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    SOLD Furuno fcv 582l bottom finder

    This fish finder works great transducer is not included but bracket and cover are included $150.00 takes it.
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    SOLD Used Furuno Radar

    Up for sale is a GPS 1650 w c map this unit work great until the one of the pins on the power connector broke off. An electrical wizard could probably fix this. Also a Furuno model 1712 radar unit and radome. This unit work sporadically and would need to be gone over I'll take $150.00 for all of...
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    For Sale 2014 Mercury 8 HP 4 Stroke short shaft- Bristol Condition

    Up for sale is an 8 HP 4 stroke with very low hours -an old man that never used it sold it to me and I used it for 2 hours. Serviced recently, oil, air filter and impeller. It would be a great tender motor for a larger boat with a davit. Electric start and helm capable- Too heavy for my dingy...
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    Colonet on the Pacific Queen

    Great fishing trip on the Pac Queen out of San Diego to Colonet. Boat caught 30 plus yellowtail and a ton of various rockfish and lingcod. Fish ranged from 15-25 lbs and bit on 6 and 7x salas red crab color for the most part- saw a lot of red crabs in the water throughout the day also! Pretty...
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    2014 Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke

    Price reduction!! $1200 OBO Up for sale is my Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke motor with very low hours . In fact I only put about 2 hours on it myself as the second owner. It has a starter so you can set it up for a small tender with a helm. Forward and reverse gear all from the throttle handle. I put...
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    Do you recognize this machine?

    Can anyone let me know what I am looking at?. If this is a rod wrapping machine I may want to use it to repair some of my old rods and who knows, I may want to try my hand at rod building. What else do I need? The label says 3250 RPM but when I plug it in, it goes very slow. Do I need a pedal...
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    24 ft Skipjack Flybridge

    I'm having trouble with the lift mechanism for the outdrive on my 1980 Skippy. It wasn't lifting the drive so I decided to take the mechanism out and cant find any youtube videos on how to do it. Hoping someone has done it already and I can pick your brain. Its not the hydraulic with the rams...
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    45 LB Polished stainless steel Anchor

    Recovered this while diving. Shank is a little bit tweaked but prob can be straightened, you can see by the pics its a little off kilter. They probably tried a hail mary from the cleat and that broke the shackle amongst other things maybe. For 45-55 ft boat Asking $1000.00 OBO
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    2002 Sea Pro 190 WA

    I am offering up my 2002 Seapro Walkaround to BD Members before I list on the myriad of other sites. She has been a good boat to me and is a good starter boat for a first time boat owner. There is no hour meter on the boat, but I figure its got about 60 hours per yr for the last 12 years = 720...
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    Need a mobile Welder

    To weld my aluminum side rails on trailer. Please call me if you work around Escondido, Thanks, Steve 760-855-1997
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    Fish Alert! Not so new app for your phone

    Dont know if this has been discussed, but here is an app Ive been using for about a year- Shows where you are in relation to the marine protected area. You can fish right on the border!! FishAlerts! 31 Great Outdoors Mobile, Inc. Tools Unrated You don't have any devices Add to...
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    Diving Cozumel

    Just got back from an amazing trip to Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico- Heres a few still shots!
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    "The Rockpile" or The Yellowtail killing Fields

    Left Shelter Island at 5 a.m got bait- yada yada - Plan was to fish the flats and work our way to the rockpile- morning was slow on the flats with a few bird schools but nuttin to show -water barely 62 - worked our way down to the Rockpile and started to fish the birds slow trolling deans with...
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    Diving Point Loma

    These are still pics taken with a still camera and Go-Pro captures over the last 4 weeks.
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    277-209 4 step

    Left Oceanside at 5:30 with some expensive but pretty good 6-9" dines and headed to a spot that would be about 6 miles north of the 209- Our plan was to sniff around for paddies and then troll to the 209- Got 1 med size YFT on the troll on a mex flag feather then troll troll look look all the...
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    425, 371 and in

    Made bait at the Islands at grey light then on to the 425 and below -found a couple a kelps -dry- trolled for miles- then the majic kelp with yellows that wanted to die- switched to circle hooks after my budy caught two - one went 27lbs. 3 in the box - short bit on the purp and black...
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    Help with Baja Manifest needed

    O.K. so I went onto the Banjercitos web site and got our visas, but I cant find a link to fill out the manifest, The example that Ali gives is for the other website and he states that the window is still open after you pay, but there was no other window or link to open on Banjercito, Anyone got...
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    Sardines anyone?

    No sardines out of San Diego Bay made yesterdays fishing more interesting to say the least. Switched out to number one hooks for the pinhead anchoviies and since it was so hard to collar hook them, we ended up pinning them on up through the jaw and out the top of the head. This seemed to allow...
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    Decided to do some recon before the yellowtail shootout-- Caught on flyline dean, we had to dig this guy out of the paddie 3 times before he made a run for open ocean- went 30 lbs on a spring scale. Hoping to find some of these next Sat.
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    Coronado surprise!

    Decided to go offshore in search of paddies on Sat so we headed out with a half scoop and made the run to somewhere inbetween the 302 and the 425, (my budfdys plan) and turned south to the 425 for two paddies both dry. Went to the rockpile and slow trolled, boring boring then made the move to...
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    Scratch Fishing

    Left yesterday 9/14 at 4:30 a.m and headed for the 302 - Couple nice kelps for two med size yellows.. in hindsight should have skulked around 302 for longer lotsa life birds every where and good temp 68.5., But I trolloed out to 230 and then the Knoll looking for the break- well there was no...
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    Need to know where I can purchase some guides- Im in Escondido ThankS:hali_olutta:
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    Heres a fish that my bud Richard caught onnthe way in to port. They thought they would save the day with some rockfish for the barby and were nfishing Coronado Canyon in about 360 ft of water. Caught with an Avet 63 with 20lb and 20lb spectra backing on a leadhead jig. Took him 1 hour to bring...
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    My understanding is that some of the charters fishing the Coronados are NOT purchasing visas or charging their customers the $30.00 fee. Also word is that the tuna pens are gone below south island. Looked around the web and on this site and not a word. Western outdoor news is reporting that the...
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    Old Yellar

    Here is my fishin buddy's yellowtail caught about 3 weeks ago off Pt La Jolla Both fish caught on Rapalas -He is currently 1st place in Rapalas photo contest. The large yellow is 52lbs and the smaller one is about 25. Good job Richard...
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    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    Went diving this weekend and last in La Jolla. Looking for some bugs and maybe a good photo opp. Had my head in a crevice and look up to sea Mr Blacky, almost stopped my heart. He cruised around us within arms reach about 6 or 7 times then split. This was HIS reef. Visibility this week was 30...
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    302,230,371. nados

    7/29 Arrived at the 302 around 7:30 ocean pretty nice in the morn then got worse as the day went on. Large meter marks, trolled the area then trolled to rhe 230 and on to the 371. Temp never got above 64. Tried baiting a few bird schools and paddys for nada. Ended at the Nados for a few bottom...
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    Coronado Islands

    Fished with friend Billy out at the Islands today, He had the hot stick. Caught two fish at middle grounds between 8-10am. Both on flylined dines slow trolled. Worked our way from middle grounds to lighthouse for alot of barries which is what most people were catching today, heard of some...
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    For those of you who are thinking about fishing the islands tommorow, today was good. Started off in the middle grounds and quickly moved to the tip of south island . Caught two fish here slow troolling with a couple of close friends Despite the crowds of sporties and PBers, everyone got along...
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    Blood on the boat finally!

    Ok. Sorry for the late report , Left Shelter Island about 6:00 A.M. Good lookin dines out into the washing machine to Middle Grounds. Arrive about 8:30 Start to slow troll immediate bite on 20lb and farmed. Next one I got in the boat 10 min later , went 18-20 lbs and another about 1/2 hour later...
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    Makin macs

    Looking to go fishing on Thursday, going on a buddys boat- two bait tanks and we want to make some macs for poss marlin fishing- Where is the best place to make bait around the big bay? Zuniga? the whistler buoy? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Albacore within striking distance

    Thought Id post this in case anyone going tommorow. Left SI around 2:30 and headed straight for 371- trolled from greylight into and past high spotf first double one came unbuttoned landed 19 lb -Helmut off -boxed all around the area N, S , E and west for 4 more largest model 32-34 on spring...
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    Scouting Report

    Left SI around 4:30, did the 302, 371, 425 loop fished 4 pads for nothing, went to the islands to fish some bottom critters then home-Ocean behaved itself pretty well today, hardly any wind till abot 2:00PM. Its lookin fisheyer but we had no love today, hardly anyone outside today-multiple...
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    Not Everyone should have a fishing show! Franks_Fishing_Show_2.wmv (4.68 MB)
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    Goin to Catalina

    We have a camping space reserved for the Isthmus on the last week of Sept to go lobster diving for a couple days and its been a long time since Ive been there. Can anyone tell me if there are marine reserves I need to avoid? is Arrow Point fair game for game? Any info would be greatly...
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    N9, 182 YFT

    10 YFT on bait, 1 on gb daisy-nice grade of fish today. On the fish at daybreak just shy of the 182-trolled porpi for 1 then played the bait game with the mammals towards the upper 9 for 5 more. 6 in the box by 8:30. Left the area after harrasing the porpoise towards the 43- got the call in on...
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    Long Haul

    Fished out of SI-Left at 4:00 am Headed for the 226 by grey lite lotsa birds but nuttin else started trolling towards 302 and still no life -headed west about 7 miles off 302 and plugged SS Knoll into GPS- 15 miles. 6 miles east got single yft. boxed the area for 1/2 hour. Picked up and headed...
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    Save your dead dines

    Fished with Mako Mark today all over from 371 to 302 Last paddy 5 miles west of 302, we trolled dead dines for 3 nice yellers! Final count 5 yellows ,3 in 20lb range 1 Albie pushin 30 and 2 small dodos All bait fish-trolled for miles with toad for nada. Coulda done worse. Time for shower and...
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    Why old people shouldnt go boating!

    You've probably already seen this but, if not, give it a wirl for a laugh.:rofl::rofl: Video-Seniorsboating.wmv (2.74 MB)
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    Posting Pics

    I dont know what I am doing wrong. After Ive downloaded pics for post , I highlight the JPEG and copy, then paste onto my post- I want to insert text between pics but what I end up with is a text I.D of the JPEG. See below Beautiful day on the water, every thing you could hope for with...
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    My no fishing report, No B.S. with Pics

    Left Oceanside at 6:00 am stopped by bait reciever for 1/2 scoop of the healthiest looking deans and chovies Ive ever seen, these baits had ALL their scales, and came with fiesty attitudes- Good start. Got to within 4 miles of 209 radio chatter had noone catching tuna, decided to head towards...
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    MO Albies!

    Heres the short version- Fished on Richards fuel sipping bayrunner today for 10 albies and one YFT. Caught the YFT on the warm side of the 230. Trolled back up to the 302 and picked up more albies. Great day on the water- fish were hitting anything you threw at em. 2 triples and 2 doubles on the...
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    BFT 6-15-08 425-371 Area

    Left E.B bait receiver about 6:00 am with intentions of scouting for the tournament. Set course for the 425-the last good report for yellows. Arrived around 8:00 am, talked to some other pbers-they hit some paddys for a couple of yellows. Found a paddy about 2 miles west of the 425 for nada...
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    Save your old axe handles

    During the course of home improvements at the house I was cleaning out the garage and instead of throwing these axe handles away, decided to make some custom tuna billys. Tuna Billy 002.jpg (192.1 KB) Tuna Billy 003.jpg (185.0 KB) Tuna Billy 004.jpg (199.6 KB) Made a couple more for...
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    Damned if you do damned if you dont!

    <TABLE width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD align=left>Two Men Who Rescued Seal Could Be In Trouble </TD><TD align=right> <!-- Top Stories --></TD></TR><TR vAlign=top><TD align=left colSpan=2>05-09-2008 4:33 AM (San Diego, CA) -- Two men who rescued a seal that was tangled in a gill...
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    New report card for Spiny Lobster

    <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> California Fish and Game Commission New and Proposed Regulations Here are the new regs for spiny lobster-Report card will cost 7.90 per angler-Thanx Big Brother:finger:
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    Report card for Spiny Lobsters

    California Fish and Game Commission New and Proposed Regulations Here are the new regs for spiny lobster-Report card will cost 7.90 per angler-Thanx Big Brother
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    North Isle, Coronado

    Dove North Island yesterday with a buddy. Beautiful visibility, dove windward side down by purple coral then 2nd dive closer to pukey. Its been about 2 years since my last dive here, and it seems like there are more fish. We took 2 lings in the 10 lb range, but more scenic then anything else...
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    10-14-07 YFT 302-226

    Fished yesterday with Capt Dennis Allen and friend Richard yesterday. Left SI around 4:30 -Headed to 302- got there after gray light, put in trollers. Started hearing reports , 3 in the box , 4 in the box- We were like WTF? Then bet. 302 and 226 Started getting single and double knockdowns. All...
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    YFT at the 302 10-12

    Went solo out of S.I.. Left around 4:00 am after waking up the bait boys. Put trollers in about 3 miles east of the 302 -Almost instant knockdown YFT -2 more singles then a double all within 2 miles east and west of the high spot. Black and purple feather, and black and green jethead did the...
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    Bug Hunters

    Good luck to all BDrs on upcoming bug hunt. Dive safely, and big bugs!!!
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    Wild Kingdom

    Fishing out of S.I. tommorow morn. Did anyone go out today? I need feedback man!!:imdumb: :Bathtime_emoticon:
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    Yellows at the 425 5-18-07

    Left S.I. bait reciever at 6:30 am on Friday with what appeared to be the best looking deans I have seen(only 2 died the entire trip). Didnt want to do the island 2 step so headed straight for the 425. Arrived at around 8: am looked for paddys, nothing but stringers, talked to tailbanger on the...