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  1. willbuyone

    Ventura and Channel Island boat ramps ?

    Can anyone tell me the status of these boat ramps, open, closed ?
  2. willbuyone

    WTB Penn Fathom level wind reel 15 or 20 right hand

    Like title says ! Reel will probably need to be shipped as I am located in Lompoc California Reel should be in very good to new condition. Could use PayPal for payment. Thanks fellow BDers
  3. willbuyone

    70 year old getting lazy ! Drift fishing for Halibut ?

    I live in the Santa Barbara county area and fish out of Goleta to Gaviota mostly. I have boat and all the right gear for ball bouncing for Halibut. I have been doing this for years, but it is starting to seem like work and I keep thinking how nice it would be to just drift fish for them with...
  4. willbuyone

    Disabled Veterans California Fishing license ?

    I just faxed the paperwork for the reduced fee fishing license to Sacramento. Does anyone know how long the process takes ?
  5. willbuyone

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    This bill is for my 2017 Robalo R180 with 115 Yamaha. I think this is more than I paid for the boat brand new. I called and ask how they can value a used boat for more than I paid. The person that I talked to said it may have gone up in value. Is that possible? I have requested a form to...
  6. willbuyone

    Line counter or not ?

    I am planning on buying a new Generation Shimano Tekota level wind reel for saltwater bottom fishing and some trolling duties . Is there any down side to buying the line counter version ? I think price is the same for both . Thanks
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    SOLD Shimano Tekota 500 A new or like new condition

    Will have to ship as I live in Lompoc Ca The newer model like this
  8. willbuyone

    SOLD Price Drop Misc Jigs Slow Pitch etc Lot ) $100 + shipping

    Some new some used selling as a lot only will not sell separate All in good condition I am in Lompoc PayPal friends and family All responses by Private Message only please $100 plus $7.20 for priority flat rate shipping
  9. willbuyone

    SOLD Black Hole Jigging Rods $250 Each ( Like New )

    Black Hole Jigging Rods Two B-581H3R Slow Pitch One 250 gram Cape Cod 54B Includes factory covers Your choice $250 I am in Lompoc but could meet somewhere near by Possibly Ship if you pay costs PayPal friends and family All responses by PM ( Private Message ) only Please !
  10. willbuyone

    SOLD Accurate BV-300 New Limit Edition Green $300

    New in factory box This is the model with the clicker Filled with Maxcuatro 50lbs ( about 300 yards ) You pay shipping or pickup in Lompoc $300 All responses by PM only ( Private Message ) Please !
  11. willbuyone

    SOLD Okuma Makiara 10ii SEA ( like new ) $385

    Both in like new condition . Both filled with Maxcuatro braided line, factory boxes etc. You pay shipping or pick up in Lompoc California or near by. PayPal friends and family $385 each Thanks Bloody Decks Mak 8ii Sold !!!! All respones by PM ( Private Message ) Please !
  12. willbuyone

    SOLD Penn Fathom 40NLD2 New in factory box $185

    You pay shipping Pick up in Lompoc, Ca or meet near by like Santa Maria, Santa Barbara PayPal Friends and Family Please send all Responses by PM only Thank You ( Private Message) $185
  13. willbuyone

    Mak 8ii SEA vs Tiburon SST 7524

    i have no way to compare these two reels . How would they compare size wise ?
  14. willbuyone

    SOLD 200-250 gram Shimono Flat Fall rigged with new hooks

    Looking for 1or 2 200-250 gram flat falls rigged for Tuna Please send any offers by private message only . Thank You
  15. willbuyone

    Longer handle for BV300C ( green ) ?

    Is there a longer handle in green available for the BV300 from Accurate ?
  16. willbuyone

    First trip on a SD boat question ?

    Going on first trip on 1.5 day soon . My question, Is it ok to ask crew to release or give away your catch ? For example want to keep Yellowfin and release Skipjack ? I don’t want transport to much of the catch on a long trip home .
  17. willbuyone

    Accurate star drag for UC Tilefish Jr ?

    I don’t have any star drag conventional reels right now, although I do have a few saltwater bait casters . I am thinking of pairing my new U.C. Tilefish Jr. 7’6” 25- 40lb with one of the new Terns . Which size would you recommend ? Will most likely use it to toss surface irons and maybe some...
  18. willbuyone

    What Tern ?

    I don’t have any star drag conventional reels right now, although I do have a few saltwater bait casters . I am thinking of pairing my new U.C. Tilefish Jr. 7’6” 25- 40lb with one of the new Terns . Which size would you recommend ? Will most likely use it to toss surface irons and maybe some...
  19. willbuyone

    What size Tern ?

    I don’t have any star drag conventional reels right now, although I do have a few saltwater bait casters . I am thinking of pairing my new U.C. Tilefish Jr. 7’6” 25- 40lb with one of the new Terns . Which size would you recommend ? Will most likely use it to toss surface irons and maybe some...
  20. willbuyone

    SOLD Accurate BV-300 or Trade ( Delete please ! found one )

    Looking for BV-300 in new to like new condition . I am in Lompoc California, so will most likely need to ship . I can make payment thru PayPal Please send all offers via Private Message. What I have to trade is brand new Penn 25nld2 with factory box, spooled with 65lb braid.
  21. willbuyone

    Amtrak to San Diego to long range boat ?

    I have a trip 1.5 day booked Oct 3 with my two brothers and we will be driving down from Santa Barbara county . They will be doing most of the driving . I would like to go on another trip out of SD by myself, but I don’t want to drive the freeway there . I am thinking about taking Amtrak...
  22. willbuyone

    Reel choices for Black Hole Cape Cod 250 gram 54B

    What would be your first choice of reels for this rod ?
  23. willbuyone

    Walk on the pier fish ID ?

    Took a walk on Goleta Pier today, passed by this lady fisherman that had just caught this fish . She ask me what variety of fish it was and I didn’t know. Do you ?
  24. willbuyone

    Is this a 50 wide ?

    What size is this reel ?
  25. willbuyone

    My first 1.5 day ?

    Going on 1.5 day with my two brothers mostly to bond and make some memories . Never fished out of SD never fished were there were any Tuna around . Not looking to catch big Tuna and may not have a chance to do this again . Older guy here not as strong as I used to be . So my question is do you...
  26. willbuyone

    My first ever 1.5 day Oct. 3 out of SD ( Ocean Odyssey )

    Going on 1.5 day with my two brothers mostly to bond and make some memories . Never fished out of SD never fished were there were any Tuna around . Not looking to catch big Tuna and may not have a chance to do this again . Older guy here not as strong as I used to be . So my question is do you...
  27. willbuyone

    SOLD Penn Fathom 25NLD2 ( New ) for Okuma Komodo 463P ( New )

    Brand new with box I don’t want to sell but will place trade value at about $250 I am in Lompoc if we need to ship I will pay mine if you will pay yours Spooled with 65lb braid but not included unless yours is spooled as well I may be able to travel some to meet up
  28. willbuyone

    TRADE New Black Hole B-581H3R Spiral Slow Pitch for BH 150 gram jigging rod

    New Black Hole slow pitch jigging rod 5’8” Spiral Wrapped never fished never left the house . I did cut tags off . Trade for 150 gram Black Hole jigging rod $350 plus shipping I am in Lompoc, Ca could possibly travel a little for meet up .
  29. willbuyone

    Fishing short rods on charter boats ?

    Is fishing with short rods like a Black Hole 250 gram ( 5’4” ) a problem on the SD charter boats ? For the fisherman or for the crew ? I fish out of my own skiff but I have never fished for pelagics from on one of the SD boats .
  30. willbuyone

    SOLD Penn 6/0 Senator on a Seeker Cal-Coast Special $200 or trade

    Both in good condition reel backed with 80lb braid topped with 100lb mono, rod 5’6” 40-100lb I am in Lompoc may travel to meet up .
  31. willbuyone

    SOLD Penn Torque 12 ( star drag Black ) 4.8/1 gears

    For sell new never fished Penn Torque 12 with 4.8/1 gears installed, spooled with 300 yards of 40 lb Maxcuatro braid . Included is factory box, paper work, clamp and original factory 6.0/1 Versa gears . Not looking for trades I am in Lompoc Possibly travel for meet up or ship $300
  32. willbuyone

    SOLD New Shimono Calcutta 400 D $280 filled with Maxcuatro

    New with box 400D Spooled with 300 yards 40lb Maxcuatro and a short top shoot of 30lb YO-ZURI Topknot fluorocarbon leader . Jigging world power handle installed, factory paddle handle included, factory box paper work and sales receipt included Should make a nice slow pitch jigging reel ...
  33. willbuyone

    Live bait rod for my Penn Torque 12 ( star drag ) ?

    Looking for recommendations for live bait rod to match up with my Penn Torque 12 Star drag, it is spooled with 300 yards of 40lb Maxcuatro line . Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated .
  34. willbuyone

    Turned over ?

    What does it mean when someone says that the ocean has turned over ?
  35. willbuyone

    Ranger Dave

    Morning launch with Ranger Dave Goleta beach .
  36. willbuyone

    Bait O Matic ? Thresher ?

    Anyone have opinions or experience with this trolling lure for Thresher Shark here In California . I have used large Rapalas with some success but Have not tried this Bait O Matic . Thanks BDers White Shark just to get the juices flowing !
  37. willbuyone

    Longer handle for BV2 500N ?

    Is there a longer handle available for the BV2 500N ?
  38. willbuyone

    True story ?

    Bloody Decks
  39. willbuyone

    Black Hole 250 Gram Cape Cod Reel ?

    What reel do you think would be a good matchup for this rod ? I have a Mak 8ii sea or a Mak 10ii that I can use on it but I was thinking maybe something lighter like a Accurate BV2 600N or Okuma Andros 12N . Thanks BDers !
  40. willbuyone

    Shark !

    Here’s looking at you kid .
  41. willbuyone

    SOLD Please Delete ! Thank You BD

    New in factory box Komodo 463 $180 shipped I’m in Lompoc Ca Please all response by Private Messages only Thank You !
  42. willbuyone

    SOLD Delete please ! Thanks BD !

    Just removed from box for pics $180 Shipped PP F&F Please all responses by Private Message only thank you . I am located in Lompoc, Ca
  43. willbuyone

    Komodo ( Winn Grip Sleeves ) ?

    Has anyone tried the Winn Grip sleeves on their paddle handles ? Did you like them ?
  44. willbuyone

    And the insanity continues !

    I hope this is not happening to other BD fishermen . With the start of the post about the 20% off code from Woodbury and then the 20% off codes for EBay I have bought reel after reel that I don’t have any real use for just because they are such good deals . They made me offers that I couldn’t...
  45. willbuyone

    Black Hole Cape Cod Jigging Rod 250gm

    A while back in response to a thread I started, asking about fishing equipment for aging fishermen slow pitch jigging rods were suggested as being easier on the back than conventional West Coast Rods . So I bought black Hole slow pitch rod ( B581HR3 ) it is very easy on the back . Now my...
  46. willbuyone

    WTB Decided to buy a new one please delete thanks BD

    Please all responses by PM ( Private Message) only Thank You ! Will need to ship to Lompoc Ca Have a few trade items as well Pic for effect
  47. willbuyone

    Accurate reel question

    What Accurate reel would be closest in size performance etc to the Penn Torque 25nld2 ? TIA !
  48. willbuyone

    Never owned an Accurate on myon

    I am not new to fishing but I am new as far as Accurate reels are concerned . I think I would like to try one out on my my Calstar 865H 20-50lb 6’6” rod . I will be using this setup for ball bouncing for Halibut and dropper loop maybe a little yo yo . I am getting a little older so I would not...
  49. willbuyone

    Left handle ? JDM

    l have been looking at Japanese jigging reels that say left handle but the reel itself looks right handed . Is left handle in Japan mean right handed to us ?
  50. willbuyone

    Saltiga 15 vs Penn Torque 12 ?

    Ok does the Saltiga 15 have a narrower spool than the Torque 12 star drag ? And do you think the Saltiga has any advantages over the Penn for jigging ? The reason I am asking is because I already have the Penn Torque 12 and I am thinking about buying the Saltiga 15
  51. willbuyone

    Saltiga 15 vs BV300 ?

    Daiwa Saltiga 15 Star Drag reel SASD15 5:1 Gear ratio vs Accurate BV-300 also in a 5:1 gear ratio . They both cost about the same . 15 is a star drag the 300 is lever . Of the two what would be the best for light weight slow pitch jigging rod ? I would like to try both of them but can only...
  52. willbuyone

    Anyone used one of these ?

    Any body use one of these on jigging rod ? Do you think they help when fighting bigger fish ?
  53. willbuyone

    For Sale Phenix PSW 700H Rod only $185

    Like new Phenix 7ft 20-60lb can not ship but I can meet in Santa Barbara , Santa Maria or San Luis Obispo Please only respond thru PM. ( Private Message ) Smart ass remarks are encouraged but only thru PMs please ! I am in Lompoc Ca $185
  54. willbuyone

    Looking for Likes

    Refugio Beach
  55. willbuyone

    Mak 10ii SEA size compared to 8ii SEA ?

    I don’t have any way to compare the two in person . Is the 10 just wider than the 8 or is it larger in diameter also ?
  56. willbuyone

    Good morning Gaviota

    Gaviota Beach .
  57. willbuyone

    FS Makaira 8ii ( NIB ) Invest in Gold ! Sold Thank You BD please delete

    Mak 8ii Gold new with box and factory accessories never spooled . $360.00 Shipped Please all responses by PM only ! ( Private Message Only ) Will most likely need to be shipped as I am in Lompoc Ca PayPal friends and family
  58. willbuyone

    Can this Calstar be made into a lighter rod ?

    Would a custom rod builder be able to reconfigure the handle on this rod to make the rod lighter ? Or would it be better to just sell and shop for another rod ? TIA BDers
  59. willbuyone

    Makaira Lube ?

    Your gold reel needs the spool bearings de-greased and lubed up with a light speed oil. This will dramatically increase your freespool on that reel and make it a better rival of its silver/black or gunmetal SEA cousin. Can anyone tell me a little about this statement from another post ? Is...
  60. willbuyone

    Beautiful Day on the Ocean

    Near point Conception on a fabulous day !
  61. willbuyone

    I give up Delete Please ! Thank You BD

    I know it’s a long shot ! I have the paddle handle I want the factory power handle PM only please . ( Private Message )
  62. willbuyone

    You won’t be needing this !

  63. willbuyone

    Sunset Gaviota Coast

  64. willbuyone

    Vandenberg Air Force Base North & South

    Some Shots I took with IPhone
  65. willbuyone

    How Bad is Gold ?

    In the past I have only owned one gold reel an Avet MXJ . I never liked as much as my black or silver Avets . I recently purchased a used Mak 8ii in gold . The color bothers me some but I would not have bought this reel new to get in silver . How bad is gold compared to other colors in your...
  66. willbuyone

    Breaking off jigging line question ?

    Question for those jiggers slow pitch or other wise, when using mono leaders heaver than your braided main line , how do you break your line when stuck on the bottom ?
  67. willbuyone

    Phenix Megalodon ?

    Ok I have this Phenix Megalodon that I traded for and have had no use for so far . I have tried to sell it but have had no takers . I fish from my own boat in the Santa Barbara Channel including the islands . What do you think would be the best use for this rod in the waters I fish in ? ( 5’6”...
  68. willbuyone

    BV 300 ratchet ?

    i read on BD somewhere that the ratchet system on the Boss Valiant had been improved / updated if so when did this take place ? How long ago ? TIA
  69. willbuyone

    Slow pitch jigs ? Lines & Leaders ?

    There has been lots of talk lately about rod and reel selection . I have learned much about the rods and reels used in the slow pitch style jigging now I am curious about the jigs the line and leaders preferred for slow pitch ? I already have some of the flat falls the knife jigs and a few Colt...
  70. willbuyone


    I now have 28 Trophys awarded by BD that I would like to trade for a Penn 12 VSX
  71. willbuyone

    Tsunami & Tranx

    Received my Tsunami 6’8” in the mail today . The Quality of this rod seems very good for 100 bucks it is real bargain in my opinion . Tried a few different reels on it and was surprised at how well the Tranx 500 PG felt on it . Anyone else tried the big Tranx on light weight slow pitch jigging rod ?
  72. willbuyone

    Merry Christmas BD

    Merry Christmas all you all !
  73. willbuyone

    Bored Winter Pics Goleta Pier

    These pics are showing a little of the experience launching from the Goleta Pier . Most of the time we run up the coast to Gaviota and Hollister Ranch .
  74. willbuyone

    Fresh frozen Squid ?

    Does anyone know of a bait company that will ship the higher quality fresh frozen Squid ? I am in Lompoc Ca The only Squid I can get in the winter is what they sell in the liquor store .
  75. willbuyone

    Aging fishermen and equipment choices.

    So I am getting a little older ( 68 ) and weaker than I used to be. I fish off my own boat in the Santa Barbara channel inshore for Halibut WSB Yellowtail etc. I would like your thoughts on equipment choices. I have been thinking about lower geared reels shorter rods to make it easier to land...
  76. willbuyone

    Penn Torque 30 4.8:1 ?

    My question is did some of the early black Torques ship as 4.8:1 as stated on the side of my box or 6.0:1 as stated on the inside of the top of box ? ( see pics )
  77. willbuyone

    Winter Halibut ?

    Has anyone had any luck fishing for Halibut fall thru winter ? Your experience or thoughts on this would be appreciated . Oh yea in California
  78. willbuyone

    Kicker motor ?

    I am thinking about getting a 2018 Tohatsu 9.9 hp EFI 4 stroke as a kicker motor and emergency back up for my Robalo R180 . Any thoughts or advice on this engine choice ? This engine has electronic fuel injection . I would use this to troll for Halibut . I boat the Santa Barbara channel to the...
  79. willbuyone

    Fenwick PT809 ?

    i am new to vintage fishing gear just bought a couple of old school reels . Now I am looking for a few rods . Are the older Fenwicks decent rods ? The one I am looking at is a PT 809 6' 8" 30-80 .
  80. willbuyone

    Bounce Balling for Halibut ( rod selection) ?

    Looking for some advice on best kind of rods for trolling for Halibut ? We slow troll with 2 lb balls usually right now I am using an old 7 ft graphite rod bought at Walmart so long ago I can't remember. I think it is called Bluewater brand ? Now I want to upgrade my gear . Any help will be...
  81. willbuyone

    Surf Skiff ???

    Is there any new feedback on this boat ? The 177 Surf Skiff I like the way it looks and I have searched the net and this site I have read everything I could find but I am looking for new feedback from someone who has bought or looked at one of them I have ready read the feedback from Addy J...