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    Did you put a silencer kit on the blower or did you rig up something else? This doesn’t appear to be the rubber hose or even the Volvo $ilencer. My Inquiring mind wants to know!!
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    Anchor Package - heavy duty

    Where are you located? I'm quasi interested... although it might be a bit much for my locker and I'm not positive the chain will work with my windlass.
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    Piston rings?? Parts as in full rebuild?
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    For Sale Xantrex Freedom HF1800 inverter Charger

    Not pictured is the Inverter controller. I am guessing it's left at my storage. Let me know if you're interested. Unit works fine.
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    How much anchor rode?

    How deep are you anchoring over there?
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    How much anchor rode?

    Awesome reply, thank you!
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    How much anchor rode?

    I get it... if 600 feet is good, 625 feet is better. Unfortunately, I don't know how much rode will fit in the locker until it's in the locker. Maybe it'll take 500, maybe it takes 250. I was hoping for a "usable minimum" to get an idea of where I need to start. Thanks everyone for their input!
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    How much anchor rode?

    I think we're damn near neighbors, actually. I've been paying for an empty slip down there for some time. Been moved around a bit...I am now paying for 142. Hope to be back by July 4, if not Father's day. It's been a LOOONNNNGGGGGGG repower and rewire project ;)
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    How much anchor rode?

    29 Phoenix slipped at Seaworld in Mission Bay. Good Windlass--I will use 8 plait rode. I figured at least 30' of chain, possibly 45. Current anchor is a Fortress, might look into a Delta style later. I see San Clemente in my future...not sure where else. Thanks!
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    For Sale Xantrex Freedom HF1800 inverter Charger

    I’ll get them tomorrow for you.
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    What Rod for the Kite and a 50W?

    Just about done with the repower...gotta start thinking of fish now!
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    Wiring diagram for battery, charger and switches.

    Order a proisocharge and be done with it.
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    For Sale Fraser Optics 14x40 Stedi-Eye Observer Stabilized Binocular (update 10 May)

    This works both ways... what’s the difference between that and: me sending you cash (PayPal FnF or money order) without providing any goods whatsoever having said that, I’m interested, but I’d do PayPal +3% with protection.
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    For Sale Xantrex Freedom HF1800 inverter Charger

    Used.has some resin and paint drips on it. Comes with remote and a never used BEP DVSR. $400 in riverside
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    For Sale Raymarine S1 complete system

    Lets get this thing sold. $450.
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    Bent strut

    I did not replace the cutlass. The flanges stay away .003 as the shaft is rotated. Indicates a straight shaft.
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    Possible Bent strut

    Exactly my concern. I'm not even sore how or where to even order one if need be. I'm hoping to have a shaft coupler mailed and rigged up to the zf63 this weekend. I'll put a hole dead center and insert a rifle bore siting laser in it to see how far away from the center of strut I am either...
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    Bent strut

    Did a repower, trying to align engines. When the engine and shaft are properly aligned, the engine is in crooked. Previous Engines were never in this crooked, and I never hit anything underway. Boat was craned onto guess, previous mechanic did a poor job of alignment, but who...
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    Bent strut

    Can they be repaired? Where at.... I'm in riverside. Thank you
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    Possible Bent strut

    Can they be repaired? Where at.... I'm in riverside. Thank you
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    covid-19 and sport boats

    Maybe it will kill off the bed bugs
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    Attn. Ali causes a 60% drop in BD traffic

    I'm not a fan either. I spend a lot less time here because of it
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    Marine fuel tank builder recommendations...

    American tanks. Wyatt, aka Vince, is the man!
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    What is your boat size and battery bank AMP Hour?

    My experience with any battery is if it discharges at all under 12volts, it’s dead. Now, I’ve read the firefly carbon foam batteries will handle it and retain 100% capacity. I may end up the route next time. No worries. An awesome device I wired in was the Balmar SG
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    What is your boat size and battery bank AMP Hour?

    Be careful, that gives you 225 amp hours at 12v and only 75 amp hours of use.
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    What is your boat size and battery bank AMP Hour?

    I have rewired my whole boat and switched some items up. 29 Phoenix No Generator (3) 12 volt 100 amp hour batteries. This set up will give me 120-150 usable amp hours on the boat. One piece of advice to everyone--Ditch your flooded acid batteries for AGMs. More usable AMP hours and zero...
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    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Amen. God bless you, and Sheryl. You both are in my prayers.
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    How Important is Spiking or ikejime your fish?

    From what I've read, since tuna can regulate their body temperature, when they're placed in an ice bath, the will shiver. This is what causes burn in the meat. This is the reason for running the wire down their spine, to kill any nerves thus preventing the shiver. Now, pack with ice.
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    For Sale Raymarine S1 complete system

    S1 autopilot, ST6000 controller, linear drive, flux gate compass, accusteer HRP 16-12 pump. $500
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    New Complete Electronics Package

    And after looking at it, Ali appears to be stepping up to a 3kw transducer?
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    New Complete Electronics Package

    I am aware of this. Let me rephrase for better clarity. I bought the B275 LOW/high wide for use with swords as well as the top water column offshore tuna fishing (dual frequency understanding that’s what the “2” stands for in the 275) If the 275 LOW/high wide in LOW frequency...
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    For Sale Dodgers Auto Jersey

    You think he’s gone, huh? I don’t trust the front office to re-sign a top tier free agent so I don’t want to trade for one. with that said, I think joc, seager, and goslin are gone. If they trade lux, I’ll lose my shit.
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    New Complete Electronics Package

    what’s wrong with the B275L for swords? That was the reason I went with that vs the 175
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    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    Charging your credit card on a back order is bullshit. But, it’s open and shut case for a credit Card charge back. Call your credit card company and reverse the charges. No product, no tracking, not your responsibility.
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    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    who is the manufacturer?
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    Rejoice! Your Savior was born!

    Merry Christmas to all!
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    For Sale Raymarine autopilot setup

    Not sure on the year, I’ll see what I can research on it.... I bought it for my boat and then another package came available on the forums here with outboards. I bought that kit as well and used the control unit and computer from it. I have inboards so I couldn’t use the linear feedback and...
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    Dash ideas?

    Forgot to post this
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    Looking for a used Radar set up radome/screen/wiring

    Raymarine Analog 4kw dome. Cord is cut but included $100
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    For Sale Jabsco Cyclone Pump

    What is the body made out of? Aluminum?
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    For Sale Raymarine DSM250

    Came with the boat, fish finder didn’t work. Hooked transducer to a different sounder and still didn’t work. I’m assuming the transducer was bad and not the sounder, but I’ll make no guarantees. Power cord included. $50 + shipping can be picked up in riverside, chino, Westwood, or Temecula.
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    For Sale Volvo Penta D4 225 A-B running take out low hours.

    hell ya it would! But I already put a set of low hours 42’s in it. Just gotta get the alignment completed and then it’s about time to splash it again. GLWS Grant!
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    For Sale Volvo Penta D4 225 A-B running take out low hours.

    Someone pulled a D4 with 623 hours!?! That’s when you have a lot of money! Hope all is well, Grant!!
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    For Sale 2006 Mercury 90 Optimax

    This interests me for my duck hunting/river fishing boat but... the possibility of a turd scares me more
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    Need you to analyze my gear for Tuna...

    3 day in September will likely target bigger grade blue fin on one of those days.
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    Instrument Switch Recommendations

    For a custom “plug n play” check out these guys: I had them build my panel switch panel. My space was VERY limited and I think I got most everything I wanted on it...I think it was $500...imho that’s cheap for the quality received. I’ll get a...
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    Yamaha 300hp service needed- looking for recommendations

    Also you can check out Dave’s Marine in Chino. I used rent the warehouse across the street from him....his lot was always full.
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    For Sale Big Fish Gear Okuma Avet Super Seekers

    Glad to know. 6-8 days you’re way beyond my range! Take care of yourself my friend.
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    For Sale Big Fish Gear Okuma Avet Super Seekers

    I hate to see people getting out of their passion due to health and age. I know it’s life, but I hate seeing it. mines hardly a luxury liner and it’s not on the water yet, but if a private boat makes things easier on your back and neck, you’re more than welcome.
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    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    My opinion is that it’s the water, weather, and women. Even Southern California is considered “cold water). There are minimal thongs here, there are no moorings or protected harbors to make weekend trips to, it’s out of the slip and back into the slip. It’s not the money argument, because...
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    For Sale Raymarine autopilot setup

    S1 course computer ST-6000 head unit Fluxgate compass Linear feedback Accusteer HRP16-12 pump Misc hoses $600
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    Autopilot choice recommendation

    I’ve got a Raymarine S1000 setup (S1000, ST6000 Headunit, fluxgate compass, linear feedback, and a big accusteer HRP 16-12 pump if you’re interested. It’s Sea talk 1 so you would need to covert to NMEA standards with a cable.
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    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    Tom, are you building these or from Robert?
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    Dash ideas?

    The only way to go....
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    For Sale Bertram 28 Flybridge $32,000 obo

    If those numbers are accurate, that’s better than 1 nmpg. That’s stellar for a diesel at that speed let alone gasoline!
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    For Sale Raymarine E120 Bezels and Screen covers

    (3) Bezels (2) Sunshades 1 bezel has some cracking. I have all CF card reader doors, the missing one is in my trunk. This is the bezel with the crack. Also, other sun screen is at the boat. Bezels without crack $50 Bezel with Crack $20 sun screens $50 buyer to pay shipping and PayPal fees...
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    For Sale Raymarine SR6 with Sirius Galaxy SRA40 Antenna

    Bought in a package. Switched to Garmin when MFD crapped out before I used it. $50 + PayPal fees. Will ship on buyers dollar. Buyer will either need to crimp a new end on wire that screws into antenna or buy a new one. I’m in riverside and working in Westwood Monday and Tuesday. Working in...
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    For Sale Rule tournament 1600 pump

    Nice meeting you Gabe. Let’s definitely get together when mines in the water...buddy boat if nothing else!
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    Vacuflush sanitation system service

    Was afraid of that.... I’m finishing up a repower so the time to change anything is now I suppose. What should I change? Boat is an 88. Not sure if anything has ever been replaced or not.
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    Vacuflush sanitation system service

    Perhaps you better come do it then
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    Vacuflush sanitation system service

    What do you do when they lose their prime and keep pumping?
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    Seeking info on replacing gas tank

    +1 for American tank.
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    Winter boat project - deck lights

    I don’t recall... not pliable rolls, they’re rigid. I didn’t know you were the seller, not trying to poop on your sale. Mine look like this:
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    Winter boat project - deck lights

    I installed RGB led lights under the gunwhales on my boat. I wanted red or white but liked the look of blue too. I used a guy at THT they’re cheap.
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    For Sale Raymarine CP300 and Airmar B164 20*

    Cord is cut, I don’t have the end. $225 for the pair. Or $ 125 each.
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    For Sale Glendinning Engine Synchronizer $400 Located at chino airport. My office is in Temecula off Winchester and I’ll be working in Westwood off wilshire 2 days this week.
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    Shot it so I gotta eat it.....

    Stand on coot feet and lift up by the wings makes breasting them out easy. I can’t imagine them tasting much differently than ducks....same water same diet I know people that say they taste the same
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    WTB Marine Battery

    match batteries. Keep type, size, and age consistent.
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    For Sale (2) Raymarine E7D

    Sold! thanks Tim, great meeting you!
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    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    I suppose mine are too high then.... I think of bilge pumps as time buyers.....if we have to depend on them you’re already doomed. Having said that, I’d like to add one more 5000 gph to the front half of the boat where water will be coming in when I hit something submerged but I think the...
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    For Sale (2) Raymarine E7D

    PMs replied. One pending to Tim.
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    For Sale (2) Raymarine E7D

    Refurbs 1 NIB never used. $350 1 lightly used $300 with box We’re bought for use as digital gauges but didn’t end up with electronic engines.
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    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Very scary! upgrade your bilge pumps and add a Johnson 5000 gph high water pump. Not saying it would have saved you but it wouldn’t have hurt. I think they take a 2” hose. I put 2bin my bilge
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    FloScan - no longer in business???

    Serge did a floscan install for me. One of the gauges was defective out of the box. Serge spoke with them on the phone about it and they would not send out a new gauge without first receiving the defective unit and inspecting it. So, I bought a new gauge, had it overnighted. Serge packed up the...
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    Catalina Catch from 1901

    They caught all the dumb ones ;)
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    FloScan - no longer in business???

    They’re a bunch of F-ing crooks. Be careful when dealing with floscan. Very shady operation, very shady people.
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    Battery set-up

    promariner Proisocharge. Use big wire because this unit can charge at 260 amps (if your alternators can supply it)!!
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    Electronics Wanted.

    (2) Raymarine E7D. (1) Raymarine CP300 (1) B164-20 cut cord (1) Raymarine s1, fluxgate compass, linear drive, with accusteer pump.
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    Capable electrician?

    Truthfully, I don’t think it’s outrageously priced. I think it is more than fair.
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    KAD 43 alternator
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    KAD 43 alternator

    The install is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to bore out the 10si bolt holes a little bit but the alternator fits perfectly otherwise. You can find these new on eBay for $100, get it converted to a externally regulated for $125 in riverside (every other shop I spoke to said you don’t want...
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    Capable electrician?

    Check out and design your own. Super easy. they did mine and it’s tits.
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    KAD 43 alternator

    Do yourself a favor and get a new 10si 105 amp alternator. Get it converted to externally regulated Order a balmar mc-614 external regulator and NEVER look back.’ll never charge at but maybe 50% of the rated amps
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    Where do you take your boat to have it regelcoated

    What’s something like that cost??
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    9/28 Wide open YFT near 302

    That’s many times have we driven off when, in reality, all it may have taken was “just another 5 minutes...” The one bit of advice I’d give...get those fish on ice. Even in a WFO bite, I’ll bleed and ice
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    Friendly Reminder

    Oh man...the sport boat roadies heads are going to explode over this thread!
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    For Sale Batting Cage $350

    So do you come with it? I’m interested for my 4 and 6 year olds
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    For Sale Batting Cage $350

    Is there a pitching machine?
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    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    You will never win this argument here. 96% of the posters here believe the fleet walks on water. I’ve never seen so much ass kissing in my’s sickening. Man cards revoked.
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    Bed bugs on boats

    Hell ya...the value of my boat just went up 15 grand! time to upgrade the tuna jihad??
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    Saturated flotation foam.

    Look, EVERY boat that is hand laid fiberglass has wet stringers. I'm not sure what I'm looking at but cut a square out of it and pull out the wet foam and replace with It won't be...
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    Pride incident

    I hardly ever side with the fleet strictly because there are so many here that treat the fleet as if they’re untouchable. But, coming from someone that lost an eye due to someone throwing a rock (this was an accident) this behavior is nearly NEVER acceptable. As bad as it fucked my life, I’m...
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    FREE Life Seal Hatch Sealant

    I need to order a new acrylic hatch, where did you gets yours?? I was just going to use that a no-no? Riverside to Orange County isn’t economical for a $20 tube, but it’s a super cool offer!
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    For Sale Parting our Volvo Penta

    I don't know much about this mirror, but If I weRe in your shoes I'd fRe off annoffer and go EFI and never look back! Dependability alone is worth $1500 and the fuel savings alone will more than pay for it with even moderate usage.
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    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    Just thinking outside the box, but Why not try trex?
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    For Sale Raymarine E120, E7D, HD Dome, Autopilot

    (4) RGB underwater transom lights Neptune series 8000 lumen's $500 for all. Each comes with a regulator. Buy all 4 and I'll throw in an old controller I have. Or $250 per pair of lights. Again, each light will come with a regulator. B164 1000kw transducer 20* $100. Cord is cut. Ray marine...
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    For Sale RGB underwater transom lights

    $500 all 4. Bottom price, will not go lower.
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    For Sale Complete flow scan system.

    D4? What did you do with the 300?
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    TRADE Xantrex 2000watt freedom inverter charger for 2000 watt promariner Inverter

    I was afraid of being asked this question... It's got to be worth my while so I can just about lateral into a new non charger inverter. I'll figure or a price and get back to you
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    TRADE Xantrex 2000watt freedom inverter charger for 2000 watt promariner Inverter

    I installed a Promariner smart charger so now I can go workout an inverter charger now. Would life to keep ensuring the same brand so looking to go to promariner now. Would like to trade or sell asap. Thanks! Jeff
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    SOLD Padre vs Dodgers 08/26 (Mon) - Coaches Box

    Bad ass. I’m heading to the game this Sunday (Go Dodgers!). If you have these season tickets, you’ve made a few wise financial choices in life!
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    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    If you can afford that rig fuel isn’t even an afterthought.
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    For Sale RGB underwater transom lights

    $550 all 4. $300 per pair.
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    For Sale RGB underwater transom lights

    I’m home and back to the regular routine. I’ll split the set
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    For Sale RGB underwater transom lights

    They recommend installing with tefgel.
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    How did you pick your boat name and why?

    Our Last name is Given. Dad’s boat from his childhood was Given In Wife and I argued over getting a boat and she finally “Gave in” It seemed appropriate
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    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    2011 F250 diesel tows MUCH better than my brothers 2013 3500 Dodge Dually. And I’m a Cummins lover. Just the cold hard truth.
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    WTB Fiberglass & Resin

    Never heard the term “micro balloons” before. But it’s silica you mix with resin to make a paste for use on vertical surfaces. I don’t know why it would be needed, but if you do use it, wear a respirator. Silica is the new asbestos. Another brand is can-o-sil. West marine carries some brand...
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    For Sale RGB underwater transom lights

    Cords are 6’ PMs replied.
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    WTB Fiberglass & Resin

    Sherfab Unlimited, Inc., 1740 Monticello Ct, Ontario, CA 91761 (909) 923-2200
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    For Sale RGB underwater transom lights

    As mentioned they require an RGB controller with a remote or an app. Talking with the manufacturer yesterday they’re rated for 5 amps each on the blue turning to white hue on The brightest settin more amps = brighter lights. I was testing on orange yesterday and was pulling 1 amp from each...
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    For Sale RGB underwater transom lights

    Ideally I’d like to sell the 4 together.... but would be open to selling as a pair. I’m heading to Phoenix for work tomorrow. I’ll be gone for 10 days. If no takers for the set, while I’m gone I’ll split it.
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    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Nice post. I’m in riverside, norco area. Boat is currently at chino airport where it has undergone a repower and been rewired. It’s getting close to being done. I’m slipped at sea world, mission bay.
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    For Sale RGB Underwater transom lights

    4 neptune series transom lights from boatplug light. Advertised at 8,000 lumens pulling 5 amps each. They were never installed, only bench tested and They are arc welder bright! selling because I upgraded to their trinity series. All 4 $650.
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    For Sale RGB underwater transom lights

    4 neptune series transom lights from boatplug light. Advertised at 8,000 lumens pulling 5 amps each. They were never installed, only bench tested and They are arc welder bright! selling because I upgraded to their trinity series. All 4 $650.
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    Do NOT put live tubs on ice unless it has been spiked AND reemed.
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    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    Like I said, not necessarily for you; I don’t know your setup. Without knowing the setup, I’m just puffing out there for the OP that battery count means nothing if it’s not set up the right way.
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    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    Bot necessarily for you, but how the batteries are wired is more important than quantity. For instance, 2 starting batteries wired separately with an isolating switch is better than 4 batteries wired in parallel without an isolating switch.
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    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    Not to throw salt in an open wound, but do you have a properly designed system with isolating switches between the house and the starting battery(s)? If so, you have a “spare” battery with the emergency parallel switch between the house and the starting battery. If not, this needs to be done...
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    How to wire smart external regulator to proiso charge?

    I’m finishing up a repower and have switched to higher amp alternators. Previously, there were internal regulated Alternators. I’ve added a Promariner ProIso charge to take care of charging the house bank and both starting batteries. My question is, where do i connect the regulator to? Where...
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    What Class B AIS BHF?

    Yessir, also looking to transmit AIS.
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    6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Was going to say he is clearly single or now going through divorce. Good show, my man!
  124. M

    Class B AIS. What system, what VHF?

    Would like to interface with Garmin MFD. At this stage of the game, I’m looking to spend as little as possible. I’m not opposed to a separate antenna. Thanks!
  125. M

    What Class B AIS BHF?

    Would like to interface with Garmin MFD. At this stage of the game, I’m looking to spend as little as possible. Thanks!
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    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    I serviced my 41’s fairly frequently because it creates suction for the crank case pressure and gets oil mist on the filter. This filter was an S&B. For the KAMD, S&B didn’t stock a filter and it would have been a custom. No thanks, K&N will do. Walker is extremely proud of their...
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    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    Do you want the part number for a k&n? I should be wrenching on mine tomorrow, I think I still have the box
  128. M

    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    Awesome!! Have you put a K&N on it?
  129. M

    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    Awesome!! Did you get a Volvo spec for egt at that location?
  130. M

    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    What did Grant tell you about the thermocouple? Are you going to wire in a boost gauge? Mine just came in today but I’m flying out tonight for work so I won’t be able to do anything til the weekend.
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    Keeping batteries topped off on overnight Cat Island trip

    As pointed out, amp draw x hours. Not to be a dick, but do you understand the unit of measurement for power storage and consumption? First-Figure out the amp hours of your battery bank Second-Determine amp draw (this number is per hour continuously running). Third-multiply by hours you...
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    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    You can do the gauges, alarms, and boost yourself. You just need him to put the thermocouple in the exhaust manifold for you. You can order the entire kit for less than 200 for a single engine. Ask him if he can install. Thermocouple for you. I can turn an intake bolt for you on the lathe if...
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    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    Ask Grant to install a ln EGT probe. Since you have an outdrive he’ll install it before the turbo. This is actually wrong as it should be after the tyrbo but I don’t think you have a choice. Ask him for a Volvo EGT spec at that location. He’s done this same install before I just saw pictures...
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    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    You can buy parts before they go in a blue box for about 1/3 the price.
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    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    Scares the shit out of me! I’ve got a pair of 42’s going in my boat hopefully within a week. Had to rebuild the bottom end of one. Did it myself. Ton of new parts, I was looking for takers a few months back
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    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    I’ll snag some current photos this weekend. I’m installing engines (hopefully) so battery box isn’t currently in
  137. M

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    Very happy how it turned out and gives me access to service everything.
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    Aluminum livewell

    If the tank is made solely of aluminum and isolated, you shouldn’t need a zinc.
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    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    I needed to get items off my bulkhead to a more accessible area....the best area for me was the side of the boat...but how could I attached my chargers, auto pilot,etc? I cut 2 pieces of plywood, one slightly taller. Layout your electronics on your smaller board and mark Where all your holes...
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    For Sale GX2200 VHF Radio

    What class B transceiver did you end up with?? Second antenna or splitter? What MFD did you connect to?? ThanKS and GLWS
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    Looking for marine electrician to Rewire boat

    You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but do it yourself. It’s pretty simple on the 12v side. I’ll bet surge is backed up this time of year.
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    Reliable Cummins Diesel VT 555 Mechanic

    I think the amount of mechanics that know those engines are getting older and harder to come by. My wife's uncle had a Bert with 903's. The 903's were tank engines way back when
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    Kite reel? What are you using?

    Keep an eye out at tht. I just bought this one for less than 300. I’m going to learn the kite this year and didn’t even think about how hard or long it would take to reel in in the wind. Im even more glad I bought it now!
  144. M

    Kite reel? What are you using?

    Just bought a kristal 605
  145. M

    caught a good size eel on sunday

    Is that a graboid??
  146. M

    SOLD Two Garmin 7612

    Damn, if only that was a 12 pin GSD25!
  147. M

    Happy Resurrection Sunday

    He has Risen!!
  148. M

    For Sale 8' Gaff

    Ill send you the 30 but i don’t know when I would be able to grab it. I’ve nbedn working in paradise the last 15 weeks, otherwise I work in Temecula.
  149. M

    Marine Electrician Contact

    Bob, I'm not doubting yout at all. It's a very straight forward install though. Do you have the tools to crimp? If not, get your materials, measure everything, figure out which way the lugs need to go and meet me at chino airport and we can use my crimps there. This whole install shouldn't take...
  150. M

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    Look, you're likely an honest guy. Hell, I wouldn't think anyone would openly admit this otherwise. To me, it would go against my morals. Not judging you, I have enough skeletons. Have a happy Easter. :)
  151. M

    Marine Electrician Contact

    Why not do it yourself??
  152. M

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    I’m all for being froogle, but this takes the cheap-a-Toni award and damn near criminal in my mind.
  153. M

    Boat Loan Advice

    I’m very sympathetic to fishing with dad. My dad wanted to fish on mine one more time before he went home to be with our Lord. But, here’s what they would say about your loan: Assuming: 10 years at 5% Payment is $200/month This COULD have gone into an IRA with mutual funds returning 10%...
  154. M

    WTB How to Read Your Color Sounder

    Crash, When you are done with it, I will buy it from you if possible.
  155. M

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    If a QSB wouldn't fit, a BTA probably won't either....but I'd never buy another boat with a Volvo again. I understand the Gray engines are not much better... Look into the 6BTA at 370.
  156. M

    Whale Entanglement

    Exactly. Glad someone "got" it!
  157. M

    Whale Entanglement

    Hate to break it to you, but they’ve already ruined it. Remember the good old days when we had a solid conservative in office like Gray Davis??
  158. M

    Slip rats....

    Hmm...snakes on a plane sequel?? Get Jackson on the phone, stat!
  159. M

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    Keep the daily driver and Spend 80 on a bigger boat and get a slip.
  160. M

    For Sale (2) KAMD42PA

    I bought a pair of engines and am now considering of going to more power so I’m Gauging interest on a pair of Volvo KAMD 42-PA with a reported less than 700 hours. One had complete lower end rebuilt with new liners, pistons, and bearings. Both have had: injectors rebuilt, new injector sleeves...
  161. M

    For Sale (2) Raymarine E120, (2) E7D, CP300, B164

    I bought used and never installed. Went Garmin for a chirp setup. E120. $500 each E7D Refurbs. 1NIB, 1 like new $500, $450 CP300. $150 B164 20degree with cut cord $350 Located in riverside. Only home on weekends, traveling for work Monday through Friday. PayPal F&F or +3%. Pics on request...
  162. M

    WTB Used Garmin HDX2 open array Radar

    12kw or better. Missed two of them over at THT last month. Thanks
  163. M

    2003 Honda 90 Outboard

    Holy shit...are those prices accurate?
  164. M

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    Nice to see others that can keep up!
  165. M

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    I beg your pardon?
  166. M

    For Sale work bench/ rod wrapping station

    My dad spent the last 6 months of his earthly stay here in I think that exact recliner. He gave it to his friend that used it for the same reason before my dad did. Before my dad went home to be with the Lord, he told my brothers and I to burn that cursed chair. After he went home, I told my...
  167. M

    WTB 4 AWG marine battery wires I think they’re sister sites...check prices at each. One is cheaper without free shipping the other is slightly more expensive with free shipping.
  168. M

    For Sale Navionics card CF/644P+, CP370, Raymarine E90W

    Send me your email and I’ll PP you.
  169. M

    For Sale Navionics card CF/644P+, CP370, Raymarine E90W

    I might...not sure if my cf reader is shot or the card...almost refuse to believe 5 different MFDs all had their CF card go out. I just bought a USB adapter and will be back home this weekend to try it out. $50 your best offer? I want to put as little into the Raymarine side as possible...I want...
  170. M

    Dog hunting riverside?

    La Sierra acres, In da hood! We’re next to the nature preserve.
  171. M

    Dog hunting riverside?

    We be neighbors.
  172. M

    I Think I'm Going To Need a Bigger Boat

    Some LED strips on the frame work would be (*)(*)
  173. M

    TRADE Marine electrician work

    If it’s wired now mark everything and go to town. I spent hours looking at mine just trying to figure out where to start. At the end of the day, there’s only one way to eat an elephant
  174. M

    For Sale AKC Labrador Retriever pups for sale

    Good luck. We just shipped our last lab out today. The house is much more quiet with only mama and one pup!
  175. M

    Too much Ammo

    My dad went home this year too. Sorry for your loss , it's tough. Where ate you located, I'm an FFL. Thanks, Jeff
  176. M

    For Sale 3660 Prokat Sportfisher

    What electronics? Might be interested in garmin... What rode?
  177. M

    And a Lobster in a Pear tree

    Joined a cross fit gym, bought skinny jeans, and won’t stop talking about the stupid “WOD”
  178. M

    Are there still YFT in US Waters?

    What color chonies were you wearing?
  179. M

    Boat Windows/Mark Plastics

    Corona in riverside county?? Got a number??
  180. M


    great read! Sounds like we would call "a God thing."
  181. M

    For Sale Big reduction!!Blueprinted Penn 30 and 50

    Where is the 2 speed button on the penns? I’m looking for an all metal 50W for a kite rod.
  182. M

    For Sale Black Lab Pups-Gun Dogs

    Bump. 2 males left (1st and 2nd picks) with deposit Available to take home after December 2.
  183. M

    For Sale Vortex Razor 4.4-27X56 RZR4704 Scope

    What's the reticle? Windage in moa, mil, or inch? What's the weight? I'm a ways away from optics, I'm going to be building a 338 norma on a titanium action with a carbon wrapped barrel. That's the long range forecast...I wanted to go USO but last I saw Nightforce had the lightest scope...
  184. M

    For Sale Used boating accessories for sale

    Scott, can you measure these? This might work a lot better than going to the upholstery shop on mine. I am VERY interested!
  185. M

    For Sale New Interstate 8D batteries and 4d’s

    What are the dimensions and amp hours?
  186. M

    For Sale Black Lab Pups-Gun Dogs

    That was easy... the blonde is Cassie (Cazadora).
  187. M

    For Sale Black Lab Pups-Gun Dogs

    We decided to breed our Yellow, Summer's Cazadora with a Starlight Kennels stud Hank the tank. Cassie had her training done with Paul at Starlight and her upland field work is nothing short of amazing. Both dogs OFA hips are "Good" with numerous "Excellent" in the pedigree. DNA tests done on...
  188. M

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Joe, Jack, Jon...whoever the fuck you are, quit threatening people. You’re right, I don’t know who you are...but I know what you are; You’re a coward hiding behind a computer screen barking like a little chihuahua behind a door’s screen. I hate to put you on blast like this, but you’re being...
  189. M

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Or maybe he asked him out on a date??:gay:bieber:gay:bieber:gay:bieber
  190. M

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Why is it there’s always those that seemingly want to blow the sporties? NOBODY books a 2.5 to turn around in less than 24 hours, limits of footballs or otherwise. The days have already been taken off work, why would anyone burn 2-4 days of vacation just to come back early?
  191. M

    For Sale Reefer 110/12V used Dometic Toilet new

    That was me on text today. Be by Saturday to get it.
  192. M

    For Sale Reefer 110/12V used Dometic Toilet new

    I'll take the reefer if it definitely works.
  193. M

    Vp ad41p-a injector question

    Grant from sea and ski in costa mess has my engine doing one now. Is the head off? If so, DR Machine in Santa Ana did one for me years ago
  194. M

    Need an electrical shop/mobile

    I think it's a sister site to genuinedealz. Check them both; one offers free shipping, the other cheaper prices. I've ordered from both but always compare.
  195. M

    Need an electrical shop/mobile

    Maybe you don’t have the tome or you have a lot of $$$. But I’ve pretty much completely rewired mine, including completely relocating batteries and the entire charging system. for all the tinned lugs and heat shrink. Amazon for a pair of hydraulic crimps, and check eBay or...
  196. M

    TLD 30 conversion question

    As someone else said, putting another $180 into a $150 reel (my 20’s and 30’s) doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.
  197. M

    TLD 30 conversion question

    I seriously feel like a schmuck for ever buying a 50. The reel is a monster (with lugs) and yet were being told not to use heavy line and not to use the lugs. Perhaps these reels should be marketed as record chaser reels as the only reason to own a 50 is to put 10,000 yards of 12# test on it and...
  198. M

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    Kinda what I’m thinking. Sucks, because I have 3 or 4 20s, 3 or 4 30s l, and 2 50s.
  199. M

    What bilge pump are you using?

    Boat: 29’ Aft: Low water 1200 gph Rule High water 4000 gph Johnson Oh shit water level: engine pumps Midship: Low water: Diaphragm pump to keep sump dry High water: 4000 gph Johnson Bow 1200 gph rule Would like to get another 4000 gph in the bow just not sure of the room.
  200. M

    Ad41p-a engine removal

    It’s green so you’re screwed. Grant over at sea and ski in Costa Mesa has always treated me well. You can get Volvo parts like water pump rebuilt kits and impellers minus that expensive blue box on eBay. Pulleys, i think you’re in trouble.
  201. M

    SOLD Need DSM 300 (raymarine)

    What’s a fair price on these 370 units?? I have one I’m looking to sell soon
  202. M

    WTB Diesel package

    Inboard boat or I/O???
  203. M

    Trickle charger

    Spend a little more money and install a “smart” charger that will automatically cycle your batteries every 21 days. I installed a promariner pronautic this year. Haven’t had it in the water yet, but so far I love it.
  204. M

    Ad41p-a engine removal

    I’ve pulled mine with gears a few times out of my boat. In and out always At fairly extreme angles. Use a load leveler and a few guys. Luckily I have a forklift and can do it fairly quickly now.
  205. M

    Had a stroke..back home....luckiest man alive..please read

    God is good. God bless my friend.
  206. M

    Do transom zincs connect to DC negative???

    That’s pretty much what I’ve been looking for! Now for AC, my inverter has an AC grounding stud on it. Should this be my connection or should the DC negative bus be my connection? Thank you!
  207. M

    Do transom zincs connect to DC negative???

    I’m reading conflicting things on this. Also, should AC ground from the panel also connect the to DC negative buss bar? Would like to be done wiring the boat but am stuck on these last two issues... Thanks, Jeff
  208. M

    WTB Deck hatch?

    Bought the 13x17 for mine and it’s nice. Shockingly, made in the USA.
  209. M

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.;_ylt=AwrUi5_VKxNbZx4AxQGInIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0ZmRpYWQ3BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANjYzIxZjViZmJhNmU4NGRjYzRiYTFmZmU4YTQ4ZGYwZgRncG9zAzEyNgRpdANiaW5n?.origin=&
  210. M

    Volvo AQD 40- ceased. head removed. what next?

    They don’t like to get overheated and can be very prone to saltwater ingestion back through the exhaust on the inboard outboard flavors. The P is a newer engine. They have slightly more compression and injector tips to reduce startup smoke. Some other changes as well but bottom line, same...
  211. M

    East coast purchase help. Florida please.

    I boought mine in Florida. I paid for a survey and engine survey and stayed home. I figured I’d have an emotional attachment to it and would not be rational. I promised myself I would never not be there to see it myself again. A good deal can turn into a money pit really quick if you’re not...
  212. M

    To foam or not to foam

    I’ve heard somewhere when foam gets either wet or fuel on it it breaks down and becomes corrosive to aluminum. If I had it to do over, I’d rhino line the exterior of mine
  213. M

    Distance between 2 transducers

    I have the Garmin GT51M-THP and an Airmar B275LHW. The Boat is on a trailer and space is fairly limited with the bunks. What is the minimum spacing between the two transducers I can get by with (port to starboard). One side of the keel will end up with 2 transducers....this is the side in...
  214. M

    Is there any reason to have 120v lights?

    with the arrival of cheap 12v LED lights is there any reason to have 120v lights in the cabin? Even at the slip the LED have such a low draw I wouldn’t expect the house batteries to even notice—especially while plugged into shower power. I’m redoing my electrical system and would like to free...
  215. M

    For Sale Morse electric throttle/shift control

    Can this be retrofitted to any engine gear combo?
  216. M

    Electrical system Layout

    Information: The house bank is (4) 6 Volt paralleled and in series. What I did not put on the schematic but is there: Battery Switches and Parallel switch for each starting battery. On/Off Switch at the inverter Shore Power Batter Charger that will go to House battery Positive buss and each...
  217. M

    Questions: Battery Charger and Inverter at the panel

    I think we're on different pages... The batteries are hooked directly to the charger. I am referring to the 120 AC source for the battery charger. As for the inverter: AC IN goes to the breaker SUPPLYING AC power to the unit. is this the breaker labeled inverter? AC OUT goes to the...
  218. M

    Questions: Battery Charger and Inverter at the panel

    First question: Where should the battery charger connect on the panel? Should it connect to the main breaker? If so, what side, hot side or bus side? At first I thought it would have gone to the hot side so I would not have to leave the main on when I left the boat. Then, after thinking...
  219. M

    FREE Makita + PorterCable drills

    Holy cow, that's a trip down memory lane!
  220. M

    cummins 6bt 12 valve

    I hope I didn't offend you at all! I was honestly trying to help. I've done a fair amount of research on these engines because I thought i was going to end up with a pair for a repower. You've referenced seaboardmarine, give Tony Athens a call; he's probably the most experienced cummins...
  221. M

    cummins 6bt 12 valve

    Think about this... If this were a marine engine, how would you cool your coolant? You're missing the heat exchanger. 300 hp with rubber wheels rolling down the highway with cruise control at 1800 RPMs not towing a trailer up hill at 2200 RPMs
  222. M

    cummins 6bt 12 valve

    210hp without the AC. And those 250 HP weren't the most desired either. I passed on a pair priced reasonably but their history of problems scared the shit out of me
  223. M

    cummins 6bt 12 valve

    Look on the engine I'D badge. It will have a serial number abd a CPL# (Critical parts list) that tell you everything you about the components to build the engine
  224. M

    1000kw Airmar B164 20° for raymarine

    Cord cut will require splice kit. $400 I bought used on THT and ended up buying new garmin CHIRP before I could install. Pics on request. PP + 3% Shipping on buyers dime
  225. M

    Pair of Raymarine E7D

    One was used for a very short time. The other still has the plastic on the screen. I thought I was going to repower with cummins QSB and these were going to be used as my gauges. These were reman units. Never used unit $650 Used unit $600 Both come with with everything a new unit would...
  226. M

    Cutting board

    If I was closer or heading down anytime soon, I'd take it.
  227. M

    Financing an engine rebuild?

    Do you know why the engine seized??? Your crank, riffs, block, might all be likely toasted
  228. M

    Financing an engine rebuild?

    41A has leSS compression and therefore smokes more at idle. If you have the original exhaust elbow, they're is a butterfly flap that tried to maSK the problem. They failed. 42B used different pistons and injector tips which greatly reduced start up smoke. Injector pumps are the same butt...
  229. M

    Financing an engine rebuild?

    My cousin just rebuilt a KAMD42 shortblock for me....for a diesel mechanic, they're simple little engines. Other than that, finding someone that wants to build it at a fair and reasonable cost is nearly impossible. If you're going to rebuild it, don't buy the parts from volvo! Also, if...
  230. M

    55 HP Suzuki 2 Stoke Outboard * SOLD

    Hmm... I really don't need another project...and I'd prefer a 70hp....but you git me thinking a little. What boat is it on and how fast are you going?
  231. M

    rebuilt cummins 6bt value?

    WHAT? !?! WHERE! ?!?! Enquiring minds want to know!! Thanks!
  232. M

    Lewmar Claw anchor 22 lb.

    I don't have a windless yet, but if you're willing to hold onto it until I can make it down there ill paypal you. I work off winchester but at the end of the day I typically just want to get home. How far from winchester are you?
  233. M

    Best livewell pump ?

    Great idea. Except the 110v part.
  234. M

    What's the smallest bilge pump that works in in the shallowest water?

    This will go to the mid sump where water collects while at the dock. Doesn't have to be a high volume as I already have high volume pumps in better areas. Also, is the optima the best switch for thus application? Thanks!
  235. M

    Electrician needed in chino

    LMAO!! I think you might be the previous owner??
  236. M

    Electrician needed in chino

    Chase/rerun some wires. Check AC/DC panel, wire underwater and gunwale lights into switch in the cockpit. Clean up some wiring in the bridge. Move the "smart Charger" and main battery switch to a location that is accessible with the engine in the boat... Thanks! Jeff
  237. M

    Electrician needed in chino

    Would like to rewire some things on the boat in chino. Is there anyone around this area? Thanks!
  238. M

    Raymarine E120 Package Sold

    Could you see birds with the radar? Possibly interested in that. ..I think you'd have the whole thing sold ;)
  239. M

    Y off a thru hull?

    Salty, put that in your bulge and see how long it lasts. Don't use it. .
  240. M

    Mobile Volvo Diesel Mechanic TAMD40B Referral Dana Point Area

    Probably an MS4 gear. They tend to blow up at 200 hp though.
  241. M

    Mobile Volvo Diesel Mechanic TAMD40B Referral Dana Point Area

    No problem. The 41 series is almost identical in size. QUOTE="unityone, post: 4387496, member: 99452"]Not sure on that option for a TAMD41A for this boat, thanks for the information
  242. M

    Mobile Volvo Diesel Mechanic TAMD40B Referral Dana Point Area

    It's a wet sleeved engine. is your friend--a wise $25 subscription. I have all the manuals printed out for these engines as I am in a rebuild of a KAMD42 now. Depending on your time frame and interest, I'll have a TAMD41A (200 hp) coming out in another month or so I'll be...
  243. M

    lean post/bait tank

    Holy shit tom, that looks amazing. Great job
  244. M

    Help! Let's Talk Rocker switches...

    While the boat is on the trailer waiting for the repower, I think I am going to rewire the flybridge and rocker switches. It's a 29' Phoenix with twin KAMD42 Diesels. 1 Garmin 761XVS, 1 Raymarine E120, with a Raymarine Radome. Fishfinder will be ran through the Garmin with a pair of GT51TH...
  245. M

    Great start with some jumbo bluefin!

    Good Lord... you kill it every damn time! That's it; you're on my fantasy fishing team too...
  246. M

    Anyone fish the butterly yet or mushroom bank?

    Bummer! It's always something! I was really pulling for you as making this news would put you into legendary status in my book! Keep us posted!!
  247. M

    30 year old corroding aluminum fuel tank

    Lol....just give it to the man. I'd be amazed if it scraps out at $20.
  248. M

    Phoenix 29 Flybridge

    Did you put the captain chair in our was it already done? I'm considering that. ...also what about the bench behind it??
  249. M

    Tuna Time

    Holy shit....that was 2 years ago! ?!?
  250. M

    FS: Glock 21 magazine

    $20 new in package 10 round. In Riverside, will ship at buyer expense. PP gift, cash, check, money order Thanks
  251. M

    Fun with my son!

    That's what it's all about!
  252. M

    New to reloading.....

    We buy...but some pistol shooters (cowboy type) pour because they're not shooting a copper jacket bullet.
  253. M

    New to reloading.....

    It definitely saves time and it's rock solid.
  254. M

    New to reloading.....

    For rifle/accurate rounds. Get a redding T7 turret press and redding dies. Depending on how serious you want to get, get the competition dies. Also agree with the RCBS charge master. It's the only way to fly. Jeff
  255. M

    Savage arms 308 feedback/advice

    I have a Remington sendero sf2 in 300 RUM and a savage 110FCP in 338 lapua. I've done more work to the Remington than the savage but both are tack drivers that are more accurate than I am. Savage trigger is better out of the box. I've got a FFL, if you're ever down the hill and interested I...
  256. M

    Gas Tank Replacement

    Vince did all 3 of my tanks. Great family, great work, best prices.
  257. M

    Fishing spikes from Japan

    Couldn't you grab one written in English?
  258. M

    Boat and RV storage

    What prices are you getting quoted? For both boat and RV or one or the other?
  259. M

    Delayed Report: My first Bluefin last summer!

    Great read. Any minute now someone will ask for the numbers....
  260. M

    50% chance 2017 El Nino. 100% weatherman doesn't know shit
  261. M

    Fillet table / cutting board for sale

    Let me measure my bait tank and see how/if I can make that work for me. Only catch is, I'll send you the money but you gotta store it til I get back down there ;)
  262. M

    WTB: small fiberglass center console.

    It's the center console with a whole boat attached to it he's selling ;)
  263. M

    WTB: small fiberglass center console.

    Scratch that....didn't catch on you're looking for a project. His is turn key.
  264. M

    WTB: small fiberglass center console.

    What's your budget? My wife's grandpa was selling one. ..not sure it sold. Newer and super clean.
  265. M

    Volvo AD 41 B Marine Diesel for Parts or Rebuild - $3500

    What do you need? I'll be parting out a pair of 41A soon....
  266. M

    Guide Advice for Olympia Area

    Mark O'Neil. Not sure anyone has done it longer. .. I'll get the number later...I'm up here now. Rain has killed us this year
  267. M

    HEAVY DUTY 15000lb 3 AXLE ALUM I BEAM TRAILER AS NEW 2015 only 60 dealer delivery miles

    What's it worth to rent? I have the same trailer only 21,000 with electric over hydraulic. To OP be careful with Robert.
  268. M

    Cleveland National Forest (Ortega Highway) Dove Hunting

    It wouldn't have been me, Gary (I'm 33). My dad was born and raised in Sacramento after spent a lot of time in Robbins/Woodland. He would have graduated in '68, so you have him by a few years anyways. About pure gro, my Grandpa, Carl Given, owned it. I'm fairly sure he grew up in woodland...
  269. M

    Cleveland National Forest (Ortega Highway) Dove Hunting

    Do you remember pure gro in robbins? Fertilizer company. ... time frame is spot on
  270. M

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    Lead ban is a joke... I wonder if the state will do a 30 million dollar "study" to figure out how many animals are lost due to bullets not expanding?
  271. M

    200 lber on the Flatfall - Eclipse Aug 13-14

    Shit happens, but damn, you got balls throwing a popper after hooking one the day before! I'd be scared shitless to throw iron after that!
  272. M

    200 lber on the Flatfall - Eclipse Aug 13-14

    Coming from someone who lost an eye a t 10 years old due to someone throwing rocks, this is good advice.
  273. M

    HEAVY DUTY 15000lb 3 AXLE ALUM I BEAM TRAILER AS NEW 2015 only 60 dealer delivery miles

    I have an all star trailer as well. Can you take some pics of where the spare is mounted?
  274. M

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Like clockwork. Who didn't know you "didn't write them down." I fished a few weeks back aND will be pulling my boat out for a repower soon so I don't think I fit the mold, sleep at peace, officer. I didn't catch the numbers, but I assure you had I seen them, been able to fish the next day...
  275. M

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Stole it from a sportie? Stop're acting like you're his (the sportie's) girlfriend now. 10 to 1 odds you wrote the numbers down. I know, I know. ..go ahead and say it, we all know its coming. ..."no I didn't"
  276. M

    Furuno Navnet vx1 Radar and Sounder

    Don't you know my brother, Brad from cal fire?
  277. M

    Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    Dump a bucket of water with some red paint in it
  278. M

    Raymarine System

    I think you have to take top off to see the serial. If this radar worked with the classic E120 it will work with the classic C series as well (analog radar, not digital)
  279. M

    time to fish

    Very sorry for your family's loss. May God bless all of you.
  280. M

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    Damn...I didn't realize there were that many phoenix owners here....
  281. M

    Teak galley organizer

    If you won't ship to Erik and your on my side of town, I'll be second in line.
  282. M

    Looking for Repair Service gotta find the caRd reader yourself? If you find a source, please pm me!! Cell Phone Repair told me the same thing (FWIW). Good luck! Jeff
  283. M

    Price Reduced, Blackman Billfisher 26' with Supercharged Diesel

    We're practically neighbors. I'm over by the cemetery in Riverside and go to church at Grace on 6th. Anyhoo, goodo luck with the sale! I think the plank is cool as heck!
  284. M

    Price Reduced, Blackman Billfisher 26' with Supercharged Diesel

    Where you at in Norco? Never seen a plank on a boat around here. Got a barn you keep it in?
  285. M

    Looking for Repair Service

    Just a fyi....there is a guy on ebay that will do it for $85 (I think) and I think that includes freight comung back. Let me know if you use shelter island electronic as I habe a c120 aND c70 that need it
  286. M

    2006 RayMarine E-80 complete system.

    I'm almost 100% sure it will. E and C classic series are both analog. I might be interested in splitting the system with you if you only need the radar
  287. M

    FS: Forklift, Pallet Wrapper, Desk, Printers

    Forklift is a 2003 Toyota with 760 Hours. 4,000 Capacity, Side shift, 3 stage mast. $14,000 Pallet Wrapper is a Preferred Packaging PP983-HP. Works, but plastic is tearing on new rolls (I use hand rolls because they're much cheaper). $1,000 Desk. Huge. In fair to good shape. I broke one...
  288. M

    Wtt Bengal kitten

    Still cheaper than most ;)
  289. M

    Atriple axle auminum trailer

    Still using Robert?
  290. M

    Great night on the water

    Are you a Volvo mechanic or did you pay $1,300 for that sweat shirt? Nice haul, seems like a lot of fun
  291. M

    1928 Clarke Outboard

    That's a wall hanger for sure.
  292. M

    Need Recommendation - Glass & Canvas near OSide

    Where is he out of and what is his company? I'm in the 951
  293. M

    Gone ...Almost Free big Knaack Job Boxes 60x30x49

    I will take them if I can pick up this weekend.
  294. M

    The Good,Bad, and Ugly of Ride sharing?

    Draw back is its ability to breath?! No sir. ..find a 71 or later pair of 4v Cleveland heads (open chambers),a set of weiand intake adapters and bolt a Cleveland intake on it. CHEAP stroker motor with great breathing factory heads. 2.19" intake 1.7" exhaust. ...they'll breath. Low end torque...
  295. M

    Secret Ling Cod Spot Blown Out 4-16 ( Video )

    Hmm...Thought I saw your boat at sea world.
  296. M

    Secret Ling Cod Spot Blown Out 4-16 ( Video )

    You might be the "fishiest" guy in the site. Where do you keep your big boat at?
  297. M

    Fraser mk-X binoculars

    Thanks again, brad!
  298. M

    Fraser mk-X binoculars

    Depending on what time you're heading back, I could head down tomorrow after church. I'll text you in the morning.
  299. M

    Fraser mk-X binoculars

    Sounds awesome. Greatly appreciate your generosity. What days work best for you? Thanks again! Jeff
  300. M

    Fraser mk-X binoculars

    I'll take them... But maybe you could try going to a cell phone repair store? I have no idea myself how to fix, but for free, I'm willing to turn over every stone And maybe get lucky. Let me know if you decide to keep and try a repair or if you want me to grab those of your hands Thanks,
  301. M

    Stereo and misc. boat stuff for sale

    You're sure making this hard on Rick!
  302. M


    After earning his license in 1980, Frank began running boats for the company fleet at Channel Islands Sportfishing. Hard work and dedication to detail have been the hallmark of his operation. In 1999, seeking to offer his larger charter groups a bigger platform, he purchased the first boat he...
  303. M


    Don't quote me on it, I've been wrong once or twice before. but if I'm right, the name stayed the same.
  304. M


    The good: The boat is bad ass. Very comfortable, modern, nice. I did a 2.5 day 4 or 5 years ago that they turned into a 3 day at the dock for a few bucks more per person. We went to San Maritin rather than chasing the finicky blue Fin. The captain let me use his satellite phone to call my...
  305. M

    switching from Raymarine c70 Classic C to E7D

    The CF cards are not reading on my C70 or C120 so I can't update or use the navionics. My transducer, a B277, isn't an option on the list and with no CF card reader, I'm unable to update either unit. I found a hell of a deal on 2 new E7D units and am awaiting their arrival. My questions...
  306. M

    WTB Bait receiver (loc SAN CLEMENTE)

    That's exactly what I was thinking. ..between that and rationing/running out. Are you making these yourself? If so, how much do you sell for? How much bait are you putting in one? Are they eating shit in the water or do you put a can of cat Food in it? My interest is piqued...not sure the...
  307. M

    WTB Bait receiver (loc SAN CLEMENTE)

    X2 And assuming the dogs don't get in, how long (and how much) will your bait live in it?
  308. M

    Upper 9 it worth going?

    Weather will keep us in. Anyone going will probably enjoy a wfo bite now.
  309. M

    Upper 9 it worth going?

    If everything aligns perfectly tomorrow (I find a baby sitter while wife is at Church) I think I can sneak off and get out. My dad is willing and able to go with. The catch, fish finder isn't working and we don't want to go near mexico. We'd probably fart around on the upper 9. Fish Dope...
  310. M

    Bluefin visual proof

    Where at? I'd take hogs in Late March than questionable BFT!
  311. M

    Raymarine DSM 300

    What transducer did you have? What display did you have? What did you change to? How much better is the chirp? I have a 250 and am considering the swap.
  312. M

    Show me your crappy project - Winner get's everything but a hull

    Awesome gesture!! Would be a spot in my boat any time for a guy like this
  313. M


    My wife's uncle has these....f-ing bad ass set of binocs. I could only wish!
  314. M

    Armored hull liner free!!!

    I'm right down the way from you... 171
  315. M

    SOLD - 1986 Phoenix 27' Fishbuster - Express Fishing Boat - $23,000 OBO

    I have a phoenix 29 and have NEVER heard ANYTHING bad about the 27 fish buster. Good luck, looks awesome!!
  316. M

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    Seaworld. You're right, the drive does suck...but pick your times right and we can get there in less than 90 minutes. Is your boat at your house now? I'd like to get the measurements of those triangle patches over the side windows where the blinds don't cover and possibly check out anything...
  317. M

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    Sorry...apparently I went AWOL on you. .. My phoenix is good. Selling it popped into my mind a few days ago...still kicking it around a bit. Now that i have it in a slip, I've got that big ass, brand new 18,000# aluminum trailer taking up space inside an airplane hangar. Now that it's in the...
  318. M

    I Need a trolling outfit

    That sucks! What happened?
  319. M

    Saturday 10-10 upper 9

    Got some in the freezer at my dad's. I have no clue what a Spanish mack looks like, so I guess it's possible? On YFT, they have that weird, "raised thing" by their tail. What is that called? The bait had it as well
  320. M

    Saturday 10-10 upper 9

    Pulled marauders and black barts for 75 miles at 8.5 kts for nothing. Super flat day, nice blue water. Anyone notice 50% of mission bay bait was baby YFT??
  321. M

    ***SOLD*** Anchor windlass (25'-35' boats)

    Is it a free fall? Can you install without deck buttons?
  322. M

    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    Okay Then... not worth an Internet fight, but you led me to believe you were going to hold off since you didn't have the second rod in your possession until after I returned.
  323. M

    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    Hmm...thought you were going to hold onto them for me until I got back in town?
  324. M

    Need stopgap roll-on roofing to get me through El Nino

    Glad I pulled the trigger when I did. Hopefully they finish in the next 2 days
  325. M

    (2) Dual Fender Holders

    What's your PayPal? I'll take them. Can't get them any sooner than Saturday unless my buddy can pick them up for me. Thanks
  326. M

    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    I'll have to be back by Friday. Where is your boat? I'll be down at mine Saturday
  327. M

    TLD50IILRS & Trolling Rod

    I'm leaving town tomorrow for work. If you'll hold them both for me, I'll take both. How old is the line?
  328. M

    Hate to be "that guy" Anyone have #s for Dorado?

    Thanks all. We cleaned and organized the boat then went to the break water turned around and came back in.
  329. M

    Hate to be "that guy" Anyone have #s for Dorado?

    Going to the boat tomorrow with my dad to do some work on it. Figured if we had some time we'd go out for a little bit. We'll drag marauders, but wouldn't mind getting the old man on some Dorado. Boat is at sea world. Thanks! Jeff Given
  330. M

    (2) Dual Fender Holders

    Can they mount to a horizontal rail or does the rail have to be vertical?
  331. M

    Saturday 26th Wahoo N9mile

    Trolled that whole area today. Green water and sea lions. Was trolling at 9.5 kts. Ended up going further west found some blue water and a ton of flying fish. Didn't change anything, no hoo. Started north and picked up a yft on the troll. Switched 3/4 to feathers and the wahoo lure...
  332. M

    FS: 24 x 8 x 4' Mini Half Pipe skate ramp

    Spike from the forums....this has his name all over it.
  333. M

    Went catching at the 14. 9-7

    And that's the reason you don't talk shit on the radio. never know who's on the other side. Great report.
  334. M

    FS: 24 x 8 x 4' Mini Half Pipe skate ramp

    This had spike' name all over it!!
  335. M

    Magic Patty 9/3

    Let's keep quoting these so it NEVER goes away.'re paranoid it's going to show up on a website or that someone is going to see it yet you quote it so it stays up. He took down whatever it was and yet you keep it alive by quoting it...
  336. M

    Financing a boat??

    I not a cheap boat. ... But it's pay now or pay later... nothing is free or cheap.
  337. M

    24 of 30 passengers get sick/food poisoning on the Independence

    Did they sanitize the boat after it came in? If not, did the next trip get sick?
  338. M

    USCG safety inspection underwayy

    Good informative thread.
  339. M

    Saturday August 29, 2015 Yellowfin

    My immediate thought is that your rod is in the rod holder and the fish are swallowing the hook. Whenever that happens, even if it's landed, it's an automatic cut and retie
  340. M

    Selling all of my gear... Reels first

    Interested in the whole lot. Send me a pm.
  341. M

    Help with prep for painting inner walls of an aluminum

    Check out por15. Not cheap but it's the shit. They have a metal etch-er.
  342. M

    what gunnel mount multi rod rod holders

    Thanks. Ended up ordering one from spider king.
  343. M

    what gunnel mount multi rod rod holders

    With all the drift fishing looking to get a fishing pole holder to slide into the existing pole holders with multiple spots for multiple rods. All I've see in spider king. Thanks, Jeff Given
  344. M

    First day really fishing in the boat... YFT, A Bill fish, and a massive Hammer

    The enormous red buoy is for my neighbor already hit my boat pulling out. Little ice chest on the deck does not go out, only the 2 under the gunnels and one (bigger one) at the ladder.
  345. M

    Installing a glendinning Synchronizer

    bought it used off here a year or 2 ago and since the boat is running now, I can install it! Engines: Volvo 41A I installed a floscan system and went with the digital tachs. I also installed FloScan magnetic pickup for an accurate tach reading. How do I install the tach pick up to the...
  346. M

    Tuna Fishing with Shimano Flatfall Jig- video+pics

    I would have thrown them back just because I wouldn't spend the $5 to have it cleaned and bagged. $50 fish cleaning bill for 15# of meat ;) Good job putting in work. WFO bites like that are insane. You did nothing wrong. Not sure why the captain didn't say let's go look for bigger fish...
  347. M

    First day really fishing in the boat... YFT, A Bill fish, and a massive Hammer

    Bought the boat back in 2012 or 2013 and have been working on it ever since. Got it finished about a month ago....Dad and I haven't fished together in probably 15 years, which was the last time he was tuna fishing. The boat has really helped our relationship and got us closer, but I digress...
  348. M

    One Stop Shop Tuna 8-18

    What direction are you heading? I'm torn what way we're going. ..
  349. M

    Who keeps their boat at Sea World?

    Just got my boat in a few weeks ago. I'm slipped next to somebody with a BD sticker on their boat...He's pulling out in the next few weeks according to the Marina. I'm over at 171
  350. M


    My C80 had the vertical line/can't read the screen problem Because of that I don't know if the DSM works, but it is giving me a buzzing sound when I power it all up. Not sure what it is. ..
  351. M


    What is wrong with your C80?
  352. M

    FS pacific edge 36 gallon oval

    Glad to hear, Andy. Nice meeting you
  353. M

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    So, after 4 pages, who has the bigger dick? :supergay: Just kidding. ..thanks for the help
  354. M

    bonding external strainers?

    10/4 thanks ali
  355. M

    bonding external strainers?

    Putting external sea strainers on the boat that DO NOT screw into the seacock. Do I need to bond these or not? If so, how?
  356. M

    WTS Navionics MSD/644P+

    According to the plastic case Lowrance takes micro SD cards. So I think this is what You need.
  357. M

    FS pacific edge 36 gallon oval

    Pics sent, Andy. If you want it, I hope to be putting my boat in the slip this week down at seaworld.
  358. M

    WTB or Trade for Navionics CF/644P

    Thanks Jeff, just bought it
  359. M

    FS pacific edge 36 gallon oval

    Selling for brother in law 300 will post pics tomorrow
  360. M

    WTS Navionics MSD/644P+

    I'll look tomorrow
  361. M

    WTS Navionics MSD/644P+

    I think I paid $100 for it here a while back. I need the CF model. Would like to trade but will take the cash
  362. M

    WTB or Trade for Navionics CF/644P

    I bought a MSD/644P+ A while back here and shocker, it's not what I needed... Thanks! Jeff
  363. M


    I'll take it if you'll take $100 and can store it for me or deliver to my wife's uncles boat in Dana. I can paypal. Otherwise I need it like I need a kick in the balls
  364. M

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    Okay, I'll run both to separate switches. Not sounding like a dick; I asked a question, and you answered it. I didn't realize it was the switch as the problem; I thought it was the wire. Why do I need that many bilge pumps? Why do you need any? I watched a video over at THT a while back of...
  365. M

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    Can I wire both pumps with separate wire to the same switch? If so, what size fuse do I run at the switch? If not, I guess I'll be using another switch.
  366. M

    Sea strainer

    Run an external strainer.
  367. M

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    I've got 2 johnson 4000 GPH pumps. One is already wired to a switch on the bridge. They are my high water pumps, not my every day pumps. The pumps are 15 amp and want a 25 amp fuse. What gauge wire would I need for the 2 pumps going to the bridge and what size fuse at the switch? Thanks! ...
  368. M

    Stripe Marlin, YFT and YT before noon!! 7/25

    Because smoked ribs don't taste better than boiled ribs...:gay:
  369. M

    Rod Holders Galore

    Since you're out of Florida, have you done any of these on on a 29 phoenix? Rod storage seems to be at a premium on this boat. If not, let me get the boat in the water sbf the tower put on it and I'll hopefully have a better idea where we can go with it
  370. M

    Rod Holders Galore

    Dimensions on 5 rod?
  371. M

    bait tank pick up

    10/4 got it ordered. Thank you!!
  372. M

    bait tank pick up

    Was hoping for something with a hinged door...
  373. M

    bait tank pick up

    What "external strainer" / pickup for bait tank? Already have the 1" mushroom head through hull threaded into the sea cock Thank you
  374. M

    Can still see old name on Transom. What to do?

    Still there. ...I'll post some pics tonight
  375. M

    Can still see old name on Transom. What to do?

    Changed the name of the boat but the old name is still very noticeable. Anyone have any ideas? This is buffed and color sanded. Before, During, After. Thank you!!
  376. M

    Who has the best fuel prices in San Diego or Mission Bay?

    Last week dana landing was $3.44
  377. M

    Fishing Nets and Gaffs

    I'm in Riverside and should be at sea world Putting the boat in the water within one week. I'll take them if we're close. Let me know
  378. M

    Volvo TAMD 40A parts

    Any throttle or transmission linkage?
  379. M

    Where can I get injectors for a Volvo AD 41A?

    Something is VERY wrong. I think you're talking injection PUMP
  380. M

    Bait Tank Thru Hull Pickup

    I suspect the problem isn't your through hull, it's the lack of bonding and lack of Zincs. Have an electrician come out and test your protection
  381. M

    How to Flush I/O with boat in the water (slipped)

    Highly recommend: Quickflushvalve.Com
  382. M

    Where can I get injectors for a Volvo AD 41A?

    They are Bosch injectors. Not to expensive to buy if you only have a few to buy. I think the one I had to buy was 60 or 70... Go to the Bosch website and search certified Bosch shops in your area. Diesel injection service in Colton got it in in a few days for me, if memory serves correctly...
  383. M

    BoatBuckle Kwik-Lok Transom Tie-Down - 2" x 2' $25

    Not trying to be a dick. ... What is the difference between these and regular ratchet straps?
  384. M

    WTB- Phoenix 29 flybridge diesel power

    Planning on trailering? 2.5 years after I bought mine is just about done and hope to put it in the water within 2 weeks. Don't know if it floats but going to give her hell!
  385. M

    Armored hull liner free!!!

    Are you slipped at seaworld? I'm putting my boat down there as soon as it's done. Hopefully no more than a few weeks. Forgot what number I am. ... How do you like it there?
  386. M

    Drain often?

    I always removed once boat was on the trailer. Really pushed water out when going up the ramp. Put a hook of some sort near the ignition and put your plug there. Ideally you will put the plug in before going down the ramp but if not When you go to start the boat you'll have a plug at the...
  387. M

    wtb windlass asap

    29' boat
  388. M


    Shawn was thinking he scored a nice rod...then he read the post. Could have just as easily said nothing, it's nice to see honesty people still. Good job Shawn!
  389. M

    Autopilot install

    Raymarine st8000 I have an RV-50 Hynautic reservoir and an accusteer HRP16-12 pump. Does the pump take place of the reservoir? If not, do I "T" into the lines before or after the reservoir? I'm guessing the nylon lines need to be replaced with higher psi hose? Thank you! Jeff
  390. M

    Evinrude 9.9 HP Outboard Motor - $350 (Riverside)

    Damn... would be perfect AND you're local. Unfortunately, it's not high enough on the priority list... Getting the engines back in the boat and getting it on the water come before the dinghy ;)
  391. M

    Broken Bolt Removal Help Please

    Paddyman are you sure the bolts are supposed to come out?
  392. M

    USC documentation certificate

    Anyone else?
  393. M

    Boat stuffs

    Where at in oc? Might be interested in anchir and chain. What size chain
  394. M

    Putting together a crew who can help with $$$

    As a boat owner I say good for him. We have all the costs... in the end, the fuel is the cheapest part.
  395. M

    USC documentation certificate

    Thanks, Mark. I sent that out already and they want a copy of the certificate.
  396. M

    USC documentation certificate

    I bought my boat 2 years ago and haven't got it in the water yet. To get approved for the loan, I had to have it documented. The bank emailed me a copy of the documentation, but I don't recall ever getting the certificate myself. Last year, I renewed the documentation and again, I don't...
  397. M

    Broken Bolt Removal Help Please

    I'm not all that well versed with volvo, but on my 41's they're are some bolts that are epoxied in. They are NOT to be removed. Doing so will ruin your housing. Not sure if this applies to you or not. ... As far as easy careful. I tried to extract a screw out of my winless and it...
  398. M

    Broken Bolt Removal Help Please

    Is it a Volvo??
  399. M

    2" bilge pump hose

    I bought two of the johnson 4000 gph bilge pumps for my high water emergency pumps and they come with 1.5" and 2" outlets. I'm guessing the 1.5" would restrict the maximum flow so I figured I'd use the 2". Next problem, finding the hose as well as the above water through hull. Any advice...
  400. M

    Navionics chip for sale

    Arrived, great packaging. Wayne is good to go!
  401. M

    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    I painted my bilge with por15 white coat. That stuff is insanely strong and it turned out great.
  402. M

    Navionics chip for sale

    Paypal works, but whatever you prefer
  403. M

    Navionics chip for sale

    I'll take it if you'll ship it
  404. M

    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    What's wrong with paint?
  405. M

    Navionics chip for sale

    Will work with my c120?
  406. M

    Solar sun rings

    Where are you located?
  407. M

    Water Fall

    Thanks again Mel. Pleasure meeting you
  408. M

    Sea Lion Morons

    Damn she is hot! I'd drink her bath water
  409. M

    Sea Lion Morons

    I don't think I've ever met a crazy tree hugging liberal without an agenda. I don't believe she saw anyone kicking a sick sea lion, she's trying to garner sympathy and support. Whether she sets up a "non profit," is seeking more volunteers, or directly profits from nursing these flea bags back...
  410. M


    Almost a good enough deal to knock the old lady up again. ...wait...did I just say that? LoL
  411. M

    California luxury tax.

    You'll use tax when register it the dmv. If it's large enough to document with the coast guard the board of equalization will get you come tax time. Afterwards, i vaguely remember something about a property tax on it's assessed value based on where it's stored. But. ...I can't honestly say...
  412. M

    Water Fall

    My mom let my wife borrow one and it was stolen from our front yard. Needless to say she hasn't let me live it down. This would be perfect. I can get down there tomorrow to get it if it's still available.
  413. M

    CABO fishing/Bachelor party

    If you can get 12 guys together for a bachelor party have more/better friends than most. Expect 6 to go, maybe less
  414. M

    Feds to halt Sardine catch.Just saw this. Is this going to screw us for bait?

    I have an idea....let's save and nurse back to health, and return to the ocean every orphan, abandoned, sick, dying sea lion! That should help predator to prey ratio reach equilibrium. F-ing losers!
  415. M

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    Do have more pics of how/what you did? After seeing your boat, I want to do this
  416. M


    $50 I'll try to grab it Saturday.
  417. M

    Fastest place to buy trailer parts

    Very happy with the honest guys Pacific in chino!
  418. M

    fs: marine wires / hoses

    Let me know the when and where's
  419. M

    fs: marine wires / hoses

    I'll take it. Are you up in the Inland empire At at all?
  420. M

    Looking for Mechanic

    If you're in upland call Dave's marine in chino. Good guy. But they're backing up fast!
  421. M

    Replacing a Through Hull

    If there is a hole in bottom of your boat, yes a seacock is mandatory.
  422. M

    Replacing a Through Hull

    Unless your hull is at least 1" thick solid fiberglass, YES YOU NEED BACKING!! Don't use starboard. Wood or fiberglass.
  423. M

    squid screen through hull covers

    They're External strainers
  424. M

    looking for an honest VP diesel mechanic

    Preferably around chino, but I won't hold breath on that.. engines out of boat Thanks, Jeff
  425. M

    WTB oval offshore 48gal. Bait tank or similar

    Care to elaborate? I was going to call him put in a bait tank for me.
  426. M

    Bilge Pump help please.

    Is shelter cove relayed to shelter island in Alaska?
  427. M

    What wattage LED lights do you recommend?

    When I take the plunge I'll go with these:
  428. M

    What wattage LED lights do you recommend?

    Damn phone. ...I'll post tomorrow from my desktop. ..
  429. M

    need tower work done, recommendations?

    I rest my case.
  430. M

    need tower work done, recommendations?

    I'm guessing that's a jab at me, tom? Remember, I tried to give you money for a year now...I've had excuses from you're doing someone else's boat, to your helper broke his leg, to you needed my help. Remember last week we talked about the boat coming to your shop on Thursday...
  431. M

    need tower work done, recommendations?

    Looking get existing tower modified hinge and fold back into the cockpit while on the trailer. Tower Fab was going to it, but after a year of excuses of not being able to it, it's time find someone else. Boat is located at Chino airport. Thanks, Jeff
  432. M

    WTB plastic air filter housing for volvo 41a diesel

    I'll and get to my boat tomorrow and grab a pic for you. Send me your number and I'll text it to you
  433. M

    WTB plastic air filter housing for volvo 41a diesel

    The filter will attach directly to the turbo and tighten with a hose clamp.
  434. M

    WTB plastic air filter housing for volvo 41a diesel

    Got a better option for you. ..and cheaper....give me a bit. ..
  435. M

    2014 triple axle aluminum trailer

    Tom, I'm still waiting for the call back the brakes. ..
  436. M

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Wonder if the captain or crew might chime in and give their side? I'd be pissed if the captain told me I had "more fish than I know what to do with it" or if the captain told me he was going to follow mexican laws in US waters. I've always wondered why 90% of the people here defend captains...
  437. M

    Savage 110 FCP 338 Lapua

    It's my first Savage (well, not entirely true, I have a savage 22 WMR) and I've got no complaints. Shoots just as fine as my Sendero SF 2 in 300 UltraMag did. Reduced to $1,150
  438. M

    Dall Sheep NWT 2014

    What are the specs of the rifle you are shooting?
  439. M

    Opener 9/5

    until we find someone willing to use oak leaves, I'd say you'll no doubt kick anyone's ass here.
  440. M

    My 3 hour bighorn sheep hunt

    Great story and awesome animal!! Congrats!! It should be a lesson learned for everyone with mounting hardware (especially on a hunt of a lifetime). Don't cheap out with rings or base. I'll only use top of the line bases or rings. Currently, I'm using a Badger Ordnance base and Barrett zero...
  441. M

    COMPLETE Raymarine AutoPilot system

    Link to g-neuberger( 527) (seller) feedback (100% positive): Ebay Item number: 281305453967 I committed to buying a different autopilot from a member...
  442. M

    COMPLETE Raymarine AutoPilot system

    I paid 930 for it and would like to get what I have in it back out.
  443. M

    COMPLETE Raymarine AutoPilot system

    Sorry for it taking a bit longer for the pics than I anticipated...I screwed around and got busy with work this weekend...
  444. M

    COMPLETE Raymarine AutoPilot system

    Not sure how to work my wife's mac…I'll try and figure it out more from my pc at work to get the link up and working… Some how, some way Tip Up got to the link and what he posted is a copy paste from the link. It is an ST-6002 I won the auction in April of this year. Like I said, I ended up...
  445. M

    COMPLETE Raymarine AutoPilot system

    I bought it on ebay a while back and never installed it because I went a different route. The link is just a description/pictures, not a live auction. I'd like to recoup my cost on it. Let me know if I can help with anything. Thanks! Jeff Given
  446. M

    Savage 110 FCP 338 Lapua

    barrel break in done with the following procedure: STEP 1 (repeated 10 times) Fire one round Push wet patches soaked with a powder solvent through the bore Push a brush through the bore (5 times in each direction) Push dry patches through the bore (2 times) Push wet patches soaked with a...
  447. M

    Savage 110 FCP 338 Lapua

    This particular scope (and rings) goes on a different rifle. I have an identical, brand new, scope still in the box that can go with this rifle a long with the Badger Ordnance base for $2050. Bipod not included goes on a different rifle. Just a fun pic of a 140 grain .270 bullet soft tip...
  448. M

    Raymarine system, MFD, GPS, & Radar

    smoking deal. I've got a complete raymarine autopilot (pump to head unit and everything in between) someone could put with this and have a full setup for under 3k.
  449. M

    Who wants to go Elk Hunting?

    What kind of hunting is it? Spot and stalk? Sitting in a blind? Money is way too tight right now to make it this year but it's on my radar. What does a mulie tag run? By the looks of your pics, it looks as if you can at least guarantee a shot?? Ali--did you guys do a snow goose hunt in Nor...
  450. M

    Savage 110 FCP 338 Lapua

    I'm in Riverside. Price is just the gun. If you want the Badger Ordnance base and a brand new (in the box) Bushnell Elite 6500 4.5-30x50 mil dot tactical turrets gotta go to $2050 + the $25 background check. Let me know what Rings you would want and I'll check some prices out and let you know...
  451. M

    Savage 110 FCP 338 Lapua

    Money is tight in our home and I am going to sell my 338 Lapua. It's got maybe 50 rounds down the tube for a proper barrel break in before taking it on a trip and getting some blood on it. $1,200 + $25 for a proper background check done at my home (I have a FFL) . It's a real shooter, sub MOA...
  452. M

    time to panic...

    I think it's rained every opener down there the week before for the past 7 seasons. My best hunt down there was during a lightning storm just before shoot time.
  453. M

    WTB Whitetail Deer Rifle

    I've got my FFL and I am in Riverside. Just doing a quick look (real quick look) I found a "Marlin Model XL7 Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle .30-06 Springfield 22" Barrel 4 Rounds Black Synthetic." I'll give it to you at dealer cost + tax + Shipping. I'll make it up on the DROS where it's tax...
  454. M

    6'x16' Dog Kennel free

    Where are you located? I've got a few hounds that could definitely use it! Thanks! Jeff
  455. M

    Boat financing

    I used Essex as well. Being a Costco member shaved something like .5 of a point off of the interest rate and they sent me a $50 gift card for costco. The only problem(s) financing an older boat is it has to be able to be documented by the USCG and in order to be a documented vessel it has to...
  456. M

    raymarine autopilot ripoff

    I've got one too that I bought a while back. Plans changed, it's everything needed…Email me if interested.. [email protected]
  457. M

    2004 F250 FX4

    I think most of the 6.0 problems were "mall cruisers" with an enormous lift and giant tires towing 20,000# toy haulers at 80 mph up steep grades. This truck looks to have neither. I'd guess there are many more "good" 6.0 than there are "bad." Good luck with the sale!
  458. M

    Oside father daughter trip with a preview at the end

    Spent a lot of time chasing specks and snows up in the valley during my college years. I think I was the only idiot doing it when the limit was only 4 and 2 specks. Calisnowhunter--Do you have a rice blind up there or are you a refuge rat? I've got a hell of a silosock spread that I've left...
  459. M

    Oside father daughter trip with a preview at the end

    That's awesome! Off topic question, where do you hunt snow geese at in california? Sac or wister?
  460. M

    WTS: Bad Ass Commercial Canner w/ 300+ Cans & Lids

    How long does food last on the shelf once canned? Do you add any sort of preservative?
  461. M

    Need to replace brake lines on trailer...where should I get them?

    Tom at Tower Fab is a nice guy. Also in Chino
  462. M

    Sunday Yellows Short of the 209 (Binocular Recommendations)

    A recticle is the cross hair in a rifle scope... no recticle in regular Bincos... Jeff
  463. M

    Sunday Yellows Short of the 209 (Binocular Recommendations)

    First number is magnification second number is the OBJECTIVE LENS DIAMETER in millimeters (the glass opposite of your eyes). Typically, the bigger it is the more light is allowed in... best for dusk and dawn. Middle of the day, won't matter much. Jeff
  464. M

    Volvo Diesel Question

    Those filters I posted above are about half of that and it will get rid of the "screen enclosure."
  465. M

    Another through hull problem

    Everything I see in this forum I think I am living with my boat, unfortunately (lots of neglect over 26 years). I'm sure you're aware, but if it's not marine rated, don't use it. Jeff
  466. M

    Boat cleaning... Hot to get old oil out?

    Having just gone through this, I suggest pulling your engine and giving it a thorough cleaning. You're not going to spray anything on it one time and be done with's oil and it's a bitch. I used POR 15 marine clean and couldn't have been more happy. That stuff, also biodegradable, wil...
  467. M

    Volvo Diesel Question

    Just noticed your plug for custom turbo. That's where I went too and I know where that's at least where one volvo shop in costa mesa goes.
  468. M

    Fiberglass work in Chino area?

    Anyone know of anybody? I chisled out my backing plates for the through-hulls and I want to glass in new fiberglass backing plates. Also, going to have to put a new thru-hull in for the bait take and will need some help with the backing plate "platform." Thanks! Jeff Given
  469. M

    Volvo Diesel Question

    Damn's another post. Do yourself a favor and get an aftermarket filter so you don't have to deal with your filter falling apart. I used the bigger 6"...
  470. M

    Volvo Diesel Question

    Last post. Pull your exhaust elbow look in the exhaust side. My boat came like this when I bought it. Here's my pics: This impellar was totally siezed. You may want to make sure your geometry is right with your exhaust as well. Good Luck. Jeff Given
  471. M

    Volvo Diesel Question

    Ohh ya, turn around was a few days.
  472. M

    Volvo Diesel Question

    The turbo is a Borg Warner turbo and the shop couldn't get a new one for like 6 months when I was there. If I recall correctly a new turbo would have been 1400-1700...I don't remember. I rebuilt both of mine last year. I THINK it was $400 or so for the one and the other needed a new impellar...
  473. M

    Teeter Inversion Table.

    I'll take it if it's still available. My brother is in Menifee I'll have an excuse to go see him. Let me know. Thanks!
  474. M

    Free Free Free - 10 foot Baltik dinghy

    If travis doesn't take it put me down! Thanks, Jeff
  475. M

    So while everyone is busy using their boats, I'm painting my bilge...

    After I painted the starboard side, I thought, "shit, I didn't get any before pics!" Snapped one of the port side. This is after HOURS of scrubbing and sanding, while taking 7-8 years off of my life due to the fumes. This is back to the starboard after one coat of paint. A bit blurry but...
  476. M

    We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    What temps were you fishing? No YFT?
  477. M

    So while everyone is busy using their boats, I'm painting my bilge...

    Long story short, the further I get into my boat, the more issues I find to fix. The engines are out, so the time to do the stuff has been now, but in any case, here are some pics of how it's turned out so far… Preview attachment 2014-07-06_14-51-12_78.jpg2014-07-06_14-51-12_78.jpg1.6 MB After...
  478. M

    15000# weight distribution hitch

    Man, I'm just not sure it will work with my trailer... My dad will be down in the area tomorrow but I don't need to buy something if I don't know if it will or will not work for sure...
  479. M

    15000# weight distribution hitch

    Can you grab a pic of the hitch on the trailer? Wanna see if it will work on my trailer What's the tow rig?
  480. M

    15000# weight distribution hitch

    I thought you couldn't use weight distribution hitches on boat trailers?? I'd be interested in it if you can...
  481. M

    65 gallon offshore bait tank

    Second in line. Measurements?
  482. M

    Raahauge's Shooter Sports Fair

    Awesome, thank you! Tri tip was smoked only 3 hours.
  483. M

    New kad43/kad42 injection pump

    41A pumps are no longer manufactured. I thought this would have worked with my 41a engines, hence my original interest. Diesel injection services looked up new pump costs and came back with obsolete part numbers
  484. M

    Raahauge's Shooter Sports Fair

    If you're in the market for a new gun or just like to shoot come out to Raahauge's sports fair, talk with the manufacturers, and try out their guns. its a good way to "try before you buy." If you come out, stop by my brother's booth, B-Rad's BBQ for a brisket, tri-tip, pulled pork, or chicken...
  485. M

    Free to good home, fish finder

    Transom mount? if i can put it on my aluminum duck hunting boat, I'll take it!
  486. M

    Copper bullet failure.

    x2 That's why i only use bergers. They dump all of their energy into the animal rather than wasting energy punching through the other side. I've shot an elk at 300 and a stag at 100 with a 300 grain out of my 338 Lapua magnum. Both dead right there
  487. M


    Their teriyaki jerky was nothing short of Amazing.
  488. M


    If its the jerky hut that used to (still?) Go to the Fred hall show, be sure to buy some of their jerky. And you're welcome!
  489. M

    Pacific Edge Rectangular 80 gal bait tank

    Josh, let me make my cockpit tomorrow....I think I want it.
  490. M

    New kad43/kad42 injection pump

    Not quite... if you want to make it cheaper, I'll buy it.
  491. M

    New kad43/kad42 injection pump

    Good deal...I'm about to get mine rebuilt
  492. M

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank 400.00 OBO

    Intriguing...I really think I want/need a rectangle tank though...
  493. M

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank 400.00 OBO

    Might be interested if ?? Doesn't bite. Would rather get a rectangle but this might work... What's the dimensions?
  494. M

    HELP!! Winch Post Too far away from boat...Is this fixed the RIGHT way?

    The boat is about as far forward as it can go. We'd be talking inches, no real gain there. Gross weight is 13,440 tongue weight 720 = 5.35% According to another source: "If you have a galv. trailer, TW needs to be 5-7% of what the scale tells you. If aluminum, 5-6%. If the numbers that you...
  495. M

    HELP!! Winch Post Too far away from boat...Is this fixed the RIGHT way?

    Oh's paid's a done deal. Boat came from Florida like that... Talking to the guy that towed it across the country, he said it towed fine...but that's not necessarily the issue I'm concerned about right now..... Thanks. Jeff
  496. M

    HELP!! Winch Post Too far away from boat...Is this fixed the RIGHT way?

    I had a trailer built for my 29 Phoenix by All Star Trailer in Miami (Hialeah). Robert had told me he had built this exact trailer for the exact same hull before. Here is what I ended up with and here was his fix. PLEASE feel free to let me know if this is right or wrong.... This is how the...
  497. M


  498. M

    Pm sent!

    Pm sent!
  499. M

    new triple axel aluminum trailer

    Do you do a lot of bussiness with Robert from All Star? The guy owes me a set of brakes and a Jack for my triple axle I bought from him.... yes, he charged me and changed the invoice AFTER he got my money... if you have any pull with him and can help me out I'd appreciate your help. Thanks...
  500. M

    Reloading supplies

    So powder is gone?
  501. M

    RayMarine ST8001 autopilot-complete system.

    I've got to find a way to get permission from Congress or hide it from her. I'll pm you later today from my desk top at work. Thanks,
  502. M

    WTB Rifle Scope

    BNIB BUSHNELL 6500 4.5-30 in mil Dot interest you?
  503. M

    100 gal bait tank for sale

    I didn't get to the boat like i was hoping to...outlaws (in laws) showed up. If it's still here tomorrow, i want to measure it for my 29 Phoenix. What was the beam on your 29?
  504. M

    100 gal bait tank for sale

    I'll be at my boat I about a hour to measure... What size boat did you have it on?
  505. M

    WTB Ruger 10/22 Rifle

    Where are you located??
  506. M

    any experience with gun broker (Kahr CW9)

    I have my FFL and GB is looking pretty good on their prices... transfer fee is going to be a minimum 25 (that's the fee the state charges) and can go up from there. Do you have your handgun safety certificate?
  507. M

    Bunch of tuna feathers

    I'll take them...hoe do you want payment
  508. M

    Engine Sychronizers $200 OBO

    Thank you, the pleasure was mine
  509. M

    Engine Sychronizers $200 OBO

    Mark, left you a message, try you again tomorrow. Thanks, Jeff
  510. M

    Engine Sychronizers $200 OBO

    If they'll work with my Volvo's please consider them sold. Where do i send the money?
  511. M

    Sea Angler Insulated Fish Kill Bag (Largest model)

    When are you in riverside? If we can meet up, I'll take it
  512. M

    Sea Angler Insulated Fish Kill Bag (Largest model)

    Do you go through riverside, Norco or Chino?
  513. M

    9/15 Pacific quest WFO YFT!

    Captain Josh decided to run past the BFT bite they had on the trip before for a larger mass of fish 130 miles south. Apparently it turned out to be a good Carroll as we got onto a school for over an hour. The blue fin area was allegedly more rough than where we were and it was rough where we...
  514. M

    Anyone here going on the Pacific Quest Sunday 2 day?

    Me, my brother, and good buddy will be on it. Let's hope the Tuna want to chew!! Jeff
  515. M

    RANGER 85 trip (9/2-5) Not a good one:(

    THIS is what is wrong with this forum. Had you not been worried about being flamed for being a crybaby, perhaps the original poster would have saved his money and not went on this trip...or put it toward another boat. But a 3 day with 31 people? You're a brave man my friend! Jeff
  516. M

    Norcold 12V/110V refrig./ freezer

    might be interested...
  517. M

    Promar Eclipse 36" Collapsible Lobster Hoop Net - All Rigging and Bait Cages - $30 ea

    I did not buy the nets. Seller went from 8 to 5, and was still listing them before I could get down there to pick them up. I couldn't commit to a drive to Escondido for something that was still being listed and sold up until the point I got there. Paul is now on vacation and will be back this...
  518. M

    65 gal offshore bait tank

    I'm interested...but is it 65 gallons or is it 80-100? Pics to [email protected] Thanks! Jeff Given
  519. M

    F/S Shimano TLD-30 2peed, Seeker Inshore Rod

    Where do you do your duck hunting at?
  520. M

    Allstar boat trailers... who deals with them?

    Some time ago, i saw a post where somebody had aluminum trailers for sale here. The name on the trailer was Allstar. I've since bought a trailer from all star and I've got problems with it but all star will not return my phone calls. Any help is appreciated. Jeff
  521. M

    Picture of my boat on the trailer

    Leon, That would have been too perfect. I've spoke with J on a few occasions about his boat. No bait tank in it...yet!
  522. M

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    Most people with this outlook say, "at least you're out on the water with your dad." Calling the man "a bitch?" That shows a lack of intelligence, in my opinion.... While we all seek to catch fish, I'm sure I speak for most when I say a few of the trips where you don't catch anything (or very...
  523. M

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    Glad to see not EVERYONE is piling on the original poster for complaining about a boat. Perhaps...just perhaps...some people are growing up? Nah...I doubt it. What if the drawing was for $500? Is it nothing then? $1,000? I'm POSITIVE that there are less than 1% of people on this website...
  524. M

    Picture of my boat on the trailer

    Beam 10' And....fuck!
  525. M

    Picture of my boat on the trailer

    Chine = come...damn Swype!
  526. M

    Picture of my boat on the trailer

    Phew! You guys sure made me feel a lot better! The enclosure will chine off for transport and I'll try to figure out how we can fabricate it to be a convertible so i can keep it.
  527. M

    Picture of my boat on the trailer

    I just got word from Florida that my trailer arrived and the boat was put on it. I think it's a little on the long side though...?
  528. M my trailer! well...kind of...

    It's in not here yet...but hope to have the boat here around 4th of July. Not a good experience with the shop that built it, but it's done none the less.
  529. M

    Hooker trolling lure

    Guessing I am not the best offer? ;)
  530. M

    Boat Survey Question

    I bought a boat a few months ago from Florida. I should be getting it home around July 10. I did not feel that I had to be there during the survey...what could I tell a professional surveyor? Having said that, if it's in Southern California, just drive down one weekend. I drove Sacramento to...
  531. M

    Why are there Bills on bill fish? Video

    I always heard it was to "whack" a bait fish. Then I read an old article on here tonight that they were to "trip" bait fish. Not knowing which was true, I checked out youtube and saw one of the coolest videos of feeding fish I have ever seen... Marlin & Tuna Feeding - YouTube So, after...
  532. M

    Any Front Sight members?

    Just curious if there are any Front Sight members here.
  533. M


    Updates!! Updates!! Didn't you guys leave early today? Any fish on the first day? Loved this crew on the Indian...they are responsible for giving me the bug of fishing after so many years of being away from ocean fishing. They were top notch and never too busy to teach me anything I wanted...
  534. M


    Older bucks don't eat well. They're made into jerky or sausage and their head is on the wall. Someone else mentioned not being able to kill females like with big game. Well, that's only in the western states. Most of the other states (to my knowledge) allow either sex and as a result, they...
  535. M

    From the Coronado Islands to Point Loma 2013

    The nerve of keeping 20# of halibut fillets per person!
  536. M

    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    For the record, I think the OP is literally insane for going on a boat with 72 people. Where does one draw the line? If someone steals your fishing gear and you happen to see a fellow fisherman using it does he get a pass because "us fishermen need to stick together?" Nobody asked a sport...
  537. M

    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    I hate it when people act like bullies and attack others on a public forum for their grammar or punctuation not being correct. I love it when the bully, himself, cannot put together a proper sentence or paragraph and has incorrect spelling and punctuation throughout. PS, I am not a...
  538. M

    Stock Market

    Although i appreciate the concern, don't feel bad for me, I actually own something. Sure, it might be down today (figuratively speaking) but i still own something. I feel for the guy that lost in the stock market and only had a piece of worthless paper. I'm not saying I'm right and the...
  539. M

    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    +1 I went on the Constitution once and I literally witnessed the deckhand toss over a half filleted fish. It was the captains kids first summer of being a deckhand and I think I could have filleted better with a spork. I wished I would have read about that boat before I went on it...I would...
  540. M

    Stock Market

    Wils, Yessir, real, physical, pure gold and silver. If it's ETFs you don't own it, you just own paper (a stock). I don't claim to know it all...and I've taken a beating the past few months... I will never MAKE money with it, it just protects my buying power in the event of...
  541. M

    Stock Market

    Now if that were the case, I'd be playing the stock market game. Let me rephrase for you. I bought gold and silver.
  542. M

    Stock Market

    I guess that is a round about way of saying get out to everyone while they still can. It's going to implode...maybe ten days, maybe 10 months...but as with anything, nothing can continue to go up and up and up as with every single bubble. Without us recovering from the last recession, this one...
  543. M

    Stock Market

    Sounds like some solid advice from people much wiser than me... But..... Here's my take on the whole situation: Europe is literally a house of cards that will fall. Every country in the EU owes the others money. Example: Germany owes France. France owes Italy. Italy owes Spain. Spain...
  544. M

    Small business owners here?

    Incorporate in Wyoming. Get a good tax guy (PM me if you want the best). I took over my dad's business in October and I hired my best friend. We ended our friendship about a month ago when he quit... Nobody will ever care about your business as much as you do. I think I've put in close to...
  545. M

    12 ft Gamefisher $800

    If I had more room, I'd buy it and make it into a duck hunting boat...
  546. M

    Boat Wanted

    There's a 26 Skipjack a few posts below this one for $13,000 on a trailer. Not a walk around, but a nice sled
  547. M

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    That's the interior that I have. That's actually what made me start looking into the Phoenix boats. Trailerable and able to "sleep 6." I'll no doubt be stuck with the fuel tank size for this year at least, but I know it's day is coming when I have to replace them... Did you own a Phoenix...
  548. M

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    If be interested in hearing about that because as is now i don't know where the bait tank is going to go..
  549. M

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    Then you have the secret of a Ninja ;)
  550. M

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    Let's just say it's less than the asking price ;)
  551. M

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    What do you mean by "buy it blind?" I didn't fly to Florida and see this particular boat if that's what you mean. I got in touch with the former owner of Phoenix and got his recommendation for a surveyor of his boats. I then got an engine surveyor recommended from that guy. The broker...
  552. M

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    Here she is. Just waiting on the trailer to be built and then get he hauled over. 1988 Phoenix SFX Convertible Power Boat For Sale -
  553. M

    Furthest South you've caught a BFT on a LR trip?

    That's a hell of a limited load ;)
  554. M

    Tie flourocarbon to mono

    What is a "blood knot" i learned on the Indian a fee years ago?
  555. M

    Newport Harbor skiff this week !!

    That's a cool ass offer from the new guy.
  556. M

    Deep Sea Rod

    pm me your address. I'll send you a money order if you don't mind storing it until I get down that way again...Should be sooner rather than later =) Jeff Given
  557. M

    Sooooooo Close to the first "best day of my life!"

    Thanks all. Mo, i wouldn't say all party boat trips are done. ;)
  558. M

    Sooooooo Close to the first "best day of my life!"

    Pretty sure this is a generic picture (squirtis has the same picture posted for his Phoenix)
  559. M

    Sooooooo Close to the first "best day of my life!"

    Fly Bridge 1 fly bridge 2 Cock pit Inside
  560. M

    Sooooooo Close to the first "best day of my life!"

    Offer made, offer accepted, deposit wired, awaiting surveys next Friday!! First "big boat" I have ever owned. =) Jeff Given
  561. M


    What exactly are you looking for?
  562. M

    Where to look for lobster trip on Friday?

    Having my dirty thirty and one of my college buddies is coming down. I had the idea to go hooping (I've never done it) and now I just gotta find out who does what... Thanks Jeff
  563. M

    Pintail, wigeon and mallards are in!

    Those look great!
  564. M

    Any Owner Operator Truck Drivers out there?

    Looking for owner operators with reefer trailers. Send me a PM for info. Thanks Jeff
  565. M

    Pacific Star 2 Day

    By far the slowest week of the year for work and you didn't call to invite?? Thanks, spike! Jeff
  566. M

    "3 Amigos" Charter Group on the Sea Adventure 80 (1st Bluefin of 2012)

    Awesome, Danny! Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Look forward to another trip with you this year! Jeff
  567. M

    30 foot Pacific trailer for rent 150/week

    Got my wheels turning a little bit...what do you require other than cash and insurance?
  568. M

    Used out of State Boat and use tax

    Thanks.... If out would matter, I am looking at 2 east coast boats, Jersey and Florida. My father in law has a house in havasu with a garage where I could "store the boat." The boat is 29' so it will be CG documented...if that matters. I'd hate to buy a boat and "leave out in Havasu" before I...
  569. M

    Used out of State Boat and use tax

    From what I have gathered, Prior to October 2004 if a California Resident bought an out of state vessel, he or she would have to leave it out of state for 91 days to be exempt from Use tax. Between October 1, 2004 and June 30, 2006 the amount of time the vessel would need to be out of...
  570. M

    Thinking of putting an offer on a boat. Inspection?

    so I am considering putting an offer on a boat. It is a diesel repower with newer 4 cylinder yanmars (2006). Low hours on the boat. I know I need to have it surveyed and, no doubt, a mechanic look at it, but what am I (they) looking for? Very new to the inboard market as I have only owned...
  571. M


    Make it $431 plus shipping, no tax...
  572. M


    Take it up with the state. Unless you have a resale license,or it's sold out of state. Do you ask the same question to the gas station as well?
  573. M


    One left, 400 + tax (if in California) + shippig. Brand new, in the box. First one with Cash gets it. Pay pal add 3% Jeff
  574. M

    NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    you got me to look...... Hope to see you again on another trip this year, Danny Jeff
  575. M

    looking for 300 mag.ammo

    Mark, I have my Type 6 FFL for the manufacture of ammunition. What are your plans for this? Do you shoot long range? I do custom precision load development for long range shooting. I am located in Riverside and would need your rifle (no two rifles shoot alike) but you would get extremely...
  576. M

    Who does loans on older boats?

    Looking at older boats, over 20 years old and found one I REALLY like. I know BoatUs will finance 20 years and over, but they don't like to give out any information in regards to terms. I I know the rate, but they won't tell you until after you've applied whether it will be a 10, 12, or 15 year...
  577. M

    3.5 day Sea Adventure 80

    And that is the Jackpot fish!
  578. M

    3.5 day Sea Adventure 80

    Got to the dock about 1230 for a 2 o'clock departure and we left pretty damned close to on time. Got bait and we head way south. First day (Monday) weather was a little bit rough we caught 2 YFT on troll and maybe a few YT and a few Do Dos. Everyone was still optimistic for loads of YFT...
  579. M

    SOLD OUT! 3.5 day on The Sea Adventure 80 (9/25) 2pm departure!!!

    Just booked two spots. I truly hate the word, "Fuel Surcharge," especially when oil is collapsing early this morning, below $80 a barrel and especially when they wont tell you how much it is going to be! Oh well, I suppose, hopefully we slam 'em!
  580. M

    Polaris Supreme 09/25

    Very Intriguing.... I am going to have to seriously consider it the coming few days... Jeff
  581. M

    The Gallilean

    M/V: when did Houli die? he used to duck hunt a lot with us and we'd charter his boat. I'd been to his house as a little kid then he moved to alaska... Jeff
  582. M

    Constitution trip

    Maybe I was on that trip too? I even got shorted some fish on that trip, didn't realize it till I got home and vaccumed it. Needless to say it was a bad experience (on a gorgeous boat) and I'll chalk it up as a lesson learned...Without shitting on anyone too bad, if you want more information...
  583. M

    Holley Double Pumpers (2) 750's (1) 850

    I was going to use the 750's on my mustang big block stroker race car but decided to go a little bit bigger. Got the 850 looking to get another but now I think I'll put a single dominator on it instead. Would like to sell the 750's as a pair as they are matching for 500 and the single 850...
  584. M

    8-7 Hidden Banks

    Just got in from a very long day on almost no sleep with Jeff, Captain of Priceless. We ventured out to the hidden banks, but it was far from Hidden! There had to have been 15 seiners there! Anyhoo, met with Jeff at 430 at SI, and the other 4 guys showing up were running about 45 minutes...
  585. M

    INDIAN 2 DAY TRIP 8/5/2011

    Apparently Aaron won the kiss ass award getting into almost all the posted pics ;) haha. I need to get out on your boat again, I tried the constitution and prefer the program you run. Here's to getting some fish to start biting!! Jeff
  586. M

    Fin Hunting on Sunday-need Hunters !

    Sent you a text...I can't believe no one has replied to this...
  587. M

    Looking for a!

    Well, shit. I suppose my magical math was off, not sure how it was that far off though. I think I forgot to add the weight of the trailer?? =( I was thinking Boat: Dry weight 11,100# ~200 gallons diesel 1,430# ~60 gallons of water 480# Trailer weight??? What...
  588. M

    Looking for a!

    Hey all, I THINK I have all but convinced the old lady we should get a boat. She likes the idea of a bigger boat (say 28-33), and I think that's good news. I've looked at Blackfins, Bertrams, and Phoenix' and have honestly loved all of them with Blackfin probably being on the top. However, I...
  589. M

    Knot ???

    The guys on the Indian told us to use the blood knot so that's what I use.
  590. M

    Trailering large boats??

    Awesome, I've found the 12'+ pilot car info here: Nice to know that all that I need is a permit for a 10.5 boat... Now just gotta keep convincing the old lady this is a good thing ;)
  591. M

    Trailering large boats??

    Please don't take this the wrong way...I am seeking YOUR knowledge and experience!! Per Cal Trans site: 2. What types of permits are available, and how much do they cost ? Single Trip* ($16): 7 Consecutive Days Duration. A single trip permit is from a single origin to a single destination...
  592. M

    Trailering large boats??

    Sounds good...I am still trying to find more here on the forums without any luck... I sent an email to CalTrans earlier today and still awaiting their reply. If anyone here tows a 10.5 (or even a 10 for that matter) that had to get a wide load permit please post, I am curious as to whether...
  593. M

    Trailering large boats??

    I saw the information. Pilot car on anything over 10'. People here are saying don't worry about the permit (Dennis said it's $100, it's $90 per cal trans, so yes, I looked.). If people are trailering 120" without permits, are people trailering 126" without pilot cars too? Does a CHP officer...
  594. M

    Trailering large boats??

    Thanks for the replies. If all it was a $90 annual permit for a 10' beam, I'd go for that. Now I am "worried" about a 10.5' beam. I'll try searching the forum here for some more info! Thanks! Jeff
  595. M

    Trailering large boats??

    Thanks for the information. Looks like the 10'6" boat idea is scrapped :( Thanks, Jeff
  596. M

    Trailering large boats??

    I am looking more and more into buying a boat and I continually see these larger boats sold with trailers... I thought 102" wide was the max? Just on the forums here someone is selling a boat with a 9' beam with a trailer (hell, it's on the trailer now). 9" is still 108"... I was looking...
  597. M

    Help me build my first offshore tackle box for tuna and yellow tail

    I've already picked up half a dozen or so different feathers, a b/p cedar plug, natural cedar plus, a jet head natural cedar plug. I've got 25, 30, 40 flouro leader, rubber core weights, swivels, and i'm going to pick up some 2/0 ruined hooks. I have no irons or jigs yet and really have no...
  598. M

    INDIAN1-1/2 day trip report 7/6

    Good report, chris. Nice meeting you last weekend. Hope to get out on your boat again. Jeff
  599. M


    This was my first trip on the Indian and my first off shore trip in a long time. The crew was eager to help and was never "too busy." Food from Ian was second to none. First class captain, first class crew, first class boat, 5 stars. I will be on this boat again. Jeff
  600. M

    Chris Randal fron The Indian about the Bulefin Tuna

    Ill be wearing a camo hat with a mallard on it and probably a blue norco football wind breaker. Name's jeff, say hello!
  601. M

    Chris Randal fron The Indian about the Bulefin Tuna

    I will be on this trip tonight too; anyone else from the site going? Jeff
  602. M

    May get out on a 1.5 day this weekend..what lures to bring?

    Going on a 2 day July 12, but the wife is out of town this weekend and rather than doing yard work, if I can get out, I'll jump on a boat. I gather not much going on for albacore right now, but what should I bring for gear and lures? Thanks a lot. Jeff