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  1. bdrlgion

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    If you're a cheap bastard like me, you often buy more shit than you should from Harbor Freight. Well, apparently the very same 3- and 6-ton steel jack stands i've been using for a few years have been recalled...
  2. bdrlgion

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Not a ton to report, but I've hit the west side of A10 twice in the past week with nothing to report. I haven't been able to find the bait at all. I've focused mostly around the Jeff head area, but may venture north this afternoon to scout a bit. High of 78 + light winds = why the hell not. I...
  3. bdrlgion

    Stupid-good deal if legit

    Not mine, no affiliation, just FYI: 2005 Zuke 4stk 140hp on a whatever boat for 4k w/ trailer. I called the guy just out of curiosity - serious language barrier, but he's got clean titles for both in-hand.
  4. bdrlgion

    Fishy-looking Yammie's on Offerup

    Anyone missing anything? Sure looks like a cable's been cut, tilt bracket's busted on this 8HP Yamaha 4-Stroke: Screenshot for posterity:
  5. bdrlgion

    Well shit....

    Yamaha F8 manaul tilt support brackets broke off today while trailering home from Shilshole to West Seattle. Only thing shittier than this is this season's blackmouth in A10. I always trailer with it in the running position, as per manual's instructions, but it must've bounced up high enough to...
  6. bdrlgion

    Seeking Trim Tab Advice

    I'm in the market for a set of trim tabs for my 18' Tiderunner runabout, and budget constraints are limiting me to second-hand. I've got a good line on a full hydraulic set, but the tabs are just a bit too wide for the space allotted on my boat. Can anyone think of a good reason NOT to...
  7. bdrlgion

    Heads up - Killer Tanacom Deal at Sportco/OE!

    Support your local business! Memberships are cheap, and you can sign up your better half for only $2.50 extra. But check this out - Tanacom, fully spooled, and with a rod, for only $450.
  8. bdrlgion

    Free Crab/Sturgeon Bait

    I've got about 50# of bottom-of-the-chest-freezer fish that needs to go ASAP to make room for 1/4 cow arriving in the AM (thanks, @sgwill122). Salmon, tuna, ling, etc... All in roughly 1# vac-seal bags. Pickup just north of white center. Call or text 206-771-7502.
  9. bdrlgion

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    I'm checking out a new-to-me 195 Tiderunner cuddy w/ a 115 Yamaha 2-Stroke (allegedly 450hrs, according to hr-meter) tomorrow. I'll spend some time with it on the hard, and pending results of that, take it out for a sea trial. I could use some collective wisdom from the group. After a short...
  10. bdrlgion

    Norton IM313-CIS Arkansas Pro 3-Way Multi Oil Stone Sharpening System

    Gifted recently, used twice, I don't need another sharpening system. In near perfect shape, sans: missing one of four rubber feet on bottom (doesn't matter in the least) missing angle-guide (which you don't need anyways - make your own angle based upon what you want/the knife you have) $190...
  11. bdrlgion

    Looking to borrow 15# finned downrigger mold + also have a few molds to lend myself

    I've got a variety of large jig-sized spire-point jig molds (I think 12oz up to 20oz) and a 2# and 3# cannonball mold I'd be happy to lend out for a few days. I'm also looking to borrow a 15# downrigger mold for a few days. Located in Seattle
  12. bdrlgion

    Lee Pro-4 20 Lb Lead Melting/Pouring Furnace

    SOLD mods plz delete
  13. bdrlgion

    Side by side commercial freezer - probably free

    So I picked up a free chest freezer from a UW sorority this morning (win/win), and the house mom said she was desperate to get rid of this commercial side by side freezer . The demo/renovation starts in a few days and they need it out ASAP . They're asking 1,200, it's worth more than ten times...
  14. bdrlgion

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    We'll be on the SS JUSTRYAN, Parker 2320 heading out for longfin tomorrow, salmon in afternoon if plugged, and salmon Sunday AM. Who else is joining the party?
  15. bdrlgion

    7/22 Tuna Report

    Ran out of WP with a tuna newb and Capt Jon on the SS Deep Thoughts. Great weather, warm (63-65!) and clear water, and a fair amount of paddies and sea life, but VERY few fish. Five to the boat all day, crackered one or two off. Only one came on the troll. Started around 35/58, ended up around...
  16. bdrlgion

    Free crab bait - going to dump in two hours

    Gone Mods plz delete
  17. bdrlgion

    could it be?!

    mods delete plz
  18. bdrlgion

    Any word on 6/17 Hali Yet?

    No press releases yet and can't get in touch w/ anyone @ WDFW. What have ya'll been hearing?
  19. bdrlgion


    We'll be in town friday-sunday on the Kingslayer, 21' Arima. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. bdrlgion

    So this happened

    Measured out at 58.5", estimated at 100# according to IPHC. I think I've died and gone to heaven. I caught it out of Neah on Saturday, on a homemade pipe jig tipped with salmon belly. I'd thought I snagged a rock on the upswing, pulled hard to dislodge, and nada. So I thumbed the spool to...
  21. bdrlgion

    Free frozen salmon bellies

    All Alaskan Sockeye, food-grade, kept in gallon zip-locks stuffed to the brim. I've got about ten of them. Chest freezer's now full, so I had to put these in the fridge this evening. Come and get em! Great for hali/lings/crab bait. Pickup only in Queen Anne after 6pm.
  22. bdrlgion

    ISO lodging @ Sekiu or Neah

    disregard - all set.
  23. bdrlgion

    BD Threads Disappearing

    What's going on? Stuff's repeatedly popping up on my tapatalk, but the thread isn't visible, and absolutely nothing appearing on the website. Are threads getting deleted or other?
  24. bdrlgion

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    Never mind- all set! Thanks everyone and see yall in WP this weekend Hoping to do some tuna hunting Saturday and Sunday the 23rd + 24th. Anyone got a slip or two for Fri/Sat nights? Would be for my captain's boat, an Arima 21, and our buddy boat, a Parker 2320. @goatram - I still owe you...
  25. bdrlgion

    looking for WP slip on 4th weekend

    nevermind - goat to the rescue
  26. bdrlgion

    Saluting the short bus

    See ya on the coast! Didn't see a sticker, gave him and his 26' NR OS the salute anyways.. Nice fucking tow rig! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. bdrlgion

    BOLO - Stolen Kicker + TR-1

    Posting for a good friend and fishing partner, who just had these cut off his Parker in front of his north seattle house Sunday night/Monday morning. The poor bastard had to put an end to his not-yet-even-started hali season, since there was also incidental damage done to his main. BOLO: -9.9...
  28. bdrlgion

    Huge lot of used iron + other assorted stuff

    I live in Seattle, will accept paypal and can ship. Selling two separate lots: 1. Used Iron - 55 in total, various sizes, brands. All have hooks in good shape. Brands include tady, salas, deep six, yoyo, bobs, pacific straggler, rod bender, a few others. Asking $4/jig, so $220. (pics 2 and 3)...
  29. bdrlgion

    Copper Pipe Jigs and 2 / 3 # cannonballs

    I've got a bunch of copper pipe jigs in 1, 2, and 3 pound weights + cannonballs in 2 and 3 pound weights + and now 12# downrigger fish weights. Below picture is just a sample. Located in Seattle. Might be able to drive to meet depending on order/location. Copper pipe jigs have ALL STAINLESS...
  30. bdrlgion

    WTB - Used lefty Avet SX or SXJ

    preferably with MC too. Whatcha god?
  31. bdrlgion

    WTB - Used lefty Avet SX or SXJ

    preferably with MC too. Whatcha got?
  32. bdrlgion

    Daiwa Saltist Fishing Reels

    Daiwa STTLW50HA Saltist Levelwind A Reel - four available. Retails for $199 new, I'm asking $175 each. Each comes with about $75 worth of Tuf-Line XP braided line (500yards). Located in Seattle. Will ship - I accept paypal. Also interested in LH Avet S-, M-, and J- models for trade. Excellent...
  33. bdrlgion

    WTB - Used lefty avet - S- or M- model

    I know it's a longshot cause people love their avets, but who knows. I'm looking for a good deal on a used S or M model. Don't really care about cosmetics, as long as it's in good working order. Whatcha got? Located in Seattle. Happy to do paypal, etc...
  34. bdrlgion

    WTB - Used lefty avet - S- or M- model

    I know it's a longshot cause people love their avets, but who knows. I'm looking for a good deal on a used S or M model. Don't really care about cosmetics, as long as it's in good working order. Whatcha got?
  35. bdrlgion

    SOLD new in box - Navionics Gold Chip - All USA + N. Bahamas

    brand new in box, sealed, never used. Retails for $200, asking $150 obo located in seattle. will ship for free.
  36. bdrlgion

    Help requested identifying tuna tackle

    So a few weeks back I bought a boatload of "bottomfish jigs" on CL - probably 40# of it, for a few bucks. I get home, start digging into the box of stuff and quickly realize that nearly the entire box is tuna stuff. Pretty old, but some name-brand stuff like salas is in there. Probably 40 of the...
  37. bdrlgion

    Free bilge pump

    This thing - It came in a lot of fishing gear I recently purchased. Looks to be in good shape. No clue if it works, and I've got no use for it or means to test it. Pick up in Queen Anne, Seattle.
  38. bdrlgion

    Scotty 1028 Downrigger Gimbal Mount

    This is the 9" model. $40. Fine condition. Located in Seattle.
  39. bdrlgion

    Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Fishing Kayak with extras

    Is it time to upgrade your Defiance, World Cat or Parker? Sick of paying gas, maintenance, mooring fees, and long runs to the tuna grounds? Well have I got the solution for you! Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Kayak with extras. I've had this for a few years and it's a lean mean fishing machine...
  40. bdrlgion

    Vintage, unused salmon trolling spoons

    Got quite a few old but unused salmon trolling spoons. Asking $2.50 each, would rather sell in bulk and give discount. I think there's 56 total if my count is correct. No hooks on any of them, but all rigged with swivels in fine condition. Row 1, Left: Egg Wobbler #2 (4) - some...
  41. bdrlgion

    Columbia Gale Warning Bib and Parka / Jacket

    Brand new, still in plastic with tags, never-worn Columbia Gale Warning Bib and Parka / Jacket in men's medium red. Fits kinda large. Perfect for fishing, ice-fishing, hunting, snow sports, skiing, snowboarding, you name it. Retail for these items is $450 incl tax. Asking $400 obo. Top of the...
  42. bdrlgion

    Trip Fell Through - Looking for Open Seat Out of Westport Sunday

    Planned trip tomorrow fell through. Offshore experience including several tuna trips, pay and work my share, easy to get along with, don't get sea-sick, show up early, etc.... Feel free to call at 312-907-8843. Thanks, David
  43. bdrlgion

    Trade a Halibut Trip, or...

    You on my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 kayak, for me on your powerboat. I kid, I kid. BUT, I'm that crazy MF'er that was out on Mutiny Bay this past weekend with a buddy fishing for 'buts. We had a few good strikes, but didn't end up bringing anything to the boat. I was considering the...