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    Sculpin Carcasses/Heads Wanted!

    We’re up to 10,000 rock fish a day for the past decade or so, but “stock is rebuilt”?
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    Rock Hopping on Mother's Day

    95% of the commercial catch in Alaska is yellow eye: Yellow eye up there don't produce until 20 years of age and basically cannot stand any sort of sustained pressure, so I'm not surprised. You guys are...
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    Extended bottom fish closure

    I went out about a week ago and didn’t see any of this magic rock fish abundance. What I did see was sea lions chasing rock fish on the hook; those dogs must be hungry as hell now that they can’t feed off of party boat bait trails. Bigger effect might be the lower commercial activity due to...
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    Saturday Awesome Visability LA/Catalina

    Witnessed the same over the weekend, amazing views all around. I'd say it's mostly pollution, and this only scratches the surface of the effects. California used to have spectacular fishing along the coast and I doubt over fishing is the only reason it disappeared. Fish can bounce back pretty...
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    San Nic lobsters?

    Santa Barbara Island is usually full of commercial traps, same with San Nicholas. I'd hit it the opening week of the lobster season if you're really into taking risks as you'll need a decent boat and plenty of gut to stay there at night when help's so far away. Places you'll be hooping are...
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    Rockfish shallow to deep movements ?

    On a day to day, week to week basis... They move. That's all there is to it. There's a pattern but it's different for every species. Plus it isn't all that reliable. You could find a school of reds one day at 9 am on a rock, and then the next hour they're gone. That's why it's called fishing...
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    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    Some party boats did. Didn't do that well from what I heard. Issue is, even if the rock fish are plentiful and biting, if you're drifting two hundred feet a minute from the wind and swell, you're not getting down there.
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    Groundfish bottom trawling To reopen Jan 1

    The area they opened is one of the most productive regions in Central California for rock fish. Not many people tap it but those who do will be feeling it. Also, rock fish do migrate so there will be spill over effects south of Point Conception, most likely first around the Channel Islands which...
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    Does anyone have a map of the bottom trawl area they intend to open? Hopefully no where near recreational areas in Southern California... I bet recreational fishermen will be the ones left to foot the bill and bear the penalties once the commercials are done wrecking the stock again ...
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    The issue is when they error on the side of caution for sport operations, but take the opposite stance for commercial operations due to lobbying. Bottom trawling should be banned, period. Also, from the article linked earlier... What does this have to do with them reopening commercial bottom...
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    Question is, why did they predict it would take 71 years to rebuild in the first place? In any case, knowing the way the "science" works, it would be better if they didn't open it up again and then knee jerk a year later like they did with yellow eye. Personally, I could care less about this...
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    How does the San Diego 2019 Yellowfin Bluefin tuna season stack up in memory

    In shore was average, maybe even poor. Off shore was epic.
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    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    The seas you described feel "big" to me. I basically don't go out when the forecast calls for more than 10 knts of wind. At least, I don't go out when those are the conditions I'm heading into; on the way back, the Catalina channel is often worse than predicted. But the biggest take away while...
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    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    Out in Florida, they have access to world class fisheries year round, aquarium clear sand bars, hot, humid weather that screams "take me to the sea," tropical beaches that run for hundreds of miles, and an in shore boating culture where people bitch about swells when they're above 1 feet - and...
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    How's the All Depth Season Going?

    Curious how people are doing, the size of the fish, etc.
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    Catalina Catch from 1901

    The days of wide open WSB at Catalina maybe gone, but honestly these are the grand old days for many other species. Twenty years from now, people will be telling stories about how they caught 300 pound BFT and limits of YFT on the back side of Catalina.
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    Can Overnight's still reach the tuna grounds?

    They're so close even the Long Beach boats are getting them...
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    Anyone fish the rigs lately? Sand Dab show up yet?

    They are always there just not in the same numbers. Less now that the Tradition is on them all winter long and taking a couple thousand every day. Time to find new spots, shouldn't be hard...
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    Short lobster season this year

    Stopped doing it for precisely this reason. But on the positive side, with all the people spending their precious time on lobster, more fish for those who fish...
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    Peaceful Day Rockfishing 9mile 9/14 and a Few Questions

    If they didn't move a lot, you wouldn't have any fish left after a party boat hits a location. Rock fish are slow growing and hundreds are taken on a single drift, yet spots still produce day after day...
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    Box Canyon 9-2

    Advertised depth and actual depth are not the same. I have a Garmin GT51M transducer, which is rated for 1800 feet maximum salt water depth. Guess what, I lose depth consistently at around 600 feet, most days with waves 400 to 500 feet. The maximum depth is for conditions in theory. In...
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    Yellow fin US waters

    Seiners will be on them soon. Then you’ll know because there will be a huge thread here talking about the need to ban seiners.
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    Whats up for Sat?

    Going south seems to be the ticket; in shore yellow tail bite has been dry from the looks of it. Off shore is the game right now.
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    I’m concerned

    People follow counts. If the fish were more available, more people would go fishing. On the East coast, there are thriving charter industries built around the availability of highly prized species. It's hard to sell tickets and trips when the best you can do is "rock fish," "bass," and "chance...
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    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    Better deal than the $300 a month my boat spends sitting there at the dock due to lack of time this summer...
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    I’m concerned

    Last few days the fishing has been crap I see...
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    7/15. Cat on the Pursuit

    All they got to do is adjust the price according to last few days counts... Since that's what people go for any way. Oh and weekends.
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    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Last two days were the first days in a while that the number of yellow caught exceeded the number of people fishing on party boats. Glad you got into them. Unfortunately don't live near San Diego, but hopefully a few will make it up.
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    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    The idea of yellow tail devastating the local food system is just comical to me. Trust me, if there's any volume of yellow tail available near the islands, it won't be the fish you have to worry about...
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    Rpt.-07-11-19 SCI C-Bass and Tails!

    Great job on the fish, nice to see you fishing like a boss again.
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    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    Left San Pedro at 5:30 am, had several fish on the boat already by 11:00 am, unless his boat is capable of going at 60 miles per hour, he's already provided enough information...
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    Local wsb June 28th

    Well done. Local fish in the Long Beach and Santa Monica area are always bigger for some reason.
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    My sad report - Catalina Sunday 06/30

    By all accounts, Catalina is in no way wide open. You need skill or luck to catch, especially over the weekend. Also, sea lions are every where now, fish are tense, not easy to get going.
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    Santa Monica Bay Fishing, Swell Question for 7/2

    At times, Rocky Point feels like 50 miles off shore. It's amazing how rough that area can get so close to shore. That said, most of Santa Monica bay is much more calm and should be fine.
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    Boat flipped at SCI

    Seriously scary so far off shore but glad he was okay
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    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Great to see you back and pulling on fish! Congratulations on the recovery and looking forward to your reports again! Beautiful red.
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    Catalina Island - Ful Day - 06/22/19

    Some times luck is more important than all the skill and experience in the world.
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    Catalina Trigger Fish

    Interesting they seem to have a colony at Catalina, haven't seen them along the Long Beach coast much but I'm sure they do exist.
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    Cat 6/19 not much

    Sport king and Patriot did find the fish but from what I heard the fish they found are a lot smaller than the previous quality being caught. Mentioned 5 to 6 pounds instead of 10 to 15.
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    Catalina serves up humble pie – and fish tacos

    Bite shut down over the weekend and never recovered. Still a few fish being caught over there but not reliable. Great red fishing though
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    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    Very scary, and shows one of the nightmare scenarios involving losing power at the wrong time. The other being while you're right in front of a giant cargo ship. Glad they made it out okay, in that situation I'd probably consider abandoning boat and swimming to the beach.
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    Clemente vs Catalina

    The issue is not the time. It's the difference in how rough the sea is and therefore the danger and the days you can actually go. If you don't know what you're doing, the San Clemente Island crossing is down right deadly. Listen, if you're asking this question for the first time, I wouldn't...
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    6/16/19 Fathers Day YT limit at Catalina

    What it does confirm, though, is that fish are intimidated by the presence of many boats and move to other areas when the fleet is around... In other words, more proof you shouldn't follow the crowd, though at Catalina on the weekends that is often impossible.
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    6/16/19 Fathers Day YT limit at Catalina

    If it seems too great to be true, it probably is. On a crowded weekend, there is no way you would be able to find a spot at Catalina with no other boats around - unless, of course, there is a reason other boats aren't around... Fish and game were out there checking on Saturday, don't push the...
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    6/16/19 Catalina, no YT :(

    Short bites are mostly bass, barracuda, and bonito shredding your bait because they can't swallow it whole. Like the guy above said, you can wait a while for them to eat all of it, but then there is a risk of getting the hook in the fish's stomach.
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    Shit show at Catalina today

    Hey, I was there at the cluster fuck. Went 0 for 1 on the yellow, at least I got bit. One boat next to me did farm 2. Other boats next to me didn't seem to hook any. Entire island was basically one giant parking lot, it felt like the lobster open. Fish were there, but did not want to touch that...
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    Strange forcast

    The actual fore cast is 2 feet at 5 seconds with 1 feet wind wave. Could be okay, could be a washing machine, depending on how the waves stack. In case you want to know why it's like this, it's because there's constant wind blowing off shore.
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    Slow to grow, let them go, right? :D
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    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    Doesn’t get much better than that on a one man trip
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    Catalina 6/10 - Patriot 3/4 Day

    Nice job. You have a shot of the parking lot?
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    Catalina tomorrow 6/9

    Native Sun reported 90 yellows today... How did you do?
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    Catalina report and PB

    Karma fish congratulations
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    BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    I was thinking food abundance. If there’s less volume of fish, they might stick around longer in an area as the food wouldn’t run out as fast. If the migration is based on temperature alone, it’s strange they haven’t moved north yet since temperatures have been over 60 for a while along the...
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    BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    I must’ve remembered wrong then, could’ve swore I saw a post about it
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    BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    I remember reading commercial quota was higher this year. Could be why they didn't reach the volume to cross the border yet. Water temperature's certainly high enough and the bait is there; in fact I found tons of red crabs in rock fish stomachs indicating it's already hitting the bottom of the...
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    BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    No idea but I did find red crabs there last week
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    22nd street pursuit

    Two hours extra drive. Boat usually leaves at 5:30 from what I remember. So 10:30 at getting to the island and leave around 1:30 is my guess. Not much fishing time but can be more productive than Catalina even then, since Catalina is often over fished. Nice to see captain going the distance to...
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    San Miguel Report

    Chuckleheads are indeed unique among rock fish in not coming up heavily injured. They can usually be released easily, and survive the longest out of water. I've seen them alive despite 2 to 3 hours of sitting in a bucket, and once a few were alive even when I got home - 5 hours after being...
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    6/7 cat good day

    Great going! Awesome fish! ... But sigh, Catalina is going to be a parking lot tomorrow.
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    22nd street pursuit

    As a boat owner, I can tell you there are benefits to both styles. My boat = lots of work on the side, costs, etc., and you're limited by weather Party boat = you go where the captain says, have to deal with other people, and you're limited by trip schedule Best of both worlds is private...
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    It this legal?

    You know how that goes... and I don't think we have to worry about the boat not reporting for this trip, since several yellow were caught.
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    It this legal?

    He said he went yesterday, that it was a full day trip to Catalina, and that the boat caught yellows, bass, and sheep head. There's only a few options for that: Patriot 16 Calico Bass, 14 Yellowtail, 2 Sheephead Victory 68 Rockfish, 18 Whitefish, 10 Red Snapper, 5 Bocaccio, 5 Calico Bass, 3...
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    Factoring waves, swells, periods and boat size

    Whether the ocean looks like "glass" is generally determined by wind, not swell. I've been in the San Clemente Island channel where the swell was 4 feet high, yet the sea looked like glass due to no wind, and I could only "feel" the size of the swell as I was running into them. But it really...
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    Question for the experienced sport boats folk here

    Only disadvantage is how long they take to get down, which can become impossible when doing a drift in fast moving current.
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    Horseshoe reds

    Noticed that too, local rock fish super spoiled on live squid and refuse worse bait. Too bad it’s like $50 for 30 pieces.
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    San Clemente 5-31-19 to 6-1-1

    That’s pretty crazy improvisation
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    Horseshoe reds

    Nice catch interesting they’re that shallow
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    Who is fishing San Clemente? Is it OC or LA landings only?

    Judging by what the bird is reporting, everyone and their three times removed cousin is fishing the island right now.
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    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Glad you got through the surgery alright, and is maintaining a positive out look. Now the road to recovery begins. Take it easy, the fish will still be there when you return, looking forward to your first report back on the water.
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    Boccaccio limit

    It was 3. Now it's 10. Despite the bad reputation, they were a fairly popular commercial fish, so fish and game thought the population was depleted. More recent studies showed otherwise. I try to limit my take because they smell. But as with other rock fish, they get injured coming up, so...
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    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    Didn't taste that different from rock fish the few times I ate them. Also grow just as slow. Up to you, and they are only the most prevalent species caught because so many people target them, they're not the most abundant which would be either sand dabs, mackerel, or tiny rock fish.
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    Finally going to make the crossing

    Crossing is trivial on a nice day. Catalina itself is tricky for first timer due to the amount of boat traffic and under water rocks, stay well clear of shore your first time there unless you have an up to date map that shows all the hazards at the island. Be careful of protected areas where you...
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    Cool Weather

    Should be a lot of tuna then
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    Cool Weather

    2010, and it killed it in local waters. Had to go 200 miles out for tuna from what I remember. Water temperatures dropped 10 degrees last few days, looking bad. But you know the water's been getting warmer the last few years on average. So it shouldn't be as bad as 2010, we've already got...
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    Lingcod limit back to 2

    Not sure I agree with this. They said in the report they saw declines in the population but decided to raise limits because people caught less of these fish in 2017 and 2018? That logic worries me - so the stock is decreasing, as a result we caught less fish, and that justifies a higher catch...
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    How do 20-25 catamarans handle San Diego offshore conditions?

    The way our coast works, it's hard to win between head and following sea. Going out will generally be head, going in will generally be following. Cats do better in the former, worse in the latter. I hate going into a head sea with a small monohull boat, but the ride back is typically fast and...
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    Cory update Thursday

    Great to hear! Hoping for a fast recovery in time for the off shore season
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    Cory update Thursday

    Hoping for the best for you
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    Tried to put a friend on sand dabs, failed 5-11-2019

    Just saw the tradition went out on a full day sand dab trip and only got 175 sand dabs for 14... confirms how slow it’s been when you barely get 10 a person in a whole day. seems Iike the plan to make this a regular business local has hit a wall
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    Tried to put a friend on sand dabs, failed 5-11-2019

    Great attitude, and I certainly learned a lesson here: never take the ocean for granted, not even the humble sand dab.
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    Tried to put a friend on sand dabs, failed 5-11-2019

    Friend was new to fishing, but wanted fresh fish for Mother's Day, so I intended to put him on the easiest food fishing I knew. This is the story of how the plan failed. First, the conditions: weather predictions called for thunder storms after 11 am, so stayed local. The thunder storms never...
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    Native Sun 5/8 Yellowfins?

    There are pictures, from a source that must not be named. But like the other person said, it's a combination of small fish and medium to big fish, most of the fish aren't big but they're there. Judging by volume, I don't think this school will last through the weekend.
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    Native Sun 5/8 Yellowfins?

    Pursuit reported 150 Full day range, so can only be near shore or Catalina, I'm guessing Catalina
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    Cory update Thursday

    Always love your reports, get well soon and back on the water!
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    Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament 1st Place

    Congratulations! What’s the area limit for this tournament?
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    Minimum Boat Size "Safe" for Outer Banks

    I was thinking about making that trip a week or two back, too, but ended up being chicken and stopping at a different island. What scares me off is the swell size. San Nicolas and the outer banks are 4 to 5 feet over 10 seconds during nice days. Put in a little wind and it'd be down right...
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    5-3 Report: San Pedro/Cat West End/Backside/Isthmus/Mussell Farm

    Thanks, your information is excellent. It has been an after noon bite in shore, but none of the party boats have reported success in shore today, so you're not off the mark. The only successes today so far have been reported by the over night boats fishing the outer islands, so the action is...
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    Minimum Boat Size "Safe" for Outer Banks

    I currently own a 21 feet center console that is relatively "cheap" to operate and which I take almost every where, from in shore to the back side of San Clemente island. At almost 4 miles per gallon at a speed of 25 to 30, I'm more than satisfied with the performance and consider it a success...
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    LBC 5/2

    Well done. Being stuck at work while a bite is going on sucks. But on the up side, having 30 to 50 boats in one area also sucks, which is why I prefer fishing the islands for yellows over local waters. Catalina seems to be starting to produce so hopefully that stays into the weekend
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    Nados 4/27

    My guess is, the schools moved north. The four islands accessible from Long Beach all had school sized fish yesterday.
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    Freedom now booking at....

    How very ironic. First week Freedom goes to San Diego, local bite turns on. But then again, a day's a day, not a year, when all's said and done consistency is what matters.
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    Freedom now booking at....

    I've been there when the fishing was on, but it doesn't happen nearly as often as I want. You sure you're not biased by only being there when conditions are right? Being in an area only when the fishing is on doesn't give you an idea of what it is like most of the time. A boat that sacrifices...
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    Freedom now booking at....

    So you're a commercial guy who only goes when someone tells you the fish are biting, and in this context "it's improved drastically for big yellows," how many days of the year is that? Saying it's the opposite of mediocre implies you think the fishing's been amazing; if that's the case, why...
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    Freedom now booking at....

    You say a lot of things, most of it being trolling.
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    Freedom now booking at....

    When was the last time you went to Santa Barbara Island? For me, it was yesterday. I know what the island's conditions are, thanks.
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    Freedom now booking at....

    When the bite is at its hottest, maybe. I've personally never had issues booking just any boat at San Diego; it's the popular ones like Pacific Queen that are permanently booked throughout the summer, but even during 2015 I remember having other options and that was when they were limiting out...
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    Freedom now booking at....

    Here's to hoping; and I expect the Freedom will move back when the surface season starts as I really don't see them competing in the crowded space of San Diego.
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    Freedom now booking at....

    Not to mention, they could still hit San Clemente Island and the off shore banks from San Diego, in fact it's even easier to do so. The big islands you lose going down south are Catalina and San Nicolas, but I can't imagine any over night captain being a fan of Catalina, and in the Long Beach...
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    Freedom now booking at....

    I mean, I don’t think you’re saying any different. Boats and customers both go where the fish are, that’s currently not Long Beach and Orange County. The Freedom went south after not getting enough to get off the dock for weeks, this isn’t the sky falling just local conditions being poor.
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    Freedom now booking at....

    This is the correct answer but I’d like to add that the competition has increased as well. The Freedom was out of commission for most of last year and their regulars went to other boats. I think the Fortune and the Pescador took over their niche and are now 22nd street’s standard over night...
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    SBI curiosity

    Last time I fished it island was crowded on the weekend, that was a month ago. I haven’t heard of anyone catching game fish there recently but it’s always possible, with the water warming up it should go off soon
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    Coronados pvt. 4/23

    Limits of BFT got people worked up
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    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory)

    It isn't, but it actually still works, as long as you have a Boat US membership. I completed my test in 2017 but after submitting an application key to them just last week, I got the following email: So contact Boat US and follow their instructions instead of going straight to California...
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    Da Nados

    Wind seems okay, disagreement between weather sites but generally lower than 15. Swell is a problem, 5 feet 10 seconds at the worst, you ready for it?
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    How to prepare sashimi

    You're skilled though. Most people aren't, and should you fail at this with any medium to large fish, blood is flying every where.
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    How to prepare sashimi

    All of those techniques have the same basic purpose - bleeding. Hose in the mouth is just like washing the fish repeatedly to get the blood off. Do not try to ikejime a fish yourself on a sport boat.
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    How to prepare sashimi

    Pretty sure the fish at the restaurants are processed. It's not just "fresh."
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    4/15 Mission Belle.

    The huge schools were hit hard over the weekend, when that happens fish usually scatter ...
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    California Steigercraft 31

    Wow that’s from last year
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    4/9 LBC Wall

    Pretty cool, there are a lot of big bass at the wall. I've also seen videos recently of guys fishing the wall targeting opaleye. Thought it might be a nice break from rock fishing, which I refuse to do now that my refrigerator is filled.
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    Old Glory - Limits of BFT on a 1.5'er

    Issue this year is the constant wind and rain not allowing the water to warm up. Just need a stretch of calm weather to heat it up, then the surface season could start in one day range. Hoping this happens end of April or May.
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    Reminder...New Sheephead fillet regs now in effect..

    Always store my sheep head whole but nice to know.
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    Rpt.-Wed. 04-03-19 Thunderbird Cod Fest.

    Fun times, congratulations on the fish
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    Rough & slow at the Horseshoe 4/3

    Unfortunate. Thursday and Friday are going to be flat, but it's going to rain or so they say...
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    Fishing San Nicolas with United Composites GP80 Mag

    Looks fun, that's the Toronado? Was wondering where they were during the rock fish open.
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    seadoo Fish pro

    Looks great until a boat wake flips you over into 60 degree water and you lose all your equipment and have to flip it back yourself.
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    I'm disappointed.....

    It'd be more original to claim wide open mermaids.
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    Totoaba fisherman shot during gillnet removal raid

    Answer is simple... Ignorance + great marketing = profit.
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    Now that Lobster Season is Done

    This should get you started: The above picture is where the vast majority of commercial rock crabs have been landed in the past 25 years. You can see a drastic shift in effort from before 2000 to the Santa Barbara channel and waters north of Santa Monica. This is not an accident as southern...
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    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    It's not that there aren't better alternatives that are easy to catch, but I'm always looking for redeeming qualities in "trash" fish. Mackerel have so much meat in them, it'd be nice to find a way to cook them that doesn't result in cat food.
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    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    I'm with you on the squid, not sure about the others. How do you cook mackerel so it doesn't taste like shit?
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    Horseshoe 3-10 Seeing Red

    Yeah, cows aren't common but they certainly aren't as rare as they used to be; and the by catch mortality is becoming a problem. Descending devices should be required for people fishing in the cow protection areas, particularly the outer banks and San Nicholas island.
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    Finally. CDFW tells the world that the MPAs were unsurveyed.

    I guess all the lingcod moved into the marine protected areas according to fish and game
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    Ling cod special

    Even though it's called a lingcod special, in effect you are still fishing for rock fish since they occupy the same areas, so it's not that bad.
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    3-26-19 A.M. half day

    Thanks for the report. Since you've been fishing from this port for a while, would you say that they go to the same spots over and over again? Many of these fish look tiny.
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    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    It's been 20 years since anyone could recreational rock fish that deep... Although we can fish up to 450 feet now along the coast of southern California. I don't know whether it'd be worth it to target fish at 1000 feet deep any more with the two hook limit we now have. Back then, you could use...
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    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    The trick with rock fish is more where to find them - not a problem if all you do is fish party boats - and how to out fish the guys next to you. This latter question does have a few secrets of the trade, and it’s not just luck. Certain regulars consistently out fish other passengers, I’m sure...
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    Renting a boat and running to Cat no prior experience?

    It's funny because no brakes caught me off guard when I first started to operate a boat, too. Fortunately, there is reverse, and once you realize that, it's not so scary.
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    Renting a boat and running to Cat no prior experience?

    The most important skill to driving a boat ... is knowing when and where not to drive a boat. Anyone can drive a boat in fair conditions. But in the ocean, nasty conditions are never far behind. The Catalina channel can be deadly to people who don't have any experience reading the weather...
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    Mako sharks listed as endangered

    No surprise: No matter how strict conservationist measures become in California, it doesn't matter jack shit for migrating species unless other countries do the same.
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    Ok or Not Ok?

    More worried about the wind than the swell. Last time I was out there on a party boat, it was forecast to be 8 feet at 15 seconds, but light wind, so not that bad. Mountains of water rolling at you, but it was doable. Couple that with heavy wind, though, and it could get bad. Be careful.
  132. A

    2018/2019 Lobster Season Recap

    Thanks for the post, seems like you’ve got it figured out. One comment: mackerel and bonito attract sea lions like flies and that is one reason some people swear by salmon heads, but like you said it’s a trade off, because bugs like them more too. Oh, and crowds thin out over the holidays not...
  133. A

    Two fish on one hook

    Many fish are wired by instinct to band wagon with other fish when they're attacking a piece of bait. The idea is that, should the other fish drop the bait, or a scrap of it falls during the process, they'd pick it up. A nice trick when bottom fishing with two hooks is to keep the bait down...
  134. A

    3-18-2019 pursuit report

    Nice job on the home guards.
  135. A

    channel island Shallow water Friday

    Channel Islands boats, when advertising shallow water over nights, will almost certainly hit Santa Rosa, Miguel, or Nicholas. Don't let the name fool you - the closest harbor to San Nicholas island is, in fact, Channel Islands and it's no further for them than Miguel. At this distance off...
  136. A

    Big Butt landed on Sunday

    All the big butts out to play lately, nice job!
  137. A

    PB big butt

    Congratulations that’s a beast of a fish!
  138. A

    Santa Barbara Island 3-17

    Short and sweet: * Head sea was worse than forecast, but no wind and coming back was a breeze. * About 9 private + 1 party boats around the island. Most fishing in the 200 feet zone. Imagine most people are trying it out since the new depth limit changes. Saw a few that were fishing deeper. *...
  139. A

    El Niño officially announced

    On the coast, though, it hasn't been this cold in years. A couple of weeks ago, there were reports of snow in Malibu. Winter felt like winter this year. But it should warm up in the next few weeks so we'll see what that indicates for fishing. Should be interesting.
  140. A

    El Niño officially announced

    The BFT tagging reports I've read recently confirm that the fish we're getting are the same ones traveling down from Japan. Coincidence between the reduction of international quotas on BFT catch since the 2012 report, and California BFT? Probably not. For those wondering where the albacore have...
  141. A

    Horseshoe 3-10 Seeing Red

    Fun times. I tried Catalina Sunday looking around the 400 to 450 feet depth range. Didn't find a single stone. Ended up getting all my fish at 250 to 300 feet. Anybody have success at 450 feet?
  142. A

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    It really depends on your boat. Heavy boats can go out in shit weather, even though you will not be comfortable and might need to chain yourself to the rail while fishing. Light boats should not brave 4 feet 6 second waves, in my opinion, but guys in the north might disagree. The classic rule...
  143. A

    Local Quality Reds

    Week day trips are definitely key to having an enjoyable experience on the Davey’s locker boats. Often see them with full loads shoulder to shoulder on the weekends, that can’t possibly be fun.
  144. A

    3-9-19 - Native Sun 3/4 day

    Davey’s Locker boats aren’t reporting limits, Long Beach boats are. Might not have been clear what I was referring to
  145. A

    3-9-19 - Native Sun 3/4 day

    Thanks for the report, and yeah, not surprised to see party boats inflating their numbers. I was wondering how the Davey's Locker and Long Beach boats can fish the same stretch of hard bottom past the double rigs, and still get limits for 50 passengers week after week. This makes a lot more sense.
  146. A

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    Rescue time, in case shit does happen. Cold water shortens your survival window dramatically. High 50 water temperature gives you about 2 hours in the water before your body shuts down.
  147. A

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    On the positive side, they're predicting a major warm up next weekend, so there is light at the end of the tunnel...
  148. A

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    Sunday looks fine. But weather is changing so fast lately, make sure you check again Saturday night. I'd be careful of going off shore with water temperature in the high 50, is it necessary for what you're targeting?
  149. A

    3-5-19 a.m. half day

    To be fair to them, it's a lot harder to set up a tight drift over a spot on a 85 feet boat. Sport boat captains prefer long drifts over a large area of hard bottom, as opposed to short drifts where they have to tell their customers to wind them up after one drop. Private boats can do either...
  150. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    White fish are closed during the same time rock fish is. I don't think it has anything to do with closures or targeting or more party boats fishing, since rock fish catches have remained consistent in the last six years, but white fish numbers have increased 700%. I'm surprised more people...
  151. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    I welcome criticism. At least it generates discussion. What I don't appreciate is twisting my words, like accusing me of saying "sbi rockfishin is tough" when I said "I’ve discovered in the past that there is only one or two spots at that island that produce [rock fish] too," or that I was...
  152. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    2013: 57549 2014: 57873 2015: 70335 2016: 132982 2017: 237514 2018: 399798 Notice when the increase started. El Nino ring a bell? Warm water? Local tuna and wahoo? Couple this with historical data of white fish expanding after El Ninos and you're taking issue with me making a pretty safe guess...
  153. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    That's a fair way of putting it, thanks. But in my defense, I expressed worry, not alarm. My instinct is that nature is give and take. You can't have millions of white fish at 150 to 250 feet without any effects on rock fish. These two species do compete for the same resources, and the numbers...
  154. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    Well, since we're on the topic any way now, I just did a look up. These are white fish numbers from the sport fleet: 2013: 57549 2014: 57873 2015: 70335 2016: 132982 2017: 237514 2018: 399798 Still think I'm imagining it or "consistently wrong," fishkilr? Why don't you explain how white fish...
  155. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    Where do you fish? My usual hunts aren't producing nearly as well as they were before, and I noticed the same drop off from party boats at pretty much all the islands. This lingcod decrease has been extremely visible this past year, so I can't understand why we have such different perceptions...
  156. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    I can see arguing about red numbers, but lingcod? You know they just halved the bag limit in our management region? I have never seen lingcod this bad before, but granted, I wasn't boat fishing during 1999 when they declared an emergency on the entire complex. As far as reds go, is it better...
  157. A

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    Totally agree and does a disservice to those of us trying to be honest about it. The wording of the law makes you think it covers every bank, but then they only draw the contours for two of them and nobody can even find that information unless you dig for it. It’s like they want to catch people...
  158. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    Actually, it’s part of a trend I started noticing two years ago, but only down south. Don’t want to focus on it too much in a reports thread but I’ve got multiple reasons for thinking we’re in the middle of a major white fish cycle. Ocean temperatures, boat counts, diver reports, personal...
  159. A

    Rockfish Opener at the Dirt Clod - 3/1/19 Report

    If you’re not sure what it means why comment. Like I said, I was only talking about rock fish, and this was before the depth changes. I know of two spots in the 120 depth curve that consistently produces rock fish, and I’ve tried all around the island on many trips. It’s no great secret the...
  160. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    Didn't know so many people wanted to see large white fish, I'd have definitely taken a photo had I known that. But to give you an idea, here's a photo of a white fish that was claimed to be 17 pounds: We caught one just like it on the trip.
  161. A

    Rockfish Opener at the Dirt Clod - 3/1/19 Report

    Shallow water fishing at the island can be great, but I was only talking about bottom fishing. The issue with Santa Barbara Island has always been that it's a long way to run for minimal real estate. Too few fall back options when the game fish aren't biting, unlike certain other islands. Hell...
  162. A

    Rockfish Opener at the Dirt Clod - 3/1/19 Report

    Thanks Erik for the report, if there is only one decent spot at the island that is disappointing indeed since it’ll be wiped clean the first time a party boat hits it... I’ve discovered in the past that there is only one or two spots at that island that produce too, but I also didn’t mark any...
  163. A

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    So, fished Tanner banks over the rock fish open, you can probably figure out how since only 1 or 2 boats made it out there. This was my first time actually doing BOTTOM FISHING at the bank, so it was an interesting experience and one more checked off my list. I didn't take any pictures because...
  164. A

    Rockfish opener looking for a solid boat Ho!

    Long Beach area can be tough for beginning rock fishing. Better to go to Santa Monica Bay, or follow the party boats.
  165. A

    3-1-19 a.m. half day

    Did you guys fish 450 feet?
  166. A

    Where & when to go ???

    In the last few years, BFT usually started to filter in around April and May, and stayed until December. The peak of the bite is typically September to November, though it's entirely possible for there to be other strong periods. Big BFT in particular seem to hit earlier in the year, around May...
  167. A

    Rock fish opener march 1st

    The only banks you can fish are Tanner and Cortes.
  168. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    I posted a commercial fishing regulations book earlier. You can find what species are Open Access and which are Limited Entry in that book. It's not just the two species you mentioned. Red are covered under shelf rock fish. Lingcod are separate.
  169. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    Don't have to be a socialist to realize the difference between "make money" and "cost money." I spend up to $200 a trip. "Open access" just means I can choose to lose even more money, faster. I don't think that's what it means for commercial guys. Do you disagree?
  170. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    Point out where's the misinformation.
  171. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    What's the difference? This is the difference: sport fishing isn't for profit. CPFV is for profit, but their numbers are well-known and demand isn't going to increase just because "more depth." Commercial fishing is for profit. We spend our money to fish; you get money from fishing. That's the...
  172. A

    Pursuit w/ 10 yellows fishing at Cat

    Home guards on squid. WSB shouldn't be far off.
  173. A

    Worth it to fish the Rock Fish open?

    This is a ritual for many, but unlike with lobsters, I have mixed feelings about fishing the rock fish open. For the past few years, I've tried to participate in it, but my results have not been significantly better than later in the season. To be sure, it's always exciting to drop your line in...
  174. A

    Rockfish Opening day

    Friday is okay for near shore, off shore get on a party boat or a friend's Hatteras 50.
  175. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    That's called over head. Exists in every business. The bottom line is that it's an open access fishery and so there's no legal upper limit on the amount of people who can do it, it's pure economics and where there's profit to be made, there's people who'll jump on it. I don't doubt that's the...
  176. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    Yes, the depth changes are much less significant than people think, but the contour lines were the law even before this. In practice, nobody followed them exactly and I doubt even the fish and game officers enforced them that way. It just makes it easier for them to prove you were fishing in...
  177. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    You're not wrong, but keep in mind that there are only so many party boats and so many trips a year, while open access commercial fishing is, well, open access - any one can buy a commercial license and go set up a long line on their boats. This includes the sport boat captains. We can reliably...
  178. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    Thanks, but I think what most people are wondering is not the catch, but the regulations for commercial rock fishing for shelf rock fish. Most of the species recreational guys target in Southern California are shelf rock fish, though the limits often end up being bottle necked by other species...
  179. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    The simple answer is, there are quotas on various species, and they are divided. First between the trawl fleet and the no trawl fleet, and then between commercial and recreational. Also, Indian tribes and research quotas, but they're not as significant in southern California Recreational quota...
  180. A

    Where are the center console dealers in Southern California?

    Actually, I do see a lot more center and dual consoles these days than before, but these are mostly smaller boats bought by people who are on a budget. Have seen a few of those BIG east coast center consoles, but they're the exception rather than the rule. Popular models I see that are not on...
  181. A

    So Sculpin are Open now?

    As far as I know, sculpin have been open on January 1 for a while; party boats target them specifically during the period when rock fish are closed. Now they are also open from August to January, so year round. Not much of a difference except you can keep sculpin by catch now from August to...
  182. A

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    Same logic as raising the rock fish quotas by 100%, but the only benefit recreational guys get is 100 more feet of depth - as though the catch will be so much better at 450 feet than 360 feet... All the while, commercial rock fish boats are starting back up again in local waters, which pretty...
  183. A

    Rpt-Sat.-02-23-19 Limits of Frozen Bass!

    Thanks for the report, basically what we saw today as well. Ocean was a bit rough in the morning but became flat around noon, still cold and definitely feels like the deep of winter. Saw a few party boats targeting sculpin and sand dabs, and several private boats sitting at the 150 not...
  184. A

    El Niño officially announced

    This year will be interesting... First we have the polar vortex bringing temperatures down to near freezing in Southern California... But then we have the El Nino down south, and certain models are calling for a stronger El Nino later in the year... Nobody seems to know what's going on...
  185. A

    Horseshoe Bass wide open Friday 2/22/2019

    With the constant rain and wind the last few weeks, water temperature has dropped like a rock. Will have to see how it all recovers in the coming weeks, but an early start to the season it will not be. That cold front is still developing...
  186. A

    1 ling limit in 2019

    It's because recent population surveys indicated significantly lower recruitment than usual. Probably has to do with the warm water cycle. Same reason they made sculpin year round - because they saw increased recruitment for that species. I'm not going to pretend it's an equal trade. But here...
  187. A

    Boat Capsize

    Their expansion plans do worry me though. How much of the local water will close once they decide to rope it all up? I don't think anybody wants to see 100 square miles of farm right in front of Huntington Beach and blocking the way to Catalina.
  188. A

    Colonet Intel

    Depends on the depth. I've caught yellows on the bottom as far down as 150 feet, but no further.
  189. A

    new rockfish regs start march 1st.

    I think they're just too lazy to draw the lines for the high spots, and there isn't enough recreational community pressure for them to do so. They've never given a reason otherwise for why the high spots aren't included in the regulations.
  190. A

    Fish unique to southern California?

    I can’t think of any relevant to fishing. Seems like all our current species are caught in Mexico as well. Thoughts?
  191. A

    Corvina, summer 2018.

    There are a lot of species of fish that are easier to catch from shore than from a boat. Every time a guy tells me you can't catch quality fish without a boat, I tell him he's just not looking at his options. Forget the rock fish, yellow, and tuna for a moment, and you can appreciate all the...
  192. A

    Pretty remarkable week of wintertime fishing / Yellows and Bluefin

    Nice job, the only constant in the past couple of years has been change. Every year is different, and that's what makes it exciting.
  193. A

    $3,000,000.00 BFT....!

    Standard price in Japan is $30 a pound, this is just for advertisement.
  194. A

    Capsized boat at the mussel farm What's terrible about this event is that the distress signal was out around 11:00 am and the sheriff was on the scene 30 minutes later, but one guy was already unconscious presumably due to hypothermia, and I heard he...
  195. A

    Boat Capsize

    That sounds terrible. Hypothermia is a killer in our waters, even with the fast rescue times. Don't know what else they could've done in that situation, maybe dry suits or a lift raft?
  196. A

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    Marlin isn't that out of the ordinary. They're caught every year out past Catalina by the dedicated marlin guys who are out there on the troll all the time. I also see sword fish on the surface pretty common on calm days, always when I don't have any bait to throw at them. I wouldn't mind...
  197. A

    So cal Offshore Boat Question on size needed for offshore fishing

    I've actually experienced this. 4 to 5 feet swells in the San Clemente Island channel, 12 second period, following seas - my 21 feet boat skips over the swells and feels rather comfortable. But a bigger, heavier boat trying to ride them would easily get caught in between the swells and probably...
  198. A

    Boat Capsize

    Missing drain plug while going out, maybe? Only found out after arriving at the farm, it's not far from the harbor. Another possibility is they got wrapped in the under water rope - one of the reasons I refuse to get that close to the farm. Must've happened fast. Hope for the best.
  199. A

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    an Individual school like this could easily get scattered by any kind of pressure, expect 50 boats to be in the area tomorrow = no fish
  200. A

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    I find it rather amusing that the weather let up right as the season closed. Almost three weeks of straight off shore winds in December into two weeks of calm at the beginning of January... That said, days with little wind should help keep the water warm, which in combination with the already...
  201. A

    Targeting Reds plus report

    That's the way that sentence has always been written. Trust me, it doesn't indicate that you can't possess rock fish outside of 450 feet or people wouldn't be able to travel back from the islands. It just indicates you can't FISH in deep water WHILE rock fish is in possession, which everyone...
  202. A

    Targeting Reds plus report

    Did you read what you just quoted? It says right there... This is for southern California only, central and northern California will be allowed more depth, but not to 450 feet. They didn't update all the documents yet because it's not open until March 1. It will be updated by then. 450 feet...
  203. A

    Sunday 12/30, Rocky Point zones

    The spot you tried to drift in the afternoon is pretty much ground zero for party boats especially the special in the late morning and afternoon, it’s tempting due to all the hard bottom for sure and there’s always fish on it but the poor quality shows through from the decades of daily...
  204. A

    Final report for 2018

    Will likely be an early season start next year, since there's an El Nino this winter...
  205. A

    Targeting Reds plus report

    Excellent advice you are getting here, I definitely second the idea that tons of marks usually = tons of small fish, not quality rock fish. Different from Central California, in local southern locations, red tend to be in small loose schools, not large ones that light up the meter in the middle...
  206. A

    rock fishing from shore good locations needed

    No rock fish from shore in Southern California
  207. A

    Break in at Sunset Aquatics Marina

    Just learned about this. Thieves cut the fence to the dry storage over Christmas break and went through multiple boats taking what’s valuable. If your boat was stored dry here I’d go check as soon as possible, police reports being filed right now.
  208. A

    new regs

    But many other banks would be open under the new depth limits; question is whether they actually allow it because they've said in the past that you can't fish off shore banks unless they are included in the depth lines.
  209. A

    Local island action 12/23

    Nice job, probably the last super nice weather window before 2019. About bait: in my experience, near shore bottom fish respond well to live squid because they are almost always full; off shore bottom fish, however, will take whatever you give them, because they are hungry. Open them up, you'll...
  210. A

    2019 Bluefin Trip(s)

    Very simple, look up a guy named Billy K, send him a message about availability, when to come down, etc., and have him take you. Best chance of landing a big one.
  211. A

    Who has better cell phone coverage off shore and around Catalina?

    Have Verizon, coverage is more solid than I expect most of the time. Lose it about 11 miles out of Long Beach going to Catalina but gain it back a few more miles towards Catalina. Have coverage most places front side but lose it back side when blocked by rocks. No coverage in San Clemente island...
  212. A

    new rockfish limits- what will you use?

    Yeah I expect the cow catch rate to go up, this could end the season early at 240 feet. Never seen them down south near shore though, so 450 feet should be irrelevant
  213. A

    new rockfish limits- what will you use?

    It’s not going to change much, 450 feet is pretty much identical to 360 feet - you’ll try it once and stop Unless you have an electric set up
  214. A

    new regs

    So it's official now?
  215. A

    Rockfish Regs

    From what I read, it was because the species is believed to be in a down cycle. It's not over fished, it's just not reproducing well due to the warm water the last few years. There's a cost to all this tuna.
  216. A

    new regs

    I don't think it's an issue with being picked over. The issue with fishing shallow in Southern California is that many rock fish just don't go that shallow. Instead, it's white fish city around 100 feet. Up north, there's more rock fish at this depth. But down south, you just can't avoid the...
  217. A

    new regs

    It would be pretty big for the party boat fleet. 240 depth limit at San Nicholas would open up twice as much ground or more. That island in particular is heavily held back by the depth limit - there is a massive amount of territory in the 120 to 240 feet zone. Santa Barbara island would also...
  218. A

    Show us your Steiger Crafts

    I wouldn't be so surprised. Structural warranty doesn't cover issues like "hit a piece of wood" or "forgot to winter properly" or "took on too much water during a storm." Always read the fine print on warranty coverage; just because they never had a claim doesn't indicate the boats never had any...
  219. A

    Rockfish Regs

    This certainly isn't positive news. Bottom trawls are one of the most destructive forms of commercial fishing. Not that long lines are that much better but at the minimum, they don't destroy habitats. :profile: Year round rock fish, probably not, but rumors are that they will change depth...
  220. A

    Ideal boat for me....does it exist? Advice please

    Budget is your main issue. You don't have much of a choice there - it must be an older boat, as no recent boat that is actually ocean capable and big enough for four is going for less than $20,000 these days. But the issue with old boats is that they're often broken down from use, and no longer...
  221. A

    When targeting White Sea Bass...

    WSB are giant croakers - ie family Sciaenidae. Over the years, I have increasingly noticed that they share many of the same traits as other croakers, including being shy of clear water, increased catch rates in late spring, summer, and early fall, feeding on tide swings, feeding frequently at...
  222. A

    Who's going out this weekend (after thx giving)?

    Looking at the weather, boats won't be going out later next week, either. The window is going to be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. That's provided the tuna are still around, which is not guaranteed after a large blow like this one.
  223. A

    Rough weather for a 21 ft. Center console?

    I'm going to put it this way. That's the kind of swell you get 100 miles off shore. Stay home. The only day this holiday that looks okay to fish is Sunday. The season of the winter storms is here.
  224. A

    BFT Fishing With This Weekend's Upcoming Full Moon

    Weather is terrible though. Once this blow starts it doesn't look like it's going to stop until next week.
  225. A

    Best time to fish the Lupe?

    The biggest question I'd have for a trip like this would not be fuel but how accurate the weather predictions you can get are. It's a long way off shore to be caught in 9 feet waves. My weather sources show that the channel between the island and Mexico is 5 feet 11 second swells on nice days...
  226. A

    Local LB fishing 11-18-18

    When they're not biting live squid... They're not biting at all. Thanks for the report.
  227. A

    SA 80 epic 2.5 day

    Wonder how well the private boats did
  228. A

    Rumors of Proposed Changes to Bottom Fishing in 2019

    To me, fishing out of Long Beach, Orange County, and Santa Monica Bay, this is a welcome change in many ways, especially in the cow protection areas. Opening it up to 240 feet will make Santa Barbara Island a viable bottom fishing location, and will drastically improve the catch quality at San...
  229. A

    Rumors of Proposed Changes to Bottom Fishing in 2019

    From:,%20skipper! Summary: * Use of 75-fathom curve instead of 60-fathom curve for general bottom fishing, so you can fish up to 450 feet deep * 40-fathom curve in cow protection areas, so you can fish up to...
  230. A

    Not Selling Squid Again For Channel Islands WSB

    It costs them money to keep it alive for the bait docks. Freezing 100 tons of squid is cheap. As for catching your own, certainly possible but far from reliable which is why most people buy them. There are nights during which getting a float is easy. Then there are nights in which it just...
  231. A

    Shrimp Flies for rock fish

    I used to use them, but have since switched to just using circle hooks. Shrimp flies encourage jigging, but circle hooks don't work very well for jigging. Either way, making your own is the way to go, since the commercial products often come with bad hooks.
  232. A

    Sunset Aquatic Marine hit and run

    My three rules for vehicles and boats in California: 1. Always have insurance. 2. Never rely on strangers being decent people. 3. Be as defensive as possible while driving, parking, etc.
  233. A

    Bonita Survival Rate

    The above is right. They are close to tuna biologically, and like tuna, must constantly move to breath. Our local chub mackerel can stay relatively still in a tank and breath, these fish cannot - they need the same set up as tuna.
  234. A

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    The price is fair, haven't seen lower on a party boat, and will certainly cost you more in gas to go there on a private boat.
  235. A

    Inner Harbor Bugs - 11/9

    Nice job. Benefit of being in the harbor is that, even in case you don't catch any, you still enjoy a night of relax on the water. The islands are different in that regard, a lot more time and effort and I always get tired as hell after.
  236. A

    Catalina rockfishing lures

    In terms of the question, any soft, pink and red looking plastic will work for rock fish. That's not the issue and has never been. The issue with rock fish is actually two fold: how do you filter out small rock fish, and what depth are you going to fish. If you use small hooks that can target...
  237. A

    Catalina rockfishing lures

    You know, it will be a lot easier to sell people those products, by posting a report of yourself catching these "monster" rock fish at Catalina with them.
  238. A

    Boat: How Close to Beach or Piers

    What do people catch around that oil rig close to the entrance of huntington beach harbor any way? I see boats around it every time I come back.
  239. A

    TORONADO TUNE-UP 11.01.2018

    Charging more for processing fish but less for the boat trip isn't necessarily a terrible idea when targeting BFT. Most people go on these trips not expecting to catch one, so when they do, they are usually happy enough to pay the extra cost. BFT fishing is not exactly quantity fishing. $30 for...
  240. A

    DAMN about 3-4 boats with limits of BFT today 11/5

    Yeah, I'm very curious what's at the temperature break along the 43 leading into the 60 miles bank.
  241. A

    DAMN about 3-4 boats with limits of BFT today 11/5

    I assume this bite is at the outer banks and not San Clemente Island, since all the boats are doing extended trips instead of over night. In that case, the bite could end soon, since once the fish move west of the outer banks, they're basically out of range. Get them fast, while you still can.
  242. A

    San Clemente Island 11/5

    One reason you saw zero boats was that the navy had most of the island closed according to their schedule. Guess they didn't end up doing it? I was actually there on Sunday, but back side, because I thought C and D were closed along with A. Heard the guns going off the entire day, so figured I...
  243. A

    New 120g Colt Snipers for rockfish?

    I've used diamond jigs like this. Does it work? Yes. But it's way too easy to lose it, even with a top hook. I think colt snipers are too expensive for bottom fishing unless you have too much money. Jigging at 250 feet deep feels like you're doing weights.
  244. A

    Epic Overnight - Condor 10/28

    From the looks of it on your video, the fish were biting anything that hit the water, didn't even matter what it looked like. Wide open fishing at its best!
  245. A

    bugging in LB - help!

    A secret spot it is not, but Catalina front side is usually more productive after the commercial lobster season starts. Understand that at Long Beach break wall, you're competing with several hundred commercial traps that are down there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any lobster that's legal has...
  246. A

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    Can east coast lobsters survive here? Probably not, maybe long enough to be caught again though...
  247. A

    Hooping C island 10/27/18

    Sea lions probably, they’ll crash your net at times when trying to get at the bait and that could break lines loose
  248. A

    *Lobster Thieves*

    Report to fish and game? Don’t think that’s legal
  249. A

    Isee the Monte Carlo is in SMB just outside Redondo harbor today?

    There is a well known spot called rocky point on the Santa Monica Bay side of Palos Verdes that is frequented by party boats and private boats, for the reason that this place seems to attract a lot of surface species, from bass to bonito to yellow. The half day boats from Long Beach and the...
  250. A

    Rockfish with dropper loop -- when to set the hook

    I wouldn't use a bass set up for rock fish. The issue is that the resistance from deep water is immense and you have to use a large weight, so even though the fish themselves aren't as big or strong as, say, a 10 pound bass, you're not going to be able to "play" the fish - you have to drag it up...
  251. A

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    I always wonder about the depth of rock fishing in northern California - so is 40 feet for you guys like 250 feet for us? In that case, what's at 250 feet for you?
  252. A

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    Above 5 pounds rock fish isn’t common any where you are allowed to fish in southern California. Try deep water rock bottom in Mexico, 500 feet or deeper, maximum hooks is 4 though not 20.
  253. A

    Local hooping 10/13

    Limit in one set, can't do better than that... Have you ever gotten rock crabs local?
  254. A

    75% Chance of El Nino This Winter Could explain all the recent tuna this year. Not a big one like 2015, but with the recent warm water, could still send it over the top.
  255. A

    The shoe

    Is this where the local Long Beach boats have been getting their yellow today? I thought it was strange that suddenly they're reporting 30 to 50 yellow counts, but no pictures and no mention of Catalina. Catalina didn't strike me as being particularly likely to put out these numbers this year...
  256. A

    Lobster Hooping: Is this normal?

    Doesn't sound that bad. Where there are small lobsters, there will be legals around, too. It's never an easy limit along the coast. Islands might be pretty easy in the first two weeks. But outside of that, it's all about spending the time and effort because the pressure is high between people...
  257. A

    How bad did u do? Lobster opener...

    People didn't easily limit out at Catalina... Only those who did, gave a report.
  258. A

    Yft u.s waters

    Not a location specific fish, saying 181 isn’t necessarily useful, more curious about time and method
  259. A

    Lobster Opener. Limits for three by 9:20pm

    Crawl didn’t start until around 745 to be exact, but you managed to do a lot better than us, probably bait difference. Got most of ours in the shallow water though, nets past 70 were empty, maybe different locations. Left at 10 and last pull was almost nothing, anyone stay all night to see...
  260. A

    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons

    Diving in the dark always a risk especially with all the dead fish smell in the water from bait hoops, glad to hear he’s doing well and other guys helping him out
  261. A

    46 shorts, 4 legals...bug opener

    Feels like there are less legals every year and that is not an accident, but yeah it is very tempting these days to give border cases a pass because of how few solid legals there are
  262. A

    2pm-4pm Catalina to Dana Point was it rough?

    Sounds like an afternoon Catalina crossing on most days, to be honest. You were still making 25 miles per hour but just getting wet doing it, pretty standard when wind and swell is coming from the side or quarter. The solution is to come back early. Hit the channel before 12. Or late. Small...
  263. A

    Yellowfin Report 9/28 101 & 425

    100 boats on a Friday in Mexico? Damn.
  264. A

    Yellowfin 9/27

    He'll not be fishing this year, I guess!
  265. A

    Rpt. 09-26-18 O-95 1.5 Day, YFT Limits, A DoDo, JP!

    Congratulations! Time and effort paying off
  266. A

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    San Clemente’s better but too far for most. Catalina and Santa Cruz were the two islands I was thinking about, not saying they don’t have nice fish days but very not consistent especially recently
  267. A

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    I'm always curious why Coronado Islands, the size of Santa Barbara island, could produce better fishing than two of our biggest islands combined.
  268. A

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    You got two choices: Fish the Coronado islands for $25 a person a trip ...Or don't. Seems simple enough to me. And hey, you can always drive up north and fish Catalina for free like us Long Beach boys. But I get the feeling that's not considered an option. After all, you get what you pay...
  269. A

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    Can't believe the mussel farm is literally considered a secret spot these days. Guys running the farm were advertising it here a year or so ago and you pass it every time going out of Long Beach to east end. Maybe we should convince them to open up more farms around the area so then people...
  270. A

    Catalina 9/15 mussel farm 9/16

    When I scored my two yellow last week at Catalina, the key was not to attract sea lions by throwing an endless supply of bait in the water. My experience is, once those dogs are on you, you can forget about the game fish. Catalina game fish know they're in sea lion territory and will get the...
  271. A

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    I don't think it's illegal, but I wouldn't. The fish are on the outside and your chances of getting stuck in the rope is higher when you go in. You can look at this video for an example of where the fish are. Obviously, the video's name is wrong. These are yellowtail, not YFT.
  272. A

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    It's actually about 6 miles off of Huntington Beach. Can't miss it heading out of Huntington Beach for the east end of Catalina, but will miss it heading for west end, since it's on the south side. It's defined by a bunch of floating black balls. Those balls are attached to under water ropes on...
  273. A

    What the heck do people do with Skipjack?

    They were never bad to eat, just didn't keep well in the sun. Back when people had their choice of yellowtail, albacore, and YFT, I could see why they would get a bad reputation. But these days, you take what you can get a lot of the time.
  274. A

    Purse Seiners Suck

    The sea food industry supports 144,000 jobs, 90% of which is from foreign imports... not California commercial fishing. You say you don't give a fuck about sport fishing or what we think, but then why are you arguing on a sporting fishing site?
  275. A

    Purse Seiners Suck

    According to that 2014 report, the total impact of the commercial fishing industry in California is as follows: Jobs: 18,178 Sales: $1.3 billion Income: $500 million Value Added: $688 million This includes the value of commercial fishermen jobs, sea food processors, retail distributors, etc...
  276. A

    Purse Seiners Suck

    And why, exactly, would I want to devastate tuna schools for $1.00 a pound, instead of encourage a recreational industry which pays significantly more taxes and results in more employment for California? You might want to look at what I replied to. The idea that recreational guys should not...
  277. A

    Purse Seiners Suck

    Seiners are much, much, much better at catching fish than hook and line guys. Kind of goes with the territory of being able to throw a giant net around a mile of fish. By the time they run out of business due to no fish, hook and line guys would've had no tuna to catch for years. With...
  278. A

    I'm gonna need therapy

    I think it's the second rule. First rule: go where the fish are, not where you want them to be. Second rule: never leave fish to find fish.
  279. A

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Oh, I guarantee you, there will be people in 20 years time, who'll look back and remember the giant BFT. "When I was a kid, we were getting 300 pound BFT off the back of Catalina island... It was national geographic, I tell you, those were the days!"
  280. A

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    About those bonito ball and feathers... That's still pretty common at the piers and rocks, and three years ago when bonito was consistent in the summer, I'd see many people with the set up. Don't see bonito every year now, though, and nobody seems to use it on boats.
  281. A

    Revenge is Short and Sweet: Catalina 9/9

    Last time I posted a long report about a heart break loss at Catalina island at the end of the day. You can read it here: Didn't get to go out much in the last month, but this time I took sweet...
  282. A

    Sat 9/8/18 - Newport harbor and local inshore

    Yeah, I heard they recently asked for even more BFT commercial quota... Fortunately that was rejected by other countries. Not much we can do ultimately, it's been relatively slow for more than a decade, except during El Nino. Still fish to be caught while waiting for the next big El Nino. Just...
  283. A

    Sat 9/8/18 - Newport harbor and local inshore

    Many different factors. Forty years ago, sea lion population was very low. Today they're at an all time high - those dogs eat 25 pounds of fish each day so do your math, it's like having tens of thousands of boats fishing every day. Then there's the increasing number of private boats, the...
  284. A

    LB wall and Esther rig 9/8

    This is a situation where having a radar helps. The fog was worst right outside of Long Beach. It got better the further you went off shore. I was able to get out of the fog about half way to Catalina so you were about 3 miles short. It was actually a nice day at Catalina, not as many boats...
  285. A

    Legislature Passes Measure to End Use of Deadly Fishing Nets

    Kids gloves. A harsh difference with how recreational guys get treated with closures and protection zones. I get it, these people are making a living, but so are the hundreds of thousands of people employed by the sports fishing industry...
  286. A

    How big is this fish

    Yeah, need to balance the weight on a small boat. Maybe have two guys drag the rope from the bow, while one guy in the back tries to get it over. Most boats can handle the weight but not all in the same location, and one of the easiest ways to flip a boat is from a back corner.
  287. A

    Important: Changes to Rock Fish Depth Limits, Effective August 25

    Didn't see anyone post this... No changes in the Southern Management Area, but every region to the north has had a depth limit decrease of 60 feet due to too many yellow eye being...
  288. A

    Calico: Release or Keep?

    I've always wondered about the slow to grow, let them go logic. Rock fish are slow to grow, but they're doing fine with a 10 fish limit despite thousands being caught every day. By comparison, yellowtail are fast to grow, yet it feels like there's been a significant decrease in yellowtail...
  289. A

    San Clemente Island Saturday with a side of offshore action 8/18/18

    My experience has been that it's not hard to find kelp paddies in calm water, but finding one that bites is a challenge. Probably the reason many people look for boats, rather than their own fish... It's just easier as long as you have thick skin.
  290. A

    267 dodos

    267 as in 267 279?
  291. A

    Rock Crabs out of Dana Point

    They've practically disappeared since then. Warm water.
  292. A

    Midwesterners looking for YT

    Could change, but right now, consistent yellow fishing only out of San Diego. Don't bother with Catalina.
  293. A

    Zilch - 277 to Cat, 8-12-18

    People around me often say, don't fish conditions, just get out there, you might luck out. But when 9 out of 10 trips turn out like this, it justifies fishing conditions... Personally, I'd wait for the 9 and the 43 to heat up, before hoping for fish at the 277. Right now, it's a go where the...
  294. A

    Called others in but no one came dodo and yellows limit

    Thanks for the report and the call. It sounds like there are fish just south of the border that are slowly moving up to the 43. Most people fishing Mexico right now are probably at the crowd around the 425, might be why there weren't many boats around. Benefit of finding your own fish. Enjoy the...
  295. A

    Sea State-Boat comfort

    Never trust weather reports that far out... Looks like 3 to 4 foot swell at San Clemente Island Sunday...
  296. A

    Rpt-Cat/SCI 277, 289 and more! 08-09-18

    The weather was supposed to be nice but a hurricane from Mexico ruined it. Sad to hear about the seiners, making an already slow year even slower up here
  297. A

    Local Wahoo??

    Yeah, that's what I'm saying. With average summer water temperature reaching 75 to 80 in local waters even on the back of a La Nina, it shouldn't take another 100 years to see wahoo in local waters... The normal is changing. I wouldn't be surprised to see wahoo with the next major El Nino. I...
  298. A

    Local Wahoo??

    We'll see it again, with water temperature like this becoming normal, during the next major El Nino.
  299. A

    Local Wahoo??

    I'm convinced the volume of fish in local water is not based on local temperature alone but on the temperature and bait situation down south. During El Nino years, we get a lot of Mexican fish because the water down there get so hot the fish follow the bait north. This year, water there is still...
  300. A

    1 foot @ 7 second intervals ???

    Normally, I would say Thursday and Friday look like calm seas and light wind. But the 4 to 5 feet south swell is going to ruin it. It might still be okay, but depending on the way it mixes with the normal west swell, it could lead to very bad washing machine conditions and dangerous current...
  301. A

    Do Walk-arounds Ride Better Than Pilot Houses?

    There's no magic to riding well. There's three factors when not talking about cats: Weight Shape Seat Heavy rides better than light. Deep entrance angle rides better than shallow entrance angle, but are worse at drift. Back seats ride better than front seats. As for cats... We don't talk...
  302. A

    New Law Prohibits Sale Of All Billfish On U.S. Mainland

    Sword fish not included = useless
  303. A

    Ozborn to the West End SCI 8/5 out of Long Beach

    Thanks for the report. This year has been very slow in the area not just in that triangle you described, but in the entire off shore region around long beach, out to about 90 miles. By this, I'm not talking about the cow BFT that few people ever catch, but the other species, which have yet to...
  304. A

    8/5 - The Freedom

    Tanner bank's one high spot is tiny, no wonder all the boats were in the same circle. Cortes bank would've been more spread out. Hard to tell the difference between these unless you could see the waves breaking at the Cortes bank high spot.
  305. A

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    First time I see a bft without a shadow
  306. A

    Restore My Faith In Humanity? Helping the Carly Rose 7-28-18

    Should always monitor 16. But range of response is an issue. How far from the accident does it make sense to respond? I always wonder about that when I hear the coast guard talk about a boat taking on water 20 to 30 miles away. Should I run over or should I assume by the time I get there, the...
  307. A

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    $1,000 seems a lot to pay but considering the amount of time many people spend on their 40 feet boats going 0 for 0, and the cost of gas going 100 miles on those boats... I'm not surprised they'd rather hire a top guide to get them on the fish. A service is worth what people are willing to pay...
  308. A

    Anchoring in cat harbor

    Question: do you double anchor?
  309. A

    7/29 - Dana Point - 209 - 289 - 81 Area

    Seems very similar to last year. There was two weeks during which they were willing to bite, and then they were gone and you had to run south. Hopefully El Nino develops later in the year and make that bite last longer.
  310. A

    So-Cal Tuna

    Unless you want to go into Mexico, the best region for off shore fishing in southern California is between San Clemente Island and San Diego. The 9, 43, 181, 182, south and back side of San Clemente Island are where most people find fish. Further to the north, the 209, 277, and the 279 are...
  311. A

    N9 - 182

    They'll always bite the steel.
  312. A

    Catalina 7-29 Report, Yellowtail Point to West End

    I was over sand when the bite happened. I did drift into structure during the fight, though, and I'd expect a tuna to run the other direction. It's still possible and it makes for a better story for sure! One more piece of intelligence: a bunch of fish came up during the fight that looked about...
  313. A

    San Clemente 28th 29th

    Perfectly legal to fish there. Also fine to anchor to the immediate south of it. Check the rules at I wouldn't worry about it too much as you didn't pull up cables or anything. But I thought I'd let you know because the navy's been complaining about us recently.
  314. A

    San Clemente 28th 29th

    Navy's secrets, maybe - it's just what I've been told. All I know is, I go down to the west end of San Clemente a lot, and between the live fire exercises at castle rock, the no anchor restrictions, and the gun boats, this area is no joke.
  315. A

    San Clemente 28th 29th

    Nice job on the fish dude! But just a heads up... West Cove is a no anchor area. It's restricted by the navy. They might not check it but there's a reason people don't typically spend the night at west end. I asked them about it before and it has to do with the under water cables. $250 billion...
  316. A

    Catalina 7-29 Report, Yellowtail Point to West End

    Short: very slow day with one heart break at the end. Long: Been watching conditions all week, saw the nice weather, but also the full moon and the increasingly disappointing surface fishing reports. Saturday's reports and counts gave me last minute second thoughts. I didn't want to bottom...
  317. A

    14 to 277 back to HH 7/29

    This is why I don't swim in the ocean, despite the water being so warm. Sounds like a tough day and trust me it's not just for you. Up here, the season hasn't produced much yet; we can only hope the wide open fishing they're currently getting in Mexico will come up soon.
  318. A

    SCI Bluefin 7/25 and 7/26

    Congratulations. This weekend the wind will stop. It will be a parking lot.
  319. A

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    Better words for fishing have never been spoken: you go where the fish are, not where you want them to be. That's the difference between the high probability of success the professionals follow, and the low probability of success most guys out there are chasing.
  320. A

    Sportboat fish pictures

    The vast majority of rock fish cannot be released safely unless you know how to send the fish back down, and I expect less than 1% of party boat passengers know how to do this. That said, I also advise people to stop crying over small rock fish. It's actually better for the species that the...
  321. A

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    Go read: The Angler's and Sportman's Guide: A Manual for Anglers, Campers and Hunters by R. Johnson Held and Edward Baldwin Rice, 1912, or any of the old books on fishing at Catalina. Back when they called BFT the Leaping Tuna. You'll be surprised at what the "tuna" in the tuna club at...
  322. A

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    And you think that's bad? I can tell you - the internet's saved my ass on the water more than any fisherman's advice. Technology is not your enemy, folks.
  323. A

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    No, but I studied up on the history of BFT fishing in Southern California. There was a BFT club at Catalina as far back as 1920, and reports of consistent presence up to 1960. The catch decreased in the 70, 80, and early 90 - funny how that was right around the time BFT populations started being...
  324. A

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    I see, for me that's a very different topic. Yellowtail fishing seem to be off and on and I don't think it's changed much over the last 10 years. I think we'll see the medium size fish turn on soon, and a late season bite on baby fish is still going to happen because those are like half year old...
  325. A

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    Party boats almost all share. Charter boats don't necessarily, but many still do. For example, I know Fortune caught 63 WSB for 21 people recently...
  326. A

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    Party boats don't have a choice. They have to share.
  327. A

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    I hope you're right, but like I said, the association I see in global tuna population decline with worse fishing off of California is pretty obvious. There might be a lot of fish out there, but there were even more fish back in the day; and the balance between bait fish and game fish is mutually...
  328. A

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    BFT have always been around. I don't know why people act like BFT in local water is once in a century event. Read a history of Southern California fishing, or just go to page 600 in the off shore reports. You'll see that, with the exception of a few La Nina years when the water couldn't get past...
  329. A

    Triton Good Catalina Yellowtail Fishing, 50+ Fish

    Looks like Catalina to me. I've been to the only other island they could've visited many times and there's no feature that stands out from those pictures that it's that island. Pursuit also did very well on the yellow at Catalina yesterday, so it isn't much of a surprise; pretty sure the bite...
  330. A

    How much have you spent ?

    I think everyone's definition of the old days is a little different. Cow BFT were not within a day's reach 10 years ago, but back then, fishing for another kind of tuna was off the wall. We're fortunate that our favorite web site here keeps track of reports and posts from as far back as 15...
  331. A

    How much have you spent ?

    Then you find out the seiners sell tuna for a $1 a pound, and wonder how much money that same tuna is worth when sport caught.
  332. A

    JUL 21 - Skiff Life

    How long ago was that? I wouldn't take a 17 feet boat off shore 20 years ago, either. These days, it's different, both because of much better weather predictions, and because of much better emergency services and communication equipment.
  333. A

    JUL 21 - Skiff Life

    A wave that can sink you at the 43 ... can also sink you at the 9 miles bank. The issue is not so much how far out you are, but how prepared you are for an emergency. Getting sunk at the 9 miles bank with no radio and EPIRB is just as bad as being sunk at the 43 with no radio and EPIRB, either...
  334. A

    There's no fish in Oceanside

    I don't believe you! You're just trying to throw us off a wide open BFT bite! Just kidding, nice try but seems all the fish are towards the south of San Clemente Island right now.
  335. A

    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    I've only ever heard of escolar being caught in water over 1,000 feet deep. Did you try deep dropping for them? Very few people do it in California because you can't keep most ground fish from that depth due to our depth restrictions, but escolar, sharks, and swords aren't ground fish so you can...
  336. A

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    It's from this document: Go down to page 13, bottom of page, for the total. You can also see the pounds and values for individual ports, on the main page under 2017...
  337. A

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    You're right about that. I just checked prices for commercial BFT and YFT landed in California... $0.9 per pound for BFT in 2017 $0.6 per pound for YFT in 2017 Entire fleet made maybe $3 million off of 5 million pounds of BFT and YFT. Now think about how much money the average sports guy...
  338. A

    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Funny, I was just thinking about catching escolar today, and here you are with the report! 1,000 feet down in the dark, sounds about right. I wonder how hard it would be to target these, I've got a set up that can go about 1,200 feet down with drift, was thinking about doing a few deep drop...
  339. A

    2 islands 1 weekend tradegy

    Did the man have a life vest?
  340. A

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Population argument in my opinion is actually a fallacy. The ocean isn’t the main source of protein for the world and it never will be. Do you think our population would’ve reached this size through industrial commercial hunting? Of course not, every deer would’ve died before we even got 10%...
  341. A

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Not necessarily. Much of the California commercial fleet flat out shut down after the major restrictions put in place to address over fishing in late 1970. The ocean is a limited resource - there's just not that many fish to go around. Industrial commercial fishing cannot be sustained without...
  342. A

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Nice catch, must have left out a zero. In that case, the US sport catch is around 50% of the US commercial catch and 1.5% of the Mexican commercial catch. But still, most of it happens in Mexican waters; I would be willing to guess that the commercial catch in US waters vastly exceeds the sport...
  343. A

    Mission Bay, SD This week any good? May trailer down tomorrow

    The reason not to go out this Saturday would be the wind. Saturday is going to blow. Sunday too but might be nice enough to get out.
  344. A

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Unfortunately, a lot of this fish go to feed cats, rather than people...
  345. A

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    The commercial catch is measured in metric tons. The sport catch is measured in individual fish. Assume 40 pound average each fish, the sport catch in an entire year is 147 metric tons. The US commercial fleet took 1,200 metric tons in the last six months. The Mexican commercial fleet took...
  346. A

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    I don't think they should get rid of the seiners. They should, however, limit their take. Give them enough quota to wrap for a few weeks. But not all summer. The US has been working towards over exploitation of tuna in the East Pacific, for example proposing a 72 days ban on seiners last year -...
  347. A

    Report 7-12 9/302/226/Corner/182

    Nice work, the common observation seems to be that bait isn't working in areas where there are a lot of bait already. Reaction bite and being able to long cast seem to be key.
  348. A

    7/11 evening 9 mile.

    Normally you'd say, hope they catch their quota soon so we can get our share. But then you remember YFT has no quota in the US and they can wrap until it's all gone. People argue about putting size limits on yellowtail, but nobody ever bothers to do anything about seiners wrapping thousands of...
  349. A

    Report on albacore

    Water temperatures have reached 72 in the Catalina channel. Long as it remains in this range, only a matter of time before exotic species are all over local water.
  350. A

    Looking to fish private skiff July 18

    Yeah but, do you charge people who go on your boat for the TOTAL COST of owning the boat, or do you charge them for the trip expense? It's not like we're running charters. Charters charge $300 a person a day because they want to make back their investment. Private guys just want people to fish...
  351. A

    Looking to fish private skiff July 18

    The cost depends on what kind of boat and what you're doing. On my boat, I can do a full day at San Clemente Island of 150 miles round trip on a budget of $200, that's for gas + engine hours I'm accumulating, no live bait. Add live bait and it jumps up to $250. Split three ways, which is the...
  352. A

    YFT Real close

    Sigh, guess it won't last...
  353. A

    Owner Hook Strength Ratings

    Never had an owner hook fail on me. The line always broke before the hook itself. They are expensive, though, and when they get stuck on the bottom or on the kelp, you'll lose your whole set up. Have seen other hooks fail. Especially on tuna.
  354. A

    Nados 7/7/18

    Congratulations on the fish. Unfortunate the hook up guy has such a bad reputation, his baits seem to work well. Business opportunity here, I guess?
  355. A

    Catalina Island - General Overview

    My sense from recent visits and talks with other people is similar in that this is a diver’s game right now, at Catalina, due to the huge bait concentration. No wide open bites on game fish, lots of boats coming home empty and you have to put in the time and effort to get anything to go. Should...
  356. A

    YFT close

    Nice, hope the tuna seiners don’t catch them all before they come up... more fun than bft because of how aggressive they get when in schools
  357. A

    It's gonna be hot, what does that mean?

    Surface temperature might be up a little, causing fish to become more active, since this heat is supposed to hit both the coast and off shore to the islands, but conditions won't change much due to the high wind on Thursday and Friday. On the other hand, we finally are getting a stretch of low...
  358. A

    Yellowtail fly lining and slow troll techniques

    Not much to it beyond that, most people have been getting them on the troll, it seems like, so that should tell you what they're like right now. When they're on bait, they're on bait and what you're doing should work. When they're on iron, thank them for it because you just saved $50.
  359. A

    Spawning Sand Bass

    Rock fish do spawn during the late fall and winter. Not sure why you brought them into the discussion as the rock fish regulations are working and nobody's complaining about them. Not a smart way to advertise for the conservation society, in case this is what you're doing... Bass is a different...
  360. A

    Foamers and fast moving BF at 302

    Wouldn’t be BFT without this behavior. I predict a whole summer of people complaining about BFT that wouldn’t bite and a few days, maybe a week or two, when the magic happens and everyone’s jealous of those who were there. That’s why we go out. For a chance to be there when it happens.
  361. A

    Spawning Sand Bass

    Found the article: This was a counter argument released by fish and game in reaction to that other article that said sport and private boats were responsible for the bass collapse. A few comments from the article seem to verify what...
  362. A

    Spawning Sand Bass

    You want an animal to blame, it's either going to be humans, or sea lions. Blaming the squid is strange to me, because while there is a correlation between the big squid and the sand bass drop off, the bigger correlation there is between ocean temperature and both. You only see the big squid...
  363. A

    Catilina is about to erupt.

    I always get the feeling that Catalina fish don't like it when there are too many boats in an area. The bite always seem to turn on right after the weekends or before it. Though down south, they seem to turn on no matter how many boats are in an area, makes you wonder.
  364. A

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    Any relations to Tony Hsieh? I know, I know, but it was the first rich person to come up in a search on Google. Guess I should think about changing my last name.
  365. A

    Wide open YT

    Now think about how many of those boats actually had their Mexican paper work in order...
  366. A

    How many motor hours are too much?

    These days, replace it when it's done. Just cut back on the long trips after the warranty period until you've had a mechanic look at it. I have their 5 years warranty deal and won't worry about it until it's over, but do always make sure you have on the water assist service, in case it breaks...
  367. A

    SCI bass, yellows and bluefin chances / Tuesday 6/26 Report

    Going that far out with yesterday’s wind on a smaller boat is impressive and takes balls. Thanks for the report, any day now on the tuna and nice to see they bite the hard bait.
  368. A

    Winds and weather

    Wind like this is normal for this time of year. This year they just happened to match up with the weekends, while the windows were on the week days. After noon wind is common through out the year though and that’s why people go out early and come back before the wind gets bad.
  369. A

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    Still not as expensive as your typical 50 feet show boat I see every where at Newport.
  370. A

    Slot Limit on Sporties - Calicos

    Sea lions will get worse before they get better unfortunately. Bass populations seem healthy but I can see why people have a problem with sport boats taking limits of big bass and showing it off in their advertisements.
  371. A

    Cat 6-22-18

    Thanks for the report. Around what time did the bite happen? Near coast it’s been a late morning and after noon bite for most species.
  372. A

    Green Buoy surrounded

    Pressure kills a bite fast. How did you guys do? Wondering whether I should hit Catalina or the local area tomorrow.
  373. A

    Commercial fishing net

    I have never seen a party boat of twenty getting limits of 60 WSB down south in the last 10 years; and of course it matters - industrial commercial fishing has wiped out more populations of sea life than sport fishing by a long shot. Even though the laws are more complicated on their side and...
  374. A

    Commercial fishing net

    Is it just me or are the commercial guys getting more up in our face the last few years? Don’t remember them doing the shoe before, it’s such a common sport area I thought they would avoid it.
  375. A

    SoCal Barracudas!!

    Do cudas like warm water or cold water? Seems ever since last year the count have been up, haven't seen them this wide open in years.
  376. A

    Catalina Report 6-14-18

    Nice job. Looks like the bait is starting to run out, fish starting to attack all that move.
  377. A

    Breakwall Bassin - The Final Chapter (15JUN18)

    Expect shark guys to be at the wall for the next few days...
  378. A

    6/15 Cuddas at the shoe

    Nice cudas, hope they stay around until Sunday...
  379. A

    Slime stick galore at the shoe 6/15

    No much wrong with wide open cuda, just hope they last until Sunday since I can't get out until then.
  380. A

    El Nino is back?

    Right now the call is 50% chance of a weak El Nino, won't make a difference to fishing but for people who want the warm water species, it should keep them around instead of dumping us back into cold water conditions. For the guys hoping for albacore, though... I'm sorry.
  381. A

    San Clamente Island Tips Upcoming (6/16)

    Rock fish, bass, sheep head I think. Maybe a flat or two.
  382. A

    San Clamente Island Tips Upcoming (6/16)

    No problem. I'll say that it's a risk. You might get to fish it, you might not. It depends on whether the exercise requires the entire area. Just listen to what they say on the radio. They may even change the area, depending on what they need. I'd have a back up plan. Say, fish the back for...
  383. A

    San Clamente Island Tips Upcoming (6/16)

    Back of San Clemente isn't where most of the surface bite have been at; in fact that's the general case with this island - F and E, which stay the most open, are not the usual surface bite areas, unfortunately. The area with the most kelp and thus surface bite on the back side is G and D. G...
  384. A

    6/12 Adrift on the west end of Cat with a dead battery

    Hand held radios have a limited range. The best device in this situation is a satellite phone, second best an EPIRB. You should have an EPIRB regardless, but given your situation it wasn't an emergency, so maybe not the best idea. But in case I only had an EPIRB, and no other boats were around...
  385. A

    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    The boat should be able to take more pound than you can. In case it can’t, you probably have a cheap build. They make those structural warranties for a reason, a boat should not crack from hitting the water.
  386. A

    Sculpin off MDR

    When you're trying to target a fish the party boats are catching by the hundreds... I hate to say it, but the best advice is to follow them. Finding your own fish is always better, but since you're asking here, I assume that's already not what you want to do. Sculpin aren't that easy to find...
  387. A

    Overnight local SoCAL suggestions

    Freedom is full now.
  388. A

    Overnight local SoCAL suggestions

    Freedom and Thunderbird are around the same. Freedom seems to do better on yellowtail, Thunderbird on tuna. El Dorado is worse than either of these boats when it comes to surface action, I usually only go on the El Dorado when they're running San Nicolas island trips for cheap.
  389. A

    Crab hoop netting

    Provided you're going to try for crabs, you should know the following: 1. Rock crab size limit: 4 inches side to side on the shell. 2. Rock crab bag limit: 35 3. Spider crab size limit: Not in rule book, since spider crabs are technically not even in the same family as other crabs, they're...
  390. A

    Sandab Bait

    I've never seen people use it for yellowtail. They swim straight down when you put them in the water, and their shape makes it hard to fit into a yellowtail's mouth. Probably works for any bottom fish, but they are nice eating, so I consider it a waste when so many other bait will work.
  391. A

    San Clemente Island 6/4

    No way day boats were at San Clemente Island, it takes a typical sport boat 6 to 7 hours to get to the island, making it impossible to run a day trip. That said, it's possible for one of those boats to run an over night, but I don't think they have been doing it, you probably saw the Thunderbird...
  392. A

    Murder in Bay of LA

    I have trouble understanding the sort of sick thinking that leads to these violent and tragic conclusions. Stealing a boat, okay, I get that, you want shit you don't deserve and aren't afraid to get caught. But then, when you do get caught, what kind of person do you have to be, to think that...
  393. A

    Which Weather Forecast Source is most accurate for So. Cal?

    You should never depend on one source. Check different sources and plan for the worst case scenario. All the sources people use are based on well-known weather simulation models, for which there are about half a dozen, and they're all different.
  394. A

    Tuesday Evening 150

    Local rock fish and island rock fish aren't any different. There's just less of them due to more pressure. But provided you've done Catalina rock fish at all, you know what pressure does to a popular area, so it's the same deal - avoid popular areas. There's only a few places in southern...
  395. A

    Just bite already...

    BFT being BFT. In the old days, party boats captains would pass them by on the way to fishing albacore, because they just wouldn't go. These days, without albacore, there is more of a focus on BFT, but they're still the same fish. I know guys who went a dozen trips without a single fish last...
  396. A

    Catalina 5/29 on the Patriot

    Thanks for the report. I was wondering where a few of the over night boats were catching their yellowtail. Looks like it's Catalina. Provided the wind tomorrow doesn't shut it all down, the season looks like it might be starting. Just hope it won't get too crowded... I'm certain that it's the...
  397. A

    Question on weather

    Saturday is shit don’t bother, Sunday better Monday best this weekend
  398. A

    Was hoping to be at Catalina today...

    On the up side, as a boat owner, you know all the shit that could happen to your boat that are ten times worse in terms of time and money lost. Whole seasons missed because of an engine problem. That's what the club protects you from, in theory. But they should definitely improve their service...
  399. A

    Catalina Report 11/20 and DFG

    This is actually a report for last year November 20? Or are you from the future. Either way, nice fish, cool to take your dad fishing.
  400. A

    Lead weight ban proposal

    What would be the cost of switching to rebar? Seems a similar price as lead but less density = bigger weights needed. Not ideal, but knowing California it wouldn't be a bad idea to plan ahead.
  401. A

    Cat on Sportking 5-12-18

    Well, there was a 3 feet south and west swell where I was at, and that didn't change the whole day, but fish didn't bite until around 10 am. I'll add an additional observation - in the early morning I saw a bunch of fish hang around the middle of the water depth, but they didn't bite. Towards...
  402. A

    Cat on Sportking 5-12-18

    Island fish tend to bite during both rising and falling tide, but seem to stop during high and low tide. I noticed the same on Sunday. 9:00 - 10:00 am was bad; then it picked up and was wide open until I left around 12:00. No yellowtail though. I used to fish the surf, before I started fishing...
  403. A

    S/e bank to Catalina 5/6

    Just a head up - weather conditions look solid for this Sunday. A day with little wind and small seas. No guarantees, but it might be the window everyone's looking for.
  404. A

    Follow up on my first splash of the year starting in Morro Bay..

    You can anchor at San Nicolas at night, but the wind often gets bad in the afternoon. I am certainly impressed by any one who takes a 24 feet boat to both San Nicolas and San Miguel, and on the same trip. That takes a lot of planning, and balls. Then again, when the sea's up it doesn't quite...
  405. A

    Cinco De Nada in the LBC

    I wouldn't call it surprising... Saturday was blowing 15 to 20, not conditions you want to be out in a small boat. Long beach area is basically the worst when the wind comes, many times I've returned from an off shore trip to find the area right outside of long beach to be more dangerous than 50...
  406. A

    150 to Izors

    Local limit of sheep head is awesome, thanks for the report.
  407. A

    Follow up on my first splash of the year starting in Morro Bay..

    San Nicholas Island should be no problem for you... Pick a window and go for it. Although, given that you're launching from Channel Islands harbor, why not just go to San Miguel Island? Fishing's better there because you can go deep. San Nicolas Island is 120 feet limit.
  408. A

    Opinions on where to go

    Saying you only need a Mexican fishing license is off. First, you need insurance for your boat. Most companies don't cover Mexico unless you ask them to do it. Second, you need your pass port, because it's a foreign country. Third, while the visa and the boat import permit is not needed as...
  409. A

    Question - how close can you fish to the San Pedro shelf oil rigs?

    That indicates you can fish on a boat under 100 feet in that area, but it doesn't say anything about the 300 feet rule.
  410. A

    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.

    You kill the engine when you’re fighting a fish. But in my opinion having a locator device on you is the single most important safety check. Not always possible to get back to your boat even when the engine is shut off. Locator will bring rescue. Life vest will keep you alive until then.
  411. A

    Pursuit 4-30-18?

    Before the wind, there were yellowtail hanging around the back side of the west end, as well as talks of WSB near the east end. Probably eating live squid. Not sure how it is now, wind and rain keeping most people at home. I've also heard of a few yellowtail at San Clemente Island. But even...
  412. A

    Horseshoe 4/27 - no blow but slooowww

    On the other hand, there used to be albacore...
  413. A

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    Judging by trip length and stopping for yellow, 40 miles out of San Diego at most. Well done.
  414. A

    San Clemente Island report up west

    I’d be more interested in local spots, San Clemente island is relatively easy to be successful in since just about every rock holds a bunch of fish.
  415. A

    BFT seiners- 2017 compared to 2018

    Damn, they fucking killed it on the party boats in 2013. 7% of the ENTIRE Pacific catch is not insignificant. Over 800 tons? No wonder Mexico banned it in their waters the next year and the US went down to a 2 fish limit. It's funny, because we all think of the height of this fishing to be the...
  416. A

    Boating large fish

    100 pound fish can be pulled in from the swim step, easier than from the side, and it won't sink your boat since the swim step is designed to handle a 200 pound guy pulling himself up from the same position. Just don't have too many people standing on the swim step or around it - balance the...
  417. A

    drift fishing

    I don't use a drift sock because I'm lazy, but I also generally fish in the morning when the wind is calm. In order to drift in the typical afternoon wind, you do need a drift sock, or one of those troll motors that keep you in place. The rest of it is as easy as it sounds. You estimate the...
  418. A

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    I don't think the 60 does, maybe because it's too distant so they figure few people would go there. Compare this map: With the 60 mile bank found here: You can see the...
  419. A

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    But should you be able to get a confirmation that can be used as proof, you'll be doing all of us a service. While the 14 miles bank is not worth the trouble, the 60 miles bank is a different story. Not that you need to go that far to get quality fish. But being able to bottom fish the 60 miles...
  420. A

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    There is this: So is the guy who answered the phone right, or is Carrie Wilson right? Might want to direct the question specifically to Carrie Wilson as she explicitly said you cannot fish offshore banks, regardless of...
  421. A

    Dana Point 4/21 - lots of Sheephead

    What I notice about sheep head is that they can be hard to hook. I usually catch sheep head at my rock fish spots at around 10 or 15 to 1. But then I miss many bites, which are either from sheep head or from white fish. When I drop down in hook size, I catch the white fish, but not the sheep...
  422. A

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    Yeah, and sport boats get caught all the time. The captains just pay the price and stay low for a while, before going right back to doing it again...
  423. A

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    Specifically, the boundary lines you need to follow are found here: In practice, probably no one actually follows them but simply fish within 300 feet, but this is what the law says and they can always get you, should you fail to do so. There are...
  424. A

    Bad News for Recreational Fishing?

    Seems like they're going to open up more areas for bottom commercial trawling:
  425. A

    Two men rescued after their boat capsizes off of S. Cruz Island

    Too close to the island probably, shallow water waves are nasty. Or they hit a rock. Nice to see they were prepared though, could’ve been a lot worse.
  426. A

    Horseshoe Kelp 4/14

    More wind coming next week will probably keep the temperature low. Still surprised to see it that low though.
  427. A

    Current Conditions Fishable?

    You'll be dealing with 5 feet left over waves from today's wind. Depends on how much of a stomach your kids have.
  428. A

    How come no one uses 2 piece rods on the west coast?

    There is a community of people on the west coast who use two piece: shore and pier fishermen, mostly those operating 12 to 15 foot set ups that they can't possibly store in a car, but also because you have to carry them for miles and miles of sand and rock, so it benefits you to be able to fold...
  429. A

    2 trips, 3 fish. Horseshoe and Izors

    Bass fishing has been slow so you're not necessarily doing anything wrong. Just a late season due to all the wind and storm and cold water. Only rock fish is consistent right now.
  430. A

    White Seabass hatchery a failure

    The population decline likely has to do with the warm water, same reason lingcod are on the decline in Southern California. Maybe this year will be different due to all the wind but last few years were a trade off: tuna for cold water species, not much you can do.
  431. A

    Help me catch my first yellowtail....questions....

    This year, the season will likely start late, because of the amount of storms we're getting. You can always catch yellowtail south of San Diego and in Mexico as they are there all year, but for the northern bite, it probably won't start in force until summer.
  432. A

    Santa Rosa Island Really Shallow Water Rockfish Report 3/31

    I think the most difficult idea to understand is the relationship between the direction of the swell and the wind. Most people know not to go out when there’s 20 miles per hour wind or 6 feet swells, but many get caught in washing machine conditions in the channel due to 1 to 2 feet wind waves...
  433. A

    Red/cod bite??

    Yeah, it's not easy at all. What I find for rock fish, is that individual fish are very hard to pick out even with decent electronics at 200 to 300 feet, but that often times, you can find bait balls and clouds at around 150 to 200 feet. Quality fish often hide under these balls. Thus, when you...
  434. A

    Red/cod bite??

    Nice work. The way I see it, from the Long Beach area, you either pay for it with years of local fishing experience and many hours of work visiting the hundreds of locations you've got saved up, or you pay for it by spending the gas and going off shore to one of the big rock fish islands like...
  435. A

    Santa Rosa Island Really Shallow Water Rockfish Report 3/31

    Amazing how shallow these fish go up north. Down south, just can't find this quality at 30 feet.
  436. A

    Red/cod bite??

    Long Beach is a tough area so don’t be surprised when you strike out from time to time. Go up north and it’s not even a challenge. Best bait is always live squid, best depth 200 to 300 feet never more than that from what I found
  437. A

    Why do they call WSB biscuits?

    Because they're British.
  438. A

    Where do I go/Who do I go with?

    I'd try to go out on the boat San Diego, from San Diego. There's already a yellowtail bite just south of the border, and by late April, this should improve further. The San Diego is the best boat of the day trip fleet. Can't go wrong with it. Tuna is rarely within day trip reach at this time of...
  439. A

    To get a t top or not.

    I find that people with a top are more willing to go off shore than people who don’t, probably because you can stand the sun for only so long without a top and wearing a big hat while going 30 miles per hour is often not possible. It does get in the way but you can find ways to cast around it.
  440. A

    Wind sucks - local fishing shut down

    For bass fishing, yeah I think it's been slow, though a few days of calm water could pick it back up. But in case you just want to get out and target rock fish or whatever, this weekend's weather is looking excellent. I'm planning a San Clemente Island run, see whether there's any yellowtail...
  441. A

    How's the bait lately?

    Yeah, I agree with that. Rarely ever see private boats at San Nicholas. Whenever I'm there on a party boat, it's just been other party boats. Santa Barbara actually sees more traffic from private boats. But most of them seem to be diving.
  442. A

    How's the bait lately?

    I wouldn't say it's least fished. On opening week, there were three to four sport boats fishing the island every day. El Dorado goes there all spring and fall, Toronado visits it often, and a few of the boats up north comes down from time to time instead of hitting the Channel Islands. By...
  443. A

    Lobster season...a bit of a bust

    Catalina opening night was decent. I got 4 or 5 legals in first set of five nets, and heard many people got limits later but I had to leave before that. The season seems to have been slow for most, could be due to conditions, could be due to pressure, or both. I think with California lobster...
  444. A

    La Jolla spring yellowtail

    WSB posts would have gotten people even more excited. But of course, anything that says TUNA would be at the top of the page for a week.
  445. A

    Rpt.-03-20-18 SCI Rockfish Bonanza!

    Thanks for the report always enjoy your details and pictures. One quick question for you guys, since I also make the west end run from time to time: do you guys circle around the navy closure in zone G or do you hail them for passage through it? The worst swells I’ve encountered at west end...
  446. A

    Catalina / Izors 3/18-20

    East end is usually worse than west end for me, too, so perhaps it's not much of a surprise. But tide was probably a factor, since on Sunday the slack tide was at 10 am, while Monday it's 11 and today it's 12. Party boats hit the islands at the same time every day, so it's always fun to see how...
  447. A

    Catalina / Izors 3/18-20

    Thanks for report, couple party boats been reporting quality rock fishing at Catalina last few days wonder what they’re doing different. When did you fish the east end in the morning? Want to see whether it matches the tide.
  448. A

    South 9 Cod success - 3/18/2018

    Nice job on the catch. The lingcod deficiency down south started last year and has continued to this year. No idea why, might have to do with bait changing - ie more red crabs, less sardines, water temperature, etc. Boccacios love sardines. Basically the top reason for getting a lot of...
  449. A

    What's been working at St. Nic.?

    Going on a party boat, or your own boat? In case it's your own boat, remember you cannot fish more than 120 feet at that island. They've been checking, and a recent party boat got caught.
  450. A

    If You had to catch a meal???

    Are you literally talking about the next four hours...? For day time, there's no contest: sand dabs, 15 hook set up, local Long Beach spots. Easy to catch, no season, don't care about conditions, easy to cook and excellent food value. It's the most reliable local fish to target and you'll go...
  451. A

    3/13/2018 Izor short session report

    Anybody try using white fish as bait? Since they're every where these days it's possible the other fish are starting to eat them. I know sea lions love it because I got one taken from me a few weeks ago.
  452. A

    Lingcod and rockfish migration

    I like the study, in the sense that they actually are willing to say: With tag return rates lower than 5% in most of these cases, it's impossible to make an accurate statement about movement. It's entirely possible that the vast majority of fish moved and so were not captured again; or maybe...
  453. A

    Lingcod and rockfish migration

    I think they must, or else the party boats would’ve fished them out of near shore spots by now. They hit the same spots every day for decades and can still catch a couple quality fish every trip - how else to explain it? Can a fish on popular spots actually evade capture for the years it takes...
  454. A

    Recommended trailer boat for SoCal offshore

    Parker or a similar boat is probably your best option. The reason I say this is because even though Parker is known for bad ride = bad for off shore use by traditional logic, the bait capacity a Parker can hold is a huge advantage in southern California, where much of the off shore fishing is...
  455. A

    What happened to our squid!?

    First, you don't have to use fresh squid. You can use fresh mackerel chunks from mackerel you catch yourself, or sardines, which will work just as well for most types of rock fish. The only issue is more bocaccio since they seem to love those types of bait. Second, you can get relatively fresh...
  456. A

    West Coast Sardine Fishery

    The question is not whether they will recover but what changes this will bring to the next ten years or so of marine life along the coast.
  457. A

    Rpt. 03-08-18 Local Great Weather, Cold Water, Lousy Fishing.

    Indeed, it seems like the fish are key in on red crabs. I'm surprised - the water temperature this year is lower than last and yet they're still around in force? With so much bait it's been difficult to get fish to cooperate but that's no different than it is every year in March and April. This...
  458. A

    Locale Potters, Watson bottom fishing

    Red crab still being around this much north makes me think tuna will not be far behind. As long as the water temperature holds offshore, won't be long now. Just need a couple of weeks of solid weather.
  459. A

    Multi Day Permit

    You can't just fill it out. You have to send it to them 48 hours in advance. While it doesn't say so explicitly, the idea is that you should not be able to connect with land during the trip. Thus, you are told not to dock, etc. In case you get checked by fish and game at the island, and they...
  460. A

    Kayak Ling and Rockfish spots in Central California?

    I'm not a kayak dude but being based out of Santa Barbara I'd think your options were many. Between Santa Barbara and Morro Bay are much of the best rock fishing known in California, with many record fish being taken in the area around San Luis Obispo, and out of Morro Bay. All along the coast...
  461. A

    Locale Potters, Watson bottom fishing

    To add an additional piece to the puzzle, I was out at Santa Monica Bay yesterday. The early morning was very slow. The slack tide at 7:30 am combined with what seemed like tons of squid nests on the bottom made the fish not want to bite. I did score my biggest fish right as I arrived around...
  462. A

    Locale Potters, Watson bottom fishing

    I talked to a guy in the morning yesterday who went to the same place and came back empty handed. He seemed like he knew what he was doing, so I believed him; but now that you said you did well, I'm starting to think it's not necessarily the area that's the problem. The key difference between...
  463. A

    How important is the Modern Fish Act?

    Saw this on the front page: Seems like a lot of recreational organizations are supporting it? What's the practical benefit beyond politics?
  464. A

    St Nicolas Island tonight! 3-2-2018, 1 help out needed

    There’s military at San Nicholas check before you go there might be exercises.
  465. A

    Robalo R180 and 200 Owners: How did you set up your bait tank?

    I raised the same issue with the robalo guys and they said what many people do is install a second tank on the platform across from the swim step platform. You would then run your plumbing down the back of the boat without having to cut up the deck and hull. Personally I just dealt with it, 15...
  466. A

    Cost of fish fileting

    There's your answer. ALL party boat costs are more expensive in San Diego. They charge what they can get and it seems San Diego guys are loaded; though to their credit, they do give much better service in many cases. 99% of boats up north charge $1 to $1.5 per fish. At times $2 when it's a big...
  467. A


    It's funny because I was told Toronado canceled their Thursday trip because of weather. Maybe it's a way of saying they didn't have enough people but still makes you think how people could've thought today was going to be terrible when all the models were predicting flat conditions. Don't they...
  468. A


    Thursday looks okay but I heard trips are getting canceled... Don't know why unless the sport boats know what we don't...? There's a chance of rain I guess. Blow starts Thursday night. No window until next week.
  469. A

    I hate thieves!!!

    And now shops are going to be a lot more careful about allowing people to examine equipment. Fuck this guy.
  470. A

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    Unless you have a big foot.
  471. A

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    Didn't weigh it. Felt to be over a pound but definitely under three.
  472. A

    Rpt.-Wed.-02-21-18 Deep Freeze Local Bass fishing.

    I was out last Sunday and it was similar: meter was amazing, fishing not so much. This is not surprising, though, because with this much bait in the water, the local fish are getting fat and lazy. They're not willing to chase a plastic or a dead squid, when there's tons and tons of live squid...
  473. A

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    10 inches is smaller than you think. That's less than a foot. I caught a 14 inch sculpin about a week back, and thought it was HUGE compared to the ones I see guys keeping on sport boats; it's because the fish doesn't just grow in one direction, and a 14 inch sculpin is actually twice as big as...
  474. A

    California White Seabass NEWS!!!!

    I remember saying about two years ago that the WSB stock has been in decline for the last few years, and that none of the existing methods for fixing the stock were working. Looks like it's continuing. This has to do with the missing squid in a few respects, but since the first year of decline...
  475. A

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    What I don't understand more is how he thought he'd be able to get away with it, when he's doing this as a public business, taking out hundreds of random customers every month. It's like being a tour guide for restricted areas in the middle of the day. It should've been obvious that one of his...
  476. A

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    They have no money because license sales have been going down for years. Americans are voting with their wallet and every attempt at improving the situation has been struck down by Sacramento. Take a guess as to why.
  477. A

    Friday 2/2 PV bassing

    This is for the 91 octane gas at Jankovich? Not bad at all. You can save money by using land gas stations, but make sure it's rated ethanol 10 or less.
  478. A

    CA really needs to make it easier

    Sheep head is closed you should probably not advertise this on the fish and game forum... Yeah the rules are complicated and will take a lawyer to interpret in full, it took years before people even figured out you can’t take rock fish from the 14 miles bank...
  479. A

    Bugging tonight out of Long Beach? Stay home.

    This Tuesday and Wednesday look nice, squid seem to be on a full float recently so WSB should be around...
  480. A

    Giant Black D

    What's with all the big fish in Texas. It's like they have a lot to prove...
  481. A

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    I hate to bring the bad news... But it's not legal to fish for sablefish in southern California. Or rather, it is not legal to pursue them below the 360 feet depth limit that applies to all federal government managed ground fish, which includes sablefish...
  482. A

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    I'm not in the San Diego area so can't give you exact locations, but I would expect any where in the 200 to 350 feet range to be productive, as long as it isn't rock fish territory. Since rock fish territory is generally limited to areas with rocks and sharp drop offs, this isn't usually an...
  483. A

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    Thanks for the report. A couple of comments... First, you don’t need to go that deep. The most abundant concentration of sand dabs are at 200 to 350 feet... Second, two hooks at 600 feet makes me in pain just thinking about it. Fish less deep and with many more hooks, it will be more fun and...
  484. A

    Holy crap

    I do think it's greedy and that it makes a difference, locally. For example, in the Long Beach area, there's just one boat that goes out every year to catch sand dabs during January and February, and you can see that their catch changes dramatically, because the area they're hitting gets fished...
  485. A

    Holy crap

    I'm more surprised they were able to catch exactly 200 sand dabs per person... They go once or twice a week, over a period of two months during which rock fish is closed, for a total of maybe 12 trips the entire year. On a fish per trip basis, it seems a lot, but collectively, it's much less...
  486. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Even the guy who started this thread admits there are more yellowtail now than 30 years ago. Data is not a bad word - in fact it's the only argument that actually matters to the people who make the rules. I'm not asking for changes so I'm not the one who has to produce evidence; the onus is on...
  487. A

    Lee Harvey Azarkon

    For the record, I participate in conservation threads to question assumptions I find weak, and to share what I know about the latest in marine biology, since there's no resident marine biologist who has the time to do the same and most people don't even bother looking up the research. People...
  488. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Key word: bass. Bass fishing is almost religious in how people practice catch and release. But where else is this common? Community can't even get people to release small yellowtail, what makes you think they'll be satisfied with catch and release? I can't see guys who target yellowtail...
  489. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    I don't target small yellowtail. However, the vast majority of yellowtail in California are between 4 to 12 pounds. That was the case 20 years ago and it's still the case today. What are you proposing for these fish, which are highly aggressive, abundant, and form the bulk of the summer...
  490. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    It was changed in 1998, which was indeed decades ago. "The department initiated a minimum size limit on sport caught yellowtail during 1998 in an effort to reduce the catch of one-year-old fish." As far as I know, the exemption for five fish under the size limit has always existed, since the...
  491. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Large fish also don't breed when dead, and they release a lot more eggs. All the while, many of those small fish that you release, won't make it to adults, due to peer competition. That's the trade off. Don't take my word for it. Look up "balanced harvesting" - probably the biggest debate in...
  492. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    I'll keep that in mind, thanks. When people quote me and respond in the negative I assume they're arguing against what I just said, but goal should always be to keep misunderstanding to a minimum.
  493. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    This is what I said: "This yellowtail scare is much closer to the latter than the former. It’s just like the marine protection zones, but worse because there they had a small amount of data and research to back them up where as here we have none. Like I said, it’s not hard to get informed and...
  494. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    What's ignorant is to insist that research isn't needed before regulations are changed. I have no problem with you or anyone saying that you don't like to see small dead yellowtail. I do have a problem with saying no data is needed to justify a significant change in yellowtail laws. Fish...
  495. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    I don't question the fact that your feelings and concern are genuine; what I question is the value of feelings. This is a defense of ignorance. How in the world can you simply assume that you're doing right by the fish population when you don't even attempt to do the necessary research? How do...
  496. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    The regulations for yellowtail have stayed the same for decades without stock collapse, so no, I don't think this is a situation where sufficient caution hasn't already been shown, not to mention I believe recent conditions of the California current have been favoring yellowtail. Knowledge is...
  497. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    You seem to ignore the fact that 99% of the tuna we catch are also baby fish. Why the double standard? People need to get off the out dated belief that minimum size is a holy grail. Recent marine biology research has almost universally shown that selective targeting of large fish is terrible for...
  498. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    This is an assumption. There is no proof that yellowtail can spawn in California except during warm water years. And no proof that when they do spawn, the spawn stays in California. Local yellowtail - the home guards - are nearly always large fish. I don't think that's a coincidence. It's like...
  499. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    I also don't think people appreciate the amount of meat that is on a 4 to 5 pound yellowtail. The largest rock fish I caught this year was just under 5 pounds, and a third of that was the head. A 4 to 5 pound yellowtail would give more meat than that 5 pound rock fish, and that 5 pound rock fish...
  500. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Because it's not a yes or no question, it's two questions in one. The first question is "are you okay with other people keeping 4 to 5 pound yellowtail"? The answer to this is YES, because it's legal and no data says it's not sustainable. The second question is "would you keep 4 to 5 pound...
  501. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    "It's not the government's business." Doesn't get easier than that. I might not support people's decision to keep baby yellowtail, but I'm going to support their right to do it. There are a lot of fishing practices that I don't like, but which are legal; and a lot of fishing practices that I...
  502. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    I'll describe it in a different way - would you support a 20 fish limit for sand dabs? How about a 5 fish limit for rock fish? After all, both of these changes would be better for fish populations, so why don't we do it? Hell, why not lower total fish limits to 3? Who needs more than 3 fish a...
  503. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Several sport boats did go out of business after the 1999 rock fish crash. Others switched to fish like sculpin which then crashed as well, and bass, we all know what happened there. There is a cost to these kinds of changes and no, businesses don’t just “adapt” after a certain stage. I’ve seen...
  504. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    28 inches = 10 pounds according to the chart on page 1. The vast majority of local fish do not meet this definition. A size limit of 28 inches will just about certainly kill sport boat numbers and cause them to shift to other fish. The over night boats that go deep into Mexico or 60 miles off...
  505. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    It wouldn't hurt yellowtail, no. But it could change the cost benefit analysis of what boats target and shift pressure else where, which would hurt those species, instead. Look, the number of boats fishing is increasing, and the standard practice within California is catch and kill, not catch...
  506. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    You're right, anything can happen in the future, but precisely because of that, it wouldn't be right to say that our current laws aren't working. We shouldn't fear the future, and I get the sense a lot of this talk comes from fear. We're worried that we're taking too many yellowtail, so we want...
  507. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    I read marine biology papers in my spare time. Training's in statistics, so I can actually understand most of the math they use, but outside of that, anyone can keep themselves informed by spending the time because the research's all public.
  508. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    I was watching that closely this year, and can tell you that the vast majority of the yellowtail count from the San Diego boats came from Mexico. We'd need to institute a possession slot limit to control what they do in Mexico, and the man power simply isn't available to do that especially with...
  509. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Have you ever caught baby yellowtail when the water's below 60 degrees? The fish isn't known to reproduce in water below 62 degrees, which is why i say it's not a local fish. The height of their spawn is in central Baja, where the water reaches well over 70 degrees. The presence of home guards...
  510. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    First time I heard yellowtail are smarter than BFT... But yellowtail, even the home guards, don't seem to stick around when the water gets cold. Look at 2010 and how shit the yellowtail fishing that year was. Where were the home guards, then? Maybe you can trap them in a harbor and force them...
  511. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    I don't think whether people go a few times a year or many times a year should be relevant to the discussion. I can't see how an argument like 'I only go twice a year so I have a right to bring back rat yellowtail' would work either from a moral perspective or a legal perspective. You fish when...
  512. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    The people who are actually destroying the ocean are industrial commercial fishermen, especially from other countries, yet I see no attempt to impose severe limits on them because money. I stand on the side of recreational fishermen, who have long been the little guy when it comes to fishing...
  513. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    For reference, this is what the management said the last time an idea like this came up. While yellowtail slot limits have never been formally proposed, BFT slot limits were proposed at the federal level for the west coast: The same may or may not apply to yellowtail but judging by the fact...
  514. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    You're assuming yellowtail populations can't handle the current pressure and that what we do is what decides the survival of the species. But we make up only 10 to 15% of the actual range of these fish - just the very northern edge of it. The vast majority of these fish spend their lives in...
  515. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Mexico's one size fits all approach is easy from a regulation perspective but makes no sense for many types of fish. It's more that they just don't bother to check in the first place. How many times have you been stopped by Mexico's fish and game? They care more that you have the documentation...
  516. A


    The Huntington flats is a little different from the area outside of San Clemente and Dana. The descent is so gradual that you have large fields of sand around 80 to 120 feet with no drop off or canyon and the bait is often concentrated right on the horse shoe which is bass and sculpin central...
  517. A

    246 YT on the am 1/2 Day

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I had the same thought, but could not gather this much weather knowledge and data to show it. Yeah, basically I think the warm water off our coast isn't likely to be wiped out by a few January storms. Looking further, I think the million dollar question is -...
  518. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    I get what you're saying, I just don't think there's much evidence showing that it would result in bigger fish. The reason behind a size limit is usually to ensure that the fish has had a chance to reproduce before it's caught, which is important to maintain strong recruitment. But in cases...
  519. A

    246 YT on the am 1/2 Day

    Yeah I agree the next few days are going to see a cold front blow through California, will likely send the fish back to Mexico, then gradually the season will start again, when water temperature hits 63 or so. They're calling for a La Nina early this year, but there's still plenty of warm water...
  520. A


    I think it has to do with the bait fish. During El Nino, they were struggling with all the warm water and pressure from near shore yellowtail, bonito, etc. Now it's getting back to normal and there's more bait in the water, so more opportunities for halibut. Halibut are quite flexible in terms...
  521. A

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    I have a Robalo 200 and would love to see how you install the trolling motor on your 180. I've been considering getting one on mine but figure they would block the front side navigation lights, and I also have a bow rail so it's kind of difficult. I usually see those motors on the bay boat...
  522. A


    Nets work well, they don't struggle as much when you net them compared to when you stick a giant hook into them, as expected. Just keep both the net and fish in the water until you are ready to lift.
  523. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    According to news reports from way back, maybe a hundred years ago, there used to be schools of thousands of yellowtail that would hit the pier and the beach in the fall and winter, but that was before boat fishing took off in California. I don't think there's necessarily less yellowtail today...
  524. A

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    The logic they should make the regulations more strict because the fish have come back in a significant way, doesn't make much sense. Fish and game are concerned first and most with a fish's overall population; they don't operate under the logic that because yellowtail is now more abundant...
  525. A

    Boy this looks like fun

    Yeah I don't know why people hate on them. It's more consistent than targeting halibut and bass this time of the year up north. In northern California they run these sand dab + crab trips and they're popular from what I hear; people in southern California have just been used to tuna and...
  526. A

    Boy this looks like fun

    25 from what I hear.
  527. A

    Boccaccio Worms

    They taste like chicken
  528. A

    Plugged every hole with yellow tail w/ VIDEO

    Been out several times in 2017 with water like that. During the fall and winter it seemed to come along once every two weeks or so, usually a window of 2 or 3 days. Don't remember it happening as much during the spring and summer, certainly makes distant runs easier and more fun. Figure that...
  529. A

    Trigger fish

    Guess they like warm water. Which side of the peninsula? In case it is the one that faces the open ocean, we should expect more of them in California, since our water is getting more warm every year.
  530. A

    Local Redondo Yellowtail in January...

    They got one yesterday, too, which I wrote off as chance, but today they seemed to have gotten a dozen...
  531. A

    Local Redondo Yellowtail in January...

    Am I reading it right?
  532. A

    1st Offshore Season in New Rig

    When I was looking for a boat, this was on my short list. Ultimately I went with a smaller center console because I figured I'd get out more when the expenses per trip were less, but I don't think I would've gone wrong with one of these, either: the fuel economy from what I remember was around...
  533. A

    Fishing for Rockfish in Mexican Waters After Jan 1?

    Yes to both questions, it’s always been legal to bring rock fish back from Mexico unless there’s a possession ban, which exists for three species of rock fish only: cow, bronze, and yellow eye. Those you cannot bring back. As for sand dabs there’s no closed season and no limit so take what you...
  534. A

    Sculpin Closed Until March 1 2018...?

    Probably a mistake, then. They usually announce changes like this.
  535. A

    Final trip of the year

    Nice quality for Santa Monica bay.
  536. A

    12/31 sb rockfish last day

    No worry, I figured it out. Thought I knew all the islands by appearance but seems I missed one...
  537. A

    Sculpin Closed Until March 1 2018...?

    I came across this while trying to answer another guy's question, but thought it was too important not to post in a separate thread. Fish and game updated their web site with 2018 rules this morning: Here is what it...
  538. A

    what's in season??

    Not much to add, except that white fish is also closed as are certain sharks. It's easier to figure out what's open than what's closed and this web site usually has it right: Green = open. In terms of sculpin... It...
  539. A

    12/30 new boat break-in @ Horseshoe- big ling and rockfish

    I was out Saturday too and cannot imagine navigating that fog without a radar or similar device. Stopped three times by a boat passing in front of me that I likely would’ve hit or had to dodge at the last minute without a radar. As it is it was a nervous but safe journey all the way to San...
  540. A

    12/31 sb rockfish last day

    Nice catch, happy New Years. I can’t quite identify the island is that Santa Rosa?
  541. A

    Why do people fish the groupon boats?

    Like most people here, I started my ocean fishing journey with shore and party boat fishing. I found much to love about both, and still do them. So believe me when I say, I'm trying to keep an open mind. But what I just can't get is, why do so many people fish groupon boats? Yeah, it's cheap...
  542. A

    Rockfishing Deep. How to make it more productive and easier.

    Could well be the way to go for Mexico fishing 600 feet or more; you don't want to go up and down with 2 pounds of weight in 600 feet of water. But on a party boat up in California, I don't think the captain's going to be happy with people breaking off their weights and having the fish float...
  543. A

    Whistler 12/30/17

    Yellowtail around New Years is special no matter how you look at it.
  544. A

    Dec 29- MDR last day out this year

    24 years on the engine wow, they don’t make them like that any more, how many hours?
  545. A

    12/30 new boat break-in @ Horseshoe- big ling and rockfish

    No better way to break in a boat than to catch fish with it, congratulations and happy New Years! Many fishing adventures ahead.
  546. A

    Fish ID

    What they said. Very common fish actually, but hard to catch because of small mouth
  547. A

    Frustrating night hooping

    The fish and game research you're referring to is two years old, in terms of data: The last sample is from the 2015-2016 season. We're now half way through the 2017-2018 season. Indeed, it changes from year to year, but one trend...
  548. A

    Frustrating night hooping

    We'll see. My prediction is that there will be severe changes to the lobster regulations in the next few years. In fact there have already been new limits put in place - for example the trap limit that didn’t use to exist until the last year. Like it or not, the pressure is getting worse every...
  549. A

    To Kill A Ling...

    Consistent lingcod fishing, year after year, only happens from the Channel Islands north. Down south, it's always a matter of whether they happen to be around. At times you can find holes that produce season after season, but it's more luck than anything else. In terms of fishing method...
  550. A

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    When I'm the one asking, I pay. I'm not going to say "hey dude, do you want to go fishing with me on my boat? For $100?" I'm also not going to say, "hey dude, do you want to go fishing with me on your boat? For free?" I expect the same from others. A guy who puts an offer out as a boat buddy...
  551. A

    Friday 12/22 - Reds and Lings and ......

    Since you seem capable of running the distance, I'd also look at the Coronado Islands, San Clemente Island, and San Nicolas Island as options. Just look for hard bottom around these islands and it's usually on. Be aware you can only fish up to 120 feet at San Nicolas Island.
  552. A

    For those wondering about the rock fish depth laws, read this... I remember we've had several discussions about this topic just in this year. The article above was written by Merit McCrea, who acted as a committee lead for the recreational fishing camp in...
  553. A

    Rpt.-12-19-17 SCI Lings, Reds, Coppers w/Pic's.

    Nice fishing. Congratulations on finding quality lingcod at that island this year! I'll have to give it another try before the season closes.
  554. A

    Missing Boston Whaler Avalon to Dana Pt

    Yeah, I was this close to making the run about two weeks ago, during a calm period. I was already at Santa Barbara Island and it looked calm enough to do the 30 mile crossing, but I had second thoughts due to the cold water. Maybe next summer.
  555. A

    SoCal sheepshead....

    The statement about taking only what you need should be practiced for all fish, but sheep head especially are important for the health of the kelp forests. They're having a disaster up north due to the star fish die off and sea urchins exploding in population, too few sheep head up there to keep...
  556. A

    Frustrating night hooping

    I looked up the commercial regulations, and it seems that there is a trap limit, as of 2017: Each permit now allows for 300 traps. There's around 150 to 190 permits out there, from what I've read. The math says a maximum of around 50,000 traps, but no numbers on how many are actually used. I...
  557. A

    Frustrating night hooping

    Hoop net crowd is indeed getting larger every year, but it seems focused on the first few weeks. In the Long Beach area, for example, I've been out several times at night, and each time I only see a few private boats targeting lobster after November. Maybe the crowd is all at Catalina, haven't...
  558. A

    Frustrating night hooping

    Yeah, so... Lobsters make people into ass holes, it seems. I was at Santa Barbara Island recently. There were hundreds of commercial lobster traps surrounding the island. Every single structure spot outside of the kelp and many within them were taken up by lobster traps. There was literally no...
  559. A

    Missing Boston Whaler Avalon to Dana Pt

    People do all sorts of crazy runs with small boats. We had one guy here just a few weeks ago who made a report of himself running to San Clemente Island in the dark with an inflatable boat. I would never do it, but then again I was the guy who asked about running to San Nicolas Island on a 21...
  560. A

    Missing Boston Whaler Avalon to Dana Pt

    So did they or didn’t they find them? I assume they did or it would be making the news? Not smart being out there Saturday on any boat, but hope they didn’t pay for it with their lives.
  561. A

    2018 Abalone Season - Closed - BS

    Wouldn’t the star fish get them back under control once they recover from that die off a while back? What is preventing star fish from coming back?
  562. A

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    It depends a lot on the launch facility you use. I see a lot of people here drive their boat off the trailer, this is only possible when the space isn’t so tight that there’s multiple boats launching within a few feet of each other, as happens in the summer at popular launch ramps. At sunset...
  563. A

    Fresh frozen Squid ?

    I have never seen a difference between Asian market squid and fresh dead squid that is then frozen. I ran an experiment a while back where I took left over live squid, froze them for a week, and compared them to market squid in fishing ability. No difference, though to be fair I only targeted...
  564. A

    SoCal sheepshead....

    Sheep head start life as female and then as needed they become males... that’s why every small sheep head is a female and there aren’t as many males, it’s not a one to one balance as in other species. One of the most unique fish we have local.
  565. A

    SoCal sheepshead....

    El dorado or toronado San Nicholas island trips, like the guy above said, you’ll thank us later... Near shore sheep head requires more luck and patience, you could go a year without catching any on a day sport boat, it’s just not as common.
  566. A

    Fact or Fiction: Dolphin are caught while Live lining and jigging.

    Sea lions get caught all the time, as do birds. Hell of a fight when they do as they will jump out of the water and seem to be more strong than a fish the same size. Dolphins never seen it but commercial guys do catch them on long line from time to time, sad when it happens.
  567. A

    Theives on a party boat

    To the guy asking how you can prevent it, I’ve lost fish before that were on a string in a group and had my number tag on several fish in the group. Dedicated thieves can steal anything. Either guard your bag like an eagle or accept that it will happen now and then. Thieves suck but fortunately...
  568. A

    BFT @ 60 Mile Bank 12/14

    Nice Christmas present even though it doesn’t feel like Christmas
  569. A

    Rpt.-12-13-17 SCI Reds and Whites.

    Hey Jeff, thanks for the story, I always enjoy those, and I appreciate your offer very much. But I'm not going to ask you for your numbers, because I really do believe that you should keep those to yourself, especially since they came down from such a distinguished history of fishing with your...
  570. A

    Rpt.-12-13-17 SCI Reds and Whites.

    No, you're right. With the days getting shorter, and fuel more expensive, it IS better to do what you do. Running to San Clemente Island guarantees success, but it's also a long trip where you often spend more time running the boat than fishing. I hate the fact that whenever I make the run, I...
  571. A

    Rpt.-12-13-17 SCI Reds and Whites.

    Well, I don't fish Catalina very often because to me, crossing that channel is often the worst part of a trip, so should I cross it, I can afford to go the extra 25 miles to San Clemente Island or Santa Barbara Island. I'm sure there are areas in Catalina where there are big rock fish. But on...
  572. A

    Rpt.-12-13-17 SCI Reds and Whites.

    I have to disagree. The Long Beach area CAN produce amazing bottom fishing at times. But San Clemente Island is much more consistent. You literally cannot go wrong when you go there. Just pick any rock in 200 feet and there will be lots of fish around it. The only problem is when those fish turn...
  573. A

    Rpt.-12-13-17 SCI Reds and Whites.

    There are quite a few commercial that island, so I'm not too surprised they were there. The navy probably helps them keep an eye on the boat count. Nice fishing as always but it seems I wasn't alone in missing the lingcod - water might be too warm for this time of the year.
  574. A

    Bad news for you Abalone fishermen. Closed for good?

    I've always been curious about what the government's policy towards "natural" ecological changes - that is to say, not caused by fishing - is. I use "natural" of course, because of all the controversy over climate change and our role in it, but the bottom line here is that the environment and...
  575. A

    Maiden at PV, Shoe 12-12

    Been waiting for this post since you got the boat. Congratulations on the successful first trip. I think you might want to consider adding a top. I have a similar boat and always thought the top gave me decent sun protection in the summer, while still allowing enough wind through to not feel...
  576. A

    In the smoke

    I'm sure they will. The Arguello area hasn't been touched for more than a decade due to the marine protection laws. That said, don't put too much pressure on it, that's where they measure rock fish population, and we don't want more of it to shut down.
  577. A

    Guadalupe question. Does a private boat need a permit?

    Plenty of tuna options without going to Guadalupe, just follow the sport scene using fishdope. No bottom fishing at Guadalupe even with a permit and the island doesn’t always produce. Would be a shame to go 250 miles offshore for no bites. I'd start small until you're comfortable with the...
  578. A

    In the smoke

    Back in the day the arguello canyons were known as the best rock fishing place any where in the southern half of California. You can’t fish it any more due to depth but it doesn’t surprise me at all the area around it is still rich with rock fish. Maybe one day they’ll let us get a shot at that...
  579. A

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    Either way, I don't think there's much we can do about it. The US isn't even that significant to the process any more. China and India are much bigger problems according to climate scientists, so just the fact the US is on one side or another, isn't going to change the long term result. I'm not...
  580. A

    Toronado bluefin bite, Overnight trip.

    Local tuna in December, three years ago, would have resulted in 50 pages, easy... Today it's like... Call me when it's 300 pound BFT. Yeah, I'd say we're getting too used to it. A cold water year will wake people up.
  581. A

    Fun day of winter bassing at SCI / Sunday 12/10/17

    60 miles in 105 minutes, impressive speed and driving! How fast were you guys going? I can never get the boat to go in an exact line so it always takes me about 2 hours or more to get to San Clemente Island.
  582. A

    Long Beach Report, Saturday 12/10

    The local bite can definitely be better than Catalina especially for the bottom fish. That island receives way too much pressure from boats all over southern California, not to mention the guys who live on the island. There are still spots in Catalina where fishing can be decent but it takes a...
  583. A

    Freedom boat club ?

    Benefits: No cleaning and maintenance, no launch or retrieve New boats every year, kind of like a car lease Less expensive than owning new, believe it’s $5000 each year around but there’s an initial cost of a couple thousand Down sides: They have about 7 customers to every boat, so you can...
  584. A

    Robalo R265 Problems Brand New Boat

    This is a very serious problem - salt water in the tank not only does damage to the tank over time, but it can stop a boat cold in the water. Was it happening because of the changes you made? What model of boat do you have?
  585. A

    Bites ON! I want to take the boat out, but whats with the weather?

    I see a window on Friday for small boats, that's about it. The week after seems TERRIBLE even on big boats.
  586. A

    What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

    I think we could all benefit from your estimate of how much it costs you to run your 60 feet Hatteras.
  587. A

    SCI Bass and Big Bluefin Sighting Inside Catalina 12/2/17

    They have found that in recent years, a much larger % of the Pacific BFT population is migrating to our coast: This has obvious consequences on our role in the global fishing chain of BFT. I'm sure the way the San Diego...
  588. A

    SCI Bass and Big Bluefin Sighting Inside Catalina 12/2/17

    I am pretty sure we took up a larger % of the Pacific BFT catch last few years compared to the previous decade... Works for me but I can see how this also makes it harder for us to argue that sport catches are irrelevant to BFT populations. There's a current push all over the world to reduce...
  589. A

    I hate paying launch fees...need annual pass or free access. LB area

    Sure, there's an all included pass... Sunset Aquatics Marina, store, launch, and park your boat as many times as you want... For $2500 a year...
  590. A

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    I think when most people hear the word Bayliner, they think of a boat like this: Which definitely ISN'T for off shore fishing. But I think the boat the guy's talking about is the Bayliner Trophy 2352: Opinions on this line of boats seem to be a matter of disagreement. Many people hear...
  591. A

    Robalo R265 Problems Brand New Boat

    Sounds terrible. My experiences with our local Robalo dealer in California has been 99% positive, so I can't relate, but the issues you're having definitely has to do with the dealer, considering it's a demo boat. Also, Robalo's specialty is center consoles especially those in southern, warm...
  592. A

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    Wait, since when did the 60 miles bank become international water? Doesn't the federal government have control of all waters north of the Mexican ocean border out to 200 miles?
  593. A

    12/1 SCI Report

    Thanks for the report. For reference, this is a cow cod, from pictures taken by our own members: This is a vermillion rock fish - "red": Cow cod have distinctive spines and are usually orange looking with three dark lines. Vermillion rock fish have black scratch all over the top of their...
  594. A

    Black Friday at SCI / 2nd best day of calico fishing ever...

    Not only is fishing at Castle Rock closed, but you're supposed to contact the Navy for even passing through that area, up to three miles out. Yet multiple times I've seen boats, including party boats, fishing in that area... People don't seem to know the rules very well or just ignore it often...
  595. A

    Limits bft. But that was not was special. 11-30 video

    Think about what the whale sees under water and it's almost like that one whale is trying to imitate the boat up side down. In any case, we need more of these to control the sea lions.
  596. A

    Anyone fish San Nich lately?

    Only six people is on for tonight. Light load but might not get off the dock.
  597. A

    Is it really November

    It's December and they're still getting tuna...
  598. A

    What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

    I think owning a big boat was pretty much every fisherman's dream at one time or another. But in the end, unless you're loaded and can shrug off a $50,000 rebuild like it's nothing, you should ask yourself this question: What are you planning to use the boat for? I started off on my boat...
  599. A

    Black Friday at SCI / 2nd best day of calico fishing ever...

    I know, I consider those fresh water fish though. I also know they are both. Just trying to find out why California fish and game considers slot limits a poor management instrument.
  600. A

    Black Friday at SCI / 2nd best day of calico fishing ever...

    California has never used a slot limit on any salt water fish that I know of. Must be a reason for it? Seems like it's big on the east coast, but every time it's been proposed for a species in California fish and game have argued that it doesn't help.
  601. A

    Limits of BFT for SD fleet today-is my Calendar Broke?

    It’s due to the warm water down south that refuse to go away even though we’re in a La Niña, don’t know how long it’s going to last but it’s still there last I check.
  602. A

    Suggestions for live bait?

    For rock fish? Live squid will be better 9 times out of 10. But they're also more expensive and aren't completely necessary.
  603. A

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Exactly as expected, doesn’t significantly affect Mexican commercial fishing, which mostly happens along the migration paths with super seiners running down schools and using fish attraction devices, so considered a win win situation for environmentalists and governments. Of course, sport...
  604. A

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    It's the same every where around the world... Bribe the right officials and get permits, or you're out because of the "environment." Current US Mexican relations doesn't help, but even under a friendly government we would expect similar results, because it makes politicians LOOK like they're...
  605. A

    Catalina lobster and fish ID help

    It's all illegal. Where you can't take rock fish, you also can't take sheep, white fish, lingcod, etc. Basically all bottom fish outside of a few exceptions like sand dabs. The only reason you might be able to take sheep from the Tanner and Cortes banks is that those banks have their own fathom...
  606. A

    Catalina lobster and fish ID help

    Straight from the mouth of fish and game: A lot of people don't know this rule or follow it, but they can always get you for it.
  607. A

    Catalina lobster and fish ID help

    Nice catch, but the 14 mile bank is off limits for rock fishing, just a head up.
  608. A

    Dana Point 11/19 - Picked up a hitch hiker

    They seem to be more common these last few years but exercise conservation and don’t take more than you can eat. These fish were in decline for a long time due to commercial fishing.
  609. A

    2320 fuel range

    It's a high fuel capacity boat with decent performance so I'd say 300 miles. It'll certainly take you any where you want to go in Southern California, range wise, but the ride will probably have you pick your days.
  610. A

    Go to for lings

    There are definitely monsters at the Channel Islands. 30 pound lingcod I've seen and also vermillions the size of cow cod. And of course, actual cow cod.
  611. A

    29 people on a 65 foot boat should not be called limited load

    29 people on a 65 feet boat is considered limited load because the half day and full day boats put 80 people on a 85 feet boat. I've even seen 90.
  612. A

    Good day at catalina

    Weather man wasn’t wrong about today just not a lot of people at Catalina due to poor reports of fish but you might change that
  613. A

    37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    The year before, when they caught 40 BFT from 20 to 50 pounds on a trip, I thought, it doesn't get much better than this. Last year, when they caught 40 BFT from 60 to 80 pounds on a two day trip, I thought, it can't get any better than this. Early this year, when they caught 40 BFT from 100...
  614. A

    Aztec coming in - HOLY CRAP!

    Yeah, and people will look back in 20 years and say, "damn what happened to those days?"
  615. A

    Aztec coming in - HOLY CRAP!

    The weather is likely to keep small private boats away for a while - the north west storms are coming down every day now. I can see a few with big boats who would risk it though.
  616. A

    Tuna on a dinghy

    For a break down, yeah, they'll take their sweet time because you're not in any immediate danger and they don't want to waste fuel. But for a man in the water, they'll send a helicopter or call the navy for support for people who get into trouble next to San Clemente, as long as the weather...
  617. A

    Mako off Redondo 270

    Never seen a shark with three tail fins...
  618. A

    2018 Predictions?

    Given the last few years, perhaps the best attitude is to not try to predict anything. But since I'm bored at work, and the San Diego boats are out catching limits of tuna in the middle of November, I kind of want to talk about next year... I see a lot of blue down south, but a bunch of red...
  619. A

    Old Glory tonight

    Tuna in November is always fun.
  620. A

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Nice post. I'll ask the obvious: how do the 30 or so feet Cabos, Albemarles, etc. compare with Radon?
  621. A

    Two Saturdays at Two Islands 11/4 & 11/11 Report

    Hey Erik, Nice reports as always and I'll read the whole report as I get time, but you might want to take a look at the wind and swell resources at:, since from what I remember the forecast for both last Saturday and this Saturday was spot on. I definitely remember it...
  622. A

    Toranado 11/11

    There was a wide open YFT bite Saturday. Freedom was on it. Probably didn't pass the information onto the Toronado.
  623. A

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    I would trust sport captains, too, for safety reasons, but like I said, I've gone out in gale wind warnings on a sport boat before where the captain would say, "hey guys we can't fish the back side of the island because it's 40 miles wind over there so I'm going to keep to the front." They can...
  624. A

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    Actually my experience is that the national weather service will under estimate the weather when you use the local area service. I too use the wind website to start with and then combine it with referencing other models. It’s important to take into account both the wind and the swell period...
  625. A

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    Remember it's only going to get worse next week...
  626. A

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    After a major wind event the ocean is not just going to go back to being calm right away. There will be left over swell force as well as cold water turned up by the wind, which affects both safety and fishing.
  627. A

    Killer Bonito/Limts of rockfish

    Thanks for the report. How was the current? Last time I was at Catalina setting up a drift for 200 to 300 feet was difficult due to the wind and current, is it better now?
  628. A

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    Remember - that 4 to 5 feet is without the wind swell. This is why, in the combined weather at the top of the page, it says 6 feet swell on Saturday, which is huge on a small boat but not that bad on a sport boat as long as the wind is okay, which it is.
  629. A

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    All next week. This week, up to today, has been relatively nice. In fact, today is so nice, you have like 1 to 2 feet waves 80 miles offshore = lake conditions. This would've been the day to make a long offshore trip. Next week, however, is going to be a shit storm, with predicted 30 miles per...
  630. A

    The San Diego Caught 112 Yellows Today

    So what's the deal with the new island restrictions? I thought you needed to get a new pass to fish there now?
  631. A

    Lingcod: is it just me or do they seem less common this year?

    There also seems to be more sheep head and white fish in Southern California in recent years, might be the same reason.
  632. A

    South and Solo - 11/6

    What sort of suit do you use? Is it a dry suit?
  633. A

    Horseshoe hot again 11/6 early

    It is almost impossible to get through mackerel to reach bonito, unless there's a significant size difference, in which case, bigger bait. One option for similar size fish is to just go with a strong six or eight hook with feather set up, you'll get lots of mackerel but a few bonito with it as...
  634. A

    Sat night

    You're getting short lobsters, so you're doing it right. I've never heard of an equipment failure that results in only short lobsters being caught. Well, maybe net size matters in case they can't get in, but I would be very surprised since the difference between a short and a legal isn't that...
  635. A

    Saturday before the rain

    I was at Catalina the same day, weather was indeed a little rough and I didn't see many boats for a Saturday. I don't think it was quite 15 to 20 in the channel because that would've been scary, but the current was indeed too much to fish on the drift, except for maybe for an hour or two around...
  636. A

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    There are people on another forum saying that taking on water was probably another way of saying - I had an illegal amount of fish in the hold, but now no one will know. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt though, and no one deserves to sink regardless. I hope this event will be a lesson...
  637. A

    Name That Fish

    It can get confusing because the sargo, after it dies, takes on a dark color.
  638. A

    Eldorado and Mirage info

    I think that was back when Tucker ran the boat; his new boat is the same way - very few open party trips, almost always serving a private party. For the Mirage though, last time I looked them up last year, they still do get the most lingcod of all Channel Islands sport boats, and their WSB...
  639. A

    Eldorado and Mirage info

    They were still doing very well a year ago... You're saying the captain changed again?
  640. A

    Eldorado and Mirage info

    The Mirage is a significantly smaller boat than the El Dorado. I think 65 feet, while the El Dorado is 85 feet. This makes a large difference in room and ride. I have gotten sea sick before on the Mirage, during the night. I have never gotten sea sick on the El Dorado and it is usually a very...
  641. A

    Lingcod: is it just me or do they seem less common this year?

    Of the two lingcod I did catch, one of them had a whole rock fish in its stomach, the other I couldn't tell. Just more information I guess. I do think it might be the warm water temperature as I remember there being more lingcod in past years by this time down south.
  642. A

    Lingcod: is it just me or do they seem less common this year?

    I'll start with a small report - two recent trips, one to San Clemente Island, and one to Santa Barbara Island, produced just 1 barely legal lingcod each, both on the iron even though my friend fished live bait all day long. I thought depth was the issue at Santa Barbara Island, since we could...
  643. A

    SCI Schedule/Safety Zones help

    It’s illegal to be inside the 3 miles zone during operations. It’s not illegal to be inside the black areas outside of 3 miles but the navy will still force you to move when they need the area. It’s for your own safety since they will be dropping bombs, firing shots, etc. Always listen to 16...
  644. A

    What went wrong with this boat?

    Radons are made specifically for this purpose: to run fast and stable in a large following sea. So yeah, I'm not surprised. They are almost perfect boats for day trips in California. I say almost, because I don't think they are advertised as not sinking, which could be a problem since should a...
  645. A

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    Can we pay them to do the release offshore? You know... Preferably in the middle of a tuna school.
  646. A

    What went wrong with this boat?

    I found a better video of it here, which shows the boat coming in about 2 to 3 seconds before the other video.
  647. A

    What went wrong with this boat?

    This was on the Washington fishing forum but I thought I'd open a discussion here, since there is an increasing popularity of bay / flat boats on the West coast. Watch the video, look at how the conditions caused this boat to fail in rough water, and then give your opinions...
  648. A

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    I'm not saying I'd allow my kid to throw up for 3 hours before going back, but I do know a lot of people who think protecting kids too much is bad for them, and that they should be able to tough it out in these situations. Like you said it's just an opinion either way.
  649. A

    Solo Swordfish

    Excellent advice and I appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your experience. But with that said, I want to warn people that it is NOT legal to use either sablefish or small barracuda as bait for sport purposes. Small barracuda is obvious - any time you can't keep a size of fish, you...
  650. A

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    The guy probably spent close to $500 for the trip and was with his old business partner, so I can understand staying longer even though the kid got sick. I've seen kids get sea sick and throw up on party boats and they're more tough than you think.
  651. A

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    As much as I want this to matter, Asia is a much, much bigger market for tuna so I don't think Mexico will fish for tuna less because of it.
  652. A

    Solo Swordfish

    This would be report of the year with more pictures but it already qualifies even without. A lot of people, me included, have been talking about deep dropping for swords, but you actually did it, and that to me is already very impressive. But to do it by yourself, that's the extra cream on top...
  653. A

    LA Nina coming up

    That doesn't sound like hope... Fortunately I like rock fish. Judging by past conditions, there will probably be better WSB fishing, as well.
  654. A

    Preparing for next years tuna bite, need suggestions...

    Well, what I'm saying is, I think for the typical 10 to 40 pound YFT, any set up you normally use for yellowtail will work. You don't need a special set up for it. Just a typical 40 to 50 pound set up and ugly sticks will work just fine. It's the big BFT that you need a special set up for...
  655. A

    Tuna on a dinghy

    Thursday's weather, I could totally see you at San Clemente Island, or even further out. Don't see many days like that in a year, though. Most days, the afternoon wind is the problem going the distance on a smaller boat. Typical long period swell like those yesterday is basically insignificant...
  656. A

    Preparing for next years tuna bite, need suggestions...

    I wouldn't buy a set up just for the chance that there will be big tuna next year. Don't expect tuna rods and reels to be sold out, either, so you shouldn't need to be in a hurry. What might run out quick is Shimano flat falls. In fact, those were the only equipment for tuna that I couldn't...
  657. A

    Rpt.-Thur.-10-26-17 SCI Tails!

    Thanks for the report as always! Love the detail, except for where the hook got into the finger, I think I was in pain just from reading that. But what is "west" end and "east" end with respect to San Clemente Island? I always thought this was a north, south type of island. Judging by what...
  658. A

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    China isn't forcing us to buy their farm shrimp and fish. They're selling us that shit because WE - that is to say, the average American - WANT it. There's no one holding a gun to our head saying we got to buy cheap fast food shrimp and fish - we CHOOSE to do it because, hell, it's become...
  659. A

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    Lobster exports to China are big money. Big money = big taxes. The state has no reason to shut down a major tax source, unless voters demand it, and I doubt that will happen considering how few voters care about local lobsters. Most likely commercial interests will win out over sport interests...
  660. A

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    I think it has more to do with changing water temperature. Compare 2010 BFT fishing to after 2014 El Nino BFT fishing, it's a huge difference. We haven't had a cold water year in a while although one might be coming up. Lobsters in theory should do better with warm water temperature, too, but I...
  661. A

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    Yeah, it's sad to think about it. On the other hand, I hear that the rock fishing is better than it was in the early 2000, and the recent BFT run has been called the best in thirty years, so maybe it's not all bad. For people who fished back in 2000 for rock fish or BFT, now might actually be...
  662. A

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    I think there's very little chance of them running out of business with how high Chinese demand is right now; and it'll only increase since their economy is still growing.
  663. A

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    They might actually prefer warm water since water temperature is what causes them to migrate to shallow waters in the spring and summer. The species of lobster to which California lobsters belong are found all the way in southern Mexico, which tells us they're okay with warm water. There's also...
  664. A

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    It might help, but would affect genetic diversity, making the population more weak to disease over time. Males aren't completely useless, you know... The bigger issue with lobsters, in my opinion, is pressure in specific areas. There is excessive pressure in near shore places like Long Beach...
  665. A

    Aztec-Super Cow

    Tuna trips SHOULD be go big or go home... No value switching to rock fish after the guys paid $500 for a trip. You can't get enough rock fish to cover those costs, ever, and nobody pays $500 to go on a rock fish trip. Now, whether you as a captain should go to the island for yellowtail is a...
  666. A

    San Clemente island 10-27-17,looking for a buddy boat

    I will not be going due to other commitments but just so you know Thursday is looking to be the best day this week, in terms of weather. 90% of my sources say that Thursday will be like 5 miles per hour wind or less all day at the island. Friday the wind will be picking up again a little but...
  667. A

    Small boat/skiff options

    Since money seems to be an issue I would advise against comparing kayaks with boats. The maintenance cost of a boat is immense compared to a kayak. Service cost on an engine can be over $500 every 100 hours even at the low end, and then you have to factor in repair costs for an old boat which...
  668. A

    Fishing the 14 mile bank

    I would not fish at the 14 miles bank.
  669. A

    Yamaha engine service going rates

    Thanks for all the answers. The price of service for my 150 is generally in the $600 to $700 range these days and it's getting to where I'm starting to hate going out and putting hours into my boat, so that's why I'm looking into doing it myself. The average boat owner puts 50 hours a year into...
  670. <