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    Replacement guide ?

    Hey guys I'm looking for a replacement guide for the Fuji Bnlg series guides, what do u guys like & use? Thanks ed
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    For Sale For Sale Diawa 20h Saltist

    Hey guys i have for sale 2 Diawa 20h Saltist reels in as new condition, they are the new black & blue model saltist, $ is 175 each plus shipping on your part via USPS Priority Mail. I will only accept PayPal as payment friend or gift. Pics upon request. Thanks Ed
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    TRADE Truline Factory D7

    Hey guys i have a excellent condition factory wrapped Truline D7, Collins glass, red glass rod. I looking 2 trade 4 other 8 ft Truline's like cxm, mh81, d8's, mayb another clean D7, let me know what u guys have, the rod can b seen up at Erics tackle, if u r interested go up & tell him u want 2...
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    WTB Fenwick Lb 965

    Hey guys i'm lookin 4 a fenwick eglass Lb 965 rod or blank, it must be full length. Lmk me what u guys have , Thanks Ed
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    For Sale Newell 344 bars & base's

    Hey guys i have 3 sets of Newell 344 bases & bars.1 set is P series , $65 +shipping plus a full og Blacky or P 344 kit, base, bars including the og top bar from newell, & spool, 1 $100+ shipping the 2nd set r the early style plain bars & base, $ 55 + shipping I'm lookin 4 some blacky L...
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    WTB Newell Blacky parts

    hey guys i'm lookin 4 newell 300 blacky series parts reels, i'll pay a fair $$. specifically i'm lookin 4 some jack handles,stars, & handles. lmk ed
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    WTB Fenwick PJ orJB 969 rod or blank

    Hello guys, just like the title says I'm look'in for a Jb or Pj 969 rod or blank. I will also consider a Lb 969 rod or blank also. LMK. Ed
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    WTB Penn 100 aluminum spool. Ed

    Looking 4 a Penn 100 aluminum spool. Thanks
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    For Sale Updated Newell G322

    I have a very good G322 with a excellent condition Accurate frame, I would like to trade this for a Truline D7, I'll add $$ on my end if needed. Ed
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    Inserting & Glueing

    Is anybody still inserting mono/fluro into hollow & gluing with Tac Glue it without serving the connection? Ed
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    For Sale Newell 300c Reels

    Hello guys, I have for sale 2 Newell 300c reels in a 322/501 size. All reels have P series spools, Penn gut's, accurate frames & 4-1 gears in them. They are all in really nice condition, no cracks in any of the side plates, few scratch's, normal stuff. The Red framed reel is gone, $ 125.00 each...
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    Blank Refinishing ?

    Hey guy's who is the go to guy or company to for refinishing 9' blanks these days? Thanks Ed
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    Tuna Charter

    Hi, I'm looking to charter a boat in Westport or Illwaco to fish Tuna on in 2018. There will be 10 guys & I would like to see the rates for a 3 day trip. LMK Ed
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    WTB/WTT Fathom 25n Star Drag

    I'm looking to buy or trade for a fathom 25n star drag reel. LMK Ed
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    Saltist Bg35 Upgrade

    Hello guys, I just did what I consider to be a big upgrade to this reel. Here's what I did, I swapped the gear ratio back to a 4.9-1 ratio instead of that 6.4-1 crap, if you hang a big fish on this reel with that high gear ratio you can have a hard time getting turns on the handle at times. In...
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    Super Seeker Fl 75 rod or blank

    Hey guys I'm looking for a SS Fl 75 rod or blank to buy or built into a 40 lb stick. LMK Ed
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    9' Chocolate Sabre Jigtick blank

    Ok guy's here's what I have, I'm trying to find out what this beast is. It has a butt diameter of 1 1/32" , & a tip diameter of 5/32's or a # 10. This blank is 9' 2"s long. It has a taper that shuts off in the upper 3rd of the blank, inn fact it feels a lot like what a good 670 h used to feel...
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    'reel man' (jerry downie)

    Has anybody seen or.? heard from jerrie? The only thing I know is I talked to his wife about a week ago & come to find out he had fallen on the boat & I guess he also hurt his back? I 'm just curious & hope he's doing well. Thanks Ed
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    Newell Parts

    I have for sale a set of very good condition 300c side plates, there are a few light scratches from normal use, no cracks in the side plates, & the frame rings are in good condition to. $85.00 shipped. Thanks Ed
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    Free Gudebrod Ncp Thread

    Hey guy's how 's it going? I've got 12 spools of Gudebrod ncp thread that I'm going to get rid of. I've had issues in the past with older thread fuzzing up on me in some of the gudebrod threads, you can't tell how old the thread is, I had spools that looked just fine on the spool but once you...
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    B & B Tackle

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody on here remembers a tackle shop in Garden Grove, Ca ? It was called B & B Tackle, the B & B stood for Bobby & Blackie McKinney. They where super nice people & great to deal with. Ed
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    Proper Thread Tension ??

    Ok guys maybe you can help me out with a problem I've been having, & that is I'm getting to much tension coming off of the thread carriage & getting to tight on the wraps. By the way the machine I have is a Alps with a standard vertical thread carriage. I've backed way off on the adjuster on the...
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    New Yoyo Stick (maybe 2)

    I'm wanting to build a new 7'6" yoyo stick to fish 40lb, 50lb, & 60lb on. The reels will be something like a Penn40nld2 or a 30ld2, spectra backed of course. The rod will have a 30" or 32" long grip on it, with at least a 12" or longer foregrip for the rail. For the 40lb & 50lb I'll probably use...
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    Fathom 12 star drag

    Does this reel use the same gears as the 25n star drag, I'm thinging of getting 1 to fish chovies with, I just can't see the need for a 6-1 gear ratio on these little reels so I'm thinking of putting the pro challenger gears in it. thanks ed
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    WTS Fenwick LB849

    I have for sale a Fenwick Chocolate glass LB849 rod. This is a old school Fenwick e-glass rod/blank, it's in excellent condition, 1 guide does show signs of having been repaired, it also has a new cork tape handle on it, the rod is 7' long. I would rate this rod as a 15lb -25lb stick. I will...
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    Slowwwwwwwww Loading

    Am I the only person having this trouble everything on this site is loading super slow?
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    Penn Warfare 20 & 30 reels

    I was wondering if anybody has fished either of these 2 reels? If so how did you like them or if you didn't what did you not like about them. From what I've been reading they are pretty much hot rodded jigmasters with good bearings & drags, also they have the double dog anti reverse in them.
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    WTT Truline 4x

    I have a very nice condition Truline 4x caramel blank that I would like to trade. I would like to trade for a Penn Fathom 30 star drag reel that is in decent condition. The blank is nice & straight, maybe wrapped only 1 time, it also has a varmac reel seat on it, the blank is full length, not...
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    WTB Newell Sideplates

    I'm looking to buy a a Newell 300 series Blackie left sideplate,it does not have to have logos as I already have those, also no cracks around any of the screw holes. I'm also looking for a P322f logo, I'll pay good $$ for parts that are in good shape. Thanks Ed
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    Tib Universal & Daiwa Clamps

    I have for sale 3Tib & Daiwa Universal Clamps. There are 2 Tib Universal Clamp, 1st Tib clamp is a size XL & has a extra set of medium legs for it, the 2nd Tib clamp is a size L & has a extra set of medium legs for it. The last clamp kit is a Daiwa ARSC universal clamp & will fit all Daiwa...
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    Penn Fathom 40nld2

    Does anyone know which Tib T-bar lite handle will fit on this reel? I'm thinking that having a little bit longer handle wii give me more torque. thanks
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    Pro Gear Pacifica 2500

    I have for sale a PG 2500, there is not a scratch on it. I used it on 1 trip,also has fresh ht 100's. $140.00 shipped to your door. Price is firm. Thanks
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    WTB Newell Spool

    I'm looking for a g332 graphite spool. let me know what you have. Also are the g & s series spools the same for a 332 or any other model for that matter?
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    Tib Frame for Newell 229

    Hello guys, like the title says I'm looking for a Tib frame for a Newell 229. I have a Tib frame for a 220 that I can trade. Thanks Ed
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    Info on this blank,

    I just picked up a Truline Red cobra glass blank, it's labeled E4-7, never been wrapped, I've been told that the blank came out of Yo's shop when he was still alive. It's 7' long has a butt diameter of .950 " , it looks like the tip is a size 8 or 9. What can anyone tell me about this...
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    FS Saltist 2 Speeds

    Hey guys I have decided to split up this group of the Saltist 2 speeds up for sale. All reels are a 9 out of 10 condition, they've been used on 2 trips. What I have are a 40 2 speed, a 35 2 speed, & a 30 2speed. The handles have been upgraded to a regular Saltist knob instead of that round golf...
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    Saltist 30t clamp , (4.9-1 ratio)

    I know that this is a popular reel for a lot of people who like a narrow reel for jigsticks. The main problem is those shitty S shaped clamp bolts that come with the reel, they are a Pain in the ass to put on the reel. After some playing around with a couple of different ways & a couple of...
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    WTB Newell 533 No Letter

    I'm looking for a Newell 533 No letter Series reel in either 4.6 or 5.5 to 1 gear ratio, also it has to have the metal bearing cups. I'm not interested in a C or S series or any reel that has the black plastic bearing cups. Let me know what you got. Thanks
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    HI, I'm looking for a Fenwick Lb 965 blank or rod. Doesn't matter if it's a wrapped rod or blank. It should be a 8' stick with about a 1" diameter butt. I'm not inyerested in anything that has been cut, must be full length. Let me know what or if you have one, & how much$$. Thanks
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    Writing on Rods

    Hi guys, which nibs or tips for the caligrophy pens are you guys using when you put someone's name on a rod? Thanks Ed
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    Contact a member

    How can you contact a member other than by private message or starting a conversation? How can I get a members contact info such as email address to display? Thanks Ed
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    WTT Saltist

    Hi guys, I'd like to trade straight across my Saltist BG35 with spectra for a Silver Saltist 30t. I just don't like the 6 to 1 gear ratio, I'm looking for the 4.9 to 1 gear ratio. My reel has been used 1 time. Let me know. Thanks Ed
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    Best Casting Sprctra

    Hi, I know this has been asked before but I can't find the post about it, so here goes. What do you feel is the best casting spectra in both 65lb & 80lb , I will be using a short topshot , 3-5 ft long, mostly for jig fishing or iron? Thanks
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    113h Accurate Sideplates

    Hello, I have for sale a set of like new/as new Polished Accurate sideplates. These are just the bare sideplates,no guts in them. These plates have new bearings in them. $$100.00 firm. Lowballers will be ignored so don't even try. Shipping on your $. Thanks
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    Fade wrap

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody could post a tutorial on doing a fade wrap. Thanks
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    Truline question

    Can someone tell me what F Series Truline octagon is, I see a green glass rod on flea bay right now. I've never heard of this rod or blank before.Thanks
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    New wrapper

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a new wrapper, I'm looking at the Alps machine or the PacBay Rw3-xl, another one that I looked at & was wondering about was the American rod wrapper. What are the pros & cons of these 3 machine & which do you guys like better & why? Thanks Ed
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    Accurate & Lee Pro "99" reels for sale

    Hello guys. I have for sale a Accurate conversion & a Lee Pro conversion "99" sized reels. Both are in excellent condition & have a stainless gear sleeve, also both reels will come with a spare spool. The price is $175.00 for either reel plus shipping. Don't even try to LOWBALL ME, you will be...
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    Fenwick Blank

    I'm hoping somebody on here can tell me which Fenwick Blank I have. It is a yellow glass blank,when I stripped the blank I could see the Fenwick logo & the LB designation but no numbers, they where there but came off with the finish that was used on the rod that the person used to finish it. The...
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    PW Reloader

    Hi, I would like to see if there is any interest in someone possibly buying or trading some tackle for my reloader. What I've got is a Ponsness Warren 3000 Con vertable 12 guage reloader, it has been recently rebuilt by the PW factory from top to bottom & is in excellent condition. It has a new...
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    Saltist 30t

    WTB Saltist 30t, must be in good condition. Let me know what you have. Thanks Ed
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    Truline DM7 Rebuild

    I had this Truline DM7 sitting around and thought I would have it rebuilt. Moe over at Fishermans Depot did the wrapping for me. I decided to go with a old school wrap and this is what he came up with. I think it turned out bitchin. Ed
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    FS Penn 113h Yts Reels

    I have a few reels that I'm not going to be using & would like to move them. Here is what's left. Top row, on the left, Newell kit in good cond with 4-1 gears & fresh ht100's--sold 2nd row, on the right, Tib kit in good cond with3-1 gears & fresh ht100's 3rd row, Newell kit in...
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    Saltist 40t

    Which of the Tib universal clamps fit this reel, I tried the L & it was to big?
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    Blanks & Reel parts

    I have a few things that I no longer need or intend to use 4 sale. Truline 3x blank in excellent cond, it is old red glass $100 Shimano 400 reel with minor rash, clamp kit & spectra $85--sold New never used Tib Topless frame, Newell spool for a 113h, $85 I can send pics upon request, PM me...
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    Doe's anyone know if the gears from the silver 30t & 40t will interchange or fit the new black & gold Saltists? Thanks Ed
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    Truline D8

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a heavy D8 or 6x that will fish 40# easily. Please let me know what you have & how much $$. Thanks Ed
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    Assist Hooks

    Does anybody have a good video or tutorial on how to make your own assist hooks? Thanks Ed
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    Truline Glass Question

    I have a question for all the Truline experts out there. How do you tell if a blank or rod has what I've seen called Tiger Glass in it, & is it just limited to the Red Glass Trulines? I have a blank that I think may have Tiger Glass in it. These black line that you see in the 2 pics look like...
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    349 Drag Washers

    What are the closest size HT100 for the 349h, I thought or heard that the drag washers from a 525,535 GS series where pretty close in size, I don't know for a fact if this is true or not. I know that smooth drag has washers for the 349h but they are kinda $$. Thanks Ed
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    Newell 300c side plates & rings

    I'm looking to buy Newell 300c side plates & rings for them. Let me know if you have any & how much $$. Thanks Ed
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    300 series Newell plates

    I am looking for a set of L & R sideplates including inner & outer rings. I would prefer P series or G series plates.Let me know what you have & $$.Thanks Ed
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    Fenwick Tuna Blank

    Question for all Fenwick Experts. I am looking for some info & or history on a blank that I just picked up. The blank is a lemon yellow Fenwick, the only numbers where on a label that said C566. The specs on the blank are butt dia. is 1 3/8 inches in dia., the tip is a size 7, the length is 81...
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    YTS Spool

    Hello all, I am looking to buy or trade for a yellowtail special spool for a 113h.I would prefer a Accurate or Newell as I don't really care for the Tib spools as they are on the heavy side.If anyone has one let me know.Thanks Ed
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    Newell Spool

    I am looking for a Newell P220 Spool in very good to excellent condition,no graphite spools please.Thanks Ed
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    Jig Organizer

    I am looking for a couple of the Open Water LB20 jig organizers.Thanks Ed
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    Just wondering if anybody here would have any use for a PW 12 gauge reloader? I have a unit that I no longer use, it has hydralics attached & is currently set up for reloading trap loads. I am thinking of selling or trading this unit.If there is any interest please let me know & we can go from...
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    looking for ideas

    I am looking to build a rod to throw very light crankbaits & leadheads, to be specific I want to throw 1/8 to 1/4 ounce Rapalas & leadheads. i would like the rod to be between 8 & 9 ft long & be 1 piece, it will probably have a trigger type reelseat & I was planning on using something like a...
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    Newell, Calcutta

    Newell G229F ex cond $90 Calcutta 400 slight bit of rash but ex cond $110 Shipping on your $$ I might be open to trades, PM me with what you have Thanks Ed
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    Reel Parts

    Hey guys I have some parts for Penns that I am not going to be using. I might be open to trades for some of these parts. Silver Accu 4/0 frame & spool (penn) $65 ex cond Gold Accu 4/0 frame & spool (newell) $65 ex cond SOLD Black Accu 99 spool $45 ex cond Silver Accu 99 spool $45 ex cond 112h...
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    Vintage 4/0 Sideplate

    Hello guys, I`m looking for a real dark brown or choclate 113h Right sideplate, I can find all the maroon & red sideplates that I want. This sideplate is a very early year of manufacture I think. I tried calling Penn Parts & a few other places & all they have are the maroon or red plates. I was...
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    Fred Hall Show

    Hey guys, I am thinking about coming down to the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach in March, Where are some good hotels/motels close by that do not cost a arm & a leg? I am not going to be a exhibitor, just want to check out the show for a couple of days. Thanks Ed,
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    YTS Spool

    Looking for a YTS Spool, preferably Newell or Accurate. Let me know if you have one & how much$$. Thanks Ed,
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    Just Getting Started

    I just got the Flex Coat Starter kit for wrapping. I have never wrapped before so my question is how do I hold the blank in the chuck on this type of motor? Do you attach a butt cap with double back tape to the inside of the chuck& hold the blank with that to turn the blank or what is the best...
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    Truline & Sabre catalogs

    I am willing to pay good money for Truline & Sabre catalogs. I have a copy of the Harnell catalog for trade if interested. Thanks Ed,
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    Chocolate Sabre`s

    I am looking for Chocolate Sabre`s, looking for a 670h, 670,865h,865,210 etc. Let me know what ya got. Thanks
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    Truline Id

    What can you guy`s tell me about a 5DM7 rod as far as line rating etc goes? The rod is a black & is 7 ft long. Thanks
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    Truline XR Blank

    Hey guys I have a question for any & all Truline experts, I recently picked up a Truline XR blank & I don`t know anything about it, never seen any posts on this blank, never fished one or talked to anybody who has. What can you guys tell me about it as far as line rating,etc. What string would...
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    Truline Id

    Ok here goes the age old question on Truline Id. I recently picked up a blank that I want to Id & do not know how to post pics of it plus the pics that I took do not show the grain or true color of the blank. The blank is 7ft 81/2 inches long, & looks to be uncut, the ends appear to be a little...
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    Newell P322 Spool

    Does anybody have a Newell P322 Spool that they want to sell, must be in excellent condition? Thanks, Ed
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    Contact For Newell

    I understand that a while back Newell Co. was sold toanother company. Does anybody have any contact info for them as I need to get a few new parts? Thanks, Ed
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    Tekota 300 handle

    Hi, I`m looking to upgrade the handle on my 300 with a power handle, any ideas? Thanks, Ed