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  1. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    Just a quick note, I'll be out of town on medical stuff for the wife, be back on Sat 6/20, if you want to order shoot me an email to the blackorp hotmail. Tight lines and full sacks :)
  2. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    hi Ken, I'm out of town for a few days, send me an email to the [email protected] and tell me what you want and where to send it and I'll try to get it out Saturday. the wife had a medical emergency.
  3. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    I fish them over a "Butterfly"style jig and use a Seagar type dropper rather than the spin and tuck weak as hell traditional dropper loop knot. And yes they do definitely kill fish.
  4. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    Great catch! The only thing I ever used was a 2"x 1/2" strip of fresh salmon skin when the fish got lock jaw. It's pretty greasy and leaves a good scent trail and is pretty tough.
  5. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    I know things are tough, and hardly anyone is fishing much less working, god bless you all and keep you safe and healthy. Keep the faith that this too shall be over, sooner rather than later. ;) We're hunkered down here in the furbag free state of Misery (Missouri) :) and doing our best to...
  6. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    You all be safe out there don't catch anything you can't eat ;)
  7. Jan from Humbol

    This is BULLSHIT!!

    I'm 71 and depend on Amazon a lot here lately as the wife and I are trying to stay healthy. and I see this crap??
  8. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    Once you folks that bought these flys start using them I'd greatly appreciate you posting what your favorite colors are and how they work, and what area you've fished them, the feedback will help me improve the flys. I think I've supplied flys to the entire pacific seaboard and Baja, feedback...
  9. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    My wife will never believe you Craig. ;)
  10. Jan from Humbol

    Sorry Mike I don't seem to have gotten them please try one more time to [email protected]

    Sorry Mike I don't seem to have gotten them please try one more time to [email protected] Some folks got caught in the spam filter and I didn't see them.
  11. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    Allen email me your addy plus how many you want (Units of ten) and I'll send you the flys, you can mail me a check or cash. I'm an old fart and paypal is about as good as it gets for me. ;)
  12. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    Mustad EZ baiter is a commercial circle hook, tinned to work better in the salt, Mustad calls it sea guard coating
  13. Jan from Humbol

    OK I don't have red and yellow combinations I've got reds, orange, hot pink, chartreuse, blue...

    OK I don't have red and yellow combinations I've got reds, orange, hot pink, chartreuse, blue, purple, white/blue, black/white. All the flys fluoresce/glow in the dark and are UV reactive the cost is 10 9/0's for $10
  14. Jan from Humbol

    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    The above pictures are taken under UV light, Normal light and in the dark so you can see how the flies glow. I started tying flies again, these are tied on a 9/0 Mustad EZ baiter circle hook, the flies also glow in the dark so they work great in the deep. They're well put together and don't...
  15. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Kill fish, post pictures! ;)
  16. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    I call this a Rockfish treat bowl ;)
  17. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Nice looking fish, glad they worked for you, I never had any doubts myself. (Grin)
  18. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!
  19. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    FIll some sacks and post pictures, Safe new year!
  20. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Happy and safe new year to you
  21. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Great stuff! hope they work well for you
  22. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Next orders will be mailed 26th-27th thanks all. :)
  23. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    I want to thank everyone that's bought these flys, the response surprised me and sure kept me hopping there for a while. Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. The last two orders I have are going out Monday (Anthony and Andrew) BTW
  24. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    I never tied the traditional "Dropper loop" knot once I discovered the Seaguar dropper knot. The old "Loop" style dropper knot is at best a 50% strength knot, I tested a lot of knots one winter and the Seaguar knot is an 80-90% knot. Using the Seguar dropper knot is a lot like switching to Sig...
  25. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Now go kill some fish!
  26. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Great, fill sacks, post pictures!!!
  27. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    I fished these flys one or two at a time over a butterfly style jig (home made) or a B-2 squid type jig kinda depends on what your wonderful Dept of Fun and Games has decided to hamper you california fishermen with recently out there in the state of confusion. The idea of fishing the fly over...
  28. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Ah christmas flys! Red I have, I do have some dark green but no bright green, do have some chartreuse which is kinda day glo green.
  29. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Hi Robert, you bought 30 correct, I didn't get your addy, send it to my email again please.
  30. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Glad you like them, now go fill your boat and post pictures!
  31. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Thanks Chris, full sacks!!!
  32. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    Thanks, hope they work well for you.
  33. Jan from Humbol

    SOLD See new post :)

    New thread posted
  34. Jan from Humbol

    I have an old Sabre rod. Does it look worth re-wrapping? (Album of pics inside)

    Great rod, well worth the effort to rebuild, I have several Sabres over 30 years old an they still have what it takes. Wrap black and teal as I remember.
  35. Jan from Humbol

    Some more fun experimentation

    Hey Doc, good to see you and JT are still around and still have the magic touch. I'm still around but live on the Ozarks. I still wrap but mostly freshwater sticks, think toothpicks LOL. I've had a few health issues slow me down some but I'm bouncing back and am going to get wrapping some...
  36. Jan from Humbol

    All Coast Website???

    And the rest is history, damn fine job btw.
  37. Jan from Humbol

    All Coast Website???

    I left and never looked back
  38. Jan from Humbol

    Here's one you don't see every day...

    a S&W .40 that got fired in a .45, yeah I didn't think it was possible either, found this casing in a bucket of range brass I was given. It's obvious it was fired in a .45 and probably didn't work all that well. left is a real .45 ACP right is the blooper
  39. Jan from Humbol

    Gas over $5.00 a gallon in January 2015 Not a joke!!!

    I was looking to move back next spring now it might be Oregon or Washington
  40. Jan from Humbol

    $5.00 fuel in January 2015

    No BS here
  41. Jan from Humbol

    Gas over $5.00 a gallon in January 2015 Not a joke!!!

    Effective January, 2015 California will impose new taxes on gasoline that could raise prices by a dollar or more. California already collects about 68 cents a gallon making the gas tax in California one of the highest. This new tax will push gas prices above $5.00 a gallon which will be a real...
  42. Jan from Humbol

    Swim bait opinions wanted

    Looks good, let us know when you have the price down to a penny apiece. :)
  43. Jan from Humbol

    Question on White Thread

    White paint. Grin
  44. Jan from Humbol

    44 mag 50 rounds

    at 25 yards, 210 cast w/gas check 11.5 of 4756... Still able to get a few through the same holes now and then. Not too bad for a blind old fart.
  45. Jan from Humbol

    Hey Harry how's it going? I'm still back here in Missouri and snowed in right now.

    Hey Harry how's it going? I'm still back here in Missouri and snowed in right now.
  46. Jan from Humbol

    Help: weird finish issue

    Also don't dry the CP with the hair dryer it seems to activate the silicone and it floats the top of the CP (My guess) and I have better luck letting it dry naturally
  47. Jan from Humbol

    Which .40 Pistol

    Beretta 96
  48. Jan from Humbol

    Why chicks need guys

  49. Jan from Humbol

    To all are rodbuilding friends East of the Rockies and in Eastern Canada

    I live in the south! And I don't friggin mean South Dakota If I wanted this crap all winter I'd move there...It's 0748 and the outside temp is 10.4 ...WEEKEND SNOW FOLLOWED BY DANGEROUS COLD EARLY NEXT WEEK... THIS HAZARDOUS WEATHER OUTLOOK IS FOR PORTIONS OF THE MISSOURI OZARKS AND...
  50. Jan from Humbol

    Happy Birthday Doc.

    Happy birthday Doc! You know it's been too many when you have to stop and count 'em LOL I just quit at 50!
  51. Jan from Humbol

    Which Manufacture makes the best freespooling reels

    also nothing casts better. Everything else is second rate. If your spool will turn for 45 seconds it weighs a ton and will cast like crap, an old fart with a TJ-90 and a Newell will win the money every time tossing jigs and same for tossing a bait...Newell all the way and they spend less...
  52. Jan from Humbol

    Chk out Barrett's CatFish new line!

    Right, what ever floats your boat. LOL
  53. Jan from Humbol

    "In God We Trust"

    Jim you truly are an artist.
  54. Jan from Humbol

    wtf is this new ban?

    I miss the California fishing, family, friends and so on. However I sure don't miss Kalifornia and it's Liberal bullshit kneejerk reactions to guns, taxes and the rest. I feel like I moved back to the United States of America since I move to Missouri,if I want ammo I can freely buy it, if I...
  55. Jan from Humbol

    Keep or remove the black thread boarder?

    Friggin outstanding wrap, I like the black
  56. Jan from Humbol

    Need bullet molds

    Most Boolit casters would rather loan their wife out than the molds they have. LOL
  57. Jan from Humbol

    Ammo is starting to come down

    Slowly, but I'm seeing some .22 at .06 a round now I hope these ammo flippers choke on all the stuff they bought and tried to make a killing on Gun Broker with. I'll also remember places like Cheaper than chit and others that jacked their prices:finger:, I vote with my feet and money. I...
  58. Jan from Humbol

    45 vs 44

    No it's hard to get here too, the flippers and their cronies nail it right off the truck at Wal Mart and then it shows up on Gun Broker for twice the price. I roll my own and had a fairly good supply of components so I don't suffer a lack of ammo.
  59. Jan from Humbol

    45 vs 44

    No contest in power, even the 210 gn target loads in the 44 pack more punch than standard 45 loads. Looks like the 45ACP lost out big time to the 44 mag:waglleybooty: I was not so gently chided on here when I chose a 9mm once, was told when you want a real gun you'll get a 45, well I have 3...
  60. Jan from Humbol

    Playing in the man cave

    This was eventually tracked back to the original poster and it was a handload issue, 44 maqs sometimes get over pressured with light loads as well as hot loads, rifle shooters have had the same problem over the years and would load powder and then add cornmeal or kapok to hold the powder charge...
  61. Jan from Humbol

    Playing in the man cave

    I highly recommend loading your own, just be careful, you can grenade a firearm if you are not careful, like this one and if it doesn't blow your hand off it will sure ruin a good set of underwear. this looks to be a S&W 629 44 mag
  62. Jan from Humbol

    Playing in the man cave

    Spent the last two days upgrading the loading area, rough life but someone's gotta do it. LOL
  63. Jan from Humbol

    A question for the old farts in the me......

    Amen to that, I started when I was 15-16 I'm now 65, you think I'd know better by now. LOL
  64. Jan from Humbol

    Spar urethane on cord grip

    If you are using real seine cord (AKA Tuna cord from tuna seine nets) it's tarred nylon and water base will not work as the tar treatment repels water. Min wax makes some oil based Spar urethane that will penetrate and stick however it takes a while to dry. I have a couple of sticks that I...
  65. Jan from Humbol

    If you use black Madeira

    Madeira Black Polyneon Embroidery Thread | eBay 10 5000 meter spools, $35
  66. Jan from Humbol

    Plastic 308's

    Not real accurate out of my Ruger #1, 3-5 inch spread @ 50yd. Not too dirty nothing that a pass with a brush and a couple of patches with Kroil didn't easily clean up.
  67. Jan from Humbol

    Plastic 308's

    I kid you not, and they run out at 4000+ fps only weighs 11 grains but looks like fun under a hundred yards. Yes I ordered a case so I'll let you know, I have a serious tree rat and bunny problem here. 250 Rds. .308 Short Range Ammo - 502766, .308 Ammo at Sportsman's Guide PS you...
  68. Jan from Humbol

    California - AB711 Bans Lead Ammo - passed

    Sure glad I moved
  69. Jan from Humbol

    Salmon Guide for the Klamath River Yeah I know it says tuna but everyone is on there including the river guys
  70. Jan from Humbol

    Well I bit the bullet...

    I cast a lot of my own projectiles and still have a lot of primers left to survive the "Drougt"
  71. Jan from Humbol

    Well I bit the bullet...

    I had no idea how great the Dillon XL650 press is over the single stage units. Damn! Where I used to do fifty or a hundred rounds I can now do 500-800 quality is great and consistency is spot on. If you've been waiting to get one do it, you will never be sorry. If you do though start...
  72. Jan from Humbol

    .22 ammo....$.30 a round...?!?!

    Remember who is gouging and then vote with your money and feet
  73. Jan from Humbol

    Well I bit the bullet...

    Well I received the press but am still waiting on the rest of the order from Dillon they are saying there's a large demand for reloading stuff.
  74. Jan from Humbol

    Bad Mouthing

    Bullards (Silvia) is the best around anyone who says different is the worst sort of bottom feeding scum sucking rat @$%uck and can kiss my big hairy backside. Rant over LOL
  75. Jan from Humbol

    "GAME OVER" olive branch nightmare

    Great stuff JT, nailed it again
  76. Jan from Humbol

    Well I bit the bullet...

    :rofl: I've practically worn out my Lee starter kit (Breech lock) so now the Dillon XL650 is ordered. Six to eight weeks waiting , oh yeah forget about talking to them on the phone too. They need to add some staff to help customers Now I can really crank out the 9mm and 40 stuff
  77. Jan from Humbol

    Armored Police Car

    That and Homeland security loading up on ammo and surplus APC's....
  78. Jan from Humbol

    If you have life insurance BEWARE!!!

    Thanks for the input, what pisses me off is the bastards milked it dry then told me, totally legal but also totally chicken chit, nothing I can do about it now but I hope I can save someone else the irritation/ugly surprise and of course give AXA Equitable a million bucks worth of publicity he, he.
  79. Jan from Humbol

    If you have life insurance BEWARE!!!

    Beware! no shit guys this really sucks…I had a small incentive life insurance policy for $150k with AXA Equitable I faithfully paid my $225 dollar premiums since 1992, foolishly thinking all was OK. A few days ago I get a notice of policy lapse from AXA and I’m thinking what the heck is...
  80. Jan from Humbol

    Ought to be "How not to"

    File under "Dumb shit of the year" :rofl...
  81. Jan from Humbol

    Look at this latest round of steaming bullshit (new gun law proposals)

    Start organizing, pass the word and fight it just like the MLPA bombard these pinheads in Sac with 20 30 thousand angry emails, letters and phone calls. No fight no gripe otherwise exercise your many options.
  82. Jan from Humbol

    to all you ...

    If you get up my way I'll give you a 100 rounds and I'm only 60 miles away :rofl:
  83. Jan from Humbol

    Help fight the Army of darkness

    There's a political board I frequent that is full of anti-gun Liberals who are as nice as a ten gallon Stetson full of A holes with all the good ones picked out. If you feel like helping combat the army of darkness as I call them come join the fight. I'm in need of some back up...
  84. Jan from Humbol

    Pac Bay Upgrade Chuck

    You probably already know this but if the blank isn't level and centered on the axis of the chuck it will wobble and work it's way loose. Measure the center of the chuck to the base rail to find the axis height and then at least half way out on the stick and adjust your rollers for a nice...
  85. Jan from Humbol

    Which Mosquito gun, .22LR pistol

    Stay away from the Sig Mosquito I had one and it went back to sig twice, the second time with the admonition "Please try to make it work half as well as my Rugers do", they couldn't do it. I finally decided to sell it off as IMHO it was a lost cause, picky as hell about ammo, lots of FTF's...
  86. Jan from Humbol

    40 S&W

    50 rounds for 40 bucks is double the going rate Wholesale Hunter CCI/Speer .40 S&W T/P 180 40 Smith & Wesson by CCI 40 S&W, 180 Grain, TMJ FN, (Per 50) $15.99 50 $0.32 Bud's Gun Shop CCI/Speer .40 S&W T/P 180 CCI Blazer 40s&w 180gr Just Reduced $16.25 50 $0.33 Natchez Shooters...
  87. Jan from Humbol

    The "one" pistol?

    that you personally shoot the best with. My Beretta 92FS 9MM and 96 40 S&W are both good for me
  88. Jan from Humbol

    Cow Blanks

    Bottom of this page... I built a couple of the Unlimited's for a guy and he was quite happy with the plus 200's he killed with them and frankly you can't beat the prices
  89. Jan from Humbol

    New Gudebrod Thread

    Looking good Jim. I hate it when you see those stripes appear like that...But then we're our own worst critics too.
  90. Jan from Humbol

    The "Webspinner Wrap"......

    Really nice looking wrap JT.
  91. Jan from Humbol

    Casting Bullets

    If you do try to use battery lead do it outside and toss in some baking soda to help neutralize the acid, best to just leave it alone
  92. Jan from Humbol

    Adventures on E dating sites...

    You just never know what's out there:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  93. Jan from Humbol

    Penny swim baits?

    Anyone ever reach that goal of pouring swimbaits for a penny a pop? LOL
  94. Jan from Humbol

    My new rod building digs

    I'll miss the halibut/lings and rock fish more than the salmon
  95. Jan from Humbol

    My new rod building digs

    I'll be moving there on 6/1, not looking forward to the 2100 mile drive though, me the dog, a parrot and dragging the 17 foot triumph.
  96. Jan from Humbol

    My new rod building digs

    With the house in Missouri comes a fully tricked out shop, it has an office (Used by an investment broker) as well as a bedroom, 3/4 bath, and a kitchen. Shop has a second story storage area, fully climate controlled and a pellet stove. Oh yeah I almost forgot it's also 1500 square...
  97. Jan from Humbol

    What do sit your rod wrapper on?

    What I did was use an 8' 1x4 and mounted the wrapper on that then I made 2 6x10x5" high plywood box type spacers to raise the whole thing up and that is mounted on a 6' plastic meeting table from Costco. I also tie flys and reload ammo in there. Channel Man Cave. LOL
  98. Jan from Humbol

    Change of venue

    I think my 17 foot Triumph will work just fine in Table Rock Lake although the 9' Calstar TJ90 might be a little bit of overkill for crappie LOL
  99. Jan from Humbol

    Change of venue

    Thanks guys, I've been in the market for a new partner and just haven't found the right one, thought I had a couple of times but things went south in a hurry. I'd recently broke it off with another gal last December and had decided to just take a break for a while as fishing season was rapidly...
  100. Jan from Humbol

    Change of venue

    Looks like I'm leaving California soon and moving to Missouri, going to have to start wrapping fly rods, crappy stix, catfish poles and brim busters rather than saltwater stuff :rofl: Why you ask? Well I hooked up with a gal and am going to marry her and settle down in a little burg called...
  101. Jan from Humbol

    .22 LR Semi Auto Pistol

    JMHO Ruger tops for .22 hands down I also have the Sig Mistake (Mosquito) I'd be a lot happier if it shot as well as the Rugers Mk 1, 11, or 111
  102. Jan from Humbol

    new mental discipline

    This new mental discipline techneque is darned effective, my S&W .40 sure seems to like it. Fifty rounds at fifty feet with a lot of them going through the same holes... Inner peace is a wonderful thing.
  103. Jan from Humbol

    Fishing report, sort of

    Rather than sit around all winter in front of the TV going glassy eyed and drooling one of the fun fishing things we can do when Neptune smiles on us is to partake of the monster herring runs that hit Crescent City early in the year. Herring make great bait for just about everything, sort of...
  104. Jan from Humbol

    And the bullshit continues

    AKA Little Weasel. Otherwise known as "Turd King" ....................../´¯/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`•¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../...
  105. Jan from Humbol

    Which 40 should I get?

    Oh the shame!!! You dared to use Marine and Sea story in the same breath. :rofl: I own 22, 38, 380, 9mm, 40 and 45 were I to get into a SHTF situation and had the choice I'd probably grab the Beretta 92FS as I shoot it very well and can put a lot of bullets in a small area at combat...
  106. Jan from Humbol

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12

    "Always say Sir to a man who carries a sword":rofl:
  107. Jan from Humbol

    Thanks Jim T

    It had to be as it's the year of the Dragon by the Chinese calandar. Thanks for the tricks JT. :)
  108. Jan from Humbol

    cracks at guide feet/ fix needed/Pics

    How much heat do you use when applying the epoxy? I use a lite build epoxy and apply two coats over a 24 hour period and I quit using heat to level. I also always use a syringe to measure and I slightly under measure the hardener, like if I measure out 1cc of resin I pull the plunger back...
  109. Jan from Humbol

    Thanks Jim T

    I finally got around to doing a dragon, neat trick and easy to apply, this was gold Madeira metallic over C nylon with black and gold over wrap. This is waiting for the CP to dry before first finish coat. Thanks.
  110. Jan from Humbol

    Thanks to JT and all others

    Very nice, great looking finish work.
  111. Jan from Humbol

    Which 40 should I get?

    I own a .40 Beretta 96 stainless, nice pistol and it shoots where its pointed, I also have a a Beretta 92 FS 9mm of the two the 9mm is a lot more accurate for me. Both pistols are a bit big for concealed carry and both will get the job done if the need arises
  112. Jan from Humbol

    The New Journal is not a hit, it is a GRAND SLAM

    Guess the monkey didn't OD on the bananas after all.:rofl: Impressive. Thanks JT, the tip is appreciated.
  113. Jan from Humbol

    The New Journal is not a hit, it is a GRAND SLAM

    I haven't seen mine yet either, of course mail is brought into Humboldt County by an aging chimp driving a worn out pink Cushman scooter with a sidecar on it (Complete with 104" steel whip antenna and fox tail). He's probably been side tracked again by a truck full of bananas around the...
  114. Jan from Humbol

    Keep an eye out, STOLEN RODS

    I don't go to that site ever and I urge everyone to do the same. When enough people vote with their feet and money it will have a telling effect
  115. Jan from Humbol

    Newell R220

    I'd go with the 229 myself got this 55# with a 229/30 line, but change out the drag washers to either carbontex or Penn HT-100's and use Cal's drag grease. And spectra works just fine on Newells, for the smaller ones use 50# and then a short topshot of 20-30 feet. I use a uni to uni and those...
  116. Jan from Humbol

    optical chevron test - part deux

    Really jumps out now, good choice.
  117. Jan from Humbol

    optical chevron test

    Things look nice and straight and aligned and the colors are not bad, kinda like marring an ugly gal...After a while you get use to her.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: They don't look bad though. here's one I did a while back where I used green, silver and black. I also did a fade effect from the...
  118. Jan from Humbol

    Question/comment about forum etiquette

    Aw hell I just like the abuse:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  119. Jan from Humbol

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    When the days get short the hens quit laying, same with molting, they'll start again in the spring when the days get longer. Happens every year, guess they need to give the "Egg plants" a rest. LOL I've had a back yard flock for about ten years, feed them good lay feed and supplement with...
  120. Jan from Humbol

    BD - A Front For The Russian Mafia?

    This may be a long winter,:rofl:
  121. Jan from Humbol

    Saltydawg Rods SCAM! DO NOT TRUST

    gotcha good:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  122. Jan from Humbol

    I hate you Capt. G.....

  123. Jan from Humbol

    The rewards of wrapping

    with real world crap, thankfully things are starting to settle down and I'll get to start wrapping again this winter. I check in now and again just haven't been posting much. First thing this winter is to try one of JT's dragon scale wraps on a charity donation stick. Guess I missed...
  124. Jan from Humbol

    The rewards of wrapping

    CalStar 270-H-8 about $30, cork tape, tuna cord, guides $25 (This was quite a while back) old school Newell 229-5 $30 50# spectra/ with a 30# top shot and a jig I made myself... 55 pound Pacific halibut, priceless. Oh yes one other thing, grease...
  125. Jan from Humbol

    War on gophers

    I've been using the CCI 22CB Long as it will manually feed out of the mag on the pistol. The best and quietest is the CCI 22 CB Short but it's a pain in the butt for me to use as you need to feed them in one at a time and I have big peanut peelers...
  126. Jan from Humbol

    Pretty interesting article RE: home defense...

    If you can sit tight and keep a low profile, granted conditions vary with your living location. Here where I live we've formed a mutual support group in the 'Hood as there's safety in numbers. Nobody goes hungry, we watch each others backs and make sure everyone gets through the ordeal safely...
  127. Jan from Humbol

    War on gophers

    I think I've killed a few that way myself... The war on Gophers: (Or why we left San Diego in a hurry) So, you’ve tilled and turned and planted your flowers and veggies, now you think you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors right? You go out one morning and find to your dismay...
  128. Jan from Humbol

    War on gophers

    The little fuckers have invaded my yard this year so I bought a Sig Mosquito and keep it in my back pocket when I'm out in the yard (I load it with 22 CB longs which are pretty quiet) this one is #6 :rofl:
  129. Jan from Humbol

    Congrats-Jim Trelikes

    Congrats Jim, you've definitly earned it. Jan
  130. Jan from Humbol

    Phenix Hybrid 760H

    very classy effect John well done
  131. Jan from Humbol

    Pushing the OB farther in crosswraps

    Jim it looks good, love the attention to detail you put into these. Jan
  132. Jan from Humbol

    Fishing report

    Fished the False Cape area Monday the 27 th, got a 30 pound Pacific butt, two smalish lings and one big fat Copper got home around 2:30 great day on the water and a good day catching...Better have been it was my birthday, friggin 63 years old now, Damn!
  133. Jan from Humbol

    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    :finger: Whisky Tango Foxtrot checking in. LOL
  134. Jan from Humbol

    Blue fade calstar

    Very nice effect.
  135. Jan from Humbol

    Overnigher - Tuna - Squid and Big A$$ sharks

    They are good eating if you take proper care of them as they come aboard. I cut off the head and save (Ling and halibut bait) gut and cut off fins and get it on the ice. when you get home you have what looks like squid door mats, I remove the outer skin and cut into 4-5 in squares vacuum bag...
  136. Jan from Humbol

    Humboldt Bay NorCal

    Also forgot shamless plug LOL This is Bev Hart and a 120 she got using 30#, eat your hearts out guys, this gal can fish and catch.
  137. Jan from Humbol

    Humboldt Halibut

    :rofl: Nice fish, Tim will apreciate the plug. Jan
  138. Jan from Humbol

    Safeway supports the MLPA, Bboycott them!

    Stay Away From Safeway! « on: Today at 01:40:29 pm » Quote Modify Remove Split Topic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RFA CALLS FOR A NATIONAL BOYCOTT OF SAFEWAY...
  139. Jan from Humbol

    Safeway supports MLPA > boycott them!!

    Stay Away From Safeway! « on: Today at 01:40:29 pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RFA CALLS FOR A NATIONAL BOYCOTT OF SAFEWAY SUPERMARKET CHAIN Campaign To Educate Corporate...
  140. Jan from Humbol

    After the Sig P232...

    I decided I like stainless so I just bought a Beretta 96 (40 S&W) Inox At this rate I'm gonna need a bigger safe:rofl:
  141. Jan from Humbol

    Reloading equipment, which one?

    I have one of these had it about a year now, and I've loaded around 10,000 rounds of 380, 9MM, 45ACP and 308 rifle. No it's not an expensive kit/press and it does a damn fine job for a single stage unit and is great to learn...
  142. Jan from Humbol

    Picked up the new Sig P232 today

    When you look at the modern rounds and study the ballistics you get some surprises
  143. Jan from Humbol

    'Ere now the lad got himself a 'Quigley

    On a good day I can get three out of five on a playing card at 300 from bench rest with my Remington 308 but these pros are damned good. They give a whole new meaning to the term "Reach out and touch someone" . LOL Here's my benchrest toy
  144. Jan from Humbol

    'Ere now the lad got himself a 'Quigley

    I frigggin love this 1430 meters is a bit over 1500 yards, great shooting lads.
  145. Jan from Humbol

    Picked up the new Sig P232 today

    I shoot at the indoor range at 5 th and O st. Used to be Marcellis, now called the old west shootery, it's been raining a little here strange as it sounds LOL The same used to be said for the 9MM too but ammunition technology has come a long way the Remington Golden Sabre that I reload are...
  146. Jan from Humbol

    Picked up the new Sig P232 today

    I have a pretty good sized paw too so the Biretta's fit pretty well and I do a lot of point shooting the 92 is spot on accurate for me, Glucks shoot 18" high at 25 feet and I don't want to shoot something that I have to remember to adjust for on point of aim/impact
  147. Jan from Humbol

    Picked up the new Sig P232 today

    That first shot out there at 9:00 was a pull as I forgot to compensate for the increased trigger pull on the first round shot, others wise not too bad for an old fart. LOL I still do better with the Beretta 92 but that's a whole different pistol. Next trick is going to be the Beretta 90-two...
  148. Jan from Humbol

    Picked up the new Sig P232 today

    Took it to the range and stuffed a couple of boxes of ammo threw it, no major malfunctions and the darn thing shoots pretty well for a pocket gun, this shot at 25 feet
  149. Jan from Humbol

    9mm shopping

    I own 2 9MM's, a Ruger P95 and a Beretta 92FS I like the Beretta more than the Ruger as it shoots real well for me, however the P95 is a darn nice pistol and won't break the bank it is slightly smaller than the 92FS and IMHO does not shoot as well. Out of the box I had some failure to feed...
  150. Jan from Humbol

    F.E.W. of us got banned

    and these friggin drama queens are crawling out of the woodwork now WTF! I stopped using the other site due to the chicken manure flap and subsequent BS about the rod builders logo now the shit is filtering into BD. Enough I say! Time to do the Queen of hearts trick on these...
  151. Jan from Humbol

    So I was looking at pistols...

    I'd considered the Bersa 380 but they are a dime a dozen used and the Sig has a better resale value
  152. Jan from Humbol

    So I was looking at pistols...

    And came across a Sig P232 .380 in stainless, it fit my paw real well and pointed right where I wanted it too. The price wasn't bad but being the ever thrifty Dutchman I am I bugged my eyes at the price tag and said "Can you get a little wiggle room on that price?" Guy comes back and said...
  153. Jan from Humbol

    Practice, practice, practice

    Kissing the daughter is OK, but you have to keep her. LOL
  154. Jan from Humbol

    Practice, practice, practice

    Yeah no problem, that's why I group a little to the left to make sure I get the heart, from the front you'd need to go a bit to the right. Front should look like this...
  155. Jan from Humbol

    Practice, practice, practice

    Done yesterday with the Beretta 92Fs at 35 feet at the rate of 1.5 sec per shot with 4 clips.
  156. Jan from Humbol

    Hello, I need some helps choosing rifle from Remington 700 models..

    Aww bullshit, buy the Remington 700 in 308 and learn to reload, great gun and a versitile caliber. Good out to say 800 yards if you know how to shoot and hell on wheels at 100-300 yards. Don't beleive all the crap you read on the internet.
  157. Jan from Humbol

    Ok..No Remington 700, scares me. What about either Savage 110 or Weatherby Vanguard?

    about the time this story broke, try as I might I can't get the weapon to fail, it shoots very well and I have the utmost confidence in it. If you don't want your Remingtons send them to me, I'll give them a good home.
  158. Jan from Humbol

    Ruger customer service

    Yeah 45 ACP 255 gn cast boolit out of a Ruger Old Army with a Kurst conversion cylinder. I prefer a 200gn cast over 4.5 gn of Red Dot or Bulls eye.
  159. Jan from Humbol

    Old dogs bite

    67 year old Vietnam Vet gets harrassed by a punk on the bus - YoujoTube Old dogs can still bite, I love the last part where this badass dude turns into a whiny blubbering little bitch as he bleeds.:rofl: Note the old fart after he's off, he ready to get back on the bus and...
  160. Jan from Humbol

    Ruger customer service

    We see a lot of "Aw shits" about companies on the web so I thought I'd post an atta boy for a change for some positivity outstanding customer service The little Ruger Mklll 22/45 Hunter recently I got for cheap developed some issues and became inoperative. I downloaded the instructions...
  161. Jan from Humbol

    I'll never see Garlic the same

    Gawd! My friggin eyes! I'm going to get even with the shit head that zapped me with this if it's the last thing I ever do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  162. Jan from Humbol

    How to buy a Gun at the Del Mar Gun Show?

    Not quite all guns need to go through an FFL, the exception would be "Black Powder" types of firearms and Cap and Ball type of stuff, you can buy one on line and the USPS will ship it to your door.
  163. Jan from Humbol

    Which .22LR pistol is your favorite?

    I just bought a 22/45 MK111 hunter with the 4.5 fluted barrel it's a super little gun. It was a pawn shop buy and failed as in broke a few days after I picked it up (All sales are final :( ), no big deal I just sent it back to Ruger and it will be repaired after a lot of neglect. Once I...
  164. Jan from Humbol

    What's your favorite revolver?

    Ruger Old Army with a 45 ACP conversion cylinder and a 250 gn cast boolit. Goes down range like a freight train and about as fast
  165. Jan from Humbol

    So while I'm recovering from the knee surgery

    I'm spending money like a drunken sailor LOL I ended up finding a super deal on a NIB stainless Ruger #1 in 308 $769.00 and then of course I needed a nice scope to go with it. So then I got to where I could drive and went to...
  166. Jan from Humbol

    What Gun Is This?

    Yes, even over a Sig, Sigs are good, Berettas are mobettah, target done with 20 Remington 147 gn Golden sabers at 25 feet timed at 40 seconds. 92FS
  167. Jan from Humbol

    How I spent last weekend...

    Had it done at St. Joe's by way of a Dr. Kilgore out of Humboldt Orthopedic. I'm already up and about working the knee and even driving a little so I'll be back to normal pretty soon...At least as near to normal as I can get. LOL And Semper Fi right back at you :)
  168. Jan from Humbol

    How I spent last weekend...

    I hit the OR at 0530 last Friday and now have a new knee, hurts like hell off and on but I'm home and stumping around the house pretty well. I was going to start some wrapping projects but I can't sit all that long and the damn pain meds make me kinda woozy so I'll have to wait a little...
  169. Jan from Humbol

    Remington Poll

    No complaints
  170. Jan from Humbol

    remington under fire

    a replacement trigger with safety for a 700 is $124 bucks Rem 700 w/safety
  171. Jan from Humbol

    New long range toy

    5 inch spread groups at 100 yards is not long range Rob, five inches at five hundred is pretty fair. I'm going to break down 20 rounds from 10 different boxes and do some analyzing and see if it's inconsistant powder loading for starters. Just pulling the bullets and dumping the powder and...
  172. Jan from Humbol

    New long range toy

    Trob I'll give you clean and reliable but accurate it isn't, I'm going to break the rest of this shit down for componets.
  173. Jan from Humbol

    New long range toy

    Sure pokes great holes in targets a long way out... Remington 700 26" bbl .308 caliber with a Choate sniper style stock. Oh yeah stay away from Federal American Eagle brand ammo, its accuracy sucks rocks.
  174. Jan from Humbol


    Louis Wu sent me a spool last week, just can't find the end of it. LOL I'll stick with my shigawire.
  175. Jan from Humbol

    Titegroup powder vs HP38 (Win231)

    Bob I use HS-6, HP-38, Universal, Red Dot, Blue Dot and Bulls Eye for 9MM and 45 ACP, keeping in mind I'm shooting the ACP out of a revolver so I can use softer loads as there's no slide to worry about. I can load what they call "Bunny Fart" loads for the range and shoot 200 rounds and not...
  176. Jan from Humbol

    The new Beretta

    That was done with a handload I cooked up, 147 gn Remington Golden Sabre bullet over 4.9-5.0 gn of Hodgens HS-6... Shoots real accurate. Now I need to cook up one for the Ruger old Army that's as good. The ROA has the 45 ACP conversion cylinder in it and can shhot "Off the shelf"standard...
  177. Jan from Humbol

    The new Beretta

    I just think Tweeker when I shoot
  178. Jan from Humbol

    Bullet encoding and your ammo

    Cast your own and reload
  179. Jan from Humbol

    Practical Zero for a Mil-Dot Scope??

    Glad I found this stuff, I just ordered the Remington 700 SPS Varmiter in 308 and a Choate Ultimate Sniper Rifle Stock and also will have the Mil Dot scope. Going to do some reaching out.
  180. Jan from Humbol

    Flex coat not coating!!

    I had one contaminated when the wife decided to fry something on the stove and got things a little too hot, of course she never thought to turn on the fan, the airborne grease, smoke, got on the stick and I ended up just cutting everything off and starting over after I wiped the area down with...
  181. Jan from Humbol

    So after shooting a while...

    And after some research I decided on the Ruger Old Army as one of the best ones ever made. Now I own one and will be making lots of noise and smoke at the range. Remember he who finishes with the most toys wins. :rofl:
  182. Jan from Humbol

    What a crock of......

    A bit over nine pounds... I was just being my usual sarcastic self. LOL From the web "The weight of the M1 varies between 9.5 lb (4.31 kg) and 10.2 lb (4.63 kg) unloaded (depending on sling type and stock wood density)--a considerable increase over the previous M1903 Springfield. The...
  183. Jan from Humbol

    9 years later I'm still pissed..

    And never forgive.
  184. Jan from Humbol

    What a crock of......

    It's the high capacity 8 round clip and the ease of concealability with the Garand that has them spooked. Friggin idiots:2gunsfiring_v1:
  185. Jan from Humbol

    So after shooting a while...

    And policing my brass (It's a Marine thing LOL ) I had a few pounds of the stuff so the natural direction was to get back into reloading. So first I need a bench, the last picture shows what was a hardwood Futon frame and I morphed it into a nifty little loading bench the first two two...
  186. Jan from Humbol

    Here we go.

    Nah...Shotgun LOL
  187. Jan from Humbol

    Here we go.

    I've been practicing with the new Baretta :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  188. Jan from Humbol

    The new Beretta

    Getting a little better but still lots of room for improvement, 2 things are hampering me. The glasses so I need to visit the eye Doc and discuss prescription shooting glasses and the trigger pull which a lighter spring will take care of. At least I was in my happy place today. LOL
  189. Jan from Humbol

    The new Beretta

    I picked up my brand new 92FS today, and fired it at the indoor range the shop has. Quite frankly I was more than a little impressed with the accuracy of the pistol at 25 and 50 feet. Here's some pictures of what I did, I fired the bulls eye target first to see where it was shooting and then...
  190. Jan from Humbol

    Is it real or is it "Faux"?

    Real nice Bill
  191. Jan from Humbol

    In the market for a .45

    I like this
  192. Jan from Humbol

    In the market for a .45

    I'll still keep my eyes and ears open for a 45 but I think this one will be a fun shoot. I also found out that Beretta makes a .22 conversion kit for these pistols, it might be fun but it's a little pricy at $349.00 which is close to what a new gun would cost. I already have a Ruger Bisley...
  193. Jan from Humbol

    In the market for a .45

    After a few days of shopping I just could not find one in the price range I liked so I found a brand new 9MM Beretta 92FS and bought that, it's a later version of the M9 that our troops carry, feels good in my hand and will point and shoot where I want it to. I looked at the Glocks but I...
  194. Jan from Humbol

    Seeker 809 4 axis chevron

    real nice Bill
  195. Jan from Humbol

    Back yard bear bait

    Got one 50# halibut and some rockfish this year so far, salmon season has been a bust with very few fish taken for many hours of collective effort, the weather has been half snotty off and on for the last two months so a small boater is risking their life attempting to go out of the bay. I'm...
  196. Jan from Humbol

    Back yard bear bait

    Neighbors saw a 300# black bear peeking over my six foot fence looking at the chickens, he's been a bad Yogi as he's developed a taste for neighborhood trash cans. I called DFG and told them he's around and if they'd like to save his mangy carcass they'd better come get him, they refused to...
  197. Jan from Humbol

    In the market for a .45

    California gun laws sure do suck
  198. Jan from Humbol

    Heads up! the ecconazis are at it again

    For Immediate Release, August 3, 2010 Contact: Robert Johns, American Bird Conservancy, (202) 234-7181 x 210 Jeff Miller, Center for Biological Diversity, (510) 499-9185 National Ban on Lead-based Ammunition, Fishing Tackle Sought to End Wildlife Poisoning Lead Still a Potent Killer of...
  199. Jan from Humbol

    North Coast MLPA Protest

    Fuccum, we're gonna fight! YouTube - MLPA Rally in Fort Bragg - Tribes, Fishermen & local conservationists speak out :2gunsfiring_v1: :2gunsfiring_v1: :2gunsfiring_v1: :2gunsfiring_v1: :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::rofl::rofl...
  200. Jan from Humbol

    I do NOT support the ICRBE - Why is my name being used to promote it?

    Damn! what am I gonna do with all this darn popcorn now? :rofl: You'd think it was winter with some of these temper tantrums. LOL
  201. Jan from Humbol

    In the market for a .45

    By ouch I take it they have gotten real expensive, I've looked at some local stuff and it's $800 on up
  202. Jan from Humbol

    In the market for a .45

    Looking for a standard service issue M1911 45, any ideas and what are they going for these days
  203. Jan from Humbol

    Can you identify this rod?

    It's not a total loss, probably a fairly short stick so you'd have to rebuild it with the same sort of handle to have any sort of length, I'm channeling a trolling stick sort of set up. It all depends on what line class it is and what you want to end up with. Or offer it up for sale or...
  204. Jan from Humbol

    4 axis chevron 1st one

    Nice effort, the layout is the trick to a nice looking wrap. This jig from C&M will make life easier. And remember if you are going to do a closed wrap also do the tapered offset layout and take your time, there's no rush.
  205. Jan from Humbol

    Can you identify this rod?

    I'd also guess a Sabre, looks like you oopsed it pretty good. Key learning, when you have a knurled lock ring at the top of the seat it's probably a situation like you found here where the handle and seat will come off. You'd have probably been better off leaving well enough alone and...
  206. Jan from Humbol

    I need a favor

    Great work you guys! Thanks a lot :)
  207. Jan from Humbol

    I need a favor

    Local TV station is having a poll about MLPA Please take a few seconds to vote in it if you would. it's in the upper left corner of the page News Stories | News Channel 3
  208. Jan from Humbol

    ballpark price for standup rod

    I'll build you one for $150.00 but shipping will cost around $325.00, this is what's called a "Furball special" :rofl:
  209. Jan from Humbol

    ballpark price for standup rod

    I'm not sure where we fall in the grand scheme if things (Bureau of labor statistics hourly wages) May 2009 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates But I think that a decent wrapper is an artist and that the artsy fartsy types ring down around $25.00 per hour labor.
  210. Jan from Humbol

    ballpark price for standup rod

    Ditto, setting grips, butt, layout, wrapping and finishing figure 3-4 hours on a simple wrap
  211. Jan from Humbol

    177 pound OPAH

    Outstanding fish! And on a Newell, eat your heart out Avet LOL
  212. Jan from Humbol

    Favorite Conventional Reel Under $200

    Newell hands down,and they will out cast all the rest with one exception and that's the Aussie Avely. You can put a jig into another time zone with a Newell but an Avely can do another dimension.
  213. Jan from Humbol

    Just a diamond wrap

    Hey Navy...Not to bad on the wrap (Grin) You know we're gonna screw with you a little, after all this is Bloody Decks. And I'm a former Jarhead.
  214. Jan from Humbol

    Here's one for Doc

    Beautiful rod
  215. Jan from Humbol

    Optical chevrons Helmsman Spar Urethane
  216. Jan from Humbol

    Optical chevrons

    Black, silver, green works for me and I've seen many different colors used yellow black, red grey lots of combos work. do some 3" test wraps on a 1/2" dowell if you're not sure. The real trick is the accurate layout to make it look nice. Also notice the little three color fade at the top of...
  217. Jan from Humbol

    What I've learned.

    Nice looking stick and just FYI I learn something new on every stick I build
  218. Jan from Humbol

    Would it be gay?

    Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, used to be Norwegian fishermans lotion, good shit and it will help you
  219. Jan from Humbol

    While I was looking at the Chark Bait

    I've been using the Threadmaster lite and have been putting on a thin sealer coat followed up with a thicker finish coat 24 hours later and it's been working great.
  220. Jan from Humbol

    While I was looking at the Chark Bait

    Weekly specials I noticed that Mark had S440-5's for $129.00 so I bought one, then I realized I need to wrap a stick to sort of match it. So I looked in the pole pile and found an AST60XH (AMTAC) that I'd started as a deckhand style with all black tuna cord and a 5x8 turk so... I decided...
  221. Jan from Humbol

    Getting Old

    I prefer the 7X myself:rofl:
  222. Jan from Humbol

    Time to boycott?

    Picky LOL Sten gun, British...Uzi Israeli
  223. Jan from Humbol

    What do you guys do?

    All the above. LOL
  224. Jan from Humbol

    Cross Wrap Blem

    Sometimes when you lay the last thread you look at it and go "Aw shit, this looks like crap" before you cut it off figure out where you went wrong and learn by your mistake. I learned from my mistake(s) or tried to over the years.
  225. Jan from Humbol

    Chuck Problems

    Level the rod, Mark and Jim are spot on. Take a short pencil put it in the chuck, use a small chunk of 3" wide wood and stand it on the rail and slide it on the point of the pencil, that is the center of the chuck, the tip should be close to the same height as the butt otherwise it will...
  226. Jan from Humbol

    40-60lb reel

    113HN Baja Special, built to last, yeah I know not a 2S, learn to short stroke.
  227. Jan from Humbol

    First Impression of the Newells by Valley MFG.

    Norma went to the new company with the reels, they will at some point be "Online" for internet orders and be taking credit cards, I sent them a request that when they go on line they announce it on the fishing boards. God bless Carl
  228. Jan from Humbol

    Rod for Newell 332 for throwin irons

    Ditto, deckhand style.
  229. Jan from Humbol

    What the "F" with Newell?

    Remember this knockout post by Tunacious? ----------------------------- Newell Reel History at a Glance Disclaimer…lol….I'm not an expert. If I'm uncertain of a "fact", I state so in the sentence. Also, I'm sure that I've probably left out some information. One must understand that in...
  230. Jan from Humbol

    Not wrapping now

    I was right outside of the False Cape near that 9 fathom spot which is about 3-4 miles outside. There's been quite a few butts taken down there, I guess they are up in the rocks feeding on rock fish, mine came out of 75 feet of water on a 4oz butterfly jig and 40# line. Fished an old...
  231. Jan from Humbol

    What is the best

    Newell 220-5
  232. Jan from Humbol

    Not wrapping now

    I'm catching!:rofl: Pacific butt, weighd 45 after gutting.
  233. Jan from Humbol

    Which Power Wrapper to Buy?

    I'd vote for the Pac Bay with the upgrade chuck, the plastic one sucks.
  234. Jan from Humbol

    New trick for Madera thread users

    It works fine, although I quit having fish eye problems with Madeira when I quit drying my CP with heat (Hair dryer), now I apply a thinned coat, thinned by 25%, and let it dry for at least a day. I want the first coat to penetrate all the way to the blank, then I apply a full strength heavy...
  235. Jan from Humbol

    aftco light rollers

    Never again.
  236. Jan from Humbol

    Who has X-tube in stock?

    I think Nathaniel owes Colleen flowers and candy:rofl:
  237. Jan from Humbol

    cord wrap glue?

    One of the reasons I like the real seine cord is that it's treated (Tar I think) and is designed to be used around saltwater and fish and tends to repel the absorption of slime and mold, the term "Tuna cord" comes from the tuna purse seiners using it to make and repair their nets. The other...
  238. Jan from Humbol

    cord wrap glue?

    I build a lot of these, I scuff the blank, smear on a lite coat of U40 Rod bond and apply the cord, twist it on firmly and pack it tight and it will last almost forever. I use real braided tuna cord (Aka Seine cord) and don't overcoat with anything.
  239. Jan from Humbol

    how many times to wrap guides?

    A base wrap of A and over wrap with C or D will work fine
  240. Jan from Humbol

    What size thread??

    Mark, I suggest 7X LOL That's what I use.
  241. Jan from Humbol

    Gale is visiting for a while

    The totem pole is still standing and I noticed the reel right out of the box, I guess it's what you'd call a collectors item
  242. Jan from Humbol

    Gale is visiting for a while

    so I got bored and spun one up just so I don't forget how. Oh yeah, see anything wrong with this Newell 229?
  243. Jan from Humbol

    Where to buy blanks?

    You get either one mad at you and you inna heap of trouble. LOL Yes mam, no mam, please and thank you and flowers would be a nice touch.
  244. Jan from Humbol

    wrapping rod with electrical tape???

    Joe, using electrical tape would look great. It would fit right in with the decor of this type of houseboat. LOL
  245. Jan from Humbol

    4 Color Fade

  246. Jan from Humbol

    tuna cord?

    It takes longer than five minutes to put it on properly. I use regular braided seine cord, U-40 rod bond and don't overcoat.
  247. Jan from Humbol

    Electric reels...

    However as you now know from my email I can change out the set plate on the 910 with the set plate from the 900H (Part # 783-3302 at $28 bucks from Mikes reels) thereby allowing me to install a Fish Winch on the modified 910. This info thanks to Alan Tani, reel expert and all around...
  248. Jan from Humbol

    Electric reels...

    I've been looking at them and the prices are shall we say significant, I found this thing called a "Fish winch" anyone ever see them or know about them. I'm thinking of putting one on a Daiwa 910 for some serious deep pacific halibut fishing.
  249. Jan from Humbol

    Deckhand style rods

    cork puppy
  250. Jan from Humbol

    Frustration with Madeira

    Are you using heat at any point in your wrapping process? I use Madeira exclusively and CP with either Chroma seal, Flex coat and others with no problems. However super clean hands are a must, don't speed dry your stuff with heat and make double darn sure nobody is frying hamburgers in the...
  251. Jan from Humbol

    But, but I thought weed was OK in Weed!

    SAN FRANCISCO – A popular California outdoors writer was free on bail after authorities said Friday they found a large marijuana growing operation in his barn in the town of Weed. Deputies served a search warrant on 55-year-old Tom Stienstra's home last week and seized 60 plants and more...
  252. Jan from Humbol

    Need Fuji Guides BHBNG

    Donart: New - Fuji HB Concept Guides With Silicon Nitride Ring
  253. Jan from Humbol

    Grip Wraps

    Nice grips
  254. Jan from Humbol


    these might be close... Pacific Bay BHG Boat Rod Guides, Boat Rod Eyes
  255. Jan from Humbol

    Good place to order tuna cord

    Easy...Just buy one of each. LOL
  256. Jan from Humbol

    Calstar 700 MH, The Judge

    I really like the guide wrap combo.
  257. Jan from Humbol

    Replacing cork wrap

    Some just "Rehab" the old cork with an application of heat shrink right over the existing layer of cork, saves a lot of work. If it's really ratty peel up the old material, use a hair dryer for heat if you feel the need and scrape off the old adhesive with a plastic knife. Clean it up with...
  258. Jan from Humbol

    Good place to order tuna cord

    Turkshead knots, Butt Cord, Tuna Cord & Seiners Twine about halfway down the page, best place around to buy any of your rod stuff
  259. Jan from Humbol

    yoyo iron rod

    RCJB Rainshadow Composite Jigging Blanks & RCLB Rainshadow Composite Live Bait Blanks Batson Rainshadow & Forecast Saltwater Fishing Rod Blanks RCJB84H, 7', 30-60lb, butt .900 tip 8 Heavy RCLB70M 7' 20-50lb .910 7.5 Medium Good blanks and better prices.
  260. Jan from Humbol

    Great looking fish art

    Your stuff is great too.
  261. Jan from Humbol

    Great looking fish art

    went tuna fishing yesterday nailed a 34" albie on a platinum Visa at about half a knot... this guy makes these out of steel sheet and they are fantastic, he can and does do most sport fish like salmon tuna,bas snook red fish and he's damn good. check his web site posted in this thread...
  262. Jan from Humbol

    First albacore of the year out of Eureka...

    and bought a couple more items. I also called him and we had quite a chat, he makes all sorts of stuff and will make you just about any type of fish you want. I couldn't resist these, the Dolphins are self explanatory, the other item is a Southwestern Indian Deity called Kokopelli which I...
  263. Jan from Humbol

    Acidrod does it again!

    100% true. A great store.
  264. Jan from Humbol

    First albacore of the year out of Eureka...

    The artist's web site. Steel Images - Home The person who helps this guy sell the stuff is Jeff Pearson and you can email him at [email protected] I have his telephone number too and it's 1-360-642-0801 Jeff told me that the guys web site is incomplete as to the things he has so...
  265. Jan from Humbol

    First albacore of the year out of Eureka...

    No contact info right now, but working on it...I'll post it when I find out more.
  266. Jan from Humbol

    First albacore of the year out of Eureka...

    That got your heart pumping didn't it. :o :o ;D ;D I did get a 34" Albacore today, weighs in at about 6 pounds and caught it trolling a platinum visa at 3/4 of a knot in Englunds today, thought it would inspire me mounted over the rod wrapping bench. Some guy makes these and they sell...
  267. Jan from Humbol

    OK, let's see 'em....

    various years
  268. Jan from Humbol

    Pac Bay or Flexcoat rod wrapper?

    I bought a wrapper from Batson which is the 3L or very close to it, very nice wrapper ($275 and change) with the exception of the chuck on it. Frankly the plastic chucks suck on these type of wrappers. get...
  269. Jan from Humbol

    Got my 90J Blank Today Any Suggestions?

    "Any ideas on how to make this thing light?" Don't overload it with big heavy guides and get to the gym more often. LOL
  270. Jan from Humbol

    Anyway to tell what kind of blank this is?

    Could be a 660H also, good stick none the less and will probably handle 60# easily. Good score.
  271. Jan from Humbol

    Holland thread/red/Black size d varragated

    1100 Yds NYLON Size A Rod BUILDING thread CLASSIC TWIST - eBay (item 390145135276 end time Mar-19-10 15:20:05 PDT)
  272. Jan from Humbol

    Ugly Duckling

    Good job Steve that really looks nice.
  273. Jan from Humbol


    No Nakiri or Yanagiba? I bought this set a while back sharpest things I've ever used in the kitchen. KAI USA : Shun Product Details
  274. Jan from Humbol

    Holland thread/red/Black size d varragated

    Did you locate your thread yet? If not PM me
  275. Jan from Humbol

    Charlie Nguyen

    What ever happened with Charlie? He used to post a lot of beautiful weaves.
  276. Jan from Humbol

    How do you guys apply your finish?

    try here... - Fishing Pictures
  277. Jan from Humbol

    How do you guys apply your finish?

    When I'm doing guides I under wrap with Madeira or "A" burnish and then do a thinned (25%) coat of CP and let dry for a day. Then I over wrap using A,B C or some times D and this is predicated on the effect I'm shooting for. The only stick I've "Double wrapped" in recent history was an...
  278. Jan from Humbol

    Another Metallic Thread

    What sort of problems you been having John? I assume it's with the Madeira and I apreciate the heads up on the other brand of thread although it may be a while before I need silver or gold. LOL
  279. Jan from Humbol


    For a while I put off buying Madeira metallic due to the cost but I got tired of most of the metallics I tried looking "Gappy" when wrapped or having the metallic part separate. I decided to go ahead and pay the $38 for the 5500 yard spool as that's all they sell and I'm sold! The stuff wraps...
  280. Jan from Humbol

    best kind of spectra guides?

    Hardness Mineral Comment 1 Talc Hardness 1-2 can be scratched by a fingernail 2 Gypsum Hardness 2-3 can be scratched by a copper coin 3 Calcite Hardness 3-6 can be scratched by a steel pocket knife 4 Fluorite 5 Apatite 6 Orthoclase Hardness 6-7 will not scratch glass 7...
  281. Jan from Humbol

    how do i fix

    Sorry, just couldn't resist. :) You should have seen the one where I pulled a door knob off, poked a hole in the ceiling and snapped the tip off not to mention almost getting KO'd by a flying door knob. Now all testing is taken outside and a sturdy , and very firmly affixed, eye bolt is used.
  282. Jan from Humbol

    how do i fix

    Ah, the "Bill Dance" rod trick... Ceiling fan, power window, car door, house door, truck tailgate and best of all the snake dance. LOL LOL LOL
  283. Jan from Humbol

    U40 Quick Bond

  284. Jan from Humbol

    Transome Mount Transducer placement.

    5200 won't stick to the darn plastic so it will leak, need to use Rule Elastomeric sealant.
  285. Jan from Humbol


    Hell, I keep a K-Bar and a .357 on the bench, gives a whole new meaning to cutting out the BS or shooting the shit.
  286. Jan from Humbol

    Pssst.. Sneak Peek - March Specials

    I'm running out of room! LOL
  287. Jan from Humbol

    Peaches and cream colors

    Thanks everybody, I kept eyeballing that end of the thread box thinking "I gotta try that orange/pink end of the spectrum on a wrap one of these days" kinda glad I did as the combination has some nice possibilities.
  288. Jan from Humbol

    Electrical Fire today

    Replace it/all, saltwater and corrosion never sleeps.
  289. Jan from Humbol

    Peaches and cream colors

    I take a silver pencil and mark off 3/4 to 1" lines and then take a 1/8" chunk of green hard lay nylon cord (Aka Halibut leader) and just spin in the grove using the friction of the line. Btw those are EVA foam grips rather than Hypalon. Randy, I got side tracked on a pair of cow sticks...
  290. Jan from Humbol

    Peaches and cream colors

    Decided to wrap a chevron/scale wrap using an orangish red center start and fade out to a pale cream/peach tint and darned if it turned out pretty nice colorwise. this is on a two piece 12-20# salmon downrigger casting rod blank (Rainshadow) from C&M.
  291. Jan from Humbol

    Does build weight matter to you?

    On a GF7455XXH (60#-Ultd) with 5 Aftco rollers double wrapped and gimbal butt I don't think so, UL spinner or 5 wt fly stick yeah it's to take note about.
  292. Jan from Humbol

    Not a rod wrap but...

    I didn't mention that it's other function is a "Tweaker tamer" for the nusance types around the launch ramp. What the hell, crabs gotta eat too. LOL
  293. Jan from Humbol

    Do you vote your sport(s)???

    Better start and also start telling the politicos you do I just fired off an email to Meg Whitman since she's running for Governor asking her what her position was on MLPA's and the ongoing destruction of the saltwater sport fishing industry (Worth an estimated 2.3 BILLION dollars a year to...
  294. Jan from Humbol

    Random Ribbons x3 with a twist

    It's different, as in innovative and very distinctive. Great job Steve.
  295. Jan from Humbol

    Not a rod wrap but...

    still fishing stuff. LOL Decided to cobble up a new fish bat as the wooden one I made a few years ago is getting kinda rough around the edges and I get splinters in my paws. So an old aluminum bat caught my eye I cut it off at 18", plugged the end leaving an inch and a quarter cavity added...
  296. Jan from Humbol

    Some work in progress

    Just a simple chevron wrap, a bunch of X's laid side by side from left to right, it's all in the colors and how the eye perceive them. The strange thing is the two gray/silver wraps look a lot nicer than the blue in person but they just don't show well on the web. here is what I mean about...
  297. Jan from Humbol

    Some work in progress

    Been sitting around wrapping as the mood strikes me and decided to build up a couple of 7' spinners using Rainshadows RCLB70XL 12-25 & RCLB70L 15-30# and then a 2 piece 8.5 12-17# caster for steelhead.
  298. Jan from Humbol

    I need some blank ideas

    Well... A. How much do you want to spend? B Glass, Graphite, composite? C. Action, soft, parabolic, slow tip or fast tip? Now were you to visit me to build you a set of sticks I'd push the Rainshadow RCLB70ML 20-40# or the RCLB70M which is 20-50# neither will break the bank and will...
  299. Jan from Humbol

    big 5 coupon

    Thanks Tom!!! I called the local Big 5 and these are apparently good at all Big 5's.
  300. Jan from Humbol

    Rainshadow RCJB84H 30-60lb

    I've built a few of those, very nice sticks, however I'd suggest a small roller tip and stripper if it's going to be a deep drop butt stick. I built one like that and it's quite nice when you are doing the deeper drops.
  301. Jan from Humbol


    Learn to use a spatula
  302. Jan from Humbol

    Fix a big rookie mistake?

    Don't get it too hot or you will screw up the blank, also once you get it started use a plastic knife so you don't cut the blank. Now the question is what kind of a dryer were you using? Was it home made and did it have a continious duty motor on it, if not you were lucky the breaker tripped...
  303. Jan from Humbol

    Brain picking time...

    Well at least this time I don't have to harvest the bamboo or go dig up some agate for guides.LOL
  304. Jan from Humbol

    Brain picking time...

    Ken, I'm going with a set of Aftco Big foots and thanks all for the advice, like I said been a real long time since I built one of these.
  305. Jan from Humbol

    Brain picking time...

    A guy wants a cow stick so I'm going to build him a GFT7455XXH, it's been many, many moons since I built an "Elephant gun", what's the consensus on double wrapping vs triple wraps on these heavy duty sticks these days? Way back when it was triple D, E or even EE sometimes. My initial...
  306. Jan from Humbol

    Need a good lime green thread

    One thing to keep in mind is the color cards on these darn computers can lead you astray as they often are a shade or two off. Here is a wrap I did using Madeira on the butt and "C" lime green NCP on the guide with a "D" black over wrap, a little silver will look nice in the guide wraps. I...
  307. Jan from Humbol

    Need a good lime green thread

    Take your pick, black, silver, silver grey will compliment green
  308. Jan from Humbol

    Experimental Fade Wrap..

    Just add some white and gold LOL
  309. Jan from Humbol

    Sabre number?

    As a matter of fact I have a 6709 lamiglas, nice stick has sort of a parabolic bend rather than a fast tip, I like mine for a bait stick in the 25-30 class.
  310. Jan from Humbol


    When you get the "Cost per unit" down to a penny each let us know.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  311. Jan from Humbol

    Sabre number?

    6029 sounds like an older Lamiglass type number
  312. Jan from Humbol

    Rainshadow Sensitivity

    I've built quite a few of the composites (RCLB70 & RCJB series) and am quite satisfied with the quality and performance of these blanks, plus sells them at a great price Batson Rainshadow & Forecast Saltwater Fishing Rod Blanks
  313. Jan from Humbol

    What do you like for bottom fishing W/113HN?

    Yeah that 16 pound ball is great advertisement for acid wrapping...Or rail plates. LOL
  314. Jan from Humbol

    What do you like for bottom fishing W/113HN?

    Russel the 60XH weighs in at 9 oz
  315. Jan from Humbol

    What do you like for bottom fishing W/113HN?

    Capt G I'd think that it would get hot enough, I toss chicken bones and the stuff the dogs chew(Cow) in there and I burn oak or madrone and when it's hot and "Cookin" the bones just turn to ash. Got a "Project in mind? LOL
  316. Jan from Humbol

    What do you like for bottom fishing W/113HN?

    I fish my HN on one of these Amtac blanks, AXST60XH 6' 1 EX-HVY FAST 50-80#, it's listed as a stand up tuna blank but I use mine for hammering Pacific Halibut, big ling cod and even some monster Skates, (Accidental) that were around 200#. And yes I laid it on the rail for those.LOL Here's one...
  317. Jan from Humbol

    Acid Rod

    #30 a sq ft + materials LOL Now here's the rest of the story... This 2 man crew got here in the 13 th and started pulling up the carpet and getting ready to lay floor. There was an older lead man in his 50's and a younger guy who was "Learning the trade". The kid was early 20's and had...
  318. Jan from Humbol

    My First Chevron Wrap

    Nice looking wrap and a good finish. Now get in out of the rain. LOL
  319. Jan from Humbol

    Rebar Rockcod Sinkers: No More Lead!

    Bar designation number Nominal diameter in inches (not including the deformations) number - Weight in pounds per foot 3......... 0.375 4......... 0.500 5......... 0.625 6......... 0.750 7......... 0.875 8......... 1.000...
  320. Jan from Humbol

    Acid Rod

    I think Mark is in big, big trouble as I'm sure now that Colleen is able to read minds.
  321. Jan from Humbol

    Acid Rod

    Mark, Colleen and Julie you are awesom, that had to be the fastest shipped order I've ever had. Now if I could just get to the wrapping gear... I'm having some flooring done.:idiot::idiot: So there's three rooms of furniture and assorted crap (And the parrot) all stuffed into one...
  322. Jan from Humbol

    'Banding' after CP

    Steve the evenness of the banding tells me it's the thread not your tension nor did you contaminate it. I've had the same thing happen to me, as to why and how it occurs is still a puzzle to me. Personally I think that something has affected the thread on the outside wraps of the spool...
  323. Jan from Humbol

    Merry Christmas!

  324. Jan from Humbol

    Gutermann Thread

    Don't, stick with the Madeira or regular rod building thread.
  325. Jan from Humbol

    Happy Birthday G

    Ditto to all the above LOL
  326. Jan from Humbol

    Deckhand Rods

    I've used the DH rod for 50#-60# a long time, never had a problem with it. Yeah after a while the cork tape will compress and wear so you just tighten the clamp. Tuna cord will compress a little over time but again just tighten the clamp. Kinda like a no brainer to me. LOL
  327. Jan from Humbol

    Off topic

    Hey a man has to eat don't he? I got up at 0400 here as the knee was hurting me as it's rainy, blustery stormy outside and decided to put on an old fashioned pot of white northern beans. So with the ham bone I'd saved from Thanksgiving I dug out the crock pot and diced an onion, 3 cloves of...
  328. Jan from Humbol

    Thread Nets

    "Or am I missing something? Again" Yeah...It's winter LOL My wife used those things for quilting and I tried them once but ended up deciding I didn't like them as they are actually designed so the thread spools off the top of the spool like on a sewing machine (And a spinning reel)...
  329. Jan from Humbol

    McRib is back!

    Aw hell, call it like it is... McRoo straight from the land of Oz LOL or a McDobbin sammwitch
  330. Jan from Humbol

    A man died here yesterday

    My condolances to the Ford family and may he rest in peace. > 74-year-old McKinleyville man drowned Tuesday after his boat capsized off the North Spit of Humboldt Bay. Buster Ford was reportedly tending his sport crab traps in his 18-foot fiberglass boat around noon. A man walking his...
  331. Jan from Humbol

    Deckhand style rods

    Use a cork puppy, Cutting Edge Tackle and the Cork Puppy get them from C&M Tackle first or if he's out then try I should add I use real braided nylon seine cord (Aka Tuna cord) and apply it after scuffing the surface with Scotch brite and using U40 Rod bond it is forever and...
  332. Jan from Humbol

    Big thanks to Ken Bush!!

    Newell 220-5 or the narrow Penn Squidder, I prefer the Newell for the faster gear ratio.
  333. Jan from Humbol

    Removing a Graphite Gimble

    Jon use the little cut off disks and slit down both sides carefully, warm with heat gun and see if it will pop off using a couple of screw drivers. Wear some goggles and try to keep your face out of the way as those little disks are real brittle and when you break one while cutting they will...
  334. Jan from Humbol

    What would you do? I've been burned!!!

    OK here's my .02... First. Set up a simple contract. Be clear and concise. IE cost of materials up front and remainder due on delivery, also specify a complete by date. I'd also add an agreed to "Shit happens" clause regarding a refund of either the rods parts or the money if for some...
  335. Jan from Humbol

    Marine Protected Areas in Oregon

    I figgured you guys already were in the know but thought I'd pass it along just in case. :)
  336. Jan from Humbol

    Marine Protected Areas in Oregon

    I saw this in a CDFG bullitin I just had emailed to me. Sounds like the MLPA people are putting a move on Oregon, good luck. ************** Although the north coast study region is bounded on the north by the political border between California and Oregon, neighboring MPAs in southern Oregon...
  337. Jan from Humbol

    SS-ULUA 93H

    that pattern and color looks very similar to actual Hawaiian native bark cloth, damn fine job
  338. Jan from Humbol

    looking for old Fuji #25 Spin Guide

    Those are gonna be real hard to find Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides & Tips from Custom Tackle Supply Fuji Aluminum Oxide Tips and Guides Fuji Aluminum Oxide Rod Guides
  339. Jan from Humbol

    Another Great one pass's

    He'll be waiting for you. **** If it should be that I grow frail and weak, and pain should keep me from my sleep, then you must do what must be done, for we know this last battle can't be won. You will be sad, I understand, but don't let grief then stay your hand, for this day, more...
  340. Jan from Humbol

    I got kid problems. Please vote so I can prove a point

    Same bullshit..."It's my room you can't go into it, it's mine and it's private" Yeah right. Mine decided to try to lock me out, interior doors are like tissue paper when you are proving your point. I told her unlock the friggin door or I'm comming through it, she decided to test me..I passed...
  341. Jan from Humbol

    Dryin motors???

    Just make sure what ever you get is rated continuous duty.
  342. Jan from Humbol

    Guide Alignment

    I run a peice of #69 white nylon through the guides when I'm done wrapping, I tape it off to center of the seat and have a 1/2 oz weight on the tip end. The stick is still on the wrapper, I then tweak the guides as straight as I can then I take it outside in good light and fine tune it by...
  343. Jan from Humbol

    What colors look cool?

    Pink purple and white, black green, silver to name just a few
  344. Jan from Humbol

    Pelican Bay State Prison

    this time of the year. I live in Eureka, I don't know which way you plan on driving in but this time of the year the weather is shitty for traveling. If you come up 101 watch your speed as the Chippies are in a serious revenue generation mode, also don't push the road speed wise as 101...
  345. Jan from Humbol

    Dryin motors???

    Burden Sales Surplus Center Item Detail $11.95 SPECIFICATIONS Speed 20 RPM Voltage 115 AC Amperage 0.48 Amps Torque 15.2 in - lbs. Rotation CW Duty Continuous Enclosure Open Mount Four #10-32 tapped mounting holes on 2-3/8" square centers Shaft 5/16" diam. x 1-3/16" long w/ flat...
  346. Jan from Humbol

    I'm back

    LOL My bad Dennis, generally I do 2 threads per color and sometimes three but you run the risk of going from a fade effect to a banding effect with some colors when you go beyond two. Any time I'm in doubt of the outcome of a color I do a one inch test wrap just to be sure, sorry mate that...
  347. Jan from Humbol

    Happy Birthday Mary!!

    Happy Birthday Mary!
  348. Jan from Humbol

    gorilla glue

    I did a test on an EVA grip and a broken blank, this stuff is a foaming urethane glue, I found it left bubbles under the grip and although it held the grip on it was not a satisfactory product. The biggest problem for me is the mess this crap makes when it starts foaming and it gets all over...
  349. Jan from Humbol

    I'm back

    Dennis I generally use 18-20 colors, kinda depends on my supply of thread.
  350. Jan from Humbol

    I'm back

    The dogs have been great company for me and a comfort but when I get the rod wrapping outfit set up in the other room they will be restricted from that area. The golden has this big beautiful plumed tail which she wags all the time and it tosses hair bad and it;s the fine gossamer under hair...
  351. Jan from Humbol

    I'm back

    in spite of my two "Helpers" who think adding a hair or two to the rod is a big help to me. I'm going to cure the hair and dust problems here. I hired a flooring contractor and the old funky carpets are outta here and I'm going to high pressure laminate through out. I also bought three of...
  352. Jan from Humbol

    I'm back

    Finally got off my lazy ass and started finishing a couple I had sitting around, this one is the red and the blue is on the way.
  353. Jan from Humbol

    L.O.S.T. post on forum

    First, I think Dave is doing a great job by getting into the nuts and bolts of rod dynamics it's a subject that the industry will benefit from. Most engineers do this all the time so one should expect it from them, a really good engineer is 100% involved about this sort of thing, some call...
  354. Jan from Humbol

    Crab season on the North Coast

  355. Jan from Humbol

    Crab season on the North Coast

    It never fails xxxxxxxxxxxx Thursday: S wind 20 to 25 kt. Rain likely, mainly after 10am. WNW swell 6 feet at 13 seconds. Wind waves 7 to 8 ft. Thursday Night: S wind 20 to 25 kt becoming SW 9 to 14 kt after midnight. Rain. WNW swell 7 feet becoming 10 feet. Wind waves 9 ft subsiding to...
  356. Jan from Humbol

    LOST Spiral - JAWS JI7604

    The jury is still out about Liberace being gay... LOLLOLLOL He sure could play the piano though.
  357. Jan from Humbol

    Wrapping pliers

    Monkey fist... Angry Monkey... Turk's head...
  358. Jan from Humbol


    Save yourself a lot of money, just put a clamp on your reel.
  359. Jan from Humbol

    I haven't been wrapping

    One day on Craiglist and it's sold.
  360. Jan from Humbol

    I haven't been wrapping

    Just FYI I'd like $7500 if I can get it.
  361. Jan from Humbol

    I haven't been wrapping

    Thanks for pointing that out Dave now it says 170 LOL
  362. Jan from Humbol

    I haven't been wrapping

    It's been snotted up for quite a while now but about all that's left to fish for is flat fish, squid, shark and mud marlin. It won't be long before the weather starts getting nasty here and everyone goes into hibernation. The exception is those crazy steelhead fishermen, they like it when...
  363. Jan from Humbol

    I haven't been wrapping

    but I haven't been sitting around suffering PMS (Read as Poor Me Syndrome) and while I was surfing Craig list I saw something I wanted. Soooo the next thing you know.... I now have 2 boats the old one was a 15 footer and I got the same type in a seventeen foot size...Anyone want to buy...
  364. Jan from Humbol

    Wrapping with cord

    No Turks heads? LOL
  365. Jan from Humbol

    Penn 113 MTL

    Ok here it is. This reel is a tank, side plates are solid metal, all parts are heavy duty and in my opinion this reel ought to last a person 25-50 years with reasonable care. This thing is simple easy to get into and totally bullet proof. There was a lot of grease in the reel out of the...
  366. Jan from Humbol

    First meeting in Eureka

    KIEM-TV News for Sep. 30, 2009 | Free News Videos - Watch News Videos Online | Veoh
  367. Jan from Humbol

    First meeting in Eureka

    We had a lot of folks turn out MLPA Meeting Site Protesters line Hwy 101
  368. Jan from Humbol

    Capt G

    Japanese Mikihisa yanagiba chef knife Houchou sashimi c - eBay (item 200284416544 end time Sep-30-09 20:19:13 PDT) I ordered them, I'll let you know.
  369. Jan from Humbol


    Some things never change, I got the same "Baby killer" shit when I got back from Viet Nam, probably from the parents of the little fuck heads you ran in to. I bent a few beaks back then and got tossed out of more than one party or restaurant, sure was satisfying to me. Semper Fi and...
  370. Jan from Humbol

    Screw Bill Havens

    Problem with building a ten footer for Ron is that when he grabs it it ends up looking like a seven foot blank. LOL
  371. Jan from Humbol

    Capt G

    I wonder if he take PayPal. LOL
  372. Jan from Humbol

    Capt G

  373. Jan from Humbol

    Capt G

    Are these for real and where can we get them? Suckers look sharp YouTube - Selling japanese knives 2 Or is this Japans verson of Billy Mays. LOL
  374. Jan from Humbol

    Okie dokie, geef ik can' op; t las ding stop maar de omslagen zijn mooi
  375. Jan from Humbol

    Going to have to quit wrapping for a while

    Fellow anglers, rod builders, all that have posted here in this thread, it’s truly humbling and awe inspiring to receive the kind words, prayers and good will sent to us from all of you here at Bloody Decks. From the bottom of my heart I thank you one and all and pray the good Lord returns...
  376. Jan from Humbol

    Going to have to quit wrapping for a while

    Thanks guys, I really apreciate the kind words, she fought the stuff for 15-18 years and finally lost the battle so I''ve had a long time to grieve and prepare for this eventuality not that it makes it any easier. I'll be around from time to time just won't be posting a lot. Bless you all.
  377. Jan from Humbol

    Going to have to quit wrapping for a while

    I got one guide wrapped on that last red/gray Rainshadow I'd started, then the wife's health (Cancer) took a serious turn for the worse and she passed away on the second. Haven't had the time or the heart to sit down and finish it, possibly later this winter but right now fuck it.
  378. Jan from Humbol

    This forum

    So what's wrong with being a professional asshole? Personally I find it quite handy at times and it's nice to post where I have a lot in common with others .:loverz::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: But back to the orgional thought, yes this is one of the best rodbuilding boards around.
  379. Jan from Humbol

    Dust - the enemy of a great finish at my place

    Just remember mate, here on Bloody Decks they call bullshit without pictures. LOLLOLLOL:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  380. Jan from Humbol

    Dust - the enemy of a great finish at my place

    I'll see your dust and raise you an Aussie Shepard AND a Golden Retriever, yeah I got old funky carpet too so I spend a lot of time running the vacuum before doing a finish job.
  381. Jan from Humbol

    Just starting...

    What they all said above. I started wrapping on a cardboard box with two "V" notches cut in it, small steps, practice and patience. Speed will come automatically with time and practice so don't be in a big hurry to finish as the in result will look like you hurried it. A lot of people do...
  382. Jan from Humbol


    Dave you know what happens to old rod wrappers when they get to the end of their thread. LOL
  383. Jan from Humbol

    Heading North, now what

    No river fishing anymore for this old fart, knees are totally shot and I don't team up very often as my rig is pretty small but we do have the Humboldt tuna board at Humboldt County Albacore Tuna Offshore Bluewater Anglers Club Eureka CA That board is pretty much just north coast from Ft...
  384. Jan from Humbol

    A Big Thanks To This Forum !

    Great job, and thank you for becomming a rod builder.
  385. Jan from Humbol

    Heading North, now what

    Ever hear about Bragadoon? LOL I moved to the Eureka area in '97 from Santee (Grew up in east La Mesa pretty close to you) it took a while for the wife and kid to aclimatize to the difference. Now it's home. Weather will be the big deal the first year, so bring the rain gear, your flannel...
  386. Jan from Humbol

    I'm moving to Australia

    The Aussies will never rule the world...That's why God invented Fosters. LOL
  387. Jan from Humbol


    Just a thought...
  388. Jan from Humbol

    Layout tools

    I can draw lots of purdy pictures as long as they're all circles
  389. Jan from Humbol

    Layout tools

    There were a lot more there and all pretty reasonable search "Drafting tools" VINTAGE "SCHOEMNER GERMANY" DRAFTING TOOL SET - eBay (item 260465510023 end time Aug-25-09 19:00:00 PDT) Vintage Complete Set of Architects Drafting Tools - eBay (item 280387920842 end time Aug-28-09 08:28:00 PDT)
  390. Jan from Humbol

    Layout tools

    I've been using a small machinists layout compass to help layout some of these butt wrap patterns. Being old and tired (THe compass not me. LOL ) I thought I'd replace the old compass so I went on Ebay... $13 rasbucknics for the entire set.
  391. Jan from Humbol

    red one

    I was playing around with the reversing chevron, decided to do a transverse one and tone it down by using a little more gray/white and a tad less red. Didn't come out too bad, not spectacular mind you but not bad. Finished it off with "D" Garnet and silver trim
  392. Jan from Humbol

    Not all nuts wrap rods....

    We get a little carried away with our thread work sometimes so it's nice to know we are not alone out here on the "Lunatic fringe" these folks are just as dedicated to Turks, Pineapples and other knotty art stuff as we are about the thread art. Really worth checking it out The Pineapple...
  393. Jan from Humbol

    wraped dyke's Scroll down the page. Practice makes perfect.
  394. Jan from Humbol

    Foot Adhesives or Underwrap?

    I never use it as I too need to do a final tweak on guide alingment, I always use an under wrap mostly of Madeira. It's not so much for protection as I'm careful about preping the guide feet but more for the esthetics and artwork of making the guide look nice. 99% of the sticks I build are...
  395. Jan from Humbol

    How to reverse Direction of Rotation of a Universal Motor

    Great post Neptune. You might see the humor in this... The Smoke Theory of Electric Circuits Electrical Theory by Joseph Lucas Positive ground depends upon proper circuit functioning, the transmission of negative ions by retention of the visible spectral manifestation known as...
  396. Jan from Humbol

    Any questions about MLPA now?

    Still think the little guy is going to be given a fair shake after seeing the crap that was just pulled by the MLPA folks and the lap dog (Some of them) members of the F&G Commission? Time to take off the gloves and start fighting otherwise Julie Packard will get her wish...No more nasty old...
  397. Jan from Humbol


    I feel a test wrap or two is in my near future. LOL
  398. Jan from Humbol


    One of the things I'm going to try is to possibly increase the color bands to 4 threads each rather than just two per pass, so let's see 32 colors = 64 passes x 4 threads is going to take a space of appx 1.280 which is a bit over an inch and a quarter center to center and not factoring in the...
  399. Jan from Humbol

    Green chevrons

    Very nice. :)
  400. Jan from Humbol


    I combined some cobalt based blues with turquoise blues and ended up with this, camera doesn't do justice to it. I think there were about thirty total colors. When you take it out in the sun it just jumps at you.
  401. Jan from Humbol

    Tuna Cord-Handle & Knots

    Any place that caters to commercial fishermen will carry the real "Tuna cord" which is actually used for mending the nets of the purse seiners hence the name tuna cord. Mark at Acid Rod has quite a selection of Polyester wrapping cords and does carry the tarred stuff too so he's probably...
  402. Jan from Humbol

    Tuna Cord-Handle & Knots

    I've been using the oil based Min wax outdoor urethane on the real tuna cord as it has a coating of tar which resists/repels water and I want the urethane to penetrate the knot or wrap so when the shit drys out the entire thing is solid like a rock. I took one off that I'd done around ten...
  403. Jan from Humbol

    I invented sardines,

    One Troll comming up
  404. Jan from Humbol

    Bug in the finish blues

    that would have made a classic picture called "Strange things you can inlay" LOL
  405. Jan from Humbol

    Tired of Cracking Ceramic Guides

    Just my .02 here about Fuji Hardloy's... I've had good luck with the Fuji Hardloys, only had one tip crack and that was due to the pole falling and hitting a concrete garage floor. Hardly the fault of the tip and under normal usage they hold up very well. JMHO Wish I could say the...
  406. Jan from Humbol

    Pre-made Turk's Head...

    C&M Custom Tackle Rod Building Supplies
  407. Jan from Humbol

    It's been a busy summer, so far

    Nice looking wraps Bobby, what's the under wrap on the guide in the first picture? I like the visual texture it gave you, it has a real nice effect.
  408. Jan from Humbol

    New Roller Guides (for Me) Need Opinions Please

    Hola Antonio! Welcome About the guides, more expensive does not always mean better. AFTCO makes good guides that last a long time. I have a set that is 20 years old on a heavy rod, all I've ever done to them is rinse off with a hose after fishing and once every few years or so apply a...
  409. Jan from Humbol

    Anybody familiar with these roller guides?

    Saltwater Guides & Tops : Products : Pacific Bay International They still make them
  410. Jan from Humbol

    How far are you chucking the iron?

    Calstar T90J, Newell 332. One time zone
  411. Jan from Humbol

    Does anyone know how to get on the Bay Area Tuna Club Forum?

    Humboldt County Albacore Tuna Offshore Bluewater Anglers Club Eureka CA ... same area different board, we formed it due to the old Batson board was unreliable
  412. Jan from Humbol

    Newell 344

    Clean it, lube it and put a new set of Penn HT100's in it with drag grease on them and kill the fish. Good reels.
  413. Jan from Humbol

    differnt rod blanks

    How much or how little do you want to spend on the blank?
  414. Jan from Humbol

    Whats the difference? & Princess Seeker SJ100H

    Bobby I think we'er saying the same thing, I do one guide per foot of length plus one and a top. So 10' stick = 10+1=11 plus top. On a lite whippy little stick like a 196-7 I might just do seven to preserve the action as long as I can get the spacing right.
  415. Jan from Humbol

    Whats the difference? & Princess Seeker SJ100H

    The "General rule" on guides is one guide per foot of rod length plus one and a top, so a10 foot stick is 11 guides & top. And always tape them on and static load before wrapping the rod to see if you have problems like the line touching. Depending on the stick's action you can get away with...
  416. Jan from Humbol

    A new Set: 50 class standups

    Beautiful...Lotta $$$ sitting there just in parts alone.
  417. Jan from Humbol

    Spiders and a web.

    I used to do a lot of fly fishing and that stick is primo, well done. Does the grip weigh a lot?
  418. Jan from Humbol

    Seeker CBJ 80 F Ggggggirrrrlie rod

    Nice job Bill, no idea but it sure looks like it worked. I've been itching to do a purple based fade and have the thread, just need to dream the wrap for inspiration, or get drunk and just wrap it:rofl::rofl:
  419. Jan from Humbol

    Finally got some finish on.

    Nice wrapping job, very clean.
  420. Jan from Humbol

    Why I won't vote for legal pot

    Yeah, that too, by brother in law was shot in San Diego a few years ago by one while making a traffic stop. He survived but carries the shrapnel, pain and bitter memory for the rest of his days. May Robert and all the others who have made the ultimate sacrifice rest in peace and know we...
  421. Jan from Humbol

    Why I won't vote for legal pot

    Picture worth 10,000 words :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  422. Jan from Humbol

    Tool time

    No, get your own. LOL I get them for free sometimes when I go to the dentist, generally they just toss them when the points break.
  423. Jan from Humbol

    Tool time

    We spend a lot of time posting pics of our wraps but rarely do we post our tools. I'm not talking about the wrappers, benches and the big stuff, I'm talking about the little hand tools we use that we've picked up along the way or made. Thought I'd share some of what I've cobbled together...
  424. Jan from Humbol

    Two new rods

    Beautiful work!
  425. Jan from Humbol

    Another blue one

    As requested, some pics w/finish, I'm finding I get better results with letting the CP dry for a week before applying the epoxy
  426. Jan from Humbol

    Giant Tuna in Lakeside???

    Ali you need a bigger office and paint that wall a nice shade of lite blue so those mounts look natural. Sure are great looking mounts.
  427. Jan from Humbol

    Crossover Topic Question - Rail Rods

    OK were it me building a rail rod I think that I'd be inclined to use a double layer of real black tuna cord #48 (Braided) and a green 300# pound halibut leader hard woven nylon. I'd apply it with U40 rod bond over the scuffed blank it would look sort of like this picture. The other...
  428. Jan from Humbol

    Little of this, Little of that.

    Nah, looks too human LOL
  429. Jan from Humbol

    Little of this, Little of that.

    Nice work, see the face in it?
  430. Jan from Humbol

    Shadow boxes or optical chevrons

    Finally got it all finished, came out half way decent looking.
  431. Jan from Humbol

    New Sandwich

    I make sauce out of Purira peppers, great flavor and a serious but not fatal burn, for eating I like Rocotos, Lemon drops or Limone peppers. And I'm currently growing some Seven pot, Trinidad Scorpion and Naga Jolikia which are all intended for a sauce I intend to name Rocket fuel or OH SHIT...
  432. Jan from Humbol

    New Sandwich

    Question is Gary can you do it with Red Savannah's? Or even better a single Naga. Leave the Naga peppers alone, just eating one will have the effect of an afterburner in a jet engine. LOL
  433. Jan from Humbol

    I broke My Seeker!

    No wise ass, the advise was dishonest and being that I've had this kind of shit pulled on me in the past where I was told "I Broke it on a fish" and the next day find out the lying little fuck slammed it in a car door just pisses me off no end. It's stealing money out of my pocket and that's...
  434. Jan from Humbol

    I broke My Seeker!

    That is exactly why we have warranty problems now days, that isn't covered under the "Life time warranty" and the manufacturer should not be expected to replace it. You broke it, it's yours, anything else is (Including the advice) dishonest business.
  435. Jan from Humbol

    pac bay wrapper

    He has a Fuji exercise bike. LOL
  436. Jan from Humbol

    For the Ladies

  437. Jan from Humbol

    Boat left in water for 6 months BLISTERS? Buy or NO?

    Simple question...Would you buy a house without a proper inspection? Do the marine surveyor.
  438. Jan from Humbol

    Lead Molds For Jet Heads

    Just buy them Lure Heads
  439. Jan from Humbol

    Another blue one

    Will do, within an hour of posting the pic on another board it's been sold, I haven't even got the guides wrapped on yet. LOL Wish they all went this fast.
  440. Jan from Humbol

    Another blue one

    I got a few more shades of blue and started playing around and this was the result, but now I'm starting to channel purple pink and gold. (This ought to be interesting LOL )
  441. Jan from Humbol

    Tighten a Turks head from the jig

    What Dave said, two or three at a time and carefully will snug it up quickly. As Master Po said... Patience Grasshopper lol
  442. Jan from Humbol

    Shadow boxes or optical chevrons

    No just marked out the four 0, 90, 180, 270 and wrapped on those if that's what you are asking. :)
  443. Jan from Humbol

    Shadow boxes or optical chevrons

    After some thought on this I think I should have run the fade in the opposite direction, methinks I'll do a short test wrap soon to see how it really looks.
  444. Jan from Humbol

    Shadow boxes or optical chevrons

    Aside from two exwives and the current one I'm my own worst critic :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  445. Jan from Humbol

    Shadow boxes or optical chevrons

    I'd done this one some time back and as you can clearly see the colors make a significant difference in the wrap's looks. Here's the pair for comparison.
  446. Jan from Humbol

    Shadow boxes or optical chevrons

    Yeah Ray I know, I think it's the color combo, green isn't my favorite for these fade wraps, might have been better in blue. Got to study it and hopefully it'll come to me.
  447. Jan from Humbol

    Gaff quality bamboo

    99% of the bamboo that grows wild won't work as it's either too brittle or not strong enough due to the walls being thin. The only kind I'd use is Tonkin cane and that's what the commercials use.
  448. Jan from Humbol

    Shadow boxes or optical chevrons

    I tried something a little different on this wrap, I did a fade of 7 shades of green for the color side of the box, not too bad in the end result, I see some potential with this application.
  449. Jan from Humbol

    CP test

    Mobile pest control and fly tying material on the hoof. LOL
  450. Jan from Humbol

    CP test

    A little over a year ago I posted about using Duraclear gloss “Varnish” (Actually Water based Polyurethane) as a CP since it was UV protected and was used by artists to protect paintings from fading. I slapped a test wrap together and stuck it out on the back fence with a southern...
  451. Jan from Humbol

    Layout tool for Madeira

    you are welcome to it Ray, send me an email to blackorp(at) and I'll reply with the file attached
  452. Jan from Humbol

    turk head knot

    Ya nailed it Joe!
  453. Jan from Humbol

    Layout tool for Madeira

    This is a cheat sheet you might be able to use for layout and estimation on a butt wrap. I have it on an Excel spread sheet but I can't post it so if you want it I'll have to email it. # of passes thread run width Madeira .05 dia = two threads per pass. one pass = .010 " 3 threads is 1/64"...
  454. Jan from Humbol

    need help pls.

    Joe just below the reply box when you are typing a post is a red bar that says "Additional Options", just below that is a gray button that says "Manage Attachments" when you click on that it opens up another window that has picture options. The first one allows you to upload pictures from your...
  455. Jan from Humbol

    Happy Birthday America

    Long may you live and prosper.
  456. Jan from Humbol

    Old Seeker extreme blanks needed

    Going to be real hard to find Kevin and five of the same next to impossible. A. call Seeker direct B look at these, bottom of the page. Seeker Blanks
  457. Jan from Humbol

    custom rod's

    Brutal, I love it. LOL
  458. Jan from Humbol

    Perfection Carbide Guides

    20-16-14-12-10-10-10 would work, 20-16-14-12-10-9-9-8 or you could use a set of Fuji BNLGH which stand up well ,what sort of a blank is it?
  459. Jan from Humbol

    Perfection Carbide Guides

    Try C&M Stainless Steel Wire Frame Boat Guides
  460. Jan from Humbol

    Sea Anchor

    World's Largest Assortment of Military Surplus Parachutes
  461. Jan from Humbol

    Doc Ski *** A-Okay ***

    Three cheers for Doc
  462. Jan from Humbol

    Anybody used this thread?

    I just recently tried a kit of thread master lite, it cures slower than Flex-coat lite but went on pretty easy over 2 CP coats of Chroma Seal on the Madeira thread, first CP application is thinned about 25% with water and alcohol, second is full strength. I applied a finish primer coat...
  463. Jan from Humbol

    Thoughts & Prayers for Jim Labonowski (Doc Ski)

    God bless you Doc, hang in there and have a speedy recovery.
  464. Jan from Humbol


    very nice
  465. Jan from Humbol

    A mistake gone Right????

    Looks nice Doc... You "Tiggered" out a new one LOLLOLLOL
  466. Jan from Humbol

    Pulled a late one last nite

    Randy I think I'm gonna epoxy a golden BB in it somewhere so the gal that gets it will have a magic wand. LOL
  467. Jan from Humbol

    Pulled a late one last nite

    MORE COLORS!!!!! Said the thread junkieLOLLOLLOL I just made up another list for twenty more spools to Atlas Screen supply
  468. Jan from Humbol

    Pulled a late one last nite

    I stayed up late last night as the thread was flowing like magic off the fingers and this was how it ended up, this is a Rainshadow being built for someone. I had to come out and look twice this morning as I wasn't sure what it had come out likeLOLLOLLOL
  469. Jan from Humbol

    Rod Warranty Issue

    Ditto, like to know too
  470. Jan from Humbol

    Rod Building Materials

    C&M Custom Tackle Rod Building Supplies
  471. Jan from Humbol

    So you think you're good...

    Damn! I thought they were weaves...My Bad. LOL
  472. Jan from Humbol

    Custom rods

    First class wraps
  473. Jan from Humbol

    So you think you're good...

    When I say this guy is good I'm not spreading manure... Here's a weave he did, here's the link to his gallery - Jorge Pozzobon Gallery - Powered by PhotoPost
  474. Jan from Humbol

    smoking and bait fishing

    Not trying to preach Dan, I was tossed up on the table in the ER like a slab of dead meat back in 2003 and was just inches from checking out due to smoking. No shit, darn near died there, funny thing I quit cold turkey the very same day. I wish you well in your attempt to quit, I tried...
  475. Jan from Humbol

    Not having a fishing net a fine???

    Yes you need a net according to the Regs, opening is a minimum of 18" and as stated it's to allow you to release undersized fish safely. It's also legal to use a gaff on legal sized fish.
  476. Jan from Humbol

    Whats your opnion? How close is too close?

    I don't like assholes parking or trolling too close, this thing on a T90J with a 332 Newell is impressive LOL
  477. Jan from Humbol

    smoking and bait fishing

    Fish have a highly developed sense of smell and cigarette smoke stinks to them so it will affect your hookup ratio. Besides that it will kill you and you should quit if you smoke, them boys will miss you a lot.
  478. Jan from Humbol

    Once bitten...

    I think I'd make sure these pinheads understand that there are about half a million rod builders out here that ship custom built fishing rods and they are all going to know that UPS sucks rocks via the Internet. Pay up or earn about a million bucks worth of real shitty publicity.
  479. Jan from Humbol

    So you think you're good...

    That's gonna cost you a dozen roses and a lobster dinner.LOLLOLLOLLOL
  480. Jan from Humbol

    So you think you're good...

    Try this one on for sizeLOLLOL ***Disclaimer*** No I did not wrap this one, It was over on but it impressed me no end thinking about what it took to spin up a whole stick like this. Nice looking wrap none the less.
  481. Jan from Humbol

    faded diamonds

    G'Day Mark thanks, the thought on the alky was that since I am using Madeira thread which is silicone lubracated it might repel the first coat of CP since it's water based. I was looking to get the first thinned coat to penetrate all the way through the wrap to the blank, so far it seems to...
  482. Jan from Humbol

    Spinning Rod?

    For what you want go with either the Seeker or the Calstar 270, the "H" is too stiff for what you need
  483. Jan from Humbol

    faded diamonds

    I thin about 1/3 using 50/50 alcohol and water as with the first coat I'm shooting for saturation and penetration of the entire wrap clear to the blank. Picture the thread end on as it lays on the blank, it would look something like this... 000000 there are minute gaps between the threads and...
  484. Jan from Humbol

    faded diamonds

    That's got one coat of thinned ChromaSeal on it right now and I'll do one more at full strength later before doing the finish coat of epoxy, I like FLexcoat CP and Chroma seal but I find ChromaSeal a bit pricey at $3+ a one oz bottle. I've also started using a water based polyurethane artists...
  485. Jan from Humbol

    faded diamonds

    These colors suck in the photo, sure look nice in person, starts off with a dark red in the center darkens out to a run of black then goes to dark gray all the way out to off white, used about 18 colors, all Madeira. Wrapped on a Rainshadow RX6 RCJB84H 30-60#
  486. Jan from Humbol

    Aligning Guides

    That's the way I do it I also run a size E thread through the guides too, just be careful about eye balling them as you can get in a hurry and get one cocked off to one side. That is unless you have an eye problem LOL
  487. Jan from Humbol

    barret rod / beach shark rod

    That's a nice looking stick, not a thing to laugh at there
  488. Jan from Humbol

    Spinning Rod?

    BT270 7' 12-30lb $76.59 Calstar Inshore Spinning kits include: Calstar E-Glass Blank, 8 pc. Fuji BSLVG Hardloy Guide Set, Tip-Top, Winding Check, 7" Hypalon Fore Grip, I'm sure Mark or Colleen will work with you to upgrade the guides in this kit but the 270 sounds like it's what you...
  489. Jan from Humbol

    Spinning Rod?

    Jay, a lot depends on your budget, you might take a peek at what Mark at Acid rod has put together as kits, I bought 3hree recently and am quite happy with the end product. Fishing Rod Building Kits
  490. Jan from Humbol

    Fugi Hardloy or SS?

    If you are building a stick or two for yourself then buy the best you can afford, if you are contracting out to build a rod for someone then let them make the choice of what to put on it. I haven't used the titanium framed stuff as it's priced higher than an ROF can afford, however (Darrin...
  491. Jan from Humbol

    New Rod?

    I should add that I just bought three of these from Mark, 2 of the RCJB84H and 1 RCLB70ML and I'm suitably impressed with the blanks and currently in the building stage with them RCLB70L 7' 15-30lb .830 7 Light $33.39 Batson Rainshadow & Forecast Saltwater Fishing Rod Blanks
  492. Jan from Humbol

    Anti-Hunting Agenda!

    California Fish and Game Commission Continues to Push its Anti-Hunting Agenda! Please Contact the Fish and Game Commission Today! On June 24 at 10 a.m. and June 25 at 8:30a.m., the California Fish and Game Commission will consider a continued expansion of the lead ammunition ban in...
  493. Jan from Humbol

    Fugi Hardloy or SS?

    I built a 196-7 that I fish 15-17# CXX on and I used the BNLG's and they have stood up well for the last five years, the next step up would be the BNLGH but I think they'd be a bit heavy for that rod Alps might also work ALPS XLXNZG Double Foot Fishing Rod Guides, Zirconium Ring Look at...
  494. Jan from Humbol

    Possible Line Record Halibut

    Outstanding, those boys will remember that fishing trip for the rest of their lives. A memory like that is a priceless gift.
  495. Jan from Humbol

    Odd ball stuff

    Glad my little tricks of the trade can help someone else. :)
  496. Jan from Humbol

    Madeira thread... WTF

    I have far less trouble when I thoroughly dry the chroma seal and use little or no heat on the Madeira thread through the building process. The heat seems to (IMHO) release the silicone oil and makes things a lot worse.
  497. Jan from Humbol

    Odd ball stuff

    Probably ought to be titled "How I do it" but on BD you can get a lot of flack from a top post like that. LOL We always post pics of the wraps but hardly ever about how we do it and what we do it with These first two show that you should never toss anything out LOL I use a 6-7" piece of EVA...
  498. Jan from Humbol

    Finish over nylon butt cord?

    I never finish mine but you need to know I use real braided nylon commercial seine cord (Aka Tuna cord) or the green hard lay braided nylon that's used for halibut leader. I apply it to the bare lightly sanded blank with a thin layer of U40 rod bond.
  499. Jan from Humbol


    Thought I'd play around with some blue escalas (Scales) started off with the deep dark blue and 24 threads later ended the run with a silver gray. Secret code word here is "Tapered offset" as it won't work without it.LOL:1041677399:
  500. Jan from Humbol

    85 # Opah, Eureka

    He got it a couple of days ago, 35-40 mi southwest of Eureka
  501. Jan from Humbol

    85 # Opah, Eureka

    Chris, aka Stonecrab nailed a beauty, 85 pounds. Lucky fuckerLOLLOLLOL
  502. Jan from Humbol


    A+ for that one
  503. Jan from Humbol

    Fisherman reels in live missile

    Looks like a Sidewinder type
  504. Jan from Humbol

    Penn 113HN Baja Special

    I agree it's a bit over kill unless you are trolling or plan on doing a long range the 113HN is a great reel but a little big for local stuff. I use one up here for monster ling and pacific halibut and it's a great reel. Were I still fishing down there I'd use a Seeker or Calstar 270H-8 and...
  505. Jan from Humbol

    Lateral pass

    Looks good Dave, I tried mono wraps a while back too but they kept dissapearing when the finish/cp hit the wrap. Finally just gave up LOL
  506. Jan from Humbol

    I like fading chevrons

    Here it is closed up and a drying coat of cp on it, came out pretty nice, now I've got to decide on guide wrap colors
  507. Jan from Humbol

    I like fading chevrons

    I got the original 16 thread color pattern from right here. Kris, AKA HalibutslayerII posted a beautiful chevron wrap he'd done and I copied the basic wrap, his was a transverse wrap Search Results - Fishing Pictures and mine is a longitudinal wrap and I of course tinkered with it in the...
  508. Jan from Humbol

    I like fading chevrons

    thanks John My goal as a wrapper is to get as good as Mary is. LOL
  509. Jan from Humbol

    I like fading chevrons

    The chevrons are some of the easiest wraps to do, there are some very good books out there and most areas often have classes you can attend then it's just practice practice and more practice.
  510. Jan from Humbol

    I like fading chevrons

    quick and easy to wrap, look nice and don't take frigging forever to do (Like that last one I did LOL ) This one obviously isn't quite complete but it's all Madeira Polyneon #40 and 28 colors and I have about 4-5 hours on it, being a non union ROF I take lots of coffee breaks LOL
  511. Jan from Humbol

    Madeira sizing?

    Damon I sent you a PM
  512. Jan from Humbol


    Verry nice, good colors
  513. Jan from Humbol

    bait stick

    and a coat of CP on it, not too bad, but the wrap was time consuming for me and being closed was a PIA to finish off, camera sucks on the color all in all I'd rate the butt wrap a B- at best. Those chevron wraps are easier and I think look better too LOL
  514. Jan from Humbol

    Newell 533-5.5

    533 will work fine and it won't corrode on you.
  515. Jan from Humbol

    Any flyfishermen out there who might know...

    Fly reel, worth about ten bucks LOL
  516. Jan from Humbol

    Sutton Investigated over MLPA

    You'd better be hoping that this goes over the top Paul as this sort of crap is exactly why we anglers are going to end up loosing a large portion of our prime fishing areas. If I were you I'd be raising six different kinds of hell about this.
  517. Jan from Humbol

    Ginger or MaryAnne?

    I hate you. LOL
  518. Jan from Humbol

    40 lb reel

    Penn 113HN, aka the Baja Special
  519. Jan from Humbol

    bait stick

    Hopefully it will look like a star/bird once it's closed up, I should have done it as a 2 quad design but I had to get fancy and do 4 quads and a closed wrap to boot kinda a PIA now but it ought to look nice once it's all snugged down.
  520. Jan from Humbol

    bait stick

    I decided to build a few bait sticks as the weather is gale force winds, here's a Seeker E glass 270-7 that I started, obviously a work in progress but turning out rather nice, all Madeira Polyneon 40
  521. Jan from Humbol

    Get organized or quit fishing.

    Here's the type of stuff you can do when you get organized and decide to fight back rather than meekly taking it in the shorts. xxxxx SACRAMENTO, Calif. - (Business Wire) The following is a statement from the CCFCC: On Tuesday, May 19, 2009, the California Fair Political Practices...
  522. Jan from Humbol

    Old rod makers don't fade away...

    Guys I appreciate the tips, as I said I've built a boat load of fishing rods over the years and I haven't had a problem with getting grips set since we quit using mastodon hide. The firmness of this hard EVA was a surprise to me and I'll try some of the Sta Bond or 3M stuff that was...
  523. Jan from Humbol

    Re-Wrapping old rod

    Re wraps are easy if you have some experience but if you don't you can do more harm than good. It sounds like you have some emotional attachment to this rod and my strong recommendation is also have a professional do it for you.
  524. Jan from Humbol

    what are these worth??

    OOPS! Still about $300 +- Penn 16/0 reel - eBay (item 110391823758 end time May-25-09 09:48:27 PDT) Can you imagine filling one with 150# spectra?
  525. Jan from Humbol

    Old rod makers don't fade away...

    Thanks Cap G, I'll have to give that a try, I've been setting grips for a long time and have really never had a problem with the regular EVA (Which I like) or the Hypalon. Had I been using the jig the second one would have been OK but I didn't think about making it untill after the second...
  526. Jan from Humbol

    Old rod makers don't fade away...

    They just loose their grip(s) :idiot: Sigh... I attempted to set the lower grip on a Rain shadow saltwater stick and I thought I'd try some of the new harder supposedly dent proof EVA. I place my grips hot, warmed in the microwave in a damp towel using U40 Rod bond and a squirt of...
  527. Jan from Humbol

    what are these worth??

    Looks like New about $400.00, Ebay about $300.00-+ Say $450.00 -+ each I think would be a fair price for rod and reel, problem is the reality is more like $300 if you are lucky as these are real specialty items and the state of the economy sort of sucks right now and it's a bad time to sell...
  528. Jan from Humbol

    Calif Economy, layoffs and MLPA

    With the smack down vote on Arnold yesterday there appears to be a serious layoff threat and major budgetary cutbacks coming soon for the entire State organization. DFG has always been treated as the proverbial "Redheaded step child" within the State budget process. Keep a real close...
  529. Jan from Humbol

    oops...reel seat off center!!

    If you build deckhand style sticks you'll never have this problem. LOL Seriously, Jason give good advice in his post.
  530. Jan from Humbol

    First Multi-Color Weave!!

    Nice looking "Buck tooth bass", take your time and do it right, you have a great start there.
  531. Jan from Humbol

    Turks head needle (Fid)

    You bet Ken, always more than one way to skin a cat. I even tried making one out of a hard plastic toothbrush handle once but it didn't last long.
  532. Jan from Humbol

    Turks head needle (Fid)

    Only reason I didn't use a knitting needle or crochet hook is I was too damn lazy to drive to the local fabric place and buy a couple LOL they would be perfect to convert as being aluminum they'd be easy to work
  533. Jan from Humbol

    Turks head needle (Fid)

    this was made using 1/4" aluminum a Dremmel tool, file and a couple of drill bits, took about 20 minutes, should have taken ten but I was coffee drinking. LOL
  534. Jan from Humbol

    40.9 Halibut Domes 5/16

    Nice fish, amazing how a fishery rebounds for recreational anglers once you quit decimating the biomass with those damned gill nets. Not that I dislike gill nets or anything like that. LOL
  535. Jan from Humbol

    Any Harpoon Rifle Connections????

    Bridger Shoulder Line Gun Kit model CG 85, Transmission line construction, line throwing, line deployment
  536. Jan from Humbol

    In Loving Memory Rod

    Doc that's beautiful, the rod and the story.
  537. Jan from Humbol

    Reel for large surface irons

    Newell all the way
  538. Jan from Humbol

    Kudos to Acid Rod

    Mark I'd just like to give you, Colleen and Julie an very large "Attaboy" for first rate service and super pricing. :urno1: Those two ladies are first rate and went out of their way to make sure that the order was perfect for me so give them a big raise LOL For those of you that have not...
  539. Jan from Humbol

    270H-8 Seeker vs Batson ????

    I'll let you know fairly soon when Mark from Acid Rod sends me my order, I ordered both RCLB70ML and the 270 blanks.
  540. Jan from Humbol

    90J jigstick

    Glad to help Kyle, do a "Tape up" of the guides and put a reel on it with line through the guides and put a bend in it to see how the line does, if you'll notice Bobby and I are real close in measurements, but I used 10 guides and he used 11. I should have asked about the type of guides you...
  541. Jan from Humbol

    90J jigstick

    Later today I'll drag mine out and measure it and post it. EDIT>>> Hookay here it is. first I measure my guides a little differently mostly cause I'm lazy and just use an 18" steel ruler. From the bare pole tip... Measured from guide to guide 3.5, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 9...
  542. Jan from Humbol

    There will be a sport salmon season

    It was an odd post to be sure, and I didn't see any one dissing a rancher or farmer, just the LA home owners with pools. Hell, maybe he sobered up and forgot he made the post. Our biggest bitch about water here is the large amount that's diverted from the Eel river to help out the Napa...
  543. Jan from Humbol

    Power wrapper deal from Mike Batson

    Aka Utmost Enterprises Utmost MAY SPECIAL If you are in the market to get a power wrapper this isn't a bad price @ $275.00 for a name brand wrapper and they toss in a reamer kit too. Yes I boiled on this one and ordered it LOL Now I can retire the home made noisy rig I was having to...
  544. Jan from Humbol

    Turks head final steps

    Once I get it tightened up and snug I will burnish it with a 3/4" dowel just to even it all out and help pack it down. I then will use Min wax outdoor oil based Polyurethane finish and dribble it into the knot while the rod is turning in the dryer. I don't saturate it till it drips but I...
  545. Jan from Humbol

    Rookie rod builder

    Calstar Inshore Casting kits include: Calstar E-Glass Blank, 8 pc. Fuji BNLG Hardloy Guide Set, Tip-Top, Winding Check, 7" Hypalon Fore Grip, 10" Hypalon Rear grip, Fuji DPSM Reel Seat, 2" Buttcap Blank 270, Length 7', Line rating 12-30lb Price $78.44 Fishing Rod Building Kits...
  546. Jan from Humbol

    Any Harpoon Rifle Connections????

    Greener Mk. 2 Harpoon Gun, they don't make them any more and if you can find one you will pay a premium price This one was advertised at $3200.00 GunsAmerica - GREENER HARPOON GUN - Fishing/Spearfishing - Guns For Sale & Gun Auctions B"H Now the question you need to ask yourself is how...
  547. Jan from Humbol

    Turkshead Jig

    OK here's my Turks jig Like I said simplicity personified. Here it is empty and here it is with three wraps of cord on it ready to weave Get or make yourself a fid about 1/4" in diameter as it will make feeding the cord a lot easier. I prefer a needle rather than a fid myself.
  548. Jan from Humbol

    Turkshead Jig

    Start with a 1.25 inch dia dowel about a foot long then you'll need to replicate this on the dowel all the way around so it connects. I drilled five evenly spaced 1/8' holes for a brass pin at the top and bottom points then around and around you go over and under you go untill its done...
  549. Jan from Humbol

    Golden retriever

    For those of you that like the Goldens I got this from the sister in law in San Diego. She got to godmother 11 puppies. They are for sale @ $500 as they are AKC papered. If interested PM me and I'll put you in touch
  550. Jan from Humbol

    live bait throw back for marlin

    Calstar West Coast Casting kits include: Calstar E-Glass Blank, 8 pc. Perfection WCG Guide Set, Perfection Carbide Tip-Top, Winding Check, 10" Hypalon Fore Grip, 12" Hypalon Rear grip, Fuji DPSM Reel Seat, 2" Buttcap Blank BT670 7' 20-50lb $101.04 Fishing Rod Building Kits Kit...
  551. Jan from Humbol

    Thoughts & Prayers for Jim Labonowski (Doc Ski)

    Hang in there Doc we're all pulling for you.
  552. Jan from Humbol

    Oregon Sucks At Bloody Decks

    You guys are just wussed out from being beat up all the time by the nanny on that "Other" board. LOL
  553. Jan from Humbol

    There will be a sport salmon season

    Who are you talking to and what in the world are you talking about??
  554. Jan from Humbol

    Making your own irons???

    Good thread and great advice on the safety part of doing your own gear. I took Eric's knife jig a small step further and added the circle hook shrimp flys I make. We don't have a shitload of jig fishing opportunities here but I have no doubt that these "Knife" style jigs would hold...
  555. Jan from Humbol

    Fish I.D. what the hell are these?

    The fish with the black spots is a Boccaccio they're well known to get those melanistic spots on them but they are safe to eat with the caveat that "Safe" is a relative term as they are usually wormy as hell on the 9 and at the islands. The Copper rockfish in the other picture is locally (In...
  556. Jan from Humbol

    Newell P-332 vs. Daiwa Saltist 40 vs. Torium 20

    Another vote for Newell 332, 338 on a Calstar T90J
  557. Jan from Humbol

    NEED A JIG STICK !!! CAlstar90j ????

    Go with the 90J and slap a 332 Newell on it then go down to the bay and practice, just make sure you have at least 150 yards of water in front of you. LOL
  558. Jan from Humbol

    Im tired of you JERKY

    The only way to go is an electronic foot control Foot & Bench Top Controls, Rheostats & The Shared Foot Control System : Flex Shafts - Micromotors, Foredom, OttoFlex, Handpieces, Drill Presses : Tools & Metals : Otto Frei Foot & Bench Top Controls, Rheostats & The Shared Foot Control System -...
  559. Jan from Humbol

    SharkSkin Grip

    Looking at that stuff and thinking to self... Yeah OK, if you say so. Most of the boats I've ever been on you'd be laughed off the boat if you showed up with that crap in hand. I guess if you were fishing out of a San Francisco landing...
  560. Jan from Humbol

    Wave energy buoy farms in Oregon

    Posting this link to the current PFMC page that outlines the wave energy buoy farms the FERC plans to allow to be built. areas These farms (If built) will impact the areas you are allowed to fish along with yet to be established...
  561. Jan from Humbol

    Mega Mouth Shark Caught............ and ate.

    The reason no one knows much about them is they taste like shit (Lot like spotted owl, buzzard or Mola LOL ) and nobody in their right mind actually fishes for them or eats them. The poor buggers in the Philippines were probably starving and didn't have a choice since the Somali pirates...
  562. Jan from Humbol

    Tuning jigs...

    Nothing worse than a jig that won't "Swim" and catch fish lots of them around and they can be bought fo cheap but they aren't much good for anything but rockfish right? What you can do is bend them slightly and "Tune" them but it can be rough on the jig and some will snap. What I do is put...
  563. Jan from Humbol


    Thanks for the offers guys :) Squidco and Midway bait and tackle were the places for gear all the years I was down there. I was just surfing looking for deals on blanks so I can spin up more sticks.
  564. Jan from Humbol


    How the hell can I shop at Squidco when all I get is this... We're sorry. is temporarily down due to regular maintenance. Please check back later. Been like this for months WTF?
  565. Jan from Humbol

    Need old parts

    Acid they have them up to 70mm Stainless Steel Wire Frame Boat Guides
  566. Jan from Humbol

    Does anybody know

    That's a Gulf Jaw fish AKA Bigmouth bastard, slimy but pretty good eating. Lizard fish is long and skinny The jaw fish actually dig a hole in sandy/muddy bottom and sit there waiting for you to drop your jig into their open mouth and when you haul them up they open wide so it's like...
  567. Jan from Humbol

    Martini with olives

    Very nice.
  568. Jan from Humbol

    Doubling up on saltwater wraps? Noob needs help!

    I like to under wrap guide wraps with Madeira (A) only because it adds a layer of color that I can use to the advantage of the "Artwork" on the wraps, IMHO it does add a cushion between the foot of the guide and the blank but it doesn't alleviate the need to properly prepare the guide feet...
  569. Jan from Humbol

    There will be a sport salmon season

    I agree Harry, if blows like last year it could be a zero day season :(
  570. Jan from Humbol

    There will be a sport salmon season

    Come on up and join the fun, I figure that opening day ought to look like the scene in the first Jaws movie where they put out the reward on the shark. LOL LOL LOL
  571. Jan from Humbol

    There will be a sport salmon season

    A short one but better than nothing. From The PFMC adopted the 2009 salmon seasons at 3:25 pm today (4/8). The CA KMZ will be able to fish from 8/29 until 9/7, two fish a day, seven days a week for Chinook only with a 24" min. length. The OR KMZ will be able to fish for...
  572. Jan from Humbol

    Which motor would work as a drier?

    Burden Sales Surplus Center Item Detail Herbach & Rademan, electric motor, power supplies, timing motor, solar panels, fans, transformers, H: 16 RPM CCW Rotation 25 lb-in Torque Whatever you buy make sure it is rated as "Continuous duty" otherwise you could end up burning it out or...
  573. Jan from Humbol

    Starting to pour lead again (should I sell?)

    Just a tip, lead is selling at about fifty cents a pound... Kitco - Spot Lead Historical Charts and Graphs - Lead charts - Industrial metals So you take your base price for lead, cost of eyes, fuel to melt and add some labor and presto you have a price for your sinkers. You are looking at...
  574. Jan from Humbol

    my newest endeveour - rockfish flies

    I started tieing these in San Diego 25 years ago, these I use for salmon up here Those EZ Baiters are expensive but good hooks.
  575. Jan from Humbol

    What Glass Calstar blank for 40# and bait??

    I've used an 870H for 40 and like it.
  576. Jan from Humbol

    Hope I get this right

    Very nice wraps, being an old fart I like old school. LOL I particularly like the second wrap in the top picture, kinda looks like it's on fire or a sunrise. Keep up the great work.
  577. Jan from Humbol

    Record Size

    That's one of the San Onfre sand crabs that are spreading all up and down the coast, they are genetic mutations caused by low level radiation leaks at the plant. They get about 4-5 feet long and prey on small children that the tourists foolishly let play in the surf they also glow in the...
  578. Jan from Humbol

    fuji side braced guides Mud hole
  579. Jan from Humbol

    Red Pig Reels

    That's red lipstick on them. LOL LOL LOL
  580. Jan from Humbol

    new to monterey area

    Humboldt Bay Bar or as we call it...The Jaws.
  581. Jan from Humbol

    Whats the best guides

    Fuji BNLGH or BHNLG will do a very good job and not break the bank, the American Titans are very nice guides as are the Alps line of guides, just sort of just depends on what you are willing to spend on a set. We'll spend all of your money just on guides if you'll let us. LOL LOL I...
  582. Jan from Humbol

    new to monterey area

    Dan I used to fish San Diego but now I'm way the hell and gone north of you in the Eureka area. You might have some fun fishing the black rockfish on the shallow structure and boilers, they are a lot like calico bass and love swim baits and I think fight better than the checkerboards...
  583. Jan from Humbol

    Epoxy and Finish ??

    Great minds are alike LOLLOLLOL Same as John and I use lite build sometimes if I'm seeking a less bulky application.
  584. Jan from Humbol

    Didn't make it to LJ

    I aint got a dawg in this fight...I get in enough trouble with releasing halibut.LOLLOLLOLLOL
  585. Jan from Humbol

    Polyurethane CP, a follow up

    I may give that a try. I do know that most of the water based CP's will react to direct moisture in one way or another. I'd done a test wrap with ChromaSeal and Flex Coat and had a spot I missed and it ended up real cloudy under the epoxy when the damp got into it so my thought is that all...
  586. Jan from Humbol

    Polyurethane CP, a follow up

    Here's one I did with it I didn't notice any hazing, but there wasn't a lot of black showing. I'll have to do a test wrap one of these days with an inch or two of black thread to see if it does, right now all the wrapping gear is stowed away.
  587. Jan from Humbol

    Polyurethane CP, a follow up

    Some time ago I did a test using Duraclear "Varnish" which is actually water base UV protected Polyurethane used to final finish paintings DecoArt - Product Information as a CP , it's now been six months on the outdoor weather test with no ill effects in the test wraps. these have been out...
  588. Jan from Humbol

    Trying to build my own jig...

    Here is a source for .050 stainless wire, it's 500# test American Fishing Wire, stainless steel lure making wire, I use it for jigs and spinners, the next step is the bicycle spokes. Take a six pack in when you hit the bike shop it'll help. As for round nose pliers most of them...
  589. Jan from Humbol

    THE marine life protection and game code 2850

    Two very important points to combating the complete MLPA closures, education and involvement. Good start Mike
  590. Jan from Humbol


    You want public opinion on your side, doing a civil disobedience thing to tie up traffic with boats on trailers is stone stupid. Listen to Tommy, write those letters, send those emails, they do work. 30 letters is pretty damn weak, 3000 will get their attention so will hundreds of anglers...
  591. Jan from Humbol


    California saltwater sport fishing generates some 2.2 BILLION dollars a year for the State. Start pounding the Governor and your elected officials, Emails, phone calls, letters and faxes...Shit or get off the pot people, protect your right to fish or take up quilting.
  592. Jan from Humbol

    Going seatless

    OK here's my take on Deckhand style sticks, first I like them and like the way they fish, doing a DH wrap on a graphite stick however might pose a problem as the walls are thinner and could (IMHO) be subject to stresses like crushing if the reel were to be over tightened. This possible...
  593. Jan from Humbol


    With the DFG what you tell them can and will be used against you. We found that out the hard way the last two seasons when our rockfish season was shut down three months early for two years in a row. They have a nifty way of estimating and projecting rockfish catches even though they don't...
  594. Jan from Humbol


    when the MLPA juggernaut was steam rolling over the fishermen up north I started posting here telling you all in So Cal to get your shit together and get organized and get ready. If you don't start showing up at these meetings by the hundreds to protest and speak out against whats happening...
  595. Jan from Humbol

    STOLEN REELS FOUND<<<<<!!!!!!

    These reels may have been from the San Diego area. Gold high dollar stuff Reels found - Chico Enterprise Record
  596. Jan from Humbol

    STOLEN REELS FOUND<<<<<!!!!!!

    These reels may have been from the San Diego area. Gold high dollar stuff Reels found - Chico Enterprise Record
  597. Jan from Humbol

    ceramic bearings

    Don't waste your money on ceramics, do a good quality stainless ABEC-5 and you'll have a great bearing for your reel. Ceramics are built to catch fishermen and are over kill for a fishing reel
  598. Jan from Humbol

    Quick survey

    port side
  599. Jan from Humbol

    Madera thread users

    If you paid more than a buck ninetyfive a spool you should expect a kiss with the deal, or at least a reacharound. Polyester Thread
  600. Jan from Humbol

    Drying Motor Supplier

    David one important thing about these little motors, make sure you get one rated for "continuous duty" otherwise it might get hot and stop on you.
  601. Jan from Humbol

    I had a Bum try to con me/my Insurance

    Hey Keta, we'll trade you Arnold.
  602. Jan from Humbol

    jig stick reel placement

    Look at the "Cork Puppy" at for mounting the reel
  603. Jan from Humbol

    Drying Motor Supplier

    Burden Sales Surplus Center Item Detail
  604. Jan from Humbol

    Please Pour With Caution

    NEVER EVER ADD SINKERS TO A HOT POT!!!! OK, now I'll stop shouting LOL Here's the reason why, sinkers especially big ones sometimes have voids you can't see and when they are used on deep drops the water which is under a lot of pressure will fill the void and stay there waiting for you or I...
  605. Jan from Humbol

    Please Pour With Caution

    Scott I always warm my molds by placing them near the fire while the pot is melting, had the same thing happen and still have the scars.
  606. Jan from Humbol

    52# Butt - 1/31/08

    For the record one of those fish in the pictures was 30 pounds, the rest were under 20, and the one 40 pound fish I took was a Pacific butt. Your skin seems a little thin, I said it was legal and congratulated you. So piss off.
  607. Jan from Humbol

    52# Butt - 1/31/08

    Nobody is hating nor dissing him for taking the fish, just pointing out that at some point an angler ought to have a moral responsibility and enough brains to think about the future of the sport and not be greedy. Do a little C&R once in a while, take a picture and let the fish go to bite...
  608. Jan from Humbol

    52# Butt - 1/31/08

    It's a great fish, unfourtiantly it is mostlikely a hen. Can't fault him for keeping it as it is a lifetime fish and it's legal, however I might think about releasing the next big one so it will be able to dump the five million or so eggs they can carry at that size and ensure those special...
  609. Jan from Humbol

    bayliner nightmare!

    If little shit pisses you off take up golf, bowling or quilting but get rid of the boat and never get married as you are going to have little shit to deal with as long as you have either one.LOLLOLLOL Lean to deal with it and repair it yourself or get prepared to spend the money at a repair...
  610. Jan from Humbol

    builders for custom 765L

    Added the brackets Bob.
  611. Jan from Humbol

    Polishing Pinion Gears

    You need to dump the scotch brite pads, they don't polish, go to a Dremmel tool and jewelers rouge
  612. Jan from Humbol

    Rod pricing question

    Guess it boils down to materials plus hourly costs or materials plus a flat rate charge. Decorative wraps can be a headache to cost out imho, some say $5-$10 an inch, yet I think that for a 15 color reversing chevron like the one halibut slayer did is worth more than ten bucks an inch, some...
  613. Jan from Humbol

    Rod pricing question

    Somewhere between a well trained chimp and an auto mechanic at a guess. LOL
  614. Jan from Humbol

    Rod pricing question

    Just for the sake of argument you are asked to put together a 7' 30 pound salt water stick, so you cost out the parts and come up with $85, no fancy wraps or other "Labor" has yet to be factored in. How do you price your sticks and your decorative wrapping so you come up with a decent profit...
  615. Jan from Humbol

    What's the best lures for Rock Fishing

    These have proven to be consistant producers year in and year out.
  616. Jan from Humbol

    My first attempts at rod building

    Looks great to me.
  617. Jan from Humbol

    First Rod

    Good first effort Zack, we learn by doing and making some mistakes along the way, you will find you are your own worst critic. I don't know any wrapper that started off perfect, I darn sure didn't, just keep planning and practicing and you will get there. One tidbit of advice I always...
  618. Jan from Humbol

    Sheriff Judd is "Da Man"

    After a massive manhunt for the fugitive through the night, a SWAT team surrounded Freeland in a thickly wooded area hiding under a fallen tree. When he failed to show the officers both hands and they spotted a handgun in one of his hands, they opened fire. Freeland's autopsy showed that he was...
  619. Jan from Humbol

    how to get guide measurement?

    Your tip top is measured and sold by ring size AND tube size (In 64ths) so you'd be getting a BBLT 12-17 like this BBLT Boat Tops That is if you choose to use this brand of guides and your pole tip really measures a 17.
  620. Jan from Humbol

    how to get guide measurement?

    Kenji down load this and look at page four.
  621. Jan from Humbol

    Making fishing weights

    Once you get the lead hot and thoroughly melted you need to "Flux the pot" you can do this by adding a chunk of candle about 1/2-3/4" long this will flare up and loosen up the dross and dirt in the lead and make it easier to skim off. Have a coffee can handy to dump this stuff into, keep in...
  622. Jan from Humbol

    Cork wrap replacement

    Get a "Cork puppy" it should solve your size problems...At least with the reels anywayLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Cutting Edge Tackle and the Cork Puppy
  623. Jan from Humbol

    Rod Wrapping Rookie Questions

    try this... Burden Sales Surplus Center Item Detail It's slow rpm and continuous duty, continuous duty is very important. You will need to wire it up and make a stand, chuck and adapter but at $3.49 you can't beat the price.
  624. Jan from Humbol

    Wave energy buoys

    I wonder if these will sweep like crab pots do in big swells.
  625. Jan from Humbol

    Calstar 270-8 Raiders colors reversing chevron

    Mary has outdone herself again. Very nice work.
  626. Jan from Humbol

    Gator Saltwater Blanks

    Just had squid for dinner last night, sweet eating. Not a real problem to prepare either, I got it down to a science.
  627. Jan from Humbol

    Wave energy buoys

    I don't know what the stand off is on these, here in the Eureka/North Coast area they have assigned about 176 square miles to these things. We were informed since they will have cables on the bottom they won't allow crabbing or fishing in the area of them for fear of damage. They of...
  628. Jan from Humbol

    Wave energy buoys

    There are a bunch of these planned all over the west coast, we fishermen are going to loose a lot of fishing area especially in the near shore farms. Be worried, as once they go on line they will be "Power stations" and fall under the protective net of Homeland security and you will not be...
  629. Jan from Humbol

    A trip He'll never forget

    Ski trip to Vail Co. Air fare $1200 Hotel $600 Lift tickes $150 Hanging upside down from the lift with your bare butt exposed and smeared all over the internet priceless. Skier Suffers Exposure - January 6, 2009
  630. Jan from Humbol

    Gator Saltwater Blanks

    For roller guides you might wish to use these... Pacific Bay Roller Guides, Saltwater Roller Guides I've used them and they have worked well for the 80# & 100# spectra I use for the deep. I won't use AFTCO for a number of reasons. You going after the big BFT up there or butts and...
  631. Jan from Humbol

    Which would U pick?

    Screw the Avets, Penn 113HN or the 533 Newell
  632. Jan from Humbol

    Gator Saltwater Blanks

    Hi guys I just built some American ATX sticks and am quite happy with them. the AXST56XXHS 48.5 1 pc. EX-EX-HVY FAST 60-130 lb 2-12 15 .865 8.1 $37.50 or the AXST56XHS 48.5 1 pc. EX-HVY FAST 50-80 lb 2-10 15 .74 7.3 $32.02 out of Mudhole will probably fill the bill. The one I built was...
  633. Jan from Humbol

    Go Chargers!

    I think it inspired them...They didn't choke for a change. LOL
  634. Jan from Humbol


    Polyester Thread Make sure you get the color chart too.
  635. Jan from Humbol

    carl newell died

    God bless him, he was a great guy, and a fellow fisherman. Tight lines and hot jig bites Carl, you will be missed but always remembered when ever a fisherman tosses a jig into another time zone.
  636. Jan from Humbol

    Have a happy and safe new year

    Sheesh John, what a wuiss...I at least make it to 8:30 before my snoring starts to bug the wifezilla and she yells at me to go to bed. lol Happy Bday.
  637. Jan from Humbol

    Have a happy and safe new year

    You're a great bunch and we don't need to loose any one, if you are partying hang up those keys and stay off the road. Remember this is amateur night LOL
  638. Jan from Humbol


    The thread you locked was about fuel taxes which affect fishing, people have to drive to get the boat to the water don't they? It was being discussed in a civil manner by the denizens of this board so you got your panties in a bunch and locked the thread. Take a harder look at what's...
  639. Jan from Humbol

    spiral roller

    Nothing wrong with that stick that I can see, looks like a nice wrapping job from where I'm sitting. :)
  640. Jan from Humbol

    60# blank

    I built one of these two years ago and have fished it with 80# and it's worked well for trolling and halibut fishing SPSWB7XH 7' 25-50lb. Mod-Fast Ex-Heavy .93 12 $19.95 the next step up is... SPSWB7XXH - New! 7' 40-60 lb. Moderate XX-Heavy .96 12 $22.95 Mud Hole Special 7' & 8' E-Glass...
  641. Jan from Humbol

    double roller guide

    This one He's in Oregon guys...He has a legitimate excuse. LOL Sorry Tim, I couldn't resist a little dig. :)
  642. Jan from Humbol


    Don when it's real cold I build a tent just big enough to cover the drying jig out of PVC and plastic sheeting I park a 25 watt light bulb underneath to provide a heat source and pray it works. Cold has caused me problems before.
  643. Jan from Humbol

    Gps and gas tax?

    Albany Democrat Herald: Mid-Valley News Sounds like you guys are turning in to California.
  644. Jan from Humbol

    new rod painting Sand Bass 12/26/08

    Good looking bass Matt, too bad those skinny little graphite sticks don't give you much to work with.
  645. Jan from Humbol

    You test your rods???

    That's a serious test Guadalupe, nice looking stick too. Guess the cats were too small for test weights LOL
  646. Jan from Humbol

    You test your rods???

    Yes it do and it isn't easy to do it one handed and snap the picture either. LOLLOLLOL
  647. Jan from Humbol

    You test your rods???

    I do, I usually let my poles I wrap rest a while so the epoxy can cure all the way through and then I test them. What you see here in this picture is the test, I'm lifting a 16 pound bowling ball off the floor with the rod. I used to tie the line to a door knob and try to pull it off the...
  648. Jan from Humbol

    Calstar GF800L Chevron wrap

    Is it my eyes or is that pic just hard to see. LOL OK now I see it, just took a bit to load up, my bad.
  649. Jan from Humbol