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  1. matt86m

    WTB Chest Freezer small'ish

    My son is looking for a small'ish chest freezer. 5-7 cu' Or let me know what you have. I guess the pandemic has put them on the hot list and all Home Depot and Lowes are sold out.
  2. matt86m

    Need someone to fish with out of Kona

    Ill be on the Big Island in May and want to fish with Kauai Joe on the Mauna Kea out of Honokohau harbor. Mauna Kea is a 45’ Monterey Id like to fish Monday the 18th. Anyone game?
  3. matt86m

    For Sale TC Encore barrel 338 Federal

    Have a lightly used Thompson Center Encore barrel in 338 Federal for sale. Mfg by Bullberry in Utah 22'' Bull barrel, 7/8'' od. Less than 50 rounds thru it. Selling to fund another rifle. Great round, necked up 308, 'short action'. Didn't take any animals with it so...
  4. matt86m

    For Sale Wheel nets/tie down hoops

    I have 4 used but in great condition wheel 'nets' with heavy duty hooks on both ends. 1000lb rating. Used on a Polaris RzR (26'' tire) & Sandcar (35'' tire). Always used and stored in an enclosed trailer. These are adjustable for width and height. Ratchet style, tight and secure. No shipping...
  5. matt86m

    SOLD Heavy cod jig heads

    Got 6 as pictured. In good condition, little scuffs from moving them around. Never fished. 4 1/4'' oal and 1 1/4'' gap at the barb $15?
  6. matt86m

    SOLD Trout lures

    Assortment of 21 spoons (Thomas Buoyant) & misc. In the box and a new, unopened jar of rainbow Power bait. Pick up in Fountain Valley, OC. Willing to ship on your dime. $30 (damn it! Pics are straight on my computer)
  7. matt86m

    SOLD Fresh water spinning reels

    Mitchell 308xe - new, no box, never fished. Retails $49.99. $25 w/xtra spool Cabelas Fish Eagle 4/6/8 lb line rated. Little use. $15 Pflueger President 4/6/8 rated 10 bearings, Never used $25 Freebee Cabelas 500 size 2/4/6 lb rated Pick up in Fountain Valley, OC. Willing to...
  8. matt86m

    SOLD Chest pack by Umpqua

    Used this twice but a bit too bulky for me, just don't need this much space. Pack by Umpqua. Model Overlook ZS (I don't have the 'kit' just the chest pack) Link: Its comfortable and you can pack a lot of gear...
  9. matt86m

    SOLD Santa Maria Grill

    This grill is not your crappy built, rust out in a year grill. 1/4'' steel frame. 1/4'' steel fire boxes. All welded. Raise the grid to build your fire on one side or both. Side 'tray' for platters, tongs, etc are 19 3/4''d x 15 3/4''w. Overall width 73 1/2'' Overall height 76'' Overall depth...
  10. matt86m

    Surface iron question

    Treble or large single hook? Bought some light surface irons and they have a large single hook on them. Something tells me a treble would be better. Thinking yellowtail would be hooked easier/better on the treble. Thoughts?
  11. matt86m

    Kayak folks - whats it worth?

    helping out a friend. Have no idea on price? 15’ Malibu Kayak. Comes with a seat, bait tank plumbed, fish finder (not sure mfg.) plumbed, crate and some accessories. Can someone give me an idea how much its worth? Thanks
  12. matt86m

    SOLD XtraTuf boots size 10

    Beat up but the lower half and soles still have some life in them. Tops are separating (fabric liner from the rubber) and one has a good size rip in it. Grommets are free! Used a carabiner to carry them. Always stored with the stacks up and in the garage. Pick up in Fountain Valley, OC...
  13. matt86m

    Found my jig stick - now need a reel!

    Bought a Calstar 800M - bday present from the wife. Wanted a dedicated stick for surface iron with a little bait mixed in. Now I need a reel for it. Star drag, not going to go high end like a Talica. Going to look for a Diawa, Saltist, Fathom, Torium, open to others. 20-30 size. Going to throw...
  14. matt86m

    WTB GG 6480

    Who's holding? Looking for a Calstar GG 6480 Would consider a Seeker 6480 too. Im in OC
  15. matt86m

    SOLD Calstar 700 H - factory

    Sold - Thank you Leonard. Selling a factory wrapped 700h in good condition. Would consider trade for a jig stick - Seeker 6480 - 8 - CT or Calstar gfdh 6480 8' Pics show wear. Typical rod rack / use nicks and scuffs. In Fountain Valley - not interested in shipping the rod. $230 obo
  16. matt86m

    For Sale Suzuki 30hp 2 Stroke

    Sold Suzuki Cabrea 30hp 2 stroke outboard Short shaft. 15'' 1986ish. Runs great! New prop Empeller 1 year old lower unit oil 6 months old Carb cleaned and motor tuned 6 months ago New kill switch Run it monthly Comes with a 6 gallon gas tank, new fuel line/bulb/quick release fitting...
  17. matt86m

    I need a Jig stick

    7/24/19 - Bought a Calstar 800M - now for the reel,,,,, I'm looking for a dedicated stick to throw some iron. All my rods are Calstar with the exception of 1 Shikari. Mostly fish private boat, 1-2 party boat trips a year. 8'? DH or reel seat? Does it make a difference? Most likely buy a...
  18. matt86m

    FREE Gambrel

    Bring me a 6 pack of 805 and its yours. Fountain Valley. NIB. Like this one but not used - rusty hoist not included. Just the gambrel, rope and pulleys
  19. matt86m

    WTB Spinning reels - 2

    I picked up 2 Californian rods at the FH show, 7', 15-40 and need some reels for them. These will be boat rods, not used that often so not looking to break the bank but want something that will last. Got them for friends that aren't familiar with conventional rod n reels. What'cha got? Im in...
  20. matt86m

    SOLD Fuel Hand Pump

    SPF Zee Line model 963 - New in the box - unopened Good for Gas, Diesel & light oil
  21. matt86m

    SOLD 2 - 60 qt Rolling Coolers

    Sold Igloo 60 qt Wheels and pull handle $20 each In Fountain Valley
  22. matt86m

    SOLD 2 Sheds

    I have 2 - 8'w x 4'd x 8't sheds - yours for 'free' 'Free' means they won't fit thru the gate so you'll need a crane to get them up and over the garage,,,,that's how they got in the back! I need them gone in 1-2 weeks at most - otherwise I'm taking a sawzall to them and making scraps to take...
  23. matt86m

    For Sale Leupold V III 4.5-14 x 50

    SOLD This is the 'Tactical' model - all blacked out - no Gold ring "Long Range" Side focus Mil dot reticle Target turrets Great condition Comes with rings, flip up covers & sun shade $400 obo Located in OC, Fountain Valley
  24. matt86m

    For Sale Golf Clubs - Callaway

    Pending sold Callaway Irons with Sand & Pitching wedge Callaway Driver Cleveland 5 wood Ping Putter Limited edition KLOS 95.5 Mark & Brian bag with legs Misc balls $100 Pick up in Orange County - Fountian Valley Selling: Apparently I suck. Shoulders don't allow me to swing. Don't use...
  25. matt86m

    SOLD Oars Feather Brand

    Sold Pair of Feather Brand wood oars 83'' length Show some wear but good condition Oarlocks included Pick up in Fountain Valley - no shipping $40
  26. matt86m

    SOLD Honda eu2000i genny

    SOLD Have a good running 2000. Just tore it all down, cleaned it all up, cleaned the carb & jets, new oil, idle jet, air filters & plug. Runs smooth, ran a can of StaBil Fuel System Revitalizer and a full tank of fresh gas thru it. Have 2 but don't need both. I have a Parallel cable that can...
  27. matt86m

    SOLD Air tank & Compressor hose reel

    SOLD - Air tank is 7 gallons. Little dusty, paint chips but works fine. $15 Sold - Hose reel is Harbor Freight, 3/8'' x 50' on retractable reel. Never used. Bought for enclosed but never mounted. Retail is $80. With your HF sale & coupon + BD discount $35? Cleaning out the shed Pick up in...
  28. matt86m

    SOLD Spare tire holder

    I bought 2 of these but the tires sit too low (vertical on my trailer). They would be great if you want to mount a tire sitting flat on top of the tongue (or hanging if you have the clearance) Pick up in Fountain valley Send me a PM if you want them (or just 1)
  29. matt86m

    Suzuki 30hp 2 stroke (cabrea)

    Not running like it should. Had a mechanic check it out, clean the carb, check the impeller, change the oil in lower unit. Running on the muffs all seemed fine. Shifts nice, with cover off I am getting full throttle. With motor on boat (15' Gregor Baja), 2 guys, some gear and 6 gal tank, max...
  30. matt86m

    SOLD Beach wheels w/brackets

    Got these with my 15' Gregor but won't be needing them. $75 for all of it. Inflatable beach wheels and a set of rigid wheels. Brackets too. Used with some xtra holes P/U in Fountain Valley - no shipping. 94963two7973
  31. matt86m

    SOLD Open Water Jig bag w/tubes

    Good condition, zipper works great. My name is on the back in sharpie Located in Fountain Valley, prefer p/u but will ship on your dime - please dont make me get a quote at the PO then get back to you only to find out you bought something else! $20
  32. matt86m

    Be sure to get a new Fishing License!

    Remember Cali licenses expired on the 31st. I'm told your 2018 Fall lobster card is good for the early 2019 season too. Check it to be sure. Don't get caught out there without it.
  33. matt86m

    WTB Side rails for Gregor 15

    Looking to see if anyone has a line on some simple side rails that would fit my Gregor Baja 15
  34. matt86m

    WTB Found! 14-17' Aluminum Boat

    Looking for something in decent shape, with trailer, motor is a plus. Going to set it up for Cast & Blast. Max budget is $2000 - less is better. I'm in OC, will travel a bit for the right boat. Txt pics to 949 632 7973 or post here. Please, if someone posts something here, give me 1st shot...
  35. matt86m

    WTB Sumo mini jets

    Anyone have a stash of mini jets they are willing to sell? Id like 3 or 4 if available. I'll toss in a tuna spike to encourage you to sell! Thanks
  36. matt86m

    Sublet your slip?

    Anyone have room for a 20' cuddy in Dana Point for a few days (maybe a week) so we can get some work done on our trailer? On the wait list for Embarcadero so I can't wet-slip there Dana Point Marina Co has an opening starting Saturday the 18th, for $28 a night - not terrible but we may need it...
  37. matt86m

    FREE Golf bag carrier

    Got this golf bag carrier thing (my best Happy Gilmore voice) that someone can have just for bringing me beer, any beer that doesn't start with 'Bud' is ok, doesn't have to be a lot. A tall can of 805 or Modelo Michelada works too. Or a 6'er of something. Trade me for a jig? Or just come get...
  38. matt86m

    FREE PVC tube to ship rod

    Made of PVC, I received a rod in it. OAL is 101'' and 3'' dia caps at both ends. In OC, Fountain Valley. Pick up only. There's even some foam inside to protect the rod. Can txt pix but it pvc, white.
  39. matt86m

    Rod and Reel paring - suggestions

    Calstar - GFGR 700 XLH 15-25 700 ML 20-40 700 M 20-50 700 H 30-80 700 H 30-80 765 ML 40-80 Shikari 8' - 20lb rod - unk model # Avet - Raptors SXJ MXJ JX HX Okuma Komodo 364 Looking for help on paring up rods/reels. I fish a 2.5/3 day once a year or an over night or 1.5 once or twice but I have...
  40. matt86m

    For Sale Go Pro Hero 4 Silver

    SOLD - Go Pro 3 comes with everything that's in the pics. Remote included. NO sd card. In good condition. Works great. Wifi connects to my iPhone thru the GoPro app. $100 - SOLD Go Pro 4, in fair/good condition. LCD screen on front no longer works but the touch screen on the back works...
  41. matt86m

    Collins Lake

    Headed up to central cal in a week or so to Collins Lake (North of Yuba city) spending a week there and plan on bringing the basics for lake fishing but thought I'd ask if anyone has been there before? Any advice?
  42. matt86m

    SOLD 2 stroke oil - 2 gallons +

    All Unopened 2 - 1 gallon jugs 4 - 16 oz bottles Located in Fountain Valley You pick up $30
  43. matt86m

    WTB Cluster Rod holder

    Im not sure what the exact name is but I have seen a rod holder that fits in a single rod holder in the gunnel and has 4 or 5 tubes in a circular shape to hold multiple rods. I am looking for one or 2 of those!
  44. matt86m

    FREE Traeger in Coronado Can't grab it myself maybe someone can. Needs an ignition.
  45. matt86m

    FREE 40' Pacemaker in HB free Not affiliated. Don't know anything about it except I saw it in CL Maybe someone is looking for a project.
  46. matt86m

    FREE Otter box for iPhone 6 - Gone

    Have a slightly used otter box for an iphone 6/6s. not water the proof kind. Shock resistant with the screen cover. Black I'll mail it to ya. PM me
  47. matt86m

    For Sale 4 Shelf living room unit

    Don't remember where we got this but we are changing things up. Steel frame on rolling wheels with wood shelves. 63'' tall 39 1/2'' wide 16'' deep $100 P/U in OC
  48. matt86m

    SOLD Gone Dog kennel / crate - Beer

    Gone 1 door, on the end, collapse able, Measuring, looking at the door: 36''D x 24''T x 22''W Comes with pad All in good condition. Little use Like this - Bring me beer (beer does not start with Bud,,,,) P/U in Fountain Valley
  49. matt86m

    WTB - small bait casters

    Looking for 2 quality but not too expensive small (100-200) bait casters. Been looking and missed out on some Lews that were on sale reg $180, sale $99 Not stuck on Lews Anyone have 2 they are looking to sail? Sale? Sale? Sell? I picked up 2 JDM casting rods, going to use them for bass in the...
  50. matt86m

    Small Bait caster advice needed

    Just got 2 casting rods and I am looking for reels for them. Both are JDM rods 1st is an Eonas 6'3'' Medium Light Line rating is 6-14lbs 2nd is Tailwalk 6'3'' Medium Line rating is 8-16lbs I don't need anything top of the line. I have a Komodo 364, couple of old Abu Garcias 5500 & 6500 but I...
  51. matt86m

    SOLD Avet 30/2 - Silver $325

    Avet 30/2 80 or 100lb braid (don't remember brand) In good condition mechanically and cosmetically. Top shot of 80lb but probably needs to be replaced due to memory. Clamp included. No box. $325 obo
  52. matt86m

    Trade a 30-06 for a Tranx 500 or Avet 30/2?

    Looking to trade a reel or 2 for a 30-06 (or something else) for my Son. Hunting pig, deer and javalina. Thought I'd throw it out there Tranx in great condition, braid, clamp & box Avet 30/2 - silver in good condition, braid, clamp. I like Remington (most familiar with them)
  53. matt86m

    Brass - free

    50 pieces of 6.8spc - some federal some other - once fired 18 pieces of 270 - all federal - once fired Free - pick up in Fountain Valley, OC
  54. matt86m

    Standard Horizon hx870

    Sold New in the box, Floating hand held vhf radio Bought it to use on my jon boat but sold that. Box is missing the sku - sent it in for rebate Never used $150 In Fountain Valley, OC - will ship on your dime or Pick up.
  55. matt86m

    Misc jigs & Poppers

    Sold - Halco Roosta popper $10 Sold - Williamson Popper Pro $10 Sold - 3 - 'knife jig' 'butterfly jigs' $25 Sold - 3 - heavy Irons - $10 The small one is a Sea Striker it weighs 5.4 oz The orange one weighs 10.7 oz - no markings on it The purple one weighs 11 oz - no markings on it...
  56. matt86m

    Checking my set ups

    Going on the Chief for a 2.5 day. This is what I have. Your advice is appreciated. Shikari 8' w/ Komodo 364 for 15-20 Chovy stick Calstar 700ml w/ Avet SXJ Raptor 25lb top shot Calstar 700m w/ Avet MXJ Raptor 30 lb top can double to 40 Calstar 700H w/ Avet JX Raptor 50lb top shot Calstar...
  57. matt86m

    1/2 day pass Chubasco 2

    Going to Poolmans Son This was originally posted Free to any Military personal active or retired. There were no takers so it went up for grabs and I was lucky to receive it. I am now passing it along as I have not used it yet and don't want it to sit with the great fishing that's going on...
  58. matt86m

    Chief out of H&M 2.5 Day

    Leaving on the 7th, anyone on this trip? wrong spot,,,,please move, thanks
  59. matt86m

    WTB Anti fatigue mats

    Standing a lot at work, anyone have a hook up for some decent mats?
  60. matt86m

    Mercury 9.9 - 4 stroke - Sold

    Sold 2006 Short shaft - had it on a jon boat with a 15'' transom. Comes with a 6 gal gas tank and fuel line. Max rpm 6000 In great condition, mechanically & cosmetically Recent carb clean and fresh gas In Fountain Valley Sold jon boat and buyer had a motor $1199 obo
  61. matt86m

    5 Day Cooler Challange

  62. matt86m

    SOLD Tiagra 30w with Calstar Baby Boomer

    2 speed Reel is in great condition - see pics. Comes with a cover too. Reel has Spectra and a new 80lb mono Questions please call Eric 714.931.6313 Calstar Baby Boomer All rollers In great condition Honey color blank Selling as a combo for $500 Call Eric - 714.931.6313 Located in Huntington...
  63. matt86m

    Competition Style Smoker

    Backwoods G2 Chubby on wheels. Posting for a friend - call Eric for questions and details - 714.931.6313 Comes with a Digi Q thermometer and fan. Link - Retail plus shipping to him was $2000. Save over $1000 Yours for $800 Located in Huntington...
  64. matt86m

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Thank you to those who have bought from me before. Last run went well so I thought I would try it again, this time the product has improved - like things should. I had a new batch of 316 Stainless blanks made. Now 6 1/2'' total length. These are threaded to accept any ball, knob or handle with...
  65. matt86m

    Phoenix Abyss 807 & 809

    Sold Can have the rods in Pt Mugu 7/16 - 7/19 - Let me know if you want to take a look 807 - is rated 12-30 Sold - 809 is rated - 20-50 - Sold Both have reel seat Both in great condition Located in OC - Fountain Valley No shipping $140 Each Only trade I am looking for is a Calstar 800xl...
  66. matt86m

    Reese drop hitch(s) 2.5''

    I have 2 drop hitches that fit a 2 1/2'' receiver. 2 1/2'' Receiver Both shanks rated at 18,000 lbs Both bought new from 3'' drop / 1.5'' rise - has a 2'' ball on it rated at 10,000lbs - little use - 5'' drop...
  67. matt86m

    6 gallon gas tank

    Sold West Marine brand, fuel gauge, vented cap, quick disconnect fuel hose prong. Scuffs and marks on the outside, clean on the inside. Got 2 tanks when I bought my outboard. In Fountain Valley. New they are $55 -...
  68. matt86m

    Mud stopper / aluminum grates / etc

    I have 12 of these aluminum 'grates'. 3 are in the pic, together they measure 15''x16''x2'' I was looking at these and thought they would make a good addition to deer camp (or any camp for that matter) where you need to knock mud off your boots. 3 of them bolted together make for a good...
  69. matt86m

    Free - 13'' wheel for trailer

    Free I bought a new pair of wheels/tires for my trailer and am using one of the orig's as my spare. I have 1 more that I'll pass on, the wheel is good but the tire is shot. Previous owner hit it with some spray paint. 5 lug, 4 1/2'' spacing, 13'' wheel - I think 4'' wide - its a basic jet...
  70. matt86m

    WTB - Hand held VHF radio

    5/18/17 - bought one. Thanks for the recommendations Looking for a hand held VHF radio to mount in my jon boat Anyone have one they are thinking of parting with? Any suggestions for me to look for? Thanks BD
  71. matt86m

    Jon Boat refit - The Outhouse

    I have owned a few boats in the past; 34' Tollycraft was my live aboard for a few years, ski boat, bass boat, even jet skis and a float tube! But I have never 'built' one. I have had new and used boats and kept them up but never pieced one together and made it my own. Picked up a 13' 7'' jon...
  72. matt86m

    Anyone else get this email? Ban on gear by Obama

    Got this from CA F&W Sign Petition Obama Leaves Anglers in the Lurch, Orders Fishing Tackle Ban One Day before Donald Trump was sworn in as President, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) issued an edict that will ban common fishing tackle on lands controlled by the federal government -...
  73. matt86m

    Repeal the NFA - Petition

    Didn't see this posted here so please take a look. Takes a minute to sign.
  74. matt86m

    Sea Ox & OMC Sea Drive Questions

    I am looking at a good friends boat. It's a 1987 Sea Ox 230C with a 1987 OMC 225 V6/Sea Drive. I have been reading what I can find on the motor & bracket and most of it isn't great. The motor needs to be rebuilt BUT I am really thinking of going with a 4 stroke of similar weight. I know I would...
  75. matt86m

    1996 Chevy Suburban - Jurassic Park Series

    Buddy is selling this and thought there may be some interest here. Be cool as a stay in Baja truck or? Call Jay! 'Convertible' Suburban 123,000 miles 7.4l 4x4 Call Jay (714) 812-818two Asking $6000 obo
  76. matt86m

    Hunting in Kauai - Recommendations please!

    I'm going to Kauai in late November and would like to hunt pig, goat or Axis deer. Has anyone used an outfitter/guide that they would recommend? Staying in Poipu from Nov 26th thru Dec 3rd Would be great to find something that comes with a good recommendation Thanks!
  77. matt86m

    Mojo Dove

    Sold It's Dove season lightly used, complete: stand, dove decoy, 2 battery packs (1 has a little corrosion on it) stainless screws to hold the wings on (have 1 orig wing nut - other is lost) Works well In OC $20
  78. matt86m

    6oz Lead Heads

    Measure 4 1/4'' oal nearly 1 1/4'' gap on the hook Powder coated I am selling 2 of each color (keeping 1 set for me) You get all 10 or I will split into 2 groups of 5 1 of each color (5) shipped to you (lower 48) for $20 or 10 for shipped to you (lower 48) for $40 If these are priced wrong...
  79. matt86m

    Dog kennel

    Dog kennel, collapsible, 36''L x 23''W x 25''H, slide out plastic tray, Petco has it on sale now for $45 so $25 its yours;gclsrc=aw.ds also have a small/med covered dog bed. Collapsible Dog bed with cover, In good cond,, tag still hanging on it...
  80. matt86m

    CKRT Hoist n lok Big Game Hoist

    Beer - Ill trade you for some 805! Ended up with 2 of these and only need 1 $25 - you pick up in Fountain Valley New in the box Here is a link with full explanation...
  81. matt86m

    Stripped Lower w/parts kit Stag Arms

    This a good deal? Saw it posted on another site Sale ends 7/24/16
  82. matt86m

    Captains License

    Where did you go to get yours? Course in OC? I have been reading, searching and going to different web sites. Looking to get my captains...
  83. matt86m

    Help with my match ups, please

    Help me screw my head on straight! What braid, fluro top shot would you or are you running on your reels? What reels & rod combo would you or are you running? I'm not planning on taking it all. RODS Pheinx Abyss PSX 807 12-30lb Phenix Abyss PSX 809 20-50lb Calstar GFGR: 700 ML 20-40lb...
  84. matt86m

    WTB Calstar 800H

    Im in OC, will be camping in Pt. Mugu next week so one in Ventura is doable too. What'cha got? Thanks
  85. matt86m

    Calstar / Phenix rod for a Tranx 500PG?

    Need a rod to pair with a Tranx, What are you using from Calstar or Phenix?
  86. matt86m

    Stabilized Binos - Give me the skinny

    Starting to look for a pair of binos. I have questions! What power? Brand? Features? Must have(s) Definitely stay away from? Searching for other threads and reading this article now
  87. matt86m

    Kite Rig - What are you using?

    Buddy of mine wants to put together a kite rig. Looked around online, I see they are short, stout rods. I have a Calstar, WC series 655XH trolling rod rated 40-100, roller tip and stripper. Any reason why this would not work for a kite rig? Looking to fly 1 or 2 'baits' at a time. If anyone...
  88. matt86m

    Catalina Run

    Went to Catalina with a couple friends to target some yellow tail, launched out of HB at 1am Wednesday morning, ran to see Nacho in LB and got a great scoop of squid. Arrived at Cat about 4 am and got a little sleep. Up at dawn and started looking. Not much luck finding the YT but we did hit a...
  89. matt86m

    Dropper loop set up

    Anyone ever used a Spider Hitch knot then cut the loop to create 2 different lengths, tying weight to one and hook to the other? When leaving the loop, I find the hook doesn't always 'seat' when you make the connection, passing the doubled line thru the eye then around the shank and cinching...
  90. matt86m

    Chevy Duramax Owners!!!

    This was posted on Wanted to pass the info on here too. I own one and found the clamp was slightly rubbing the lower radiator hose. Worth a look if you own one. "Friend of mine (one who actually started the thread im linking) and i have been seeing this very commonly in the...
  91. matt86m

    Komodo 364 and Toro Winch 50

    What top shot do you use on these reels? I have one of each, both bought used and had braid on them. Trying to fit them in my line up and not sure where they go. 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb? What are people fishing this reel as? Swimbait? Bait? I have them paired up with a Phenix Abys 807 (10-25)...
  92. matt86m

    Gold handle

    Misc aluminum handle. Was on a Shimano Symetre reel I bought but I prefer the standard handle. Don't know what else it will fit. Has the screw, washer and inner threads so it 'bolts' to itself I'll sell it for a 6 pack of cold tasty beer Other rod & reels for sale...
  93. matt86m

    300 Win Mag ammo

    Sold Total of 44 rounds Sold my 300 Win Mag - found these in the safe In Fountain Valley, OC $40
  94. matt86m

    Broadheads - Calling all Archery hunters!

    I am trying to decide on what broadhead to use for hunting deer and elk. I recently bought my first bow, I have friends that hunt and is seems like everyone uses something different. With my rifle, I used what shot the best groups and was 'right' for the game I was hunting. With the bow it's a...
  95. matt86m

    SOLD - Calstar 800xlh

    SOLD - Thanks David, nice meeting you. Good luck, it's a great 20lb rod. Nice condition, Fuji reel seat. Bottom half is cord top half is hypalon. Guides in good condition. May consider trade for nice bait casting reel - nacl50 or towards a rod to pair with my Avet 30/2 For sale for $130...
  96. matt86m

    What rod to pair with Avet 30/02?

    I know it's sacrilege to use 1 rod for trolling and as a bait stick but I have to compromise somewhere. I have an Avet 30/02 that I want to use for double duty. It may not be perfect for one or the other but it may do both well or good enough. I don't have a boat of my own but do go out with a...
  97. matt86m

    Trolling Lure Bag

    Fin Fighter brand Master Wrap Lure bag with separate Leader bag and some misc lures. Some Rapala and Rapala type lures, 3 - 10 Pin trolling lures rigged with wire and a small daisy chain and soft head lure, Leader wrap bag has some misc shark rigs and double hook rigs. Bag measures 21'' L x 9...
  98. matt86m

    Calstar GFGR 700xl - Want to buy back

    Looking for Hosstyle and want to buy it back - says Profile not available? Cant send a PM Sold - Thanks Hoss, good meeting you Custom wrapped black on black with a small red/white/blue accent Fuji reel seat, Hypalon top and bottom with X wrap covering over the top Hypalon. Excellent...
  99. matt86m

    Sold - 2 Kencor Rods

    Sold 1. Kencor NZKayak770C, 7', 8-30 rating, Fuji reel seat, Hypalon grips. In good condition, shows some wear. $40 2. Kencor Graf Pacific Series. GPOS 800 MC 15-40 Deckhand with cork and some wrapped cord where the reel mounts $50 Take 'em both for $80 Located in Fountain Valley Local...
  100. matt86m

    .300 Win Mag brass

    Gone For sale or trade 41 pieces of once fired Remington and Winchester 'brass' What's it worth? Trade value? In OC, willing to ship if you need it. Please send a PM Thanks
  101. matt86m

    Found - Wanted Surf set up

    Looking for a surf fishing combo. Nothing too fancy, don't want to brake the bank. I have a light weight set up that will work so I am looking for a 20-30lb. Lets say around $100? Is that reasonable? Im in OC What'cha got?
  102. matt86m

    Rapala, Mirro lure and daisy chain

    Update as of 10/15 edited the pics to reflect what is left Marauder in pic is sold. Rapala, MirrO and unmarked lure are $6 each or all 4 for $20 What's the daisy chain with separate soft head lure worth? Take one or take them all! Pick up or shipping on your dime. Located in OC...
  103. matt86m

    Avet mxj - Sold

    Single speed Silver Clamp 50 or 65lb braid (white, forgot brand) 25 or 30lb top shot - new, been on reel 3-4 months but not fished yet (I think 75 yds) Willing to ship - $10 Located in Fountain Valley, OC $150 obo Cash or Paypal gift I am looking for an Andros 5II reel - possibly trade +$
  104. matt86m

    Wanted Radar Dome

    I am looking for a broke down, not working, in your way radar. Just need the dome or the rectangle/spinning type. Empty inside is fine, just need the 'shell' in one piece, good condition is a plus. In OC Thanks
  105. matt86m

    SOLD - Shimano Tekota 500 with upgraded carbon drags & 3/4 spool braid for first $65.00

    Sold I picked up this good deal from Mike - here is the orig thread I used it yesterday and although its a good reel I like my Avet better - no offense...
  106. matt86m

    My turn - Dana report

    Could probably cut and paste the other reports. Fishing is just crazy right now. Buddy and I went out on his 26' Glacier Bay Cat yesterday. Stores it in HB but made the drive to launch out of DP. Got a late start. In the water at 8, got nice mixed bait (deans and macks) and cleared the harbor...
  107. matt86m

    SOLD - Avet LX 6/3 Silver - SOLD

    SOLD 2 speed reel In good condition Bought it from SkipJackRobert last season Has either 80 or 65lb braid and a fresh 50lb top shot - 75yds +- Freespool is great, smooth, so is the drag. Little boat rash - tried to show in the pics Has nylon reel clamp - shown in pics No box or papers...
  108. matt86m

    WTB Avet HX Raptor

    Looking for an Avet HX Raptor - prefer Silver Please PM me Found the rod(s) I was looking for just need the Raptor now Thanks
  109. matt86m

    Sold - Seeker Hercules GTS 80XH BLANK

    S Glass Composite Jigging Blank 8', all white I'm told it's a rare blank due to limited production and the color. Bought from another BD's but I'll never get around to wrapping it $135 obo Located in OC Not willing to ship but I may meet up depending where you are
  110. matt86m

    WTB Surf fishing rod

    With spinning reel. Not looking to break the bank just something I'll use a couple times a year. Im in OC so local would be great. What's out there?
  111. matt86m

    Tuna Spikes - Updated 5/11/17

    UPDATED 5/11/17 - on page 5 316 stainless steel - 5/16'' material - 7'' long 1/2'' of course threads - 5/16 x 18 Some I have sharpened or I can sell them with a blunt end and you can shape the point as you like Can sell with or without the knobs shown in the pics A lot of options out there...
  112. matt86m

    To build or not to build? SS Hercules GTS 80xh

    That is the question! I have a Seeker Hercules "S" Glass blank - GTS 80xh in all white. I bought it from another BD'r. Was told it is somewhat of a rare blank - due to it's color. I have also searched on BD for threads about the blank and finished rods. Also called Seeker and got a little more...
  113. matt86m

    Wading Boots

    Men's size 11 Bought these years ago, probably from Cabelas. Rubber lug soles, light weight. No rips or tears. Willing to ship on your dime. $20 In Fountain Valley
  114. matt86m


    Please delete
  115. matt86m

    Found - Looking for a few heavies

    Found some - Thanks Sumo Tady Salas 6x & 7x heavy I just need a few not a bucket full. Got 1-3 that you have duplicates of and wouldn't mind selling? Im in OC - will pay for shipping if needed. Please let me know what'cha got Thanks
  116. matt86m

    Pig's near Half Moon Bay?

    Going camping at Half Moon Bay this June, was wondering if anyone had a recommendation of a guide to go hut pigs for a day in the area or close by. Probably 2-3 of us. Looking at the map, King City is 2 1/2 hours away. Since we are looking for just a day hunt I'd like to be closer. Ill be...
  117. matt86m

    WTB Avet SXJ

    Looking for a Silver SXJ - single or 2 speed in good condition. Please PM if you have one to sell and how much. Thanks
  118. matt86m

    SOLD - Calstar 270-8H & SS 93H Ulua - Price drop

    SOLD Calstar BT 270-8H 20-30 8' rod, has a marlin casting tip, black, gold and red wrap. Hypalon grip and Fuji reel seat. Rod looks new - I haven't fished it - I don't think it ever has been fished. In great condition. $115 SOLD Super Seeker Ulua Jig stick 93H - rod is green blank, black...
  119. matt86m

    Calstar 270 - 8

    8' Calstar in new condition - I don't think this rod has ever been fished. Bought it from another BD'r but got something else and need to thin the heard a bit. rated 20-30 Has a marlin casting tip on it and the guides are oversized. Tip is 'whippy' and feels like it would cast a mile! Im sure...
  120. matt86m

    SKB 7100 - Gone

    Sold / Traded Thanks for the rod Jim Good luck to you. Hope you get out on the water more! Bought this but haven't used it yet so I am passing it on. Used but in great condition. I just put new side handles on it. All plastic bags are there and in good condition. No cracks in the plexi...
  121. matt86m

    Tourmaster Motorcycle Jacket

    Tourmaster Sonora Air Jacket 3/4 length vented/3 layer jacket in good condition. No scrapes, holes, tears etc. Can be worn 3 different ways. 1-Outer vented shell with armor 2-above with wind break liner 3-above with thermal liner. Link...
  122. matt86m

    Sold - OGIO golf bag

    Black and tan legs backpack straps 8 club compartments lots of pockets small hood that came with it in OC $25
  123. matt86m

    311'' Mule Deer

    Before I post the pic Ill tell the story. This is NOT mine This is NOT mine This is NOT mine I shot a nice deer in Colorado this year (just got home) and while dropping it off at the taxidermist I saw it.. Darryl, owner of Darryl's Taxidermy, pulled this off the top of the pile of antlers and...
  124. matt86m

    Home from Colorado

    My group has waited 12 years to get back to unit 21 in Colorado. Left OC on Wednesday the 15th at 5:30 AM and arrived in Grand Junction, CO at 8PM. Spent the night in a seedy motel and picked up a rental trailer the next day. Typical shopping: Sportsman Warehouse, Cabelas, Sam's Club and we were...
  125. matt86m

    Sold - Okuma Cedros Costal - Split Grip - Sold

    CC-C-861H 8 1/2' long 20 - 30 lb Heavy action Alps Trigger reel seat All guides in good condition Thinning the heard In OC - will not ship $95
  126. matt86m

    Sold - GE 14cu Upright Freezer

    Sold Been good to me but I bought a bigger one. Mfg. in 2003 - orig. owner - bought new 3 large shelves with a pull out basket on bottom 5 shelves on door auto defrost, though a little ice does form on the bottom but I just chip that out once in a while In OC $100 Contents not included
  127. matt86m

    Wtb Calstar 800 XLH

    Missed out on the one that just sold. Looking for a Calstar 800XLH in good condition. What's out there? I'm in OC but have friends in SD area. Please post here and/or PM
  128. matt86m

    Sold - Calstar 700m & 700h - Sold

    Sold to Ironjoe Custom wrapped by The Longfin. I got these from SJR and haven't fished them yet but I bought a set of 4 so these have to go. Tuna cord wrapped with Turks knots, gimbal butt ends with caps, Matching set of 2. In great condition. I'd like to keep them but just can't swing it...
  129. matt86m

    Calstars 660h (2) & Kencor - Reduced -

    1 - Calstar 660h, 6' (actual with gimbal 74'') rollers on 1st and tip, Fuji reel seat, Hypalon grips. Gimbal butt, 30-80 rating. They have my name on them. These were wrapped by Purfields Pro Tackle (Marina Del Rey) in 1992. They show some wear but still in good condition. Tried to show cond...
  130. matt86m

    Kauai Postal

    Hello Kauai BD'rs. I'm coming out to Poipu in September (19th-25th) Is there something from the mainland I can bring out for ya? Is there a reel/rod/tackle you want to buy in Orange County, CA but don't want to pay the shipping? Not looking for anything in return just offering up. You pick...
  131. matt86m

    1st time building

    This post will take a while to get to completion but thought I'd start it anyway. Picked up a Seeker Hercules "S" Glass - GTS 80xh in all white from another BD member. Going to build it with a buddy that has been building rods for a while. Mostly fly rods for himself and bass rods for his son...
  132. matt86m

    SOLD Calstar 196 & Penn 550ss Spinning (2) combos SOLD

    Sold! Thanks BD Good meeting ya Mike Had these made when I had my Tollycraft, by Purfields Pro Tackle in MDR. They are 22 years old but in good condition. All eyes are in good cond. some yellowing and a little rust that I tried to show in the pics. Combos haven't been used in 10+ years. Reels...
  133. matt86m

    Okuma CN 30L & Penn 500

    Okuma CN 30L - Level wind with clamp. I have 3 handles for this reel. Very little use $30 Penn 500 - got this in 1991 - could use a service - hasn't been used in a while - $25 In Fountain Valley OR trade me something cool
  134. matt86m

    Penn 975 - Sold

    SOLD Has after market handle. In great condition. few marks which I tried to show in pics. Has 50 lb braid with 25lb top shot. Looking for an Avet SX or MX series reel in silver In OC, will ship on buyers dime $120 obo
  135. matt86m

    WTB Smoker - Search is over!

    Looking for a smoker, open to type. Thought I'd throw it out there in case someone had one they aren't using and its taking up space. Prefer in OC Thanks
  136. matt86m

    SKB 2 pos. fighting belt - SOLD

    SOLD Edit: Pending sale to Gary Bought this from another BD'r. I used it on a 2.5 day, I don't need a belt this big. In good condition. Little rust around the Gimbal holes. Gimbal can be moved to either position, threads in both. Willing to ship on your dime or P/U in OC - Fountain Valley...
  137. matt86m

    Dead Duck

    The Duck Is Dead! A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary surgeon. As she laid her pet on the table, the Vet pulled out his stethoscope and listened to the bird's chest. After a moment or two, the vet shook his head and sadly said, "I'm sorry, your duck,Cuddles, has passed away." The...
  138. matt86m

    Got one - WTB Jig Bag

    Looking for a small to medium size jig bag
  139. matt86m

    Rod re-wrapped?

    What's the going rate (estimate) of getting a rod stripped and re-wrapped? I have a set of 25+ year old Calstar rods that were custom wrapped for me when I had my boat. They have yellowed over the years and some of the guides could be better. Curious how much it would be to have some of them...
  140. matt86m

    Newell & Shimano

    Both sold pending funds. C220-5 in good condition. 65lb braid if I remember right. Clamp included $110 Torium 20 in good condition. 65lb braid. Clamp included. $120 In OC, willing to ship on buyers dime nine49 632 7973
  141. matt86m

    Avet SX, JX & an HXW - line recomendations?

    Started a collection of 2 speed reels. I have 2 bad shoulders (5 surgeries on the right and the left is going out now too) and thought the 2 speed may help out when grinding on a stubborn fish. I have a few other good single speed reels (Penn 925, Newell 220, Torium 20, TLD20, etc) Asking for...
  142. matt86m

    Waterproof case for iPod Nano Gen 3

    I have the case, new seal and a separate cover all for a 3rd gen iPod Nano I used the WP case while on my float tube I can ship it for $5 xtra Here is a link to one on ebay The seal is extra and the cover is for use when not in...
  143. matt86m

    Misc FS some free stuff for the kids

    All sold Got a grab bag of stuff for sale & some free to kids (hopefully or someone with kids) Dry bag - orange $10 Pelican Case 1120 - $20 Misc. fresh water plastics - $15 (all 6 bags and small pack of hooks) Lg Blue Plano tackle box - w/4 trays - $15 Sm Red Plano tackle box w/4 trays...
  144. matt86m

    Site N Clean Gun Rest

    Bought this but it's too big. Haven't used it but no box. Cabelas has it for $67, Amazon too. In OC, yours for $50
  145. matt86m

    Wanted - Fighting belt

    looking for a day/medium size fighting belt. Something good quality to use with and without a gimbal style rod. Im in OC, What'cha got laying around?
  146. matt86m

    Avet JX 2 speed

    Did I get an old one? It is the standard JX, 2 speed Looking at my new reel and what I see on Avet's web site I have a question. The cast control knob is different on mine vs what I see online. The one on line has the numbers on the knob, mine is plain, smooth, no numbers. Is this different...
  147. matt86m

    My 2012 Buck,,,

    from West Texas finally made it home!!! Thanks to Wes Sykes taxidermy, did a hell of a job! This is my first whitetail and my first wall hanger. Other deer (Mule) are European mounts. Didn't get it scored but was told its a 140+ Enjoy.
  148. matt86m

    Eberlestock G29 Tailhook Pack

    Sold on Ebay New Never used I've had it for about 1 1/2 Consolidating my hunting gear. Link to pack: Mine is the Advantage Max 1 camo pattern Ebay and retail is $229 How bout $160 Located in Fountain Valley, OC PM me if you are interested and...
  149. matt86m

    RUUD 3 ton furnace

    Replaced this unit with an in attic furnace. Works great, in great condition. Removed by professional HVAC. Nat. Gas Mfg. date 5/2009 Installed 11/2009 Need it gone In Fountain Valley on CL for $400 obo will make a BD'r good deal you pick up, Ill help ya load it nine49 632 797three
  150. matt86m

    Duck Decoys

    SOLD I have 40+ misc. decoys that I don't use enough and they are taking up valuable space. 6 are still new in the box. no weights on these. All others have lines and weights. Ill let the pics describe what I have. In Orange County $75 for all including the 2 duffel bags OBO What you see...
  151. matt86m

    Leather sofa and chair

    Black sofa and chair sold as a set Bought from Plummers sofa is 72'' wide, 36'' deep and 35'' tall chair is 34'' wide, 36'' deep ad 35'' tall NOW $400 for the set, both in good condition OBO in OC
  152. matt86m

    Kauai Port Allen on 5/23 with Captain J

    Met up with Captain J (Jude) on Thursday for a 6 hour charter. Myself, a buddy from Texas and 4 others left port at 5:45 AM. Before we were even out of the harbor Jeff had lines in the water. 7 lines trolling a variety of lures. The Ono had been showing up in the morning so we trolled the Ledge...
  153. matt86m

    Marlin Lures

    Given away - no longer available or whatever big fish will bite them! Help me keep an old friend fishing. These are up for grabs. Found these while cleaning out his house. First one at my door gets 'em! no shipping no holding sorry CALL me! 949 632 797three Just want to...
  154. matt86m

    Furniture - desk,dresser,buffet,nightstand

    Night stand 3 drawers H-25'' D-20'' W-28 1/2'' $75 In Fountain Valley, OC all are OBO Matt 949 632 797three
  155. matt86m

    Wicker chair and 16' extension ladder

    Chair $60 Ladder $55 OBO In Fountain Valley, OC
  156. matt86m

    2002 Chevy 2500 HD CC SB 4x4, 6.0l gas

  157. matt86m

    Dog Kennel

  158. matt86m

    Kayak Cobra Fish n Dive

    SOLD Thanks BD Cobra Fish n Dive in good condition. Includes: Paddle Seat with xtra cushion Manual Pump Bait Tube - not pictured homemade PVC 'cart' Crate with 3 rod holders Has 3 hatches Bungee cord in the front Tie down points in the rear (1 is broken - drill out rivet and...
  159. matt86m

    Leather Sofa ns Chair

    SOLD This is a big sofa, firm, no tears or holes, in great condition. I bought this from Plummers about 3 1/2 years ago. white stitching. Medium stain wood base. 43" deep 92'' wide 36'' tall Matching Swivel chair, same condition 39''deep 44'' wide 36'' tall Nice set In...
  160. matt86m

    Cobra Marine VHF Radio

    SOLD Thanks BD, Mods please delete if you wish model # MR HH 325VP US Canadian and international channels 1W 3W or 5W 10 NOAA weather channels Weather alert Instant channel 16/9 Submersible Large illuminated LCD display Illuminated function keys Tri-Watch Scan Signal strength meter...
  161. matt86m

    Backpack Straps for Fish Cat 4 Float Tube

    SOLD, Thanks John new in the package, never used. Retail price is $23.00 yours for $15 obo In South OC file photo:
  162. matt86m

    Beer Tender Mini Keg Krups

  163. matt86m

    2003 HD Road King

  164. matt86m

    Sheephead - Goat - What is considered BIG???

    I am curious, this is my first big Sheephead, I have caught a bunch from 10''-16'', but nothing like this pig. I was on a 2.5 day charter/limited load that a buddy put together. We made our way to San Martine Island. I was fishing a dropper loop with a live squid when this Goat bit the line...
  165. matt86m

    Aluminum Gaff

  166. matt86m


    Coleman cooler, its either 80 or 100 both handles are cracked but taped and are still holding. New handles are available from Coleman. measures 34''L x 17''H x 16''D in Orange County great for fish hold or spare ice cheap $25 Please PM
  167. matt86m

    27' front bath Toy Hauler

  168. matt86m

    North American Arms 22 Mag

    I know you wouldn't really go hunting with this but I figure this is the best place for a gun for sale. North American Arms 22 Mag in excelent condition, less than 50 rounds shot thru this gun, I am the original owner. Gun will be sold thru an FFL dealer only with DROS paper work too. I'm in...
  169. matt86m

    Ramline Mauser synthetic stock

    I have a new synthetic stock by Ramline that fits a Mauser 'Sporter' the model # is 2098 you will see the # 20981 on their web site the 1 is for the color, this only comes in black. Never mounted, new they are $89. get this for $40 in Orange County, will ship on buyers dime file photo
  170. matt86m

    Desk - 2

    SOLD Thanks Mike Aluminum frames and glass tops. 37'' wide - 24'' deep - and 29'' high. glass in good condition frames in ok-good condition. Bought from Staples, a photo of them from their site is attached but I don't have the corner unit. 2 pics of my desks. computer, monitor, etc...
  171. matt86m

    1000+ species caught by 1 angler

    great article about an angler who is up to 1008 different species of fish Angler's amazing feat: 1,000 species of fish and counting
  172. matt86m

    Portable A/C unit floor model

    SOLD mods please delete
  173. matt86m

    2 free FW rods

    I have 2 fresh water or really fun bay rods up for grabs. Would like to see them go to a kid but whoever grabs them. 1- Daiwa Graphite 5'6'' light, line 2-6lb, lure 1/16-3/8, 2 piece spinning 2 - Master 5'4'' line 2-8, lure 1/16-1/4, 2 piece spinning all guides in tact and in good condition...
  174. matt86m

    Float tube Newport tomorrow 7-25?

    thinking about going tubing tomorrow. Launch from M street fishing the structure and mooring's. Me and I have 1 maybe at this point. Get in the water about 6:30. any takers
  175. matt86m

    Reel Fun outta Dana

    1st report so go easy. Buddy chartered the Reel Fun yesterday for a 3/4 day. Family & friends, lots of kids too. Made our way south to just north of Trestles & dropped the anchor. Little chum in the water (didn't get the temp) and up came 20-25 calicos. It was fish on from then! Had a mix of...
  176. matt86m

    is this a good deal?

    Sale at Big 5. are these worth a damm? Big 5 Sporting Goods - Weekly Ad Specials SABRE ‘PACIFICA’ STROKER SALTWATER RODS reg $89 or $99 on sale $40 SABRE ‘PACIFICA’ CORK TAPE ROD reg $130 on sale for $45 AVET GRAPHITE SALTWATER RODS reg 160 on sale $99
  177. matt86m

    Phenix X10 Crankbait Rod

    7' long, Fuji grip/reel seat, "Steve Butzke" inlaid on rod (I got this rod from a friend in the early 90's and I think he got it form Steve - whoever he is). Rod is in good condition with some small marks from use. Been sitting in the rafters for years. A little green corrosion on the "brass"...
  178. matt86m

    Kayak outta Newport or Dana?

    Kayak fishing outta Newport or Dana anyone? putting the yak in the water for the first time and checking to see if anyone else is going and wouldn't mind me tagging along. Kind of a shake down run, not planning on going too far.
  179. matt86m

    Passing this along 20' Bayrunner no motor $3000

    THIS IS NOT MINE!!!! don't know anything about it. saw it on CL & thought I'd pass it along. also want to find out if this is a good deal (curious) 20ft. Bayrunner aluminum center console boat no pics on the add but I have seen these Bayrunners go for a pretty penny
  180. matt86m

    Any float tubers here?

    We tube Newport Harbor a lot, went there today and caught 6 nice spotties and a short flatty. here is the days catch
  181. matt86m

    Little rock fishing outta Dana

    My buddy Jason (Invictus) and I hit the water early Thursday and it was beautiful! first time posting here so I hope the pics come thru!