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  1. GHfishin

    Raymarine Big Screen and other goodies

    SOLD Upgrading my Raymarine. Here is a list of what I have available E-165 15" mfd with wi-fi. I love this rig. Big screen so when your watching Radar, Gps, And 2 sounder screens you can actually see everything even if your an old guy. $2500 Also have Es-98 9 inch mfd with wi-fi and gps. $800...
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    anybody going to puyallup from bellevue

    Need some things be out to the show from Benjamin's place in Bellevue. Would be invaluable to me. Call 253-380-9973
  3. GHfishin

    Kerry at 253-380-9973

    Kerry at 253-380-9973
  4. GHfishin

    Hey brother, I have a 20 foot alumaweld super vee that need bottom paint. It doesn't have bottom...

    Hey brother, I have a 20 foot alumaweld super vee that need bottom paint. It doesn't have bottom paint now but does have a vynle wrap. Can you get me on your schedule?
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    Tuna, tuna, tuna

    We could put @Roll the Bones in charge of cuddling and liberal steve @Elkfins in charge of fidget spinners and crying towels.
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    Thanks Mark. I will try to put something together for next week. This summer is going to be SUPER AWESOME!!!!
  9. GHfishin

    Tuna, tuna, tuna

    Maybe we should start a new thread called "safe space" where the sensitive can go to be cared for and coddled.
  10. GHfishin

    BD Winter Party Get Together. 1-21-2017

    I call BS, nobody snores worse than you.
  11. GHfishin

    This should be interesting in how it plays out...

    I'm sure this is going to work out fine. The tribes will cooperate fully and everyone will have a wonderful fishery. If not, there's always Tuna offshore
  12. GHfishin

    Bulletproof 30 size troller?

    Truth SG or lg. Each is 6:1 retrieve with ceramic bearings. Lifetime guarantee and made in America. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  13. GHfishin

    It's time to go !!!

    We caught big fish on Jiggs today. About 35 nm Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  14. GHfishin

    It's time to go !!!

    Today we caught as many as we wanted Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  15. GHfishin

    It's time to go !!!

    No, we bought a new shiney one Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    It's time to go !!!

    Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    It's time to go !!!

    Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  19. GHfishin

    It's time to go !!!

    Wednesday looks good but this weekend is going to be awesome. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  20. GHfishin

    It's time to go !!!

    It's been a little while since I have posted on here but we are still here in Westport catching tuna and being happy. This has been a strange year but the wind has changed direction, the warm water is moved in close and the game is on. We are seeing jumpers and birds and all the things we have...
  21. GHfishin

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Caught tuna today. It was fun. Don't care what patrick does. That is n Awesome picture you posted Paul. And the answer to the left right or middle question is YES!!
  22. GHfishin

    WTF is it

    I can't unsee that barf
  23. GHfishin

    Well? WTC Updates?

    Thanks for all you hard work guys. Your the best Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  24. GHfishin

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    We got 16 on Saturday but only 3 over t 20# so didn't score well. Ocean was pretty sloppy. I imagine a bunch of people wold not have gone if it weren't a tournament.
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    Beast Mode

    Sorry. I'll try to remember this afternoon.
  26. GHfishin

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    I like pie with ice cream
  27. GHfishin

    Beast Mode

    Mike 253-303-1143
  28. GHfishin

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Ok, I have read all three pages of this crap and I completely agree. I like Pie.
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    Beast Mode

    Ill get a couple pics of the ducer tomorrow.
  30. GHfishin

    Beast Mode

  31. GHfishin

    Bean Bags

    Im ordering 4 with my new boats logo. Not sure if I can be part of your order for shipping or not. I will find out.
  32. GHfishin

    Beast Mode

    Here she is. Our brand new 2820 Parker. Twin 300 Yamaha's. Lighter with more torque, full Raymarine Electronics installed by my good friend Patrick Walker of Tailwalker Charters, Awesome graphics created and installed by my good friend BenjaminN from Metropolitan Detail. New Seeker Rods in...
  33. GHfishin

    Reel Question

    We've been beating on a couple for a month now and are confident enough to try them. One of the things I like is that I can call and talk to Russ (of the six guys two are named Russ) and get questions answered. I also like that they are lights and have ceramic bearings. I will keep you updated...
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    I use fins 65lb casting in blue. Its slick through the guides, flexible and plenty strong. I load the reels and use a floro top shot. I use the same for bait, tuna salmon, halibut. Trolling, casting jigging. We cast with a spin rig and have found other lines too stiff but the fins is...
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    Need your help

    Vance getting a tool.. That's funny right there
  36. GHfishin

    Raymarine Shoutout

    We went from 300 to 370 last summer and it was a huge difference. You will be happy with the performance. If your not Mike and Mark are Awesome guys to work with.
  37. GHfishin

    Need your help

  38. GHfishin

    Shark week last Saturday.

    Caught on a swim bait with a long lead head. He couldn't get his teeth to the leader
  39. GHfishin

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    I'm going to keep posting videos till someone makes a move.
  40. GHfishin


    Sorry for your loss brother. Prayin for you guys
  41. GHfishin

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    trailer is a Tank. 3 x 6000lb axles.
  42. GHfishin

    2010 Parker 2820 w/ twin 250 yammi's

    Yes kill bags included
  43. GHfishin

    2010 Parker 2820 w/ twin 250 yammi's

    Fuel burn average is about 1.2 to 1.5. It seems to really like to run fast. A lot of our hours are trolling which burns next to nothing.
  44. GHfishin

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    I'll give you Dave and a player to be named later but Brian is way too valuable to me.
  45. GHfishin

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    We call it the ladies room
  46. GHfishin

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    ---SOLD--- Check out the thread here:
  47. GHfishin

    Official BD South Sound Get Together- Dec 12th 1600 hours

    It's not as bad as it looks. You drive down from the top then just back down. I can help you if you need
  48. GHfishin

    2010 Parker 2820 w/ twin 250 yammi's

    Comes with 18000lb triple axle trailer.
  49. GHfishin

    Westport to Kitsap-ish Transport

    I'll be going this weekend to get my boat and trailer. And coming back to gig harbor. Not sure if I know the secret handshake but could probably figure something out.
  50. GHfishin

    Tuna blank suggestions?

    I have two Seeker G 6470-7S rods that we use for casting and jigging. This year we caught an 80-100lb mako on it. And tons of albacore. It's awesome.
  51. GHfishin

    Open Seats Saturday

    Never mind. 3 o'clock for cast looks aweful. Not going. Maybe next week
  52. GHfishin

    Open Seats Saturday

    One day tuna
  53. GHfishin

    Open Seats Saturday

    Fun trip, not a charter. Call (253) 380-9973.
  54. GHfishin

    2010 Parker 2820 w/ twin 250 yammi's

    Selling to get a new one. She's an awesome rig. We have her pretty dialed in. If she doesn't sell I will keep running her but the business plan calls for selling this and going new.
  55. GHfishin

    2010 Parker 2820 w/ twin 250 yammi's

    Larry the fish finder pic is a tuna spot. Lol
  56. GHfishin

    2010 Parker 2820 w/ twin 250 yammi's

    SOLD--------- Testing the waters. 2010 2820 Parker. Twin yamaha 250 four strokes, approximately 1500 hours. Raymarine electronics, E140w display GPS Radar Autopilot BIG bait tank (3 scoops) Taco outriggers Scotty downriggers 2 vhf radios Rear steering Electronic controls Asking $89k...
  57. GHfishin

    Shark week last Saturday.

    Yes very yummy.
  58. GHfishin

    Shark week last Saturday.

    Link to the story of the Mako this weekend. What a hoot!!
  59. GHfishin

    Awesome video from a customer.

    It's long but worth watching till the end.
  60. GHfishin

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Actually we carry them with us out there and then release them under the boat for the customers to catch.
  61. GHfishin

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    So when I mentioned (because he was close enough to talk to) to this Jackwagon that he was too close, He said "oh sorry I didn't see you". And then proceeded to stay and fish. WTF. He didn't see me? We waited a few minutes and then picked up and left. It's not worth trying to explain to an...
  62. GHfishin

    Temp Deckhand needed

    From now till Thursday. The hours are long but the work sucks and the capt. is an ass so it's got that going for it. Oh and you get to go tuna fishing every day. Call Brian 253-905-4158
  63. GHfishin

    Big ass kill bag

    We got the blood on your boat so it wouldn't feel neglected. You're welcome. We're good like that. :cheers:
  64. GHfishin

    TEAM F24

    Welcome to the dark side. If your offended we were just playin'. If your not offended we'll try harder. :devil::devil: :_diarrhea_:
  65. GHfishin

    New boat

  66. GHfishin

    theres a new tommy in town

    Or need a hug
  67. GHfishin

    Anyone here do vinyl lettering?

    X2 for benjamin.
  68. GHfishin

    Ladies Love Tuna fishing with Offshore Northwest

    We didn't ask but many of the smaller tuna appeared to be single.
  69. GHfishin

    7/12 WP tuna.

    Nice job!!
  70. GHfishin

    Westport tuna

    Nice job Jason. Great report thanks
  71. GHfishin

    working on new graphic for my Grady

    Talk to benjaminn. Hes awesome
  72. GHfishin

    Ilwaco tuna report

    Awesome report. Time to go!!!
  73. GHfishin

    2530 parker1998 io

    Wow that was quick. Your gonna love that boat.
  74. GHfishin


    I dont know about Pat but Ive booked three trips from this thread alone.
  75. GHfishin

    New boat and first blood

    Way to get it done Brother. That rig is fishy for sure. You Rock!!
  76. GHfishin

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    es, Someone may get the wrong Idea and actually vote for him. They could be hurt or killed.
  77. GHfishin

    Pray for Goatram

    Get better goat so I can come crash your bait stops. I hope to see you soon Brother.
  78. GHfishin

    I'm back bitches.....

    Looking forward to seeing you, or rather, your boat out on the tuna this year. I expect we will see chum flying over the gunnels and know you are there.
  79. GHfishin


    Patrick didnt start the thread. just sayin
  80. GHfishin


    Party pooper
  81. GHfishin

    If you buy enough clown oil you get one of these

    And do you get to choose, like could a guy get a redhead if he wanted?
  82. GHfishin

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    Where does he stand on removing the Bar. The issues mean everything to me.
  83. GHfishin


    I know for a fact that fish hit the deck of the prospector in washington waters.
  84. GHfishin


    I knew it was going to be Patrick. First tuna on the deck! Awesome.
  85. GHfishin

    Anyone using the Cutco fillet knives

    We use the adjustable fillet knife. So far we like them.
  86. GHfishin

    Team Offshore Northwest has chrome hit the deck

    Dave has that effect on people.
  87. GHfishin

    Offer of VHF (or any other radio) help

    Boat is at the dock in Wesport but could really use some help with antennas
  88. GHfishin

    Team Offshore Northwest has chrome hit the deck

    Cj6530 Thanks Brother, I am very proud of my equipment.
  89. GHfishin

    Bitch/complaint to all you guys buying diesel trucks

    I got a slightly used model with a lift kit someone else paid for and she is awesome.......oh wait your still talking about trucks. Never mind
  90. GHfishin

    More work on the old Skipjack

    Nice work brother
  91. GHfishin

    Open seat halibut saturday

    I have one open seat for halibut sat. Call or text 253-380-9973
  92. GHfishin

    westport moorage

    I know a guy that is giving his up.....oh wait dd you say Westport? never mind LOL
  93. GHfishin

    Early north coast halibut closure?

    Well that would suck
  94. GHfishin

    Time to stir the pot

    I'm a union guy, but not democrat. I'm a buy America guy but I'm not going to let them rape me to do it. On my boat I use Seeker, Avet, Finns and Berkley line, and cutco knives. I also have extra tuff and Raymarine and yamaha. I do my best to help my brothers but my brothers gotta help me a...
  95. GHfishin

    Looking at couple boat asking opinions

    I'm biased. I'm on my second Parker and have loved them both. look at this one Just sayin' it seems to have everything you are looking for. I also have done io and outboard and would always take a 4 stroke outboard over an i/o. Once you've...
  96. GHfishin

    Is this a BD member boat?

    That thing is awesome
  97. GHfishin


    I'll be hiding my boat. There will be no "full moon madness" this time.
  98. GHfishin

    Our Condolences to the Garners

    Sorry for your loss Ron. Praying for the family
  99. GHfishin

    A Proper Introduction...

    Actually it's more of a ththththppppttttt. But whatever.
  100. GHfishin

    A Proper Introduction...

    That's funny, I was going to say something like that but decided that would be mean and might hurt josh ' s feelings. I'm sensitive like that.
  101. GHfishin


    The buyer is a BD brother from the LA area. She is on her way to fun in the sun. Thanks for all the support guys.
  102. GHfishin


  103. GHfishin


  104. GHfishin

    Spend my money..... boat shopping.

    J buck who is the dealer with the 225s. I might just need to keep my 25.
  105. GHfishin's here, and the work has begun. Pic attached

    Congrats Brother. You worked a long time to make this happen. As Charlie said it will be a great addition to the fleet. Maybe now I can finally fish with you.
  106. GHfishin

    Who are some of the guys/gals on the Washington Board that you would like to fish with...

    I would also like to go with mojo cause it would be a hoot.
  107. GHfishin

    Who are some of the guys/gals on the Washington Board that you would like to fish with...

    Good thread; I would like to run with patrick once. He runs my boat 2 days a week but we've never fished together. I'd like to go on goats big metal monster and I would like to go with oldschool because I think it would be a kick to handline fish one after another.
  108. GHfishin

    A Proper Introduction...

    Kerry Allen - GHfishin, Offshore Northwest Charters, Boat is 28 Parker Lucky Dog and for now 25 Parker 3 Ladies, mmsi #338123762 I got no problems
  109. GHfishin

    George Washington says so!!!

    And the army is on our side.
  110. GHfishin


    Yes it has a trailer Phone 253-380-9973
  111. GHfishin

    Spicy Smoked Tuna

    You might also try marinating it in vacuum bags. Would not take as long and opens the meat up.
  112. GHfishin

    Open Seats Tomorrow for Crabbing (Area 13)

    Hell that's just a warm up for Brian.
  113. GHfishin

    Awesome new logo – Thanks Benjamin N.

    Registration numbers and letters must: WN-1234-ZZ • Have a hyphen or equivalent space between the three segments of the number • Be BLOCK style • Be painted or attached to both sides of the bow • Be at least 3 inches high • Contrast with the color of the background • Be distinctly visible •...
  114. GHfishin

    Awesome new logo – Thanks Benjamin N.

    State says block letters. Had that discussion with the sheriff.
  115. GHfishin


    Yea mojo. Nothing says awesome fish killer like a pic of your ass
  116. GHfishin


    Includes dual axle galvanized trailer.
  117. GHfishin

    Awesome new logo – Thanks Benjamin N.

    I think he could do just about anything.
  118. GHfishin


    Price dropped to $21,000
  119. GHfishin

    Open Seats Tomorrow for Crabbing (Area 13)

    Brian when you get a chance run up and put that spot in the gps.
  120. GHfishin

    Awesome new logo – Thanks Benjamin N.

    We fish salmon to sell tuna trips. It all works together.:cheers:
  121. GHfishin

    just absolutely Killing me

    You can spend the winter designing awesome graphics like this:
  122. GHfishin

    Awesome new logo – Thanks Benjamin N.

    A while back I put out that I needed a logo for my charter business.I have a couple good graphics but I needed something simple and recognizable for marketing. Well, the brotherhood came through for me once again. A couple guys stepped up to help but I really felt Benjamin N. understood what I...
  123. GHfishin

    Last minute photographer needed

    What you need is someone to happen to be there and slap the shit out of that kid.
  124. GHfishin

    Taco Outriggers 15ft Telescoping

    my offer still stands
  125. GHfishin


    If it had an outboard it would be 45k
  126. GHfishin

    PSA Ocean Anglers in Westport

    In. Thanks kevin
  127. GHfishin

    Taco Outriggers 15ft Telescoping

    Low balled you via pm.
  128. GHfishin


    Wade that is your pic from last year with the Russians. That was an epic day
  129. GHfishin

    WP 10/10 w/Offshore Ryan, Deviant and Bor, My Bro and Spoooookaloooo

    If you can't prove it it didn't Happen. Unless it was embarrassing in which case you have to prove it didn't happen
  130. GHfishin


    Someone has a bet on the game?
  131. GHfishin


    28 will cost a little more
  132. GHfishin

    Open seats friday

    I got two open seats Friday. Special BD Pricing applies. Same deal as before; Call or text (253)-380-9973
  133. GHfishin


    Sold She needs a little love but is priced accordingly. 1998 Parker 2530 Extended Cabin. MV hull. Volvo 454 with Duo-Prop outdrive. She'll do 25kts on a good ocean and get 1.2 mpg doing it. She is a veteran of a ton of offshore tuna and Halibut trips. She will hold 40+ tuna and 6 guys...
  134. GHfishin

    Westport Tuna Run Friday 10/10- Anybody Going

    There are still a lot of fish out there. Early Ebb is going to be a bitch though. Be safe
  135. GHfishin

    Westport Tuna Run Friday 10/10- Anybody Going

    The "Lucky Dog" of Offshore Northwest will be out Friday also. Still two spots left
  136. GHfishin

    Saturday 9-27 Off the HOOK!!!

    It was a good day. Sorry about all the promo stuff in it, I plan to use this video at the sportsman show this year. Seats are still available for select dates in October
  137. GHfishin

    TUNA Open Seats Sunday 9-28

    4 seats super special BD only pricing. call text or yell real loud: 253-380-9973
  138. GHfishin

    Tuna Friday 9-19

    Friday was awesome. 32 mile run, caught a bunch of Tanks (and another bluefin) and a great ocean home. There are a ton of hungry Albacore out there right now!! October dates still available. 253-380-9973
  139. GHfishin

    Deckhand for 9-19

    Cory needs the day off. 253-380-9973
  140. GHfishin

    Wide open at Westport.

    Yea that
  141. GHfishin

    Wide open at Westport.

    The bite is on. We finally got a little southwest wind and current and the tuna are on the chew. I have one open seat tomorrow. You dont want to miss this. 253-380-9973
  142. GHfishin

    In a Defiance

    Nice Job Patrick. It takes a great skipper to run 'em sideways like that.
  143. GHfishin

    Skunked on 1st WA tuna run

    My first few trips were dismal until I went with a couple guys that knew how to do it. I was close to figuring it out but there were a couple things that I learned from the more experienced that opened it up for me. That said don't feel too bad about this week. Some of the fishermen I respect...
  144. GHfishin

    Salmon for Soldiers, getting ready!!

    We should be in Friday afternoon. Flags flyin. This event was awesome last year with no fish, it's going to be super awesome this year!!!
  145. GHfishin

    Tuna Bloody Decks

    Text me 253-380-9973
  146. GHfishin

    Open Boat Saturday 8-23

    Yea, I think the guy booked it so long ago he just forgot.
  147. GHfishin

    Tuna run Friday Westport?

    We'll be out Thursday and Friday. Text me at 253-380-9973 and I'll give you the general location we will start.
  148. GHfishin

    Open Boat Saturday 8-23

    350 and 5
  149. GHfishin

    Open Boat Saturday 8-23

    Guy cancelled on a Saturday. I don't have another Saturday open till October, heck most have been booked since April. Anyway, grab some friends and let's go get some!! 253-380-9973
  150. GHfishin

    8-13-14 TeamParker/Offshore Northwest "lucky Dog"

    That video is awesome!!! We have open seats for saturday due to a last minute cancellation. $350 call 253-380-9973
  151. GHfishin

    Tuna friday

    We'll be out Friday and Saturday. Text me at (253)-380-9973 for numbers.
  152. GHfishin

    8-13-14 TeamParker/Offshore Northwest "lucky Dog"

    Time is 12:50. Capt. Brian and The Lucky Dog are about to hit the dock in Westport with sixty tuna's and six worn out anglers. One bait stop. Details to follow
  153. GHfishin

    Off shore boat 2500 obo

    You need to get uglybayliner to put a tower and about 30 rocket launchers on her.
  154. GHfishin


    We hit them Yesterday about 40 miles Southwest. Will be running Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  155. GHfishin

    Team Parker/Offshore Northwest plug the boat and home by 1.

    We have open seats on Monday and Tuesday. BD special pricing for these. call or text (253)-380-9973
  156. GHfishin

    Team Parker/Offshore Northwest plug the boat and home by 1.

    50 plus tuna, one bait stop, tired customers. Awesome ocean. Capt. Patrick got it done today. Pics to follow
  157. GHfishin

    2015 WTC Dates

    Same weekend whatever. The Washington event was awesome and very well run. I was especially impressed with the release and return. Seemed to run way smoother than before. Thanks to all the volunteers. You guys Rocked it!!
  158. GHfishin

    WTC - Many Thanks

    Nice Job and Great report. Go team Parker!!! We were a little north of you and hit 36 but basically the same deal troll a minute bait stop jigs, swimmers, bait. They were hungry
  159. GHfishin

    Open seats for tuna sunday

    Last minute cancelation means opportunity for you. Two open for sunday Aug 3rd. Call 253-380-9973
  160. GHfishin

    I need a graphic designer.

    Sent swede. Thanks
  161. GHfishin

    I need a graphic designer.

    I have some ideas and I'm getting tired of waiting for guys in San Diego. Prefer someone that knows what an albacore looks like. [email protected]
  162. GHfishin

    7-26 Team Parker/Offshore Northwest

    Bee I didn't have any problems with anyone that day, except radio guy. The long bait stop when you and Darrell were around we had the tuna riding along under the boat. every time we chummed we caught a couple fish. We got three scoops of bait and I think at least half were small. The bigger...
  163. GHfishin

    7-26 Team Parker/Offshore Northwest

    Here's a great picture of Montana Dave's boat:
  164. GHfishin

    7-26 Team Parker/Offshore Northwest

    It was a dark and stormy wait. What an awesome day Saturday was. Got bait and left the harbor around 5:30am. Made 33mph out to about 45/55. around 124.38 we started to see a lot of bait in the water and surface activity including some Dahl's porpoise. Had a coho jump clear out of...
  165. 7-26peterdeck


  166. 7-26layout


  167. 2014 tuna pics

    2014 tuna pics

  168. GHfishin

    New Boat

    Sweet ride. I'm on my second Parker. You're gonna love her.
  169. GHfishin

    Westport 7-21-14

    Great report.
  170. GHfishin

    Fish Mounts

    Or a 50 lb albacore. Blackwater is awesome
  171. GHfishin

    Tuna run Tuesday. Who else will be out there?

    Saturday we hit em pretty good about 50/55
  172. GHfishin

    Anyone Making a Tuna Run Saturday?

    We are thinking the same. Early saturday, get what we can and maybe hit Salmon on the way in. We will make the call Saturday am. still a couple seats available. 253-380-9973
  173. GHfishin

    Anyone Making a Tuna Run Saturday?

    Thinking about it. That sat pic today looks goooood
  174. GHfishin


    I'm sorry to hear that Josh. Labs are awesome dogs but that sometimes makes them harder to let go.
  175. GHfishin

    Thanks Swede

  176. GHfishin

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    Thank God for self bailing decks
  177. GHfishin

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    ...and the dealer says it has a self installing plug. Awesome!!!
  178. GHfishin

    Jacobsen's Marine

    I started ordering a new 28 through Jacobsens after the boat show. One day I called to confirm the order they told me they were kno longer a Parker dealer and hung up the phone. I will agree with everyone that has recommended Brian Kranz though. He Kicks Ass!! and has been very helpful to me...
  179. GHfishin

    Goatram's WTC Challenge

    Team offshore Northwest is always up for a challenge. Lets go give some!!!!
  180. GHfishin

    OLDSCHOOL'S First Tuna Trip.

    Nice Job and congrats on a successful first trip. Awesome!!
  181. GHfishin

    Congrats Hot Shots...NW Sportsman Magazine

    I knew Hot Shots was destined for greatness. That pic is awesome!!
  182. GHfishin

    TUNA Open Seats Saturday 7-12

    Filled. Thanks brothers. New boats name is Lucky Dog. We'll be on 68 and 71. Headed for 25/125 to start. TUNA!!!!
  183. GHfishin

    TUNA Open Seats Saturday 7-12

    I had this filled and then not. This is a sort of buddy trip to train the deckhand and get the new boat bloody. This is a great opportunity to get the charter experience at significant discount. Let's go get some!!!!!! 253-380-9973
  184. GHfishin

    "Fresh Tuna" over a green salad...

    I pan seared my first caught July 5th Washington Tuna in a little avocado oil and Cajuns choice for my friends at work. I like Avocado oil because it has a higher flash point and doesn't burn like olive oil. A little wassabi and ponzu sauce and yummy. Salad is what food eats.
  185. GHfishin

    Albacore Tuna Charter

    I have a few open dates in July including a couple seats Saturday the 12th. Call 253-380-9973
  186. GHfishin

    Blood was spilled 7-5-14

    Thanks swede. It's going to be a fun summer.
  187. GHfishin

    Blood was spilled 7-5-14

    It was a great day and a bit of a long run (53miles) but the team Center Cut/Offshore Northwest combo hit 'em. final count was 25 tuna. We didn't bring kill bags or we could have done a lot more. We decided we had enough tuna and heading in to pick up a couple salmon about noon. Huge thanks to...
  188. GHfishin

    Personal challenge to all Captains

    PFD's from dock to dock.
  189. GHfishin

    Learn from what happened to me!

    After hearing you on the radio Saturday I went home and put a new line on my anchor. Thanks for the heads up and I'm glad all worked out for you.
  190. GHfishin

    Two Scotty DR's 1106

    If they are still available I want 'em
  191. GHfishin

    Tuna Sunday?...and what is up w/

    I'm thinkin' Friday the 27th. Just to stir the pot a little
  192. GHfishin

    Fresh Bait

    Most of Westport's fresh bait comes from Fox Island. Puget Sound Herring now does mostly just frozen. If there are herring around we can often get fresh from the guys up the hill but like elkfins said, we get it the day before and have to ice it. Or brine it.
  193. GHfishin

    Salmon for Soldiers – We Need Your Help!

    Team Offshore Northwest is in. Dave, I think the side bet is a great idea. Maybe something like highest total weight by soldiers. Squirt guns are loaded, hopefully we will have some good sharp shooters on board.
  194. GHfishin

    Westport friday thru sunday

    We'll be out Saturday. :rockin:
  195. GHfishin

    Bottom Paint Disaster

    Aluminum is for beer. Just sayin'
  196. GHfishin

    New boat acceptance inspection pointers needed

    You don't want any holes in it! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:no really
  197. GHfishin

    2013 Defiance Admiral 250 For Sale

    I've fished on this boat. It's a tuna killer
  198. GHfishin

    Need bait tank

    You can get a great two scoop kodiak pro flow for a couple hundred bucks. Don't redneck that shit. It will cost about the same and won't work as well. I like the guys at defiance but in a 23 foot boat you don't need a big salt 50 gallon tank. Get a one or two scoop pro flow and spend another...
  199. GHfishin

    Charter guys need help with descent devices

    We have been using the one the PSA gives out at the ramp since last year with good success. Of the orange fish we caught we were successful with most. But like Kim said the important thing when you catch a couple in a row is to move. None of us wants to kill something you're not going to eat.
  200. GHfishin

    Captains License

    Another for Flagship. Skip will give you a lot of what you need to know, Not just what you need to pass the test. Great experience.
  201. GHfishin

    Tuna Reel questions

    I like the MXL as a good all around. It will do bait, casting with training and you can even run him on the troll with something light like a clone or a daisy chain. Don't over think it.
  202. GHfishin

    new triple axel aluminum trailer

    Those look great. but I need 13,000# do you have any of those?
  203. GHfishin

    BD Off-Season Party!

    Great time!! Thanks Mike for setting this up. You Rock!!!:finger:
  204. GHfishin

    Yeah, I'm working on it......... You fags be patient.

    Dude!! That's perfect. It's close to the fife motel. That place is famous for hookers and meth. Party on!!
  205. GHfishin

    Team Fishin Luhrs and Team Fishnut annual Tuna Canning party

    Now that is getting it done!!:finger:
  206. GHfishin

    Cabelas 5lb Sausage Stuffer

    A small sausage stuffer is not just ineffective but can be damn uncomfortable. Just sayin'
  207. GHfishin

    Cabelas 5lb Sausage Stuffer

    Cause a guy wants his sausage stuffer to be big enough.
  208. GHfishin

    Day I dreaded might come is here.

    Judge in my divorce said I had to sell the boat too. But he didn't say I had to clean it. It was for sale for two years with several lookers but no offers. Weird
  209. GHfishin

    New Tuna Wagon - Steiger 26

    Nice job!! Great video.
  210. GHfishin

    Holy Smokes that's a lot of Bait

    That is cool!!!
  211. GHfishin

    Tuna fishing video.

    Great vid. Gaff cams rock!!
  212. GHfishin

    Anyone going out on Friday 10-25-13 of Westport

    He said love bait not live bait. Watch your back brudda:rofl::rofl: And were planning friday.
  213. GHfishin

    Want American XtraTufs?

    for you facebookers
  214. GHfishin

    I Need a hand in Westport next Friday evening 10/25

    We might be fishing that day. If so ill come by after.
  215. GHfishin

    Cheap suspension seat options

    The seaspension has spoiled me. Last trip I let someone else drive and hated it. Ended up sore all over. Ill probly have to buy another in the offseason for the other seat.
  216. GHfishin

    Vote for fall get-together date.

    This will be much more fun since your so flexible.
  217. GHfishin

    13 Oct tuna. Huge mass of fish

    Nice going Laurence. Way to get it done!!
  218. GHfishin

    Tuna Sunday

    All acounted for. Im in tuna town lite tonight. Running in the am. My plan is to drive by where I hit them last week at 43/56. And drive south till I find jumpers. Tommy I'll be leaving about 6:30am. Just talked to mike and there is bait. Ill be on 68 but I have trouble hearing while running...
  219. GHfishin

    Tuna Sunday

    I'll be going Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes. Another last hurrah.
  220. GHfishin

    WP-very marginal weather window

    Yes it was the last. But after that slayfest I couldnt sleep. I gotta go one more time.
  221. GHfishin

    WP-very marginal weather window

    Just fun. Gonna take the kids and a couple friends. But this will definitely be the last.
  222. GHfishin

    WP-very marginal weather window

    I'm going Saturday
  223. GHfishin

    One more Saturday.

    I am thinking I may have to do one more tuna trip saturday. Weather looks ok to everyone but noaa.
  224. GHfishin

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    welcome to the zoo kids. Relax, it only hurts for a second.
  225. GHfishin

    Why call it quits for the year?

    Actually looking at Saturday. I'm an addict
  226. GHfishin

    Last hurrah

    Bait was ok. Mike said he was limiting sporties to one scoop. But it looked like there was a boat unloading there yesterday afternoon. Larry if you get weather and decide to go again let me know. There are tuna all over out there right now.
  227. GHfishin

    Last hurrah

    Got good weather weekend for our last Tuna charter of the season. What an awesome day. We left at 6:30 headed for 45/55. Had a great ride out with the breeze at our backs and very little swell. Took a small detour behind a freighter and ran into a pod of dolphins that was kind of fun. Then just...
  228. GHfishin

    Open seats Saturday 10-5

    I cant stand it. The tuna are still here and the weather looks awesome. I have a charter on Friday but I'm going Saturday just for fun. I will have a couple open seats. Call or text 253-380-9973. You can pm me here but since ill be fishing tomorrow the phone is probably better. Lets go get...
  229. GHfishin

    TUNA SST ?? Friday

    I'll be running Friday also. Three Ladies CH. 68 or text me at (253)-380-9973 Lets go get some!!!!!!!!!
  230. GHfishin

    TUNA SST ?? Friday

    What paul said. Friday is looking good but things can change alot between now and then
  231. GHfishin

    W.P. Tuna 9-29

    I was thinking Friday also. Certainly doesn't look good but those things change sometimes. Either way I am coming down to Westport and will make the call from there. Might just be a good time to catch up on a little boat maintenance. We'll see
  232. GHfishin

    Stormin at Westport

    Thanks for the report Kim. It is reasuring to know somoene is keeping an eye on things.
  233. GHfishin

    Overnight Tuna run sunday thru monday--looking for crew

    I'll go. I don't think the heavy stuff is coming down for a while yet.
  234. GHfishin

    Oldschool 4 sale

    Through Bolted
  235. GHfishin

    What's up Bruthas and Sistas?

    How are the handlines working off those high rails.
  236. GHfishin

    First bait stop

    You are so screwed
  237. GHfishin

    VP215 Chamber Vac Help

    I had fhat issue with mine a couple times. The rig needs clean power. If the power hiccups even a little the machine just freezes up. My fix has been to use a dicferent outlet.
  238. GHfishin

    Westport Sat. 9/14

    Were armed also. As any good pirate should be.
  239. GHfishin

    Open Seat

    I have a last minute open seat for Tomorrow Friday 9-13. Call me 253-380-9973
  240. GHfishin

    Westport Sat. 9/14

    Challenge accepted.
  241. GHfishin

    Westport Sat. 9/14

    We will be out Friday and Saturday.
  242. GHfishin

    Tuna Thursday 09/05

    Just go west. Once you get past 124.50 look for jumpers or birds and throw bait. Ill be out friday and saturday on 68. I cant hear the radio very well when were running or if im on deck but if I get into something ill call it out
  243. GHfishin

    Greys Canyon

    Once you get past 124.50 look for jumpers or birds and load up.
  244. GHfishin

    Tuna Thursday 09/05

    Harborbare is out today for Offshore Northwest. Well let you know what we come up with for numbers. We will also be out Friday and Saturday.
  245. GHfishin

    Large Tuna Drive-by??

    Mermaid definitely
  246. GHfishin

    Center Cut Bait Stop Video

    Great Vid!! What a hoot!! Except for the gay white raingear:gay:. You guys are a great team and it is entertaining and educational to watch you work. Thanks:finger:
  247. GHfishin


    We'll be out Saturday. See you there
  248. GHfishin

    Volvo 740 Dp DuoProp Aluminum Propeller Set

    Tried to send PM a couple times. Kerry 253-380-9973 [email protected] - - - Updated - - - Tried to send PM a couple times. Kerry 253-380-9973 [email protected]
  249. GHfishin

    GHfishin's charter is loaded in 2 1/2 hrs on labor day with tuna!

    I know he was headed to 46 over 54 but stopped about a mile or two short. I will see if Brian has the numbers. Honestly I am not sure it mattered that much. From what I've seen they were biting all over on Monday.
  250. GHfishin

    GHfishin's charter is loaded in 2 1/2 hrs on labor day with tuna!

    You guys were awesome!! 42 fish by 10:45 is a hell of a lot of work. Nice Job!!
  251. GHfishin

    Westport tuna video-8.16

    I'm with Laurence. Your a pussy. My wife ate the heart of her first tuna wearing pink bibs, rendering all excuses invalid.
  252. GHfishin

    Tuna 8/17

    We hit them today at 46/55. Hit one good bait stop early and one long bait stop after noon. nice big fish. Had one about thirty pounds run strait out away from the boat on the surface like a chinook. Very cool
  253. GHfishin

    WP 8/14 who's up?

    We'll be running Wednesday unless it turns really crappy. ch 68
  254. GHfishin

    Feel sorry for all you Captains

    We also had a great time with some great young warriors. Were absolutely unprepared for pinks but had fun anyway. And look forward to a great tuna trip with another. :finger:
  255. GHfishin

    anyone planning tuna trip next weekend out of Westport?

    Wade, We have trips planned for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I would be happy to buddy boat with you. You've got the number.
  256. GHfishin

    Approach to late pm kings in puget sound

    Im glad I did not go out there tonight.
  257. GHfishin

    Approach to late pm kings in puget sound

    No absolutely no point in fishing in the afternoon in Gig Harbor. The fish all go to sleep after 10:00am and don't wake again till 5:00am the next day. Pay no attention to all those boats...and rafts...and jet skiis...and bathtubs fishing out there. They are all just wasting their time. The only...
  258. GHfishin

    Crossing Grays harbor bar

    It doesn't sound so bad to me. But, know your limitations. If I were you I would try to buddy boat with someone with more experience there, at least for the bar crossing.
  259. GHfishin

    even though he's an asshole

    And your both assholes - - - Updated - - - And your both assholes
  260. GHfishin

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    I was just sittin' here thinkin' what I could blow $20 bucks on today.
  261. GHfishin


    I like to rev it up to about 4000. It brings them in from miles around.
  262. GHfishin


    Pigs and Sheep and Goats. This thread is getting weirder by the minute. Happy Birthday Asshole!!
  263. GHfishin

    Tuna Leader # and length for live bait

    I'm with mark Big circle hooks work great. If you can't hook the bait you can just squish it on there real good, tuna wont mind.
  264. GHfishin

    24ft boat.... Ran a clinic.....

    Kick ass!! now where are the details
  265. GHfishin

    Weather reports

    I look at several including magic seaweed and noaa. My experience has been that the surfers really have their predictions dialed in. Last Saturday they all said crappy but we went up on the rocks and looked and it was pretty flat so we decided to go out and take a look. The sea state turned...
  266. GHfishin

    A busted rubber

    I thought you just re powered over the winter.
  267. GHfishin

    A busted rubber

    We had a kicker. I'm thinkin' though if you still have one laying around....think dual outboards.:_diarrhea_:
  268. GHfishin

    A busted rubber

    Saturday we were en-rout to the tuna, in fact we were almost to where I wanted to start fishing. We started to slow down a bit to explain to people how to look for jumpers and to get troll gear ready etc. when Bang Zoom. Motor runs up and shit starts banging around. It sounded like a spun prop...
  269. GHfishin

    Two Hundred Fifty One Foot Itis

    Thats gonna take a lot of tequila
  270. GHfishin

    honda 10 hp outboard

    Hey if this is still available I could use some back up power.:shithappens:
  271. GHfishin

    7-20 I know it looks crappy but it's all I got

    Thanks, Coupler makes sense I will check that next. Engine access is pretty good. its a 1998 7.4gsi in my Parker 2530.
  272. GHfishin

    7-20 I know it looks crappy but it's all I got

    Bachelor party was great. We decided it was worth a look and I'm glad we did. Ocean was a little sloppy but definitely doable. Unfortunately as we approached our destination and started to slow down something went bang and the motor started jumping around something awful. We shut down...
  273. GHfishin

    7-20 I know it looks crappy but it's all I got

    Unless we get turned around or it's just blowing like hell in the AM were planning our first tuna run Saturday. We will at least be going out and taking a look at it.
  274. GHfishin

    Change is in the air at westport

    Kevin you da man!!
  275. GHfishin

    Longfins Westport Sat

    Nice going Dave :finger::finger::finger: oh and I owe you some of these from last time. :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  276. GHfishin

    Now all we need is a Pair of Diesels

    Way cool!! now you will have lots of bait for when I crash your bait stops.
  277. GHfishin

    Pacific Addiction is bloody today!

    looking forward to the 20th.
  278. GHfishin

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome to the zoo. Please try not to take any of it too seriously
  279. GHfishin

    FS- 6' gaff & gaff, halibut poon, clones, spreader bars, 8/0 clone hooks, tackle bag

    Hey Laurence, I'll take the tool holder also if you still have it.
  280. GHfishin

    Think its almost time

    I'm trying to get it together for Saturday too.
  281. GHfishin

    Any chance we can get some help Thursday afternoon of the WTC

    I would be happy to help also. do you need me to be in Westport at 4 or Ilwaco? Sounds like fun. Call me 253-380-9973
  282. GHfishin


    I don't need a trimmer but couldn't resist looking at this thread.
  283. GHfishin

    I am looking at GPS / fishfinder combos...witch would you buy,, and why

    Furuno is the best. I run Garmin 740 all in one that is a good all in one solution but on the next boat (soon if this charter thing keeps going the way it is) I will have dedicated screens for each. Tried the computer for gps thing. my experience was that a laptop is not durable enough to take...
  284. GHfishin

    Westport Salmon Wide Open 7/3/2013

    Way to make the best of a bad situation. Nice fish and great report.
  285. GHfishin

    Need Advice

    Sorry we were so late. Those panties were a bitch to get off.
  286. GHfishin

    Area 13 Fish? Anybody seeing anything?

    I have heard good reports from green point. and fox island.
  287. GHfishin

    Salmon help

    Wayne. call me. If you don't have the number pm me and I'll. send it to you. We are killing them in the south sound.
  288. GHfishin

    Area 11 Crab

    I'll be out in MA11 on Thursday and Friday also. Get Some!!!
  289. GHfishin

    Well it's Official!

    Shit Larry you've been on the retarded list for wait. Congrats on the retirement and thank you for your service. :finger:
  290. GHfishin

    GH Kid fun

    So I ask my daughters the other day "are you too old for 4:00am fishing?" Kids answer with a resounding "NO!!" So we get up at 4 on Friday and go out in the fog. Because of the big tides there is a lot of big crap in the water. About 8:20am we hit this nice fish. Kristina drives the boat, I...
  291. GHfishin

    Tuna 2013!!!!

  292. GHfishin

    Fluorocarbon leader

    I use Berkley floro because it's made in America. I don't know if it works better but it certainly isn't worse.
  293. GHfishin

    Our Fish Descender use got their Attention.

    Way to go!! thanks Ron and Kevin and everyone that worked to get the word (and the decent rigs) out. :hali_olutta::hali_olutta: :appl:
  294. GHfishin

    Tuna! How far out?

    I don't think I would eat Lake Washington tuna but it makes great crab bait. :rofl::rofl:
  295. GHfishin

    MA11 Sun / Mon

    Nice job with the jigs man. That is an art form for sure. There are fish around a guy just has to go get 'em.
  296. GHfishin

    How to make the best shrimp fly (west coast style)

    That is a great tutorial. Thanks Bruddah
  297. GHfishin

    Area 11

    I'll be running a trip out of LaPush on July 1st. I also plan to make some trailer trips to Westport in July. For this year at least I only have the one boat but who knows, If this charter thing works out I may have to retire and buy another one or two. Then Tommy I could chase you around all...
  298. GHfishin

    Westport 6/22-23

    Nice, way to get the kids on 'em. My wife and kids did the same thing with halibut. one holds the pole and the other reels. What a hoot!!
  299. GHfishin

    Area 11

    Nice going John. Most of the fish we have been catching are about the same size. It makes me think maybe the chambers creek fish came in early.
  300. GHfishin

    Fishin' luhrs out of the game UFN

    Great news Mike. You kick ass.
  301. GHfishin

    Laying up a boat? Who to call?

    I don't know where you are but you might check with modutec in Tacoma.
  302. GHfishin

    Fishin' luhrs out of the game UFN

    Wow that sucks, Happy birthday to you huh.
  303. GHfishin

    Area 11

    more pics here. Today was slower due to the big tidal exchange. only got one More pics and details here.
  304. GHfishin

    MA13 Gibson

    Guys have been doing prety good mooching at Point Evans and trolling in the Green Point Area. I have not heard a report from Gibson but in front of Gig Harbor we have had a few multiple fish days which is good for June. The green hoochies and a black and white or Green Sonic have been my best...
  305. GHfishin

    Tuna! How far out?

    The trick is keeping them lit:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  306. GHfishin

    Area 11

    Having a great time fishing in the South Sound this year. :finger:Today again went three for four releasing one wild fish. Caught one nice wild fish about 10lb and a nice BBQ sized fish. Right about sunset we get bit and this one is nice. Customer is reeling on it until the fish gets to the...
  307. GHfishin

    A Friend could use your prayers!

    Sudden losses are hard Brother. Keep your head up and God be with you and yours
  308. GHfishin

    Tuna charters

    I will cast another vote for Mark. He is a great captain, a lot of fun to fish with and he runs some fast rigs. You're getting in a little late for a July spot though good luck. If that doesn't work out I have one day left in July and a couple in late August. :finger::finger:
  309. GHfishin

    first time out in new boat

    Way to get 'er done Limey:finger:
  310. GHfishin

    Bananas on the boat?

    No bananas and no whistling.
  311. GHfishin

    WP Crabbing

    And lots of float
  312. GHfishin

    Avet SX Thinning the herd

    They make tuna shaped kites?:rofl:
  313. GHfishin

    6.15 MA11

    Nice Job and a great report. Thanks
  314. GHfishin

    Confirmed...Tuna on board a sport boat came into Ilwaco yesterday afternoon

    Armageddon- 98% Excited, 2% Scared - YouTube<a href="" target="_blank"> Lets Go Get Some!!!!!
  315. GHfishin

    Gig Harbor Kings

    Yea Tom we were yelling that if that fish had a flasher hanging out of it it was mine.:rofl: That was a brand new Q-Cove green dragon. That was a nice little school of fish. The fillets were nice and red. We will probably be making a couple unscheduled trailer boat trips to Westport for...
  316. GHfishin

    Shameless plug for Anchor Marine!

    Pete's an Ass Hole!!! . . . . . . No wait, that was somebody else. Pete kicks ass!! he saved me like $400 a year on my charter boat insurance. Thanks Pete. You Rock!!:finger:
  317. GHfishin

    Gig Harbor Kings

    Went this morning. Hooked three landed two. One was a long release, one had a fin and was released alive and lively and the keeper was about a 12 lb hatchery fish. This is the first time in several years that I can remember having two fish on at once in the south sound.:waglleybooty: Two fish...
  318. GHfishin

    Bought the new boat today

    Nice!! you bought a boat I can actually fish under.:rofl::rofl: Sweet rig. 1.4 at 40mph would kick ass!! Maybe you should name it "scout" because you will be on the tuna grounds first scouting for the rest of us. I can't wait to see her.
  319. GHfishin

    Seaspension Pedestal

    I can't remember who asked me about the seaspension pedestal I put in this year but It has worked out great. It's not an air ride but It is way better than the strait pedestal I had before. I like it a lot and would recommend it and highly. All that said please do not...
  320. GHfishin

    Area 11

    Nice!! June kings are a kick
  321. GHfishin

    Seaspension Pedestal

    Installed a Seaspension pedestal in the Parker 2530 this year and it made a wold of difference. Here is a link to my blog post on it.
  322. GHfishin

    AIS on your plotter

  323. GHfishin

    wa tuna

    I'm on the don't givashit bandwagon.:_portable I don't know Tues but will state unequivocally he is an asshole.:finger: My opinions are my own and should not be confused with those of any sane person. Bitches.
  324. GHfishin

    bubba blades?

    I've been trying to find a way to like these damn Bubba Blades for two years. The concept is great. The handles are awesome non-slip rubber grips and finger guards etc. I love the idea of Teflon coating the blade so fish don't stick. :finger: Unfortunately they are too stiff for halibut or...
  325. GHfishin

    New 15Lb Downrigger ball Mold with fin

    Thanks brudda:finger:
  326. GHfishin

    New 15Lb Downrigger ball Mold with fin

    Who bought this. I would be interested in borrowing or joining you for a lead melt or something, I'll bring the lead. I just need to make a few of these.
  327. GHfishin

    La Push Weekend 1

    Way to go. It was a great weekend for sure. Nice boat too. We'll see you out there next weekend.
  328. GHfishin

    Fishing Alone

    That sounds like fun Josh. Can I go with you.:beer: Seriously though, was blackmouth fishing in front of gig harbor a couple years ago and almost fell out. I looked around and there was no one else out there. Could have been awful and I was only a quarter mile off the beach. I still fish alone...
  329. GHfishin

    Wear the fucking life jacket

    I'm sorry to hear that laurence. A very hard reminder. Praying for you and your family.
  330. GHfishin

    First time taking the twins fishing..

    Way to get it done Dad. When they get a little bigger you might take them for Sand Dabs. My twins loved that at about 5 or 6. We fished them on Barbi rods with herring jigs. Constant action and great fun. And a good lesson in catch and release.
  331. GHfishin

    Who sells Parker boats?

    I absolutely love my Parker 2530. She rides well in the ocean and the 9.5 beam is really stable while drift fishing. She is relatively fuel efficient and carries plenty for long trips offshore. That said the lack of in-floor fish storage is disappointing. I have been poking around and learning...
  332. GHfishin

    Happy Anniversary to me

    Great looking rig and I love your blog. We may have to work out some kind of post sharing deal. Good Fishin'
  333. GHfishin

    Team Fishin' Luhrs Westport base camp

    Is there room in the driveway or should I just park the old Winnebago on the lawn?
  334. GHfishin

    2013 GAFFF Amateur Winner

    :finger::finger::finger:Very cool!!
  335. GHfishin

    Linged out

    Theres a couple fatties in there. nice work
  336. GHfishin


    That reminds of this chick I knew in the PI:finger::finger:
  337. GHfishin

    Black Rock fish Decline......

    Great video. Thanks for giving us that look.
  338. GHfishin

    Avet Lx

    He's not a real air traffic guy, we have a mandatory retirement at 56. He's got to be management :_diarrhea_:
  339. GHfishin

    Boat is ready finally

    Sweet ride!! and she looks fast.:_shopping
  340. GHfishin

    My little project

    How else can I fish under your boat?:finger:
  341. GHfishin

    My Remote Steer Project

    I need that
  342. GHfishin

    My little project

    I got it from that guy. He told me he will probably be able to do that price for a while because he is selling a lot.:boobies:
  343. GHfishin

    Reccommendation- Mobile boat detailer

    seriously check with Paul (genie aye) if he cant do it he'll know who can
  344. GHfishin

    My little project

    I got it for $445 and free shipping. I will need another soon as the wife thinks she needs one too. I'll post a link to the guy on my website soon. :hali_olutta:
  345. GHfishin

    My little project

    And free up deck space.
  346. GHfishin

    30% halibut risk factor cut did not make it for 2013

    Why would you fish Halibut in the straits anyway. Riding the boat around the ocean is the best part.
  347. GHfishin

    Anyone on here with experience understanding state senate bills?

    Dude!! use this. It works. t32ckkdlcao If you run for governor I'll vote for you as many times as I can.:hali_olutta:
  348. GHfishin

    Subtle message.

    you should get that made into a graphic for the boat.
  349. GHfishin

    Pro Flo 17 Gallon Bait Tank

    --SOLD--<sold> I'll get a picture tomorrow. I've been using this for two years. It holds a scoop and a half and keep them alive all day. We jammed two scoops in once and they did well for a few hours but we lost a lot before the end of the day. Asking $1000 but I'll probably take $100...
  350. GHfishin

    My little project

    So we took out all the seats, the table and the counter that held the stove and sink etc. Installed my new seaspension seat post. On the port side we will install a 150 qt. Grizzly (made in USA) roto molded cooler with a cushion for seating and storage and another seaspension post for the wife...
  351. GHfishin

    28 Luhrs Diesel Sportfisher $19,000

    What is the cruise speed and fuel burn at cruise?
  352. GHfishin

    New Seat Suspension For my Parker!

    Just ordered yesterday. The original seat on my Parker 2530 is on a box that will be going away. I'm a little nervous about screwing this thing to the deck and then riding out into the ocean. Is there any tricks I should know?
  353. GHfishin

    Raymarine Help

    i didn't read the whole thread but if your treating it at your house under all them trees is it possible the internal gas just can't see just sayin'
  354. GHfishin

    Food Sealer

    Matt how long have you had the VP215? Just curious to see if they hold up over time.:finger: And have you done retort canning with it?
  355. GHfishin

    Food Sealer

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:Blew a seal:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  356. GHfishin

    Tahuya quad party roll call

    Where in the hell are you going to find one of those.:_diarrhea_:
  357. GHfishin

    I got stuck today and Silverslayer pulled me out

    And Chevy runs deep.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  358. GHfishin

    I got stuck today and Silverslayer pulled me out

    So you could say you grabbed life by the horns....
  359. GHfishin

    Advice on Westport WA Tuna Charters

    Mark is great, I went with him last year. If he's busy I have some dates available but stuff is starting to book up quick.
  360. GHfishin

    billy nik derby

    Let's hope the wind don't blow. That ramp is a mother on a west wind.
  361. GHfishin

    Does anyone still use WD40 for a scent attractor?

    Pretty sure they never used tuna bellies in WD-40.
  362. GHfishin

    Here Tuna Tuna

    Cool Tom. Now I'll have someone elses bait stops to crash:rofl::rofl::rofl::finger::finger::finger:
  363. GHfishin


    ok, so it's a drawing but check it out here :finger:
  364. GHfishin

    Match This Hatch

    I'll be that guy. over the counter where? I need a dozen:_diarrhea_:
  365. GHfishin

    football joke

    Sorry I guess it should say Andrew Luck carries RG3 into a bar. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  366. GHfishin

    The newest Avet...SXJ!

    I can't wait to try this on Puget Sound Winter Blackmouth.
  367. GHfishin

    football joke

    Andrew luck and RGIII walk into a bar to watch Russell Wilson play in the playoffs
  368. GHfishin

    Merry Christmas EveryBody !

    Happy Ho Ho........Hos :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  369. GHfishin

    Man, we have forgotten our past.

    That is very cool. Merry Christmas
  370. GHfishin


    Great article Tommy, but that guy in the pic is one ugly mug. Just sayin'
  371. GHfishin

    Bubba Blade Tactical

    I have the set from last year. Found them a little bulky for Halibut and lings compared to my old dexters. The grips really do kick ass and I like the teflon coated blades. I had one break off at the handle. sent them an email and they asked for the order number. I sorta just forgot about it for...
  372. GHfishin

    Squiding via a Boat???

    didn't make it out. mast light and red navy lights went out. lots of boat traffic in the harbor. decided it wasn't worth the risk.
  373. GHfishin

    retired low income

    Take your dad every chance you get. You never know when that one memory is going to happen and the day will come when you need that. The experience is worth way more than the money. For the guy that bitched. He doesn't get invited back. There are guys that will bitch about a free lunch. Life is...
  374. GHfishin

    new, and want to get set up for tuna

    There are a lot of options depending on your budget. You can get by trolling on your Halibut rigs if you need to. I run 65 lb. Jerry Brown (but talk to Flasher before you try that) With a topshot of mono. For bait it's a little more important to have the right gear. you want a tip that is...
  375. GHfishin

    Squiding via a Boat???

    I'm planning to try tomorrow evening just north of GH around 5ish.
  376. GHfishin

    Thank for the help deciding on a new boat.

    Hey I just need to make sure I can identify my target. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  377. GHfishin

    Congratulation Cyndi "Hot Shots" Lanier

    Congratulations!!! It is certainly well deserved.
  378. GHfishin


    Thanks brother, I needed that.
  379. GHfishin

    Thank for the help deciding on a new boat.

    :hali_olutta:Sweet!!! we'll be needing more pics I think.:D
  380. GHfishin

    Southend/Peninsula Party!

    oh yes...with a tooth brush:rofl::rofl:
  381. GHfishin

    Southend/Peninsula Party! Pics.

    I'm suprised you were able to get by my "crack" security ninja. I'm gonna have to make him disinfect the whole rig. :smoking33: Screw you guys!!!:finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger: It was a great fiesta.
  382. GHfishin

    Southend/Peninsula Party!

    What a hoot!!!! Thanks Mike for setting this up. Patti and I had a great time and it was really great to put faces to names.
  383. GHfishin

    Southend/Peninsula Party!

    around 4is for us too.
  384. GHfishin

    New boat

    Nice ride. Sorry about the butliner but hey, You got a much better rig out of the deal. Hope to see you at the big fiesta.
  385. GHfishin

    Trolling for Tuna... on a kicker?

    I just wrote a long detailed post that was gonna change your lives...and lost it.:Dynamite::Dynamite::Dynamite: Anyway, I troll on the big motor, use the kicker to get home when the fuel pump craps out, outriggers aren't necessary but when trolling more is better. Best plan if you don't have...
  386. GHfishin

    Play Action snap on rod belt

    You should definitely get one. The chicks that come with me often use a belt for Halibut so it will probably work for you too. They also wear Pink Bibs from Jem Jigs you might like those too.
  387. GHfishin

    Southend/Peninsula Party!

    Paul you always have a seat with me dude. And Tim, if you come up by boat you can raft your boat up to me at the dock. Larry, I wouldn't tell you bastards where I live for nothin' but I'm sure we can make you some room in the net shed. Just don't feed the rats.
  388. GHfishin

    Southend/Peninsula Party!

    Yea, that half mile from the dock to the Hi u can be gruelling. Give me a shout if you want to go early and try to scrape up a Blackmouth or two.:finger:
  389. GHfishin

    Southend/Peninsula Party!

    In, May be fishing in the AM.
  390. GHfishin

    WDFW Shrimp Commission meeting Report

    Thanks Ron. You Rock!!
  391. GHfishin

    Team fishin' Luhrs Cans

    except meth labs have skinny people with no teeth :finger: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  392. GHfishin

    Team fishin' Luhrs Cans

    That's cool but how do you get them to stick to the wall like that?
  393. GHfishin

    Vote for Southend party location.

    I can't believe you said that.:finger:
  394. GHfishin

    Prostate/Colon Exam!

    Good reason to have a lady doctor:finger:
  395. GHfishin

    BD Annual Southend gathering

    Were in. I think the Tides would be better because there is more room. Patti thinks the Hi u would be better. We will probably have to have a wrestling match to figure out who is right. Thanks Mike for working this out. let me know if I can help in any way. You Rock!!
  396. GHfishin

    TEAM DEFIANCE Central Coast River Report...

    Thanks for the tips Mark. You are the man!!
  397. GHfishin

    Chamber sealer VP-112

    I think I'm gonna do this one next from our friend Doug at Quality Matters. They also have free shipping and a BD discount.
  398. GHfishin

    Year In Review

    A great year. Good job getting the kid out.
  399. GHfishin

    Chamber sealer VP-112

    SOLD!! This is a great entry level chamber sealer. I have done hundreds of pounds of Halibut, Lings and Tuna this year and this rig never missed a beat. This rig seals the first time every time. You don't have to let it rest, you don't have to stand there and hold it shut. If you've dealt with...
  400. GHfishin

    2012 What a year! (so far)

    A great year for sure but it isn't over. December means Blackmouth.
  401. GHfishin

    Another chance??

    I put the rods away yesterday. :( in the process of putting gear away also. looking forward to some blackmouth fishing. But if you go and you need to fill a seat call me. just sayin'
  402. GHfishin

    Looking at a 96 23' wellcraft excell w/ 200Jhonson

    I would think in this market you could do better than an excell for 20K. Just my 2 cents.
  403. GHfishin

    Open Tuna Seat W/ Mark Coleman

    I'm hoping to learn some cool secret squirrel shit :hali_olutta:
  404. GHfishin

    Am I nuts tuna tomorrow, who's in

    I'm out. It's killing me. Maybe next week.
  405. GHfishin

    Next week Tuna??

    windfinder is good also.
  406. GHfishin

    Next week Tuna??

    like 14 seconds. as long as the wind stays down it will be a fast ride.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  407. GHfishin

    Next week Tuna??

    Cool!! without Tom out there I was gonna need someones bait stops to crash:2gunsfiring_v1:
  408. GHfishin

    Next week Tuna??

    Got a pretty good sat picture today. Looks like the water is cooling a little but still 60 degrees around 124.50. I am hopeful for a good run on Saturday
  409. GHfishin

    Next week Tuna??

    OK, you go Friday and tell me where they are
  410. GHfishin

    chambers creek fish ladder

    Jason - Do you guys have a press release on this. If so could you email it to me at [email protected] And some other pictures if you have them. Thanks
  411. GHfishin

    Next week Tuna??

    I'm in. Boats ready. working on the crew now. Saturday looks good to me. I need to make up for last week.
  412. GHfishin


    I am hoping for one more good weather opportunity too. I need to end the year on a good note
  413. GHfishin

    WESTPORT TUNA FRI and SAT 9/21-9/22

    That would be hilarious to have like 10 boats rafted together all dropping bait and hoggin' in Tunas. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: and Tom will be lucky Pierre in the middle
  414. GHfishin

    WESTPORT TUNA FRI and SAT 9/21-9/22

    i think Deviant Tim has a spot for crabbin':Emoticon_Potty_Time
  415. GHfishin

    USCG Fines Rec Boaters For Blocking Deep Draft Channel

    Welcome Skip, It will be good to have you around here for these type of discussions. :hali_olutta:
  416. GHfishin

    Open Seats For Friday Tuna

    Yea hes on. I figure if you recommend him he's gotta be good.
  417. GHfishin

    Open Seats For Friday Tuna

    Were full up. Should be a hoot.
  418. GHfishin

    Open Seats For Friday Tuna

    Mike, Have your friend call me. Thanks, 253-380-9973
  419. GHfishin

    WESTPORT TUNA FRI and SAT 9/21-9/22

    I may only have one other guy on the boat but I'll be there. Right behind you. Like a bad dream.
  420. GHfishin

    Open Seats For Friday Tuna

    Sorry, Westport Washington USA
  421. GHfishin

    West port Tuna 9-15

    Nice report Kevin. :finger: What a great year it's been!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  422. GHfishin

    Open Seats For Friday Tuna

    I had this guy from work that wanted to take some friends tuna fishing so I set up a trip for friday. :evilimu: Guy comes to me today with some BS excuse about not being able to get the time off:_diarrhea_:. So I plan to talk the wife into going since it's going to be mostly flat but that...
  423. GHfishin

    Avet reel

    Also make sure you go to the AVEt web site to learn how to properly load the reel. This sounded silly to me the first time but if you don't do it properly it could affect it's performance. And you look stupid if you bitch about your reel screwing up, only to be told you screwed it up.
  424. GHfishin

    Avet reel

  425. GHfishin

    Avet reel

    The thing that really sold me on AVETis that it is smooth. I have several. Like has been said it doesn't take long to get used to leveling with your thumb and when you do you will be amazed at how smooth the reel is.
  426. GHfishin

    Westport Tuna/Salmon

    Smoked tuna looks good. And I love that boat!!
  427. GHfishin

    They just keep getting bigger

    Good to know, thanks
  428. GHfishin

    Giant Blue fin Tuna PEI

    I wanna be you!! That Rocks!!:finger::finger::finger:
  429. GHfishin

    Bait stops

  430. GHfishin

    Bait stops

    What he said. I use 10 feet of 30lb floro on top of braid. I can not agree more that getting out with someone that knows is a big leg up. I banged around catching 4's and 5's for a while. It got expensive. II went with Tom on Hawaiian Style and learned how to convert a bait stop. I had all the...
  431. GHfishin

    2012 Tuna Smackdown Report/Results

    Thanks Bo and all the sponsors. It was a great time.
  432. GHfishin

    2012 Tuna Smackdown Report/Results

    OOPS, sorry I promised I wouldn't post that one. He's got a little captain in him.:supergay:Not that there's anything wrong with that. Here's the big fish: :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy
  433. GHfishin

    2012 Tuna Smackdown Report/Results

    Here's a picture of Little Boat's big fish:
  434. GHfishin

    How To: Register for the Tuna Smackdown

    team Gig Harbor Fishing IN!! who do i see about side pots.
  435. GHfishin

    Family Day Aboard Pacific Addiction

    Nice going Matt and Mark. Taking the girls fishing ROCKS!! But the radio has to be mine, Justin Beber is bad but wait till they discover one direction. AAAHHHH!!!!!!
  436. GHfishin

    Tuna WP 9/1

    We stopped on jumpers around 124.50. caught one troll fish and it quieted for a while so we went out to 125 and trolled southwest. Trolled for a while with nothing in beautiful 62 degree water and about 10:30 it was like someone threw the switch. We started spotting birds and jumpers around...
  437. GHfishin

    The time to buy is.....NOW

    Hey this is serious. Tommy just sit tight. I got this friend. She's on her way to you right now. If she can't help you find your package no one can.
  438. GHfishin

    More Accurate MagicSeaweed or NOAA or?

    I also look at windfinder. But after comparing all those I like to look at the satellite pictures and forecast models and make my own decisions.
  439. GHfishin

    Who's going Saturday 9-1

    I'm glad to hear that Kevin. Without Tom I'm gonna need someones bait stops to crash:finger::finger::finger:
  440. GHfishin

    Who's going Saturday 9-1

    I'm thinkin' to try about 45/50 and work my way SW. But I have learned my lesson. If you've got intel I will gladly use it my friend.:finger:
  441. GHfishin

    Who's going Saturday 9-1

    oops. Yeah Tuna fishing out of Westport.
  442. GHfishin

    Who's going Saturday 9-1

  443. GHfishin


    im working on getting the band back together. " we're on a mission from GOD"
  444. GHfishin

    Back from yet another glorious 3 month patrol.........

    Welcome back, thanks for your service Bitch
  445. GHfishin

    Swim Baits

  446. GHfishin


    Way to get it done and thanks for a great team effort out there. :hali_olutta: You da MAN!!!!:finger:
  447. GHfishin

    Going out of Westport on Friday for tuna

    Hoping to be turning the corner on the breakwater at 6am Saturday. I've got a boat load of virgins so launching etc. may be a bit dicey. I will also decide where to start on Friday evening but SST and chloro is looking pretty good for 45/00.
  448. GHfishin

    Going out of Westport on Friday for tuna

    Im planning to go Saturday. assuming the weather holds.
  449. GHfishin

    tuna / this weekend

    luckily Vancouver Island wasn't going very fast at the time.:)
  450. GHfishin

    Area 51 La Push

    Imagine what you could have done with live bait. Are you listening billy?
  451. GHfishin

    tuna / this weekend

    He'll have to get by me and Kevin to do it:waglleybooty:
  452. GHfishin

    Tuna Tuesday

    Way to get it done dude!!:finger::finger: As for storage, with the heads off we can fit 25 in the kill bag. I came home last time with an empty cooler because I didn't have enough ice. Saturday we will be taking an extra cooler of ice forward to destribute weight. I figure we'll be able to ice...
  453. GHfishin

    tuna / this weekend

    Looking at Ripcharts I may start about 45/45
  454. GHfishin

    tuna / this weekend

    and maybe a pink purse? well be going Saturday. ill be on 68 but i can't hear it from the deck so I'll let you know when we get done killing so you guys can come in and take the leftovers.
  455. GHfishin

    The great flood of 2012

    I'm leaning toward Saturday now too. Kevin, ill be the guy racing you to jack Paul's bait stop.
  456. GHfishin

    The great flood of 2012

    Yea Bill, I'm not sure if Friday or Saturday. 6 foot at 7 seconds is a bit steep but it seems to be getting better and on Ripcharts it looks like the blue water is only about 30 miles Southwest.
  457. GHfishin

    The great flood of 2012

    Thinkin' about friday if it cleans up a little.
  458. GHfishin

    The great flood of 2012

    So the house flooded on the Monday before the WTC. Toilet ran upstairs and flooded the downstairs and in short the whole house is a shitty mess. :shithappens: Since we have been doing hotel roulette (being handled by the insurance company) and I am a little behind on reporting. Team JDRF...
  459. GHfishin

    The great flood of 2012

  460. GHfishin


    That is Doin it!!
  461. GHfishin

    Last minute LaPush Tuna

    We may have to talk billy into getting some live bait up there
  462. GHfishin

    Tuna Mojo 18 Aug

    heard you on the radio. tried to call once then got busy. Think you were west of us. we were about 42/51 ish all day. after about 10 we were sight fishing and just went from school to school throwing bait. what a hoot.
  463. GHfishin

    almost sank boat

    Thanks for the post. I will be checking my bilge pump tomorrow. :hali_olutta:
  464. GHfishin

    Last minute LaPush Tuna

    :finger::finger:Nice !!
  465. GHfishin

    Tuna from Westport Tuesday

    yesterday we hit them pretty good in 60 degree water at 42/51.
  466. GHfishin

    WP Tuna, 17 Aug

    Thanks laurence. I'll be headed there in the morning.
  467. GHfishin

    Westport Buddy boat this weekend? (8/18)

    Thats pretty close to where I was planning to start. I will probably be a little further west but I'll be on 68 "Three Ladies"
  468. GHfishin

    Help!!! Kicker

    Is it too soon to ask if it was though bolted.
  469. GHfishin

    Open seats for Tuna Saturday 8-18

    i tried that. not being a jack ass sucks all the fun out. just sayin' and the seat is filled.
  470. GHfishin

    Open seats for Tuna Saturday 8-18

    So due to an elevated Jack-ass factor on someones part I have a couple open seats for tuna Saturday.:_diarrhea_: 253-380-9973 call text pm. It would be nice to have someone experienced but not required.
  471. GHfishin

    Area 51

    If your catching mo's your trolling too slow. we throw them back as they are too hard to clean and not really worth the effort. like sand dabs. :shithappens: You should try to catch an RTB they are much more fun to play but very oily and fishy like Tijuana hooker. :finger: Good Fishin'...
  472. GHfishin

    TUNA VIDEO...Chromecollector style

    Great Video!! Now I'm ruined for the rest of the day and probably the week. Thanks dick.:finger::finger::finger:
  473. GHfishin

    Westport Buddy boat this weekend? (8/18)

    I am hoping to go on Saturday.
  474. GHfishin


    Hey Tom, Thanks for the trip Wednesday, I learned a lot. You're a killer.
  475. GHfishin

    Foodsaver WTF???

    Troy. Text me. You can use my chamber sealer if you need to. Once you try you'll want one. Just sayin'. I'll be packing tuna tomorrow down at the dock if you want to come by.
  476. GHfishin

    Good Luck WTC Competitors: Heartbroken, standing on sidelines

    Team "Princess" did you proud yesterday. :rofl::rofl::rofl: It was fun but would have been more with you. Congratulations to your daughter on the award.:finger::finger::finger:
  477. GHfishin

    Lowrance number!!!

    Call John Kieser at Salt Patrol. He's got those Jack Asses on speed dial. Guy runs around with that shit written in big letters on the side of the boat aught to be able to work something like that out.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  478. GHfishin

    My Wife Rocks!!

    One of the legs itis mounted on collapsed on the ride out. There wasn't any swell but a significant wind chop made the ride a little bangy. We stuffed the life jacket bag under it to hold it up till we finished fishing. It worked well. most of our bait lived long enough to get used. We...
  479. GHfishin

    My Wife Rocks!!

    Just wanted to share this short video because I'm so proud.
  480. GHfishin

    Open Seat for Tuna Wed.

    It looks like I have an open seat for WP Tuna run Wednesday. Leaving Tacoma area around 4am and be back when we get back. :hali_olutta:
  481. GHfishin

    First blood on new boat, first Tuna trip ever!

    Way to christen that rig. Nice going:finger:
  482. GHfishin

    Tuna Thunder Run

    great job Larry.
  483. GHfishin

    MA11 Just legal

    Nice going. :finger:
  484. GHfishin

    saturday tuna massacre

    Wish I was going too. Good Fishin' To Ya'
  485. GHfishin

    Tuna run Wednesday 8-1

    Having a little trouble getting people together but I thik we are going to try Wednesday 8-1. anybody else think a mid week run looks good? :hali_olutta:
  486. GHfishin

    Westport, what are summer seas 'usually' like?

    Am I missing something or are we still minus the requisite pics of wife/ gf or fish or boat or something. And he's right. you guys should be nicer. jeez someone could get their feelings hurt.:finger:
  487. GHfishin

    Running two transducers?

    With you. I think the p66 runs both all the time and the head unit just decides which to read. Try the guys at J&G marine they have helped me a lot. if they can squeeze you in.:finger:
  488. GHfishin

    Running two transducers?

    im a garmin guy but the p66 is a generic ducer that they put different ends on. you may be able to get an adapter from airmar (sp?). also i wonder if you could run nmea out from the raymarine and into the hds. thinking out loud
  489. GHfishin

    westport 7-21

    Learning is never easy and is rarely cheep. But god I love running in the ocean.
  490. GHfishin

    Running two transducers?

    I run two ducers for different sounders. one is through hull and the other transom. If I run them at the same time I get strobe lines on each. I have found I never really need to run them at the same time. It will be interesting to to see the responses here.:finger:
  491. GHfishin

    westport 7-21

    similar story. Caught one nice one right off the bat on the cedar plug. trolled several hours with nothing. hit another small one on a red clone. Tried everything we had. trolled faster, trolled slower. At one point I was trolling circles around Hawaiian Style while he was catching one...
  492. GHfishin

    7-21 Saturday Tuna is on!!

    comin down in the Am. So excited I can hardly stand it.
  493. GHfishin

    7-21 Saturday Tuna is on!!

    I'm way nicer than Laurence. I think I would make a way better best friend. and I have lots of coolers.:drool: just sayin'
  494. GHfishin

    I'm new here

    and don't worry about Steve. everyone knows he's an ungrateful prick.
  495. GHfishin

    I'm new here

    welcome to the cluster f#ck. just act like a jack ass and you'll fit right in. see you soon.
  496. GHfishin

    Area 11 King

  497. GHfishin

    18 July, WP tuna died

    Nice report. Thanks.
  498. GHfishin

    7-21 Saturday Tuna is on!!

    Good luck Paul. I know you'll slay 'em
  499. GHfishin

    7-21 Saturday Tuna is on!!

    Hoping to launch before 6, bait up and haul ass for the 125 line.:finger: Anybody else?:_diarrhea_:
  500. GHfishin

    team Defiance picking up the slack in Puget Sound...

    Brunettes are a good ride but sort of plain. Blonds have better lines and are not only a good producers but nice to look at. I have found redheads to be all together unstable and have decided it's best to just stay away from them. :finger::finger::finger: Always wear a life jacket...
  501. GHfishin

    Shout Out to J&G Marine

    I bought a package of equipment from them this year. They are great people.
  502. GHfishin

    Bubba Knife

    bought the set. guessing they'll be good for tuna. the flexible one is ok for Halibut but too stiff for lings. My 2 pesos. Neither is as good as a 9" strait dexter.
  503. GHfishin

    Fishin' Luhrs achieves Battle Ship Status

    Nice job Kevin. Looks good.
  504. GHfishin

    Crab Thieves

    Had some guys surround my boat today as I was pulling my pots. I think they were mad that I got there first.
  505. GHfishin

    'Rigger Releases?

    Nice one Nelly. I hate those releases too. I have tried them several times with no success. I like the adjustable scottys with the green tips for downriggers and I run Blacks releases on my troll lines for tuna connected to the tie downs on the stern. Maybe I will write a post on my blog...
  506. GHfishin

    Balls, Beer, Blue Water Bullets and BBQ!!

    Fresh Tuna for the 4th. Kick ASS!
  507. GHfishin

    First Washington Waters Sport Caught Tuna!

    That was one great report. I'm so stoked I can hardly stand it
  508. GHfishin

    How was your crabbing today?

    2 pots, 4 hours, 6 nice big dungies. We even caught one on a fishing rod while fishing for bullheads. A great time was had by all.
  509. GHfishin

    June Tuna, Tuna Virgins, and Glass Floats!

    Mike is great to have on the boat. Dude knows his gear. Way to go Jennifer.
  510. GHfishin

    They're Here fellas

    Way to get 'er done. I look forward to the details.
  511. GHfishin

    Who's Hitting The Crab Opener?

    I'm gonna follow Dave. :skullbone
  512. GHfishin

    MA 11 6/28/12

    cross addicting is not the answer. Besides there are no fish on the gig harbor side. Just huge sea monsters that swallow small boats whole and mermaids. The bad kind not the hot horny kind. Just sayin':finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  513. GHfishin

    WestPort 6-22-12

    Great report. Nothing is more fun than watching the kids catch fish!!
  514. GHfishin

    Westport with a side of awesome

    Nice camera work. Great Video
  515. GHfishin

    Tuna School's "Best" Todd & Tommy Thur June 14 - 3 Avets/Trevalas

    I'm a definite maybe. I went to Todd's deal at the boat show and it was very informative. He's got it pretty dialed in.
  516. GHfishin

    New Boat going to North Prarie First Time On Thursday from Sekiu

    She's Beautiful. Wish I was going but the freezer is full. Good Luck and be safe.
  517. GHfishin


    Friend of mine in the redmond area had an 8 horse yamaha 4 stroke taken last night. He is offering a $1000 reward.
  518. GHfishin


    Great report and pictures. You really got some biguns this year!
  519. GHfishin

    Only 3 people showed up

    She makes it look good in spite of him.
  520. GHfishin

    Only 3 people showed up

    Josh got his pirate on:hali_olutta:
  521. GHfishin

    Only 3 people showed up

    My wife got a flasher.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  522. GHfishin

    Only 3 people showed up

    Kidding. It was a good turn out and a great time. Thanks to the guys that set this up. And because without pictures it didn't happen:
  523. GHfishin

    Mason, Lewis, Thurston, Pierce, and all others.

    wasn't gonna but the wife heard about the pool table. We'll be there
  524. GHfishin

    A great man passed

    im sorry to hear of your loss. your father was a great man. prayers for you and yours.
  525. GHfishin


    Saw the warf rat. The Goat looked really mad so I used my special skill to hold him back and let RTB make his getaway. You owe me. :finger::finger::finger::finger:
  526. GHfishin

    Come Off those La Push Reports

    We got a lot of nice lings but the buts were on the small side. we let a couple go then couldn't get through the lings to get the last one. ended up coming in to the corner to get the last but. couldn't catch a boat to save my life. Saw some whales and porpoise and a cool "BANANA BOAT" And I...
  527. GHfishin

    The wife is coming to La Push

    OK, so the wife is coming with me Thursday for halibut and she thinks I'm nice to everybody and well respected so lets try not to let her down ok?:finger::finger::finger::finger: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  528. GHfishin

    I need a slip at lapush

    I need a slip tonight at lapush. anybody not going that can help me out please let me know. :_diarrhea_: Thanks, :hali_olutta: Pm or 253-380-9973
  529. GHfishin

    La Push Thursday

    ill be on 68. "three ladies". hope to pull out around 5am. but I've never been good at pulling out.
  530. GHfishin

    Open seat Thursday at LaPush

    i will be up later this afternoon. look forward to seeing you Tim. lets get em
  531. GHfishin

    La Push open seats for 5/30 - 6/2

    I have one open seat on each day. Pm if interested
  532. GHfishin

    who b going to Lapush this week

    anybody with a spot at the dock they're not using let me know, maybe we could work something out.
  533. GHfishin

    who b going to Lapush this week

    I still have one open seat for Thursday and one for Saturday.
  534. GHfishin

    Thursday 31st BD La Push Side Pot

    I'm in. Was that Ice cream bars or ice cream sandwich?
  535. GHfishin

    who b going to Lapush this week

    heading up tomorrow to fish Thursday. and run home. will be back on Friday to fish Saturday.
  536. GHfishin

    Possible open seat Friday/Saturday Neah

    i also have one open seat for lapush each day Thursday and Saturday.
  537. GHfishin


    i got mine from fisheries at the boat show.
  538. GHfishin

    La Push 5/19 (first post)

    Those are some nice lings. Good Job
  539. GHfishin

    LA PUSSSS.....5-19-12 Great Fishing, Great friends, and unbelievable conditions!!!

    It was good to see you out there. Certainly a day to remember.
  540. GHfishin

    Thanks, Great day at Lapush, and a rip job

    We saw you on the dock friday cleaning seabass. That is a good looking boat. :hali_olutta:
  541. GHfishin

    Grundens / Gage Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Gage Fish On Jacket valued at $150

    Gage...When just having big balls is not enough.
  542. GHfishin

    Good fiberglass and trailer repair needed

    Holy crap thats scary. Glad no one was hurt.
  543. GHfishin

    3 generations at Neah Bay

    nice!! there is nothing better than fishing with family. what a perfect day
  544. GHfishin

    Halibut newbie

    That is an amazing picture. Good Job drifting the divot.
  545. GHfishin

    New to the Fort Lewis area

    Welcome to the monkey house. I fish a lot in the south sound and would be happy to take you on occasion. right now the boat is in La Push hoping for another open for halibut. We will start fishing out of Gig Harbor in June. Watch for the open seat notices and keep in touch...
  546. GHfishin

    Neah Bay, 5/19/2012

    way to get 'er done!!
  547. GHfishin

    The ocean was better

    Saturday was perfect. We made 22 kts to about 45 miles. We caught 10 halibut in about an hour and a half to keep 5, including this double hookup. Then went in to the prairie for lings. We got our lings in about two hours and caught and released one big halibut, that was physically painful. We...
  548. GHfishin

    Who's going to La Push?

    what are the chances of there being two.:cool:
  549. GHfishin

    Open Seat Lapush

    I had a last minute cancellation. I know it looks a little chitty for Thursday but if we can go we may have an open seat. I'm leaving now to go up there so you'll need to call me. (253)-380-9973. :_diarrhea_:
  550. GHfishin

    Weather..Mother Nature is pissed!

    Leaving now. Hoping to get out early and get back before it gets icky. See Ya there!!
  551. GHfishin

    LA PUSH Opener Report

    Great report and epic weekend. :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger: wish I could have made the fiesta. I learned a lesson though. I should have come to the dock and waited for the truck to go through the line. :_diarrhea_: At least I got this great pic In the...
  552. GHfishin

    Lapush Opener

    Dude, I get it. The two times in the last two years I have had engine issues I was able to call "Cains" in Clallam Bay. That dude has one of everything. (360) 963-2894. :waglleybooty: Might be worth a try. As for Charlie hating you, I don't get it. You seem like a nice enough fella to me...
  553. GHfishin

    Neah Bay Opener

    WOW!! that Rocks!! On another note I think there are some required items missing from your first post.
  554. GHfishin

    La Push Opener - 43lb Lingcod

    Nice haul. That is a hawg for sure.
  555. GHfishin

    LaPush opening weekend in review

    Yea, you sold that pretty good. :_diarrhea_:
  556. GHfishin

    LaPush opening weekend in review

    What an incredible weekend. Thanks to everyone that worked around me to get out on Thursday and thanks to Cains for comming through with a fuel pump so we still were able to get out and get a few. :finger: to the ungrateful prick that crackered off my winning halibut (RTB payed him off) it...
  557. GHfishin

    Thanks Guys

    Well Thursday started off great at La Push. As soon as I turned the corner and put the coals to her the engine sputtered and spit. It was all I could do to get out where I could turn around when she died halfway through the turn. I want to thank everyone that offered help and watched out for me...
  558. GHfishin

    Weather/Swell for La Push opener

    hopin to leave GH around 1 or 2. Will be staying in Forks but parking the boat at a friends. If you see the big Parker on the Road be sure to salute or call 253-380-9973.
  559. GHfishin

    Lost my outdrive yesterday

    That Sucks, Glad you got a ride. It's gonna be off the hook this week.
  560. GHfishin

    Todd Gas Caddy?

    :shithappens: In Gig Harbor we don't even have a gas dock anymore. I use a caddy to get fuel at Conans up the street. Non ethanol and CFN. The wheels suck and the hose and filler deal also suck. Once I modified these it works better but is still a pain in the ass.:2gunsfiring_v1: I dont know...
  561. GHfishin

    Westport Nostalgia

    Ditto....All the old pics and post cards are really cool. My Grandparents lived in the two story house across the street from the Coast Guard station. My Grandfather built the "Leigh High" and ran out of Bran-Lee Charters. My first memories are of standing on top of the canary watching for...
  562. GHfishin

    Why I won't fish WA. (Rant)

    I'm with ya man. We'll show them bastards. Right after LaPush I'm not fishin here any more......Except for Tuna.....And Westport Salmon since I'm there anyway. And the occasional Blackmouth at point defiance....And springtime in Port Townsend. But other than that I'm in. Oh, and bouy 10 kings in...
  563. GHfishin

    New Bait Tank - What Size?

    WTF?:finger: we specialize in Subjective Evaluations :2gunsfiring_v1:
  564. GHfishin

    I can't focus

    With ya. So ready for salt spray and rollers.
  565. GHfishin

    Bait Brining...for hali

    I dont brine herring for halibut. But I sure would like to get a dozen of those chicken-ducks.
  566. GHfishin

    Poor Mans Electric Reel?

    How about a fuel injected turbo briggs and stratton
  567. GHfishin

    La Push Opener Party May 10th (Food Plan)

    Was planning to come by but having to hit the bridge by 8:45 may make that impossible.:shithappens:
  568. GHfishin

    Hood Canal Bridge Closures

    It looks like they are planning two 15 minute openings during the night to flush the traffic through.:rofl::rofl:
  569. GHfishin

    La Push side pot

    Were in. Is there a prize for catching the biggest boat?
  570. GHfishin

    New Bait Tank - What Size?

    What he said.. Enough is never enough.:finger:
  571. GHfishin

    Rain gear

    Had some. Hated them. Thin and cheep.
  572. GHfishin


    done and shared
  573. GHfishin

    Pulled the trigger

    I have the 112. got a little better price and free shipping from someone else in January. I just ordered a bunch of bags from QM though and will be ordering the rest of my supplies from them also as a thank you for supporting the Bloody Decks bruthahood...
  574. GHfishin

    My Center Cut Adventure

    I lost count too. But it seemed to me she gave as good as she got. Those guys are a hoot to fish with.:food-smil I got a little video of the Orcas but it's very shaky and needs some editing.
  575. GHfishin

    My Center Cut Adventure

    Got to go for lings in LaPush with Charlie and the CC Crew. it was a great time. Charlie is not near the ass I thought he was and the boat is beautiful. No really RTB, Sawed Off and Elkfins are a well oiled killing machine and it was great to be a part of that. The ocean was great and Center...
  576. GHfishin

    Roll Call For The Defiance Tackle Swap & BBQ

    Wow!! What a great time. Bo and the guys did a great job!! It was great to see everybody and boy did that fire me up for May.
  577. GHfishin

    Thrilled to Announce a New Family Addition!!!

    One Word: Fricken Gorgeous!!!!
  578. GHfishin

    Roll Call For The Defiance Tackle Swap & BBQ

    I'll be there. I'm bringing the kids so keep it clean bitches. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  579. GHfishin

    Some interesting info

    Thanks for posting that. It's fun to see how these fish move around.
  580. GHfishin

    Update on Westport Moorage Issue

    me too:finger: And it's good when things get firmer:rofl:
  581. GHfishin

    Miss clipped adipose fin

    I thought this thread was a bikini contest. Miss Adipose Fin I was gonna enter this pic: But never mind
  582. GHfishin

    Lead Pour Pictures

    Looks like a great time was had by all. Sorry I missed it. That lead pot is the bomb
  583. GHfishin


    Dude, I can not un see that. I was jonesin for the ocean before and now it is physically painful.
  584. GHfishin

    RIP Jose Webe

    Jose Webe the spanish fly died today in the crash of a home built aircraft in the everglades.
  585. GHfishin

    Westport Lings?

    thanks Kevin.
  586. GHfishin


    Ok, if Ben busy I guess I'll have to take her:
  587. GHfishin


    no I meant can I bring one. Bitches
  588. GHfishin

    3-31-12 MA11 BM really do exist!!!

    Nice report. Great job
  589. GHfishin

    Anchor Recommendations

    Ditto We anchor all the time with a danforth in the sound and what is most important is scope and chain. I mostly try to use a 7 to 1 scope but will occasionally do less in shallow water or more in a ripping current.
  590. GHfishin

    Westport Lings?

    Not yet. This is an exploratory mission. Although, If someones got a hint for me where to start that would be cool.
  591. GHfishin

    Westport Lings?

    I'm thinking about a running for bottom fish on April 21st, weather permitting, and would like to go out of westport. Anybody else thinking about that sort of thing? If I'm out looking around it would be great to have some other boats out to help. Could be a great opportunity to disturb the...
  592. GHfishin

    4 Shrimp Pots $75

    pm sent
  593. GHfishin

    2011 lessons learned

    Westport Tuna fishing is the Shizzizzle. Talk to people. Don't be afraid to fish by radio for Tuna. If Charlie is following you around it's easier to just get out of the way (sorta like the cowboys at Point Defiance), and Elkfins throws like a girl. I can't wait for MAY
  594. GHfishin

    Really? POP UPS c'mon man

    So the last couple days I've been getting pop-ups when I log in here. I get that a guys gotta make a living, it's a free site and I try to support the sponsors every chance I get. The reality is I will continue to participate here because it is the best group of offshore guys around but...
  595. GHfishin

    Hot Tub free

    pm sent
  596. GHfishin

    Shorelandr Trailer Parts

    what size are the rollers?
  597. GHfishin

    Prayers for a BD Family Member

    Prayers going up.
  598. GHfishin

    I've got a Bleeder!!

    I'm with Ted on the whole pressure stopping the bleeding thing. To prove I say we take a couple bunny huggers, cut them up, fill them with lead and sink 'em till the bleeding stops.
  599. GHfishin

    looking for boat info

    I've got a 25 Parker and LOVE it for up here. It has a heater but really once you get out of the wind inside I rarely use it. There was a 21 on CL today but they are a bit hard to find here as they are made in North Carolina and the margin on them isn't huge for dealers so they don't get a lot...
  600. GHfishin

    Newbie here

    From what I've heard about what goes on on the center cut I'm not surprised you have an overabundance of dirty skivvies. And an intimate knowledge of who has what.....not that there's anything wrong with that :finger::_diarrhea_:
  601. GHfishin

    Do these qualify as Crocs?

    I vote BACON
  602. GHfishin

    New Home Port

    welcome and thank you for your service.
  603. GHfishin

    Newbie here

    Todd sold his Parker. Hes gonna try to do calm days in a 20' Stabicraft. I'm sure that will work out fine.:_diarrhea_:
  604. GHfishin

    Newbie here

    Oh and Charlie I got some extra special goodies for you this year
  605. GHfishin

    Newbie here

    WADE!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the psycho ward. Lapush is gonna be off the hook this year.
  606. GHfishin

    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    Life is too short for a dull knife
  607. GHfishin

    Sealed my fate!!

    i just got the same rig a couple days ago. nice!!
  608. GHfishin

    Hard Top Mounted Rod Holders?

    I got mine from this guy. Tell him you saw it on
  609. GHfishin

    What's Going On In La Push? Can Anyone Tell Me?

    At the risk of sounding cynical, it all seems too neat. The devil may be in the details.
  610. GHfishin

    Vacuum Packer advice

    I'm looking at getting a new Vacuum Packer this year. I'm sure the subject has come up before but I'm askin for input anyway. Had a Food saver for a couple years but for fish it doesn't work well, or for long enough to bag a large tuna haul. Had a vacupack for a few years which was better but...
  611. GHfishin


  612. GHfishin

    Help a brotha move a pool table?

    i can help Friday eve. call me.
  613. GHfishin

    Salmon Wars

    LMAO :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  614. GHfishin

    Lets Go

    Who's with me?
  615. GHfishin

    WTF, How did these get in my Kitchen?

    Thanks Charlie for the hook up. The wife is excited about the purple HX's I can't wait for July
  616. GHfishin


    This is a great idea
  617. GHfishin


    fishing with Steve is like that slut from High School. You know shes banging everyone else but you do it because shes so damn good at it. :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  618. GHfishin

    Blue Jerry Brown Spectra

    From Ken
  619. GHfishin

    Blue Jerry Brown Spectra

    I am ordering mine tomorrow.
  620. GHfishin


    I thought the launch went very well last year and I am happy to be doing the same this year. I just want to go fishing!!!!!!
  621. GHfishin

    Great Whites in the Sound!!!

    I hope WDFW figures out what it was so we can get some more up here. seals suck
  622. GHfishin

    Non Working Powerwinch RC-30 Winch

    I've already got one non working wench on the payroll. In fact I'd be willing to pay you 50 bucks to get that b!tch off my back.
  623. GHfishin

    Charter License for Lease

    Sent an E-mail. Will try to call also. I hope the healing goes well.
  624. GHfishin

    Favorite Seattle Boat Show Boat?

    And the TJ Offshore. but my favorite was at the Sportsmans Show in Puyallup. The 28 Wooldridge. And the new 20' Pilot House was cool too.
  625. GHfishin

    Salmon rigging question (Stacking)

    Agree absolutely with blackmouther. More gear = more crap to go wrong. It makes turning harder and playing fish a mess. I almost always stack and rarely have tangles. I run 24 inch releases, one on the swivel above the snubber and the second 20' up from that. I often run QCove flashers on both...
  626. GHfishin

    Q Cove flashers?

    Ken / TT sounds like a great ticket to me.
  627. GHfishin

    2012 Proposed Halibut Season for Puget Sound and Straits

    The note I got from WDFW said it should be this way. Like lasy year for North Coast we can anticipate Thurs. Sat. for two weeks, a week off to check quota, then individual openers after till quota is gone. Our quota is supposed to be a little higher this year so hopefully we will get some days...
  628. GHfishin


    That better be one bad ass veil
  629. GHfishin

    Digital Radar vs. HD Digital Radar?

    Hi Tim. Congrats on the new ride. I can't wait to see it. As you know I play with radar a lot. Here is my 2 pennies. open array is the best because like was said it can be tweeked to see waves and bouys and paper cups in the water. ok, maybe a little exageration but you get the point...
  630. GHfishin

    Seattle Boat Show Role Call

    Plan B, Boat Show on Friday and Monday. Hoping to get to Sportsman Show on Saturday.
  631. GHfishin

    South Sound PSA Announces Derby Aug 18, 2012

    That wasn't me.....I think my wife was on here
  632. GHfishin

    BD Roche representation?

  633. GHfishin

    South Sound PSA Announces Derby Aug 18, 2012

    Right on!! an area 13 derby. I hope I'm not tuna fishing that day.
  634. GHfishin


    be calling this afternoon
  635. GHfishin

    Seattle Boat Show Role Call

    Hopefully Saturday and Monday for TT's deal. Sportsman show when I can fit it in.
  636. GHfishin

    Kudos to Avet Reel company

    I'll be picking up a pile of these in the next couple weeks. I hope.
  637. GHfishin

    My new ride

    SWEET!!!! that is a great ride. Maybe we'll see you in LaPush for Halibuts in the spring
  638. GHfishin


    PM'd you P3. Welcome to the board
  639. GHfishin

    JRC Radar 1500 MK II

    Did you sell it?
  640. GHfishin

    Seattle area tackle shops

    I always stop at Swains in PA on the way up to forks.
  641. GHfishin

    See You On The Other Side Goatram

    God speed and enjoy the meds
  642. GHfishin

    Fishing picture video first attempt

    Great work!!! I was just whining this morning about rain and winter and grey. This was a great reminder of what is to come soon. Thanks,
  643. GHfishin

    Winter Defiance Update 250 San Juan, Drift Boats and More

    That 25 is going to be beautiful. Nice Job guys!!!
  644. GHfishin

    WTC and the Wounded Warriors

    I don't think $1500 should be that hard to raise with all the guys here. Or, if you know who has them we could put together a couple guys to go get them.
  645. GHfishin

    Hey TurkeyZ!!!

    Happy Gobble turkeys!!!!!
  646. GHfishin

    Area 11 Crab

  647. GHfishin

    North MA11 Crabbing?

    which side of Vashon Island?
  648. GHfishin

    What Boat Work Are You Doing This Winter?

    Hoping to do new electronics. Haven't decided which brand yet but I'm down to Furuno or Garmin. also rocket launchers and redoing the brakes on the trailer.
  649. GHfishin

    Fishing Clubs Near JBLM?

    Thank you for your service. Gig Harbor PSA is a great bunch of guys. I am a member but don't make a lot of meetings. We have blackmouth fishing going on right now, and crabbing opens again Nov21st 7 days a week till December 31. Check out my blog at and drop me an E-mail...
  650. GHfishin

    Which is better?

    Voted for Fia but I think you should consider using both and having twins. It has worked out great for me. :waglleybooty: Daughters Kick Ass!!! Congrats!!!!
  651. GHfishin

    Dipnet crabbing anyone here try or do this?

    Sorry, I wasn't implying you were missing anything. It's sort of a standard thing I tell people when talking about crab. :hali_olutta:
  652. GHfishin

    Dipnet crabbing anyone here try or do this?

    Back when I was a kid growing up on Hood Canal we used to rake 'em and we could fill a five gallon bucket pretty quick. We would go to the shallow points where the tide goes out a long way and they would get kind of stacked up in the shallows. It aint what it used to be but good luck and make...
  653. GHfishin

    Seiners in area 11

    I think the guys from gig harbor fly shop catch them pretty consistently on green or chart flies.
  654. GHfishin

    Seiners in area 11

    That has become a pretty good Chum fishery for them.
  655. GHfishin

    Congrats to chrome collector

    Congrats dude!!!! I highly recommend the gopro and would be interested to see a pic of your buddy's downrigger mount.
  656. GHfishin


    Done. That thing is cool
  657. GHfishin

    ma7 good to me again

    Nice fish Micheal. And nice job Dad getting the kid out BM fishing.
  658. GHfishin

    Westport 2011 A Great year

    Yes it was a Great Year!!! It was fun to follow your posts and I and my wife both loved those great pictures. I look forward to next year!!:devil: See you in the spring
  659. GHfishin

    Lamiglas Factory Sale / Anybody wanna roll?

    I'll be calling as soon as I know how the money looks.
  660. GHfishin

    Up to 20 Million Tons Of Debris Headed For U.S. West Coast

    "They should take a tanker full of diesel out there and burn the shit before it gets to close." If they wait till it gets to the Gyre then thay could burn the whole thing and turn it into a big glob of plastic we could haul away and bury. :_diarrhea_:
  661. GHfishin

    A new era

    Is Anthony a brudda yet. Lets get him signed up so we can see pics of that rig all bloodied up.
  662. GHfishin

    Wednesday tuna looking good!

    Wednesday is double shift for me. So to go would cost me 2 days. can't swing it this late in the year. Good luck to those going. Take lots of pics so we can live vicariously through you. :_diarrhea_:
  663. GHfishin

    Lahaina baby

    Good Luck. Take pictures.
  664. GHfishin

    The LOAD Mode!

    Nice haul, Great report and killer pics. way to go!!
  665. GHfishin

    Ah Crap. 10/26...

    you guys are killing me
  666. GHfishin

    Summer 2011 Fishing Video - Team Efishinsea

  667. GHfishin

    10/20 WP Quick Report- It aint over by a long shot

    I can't possibly make another trip this year.......No really I can't.....but if I was Thursday is kinda looking good
  668. GHfishin


    That thing Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!