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  1. jg125

    Anybody remember shakespeare bottle blanks

    Showing my age great blanks for the money strong build a few back in the day. rod I built back in the 80's needed some love caught loads of tuna
  2. jg125

    Resin got really thick

    Been a while since my last build almost a year due to some getting old problems back hip hands just could not get focused just starting back I pulled out my diamond 11 resin and was really thick L mean when you turned the bottle upside down it did not move but was still soft should I try to heat...
  3. jg125

    Braid Butt Wrap

    Was bored had some braid laying around for years never had interest in using it I'll tell you one thing is how fast you can do a butt wrap with it. Got to get out of my old school ways and try something besides diamonds and chevrons been watching some videos on other alternatives in a little rut...
  4. jg125

    Has anyone here used thread masters one

    I bought a bottle just for repairs and mostly with bad results that was with black thread after a few coats you get a bluish haze when it starts to dry though I put it out in the sun after a couple days thinking it was moisture trapped stayed the same I did use it on lighter thread with ok...
  5. jg125

    Rod I did for a girl freind of mine

    Just getting back into the swing of after a long time off its a passion that never leaves you my work my not be the the best like the other artists on here.
  6. jg125

    Another old school rod re-done

    Don't know what blank it is seems like a 50# igfa just used it to practice on if you look you see some old gudebrod butt wrap incorporated into the butt wrap didn't but any thing new just used what I had laying around in my thread box I did paint the blank cleaned up the wood foregrip and rear...
  7. jg125

    Old True Value Rod

    Her is a old true value rod I bought back in the 70's brought back to life one of the first rods I did when I started building again.
  8. jg125

    UC rod that my friend wanted built

    My friend captain Frank ask me if I can build this rod for a up coming shark tournament which was in two weeks and he wanted a large roller stripper guide and a large roller tip with ring guides so he was kind of on a budget so he had two choices which was pac bay eliminator which was I liked or...
  9. jg125

    Started building rods again 30 yrs later

    Was building rods back in the late 70's and early 80's for a hobby than it came to a halt when I got married. Just retired a few years ago and the Rod building illness came back. So I had some old blanks that were laying around for 35yrs had to finish them this is one of the first ones I did in...