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    Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    That's awesome🙌🙌🙌🙌
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    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    First time back to BD's in a couple months, and this is the funniest thread ive read i love bloodydecks
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    Old School Tackle Box

    Thats a sexy box right there.
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    Super Bowl Winner Predictions Contest February 7, 2016

    Packers all da., they will be in the superbowl 21-14
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    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    Carl discovers porn on his smart phone
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    Cortez Bank 10/7

    That's a nice fishing session right there.
  7. tresher_one

    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    Now Carl can watch all his porn on his smart phone.:D
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    Fishing Chick - Blanca Lopez

    Link is not working
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    Massive Opah!

    That's looks like my mother in law when she goes for a swim.:D
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    A Blonde's Phone Call to Mom:

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    Who recognizes my new avatar?

    When ever see vintage women pics, all I can think is big BUSH:D
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    Party time bar / cooler set up back yard boogie

    That's money maker right there for the right person
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    Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    Wow, that is bad asss......congrats on the whoookooooooo:appl:
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    my boat

  15. tresher_one

    Seaducks who?

    Packers all the way
  16. tresher_one

    Saber stroker/vintage rod or big5 special?

    Pics would help aswell
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    Black Pearl overnight trip report, 10/2

    I like chicken nuggets, got tired of popcorn:D
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    Sabre strokers for sale

    Sabre strokes for sale price are firm pick up only I'm in Culver city, 9' sabre sc1229c 10-30lb- 130$ 9' sabre sc229jc 10-30lb 130$ 9' sabre 690 10-30 130$ 10' sabre 540 20-50 ( full ten footer never been cut is a sin too cut ten footers) 250$ 8' sabre sc196-8hc 12-30lb 100$
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    How to add pictures in posts

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    Condor Overnight 9/3 - 9/4

    That's one positive attitude, I wish I can read more post like yours:appl:
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    Toad yellows in La Jolla

    That yellowtail has pretty lips:D
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    my dad needs your help

  23. tresher_one

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    Sabre stroker 196-8H NEWELL P220-F my go to rod
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    BD secret rules

    #1 seabass are gay
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    Muck boots

    sexy shoes right there:D
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    A Kid was walkin...

  27. tresher_one

    The 31 Bertram Build

    She is looking very sexy.........
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    Heads Up On A fishing Equipment Garage Sale

    I guess i know what doing tomorow.:drool:
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    Tanner Bank this Friday?

    Balls of steel. Good luck and be safe out there..
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    baseball cards, CHEAP

    How much are you asking?
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    Here we go!! Playoffs

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    1970 Bertram Moppie 25ft w/ trailer - $3,500 OBO

    Thats a sick bertram.....good luck with the sale..
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    ISLANDER 3.5 Day - Video Added

    Awesome report. Thanks for sharing
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    That is freken awesome.
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    newell P533

    If you decide to sell it. I would be very happy to get it of your hands :D
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    7/26pm-7/27 report king harbor to the 209 and back

    Long run and you guys still caugth some fish and made it back home safe. Bravo sir:appl:
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    Canadian Bloodydecker?

    LOL LOL LOL Well at least behd 8 beers :drunk:drunk:drunk:drunk:drunk:drunk:drunk:drunk
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    Lot of reels for sale

    So are they free:D
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    BD etiquette

    I love my beer and bloody decks.
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    Saturday's Trip to the 209

    Awesome thanka for report
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    Another pier shutdown

    Not cool..
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    Lock up your guns.........

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    7/21 limits YT

    that was aweome.........thanks for the upload.
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    Big Garage Sale Featuring Lots of Fishing Gear, both useable and Vintage 04-19-14 Camarillo CA

    no offense but if you can post a couple pix's of what you might have that would be great.
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    My Avatar's Broken

    I see nothing at moment, but let me take a closer look.
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    I found some of Gilly's old school work

    LOL LOL LOL that was too funny.
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    Does Bloodydecks need a bullying policy

    nope. BD is just fine the way it is.
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    The Journey

    wow.....just beautiful.
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    Who caught the most tuna in one trip this year?

    I didn't even get to wet my line this year.....Way to much work and no play makes me go crazy. Next year will be a different storyI hope.
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    Need TV repair...

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    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    Damn that F-n sucks debi............................I hope the landing can provide some more info on the security cams.
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    Boston Whaler 15ft Sport $5250 obo

    That's a pretty boat. Good luck with the sell.
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    Endeavor gets a (what?) albie...

    that's awesome.
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    Royal Star 6 day report - 121# Opah

    sweet.....congrats on the Opah
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    Rods -- Various brands $20 - $80

    Just left a message on your phone for the 3 sabre's.
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    Even when you do everything right...

    you made the right thing calling the coastguard. Most people in that situation would of panic, especially with there wife on board. But you kept your cool. F---k the boat the rods. You and your wife survive and that's all that matters.
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    Small business owners here?

    x2 on the business you want to start? starting a business seems easy from an employee point of view. Its not easy being an owner it takes time and money.
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    Poll: Would anyone like to see a fishing/tackle history forum?

    Would love to know the FULL HISTORY of old school SABRE'S California Tackle CO., Carson California.....................
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    Poll: How many days per year on a sport boat?

    last year maybe about 10 days. This year I hope I can do more.............
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    Sabre 540

    there is also a sabre 550-9', sabre 690-J, sabre 90-J......the list goes on and on
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    9' or 8' iron stick ?? Pros & cons

    Old school Sabre 540 pair with a Newell P322-F.
  62. tresher_one

    Qualifier 105 ???

  63. tresher_one

    Really Bad news

    That's fucked up..................R.I.P. Brother
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    How many types of "original" Sabres were there?

    I also have a old sabre with the original sticker on the bottom of the blank that say Sabre 196-10 Prototype. And a Chocolate sabre 540-10. I just want to know aswell as everyone else how many types names, models and length they made.
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    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    Lobster: pimping aint easy for bug, I gotta keep my ho's in check.
  66. tresher_one

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    Lobster: I always get to first base on the first date.
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    What's The Longest Time your cat has been gone (and come back)?

    my cat was gone for about 6 months, fucker came back home with a new collar and real fat.
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    Daylight Savings Ended..........

  69. tresher_one

    Worlds greatest wife..........

    Ill do it for it.................
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    50 Cent Tongues Erin Andrews Ear

    Wow talk about getting burnnnnnn on national T.V.
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    My THIRD a few friends...

    yeah i like beer.
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    My THIRD a few friends...
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    Post to a certain idiot
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    Sabre Classic Collectors Rods with Pictures

    wow those are beautifull wish i had some cash i would be all over them . Good luck with the sale.
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    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots... this is how i felt when i first discover bloodydecks.
  76. tresher_one

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    Well said.
  77. tresher_one

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...
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    Penn 16/0 Senator

    good karma
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    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    I like going, my son always have fun at the trout pond.
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    Prostate exam

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    pm's replied
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    Old school sabre's and a newell

    Pending sale on the newell
  85. tresher_one

    Old school sabre's and a newell

    times are tough right know need to pay some bills.I have 1 newell and 8 Old school Sabre's for sale. Pick up only. Im in culver if you have any questions i can be reach at 310-927-2377 robert 1. Newell P533-5.5F with box 130$ SOLD 2. Sabre 690-9' 15-30Lb x-tube grip 120$ 3. Sabre Stroker...
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    Another lizard guys, really? 3/5

    the taste of victory never tsted so sweet.....LOL LOL LOL
  88. tresher_one

    Part-time boat monkey....

    if you were a bit closer i would be happy to help.
  89. tresher_one

    Long Range Wood Box

    that's a bad ass tackle box.
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  91. tresher_one


    I have 3 reels for sale Pick only, I will not ship. you can reach me at 310-927-2377 robert. thanks Shimano TLD Star drag 20/40S no clamp or screwa 50$ Shimano TLD 10 Level Drag no clamp or screws 50$ Daiwa Sealine SL50SH with clamp and screws inluded 50$ 100 for all 3
  92. tresher_one

    NFL player arrested for kicking his BF ass :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  93. tresher_one

    Win Free Tickets to the LA Boat Show - Feb 7th - 10th

    she found my boat again........
  94. tresher_one

    Win Free Tickets to the LA Boat Show - Feb 7th - 10th

    Damn... i knew should of thought about twice before cheating on my wife....
  95. tresher_one

    Official New England Patriots beatdown of the Baltimore Ravens
  96. tresher_one

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    Don't get caught rubbing one out.........Don't ask what happen, Lets just say he slept in the galley the rest of the way.
  97. tresher_one

    Does anyone have a current report?

    That looks like fun.
  98. tresher_one

    Does anyone have a current report?

    santa monica been perty WFO on the bsp.
  99. tresher_one

    OMG, What the F#@K

  100. tresher_one

    Inglewood Police Chase

    LOL LOL LOL....ok that was funny. LOL
  101. tresher_one

    Unsafe Mercury Levels

    I wouldnt mind growing a secon penis..:picknose:
  102. tresher_one

    Bank Robber

    I like chicken nuggets.........
  103. tresher_one

    school shooting

    Im surprise that is not all over the new's yet.
  104. tresher_one

    school shooting
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  106. tresher_one

    football joke

  107. tresher_one


    Go Pack Go.
  108. tresher_one


    Were are they now??? PACKERS 31 FRISCO 10
  109. tresher_one

    Cash(LOAN) for Tackle

    Thats perty cool of you..
  110. tresher_one

    Football Playoffs!!

    Dont forget Jay cutler.........
  111. tresher_one

    Revenge is a bitch

  112. tresher_one


    Sale Pending
  113. tresher_one


    Sale pending
  114. tresher_one

    another trip to the gynocologists

  115. tresher_one


    SOLD SOLD SOLD 6 Salas Jr 6x 2 Salas 1x100 1 Cristy by Salas 1 Salas Dx 1 Salas yo-yo 3 1 Salas baby 5x 2 Salas 6x 2 Salas OKY 5 Tady 45 2 Tady 4/0 1 Tady 6/0 1 Tady 1 Tady C 1 Tady 9/0 1 Tady A1 3 Roddy Buit 2 Candy Bar 2 Hacker 5 2 Jax Jig 2 CP 105 2 Straggler 1 Sea Strike 82 1...
  116. tresher_one

    New member saying Hi

    welcome to the house of horror.
  117. tresher_one

    amish mafia!!!

    They also have that one black amish too.....
  118. tresher_one

    Which is the better all around rod?

    Just go old school just like this thread. Sabre 196-8 with a Newell p220 or sabre 530 with a newell P322.....
  119. tresher_one

  120. tresher_one

    Packers suck on Bears cocks.......

    Jay cutler got scared of clay mathews........ Packers 21 Bears 7
  121. tresher_one

    Mr. T Shark

  122. tresher_one

    Coast Guard member killed by Drug Runners

    VERY VERY SAD........................
  123. tresher_one


    Thats one way to shut his fat ass up................... What a dumb asssss
  124. tresher_one

    Swell+Rain= BIG BUGS!!

    Its a buggy bug world sometime. great job
  125. tresher_one

    What team? Loyal fans only.

    Im a Packer fan till the day i die.....................................
  126. tresher_one

    Whiskey and condoms

  127. tresher_one

    Bad ass of the week!

    that's what i call a man some real balls..........
  128. tresher_one


    very of luck
  129. tresher_one

    north ventura... another weird one.

    Depending on what part of Ventura u were fishing(structure) there are some Striper spots up there but there are also White seabass (AKA gay fish for most surf fisherman) spots up there too. Maybe u snag a leoperd? Ive caught both on 14Lb.
  130. tresher_one

    Fishybuzz super cow!

    Congrats. I WANT ONE...............................:hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli:
  131. tresher_one

    Remembering Stan "SurfDoc" Stutzka ** Picture/Story Thread

  132. tresher_one


  133. tresher_one

    Best 10 foot Jig Stick??

    Old school Sabre 540
  134. tresher_one

    The "Ready to Assemble" swings into the dock with limits of WSB for Two Day

    NICE....................RTA always delivers way to put the guys on the fish jeff.
  135. tresher_one

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    Thats a big Bitch, Congratulations on such a gay still looking for my first one this year.
  136. tresher_one

    SMB Halibut.....06/03

    on a plastic now thats awesome WTG.
  137. tresher_one

    halibut off domes

    Wow that's a very nice looking butt.
  138. tresher_one

    Newell P322F Like New

    Its not an OG its a newer model newell................
  139. tresher_one

    This is really strange....but true.

    Tooo much lethal force, a taser would of been better IMOP.....
  140. tresher_one

    WSB times today?

    It was beer 30...........
  141. tresher_one

    My first WSB

    Nice Homeguard yeller.
  142. tresher_one

    Michael Fowlkes

    Get well soon Michael and a speedy recovery.
  143. tresher_one

    whats the biggest fish you have landed with Your Diawa Sealine reels?

    SL20SH 33LB yellow Fin on ST8 20Lb ande
  144. tresher_one

    Chovy on light line

    At least that's better than staying at home. Quote: <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD style="BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset" class=alt2>Originally Posted by Yank n Crank I'll put my money...
  145. tresher_one

    Dogs and skunks

  146. tresher_one

    Chovy on light line

    Old school sabre stroker 196-8 Old school sabre stroker 229-9 Old school sabre stroker 1229-9 any of these 3 rods I use I have a Newell P220-F with 15Lb-20Lb test on them.
  147. tresher_one

    Daiwa sealine aftermarket frame review?

  148. tresher_one

    Alcoholic Monkeys

    Lets see what they doo with a fleshlight......
  149. tresher_one

    100# Class Broomtail Grouper in King Harbor

    First thing about King harbor fishing, you don't talk about king harbor fiahing and what you catch, if you do tell them they will never believe you anyways.
  150. tresher_one

    More Yellows for the RTA Today

    damn Jeff your on fire......WTG. .
  151. tresher_one

    Well good morning! we've all been there.
  152. tresher_one

    Things I'd love to see on TV

    I would so watch that East vs west, Spinners vs Jig-stiks, Popers vs Jigs.. you get my drifft.
  153. tresher_one

    Nat Geo Wicked Tuna

    It was ok, i would of like to hear more reel screaming drag pulling action.
  154. tresher_one

    2 fishermen adrift for hours only one makes it.

    That is so sad just reading it brought tears to my eyes.
  155. tresher_one

    I like the return of the "views" column

    I like it myself.....
  156. tresher_one

    Purolator Oil Filters............

    LOL LOL...........................................
  157. tresher_one

    eclipse sportfishing

    The Eclipse is a perty solid boat u cant go wrong with it.
  158. tresher_one

    Yellowtail Conventional Reel around $170

    Newell's are probably the ligthest reels you might find. I could be wrong.
  159. tresher_one

    Found- Anyone seen or heard from Dave Hansen? 3/16/2012

    Hope you get a response and everything is ok........
  160. tresher_one

    Surf Fish

    I also like catching Stripers in Malibu.
  161. tresher_one

    Sabre tackle box special

    You can also used these rods for macks too. Sabre stroker CA6660C 6'1/2 20-50 or CA6670C 6'1/2 30-80.
  162. tresher_one

    Craig's list

  163. tresher_one

    Surf halibut?

    PM sent
  164. tresher_one

    NEWELL P322-F

  165. tresher_one

    NEWELL P322-F

    i like BLOW?
  166. tresher_one

    Old Sabre's for sale................

    still availible for now......
  167. tresher_one

    I HAVE GAS.......

    Fuvk CALIFORNIA.............................
  168. tresher_one

    Old Sabre's for sale................

    I have 3 Old sabre's for sale one of them being a spinner. Im asking 100 dollars a piece. Pick up Only! if you have any questions you can reach me at 310-930-3570 robert. 9 foot sabre SC229-JC 10-30 LB test with cork tape. 9 foot sabre SC1229C 10-30 LB test with a reel seat
  169. tresher_one

    Surf Fish

    white seabass..
  170. tresher_one

    Perch'n 2/21/12

    nice perchy.
  171. tresher_one

    3 Custom Sabre Rods by Yo's $180 for 3 rods

    if you still have them by next week i will get them of you.
  172. tresher_one

    shimano TLD Star and a Daiwa SL50SH

    I have a shimano TLD Star-Drag 20/40S dont have the screws or clamp for it. asking 60$ I also have a Daiwa SL50Sh comes with screws and clamp also asking 60$ or take both of them for 75$. NO shipping pick up only! you can reach me at 310-930-3570
  173. tresher_one


    Spitfire out of MDR
  174. tresher_one

    help me surf fish

    PM sent.
  175. tresher_one

    $1.00 beers

    I like dollar beers.......
  176. tresher_one

    Craigslist funny......

  177. tresher_one

    Which personality on BD?

  178. tresher_one

    Surf Fishing.

  179. tresher_one

    Old School Newell G440-F - rare - yellow printing

    i never heard of this reel color label....
  180. tresher_one

    Green Bay Packers VS NY Giants PACKERS ALL THE WAYYYYY...
  181. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos GO packers......
  182. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos the STEELERS JUST GOT TEBOW>>>>>:rofl:
  183. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos
  184. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos

    wow that throw remided me of this throw in overtime.....
  185. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos
  186. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos

    the steelers are going to get tebowed......
  187. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos
  188. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos
  189. tresher_one

  190. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos
  191. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos

  192. tresher_one

    Steelers / Broncos

    Go Team? I mean GO PACKERS........
  193. tresher_one

    LIONS @ PACKERS GO PACKERS........................
  194. tresher_one


    GO PACKERS Packers-35 Lions-24
  195. tresher_one

    Mexican Visa News Released

    If you guys wanted to get any attention, maybe we should of made some kind of float for the rose parade agaisnt MLPA. Then maybe we would of had alot of attention on the issue since it will televise all over the country. just saying.
  196. tresher_one


    I like making stakes out of them and throw it on the BBQ.
  197. tresher_one

    Crazy RC airplane flying

    that was perty cool.
  198. tresher_one

    Bolts Playoff chances

    :rofl:ALL Hail NORV TURNER 4 MORE YEARS.........:rofl:
  199. tresher_one

    Green Bay Packers Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    onside kick was a bad choice.....
  200. tresher_one

    Green Bay Packers Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

  201. tresher_one

    Official Tim Tebow Beatdown of the New England Patriots
  202. tresher_one

    Green Bay Packers Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Go Packers.
  203. tresher_one

    Official Tim Tebow Beatdown of the New England Patriots
  204. tresher_one

    Brian Urlacher

    THats funny:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  205. tresher_one

    Video, Pod of 12 Orcas Off of Palos Verdes

    Thats awesome....
  206. tresher_one

    Green Bay Packers Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

  207. tresher_one

    Oakland Raiders Vs. Green Bay Packers

    Go packers
  208. tresher_one

    worlds smallest 12 cyl engine

    Thats perty cool.
  209. tresher_one

    Point Dume

    try sc surffishing you might get a littler more info.
  210. tresher_one

    What would you do????

    I know what i would....:drool:
  211. tresher_one

    A.P.R. = Another Packer a Rrested..............

  212. tresher_one

    Bronco fan gets ink on his back.
  213. tresher_one

    Turkey Day Football

    GO PACKERS....................
  214. tresher_one

    rat bch ghosts

    nice beans.
  215. tresher_one

    The Official Chargers vs Bears 11/20 thread.

    I would hate to be a charger fan right know........
  216. tresher_one

    Packer gets 6 Years....Really?

    that some BS.........
  217. tresher_one

    J-E-T-S vs Broncos.....

    interestin game....
  218. tresher_one

    Hey Spike....

  219. tresher_one

    Hey Spike....

  220. tresher_one

    The Official Chargers vs Bears 11/20 thread. Bump
  221. tresher_one

    Big Raiders Crowd.......Blackout lifted (not official, but close enough Game Thread)
  222. tresher_one

    Big Raiders Crowd.......Blackout lifted (not official, but close enough Game Thread)
  223. tresher_one

    Big Raiders Crowd.......Blackout lifted (not official, but close enough Game Thread)

    GO packers.:D I knew they would choke again..........:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  224. tresher_one

    Big Raiders Crowd.......Blackout lifted (not official, but close enough Game Thread)

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL aaaahhh shit that was too funny....
  225. tresher_one

    Beagles vs Beers MNF

    Eagles-27 Bears- 21
  226. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    told they were going to choke:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  227. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

  228. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread GO PACKERS GOOOOO
  229. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    Told yaaa he was going to choke.
  230. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    philip rivers is going to choke.
  231. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOO another great TOUCHDOWN...Chargers are no match........
  232. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread
  233. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    TOUCHDOWN BABY...................
  234. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    thats what most charger fans do when there team is loosing..
  235. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    Half the stadium is filled with California Packer Fans......:D
  236. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    :urno1:Go PACKERS:urno1:
  237. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

  238. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    WOOO another touchdown....chargers suck.
  239. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

  240. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    Chargers SUCK................ GO PACKERS:finger::finger::finger::finger:
  241. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    I hate lil wayne but this is a great song for my packers........GO PACK GO.....ive been a packer fan since 91'.........................I jus hope we make back to back SUPERBOWLS.
  242. tresher_one

    So wrong......

    LOL..........took long enoght.....LOL
  243. tresher_one

    Outrider - Big Yellows at the outer islands!

    Nice going on homeguards...............
  244. tresher_one

    This sucks! Fishermans Hardware LB

    Support your mom and pops stores at all costs, not matter what they are.....tackle shops, mini markets, drug stores, restaurants, hardware.......... These big chains are ruining are true american culture.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> X2...............................
  245. tresher_one

    Bears fan goes into a bar in Green Bay.....

    LOL.. good way to wake up. LOL
  246. tresher_one

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    Green Bay-21 Charges (aka choking team)- 17
  247. tresher_one

    Indy 10-day Oct. 12-Oct.22

    that is such an awesome report.
  248. tresher_one


    LOL LOL LOL.........
  249. tresher_one

    Packers VS Falcons

    And the packs remain UNDEFEATED.........
  250. tresher_one


    TEBOW is a BEAST..
  251. tresher_one

    New Job for retired BD'er

    LOL LOL LOL LOL...................................
  252. tresher_one

    Offensive jokes - I guess :)

  253. tresher_one

    New World Recod Halibut!

    that thigs a freaken beast......
  254. tresher_one

    7 days on the Q105

    thanks for the awesome report.
  255. tresher_one

    be very careful with your "auto correct" phone feature.....

    LOL LOL LOL LOL.............that was way to funny.
  256. tresher_one

    Josie Lynn M.A.W.

    sweet, way to get em.
  257. tresher_one

    Todays date is 8/9/10
  258. tresher_one

    NFL Opening Day - Packers VS. Saints

    GO PACKERS GO.............:urno1:
  259. tresher_one

    Hey Saluki is this gay??

    LOL you know how those charger fans like rolling deep.
  260. tresher_one


    go get em jeff... sorry for the late pm.......
  261. tresher_one

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    To much for my own good.
  262. tresher_one

    awesome thread!!!

    It depends... Do love your boat? YES Does she knows that you love your boat? Do u love fishing? YES Does she? Do you like hanging out with your buddy's that also fish? YES Does she have aproblem with that? Do u like doing Multi-day trips? Hell Yes!!!!!!!! I would Keep the boat and DTB...
  263. tresher_one

    Boat Burglary - MDR Undefeatead

    that sucks....
  264. tresher_one

    Get live bait in Long Beach- Interview with Nacho

    Nacho is the MAN.........
  265. tresher_one

    Old school fenwick

    nice Bumbleee look color.
  266. tresher_one

    Green Bay rod 1 of 2

    that looks peeerty......
  267. tresher_one

    BFT @ 371/302 - 8/20/11

    NICE.........great report.
  268. tresher_one

    35lb yellow

    nice feller and B-52 works. :)
  269. tresher_one

    1.5 day trip on the Eclipse

    nice thanks for the report. what were the fish caught on.
  270. tresher_one

    Phone call while being eaten?????

    ........thats a horrible way to go......
  271. tresher_one

    52lb. Halibut

    WOW.....thats a pig.
  272. tresher_one


    love that yeler and dodo pix.
  273. tresher_one

    BD does not condone vandalism.

    LOL LOL LOL.........................
  274. tresher_one

    WFO Dorado and yellows

  275. tresher_one

    Charger Game

    Took long enough For NFL games to start.
  276. tresher_one


    Not to offend anyone, but what if you have brown skin, does sun block work the same? ( Legit Question im asking)
  277. tresher_one

    Did Saluki Get A New Tattoo?

  278. tresher_one

    pier/surf setup

    try great info on sur fishing.
  279. tresher_one

    big BF near the 182

    nice fish.....................
  280. tresher_one

    1953 Chevy Pickup. 5 window deluxe

    You sir have good taste on trucks.
  281. tresher_one

    Outridder trip yesterday to San Clemente Is.

    NIce. good job on the yellers and the ghostie.
  282. tresher_one

    Good clean fun:

    LOL.......great trip with your kids.
  283. tresher_one

    INDIAN 2 DAY REPORT 7/23-24

    thats awesome...... thanks for the report.
  284. tresher_one

    Check this out!

    thanks for sharing, great video..
  285. tresher_one


    nice outgoing. thanks for the report.
  286. tresher_one

    I give up - Weather Offshore?

    Your welcome..................
  287. tresher_one


    WOW................That thing is a fucken TOAD...........
  288. tresher_one

    Dog bites shark

    Thats funny....
  289. tresher_one

    Daiwa Sealine SL20SH

    thats a steal. Good luck with the sell.
  290. tresher_one

    San Onofre Kelp Beds!

    awesome father and son going out....... Enjoy all the great times you guys go out. I can"t wait for my son to get just a bit older.
  291. tresher_one

    Outrider - Local bass fishing heats up.

    boat is awesome great captain and crew... Always working hard to find the fish. Cant go wrong with the price.
  292. tresher_one

    YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR.........

    When you sell the family big screen TV to go on a fishing trip. (it only happen once.)
  293. tresher_one

    YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR.........

    When you keep buying fishing poles from the classified section.
  294. tresher_one

    The World's First 3D Printer

    Thats really neat. I wonder if u print a pair of Double D's
  295. tresher_one


    pix's might help
  296. tresher_one

    No Guts No Glory

    kick ass setup. Good job on the yeller.
  297. tresher_one

    80lb soup fin shark off of la jolla beach

    We have too much time on the computer and not enogh time fishing. Nice catch by the way.
  298. tresher_one

    Epic Day at the Coronados - Lawman's 13.1 pound Calico!

    Dam thats a huge freaken calico. Nice job on your personal best.
  299. tresher_one

    Ghostbusters Catalina WSB 5/17/11

    nice buiscuits
  300. tresher_one

    14 Mile Bank

    thanx for report. Doing the same thing right know.
  301. tresher_one

    Vagabond 5day

    awesome trip. love to see some pix from fellow BDeckers on the trip.
  302. tresher_one

    The 31 Bertram Build

    cant wait to see the finish product.
  303. tresher_one

    This just happened

  304. tresher_one

    DFG is after me Follow Up

    I need some butter on my popcorn.
  305. tresher_one


  306. tresher_one

    When is it ok to have short filet?

    Never. just saying if you busted with a short filet, your busted with a short filet. It sucks i know but try to keep from cut it up untill you get home.
  307. tresher_one

    11 Pound Calico

    Damn thats a piggie for sure.
  308. tresher_one

    newell problem solved

    thats awesome i have some newells, that i would like to drop off for repairs. Not being a smart ass.
  309. tresher_one

    What was that?

    My Fat mother inlaw?
  310. tresher_one


    I hate you................................Beacause im at work and not fishing
  311. tresher_one


    xzibit is on the boat to pocket check every one for fish. nice reds.
  312. tresher_one

    The drive for SuperBowl 2012 began 5/18

    I think I said this last year around this time that my Packers are going all the way. And ill say it again were going all the way.
  313. tresher_one

    Several Seeker Classic Series Rods

    great prices. good luck with the sale.
  314. tresher_one


    Need to see pix to confirm its a white seabass.:D
  315. tresher_one


    thats awesome.
  316. tresher_one

    Starting today BD SPECIALS..

    God i wish you were closer................
  317. tresher_one

    Cuda's anyone?

    going out of MDR and tomorrow on the spitfire 3/4. since i didnt get up early enough today.
  318. tresher_one

    28' Bertram Flybridge

    thats a bad ass boat, ive been offshore in same type off boat and it handle 8' to 10' sea;s with no problem.
  319. tresher_one

    Barracuda & Calico Going Off

    SOB i woke up late........................................
  320. tresher_one

    Flipping off a Charger fan...

    Go Packers.
  321. tresher_one

    Barracuda & Calico Going Off

    going out tomorrow and try for some slimesticks.
  322. tresher_one

    Bay slam. Butts, corb, spotfin, YFC and more 5-11

    awesome. thanks for the report.
  323. tresher_one

    Loopin' 'em w/Friends on the Tradition

    nice shot of big steve holding up the garr.
  324. tresher_one

    Any advice on how to save money??

    collect aluminum and plastic cans.
  325. tresher_one


    damn, sorry to hear that.
  326. tresher_one

    Penn 500 Jigmasters

    can't go wrong with penn 500's there built like tanks. Good luck with the sale.
  327. tresher_one

    ATC BT2080

    yea it is an 8 footer.
  328. tresher_one

    ATC BT2080

    I have an ATC BT8020 rated 12-25lb only used once. asking 130 dollars pick up only. give me a call at 310-930-3570 ask for robert.
  329. tresher_one


    I really dont care much for either fighter, but i think mosley is going to get owned.
  330. tresher_one

    Facebook fiasco

    Green burritos.
  331. tresher_one

    Bay corbina go wide 5-6 pic heavy

  332. tresher_one

    Another Dumbass Question.

    just about 10x a day or more. I rub one one out everyday hope that helps.
  333. tresher_one

    200 reasons why we LOVE our members....

    I heart BDO....................................................................
  334. tresher_one

    Portal 2

    That shit looks awesome...........
  335. tresher_one

    I found this funny....maybe cause my dog talks too

    that was great................LOL LOL LOL LOL
  336. tresher_one

    Virus Warning in this forum

    will beer work to fix the problem.
  337. tresher_one

    200 reasons why we LOVE our members....

    great job guys...... I still hate u guys for making me spend time with the wife while the site was down.
  338. tresher_one

    Hello BD Outdoors!!

  339. tresher_one


  340. tresher_one

    Charger football.......

    Cant wait for November 6 Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers.....................
  341. tresher_one

    Low Budget 55.6 pound bass!!!

  342. tresher_one

    The ULTIMATE in Women's Body Piercing...

    wa wa waaaaaa......................
  343. tresher_one

    1.5 Day trip on the Constitution

    thats not bad, I wish i didnt have to work.....
  344. tresher_one

    Is it possable...?

    you can never trust an old lady now adays. LOL LOL LOL
  345. tresher_one

    Newell 533P-Standard or Narrowed

    x2 on the Newell 522 SICK ass reel
  346. tresher_one

    Smoking Bad Ass! Bro.

    Wow that must have some scary shit keith. And thaks for for sharing, that video was awesome.
  347. tresher_one

    Ever lost a rod and reel from a rod holder Couldn't help my self..
  348. tresher_one

    selling Everything

    Any old School Sabres Pm me
  349. tresher_one

    Post on this thread if you read it

    I hate the IRS..............
  350. tresher_one

    Frustrated 1 year boat owner looking for advise.

    you can always go to catalina and fish white seabass:picknose:
  351. tresher_one

    Mystery giant fish on local 3/4 day.

    may it was salukimusroomheadedcauckfish. it shows up around that depth every single time.
  352. tresher_one

    Santa Barbara Surfperch - April 12, 2011

    HOGS................................................Front page for the lil girl.
  353. tresher_one

    Deadliest Catch Season Premiere tonight

    yup, can't wait......
  354. tresher_one

    World-record sea bass caught off South Laguna

  355. tresher_one

    Reel for fishing the waxwing
  356. tresher_one

    F. U.

    LOL LOL LOL......
  357. tresher_one

    Looking Back

    Nice... thanks for sharing
  358. tresher_one

    fishing the ready to assemble and looking for a crew

    Sweet good luck guys always like fishing the RTA. Do you know when Jeff might make a run to Tanner bank?
  359. tresher_one

    NEWell, newells, newells

    How much are you asking for the 220 blackie?
  360. tresher_one

    My Biggest Bass ever caught April 3rd

    OINK OINK.......................seweeeeeeeee.....
  361. tresher_one

    Perch'n 4/06/11

    Nice piggies, and yeah there perty good eating.
  362. tresher_one

    Why Saluki drives a Minivan

    LOL CHEVY trucks will never do that.........................
  363. tresher_one

    What fish is this?

  364. tresher_one

    dodo/YFT @ Nados today

    Damit made me look...............................
  365. tresher_one

    Vintage photo Sportsfisher "Freedom" from 1950's

    thats a sweet picture thanks for sharing,
  366. tresher_one


    damn that sucks...........
  367. tresher_one

    Where are some good places to surf fish n county?

    try they have some great info on what,where and how to use for surf fishing.
  368. tresher_one

    bolsa jetty

    sweeat ass but.......
  369. tresher_one


    Crazy.....glad you maded back home.
  370. tresher_one

    Blonde Girl tries to fly

    blondes always have all the fun.
  371. tresher_one

    Swordfish Attacking Video

  372. tresher_one

    Lady Gaga
  373. tresher_one

    A list of common fish caught in southern california

    Wall eye surf perch. Calico Surf Perch Red tail Surf Perch Sargo Opal Eye
  374. tresher_one

    Mantis Shrimp Mayhem

    Those are some nice spoties.
  375. tresher_one

    Day Light Saving Begins!....

    because californa is GAY....
  376. tresher_one

    I had Wood

    wow thats very nicely done. Great job on the rod rack.
  377. tresher_one

    ***REDUCED***Bunch of Lures Rapalas, Iron, Plastics, Bass

    thats a great deal... Good luck with the sell.
  378. tresher_one

    Update on Japan Earthquake.

    dam dude im glad your ok.........
  379. tresher_one


    do the megabaits come in different sizes for the same price?
  380. tresher_one

    Bloodydecks to Launch Bigger and Badder Site

    Thats awesoeme, can't wait for the new site.
  381. tresher_one

    Red fishing on the San Diego 3/3!

    Awesome, I really need to move to San Diego.
  382. tresher_one

    Favorite scent for the bays

    Unibutter x2
  383. tresher_one

    3893 of EXPERTS

    that sucks....
  384. tresher_one

    Who's going to the Fred Hall Show Wednesday? Thursday?

    I have taken my son every year since he was born. He is 4 know, took him last year and he had a blast at the kids trout pond
  385. tresher_one

    besides a license, what do i need?

    Don't forget to bring Berkly Gulp camo worms.
  386. tresher_one

    Best way to clean rust from stainless?

    not sure if it will work but you might want to try Briteboy.
  387. tresher_one

    Curado 200e7

    well im next inline. pm sent
  388. tresher_one

    $351 useless dollars... youre welcome.

    Damn sorry your going trought that. But thats an awesome way of paying her ine pennies.
  389. tresher_one

    This is so BD...

    LOL LOL LOL.......
  390. tresher_one


    Soooo....When is the BLOODYDECK pig fest. Dibss on the Ribsssss. Nice pig. Post pix of the feast.
  391. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV Quote from Al Pacino GO PACKERS GO
  392. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV

  393. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV GO PACKERS GO
  394. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV

  395. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV

  396. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV

    GO PACKERS......
  397. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV

  398. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV

    It is almost GREEN BAY PACKER TIME
  399. tresher_one

    What is the best yellowtail rod and reel setup?

    My personal favorite is my old school 10' 540 sabre with a P533-F 5.5 loaded with 80lb powerpro and a top shot of 40lb-50lb.
  400. tresher_one

    storm without porn

    there is alway looking at playboy magz or victoria secret catalogs.
  401. tresher_one

    3000 posts...

    I would be rubbin one out evryday around this time.
  402. tresher_one

    Saluki Banned again?

    he is still crying that the BEARS lost.....
  403. tresher_one

    Watch out Taliban, BD is here........

    thats freaken awwesome.......BLOODYDECKS is taking over the world.
  404. tresher_one

    Pro Bowl

    Flag Football at its best............
  405. tresher_one

    Super Bowl Tri Tip

    Go Packers Go. Oh yeah thanks for the recipe, i will try to make it this weekend.
  406. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV

    Packers 21 Steelers 18
  407. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

  408. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    Oh yeah and the bears still SUCK.....
  409. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    Thats it no more Jay Cutler.........
  410. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    saluki is in his closet crying..LOL
  411. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    thats was up. PACKERS are going to dominate this game.
  412. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    TOUCHDOWN >>>>>
  413. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    woooo packers all way the biaches......
  414. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    Bears still SUCK......................................
  415. tresher_one

    So Much Squid !!!

    seabass are gay. no one knows about seabass.....
  416. tresher_one

    Torium 16 & 20 used

    ill take both. 2nd or 3rd in line. pm sent.
  417. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    Aaron is not scared.............................. He is afraid that the BEARS are not going to play at their FULL potential, just like the last game.
  418. tresher_one

    (7) Daiwa Sealine Bait Reels for sale 20's-50's

    those are great deals. Good luck with the sale.
  419. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    Packers will WIN. Bears will LOSE. Clay Mathews will make Jay Cutler eat grass. END OF STORY.
  420. tresher_one

    Fred Hall Show - What's on your wishlist?

    extra beer money.
  421. tresher_one

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    Packers 21 Bears 14
  422. tresher_one

    Green Bay Packers VS. Atlanta Falcons

    bears suck... Go seahawks
  423. tresher_one

    Green Bay Packers VS. Atlanta Falcons

    Before we play the falcons and the packers win the game....The speech...............
  424. tresher_one

    Another World Record!

    that thing is huge.....
  425. tresher_one

    Whats up with the new format????

    hate the new format.
  426. tresher_one

    Green Bay Packers VS. Philadelphia Eagles

    packer wins by 3 points.....
  427. tresher_one

    Vintage BUG photos ~n~such

    thats awesome. thaks for sharing
  428. tresher_one

    Perch ID ?

    Dinner perch.... x2 on calico perch.
  429. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Bears WEEK 17

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WERE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  430. tresher_one

    /ft all my fishing gear shimano phenix

    this is going to get good.... bidding starts at 1dollar.
  431. tresher_one

    Wear your kill switch lanyard

    add a little salt and limon and he will be ok.....
  432. tresher_one

    Letter to Troops......

    thanks for the site........
  433. tresher_one


  434. tresher_one


    1 dollar........................
  435. tresher_one

    Spike vs Saluki MNF 12/20

    whoop some asssss Brett!!!!
  436. tresher_one

    xbox 360

    to bad ur not closer........
  437. tresher_one

    Spike vs Saluki MNF 12/20

    go brett.... show the bears how to play in this type of weather!!!!!!!
  438. tresher_one

    Sunday Night Football - Pack and Pats

    Packers will come out on top in the 4th quarte......
  439. tresher_one

    Anthony Pettis Superkick-Badass!

    nice kick
  440. tresher_one

    Santa Monica Bay Bugs

    those are nice looking bugs
  441. tresher_one

    Time to pay it forward: Helping a 'decker whom you know needs it for Christmas.

    Good karma coming brother, and congrats on 4 years sober.
  442. tresher_one

    Spike, Tues, & Saluki go to the park.

  443. tresher_one

    White Ulua

    damn thats a sweet ass rod, wish i had the money.....
  444. tresher_one

    Night, night Brent...

    This was one of my favorite touchdowns.....
  445. tresher_one

    selling all my stuff

    Any Fleshlights for sale?
  446. tresher_one

    Vid 4-The Guys That Have Never Seen This B-4

    evalution. they are trying to learn ho to fly.
  447. tresher_one

    Goddammed Kids...!

    WOW.....what the hell are they thinking!!!!!!
  448. tresher_one

    49'rs vs Packers.......

    that was a sick play.
  449. tresher_one

    I'm Never Drinking Again

    Ha i showed the wifey and she said we have alot of emotional ishues.
  450. tresher_one

    Steroids, not a real good choice...

    thats a very nice looking CYST.
  451. tresher_one

    "Carl's Official" Raiders at Chargers Thread

    that was a hit....
  452. tresher_one

    rd and reel

    Ill take 2 Superseeke'r....
  453. tresher_one

    Newell and Daiwa

    Newell G447-F 100$ OBO mechanically 10/10 cosmetically 7/10 Daiwa SL50SH 60$ Mechanically 10/10 cosmetically 9/10 give me a call at 310-425-8193 ask for Robert or 310-930-3570-cell Pick up only
  454. tresher_one

    49'rs vs Packers.......

    packers are up 28 Frisco 16
  455. tresher_one

    Wife Spanked me

    nice going on the butt..
  456. tresher_one

    Davey's Locker Newport... Terrible

    just passing by... 10
  457. tresher_one

    Vikings moving to LA.......

    LA Packers........sounds good to me
  458. tresher_one

    Smith and Wesson 686ssr

    thats a perty gun......
  459. tresher_one


    damn thats sucks, sorry to hear that hope you find the basterds who did this.
  460. tresher_one

    How many rods do you have??

    i have 20 rods all old school Sabre rods.
  461. tresher_one

    Lightning Does Strike Twice! Redondo Canyon Dive 11/26/2010

    thats freaken awesome. Steel balls diving that deep.
  462. tresher_one


    just passing by...........
  463. tresher_one

    Long Rods

    whats the rating on the 10' lamiglass and what r u asking for...
  464. tresher_one

    Big Game 90 day after Thanksgiving

    if i dont work this weakend I will be on the Pacific Star.
  465. tresher_one

    Newell P322 and Pro Gear 251 ( both in ex. cond)

    thats a very nice newell.. good luck with the sell.
  466. tresher_one

    OK you gang members,the word is out

    i think he is taliking about frying some cholos mixed with eggs and a side of bacon, and for desert a great beat down...
  467. tresher_one

    Garage Cleaning everything must go

    "I have the following rod & reels that I found in the garage" .............................................................................
  468. tresher_one

    Garage Cleaning everything must go

    WAYYYYY over PRICE .. especially if you found them in the garage. Just my 2 cents.
  469. tresher_one

    Packers VS. Cowboy's

    Cowboys make the Chargers look real GOOD...
  470. tresher_one

    Cowboys fire Phillips

    nah just sell the team to Los angeles, after all we were the LA Rams,LA Raiders, why not th LA Chargers i think it sound good.:rofl:
  471. tresher_one

    So I have to move to Las Vegas in about a month....

    I love BloodyDecks.....LOL
  472. tresher_one

    calstar bt 90 j

    Thats a good deal hope someone jumps on this..
  473. tresher_one

    Is it me

    x2 on the dry weather and nose pickin.
  474. tresher_one

    MDR bait availability?

    X2 on the right.
  475. tresher_one

    Penn International Collectors Display

    there made out of candy...............
  476. tresher_one

    Selling a mixed bag of classic Sabres, Trulines and others

    How much for the first seven Sabre's? And were R u located at? Please PM...
  477. tresher_one

    Think Before You Drink...

    The dog thought it was his penis with peanut butter.
  478. tresher_one

    This just sucks

    Thakns for the information.
  479. tresher_one

    My wife had a BD sighting today

  480. tresher_one

    NFL Fines Three Players $175,000 for Hits to Head plus Suspensions

    the NFL is gay, just like white seabass..
  481. tresher_one


    Damn. those are nice rods. Any chance u might be coming up to L.A. area LBC?
  482. tresher_one

    First 6 day on the Independence

    congrats on the engagement and welcome aboard. Great 2nd post hope to see more outstanding vdeos. I think he got the biggest cath of his life.
  483. tresher_one

    NFL Fines Three Players $175,000 for Hits to Head plus Suspensions

    Or u can just watch this one and get kick out of it.:D YouTube - NFL Big Hits
  484. tresher_one

    NFL Fines Three Players $175,000 for Hits to Head plus Suspensions

    YouTube - Follies, Crunches, Highlights & Histories - part 1 of 4 Listen to what he starts talking about hitting at 4:25
  485. tresher_one

    Guadalupe Island 10/11 to 10/16 Epic Trip on Private Boat Scotty D

    thats awesome. wish i can do one of those trips, thanks for the report.
  486. tresher_one

    Junior Seau drives off cliff

    He got left with blue balls, so he decided to take a drive and rub one out and lost control of his car.
  487. tresher_one

    What's your caption for this picture?

    I hope they don't start a thread about me on Bloodydecks. Those guys can be so mean sometimes.
  488. tresher_one

    Junior Seau drives off cliff

    He was mad cause the chargers lost yesterday.:picknose:
  489. tresher_one

    What's your caption for this picture?

    I knew i should of got Brett Favre when i had the chance..
  490. tresher_one

    Sabre rod

    How much do u want for it. :D
  491. tresher_one

    Vintage Chocolate Sabre refurbish

    thats a sick ass job
  492. tresher_one

    DP to Cedros in a 30' Skipjack

    hey thanks for the report. That was a great read. any pixs of the trip?
  493. tresher_one

    Opah !!!

    Im jelous. WTG on the nice cath
  494. tresher_one

    Recent YT on kelp

    well i guess i know where im going for my b-day.
  495. tresher_one


    early death wish.
  496. tresher_one

    What kind of fish is this?

  497. tresher_one


    What r the model numbers on the sabre's, how long are they and whats the rating ?
  498. tresher_one

    The ABC's of boobs.

    "Hooters hooters yum yum yum, hooters hooters on a girl thats dum." Al Bundy (Married With Children)
  499. tresher_one


  500. tresher_one

    A.P., Moss, & Lil Brent vs. L.T. & The J-E-T-S ........ MNF Thread.

    I thougt games are suposed to start wether is raining,snowing,sunny ect............. what a bunch of pussy. Star the dam game already. Vikings 21 Jets 17
  501. tresher_one

    I thought sword, sailfish are off limits to

    I guess MNF fooball is not on yet,,,,
  502. tresher_one

    Ready to Rumble!! CHARGERS Vs RAIDERS Loser STFU Thread!

    wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  503. tresher_one

    Ready to Rumble!! CHARGERS Vs RAIDERS Loser STFU Thread!

    game over Raiders won..:drunk:drunk:drunk
  504. tresher_one

    Listen to the Cheeseheads in this video shot at Tues casa........

    damn you suluki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  505. tresher_one

    Ready to Rumble!! CHARGERS Vs RAIDERS Loser STFU Thread!

    Go Raiders............I mean chargers.
  506. tresher_one

    Tree hugger harpooned by fisherman...

    took one for the team...LOL
  507. tresher_one


    Chupacabra hydrid.
  508. tresher_one

    Brent sent pix of "little Brent" to Jets reporter????

    Don't worry its just a Frank caliendo impression of Brett Favre.LOL
  509. tresher_one

    YFT/YT 10/7

    great job on going comando, and thanks for the report
  510. tresher_one

    friday 10/9

    By cheaper u mean fleshlight.:ashamed:
  511. tresher_one

    Lobster diver dies after being pulled from Mission Bay

    tha sucks. R.I.P...............................................
  512. tresher_one

    OK, who's the BD'er that got lost hiking?

    i needed a good laugh this morning. LOL
  513. tresher_one

    Spectra Sportfishing Does it Again. Awesome Catalina Island Yellowtail Fishing

    I like it, you had report footage and pixs what more can you ask for. Aweome catch on the homeguards
  514. tresher_one

    I hate the NFL

    yeah he did, he had a pink thong.:gay:
  515. tresher_one

    Guys who wont move from corner rail

    elbows to the ribs always work for me......
  516. tresher_one

    West Cove Report 10-2-2010

    nice halibut, good going jeff.
  517. tresher_one

    misc blanks

    where are u located?
  518. tresher_one

    Overnight/1.5 Day Tuna Setups

    Ive had my sl20sh for the last 6 years and havent faild on me yet. My biggest fish has been 37lb yellowtal, 50lb backing and 10' topshot.
  519. tresher_one


    x2 packers should of let them score, there was still time left
  520. tresher_one

    NoZilla tuna hunt Dana Pt.-209-181-43-SCI-DP

    thanks for the report. Bears still SUCK.
  521. tresher_one


    packers wanted to make the game more interesting.
  522. tresher_one


    And the packers hold the line bicthes!!!!!!!!
  523. tresher_one


    Welcome to Mr.Roger neighborhood :urno1:
  524. tresher_one


    take that cuntler!!!!!!!!!
  525. tresher_one


    wa wa waaaaaaa!
  526. tresher_one

    Packers vs Beers MNF 9/27

  527. tresher_one

    6 pack or cattle boat

    x2 on chartering a boat a bit more cash but is well worth it.
  528. tresher_one

    Packers vs Beers MNF 9/27

    Packers In the SUPER BOWL...................
  529. tresher_one

    Packers vs Beers MNF 9/27

    Packers in the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!
  530. tresher_one

    El Dorado Park

    good going on the bass.
  531. tresher_one


    damn bro u got such a sweeat boat, oh yeah nice T-Bone.
  532. tresher_one

    fishing lecense

    x2 i think u just all talk, but know how to fish for macks like a pro.
  533. tresher_one

    Hope you're not planning on watching the Charger home opener...........

    thats ok, i can always watch the viking game.:picknose:
  534. tresher_one

    Rat Yellows and Toad Bonies breezing in King Harbor

    yellowtail off a pier??????????????<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <HR style="COLOR: #000000; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->Last week Thursday me and some buddies were fishing off the redondo beach pier. The Bonito has been coming in so perfect time to have...
  535. tresher_one

    Go Ravens!

    game over
  536. tresher_one


  537. tresher_one


    Mods please fix thi this is for that one bloodydecker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl: saw this billboard on the way home....
  538. tresher_one

    i wana go tuna fishing with some1 who catches fishh!

    hit up mrjjwiley, see when he is going out.
  539. tresher_one

    1 leopard shark and two new rims and tires.

    Damn I wish thre were more people honest in this corrupt world!!!!!!!!!
  540. tresher_one

    New Lo-An 9/10: 82BFT, 21YFT

    thanks for mornig laugh, great report.
  541. tresher_one

    Is there a Game tonight?

    Vikings 21 Saints 17 And I drink a 12 pack during the game:hali_olutta:
  542. tresher_one

    Stolen fishing gear in Newport Beach

    bump. sorry to hear that.
  543. tresher_one

    i feel bad for this guy

    damn, that sucks. I hope they drop the charges on the guy.
  544. tresher_one

    Jesse, Surfdoc, & Saluki go into the woods.........

    Thats funny. I needed a good laugh..LOL
  545. tresher_one

    19' Mako

    Its free for the first person who picks it up.
  546. tresher_one

    130 lb bft aboard the freedom!

    Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  547. tresher_one

    9-2 Dodo and YFT

  548. tresher_one


    thats a nice T-bone
  549. tresher_one


    I mean Fishworks, guys hit on him Suluki all the time
  550. tresher_one


    Fish works, guys hit on suluki all the time.
  551. tresher_one

    Commercial Flake Ice Maker

    so.... is it still for sale???????????????????
  552. tresher_one

    This made me sick to my stomach

    anything with Dan Hernandez sauce limon lime taste great.............J/K But kidding about the limon lime
  553. tresher_one

    Cool big ship video

    thats awesome!!!!!
  554. tresher_one

    This made me sick to my stomach

    And I Qoute " I Hate treehugin Fucking Hippies" unqoute. Cartman from South Park...
  555. tresher_one

    Boston Whaler Montauk w/Pilot house NICE!!!!

    thats a beuty.................
  556. tresher_one

    Rods For Sale

    Pm sent!!!!!!!
  557. tresher_one


    zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz triple jig strike on the cedar plug,purple zuker and mexican flag....................
  558. tresher_one


    GREEN BAY in the SuperBowl!!!!!!!!!!!
  559. tresher_one

    Brent's coming back, again?

    colts suck touchdown GREEN BAY!!!!!
  560. tresher_one

    perch of the rocks in rosarito

    those are nice...
  561. tresher_one

    Newell Reels

    too bad you are not closer.....
  562. tresher_one


    What sabre are still availible? Pm the ones that are still left.
  563. tresher_one

    Trader Joe's mini keg deal!

  564. tresher_one

    BuonaForTuna's Charger theme avatar submissions

    damn, what the hell is wrong with you charger fans!!!!!!
  565. tresher_one


    its charlie sims!!!!!!
  566. tresher_one

    Sony 34" Tube HDTV

    x2 on the brew! too bad u live to far.