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  1. Texastuna

    Need Info Please - S Ulua’s

    Sweet thanks for info !!!!
  2. Texastuna

    Need Info Please - S Ulua’s

    We do most tuna fishing at night so you must cast past lights into the dark.These are #50- #120 YFT so yes I do use the rail.
  3. Texastuna

    Need Info Please - S Ulua’s

    Looking to add a Ulua to my lineup.Here in the Gulf of Mexico I cast to crashing tuna.I love fishing rods the reason for Ulua.On the 10 ft models any of those fish #60 ?
  4. Texastuna

    100lb+ fish?

    Check out Dolphin Docks in Port Aransas Texas.In October and November you have very good chance at a #100 Tuna on a 2 day trip.
  5. Texastuna

    Rigging rubber flying fish

    Trash the factory rigging.No leader needed.Run your line through bird to a treble hook.Insert hook back by the tail.Good to go!!
  6. Texastuna

    For Sale Trulines

    Can I have green 6x from Monte
  7. Texastuna

    Nov 24-26 New Buccaneer 56 hour trip ( trip open to the public)

    They did and caught nice load of tuna.I work on Dolphin Express we we at Perdido also.
  8. Texastuna

    TRADE MUCHAS Enchiladas! *SOLD*

    I should be able to pay cash for my next house.I will just them!!!
  9. Texastuna

    For Sale SS delete

    #50-#60 rod ?
  10. Texastuna

    Tuna Trips

    Back from first 50hr Limits of Amberjacks and Yellowfin.Next trip this Friday
  11. Texastuna

    Tuna Trips

    Yes tuna mainly at night.Top water lures,jigs ,chunking most productive
  12. Texastuna

    Tuna Trips

    Good thing about early trips we get AJs also. Amberjack in day time tuna at night.
  13. Texastuna

    Tuna Trips

    Dolphin Docks starts 50 hour trip for Yellowfin this Friday.Going with 10 passengers.Anyone want to go?
  14. Texastuna

    For Sale Truline Cobra Glass VBG7 heavy

    Everyday I work on the Dolphin Express out of Port Aransas
  15. Texastuna

    TRADE Truline BOG D8 Blank Red Glass

    Just wondering what was the trade.Rare rod.
  16. Texastuna

    TRADE Truline BOG D8 Blank Red Glass

    I have one also in great condition. Why trade for 6x? Just keep it.
  17. Texastuna

    SOLD - San Diego

    I see color now
  18. Texastuna

    Will you ship I will pay for shipping.Do you have other SS blanks ?

    Will you ship I will pay for shipping.Do you have other SS blanks ?
  19. Texastuna

    SOLD - San Diego

    What color blank?
  20. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    I need some 60-80 lb blanks.
  21. Texastuna


    Who wrapped that rod Jerr ?
  22. Texastuna

    For Sale Truline Rods

    Do you have a TNT ?
  23. Texastuna

    For Sale Truline Rods

    Did you find the TNT?
  24. Texastuna

    Offshore advice for August

    Dolphin Docks in Port Aransas 12 hour on Wednesday and Saturday
  25. Texastuna

    Tuna Rod ID

    A yellow fishing rod
  26. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    Pinhead TNT rod or blank
  27. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    Green D8 Lamiglas 528 Beefstic. Black D8. Guess no one has a SS TNT
  28. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    D8. 6x. 39. Lamiglas 528 MH.
  29. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    I have nice TruLines May trade but I no has a TNT !!!
  30. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    Bump still looking!!!!
  31. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    Ok I will add more $$$$ to the pile.
  32. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    Extra $$$ still looking.
  33. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    Would take Calstar 700xxh blank
  34. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    Also need couple rods or blanks #200 glass only
  35. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    I don’t want it that bad.One will come around.Couple around but they want my TruLines NOT !!!
  36. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    Still looking I have a pile of cash !!!
  37. Texastuna

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    Want to buy a few blanks.TNT-70XH or similar preferably blanks.
  38. Texastuna

    Lamiglas 528 with decal

    Can I have that Beef Stick in picture?
  39. Texastuna

    TRADE Truline - black Collins MH8-1

    May want to sell for $2200 then make offer on 6x. Never wrapped 6x are around if you know who has them.
  40. Texastuna

    Nov 24-26 New Buccaneer 56 hour trip ( trip open to the public)

    How many people will be on boat if it fills?
  41. Texastuna

    SOLD LB Seeker TNT blank

    I’m next in line.
  42. Texastuna

    TRADE TruLine D8 green

    Is that a extra long rod like 8-3 ?
  43. Texastuna

    WTB Looking for a Truline 39 in Cobra Glass!!!!!

    I have two 39’s still not for sell.
  44. Texastuna

    TRADE Done erase

    One will show up
  45. Texastuna

    TRADE Done erase

    Someone should just buy new Mac and trade.
  46. Texastuna

    For Sale SUNDAY PRICE DROP! Rods and reels on consignment at Fred hall!!

    On the 665 what rating would you say that is?Does it bend nice.
  47. Texastuna

    WTB Super Seeker Green Glass

    Found a 2x4 still looking for LB green and root beer blanks.
  48. Texastuna

    WTB Super Seeker Green Glass

    Yes that’s what I did with that prototype TNT
  49. Texastuna

    WTB Super Seeker Green Glass

    Im looking for 2x4 and 3x5 in green glass blanks.Other color glass will be considered.Long Beach glass.
  50. Texastuna

    SOLD Super seeker cjbf 6470H

    Franky what’s the line rating on the 70H?
  51. Texastuna

    FREE Nothing is free

    Famous Steve K bump
  52. Texastuna

    360Tuna dysfunction

    Dolphin Express is the way to go!!!
  53. Texastuna

    If you can find 7ft rod that you like will be better. Short rods and the hull of boat don’t get...

    If you can find 7ft rod that you like will be better. Short rods and the hull of boat don’t get a long.
  54. Texastuna

    WTB Lamiglas heavy 528, 8 ft, blank or wrapped

    I have a nice beefstick solid 50lb
  55. Texastuna

    GOM rod and reel question

    Try the Dolphin Express in Port Aransas.I can get you set up on rods and reels.Jesse
  56. Texastuna

    Need info ATD -6

    It was a great trip.Last weeks trip was slow wanted to test the reel.We only use Accurate reels for our crew.We are preping to sell Accurate reels in our store.We are a new Accurate dealer.Our landing is in Port Aransas Texas.
  57. Texastuna

    Need info ATD -6

    ATD6 was put to test this weekend.Our Boat Dolphin Express out of Port Aransas Texas did a short 36 hour trip to floaters.The tuna bit but not wide open.We wanted a reel to cast with but more drag.We hooked 10-12 tuna 60-100 lbs on this reel.Reel worked great most fish were in boat under 5 min.
  58. Texastuna

    Need info ATD -6

    The ATD 6 came in on Dec 26th.Its paired with a Calstar GF700xxh.We have a tuna trip Jan 4th I will give update after trip.
  59. Texastuna

    Fuji HNSG

    No 25’s on this guide 20’s on down.
  60. Texastuna

    Fuji HNSG

    I’m looking for the discontinued Fuji HNSG I need 20-16-12 10’sx5 someone has them.
  61. Texastuna

    Need info ATD -6

    Thanks We mainly fish the Dauntless 600 just need little more capacity.
  62. Texastuna

    Need info ATD -6

    I fish and work on a boat in Gulf of Mexico out of Texas.We fish a lot of top water for tuna. We have and use mostly Accurate reels.I want to beef up a step,my question is has anyone tried casting the ATD 6 with a popper or yummy ? The tuna we target are 60 lb to 150 lb.
  63. Texastuna

    Harnell glass question?

    We’re the blanks long as in 11ft then trimmed to 10ft ?
  64. Texastuna

    Handle hard to turn on my bv2-500

    So could be cam track is loose and turning? Is there a grove track sets in or a glued or fixed part?
  65. Texastuna


    Is this reel castable or to heavy spool?
  66. Texastuna

    WTB Looking for Accurate

    Trying to find Dauntless 400-600 used in good shape.I will be in LA then SD till Saturday morning.
  67. Texastuna

    Truline 39

    I had 2 at one time still have one.
  68. Texastuna

    Roll call. Red Rooster June Heat. 15 day

    She said ok just mow the yard,take out trash,wash her car then I can go play. Wait and leave a pile of cash for shopping.
  69. Texastuna

    Amberjack Season May 1st

    Come see me lets go fishing.JB
  70. Texastuna

    Amberjack Season May 1st

    We got word we can keep AJs starting May 1st.This is great news for Port A. 12hr trips Wednesday and Saturday will hit the deep rigs loaded with AJ
  71. Texastuna

    WTB Truline D8 red

    I bought that rod from Alan he told me about cut and extension never fished it.Later traded for bundle of old blanks.
  72. Texastuna

    60 hr wahoo-tuna trip on Dolphin Express

    Come to Port A we have great fishing.
  73. Texastuna

    60 hr wahoo-tuna trip on Dolphin Express

    We went out to East Flower Garden looking for wahoo found them but hard to get in boat.Sharks and Baracuda wanted to eat them.Managed to get 20 in boat lost another 20. Got a large Mako # 468.Ran on out to Gunnison at night no tuna there.Came back in towards FG found unlimited Blackfin.Great...
  74. Texastuna

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    Multiple day trips as you know it doesn't exist in Texas.The longest trip in Texas is our slow boat it's a 3.5 day trip.On our boat the Express we do 2.25 day trips same amount of fishing time.We cruise at 20 knots boat is 100ftx20ft.PM me I will send you my phone number if you are interested in...
  75. Texastuna

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    From Port Aransas it's 135 miles up to 194 miles. Fast boat works out great.
  76. Texastuna

    Terminal tackle suggestions for GPB 30 hour trip

    Halco is not a popper try slow and fast retrieve.
  77. Texastuna

    Terminal tackle suggestions for GPB 30 hour trip

    Get a few Halco 130s black and purple caught at least 30 tuna this season
  78. Texastuna

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    It depends on what you’re type of boat your use to.Yachts cruise fast fishing boats slower.The statement all boats in Port A are slow is not correct our boat is 100x20 we cruise at 20 knot.I work on the Dolphin Express in Port A.
  79. Texastuna

    Difference between San Diego and Houston fishing

    When you get here look me up.Im down in Corpus work on Dolphin Express let’s go tuna fishing. I live in Cali for 12 years still do a 15 day trip each year on RR.Great fishing both places.
  80. Texastuna

    WTB Super Seeker Blanks

    Need a heavier blank fishing #100 tuna
  81. Texastuna

    Anyone Fishing in Texas

    Someone post a Texas fishing report.I need to go fishing.
  82. Texastuna

    WTB Super Seeker Blanks

    Preferably a blank but may consider a complete rod.
  83. Texastuna

    WTB Super Seeker Blanks

    Im looking for a few green,white or burgundy blanks.7-9ft 40-60 pound line.I have a SS TNT another would be great.
  84. Texastuna

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    We have pictures of firemen heading to the towers on 911 on the Express.So when you worked on boat up there was it used as a fishing boat?
  85. Texastuna

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    I have always fished at Dolphin Docks starting 20 years ago.Went to West Coast for 12 years have been back to Corpus 2years.I now work at Dolphin Docks.1st year back I worked on the Dolphin as the cook.Now I deck on Express.We have three boat that do tuna trips rach very different.The Dolphin...
  86. Texastuna

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    I lived on West coast for 12 years fished a lot.We never had this quality of fishing on a 2 day trip off the chart.
  87. Texastuna

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    This is crew picture
  88. Texastuna

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    Just came back from a trip on the Express.Its great when a trip goes good.We went out to floaters trolled up 5-6 yft before dark.We ended the night with 17 tuna.Night two would be off the chart.The fat mean tuna wanted to bite.We were using Halco,Yummies and live fliers.We had 43 yft for the...
  89. Texastuna

    Tuna Trips

    You need a couple 50lb outfits that you can cast,that's it.We have trolling outfits on boat.When you get ready for a trip I will let you know what jigs and poppers are working.Fish are bled and put on ice quickly.Once back at dock there are couple guys that will clean and bag not vacuum seal...
  90. Texastuna

    Tuna Trips

    Sorry slow response out on a two day trip.Boats here are basic fishing boats not over the top but fine for couple days.I work on Dolphin Express its 100x20 fast 20 knots cruise.We go out to deep water floating oil rigs 135-200 miles off shore.We get out there our before dark put out riggers out...
  91. Texastuna

    Tuna Trips

    Website is old info.Spectra is a must small reel casting to #50-#100 tuna.I work on the Dolphin Express let me know when your ready.We are heading out this morning two day trip.
  92. Texastuna

    3.5 Day Tuna Trip

    60 hrs trip on Dolphin -695.00 meals included.Wahoo can be caught in warm clean water.70-85 degree water May- Nov
  93. Texastuna

    3.5 Day Tuna Trip

    You can check out our boats at Dolphin Docks website.I lived in Los Angeles for 12 years and still do a 15 day trip each year from SD.Im saying this because boats are different from west coast just have to deal with it.I work and fish on the Dolphin Express its a 100x20 aluminum boat. We cruise...
  94. Texastuna

    Tuna Trips

    We have 3 -50hr hr trips in October.Last 2 trips we had Limits for our passengers with a few big blue marlin to boot.Check out Dolphin Docks website.
  95. Texastuna

    Two Day Tuna Trip

    Cast them to yft chasing real flying fish.Cast in front of tuna bam game on.
  96. Texastuna

    Two Day Tuna Trip

    Just back from trip.Limits of tuna we had to work butt all good it paid off.
  97. Texastuna

    Two Day Tuna Trip

    We are back from trip it was great fishing.We went to Nansen and Boomvang not many fish few at #50-60.Then headed to Perdido great decision fish wanted to bite.Fish were up top wanted the yummy flier.Steady action all night.We had 41 nice fish up to #83. Our fish box was full to brim.Hooked...
  98. Texastuna

    Two Day Tuna Trip

    9-22 50 hr trip is on Express We are trying to get phone in new office maybe this week.If you need something relayed to office let me know I'm there Dailey.Tim or Timmy will be captain on these trips.
  99. Texastuna

    Two Day Tuna Trip

    Dolphin Docks has power , telephone in few days. We have portable building as office.Bulldozing og building this week. Let's go fishing.
  100. Texastuna

    Two Day Tuna Trip

    Jimmie,Yes we will run all long trips.You can call me if you want 817-800-0168 Jesse
  101. Texastuna

    Two Day Tuna Trip

    We have a 50 hour trip at Dolphin Docks leaving September 22.This is a floater trip for tuna.Limited load 15 passengers we have a few spots.Our website and phones are down from storm boats are good.Let me know.
  102. Texastuna


    Is that green glass?Looks great.I have a few.
  103. Texastuna

    Looking for a tackle shop to call home

    I live in Texas and still make a trip to Island Tackle.You have a short drive.
  104. Texastuna

    Send me a picture of lure.What type lure for what fish?

    Send me a picture of lure.What type lure for what fish?
  105. Texastuna

    Freeport May 13-14

    Sweet load !!!!
  106. Texastuna

    Texas YFT Report May 6-7, 17

    We have some great fishing here in Texas. It's nice run out to floaters get those #50-#100 YFT.Ever sent a yummy out with a drone?
  107. Texastuna

    Anyone fish the Dolphin Express?

    If you want call me after 5. I work at Dolphin Docks 817-800-0168 Jesse
  108. Texastuna

    Classic Yos wrapped Trulines

    I still want that TNT
  109. Texastuna

    3.5 Day Tuna Trip

    We are doing a 3:5 day tuna and wahoo.We need a few more people to go.All meals included. April 25 th
  110. Texastuna

    WTB Brown Glass TruLine blanks

    Ok I will on Monday we do 3/4 day trip Sat and Sunday
  111. Texastuna

    WTB Brown Glass TruLine blanks

    i want a few 7 ft heavy blanks.That newer glass will work. I will be in Cali for a long trip.
  112. Texastuna

    WTB super seeke 80XH blank

    I will take 70xh if find extra Jerr
  113. Texastuna

    Saltwater fishing in Texas?

    We have 3.5 day trip end of month
  114. Texastuna

    Saltwater fishing in Texas?

    Port Aransas Dolphin Docks come visit I work there.
  115. Texastuna


    John let me know if you want to check out Calstar or Viper 76 I'm in Port A daly. I have xx up to 4x
  116. Texastuna

    Couple of Judges for the Batson booth

    Bill what guides are those?Do you keep them in stock?
  117. Texastuna

    Truline Green39 SOLD PLEASE DELETE

    No Alberto I'm living in Texas full time.I work part time on a boat so fish a lot.Thanks for the great rods bought from you.
  118. Texastuna

    Custom factory wrap HD-8

    Good as it gets!
  119. Texastuna

    15 day Red Rooster 3 May-June discount on trip

    This is a great trip we need new guys or Soda Pop to be a regular.
  120. Texastuna

    Sabre 670 Psychedelic Rod

    We get 40-80 lb tuna so I'm going to stick with 7-7.5 rods.Im working a boat out here so get to Tuna fish.
  121. Texastuna

    Sabre 670 Psychedelic Rod

    What would be the rating on a 670h? I need a 50-60 rod with softer tip to cast poppers to tuna.My TruLines are 8fters need more lift.
  122. Texastuna

    Lake Havasu

    Your son will never forget fishing with dad, great job.
  123. Texastuna

    Want to buy calstar 610h rod or blank

    There is one on ebay now.
  124. Texastuna

    Bull Red fish on the run !!

    Same over in Port Aransas!!!
  125. Texastuna

    Andros 12 2speed will this work?

    I have Mak 10 it works but need little more distance.
  126. Texastuna

    Andros 12 2speed will this work?

    I now fish in Gulf of Mexico and work on a boat.We do these tuna trips casting poppers and yummies.Must be able to cast great distance to the tuna.Im not going to use a spinning reel.I assume Andros will cast better than Makaira?Whats your thoughts?
  127. Texastuna

    80 hour Tuna trip Nov 1st

    We have a 80hour trip going on the Dolphin.Leaves Nov 1st only 15 people signed up so far it is going.Call 1800 eye fish
  128. Texastuna

    Wtb daisy butt caps size 21

    Franky go to Johnny's tackle store in Pasadena they still stock your caps.
  129. Texastuna

    80 Hour Trip

    I fish spectra on every reel.The web site says no spectra just to help with tangles.
  130. Texastuna

    80 Hour Trip

    Check out Dolphin Docks web site for price and dates.
  131. Texastuna

    12 hour trip today on Dolphin Express

    Well you missed out on 125 Blackfin tuna !!
  132. Texastuna

    12 hour trip today on Dolphin Express

    We do a 12 hour trip on Wednesday and Saturday on the Express.We will head 40-60 miles south chasing tuna.We have room call 1800-eye fish lets go !!!
  133. Texastuna

    80 Hour Trip

    About the same we go out 130-200 miles.We fish in deep clean water around the floating oil rigs. YFT up to #150 but average #50.Fish caught on poppers and jigs not much live bait.
  134. Texastuna

    80 Hour Trip

    This trip is full we have another next month.
  135. Texastuna

    80 Hour Trip

    We have a 80 hour trip out of Port A on the Dolphin.Trip leaves the 27th this month.We will be going to floaters for tuna.Call the office 1-800-Eye Fish
  136. Texastuna

    New to Texas

    Welcome to Texas fishing is great here.Enjoy !!
  137. Texastuna

    Dont give up !!!

    Oh yes those rays put the tackle to the tes.I work on the Dolphin in Port Aransas we get them daly what a challenge.
  138. Texastuna

    June Heat Report

    Just a quick report.We started at the island the porpus drove us crazy taking baits most every time. If you stuck with it you would be rewarded.The fish were smaller up to #150ish.Most of the time the kite worked great you could count on a bite.Between the crew and the great food Mike and...
  139. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    Will be starting my way back to LA in the morning.Friday we hang in SD start our vacation on Saturday morning.All good !!! There is still one spot open lets go have fun .
  140. Texastuna

    wahoo at the rocks

    Stopped there one time in twelve years on June Heat only because of a storm.Would be fun to break up ride.
  141. Texastuna

    Excel got a super...

    Just waiting !!!
  142. Texastuna

    any tips for june heat?

    It's not to late Thad !!! Get some !!!
  143. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    Bob Cherry Sam Thad Soda Pop all out.We should all move up two spots kite rotation.
  144. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    Must be a different Julio then we are taking about.He taught me a lot on big fish.Great fisherman.
  145. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    Read the post about #430 YFT then call Red Rooster office 2 spots open.You have a chance at big fish if your out fishing with us.JB
  146. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    Yes Bob and Dave are part of our group.Great guys,boat,crew, food it's all good.Best vacation a person could ask for.Did I mention a good chance at a #200lb + tuna SWEET
  147. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    Our annual 15 day trip has a spot open.Great chance at big tuna and wahoo. Accurate sponsored trip so lots of loaner gear.The best group of guys to fish with most are same year after year.This will be my 12th year to do this trip all good!! Call the Red Rooster office.
  148. Texastuna

    Fun rod holder project

    Nice Wildbill See you soon !!!
  149. Texastuna

    SHOGUN 1.5 Day Great Times!

    Great job Blank and Frankie I know these fish were caught on the Sweet TruLINE RD8.How did that rod work out ?
  150. Texastuna

    WTB Okuma Makaira 16 or Accurate Super 12

    On the Mak 16 needs to be the SEA newer version. If there is one out there that has been to Cal Sheets that's a plus.Let me know.
  151. Texastuna

    June Heat... anyone interested.

    Bill no my brother is not on trip maybe next year.Richard the wife said It not flooding so far.
  152. Texastuna

    June Heat... anyone interested.

    Where is piggy part?
  153. Texastuna

    June Heat... anyone interested.

    Matt what part of Texas ?
  154. Texastuna


    Sweet Mother Load !!!
  155. Texastuna

    Worst Timing Ever

    I'm back to Texas 1st of year they have been having great year tuna fishing also.
  156. Texastuna

    WTB Silaflex Super 88

    Are they the heavier jig sticks?
  157. Texastuna

    WTB Silaflex Super 88

    Back in the day Silaflex made a jigstick that was 8'8" long 40-50 lb rod.Trying to find one or close to it.
  158. Texastuna

    Our Personal Truline Collection Preview!

    6x is sweet not sure on other rods
  159. Texastuna

    Skitz Jig

    I have a few like new condition.Thanks for doing research.
  160. Texastuna

    D8 Truline

    Most factory D8s came with 8 guides plus tip.
  161. Texastuna

    Our Personal Truline Collection Preview!

    Nice rods Blake !!! Does the black rod have a (H) on blank?
  162. Texastuna

    Texas surf fishing

    I just scored a bundle of 10-12 foot blanks from the 60s. These will make great surf rods.
  163. Texastuna

    WTB Long Rods

    Not really looking for a particular rod.Just want long rods to fish surf and jetties.
  164. Texastuna

    Six Spots open Port A 50 Hour Tuna Trip October 13-15, 2015

    Doug when you set up your next trip call me up I want to go.817-800-0168 Jesse
  165. Texastuna

    WTB Harnell

    Still looking
  166. Texastuna

    WTB Long Rods

    Xxx bump back to top
  167. Texastuna

    WTB Harnell

    Ok Thanks
  168. Texastuna

    Six Spots open Port A 50 Hour Tuna Trip October 13-15, 2015

    Hey John maybe we can do a trip.We bought a house in Corpus I'm almost a Texan again.
  169. Texastuna

    WTB Harnell

    Looking off a few Harnells any model,rods or blanks any condition.
  170. Texastuna

    WTB Long Rods

    What color is the Seeker blank?
  171. Texastuna

    WTB Long Rods

    Still looking
  172. Texastuna

    WTB Long Rods

    Im looking for a few long rods 9-12 ft Medium to heavy good to fish off a jetty. Blanks or rods.
  173. Texastuna

    Moving back to Texas

    I agree even on other sites the Texas guys don't seem to report much. Great way to share info makes fishing better.
  174. Texastuna

    WTB TruLine RD8

    Depends on what Roddy you have to sell ?
  175. Texastuna

    Moving back to Texas

    Hey Steve call me still have same phone number.817-800-0168 Jesse
  176. Texastuna

    Moving back to Texas

    I build rods here in CA soon I will live in Corpus want to keep building rods there.I can get blanks shipped.
  177. Texastuna

    WTS Truline "TNT" Blank - Brand New / Never Used

    Not over priced just going rate.
  178. Texastuna

    Report from the American Angler... Surprise

    Get some Soda Pop !!! Have great time and drink some sodas !!! Jesse
  179. Texastuna

    For Sale Truline D8

    Don't sell to cheap rod is worth more.
  180. Texastuna

    Moving back to Texas

    After first of year looks like I will live in or around Corpus been in CA for 12 years.I have been on many trips out of Port A.So with new boat at DD is that a private charter or open party trip?Im ready to get back to the floaters.When I left 12 years ago we never used live bait is it still the...
  181. Texastuna

    Truline D8 and MH

    Looks great Jerr !!!
  182. Texastuna


    I know of a green LH75 in great condition think he wants like $1200
  183. Texastuna

    WTB heavy Truline rods! Who's got em?

    I have rods you have big pile of green ?
  184. Texastuna

    Shikari BT 8030 8' Rod

    No I asked few days back.
  185. Texastuna

    WTB heavy Truline rods! Who's got em?

    Green D8 next post down will not get cheaper
  186. Texastuna

    My two new green Trulines D8 & D8H!!

    What rods do you have to sell?
  187. Texastuna

    Truline rods

    I have seen some of these rods super nice.Thead work is top notch.
  188. Texastuna

    My two new green Trulines D8 & D8H!!

    Welcome to TruLine world.
  189. Texastuna

    FS MXL 2 speed

    Your right send him a offer he may sell
  190. Texastuna

    FS MXL 2 speed

    He wants to trade not sell.
  191. Texastuna

    Lost at sea...WTB. Newell V521

    Last year same thing thing happened to me.I will try to snag rod we will be in area this weekend.
  192. Texastuna

    Trulines and other rods for sale

    Green glass is old from 70s great price
  193. Texastuna

    Vintage Rod for sale

    Sent a message
  194. Texastuna

    Truline D8H

    Nice Jerr !!!
  195. Texastuna

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    Paul has many big fish up to #320 that's his style of fishing.Great fisherman and person.
  196. Texastuna

    WTB Shikari

    Still looking
  197. Texastuna

    WTB Shikari

    Looking for 8ft 30lb Shikari rod or blank
  198. Texastuna

    WTB Shikari Rods

    Looking for 8ft 8030 and 8040 rods or blank.
  199. Texastuna

    WTB Shikari Rod

    Xxx Searching
  200. Texastuna

    WTB Shikari Rod

    Looking for 20lb 30lb 40lb rods or blanks
  201. Texastuna

    WTB Harnell

    Looking for a 542 in good condition.Can be rod or blank.
  202. Texastuna

    WTB TruLine

    Mike you can take that D7
  203. Texastuna

    WTB TruLine

  204. Texastuna

    WTB TruLine

    No just looking for the old D8s.Red glass not used much will work.
  205. Texastuna

    WTB TruLine

    Looking for a clean red glass TruLine D8.Rod or blank.
  206. Texastuna

    Calstar 850 H and Lamiglass Neptuna

    Sent you a message and text
  207. Texastuna

    WTB Talica 8

    Cool I will check it out !!!
  208. Texastuna

    WTB Makaira 8 and Talica 8

    Looking for reels must be in good shape.With or without spectra.
  209. Texastuna

    WTB Talica 8

    Thanks Sherm
  210. Texastuna

    Gold Makaira 20 with SEA upgrades

    I have seen this reel super clean.
  211. Texastuna

    Two Avets For Sale

  212. Texastuna

    WTB Talica 8

    Still looking
  213. Texastuna

    WTB Talica 8

    Looking for clean Talica 8 must be in good shape.
  214. Texastuna

    Red Rooster 15 day trip report

    Soda Pop your the man had great time fishing with you.Soda Pop fit in great with our group on this trip.He does love his sodas.Great times on the Bird.
  215. Texastuna

    Help.... Getting a weather report for Clarion Island - Hurricane Bank

    That's the way it is "Let The Good Times Roll "
  216. Texastuna

    Help.... Getting a weather report for Clarion Island - Hurricane Bank

    Hey Chris that email this morning was from me.Thanks for heads up now have yellowtail and bluefin gear ready. Its all good Thanks Jesse
  217. Texastuna

    Michael yes that was a lighter tip octy rated 10-60 lb call me up some time if you have Rod...

    Michael yes that was a lighter tip octy rated 10-60 lb call me up some time if you have Rod question .817-800-0168 Jesse
  218. Texastuna

    First big tuna trip, first cow

    Rick congrats on your first big fish welcome to the club.You will remember it for a long time. I got a cow on my first long trip. I will get on my 12th 15 day trip next month on RR.Its a great pleasure to be able to do these long trips.Jesse
  219. Texastuna

    Truline ID help

    Will rod be for sale?
  220. Texastuna

    My first.....

    Two rounds on jig-snug up on rod-third round on rod way easier.
  221. Texastuna

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC

    When I was in Texas it was 425 miles one way to water.Now I go 1/4 mile from the house and see water.Life is good.
  222. Texastuna

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC

    Maybe become South. Cal Lou come on down.
  223. Texastuna

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC

    Thanks and rod is on dryer now.I will let it set a week then do testing out back.
  224. Texastuna

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC

    I'm wrapping a cc viper 76 for June Heat.I have not seen any reports of big fish caught on his blank.Big fish #200-#300 just want info how well this tool will lift fish.
  225. Texastuna


    I have a extra octy d8.Take a look what they have sold for and make a real offer.
  226. Texastuna

    WTB Accurate 12 or 30

    Sorry Larry Im looking for the ATDs
  227. Texastuna

    WTB Accurate 12 or 30

    Found a 12 still looking for a 30
  228. Texastuna

    Harnells 724

    Randy -Vintage Offshore Tackle has one for sale.
  229. Texastuna

    WTB Accurate 12 or 30

    Just need one reel.
  230. Texastuna

    WTB Accurate 12 or 30

    Thanks I will check it out.
  231. Texastuna

    WTB Accurate 12 or 30

    Looking for Accurate 12 or 30,topless would be great.If it's been worked on by Cal Sheets even better.
  232. Texastuna

    F/S Truline 4X / LH75? blank

    It took couple years to find one then scored a second one.Hard to find.
  233. Texastuna

    Silaflex parts.

    No LW3 will be a Varmac seat
  234. Texastuna

    FS Calstar 700 ml

    Thank You
  235. Texastuna

    Silaflex parts.

    I have some thinner LW3 may be wrong #not too heavy.
  236. Texastuna

    Silaflex parts.

    If you go with Varmac reel seats I have NOS
  237. Texastuna

    FS Calstar 700 ml

    I will call Sherm for you check message
  238. Texastuna

    FS Calstar 700 ml

    Yes wrap in spare time to pay for fishing.Have tackle room at my house.
  239. Texastuna

    FS Calstar 700 ml

    It's great rod never used,I wrapped it for Sherm
  240. Texastuna

    Truline C4X1R-85

    Is this a factory rod or custom?
  241. Texastuna

    Trulines for Sale Green D-8 and M-7 - SOLD

    Just use them I know where you can get more.
  242. Texastuna

    FS Calstar 700 ml

    Nice rod !!!
  243. Texastuna

    FS Calstar 700 ml

    Nice rod !!!
  244. Texastuna

    WTB Jackpole

    San Diego Tackle Traders has a few.
  245. Texastuna

    WTB Black Glass TruLines

    YMH black glass I have cash or trades ?
  246. Texastuna

    WTB Black Glass TruLines

    I have a couple with JC on blank very early ones. I have good trades if interested !!!
  247. Texastuna

    WTB Black Glass TruLines

    Thanks but only looking for black.Send you're info to Toni sounds like may want another d8. I did find a Lamiglas Nep-Tuna Beefstic 527 yellow glass.7ft4in Sick rod.
  248. Texastuna

    WTB Black Glass TruLines

    It happens I know !!!
  249. Texastuna

    WTB Black Glass TruLines

    Toni yes not spending butt loads trading and cash.
  250. Texastuna

    WTB Black Glass TruLines

    Looking for the old Black Glass rods.7 and 8 ft rods
  251. Texastuna

    WTB Lamiglas

    Thanks Adam
  252. Texastuna

    WTB Lamiglas

    Thanks Dave
  253. Texastuna

    WTB Lamiglas

    #40-#50 soft tip
  254. Texastuna

    WTB Lamiglas

    Old glass
  255. Texastuna

    WTB Lamiglas

    Still looking for a 7ft thick walled glass rod.Thick butt and small tip fast taper.#40-50 lb rod.
  256. Texastuna

    Need Help

    Thanks Ben,I had a burr cleaned it up all good.
  257. Texastuna

    On the hunt for Lamiglas or Fenwick

    Looking for old rods #30-#50 lb.Must be thick walled butt with small soft tip 7-8 ft.
  258. Texastuna

    Calstar 770XH

    Steve that blank is a 670 xh but Calstar made some Long blanks 8.6 long all glass.Great rod but little more work.I can get bait out there even on #100.
  259. Texastuna

    WTB Avet SX 2 speed

    Any color will be good.
  260. Texastuna

    WTB Avet SX 2 speed

    Looking for silver SX 2speed good used condition.Have cash ready.
  261. Texastuna

    Need Help

    Thanks I will try the file.Went by Cal Sheets today he said had a bur need to use the file.Thanks
  262. Texastuna

    WTB Avet SX 2speed

    Looking to buy silver Avet SX 2speed non MC, non Rapter.Spectra would be good.No junk must work good.Have cash.
  263. Texastuna

    Need Help

    When I push button in to low gear and turn the handle few times pops back to high hear.
  264. Texastuna

    Need Help

    Work on a Boss Mag 665 2 speed E series. The 2speed button pops out by its self.Looked at spring all seems good.Any ideas what problem may be?
  265. Texastuna

    WTB Avet SX or MX 2speed

    Looking for used but good shape reel. Spectra would be great. Have cash will pickup this weekend.
  266. Texastuna

    WTB Avet SX or MX 2 Speed

    May have a trade or cash
  267. Texastuna

    WTB Avet SX or MX 2 Speed

    Looking for reel doesn't need to be new but must be in good shape. Must be 2 speed no cast control specta a plus.
  268. Texastuna

    For Sale: Lamiglas 528

    It's a 528 stamped on blank.
  269. Texastuna

    For Sale: Lamiglas 528

    I wrapped this rod great clean rod !!!
  270. Texastuna

    Trulines for sale

    4x should 20lb-25lb rod
  271. Texastuna

    Truline "insight" general knowledge

    Good info Jerr !!
  272. Texastuna

    Truelines F/S

    How long on LM9?
  273. Texastuna

    For Sale Calstar 850 H

    Sold but have another blank to be wrapped.$200 is cheap new rod.
  274. Texastuna

    Truline Octagon 1080

    Fish the rod it's sweet. I fish a #20 octy and #30 on the octy d8
  275. Texastuna

    Truline Octagon 1080

    A 10-80 in great shape not worn out is a 20 lb rod.
  276. Texastuna

    Calstar 770XH

    This year on my 15 day trip I used 665xh 8.5 ft with a proto 12w Cal Sheets built #100 many fish between #100 and # 190 it's all about having a good time.
  277. Texastuna

    Calstar 770XH

    Xh is a little lite for #100
  278. Texastuna

    Wren transderm scop patch asap 805 area

    Did you find a patch ? I'm in LA if your going to SD let me know.
  279. Texastuna

    Got a good one

    Congrats that's nice one !!!
  280. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day trip on RRIII

    Glad you made it home safe Thad-Bear.Great to fish with you again.JB
  281. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day trip on RRIII

    On a Mac 20 go with the 770 series rod or 775xxh.The long rod is for a pick bite.
  282. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day trip on RRIII

    This is not a setup for everyone I can cast sardine on #100 out good distance.Rod it touch light but works.Calstar has the all glass blank bad ass.
  283. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day trip on RRIII

    This is not a setup for everyone I can cast sardine on #100 out good distance.Rod it touch light but works.Calstar has the all glass blank bad ass.
  284. Texastuna

    June Heat 15 day trip on RRIII

    We are heading back up hill after a great trip on the Rooster.All I can say is we had a great trip great fishing not super easy but if you worked at it you could get bit.Most nights we had a good night bite at HB.Same ol set up worked sardine with a weight sent to bottom and get ready to get...
  285. Texastuna

    Old Truline back from the abyss

    Can't beat an old glass rod.Did it have model letters on butt of blank?Looks great .
  286. Texastuna

    WTT Truline TNT

    TruLine bump
  287. Texastuna

    Super Seeker ULUA

    It's long gone!!!
  288. Texastuna

    Tropical Depression One-E may threaten Clarion next week

    Thanks Chris headind down next week on RR June Heat trip !!!
  289. Texastuna

    long range update.

    Not a record I've seen 42 over 200lbs but still great catch.
  290. Texastuna

    Truline Octy 1580

    This is my favorite rod.I take two on my 1.5 day trips.Soft tip with back bone.
  291. Texastuna

    WTB 2 Accurate 665 handles

    Let me know Thanks
  292. Texastuna

    WTB 2 Accurate 665 handles

    Need a couple handles for older Accurate 665 prefer tee but ball style will work. With or without arm.
  293. Texastuna

    WTB Makaira 20 sea

    Delete post
  294. Texastuna

    WTB Newell 220 or229

    Swap meet this Sunday 22nd St San Pedro.The guys from SD will be there He has tons of Newell's.
  295. Texastuna

    Alright Boys, Its Amateur Hour

    Looking good !!!
  296. Texastuna

    Fred Hall Show

    Great see you Texans at the show !!!
  297. Texastuna

    Info on Mac 20 at FHS

    Thinking about a Mac 20 anyone heard who may be making the best deal on reel loaded with spectra?Lots of venders at show. Thanks
  298. Texastuna

    Blanks for the memories

    Any word if they will be at FRed Hall?
  299. Texastuna

    Fade to Black (or blue)

    Love the fades
  300. Texastuna

    WTB a pair of 2 speed 30 wides or possibly 30's

    Call Cal Sheets he is sell some reels for a widow lady.Extra clean great price.
  301. Texastuna

    Offshore Venice LA

  302. Texastuna

    Stole this from the Batson's

    Looks great !!!
  303. Texastuna

    So I've been MIA for a while......

    Vision getting back to normal?
  304. Texastuna

    Lamiglas ?

    Give Moe a call at Fishermans depot in Bellflower.May still have a 528.
  305. Texastuna

    Calstar Railrod

    Wrapping some tuna rods for my 15 day in June on RRIII This one is a 770XXXH that is 7.5 ft long.
  306. Texastuna

    Lots of Calstars

  307. Texastuna

    TruLine Rods

    Thanks yes will try black rod out on wahoo in June. I found blank at a garage sale Sweet.
  308. Texastuna

    TruLine Rods

    That black blank was never wrapped.Its 40-50lb 8ft rod it will get used for wahoo so I put a new old stock NF4 reel seat on.
  309. Texastuna

    TruLine Rods

    Working on it new iPadiPad
  310. Texastuna

    TruLine Rods

    Just wanted to post some oldies I have been working on.Red glass,Green and a prototype black rod.
  311. Texastuna

    7691DT vs 7691Stainless

    I scored large amount 9/0-12/0 few years back been using on big bait and kite with squid no problems.
  312. Texastuna


    Tuna fishing in Gulf in the dark.Amberjack at oil rigs day time.
  313. Texastuna


    Casting yummies to fish doesn't get any better. That is a Port A Texas way to do it.Out here on WC it's all about the skip jig.As far as rigging same as kite or balloon maybe 24in leader out front so easier to cast.One trip about 15 years ago tuna was up on surface all night so yummy worked...
  314. Texastuna

    Trevor Rogers Accident

    Does anyone have a update on Trevor's condition?
  315. Texastuna

    Mission Belle 1.7.14

    Great report nice fish.Thanks
  316. Texastuna

    Happy Birthday Doc.

    Happy BD Doc !!!
  317. Texastuna


    Baldwin Hills part of LA. The 10 and 405 freeway
  318. Texastuna


    Yes love those trips to floaters.Its been 10years since I left Texas.Was doing many of those trips per year. Came to Cali for a while and never left.Was that deck hands name Jeff?
  319. Texastuna

    Truline factory green HD8 and factory MH

    Send Ben a text for price.I saw rods good as it gets.
  320. Texastuna

    Newell V521

    Yes still have mine.Wahoo!!!
  321. Texastuna

    Thumbs up to Acid Rod

    What I do is call make sure parts are in stock then order.I get my order on time every time.
  322. Texastuna

    Newell V521

    How many of those were made?
  323. Texastuna

    Thumbs up to Acid Rod

    Doc your going to get in trouble.
  324. Texastuna

    Thumbs up to Acid Rod

    Acid Rod is great place to buy from !!!
  325. Texastuna

    Epoxy Question

    Great ideas,Thanks
  326. Texastuna

    Epoxy Question

    I was thinking about building box with heat source to keep epoxy warm at all times. I like how warm finish goes on thin.Any negative results to storing large bottle of D2 in warming box?Will this reduce life span of epoxy?Thanks
  327. Texastuna

    Set of Phenix for Danny..

    Nice Moon !!!
  328. Texastuna

    Truline co7 cobra

    Bump it up top.
  329. Texastuna

    TruLine rod decals

    Need some TruLine rod decals printed.Im in Los Angeles,local would be great.I have decal to copy.
  330. Texastuna

    Bullard CPXtra Questions

    Thanks Bill,Im working on restoration of a TruLine green glass 6x will post pics.Coated this rod with Permagloss. Next project a TruLine chocolate glass D8 long 8ft 4in will use CPXtra on that one to compare.
  331. Texastuna

    Bullard CPXtra Questions

    Another question about comparing CPXtra to Permagloss do they have same shine or gloss finish?
  332. Texastuna

    First post of my builds

    Very clean great work.
  333. Texastuna

    Question about Calstar 775's

    On the new 775's do they bend similar to 770's just longer? Are they in stock at Calstar?
  334. Texastuna

    Calstar 850H For Sale

    Still for sale or trade. Looking for TruLine Silaflex Roddy Lamiglas
  335. Texastuna

    Calstar 850H For Sale

    PM your email address pics not great.All black Alps guides,cork tape on handle.Very clean
  336. Texastuna

    Calstar 850H For Sale

    Still for sale.
  337. Texastuna

    Calstar 850H For Sale

    Used two trips 850H all black,cork tape,good guides.$150 come get it. no shipping
  338. Texastuna

    Phenix Rods 10-day aboard the Excel Sept29-Oct9

    Have fun and keep us posted. FISH ON !!!
  339. Texastuna

    For Sale Calstar 850 H

    Want to sell this weekend,make offer if interested.
  340. Texastuna

    For Sale Calstar 850 H

    Reels Sold,rod still for sale
  341. Texastuna

    For Sale Calstar 850 H

    Calstar 850 H used only few times. wrapped all black, cork tape on handle. Good guides, $200 obo Hard to take pics of all black rod.
  342. Texastuna

    P Newell For Sale and Calstar

    The original P series
  343. Texastuna

    P Newell For Sale and Calstar

    SOLD !!!Selling some Newell's 220,229,332 all in good shape with clamps.Old ones not reissue. 220 and 229 $125,332 $150 Calstar 850h new on one trip all black cork tape on handle $200 Send me your email I will send pictures after work today.Sold
  344. Texastuna

    WTB 800h or 850h

    You have PM
  345. Texastuna

    For Sale Calstar 700MH

    Great 30-40lb rod new!!!
  346. Texastuna

    For Sale Calstar 700MH

    Still for sale
  347. Texastuna

    For Sale Calstar 700MH

    Sold. Never used Calstar 700MH with Fuji MNSG SIC guides.Tuna cord on handle. Rated 30-60lb $200 PM phone number or email for pics. sold
  348. Texastuna

    Late Report Saturday on the Cortez

    O yes my boys come through again !!! Jim's the man.
  349. Texastuna

    Need Help!

    Your the man Ken.Reel worked great also THANKS
  350. Texastuna

    FOR SALE Rod and reels Ulua, kencor, calstar, 3/0

    Nice Ulua,I wrapped the rod about 3years ago.
  351. Texastuna

    Cortez 1.5 8/2-8/4

    Yes I do 5-8 2.5 day trips with Jim each year. It's a fishing boat clean nice bunks with a/c below.You love it just go fishing and follow your fish.
  352. Texastuna

    Cortez 1.5 8/2-8/4

    Cortez this Friday !!!
  353. Texastuna

    Pen-tastic day! 8/5

    Congrats. looking good for weekend trip
  354. Texastuna

    FS Loomis and Truline rods

    I wrapped that BJ7
  355. Texastuna

    For Sale

    XXH and XXXH sold, XH and XXH still up
  356. Texastuna

    For Sale

    Sent pictures
  357. Texastuna

    Truline 5X rebuild

    Now your talking Moon xtra clean master piece !!! Nice
  358. Texastuna

    For Sale

    SOLD !!!!!!!!! Selling Calstar 770's. xh,2-xxh,xxxh set up as railroads with cold shrink.Great shape $200-$300 PM your phone # or email for pictures.Sold!!!
  359. Texastuna

    Want to buy Avet

    Found the SX
  360. Texastuna

    Want to buy Avet

    Looking for SX and MX Avet reels.Single or 2 speed.
  361. Texastuna

    Want to trade SS 2x4

    Will be at LB swap meet in the morning with rod trade or sell
  362. Texastuna

    Want to trade SS 2x4

    Still for trade
  363. Texastuna

    Want to trade SS 2x4

    Right handed only
  364. Texastuna

    Truline Octagon B1580

    Nice 20lb rod
  365. Texastuna

    Want to trade SS 2x4

    Want to see pictures PM your phone number.
  366. Texastuna

    Want to trade SS 2x4

    Want to trade a Super Seeker 2x4 for reel or reels.Looking for 20-30 lb reels single or 2speed.Want Avet or Okuma 1st choice.May take other but no Newell's or Accurate.2x4 has been on two 15 day trips great shape.14in rear black PAC Bay seat 18in fore grip with 3M cold shrink.Nice Fuji guides...
  367. Texastuna

    For SALE -or- TRADE: *NEW* Phenix 650H 20-60#

    I think JC is out fishing till Friday
  368. Texastuna

    Wahoo bombs

    Wahoo doesn't care it will still work.
  369. Texastuna

    Epic fishing on the Apollo on 7-8-13 - 7-9-13

    Sound like great trip. Get Some !!!
  370. Texastuna

    need cow rod opinions...

    I do the June heat 15day trip on RR every year.This year I used Mac16 with a Calstar 670 xh 8.5 foot rail rod.This was my 100lb setup,it worked great no cows on it but a few 150s.The 775 will work better if you snag a cow.
  371. Texastuna

    Which Makira

    I used a new 16 on a 8.5 ft rail rod I built for my 100 lb set up. Plenty drag great freespool.
  372. Texastuna

    Want to Buy Super Seeker 2 x 4

    Any 8ft TruLines to trade? I have a clean 2x4 custom wrapped.
  373. Texastuna

    WTB TruLine D8

    Looking for D8 red glass,blank needs to be in good shape.Must be uncut cobra or tiger glass older stuff. Blank only would be great.
  374. Texastuna

    Pitbull Clamp

    I bought longer screws correct head at Ace Culver City Hardware.
  375. Texastuna

    WTB Harnell 724 Blank

    10ft light jig stick
  376. Texastuna

    WTB Harnell 724 Blank

    I just cleaned inbox good to go now!
  377. Texastuna

    WTB Harnell 724 Blank

    Looking for a Harnell 724 blank need to be uncut and good shape.
  378. Texastuna

    Recent work

    Your the MAN Doc !!!
  379. Texastuna

    Oh Lord! (aka - RR3 June Heat)

    LR it great hanging with you for two weeks,great times.Good Lord !!! The Ben Kita knot can be used from twenty lb line up to 200 lb line no crimps needed.
  380. Texastuna

    Makaira 16

    I'm out on RR3 now,I used the Mac 16 paired with 670xh 8.5 ft rod for my 100lb set up.The reel worked great.Freespool to kill for with great drag.Scored couple 100lb tuna with this combo no problem.
  381. Texastuna

    Excel... gets more cows..

    If you think fishing is the same every night you have never been to HB.
  382. Texastuna

    Tuna Fishing

    Day two of June Heat Trip if you like shark fishing you would be in heaven. Wildbill has 250,I have a 219 in the dark.
  383. Texastuna

    Red Rooster 3

    slow pick so far sharks are xtra bad.We did have night bite only a few made it on the boat.So far Wildbill has a 250lb Jesse has a 219 we have 100lb fish on the boat.
  384. Texastuna

    Red Rooster 3

    Still heading down all tackle ready for action.Fishing starts 10am Wednesday. - - - Updated - - - Still heading down all tackle ready for action.Fishing starts 10am Wednesday.
  385. Texastuna

    Red Rooster 3

    Ok wifi is hit and miss.I can text the family in LA no problem.Nothing to report just rigging tackle,eating great food and some cocktails.We should start fishing on Wednesday.Life is great.Later JB out...
  386. Texastuna

    Baja Fish Gear - Truline

    This rod is worth around $600- $ 700
  387. Texastuna

    Red Rooster 3

    Test of wifi,is it working?
  388. Texastuna


    C and M Tackle
  389. Texastuna

    My first Wrap

    Super nice first build !!!
  390. Texastuna

    Rare newell

    I have a V521 to trade for a couple old D8s
  391. Texastuna

    TruLine Two Piece Rods

    Im looking for a couple 8 ft medium or heavy two piece d8s or 36 or others.Green ,black or red glass.
  392. Texastuna

    cold shrink question..

    Yes it will be 12 in. It is normal to be short before installation.
  393. Texastuna

    A case of Old School-iosis

    Looks great Dan
  394. Texastuna

    Truline D-8 facelift

    Hey Bil do you have any of those octagon shape D8s laying around?
  395. Texastuna

    Truline VBG7

    Nice rod Jerr
  396. Texastuna

    "New-ed" up Sabre

    Looks great Dan.Glad to help with thread.
  397. Texastuna

    Scratch on blank

    Steve,Permagloss will wok fine.Just do area where scratch is.Lightly sand 400 grit clean with acetone then put thin coat of finish.Keep in mind every time use use a rod it will get wear marks.A good rod is a tool to get fish in the boat no need to be perfect. My2cents.
  398. Texastuna

    Bull Dog Clamp

    Call Baja Fish Gear to confirm but Pitt Bull clamp doesn't fit narrow reels.
  399. Texastuna

    New Standup Rod with AFTCO Rollers

    Love the greens super sharp.
  400. Texastuna

    Sexy Marge Simpson Weave.

    Great work !!!
  401. Texastuna

    3M Cold Shrink

    Any 18in left from last batch? Need one piece.
  402. Texastuna

    Old Sabre trimar

    I have a ton green- black Holland. I can spare 1oz spool.Send contact info
  403. Texastuna

    Finish temperature

    I also use a small heater turn on 30 min before apply finish your good to go.Put your finish close to heater it will thin a bit go on thin.
  404. Texastuna

    Dave Bell Truline Rods

    Give us a hint Doc !!!
  405. Texastuna


    I use my 8ft TruLines same blank as 800xh for wahoo.I use the Accurate 665 must be 6.1 ratio with 50lb line.
  406. Texastuna

    Re-wrap a Seeker

    I should have said lob a bait extra 10 feet will get bait away from boat.
  407. Texastuna

    Gimbal on a Rail rod

    Go see Moe at Fisherman there in Belflower he will get you straight.
  408. Texastuna

    Acid Rod Rocks

    Great gift !!! And yes C and M are the best.
  409. Texastuna

    Fuji HBSIC guides

    What about Fuji MNSG guides ? Do those need grinding?
  410. Texastuna

    Re-wrap a Seeker

    The dif will be in casting a bait tuff with roller guides.
  411. Texastuna

    9ft. Lamiglas SIC / Greeen Glass Uluah 9'6 SIC

    Iv seen the Lamiglas its killer.
  412. Texastuna

    Built my first rod

    Looks good !!! Build another one it get easier each time you build one.
  413. Texastuna

    Calstar GF 700 H

    Sold pending payment.
  414. Texastuna

    Calstar GF 700 H

    Still for sale
  415. Texastuna

    Calstar GF 700 H

    700 H New never used. Wrapped all black perfection guides, hypo Varmac reel seat.$175 obo
  416. Texastuna

    Calstar 700 H

    Make offer or trade?
  417. Texastuna

    Calstar 700 H

    Still For Sale. Make offer.
  418. Texastuna

    Calstar 700 H

    Great wahoo rod !!!
  419. Texastuna

    Calstar 700 H

    New never used 700 H. New old stock Varmac reel seat. Perfection guides, wrapped all black. $225
  420. Texastuna

    rod and reel

    xH is a 80lb rod. I fish the 770s
  421. Texastuna


    Come on June Heat !!!
  422. Texastuna

    Pacific Dawn Overnight

    Nice when they go beyond call of duty. How was the bait? Im going this weekend.
  423. Texastuna

    Newell 300-C

    Selling 2 very clean Newell 300-C reels. Only a few scratches and freespool great. Not sure what there worth so make offer.
  424. Texastuna

    Vintage atomic surf rod

    Sweet old rod. Catch a few fish on it will fish great.
  425. Texastuna

    Great day with my Son and good friends

    Were you out of Seaforth? How was bait and did it hold up? Thanks
  426. Texastuna

    the Cortez, Good or Bad?

    I fish the boat alot. Its all good,Jim and crew.
  427. Texastuna

    TruLine Rods

    May trade one for nice red D8.
  428. Texastuna

    TruLine Rods

    Selling two 36's. Both are 8ft 3in dark green.One is a 36m hard to find super rare with Fuji MNSG guides. The standard 36 is $400,M is $450 Pictures never seem to turn out so just come look.817 800 0168 Jesse
  429. Texastuna

    Rods info

    Silaflex or Roddy.
  430. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    I dont have a set price waiting on fair offer.So far no one has looked at it.If you like the old rods its as good as it gets.I will trade for a red D8
  431. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    Old never used Perfection.
  432. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    Any trades for small nice reels?
  433. Texastuna

    Im on the Cortez again this weekend 2.5 day trip.Jim and crew are a blast.Last weekend we had great bait it never rolled. Hope to find some fish.
  434. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    Still for sale.
  435. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    OBO today !!!
  436. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    Pictures didnt turn out just come look we are 10 min apart.
  437. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    8 ft 3 in dark glass. Wrapped all black still has factory shine. Need to sell this weekend.Call me if you want to look.817 800 0168 Jesse
  438. Texastuna

    Old P series Newells

    Make offer on TruLine
  439. Texastuna

    Old P series Newells

    P Newells sold !! 300s still F/S TruLine extra nice still F/S obo
  440. Texastuna

    Lots and Lots Of Irons

    If you have a 8ft TruLine in garage PM me
  441. Texastuna

    Old P series Newells

    Selling near perfect p-338 and p-344. Also a 300 C conversion,very clean. $125 each on Newells. $100 on 300C Dark Green TruLine 36 wrapped all black. Make real offer. 817 800 0168 call me if you want to look. Jesse
  442. Texastuna

    I need a good Los Angeles tackle shop

    Talk to Paul at Lincoln Pico Sporting Goods Santa Monica
  443. Texastuna

    Old Lamiglas

    Call me Ken,did you get my PM?
  444. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

  445. Texastuna

    Old Lamiglas

    Thanks I will try it out this weekend. Two day on the Cortez hope fish bite.
  446. Texastuna

    Truline butt cap for C07..

    Im sure I have one,check the measurment on butt of rod.
  447. Texastuna

    Old Lamiglas

    This one may top my TruLine's. I would say this rod is 30-50 lb rod.Lot of back bone with soft tip, fast taper.Not to many of these left. Holland thread,Fuji MNSG guides.Just wanted to post a oldie but goodie.
  448. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    Still For Sale
  449. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    For Sale Green glass TruLine 36 blank. 8ft 3in in great shape,still has factory shine.Strong 30lb rod.I can wrap it if you want.I can meet this weekend price is nego.
  450. Texastuna

    8' conolon, roddy, truline

    I have a green 36 blank to sell.
  451. Texastuna

    Possible trueline

    Not sure what it is but its not a TruLine.
  452. Texastuna

    1.5 Day on The Cortez 7/22/12 Jerry's Charter

    Cortez is a great boat,have had many great trips on the boat.
  453. Texastuna

    9ft Lamiglas

    That was a nice oldie!!! Still have some Roddy's cheap $ 25 -$ 50
  454. Texastuna

    BIG Texas tuna, dorado, wahoo and a white

    Nice tuna, did they come from the lump or floaters ?
  455. Texastuna

    9ft Lamiglas

    9ft 20lb fast taper. Not sure on model #. Its nice old glass never has been fished. MNSC guides $75 9ft roddy and other rods in garage need to thin out.Will be great price. Come look no pictures.
  456. Texastuna

    Santa Barbara wrapper

    Jake, Im in LA come down I will get you started or can wrap the rod.If that doesnt work Hook Line and Sinker the tackle store is just north of SB look it up.
  457. Texastuna

    newell s229

    I have tackle to trade. What are you looking for?
  458. Texastuna

    Royal Star 2.5 day trip leaves today...

    JC, A few fish is way better then nada !!! Give it a month we will do a trip on the Cortez. Jesse
  459. Texastuna

    Peter's Landing Swap Meet

    One of the better swapmeets. Deals?
  460. Texastuna

    Nice Old Rod

    Found this Roddy BR100 while looking for TruLine's.Sweet long rod. Rewrapped it with Fuji MNSG guides from C and M Tackle.Will work great on those Bluefin.Just thought I would post.
  461. Texastuna

    Buy or Trade for Newell 229

    Danny,Still have that one.Im restoring a Roddy BR100 need another 229.Not sure model of Fenwick but its 9ft 20-30lb yellow MNSG guides never fished.
  462. Texastuna

    Buy or Trade for Newell 229

    Looking for OG P229F Would like to trade or cash. I have a 9ft 20lb Fenwick MNSG guides never used.May have other tackle to trade.Or will sell rod.
  463. Texastuna

    Blanks and rods

    Still for sale.
  464. Texastuna

    Blanks and rods

    Lami is 9ft fast taper 20-25 lb bait rod. Fuji MNSG guides Great shape
  465. Texastuna

    Blanks and rods

    Corb,I will ship the rod cut in pieces.
  466. Texastuna

    Blanks and rods

    I have some long blanks and few long rods to sell.14ft Fenwick blanks,10ft BR 100,BR90 and others. 9ft Lamiglass rod.Prices are neg come look this weekend.No pictures.Will not ship.
  467. Texastuna

    Truline question

    Bill,Dont forget I fish the TruLines. 15 day end of this month,will take 10 TruLines for wahoo !!!
  468. Texastuna

    Truline question

    John, Looks like the old red glass 70's. Blank looks good not used much as we know glass is strong when not used up.Could be vbg, 20-80,25-80. Lightly heat but cap with torch it will pull off,should see letters.
  469. Texastuna

    Catchy Tackle Seastrike 33

    Looking for Sea Strike 33's Black and Orange new or used. Local tackle stores are out,need 6-8.
  470. Texastuna

    valley manufacturing

    Im going to test the 521V end of month.15 day RR3 Hope it works out.
  471. Texastuna

    Lamiglas 528

    On sale today
  472. Texastuna

    Lamiglas 528

    Still for sale.
  473. Texastuna

    Lamiglas 528

    I have a extra 528 to sell.30lb rod sweet bend fast taper.$200
  474. Texastuna

    For Sale Cheap

    2- 14ft Fenwick blanks older never wrapped. Make offer and come get them. Few other old rods and blanks. No pictures
  475. Texastuna

    Anybody interested?

    Thanks Doc,I will be there. Jesse
  476. Texastuna

    Happy Birthday Dawg!!!

    Happy Birthday Mrs Salty Dawg !!! Jethro
  477. Texastuna

    Calstar 770 XH

    Trade for 8ft TruLine?
  478. Texastuna

    anyone local to help rod building??

    Arthur, I work up in La Canada can swing by after work.Let me know when. Jesse
  479. Texastuna

    Calstar 770 XH

    Pm replied
  480. Texastuna

    Calstar 770 XH

    still for sale
  481. Texastuna

    Calstar 770 XH

    Its all black.
  482. Texastuna

    Calstar 770 XH

    Make a offer.
  483. Texastuna

    Calstar 770 XH

    New Never Used Calstar rail rod 14 in rear hypo Alps reel seat 18 foregrip Fuji BHBNG guides. Quad wrapped all black.Pictures did not turn out. No shipping $325 OBO
  484. Texastuna


    14ft Fenwick's One white one yellow older but never wrapped. 40lb blanks
  485. Texastuna


    Calstar GF 760H New $75 14ft Fenwick's not sure #'s but heavier $50 also some Roddy blanks Harnell blanks new and used. Just making room.
  486. Texastuna

    Penn 12T spool

    I have one new $50
  487. Texastuna

    TruLine Fishing Rods

    Still for sale.
  488. Texastuna

    TruLine Fishing Rods

    Added a few more.
  489. Texastuna

    TruLine Fishing Rods

    Not wanting to trade.
  490. Texastuna

    TruLine Fishing Rods

    All Sold Selling a few rods. All rods are good glass uncut.Red octagon D8,red 39 50lb rod,green 6x,Lamiglas 528 and 527 pair and others I have it.PM me to look and prices.
  491. Texastuna

    TruLine 6X

    call me.
  492. Texastuna

    TruLine 6X

    Its green and xtra nice.Need to sell this weekend.
  493. Texastuna

    Need some help Newbie to the long range trips

    November trip on RR3 Accurate reels trip use the best for free.
  494. Texastuna

    TruLine 6X

    Still For Sale
  495. Texastuna

    TruLine 6X

    Green Glass 6X 40-50lb rod 8ft xtra nice.
  496. Texastuna

    Buy or Tradefor Accurate ATD 30 Topless

    Looking for a ATD30T I have the nice TruLines to trade or cash
  497. Texastuna

    Mildrum Carbide Tips

    Im in need of a few Mildrum Carbide tips.#10s and #11s. Thanks
  498. Texastuna


    Yes Chris is right.39's never come up for sale.I have a extra and need to pay for a long trip so Im selling a few.
  499. Texastuna


  500. Texastuna


    Still for sale best offer this weekend !!!
  501. Texastuna


    Its a killer rod.Small tip fast taper 50lb rod.
  502. Texastuna

    V-521 NEWELL

    Sweet !!
  503. Texastuna


    For Sale Green Glass 6X extra nice. Red Glass 39 Both 8ft and strong rods. Price is nego Send pm's
  504. Texastuna

    Penn 12T spool

    I have one never used in box.
  505. Texastuna

    Custom Rod Wrapper

    Sold !!!!
  506. Texastuna

    Holland Thread??

    Few years back I want to build my supply of holland thread, started searching. Found a man that would depart with aprox 45-50 new 4oz spools for$1000.00 That was out of my budget so I waited. Later ran across 200 4oz used and new spools for $400,bought that.Its out there.Hope this helps.
  507. Texastuna

    Roddy King Kong 9'3 jig stick

    I have one 9ft 2in if its what your looking for.
  508. Texastuna

    Roddy King Kong 9'3 jig stick

    Is that a 30-40lb rod,rootbeer color blank?
  509. Texastuna

    Trulines, Roddy's and more

    I wrapped the BJ7 new -old blank never fished.
  510. Texastuna

    Vintage TruLine

    Carmel sold
  511. Texastuna

    Vintage TruLine

    E1 and Red D8 sold Carmel D8 still up for grabs .
  512. Texastuna

    Vintage TruLine

    Still For Sale
  513. Texastuna

    Vintage TruLine

    Need to sell some rods. Red d8 and a Carmel D8 xtra nice.Last rod is a E1 8ft 20lb rod. Let me know if interested.Price is nego.
  514. Texastuna

    Lami 528

    Lami 528 that is nice rod.Will sell fast.
  515. Texastuna

    TruLine Fishing Rods

    Selling a few Of my rods. Red glass D8 fast taper 40lb. Carmel D8 medium taper 40lb great shape hardly used.( Octygon D8) xtra fast 40lb rod xtra nice and rare. 9ft Roddy jig stick also for sale. Rods are in great shape ready to use. Will not ship need to sell asap.Pictures later.Call me for...
  516. Texastuna

    Old rods for sale

    Lami and VBG are sold D8 still for sale. Make a offer.
  517. Texastuna

    Old rods for sale

    TruLine D8 red glass 40lb nice, Lamiglas 528 40lb, TruLine VBG 7ft All old uncut. PM if you want to check them out
  518. Texastuna

    Wahoo Reels and Line Weights

    700 h with Trin 40 50lb line for bombs or Catchy Tackle 33's but need to replace that roller tip with casting tip. Take a 30lb rig for bait on the hoo's.On bombs or iron keep in mind turn the handle fast as you can once bit keep turning handle till he makes that run then raise the tip of rod.
  519. Texastuna

    Roddy 9ft Jig Stick

    Restored Roddy 9ft strong 30-40 lb Never used rootbeer color blank.$200
  520. Texastuna

    Calstar 800m

  521. Texastuna

    RR3 Nov 10-23

    Nice job Laurens, get it done.Looks like fun trip.See you June Heat trip !!!
  522. Texastuna

    heres a couple rods done..

    Nice clean finish !!!
  523. Texastuna

    Advice needed for Harnell rod

    Most guys that fish the old rods fish conventional.Most TruLine spinners that I have sold were stripped rewrapped conventional.Dont expect high dollar return.Find a buyer before you start.
  524. Texastuna


    Any of those 8ft Vintage TruLine's in your collection?I have extra long range gear.
  525. Texastuna

    Rods For Sale

    For Sale or trade
  526. Texastuna


    Leave a few for June-Have fun safe time.
  527. Texastuna

    Rods For Sale

    Still For Sale
  528. Texastuna

    Royal Star Oct 22- Nov 1 --- My First 10 Day!!!

    Congrats on great first trip !!! It can get even better on 15 day trip. Next stop outside Clairion were big boys live. SWEET
  529. Texastuna

    Rods For Sale

    Calstar 800m New, Fuji MNSG guides $200 ,TruLine D8,Roddy 9ft jig stick $200
  530. Texastuna

    Prayers needed for Silvia Davis

    Silvia, Prayers will be answered.Texans are tuff.
  531. Texastuna

    Old Truline (Black, possibly a Cobra)

    Tom M81 has similar action as a 36 but lighter line weight.
  532. Texastuna


    No n's
  533. Texastuna


    Tuna Reels For Sale. All in great shape with spectra. 50, 2- 50w, 80, 665's 5 of them. Send PM if you want to look.Price is nego but not cheap. Have rods to go with them.Camera is lost,you know what they look like but in great shape.
  534. Texastuna

    Red Rooster Newell 8 day trip Oct 7-15th

    Does any one know if Richard tried one of the new Newell 521V's on the hoos?
  535. Texastuna

    SD-8-8 Rod

    I have a real D8 to sell if interested.
  536. Texastuna

    Calstar 800M

    PM answered Still For Sale
  537. Texastuna

    Calstar 800M

    Price lowered.
  538. Texastuna

    Game over? 1 1/2 Rats

    Was out on the Cortez a week ago lots of small fish until we found the largest paddy Iv seen this year.Dodo's and the the larger yellows a few 20lb. Jim found the nice size BFT this last weekend. Still a chance?
  539. Texastuna

    need info on wahoo trip

    May -June it can get crazy.
  540. Texastuna

    Calstar 800M

    This is a new rod never fished. OBO No Shipping
  541. Texastuna

    Calstar 800M

    New Calstar 800M Black over Red wrapps with trim bands.Fuji MNSG guides.Tuna cord with turkshead.If you want pictures PM me your phone number. $225
  542. Texastuna

    TruLine and Calstar

    $129.00 or less if I wrap the rod.
  543. Texastuna

    TruLine and Calstar

    Need to sell a few rods. Old TruLine D8 Carmel glass 8ft 3in only wrapped one time still shines 40lb rod. Calstar railrods 1-770xh 2-770xxh 1-770xxxh also one 770xh blank to be wrapped. Will get price and pictures later. Pm me if you want to see them.Thanks
  544. Texastuna

    Truline 6X

    TruLine ?
  545. Texastuna

    Calstar Rods

    Call me if interested in a Calstar new custom rod. 817 800 0168
  546. Texastuna

    Calstar Rods

    Will be selling some GF Calstars 800m,800h,700h,770xh all with Fuji guides. Please PM me for price.
  547. Texastuna

    TruLine RD-8 ,Lamiglas

    Can I have it?
  548. Texastuna

    Making pre-made wind'ons

    Shave the floro or mono to a point so you can use the smallest needle poss.
  549. Texastuna

    Penn 12T

    Looking for a Penn 12T in great shape or unused.Single speed or 2 speed. Must have OG frame.
  550. Texastuna

    TruLine Octagon D8

    Will trade a Octagon D8 for another TruLine.Octy is red glass full blank not cut. Must be equal trade.I will have pictures in a few day,im wrapping the rod now. Still have other rods to trade or sell.Just send pm or call me.
  551. Texastuna


    $350 and yes it will ship.
  552. Texastuna

    Roddy Jig Stick

    Yes I can ship the rod. Thanks Moon and thanks for the black thread.
  553. Texastuna

    Roddy Jig Stick

    The Roddy is 9ft 30-40lb rod.Its has a fast taper. Bait or jig.
  554. Texastuna


    Need to sell today !!! OBO
  555. Texastuna

    Roddy Jig Stick

    Old Roddy Jig Stick Root Beer color glass. Fresh Wrapped. $200 OBO
  556. Texastuna


    Come get it,I have another rod on the way.
  557. Texastuna

    8/27-8/28 Pacific Star 2 day

    Nice report !!! Looks like had great time fishing with your dad. SWEET
  558. Texastuna


    D8 is strong25-30 E1 is good25lb and never fished.Price is nego come look need to sell.
  559. Texastuna


    Restored TruLine Rods Carmel Glass D8 8ft 3in. Carmel Glass E1 Both restored by BSG both Fuji MNSG guides. Will sell or trade for TruLines or Lamiglas
  560. Texastuna

    Hoo The Hard Way

    Sweet Texas Style !!!
  561. Texastuna

    Vintage TruLine D8

  562. Texastuna

    TruLine D8

    XTRA Nice Red Crobra Glass D8. Uncut Big butt,small tip nice shut off. I fish 50lb on this rod for wahoo and tuna..Come look make me an offer will trade for nice TruLines or Lamiglas
  563. Texastuna

    Fenwick LB 1087 or Lamiglass 528

    May put them up for sale need to wrap 527
  564. Texastuna

    Fenwick LB 1087 or Lamiglass 528

    I have a 528 and 527 any TruLine's to trade?
  565. Texastuna

    1960's TruLines

    Sound like a good time Jeff
  566. Texastuna

    calstar or seeker

    I have the 700m and 700h blanks at my shop if you want a custom rod in your colors.
  567. Texastuna

    1960's TruLines

    Still For Sale
  568. Texastuna

    tuna in overnight range?

    I was on the Cortez this last weekend,on the way in Sunday we saw a few good schools of yellowfin 20 miles south of the point.
  569. Texastuna

    1960's TruLines

    1 rod is $300 The scond rod was wrapped in 60's only used few times bought it from og owner $450 The E-1 is carmel glass from 60's its a strong 20lb rod never used since rewrapp $250
  570. Texastuna

    1960's TruLines

    Selling a few TruLines. 2-Carmel D8's both 8ft 3 in Xtra nice. Also up for sale E-1 its Carmel glass sweet 25 lb rod 8ft 1in. Price is nego.Will trade for other TruLines or Lamiglas rods. 817 800 0168
  571. Texastuna

    Rod builder

    Dwayne, Im in Culver City,I can take care of your rod. Thanks Jesse
  572. Texastuna

    GF765M w/ Rail-Dawg

    Extra Nice !!!
  573. Texastuna

    TruLine Collection

    Rods are at a friends place, tough to get pictures. All old glass in great shape.
  574. Texastuna

    bomb making

    Sweet Laurens with thr bombs. You are tooooo funny with Popsicle !!! Keep the stories coming Bill it makes our trip so fun.
  575. Texastuna

    TruLine Collection

    Had a E47 like 7 ft 6 in
  576. Texastuna

    TruLine Collection

    Danny, I think so some octy's are extra light may be a green one.
  577. Texastuna

    TruLine Collection

    Selling a nice collection. There are 30-40 rods some factory and some custom. D7's VBG-7's LM8's LM9 M-36 7ft 36's d8's choch D8 octy's 10-80's 15-8 0's LB octy prices from $200-$350 All rods in great condition.
  578. Texastuna

    TruLine and Roddy

    D8 is sold. Still have a Green M7 Fuji HNSG guides Dark Green and Black wraps. 40-50 rod. $200 LM9 $150
  579. Texastuna

    TruLine and Roddy

    Still up for sale. Also have LM9 to sell. The Roddy jig stick is extra sweet.OBO
  580. Texastuna

    8' Jig Stick

    I have a Calstar 6480 custom wrapped in LA
  581. Texastuna

    TruLine and Roddy

    Need to sell a few rods, Old D8 still shines.Roddy 9ft jig stick.
  582. Texastuna

    TruLine and Roddy

  583. Texastuna

    20-40lb jig STICK

    I can build you a jig stick.
  584. Texastuna

    Bubbles in flex coat

    Do not sand,use a razor blade slice the bubbles off not to touch thread. Use thin layers of finish less bubbles.
  585. Texastuna

    Bomb skirts

    Luurens, This is where to buy the best skirts. WTP,Inc
  586. Texastuna

    Pair of Lamiglas 528's

    Found this one in the pile behind my garage.Stripped it and it has Lami label.
  587. Texastuna

    Bluefin on the Holiday! 1 Day trip!

    SWEET Im going this weekend. Thanks for report !!!
  588. Texastuna

    Pair of Lamiglas 528's

    Rewrapped a couple old Lamiglas. Should be good for alby's and bluefin.
  589. Texastuna

    Old Sabre thread colors

    Holland 508 without cp will work great.
  590. Texastuna

    Old Sabre thread colors

    Thanks for the help !!!
  591. Texastuna

    Old Sabre thread colors

    Working on a chocolate sabre, looks like a gold or yellow over white.Any one know #'s on the thread? Thanks
  592. Texastuna

    How many guides

    Rick, I built a xxx before my 15 day in June. !4 in rear grip and 18 fore grip. Used a 25 20 16 12 12 12 12 with 12 tip. Great on the rail and large rings help cast a dine on heavy line. Seven guides worked fine.
  593. Texastuna

    Need Newell Side Plate

    Still need side plate.
  594. Texastuna

    Need Newell Side Plate

    Need right side plate,OG Newell P 229
  595. Texastuna

    Need some prayers

    Be Strong, my prayers are with you and your family.
  596. Texastuna

    Old Glass Rods

    Looking for restoration projects. Want 8ft or longer jig or bait sticks.Lamiglas,Fenwick,Roddy,TruLine, Silaflex. I have cash or trades.
  597. Texastuna

    Sato crimps

    I have only seen 40lb crimps and up.
  598. Texastuna

    Anyone Near Culver City Who Could

    Im in Culver City. 5519 S Centinela 90066 Jesse
  599. Texastuna

    June Heat 2011 aka Shark F%*k Fest pt 1

    Laurens,It was great trip over all,f &*^&*sharks.New friends, old friends on the water for 15 days.Crew on RR3 as you know,make you feel like family. Life is great. Jesse
  600. Texastuna


    John,You must heat the reel seat until it smokes to get that old glue to break down. Dont do it, it may weakin the blank. Just cut it off, put a new one on.I do not have a NF3 but have some NOS that will work.
  601. Texastuna

    Newell 332-F Blackie

    Any cracks on the side plates? What condition?
  602. Texastuna

    blank help

    On your first build go with size " c " thread till you get hang of it.
  603. Texastuna

    Rigging Wahoo Bombs

    No crimps needed. Take a small welded ring attach 88lb solid wire with haywire twist down to bomb. 8/0 siwash hook. Put some fancy skirt on your weight your ready.
  604. Texastuna

    Vintage TruLine D8

    Still up for sale.
  605. Texastuna

    Vintage TruLine D8

    Wrapped in 1980 Purple glass D8. 30lb live bait rod.$350 Had this rod for sale while back do a search for pictures or call me. 817 800 0168
  606. Texastuna

    14 Various GATOR rod blanks for sale

    Will the blank need to be sanded? Is the fiberglass rough or smooth? A friend in Texas wrapped Gator blanks like 10 years ago same co?
  607. Texastuna

    10' jig stick- optical chevron

    Very clean !!! SWEET !!! Black on edge makes color stand out.
  608. Texastuna

    Aliso water temp increasing... click on long range
  609. Texastuna

    Cow setups

    When you get ready for rods , I can build you some custom colors at good price.Thanks Jesse
  610. Texastuna

    guides and tip for a Calstar 270H

    Dwayne,I would use 20 16 12 10 10 10 8 8 8 with a 8 tip.
  611. Texastuna


    Still for sale.
  612. Texastuna


    It can be. My green colors now.
  613. Texastuna


    Vintage TruLine VBG-7. Nice old red glass. Fuji MNSG guides cord turks.Never fished rewrapped.$ ?
  614. Texastuna


    Chuck,Below the value in todays market. I have rods and blanks from early 60's to 80's the old good glass.Also a few original factory rods. I have doubles on some rods so Im selling some to pay for my 15 day trip. Do you want to look. Give me a call.
  615. Texastuna


    Several TruLine rods and blanks For Sale at below cost !!! Call me 817 800 0168 Jesse
  616. Texastuna

    TruLine D8

    Still For Sale
  617. Texastuna

    TruLine D8-Purple Glass

    30lb Purple Glass D8 Wrapped 10-1-80 Still has factory shine. Sweet!!! $350 Other rods same condition.
  618. Texastuna

    TruLine D8

    Green Glass D8 40lb, Fuji MNSG guides $500. Many other TruLine's For Sale.
  619. Texastuna

    TruLine D8's

    Custom Wrapped Green D8 40lb-$500 Custom Wrapped Purple D8 $350
  620. Texastuna

    American Angler/Catchy Tackle 8 day June 5th-13th

    I will go Fred, If you can get Andy Cates to slow down so I can throw my gear on the Angler.
  621. Texastuna

    June Heat 2011

    June Heat Repeat I Hope? Just wanted to know if all the regular's are on the trip? Who's new to the trip?
  622. Texastuna

    Old Calcutta Re-Wrap

    If you want a New Old Stock tip let me know,I have them.
  623. Texastuna

    TruLine HD8

    Sounds good Fred and couple 100lb tuna.TruLine with Accurate 665 2speed and orange and black Catchy Tackle 33 a great Wahoo setup.SWEET!!!
  624. Texastuna

    TruLine HD8

    Sweet Wahoo-Jig Stick. Green glass D8. Fuji HNSG guides New cork and Varmac.
  625. Texastuna


    Just make reasonable offer, I will take it. Need to pay for fishing trip.
  626. Texastuna


    New Price
  627. Texastuna

    Factory D8

    Better Price
  628. Texastuna

    Factory D8

    Up For Sale- Vintage Factory D8. Come look make a offer.Send your phone #for pictures.
  629. Texastuna


    Factory 36 sold. One of the M7 sold. Adding a purple D8 for sale.
  630. Texastuna


    Still for Sale cheap come look.
  631. Texastuna


    Put a few more up for sale. Green D8, Roddy Beastmaster 9ft, 11ft Sila Flex South African
  632. Texastuna


    PRICE REDUCED For Sale TruLine Custom Rods,Green D8 $500, Green M7 sold,Factory Green M7$300, Red VBG-7 $300,Carmel 36 8ft 3in $300,15-80 8ft octy $200, 126-7ft octy $250, CO-7 $250.A Factory wrapped 36 sold,Red Black Green LM-7's All custom rods with Fuji MNSG guides. Roddy Beast Master 9ft...
  633. Texastuna

    TruLine 36

    Carmel 36 8ft 4in Custom wrapped dark green and black MNSG Fuji guides. Cord and turks.Never used Xtra nice $350
  634. Texastuna


    I have some TruLine blanks to sell or I can wrap them and sell as a rod. I have a few green SR 8ft blanks, Red 5x 7ft Red XF7. Also some short VBG's factory rods 2 black Cobra 65's and others. Let me know price is nego.
  635. Texastuna

    Sila Flex

    Found a Sila Flex South African in a garage sale. Any idea when they were made? Any info will help.Its a 11ft three pieces glued together.Sweet 40lb jig stick.