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  1. J-HOOK

    7/18 aztec overnight report

    Bring the burrito to the rail with you. Chuck it on the tackle rack if you get bit. You can eat when your dead. :imdumb:
  2. J-HOOK

    Footwear recommendations

    Muck Boots makes a "Cool" version. Got these last time after years with Evairs and Xtra tuff. The mucks are way more comfortable, and a bit more pricey. I think around 120-130$. Well worth it IMHO.
  3. J-HOOK


    This one was on 40# from a sportboat. 112# in one hr. Wish it had been 60#
  4. J-HOOK

    Late May 22nd 3 day FV: Independance (pic heavy)

    Good job. Nice bunch of fish for a 3 day.
  5. J-HOOK

    May 31st...64lb Bluefin tuna in US Waters

    Good job on your fish. Bluefin are stubborn as hell.
  6. J-HOOK

    May 31st...64lb Bluefin tuna in US Waters

    Fish in the avatar went 112# on 40# line after 50 minute fight. Only used low gear for last couple minutes. My ass was done.
  7. J-HOOK

    Ultra- Catalina Island

    It was a fun day with a great bunch of guys. Yellows could have cooperated better but the rockies bit pretty well and there was some nice quality. Red Drum was non-stop all day, smoked fish, great food, cold beer. It all came together.
  8. J-HOOK

    John Collins knot

    Used this knot on my last Indy trip 8-9-14 65# spectra to 40# fluoro. Good enough to land a 112# Bluefin. Caught other fish 15-60# with no issues. I finish mine with a 2 turn uni on the spectra just for piece of mind.
  9. J-HOOK

    On the INDY, 7 Day – July 26. WestCoast/Avet

    Rusty Hook 7-day on the Indy only a week away. I been Jones'in for months. Might fish every day if they head out west the first day.
  10. J-HOOK

    On the INDY, 7 Day – July 26. WestCoast/Avet

    Be on there August 9-16th. Rocks sound promising, maybe some hoo's. Just good to get back down there. It's all good.
  11. J-HOOK

    Shogun, or American Angler 5 day?

    AA is top notch. Been a few years since I fished the Shogun, but it is a great platform too. Lori at the AA office is one of the nicest people you could ever talk to and will make your booking totally painless. Crew will work there a$$e$ off and food is good. I very comfortable staterooms. Very...
  12. J-HOOK

    Info on the Native Sun

    Good boat and crew. They love to fish (on there own time) and like to see there customers catch a lot too. They will be fishing for sand bass on the lead head and squid this weekend. Believe the boat is moving to 22nd street landing after that. Food is good also and plenty of space in the galley...
  13. J-HOOK


    7-dayer in August
  14. J-HOOK

    PacStar WILD ONE 3.5 day Oct.7-11th

    Another great trip Ron. We all get our time in the weather. Looks like you got them good though. Have to share the rail with you sometime.
  15. J-HOOK

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    Larger than some of those kelp paddy yellows! Nice fish.
  16. J-HOOK

    dorado bait

    Small mackeral work very well also. If there are the mini-rat yellows are on the paddies too, use your dead sardines or chunks. Yellows USUALLY won't eat them but dodo's don't care.
  17. J-HOOK


    Leaving 8/11 on the Indy for 7-days also. Hope we get em' like you guys did. Great write up. Nice pics and video. Got my blood boiling!
  18. J-HOOK

    Offshore Weather Update 8/1

    I will be leaving on the Indy on the 11th for a 7 day. Hope to see you down there.
  19. J-HOOK

    Offshore Fishing Weather Update 7/25

    Invaluable...thanks Chris.
  20. J-HOOK

    Parking at the Big 3?

    Titan, You can pick mine up at 7 AM on 8/11. Will a bottle of Bombay handle the tip? I will be checking the milage :O
  21. J-HOOK

    Local Help?

    Try the artificial reefs just outside the harbor entrance. We've done real well on the bass right there a few times. Palos verdes area (rocky point) holds the croaker. Getting them to bite is a different story.
  22. J-HOOK

    OMG!!!! LIMITS OF BASS ???

    I'll be on the Native Sun tonight. Hopefully hook one of those big flatties. OOooopps! I guess the secrets out.
  23. J-HOOK

    Avet EXW 4/0

  24. J-HOOK

    Calico Bass: The Collapse is Undeniable

    Can you imagine those idiots trying to find a bass without fishing the kelp! Like a stearing wheel stuck turning left.
  25. J-HOOK

    gearing up

    Go heavy on the 40# class stuff as this most likely is going to be the go to gear. Fill up with 65 or 80# spectra and you can change your topshots up or down in line class as needed. Just remember to reset your drag to the topshot your currently using. Looks like you've got it covered pretty...
  26. J-HOOK

    All good things must come to pass

    Beats the hell out of flying a desk. Still around your passion. Everything happens for a reason. RR is the winner on this one. Best of luck.
  27. J-HOOK

    Info on the Indy?

    See you down there Gene as I am on that trip too. Boat is very roomy and I've heard only good things about it. Don't even know what room I'm in but it dosen't matter. Were going fishin'!
  28. J-HOOK

    SAC and San Diego Fleet step it up !!!!!!

    Only you Jimal....stir...stir..stir.
  29. J-HOOK

    booked my spot

    Word is the water around the Alijios was well above 70 degrees already. Counting the days until August Indy trip. Hopefully the wahoo will show.
  30. J-HOOK

    Spot for Sale on Intrepid trip

    Good luck with the shoulder Steve. Now whose going to keep Jimal out of trouble? Don't fret. Sounds like you'll be ready just in time for the cows.
  31. J-HOOK

    Bass survey

    Someone needs to look at the increase in polution levels before they put the blame on overfishing. Satelite views of the the polution plume in front of L.A. tells the story. Also as stated by others, fish migrations tend to be cyclical. Sounds like MLPA fishing for more negitive crap.
  32. J-HOOK

    Reel ?

    Would probably make a good trolling rod for 1-3 day tuna fishing or dropper loop. Will hold approximately 400 yds of 80#. Could use 60# if you preffer.
  33. J-HOOK

    Rig reels

    x2 on the baja special.
  34. J-HOOK

    July 3 day (First String)

    Typically offshore or maybe San Martin Island. Just like an extended 1 1/2 day trip with more time to locate tuna. Bradley Philips is a real fishy skipper. Good fishing platform.
  35. J-HOOK

    WIN A Free Multi-Day Trip on the INDEPENDENCE

    Saw her up at 22nd Street Landing on Saturday. Figured it was up here for the show. Only like 150 days until my trip...aaarrrggg.
  36. J-HOOK

    American Angler 1/6 Accurate Trip

    Good luck sir. Looks like you have everthing dialed in. May have to do me one of those longer trips in the near future. But then I would have to buy 10 more rods.
  37. J-HOOK

    Rockfish on 1.5 day trips

    Also occasional yellowtail on the high spots.
  38. J-HOOK

    8 day in june

    You could actually fish 6 or 7 days on this trip depending on destination. Have done these trips a few times and you could go to the stones and fish for 4-days there and along the ridge or go to Cedros, Benitos and do the offshore thing too. Yellowfin over 100# sometimes at the stones or...
  39. J-HOOK

    Best Wahoo Bomb reel?

    x2 on the 113HN.
  40. J-HOOK

    5 day Guadalupe on Apollo

    This is one place where it is better to have other boats fishing around you. Tends to spread out the sharks. Just as long as your in the "ALPHA" spot. All the previous advice X2. Good luck.
  41. J-HOOK

    My First Long Range Trip - Trip Report

    Great job on your first trip. Glad to hear you were blessed with biting tuna. Sometimes they put on a fantastic show and won't grab a hook bait. Booked a 7-day on the Indy for next August. 10-day will have to wait for the next year.
  42. J-HOOK

    Yellowfin Tuna Handline Fishing

    I'm selling all my gear. Getting a coke can and some parachute cord. Maybe get a 7 up can as a back-up.
  43. J-HOOK

    El Capitan 9/23-9/25 Full speed tuna

    Alan is a very fishy guy. Very personable too.
  44. J-HOOK

    Anyone fished the Daiwa Pacific?

    That may have been the day I went. We only got three bluefin for the day. I got two of them and the other was a troll fish. I think we had at least 14 rental rods on the boat and the crew took the time to top them off with 15# test so they had a good chance (how often do you see that?). We were...
  45. J-HOOK

    Good trip, Labor Day 3 day on RR3

    Sounds like a great trip Mr. K. Now what did you shoot on the greens? I'm gonna get out on at least a fiver next year. Daughter getting married this year and one more kid in college is killing my pocket book. We'll have to go harrass the AA boys again one of these days. Stay safe.
  46. J-HOOK

    Anyone fished the Daiwa Pacific?

    Glad to here the positive feedback. It was the only one that fit into my schedule. Maybe fate is on my side this time. I'll post a report when I get back.
  47. J-HOOK

    Anyone fished the Daiwa Pacific?

    Hopping on this boat for the first time in a couple of weeks. Any reviews from you BDer's?
  48. J-HOOK


    Good group, nice big boat. Sand bass have started to bite some at night. Weather has been pretty breezy in the afternoons out there lately. You don't know if you don't go!
  49. J-HOOK

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    Thanks for the pics, I'd forgotten what they looked like! Nice job with the perch rod.
  50. J-HOOK

    Yo Zuri Fluorocarbon

    I too have had very good luck on the Yozuri pink. Most of the stuff I used was 40 & 50 pound class, but held up well and was very abrassion resistant. I like to keep some clear stuff in the box too as fish do change their preferences.
  51. J-HOOK

    what should I do?

    The Tide Change, Freelance and Pursuit all go to Catalina almost daily on 6am to 5pm runs (check with landings for times). Bonito, bass, perch and some rockfish are the usuall suspects, but with the fall were having you may see the stray yellowtail or seabass. Bring a 12# outfit for the bonito...
  52. J-HOOK

    Video Giant BFT crushing stick baits.

    I'm wondering how my tackle shop rep is going to look at me when I ask him to wrap spinning guides on my 2 x 4.
  53. J-HOOK


    Our prayers for Dave.
  54. J-HOOK

    Pac Voyager 3 day Memorial Day

    Fun trip, great times and a good group. See you out there soon Simon. Crew of the Pac Voyager truley rocks.
  55. J-HOOK


    Here comes the freakin' wind again guys:shithappens:. Might be a good weekend to tune-up the boat and watch the Lakers. Large combo swell at short duration too! Cross your fingers though, next weekend looks like the weather is shaping up!
  56. J-HOOK

    The 2010 Tuna Season...

    I'll be on the Pac Voyager 3-day Memorial day weekend. Sounds like the timing will be perfect.
  57. J-HOOK

    Local Rockies with a Side of Linger 5/8

    Nice job. It seems you are adapting to the the south side of rocky point quite well. Lots of great spots, many are quite small but can kick out some nice fish if you do some exploring. Beautiful quality there.
  58. J-HOOK

    When fishing for the Hoo

    Black and purple marauders are also effective. Gold and pink raiders. Also catchy spinner jets, orange and black or black and purple.
  59. J-HOOK

    Local Pedro Rockfishin' 4/17

    Hey Johnathan, Fished the lings alot on the local wrecks and pinacles around San Pedro and PV. They seem to be very partial to sand dabs as bait, particularly around the wrecks. I've tried live squid, mackeral, sardines etc with limited results even when on the fish. The dabs were instant...
  60. J-HOOK

    Avet EXW 4/02

    Did you already find a reel or still want a picture?
  61. J-HOOK

    Avet EXW 4/02

    I've got a blue 4/0 EXW I might be interested in selling. 500 yds of 100# green power pro on the reel. In very good condition, no boat rash. I should have box and paperwork too. Would like to get $300 but would concider reasonable offer. PM me if interested. Joe
  62. J-HOOK

    anybody ever fished on the vagabond?

    Mike is one of the most personable people you'll ever meet. Gordan and the crew are on it. Definately a good choice for any trip 1-10 days. Just sign up and don't worry about anything except what gear to take.
  63. J-HOOK

    Yoyo at night?

    The Humbolts will like them.....lmao.
  64. J-HOOK

    Mid June 5 day tackle

    We went to Lupe on the Angler in early June. I know this might be unusual but if it is open it may be a possibility also. Same gear as whammy recommended anyway. 20-40 for the tuna (albacore) down and back, 40-60 for the yo-yo iron, 50-80 for the dropper loop. Bring some 8-16 oz sinkers, 6x...
  65. J-HOOK

    Opinion On a GOOD 15-25LB Rated Rod to Buy for Calico Bass

    Calstar 270-8 is a great rod. 12-30# rated. This is a glass model though. You may want to concider one of the graphite models, but this one will fit the bill well and the pocket book. JMHO.
  66. J-HOOK

    Any advice...3 and 1/2 Day Trip versus 1 and 1/2 Day Trip

    Essential you will be fishing the same gear. 20-40# line, #2-4/0 hooks. The only exception I can see is the possibility of fishing an island or the baja coast for yellowtail. In this case a yo-yo rod with 40 or 50# line and some 6x jrs would be good to have. Maybe a few torpedo sinkers to 8 oz...
  67. J-HOOK

    Salas Big 5X?

    Still have a couple of the ABC's. Still drop one once in a while at Colonette. Nothing that a nice ling can't handle. The Big 5X would be waaay too tiring to jig for anything. It's a monster!
  68. J-HOOK

    Shimano Tallus Rod

    Many tackle stores carry them, you'll have to call around. The internet stores don't seem to like selling one piece 8ft rods. Probably to expensive to ship. Steve left a good link for you to follow in his post.
  69. J-HOOK

    Shimano Tallus Rod

    Seem to be good for the price. I have a couple of the 8 ft 20-40. Have held up very well. Very decent production rod.
  70. J-HOOK

    Calstar Rods

    PM sent
  71. J-HOOK


    Weather has been in the toilet for the last few days. More swell on the way.
  72. J-HOOK

    If a yellowfin tuna could speak...

    Writer is definatley a victim of long range dimentia brought about by many nights spent at the rail, sleep deprived and strung out on caffine, trying to catch mollusks that never seem to materialize. Now dilusional, he has put his thoughts to paper in a cry out for help. JMHO LMAO
  73. J-HOOK

    Rpt Sat. 10-24 at the Shroom, Tuna Trifecta!

    You've been blessed to crew on so many great adventures. I only hope to get so many opportunities someday. Kids, grandkids and work. I guess I'm lucky to have them all.
  74. J-HOOK

    Trip Report - 15 Day June Heat on Red Rooster III

    Great job Steve. I could feel the heat off my screen from your blood boiling before the trip. As always the attention to detail made for a great experience, along with a great boat and crew. Maybe I'll join you on one of these in the future. I'll be the on with the Grey Goose and the ear...
  75. J-HOOK

    Speaking of Q105 7 day trips

    Wish I could get free for this one. Sounds like a real good bunch of guys too! Need a hard hat though with all those Ulua's swinging around! Maybe I'll make time for this one next year if it goes again. Kill some skins guys!
  76. J-HOOK


    2005 5-Day on the Angler at the lupe, Greg Tanji hooks a yellow in the mid 40's and hands it to my wife (ulua & 500 series newell). After about 10 seconds she tries to hand it to me. I politely refused. She was brused and beaten, yellow went 44.1 at the dock. I had no regrets for not taking...
  77. J-HOOK

    Equipment and Setup Advice for 7-day in June

    While wahoo are possible some years in June at the stones, this year appears to be of the cooler water variety. Most likely most of your time will be spent at Benitos, Cedros, with albacore and other offshore going to and from. Alijos is always a possibility too with some good school size...
  78. J-HOOK

    Rpt Wed. 3-04-09 SCI Copper & Red Frenzy!

    Glad your back at it hot and heavy. I see your not wasting any time. Love the detailed reports. Keep them coming Cory!
  79. J-HOOK

    shogun 3 day

    Have take one of these in the past with Norm and the crew. Primary objective is rockfish and the quality is awesome! Yellows are always a good possibility also on these trips, and the anglers sometimes troll with the possibility of an early season albacore. The food is great as is the...
  80. J-HOOK

    Fisherman's Karma: Conducting Yourself as a Gentleman

    Fished with Bobby on the Holiday a couple weeks ago. Mellowest guy you would ever meet. Share the rail with him anytime. No one deserves that kind of justice more, it's just dosen't happen enough.
  81. J-HOOK

    Killed lots of Fish aboard the Holiday!

    I've got a few more pics of those big reds I'll be putting up in a couple of days when I have more time. Had plenty of fish tacos today for superbowl. Just wanted to thank the whole crew, my friend hadn't been out in 20 years and we slayed em'. Joe
  82. J-HOOK

    Constitution Colnett wrap up for -1/31/09

    Fishing was good. I was on the Holiday and we were a short distance from you. Those big reds really went off. We got a few yellows in the morning down below too. We spotted a few squid and moved from there. Good times.
  83. J-HOOK

    Holiday 1.5 day to Colonett

    Were headed out Friday night 1/30/09 on the Holiday. Were there any other jigs that seemed to work well. How much weight was need for bait fishing. Anyone fishing the 4" gulp grubs? Thanks in advance. Why don't you join us Friday with that free pass. Be home in time for Superbowl with fresh...
  84. J-HOOK

    november 10 day

    That 9-day on the Polaris Supreme sounds like a winner. The right water temps, ridge hasn't had a ton of pressure yet and lots of variety to fill in the gaps. It is the end of hurricane season, but they can work around that. Keep an open mind and enjoy the adventure. Tackle recommendations...
  85. J-HOOK

    Constitution is a go for Friday 01/16/09

    Love to join you but wife is having surgery this weekend. Do they have any trips scheduled in the near future. My Jax jigs are getting lonely.
  86. J-HOOK

    Big Drum & The Looper 1/10

    Nice basstroids and bugs. The stones in the bay have been giving it up the last week or so. Still waiting for my first bay trigger though. Great job guys.
  87. J-HOOK


    Please catch as many as you can. These pests are a true menace to our fishing grounds. If it moves, they'll eat it!
  88. J-HOOK

    1/2day PM on Redondo Special 01.08.09 - BASS BASS BASS

    Nice job. It really is a kick trying to get your timing down on those structure fish so they get it in their mouth and don't get back home. Those rockpiles are treacherous.
  89. J-HOOK

    Squid Invasion

    "Squidzilla" the movie. Coming to a cattleboat near you!
  90. J-HOOK

    New 30-40lb class rod

    Old school 610 calstar. Has some tip, but loads up in a hurry. Will fish 30# well and handle 40# without a glitch. Rated 25-60#.
  91. J-HOOK

    More reasons for fish to fear!

    We know he has the fishing gene in him. So how long before he has an avatar on BD? I'm sure your getting rods wrapped for him already! Congrats on a great looking grandson.
  92. J-HOOK

    Day After Thanksgiving 10 day Trips

    You guys will get em' Steve. Too much good karma with that group on board. Just be wise to the old " Hey Steve, can you hold this rod for a second..." when Hall comes near with the warclub all bended up. Have a great trip guys. Maybe next year I will join you gents. You never know.
  93. J-HOOK

    A Longe Range GRAND SLAM!!!!!

    Why did I see that one coming Jim.LMAO
  94. J-HOOK

    Update: At what age would you guys take a kid on a long rang trip?

    Prowler, New Lo Ann, Pacific Queen are all good with the kids. Even on a larger boat the ocean can be unforgiving at times and seeing a doctor about motion sickness prevention can make it alot more positive experience for the youngsters. Alot of the long range boats offered 1 1/2 day trips this...
  95. J-HOOK

    Sunday 9/21/08 Southwest Bank

    I'm in San Pedro and know the drill. Fished Palos Verdes for the last 30 years until I got rid of my rig. Gas, bait, scrub. Have plenty of gear. PM me if you need a 3rd. Joe
  96. J-HOOK

    9/14 Freedom 22nd Street-Bluefin Galore

    Fished the boat 100's of time over the last 30 years, never lost a thing. I have seen other anglers lose some gear during that time. It's a freakin' shame that I have to take 4/0's and jigmasters so I don't have to lose a 600$ outfit. I fished with Tommy a few times and always had a good...
  97. J-HOOK

    Indy 9-13 to 9-18

    Good advise here. Friends don't let friends fish 30# at the Lupe. You would be fine if you were always hooking 30# class tuna, but take a look at the fish the AA just got there, 100#+. Not a chance on 30#. The yellows will violate you also on the light line there. Fish 40# and if they will...
  98. J-HOOK

    tackle question

    7X Salas light for surface iron is mandatory. Mint and sardine swirl. 80-100# dropper loop is advisable. Most of the tuna fishing is done on the long soak and 40# is usually the standard. Your J/X 2-speed is your best friend here. They sometimes get the kite up and in this case I would go...
  99. J-HOOK

    Rosa weekend

    Fantastic day guys. It's always the ones who couldn't hang their coat in the closet that bitch when someone else hits it right. Save the wine for maranade and go catch some fish!
  100. J-HOOK

    New Long Ranger

    More good genes for the long range pool. Congrats. Grandkids are a blast!
  101. J-HOOK

    Was it just this easy?

    I bet Steve H wishes these pics were lost at sea. Just some good fun. These brothers could party and throw the iron. Thanks Steve K for the bluefin donation for the afternoon sushi spread. Very unselfish. Great bunch of guys on the trip that really worked togeather. Even dealing with the...
  102. J-HOOK


    .................. Yah. Great water, great lures, great boat. We (team #1) might as well have been tossing claymores (spelling) in the water. I will let the rest of the team may remain annonymous unless they wish to come forward. We did have a redeeming moment (days later), none the less...
  103. J-HOOK

    Intrepid 6-Day 5/24-5/30

    Ten more days Steve.....but I'm not counting.
  104. J-HOOK

    Rice Bowl Charters 4 Day Islander Freezer/Yellowtail Special

    :git:Good of them to pull away from the dock early and make the long run. With the weather up the last few days, they made the right call. Sounds like a blast and a great group. Islander is a nice ride too!
  105. J-HOOK

    3 Mo Days!!!!!!

    Bird shit 7X and the war club. A legendary combination. See you and the boys on the Angler Jim. Those yellows are already tremblng!
  106. J-HOOK

    Independence 8 day May 9 to May 17 Late post with Pics

    Do you know who is running the trip. Sam or Brian, it's gonna be great either way, They both rock. This is what I'm going with right now: 655XXH 50S 100# Dropper loop/Trolling 660XH Avet EXW-2 4/0 60# Heavy Bait/Light Dropper 6455H SLD 20-2 50# Heavy Bait 6465H Baja Special 50# YOYO...
  107. J-HOOK

    Independence 8 day May 9 to May 17 Late post with Pics

    Yes Sir Steve. Been waiting months for this one. Hope the albies come out to play. Big yellows will do though. What am I talking about, just getting away from work will be great. Only got to do 4 & 3 dayers last year. Can't wait to meet you and see the happy crew again. Cocktails at 7:00...
  108. J-HOOK

    Independence 8 day May 9 to May 17 Late post with Pics

    Looks like a great trip. Too bad about the dog that ate your yellow. They're ravenous at Benitos and big too! Srambled egg seems to be the color there and at Cedros. Only 3 weeks till we leave on the AA. Hope you left us a few!
  109. J-HOOK

    WSB Limits for Phantom today - to 62lbs!

    Fish of a lifetime. Great day on the water. Calicos on the major chew too! Your livin' right!
  110. J-HOOK

    5 Day Terminal Tackle

    sdangler has the right info. Never know what the destination may be on a 5-day. Bring your basics, hooks, flouro, a few yo-yo jigs and get the rest off the boat. I, as many others have also stated, have gear I bought 20+ years ago for these trips that I may never use. The boats list is formatted...
  111. J-HOOK

    4-11 on the pacific star

    Fished last year at SCI on this boat. Crew wants you to enjoy your trip. Boat moves when fishing slows down. Food way above the one day standards and they do catch fish. Highly recommended for 1-day and above!
  112. J-HOOK

    Shogun 8 day leaving 12 apr

    Looks like a blast Tommie. Gotta wait for my June trip to possibly check out the rocks. Hope you guys get em' but save us one or two. What's your prediction on the offshore? Albacore early this year....bluefin outside the ridge?
  113. J-HOOK


    I wasn't implying that they couldn't be fished with the heavy line, just that his suggested applications were not the best for giant yellowfin. By all means you could fish the heavy on those rigs. Just don't think I would put the 4/02 in the water with an 80/60 line combo if cows were the...
  114. J-HOOK


    Good advice from Steve. It is hard to hang tough with the 100# or heavier when you haven't had a bite for a while, but fishing 60 or even 80 can lead to disaster when the big ones do come thru. The lighter stuff has it place, when in doubt ask the crew.
  115. J-HOOK

    Western Outdoor News charter

    Done a few 3-Day trips on the Searcher over the past few years. Alot like 1-1/2 trips, just more fishing time, nicer boat, better food and you "might" get to fish San Martin Island in some cases. Same tackle applies. See the Searcher website for their tackle recommendations. Probably offshore...
  116. J-HOOK

    2 Day on Pacific Star

    Fished the cod out at SCI with Mike last year. Limits of rockfish and some great eats on the way home. I'd go again anytime.
  117. J-HOOK

    Albright or reverse albright

    Should I stir it up and ask how long the top shots should be?
  118. J-HOOK

    Qualifier 105 15-day Fall 2008

    Being there first could mean some stellar wahoo fishing. Sound like a great opportunity and weather is usually quite nice in October. Great fishing platform. I envy all of you making this trip. Should be awsome. Maybe a stop at the grouper patch on the way home for good measure. I'm sure the...
  119. J-HOOK

    8 day in June

    Reports of possibly cooler water make the shortfin a better possiblity this year. If the the seiners will give them 2" of room to move up, maybe we'll have a shot on our June 7-day. They really eat the bigger scad mackerak well if their available. How long till June. I'm jones'in already!
  120. J-HOOK

    american angler?

    Did this trip a couple years ago on the AA. Fished the albies on the way down, Brian ran us to Lupe for some fantastic big yellowtail fishing. Hit the albies hard on the way home. Cedros bites real well this time of year also, Benitos also likely, always a chance of the bluefin going to and...
  121. J-HOOK

    Happy Birthday WAHOODAD?????

    Wahoo being a pain on your birthday....poor David! What to do with all those skinnies. Hope you have the best one ever David. Bring home a 300#+!!!
  122. J-HOOK

    5 day in June?

    We must not forget the resident populations of seabass and halibut at Cedros also. Some beautiful fish including a 39# flattie came aboard last year there when I was on the Vagabond. Seabass on the 100# dropper...white seabass. Line shy I guess LMAO. Couldn't buy one on the lighter stuff.
  123. J-HOOK

    5 day in June?

    Yes sir Jim. I will go for the fewer rods, more reels thing also. Probably end up with 7 or 8 rods anyway, but will have extra washers and reels in the event of failure anyway. Maybe we'll have some insite to the destination before we depart, but as we well know, it can change with one call...
  124. J-HOOK

    5 day in June?

    Did a 5-day in June a couple years ago on the AA. Great albacore fishing too and from....LUPE! Yes we went there in late June and put the hurt on a bunch of big yellows to 50+. Foamer albie stop on the road home. The other boats fished Cedros/Benitos and had good results also. Could have had...
  125. J-HOOK

    Trolling info

    Looks like your good to go on the heavy end. The summer albie trips may require some lighter finess gear. Avet MXL and a 20-40# class rod for 25# string would be a suggestion. For 15 or 20# a 229 newell and a 12-30# stick like a 270 comes in handy. An extra 40# rig like an Avet LX 2-speed and...
  126. J-HOOK

    Jim, Where's the beef? Er...Cow report

    Nice cow Jim. Todd doesn't look so excited in the background though. I fish with him on the Matt Walsh down @ L.A. Harbor once in a while. Your going on the Loomis trip in June , right? You can give me some pointers. What do doctors know anyway!
  127. J-HOOK

    Red Rooster 3 Accurate 2007

    Prayers to the sick angler. Relish every moment...even baitmaking, as we never know when they will be gone. It's all part of the experience and the humor a 02:00 can be classic. Some of my best memories.
  128. J-HOOK

    Royal Polaris Davis Boats 10 day 11/2007

    Great looking trip and report. 5 big tuna on a 10-day...forget the islands. In Frank we trust.
  129. J-HOOK

    11-16-07 357 lber!!! caught on the AA.

    What a slug!!!! Great job. Major advil material.
  130. J-HOOK

    7-8 Day trip in late June

    ...why is he fishing in the bow? Aren't the big fish usually back here?!:imdumb:
  131. J-HOOK

    7-8 Day trip in late June

    I'm on the Zuker trip in June 08' also and fished with Jim and the boys at Lupe a few years ago on a fiver. The Angler is a top notch operation. Haven't fished with Sam yet but I hope to in the future. Crew is on top of everything and will bend over backwards for you. Most of the Long range...
  132. J-HOOK

    Islander 5 day at The Lupe Oct 24-29

    Seems like Jim's poles are always at the end of some nice fish. Glad you had a great trip. Fished the Islander many times out of 22nd Street in the past. Very fishy boat. Weather looks fantastic!
  133. J-HOOK

    International Star 5.....I Mean *6* Day Trip - October 2007

    Nice yellows and taco fish. Fished Cedros earlier this year. There are some brutes there. Way to wack em'!
  134. J-HOOK

    Apollo 5 Day Guadalupe Island w/ 10 PPL!!

    JJ and the boys rock and the food is always great. I will ride the boat anytime. The doublewide bunks never hurt matters either. Looks like you had an awesome trip. Who says the Lupe won't bite!
  135. J-HOOK

    Fish and Rough water on the BigGame 90

    Nice job on the your first YFT and DoDo. Weather coming up the line can get nasty at times, but that's part of the game. Cedros has been pretty reliable all year when the weather has been up. Don't get discouraged by not having huge numbers, it's about the adventure too!
  136. J-HOOK

    Legend 5 day

    You've got it pretty well covered. Been to the Lupe about 6 or 7 times, both spring and fall. Just about every time(with the exception of dropper loop) a 40# rig has been the way to go. The boats have trolling rods that will double for dropper loop fishing. There have been occasions when...
  137. J-HOOK

    Unreal Albacore Fishing Sun 9/23/07

    We had a Similar day on the Renegade out of Seaforth on Sunday. Fish blowing out everywhere but most not responding in the volume you would like with 1-10 fish stops. We scratched out a nice day with the light line definately prevailing. More talented group would have helped as we had one...
  138. J-HOOK

    American Angler 6-15 / 6-22 - Pictures

    Hey Jim, Fished with you a couple of years ago for the brute yellows at Guadelupe. I believe both boys were on the trip. My wife Sandy was also on the trip and got a 41# mossback on the Ulua :jig:(hand-off). Boy was she sorry she took that fish. Looks like I'll be joining you if your on th...
  139. J-HOOK

    August 8-12 Vagabond Trip

    Cowboy was just working relief for our trip, works other boats on a more regular basis. Which ones, I don't know. No RSW yet. Maybe in the future. Sure makes it easier for the fish processors when their not popsicles.
  140. J-HOOK

    August 8-12 Vagabond Trip

    Left the dock @ 13:00 sharp and made our way to the recievers. We were loaded with excellent, large cured sardines, some good size anchovies and a few macks. Mike pointed the boat south and called us in for the meeting. Albacore numbers were weak at best so we would be paddy hopping. Put the...
  141. J-HOOK

    So Cal twilight...SO LAME!

    Had mostly good experiences on that boat. Have taken my kids out on day trips and crew was quite helpful. The only bad one was on a twilight trip. Crew was invisible that night. Galley was marginal. I still did well, but the newbees suffered. Still fish on there occassionally, just no more...
  142. J-HOOK

    Shogun 5/28-5/31 Yellowfest

    Left the point at around 2 PM on Sunday after loading up on some nicely cured dines. Plan was to head down just past San Martin Island and look for paddies 30-50 miles offshore there. Norm stated weather outside was rough but starting to improve. Woke up to 4-6 ft swell and 10-15 knot wind. Not...
  143. J-HOOK

    yellow limits 302 5/31

    Just got off the Shogun 5/31 and YT were on paddies from 50 to 150 miles and the farther down you were the thicker the fish were. Size was from 3# to 16# with the majority 6-8#. Also some good sign of the chickens at about 110 miles with fish from 15-26#. They might float better today with...
  144. J-HOOK

    Fools long story! 442# threshar

    ToooooooooooaaaaaaaaD! Nice job man. :notworthy
  145. J-HOOK

    Shogun 3-Day May31-June 3

    Your right...I must be getting a dumb ass contact high from the rest of you BDer's. We leave the 28th...looks the the bluefin are starting to play. I'll go back to my room and sober up so I don't fall overboard. Actually I was just trying to see if any of you freakin' dinkleberrys were...
  146. J-HOOK

    American Angler 3 day Memorial Day

    I'll be on the Shogun 3-day leaving May 28th so I'll wave at you guys coming back up the line. Leave us some chickens and YT's. Most of all find the BFT's for us. Good luck!
  147. J-HOOK

    Shogun 3-Day May31-June 3

    Any BDer's on this trip. Sounds like the chickens are on the way and the YT are already on the kelps. I don't usually go this early but I can't stand it anymore and it's a great boat. Can't wait to see what the 8-dayer prior to our trip does. Hopefully the seiners won't get all the...
  148. J-HOOK

    SHOGUN 8 DAY MAR31 to APR8

    Nice tails dude. I'm leaving May 31 on a 3-dayer on the Shogun. Hope the chickens and paddy yts are happening. Congrats on the slugs.
  149. J-HOOK

    Saturday report

    Sounds like it's going to pop any day. Weather and moon phase look like they may be right next week. Thanks for the re-con guys!
  150. J-HOOK

    4-15 Chubasco 2

    Fished that boat many times in the past. They always work hard at gettting something in the bag. Glad you got a few!
  151. J-HOOK

    4/14 Rosa rockfish

    Nice taco fish. I'm going to have to head up there soon. I'll wear my garlic neckless to keep the stalkers at
  152. J-HOOK

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

    I was on the Pursuit on the 31st also. Lack of current and live bait were most of the problem. Couldn't understand lack of fin bait as we ran through numerous schools of anchovies just out of the harbor on the way across. Crew attitude was good, but a look to the west was in order JMO. This...
  153. J-HOOK

    My big Seabass Adventure on the HeatherLynn II

    Nice fish man. Glad to see the Islands are finally waking up. No more rain please. The bucktails rock, calico's munch them too!
  154. J-HOOK

    Red Rooster Sept 19th - Sept24th

    Nice report. I've fished the Lupe many times over the years and it's feast or famine. Sounds as if Andy made the right call. The 13 can be a fishbowl but quite a drive for a 5-day. Glad it paid off for you. I need more....
  155. J-HOOK

    BloodyDeck LngRange 2006

    I'm up for a few 2 or 3 dayers. Maybe 5 days next year. We had the Big yellows at the Lupe at the end of June. Fish to 50#!
  156. J-HOOK

    Wed, 9/21/05, Mushroom

    Fine ride....needs a nice bloodbath though. I'm sure you won't mind. Rock on!