait and bottom fish bait, longer strips possibly good for Pacific halibut? (If you are lucky enough to have them around like we do) The heads (Sans beak) sure look a lot like an octopus...
  247. Jan from Humbol

    Lazy bitch...

    The Golden reteriver "Puppy" is now nine or ten months old and she's decided that this end of our couch is hers and as you can see she's well into her mid morning siesta:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  248. Jan from Humbol

    BD hunters your .02 is needed

    Times-Standard Online - Two cats tracked, killed after hiker attack If you go to this article and scroll down to the bottom of the page you can open up a discussion board, the Humboldt County tree huggin PETA freaks are in a snit about the DFG popping the two mountain lions and are throwing a...
  249. Jan from Humbol

    Need some BD help...

    Times-Standard Online - Two cats tracked, killed after hiker attack If you go to this article and scroll down to the bottom of the page you can open up a discussion board, the Humboldt County tree huggin PETA freaks are in a snit about the DFG popping the two mountain lions and are throwing a...
  250. Jan from Humbol

    Sport Fishing Regulations Update

    California Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations Update:eyepoppin :eyepoppin Three sources of current sport bottomfishing regulations are now available. 1. Summary tables for the 2007 recreational groundfish fishing regulations are posted to the Marine Region's web site at: Summary of...
  251. Jan from Humbol

    This is an ugly shark

    Of course after it died it became several dozen plates of shshi and a pot of shark fin soup:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Rare primitive shark captured on film | the Daily Mail
  252. Jan from Humbol

    I'll be damned if....

    I'll ever dress like this... This by the way is the latest "Fashon" from Italy and what the beautiful and in people will be wearing. Get a mental picture of Gary (Mots Sr.) and I, both somewhat stocky Dutchman types, dressed like that :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin...
  253. Jan from Humbol

    Squiding alone?

    Ya'll might end up dinner:eyepoppin :eyepoppin :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: The presence of these wee beasties might explain why some small boats drift ashore empty. Real Sea Monsters - Menacing Mystery: The Humboldt squids’ affinity for extreme depths adds to...
  254. Jan from Humbol


    Search continues for missing fisherman Chris Durant/The Times-Standard Article Launched: 01/09/2007 04:15:15 AM PST A search for a fisherman who fell into the Smith River late Friday entered its fourth day Monday, with still no signs of the Crescent City man. Commander Bill Steven...
  255. Jan from Humbol

    corruption in Mexico

    Mexico troops enter Tijuana in drug gang crackdown Wed Jan 3, 2007 6:35 PM ET By Lizbeth Diaz TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) - Hundreds of soldiers and federal police descended on the border city of Tijuana on Wednesday to probe corruption by local police and open a new front in President Felipe...
  256. Jan from Humbol

    The legality of freegaffing

    This is on the slate for 2007 if I read this correctly free gaffing fish will be a no no. California Fish and Game Commission New and Proposed Regulations Regulatory Language Section 2.00, Title 14, CCR, is amended as follows: 2.00. Fishing Methods - General. (a) All fish may be taken...
  257. Jan from Humbol

    If you order from Mudhole...

    Be advised that if something is "Back ordered" they will send it to you later with a subsequent charge on the credit card. I orderd some blanks and other componets a few weeks ago and two blanks were back orderd I wasn't notified of this untill the order was shipped and I just had a surprise...
  258. Jan from Humbol

    More big swells

    Right now this is Northern California and Oregon but a big chunk of the swell system is going to break off and swing right down the coast so you guys in the south and better be ready. Don't become another sad statistic, stay off the water. ...HAZARDOUS SEAS WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT...
  259. Jan from Humbol

    Damn poachers

    Hang the buggers!:104167739 :104167739 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 12 held in sting of fish sales Suspects accused of profiting from bass poaching By Matt Weiser - Sac Bee Staff Writer Last Updated 12:25 am PST Saturday, December 9, 2006 Story appeared in METRO section, Page B1 To see...
  260. Jan from Humbol

    Hot Deal on the Penn 113HN

    In case you are intrested in getting one of these reels (The 113HN Baja Special, 6 bearing) that are being sold all over for $250.00 this gentleman is running a special on them at $179.00... eBay ing-Blowout_W0QQitemZ300047974762QQihZ020QQcategoryZ36162QQt cZphotoQQcmdZViewItem I called...
  261. Jan from Humbol

    Penn 113HN vs Newell 533-5

    I'm looking at these two for some serious bottom jigging for halibut and large lings...I have owned and used the Newells and like them as well as Penn reels for many years, both are good reels and there's about a thirty dollar difference in price. Yes, getting both is an option.:rofl:
  262. Jan from Humbol

    All you chow hounds try this

    I was in the mood for something thick and tasty today, stew just didn't sound good so I decided a chowder would be the hot ticket. Started off with a quarter pound of fine diced bacon browned in the stew pot. Drain most of the grease off into a container, also drain off the bacon and set...
  263. Jan from Humbol

    This is fantastic!

    Those religious nut bags at the Westboro Baptist Church were not welcome at this funeral for a soldier who died in Iraq. They are pretty much running for their lives and trying to drive away as fast as possible. This crowd would have torn them limb from limb. YouTube - Westboro Gets their...
  264. Jan from Humbol

    The hell with the paint ball gun...

    Next season I'm going to carry a .38 California sea lions attack humans By MARCUS WOHLSEN, Associated Press Writer Tue Nov 28, 9:29 PM ET Tourists flock to Fisherman's Wharf for the seafood and the stunning views of San Francisco Bay, but for many visitors, the real stars are the...
  265. Jan from Humbol

    Lots of spare parts here

    I ran across this on Ebay, it looks to be a lot (40) of freshwater sticks both spin and some fly, the price isn't too bad. I don't build the freshwater stuff but someone here might be able to use it. eBay: Lot Of 40 Broke New Guide Series Fishing Poles (item 170055327129 end time Dec-05-06...
  266. Jan from Humbol

    You know you're drinking too much when

    The DMV takes back your donor sticker and issues you a hazmat sticker in its place.:rofl:
  267. Jan from Humbol

    Yep... Crab season is here

  268. Jan from Humbol

    Meat tenderizer???

    Prosecution of a Douglas County case involving alleged sexual contact with a dead deer may hinge on the legal definition of the word “animal.” Bryan James Hathaway, 20, of Superior faces a misdemeanor charge of sexual gratification with an animal. He is accused of having sex with a dead...
  269. Jan from Humbol

    3 finished

    They didn't come out too bad for not having wraped a stick in better than ten years, right to left is an old 660 Sabre, the middle one is a 6809 Lamiglas and the left on is an 870H sabre. The handles are tuna cord and the Lamiglas is 300# Halibut leader (Green nylon). There's a few oopses here...
  270. Jan from Humbol

    Aftco lite rollers...

    They aren't comming out too bad, here's the stripper and #1 guide...
  271. Jan from Humbol

    ? Aftco lite rollers

    I'm going to rebuild a stick using the Aftco lite rollers, has anyone here used them? I'm asking first before I just jump in (For a change) just in case there are any little btw's on them.
  272. Jan from Humbol


    Looks better in sunlight...The flash seems to pull a color change.
  273. Jan from Humbol

    A house boat to die for...

    or in. :rofl: :rofl:
  274. Jan from Humbol

    Proof of our troops mistreating

    Iraqui children... Photo of Troops "Terrorizing" Iraqis (#128 is a must see!)
  275. Jan from Humbol

    Tuna limits

    This comes from another board and is not verified as 100% true yet... Talked story with Bob Fletcher this afternoon about California limits. They (HMSAS) met yesterday and today as the pelagic advisory committee. After many views on the nor-cal limits it was a unanimous decision to...
  276. Jan from Humbol

    Please vote next Tuesday

    I don't care how you vote, that's your business. I do care that you vote and I urge you to get everyone you know to also vote. It's important and your vote does count. There's roughly 80 BILLION dollars:eyepoppin :eyepoppin in bond measures being put forth for an aproving vote this...
  277. Jan from Humbol

    Being a Viet Nam Vet...

    I thought you other vets might get a chuckle on this pic.
  278. Jan from Humbol

    It's started

    Here's the butt wrap on the Sabre 870H I'm rebuilding (Not finished yet) And here's the base wrap for a guide, All done in A and YLI #40
  279. Jan from Humbol

    Get your butt out and vote this year!

    In spite of all the partisan rhetoric and political bombast this year, one point is crystal clear; each and every one of you must vote and encourage all you know to vote. Note! This is a totally non-partisan post as I don’t care how you vote as long as you vote. Don’t vote, don’t...
  280. Jan from Humbol

    Best metalic thread?

    Lots of choices out there, what's the best stuff to use? I'm leaning towards the Sulky stuff at this point.
  281. Jan from Humbol

    ID an old Lamiglas blank

    One of the rods I'm rebuilding is a Lamiglas 8' #6809 I've had it 25 years and kinda like it as it's a parabolic sort of bend and I've used it for live bait and tossing light iron and now use it as my salmon stick but I really have no idea what the real line rating is. Anyone here know...
  282. Jan from Humbol

    $30.00 power wrapper

    Here's the high tech custom fabricated chuck and motor end. Here is the rod support with nylon rollers and 100% adjustable And here it is in action with an 8' Lamaglass rebuild project. The aluminum rail is mounted on a 1x6x8 (It started life as a curtain rod), the rollers/holders...
  283. Jan from Humbol

    The 49'ers are...

    Showing a lot of restraint today in allowing the Bolts to stomp the stuffings out of them...You 49'ers fans shouldn't worry too much though as the Bolts have been known to give a game or two away in the second half.:rofl:
  284. Jan from Humbol

    Speaking of smoking the drags...

    Watch these clips, one is of a halibut smoking what looks like a 6/0, the second one is a dude going stone stupid and attempting to hand feed a pacific halibut. DropShots Day I just wonder if his drags were wet or dry? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  285. Jan from Humbol

    Recreational Bag Limits for Albacore in California Recreational Bag Limits for Albacore in California:eyepoppin (Alternative 1.) No Action. Currently there is no bag limit for albacore. (Alternative 2.) Implement a statewide bag limit of 25 albacore per angler per day, which...
  286. Jan from Humbol

    Going to winterize?

    Don't forget to treat your fuel, this E10 stuff can ruin your engine if it isn't treated. I've had problems with E10 since 5/2005 when they changed over up here, I quit using Stabul as it's jusy putting more alcohol into the mix and I changed to Star Tron which is an enzyme based stabilizer...
  287. Jan from Humbol

    Finish for the wraps...

    Although I've built a bunch of rods over the years I've been out of the loop for a while so what I'm asking is what's the best finish for saltwater rods? Some of my older stuff is shot and in serious need of stripping and rewrapping so that's the project for this winter. I figgure that...
  288. Jan from Humbol

    Cop shooting

    KUSI NEWS - Latest Headlines - Video - Parole Hearing For Lakeside Man Even if this fucker gets out he's stuill got to get by the family...Paul is my brother in law. And James Bright of Lakeside is a POS.
  289. Jan from Humbol

    Global warming and methane

    I did my part this AM, after eating 3 hard boiled eggs last nite and my veggies (Broccoli) I was able to get the wife and both dogs to exit the room. Geezeus it made my eyes water too.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :taurus:
  290. Jan from Humbol

    Looks like segregation to me

    You Yakers just keep showing up the big guys with all those monster fish :finger: and now you get to stay in your room.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You guys deserve a board. Congrats :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  291. Jan from Humbol

    27 Zip Chargers win?

    I guess the Raiders were holding back right?:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  292. Jan from Humbol

    Thank you for your support

    I’d like to thank all of you for the kind words, PM’s and emails to us about Joyce’s cancer. She was overwhelmed by the replies and cried when I read them to her. She’s holding up as well as can be expected, she started the first round of chemo yesterday but it hasn’t kicked in...
  293. Jan from Humbol

    Fucking cancer

    About 11 years ago, my wife came down with breast cancer and was given 5 years to live; she made a liar out of the doctor at Kaiser there in San Diego and survived. Two years ago the shit came back in one vertebrae her lower spine, luckily we caught it early and got it into remission now a...
  294. Jan from Humbol

    Farewell Marines

    Rest in peace. Semper Fi.
  295. Jan from Humbol

    Salmon on a fish finder

    This will answer the question once and for all...Salmon do show up on fish finders. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: "Borrowed" from another board
  296. Jan from Humbol

    Someone will need this badge.

    A california Brothel inspectors badge:appl: :appl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  297. Jan from Humbol

    Catfishing Scroll down the page when you get there
  298. Jan from Humbol

    Viking Funeral Prayer

    Lo, there do I see my father. Lo, there do I see my mother. Lo, there do I see my sisters and my brothers. I see the line of my people back to the beginning. They do call to me to take my place in the halls of Valhalla where the brave may live forever.
  299. Jan from Humbol

    Another reason to go fishing

    Like anyone here needs one:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ================== Imported Tuna May Have Higher Mercury Level By LIBBY QUAID ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (AP) - Many imports of canned tuna have mercury levels higher than the federal limit, according to analysis by an environmental...
  300. Jan from Humbol

    Everybody likes a little Ass...

    The pastor of a rural congregation entered his donkey in a race and it won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race again, and it won again. The local paper read: PASTOR'S ASS OUT IN FRONT The Chairman of the administrative council was so upset with this...
  301. Jan from Humbol

    Halibut heaven

    I was out pfarting around on the inshore stuff yesterday listening to the VHF while the guys with the bigger boats were slaughtering the the long fins, great job guys! I finally connected with the pacific halibut yesterday, they are out in 200-225feet of water, there's hard bottom ot there...
  302. Jan from Humbol

    New puppy

    The daughters Lab died suddenly last year and sice she graduated with 4.0's from high school this was her dream dog, a pure bred papered Golden. It looks like the mutt (Norah) likes it here:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  303. Jan from Humbol

    Eureka salmon

    There's been a great bite on the 47.500 line from 200' to 450', the best bite was out deep with lots of 20+ pound fish taken. Here's one from yesterday that weighed in right at 20 on the DFG scales that's destined for the smoker.
  304. Jan from Humbol

    Yabba DAB a dooo!

    Since the salmon fishing sucks right now if you don't have a good down rigger, I decided to do some bay fishing for halibut, I made some drifts (For 3 hours) along the CG station but nothing, not even a shark or a bullhead. And no I didn't feel like mooching at 150 - 200 feet:rofl: So I...
  305. Jan from Humbol

    Good deal on a color fishfinder

    I decided to replace the tired old Humminbird wide optic ff and started looking at the Garmin line and had pretty much settled on the Garmin 250 (At Englunds $269.00) when low and behold I looked at Costco on line and the 250C which is the color verson which runs $499.00 is on sale for $319.00...
  306. Jan from Humbol

    Fishing yesterday

    I think that trolling for King salmon that are suffering lockjaw when all that wants to bite is silvers is mind numbing so after about two hours of it yesterday I decided to run the 20 miles north to Trinidad head where I found a great spot that had hungry black rockfish so I picked up eight in...
  307. Jan from Humbol

    He really does listen

    Woman Hit By Lightning While Praying POSTED: 2:52 pm EDT May 30, 2006 DAPHNE, Ala. -- Worried about the safety of her family during a stormy Memorial Day trip to the beach, Clara Jean Brown stood in her kitchen and prayed for their safe return as a strong thunderstorm rumbled through...
  308. Jan from Humbol

    For you submariners also follow the link at the bottom of the thread, makes me glad I was a jarhead. lol Funny shit:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  309. Jan from Humbol

    Too much time on the internet

    :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  310. Jan from Humbol

    Gone fishin

    A young guy from Missouri moves to Florida and goes to a big everything under one roof department store looking for a job. The manager says, "Do you have any sales experience?" The kid says "Yeah. I was a salesman back in Missouri." Well, the boss liked the kid and gave him the job...
  311. Jan from Humbol

    2 in the smoker

    Fun fishing today, too bad that fog settled in as it sure got cold. I didn't have a red hot bite just a nice steady slow pick, kept a couple of 8-10 pounders to stink up the smoker with. I had biters in at 140' and out as far as 250', most fish at 30-50' due west of the jaws, silver flasher...
  312. Jan from Humbol

    No love on the Halibut

    I got in the water this AM and made a few drifts for halibut down along the Coast Guard station area, water looks nice, metered some small spots of bait, a few fish but no love on the butts. I did some shake down runs and metered some other spots for bait but it looks a bit barren, but it's...
  313. Jan from Humbol

    The worst fart

    One time I took a 3 day trip out of Sandyeggo and the day before I left this crazy man I know called me and said I had to come over and try some Habenero pickled eggs he'd made so I said great, I'll bring the pot of beans I had (They also had hot peppers in them) and some fresh flour tortillas...
  314. Jan from Humbol

    We're being hosed at the pumps in Calif

  315. Jan from Humbol

    >>>>DFG changes Rockfish regs<<<<

    California Department of Fish and Game NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 06:034 March 29, 2006 Contacts: Carrie Wilson, Office of Communications, (831) 649-7191 Ed Roberts, Marine Region, (707) 441-5757 DFG Announces Expanded Ocean Bottomfishing Opportunities for Sport Anglers...
  316. Jan from Humbol

    Good hands

    No, great hands...
  317. Jan from Humbol

    Trawler restrictions

    I'm not sure how much this will help the recreational industry. March 8, 2006 — NOAA today approved a plan to establish and protect more than 150,000 square miles of marine waters off the West Coast as Essential Fish Habitat. The plan prohibits fishing methods within much of this area...
  318. Jan from Humbol

    Watch the guy in the bow You know he had to hurt
  319. Jan from Humbol

    Kiss your salmon fishing good by

    March 3, 2006 For Thirsty Farmers, Old Friends at Interior Dept. By TIMOTHY EGAN FRESNO, Calif. — For more than 10 years, Jason Peltier was a paid advocate for the irrigation-dependent farmers here in the Central Valley of California, several hundred landowners who each year consume more...
  320. Jan from Humbol

    No salmon season? go to plan B

    With all the stuff floating about that there might not be a salmon season thanks to the PFMC:finger: I guess I'll hatch a Plan B. Soooooooooooo... Here is what you can fish for during the closure in the Eureka area... Other Species There are no depth restrictions on the take of...
  321. Jan from Humbol

    Trolling lure heads

    For those of you that like to make your own gear... Here is a deal on Nylon "Hair" Scroll down the page to the German stuff it's $10.00 a POUND And here are some lure heads too.
  322. Jan from Humbol

    Good news / Bad news

    Good for fishermen and bad for the furbags...:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Hungry killer whales target seals By Ivan Noble BBC News Online science staff Hungry killer whales deprived of their traditional food by commercial whaling have turned on seals, sea lions and sea otters, scientists...
  323. Jan from Humbol

    Probably a repost...

    It has been brought to management's attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their co-workers. Due to complaints received from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer...
  324. Jan from Humbol

    2 boaters died here today

    Four people in a 170-CC Triumph capsized today in the rough northern california surf, preliminary reports indicate that they were crabbing and got in too close to the surf line and got flipped. Two were rescued and two died, the Coast Guard chopper that was attempting rescue also crashed into...
  325. Jan from Humbol

    Diawa 30H and 50H

    Just wondering how many of you have and still fish these great little reels? I have 2 of each and love the darn things, they cast ok (Not as good as my Newells do, but then what reel does outcast a Newell:rofl: ) but over the years they have proven to be a solid dependable workhorse type of...
  326. Jan from Humbol

    Adventures in small boating

  327. Jan from Humbol

    An inflateable Yak

    And catching sailfish:appl: :appl: :appl:
  328. Jan from Humbol

    Heads up on boat registration!!

    Well folks the California bureaucracy has struck again, if you have received your boat registration you may have noticed two cute little safety stickers with your boat tags. You had better put them on your boat as according to the DMV person I talked to today you will get a ticket when you...
  329. Jan from Humbol

    DFG Announces Plan to Help Boost Sturgeon Populations

    NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 06:010 Jan. 17, 2006 Contacts: Marty Gingras, Senior Biologist, Bay Delta Branch (209) 948-3702 Steve Martarano, Office of Communications, (916) 654-5866 DFG Announces Plan to Help Boost Sturgeon Populations The...
  330. Jan from Humbol

    They'll never take me alive

    Or "Aw shit we're all going to jail" Perspective: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail By Declan McCullagh Published: January 9, 2006, 4:00 AM PST TalkBack E-mail Print TrackBack See all Perspectives Annoying someone...
  331. Jan from Humbol

    One BIG shark

    This is one of those that are OH SHIT! sized:eyepoppin
  332. Jan from Humbol

    Ten pounds of hooks and 5# of swivels

    Hooks item # 7210453121 Swivels # 7210452707 I'm fucked up and can't get the direct link to post:eyepoppin :rofl: :rofl: just put the number in the search box
  333. Jan from Humbol

    Furbag stew plus...

    Grise Fiord Seal Stew :appl: :appl: :appl: Seal meat Soya sauce Flour Stew veggies: potatoes and Onions, carrots, celery, etc 2 ts Soya sauce 2 ts Corn starch 2 ts Beef soup base Cut up seal meat into small chunks. Marinade overnight in soya sauce. Using a plastic shaking bag, flour...
  334. Jan from Humbol

    Four stroke oil, what's best?

    Do you buy the liquid gold that sold at the boat shop or do you use a quality SAE rated oil from somewhere else...And do you use synthetic oil. Inquiring minds and all that.
  335. Jan from Humbol

    Watch those great internet deals on gear...

    from *Counterfeit PowerPro Alert for Southeast Asia! 10/6/2005 A company in Thailand has cleverly replicated our PowerPro packaging, but the braided line found inside is significantly inferior in quality. The counterfeit line has only a fraction of the “strength to...
  336. Jan from Humbol

    Surf's up a little

    I went down near the beach today just above the Mad river and it's solid white with real big lumps in it for at least a half mile possibly 3/4 mile from the beach, just ripping and tearing and it sounds like thunder. There are piles of driftwood ten to twenty feet tall at the high water mark...
  337. Jan from Humbol

    Ten pounds of hooks on Ebay looks like a 5/0 or 6/0
  338. Jan from Humbol

    Anyone ever use the B2 squids?

    I just saw their website and they are made right here in Eureka, claims are made about them being a good Pacific halibut lure, anyone???
  339. Jan from Humbol

    A Fishermans Christmas

    T'was the night before Christmas, I swung on the hook With snowflakes a'landing, asleep with my book When up on the deck I heard footsteps and stuff "I've been boarded!" I thought, and I tried to be tough Then down the companionway hatch came a dude He was dressed like a nut and I thought...
  340. Jan from Humbol


    Since the weather up here keeps me from fishing I spend the winters working on gear and tinkering with fishing stuff, I got this idea from another board. A guy named Eric G giving proper credit and here is what I...
  341. Jan from Humbol

    Speaking of Halibut...

    How do you fish those "L" shaped spreader bars? There are some sites that reccomend them and I was able to fabricate one but I'm just not sure how to rig it and fish it. This is fishing in 300+ feet of water for the larger Pacific halibut not the California 'Butts
  342. Jan from Humbol

    Does LSD (Aka acid)

    Affect animals if ingested? I was thinking along the lines of the furbag infestations on some docks…Not that I'd ever consider harming one of natures peaceful cuddly creatures
  343. Jan from Humbol

    This is some good shit!!!!

    I went crabbing the other day and limited out on jumbo dungeness. My wife was inventing with the leftover crab, this one is a winner (as in really really good) I was striking sparks off a paper plate with a plastic fork:drool: :drool: Joyce's Awesome Crab Puff Pastry Shells...
  344. Jan from Humbol

    Crab report Eureka

    My neighbor called me this AM and asked me if I wanted to help him pull his pots (Sport) we hit the water and were't gone 2 hours lots of nice fat jumbos. Easy limits, great eating.
  345. Jan from Humbol

    Congratulations Marines

    And Happy Birthday!! A little early but what the hell. Hooo rahhh! Semper Fi. Marines Honored on Postage Stamp Four Marine Corps Heroes Are Honored on New Postage Stamps to Be Issued Thursday By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID Associated Press Writer The Associated Press...
  346. Jan from Humbol

    Computerized political calls

    This year we were bombarded incessantly by numerous daily computerized calls about the initiatives in the California elections. I just quit answering the phone if I saw 800 or 877 numbers on the caller ID. Was it the same in your area or was this just something that's done in California?
  347. Jan from Humbol

    Were screwed for the year up here

    Winter has arrived and the boat has been offically winterized and put to bed in the back yard. I may (Weather permiting) be able to start fishing by the end of next March. You guys in the south have no friggin idea how lucky you are to be able to fish damn near year round. Weather sucks...
  348. Jan from Humbol

    The best fillet knife?

    So what do you like to use, is there one knife that does it all? (I wish) Or do you own about half a dozen specialty knifes like I do and do you prefer stainless steel over carbon steel? Can you sharpen a knife to a razors edge and keep it that way or are you one of those "Special" people...
  349. Jan from Humbol

    There goes the Hispanic vote

    Before you suck wind and scream "Political post!!" think about what fishing in Mexican waters will be if they tighten things up even more. And yeah it is sort of a political post :FU: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :) This ought to be interesting to watch particularly in California… I...
  350. Jan from Humbol

    PETA at work

    Hypocritical scumbags ... PETA workers face 25 felony counts in North Carolina By DARREN FREEMAN, The Virginian-Pilot © October 15, 2005 Last updated: 11:24 PM WINTON, N.C. — The cats and dogs two PETA employees have been charged with euthanizing and dumping in an Ahoskie garbage...
  351. Jan from Humbol

    Damn Chargers...

    Still tryin to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :High_Five :High_Five :High_Five :rofl: :rofl:
  352. Jan from Humbol

    Toledo Ohio

    Anyone see this bull shit on TV? Friggin unbeleiveable, kick in the wrong door and you'll take 1 7/8 load of #2 at about ten feet center of body mass.
  353. Jan from Humbol

    Beaver in Sour Cream

    Beaver in Sour Cream:drool: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: 1 Beaver, skinned and cleaned 1/2 c Vinegar 1 tb Salt 2 qt Water 2 ts Soda 1/2 c Flour 1 ts Salt 1/4 ts Paprika 1/4 c Butter 1 md Onion, sliced 1/2 c Water 1 c Sour cream Soak beaver overnight in solution of 1/2 cup...
  354. Jan from Humbol

    The Smoke Theory of Electric Circuits

    This is in honor of all those that have ever tackled a "Little electrical problem" on a boat, motorcycle, snomobile or other conveyance. Jan XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Electrical Theory by Joseph Lucas Positive ground depends upon proper circuit functioning, the...
  355. Jan from Humbol

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty

    Python swallows cat in Florida backyard Miami Gardens, Florida - Elidia Rodriguez of Miami Gardens had been looking for her year-old Siamese cat for two days when her son pointed out the bulging Burmese python slithering in her backyard. Experts say that bulge in the 12-foot snake is...
  356. Jan from Humbol

    This is too funny... Beverage Alert Necormancer has a supernatural ability to bring long-dead forum discussion threads back to life. After having been flogged to death the thread may have been deceased for many years, and bringing it back may have scant relevance to the current...
  357. Jan from Humbol

    It's good to be King?

    For all those guys who are King, until their wife gets home. Walking into the bar, Mike said to Charlie the bartender, "Pour me a stiff one - just had another fight with the little woman. "Oh yeah?" said Charlie "And how did this one end?" "When it was over, "Mike replied, "she came...
  358. Jan from Humbol

    What's your boats MPG??

    I just computed mine as I just filled the fuel tank and after 3 trips fishing and logging (Per the GPS) over 100 miles I got 8.78 miles per gallon. This is on a 150CC Triumph (15' center console) with a 4 stroke Yamaha 40, and before you ask I haven't been ham handing the go fast lever...
  359. Jan from Humbol

    One kill ****WARNING GRAPHICS****** Do not look at while eating... especially a plate full of... Chorizo and eggs You have just got to love the 300 Winchester Magnum.:lux: :beerbang: >>>I've been correced, this was done by a Barret .50 cal weapon<<<
  360. Jan from Humbol

    Do you have a plan for survival?

    It may come as a surprise to many Americans but America and Americans are not immune to serious natural disasters. As most go about their selfish insulated lives with blinders firmly in place, set to their particular patterns they have no idea how fragile and precarious their little lives...
  361. Jan from Humbol

    I feel sorry for the poor folks

    :rantoff: that have been devastated by this hurricane but these friggin low life scumbag nutsack peiceof shit looters ought to have thier legs broken and be left for the gators. And I just heard on the news that two idiots went into a police station in N.O. and opened fire on the cops...
  362. Jan from Humbol

    Along with those bifocals you need...

    This might come in handy... The Nut bra You soon to be old farts need to pay close attention to this stuff, it's like where to get those nifty little bait nets you'll need at the tank. : farmer : And after Bifocals comes the TRIFOCAL...
  363. Jan from Humbol

    ALL HANDS!! Urgent!!! >>>READ<<<<

    This is for all you California boat owners that burn gasoline and it's not a friggin joke! It appears thet the ethanol that's been mandated by the friggin state (Calif.) is clogging up outboard motors in a big way. I tried to go out today and my new motor (4 stroke Yamaha 40) would...
  364. Jan from Humbol

    Hey Cap'n Pon

    Hows the fishing been? I'm about 3/4 healed up from the knee surgery and am thinking of hitting the water on Friday as Sunday will be a zoo due to the reopen of the Salmon. It'd be great if I proof read these. lol
  365. Jan from Humbol

    One of those days

  366. Jan from Humbol

    How stupid are they out there in La La land?

    P.T. Barnum was right...
  367. Jan from Humbol

    My war with Gophers:

    (Or why we left Southern California) So you’ve tilled and turned and planted your flowers and veggies, now you think you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors right? You go out one morning and find to your dismay that things are starting to disappear or die and there are ugly...
  368. Jan from Humbol

    I hate being on injured reserve

    I had to have my right knee O scoped on Tuesday so I'm out of action for about 6-10 days. I was going to have it done later this winter but it totaly went out and I was on crutches so I didn't have an option but I hate it when I can't fish. Some of the local guys are killing Pacific 'butts...
  369. Jan from Humbol

    Local fishing (North Coast)

    A cut n paste from the paper.... Eureka Times-Standard Sport salmon fishing beginning to heat up Thursday, July 28, 2005 - The word hot is used in a lot of different ways these days. For our purposes it refers to the weather inland and to sport salmon fishing at Shelter Cove...
  370. Jan from Humbol


    Next time you are out fishing salmon try hooking a swimbait up with a single barbless J hook like you were mooching, I use a half to three quarter oz egg sinker set up slider fashion and a five foot leader. You might be surprised.
  371. Jan from Humbol

    The moral to this story is...

    By Jennifer Sullivan Seattle Times staff reporter King County sheriff's detectives are investigating the owners of an Enumclaw-area farm after a Seattle man died from injuries sustained while having sex with a horse boarded on the property. Investigators first learned of the farm after...
  372. Jan from Humbol

    Great fish smoker deal!!!

    For all of you that are needing to get a smoker or replace one for all those fish you need to smoke this year here is a good deal on the Big Chief Smoker... These run a hundred bucks or better most places so $69.88 is a bonus, it will...
  373. Jan from Humbol

    Wide open Salmon bite

    After a bit of a rough start today due to the conditions on the bar (BUMPY!) I was able to get out there and just hammered the fish, nothing big (12#&9#) but great BBQ/Smoker fish. Bait was working well, but what was really getting pounded was an irridescent pink pearl Crockadile 3 oz spoon...
  374. Jan from Humbol

    A great site for BBQ recipes This place covers it all... Meat, fish, chicken, BBQ, smoking, jerking, sauces a great one to bookmark. :drool: :drool: :drool: :beerbang:
  375. Jan from Humbol

    Salmon and Albacore Eureka...

    Salmon fishing was off the chart yesterday and today, I caight fish from 200 to 600 feet which equates to a five to eight mile wide band. They were on the chew and pretty much ate everything you pulled across thier noses. Trolled bait was the best producer but the little silvers were a pain...
  376. Jan from Humbol

    Our weather here really sucks

  377. Jan from Humbol

    Hey Misfit...we woke it up. lol

    Magnitude 7.4 - moment magnitude (Mw) Time Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 7:50:56 PM (PDT) Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 2:50:56 (UTC) Distance from Trinidad, CA - 134 km (83 miles) W (281 degrees) Crescent City, CA - 136 km (84 miles) WSW (248 degrees) Westhaven-Moonstone, CA - 137 km (85...
  378. Jan from Humbol

    Eureka Salmon report

    I headed out Friday AM and spent the morning running around looking for bait and birds and drifting outside for Butts, no soap. I switched over to Salmon trolling and hooked up a couple of times but failed to get them to stay on. (God bless those barbless hooks) There were a lot of other...
  379. Jan from Humbol

    A boat went down today

    I was listening to the VHF this AM to eaves drop on the fishing conditions and the CG came on with an alert. It seems that south of here (Possibly Ft. Bragg area) a fishing boat with 5 aboard went over, last call I heard from the CG was the life raft was in the water and only 3 were on board...
  380. Jan from Humbol

    Anyone here from the Eureka area?

    Just decided to pay this board a visit and will be posting some reports for Eureka for time to time. So far the only thing going is the rockfish off Trinidad and the Jetty at Humboldt bay but the salmon opener is the 21st so that will boost the excitement. I think I'll go down to the main...