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  1. GHfishin

    Raymarine Big Screen and other goodies

    SOLD Upgrading my Raymarine. Here is a list of what I have available E-165 15" mfd with wi-fi. I love this rig. Big screen so when your watching Radar, Gps, And 2 sounder screens you can actually see everything even if your an old guy. $2500 Also have Es-98 9 inch mfd with wi-fi and gps. $800...
  2. GHfishin

    anybody going to puyallup from bellevue

    Need some things be out to the show from Benjamin's place in Bellevue. Would be invaluable to me. Call 253-380-9973
  3. GHfishin

    It's time to go !!!

    It's been a little while since I have posted on here but we are still here in Westport catching tuna and being happy. This has been a strange year but the wind has changed direction, the warm water is moved in close and the game is on. We are seeing jumpers and birds and all the things we have...
  4. GHfishin

    Beast Mode

    Here she is. Our brand new 2820 Parker. Twin 300 Yamaha's. Lighter with more torque, full Raymarine Electronics installed by my good friend Patrick Walker of Tailwalker Charters, Awesome graphics created and installed by my good friend BenjaminN from Metropolitan Detail. New Seeker Rods in...
  5. GHfishin

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    ---SOLD--- Check out the thread here:
  6. GHfishin

    Open Seats Saturday

    Fun trip, not a charter. Call (253) 380-9973.
  7. GHfishin

    2010 Parker 2820 w/ twin 250 yammi's

    SOLD--------- Testing the waters. 2010 2820 Parker. Twin yamaha 250 four strokes, approximately 1500 hours. Raymarine electronics, E140w display GPS Radar Autopilot BIG bait tank (3 scoops) Taco outriggers Scotty downriggers 2 vhf radios Rear steering Electronic controls Asking $89k...
  8. GHfishin

    Shark week last Saturday.

    Link to the story of the Mako this weekend. What a hoot!!
  9. GHfishin

    Awesome video from a customer.

    It's long but worth watching till the end.
  10. GHfishin

    Temp Deckhand needed

    From now till Thursday. The hours are long but the work sucks and the capt. is an ass so it's got that going for it. Oh and you get to go tuna fishing every day. Call Brian 253-905-4158
  11. GHfishin

    Open seat halibut saturday

    I have one open seat for halibut sat. Call or text 253-380-9973
  12. GHfishin

    Awesome new logo – Thanks Benjamin N.

    A while back I put out that I needed a logo for my charter business.I have a couple good graphics but I needed something simple and recognizable for marketing. Well, the brotherhood came through for me once again. A couple guys stepped up to help but I really felt Benjamin N. understood what I...
  13. GHfishin

    Open seats friday

    I got two open seats Friday. Special BD Pricing applies. Same deal as before; Call or text (253)-380-9973
  14. GHfishin


    Sold She needs a little love but is priced accordingly. 1998 Parker 2530 Extended Cabin. MV hull. Volvo 454 with Duo-Prop outdrive. She'll do 25kts on a good ocean and get 1.2 mpg doing it. She is a veteran of a ton of offshore tuna and Halibut trips. She will hold 40+ tuna and 6 guys...
  15. GHfishin

    Saturday 9-27 Off the HOOK!!!

    It was a good day. Sorry about all the promo stuff in it, I plan to use this video at the sportsman show this year. Seats are still available for select dates in October
  16. GHfishin

    TUNA Open Seats Sunday 9-28

    4 seats super special BD only pricing. call text or yell real loud: 253-380-9973
  17. GHfishin

    Tuna Friday 9-19

    Friday was awesome. 32 mile run, caught a bunch of Tanks (and another bluefin) and a great ocean home. There are a ton of hungry Albacore out there right now!! October dates still available. 253-380-9973
  18. GHfishin

    Deckhand for 9-19

    Cory needs the day off. 253-380-9973
  19. GHfishin

    Wide open at Westport.

    The bite is on. We finally got a little southwest wind and current and the tuna are on the chew. I have one open seat tomorrow. You dont want to miss this. 253-380-9973
  20. GHfishin

    Open Boat Saturday 8-23

    Guy cancelled on a Saturday. I don't have another Saturday open till October, heck most have been booked since April. Anyway, grab some friends and let's go get some!! 253-380-9973
  21. GHfishin

    8-13-14 TeamParker/Offshore Northwest "lucky Dog"

    Time is 12:50. Capt. Brian and The Lucky Dog are about to hit the dock in Westport with sixty tuna's and six worn out anglers. One bait stop. Details to follow
  22. GHfishin

    Team Parker/Offshore Northwest plug the boat and home by 1.

    50 plus tuna, one bait stop, tired customers. Awesome ocean. Capt. Patrick got it done today. Pics to follow
  23. GHfishin

    Open seats for tuna sunday

    Last minute cancelation means opportunity for you. Two open for sunday Aug 3rd. Call 253-380-9973
  24. GHfishin

    I need a graphic designer.

    I have some ideas and I'm getting tired of waiting for guys in San Diego. Prefer someone that knows what an albacore looks like. [email protected]
  25. GHfishin

    7-26 Team Parker/Offshore Northwest

    It was a dark and stormy wait. What an awesome day Saturday was. Got bait and left the harbor around 5:30am. Made 33mph out to about 45/55. around 124.38 we started to see a lot of bait in the water and surface activity including some Dahl's porpoise. Had a coho jump clear out of...
  26. GHfishin

    TUNA Open Seats Saturday 7-12

    I had this filled and then not. This is a sort of buddy trip to train the deckhand and get the new boat bloody. This is a great opportunity to get the charter experience at significant discount. Let's go get some!!!!!! 253-380-9973
  27. GHfishin

    Blood was spilled 7-5-14

    It was a great day and a bit of a long run (53miles) but the team Center Cut/Offshore Northwest combo hit 'em. final count was 25 tuna. We didn't bring kill bags or we could have done a lot more. We decided we had enough tuna and heading in to pick up a couple salmon about noon. Huge thanks to...
  28. GHfishin

    One more Saturday.

    I am thinking I may have to do one more tuna trip saturday. Weather looks ok to everyone but noaa.
  29. GHfishin

    Last hurrah

    Got good weather weekend for our last Tuna charter of the season. What an awesome day. We left at 6:30 headed for 45/55. Had a great ride out with the breeze at our backs and very little swell. Took a small detour behind a freighter and ran into a pod of dolphins that was kind of fun. Then just...
  30. GHfishin

    Open seats Saturday 10-5

    I cant stand it. The tuna are still here and the weather looks awesome. I have a charter on Friday but I'm going Saturday just for fun. I will have a couple open seats. Call or text 253-380-9973. You can pm me here but since ill be fishing tomorrow the phone is probably better. Lets go get...
  31. GHfishin

    Open Seat

    I have a last minute open seat for Tomorrow Friday 9-13. Call me 253-380-9973
  32. GHfishin

    A busted rubber

    Saturday we were en-rout to the tuna, in fact we were almost to where I wanted to start fishing. We started to slow down a bit to explain to people how to look for jumpers and to get troll gear ready etc. when Bang Zoom. Motor runs up and shit starts banging around. It sounded like a spun prop...
  33. GHfishin

    7-20 I know it looks crappy but it's all I got

    Unless we get turned around or it's just blowing like hell in the AM were planning our first tuna run Saturday. We will at least be going out and taking a look at it.
  34. GHfishin

    GH Kid fun

    So I ask my daughters the other day "are you too old for 4:00am fishing?" Kids answer with a resounding "NO!!" So we get up at 4 on Friday and go out in the fog. Because of the big tides there is a lot of big crap in the water. About 8:20am we hit this nice fish. Kristina drives the boat, I...
  35. GHfishin

    Area 11

    Having a great time fishing in the South Sound this year. :finger:Today again went three for four releasing one wild fish. Caught one nice wild fish about 10lb and a nice BBQ sized fish. Right about sunset we get bit and this one is nice. Customer is reeling on it until the fish gets to the...
  36. GHfishin

    Gig Harbor Kings

    Went this morning. Hooked three landed two. One was a long release, one had a fin and was released alive and lively and the keeper was about a 12 lb hatchery fish. This is the first time in several years that I can remember having two fish on at once in the south sound.:waglleybooty: Two fish...
  37. GHfishin

    Seaspension Pedestal

    I can't remember who asked me about the seaspension pedestal I put in this year but It has worked out great. It's not an air ride but It is way better than the strait pedestal I had before. I like it a lot and would recommend it and highly. All that said please do not...
  38. GHfishin

    Seaspension Pedestal

    Installed a Seaspension pedestal in the Parker 2530 this year and it made a wold of difference. Here is a link to my blog post on it.
  39. GHfishin

    Pro Flo 17 Gallon Bait Tank

    --SOLD--<sold> I'll get a picture tomorrow. I've been using this for two years. It holds a scoop and a half and keep them alive all day. We jammed two scoops in once and they did well for a few hours but we lost a lot before the end of the day. Asking $1000 but I'll probably take $100...
  40. GHfishin

    My little project

    So we took out all the seats, the table and the counter that held the stove and sink etc. Installed my new seaspension seat post. On the port side we will install a 150 qt. Grizzly (made in USA) roto molded cooler with a cushion for seating and storage and another seaspension post for the wife...
  41. GHfishin


    ok, so it's a drawing but check it out here :finger:
  42. GHfishin

    football joke

    Andrew luck and RGIII walk into a bar to watch Russell Wilson play in the playoffs
  43. GHfishin

    Chamber sealer VP-112

    SOLD!! This is a great entry level chamber sealer. I have done hundreds of pounds of Halibut, Lings and Tuna this year and this rig never missed a beat. This rig seals the first time every time. You don't have to let it rest, you don't have to stand there and hold it shut. If you've dealt with...
  44. GHfishin

    Open Seats For Friday Tuna

    I had this guy from work that wanted to take some friends tuna fishing so I set up a trip for friday. :evilimu: Guy comes to me today with some BS excuse about not being able to get the time off:_diarrhea_:. So I plan to talk the wife into going since it's going to be mostly flat but that...
  45. GHfishin

    Who's going Saturday 9-1

  46. GHfishin

    The great flood of 2012

    So the house flooded on the Monday before the WTC. Toilet ran upstairs and flooded the downstairs and in short the whole house is a shitty mess. :shithappens: Since we have been doing hotel roulette (being handled by the insurance company) and I am a little behind on reporting. Team JDRF...
  47. GHfishin

    The great flood of 2012

  48. GHfishin

    Open seats for Tuna Saturday 8-18

    So due to an elevated Jack-ass factor on someones part I have a couple open seats for tuna Saturday.:_diarrhea_: 253-380-9973 call text pm. It would be nice to have someone experienced but not required.
  49. GHfishin

    My Wife Rocks!!

    Just wanted to share this short video because I'm so proud.
  50. GHfishin

    Open Seat for Tuna Wed.

    It looks like I have an open seat for WP Tuna run Wednesday. Leaving Tacoma area around 4am and be back when we get back. :hali_olutta:
  51. GHfishin

    Tuna run Wednesday 8-1

    Having a little trouble getting people together but I thik we are going to try Wednesday 8-1. anybody else think a mid week run looks good? :hali_olutta:
  52. GHfishin

    7-21 Saturday Tuna is on!!

    Hoping to launch before 6, bait up and haul ass for the 125 line.:finger: Anybody else?:_diarrhea_:
  53. GHfishin

    Only 3 people showed up

    Kidding. It was a good turn out and a great time. Thanks to the guys that set this up. And because without pictures it didn't happen:
  54. GHfishin

    The wife is coming to La Push

    OK, so the wife is coming with me Thursday for halibut and she thinks I'm nice to everybody and well respected so lets try not to let her down ok?:finger::finger::finger::finger: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  55. GHfishin

    I need a slip at lapush

    I need a slip tonight at lapush. anybody not going that can help me out please let me know. :_diarrhea_: Thanks, :hali_olutta: Pm or 253-380-9973
  56. GHfishin

    The ocean was better

    Saturday was perfect. We made 22 kts to about 45 miles. We caught 10 halibut in about an hour and a half to keep 5, including this double hookup. Then went in to the prairie for lings. We got our lings in about two hours and caught and released one big halibut, that was physically painful. We...
  57. GHfishin

    Open Seat Lapush

    I had a last minute cancellation. I know it looks a little chitty for Thursday but if we can go we may have an open seat. I'm leaving now to go up there so you'll need to call me. (253)-380-9973. :_diarrhea_:
  58. GHfishin

    Thanks Guys

    Well Thursday started off great at La Push. As soon as I turned the corner and put the coals to her the engine sputtered and spit. It was all I could do to get out where I could turn around when she died halfway through the turn. I want to thank everyone that offered help and watched out for me...
  59. GHfishin

    My Center Cut Adventure

    Got to go for lings in LaPush with Charlie and the CC Crew. it was a great time. Charlie is not near the ass I thought he was and the boat is beautiful. No really RTB, Sawed Off and Elkfins are a well oiled killing machine and it was great to be a part of that. The ocean was great and Center...
  60. GHfishin

    RIP Jose Webe

    Jose Webe the spanish fly died today in the crash of a home built aircraft in the everglades.
  61. GHfishin

    Westport Lings?

    I'm thinking about a running for bottom fish on April 21st, weather permitting, and would like to go out of westport. Anybody else thinking about that sort of thing? If I'm out looking around it would be great to have some other boats out to help. Could be a great opportunity to disturb the...
  62. GHfishin

    Really? POP UPS c'mon man

    So the last couple days I've been getting pop-ups when I log in here. I get that a guys gotta make a living, it's a free site and I try to support the sponsors every chance I get. The reality is I will continue to participate here because it is the best group of offshore guys around but...
  63. GHfishin

    Vacuum Packer advice

    I'm looking at getting a new Vacuum Packer this year. I'm sure the subject has come up before but I'm askin for input anyway. Had a Food saver for a couple years but for fish it doesn't work well, or for long enough to bag a large tuna haul. Had a vacupack for a few years which was better but...
  64. GHfishin

    Lets Go

    Who's with me?
  65. GHfishin

    Blowy Tuna Friday

    Went Friday the 14th. East wind made it a good ride out but a slow ride home. Caught 5 fish at 36 X 37. We probably didn't go far enough. Every time we tried to do a bait stop we got blown sideways. caught a lot of birds even with weighted leaders. Troll fish were caught on cedar plug and a...
  66. GHfishin

    Tuna Friday 10-14

    Ok, everybody is going on Saturday and Sunday but the only day my crew could do is Friday so were going Friday. Planing to launch about 6:30 and be back around 3:00ish. I will check in at float six to brag bitches...
  67. GHfishin


    Friday is starting to look good weather wise. but I think my crew is starting to wear out.:Emoticon_Potty_Time
  68. GHfishin

    Westport Tuna Saturday 10-1

    I'm going.:finger:
  69. GHfishin

    Thinkin about Westport 9-24

    Finally got a good sat photo and the temp looks good in the guide canyon area but I can't get a good chloro. Weather looks like 8 foot 11 seconds and 5 mph wind. I expect that to change but as it stands it doesn't look too bad.:waglleybooty: Who's with me!!!!!:finger:
  70. GHfishin

    "Tuna Tuesday" (9-13)

    Olla Bitcholla's Going down Monday afternoon to fish Tuesday. Last time I went I was on Dock 21. Hoping to get something better this time as that was pretty smelly and gross but it will work. Temp looks good strait out but there is another to the Southwest that looks good too. I'm a little...
  71. GHfishin

    Westport Tuna run Friday 9-9

    I am planning to try another tuna run Fri. The 9th. Right now the weather on magic seaweed looks bad but that's a long way off so I'm hoping it will improve. It would be nice to know some other guys were going too.:hali_olutta:
  72. GHfishin

    Cherry Poppin'

    So my buddy's Kevin, Jeff and I took our cherry asses out Tuna fishing yesterday with the old man of the sea (Gray Bear Jack). Who taught us where things are in Westport and how to do stuff. Jack got a good spot from a friend of his and I got some numbers from a friend of mine. We started at...
  73. GHfishin

    Westport Tuna

    K, I plan to go for Tuna Thursday out of Westport. I've been off shore before and I know the boat can handle it and I know what my range is for the most part. mostly I need to know where to get the water temp and chloro information and really any other info would be appreciated. Please find...
  74. GHfishin

    Lever Drag Reels

    I don't have any experience with lever drag reels but the concept is intriguing. It seems a lot of big water guys use them but I don't know anyone that uses them in the sound. What is it that makes them better for the big fish but not salmon and halibut. Thanks, Good Fishin' to Ya' Kerry