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    Need advice on a 5'9 blank

    So I picked up this black at the cousins sale. for the bigger tuna around San Diego. I'm taking it to get wrapped but was wondering if I should add one of those removable straight butts to add more length to it?? Also looking for reel recommendations that won't break the bank.
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    WTB Cheap Float tube

    Any cheap float tube for sale around the LB area?
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    Vonnys fleet price?/ campo 7

    Does anyone know the price of the 1/2 trip with vonnys fleet? I haven't got any reply from them about it . Also has anyone here fished the Campo 7 area. I'm staying in a house in Punta Banda next month and want to check this spot out. Any tips or info is appreciate.
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    Reel for phenix M1 711ML????

    Wat would be good reel to pair with this rod. Most going to throw swim baits and jigs for calicos and spotted bay bass . Want to stay under $200. Thanks
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    For Sale Pelagic board shorts

    I have 2 pairs of Pelagic board shorts. Both brand new tags still on them. Both size 36. Asking $45 each. Willing to ship for an extra $3 (1/2 of wat shipping will be) or meet in Long Beach.
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    Need help choosing a reel????

    Wat reel would be better for a Calstar 800L. A sealine x 20 or saltist bg 30. This is a set up for my little brother mostly for live bait maybe he can try to throw a jig here and there. Fishing for yellows and calicos.
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    1/2 boat in Ensenada?

    Any one know of any 1/2 boat in Ensenada? I'll be going down and staying in Punta banda . I know vonnys fleets is 3 min drive from where I'm staying. Does any one know if they target yellows or dorado? Thanks you!!
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    Ticket for 3/4 day trip for 2 adults

    Selling my groupon for the freelance out of Newport for a 3/4 day trip . Going on another charter the day I was going to use this one. Got it for 69. Selling for 60. I'm in long beach I have the ticket printed able to mail if pay with paypal.
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    West marine vhf.

    Selling west marine 75 hand held vhf. Took it out 1 time. Got it in December. Asking $90 obo .
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    Wtb level wind reel

    Looking for a level wind reel. Something under $100 . Would be able to pick up Friday before 4pm . I'm in long beach local would be perfect!
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    Rapala and kastmaster lures.

    I have these rapala lure I'm not going to use. They are new but 1. (big sinker one) also a 3 pack of 1/8 kastmaster. Looking for 50 obo. Willing to ship if needed.
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    NEW pelican 65 qt cooler

    Trying to sell brand new pelican cooler. Been sitting in the garage for 2 months looking to down grade to a smaller one . This one is way to big for my scion. Asking 300 . Will entertain offers
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    Help!!!! With vhf!!

    So I can't decide between the cobra hh350 or the west marine vhf75 they are both $99. Went to west marine to check them out, but they only had the west marine one and it seems to plastic. Looks to me like the cobra would be more rugged. Any one have any experience with either of these???? Help...
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    ISO Handheld vhf

    Any one know of good black friday sale for handheld vhf?? Looking for something cheap for kayak fishing
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    Vhf black friday sale?!

    Any good deals on handheld vhf for black friday???
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    Cheap Fish Finder!!!!

    Any one have a cheap fish finder ?? Need for a kayak. Or can any one recommend a good cheap one to hold me off while I save for a better one. Going to fish the long beach area if it matters.