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    WTB found a 30

    should have reviewed my typing
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    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    I talked to the office this am/they have openings they have not been cleared to go by the city council yet they are meeting tuesday they have not had their coast guard inspection yet my fingers are crossed
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    getting ready

    I am getting ready for the big bluefin push that should start in July and august if this year is anything like the last 2 years and for the fall winter big fish season. her are some points that I will share with you that will be different in my approach. 1. I have always been told that if...
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    when to use them? how to use them? on the slide? on the actor? drift fishing? helium? air? lets hear from the experts about it ,I am really interested in hearing about this? live bait? yummy? squid/alive/dead? long range only please?
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    the new thunderbird?

    how do you like the new thunderbird. looks really high in the water?
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    oakum 50ll

    if I bought a gold 50 oakum? could I upgrade it with the man gears and 1-1 gears as an upgrade?
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    wtb 50black mak

    looking for aneworused50 black maksea2?
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    WTB mak 50sea 11/black

    looking for a used black50 mak sea 2/ please let meknow?
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    WTB used back 50makira sea 2

    looking for a used black 50 mak/ line /no line/ does not matter/just pm me.
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    WTB Long Beach style superseeker 643xxxx full length

    looking to buy a clean blank for my custom build
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    300 pound blue Finn

    will they be there on the thunderbird Sudan night 2 day/ what do I take for this trip/34 bluefin today on a 2 day/they are back at Clemente?
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    2day on thunderbird

    saw 34bluefin today/any one have info on trip.i leave Sunday on a 2 day/ 2 weeks ago they were a complete no show anywhere/ now they are back/ how should I prepare?
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    turn right/now what?

    going on a 2 day on the thunderbird for bluefin. what do I take?do I need a kite rig? what rigs do I take with me?I have what ever I need
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    turn left or turn right

    if you were leaving on an 8 day right now, would you want the skipper to turn left or right to sanclemente island to fish super cow bluefin? I would vote right
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    new valiant 1000/cow rig?

    I WAS LOOKING AT THE NEW VALIANT 1000 AND I REALLY LIKE THE SIZE AND DIMENSIONS AND THE 53 INCH RETRIEVE/WHEN I LOOKED AT HE SPECTS, I saw that it holds 1000 ads of 100 spectra and weights only 29 ounces. I thought wowwwwww,only 29 ounces, and how heavy my gear feels after a few days on a long...
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    whats the scoop

    what have the captains on the returning trips told you about the closures and long range fishing for the future on the 12-16 day trips?
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    with what is happening down in Mex first now/ and I have made this mistake before/ we should absolutely not discus the areas we are fishing on the internet for the world and Mex to read/ let the boats decide what they want the world to know so we do not shoot ourselves in Both feet
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    who is Paul camera on the royal star?

    is this the new ticket on the star?
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    trip reports

    may become a thing of the past ?
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    talc 50

    what is the high and low gear ratio on the twice 50 please?
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    excel reports?

    looking for the wahoo dad okuma report?
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    rp report today

    wowwwww good news for you if you are leaving this week
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    wtb penn 80 narrow/topless/superseeker 2x4

    looking for cal sheets peen or add 80 narrow custom? and 2x4
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    free spool

    I really like to pay attention to men who have demonstrated that they really know what they are doing. I still remember my first trip on the royal Polaris an I could not believe that star was fishing 100 pound with a sardine. it was beyond my comprehension. I just did not understand the game at...
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    whats your game plann?

    so what did you learn on your last big fish trip and how is it going to change the way you gear up and plann your trip? i am already changing my gameplan and looking for opportunities to execute it with changes in my gear and rigging. the big fish season is right around the corner and i could be...
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    long fin sale

    the long fin in orange is have a giant sale includin ghe parkinglot/anything you need long range. i was pre shooping the sale toda.yalk to bluefinn jim/he knows what you need. he told me anything i need he can get it for me and sell it on the sale price/you could even call him by...
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    80 narrow baker topless

    would like to pick up an 80 narrow topless baker? anyone willing to let theirs go?
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    so i talked to randy and told him my concerns about fishing flyline sardines with 130 and a 5/0 hook/ i told him i really liked my super seeker 2x4s. he said that design was 10 years old and antiquated. fishy told me the same thing a bout my penns/ wowwwwwww game changerrrrrrrrrrrr/ have to...
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    kite rod for me?

    many times people on the boat comment that i am too tall to use the rail. they do not see me sitting on the rod when i put it on the rail though. i like a long rear grip 18 inches as aresult. the crew is amased at how much drag and pressure i put on a fish because i can max out the rod with my...
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    rr3 trip report

    i have seen men and women post lengthy trip reports over a number of days and i have sen conditions reported that i did not fathom or understand. after this trip i understand. i did not sign up for the trip until 2 weeks out. once i did the roof caved in on me and god gave me plenty of reasons...
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    capt jimmy bombs?

    where do i get them at this late date? leave sat am
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    wahoo at the rocks

    what would you be fishing at the rocks on the way down on the june heat?
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    catching skippies?

    what is your best technique for catching skippies/ when how and where at the hurricane/ hurricane + skippies ==== super cows and a shot at a 4xsuperduper club
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    i need for june heat

    i need a 2/4 to mount a big reel on/no rollers/ i like the brown redish colar blanks/ jason give me a call /i leave next week i need a mak 20 black i need black and orange/tony the tiger mauraders that have been eaten and or have a history of swimming
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    any tips for june heat?

    any tips form your recent trips for the rr3 june heat trip?
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    Bluefin Jim

    Finally gets his cow.yeaaaaaaaaaaaaoaaaaaaaaa
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    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    i have seen soda pop and fishy go off with the mak 20. which rod do you like to use for 100 pound to be able to cast a sardine away from the boat when every one you pick wants to swim back to the boat. but i still want to be able to fish 30+ pounds of drag at strike and not bottom out the rod?
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    local wahoo

    what would you be trolling for local wahoo considering what happened last year and the fact that they are already catching wahoo on the 8 day trips. how would you rig those lures?
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    mk 30 vs 20

    so iwent to pv and i decided to leave the 20 at home since we would b using cabys. i was really pleased with the free spool and capacity of the 3o which allowed me to really get an incredible long saok with a bait that could still swim and entice a bite while mostly drift fishing. if i had been...
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    new mak 30 and 20

    am going to pv next week for 6 days fishing on the maximus. just got my new maks back from cal sheets with the upgrades and blue print from the show. should i take my 20 to pv or leave it home? also ,just to share,i invested in the new maks at the urging of fishy when he told me i was old...
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    taking my brother fishng

    i am taking my younger brother fishing with me to p/v on the maximus for an 8 day fly down fly back. he has never been long range fishing with me or on a long range trip. he has done lots of fishing with me and is a very good and lucky angler. what advice do you have for me? i am looking at my...
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    7 day maximus in march

    going on a larry brown 7 day charter on the max in march. what do i need to take? how many rods can i take without getting red flagged? how many reels can i take? which reels should i take? which ones do i really need? what kind of gear will they have on the boat? will they have extra line or...
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    tac glue

    where do you find it?gooooooing
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    fishing the maximus?

    how many rods and reels can you take through customs,without getting stopped or shaken down. can you get a permit to take your gear into mex? gooooooing
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    Kite rod,80 or 50wide

    I love my 80s,but. It is big and cumbersome and has limited free spool due to the size of the spool. Do I really need the capacity of the 80 when fishing the kite. My last trip I did not even get a turn on the kite,on a 14day trip. So would I be better served to use a 50w,so I do not have to...
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    achilles tendon help

    tore my achilles tendon,high up on the ankle,not at the base. a complete tear on the mri. doc put me in a cast for 2 weeks,thinks it will heal on its own,because i splintted it within 2 hours and saw him in less than 48 and stayed off of it. i will see him on monday the 29 to see if it is...
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    good news

    the knee is getting better and i am going on my trip in january. went to the knee replacement doc. he blew me off, why? because i did not need a knee replacement and he couldnt make any money off me. went to cals today,4 month wait to get my reels back. make sure you get your gear to cal for a...
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    turn around time on knee replacement

    what advice do you have for me about a possible knee replacement proceedure. what would be the turnaround time. how much time before i could do a 15 day or big tuna trip , realistically,based upon your experience. gooooooooooooing
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    leaving early

    i read a post by the long ranger, that he had left early on long trips to the islands enough times ,to have missed 42 days of fishing time on those trips. he related,that he has an agreement with the boats that he rides,that they will not leave the big fish grounds early when he rides them...
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    your favorite chunk hook?

    what is your favorite chunk hook,before sun up and after day break? and why? gooooooooing
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    testing your gear before you leave

    my philosophy has always been, try to break it at home ,before you leave on your trip. i got the word this last week that i will be going to prince edward the end of august. which means 65 to 80 pounds of drag, if you want to catch one and get a picture with it. i pulled my big gear out...
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    giant bluefin tuna rod

    need a rod to fish my 80 s on with 50 pounds of drag at strike and 80 at full to fish those big bluefin at prince edward in nova scotia. what rod and how long,rollers or big foots?gooooooooing
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    the big gear

    just got the call from cal and he has reworked my big gear,80s and 70 baker. i am really excited about all the big bait fishing that is going on. i love using the big gear and going all in with the heavy drag. have used up to 50 pounds at strike in pv. gooing
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    so what do you do?

    you are on a 15 day at the islands,fishing big fish and you have been gently dropping your sardine,that you have barely touch, in the water,and he swims right back at the boat and under it. this has happened to you 6 or 7 times in a row. what do you do. and if you have ever been on a 15 day...
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    how to handle a bait?

    when you go to the tank to pick out a bait ,do you leave your gloves on ,or do you take them off, and why. i have always worn a soft shamy type glove and have not taken them off when i go to the tank. but, i am always trying to improve my bait presentation techniques and would like to hear from...