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    RV for sale

    A new angle...Ill trade my RV for your Toyota truck, straight across. no cash involved.
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    RV for sale

    Steve, give me a call anytime.
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    RV for sale

    Shower is to the right of the sink.
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    RV for sale

    Engine size, 440 or 460. whatever it is that ford puts out. I think it gets around 12-13 mpg. Thank's Mr Bell !
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    RV for sale

    The smog cert is not a big deal. I payed 7,500 a few years back and we had a blast with this motorhome, boat in tow. with a little love this thing has lots of life left in it. Ill start running ad's next week. Storage box on top storage box in rear solar panel power inverter I'm the third...
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    RV for sale

    Bump $3,800
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    RV for sale

    A few pics of the interior.A little dusty but in pretty good shape. no rips or tears. Ill be out of town for the weekend.
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    RV for sale

    Ill see if I can get some interior pics up in a day or two.
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    RV for sale

    I have a 87 tioga 24' motorhome that needs to go. its sitting in storage and filed non op. Runs great with 48,000 original miles. hasnt passed smog since I bought it around 07, ( carb) I can supply smog cert Heat/Ac is not working in coach, stove/oven, fridge works, plumbing and electrical...
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    Suzuki seabassing with nephew

    Very cool, start um young !
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    Crabbin', Dabbin', and Rockfishin'

    Torque ! its going to be a long paddle, lets trade ! 5:30 it is, I like south :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    Crabbin', Dabbin', and Rockfishin'

    Very nice Jim ! headed out tomorrow, hope my motors are up to the task !
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    Grissom Loking,..

    The fins look familiar
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    28" Halibut C & R

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    Gonzaga Bay-Rough seas,high winds,WEAK ANCHOR CHAIN !!!!

    Good meeting you Burt, take care of that mean ol dog.
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    New Hobie Dealer

    hmmmm really dont see much difference, I knew there was a good explanation for the gloves.
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    New Hobie Dealer

    Not everybody can look cool and peddle a hobie.......... and catch DINKY fish
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    labradors 1 year and 7 months old

    Her new name is Sam, she fit's in great with her new family Thank you Cesar, Great Dog !
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    Malibu Kayaks Customer Service Feedback

    I know many who have been paddling and fishing Malibu Kayaks for a number of years in open waters and wouldnt have it any other way. Ive paddled a very old Malbu kayak for quite a while without a hitch and have now passed it down to my twelve year old, safe as can be. Customer service has...
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    Did somebody say unigoop,remove the lid and zip tie
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    long Beach But 12-28 08

    Nice going Dwayne, looks like the new boat is starting to pay out:worship:
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    $100 Catalina Yak Day Trip Sunday Aug 10, From San Pedro

    Go getum fahker, easy on my new reel :boobies:
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    Still no beans,...

    It's good to be beating the sand again with you and your family. it should'nt be much longer before thier bouncing off our ankle's lol, I'll take luck over skill any day, Thanks
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    MDR w-the Looper 3/1

    Very nice, sounds like a Robert Cray kind of day.
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    Newport Loking,..

    Nice job LoKey, good to see your getting your money's worth out of that thing, if you leave those big ass can's at home youll get better mileage.
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    Halibut and a couple Lg. local bugs

    Nice job, look's like everybody's happy on that boat except for you no who :Fondle:
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    Time to get a mallet ....

    The Bunny ranch ?? :Smoke_Emoticon: Thanks Again everyone
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    Time to get a mallet ....

    Ive used the live squid with no luck for the halibut, today was sardine's.
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    Time to get a mallet ....

    I Choked, here's the deal At baytubers they start the tape at four inches and I DID NOT SUBTRACT THE FOR INCHES OFF THE END leaveing this fish at 35 1/2'' WHAT AN IDIOT sorry about that, just needed to get that off my shoulder's. Thanks Again
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    Time to get a mallet ....

    Thanks guy's, it's tough being home sick from work sometimes. The battery for the bait tank is in the blue box. Thanks LoK, come on by and pick up some fillet's and say hi to Monica.
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    Time to get a mallet ....

    Launched at Cabrillo this morning, paddled out for some bait and off to one of LoKey's spot's :D Fished for a couple of hours for two raked bait's and made another move. A couple more raked baits and short fish later It Happened !! I got a hard hit and it stuck :shock: Yiiippppeeee :lol: and...