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  1. bdrlgion

    2019 parker 2120

    price? location?
  2. bdrlgion

    Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    can't speak to the entire oregon coast, but a lot of in/nearshore salmon fishing focuses on the top of the water column and/or shallow waters, where a rigger might be more trouble than it's worth.
  3. bdrlgion

    Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    i'm sure that'd work, but you'll find most folks using a normal 11" flasher with a hoochie or spoon. some use bait but it seems to be the minority.
  4. bdrlgion

    Sand Dabs Area 2 ??

  5. bdrlgion

    Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    I was on Duckworth Steve's boat last weekend. It was nice fishing alongside with ya and trading intel. Thanks for being generous w/ info, and hope to repay it back with some of our own soon.
  6. bdrlgion

    Crabbing area 9 & 12

    i had someone pick my pot and leave an unopened can of vitamin R in there a few years back. and they say there's no honor among thieves...
  7. bdrlgion

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    Yea, i'm about to go through the same thing...
  8. bdrlgion

    Westport Salmon is tough

    look at the shoulders on that! love when they stop growing longer, and start growing taller.
  9. bdrlgion

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    It's great for one-off disposable tools that don't require dependability. Y'know, like, uh....jack stands. 🤤
  10. bdrlgion

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    but they've got deals to die for!
  11. bdrlgion

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    If you're a cheap bastard like me, you often buy more shit than you should from Harbor Freight. Well, apparently the very same 3- and 6-ton steel jack stands i've been using for a few years have been recalled...
  12. bdrlgion

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    what types/brands of salt would you recommend instead?
  13. bdrlgion

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    I can attest to the quality of this product! Looking forward to cranking up the Bradley later this week.
  14. bdrlgion

    Can I borrow....?

    or if you've got some old ski poles laying around, those work great too - just ziptie PVC to it.
  15. bdrlgion

    Boat Detailing Help

    forget new members intros - i think we have to see the wifey/girlfriend/mistress as penance every time a non-report is posted here.
  16. bdrlgion

    Crabbing in Area 10,11

    Sunday/Monday only in 10, and not till ten days after the rest, are you fucking kidding me?
  17. bdrlgion

    Buying A New Chest Freezer Question

    you're haiku'ing wrong.
  18. bdrlgion

    Buying A New Chest Freezer Question

    Amazon boxes. Helps w organization, and equally important nothing gets smashed, which results in broken seals.
  19. bdrlgion

    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Thank goodness our long lost hero has checked back in. This place was falling apart, what with everyone minding their own business and whatnot.
  20. bdrlgion

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    right on! i'll be out again this evening - wish i could go in the AM, but ya gotta go when you can.
  21. bdrlgion

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Same exact thing this evening
  22. bdrlgion

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Entirely possible I just suck!
  23. bdrlgion

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Why's that?
  24. bdrlgion

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    It's just nice to run the boat! And there's no skunk when you're guaranteed to catch a buzz.
  25. bdrlgion

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Not a ton to report, but I've hit the west side of A10 twice in the past week with nothing to report. I haven't been able to find the bait at all. I've focused mostly around the Jeff head area, but may venture north this afternoon to scout a bit. High of 78 + light winds = why the hell not. I...
  26. bdrlgion

    Area 4 OPEN

    Lots of folks do well in close. Swiftsure is neither swift nor sure.
  27. bdrlgion

    Regular Westport boat ho offering services and facilities

    Shit, with an offer like that you're gonna put all us other hoes outta business!
  28. bdrlgion

    Area 4 OPEN

    CQ's got a fuel dock, with non-ethanol at that!
  29. bdrlgion

    Best results ever! Tailwalker Fisheries set me up (boat rigging)

    Not a criticism as i'm sure there's a reason - Why connect the ACR to the switch? That's different what I see on the standard Blue Sea add-a-battery wiring diagram. I'm about to add a second battery, ACR/Switch myself and am trying to get all my ducks in a row before I start cutting + crimping.
  30. bdrlgion

    Seattle on fire

    the fuck is wrong with you?
  31. bdrlgion

    Back up Camera ??

    i bought this $20+ no-name cam off Amazon 2yrs ago and it's been flawless since.
  32. bdrlgion

    A6 or A7 Halibut?

    only one way to find out!
  33. bdrlgion

    Dolphin type fin on outboards-any good?

    Had one on my Yamaha F115 on an 18' runabout - liked it, but ended up upgrading to trim tabs this weekend instead. Relatedly - any reason not to use JB Weld's SteelStik (same color as my Yamaha) to fill these 4 holes? It says it's rated for aluminum...but it's steel based. Steel + aluminum...
  34. bdrlgion

    Stupid-good deal if legit

    Not mine, no affiliation, just FYI: 2005 Zuke 4stk 140hp on a whatever boat for 4k w/ trailer. I called the guy just out of curiosity - serious language barrier, but he's got clean titles for both in-hand.
  35. bdrlgion

    First Tuna landed in WA 2020

    they're probably best known for that. you can find them all over supermarkets for $10 or so a can (!!!!).
  36. bdrlgion

    Possible Good Price on Avets

    @Kettel O' Fish here's your lingcod reel!
  37. bdrlgion

    Mac's Prop Saver - Model #3 (fits 9.9's)

    Sold! Nice meeting ya, @grady24 . Thanks for making the drive.
  38. bdrlgion

    Gotta do it

    Knowing Andre, that could mean a 12' Livingston and a single broken oar. ;)
  39. bdrlgion

    Fishy-looking Yammie's on Offerup

    Anyone missing anything? Sure looks like a cable's been cut, tilt bracket's busted on this 8HP Yamaha 4-Stroke: Screenshot for posterity:
  40. bdrlgion

    My Covid Clean-out

    interested in mount adapters as well, if sky-guy changes his mind for some reason, and will do a donation anyways! great suggestion, btw.
  41. bdrlgion

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    relatedly, you can set keyword-alerts that email you any time something specific comes up. might be worth it in this case where the goods may appear (then disappear) quick.
  42. bdrlgion

    Mac's Prop Saver - Model #3 (fits 9.9's)

    hoooly cow i never even heard of those. $240-$400 for a prop guard that's the same as mac's?!
  43. bdrlgion

    Shilshole Boat Ramp Unintentional Law Breakers

    silly me, bought an annual seattle boat launch pass february 1st and have only been able to use it once! i just called the city, told em if i didn't get pro-rated or a refund i was going to put a stop payment on my credit card.
  44. bdrlgion

    GE Mini beer fridge ~

    perfect dry-age fridge for all that meat the brotherhood's been buying...
  45. bdrlgion

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    not really. state ramps open may 5, staged opening of fisheries (with freshwater first, likely salmon/halibut last) beginning later in the month. no more details than that, yet, as far as i can tell.
  46. bdrlgion

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    You'd be crazy not to jump on this! I know the beef is the star of the show, but I paid several times that rate for a Carlton pork butt this past weekend and it was worth every penny. Phenomenal marbling, color and flavor and produced the best smoked 'cue i've done.
  47. bdrlgion

    WTB: Mac's Prop Guard, Model #3?

    I do - PM'ing shortly.
  48. bdrlgion

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    dijon mustard works well as a glue+bark creator and adds an extra kick.
  49. bdrlgion

    More new applicants for crew

    This seems to be his latest grift
  50. bdrlgion

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Any chance you've got access to + details on whole prime or CAB ribeyes?
  51. bdrlgion

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Very possibly so - thanks for the offer!
  52. bdrlgion

    Where’s the beef?

    i got a quarter from @sgwill122 's pops last fall and it's fantastic quality (not to mention it's nice keeping it local). we just ate some of his ribeye tonight, actually.
  53. bdrlgion

    Gotta do it

    Listing boat manufacturer, model, length, year of manufacture might be helpful as well.
  54. bdrlgion

    Pop ups....

    @G-Spot best to play it safe and give BD a 12 month break to start.
  55. bdrlgion

    15HP kicker

    Didn't you need a kicker?
  56. bdrlgion


    what's going on in this picture?
  57. bdrlgion

    Connecting Main Engine to a trolling motor

    Yep, and replacement parts are crazy expensive, warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on, and the crew running the shop couldn't be more of a pain in the ass to deal with. I've thrown too much good money after bad with the EZ steer and will be installing a Panther-like setup this weekend.
  58. bdrlgion


    Nice surprise on the rockfish setup!
  59. bdrlgion

    Fishing closure statewide

    Very helpful, @Tail Chaser . Great job in making a meaningful contribution to a conversation about the state of washington's fisheries.
  60. bdrlgion

    Blackmouth really?

    Look at it on the bright side. I recently heard a masochistic and frequent blackmouth fisherman say that the shutdown "probably won't change the number of blackmouth i could have caught but does reduce the amount of gas I would burn"
  61. bdrlgion

    mercruiser manual

    I am so, so thankful I no longer have any need for this.
  62. bdrlgion

    WTB. 15-20 HP four stroke tiller motor

    Once you find one, let me know if you need a Mac's prop saver for it. I bought the wrong size (for a 15hp) and can't return it. Will make you a good deal.
  63. bdrlgion

    Whomp there it is

    I believe that's the reasoning, yes.
  64. bdrlgion

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Thank you for continuing your public service in this difficult time and best wishes for staying safe, sane and healthy.
  65. bdrlgion

    Hydrulic Kicker Motor Lift

    Very interested. pm sent
  66. bdrlgion

    Pipe jigs, weights, etc

    flake, @Reel Hooker , flake!
  67. bdrlgion

    Pipe jigs, weights, etc

    i'll take it if reel hooker flakes
  68. bdrlgion

    15 HP Kicker, 1.25 hrs. Still under warranty

    i think the weight you're seeing is for a 1-cyl. I can't find a 2-cyl 6HP Yammie. Maybe discontinued?
  69. bdrlgion

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    call a lawyer, not the bd section for fishing reel repairs.
  70. bdrlgion

    Sunken boat on Craigslist

    Was that same E-Tec on it when it sunk?
  71. bdrlgion

    For Sale MOLDS! jighead and sinker molds

    PM sent. Interested in the 8oz bullet jig head mold shipped to Seattle. Thanks!
  72. bdrlgion

    Suspension seat bases

    very interested. PM sent.
  73. bdrlgion

    1991 Rebuilt Alumweld 19ft Boat

    Congrats! I guess that went well. :)
  74. bdrlgion

    Well shit....

    are you referring to this? if so, not a bad idea, but it looks like his is broken as well. appreciate the suggestion, and good memory recall!
  75. bdrlgion

    Well shit....

    Yamaha F8 manaul tilt support brackets broke off today while trailering home from Shilshole to West Seattle. Only thing shittier than this is this season's blackmouth in A10. I always trailer with it in the running position, as per manual's instructions, but it must've bounced up high enough to...
  76. bdrlgion

    Tuna Dreams

    It's not a report. That ain't confusing.
  77. bdrlgion

    It is done

    I think I saw you cruising south past Kingston yesterday afternoon. She's a beaut!
  78. bdrlgion

    Blackmouth fishing MA10

    We made use of the only weather window on Sunday (great water from 12:30-3:30) and launched at Shilshole, hit Jeff Head, and couldn't ever really find the bait. Nothing notable to report, except taking green water over the bow from a freighter's funky wake. There was a hidden, second, steep wave...
  79. bdrlgion

    garage kicker mount

    Here ya go
  80. bdrlgion

    garage kicker mount

    Or if you're too cheap for the cart (like me), just fasten a section of 2x4 to some exposed studs and hang it on that.
  81. bdrlgion

    Seeking Trim Tab Advice

    Very cool but way outta my price range.
  82. bdrlgion

    Seeking Trim Tab Advice

    I've got a foil on the main already. Issue isn't getting up, but weight distribution side to side. I'm getting tired of moving ppl, coolers, etc... around to eliminate listing.
  83. bdrlgion

    Seeking Trim Tab Advice

    I'm in the market for a set of trim tabs for my 18' Tiderunner runabout, and budget constraints are limiting me to second-hand. I've got a good line on a full hydraulic set, but the tabs are just a bit too wide for the space allotted on my boat. Can anyone think of a good reason NOT to...
  84. bdrlgion

    How much for the trim tab set and will you ship? Thanks! David

    How much for the trim tab set and will you ship? Thanks! David
  85. bdrlgion


    Very fun and versatile reel! I've had one in my arsenal for 5 years now and it does it all. Carbontex washers are a great upgrade. A little bit of lube and rinsing after each use = it'll last forever. Straight #30 would be fine, but I prefer to use cheap mono backing and heavy braid mainline...
  86. bdrlgion

    Yamaha vs Honda

    I think we found the perfect winter thread.
  87. bdrlgion

    Heads up - Killer Tanacom Deal at Sportco/OE!

    Support your local business! Memberships are cheap, and you can sign up your better half for only $2.50 extra. But check this out - Tanacom, fully spooled, and with a rod, for only $450.
  88. bdrlgion

    Here's your sign...

    Ha! I experienced the same maybe five years ago. I go inside, pay for three dozen fresh herring, and the cashier told me i could help myself to a scoop of ice outside to keep the herring cold. There's one scoop - maybe a quart-sized - in the ice bucket. I fill the scoop up once, dump it in my...
  89. bdrlgion

    Winter boat projects...

    what's your outboard winterization consist of?
  90. bdrlgion


    @Hard Chargin' got em in the mail today. Thanks a TON!
  91. bdrlgion


    Very generous offer to the community, Andre. I'd be happy to take off your hands whatever you're willing to send to Seattle + Venmo you for your time/shipping!
  92. bdrlgion

    SOLD food saver vac sealer with bags

    great unit! i'm on year 5 of heavy use with mine and it's still doing great.
  93. bdrlgion

    Ginger wasabi soy smoked tuna bellies

    THREADJACK - I did 8 racks of salmon and tuna bellies over the weekend and am very pleased w/ the result. Skin on (keeps everything moist). 8/1 brown sugar/kosher salt dry brine for 24hrs Into the Bradley with alder at 160F for 4-6hrs Every 60-90 minutes brush with mixture of honey/soy...
  94. bdrlgion

    Free Crab/Sturgeon Bait

    It's gotta go today. Anyone?
  95. bdrlgion

    Free Crab/Sturgeon Bait

    I've got about 50# of bottom-of-the-chest-freezer fish that needs to go ASAP to make room for 1/4 cow arriving in the AM (thanks, @sgwill122). Salmon, tuna, ling, etc... All in roughly 1# vac-seal bags. Pickup just north of white center. Call or text 206-771-7502.
  96. bdrlgion

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    they've got to re-christen it as the S.S. Leroy Jenkins
  97. bdrlgion

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    !!! watch the dock cleats pop off with 2x4 attached
  98. bdrlgion

    Final 2019 WP tuna report

    Thapp went tuna-blind by the end of the day, convinced that every white cap was a tuna.
  99. bdrlgion

    9/19 area 10 report

    quick report - 3 rods in the water from sunrise to noon yesterday, 20-120' on the wire. Started @ oil docks, spent a few hours with no action, went over to West Point, got one 3-4# hatchery around 10AM. No other action for the day. FF screen was absolutely lit up at West Point with bait +...
  100. bdrlgion

    Free prop, kids poles, sea star piston and stuff

    I'll gladly take the hull cleaner + wax off your hands.
  101. bdrlgion

    Labor Day love

    hey, i've been dieting, thank you very much
  102. bdrlgion

    Boat insurance

    If you haven't called @Pau Hana already, you're making a mistake. Whether insured already (why not shop around?) or not (!!!), he'll walk you through the process from scratch, find the coverage that makes sense for your budget and property, and get you up and running in no time. My only regret...
  103. bdrlgion

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    @sgwill122 heavy bait at 20 feet? that means....
  104. bdrlgion

    family friendly fishing boat advice needed

    jesus christ, dude. every comment from you is either a backhanded compliment, or just straight backhanded. just say congrats and be done with it.
  105. bdrlgion

    Any salmon die this weekend ?

    @Brumby - are you asking about the sound, westport, other? Swiftsure is kicking out fish, for what it's worth.
  106. bdrlgion

    Neah Bay Chinook Closure: No Problem

    Canda Swiftsure was good to us this weekend. Saturday - lights out coho show (can't get it in the clip in time), two kings in the mix. Sunday - coho numbers way down, but the kings showed up in numbers. Gear, depth didn't seem to matter.
  107. bdrlgion

    Big Baits for Westport silvers

    That's awesome! 30 mi for silvers, though. :(
  108. bdrlgion

    A7 Pink salmon tips?

    FWIW, we got a few pinks in A10 last weekend.
  109. bdrlgion

    FS Complete EZ Steer OB mtg system

    potentially so, yes. what main engine was this mounted on?
  110. bdrlgion

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    cursory search @ lowe's - 1 in stock in rainier. i haven't looked elsewhere or for other models.
  111. bdrlgion

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    Not a bad deal...
  112. bdrlgion

    Neah Anhile....

    A few of the whale pics, and a stellar sunrise over the straight Saturday morning.
  113. bdrlgion

    Neah Anhile....

    Kurt, this is gonna be like our rockfish evolution. ;) Marinate in some miso paste, sugar, sake, mirin for 12-24 hours, pat dry, then broil on each side until just starts to flake. It's fantastic. If you want to go full authentic -...
  114. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Just saw the CL ad is back up (with the same misleading pictures) if anyone's still interested.
  115. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    5k. Obviously too good to be true.
  116. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Small world indeed! Found some soft spots, cracks where bracket meets transom, electronics non functional, mildew covered cuddy carpet + some water dripping, lots of corrosion on main engine, shifter tube on its last legs. Trailer wasnt just surface rust.... Unfortunately I'm thinking it'd...
  117. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Whelp, that was a letdown. Major false advertising. Literally everything about it was corroded, broken or close to it. Hull, trailer, engines, fuel lines, electrical, you name it. Turns out the price was in fact too good to be true. Dudes had the boat since '07, put a few hundred hours in...
  118. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Ya. I'm a bit concerned about the hp as well. For that reason, i'll be doing the sea trial w/ the owner, my main fishing partner, and my fiance (two diff ppl), so we'll have four on the boat, to see how she does w/ the 115.
  119. bdrlgion

    what do you mean by skinny? referring to the 7'6 or so beam? what's your pt defiance? thanks...

    what do you mean by skinny? referring to the 7'6 or so beam? what's your pt defiance? thanks for the input!!
  120. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    I'm prepared to rebuild and clean the carbs. Rebuilding the engine on the other hand... Fingers crossed!
  121. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    The link's dead now, but description stated: "1987 Tiderunner with 115hp Yamaha in great condition on galvanized EZ loader trailer. Good all around boat for fishing, crabbing, skiing. Self-bailing, easy to clean. Deep V with T-tail for great ride in any condition. Full canvas enclosure" Not a...
  122. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Appreciate the tip. Yep, primarily sound/strait.
  123. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    I'm checking out a new-to-me 195 Tiderunner cuddy w/ a 115 Yamaha 2-Stroke (allegedly 450hrs, according to hr-meter) tomorrow. I'll spend some time with it on the hard, and pending results of that, take it out for a sea trial. I could use some collective wisdom from the group. After a short...
  124. bdrlgion

    Norton IM313-CIS Arkansas Pro 3-Way Multi Oil Stone Sharpening System

    Thanks! Y'know what's better than having one? Having two.
  125. bdrlgion

    Norton IM313-CIS Arkansas Pro 3-Way Multi Oil Stone Sharpening System

    Buehler? Buehler? I'm willing to get flexible w/ price, within reason.
  126. bdrlgion

    In floor heat parts

    Thinking of doing our new-to-us house with it, and this might be just right. What were you thinking on price? PM me to discuss if you'd like.
  127. bdrlgion

    Norton IM313-CIS Arkansas Pro 3-Way Multi Oil Stone Sharpening System

    Gifted recently, used twice, I don't need another sharpening system. In near perfect shape, sans: missing one of four rubber feet on bottom (doesn't matter in the least) missing angle-guide (which you don't need anyways - make your own angle based upon what you want/the knife you have) $190...
  128. bdrlgion

    Guess where Billy bob

    See you boys out there this weekend! SAT SE wind 20 to 30 kt rising to 30 to 40 kt in the afternoon. Combined seas 14 to 17 ft with a dominant period of 18 seconds. Rain. SAT NIGHT SW wind 20 to 30 kt becoming SE 15 to 25 kt after midnight. Wind waves 4 to 6 ft. W swell 18 ft at 16 seconds...
  129. bdrlgion

    Lee Pro-4 20 Lb Lead Melting/Pouring Furnace

    Would love to make it but i'm out of town next Sat. I'm located in Seattle - south end of the city in Highland Park.
  130. bdrlgion

    Looking to borrow 15# finned downrigger mold + also have a few molds to lend myself

    Thanks, @punted coho ! If anyone wants to borrow my jig molds when he's done with em, let me know.
  131. bdrlgion

    Looking to borrow 15# finned downrigger mold + also have a few molds to lend myself

    I've got a variety of large jig-sized spire-point jig molds (I think 12oz up to 20oz) and a 2# and 3# cannonball mold I'd be happy to lend out for a few days. I'm also looking to borrow a 15# downrigger mold for a few days. Located in Seattle
  132. bdrlgion

    Lee Pro-4 20 Lb Lead Melting/Pouring Furnace

    Still a good deal though! And lead can be found many places for about $1/#
  133. bdrlgion

    Lee Pro-4 20 Lb Lead Melting/Pouring Furnace

    I wish. :( Those sources dried up. Damn corporate cracking down....
  134. bdrlgion

    Lee Pro-4 20 Lb Lead Melting/Pouring Furnace

    SOLD mods plz delete
  135. bdrlgion

    New boat logo ideas

    i really need to stop reading BD on the work computer
  136. bdrlgion

    Hiya! I'm interested in a side. Where on Kitsap are ya? I'm headed from Seattle to Ocean...

    Hiya! I'm interested in a side. Where on Kitsap are ya? I'm headed from Seattle to Ocean Shores/back this weekend for some clamming and might want to swing by. Thanks
  137. bdrlgion

    Just a tip

    remind me never to buy anything from you ;)
  138. bdrlgion

    Duckworth crapper

    So there was room for a few more albacore last time!
  139. bdrlgion

    Truck Questions

    Air Lift or Firestone, both can be found on Amazon + other major ecommerce sites.
  140. bdrlgion

    Truck Questions

    seconded. I put in a pair of rear airbags last weekend myself (and i barely know how to turn a wrench) in under two hours and it make a world of difference. Only $100 ain't bad, either.
  141. bdrlgion

    4 - Free Tickets for Sails and Ales Feb 1st..

    @Sky-Guy , let me know if @NW Dex isn't able to make it, i'd love to grab those two will-calls. Thanks!
  142. bdrlgion

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    This was really fun to watch slowed down to .25/speed. I'm having a busy day at work, obviously...
  143. bdrlgion

    2 stainless clam guns

    vent on the side?
  144. bdrlgion


    Welcome to the forum. Let's see your wife. Nice report. Omakase.
  145. bdrlgion

    Worst boat names

    My all-time favorite is a sled I saw on the mainstem Columbia a few years back - "The Fillet Show"
  146. bdrlgion

    Fisheries Supply

    It's the freakin best, especially for terminal gear. Swivels/snaps are a steal there.
  147. bdrlgion

    lots of new fishing gear

    Why's this on the classifieds? Plz move to reports section and throw in a few pics of the hubby.
  148. bdrlgion


    not smart-ass, just saying they're there!
  149. bdrlgion


    good action the one time i got on the water, 10/20. evening, a few slips down from the wheel. they're there! anchoring helps a ton.
  150. bdrlgion

    Automatic pressure cooker

    Kurt, i've got a giant All-American (does 16 pints at a time if i'm not mistaken) you're welcome to borrow. Call me if you want it.
  151. bdrlgion

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    sounds like a standup guy: "On June 26, Luke Gardner, 40, of Naselle, Wash., was cited by Bristol Bay Wildlife Troopers for commercial fishing closed water while fishing with his drift gill net off of the F/V Quantum Leap on July 18...
  152. bdrlgion

    Colt Snipers/Shimano Flat Falls

    Good call. Even @sgwill122 catches fish on flatfalls! "It's nibbling on it!!"
  153. bdrlgion

    Boat down today?

    we could barely make out some coast guard radio chatter about a helo rescue. i really couldn't understand anything beyond that.
  154. bdrlgion

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    not if we low-hole him first
  155. bdrlgion

    Where did the tuna go!???

    Meh. In my one shot for tuna this year we bagged 29 in a 2.5 baitstop. It just didn't turn on until 3:35pm.
  156. bdrlgion

    8-25/8-26 tuna boat ride, mackerel, salmon

    YES bleed + ice immediately as they're very oily. they're excellent salted + broiled under high heat - "Saba" which you've seen at sushi joints
  157. bdrlgion

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    What're you guys seeing on Nanoos/NOAA pinpoint that i'm not on NOAA Zone (
  158. bdrlgion

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    Well shit. NOAA's update this AM looks like the tides are gonna be blowing. I think we're pulling the plug.
  159. bdrlgion

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    Same! And keep the lights on for us again ;)
  160. bdrlgion


    I met her on Monday, it was my lucky bun-day, if you know what i mean
  161. bdrlgion

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    We'll be out as well. Parker 2320 call-sign "JusTryin 2" I figure we run 45-65 SW, stopping on suspicious stuff en route.
  162. bdrlgion

    For Sale: VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    If still available let me know. I can pick up tonight. 206-771-7502.
  163. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    Huh....maybe i help them wear out early and take a file to it, then.
  164. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    That's my protocol as well, but there are times in which you need to do something else (gaff a fish? untangle your boatmates?) and have to set your rod in the holder.
  165. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    hasn't been my experience.
  166. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    Same. I love my Metaloid for a number of reasons, but one of which is that the clicker pressure is so light that a lively chovy can pull line out on its own, with the clicker on. That's not the case with my Avets. So - QUESTION - Is there a way to modify the clicker "pressure" for lack of a...
  167. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    Agree w/ you on the spinning/flat-fall comment. I'm preferential to flat-sides myself, as there's something especially fulfilling about feeling the jig "stop" on the upswing. Gets the blood pumping just thinking about it....
  168. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    A little taste of Saturday's mayhem:
  169. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    YES! It was. Thank you a ton - it was a life, or fingertip, saver. Esp'y for my girlfriend who'd never cut tuna prior to then (and ended up producing loins better than half my fishermen friends). I'm a lucky dude.
  170. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    Sigh....I was hoping you'd forgotten that incident. ;) Looking back on it, I think it didn't act like a tuna because I didn't let it act like a tuna - I'd convinced myself from the start that it was a shark and just thumbed and jerked. Apparently 30# fluoro's stronger than you'd expect.
  171. bdrlgion

    Anybody salmon fishing 7/29?

    Berto, we really gotta get you a set of these. It's only fair:
  172. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    We got sharked out on a little bait stop. So we put away the bait rods, start putting out the troll rods, and Steve hits the throttle. I'm on the X-Rap rod, and as soon as i start letting it out it feels funny, and the plug is diving off to the side. I figure it needs re-tuning, so i try to reel...
  173. bdrlgion

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    Agreed. I'm the David in the story. And Steve left out my fav detail: After hooking that first fish on the jig, I fought it for about a minute. It popped off while down deep, maybe 75' or so. So i'm retrieving the jig in preparation to recast and try again, and while reeling in Steve says "oh...
  174. bdrlgion

    Tuna seat

    Hot damn! @Walker Inc. gimme a PM if JDubbs flakes and you want to fill the seat.
  175. bdrlgion

    Side by side commercial freezer - probably free

    So I picked up a free chest freezer from a UW sorority this morning (win/win), and the house mom said she was desperate to get rid of this commercial side by side freezer . The demo/renovation starts in a few days and they need it out ASAP . They're asking 1,200, it's worth more than ten times...
  176. bdrlgion

    Neah Bay 5/27

    YES I mean NO. Give them to me to ensure they're disposed of properly.
  177. bdrlgion

    Nice Hali’s and great weather

    Nice fish! This one was right here at home in WA yesterday.
  178. bdrlgion

    rod holders and vhf mount

    Shoot, I'd love em but i'm headed to Sekiu this weekend instead.
  179. bdrlgion


  180. bdrlgion

    Several bags of fresh salmon bellies - Free

    ALL GONE. I'll post up if i make another run later this season.
  181. bdrlgion

    Several bags of fresh salmon bellies - Free

    Oh don't get me wrong, they're delicious, the best part of the salmon, and smoke up great.
  182. bdrlgion

    Here we go again

    Capt Decent, is that you?
  183. bdrlgion


    same. all tastes the same!
  184. bdrlgion

    Anybody catching any chums yet?

    Yep - packed. It's really not worth the headache. I gotta find another spot.
  185. bdrlgion

    Anybody catching any chums yet?

    Yep, they're there. I went for the AM last Sunday. Absolute shitshow.
  186. bdrlgion

    Final Westport boat ride

    i can't stop laughing at this "If anyone was wondering the 126 line looks pretty much like the 125." thanks again for a great year, steve. and stop throwing those bellies away!
  187. bdrlgion

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    either way works. it's hard to cut that membrane out while raw, but easy to remove once cooked. remove (when uncooked) for aesthetic reasons if it bothers you. also, @sgwill122 - noooo! It's the best part! Cook outside though.
  188. bdrlgion


    Thank you, Quan. This was beautifully put and I couldn't agree more with everything you said. It may seem like an echo chamber on this site sometimes, but you're not alone. And BiggestT's comment kinda proved the damn point "We solved racism a while ago! Proceed to spew a bunch of racist garbage"
  189. bdrlgion

    Open Seat WP Tuna Saturday

    PM sent if slicklasers doesn't happen.
  190. bdrlgion

    Beautiful Day at West Point

    Oh, king absolutely 100%. There's no mistaking that. Might want to edit this picture or take it down @KaiChung.
  191. bdrlgion

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Change of plans. Going both sat and Sunday Call sign Kingslayer 21' Arima
  192. bdrlgion

    Tuna Mania

    He'll always be King Ping of the Hawaain Tropic band in my book
  193. bdrlgion

    Single diving bird last Saturday, Lesson for everyone!

    those white "terns" were absolutely our ticket to victory last time out!
  194. bdrlgion

    Westport Weather forecast report?
  195. bdrlgion

    Westport Weather forecast report?

    Yea we just switched to Sunday.
  196. bdrlgion

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Were they mean to you at the Knotty Pine or something?
  197. bdrlgion

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    We're in! Kingslayer's 21' Arima Sea Ranger. Who else?
  198. bdrlgion

    Westport 9/10

    Mines off! It's only on when I've got a bait soaking unattended. Freakin googans ;)
  199. bdrlgion

    Westport 9/10

    I was burning up after that first fish, and my grundens are too thick for summer fishing. Also Kurt said he was into feet, so....
  200. bdrlgion

    Westport 9/10

    Here's some video of the day as well
  201. bdrlgion

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    .delete plz
  202. bdrlgion

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    Here's how it went down as I recall Y'all gave us bait We ran a few hundred yards to some birds. I was on the bow, looking down, saw flashes underneath us. Dropped gear, we all six hooked up within seconds So, yes. The bite was on. We then kept fish on till 530 when we pulled the plug. We...
  203. bdrlgion

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    Amazing day. Running in now, full update to come later. Short of it - long run, giant fish, plugged boat, and cornfed + giant trophy are saints for saving our day with live bait to replace our dead ones.
  204. bdrlgion

    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    I just secure the hook - live bait, jig, any lure - to the reel handle. with a small amount of line tension it stays put.
  205. bdrlgion

    Weather looks great for the WTC!
  206. bdrlgion

    Some new gear this year (good, better and the ugly)

    Lemme know if you wanna unload the saltist.
  207. bdrlgion

    Westport Tuna Report 7/30 -- NADA!

    did the exact. same. thing. saturday with same results.
  208. bdrlgion

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    Whelp, I certainly will remember this day for a long time, but for the wrong reason. The first time getting skunked for alberts! Ran all over, nada. Similar chatter on the radio and back on the hard. Damn fine day for a boat ride on lake pacific though.
  209. bdrlgion

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    We'll be on the SS JUSTRYAN, Parker 2320 heading out for longfin tomorrow, salmon in afternoon if plugged, and salmon Sunday AM. Who else is joining the party?
  210. bdrlgion

    Kwikfish lure?

    thems be river fishing gear!
  211. bdrlgion

    7/22 Tuna Report

    Did you go out this week?
  212. bdrlgion

    Anyone watching the WX for sat tuna:)

    goddamnit just when it was it was getting good someone had to bring it up
  213. bdrlgion

    7/22 Tuna Report

    Ran out of WP with a tuna newb and Capt Jon on the SS Deep Thoughts. Great weather, warm (63-65!) and clear water, and a fair amount of paddies and sea life, but VERY few fish. Five to the boat all day, crackered one or two off. Only one came on the troll. Started around 35/58, ended up around...
  214. bdrlgion


    We left town mid-morning so not totally sure. But when i got up to take a leak around 6:30AM and saw one puker boat heading out and another one heading in.
  215. bdrlgion

    Crab pot thieves....

    Note to self - if out of soft-drinks, cruise by Eric at high speed.
  216. bdrlgion

    Floating Gaff

    @wa_docholliday LOL
  217. bdrlgion

    Tuna saturday

    Purple cedar killed it for us as well
  218. bdrlgion

    Tuna saturday

    I forgot me spinach And the damn things topped out at 31#+
  219. bdrlgion

    Tuna saturday

    Not sure if google videos will post, but here's a little bit of footage of a quintuple and then some. MAYHEM!
  220. bdrlgion

    Tuna saturday

    Shimano flat fall. I think anything would've worked though. Strangely for this type of iron, most hits weren't on the drop, but on the upswing while anywhere from 30-100' down.
  221. bdrlgion

    Tuna saturday

    Here's the whale video. I don't think i'll ever get tired of watching this.
  222. bdrlgion

    Free crab bait - going to dump in two hours

    Gone Mods plz delete
  223. bdrlgion

    Tuna Charter

    Hi! I am actually TwoLabz and would like to take you up on that generous offer. Ignore the other joker pretending to be me. :D
  224. bdrlgion

    Kingslayer lures

    Why the hell would somebody pay you more than what they go for direct from the manufacturer? karma indeed GWLS(keeziness)
  225. bdrlgion

    Things not to do while fishing

    You must be bringing the wrong women
  226. bdrlgion


    *clears throat AAYYYYEEEEEEHAWWWW!!!!!!!!
  227. bdrlgion

    could it be?!

    love ya, berto
  228. bdrlgion

    could it be?!

    mods delete plz
  229. bdrlgion

    8-2 crabbing everett

    correction - eleven ;)
  230. bdrlgion

    8-2 crabbing everett

    yea, absolute garbage for us in A10. Two pots, overnight sets in our usual "honey hole" produced 2 keeper red rocks, two female dungies, and no males. Worst of all - nearly all the bait was still there after about 24 hrs in the water! I remember seeing the tribes carpet-bomb the same area about...
  231. bdrlgion

    spotty in Westport

    last point - i think so as well - cut pale, reddish fins, half-mature eggs in the hens.
  232. bdrlgion

    Is the state goi g to let us fish?

    Nearly verbatim conversation w/ person at WDFW who answered main hotline just a moment ago: "What happens if nothing's signed by tomorrow AM?" "All fisheries around state will be closed." "What about enforcement? What can we expect?" "There will be nearly no enforcement on the water. We would...
  233. bdrlgion

    Pelican Alaska

  234. bdrlgion

    Open party near Seattle WA?

    go to a pier, any pier, cast out some squid or herring and let sit on bottom. you'll catch dogfish, ratfish, maybe a rockfish or sculpin.
  235. bdrlgion

    Any word on 6/17 Hali Yet?

    No press releases yet and can't get in touch w/ anyone @ WDFW. What have ya'll been hearing?
  236. bdrlgion

    Ready to fish

    How about hinges on the rear?
  237. bdrlgion

    No Yeti products for me

    yea, but...rabble rabble!
  238. bdrlgion


    if you don't have a room already, book a room at curley's. Cheap, decent rooms, and they offer slips for $17/night on their spacious private dock.
  239. bdrlgion


    bang out some nice butts bang out some nice butts bang out some nice butts
  240. bdrlgion


    While we're on the subject - If anyone else won't be using their slip, let me or @robodad know if you'd like to sublet for the weekend. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  241. bdrlgion


    We'll be in town friday-sunday on the Kingslayer, 21' Arima. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  242. bdrlgion

    San Juan Lingcod setup

    How do you keep the squirrel shit on the hook?
  243. bdrlgion

    Just a little early - SST Washington coast

    Fucking tease Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  244. bdrlgion

    Beast mode... the one that got away.

    this this this. i can pretty clearly picture nearly every damn fish i saw and lost. haunts my dreams.
  245. bdrlgion

    Ultimate Halibut Rig - Gen 2 - Video

    I know i should let it hang....but i always get so excited i just reel up right away. Unless it's obvious it's <10#
  246. bdrlgion

    2013 Duckworth 26 Offshore

    I'd like to throw my extremely fuel-efficient, near zero-maintenance offshore fishing vessel* in this parlay as well, please. *16' kayak
  247. bdrlgion

    So this happened

    Thanks! Anne says to tell Steph to check out the Salmon Sisters on Instagram. We'll have to park next to eachother again next year, and ya'll can check out my 140 pounder. ;)
  248. bdrlgion

    pouring 2 and 4 lb cod weights

    I'm no expert, but I'd be afraid it'll either blow up or crack, not to mention potential residual (and dangerous) moisture for the next pour. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  249. bdrlgion

    pouring 2 and 4 lb cod weights

    Yep - it's slag that really makes it crumble. Skin the top until it all looks like mercury. We've been pouring 12# downrigger weights in fish-mold shape for a while, with decently pre-heated molds, and removing them less than a minute after pour with no issue at all.
  250. bdrlgion

    So this happened

    Ha. Yea, I know all the things we SHOULD have done, but we communally lost all brainpower once we got it boat side. Except for my girlfriend - she did the smart thing and got the fuck in the cabin post-haste as soon as it hit the deck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  251. bdrlgion

    So this happened

    Oh and thanks @MarkColeman for the killer deal on that lefty 12ii Metaloid - the two-speed was a lifesaver Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  252. bdrlgion

    So this happened

    Thanks! I'm in Queen Anne, but chtucker already claimed em.
  253. bdrlgion

    So this happened

    Shit, the secret bait's secret no more.
  254. bdrlgion

    Free frozen salmon bellies

    They're all yours.
  255. bdrlgion

    So this happened

    Measured out at 58.5", estimated at 100# according to IPHC. I think I've died and gone to heaven. I caught it out of Neah on Saturday, on a homemade pipe jig tipped with salmon belly. I'd thought I snagged a rock on the upswing, pulled hard to dislodge, and nada. So I thumbed the spool to...
  256. bdrlgion

    Free frozen salmon bellies

    All Alaskan Sockeye, food-grade, kept in gallon zip-locks stuffed to the brim. I've got about ten of them. Chest freezer's now full, so I had to put these in the fridge this evening. Come and get em! Great for hali/lings/crab bait. Pickup only in Queen Anne after 6pm.
  257. bdrlgion


    Moored in Sekiu on 21' Arima, call-sign Kingslayer, with Captn Jon, and my lady. Weds-Sunday. IT'S FUCKING ON
  258. bdrlgion

    Neah Bay Roll call

    Cry uncle why dotcha.
  259. bdrlgion

    ISO lodging @ Sekiu or Neah

    Thanks for the notes, everyone. I'm all good now. Cancelled my 1br @ LP, which is probably available now if someone else wants to snatch it up. Quileute resort.
  260. bdrlgion

    ISO lodging @ Sekiu or Neah

    disregard - all set.
  261. bdrlgion

    GH bouy....ouch

    you fucker
  262. bdrlgion

    Boat name survey

    love it
  263. bdrlgion

    Lapush Lings anyone?

    ^same! Edited due to Goatram raising a good point Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  264. bdrlgion

    Cowlitz smelt dip this saturday!

    If you've ever dipped before, you should know you usually only need a few swipes of the net to get your limit (<<<just jinxed myself). Though I guess the argument could be made that if only a few hours were allotted, maybe break it up b/w two days, or AM and PM slots, to accommodate more...
  265. bdrlgion

    Help! Need Tasty Tuna App recipes!!

    add some add some avocado, quick-pickled red onions and we're in business.
  266. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    We'll be out tomorrow evening in Elliot Bay - holler at us if you're on the water. "Kingslayer," 68 on the radio.
  267. bdrlgion

    Accidents happen!

    nm - tonyg beat me to the joke
  268. bdrlgion

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    He's not "banned," but I just spoke with him, and he's unable to post or see anything + can only view in private-mode when logged in. Six of one, half dozen of another?
  269. bdrlgion

    BD Threads Disappearing

  270. bdrlgion

    BD Threads Disappearing

    Sure about that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  271. bdrlgion

    BD Threads Disappearing

    What's going on? Stuff's repeatedly popping up on my tapatalk, but the thread isn't visible, and absolutely nothing appearing on the website. Are threads getting deleted or other?
  272. bdrlgion


  273. bdrlgion

    Fresh comercial caught CoHo salmon $4.00 lb in Ballard

    Flag every one of those ads on craigslist that you see. There's a bunch of em up.
  274. bdrlgion

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    ^ and about ten boats getting ready to set nets on the duwamish by Boeing right now. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  275. bdrlgion

    WP Tuna

    Nope, definitely Risso's dolphins, Steve.
  276. bdrlgion

    It's time to go !!!

    Holy shit that's a pig of a tuna! Also X2 how far out?
  277. bdrlgion

    Tough weekend for tuna...good thing kings were open

    I think he meant from where they started fishing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  278. bdrlgion

    Tough weekend for tuna...good thing kings were open

    Yea, bait was terrible. Probably three quarters of our scoop died off on the run down, it wasn't bumpy, and the pump was working fine. Same story for our buddy boat.
  279. bdrlgion

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    I've got spots taken care of - one through a BD brother, one through the marina. I was just saying that the marina no longer allows people to simply use a leaser's spot without also paying westport for the privilege. So they're getting paid twice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  280. bdrlgion

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    Changed since then. The owner called on my behalf and was told "that's not how it works anymore" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  281. bdrlgion

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    All set. Thanks everyone for the help. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  282. bdrlgion

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    Sincerely appreciate the offer, but I'll pass at that rate. Thanks anyways. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  283. bdrlgion

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    Shit idk, whatever you pay for a month divided by 30 and some cash or beer on top? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  284. bdrlgion

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    One down, one to go. Anyone else? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  285. bdrlgion

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    The ol' dockside "Goatram Reacharound" doesn't come cheap. nada, he just said we'd settle up later.
  286. bdrlgion

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    Never mind- all set! Thanks everyone and see yall in WP this weekend Hoping to do some tuna hunting Saturday and Sunday the 23rd + 24th. Anyone got a slip or two for Fri/Sat nights? Would be for my captain's boat, an Arima 21, and our buddy boat, a Parker 2320. @goatram - I still owe you...
  287. bdrlgion

    4th. of July crabbing

    X2 My honey hole which produced easy limits last two years ain't putting out squat this year. Sorry for leading you astray, Eric! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  288. bdrlgion

    Two speed, Left hand retrieve, Lever drag reels

    I'll take one of the size 5's, and one of the size 12's. I'll be in WP Friday night/Saturday. 312-907-8843.
  289. bdrlgion

    looking for WP slip on 4th weekend

    Should I be worried? Do I need to bring crutches and a goat head to get past the bouncer? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  290. bdrlgion

    looking for WP slip on 4th weekend

    I said GODDAMN I love this site and the people on it. Thanks, Goat!
  291. bdrlgion

    looking for WP slip on 4th weekend

    nevermind - goat to the rescue
  292. bdrlgion

    Tuna were caught out of Oregon

    Yea, that was poorly phrased. The tip-top of the dorsal fin had a rounded, instead of sharp apex. No clue what it was. While 10' is a rough guess made in rough seas, and blues can get up to 12', it definitely looked much, much bigger than any blue i've come across.
  293. bdrlgion

    Tuna were caught out of Oregon

    Besides the giant pod of dolphin just past the pile, we saw either the largest damn blue shark i've ever seen, or another shark species at the C. About 10' in length, and came about 20' from the boat, slowly cruising on the surface w/ dorsal fin exposed. Didn't see a long tail like a thresher...
  294. bdrlgion

    Saluting the short bus

    Hell, I was being sincere. After I'll, I'm boat ho'ing this trip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  295. bdrlgion

    Saluting the short bus

    I thought that was being BD-nice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  296. bdrlgion

    Saluting the short bus

    See ya on the coast! Didn't see a sticker, gave him and his 26' NR OS the salute anyways.. Nice fucking tow rig! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  297. bdrlgion

    Dockside disaster

    Was your friend's name "Jonah"?
  298. bdrlgion

    BOLO - Stolen Kicker + TR-1

    Posting for a good friend and fishing partner, who just had these cut off his Parker in front of his north seattle house Sunday night/Monday morning. The poor bastard had to put an end to his not-yet-even-started hali season, since there was also incidental damage done to his main. BOLO: -9.9...
  299. bdrlgion

    Careful where you moor your boat in Alaska!!!!

    cooperative bubble-net, with one whale feeding while the other plays defense. that's so fucking cool.
  300. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    Unfortunately not. I hope to be able to make it for the WP opener, but if so, will be making the early Sunday morning drive.
  301. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    bump with opener this weekend
  302. bdrlgion

    fish processing

    They call me the human garbage disposal. So have I at least changed your mind on tuna bellies yet?
  303. bdrlgion

    fish processing

    I'll glady take those skins off your hands :)
  304. bdrlgion

    Shrimping gear available for "rent"

    i'll second that. we may or may not have lost some large flat things @ the pile a few weeks back.
  305. bdrlgion

    Any NOF updates

    appreciate the clarification
  306. bdrlgion

    Any NOF updates

    so tribal gets 40k, we get 16k. how the hell does that equal 50/50?
  307. bdrlgion

    Any NOF updates

    "just can't get to wait to get on the road again" yea, that makes me feel great about these folks' commitment to getting things right
  308. bdrlgion

    Any NOF updates

    Does this mean that tribal gets 40K via ocean troll, and recreational ocean gets 40K (20K earlier, 20K later)? Nevermind - this is tribal only.
  309. bdrlgion

    Any NOF updates

    yea, i have no idea what just happened either
  310. bdrlgion

    Any NOF updates

    "we don't understand why people would want to catch fish just for fun and for recreation."
  311. bdrlgion

    Any NOF updates

    Alright, Doug. We got it. The fucking Titanic's sinking, the band doesn't need to keep playing.
  312. bdrlgion

    Any NOF updates

  313. bdrlgion

    Any NOF updates

    And here we go...
  314. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    sorry, I've only got the mold for the 12# fish-shaped DR weight.
  315. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    bump as hali's approaching. these 1+2# pipe jigs killed it at La Push two weekends ago.
  316. bdrlgion

    Huge lot of used iron + other assorted stuff

    would really like to sell the lot. happy to negotiate price!
  317. bdrlgion

    Bob's Boat Spa - Clorox Edition

    That is a fine looking blue. Now let's make it even sexier with some red spatter. :devil: also i'm clearly:deadhorse
  318. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    got plenty of 12# downrigger weights available now too
  319. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    Dropped the prices on the pipe jigs.
  320. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    kinda surprised at no takers for the pipe jigs yet. is pricing the issue?
  321. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    peeled the hoochie back to show ya:
  322. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    I can see how it looks like that, b/c the hoochie is slid almost all the way up to the cotter pin, but the system goes like this: cotter pin -> swivel -> split ring -> hook
  323. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    w i might have to do that. thanks for the tip!
  324. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    Seattle. and nope. sorry.
  325. bdrlgion

    Huge lot of used iron + other assorted stuff

    I live in Seattle, will accept paypal and can ship. Selling two separate lots: 1. Used Iron - 55 in total, various sizes, brands. All have hooks in good shape. Brands include tady, salas, deep six, yoyo, bobs, pacific straggler, rod bender, a few others. Asking $4/jig, so $220. (pics 2 and 3)...
  326. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    Only one taker on a bucket full of cannonballs so far. Anyone else?
  327. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    I've got a bunch of copper pipe jigs in 1, 2, and 3 pound weights + cannonballs in 2 and 3 pound weights + and now 12# downrigger fish weights. Below picture is just a sample. Located in Seattle. Might be able to drive to meet depending on order/location. Copper pipe jigs have ALL STAINLESS...
  328. bdrlgion

    King5 story eliminating coho season

    (Unless your question is rhetorical, then disregard) Would they even propose that if the answer was "no"?
  329. bdrlgion

    Rod repair

    i don't know what exact fuji guide you'll need (call shimano?), but replacing a guide is pretty damn quick and easy to do yourself, not to mention cheaper. ex:
  330. bdrlgion

    SOLD: Avet SX 5.3 MC Single Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel Black

    would like to purchase pm or text/call me at 312-907-8843. located in seattle.
  331. bdrlgion

    WTB - Used lefty Avet SX or SXJ

    preferably with MC too. Whatcha god?
  332. bdrlgion

    WTB - Used lefty Avet SX or SXJ

    preferably with MC too. Whatcha got?
  333. bdrlgion

    Daiwa Saltist Fishing Reels

    Bueller? Bueller?
  334. bdrlgion

    Thrasher rods

    VCTYIATE (very cool. thank you. i appreciate the explanation)
  335. bdrlgion

    Thrasher rods

    yea - b/c - because is there a reason the bottom eye isn't in line w/ the rest?
  336. bdrlgion

    Thrasher rods

    killer wrap and color scheme! is offset guide spacing b/c it's a trolling rod?
  337. bdrlgion

    Open Seats - Westport rockfish this Wednesday

    Yea, Red4's post got me thinking crazy thoughts. Unfortunately schedule won't allow that tomorrow
  338. bdrlgion

    Daiwa Saltist Fishing Reels

    bump. I'll even ship for free in the lower 48
  339. bdrlgion

    Daiwa Saltist Fishing Reels

    Daiwa STTLW50HA Saltist Levelwind A Reel - four available. Retails for $199 new, I'm asking $175 each. Each comes with about $75 worth of Tuf-Line XP braided line (500yards). Located in Seattle. Will ship - I accept paypal. Also interested in LH Avet S-, M-, and J- models for trade. Excellent...
  340. bdrlgion


    I'll take it if previous replies falls through
  341. bdrlgion

    WTB - Used lefty avet - S- or M- model

    I know it's a longshot cause people love their avets, but who knows. I'm looking for a good deal on a used S or M model. Don't really care about cosmetics, as long as it's in good working order. Whatcha got? Located in Seattle. Happy to do paypal, etc...
  342. bdrlgion

    WTB - Used lefty avet - S- or M- model

    I know it's a longshot cause people love their avets, but who knows. I'm looking for a good deal on a used S or M model. Don't really care about cosmetics, as long as it's in good working order. Whatcha got?
  343. bdrlgion

    Boat Show Report

  344. bdrlgion

    Seattle fish/marine store

    The warehouse/distribution still operates @ that location, just no more retail. its other retail locations (bellingham, which is the flagship, and three in alaska) are still in business. we (i worked there till last week) actually beat fisheries' prices on nearly everything, and if we didn't...
  345. bdrlgion

    Seattle fish/marine store

    Redden's Seattle retail location just closed it's doors for good last week.
  346. bdrlgion

    Is it too early to talk about halibut bait? =)

    Not only do they catch fish...but not having to check your gear every time you've missed a bite from 500 feet down is a life (or bicep) saver.
  347. bdrlgion

    Is it too early to talk about halibut bait? =)

    Do it, Bill! Those belly strips got 90% of the big lings, and all the halibut, I caught in the past two seasons.
  348. bdrlgion

    SOLD new in box - Navionics Gold Chip - All USA + N. Bahamas

    brand new in box, sealed, never used. Retails for $200, asking $150 obo located in seattle. will ship for free.
  349. bdrlgion

    What is it!

    it's a beeby wheeeel!
  350. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    try stuffing with italian sausage and minced onions/bell peppers/jalapeno, wrap with bacon, bake in marinara sauce
  351. bdrlgion

    Green Point Weather

    I say this as a Gamecock - we call that simply "Georgia"
  352. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    went out to try our luck just offshore from alki yesterday - water's still chocolate milk. no takers and very little on the fishfinder, unlike in weeks past.
  353. bdrlgion

    Why do you fish?

    Indeed. When asked that question this answer always comes to mind: "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." - Henry David Thoreau
  354. bdrlgion

    Chum Report. Hot bite area 9/10

    not sure if there are any depth restrictions, but when i spoke to them they said they'd caught only one juvie blackmouth - about 12" - for an entire day's fishing. pretty remarkable that it somehow got caught in the net.
  355. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    nope! maybe 20-30 people at absolute most. i might be back at it tonight for the last dry evening for a while.
  356. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    fwiw - it was low slack, turning to incoming, that corresponded with the lights-out bite last night. ymmv
  357. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    hit up pier 86 last night from 5:30-7:30. nothing happening until the tide shifted, then it was a wide-open bite for about 20 minutes. put 45 in the bucket, left about 30 minutes after that bite died.
  358. bdrlgion

    Chum Report. Hot bite area 9/10

    we had some non-tribal netters come in the store yesterday with their day's haul of chum (about 1,000 fish) loaded in totes on their trailer - they're using 6" - 6 1/4" mesh.
  359. bdrlgion


    oddly enough, i've found shoulder-to-shoulder generally equals better squidding (more lights out), and 99.9% of the guys out there know what they're doing, so tangles almost never happen. everyone out there, at least at the city piers i've been to, are good, easy to get along with folks, too.
  360. bdrlgion


    anyone going out in the elliot bay/surrounding area tomorrow evening and got an extra seat? getting a bit tired of the kayak/pier game. will help with expenses, scrubbing ink off gel-coat, etc...
  361. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    Anyone got an extra seat tomorrow evening in the Elliot Bay area? Looking for a change of pace from the pier + kayak game. Tomorrow looks to be the only day this week without rain. Happy to share expenses + scrub all the ink off your boat.
  362. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    Killed it with a buddy today off seacrest, both in our kayaks. Fish-finders looked like they were in demo mode. Easy pickins out there! 7:30-9:30AM.
  363. bdrlgion


    A buddy and I will be out by seacrest on our kayaks early tomorrow morning - hitting the water at dawn. We'll save some for the rest of ya. :)
  364. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    The video i posted earlier in this thread is the tried and true method I've always used.
  365. bdrlgion

    Squid everywhere

    it's actually super easy: and for cooking em - the general rule of thumb for these things are "two minutes or two hours", as in cook either very quickly in high heat like fried or sauteed (then after 2 min or so they get rubbery), OR cook low and slow for a long time, so that the proteins...
  366. bdrlgion

    Awright you fawken googans!

    Paging fungunnin'
  367. bdrlgion

    Who has been out in area 10?

    Love the flying fish in the second pic!
  368. bdrlgion

    Tuna bellies

    Here's my unsolicited favorite recipe for grilled tuna bellies - it's essentially kasuzuke: Marinade for at least a few hours (longer = better) with a few tbsps of miso paste and sake/mirin, a few tbsps of brown sugar, a few dashes of soy sauce, some cayenne, minced garlic and ginger, black...
  369. bdrlgion

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    Same - on Saturday, right? I'm guessing it was the fellow that announced 3X "GET. AWAY. FROM. MY. BAIT. STOP." Dude sounded like he was going to reach for his sidearm. His intensity gave our boat the heebie-jeebies.
  370. bdrlgion

    Which set up for tuna irons?

    reminder #2343 of why this forum is the best damn one on the internet.
  371. bdrlgion

    Anybody salmon fishing Westport (UPDATE REPORT ADDED)

  372. bdrlgion

    Tuna and salmon 8/15-16

    We were out on Saturday when it wasn't rough. I don't think it was the tank. It wasn't close to overloaded, water flow was strong and consistent, they didn't get knocked around, but they were all lethargic right off the bat. Nearly all of em were dead or close to it by the time we got to the...
  373. bdrlgion

    Which set up for tuna irons?

    This x2 I really, really like those p-line lasers in 3 + 4oz. Cheap, easy to work (especially with light gear) the stock trebles are fine, they have a killer flutter on the drop (which often results in bites before you start working/retrieving) and they flat out catch fish!
  374. bdrlgion

    Anybody salmon fishing Westport (UPDATE REPORT ADDED)

    It doesn't get any better than that, Kurt. Let's do it again soon!
  375. bdrlgion

    Pinks in Area 11

    I was in that tourney. Great cause, crappy fishing. I and most others tried trolling all depths, speeds, locations, etc... b/w Redondo and Browns point. I didn't get a single bite from 5:30am till 2:00pm (weigh-in time). Turns out the only limit caught - by the tourney winner - was in a fellow...
  376. bdrlgion

    Gopro footage

    i'm gonna take credit for the trashcan/rocketlauncher idea :)
  377. bdrlgion

    Gopro footage

    Awesome stuff
  378. bdrlgion

    Open seats Sunday

    PM sent
  379. bdrlgion

    Knot Strength Chart

    i wonder why it performs so well with mono yet poorly w/ fluoro...
  380. bdrlgion

    Westport Tuna Video

    fucking beautiful. so...what's your address?
  381. bdrlgion

    Westport Tuna Video

    oh i won't contest that statement - just hoping to learn a thing or two
  382. bdrlgion

    Westport Tuna Video

    awesome vid! mind if i ask why he had the bellies cut like that prior to loining? i've never seen that method before, and need to figure out a better way to loin mine while keeping the belly (my fav part) in tact.
  383. bdrlgion

    Iron Longfins?

    They ain't picky. I had success on p-line lazer jigs, crippled herring, and pt wilson darts this past weekend, all tossed out during hot bait stops. I didn't have a single cast during a bait stop that didn't result in at least one strike. I was using silver flash w/ blue, purple and pink...
  384. bdrlgion

    If you could only troll at 4 mph what lure would you use for Albacore?

    We did well on silver and blue, and silver and purple swimbaits trolled way back in the spread this weekend. Handpoured, nothing fancy, looked comparable to 4" big hammer stuff. What do you figure your max range is, one-way, out to the grounds?
  385. bdrlgion

    Tuna belt question????

  386. bdrlgion

    Saturday Tuna Takers post up

    Oh no, we're still going. I'm just griping publicly first.
  387. bdrlgion

    Saturday Tuna Takers post up

  388. bdrlgion

    Saturday Tuna Takers post up

    Yelloweye - we're thinking of doing the same tomorrow, though NOAA's telling us it ain't lookin' pretty.
  389. bdrlgion

    Processing tuna catch?

    just my opinion, but i'm still eating frozen loins from last year. well-bled, processed, vac-sealed and they taste fantastic.
  390. bdrlgion

    Saturday Tuna Takers post up

    WDFL - count me in for a definite split Saturday late afternoon. 312-907-8843. Anyone else want to split a tote Friday late afternoon (for a Saturday run)?
  391. bdrlgion

    Westport Slip

    left vm. feel free to call/txt back at 312-907-8843. Thanks! David
  392. bdrlgion

    Saturday Tuna Takers post up

    pm sent Will be running Saturday and Sunday out of WP. 23' Parker.
  393. bdrlgion

    WP: Tuna run Friday 7/24/15

    We'll be out Sat and/or Sun, currently looking to buddy boat and split totes. 23' Parker.
  394. bdrlgion

    westport launch ramp

    Damn! I went to their sister, Sportco, the fuckers had no clue what I was even looking for. Thanks, I shoulda head to Tai Tung with the missus yesterday and picked them up at OE when done. we got em in stock here @ Redden Marine Supplies in Seattle. C'mon by and i'll gladly give you or anyone...
  395. bdrlgion

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome! I'll vouch for Jon - great guy, knows his stuff, comes prepared and sleeps, breathes and eats fishing....and those nasty dill sunflower seeds.
  396. bdrlgion

    Open Seat 7/12 WP

    pm sent
  397. bdrlgion

    Help requested identifying tuna tackle

    Awesome. I just keep asking till I get the answers I want. :lux:
  398. bdrlgion

    Help requested identifying tuna tackle

    Appreciate the input. Drats. I was hoping to salvage some of them for this season. Those wahoo bombs look like they'd do fine in the troll setup, but what do I know...
  399. bdrlgion

    Dinner treat tonight

    You gotta start eating those tuna bellies, too! It's also the best part of that fish as far as I'm concerned. Let the crabs have the carcs and scraps.
  400. bdrlgion

    Help requested identifying tuna tackle

    Sorry, maybe I should have clarified: I'll just be hunting albacore in WA and maybe OR waters with these. That said, excluding the Zukers which look good to go after I switch the old leader out, do you think any of these would troll ok in their current condition for WA albies? Or do the...
  401. bdrlgion

    Help requested identifying tuna tackle

    Ah, that explains the wire leader!
  402. bdrlgion

    Help requested identifying tuna tackle

    So a few weeks back I bought a boatload of "bottomfish jigs" on CL - probably 40# of it, for a few bucks. I get home, start digging into the box of stuff and quickly realize that nearly the entire box is tuna stuff. Pretty old, but some name-brand stuff like salas is in there. Probably 40 of the...
  403. bdrlgion

    Boeingshield T-9

    I work at Redden Marine Supplies in Seattle. We've actually got a box of twenty or so 1-oz samples of this stuff sitting around. C'mon by for a free one anytime. We're open from 8:00-5:00 M-F. Ask for me - David.
  404. bdrlgion

    video of sea lion thrashed by killer whale

    Not necessarily. I believe the Southern Resident Killer Whale pods eat only fish, and not other marine mammals.
  405. bdrlgion

    Landing 80 pound halibut from a kayak

    I've got a lexa 300 too and freaking love it. It's handled everything from rockfish, to big lings, to oversized sturgeon with ease. I can't wait to give it a go for tuna!
  406. bdrlgion

    Loaned bilge pump saturday

    They might have been headed to back to a different port.
  407. bdrlgion

    North Coast Halibut Update

    wait what? you sure you don't have that backwards?
  408. bdrlgion

    Looking for Seat Base "Plate"

    Hi DuraMaxx, Are you looking for flush or deck mount? For an exact replacement of what that is? I'm working at Redden Marine in Seattle and would be happy to figure this out for you. Feel free to call at 312-907-8843. Thanks!
  409. bdrlgion

    Lamiglas and Loomis rods

    what's the price?
  410. bdrlgion

    Halibut Loops and Leaders

    If you're spending $10+ on a spreader bar, you should tell that retailer to go fuck themselves.
  411. bdrlgion

    Looking for - Hali Rod holders

    I like my Orcas. Rock solid, and the locking mount means you're not going to accidentally yank the holder out with the rod regardless of how hard you pull. Also i'm selling 3 new orca/locking mount sets. :)
  412. bdrlgion

    Smoking Deal on Scotty Orca Rod Holders

    the offshore is an orca on an extender post
  413. bdrlgion

    Braid and Release Clips??

    that works too. i prefer the mono since it goes through guides/levelwind without issue.
  414. bdrlgion

    Braid and Release Clips??

    if you don't want to worry about knots and splices and topshots and weak links, just tie a small piece of mono around/on top of the braid itself. whatever knot you want - two overhands, a few half-hitches, whatever. just make sure you leave a 1" or so tag end of mono, and attach your release...
  415. bdrlgion

    Free bilge pump

    if anyone wants it, just call me at at that number
  416. bdrlgion

    Free bilge pump

    replied. call me at 312-907-8843
  417. bdrlgion

    Free bilge pump

    This thing - It came in a lot of fishing gear I recently purchased. Looks to be in good shape. No clue if it works, and I've got no use for it or means to test it. Pick up in Queen Anne, Seattle.
  418. bdrlgion

    WTB pipe jigs

    I'm in the same boat as RPCole. I'm located in Seattle.
  419. bdrlgion

    I-Phone GPS APP

    i believe there's a free, very basic version, and there's another version (boating/marine) that's $10
  420. bdrlgion

    I-Phone GPS APP

    get the upgraded navionics app. it's worth the $10.
  421. bdrlgion

    Bulk sardines

    Most asian markets will have them dirt cheap. Uwajimaya is good, but can be a bit expensive. I've done well at Lam's on King St.
  422. bdrlgion

    Scotty 1028 Downrigger Gimbal Mount

    This is the 9" model. $40. Fine condition. Located in Seattle.
  423. bdrlgion

    WTB- Big-azz Mustad treble hooks has some monster trebles. their website inventory is rarely updated. best to call beforehand. they mostly sell to commercial fishermen, and their on-the-shelf stuff is generally wholesale priced.
  424. bdrlgion

    Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Fishing Kayak with extras

    Is it time to upgrade your Defiance, World Cat or Parker? Sick of paying gas, maintenance, mooring fees, and long runs to the tuna grounds? Well have I got the solution for you! Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Kayak with extras. I've had this for a few years and it's a lean mean fishing machine...
  425. bdrlgion

    Vintage, unused salmon trolling spoons

    Got quite a few old but unused salmon trolling spoons. Asking $2.50 each, would rather sell in bulk and give discount. I think there's 56 total if my count is correct. No hooks on any of them, but all rigged with swivels in fine condition. Row 1, Left: Egg Wobbler #2 (4) - some...
  426. bdrlgion


    Oh, don't get me wrong. He's a hack, a race-baiter, and a tax cheat. But you asked "has he mentioned the killing of the two minority NYPD officers?," and the answer is yes. He immediately condemned it unconditionally.
  427. bdrlgion


    There are plenty of reasons to not like the guy, but he pretty quickly and clearly condemned the coldblooded murders in unconditional terms: "I am outraged at the killing of 2 police officers in Brooklyn. That is why we stress non-violence as the only way to fight for justice. An eye for an...
  428. bdrlgion

    Columbia Gale Warning Bib and Parka / Jacket

    I just saw they had a listing at one point for the bibs for $189 (out of stock), but couldn't find the parka. As I said, i'm open to offers.
  429. bdrlgion

    Columbia Gale Warning Bib and Parka / Jacket

    I'm in Seattle. Drop me a pm.
  430. bdrlgion

    Columbia Gale Warning Bib and Parka / Jacket

    They'll do store credit (I asked), but I'd rather sell these. As I said, open to offers.
  431. bdrlgion

    Columbia Gale Warning Bib and Parka / Jacket

    I received them as a gift, have no need for them, Columbia doesn't do refunds. I looked at the tags and used that as guidance. I'm open to offers, of course. Or, G-Spot, you can have em both for $425. :)
  432. bdrlgion

    Elliott Bay squid

    They're too fresh and delicious for bait, in my opinion. They're best used as food, especially since frozen squid at the asian market, which makes fine bait, is dirt cheap.
  433. bdrlgion

    Columbia Gale Warning Bib and Parka / Jacket

    Brand new, still in plastic with tags, never-worn Columbia Gale Warning Bib and Parka / Jacket in men's medium red. Fits kinda large. Perfect for fishing, ice-fishing, hunting, snow sports, skiing, snowboarding, you name it. Retail for these items is $450 incl tax. Asking $400 obo. Top of the...
  434. bdrlgion

    Hi, Saw your posting on wanting to float sometime and thought I'd respond. I've got a pretty...

    Hi, Saw your posting on wanting to float sometime and thought I'd respond. I've got a pretty flexible schedule at the moment, live in Seattle, have plenty of my own gear and love to get out on the rivers. I haven't done the cowlitz, but have fished a few OP rivers, not to mention the sound's...
  435. bdrlgion

    Tuna wide open

    I swear those fish were moving from boat to boat. Most of our day in that area was spent as such: nothing for 5-10 minutes, then instantaneous double or triple. Then put a few more in. Then dead for no longer than 5-10 minutes. Rinse, repeat. But we (and a few other boats, it seemed) got lucky...
  436. bdrlgion

    Trip Fell Through - Looking for Open Seat Out of Westport Sunday

    Planned trip tomorrow fell through. Offshore experience including several tuna trips, pay and work my share, easy to get along with, don't get sea-sick, show up early, etc.... Feel free to call at 312-907-8843. Thanks, David
  437. bdrlgion

    Open seat tuna, sunday 9/28

    pm sent. 312-907-8843
  438. bdrlgion

    Open seats tuna sat

    pm sent
  439. bdrlgion

    Could 1 July be any slower getting here

    Anyone hitting in MA10 yet?
  440. bdrlgion

    Hiya! I'd love to join if you still have room available. Will gladly bring bait, gear, food...

    Hiya! I'd love to join if you still have room available. Will gladly bring bait, gear, food, fuel and help with gas, launch, other costs. I can be reached at 312-907-8843. Thanks! David
  441. bdrlgion

    BD in Bad Form

    Not pointing fingers or anything, but I heard FunGunnin Bill and his kayak were in the area.....
  442. bdrlgion

    Trade a Halibut Trip, or...

    Looks like plans fell through and I wasn't yet able to find a seat for this weekend. If anyone's got room aboard and wants another set of hands, drop me a line. Fireball awaits. Tight lines, David
  443. bdrlgion

    Trade a Halibut Trip, or...

    Terry - PM sent.
  444. bdrlgion

    Trade a Halibut Trip, or...

    You guys are a riot. BTW, I did offer all of those in my post. Wishing bloody decks, tight lines and gallons of fireball to all.
  445. bdrlgion

    Trade a Halibut Trip, or...

    Oh, I thought it was clear that I was joking about the possibility of someone who had an actual boat wanting to fish from my kayak. I guess my sarcasm didn't come through clear enough. Appreciate the advice, and you're damn straight i'll bring bait, gas money, drinks, food n fireball aboard...
  446. bdrlgion

    Trade a Halibut Trip, or...

    You on my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 kayak, for me on your powerboat. I kid, I kid. BUT, I'm that crazy MF'er that was out on Mutiny Bay this past weekend with a buddy fishing for 'buts. We had a few good strikes, but didn't end up bringing anything to the boat. I was considering the...